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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  October 30, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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brand-new details in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. what the investigation into her close aide huma abedin's husband is revealing. at the center of it all, an e-mail with thousands of e-mails that may be relevant to the pre presidential and democratic candidate. plus donald trump using the fbi investigation to go after hillary clinton's fitness for office nine days before election day as his running mate mike pence holds a rally this hour in new hampshire. >> and we will also talk with libertarian vice presidential
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candidate bill wells who wants to you forget about clinton and trump and look for his team. thank you for spending part of your sunday with us. i'm shannon bream. >> nice to be with you, welcome back from new york, i'm leland vittert. new details on the fbi's decision to reveal new e-mails tied to hillary clinton's e-mail scandal now just nine days out from the election. the clinton campaign calls it a, quote, unprecedented intrusion to a close presidential election. director james comey taking heat from some, praise from others. whens, whys and decisions about why comey is moving forward. >> thank you for having me. fox's bret baier reporting this hour based on two sources of
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knowledge with the fbi investigation that anthony weiner is cooperating the new york sexting case. the new records were told thousands involved were found in a computer weiner and abedin had access to. the sources said new york agents who found the e-mails also assessed they were relevant. the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee notified by fbi late last week spoke with abc news. >> if the director can't clean up this mess, and i hope he will try, i think he has to blg he made a serious mistake and underscore again there's nothing that alters that core conclusion he reached in july. >> told fbi she sent state department e-mail including this one to hillary clinton to her state department yahoo! account because it was easier to print. in august she swore under oath that she searched all of her devices for government records. that claim is now in doubt. this morning the clinton camp was pressed for more answers.
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>> why on earth wouldn't hillary clinton say to her closest personal aide, was there any stuff on your laptop and what was it? >> chris, again, i appreciate your question because people want answers. there's nothing about huma abedin in the letter that was sent out. >> why wouldn't clinton ask her? >> why wouldn't clinton ask anybody. there could be e-mails from anybody in the world. >> in his memo to employees, the director said didn't know if it was significant but tells fox news anything suggesting to intent, lying to investigators, obstruction of justice or sharing classified information with foreign entity would warrant such a dramatic move. >> it sounds like we shouldn't expect details or a time line that would get us before election day. >> based on our reporting, there are thousands of e-mails involved. they have to be reviewed to know whas new, what's duplicate, then classification review, which involves sending it it out to multiple agencies.
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that is something -- the expectation of the fbi is that it cannot be accomplished before election day. >> katherine, thank you. leland. >> as we continue our coverage of this, the clinton campaign once praised james comey as principled career law man beyond approach, now they are in full on assault mode against the fbi director. in florida the candidate herself called his actions troubling and unprecedented. our mike emanuel traveling with the clinton campaign in the sunshine state. good morning, mike. >> reporter: hi, leland. with time becoming ever more precious in this campaign, hillary clinton is already making her third stop so far today. clinton visited an african-american church in ft. lauderdale this afternoon and talked about staying focused no matter what is thrown at her and her supporters. earlier she spoke briefly at an early voting brunch in miami. this as her campaign is facing more questions about her e-mail
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investigation. her closest aide, huma abedin, is not on this trip. it was thousands of abedin's e-mails on her estranged husband's laptop that reignited fbi probe. clinton's fbi manager expressed frustration with fbi director comey and tried to minimize latest e-mail questions. >> this issue was vetted through for months. director comey came to a conclusion we believe voters have already made up their minds on this issue, so we find it very strange that ten days out he's putting this letter out there. >> reporter: clinton ripped the fbi director yesterday calling his recent actions on her e-mail probe deeply troubling. she also blasted donald trump. >> he is doing his best to confuse, mislead and discourage the american people. i think it's time for donald trump to stop fear mongering, to
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stop disgracing himself, to stop attacking our democracy. we can't let him get away with this. can we? >> this hour clinton is at a soul food restaurant in nearby ft. lauderdale. she's trying to make sure a key constituency for the democrats, the african-american community, tushs out to vote. leland. >> mike, we had heard from the clinton campaign, expanding the map, going to places like arizona. any change to travel itinerary now because of these new revelations? >> not that we've heard so far. that is a really smart question, something we've been asking. so far they say they are still planning to go to arizona midweek, which was surprising, because it's typically a republican state. most of the other trips are battleground states you would be going to either way. sounds like her plans at this stage are staying what was announced several days ago.
