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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  October 30, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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about telling me what you think. we have a lot to get through. happy to get to the kellyanne conway and mark cuban interviews. back here at 11:00 a.m. eastern next sunday. with the latest buzz. brand new reaction right now from the trump team over the fbi's bombshell decision to review the clinton e-mail case. this as we are learning more about the timeline of the investigation. and the shear magnitude of the records involved. the newly discovered e-mails also raising new questions about whether clinton aide huma abedin fully cooperated with the investigation the first time around. hello everyone. and welcome to america's election headquarters. i'm melissa francis. >> good to see you today. >> good to see you too. i'm eric shawn. james comey has been on the receiving ends of more criticism this weekend for that controversial decision to take another look at the clinton
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e-mail investigation so close to election day. a short time ago, donald trump's running mate, governor mike pence said that he thinks, though, the fbi director did make the right call. >> we commend the director of the fbi and the fbi for following through on their word before the congress. if there was new pertinent information, sufficient to reopen this investigation, that they would inform congress of that fact. and they would move forward. >> and we have live team coverage of all of this. john roberts, mike emanuel are on deck. let's begin with catherine herridge with more on the investigation. she's live in washington. >> thanks, fox's bret baier is saying two source was the fbi investigation that anthony weiner is cooperating in the new york sexting case. we're told thousands were involved, found on a computer that weiner and abedin told us
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to. they assessed they were relevant and that flagged a discovery to the e-mail case agents here in washington. the republican chairman of the house intelligence committee who was notified by the fbi last week spoke with chris wallace of "fox news sunday." >> to me, chris, this has to be a substantial development. i don't see director comey opening this case up 11 days before the election unless it is quite serious. >> abedin told the fbi in april that she sent state department e-mails, including this one from clinton to a personal yahoo account where it was easier to print. in june, abedin swore under oath in a lawsuit brought by judicial watch that she had searched all of her devices for government records. that's now in doubt. this rng mo, the clinton camp was pressed for answers. >> why on earth wouldn't hillary clinton say to her closest personal aide, was there any stuff on that -- on your laptop and what was it? >> chris, again, i appreciate
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your question because people want answers. there's nothing about huma abedin in the letter that -- >> i know that. why wouldn't clinton ask her? >> why wouldn't clinton ask anybody? they could be e-mails from anybody in the world. >> in his memo to fbi employees, director comey said they don't know if the e-mails are significant yet but former fbi agents told fox news that anything suggesting intent, lying to investigators, obstruction of justice or sharing classified information with a foreign entity would warrant such a move. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is campaigning in florida, meeting people at a bar in miami this morning as top senate democrats demand more information about the newly discovered e-mails being investigated by the fbi. senior political precedent mike emanuel joins us live from miami, sunday morning in a bar. there you go, mike. what's the latest? >> there you go, melissa. good morning to you. hillary clinton is trying to go on with normal campaign
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activities, speaking to voters to get them to turn out for her in a matter of days while her top campaign aides are left addressing questions about the e-mail probe. hillary clinton did weigh in on the whole e-mail investigation at a campaign event in daytona beach, florida. she did take aim at fbi director james comey announcing his -- announcement regarding her e-mail investigation. >> in fact, in fact, it's not just strange, it's unprecedented and it is deeply troubling because voters deserve to get full and complete facts. and so we've called on director comey to explain everything right away, put it all out on the table. >> reporter: clinton's closest aide huma abedin is not on this campaign trip to florida. it was the discovery of knaus of her e-mails on her estranged husband's laptop that reignited
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the whole e-mail controversy. this morning the clinton campaign chairman was confronted, asked if this whole e-mail mess is hillary clinton's fault. >> well, look, i think she's apologized for setting up a private e-mail server, said it was a mistake. she said she wouldn't do it over again. i think it's very clear that this has been an issue throughout the course of this campaign. >> reporter: the e-mail questions continue to dog the campaign. the normal standard campaign activity continues with early voting going on in places like florida and only nine days left. melissa? >> that is a great point. as we sit here and discuss all of this, there are people all around the country who are voting. thank you so much. appreciate your time. >> we will be talking about early voting later on in the knust cast. meanwhile, donald trump is -- he's running with that. praising the fbi now for its decision after spending months of bashing the agency for what
