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tv   The Real Story  FOX News  November 1, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> thank you for joining us everybody. we begin with a fox news alert. t minus seven days until the election, likt is no longer ahead in the polls. enthusiasm has started to fade. the bureau discovered additional e-mails that may be better nemt to the clinton investigation. washington post tracking polls, donald trump for the first time since may now has a one-point advantage over hillary clinton nationwide. and with wikileaks releasing hacked e-mails on a regular basis, coupled with that fbi
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probe, it may be a rough week for mrs. clinton and it is only tuesday. nevada and north carolina have now shifted and this is significant. florida and nevada have gone from lien democratic to toss up states. the only possible bright spot is north carolina and that is a huge one that is now leaning democrat. ed henry, we have a lot to chew on here. let's start with wikileaks which is causing more trouble for the campaign today. >> yeah, kind of an explosive new e-mail showing that bill clinton lined up six million for the clinton foundation from a sheikh in one phone call. they said it would be crazy to go all of the way to ethiopia for a conference unless he sent a $6 million check. bruce lindsey jumped in and said if the call is made, it will
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help us get the $6 million. i think he should call. interesting because this is happening as the clinton campaign now says if hillary clinton is elected the foundation will swear off foreign money. she privately wanted the flow of foreign money to continue as long as there was more disclosure. bill clinton also wanted donations to continue. he said if they're submitted to an independent body for review, there is no independent body to make that review. you see from the graphic, but the problem there is who is the independent umpire in a clinton white house or state department -- saying this amount of money is okay. >> okay, so another thing that you found in that is a reference in these e-mails to dumping, and that word is significant. we're trying to figure out exactly what it meant.
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>> yeah, hillary clinton as secretary of state, first time we heard this, used a personal e-mail account for personal business. jo john podesta say not to sound like lanny, but we have going to have to dump all of those e-mails so better to do so sooner than later. they wanted to jump it out there, they say, but look at what is happening around march second. on that same night, the campaign manager go back and forth about whether or not they new the full depth of this e-mail scandal. it looks like nope, we thought everything was taken care of. march 4th, think we should hold e-mails to and from potus? what happened on march 4, they subpoenaed the e-mails.
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mills e-mails that we need to clean this up, he got e-mails that did not say there is just no good answer to the server situation. fast forward to the end of march? the fbi tells us that bleach bit was used at the end of march be they i.t. company in colorado to delete thousands of e-mails. but all of this still being investigated. >> i wonder if we will have a debate about what the meaning of dump is, and the wiping of the server. >> maybe we should not go there. >> great to see you as always. hillary clinton urging folks to get out early today.
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more than $4 million voters casting their ballot in that state already. what are they saying about the polls and destruct's kpanss in that state. things that narrowed so much there. >> they have tightened, and it shows in florida he is leading in a four-way race. he is actually a full point ahead of hillary clinton. so she is going to be speaking here in about an hour and a half. i doubt she would address that. but it kpem appli -- exemplifie it is important to do that. >> absolutely, and just the headlines from this that people should consider is that registered republicans who have
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skast near ba cast their ballot, voting by mail, they have already returns their ballots. now, voting early, that's when you go to those early polling stations. welcomes are losing in this one. democrats 839572. overall republicans have a slight lead in who is turning out to vote so far. i want to give you a sense of what is really happening on the ground. this is a clinton rally. the rally? sanford last week, 15,000 people. the rally tomorrow in orlando for mr. trump is at a fairground with several thousand. i know in the younger carefree days you might have gone body sir muching, but you don't want to do that here. >> adam shapiro, thank you so much. >> donald trump making head way
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in the latest national poll as hillary clinton vote erings seem to lose interest. 538% of trump supporters say they're very enthusiastic about him. that is the same as lost week. only 45% of hillary clinton supporters expressing the same level of enthusiasm. sigh lon is president and founder of the new democratic network and a bill clinton campaign advisor. and editor at large for the numbers could seem positive for drumpgs, but ionald trump, people already in his camp and does he news more swing voters and independents.