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>> all right. mike emanuel on the trail. thanks, mike. shannon. >> while hillary clinton is on the defensive, her republican opponent, donald trump, is taking full advantage of what they are calling the fbi's october surprise. trump has stepped up attacks on clinton and her use of a private e-mail server this weekend. john roberts in las vegas ahead of the next campaign. what is the latest there? >> good afternoon to you, shannon. donald trump will be on the stage at the venetian hotel in downtown las vegas somewhere about an hour from now i would expect. here is a look at the crowd gathered here already. a 75,000 square football room. they gave away 9,000 tickets for this. donald trump appearing as new abc tracking poll showed a race is narrowed a single point between him and hillary clinton. she leads 46-45. what's really interesting about this, since this tracking poll start add week ago saturday on the 23rd, donald trump has gained 11 points and continues
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to climb. yesterday in colorado, he went hard against reopening of fbi investigation doing a complete backflip on fbi director james comey. this is a guy who he has been criticizing, soundly criticizing four months now now claiming he has the courage and conviction and integrity to reopen this investigation. donald trump also slamming the attorney general loretta lynch for trying to strong arm comey into not sending the letter he did send to congress and ochb offering no quarter to clinton for getting mired up in this scandal. >> hillary has nobody but herself to blame for her mounting legal difficulties. her criminal action was willful, deliberate, intentional, and purposeful. as long as she and bill got the money, the safety of your family
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made absolutely no difference to her. >> this daily abc news tracking poll gave us the first indication of how the fbi investigation is playing in the campaign trail. three out of tep people asked said they would be less likely to vote for hillary clinton as a result of this. obviously some of those people could have been republicans. if you apply the percentages in the poll, you get about 12.5% of people who would support hillary clinton saying they might rethink voting for her. but the big question is, would those people naturally gravitate over to donald trump or could they go somewhere else. not a secret a lot of persuadable voters have serious reservations about donald trump. listen to this exchange between chris wallace and mike pence. >> what do you say to voters who may worry hillary clinton is corrupt but worry whether or not donald trump is competent. >> i think people look at the totality of this campaign, they
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look at the agenda we're running on. they look at the totality of a career of a man who has built an extraordinary business. they know they are looking at a leader in donald trump. >> before coming here to the venetian for his first big political rally of the day, donald trump stopped by a local church to worship. or shannon, more accurately, perhaps, to give thanks for james comey. shannon. >> that might be how they are feeling this weekend in the trump campaign. john roberts on the trail. thank you so much, john. reaction swift on capitol hill following news fbi will take another look at hillary clinton's e-mail use. house speaker paul ryan says clinton has ensemble herself to blame. they are urging to pursue a thorough new probe. chairman of house committee join us live. mr. chairman, thank you for joining us. i understand that you -- >> thank you, shannon. >> i understand that you and one
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of the top democrats on the committee, congressman john conyers, have had some kind of communication with director comey this weekend. what can you tell us? >> yes. yesterday afternoon john conyers, who is the ranking democrat on the judiciary committee, and i both had the opportunity to speak with the fbi director. i asked him what the status was of the perjury charges that were referred to the united states attorney for the district of columbia and to him, following his press conference, in which he outlined all the things hillary clinton had done wrong, all the things she had done in violation of the espionage act. we then got him to compare that to her actual sworn testimony before the house select committee on benghazi and questioning by trey gowdy, acknowledged what she said was inconsistent with what he said. we asked if she was going to be
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investigated for perjury and he said hadn't received that. so three days later i and jason chaffetz, chairman of the government oversight committee sent to u.s. attorney that referral. it's now been more than three monday and we still haven't heard back from them. so when some are complaining that this recent revolution that they are taking another examination at the e-mails complain about protocol, what is the protocol for waiting more than three months to let the american people know that something they can all watch on television, they can all see his testimony, they can all see her testimony and compare and they have drawn no conclusion whatsoever about whether or not she should be charged with perjury, a very serious crime, a felony. this is lying to the united states congress, effectively lying to american people. >> do you have confidence they are proceeding with that investigation, it's just not to the point they are ready to announce any kind of results? >> we have not received any
