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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  October 30, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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tomorrow at 6:00 eastern the latest breaking news and our issues that matter series tackle number six, health care. that's it for this special report, fair balanced and still on the weekend unafraid. breaking tonight. we are in the home stretch as new details emerge. welcome to justice. thanks for being with us. first my opening statement. to sing can make or break this election. right now reports are the fbi is negotiating with lawyers stemming from her joint computer
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where her pervert husband disgraced anthony weiner. we are nine days away from an election that will redefine this nation. as i said last night, we are on the precipice of yet another constitutional crisis because of the clintons this time involving an alleged pedophile, our nation's top secrets and a couple of grifters from arkansas. you already know how i feel about all of this from last night's open. the american people are entitled to know before we go to the voting booth what it was that caused fbi director comey to reopen this case. he has to tell us what it was that he discovered, what was so big that he violated justice department and fbi guidelines and alerted the nation. he cannot hide behind protocol now. the justice guidelines that don't let me talk rule doesn't
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work anymore. the we don't comment on pending cases doesn't work anymore. there are no ethical prohibitions now. you have been invited by the target and surrogates to release the information that caused you to reopen a closed case. if there is an indictment hillary is foreclosed from objecting to such disclosure. my bet is she knows you won't release anything but thinks that she is calling your bluff. if she really wanted to know all she has to do is sit down with huma and ask her. the investigation, of course, has not been compromised since documentary evidence in this case e-mails don't change so it's time to do what you didn't do last year, a thorough unbiassed investigation using all the tools available, search warrants and paneling a grand
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jury. no more mother may i routine. you got yourself into this mess and now the american people are in a bigger mess. in 2013 huma signed a document under penalty of perjury when she left the state department that she turned over all classified materials and she was not retaining copies. it seems that the meta data on 650,000 e-mails suggest otherwise. huma also swore under oath that she searched for anything state department related and she had a chance to turn things over and she didn't. so start your negotiation there, mr. director. you have a recorder and it is time to throw punches. make your deal with huma now. if you don't and hillary gets elected no one will care. hillary will do what she has always done. she will be appalled at huma and
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said she didn't know and didn't remember and she had a brain clot, she had no idea. the american people are already traumatized by the clinton scandals. we just can't take four more years of them. word is that to shut down the clinton foundation investigation, some of them kept it still going. the justice department is dirty and you know it. our attorney general pled the fifth and loretta lynch meeting with the spouse of a target and then the target herself saying i am going to keep loretta lynch as my a.g. if i become president is bribery, pure and simple. jim, go back to your roots. you were once a great prosecutor. don't let washington ruin you, too. you need to send the clintons
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back to where they came from. it is time for you to buck up, put on your big boy pants and make a deal with huma for the sake of this nation. you have until tuesday. and that's my open. tell me what you think on my facebook page or twitter. and joining me now is the executive vice president of the trump organization and son of donald trump jr., eric trump. good evening. >> how are you? >> i am fine. how are you? >> i love that. >> you know, we are in a mess here. you are basically new to politics. nine days to go. as you look back at all of this, what is the thing that shocked you the most? >> how corrupt the system is. i'm a civilian. we have never been in politics. when you go from scandal to scandal to scandal you look at clinton foundation, you look at the clintons paying $250 million since leaving the oval office.
