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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  October 30, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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this one, thanks for inviting us in to your home tonight of that's it for this special report on a saturday. irif a, balanced, and unafraid. welcome to red eye. hello everyone i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy. >> coming up on the big show, esquire magazine is outraged that taylor swift hasn't publicly endorsed a candidate for president. ten more days. plus, the u.n. debates whether junk food is a human rights concern. good to see them finally addressing the number one concern of the people of syria. and finally, the secret to happiness is finally revealed. it is not that feeling when the acid completely dissolves the body. >> ane auto, thank you. let's welcome our guests.
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remember, if you google her, there is no e in her last name. i can't stress that enough, entertainment reporter anna lacy. michael malice. he hosts the comedy show in a casino in aruba. why did he come to new york in the winter? comedian ray ellin. ray aruba ellin. he gets in trouble so much heco should change his name to cumia culpa. anthony cumia. okay. let's start the show. ♪ as usual, celebs are refusing to tell us who to vote for. celebrity opinions matter, and we want to hear them. in a piece for esquire magazine titled why are influential celebrities remaining silent in this election, writer matt miller notes a shockingly large
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number of americans are prepared to make a reality tv star ruler of the free world. yet some superstars are still standing on the sidelines apparently just willing to let that happen. the writer calls out a number of celebs for not taking a stand against trump. among them, taylor swift. she has twice the followers i have. u.n. sean p. diddy combs, mark wahlberg, and of course clint howard. clint, america whants to know who you are voting for. the writer asks maybe these artists are protecting their brand. f that if that means -- as opposed to that guy who wrote that article yelling at them. anthony cumia, i belt you love this guy. >> i have never bought into the
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celebrity endorsement. doesn't thing i know, doesn't change their minds. >> you with you are not a celebrity worshipper. what about the people? >> i am. i get smitten. >> you do get smitten. >> like taylor swift. >> yes. >> she has a lot of fans and they do whatever she says. >> yeah, and she is not saying anything. do you know what she is telling me -- sharump. a lot of celebrities are going yeah geez we are tired of the usual we want something to change it up, but i can't dare say i'm voting for donald trump. you are done. you would be excommunicated from hollywood. >> there are some. who do we have? >> scott baio. >> hasn't dimmed his star at all, has it? >> no, not at all. he is still up there. >> ray ellin, welcome to the show. >> good to see you. >> what's the deal here? celebrities -- why do you think these particular celebrities. sean diddy coals, i think we
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know where he is going to vote. >> if they endorse trump, their friends are going to hate them. and if they endorse clinton and trump wins, he could get them hauled out of hollywood. they are going to lose their job if trump wins. >> the hollywood left dislikes them so much he won't have any effect on their career. >> you never know. he is a sneaky guy. taylor swift's fans are 14. they can't vote. you might as well get an endorsement from barney. >> she does cue young, don't you agree. >> barney is a known libbertarian. right now in public schools kids are caught that mccarthyism is the worst thing that happened to america. yet the left practiced this open and publicly with the trump supporters. i think a lot of people follow what celebrities say because
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they don't have principles of their own and they just want to be cool. if you are going to be smart, with it, by default you are going to be a democratic. obama's campaign in '08, it wasn't about the issues, he likes the things you like, let's get him into office. >> anna, do you listen to celebrities? >> i don't. i am surprised by this article. because i'm followed on twitter and i get comments about urging them to getting out and voting. >> have you interviewed her? >> no, but i'm sure she is going to be a robot. she is not going to say anything controversial. it would kill everything she has worked for. i don't think we have a dearth of famous people. it's damned if you don't, damned if you do. if you do speak, they will say you are a stupid celebrity, what do you know.
