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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 31, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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forming after a revolution that began 499 years ago today. must be a big party next year. 500 years. cavuto is coming right up. should news break out, we'll break in. hopefully that won't happen. >> looking live at an event inway, michigan, where donald trump is expected to address supporters. you might wonder why michigan. as shep brought up. a state that looks like he is trailing by seven points but the trend of his internal pollsters theirs trend and the latest fbi probe developments have the wind at his back. already both candidates seized on that development to push their case. >> took guts for director comey to make the move that he made in light of the kind of opposition he had with their trying to protect her from criminal prosecution. >> i am sure they will reach the
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same conclusion they did when the looked at my e-mails for the last year. there is no case here. >> of course that didn't include the latest trove of e-mails, potentially thousands of them. catherine herridge on a process that apparently has already begun. >> reporter: fbi forensic computer experts development a program with key search terms and the press of sifting through the records on anthony 'weeper's computer have again. the fbi now has a warrant that will allow investigateyears to move beyond the metta data which had positive hits for the state department and clinton e-mails. the team says the laptop was used to back up his estranged wife's smart finance contacts and backed up all of the e-mails as well. probably ending three or four years ago, but covering the significant time when huma abedin was at the state department, the win sect human being can human being.
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an teen told the fbi in april she sent said department i'm i'ms, including one from clinton to her personal yahoo account where it was easier to print in june, she swore under oath in a freedom of information act lawsuit with judicial watch, she looked through all her devices that could hold government records and handed them over but that sworn declaration is now in doubt. the white house spokesman says the president does not believe director comey is trying to intentionally influence the election. then he seemed to suggest that the congressat letter friday broke with precedent. >> i this will never defend nor criticize what director comey has decided to communicate to public about this investigation. >> reporter: law enforcement said at the end of last week that there was no expectation that this review could be complete before election day and that seems to be the assessment this afternoon as well, neil. >> do we know how long this process takes? i mean key words in a search, i guess like an
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editorial algorithm. how long would that take? >> based on what has been described to me, once you identify the records, that are relevant to the e-mail investigation, agents have to sales whether these are complete copies or partial copies and part of the e-mail is new or whether the records are entirely new. then they have to assess whether there's classified information in those records, and if you remember from the original review, that is not something the fbi can do on its own. hit has to send out the information and the e-mails to the relevant agencies that produced the information because they have final say on classification. so, this is a multistep process, and we're stalking about multiple e-mails in play, neil. >> thank you. great reporting on this. now mark meadows of the fine state of north carolina. an important state for donald trump as well, but back to this e-mail probe here.
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congressman, is it your sense right now that comey overstepped his bounds? this is something that the justice department advised against? i think their message was, by all means pursue this but do so quietly. you're affecting an election at the time, 11 days out. >> well, don't think so, neil. primarily because i was in the hearing when director comey testified before our committee and said that if there were any new developments -- i don't think he anticipated any at that point -- that he would keep congress informed, and so many times we have seen this administration say, well, let's just keep it quiet until hopefully it dies down, and so i respect him for being a man of his word. when we look at this, everybody talks about it breaking protocol but when we look at this time in our nation's history, don't know that we have ever had a nominee who has been investigated by the fbi so that was breaking with protocol as well. >> a lot of people say back on
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july 5th he broke protocol by announcing he wasn't going to pursue taking further action. a lot of the fbi agents at the time were almost mute nicing at the time -- mute -- mutinyizing. but looking back at july 5th -- you might have been critical of his decision then -- that this is any wiser now? >> well, i think what we see -- just to be clear, neil, when we had the hearing, i was not critical of anything of director comey's character or who he is as a law enforcement officer. i was certainly disappointed with the result. and you can check the record on that. what we're having now is some of the same people that were applauding him on july 5th, suggesting that he is the most corrupt director ever and calling for his resignation, and so when we look at this -- >> just like republicans were on
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july 5th. maybe not you. >> well, i think a number of us were very cautious to not impugn the reputation of the director. in july, the saturday before the holiday, he actually had his staff doing their final interview with hillary clinton. that is not someone who is trying to do anything that is nefarious or -- >> no. i think most on both sides when cooler heads prevail will try to step back and see that. having said that, do you think that this can be wrapped up before the election or is this the kind of thing that's going to trapping on for some time? >> no. it won't be wrapped up, and unless baited on what we know today -- and i can tell you, members of congress know very little in terms of the details of it -- but just the sheer volume of tens of thousands of e-mails, to be able to go through there, this is going to
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be a remaining question on november 8th when americans have to decide who occupies 1600 pennsylvania avenue. so i don't see it happening quickly. i do believe that the investigative team will be diligent their efforts. one of the other troubling things is the fact that miss abedin, huma abedin, is saying she doesn't know how they got on this particular labtop. that is the fundmental question we must answer is, the whole reason for a private server was to -- i believe, to actually cover up, but the fact that it goss on somebody else's laptop, how many more laptops did the e-mails get on that potentially were classified and have national security implications. >> we'll final out. thank you very much. >> it's good to be with you. >> fair and balanced. democratic congressman in tennessee who has been calling on director comey to resign. congressman, might you be jumping the gun on that?