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confirmation whatsoever that they are in any way taking this very seriously at all because we now see that senior justice department officials try to dissuade the fbi director from saying what he said back in july if we received substantive information about this case. we'll reexamine it and let you know. he's simply doing exactly what he said but they are not letting the american people know about a very serious matter the congress asked the justice department to look into. so far we've heard crickets. >> mr. chairman, toif ask you how this potentially plays out should hillary clinton be elected president in less than a week and a half, is she then going to be facing from your community and others ongoing investigations in addition to what may be happening with the fbi. how does that play out for her as president? will you call her to testify before your committees? can you force her to? >> well, those questions are premature, but i did ask
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director comey yesterday to make available to the american people, just as john conyers and democrats have asked, as much information as possible so they can make that decision when they go to the polls. but i've also made it very clear that if because of the thousands of e-mails they got to examine, and if because of the fact that some of these may be classified documents and he can't harm the investigation, can't compromise the investigation, the judiciary committee will continue to do its work in following the truth wherever it leads. >> were you surprised to get that letter on friday? did you have any inkling it was coming? what does it at the core really mean to you at this point? >> i was stunned. i think because of the answers he gave back in july, when as you'll recall a great many, including a lot of members of the judiciary committee, were dismayed by his press conference when he said she violated all these things. a lot of us expecting who hear,
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therefore, expecting an indictment. instead we her, however, we're not going to indict her. a lot of questions about granting immunity to five of her aides. the fact two of those aides sat in after they had been granted immunity on her own questioning by the fbi. all of this is highly irregular. i've heard from fbi agents and former fbi agents and prosecutors who can't believe what took place back then. i think the director knows that it was vitally important that he not let this slip until after the election and let the american people know that substantive information was available that would cause this case to be reopened and these e-mails examined. >> mr. chairman, quickly because we're out of time, i want to ask you do you have confidence any doj, justice department could move forward indicting somebody elected president, president elect or sworn in.
10:16 am
do you think the government would move forward with an indictment? >> i think that director comey, whether you like the decision he made back in july or you like the decision he made now is acting conscientiously to try to address a very serious national crisis that would be a very serious problem if she were elected president of the united states and had been found to have violated the law. so i believe that he in response to a number of people working on this case in the justice department complaining about the course of events early on, particularly the attorney general getting on an airplane with mrs. clinton's husband, the former president right before this announcement was made that he was not going to be -- she was not going to be prosecuted, all of these things, i think, lead me to believe there are many in the justice department, and in the fbi, who want to protect the respect for the rule of law, the importance of these
10:17 am
law enforcement agencies and would step forward and make sure this was done. >> all right. we'll see where the facts lead. mr. chairman, thank you very much for your time today. good to see you, sir. >> thank you, shannon. >> you've seen a little bit of the interviews with chris wallace and mike pence along with robbie mo-- robby mook. there's more fireworks as they react to the probe into hillary clinton's e-mail use. you can see those interviews. you do not want to miss them in their entirety at 2:00 p.m. eastern right here after this show. don't change the channel. bret baier back at 8:00 p.m. eastern tonight, a special report as candidates prepare their closing arguments last full week before the election. speaking of the election, we'll be covering the polls all day on tuesday the 8th right here on fox news channel. shannon bream breaking down social media as you react to the results of november 8th. >> use #fox news 2016 if you want to be included.