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>> let's say trump is 40, 45%, even if he's not half. he has millions of people who love him. so why does any celebrity speak out? i mean they have to sell tickets. >> because they have to say that they are part of the program and make all those views be regarded as wrong but will it lee really i will lijt match you have to denounce someone who is not in your tribe. >> i respect it more when artists do speak out because it's leak you are playing into -- i'm wild, i have to say what's on my mind, express my heart. it's the artist way. when you don't, you are not that ledge it. >> i have to respect the ones who stand up for trump. john voit. >> john voit. >> it doesn't matter what trump says. john voit gets on tv and says it's fantastic what he just said. i love it. >> don't they seem to crucify the people on the right, the celebrities? that's why they don't want to
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say anything. if you endorse hillary, nobody is going to chase you around for it. if you endorse ump from, you are part of that crazy group of people. >> maybe a lot of celebrities are undecided. maybe that's the problem. >> mark wahlberg is the ken bone of actors. >> he has to look at all the data. moving on, what's the difference between democrats and republicans? let's so what kids think. >> what is the difference between republicans and democrats? >> one's stupid, and one's not stupid. >> the three minute video was made by a company called cut. what's a democrat and what's a republican? >> democrat i think is a sports team. so -- and republicans god, movie, show, with statues in the back. >> close, but wrong. here's another child.
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>> what do you think what's a republican? >> we can't be naked outside, in public. >> okay. >> republicans can't be naked outside. anyway, i did notice a theme this some of the kids' answers. >> one's stupid to be a republican because they want to fight against women's rights. and that's just stupid and mean. >> i think a republican refuses the law. >> why would the republican be against the law and the democrat be with the law? >> i don't know. they are bad people. >> oh. let's hear more from the young boy. >> what is a democrat? >> people that can be naked outside. >> some of the kids i couldn't tell their politics so they helpfully identified their party for reference. >> we're democrats.
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>> yeah. >> sorry about that. >> you don't have to apologize. >> you do not. >> any final thoughts, little boy? >> democrats can be naked outsi outside. >> and there is policemen. so they can be naked all you want. >> you know, the boy did make some good points, anna. republicans they are not supposed to be naked outside. so he is right. >> they are very conservative. >> exactly. >> they keep nakedness for inside. no. i think this video is cute, but i think it really tells an interesting point which is that there is no point arguing over politics because it's ingrained from a young age eftsd' just what your parents teach you, it's like religion, your baseline for your while whole life. >> whatever happened to -- it's -- ray, help me out. these kids -- obviously, didn't see any conservative kids there.
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>> it is a very, very liberal group of kids. i'm sure that maybe cosby could have gotten other answers -- it was like a bad "kids say the darnedest things ". >> how do you feel about republicans and democrats and what kind of coffee does your mom like? >> what kind of coffee? >> don't drink that. >> those were wholesome, those cosby videos. >> yes, they were. >> this has proved something i've known for a long time. kids are stupid. >> wait a minute. >> they are just stupid. each the older ones. why are they -- they asked the kids because they wanted to ask is the kids. we showed it. my god, we have to show it on the show. why do we love it. >>t it was a doorible. the kid with the naked thing was
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great. this is akin to those videos in 1984, they hit them with big brother, it's god. they are just teaching them. it's exactly what you said about religion of it's just like religion. taught at a young age. their parents give them whatever ideology you want and then they run with it. >> that's what you are supposed to do with religion. but with politics they ought to layoff, right? >> no, because if they are laying off, then the public schools are going to brainwash the kids and they are going to grow up to be socialist bnds lovers. is that what you want. >> no, i have to deprogram them when they come home. when my daughter came home from school she said we had an election at school, 100% for barack obama. >> it was 100% democrats every election we haddate as kids. >> i was an immigrant. the first thing my kids knew was to send me to private school.
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i'll glad they did. >> i bet you looked great in the blazer and the shoots. >> my idol growing up was alex p. keaton. i looked like him. i did. >> i was liberal in high school. i think most people are. i used to write in my diary how much of a left wing liberal i was. but you change. >> dear diary. >> then you get your first paycheck. >> i used to write about how the bully and how i was going to take care of them. thankfully no one ever found out. >> remember when you get your first paycheck and saw the taxes that came out, hey, maybe i'm thinking differently right now. >> that's what happens, that's when you start to move to the right. >> i think one of these kids talking about how great it was to be a democrat, if the mother said your father and i are republicans and i'm tired of you being a free lowered. get out. that's a good lesson. >> moving on.