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>> well, don't think so. i'm a big fan of jim comey. he -- the famous incident with ashcroft, interfering with card and gonsales, made him legendary in the world of folks in washington who care about fair justice and standup guys, and then i thought what he did this summer was good. thought this side bar about the secretary was wrong, but i overlook that because i thought he was put in a difficult position because he had to made the decision whether to indict or not indict, but getting involved this -- >> you're talking about loretta lynch, the attorney general -- >> excuse me. right. >> go ahead. >> and getting involved in the election this close, is just wrong. there have been bipartisan groups of former prosecutors, number two people at justice under clinton and number two at justice under bush, have -- the "washington post" wind --eder
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toal said it was wrong, and called on justice to -- >> would you feel that with a if he made it july 5th decision, congressman, on friday? you don't get involve in the elects. it's as 11 days is just too much -- >> quietly he could be doing this and could have pursued this, but not to make a public case of it. work work leak. >> i don't know it would. i county have and thinks have leaked but the honest be do it and if it leaked, it leaked. you can't stop that but he shouldn't have been the one to make the statement and that is against all policies in justice. >> thousands of e-mails materialized, i don't know what the final case well be. many might be dupe mixes, many might be new. they might not have the classified information. they might. but he is kind of between a rock and hard place. right? >> that's why you give a guy a ten-year term and make him the
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fbi director because you know how to navigate between a rock and hard place. you have to be a good person to be at the head of the ship to be the captain to do that, and you're supposed to look at the agency as your first concern, and not the rock and the hard place where i might hurt you if you hit a shoal. >> do you think he is a man of integrity, as josh away nest was saying at the -- earnest was saying at the who is. >> i think he is. i continue to respect hemle. i think he was exposesively careless in making this statement and hurt the bureau and hurt justice -- >> you think hillary clinton was careless? none are this would even be happening if she were not. right? >> i don't don't think that director comey should make that decision and i don't disagree with his conclusion. but i do think it was inappropriate for him to make it. an investigator investigates and gives the results of their investigation, and it's an indictment or no indictment and it's not a long diatribe -- but if stuff just drops in your lap,
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what do you do? >> you're the fbi director you don't do anything because that's not your job, you take an oath to uphold at the poll is. >> wait a minute. you economy. ed his job by acting when he did back on july 5th and thousands of e-mails potentially drop in his lap, he didn't see them coming, his agents brought them to his attention last week. what hi supposed to. >> he doesn't know what its in the e-mails. that could be all duplicative -- >> whys is why he gave the heads up. information has come forward. i don't know what to do but want to led you know. i've become apprised of that and can't ignore it. >> a fine lawyer like jim comey economies for teability and when put out information like there is, to donald trump it's like putting a match to a fire, to a flame, and you're just going to have a problem. then you to the anthony weiner the mix, you have a sensational situation that's going to cause havoc at the ballot book and
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that shouldn't happen in the democracy of the united states of america. >> communicating, thank you for take thing time. >> you're welcome. >> a little alert. we had just wrapped up the month of october for trading. the third straight month we have seen the dow lose ground. a lot of this has to do with consternation, figuring which way is up when it comes to the political scandals but a relatively soft market for stocks that are are up. what donna brazile now and when, she is the interim dnc head bus the assumption was she would always be able to go back to cnn. that's now out of the question, and brett bayer baier know ... only allstate sends you a bonus check for every six months you're accident-free ... s.