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you look at the e-mail scandals. you look at donna brazil giving hillary clinton questions ahead of the debate. you go scandal to scandal not to mention scandals from clinton getting impeached. >> and all of the file dates and everything. >> and it almost makes me lose a lot of faith in the government. you don't see it until you are front and center. i'm not a fan of people stealing e-mails. one thing that has come out is showing how bad our system is. when you look, you have operatives who are close to mook and have been to the white house 350 times bragging about insi t inciting riots that shut down the city. >> when they say that your father is inciting violence and then we find out that they are the ones inciting the violence
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they talk out of both sides of their mouth and then we find out from wiki leaks that that is not the case. why were they so close? why was hillary beating your dad? we will get numbers now. what do you think of americans? >> i think so many polls are not correct. you have polls that were oversampling democrats by 12% and you are saying give me a break. obama in the first term won by 5% and it doesn't compare. so it's just really -- people are finally seeing it. people are seeing how corrupt the system is. i could never believe it. i could never imagine that people would stoop to the lows that they stoop to especially in political campaigns. they will do anything to maintain power. it keeps them in the marble office. >> lining pockets of people around thep, as well. it is almost as though an
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organized criminal enterprise because of the octopus of connections. i want to move on because we can both go on forever. the numbers now. what do they tell us? >> we are doing absolutely great. you look at early voting in florida and ohio and north carolina and nevada. so many places. we are doing so well. >> what do the polls tell you? they are telling us a great story. the republicans are up tremendously. democrats are down. independents are bigger than ever this election cycle. independents break heavily towards us. people want something new. they don't want the same nonsense that they see every day. hillary has been a politician longer than i have been alive. who feels comfortable that she can fix the mess that we are in as a country. we have $20 trillion worth of debt. we have a broken v.a. median income hasn't gone up in 15 years. you look at obama care. obama care might be the greatest
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lie in the history of politics. they say you keep your doctor and your plan and average family saves $2,500 a year. in arizona the premiums are up 115%. >> it's crazy. >> no accountability. and that is the frustrating thing. >> and no consequence. >> in the real world in private industry there is accountability. when you say something and the reverse happens you're held accountable. there is no accountability. >> what about the numbers? 12 points last week and now a two point spread in the abc poll. that is before all this stuff came out with jim comey announcing reopening the investigation. >> we are going to win. people want a voice. people want to stop these corrupt politicians. my father is a man that can't be bought. he is a man who put hundreds of millions of dollars of his own money into this campaign. it is tough on him and the
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family. this is tough stuff. he is doing this. this country has given my father and my family everything. he is doing it because he is seeing our country flushed down the tubes from incompetent politicians. >> i look at you. i was in florida thursday, friday, and donald jr. and ivanka. you kids are so committed. your family is so connected. you are the epitome of what family is all about. do you realize that if your dad wins america is blown away by how close you are as a family. >> no question. if no one else will fight for him you know who is fighting for him? the american people. he doesn't have special interests. he doesn't have the corporations coming out, wall street giving him hundreds of millions of dollars. he doesn't have superpacks and the entire mainstream media. his family fights for him and
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the american people. and by the way, together we will win this thing. there is no question. we have to take back our country. we have to win. our country cannot survive another four years of the mess we are in. they can't admit the problems that we have. they can't admit that $20 trillion is almost unsir mountable amount of debt. they can't admit that obama care failed. they can't admit that we have a depleted military and all of our jobs are going overseas. they don't talk about these problems. they say everything is wonderful and it is so sad. you better recognize the problems. we have issues. >> i wanted to ask what you will do when this is over but i don't have time. let's hear from both candidates on the trail today as they battle it out just days before the election.
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>> i will continue to address and expose the criminal corruption of hillary clinton and the threat to the survival of our democracy. but i also want to spend these next nine days with the wonderful people of this country talking about my vision for making america great again and let's talk positive. let's talk positive. >> donald trump is doing his best to confuse, mislead and discourage the american people. i mean, he is such a downer, right? and it's time for him to stop fear mongering, stop distracting from what is really at stake and frankly stop disgracing our democracy. we can't let him get away with it. >> joining me now with reaction, trump campaign senior communications adviser jason millen. thank you so much for being with us tonight on justice. i know you are quite busy.