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with the election just days away donald trump is focusing on the issues that matter most to americans. >> wind is very, very expensive and. it only works when it's wind snooe right. >> that's right. trump on herman cain's radio show talking about wind power. the reclusive billionaire has long been opposed to it. besides being expensive wind isn't the best energy for america. it kills all the birds. i don't know if you know that. thousands of birds lying on the ground. the eagle in certain parts of california. >> yes. >> they put you in jail if you kill an eagle, but the wind mills kill them by the hundreds. >> is he suggesting putting wind mills in jail. >> put the wind mills in jail and make america great again. this is when i love trump the most when he is rambling on on the radio.
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>> he is the best did -- if you want trump to win every time he gives a speech i get the feeling like when one pull as rubber band back and points it at your face -- i sit there wincing waiting for it to be. the wind power thing is fantastic. i'm a big advocate of wind power in the sims city games. they are affordable. you can't afford a power plant. >> trump is right. did you see, he says the birds are all lying on the ground. >> they are all lying on the ground. sully sullenberger is a big fan of the wind mills because it will kill all the birds. >> isn't that what got him into trouble? >> that's what got the -- >> it wasn't bald eagles. >> bald eagle. pigeon of it's a bird. >> all the same. michael, wind power is a little ridiculous. >> yes, absolute esmoo and labs
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>> and it coststs. >> bald eagles are no longer endangered, so they are fine. >> that's an official category, least concerned. >> least concerned, threatened, near extinction, and extichgt. let's get donald trump on the herman cain show and have the two of them discussing bald eagles and wind turbines. >> herman cain had the 666 -- >> 999, and michele bach made the joke if you turn it around the devil is in the details. >> she didn't like the 999. >> no. it was jacking tax up to 999.
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>> amazing, we found a group donald trump has empathy for, bald eagles. i love that he was tweeting they pointed out in the article he tweeted that the went turbines were so evil killing all these birds that they made hunters look nice. or something -- hunters -- the point is, his sons -- let me find the tweet. i have it. i wrote it down. wind farms are killing many thousands of birds, they make hunters look like nice people. speaking of which, his sons are hunters. makes them look like nice people, which makes his sons seem like they are not good people. >> i would rather go up against a stationary fan than a guy with a rifle. >> they try to vallanize these guys for hunting.
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>> they are not eating the elephants or the rhinos here. >> they hunted an elephant? >> there is a dangerous elephant. that's more sporting than a deer. >> i like giving them peanuts. >> if some birds die in the wind turbines i'll take that deal. >> dumb birds, don't run into the propellers. is the u.n. using its time wisely? of course not. it's the u.n. more after the break.
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live from maesh's news headquarters i'm jackie ibanez. shiite forces joined iraqi
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troops in the fight to free mosul from isis. meantime, iraqi forces backed by u.s.-led air strikes drove isis from the town just south of mosul. today's push comes as the mission to liberate iraq's second largest city is now almost two weeks old. that operation could take months to complete. new terrorism concerns in turkey this weekend to tell you about. families of employees who work at the u.s. consulate general in istanbul are being ordered to leave. the state department says new security information shows extremist groups are aggressivingly looking to attack u.s. citizens in the area. the warning comes after a travel warning was issued last week advising americans to avoid southeast turkey. the chairman of the tribe is calling for a rerouting of the pipeline in north dakota. there have been numerous protests and arrests over the pipeline. more than 140 people were arrested thursday.
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the trooip tribe claims the pipeline puts its drinking water at risk and violates sacred sites. the pipeline is expected to carry oil from north dakota to illinois. a toxicology report released says marlins pitcher jose fernandez had cocaine and alcohol in his blood. he suffered blunt force injuries to his head and body. two other men were on board the boat and died in the crash. a russian spacecraft dropped off astronauts in kaz stan. now back to red eye. it just might be the human rights issue of our time. islamic terrorism?