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he's long been claiming is part of what he has been saying is a "rigged" system. he's telling supporters that the renewed investigation is in his view, further proof that mrs. clinton is guilty of a crime, he says. this all comes as a new poll says clinton's national lead has been narrowing. john roberts joins us live from las vegas where mr. trump will be holding a rally there in a few hours. hi, john. >> reporter: afternoon to you. about two hours from now, donald trump will be here at the venetian. we can show you what the inside of the room looks like. it's one of the big ballrooms. sheldon aid he willstein owns it -- the fire marshal will cap it at around 8,000 or ee so. big crowd expected for donald trump. he trails hillary clinton in the politics average of nevada polls by about two points. there were indications that nationally, the race is tightening even further. the new abc news "washington post" daily tracking poll finds
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the two candidates are separated by a single point now. hillary clinton with 46% and donald trump with 45%. that's a net 11-point gain since the tracking poll began a week ago when it was 50 to 38. also, that poll found for the very first time that the reopening the fbi investigation has had some investigation, some 30% of voters may rethink or at least that would make them less likely to vote for hillary clinton if you do a rough calculation based on the percentages. that would mean as many as 13% of hillary clinton's voters may be thinking twice about whether or not they're going to vote for her. donald trump, of course, will continue to go hard on the fbi investigation today. yesterday, he really slammed the attorney general, loretta lynch for trying to strong arm the fbi director into not sending that letter to members of congress. here's what trump said in golden, colorado, yesterday. >> but now the evidence as i would imagine is so overwhelming, despite that the
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attorney general didn't want anything to happen to hillary. folks, we're living in a third-world country. this has never happened before. this is the lowest point in the history of our country. >> reporter: and what a difference a day makes. alluded to this a second ago. the donald trump campaign has been slamming comey since july. but he made the decision he wasn't going to press formal charges against hillary clinton. meanwhile the clinton campaign had been praising him. now the trump campaign is praising him for reopening the investigation and the clinton campaign is slamming him. here's what kellyanne conway said on "fox and friends" this morning. >> it's a terrible strategy to basically go on a full-on assault on the fbi director, calling him out and telling him to put everything on the table. hillary clinton can do that today. she just has to call her friend and confidant, huma abedin and
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say tell us what's on the devices that you shared with your pedophile husband who is sexting a 15-year-old girl in north carolina. just how he got back to this place in the first instance. >> reporter: on the campaign trail today, donald trump starts his day in nevada, goes back to colorado where he was yesterday. then off to new mexico and tomorrow he's playing in blue michigan because he's trying to expand the map based on internal polling showing that the race in new mexico and michigan may be starting to swing if not in his favor to a different race. >> john, it looks like you're in venice, but yets you're at the venetian. >> that's the thing about las vegas. everything looks like somewhere else, but it's really not. >> you got new york just down the street. maybe we'll show that in another hour. john, thank you. melissa? >> what do we make of this investigation and its impact on the race? let's bring in our panel, ed rollins, the former campaign manager for the reagan/bush tigt
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in 1948 and we have joe trip i here as well. he's a former campaign manager for howard dean and a fox news contributor. >> thanks to both of you for getting up and coming on today. ed, let me start with you. we know so far that this arose from the investigation, very sordid investigation into anthony weiner. that the fbi agents here in new york looking through his computer said, wow, we have found something here that's relevant to your investigation of the clinton e-mail investigation and brought it to this other team. it doesn't seem like it's likely to get resolved any time soon, though. >> i don't believe it gets resolved. i think what happens though is that voters out there, especially independent voters and republican voters see it this as an issue and it reminds them that mrs. clinton hasn't been honest about this. the idea that huma, her number one aide, would have the position to share this with her ex-husband, you know, whatever
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these documents may be. you're not allowed to share confidential documents or anything. and obviously the fbi agents who were investigating and found this, found there was something sufficient to bring to to the director of fbi to basically reopen this. it's their recommendation. my sense is they're on the defensive this week. trump can be on the offensive. a better place to be in a campaign. >> it is. although the trump team is relishing this and rolling around in it, thrilled as they can. on the democrats side, they're saying this energizes our base because a lot of our folks were complacent. now they feel there's a lot at stake and it could backfire on trump and sending more clinton supporters out to vote who maybe thought it was over and it wasn't necessary for them to go. what do you think of that theory? >> look, i don't think there's any doubt that this helps trump. just in terms of the momentum, he was losing steam. actually, he was losing energy with some of his supporters going into this. i think his supporters are