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listen, nine days. i don't want to ask you what your schedule is like. let's talk about the polls. what do we know? >> here is what we know. national polls are moving in the right direction. >> which in your mined is moving towards donald trump. >> got to make sure that is clear. mr. trump has had a very good week. the "l.a. times" poll has him in front. abc washington post poll last week said mr. trump was down 12 points. we don't think he was ever down 12 points. the entire week it has been moving. republicans have been coming home making a lot of noise. then the news about the obama care premiums came out. that when we look back on this race this will be a huge week for this campaign because it was mr. trump talking about how we need to repeal obama care but every newspaper and newscast was talking about the local state increases as you guys talked
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about arizona with 116%. pennsylvania with a 53%. every state has some kind of horror story. think about this for a moment. at a certain point this becomes can you afford rent or can you afford to pay health care? >> a friend of mine who was a sitting district attorney e-mailed that his health care is now more than his mortgage and his taxes combined. everything. his health care is more than his mortgage. it's crazy. >> even if you are not going through obama care, if you own a small business what it is doing for the plans that you have to offer and the way the premiums are spiking and cancellation letters that people are getting, this is scary stuff. this hit this week and this is a shock wave. >> and now we have another shock. >> where it turns out through wiki leaks e-mails there is e-mail with a memo from doug bands who is the partner in crime. i say that tongue in cheek with
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bill clinton where they have a plan laid out. here is how we can make $66 million. to the point where the clinton foundation had to consult an outside law firm to see if this plan would jeopardize their nonprofit charitable status. that was front page news. but the numbers, the net effect -- >> the bombshell being the fbi reopening the case. >> so what we saw thiweek was with republicans coming home and obama care premiums and while donald trump is laying out his vision for america, his plan for urban renewal, how we repair this race, we believe we are leading but even the most pardon media skeptic says it is a jump ball. >> the truth is this has been the craziest election.
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do you expect any dirt being dropped on you before the election by the clinton campaign? >> can't imagine not being attacked from somewhere. here is what you need to know about donald trump. donald trump is a closer. he is a fighter. he is absolutely going to do everything it takes to win this race because he cares about it that much. you had eric trump on a moment ago and had the opportunity to know the family. mr. trump wants to win this for the country so badly. every time you talk to him eechben when the camera is off and people aren't around here is how he is going to make things happen and how we go and tear up these trade deals and renegotiate good ones. he wants this so badly and energy is there. it's not just energy from him. you see the rallies, 10,000, 20,000 people. 20,000 in tampa the other day. we haven't seen this in our lifetime. this energy and they are not your traditional political activists. they are regular hard working
6:17 pm
folks who haven't gotten active in politics who want to change the direction of the country. >> i can't imagine not being excited. i think the key word with donald trump is energy. the man is a bowl of energy without a doubt. thanks so much for being with us. as i said i would love to know what you guys are going to do when you have a day off. >> sleep probably. and an election lawyer who worked in the department of justice. next i get his take on the fbi's investigation and all those e-mails plus general mike flynn introducing donald trump in a rally in new mexico right now. this is a live picture. the general is going to join me next. later one of my favorite democrat sparring partners will be here. it is a busy night as justice rolls on in a moment. all finished.
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want a great way to help our children thrive? then be sure to vote yes on proposition 55. prop 55 doesn't raise taxes on anyone. instead, it simply maintains the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians to prevent education cuts that would hurt our kids. no wonder prop 55 is endorsed by the california pta, teachers and educators. because all of us want to help our children thrive. it's time to vote yes on proposition 55. you are looking at a live donald trump rally in new mexico. the donald about to address the crowd. my next guest is there with the republican nominee and talk a few minutes to call justice. joining me by phone the former director of the defense intelligence agency good evening. how are you?
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>> i'm doing great. thanks for having me on. you hear the sounds of the crowd. sounds like about 5,000 plus strong sfwrmpt which you are just coming from colorado right now, right? >> just landed about five minutes ago. thanks for having me on. >> talk to me about what you're feeling in the campaign. what is going on there? >> i'm going to tell you what. there is such a movement. we have seen in the last three or four days 75,000 people. incredible amount of enthusiasm. it is inspiring to me as a veteran. i will tell you we have seen an awful lot of women coming out. i mean, better than 50%. we're hearing great things. i know you had a bunch of great people on the show talking about polls. we feel very strong. >> we are watching donald come
6:23 pm
down the steps now. i want to tell the audience there he is. >> go ahead. >> i'll tell you what, it's a fascinating thing to see. donald trump is all about making this country great again. it's about talking to the people. he is bringing a big message to america. and with everything going on just these last three days, major candidate hillary clinton being basically another entry or whatever you want to call it. >> is it an investigation? >> they are reopening an investigation of an unbelievable level of corruption and crime. i hope you can hear me. this is the way it has been for the past probably couple of weeks but the last three or four days it has been amazing to hear the crowd. >> i can hear you, general. i can hear you fine.