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>> enough was apparently enough with the wikileaks revelation of the dnc chairman donna brazile as her capacity as
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a cnn analyst was passing along debate questions to hillary clinton. well, it was one time and then another time and then concerns on the part of cnn we were out of time for this sort of thing. she is not welcome back at cnn. brett beer on what happened and how it quickly went down. >> remember, donna brazile, interim dnc chair now, came on fox after the third debate and megyn kelly questioned her about this wikileaks e-mail in which she is seen providing the hillary clinton campaign a specific and detailed question about -- that would be asked the next day at a cnn town hall. she pushed back and said, this is all persecution, and kind of went back and forth. well, now, today, wikileaks is out with other e-mails that show not only that, that she said she was -- sometimes the gets more of thieves and will
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send them on and then in another instance she sends a question to a cnn debate to the clinton campaign before it happened, one week earlier in flint, michigan, and basically it's the same scenario, where she details this lady is going to stand up, going to ask you this, basically saying in this e-mail that she did what she said she didn't do. cnn has put out a statement, they said she left the network on october 14th, but they just released the statement today, saying they're completely uncomfortable with this. interestingly, neil, i was interviewing mr. trump and governor pence on friday, two hours before the fbi announcement. and trump went through his -- the system is rigged, and a part of this that we didn't air because it was a long section about the system is rigged, had to do with this very issue. take a listen.
1:18 pm
>> if reince priebus gave me the answers to a debate, or the questions, so he gives me the questions and answers to the debate, and he got caught like donna brazile was caught it would be the biggest story in the history of "the new york times." okay? donna brazile gets caught, as we discussed. giving her the questions to a debate. hardly anybody talks about it. one thing. and forget about donna brazile. she should resign. >> that's incredible. bret -- >> went on to say that she should resign but the real problem is hillary clinton didn't come out and say, i've got the questions are this is not fair. the system is rigged. and then he finishes and says, you know why she didn't? because she is crooked hilary and that's how he ended the sound bite. >> that's if a amazing. misnext question is, did she know that was a question directly intended for this event
1:19 pm
or that she just lucked out? how did her campaign describe this question just of, hey, this was passed along or i didn't find out about it, i just suspected this question might come up. there were several, depending on a town hall event, debate. you know? >> they haven't responded directly to it. they only respond that wikileaks is -- they say, put out by the russians, and while they don't go into the awe authenticity of each e-mail they don't disputes the authenticity of the e-mails. have not found one that is not accurate from wham we can tell. there's not been a pushback from the campaign this is not accurate. and frankly this is a really big deal in that it does fit this narrative that there are insiders working on all levels, not just in government, but in the media as well, helping
1:20 pm
hillary clinton. >> quickly whale i have you. we just learned the justice department is going to dedicate all needed resources to quickly review the latest e-mails in the clinton case, obviously trying to work with an fbi director with whom they warned it would be a problem to do this in the open. hough is that going to work out? >> well, the white house came out and said they supported james comey, as pre predicted and the fbi saying they're go to push hard to get to the bottom of this. they're using a lot of technology, we're told, from sources, that will -- should help them get through the e-mails even though there may be 650,000 of them according to "the wall street journal" but catherine herridge is reporting there are new hillary clinton e-mails in the batch and likely contain classified information from her sources. so, i think if this pushes forward, we could get some answer at least on a small batch of those e-mails from the fbi, maybe even before the election.
1:21 pm
>> but a small batch to your point, thank you very much. we have a lot more coming up, including how do they getanythie november 8th, before the big election? if it's a batch, if it's nothing, is it ongoing scandal that just knows no end? could it affect the final outcome in after this. what are you doing? getting your quarter back. fountains don't earn interest, david. you know i work at ally. i was being romantic. you know what i find romantic? a robust annual percentage yield that's what i find romantic. this is literally throwing your money away. i think it's over there. that way? yeah, a little further up. what year was that quarter? what year is that one? '98 that's the one. you got it! nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. ally. do it right. let's get out of that water. ally. do it right.