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reenergized. i do think by the way, that people who underestimate how energy niezed this has made the democratic base shouldn't do that. i think there's a lot of energy on both sides. both sides seeing at one points another, comey seeing him as unfair or fair. as wheef seen, like everybody is switching on whether he's a hero or not. i think the energy is there. my guess is that what we're going to see is the race continuing to narrow as it it was already doing. >> yeah. >> and this -- benefits trump but i think turnout may be the whole thing now. >> yeah. >> i do think clinton has a better -- >> without question. i do quibble with joe's first point. you said that trump supporters were losing energy. in fact, in the polls we're looking at this morning where he pulled within a points of hillary clinton, all those were taken before this whole reopening of the fbi's case and to her e-mails broke on friday. in fact, he had been closing the
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gap and i'd love your opinion. maybe it was the wikileaks? maybe it was everybody getting the obamacare premiums. that was a huge part of the coverage last week. >> clinton has had a couple of bad weeks. the obamacare and the wikileaks. you always want to control the last elements of your campaign, the last week. the idea that a former disgraced member of congress has been negotiating with fbi basically is going to have more say in what gets released and what doesn't get released, has charges pending against him, would certainly -- i don't think they can relax. they have to be very much on the defensive all week. >> joe, ed talks about the last days of the campaign. dare i say in this campaign cycle, nine days is a long, long time. there are a lot of people out there saying that, you know, maybe the democrats have another bomb to drop on donald trump. wloo we've got a ways to go here. >> that's right, melissa.
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that's what i was saying. i didn't mean to give the wrong impression. after the billy bush video, we saw trump -- it was trump that sort of losing energy with his supporters. there was a drop-off. >> for sure, yeah. >> now, that has turned. again, it's sort of -- both of these candidates, when the focus is on them, they do poorly. >> right. >> so right now the focus is on hillary clinton. that's not good. it's off of trump. but does it get back on trump. sometimes trump does that to himself. >> for sure. >> there are nine days left. anything can happen. >> it's a very -- >> kellyanne conway or maybe you're doing this, putting oven mitts on donald trump and duct taping them on so he's not able to use his twitter. are you doing that? >> i'm certainly not. i will say this. he's given three or four top notch speeches. he's campaigning very, very aggressively and he's very disciplined in his message. i think that's very, very important. he has to bring his republicans
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home. this does not get decided by democrats or republicans. it's decided by independents. they're going to him right now. >> thanks for your comments this morning, gentlemen. >> eric? >> oven mitts? >> we have fox news alert. another powerful earthquake hit central italy, this of course months after that other quake devastated parts of the region killing hundreds. coming up, we'll look at how officials are responding to what you see there. the latest distraction. there is new data breaking down on who is turning up to vote early and what that means for the race for the white house as both candidates are urging voters and supporters to head to the polls right now. >> in ten days, we're going to win the state of colorado. and we are going to win back the white house. early voting is under way. so make sure you get out and vote. 80% of women say a healthy lifestyle is a priority.
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italy is reeling from its most powerful earthquake in nearly three decades. the magnitude 6.6 quake was centered near the ancient city
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of norcha. a number of buildings and cathedrals, were -- unknown buildings are -- no deaths. the country has been dealing with aftershocks from that catastrophic earthquake back in august which nearly 300 people were killed. you don't have to wait for election day anymore. early voting is now under way in 37 states across the country. already more than 19 million people have cast their ballots for president. by tracking the party affiliation of the voters who have voted, we're somewhat able to try and determine the trends. the data shows that more democrats are voting in some of the battleground states, like florida, arizona and colorado. republicans have the edge in another battleground state in ohio and also in iowa. let's define these tea leaves. joining us is john busy,
9:21 am
associate editor for the "wall street journal." it seems like a mix. you have some states where the democrats are leading and the others where the republicans are. >> that's right. that 19 million figure should not be sort of just go by viewers. that's 20% of the electorate. for those waiting for election day to happen, guess what? it already started happening a couple of days ago. we're in the middle of it right now. lots of opinions are being expressed at the polls. a lot of that data also is pre-fbi announcement. we're not really sure how much that's affecting the voters. about 8% of the voters are independent. what our "wall street journal" poll showed, something on the order of 30% of them are leaning republican, and 21% democratic. but the downside, that's the good news for the republicans. the downside of that is just about 42% of that 8% of that independent voter, that both candidates are vying for feel highly energized to go to the polls.