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no. french fries. the u.n.'s special representative on the right to food -- i'm glad we have one of those said tuesday the chief nutrient devoid dietary patterns are proliferating and that presents a human rights concern. she said while there were nearly 800 million people living in hunger around the globe. more than 2 ebola cover from nutrient deficiently and another 2 billion are considered obese. putting the fat people in with the starving people to boost your numbers. what is her solution? the first step she says is to recognize nutrition as an compensation component of the human right to adequate food, reinforce by monitoring, accountability, and transparency. well, of course, that's just the first step. but look out. any time someone is trying to establish a right o'they are only interested in one thing.
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control. accountability to bureaucrats? no thanks. keep your common core standards out of my happy meal. michael malice, i think i know where you stan on then issue. >> i disagree with you, actually. >> wow. >> we have so much food on earth the only reasons people have fall ins is because government prevents them from access to that food. in north korea they wouldn't let the u.n. go in and feed the people. >> i agree with you michael malice, but not this u.n. person. she spend all her time in the reports talking about the mass production of food and thee wants to be organic and make sure we are all -- >> crazy. up until 50 years ago the biggest problem that faced humanity over centuries was starvation. not having access to food was
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biggest human problem that we've conquered. et cetera a wonderful thing. it's wonderful that poor people are obese because they would be hungry 24/7. >> wonderful theroux bees? no. it creates a whole other epidemic. that's what she was talking about, you can be obese but you don't have proper nutrition. i think she has a valid point. if you go to impoverished neighborhoods they don't have access to fresh food. and if you have a fixed income it makes sense to get a 1500 calorie meal over your 500 calorie sandwich because that sustains you but it puts you in poor health. >> anna, do you want the u.n. making these decisions. i think someone has to come in and make decisions on these things. i think government should. >> what about these -- i don't know about the u.n., but government should. >> i've convinced her. ray? >> i don't like these -- first of all what is the u.n. doing? i say we kick them out of new york. i don't like them.
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>> u.n., health, yeah, they are sitting on 49th street eating big macs. >> they are. look at the fast-food restaurants. >> my buddy works at the hedge fund. all he eats is fast-food. i think we need to go around the world and give they will a hedge fund and let them decide what they want to eat. >> healthy food is not delicious. >> it's not delicious. what good is life without it. >> instant gratification. lazine laziness. and yeah, it tastes good, much better than making something healthy. people, no one is too far away where they can go and buy something healthy. >> that's not true. ? detroit, it's not true. if you don't have a car, you have to rely on public transportation. you have to take a bus in the middle of idaho. >> if you are a single mom raising a family. >> as opposed to somebody who makes good money in new york
12:27 am
city, yes. >> i didn't make good money. >> i bet you didn't eat very well. >> whoever wants to help them is more than welcome to do so. >> i'm going to trick or treat for unicef and people to put broccoli in it and i'll send that off. >> my parents used to give raisins and pennies. we didn't used to answer the door because we were immigrants. this is how the market works we have so much food we are throwing it in the trash and we are obese. venezuela, who is running out of food, if they didn't have a socialist paradise, everyone would have food there. exactly what happens when you don't have anarchy. >> if they were the only people obese and fat. but there are people all over who are obese and fat and they live in areas where they can obviously shot. >> there should be an affordable way to eat healthy if they are
12:28 am
on a i don't remember income. >> they can eat each other. >> comedians are very darwinian. coming up, brine schwartzman, with half time. next.
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obese and fat. schwartzman, with half time. why do protein drinks taste chalky? then get worse? introducing protein shots from 5-hour energy. protein shots from 5-hour energy are smooth and tasty, and still deliver 21 grams of protein with 100 calories. they're great for workouts.
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so great that if you don't get up to fifteen percent more reps, more laps, more distance, we'll give you your money back - period. protein shots from 5-hour energy. great taste. 100 calories. 21 grams of protein. welcome back, america. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levy.