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coming up libertarian candidate and former governor of massachusetts will bill well with thoughts on clinton investigation and trump ticket, why you should vote for his ticket instead of one of theirs. hawk ai state early voting going on in key districts that will decide the leader. a look at what the fbi bombshell means for final days of campaign 2016. >> we were very surprised by this letter. what we're asking at this point is that director comey get all the information out on the table, all of it, so that the american people can judge for themselves. >> clearly a very serious matter. we respect the institution of the fbi and are confident they will handle this in a professional and timely way. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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we are going to take a look live mike pence governor and vice presidential nominee speaking live in rochester, new hampshire, in the closing days of the campaign. let's listen in. >> let me tell you where i stand. i choose a stronger america. i choose a more prosperous america. i choose an america that upholds our highest constitutional
10:23 am
principles, so i choose to stand with donald trump. every american who knows we can make america great again. it's not like it's exactly been a fair fight out there. you know what i'm saying? i get up every morning, it's like i've got to turn on the television with a stick. i never know what's going to be on there. it's like you get up every day since i joined this team, it's two-on-one, right? with the patriot out there playing every game on the road with hometown refs and hometown crowds, and i know you think they would still be winning, right? >> listening a little bit to mike pence on the campaign trail. all the candidates are out there, presidential and vice presidential candidates so we'll dip in as they are speaking live today. and now onto other news.
10:24 am
>> back to politic. roughly one-third of voters say fbi's new look at e-mails make them less likely to vote for the democratic candidate. the trump campaign certainly thinks that's good news for them. mike pence has been talking about that a lot. it could also be good news for third party candidates as well. former massachusetts candidate libertarian vice presidential nominee joins us. governor, nice to see you. to your experience as governor in a minute but way back to your career and experience in the department of justice and your thoughts now on director comey reopening this investigation. >> right. i say this not with my candidate hat on but with my former hat as head of the criminal division of the justice department in washington, i know everybody is on hair trigger out there but i do think it's important not to panic and focus on what happened or did not happen friday.
10:25 am
i've read both of director comey's letters. essentially what he said was i told you, congress, i'd keep you updated. we found some more e-mails, yet more e-mails. we're not sure what they contain. we haven't had a chance to read them yet. in fact, we can't read them until we go get a warrant. we'll read them. if they contain anything we'll -- what it did not say is we're reopening the investigation. there's far less there than meets the fbi. the fbi already that 15,000 e-mails from huma abedin she disclosed. so it's not like they are coming at this as a fresh surprise. against the time honored justice department procedures of not making a big move publicly before -- right before an election and not disclosing what's going on in an investigation, they are sending a letter by the director. i personally find inconceivable -- inconceivable.
10:26 am
it's particularly surprising since james comey has always had, long had a good reputation. i think he felt middled by keeping congress updated and had to do a balancing act. i think he came down in the wrong place. i think with deepest deference and i'm a big admirer of his. i think he looked out for himself and didn't look out for the rest of us. >> that's an important point, you say looking out for himself, which is conceivably the one thing the fbi director is not supposed to do. he's supposed to look out for all of us and frankly look out for those trying to do harm to all of us. as a candidate, clearly this is one way or the other put the hand on the scale of the election, give me the emotional response. all of a sudden heading into the final days you have the argument. the fbi director, who has not been elected by anybody, completely changes the game. >> my emotional response is this should not happen. i absorbed and main lined the
10:27 am
justice department motto, dispense justice, do justice without fear or favor. i don't feel like that's being done here. there's time to prevent lasting damage from occurring but certainly right now it's troubling. >> certainly there's a lot of calls for james comey to do what he did back earlier in the summer and come out and explain himself a little bit more. both sides saying that. perhaps you'd agree with that. >> that would make it worse to call attention to it, when they haven't read e-mails. repeat, no substance on the table. we found more e-mails. we have not read them. all the more surprising that would be the occasion for a formal letter to eight committees of congress. >> i would say i think you're the first person who has been on television in the past 48 hours to turn the temperature down on this and i appreciate you doing so. it an interesting perspective. the one thing this has done and polling data supports this, it has tightened the race.