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simon has been lecturing us that trends are important and they're now in favor of the republican nominee. as we see the fallout from the renewed -- it will be hard to quantify one thing which is the democrats or the swing voters that said they will vote for her, but it is hard to get out there and stand in line for someone that you have such bad feelings about. that is a hard thing to count. >> how do you think that investigation will play out and affect hillary clinton? it seems like it may be affecting her enthusiasm or enthusiasm for her. >> yeah, it's not positive. polls have shown no impact, hillary clinton is up by a few months. she wins those election days the
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early numbers are strong, we have a good team in place, and we don't think anyone, i have been saying this for a year and a half, no one on our side thought this would be a low out race. so we're ready for this, let's see what happens in the next week. >> let me ask you about our new fox news score card. florida and nevada have gone tossup states, and north carolina goes from tossup to leaning dem. the situation is so fluz, what does it tell you? >> anyone who is trying to predict this campaign, probably the most unpredictable presidential campaign in the electronic age. it is a foolser rand. looking at the states.
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now the numbers look the way they do right now. i would suspect by thursday or friday you will see the other states following suit. >> let me ask you about the former cnn contributor and dnc chairwoman, donna brazile. she was fired from her gig at cnn they were discussing a woman with a rash in flint, michigan. then they had a townhall meeting in flint, michigan. and the next day, cnn hosted another townhall debate and it
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was asked to be very bait m. so the issue is this, it is now clear that she was actively lobbying for hillary clinton in the primaries, and that is a significant part of it. she now kept her job as the determine head of the committee. should she be fired or forced to resign one week out from the election. >> no, and i want to say that donna brazile is a very good friend of mine -- i will answer your question. >> i am a big boy, i can answer the question. >> donna brazile is one of the most respected and well regarded people in the democratic party. i know personally she was working with all three campaigns, helping them all out in her own way, right? that is one of the reasons --
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>> how is that not taking sides? debbie wasserman shultz lost her job. >> and i think they know that in overtime she worked to try to do right by everybody. she will survive this, we will move on and focus on the issues that really matter to the people. it has been interesting to me watching trump and clinton give policy speeches in the following week. >> if the head of the rnc did the same thing giving a favor to one candidate, oh my -- >> thank you for joining us. >> fbi director comey has one of the worst jobs in washington.
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some are going back to ken star who investigated bill clinton in the 90s. is this fair? we'll be back in just a few minutes, stick around.
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welcome back, fbi director james comey in controversy because of announcing they will be investigating more of hillary clinton's e-mail server. some are trying to portray him as an independent counsellor, similar to ken star.
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those roles are very different. an independent council would have to be appointed by loretta lyn lynch. the results would not be accountable to any public office, but here are the facts on director comey. he was confirmed by the u.s. senate overwhelmingly and could be fired by the president if necessary. joining me now is a former deputy independent council that worked with ken star in the 90s. a lot of people looking around at this situation, you have the fbi, various congressional committees, is it time now for an independent council to be named? >> arguably, yes.
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as you remember, part of your report indicated this has been going on for several months and he came out in july and made his recommendation. just prior to that the attorney general met with former president clinton on the plane. and perhaps at the time that would have been for her to appoint a special council. >> so the process is difference. back then it was easier to get an independent council. >> i think that is the sad state of affairs so to speak for the
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attorney general to appoint an independent council they were of a position or rank in the administration, now it is discretionary. now the attorney general just basically almost never -- >> given that we're seven days before the election, this is a serious matter that needs to be investigationed. >> it is here, what the public knows now was that the investigation was reopened because of the newly discovered 650,000 e-mails. the department of justice has pledged to go through those as quickly as possible. and that the investigation is here to for, or going forward,
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will be handled like it normally is which means no more announcements. i think that is the fairest thing going forward, that there be no announcements. whether or not it is significant or not significant, but i think it is best now that the justice department and the fbi just keep quiet and do their jobs. >> and just about 30 seconds left, what should be done at that point? >> i think after the election, geez, it is. i think it will have to be a special council. if it is hillary clinton, her investigation can investigate
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her, president trump, i don't think his justice department should investigate a political opponent that he said is guilty. >> a real hot mess down there that could go on until january or who knows when. thank you, sire. >> good to be with you. >> iraqi forces reporting strong gains in the mission to take back mosul. as they encountered fierce resistance from isis fighters. we'll have a live report coming up from iraq, that is next.