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>> hey, tom. esquire magazine outraged some celebs haven't given their opinion on the election. anthony, you said the fact that people like taylor swift haven't said anything means they are voting for trump. >> i think that's true for some of them. i'm not sure i buy it for, the ay. i call her tay. >> tay, do you know all her songs? >> >> i don't. >> i do. >> you do. >> yeah, my daughter is into taylor swift. >> i know them, too. >> he doesn't believe me. >> my daughter. yeah. that leads me to my next point. aruba ray, can i call you that? >> please do. >> you said taylor swift's fans are 14. they can't vote. i don't believe that's true, not the fact that 14-year-olds can't vote. i do grow that's true. i don't agree that the age of her fan base is all teenagers. i think she has a lot of adult fans like tom shillue. >> i think you might be right. and i think that's guilty that it's one of my secrets. i love her songs.
12:33 am
they are catchy. and i hate myself every time a new one comes out. >> as you should. she's horrible. no. i'm good friends with her, so i can joke. and you said taylor swift is basically a corporation, she is not going to say anything controversial. i agree. it was michael jordan who famously said, republicans buy shoes, too. when his sneakers came out. >> oh, yeah, okay. i didn't know he said that. >> great quote. >> he may not have actually said it but he was quoted as saying it. he has had her controversial smackdowns with kanye and katy perry and people like that. >> the katy perry stuff is all alleged, alluded to. kanye -- she threw him under the bus because she is pretending she is miss perfect. i believe the kardashian side on that. >> she wrote bad blood about katy perry. >> yeah.
12:34 am
>> allegedly, but she never said that. >> tom is going to sing it for us right now. >> amazing how all those feuds always end up with more record sales for everyone involved. weird how that happens. i thought maybe that article was satire. because i didn't think he could be upset about this. but an editor of esquire was on twitter saying things like this is important because taylor swift season a private citizen which is not only dumb and wrong. it's kich dangerous. what else does he think you can do to taylor swift. >> watch forensic files. >> exactly. malice, you said this is all about making certain opinions illegal legit mad. i think that's kind of right because i think it goes further, now you want to make smot not having a public pn illegitimatity mat. >> it is a malice thing where you come forward in public and admit your since. the personal to the political is their slogan. >> it reminds me of that black
12:35 am
mirror episode. anthony, you said if you endorse trump, you are one of those all the right crazy people. >> yeah. oh,ist putting it in the context what have the left and what the democrats say. >> i know. >> i wanted to clear that up. some of the audience -- it's early in the morning. >> kids explained democrats and republicans. anna, you pointed ott correctly that all of what the kids said comes from their parents. the best part is watching the moms who got embarrassed when their kids said things like republicans were stupid. as if we didn't know where they heard it. >> tom, why do you think parents should inculcate religious beliefs in their kids but layoff the politics? >> because, you know, this -- i mean, you can't -- you are going to pass your religion on.
12:36 am
that's acceptable. >> why shouldn't you pass on your politics, too. >> because they are going change anyway. so don't force it. don't force it, andy. >> okay. that didn't really answer the question. but i'll let it go. because it's friday. trump says wind power killings eagles, kind of mocked trump for this interview. >> yes. >> i'm going to go the other way. he said some thing that were correct. he said things like wind and solar aren't working at large scale. she is absolutely correct about that. >> that is absolutely true. sure. we do know that. but i don't know how accurate he was about the bird deaths or if it even matters. >> i did agree with him, he talked about the palm springs wind farms and he said they are horrible and all broken -- when i lived in l.a., i used to love driving by those things on the 10 freeway. you feel like you are in a post apocalyptic waist land. just these big things, some are rotating slowly, some not
12:37 am
moving. something out of a stapp. >> a lot of trump's statement makes it sound labor a level of fallout. but i love it. >> malice, you said how can we make this election crazier? i know, let's get trump on the herman cain radio show. >> yeah. >> cain's radio show is on wsb in atlanta. how is he not on 99.9? >> good question. >> call the fcc. >> how did they not snatch that up. aruba ray, you said you would rather go up against a fan than a bhan a rifle. we were talking about hunting. >> i'd kuwait the turbines to a guy having a rotating saw. >> but you can avoid that buy just not walking into it. >> i guess that's a good strategy against a rotating saw. i just wanted to make insure you knew that. just checking. u.n. calling for junk food to be a human rights issue.