6:24 pm
in terms of what the fbi has done in reopening the case what does it tell you and how is your campaign reacting? >> the fbi jim comey i believe was in a difficult spot. what was brought to him was a couple of things. i can tell you inside the fbi there was an incredible amount of frustration at the senior levels and they were frustrated with their boss. when new evidence was brought to his attention it was just a very tough decision. he had to make it. he had no choice. he put himself in the box by not doing the right thing back in when he should have basically turned all what he knew over to the department of justice and let them make the decision instead of making the decision that he made. here we are again. he basically did what he had to do and i'm telling you you are seeing 650,000 e-mails.
6:25 pm
we are talking about another laptop. we are talking about more classified information, a lot more lying on the part of a number of people. this is a really damaging thing. it is -- for me this is bad for our country because we are talking about people who think they want to be president of the united states. what a level of corruption that we are seeing. criminal behavior. you are going to see an e-mail. you will see people like weiner and huma abedin looking to help themselves out because they know they are going to jail. they have committed a crime and know they are going to jail. >> you know what, i couldn't agree with you more. it is time. they have huma by the short hairs and the other guy time to pull them. thanks for being with us. we are going to cut in and listen to donald trump for a few
6:26 pm
moments. thank you, general. >> anytime. >> you know, we set this up just a couple of days ago because we heard how well we were doing here. and traditionally you understand republicans aren't quite there. but this is a republican who is there. we are going to win this state. you are going to be very happy. i'm going to fight to bring your jobs back, to make your community safe and secure and to deliver the honest government america deserves. this is a great movement, folks. this is really a great movement, a movement like they have never seen before. we are now on the cusp of incredible historic change that transfers power from a failed political establishment and returns that power to the families and communities of your
6:27 pm
beautiful state. beautiful state. early voting is underway. >> donald trump at a rally in new mexico right now. we will continue to monitor this. if there is any news we will share it with you tonight. go pack chairman is ahead. former department of justice official jay christian adams is standing by to talk live about what could happen next in the fbi's investigation. justice rolls on in a moment. it's endless shrimp at red lobster. with another new flavor you never saw coming... grilled, glazed korean bbq shrimp. and try as much as you want of flavors like new parmesan peppercorn shrimp.
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just come in before it ends.
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much of the region's iconic culture has been destroyed including two churches that date back to the 14th and 15th centuries. an suv crashed into a van after it was heading in the wrong direction on a north carolina highway. that wreck injured at least 17 people most of whom were in the van. police say the woman was driving the truck with her infant in the back seat. she is now facing a series of charges including driving while impaired and misdemeanor child abuse. now back to justice with judge jeanine. new developments in the fbi's renewed investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. what impact will this have on the race? i will ask my next guest jay christian adams. good evening. thanks for being with us. i would like to start given the
6:33 pm
news of the weekend and that is that fbi director comey announcing the reopen of the hillary clinton investigation irrespective of the announcing it. what do you think of the fact that he did announce it? what does that tell you about what is going on at the fbi? >> it means there must be really bad information that they discovered. judge, you know, they had a mutiny on their hands. they had two line agents who were familiar with the investigation who were talking to media sources telling them how rotted this investigation was. and so this means, who knows? maybe they are looking into whether somebody lied in the fbi interview because that is a crime. they may have found documents that showed somebody was lying. this is a justice department decision. it was never comey's decision. and justice was telling him they didn't want to bring charges against hillary. i don't have high hopes that anything will happen.