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and i was a republican forair every one of them. i was rationalizing donald trump's behaviors until... i heard that tape, that was the last straw. i don't want my granddaughter thinking it's okay to be... treated that way, and my grandson growing up thinking... that's how you should treat women. that scares me, that scares me a lot. so hillary's got my vote. we don't see eye to eye on everything, but she's strong, and i respect her. and she's someone that my grandkids can respect too. im hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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it's pretty strength too put something like that out with such little information right before an election. in fact, in fact, it's not just strange. it's unprecedented, and it is deeply troubling.
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>> why would you release information that is so incomplete when you haven't even seen the material yourself, 11 days before on election. >> we find it very strange that ten days out that he's putting this letter out there. >> one of those abbott and costello things. anyway, here to make sense of all of it is the former fbi assistant director. james, i guess it departments on the timing and period and the results of said investigation but it was a different hugh -- hue and cry back then. what changed. >> they love the jim comey back then, didn't they, neil? >> by the same toning ', run rips hated them back then and now they love him. that's the nature of the beast. >> that's the the wait it is. the bureau should not be in the business of politics and should have conducted a proper investigation from the beginning and made a judgment based on the rule of law or due process. but the reality is they never
1:26 pm
empanelled a grand jury. i'm sure the attorney general would not a allowed that. 0 to see these was not a typical fbi investigation by any stretch, matter or means. so, jim comey, you know, didn't stand up and do what was right, and now other evidence is coming out of the new york office that is probably fairly substantial, whether it's any worse than having top secret -- use the jahi what it would be? a lot of people raised that if he wouldn't have done this without an appreciation for the magnitude of what he was doing, if for no other reason it would be pulp belling move for him because he would be revertsings himself and eating a little crow. others say he wasn't and isn't, to this day way, of what is out there, just that this is a lot of new stuff and he has to get it out there. which is it? >> well, he is aware of the metadata and i don't know is still aware of the content itch
1:27 pm
think the bureau in new york, that has authority to be looking at this stuff, probably stump belled into some content before the went for a new order, and it's probably fairly significant stuff, would guess. why director comey chose to write the letter, i guess there's other things he could have done but i'm sure he was peace of mind he didn't want to ignore this and then have it raise its ugly head would weeks or a month from now. >> that was the fear, might come back to haunt him if his critics would say you sat on something that was important, damned if you do, damped i you don't. >> the fbi is not in the business of not responding to criminal activity. the question here is, it's so close before the election. i appreciate that. but it's just really new ground here, where the fbi doesn't conduct the proper investigation, and then says what they said, which
1:28 pm
infewerrated everybody in law enforcement that knows anything about law enforcement. then now we have this -- >> wore you aware of the up delippings -- a mutiny. >> i wouldn't call a mutiny but a big ymcative appointment and annoyed. a boiling caldron, and the ex agent population, 99% of them thought the didn't do the proper thing, and threw the bureau under the bus. >> if you feel nothing comes of this, regardless of when -- if it's ever resolved, will he fails the same sort of criticism or will democrats who are now hating this decision, welcome it? >> no, don't think they'll ever welcome it. they've made the mistake of nominating someone who brought a whole trail of lying and being
1:29 pm
part of a criminal cabal with her, and now they're complaining about the fact that law enforcement is looking into this thing again. they can't have it both ways. harry reid can't stand up in the well of the congress and say that mitt romney never paid his taxes and then after the election is over admit it was a lie. they can't have it both ways. >> you can get away with saying a lot of stuff on the floor of the congress and never be held accountable. >> you sure can. >> james, thank you very much. the former fbi assistant director. what are the hillary clinton folks making of this? they're going on offense, even though it seemed that at the white house today they were finding the politicization offensive.
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how confident is trump after this fbi probe is help aring his campaign? he is in michigan where me trails by as many as seven points for now. we're back in 60.