9:22 am
a lot of them just oent turn out. >> when you have these type of events, like the comey announcement that could affect someone voting today or this afternoon. >> that's right. it won't affect those who already did. because of the early voting process, you have 20% of the electorate giving their -- showing their affiliation and going to the polls and voting. but it certainly can affect what happens from now on. but what we're seeing because the early voting only really reflects what the person's party registration is, we don't know how many of those are registered democrats are voting republican or the other way around. that will come out only in the final numbers. because the democrats seem to be ahead in the early voting process, it once again reflects on the ground game of the hillary clinton campaign. >> you're talking about the ground game. that was very big, especially in ohio for president obama and some other states. take a look. there's a conflict in mail-in
9:23 am
versus those who are early voting. in florida, for example, the republicans are leading in mail-in and also in nevada. those who are actually early voting seem to skew more democratic. is that a reflection of pulling the body into the poll is the ground game versus someone who mails in an absentee ballot. >> that very well could be. what also might be the case, you are seeing the ground game of the democrats getting the voter out there early, sending in the ballot. going to the voting booth early. but that doesn't necessarily mean that that momentum is going to carry through to election day. you know, is that dominance in the voting now going to happen also on november 8th? perhaps you see it skew the other direction. >> finally, a lot of supporters for early voting say it increases the number of americans who can vote. not leading to suppression or intimidation. but some others, like william gardner erks the secretary of state of new hampshire, the veteran secretary of state. where in new hampshire they vote on one day, election day.
9:24 am
they're breaking records he says. he says in some ways, early voting, you could have buyer's remorse. especially in the primaries, you voted for somebody and they dropped out. maybe you would have voted for somebody else. how would that affect an early voter. why did i vote for this person? >> surely can happen. but if you look at the data, the vast bulk of voters make their decision well in advance of several weeks ahead of the election. they've kind of already come to their decision. there's certainly a category that is as you describe. they're weighing it down to the end and decide am i gat or repu independent. those individuals may be caught out. i think that anybody who lives in a big city particularly is very happy for early voting. because those long lines at the polls can discourage voters. you do not want to discourage the democratic process. >> that's true.
9:25 am
with the small d. >> thanks so much. we're going to be on the issues throughout the campaign on the polls. we'll do so right now and after election day. thank you. >> melissa? >> donald trump trying to flip a key battleground state that went to the democrats the past two presidential elections. why the numbers show he just might pull it off. which state is it? >> plus new details about what caused this fire on an american airlines jet in chicago. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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9:30 am
tarmac at chicago's o'hare airport were found thousands of feet away. the ntsb confirms the fire was caused by catastrophic engine failure. they don't know what caused it yet. 21 people were injured. and three astronauts from u.s., japan and russia are back on solid ground after a 115-day mission aboard the international space station. they arrived home safely this morning in a russian space capsule. that sounds like fun. donald trump lost iowa in the primary. but he could potentially win the state on november 8th. president obama did carry iowa twice. so why is hillary clinton apparently not gaining more momentum in that important state. peter doocy is live in downtown des moines with some of the answers. hello, peter. >> reporter: hello, eric. trump is up right now a point and a half in of iowa polls. that's a lead he's held since september 1st. that's really something because
9:31 am
he was not the first choice as you just mentioned of iowa republicans this past winter. they were instead really excited about senator ted cruz this winter. they helped him win more caucus votes than any republican in the history of the iowa caucus. but the party leadership believes that republicans channeled all of their enthusiasm about this election in general into support for donald trump. he thinks friday's october surprise from the fbi is going to further sink hillary clinton here. >> an electorate here that's used to being discerning, to digging through all the noise and getting to the nub of things. i think this is going to get people to get their shovels out. i think they're going to dig and find this is corruption versus change. >> reporter: with that said, the numbers show a little less interest so far in this election than there was in 2012. that's based on early ballot returns. this time four years ago, nearly 532,000 iowans had already