10:28 am
certainly we've seen polling data that shows folks saying i was going to vote for hillary clinton. i may not now. i may hold off. we had interviews with folks in early voting stations saying just that the question to you, is it all of a sudden puts libertarian ticket in 5 to 10% range you all are both in right now, possibly playing spoiler. does that concern you at all? you guys may be the deciding factor in the election especially in key states like georgia? >> no. governor johnson and i play straight baseball. we're in the fight of our lives frapgly to make that 5% threshold so libertarians would have formal status going forward and qualify for matching funds and not have any more ballot access problems as have bedevilled them in the past. if we can't run the table, didn't get in debates, that was not going to happen, this is what we're aiming for. i think it's structurally in the interest of the united states for the libertarian party to
10:29 am
have that formal seat at the table going forward in our national political dialogue. i think we've got at better combination of policies, fiscally responsible and socially liberal than either of the two parties. >> well, we wish you luck coming into the last ten days or so. thank you for being with us. appreciate your thoughts as well. >> all the best. >> shannon. computer owned by top clinton aide huma abedin has reignited the scandal in the hillary clinton scandal. what impact will it have at the ballot box. standing by to answer just that. finished second in the iowa caucuses now donald trump trying to turn the hawkeye state red. in des moines to look at the tight race in its final days. peter. >> shannon, believe it or not there have been a lot fewer early ballots sent in in this key battleground state. we'll tell you who it's benefiting right after this. anyone with type 2 diabetes
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support in southern florida. in miami both states influx ahead of election day. we'll keep an eye on those speeches. >> donald trump lost the iowa caucuses but he and clinton are now tied at 44% in the latest quinnipiac poll of iowa voters released on thursday. democrats have won the hawkeye state in six of the past seven presidential elections but this year iowa may be trump's best chance to flip a blue state red. peter doocy live in des moines, iowa, with how mr. trump and his campaign are trying to do just that. hi, peter. >> hi, leland, this is where everything got kicked off in 2016, iowa. the winner here in february on february 1st. ted cruz got more caucus votes than any republican in history. donald trump got the second most. believe it or not on paper enthusiasm right now in iowa is
10:36 am
actually down compared to where it was four years ago. if you look at early ballot returns so far versus the same time period of the obama versus romney contest, there are 130,000 fewer that have been sent in, more than 531,000 ballots mailed in this time in 2012, less than 400,000 this time around so far. still, though, the republican party in iowa thinks democrats are the only ones that need to be worried about a lack of excitement. >> look at the crowds. just today you've got the same city and compare those crowds. you could almost fit everyone in hillary's rally in a phone booth. there's an enthusiasm gap, no doubt about it. the enthusiasm gap might mean people that said i'm voting for hillary will give donald trump another shot at it. >> iowa state university political science professor e-mailed us to say this. iowa has been turning very red so not surprised trump and
10:37 am
clinton in a dead heat. e-mail revelations, could be a tipping point with donald trump. someonel in the know, prominent republican officers in iowa are supporters. republicans in iowa are all doing well in the polls themselves including senator chuck grassley who opened up a 17-point lead in his contest in what was a close race just a few weeks ago. a former iowa house leader quoted on the front page saying, quote, assuming iowa is still in the light red column, make no mistake it is in large part because the entire papparatus i behind trump. again, that is notable because this is a place that barack obama won twice. leland. >> ernst not quite as vocal as grassley. as elections take place peter doocy on the ground in iowa. thanks, peter. shannon. as presidential candidates make closing arguments in
10:38 am
battleground states like florida, where hillary clinton is do, will restarting investigation into the e-mail use have an impact. here to weigh in, editor and host of "i'll tell you what," good to see you. >> how are we doing? >> excellent. it's so late in the game, we know that millions of people have already voted. of course we obvious see down homestretch polls are tightening, do you think it makes a difference? >> it certainly makes a difference. we don't know how much. we have early polling data but not enough to be conclusive. the issue for hillary clinton she's not a popular presidential candidate. the ensemble person to run for president to be less popular than her, donald j. trump. she has a problem that a lot of people voting for her don't feel great about their choice. when you add in the fact, handy helpful reminder from federal bureau of investigations there is an open probe into her
10:39 am