12:38 am
malice you said the reason nations have hunger is because of their governments. i agree. i don't agree with you agreeing with the u.n. on this because i think it's nuts for you to think that the u.n. will focus on the evil governments as part of the problem. >> it's part of human rights complaints against north korea. that's one example where it has been useful. >> what have they do. >> they putting pressure on china and the sanctions did increase in north korea. >> is it working? >> somewhat. yeah, there is a universal worldwide won census that this country canned hold out much longer. >> please stop shooting down everything i say. >> i mean, bald eagle jokes. >> lastly, anna, while i agree with you about the lack of nutritious food options for people in low income areas what do you think the government should do about it? >> that's an excellent question. i don't have the answer for it but i think there needs to be something where the food kpts aren't profiting tremendously,
12:39 am
everybody's health is going down the tubes and we all end up paying for it when people don't have insurance. >> the government needs to do something? >> yes. >> but you don't know what? >> i'm not in politics. >> air drop hum us to everybody. >> i would like that. in pouchs, though, or just -- >> no, no, just open. pours right out of the plane. >> that might be bad. i am done. >> thank you andy. >> yep. coming up, a monster of an interview. a we'll talk to a monster hunter. that's why i said monster.
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this is the fox noose alert. i'm jackie ibanez. italy struck by another earthquake. the usgs says the quake registered at 6.6 on the richter scale and hit the central part of the country. the same areas as last week's tremors. local media reports several buildings damaged in last wee's quakes are now reduced to rubble. hillary clinton is getting help with her campaign friday night. clinton appeared on the stage of a jennifer lopez concert in miami. using the appearance to push early voting in the state. donald trump campaigning out west. planning events in arizona, colorado, and new mexico sunday before heading to michigan
12:44 am
monday. trump also encouraging people to take advantage of early voting. the supreme court agreed to take a case addressing transgender rights. the case is that of a 17-year-old student in virginia who identifies as a boy and his wish to use the boy's bathroom in his school. his schoolle district policy requires them to use the bathrooms of their being yen der. a grieving man caused a scare at the new york citio opera this weekend. police say the man walked up to the orchestra fit and staertded his friend's ashes inside. the opera cancelled the second act of the show as a precaution. the cleveland indians are just one win away from a world series win. they beat the cubs 7-2. they host the cubs at the next
12:45 am
name. some chicago bars charging as much as $200 just for a cover. i'm jackie ibanez. back to red eye for all of your headlines log on the if you have ever heard a curious bump in the night, seen something unexplainable out of corner of your eye or like me have been repeatedly abducted by aliens there is only one person to call, my next guest, linda god free, author of monsters among us. an exploration of other worldies and odd phenomena. welcome, linda. >> thanks for having me. >> this book is fascinating first of all, i have some friends -- seem to be a lot of comedians who kind of believe this the represent tillians, the lizard people. i looked it up and it says 12 million americans believe the world is run by represent
12:46 am
tillians. does that sound accurate to you? >> i think it's close. it's hard to pin down exactly but it's surprisingly popular as a belief. >> what percentage -- i thought it was all the a joke. i thought the comedians were doing it as a gag, but when you talk to them, no, they have a deep belief. say it's 12 million, what percentage really kind of, they are doing it just for fun, yung? >> i think the people who really believe this doesn't think it's fun. they think it's something that is going to benefit them if they get in with the so-called lizard people. they are afraid. living in dungeons and cutting experiments on people and that kind of thing. >> andy, i'll glad you joined us. you know more about this stuff. >> i have so many questions. you talked about lizard people. you talk about the lost lizard people of los angeles. you say they are an ancient and
12:47 am
intelligent people. are you sure they are not just jews? >> i could never ask that question. >> but no, the lost lizard people of los angeles supposedly live under ground but they are not actual lizard people, they are humans. >> they were supposed to be long lost native american race or nation or whatever you want to call them. >> but they have advanced technology. >> it's supposed to be an unexplainable but ancient technology type of things. >> we have pictures. this week, this was in the news, there was what people thought was a big foot citing. see that there? we are looking at a nest. in the background, down in the woods somebody saw a big foot. have you seen this, linda? >> itch seen that on the internet. >> do you think this is compelling evidence? it's video. >> there is so much foliage when you look at it it's hard to get