9:32 am
mailed in their absentee ballots. that's 130,000-plus more than officials have tallied so far as of the last update here in 2016. registered democrats have returned the most ballots to this point as followed by republicans and then independents. but prominent republicans in the state have been warm to trump compared to some other swing states where incumbent office holders catch him at arm's length or disavowed him in an attempt to preserve their -- because they're all seen as being in this together, experts think trump gets a boost and we did hear this morning in the des moines register from a former iowa house speaker would says, "assuming that iowa is in the light red column, it's in large part because the entire party apparatus is in solid shape behind trump." they think it's a good sign for them that when trump and clinton held events in the same city, cedar rapids, on the same day,
9:33 am
friday, trump drew a crowd of more than 5,000. that was more than double the crowd that secretary clinton had a few hours earlier. back to you. >> to be fair, there was only 3% that separated him from senator cruz in the caucus. that's about 6,000 votes. that is actually more than jeb bush got in the state. we'll see what happens on november 8th. peter, thank you. okay. so we've got brand new swing state polls. these numbers were just released this morning. first in north carolina. hillary clinton holds a six-point lead. 47% to donald trump 41%. gary johnson in there as well with about 8. it is a different story in the battleground state of florida, though, where trump has cut into hillary clinton's lead. four-point lead from a week ago. it is a statistical dead heat. she's one points ahead but that's within the margin of error. 45% for hillary clinton, 44%
9:34 am
support trump. joining me now is jason miller, senior communications adviser for the trump campaign. also, buried in this -- i thought this stat was fascinating. i haven't seen this before. among the 36% of likely voters who have already voted, counted their ballots, she's way ahead. 54% to 37. but among those who haven't voted in florida but describe themselves as likely voters, he's way ahead. 51% to 42. does that play -- do they have a better ground game, get people out early? does that tell you people are changing their minds? what do you think? >> if you're a donald trump supporter like i am, very excited with this, let me tell you why you should be excited about florida. there's a new poll out showing mr. trump ahead by 4%. there's another poll that had him ahead by 4% in florida. one of the things to point to with the polling, yes, there's polling but we can also look at ballots returned. usually the republicans start off with absentees and early
9:35 am
voting. >> why? >> democrats will frequently go and vote more earlier. going into election day republicans will usually be a little bit behind in florida. here's what's important. we're already 100,000 votes ahead of the pace of where mitt romney was four years ago. that's a combination of republicans being up 7% and democrats down 10%. from our perspective, we're excited where mr. trump is and florida is looking very good. >> let's talk a little bit about north carolina. he is behind as we said in the introduction in north carolina. we saw the governor on earlier today. he was saying that they have real i will struggled with obamacare in their state. that he almost was, i think, had no providers this year. they were negotiating everybody wanted to leave the state because none of the insurers are making -- the premiums are skyrocketi skyrocketing. he's a trump supporter. so he's incented to say this. he thinks obamacare is a huge issue in his state and it bodes well for trump as more people open up that premium for next
9:36 am
year. >> the obamacare news this past week started moving a big chunk of this trend. >> you think it was that and not wikileaks. >> we had the obamacare and the 66 million clinton, pay to play, the wikileaks revelation and the fbi news on friday. but in addition to obamacare and north carolina and north carolina, this is a state hit very hard by the trade issue and mr. trump's message is cutting through. going back to the point about early voting and absentees in north carolina, that delta of where we're at right now, we're 35,000 votes ahead of the delta where it was four years ago. from our perspective, we're way ahead of the pace. another polling in the race -- the poll you put up was taken before this fbi news came out. >> today we see trump in las vegas. he's out west. it seems like why isn't he spending more time in these places where he really needs to turn things around, north carolina, florida is a must win. he's on the bubble. why is he out west?