1:33 pm
all right. well, it's normally risky for a candidate to take on the head of the fbi but hillary clinton has been doing just that since the revelations. jennifer griffin has the latest. >> reporter: well, hillary clinton was in full fight mode when he landed the ohio. huma abedin, her aide, was not traveling with her as she normally does and has not traveled with her since the revelations by the fbi director
1:34 pm
on friday. this is what hillary clinton said at the start of her remarks today. >> i'm sure a lot of you may be asking what this new e-mail story is about, and why in the world the fbi would decide to jump into an election with no evidence of any wrongdoing with just days to go. that's a good question. >> reporter: her running mate in north carolina took aim at the fbi director as surrogates such as minority leader senator harry reid accused comey of a double standard for revealing the clinton investigation but not mentionings they're investigating donald trump and his campaign's connections to russia which is believed to be interfering in the u.s. election. >> they're not supposed to talk about ongoing investigations. and they're also not generally supposed to put out politically sensitive stuff right before an election. >> reporter: comey reportedly did not want to mention russia
1:35 pm
by name when the intelligence community put out that statement earlier this month, suggesting that a foreign country, russia by name, was interfering in the u.s. election. comey did not want to do it then because it was too close to a u.s. election. >> thank you very much. we have already heard the u.s. justice department in a letter to congress -- what is it with letters to congress -- saying it's going to work closely with the fbi to examine these newly found e-mail ass quickly as -- as quickly as possible. to judge napolitano. ex-bed dishesly as possible. >> talking about 650,000 e-mailed. they're not going to read every e-mail. they are as we speak constructing a platform which would allow them to search for certain words and themes and ideas. their particular search is for two things. one, whether or not huma abedin
1:36 pm
who had control over the laptop at the time she sent materials into it, lied under oath when she testified in the freedom of information act cases or lied when she sass interviewed by the fbi, and, two, to see whether or not she had classified material there, and then, three to see if the classified material came from mrs. clinton. so that is their goal, and they probably have the begun doing that today. can they finish by next tuesday? i doubt it. could they finish part of it by tuesday? they run the risk, if they finish part of it and reveal part, of getting in this business of giving the public progress reports. they're fbi a littles today. you just heard how upset they were on july 5 to let mrs. clinton off the hook. some fbi agents are furious over jim comey's letter on friday bass the fbi is not in the business of giving progress reports. it's not supposed to do that and at the federal rules prohibit it. they're supposed to gather evidence.
1:37 pm
when they gathered the evidence, ship it to the yates depth and the justice department decides what to do with it. >> the justice department is indicated, i guess in another letter to say, we're with them. going follow up with this work. why did justice do that? >> well, look, justice got a black eye the last time around because an fbi investigation without a grand jury involved is toothless. think about it. this fib does not issue subpoenas. the fbi goes to a grand jury, presents evidence, and persuades the grabbed jurors -- grand jurors to issue spines. -- issue subpoenas. and a federal jump i not going to say this isn't a serious investigation without subpoenas and without a grand jury. so, from the beginning it was determined, either by jim comey or the justice department, or both, that the investigation of
1:38 pm
mrs. clinton would not be a serious one intended to gather criminal evidence. it was one intended to ex-ron rate here. now they're taking a different approach and want to make up for past sins. the problem they have today with a lot of people all across the political spectrum, i'm certainly not a liberal democrat. i've been very critical of this. the problem is trying to undo the mels they made in july when the evidence of guilty was overwhelming and they chose to overlook it. now we if the race tightening up and donald trump enjoying this political gift. his supporters are saying, donald, do not mess this up.