6:34 pm
>> the truth is that he never had access to a grand jury and then hillary coming out saying if i'm president i'm keeping loretta lynch. this is so dirty it stuns me. i want to talk about why we brought you on. you are an expert in the area of election and election systems. you are in the middle of very serious lawsuits involving cleaning up some of the election systems. let's start with fundamental facts. how many people are illegally registered or ineligible to be registered as voters who are regteres? >> we know there are at least 4 million dead and ineligible voters on the rolls. some reasons is department of justice allowed this to happen. they didn't enforce the law that relates to cleaning up voter
6:35 pm
roles. they have given a pass to criminals to participate in the election next week. >> so what you're saying is that somebody can go in and say i'm this dead person and john smith is on the voting roles because the department of justice won't let the states clear it up? >> the department of justice interfered with florida when they tried to get aliens off the rolls and not enforcing section eight. it is my group, the republicans, we have had to sue philadelphia, wake county, north carolina, broward county, florida, places where there are more people on the voter roles than people alive because the justice department has not done anything to clean the voter roles up for the last seven years under the obama administration. >> what about the fact that illegals may be voting? is that a concern? >> it's a huge concern. might be the biggest concern of all because of what is called --
6:36 pm
you can get on so easy you have to say yes i'm a citizen when you get your photo impt d. driver's license. what we have found in places like virginia and pennsylvania we found over 1,000 aliens were on the rolls because this justice department is blocking efforts in kansas and florida and alabama and georgia to verify that only americans are registering to vote. we have a huge problem with aliens on the voter roles who are also casting ballots. >> the amazing thing is if we find out about them after the fact what are we going to do? sue them? that's not going to happen. >> it is a federal felony. guess what the federal justice department under obama hasn't done. it hasn't prosecuted aliens who had been voting. they are prosecuting people for scaring walruses and grisly bears. >> jay christian adams thanks so much for being with us tonight. and my panel is locked and
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developing tonight less than two weeks until election day and donald trump and hillary clinton remain in a tight race for the white house. let's get right to the panel. former adviser to hillary clinton's 2008 campaign. democratic strategist. guys, let's start with the general numbers. last week abc poll 12 points. this week let's put it up. this is before the fbi announced their renewed investigation of madame secretary. one point difference.
6:42 pm
46-45. that's a big move in a week. and i suspect that given the news that there might be a bit of difference given that the fbi reopened the investigation. let's put up another poll so both of you can look at it before you answer. will the investigation make you more or less likely to vote for clinton? less likely 34%. you have a little more than a third saying it will make me less likely to vote for hillary. looks like the numbers are moving towards donald trump. richard? >> so judge if somebody told you that the republican nominee eight days out from the election was going to be down in alaska and about even in texas, arizona and georgia you would say it's over. that's where we are. and, again, hillary is up by
6:43 pm
eight or so in pennsylvania, six or seven in north carolina. trump has to win those states. he can win florida and ohio where he is tied. he can win those. he doesn't win north carolina or pennsylvania he is dead. >> except that right now she is one point ahead when she was 12 last week. tell us about florida, ohio, michigan, pennsylvania. he is in new mexico. that is usually blue. no question trump has momentum. richard mentioned the state by state. even in state by state polls you saw movement by trump just as you are seeing movement towards republican senate candidates as he makes the race competitive. marco rubio is going to win florida. the republicans are gaining momentum because republicans are
6:44 pm
coming back home. that is where you are seeing the movement in polls is republicans are coming back to the republican ticket as well as older voters and men are voting in higher percentages for the republican ticket. there is no question right now momentum is with us and even in the early voting numbers you look at north carolina where democrats are not turning out the same numbers that they did in 2012 nor are they doing it in the state of nevada. there was a million african-american voters who turned out for barack obama in 2012. do we think that many will turn out for hillary clinton this year? >> we disagree. let's talk about going forward in light of the news that the fbi director announced the renewed investigation based upon what apparently found at the pervert anthony weiner's joint laptop with huma abedin.
6:45 pm
i suspect things are not looking too good. richard, what is your take on that? >> can we talk about that pervert anthony weiner? >> anyone sending pictures of their penis to women is a pervert. >> he has been charged with a virtual electronic intrusion. >> come on. this is not about anthony weiner. >> he is a pervert. don't do the virtual thing with me. a year ago you said to me we won't be talking about the e-mails in a month. and then you had to buy me lunch. now we are talking nine days before the election. my point is that the person at the top of the ticket barged in.