9:37 am
>> there are a lot of important states when you're running for president. mr. trump is just in florida for several days this past week and ohio and north carolina. in nevada this morning and then to new mexico and then to colorado. new mexico, let's talk about than and michigan where we'll be tomorrow. the tide is really turned in this race. the numbers are closing. we've seen this from internal numbers and independent numbers. we show new mexico was being a dead heat. this is a state democrats have won the last several cycles. we feel we can win in new mexico. that's why he's there today. >> he has a lot of momentum right now. are you worried as a trump supporter, there's too much time left on the clock? we have nine days left. we were joking during the break when this stuff started coming out, trump supporters were saying quietly, i don't know. it feels like there's not enough time for the wikileaks stuff to sink in, for people to absorb it. we've seen another big swing in
9:38 am
this election and we've got nine days left. are you worried tla it could turn again, that the democrats have something else up their sleeves? >> the only variables we can control is our own schedules and what we're doing on the campaign. he's going to three, four, five events a day. these big huge rallies. we feel we have all the energy and momentum in our favor. there's enough time to make sure we get the win. >> a lot of people asked this question this morning. how do you keep him on message. when the spotlight turns away from hip and on to hillary clinton, it turns out usually well for him. it's shining on some sort of scandal. then tends to step on the news and put the spotlight back to himself in a way that doesn't benefit him. do you think he's disciplined enough to stay out of the way of the bad news going her way? >> i think that's a good question. one of the things that's important for folks at home to know is that mr. trump is remarkably focused right now. he knows exactly what's at stake, the future of the
9:39 am
country. he's been fantastic on the campaign trail, the energy. the crowd sizes. we had 20,000 people in tampa just a few days ago. he knows what he has to do to get the win. i'm fully confident he'll do it. >> who do you think he's listening most to right now, is it his family, kelly anne? is it his own inner voice? >> the thing about mr. trump he's been a successful businessman. what i've found with them, they take input from a number of places, rely on their own judgment to decide the best course forward. you know, you go all the way back to different things in this race that mr. trump has called, even calling out the huma abedin and anthony weiner e-mails. he was calling that a year ago. >> he was vilified for it and it turns out it was another thing that he said, how outrageous and all of a sudden it comes true. thank you for your time. >> the thing about mr. trump, the instincts and the judgment he has sets him apart. >> jason miller, thank you so much. >> eric? >> what we're learning now even more about the barbaric horrors in the fight to recapture mosul
9:40 am
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9:45 am
was using innocent civilians, including women and children, as human shields. according to the united nations, isis forced 8,000 people from their homes in the center of mosul. militants hoping to use the targets to stop the forces. will that work? >> john bolton, former u.n. ambassador to the united nati s nations. fox's contributor, senior fellow in san antonio this afternoon. ambassador, good to see you. sadly, the carnage that's happening actually could be house to house fighting isis. the u.n. says executed 232 people just outside of mosul. how can we -- can s. it possible -- so that they don't get killed? >> they're proving not that we need it more evidence, tragically, they're certainly proving this is one of the most brute all groups in the world today and they are, i think,
9:46 am
determined when they are defeated in mosul to leave the greatest devastation they can. whether, as the human shields they're using sunnis that they consider disloyal to isis or whether they're using shia. there is a shia minority in mosul, obviously we don't know. but we have seen in other victories inside iraq is isis has been driven back the atrocities on both sides for sure. but by shia militia, a considerable portion of the iraqi government government's military might. how this plays out in mosul, still too soon to tell. >> what do you think will happen? how long before mosul falls? >> well, i think that isis has certainly lost a lot ofter tore any iraq. but it has retreated in fairly good order. they've not been routed. they know they're being overwhelmed. not by the necessarily the force
9:47 am
was the iraqi government, but by american air power and by the kurds who are much better trained and advised by the united states than the iraqi government forces or certainly the shia militia. it's a numbers question and the advantage of american air power is very considerable. i think what isis wants to do is make this the butcher's bill as high as it can be for the kurds and the iraqi government. in mosul where the stakes are very high, remember this was once iraq's second largest city. taken by isis two years ago. isis, again, very sadly wants to make this points as bloodily as it can. >> that's so horrible. but then they flee into syria. that makes that situation even worse. >> yeah. i think the destruction of isis and the caliphate they've declared in syria and iraq is a long way away.