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and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ test. test. test. test. test. test. test. donald trump backers can't believe their good fortune. want to show you a buzz feed headline that says it all and come include maybe but supporters of donald trump
1:42 pm
don't -- i can't say that -- this opportunity. frank lunt z. he's got eight days to stay on message and do just that. stay focused on this presumably the healthcare law and costs and higher premiums. >> i think he should be talking about it being a tragedy and speak in terms how disappointed and sat he is this country has to go through this yet again because hillary clinton is not being clear, not been forth coming and broke state department policy instead of relishing it, he should be so regretful we have to discuss it. second, is the numbers were closing, even before this event happened; that trump had gained a permanent, clinton lost a percent, and the numbers we were seeing personally had the race had a four and a half point gap even before this happened which makes it closer. let's be accurate here. it is not a -- see the numbers -- not a nationwide
1:43 pm
vote. a vote in florida, ohio, pennsylvania, and the two states i'm watching right now, colorado, and north carolina. if trump can win either of those states, he is absolutely in this for the potential of an electoral majority, but the problem is less than other three-point race but doesn't matter if he can't win the electoral college. >> some of the states, colorado and north carolina, specifically, prior to some of these numbers, he was trailing. now, do you think that these latest developments have changed that? you talk about a narrowing in some of the polls even without this. what do you think now with this? >> i thick does matter and is having an impact. there are few undecided voters but uncommitted voters and this will have an impact on human being had gone's turnout there may -- about hillary clinton's turnout. they be so give dusted they will not vote. she is still has the advantage.
1:44 pm
she is still more likely to win than donald trump is, but this is her worst nightmare, the worst october surprise, which will now bleed into november, and i do think it does make a difference but a gets at her weakest character trait, which is integrity. >> let's play out these eight tase in november. you could have a november surprise, and you normally these surprises have a shelf life of about a week and maybe this one is different. what do you think? >> i think it has a shelf life off one week. i'm hoping the fbi director does come forward with whatever evidence he has before the election is held because i think the american people have a right to know the truth. >> what if he can't. >> that's just the way it is. i do think it was right for him to acknowledge that this was happening because in the end, it's not his fault. it is hillary clinton's fault. but if donald trump is seep as
1:45 pm
sell brighting this, trying to take advantage of it, mark my words, it will backfire. that headline you have -- i won't say the words because i don't want to get fired by fox -- they're seeing exactly what i'm seeing. if it's a gleeful donald trump he will not get the advantage. if its a saddened, regretful donald trump, then it will continue to bring her numbers down over the next eight days. >> interesting. i think the f stood for fumble. >> somehow i don't thing so. >> i think you're right. thank you, my friend. in meantime, i told you earlier what we just witnessed from the markets, three amongs in a row the dow is down. the last time that happened was five years ago and we kind of blew it off. will it bev the case this go-around? after this.
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1:49 pm
>> a down month in october and down month in august. what's going on here? let's get the lay of the land with the lindsey, steve, and -- such a showoff. benstein. i need to begin with you. any of this political cross-currents whip sawing the market. >> i think market anticipates a straight up hillary clinton win and anticipates every little change. the chance of mr. trump winning is so remote, it's really not even really not even counted at all. even if it were counted, nothing much will change. the federal reserve will continue supplying lots of money. the tax rates will remain
1:50 pm
largely as they are for the foreseeable future. nothing much is going to change. the market anticipates that. the market has been strong. tiny blips downwards. corporate profits have been down for a few quarters in a row. that's a little worrisome. but even that, the market is not that worried about. there's no place else to put your money. the market is the only game in town. >> steve, if he's right and let's say hillary clinton can somehow get through all of this and still win, the markets seem to be saying that she won't carry either house with her. in other words, the house and senate will stay what they are, republican. that's sort of like a draw. for enacting any new tax hikes or any of that. what do you think of that? >> you know, i don't think -- i think the house is a bridge too far for democrats. but the senate, i think the democrats are going to win -- >> even after all this? >> i don't think all this is
1:51 pm
going to change things very much. honestly, i don't. trump was coalescing republican support before this happened. most of the polls underestimate the amount of non-white vote, just like that poll that you keep polling up there, "the washington post"-abc poll. your own poll shows hillary ahead. >> i could use a variety of polls. we choose whatever are the latest. >> i know that. >> they all show a narrowing over the last week to two weeks. that was prior to the fbi probe revelation. i'm not saying they will necessarily seal the deal. but maybe this thing isn't such a sure thing. maybe that's part of the unknown that the markets are grappling with. what do you think? >> i would be more concerned about what happens in congress as opposed to who the president of the united states actually is. that is what will drive what changes policy and what impacts the market going forward. now we saw this the stock market and s&p 500 was down 2%.