conduct, then perhaps it takes some of those folks and tips them over maybe not to trump but maybe to not vote for her or vote for third party candidate. >> or maybe stay home. >> clinton campaign manager robby mook had this to say on "fox news sunday" on how he thinks this should proceed. >> director comey owes it to the american people releasing this just a matter of days before the election to provide all the information. that's what we're asking, just get all of it out there and the voters can judge for them sells. we think the voters actually want to hear about what these two candidates are going to do to make a difference in their lives not more relitigating of this e-mail. >> chris, obviously this sounds good. as we know, we've heard from reporting earlier today and what the fbi has said, if this is truly thousands of new documents or e-mails to go through, that's not doing to happen by november 8th. >> the reporting now apparently is that they have had these things for nigh on a month and
10:40 am
been going through them. there's reporting in "washington post," others, bret baier has already reported, these were known entities for weeks and weeks. the question becomes why now? why if you had these weeks and weeks was the second friday before the election the time to come out and do it. i would caution the clinton campaign this, though. as much as they are probably feeling virtuous attacking fbi director, it was a mistake when donald trump and his campaign attacked comey for not pushing for indictment of clinton and will be a mistake for clinton & company to attack comey. get bag on offense and get the conversation back on donald trump as soon as they can. >> don't you think it's a shame they didn't have "snl" last night? so much good material, i found it disturbing i didn't have that viewing option one week out from the campaign. >> you had the florida state, that was entertaining in their own right. >> don't even. i have yet to recover.
10:41 am
that's why i have bags under my eyes. >> mountaineers lost so i'm with you in spirit. >> always good to see you. don't forget, i'll tell you what, 5:00 eastern right here on the fox news channel. >> right after they drown themselves in tears of the still ahead what new e-mail revelations for control of the senate in key states where democrats thought they were going to pick up seats. 73% of americans try... cook healthy meals. yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium. my insurance rates are but dad, you've got... with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. it's good to be in, good hands. [ rear alert sounds ]," [ music stops ]on ] ♪ on the road again ♪ just can't wait to get on the road again ♪
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the fbi's october surprise not only affects the presidential race but now democrats, once confident about picking up key senate seats, aren't so sure anymore. let's bring in fair and balanced radio show host garland nixon and chairman of the college republican national committee alexandra smith. great having both you guys with us.
10:46 am
garland, first to you. pennsylvania. this was an area democrats felt good about, put up latest polling. mcginty by .2% in real clear politics average. doesn't get any more clear than that. as this tightens and as people move away from hillary clinton as we've seen folks saying they might over these fbi revelations, they are worried about that race. >> with very good reason. this is all about turnout. you look at the race, pennsylvania included, we are inside margin of error for virtually all these races. i do say this, based on my discussions with people in the base there are a lot of democrats who clearly separate the presidential race from the senate. they understand the importance. so i don't think that the base is going to be affected so much. but i do think this could have a significant affect on the independents. so i'm not feeling strong about
10:47 am
my party doing well particularly in pennsylvania. >> perhaps tamper down enthusiasm in turnout for democrats and raise it for republicans. alexand alexandra, one place they pick up a seat in nevada where harry reid is retiring. look there, heck 4 -42, cortez mass electro, real clear politics average, again, doesn't get much closer than that. are they moving around, trying to take advantage to build turnout in key senate races? >> i think fbi investigation gives down ballot something else to talk about, which is an advantage this late in the game. in a state like nevada we've seen early voting has taken place for a couple of weeks now. in terms at the top of the tibet's ability to capitalize on this newest scandal, it's unclear about how that will affect it. when you look at down ballot races, this could motivate a lot
10:48 am
of independents or gopers on election day. >> we've seen those ads about elect somebody, kelly ayotte doing the sale thing in new hampshire. also evan bayh, tighter race, todd young republican congressman 40.8. four points is that a big enough cushion for bayh, are more for democrats less enthused. >> on your side of the aisle, i'm not confident in the numbers. i'm not confident anybody has a cushion. so many factors that can change between now and then. nobody really knows what affect this whole kind of change candidate and this kind of cycle of aebt establishment fer ver is going to have.