9:48 am
i think this has been a big mistake of american policy. the safety of innocents in the united states and western europe would have been safeguarded more if we moved to destroy isis for decisively, more quickly. the kind of slow pace of this battle in mosul is one more indication of the slow pace of the overall effort to destroy isis. i think that's going to cost us down the road. >> you're referring to the fact that president obama did not heed hillary clinton's advice to arm the rebels. she's calling for syria in -- the no fly zone but the russian airplanes are already there. how do you have that when you have vladimir putin pushing the buttons back in moscow? >> i think this concept of a no fly zone or safe zone for the refugees is really misguided. the only way to protect refugees is to have troops on the ground. i don't hear anybody suggesting that. and really, daye think it's hard to distinguish what obama has
9:49 am
done from what clinton has supported over the years. ultimately, their policy with respect to isis, as with respect to iran and the iranian nuclear program, really functionally the same. >> a horrific catastrophe that is just beyond comprehension continues to plague our civilization. that is the situation in syria as well. john bolton, today from texas. thank you for joining us. as always. >> thank you, eric. of course. chicago cubs fans are living on a prayer. after a heartbreaking loss last night, fans are keeping the faith. we are live at wrigley field. that's next. ♪ ♪ i work 'round the clock. i want my blood sugar to stay in control. so i asked about tresiba®. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts even longer than 24 hours. i want to trim my a1c.
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so cleveland indians on the brink of the first world championship in nearly 0 years following a dominating performance in game four of the world series. >> indians now up three games to one and one win away.
9:54 am
>> cleveland sealing the deal without putting chicago's back against the wall ahead of do-or-die game five. jim gray live from chicago's wrigley field. so what happened last night, jim? >> well, melissa, it's been a disappointment for cubs fans. first time in 70 years the cubs have been here and now they face a 3-1 deficit. let's face it. they have been outplayed in all phases of the game by the indians. cleveland has just taken over. last night john lackey could not get on track. as you take a look at some of the highlights you'll see they couldn't get it going. two costly errors and now they find themselves down 3-1, only five teams in world series history have been able to come back from that deficit, last in 1985 when royals were able to come back against cardinals. we spoke to joe maddon, owner of the cubs. he has a very interesting perspective and we thought we would play the sound bite today
9:55 am
as how he approaches these games right now. >> the pressure to exceed the pleasure. yeah, seriously, it's a game. it's not life and death, it is a game. please understand that. of course we worked very hard to get to this point. of course we want to win the whole thing. at the end of the day, i want our guys to come out here and look around and never forget it, never forget the moment. if you do that properly you have a better chance of winning. it's all about process. if you really want to deal with outcome and winning or losing, you will being stressed or nervous or whatever. if you stay in the moment, the process, the process is fearless. the process lacks emotion. if you stay there, you have your best chance of being successful. >> now perhaps the cubs will be able to relax because the odds are so great against them. if you really narrow in on this, melissa, go back. only three times, last time in
9:56 am
1979, a team has had to go on the road to win two games and come back in a world series 3-1, so the odds are quite long. >> wow. okay. we'll be watching. jim gray, thank you so much. i'm not a baseball aficionado but weren't the the cubs supposed to win this. >> last world series, 1907, '08, curse of the billy goat, took it to wrigley field. >> that's a real thing. >> visit the billy goat in downtown chicago. look, fans, as yogi berra said, it ain't over until it's over and it ain't over yet. >> just like the election, but the show is over. >> we'll be back in three hours at 4:00 p.m. >> the news continues right after this. let's do more. add one a day women's 50+ complete multivitamin. with vitamin d and calcium to help support bone health. one a day.
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brand-new details in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. what the investigation into her close aide huma abedin's husband is revealing. at the center of it all, an e-mail with thousands of e-mails that may be relevant to the pre presidential and democratic candidate. plus donald trump using the fbi investigation to go after hillary clinton's fitness for office nine days before election day as his running mate mike pence holds a rally this hour in new hampshire. >> and we will also talk with libertarian vice presid


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