1:52 pm
that's typical. the october going into november presidential election, the market gets to be a little volatile and a little dicey. >> flip it around if i could. let's say donald trump surprises all of you and wins this thing. what do you think? quickly, to you, lindsay. >> i think you are going to see some of the big banks do well, energy, those will benefit from a trump in office. >> expect -- steve murphy. >> no, i think -- what i think is going on with the markets is very simply, i think it's overvalued. i think investors expect to have an interest rate hike after the election. >> that could be. ben? >> even if there's interest rate hike, it will be so small, it will hardly affect the present value of the discounted flow of future profits. not much is going to change unless there's some dramatic development overseas or some dra the maic development of defense or foreign policy. we're just on a steady deficit
1:53 pm
finance curve. i don't see much to change that. at some point people are going to wake up and say this deficit is a very scary thing. but we're nowhere near close to a wake-up time. >> we're focused on a discounted flow of future profits. will look that up and be worried. >> i will explain it to you some time soon. >> thank you very much. >> you are welcome. >> ben stein making his final appearance here. steve murphy, lindsay bell, thank you all. the chicago tribune columnist that took pain we aper that sai democrats should ask her to step aside. he's here. remember when you said that men are superior drivers? yeah... yeah, then how'd i'd get this... allstate safe driving bonus check? ... only allstate sends you a bonus check for every six months you're accident-free ... silence. it's good to be in, good hands.
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(man) hmm. ♪hat do you think? (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. his newspaper is backing gary johnson. this chicago columnist is saying, this hillary clinton situation, it should be democrats who tell her to step down and run her running mate at the nominee. john, did you get any heat over
1:57 pm
this column? it's been discussed pretty widely on a lot of news networks. >> i haven't -- heat from my -- >> good or bad. >> no. i'm getting heat from people who write comments, you know, under the column. but they are usually anonymous. sometimes they have a head of a cartoon or so forth. that's to be expected. >> your premise is you were saying the latest revelations are such that it's doing more harm than good. right? >> you have a possible president elect who will the subject of a federal criminal investigation. that is a serious matter. i've heard a lot of talk about who wins pennsylvania and two points and so forth and colorado. all that stuff is good and fine. but after the election, if you have a person -- if hillary
1:58 pm
clinton is the candidate, then you have a problem here at the beginning of her term. this is a serious matter. then you have the democrats on the other side will say, well, the people of america voted her in. this is a mandate or whatever they usually say. therefore, we'll be asked to ratify all the bleach bidding and hammer breaking and the hiding and the e-mail server and the home brew -- >> the very least, she has a cloud over her. we could be looking at something that draws out here. when you relayed that and readers had a way to weigh that in a heavily democratic town, what was their reaction? >> i would say a lot of readers liked it. many didn't. it doesn't matter what -- i'm not writing to get points. the fact is, there's a serious problem in the country.
1:59 pm
the trump campaign -- i'm not a big trump fan. >> no. you made that clear. i thought was good. you weren't taking sides on this. >> trump is a symptom. the system -- you have the economists talking about how the market would be great. fine. but the political system, the political environment in america is not in a good shape. you have trump who is a symptom of a larger cause, a larger problem. and then you have billy and hillary who are the cause and affect of the cynicism. it's not a good deal. if she's elected, you are going to have -- you can imagine her wandering through the halls of the white house like nixon, rubbing her hands or whatever? it's not a good deal. >> she might look at a democratic pointing for inspiration. it's very well written. >> samuel jackson. >> i urge readers to read the full article. it makes a powerful case no
2:00 pm
matter. the risk you take, if a president elect has been dragged into something that could drag on as long as an investigation like this could. that will do it here. "the five" is now. hello, everyone. i'm eric boling. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." happy halloween. seven hours left in october. a month filled with surprises during election season. this october was something for the history books. democrats are now in an all-out panic after the fbi's 11th hour announcement friday, hillary and her allies are singing from the same play book, keeping blame on director jim comey for the mess she's responsible for.


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