10:49 am
i'm not confident. normally i'd predict. i feel like the first game of nfl season, anything could happen. >> all right. alexandra, are you willing to make any predictions, 30 seconds. >> i say we keep the senate absolutely. i think momentum behind gop senate candidates, especially with these late revelations motivate undecided swing voters to go out and give a check to the hillary clinton presidency. >> already. garland, alexandra, appreciate you being here. thanks so much. great discussion. shannin. >> streets of d.c. are jammed today with runners. it is the 41stable marine corps marathon. our own elizabeth standing by on will national mall. her report coming up. ♪ it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. ♪ ♪ trintellix (vortioxetine) is a prescription medicine for depression.
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well this morning while you were enjoying a cup of coffee and maybe a cinnamon bun and your morning paper, more than 25,000 runners hit the streets of washington for the 41st annual marine corps marathon. good friend elizabeth pran is at mile marker 17. i can tell by how you look you dblt run the mile marker 17. >> you're right. i was going to say, i look a little too good to be running the whole 17 miles. we did see thousands of runners this morning. we're at mile 17. and i want to pan over to the
10:54 am
capitol. we had people stop and just take a moment to look at how gorgeous the setting is. they were stopping to take a photograph as they finished the last ten miles of this race. they kicked off between arlington cemetery and the pentagon. they ran into the national mall and into va va a lot of people said really rt heart to have day is the symbolism and how much this means. we know that people were traveling from across the country. but there are generation who's come to this particular event. we saw marines both retired and active duty who were cheering on the folks who were running to day. we saw a number of warriors and participating in the event. we did meet a woman who said she comes every year because her two sondz served. take a listen. we don't have that mother. apologize. we spoke with family members who
10:55 am
say they're motivated to come and support members of the military. one gentleman said it's the people's marathon. there isn't a monetary prize for the first place winner. everyone gets a medal. he was brought to tears because it was -- it meant so much to him. the youngest member to participate is 14 years old and the oldest was 83. he is a korean war vet. so hats off to him. back to you. >> i'll just give hats off to every finisher in this. thanks, liz. >> yep. >> still ahead, a political twist on a sunshine state tradition. why participants are showing love for election day right after the break. you can run an errand. (music playing)
10:56 am
♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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(announcer vo) you can commute. (man on radio) ...40! no flags on the play! (cheering) (announcer vo) or you can chest bump. yo commute, we got serious game. siriusxm. road happy. nnchts case you're living under a rock, the election is nine day as way. it seems appropriate that politics play some part of halloween activity in none other than key west. revellers rest up as the candidates and other famous faces from the election cycle as part of the fantasy fest and masquerade march. there was even a new political party established. we could get behind this, the cocktail party which i think everyone will need at the end of these ten days.
11:00 am
the festival ends with a children's festival and then a dance party. >> you know, having spent a lot of time in key west, it's hard to imagine. >> or something that ends in a cocktail. we'll see you in an hour. >> i'm chris wallace with just over a week until election day, campaign bombshell. the fbi reopens its investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mails. >> they are reochg the case into her criminal and illegal cond t conduct. >> the american people deserve the facts. >> the republican vice-presidential nominee mike pence responds to the stunning announcement. >> we commend the fbi for having the courage to reopen this


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