6:46 pm
donald trump bragged about it. he bragged about grabbing strangers by the crotch. and he is at the top of the ticket. anthony weiner is a disgraced former congressman. >> and secretary of state sharing e-mails with a woman who is living with a pervert and now we know 650,000 of them and some of hillary's stuff is on his computer. does that upset you as an american? forget politics? >> what upsets me is that james comey has din damage to the fbi. we know nothing today. there is only speculation. we know nothing about anything that they found other than it was something that put comey in a box which i think he has done a miserable job. >> why is every democratic senate candidate not -- the way
6:47 pm
this is going secretary clinton will have to pardon herself or going to prison. democratic candidates ought to be held accountable are they going to stand with someone who clearly has violated if not at least state department guidelines she violated law. and the more we learn the more it leads to secretary clinton -- >> grabbing strangers by the crotch. that is sexual assault. that is a textbook act. >> you guys are famous for pivoting. it's all about hillary this week. thanks for being with us. and one of my long-time democratic foils is standing by. it's going to be -- we take on each other next. my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but dad, you've got... with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed.
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welcome back. the stakes couldn't be higher. my next guest is liberal radio host. i have to tell you ooii think is so ironic that hillary clinton did everything she could to attack the woman who accused her
6:52 pm
husband of sexual discretions and her right-hand female aid may take her down. >> come on, judge. this is not going to take her down. this is going to tighten the polls a little bit. it will remind democrats to get out the vote. >> that is all you are going to say? this is not going to take her down. >> e-mails that the fbi discovered weeks ago that they didn't bother to tell their boss about. he created the james comey program by taking it to the congress. this is not going to take her down. >> he went before congress and said the investigation was closed. and then he finds out there are 650,000 e-mails that when they do a meta data search they are connected to hillary clinton's private e-mail server. so you say what is this ex-congressman disgraced pervert
6:53 pm
alleged pedophile doing stuff with state department server. even you have to admit this is dirty, dirty, dirty. >> first of all, judge, i think we can all agree, democrats, republicans alike that anthony weiner is a truly bad guy. let's put that aside. we have found something. >> why does he have a computer with state department stuff on it? >> the thing is we don't actually know about 650,000 e-mails. we don't know anything about the e-mails. >> we know they did a meta data search and out of the search they are picking up hillary's stuff. jim comey did this -- >> we don't know that. here is why we don't know that. >> the search warrant was just issued. >> the fbi [ inaudible ]. >> they had to make a showing that there was a connection to the case otherwise wouldn't have
6:54 pm
gotten the warrant. let's talk about wiki leaks. what do you think about the fact that your gal, her husband was making $100 million from people related to the clinton foundation so much money that made $12 million from what country is it? for five minutes. not qatar. one of the countries. $12 million for one country for five minutes, one of the middle eastern countries and $100 million just to be -- they were raising money for bill clinton inc. while she is secretary of state. >> the market was there. it didn't have anything to do with her being secretary of state. it was him being bill clinton. >> $12 million for five minutes.
6:55 pm
can somebody find out the name of the country? morocco. >> i don't know if that is true. >> it is true. >> but the thing is, it is bill clinton. >> his words are just nothing but nuggets of wisdom. >> she can approve pipe lines and approve all kinds of deals. >> she can't approve any of that stuff by herself. and you guys have been searching for actual facts. actual fact that you can bring against her and you haven't found one. >> i just laid out a bunch of them but they went right over your head. i am bringing you on the week after the election when donald trump wins. >> all right. bring me the hanky. i will be crying. >> i'll be laughing. >> i'll be crying.
6:56 pm
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that's it for us tonight. make sure to stay tuned to fox news channel for the latest breaking news. if you want to see some of my open go to you can friend me on facebook. my opens are on that, too.
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thanks so much for watching. i'll be here next saturday night at 9 p.m. won't want to miss it. it will be an exciting week. can you believe this? i'm chris wallace. the fbi reopens its investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mails. >> they are reochg the case into her criminal and illegal conduct. >> the american people deserve to get the full and complete facts. >> the republican vice-presidential nominee mike pence responds to the stunning announcement. >> we commend the fbi for having the courage to reopen this case. because no one is above the law.


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