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welcome back, a major development in the fight to retake mosul from isis, iraqi troops forcing their way into the city limited this morning. mosul is the last main islamic state in that country and it is significant. benjamin hall has the latest irbil, iraq. >> iraqi special forces are facing an urban dense environment that could take weeks and months to get to the city center itself. it started as they took over the state television building. it could be a slow going for the
11:26 am
troops. today u.s. military spokesman. >> if they stand and fight, they be killed, if they run they will be captured and killed. >> there are said to be up to 5,000 isis fighters in the city and 2,000 or 3,000 in the outskirts. an imagery suggests more problems. iranian backed militias are sweeping toward the city trying to cut off any escape routes. they're not allowed to escape mosul. this is on track and they're in the city etc.
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it is a very brutal battle ahead and we'll keep you updated from here. the clinton campaign accusing the fbi of blah tent double standards. now a republican senate sere asking for a deadline for director comey to produce more information related to the probes, can the bureau deliver? >> and the pentagon backtracks on forcing national guard members to pay pack those signing bonuses, but what about those that already paid back thousands and thousands. a congressman will join me with a plan for getting their money back. got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
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the fbi pushing ahead with their inquiry for the e-mails requires to top aide huma abedin. with hundreds of thousands of messages to go through, there is no promise that job will be done by election day. katherine harris is live for us in washington, are we expecting any new information before the election? >> they developed a software program, and that will now allow investigators to move beyond the
11:32 am
metadata on his commuters and read the content on his computer, a second phase quicks on and that is physically reviewing every record. they will have final say on classification. the trump campaign weighed in this morning. >> going through the intelligence community and getting cleared personnel to look at these e-mails. if they're looking for clear personnel, that means they have probably discovered classified information in the 600,000. >> over the weekend, a special multiagency intelligence committee task force has been reengaged, and the directive is to fife new classified material with overlapping shifts over the
11:33 am
weekend covering 16 hours aday, get more fidelity on the records in case they faced more pressure monday from congress, politicians, and others for more details. >> what are we learning about the timing of all of this then? >> the people i have spoken to today, based on this amazing computer program, that they developed with the big brains at the fbi will allow them to tell if there was only duplicates on the server. so that is a sliver of what to expect, but the information has to be farmed out to the allegation that's -- >> thank you. >> for more on this, i'm joined
11:34 am
by daryle isa, a member of the house judiciary committee, let's talk about it, it could take some time. i know you spoke with mr. comey asking for as much information about possible to be released before the election, any indication that will happen? >> it could and it should. in my tenure, we developed and used software that can duplicate them. it should be something that takes minutes or hours, not days. one you have de-duped, then the question is how many new e-mails are there. the most important question is are there new e-mails there that were never surrendered.