12:48 am
the idea of exactly what that shape s. it would be a person passing through there. i have seen a couple of places where people who really examined these kinds of things have debunkd it depending on the time of year of the foliage. they are going into all different ways to look at it. i personally classify it in the interesting but undetermined. >> if there is more than one big foot, is it big feets or bag foots or what? >> i think the most generally used term now is big foots. ann grammatical as that sound. this is something we took. what would you say if you -- have you seen anything like this, and would you classify him as acrypted. >> not an unknown creature at all. >> we've seen him around the office. we have a lot of questions about
12:49 am
him. what about this any. do you know about this bloop phenomena. the blooping in the ocean. >> what. no what is blooping. >> it's like bloop, bloop at the bottom -- this is something i have only read about. >> sub marines have gone down and they don't know what is making that sound. if it's an unknown undersea creature or an alien base. there are all kinds of questions out there. >> you talked about portals, you mention buffy the vam flier slayer and angel in numerous places in the book. do you know there could be health mouth's? >> i don't know hear the exactly health mouths. but it seems like there are certain areas where they have specific geographic areas.
12:50 am
they are called window areas by other people. like somebody left the window in the other world and things come out. >> go ahead and get the book, monsters among us. linda god free. thoips. we'll be right back with more red eye. ♪
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this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again.
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what's the secret to being happy? definitely sticking thumbs-up in the air. that's part of it. but there is more. an internet personal development guru has identified 15 things you need to give up in order to be satisfied with your life. of need to give up. the need to be always right. the need to be in control. complaining. trying to impress people. criticizing, resisting change, your fears, got to give that up. and finally, listening to internet personal development gurus. anna, this is actually good advice. but it seems like you -- it couldn't be done. >> exactly. which is kind of a saturday sad thought that maybe we will never be happy. the list was so hard you could spend your entire life in
12:55 am
therapy on one of them and maybe resolve it. i thought the whole point of being happy, i thought everyone decided, stop thinking about it and on your death bed you will be like i was pretty happen of i think just stopping thinking about being happy helps you be happy. >> i had a friend who was the life of the party but he was done. i gave him this list. and he said michael, you are smart, and he took my advice. and that friend's name was robin williams. >> what happened there? >> i haven't heard from him in while. he hasn't answered my e-mail. >> i thought this story was going to end with him staring into a full length mirror? >> do you know who that was -- >> mitch -- >> that's my jewish name. >> it sound great.
12:56 am
i read all 15 of those things. if you adhere to any one, i stepped over three of the people here. if you give up on everything, climb into a cardboard box and don't get stressed. >> sometimes you do have to put a little pressure on yourself to succeed, isn't that right? >> yes, you do have to put pressure on yourself. but it's in possible. if everyone was happy, you won't have any more comedians, there will be no loved songs. the only truly way to be happy is to come down to aen ruba. >> you are there half the year, right. >> i'm there 100 days a year. >> it's fantastic. >> it does make you happy. >> extraordinarily happy. >> your environment can make you happy. >> i went there four and a half years ago and i felt so good when i was there. >> i done care that much. anna lacy, michael malice, ray
12:57 am
ellin, and anthony cumia, that does it for he moo. i'm tom shillue. see you next time.
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- period. protein shots from 5-hour energy. great taste. 100 calories. 21 grams of protein. right now on justice. >> this is the biggest political scandal since watergate. >> just when you thought the fbi was done with hillary -- you know how that old saying goes. >> it isn't over until it's over. >> but is the ninth inning move a fair one? here tonight, trump campaign chief kellyanne conway. rudy giuliani. and all all-star line-up. plus my opening. you'll find very surprising. >> despicable what the press is trying to do to donald trump. >> i go to florida for an exclusive sit-down with trump's daughter-i


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