11:35 am
i think the american people should know that, it would benefit all of the voters, all of the people on both sides. >> and they argued that mr. comey, did he, has he said anything subsequent to this weekend indicating they would be getting some information out there ahead of the election? >> well, this is the challenge, there is no apparent -- they thousands of employees, this is something that micro soft could do in a matter of hours. so the american people could at least know is there new information. that would probably be something that should have been done before it went public. your committee, the judiciary committee, investigating the
11:36 am
whole e-mail server stichgs. should it be stream lined? select committees have to be very carefully considered. there was a broad scandal this administration has had. hillary clinton being the best known of them and that is the use of private e-mails. should congress foran organizati organization. would they stop, circumventing, and i think that is a good use in the next congress. it should be bipartisan, and it could and should do what we need to do, give the american people confidence that they're not having a public statement administration and privately e-mail to tell a different story. >> i want to ask about another
11:37 am
story, you happen to represent a massive marine base in california, the pentagon now backed off of the efforts to collect from the army veterans. they said we're not going to go after these people for more money, but they have not refunded any money to those who already paid it and many of them have. you say the department needs to do more on this, what do you know? >> we had a long bipartisan interview. and what we discovered is they're not prepared to return money. they're suggesting that national guardsman apply to get it back -- >> are you serious? >> i'm serious, and two they're only suspending and going into a seven or eight month process to look at these individuals. it's not acceptable what was said on the call by republicans
11:38 am
and democrats, myself included, one, if a soldier made an agreement and kept his part of the bargain, if you can't prove he knowingly was aware that it was a false bargain, he has to get or keep his money. >> we bailed out banks in 2008, we can't bail out service members that risked their lives for our country and we asked them to go over there? >> this is what we told the representatives when we said the higher ups were not even informed about this. unless they can prove there was knowing fraud, the vast majority of the 10,000 soldiers deserve to keep their money, forwas taken, get it back, and it doesn't require a bailout, it
11:39 am
requires common sense. the administration of the bonus was flawed, but not by those who signed the papers, reenlisted, and went to combat. >> please keep us posted on anything that happens with the pent o gone. >> getting terrorized by gang violence. this happened in brentwood on long island. a dangerous central american gang called mf 13 is behind it and they say the ganging ranks are now swelling. we are joined life from brentwood, new york. >> it is such a tergt story. two teenage girls here, 16 and 18 years old.
11:40 am
two best friends found beaten to death, found in a quiet neighborhood in this middle class suburb on long island. police saying it was members of ms 13 that were the culprits behind this and the investigation into that continues. a number of them were rounded up and from that police found the location of three other bodies of teenager boys that were missing for some time now. four of the five teenages all went to the same high school. the mothers of two of the teens, one talked to us about the community and how it changed for the worst here, and also speaking about the daughters she just lost last month. >> i grew up on these streets and never had to worry about my life or look over my shoulder at night. it's horrible. kids can't play in the park. you have gangs running around
11:41 am
here. >> she was a very, very good kid. i'm glad i had the chance to be her mom, and i would not change it for anything. >> now at this point, nobody has been charged with hose murders of those two young girls. parents and police are saying that lax immigration policy is allowing the ranks of these gangs, as you said, to swell up, we're allowing children found at the mexican border here alone trying to get into the united states by themselves are brought into the country and placed in communities like brentwood. and when they come in alone there is more of a concern they will join a gang. >> when you talk to people in that area, it has been a very big issue. thank you so much, we'll talk
11:42 am
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one week to go and counting, hillary clinton set to speak at any moment in florida and she and donald trump battle for that crucial battleground state. where does everything stand one week from election day? one week? one week. the so-called affordable care act is not living up to it's name in a lot of parts of the country. insurers are pulling out of
11:46 am
exchanged and the ones left behind are raising rates. arizona is now turning into a battleground for this election and consumers are expected to pay between 22% and 25% more and some premiums are increasing a lot more than that, as much as 75%. some even up 116%. joining me now is charles gafforino. is it possible at this point? >> i don't think at this point, not if hillary clinton is elected. but we should point out one of the harsher critics of obama care is former president bill clinton. >> some say the whole idea is that you get a bunch of young people that go in a pool, older people, companies pull out of the marketplace and then you're
11:47 am
forced to go to a single payer system. >> i don't think it was intended to do that. i think president obama knows the country is not ready for socialized medicine, but he is a middle ground. this is government forced insurance, right? and let's be clear, you can't give all of these poor people insurance and not have it cost anything. that said, the burden is being placed on middle class. and what makes it really interesting is the last thing you want to do during a political campaign is raise taxes on the middle class. you can talk about raising taxes on the rich all you want, but obama premium increases are a tax on the middle class and it plays right into donald trump's hands. even before the latest e-mail scandal was reignited or broke on friday, the poll numberers were tightening up on the massive increases on obama carol.
11:48 am
>> they would say we're offering subsidies for families up to 400% of the poverty level. does that do enough to fix it? to fix these huge cost increases? >> it's not, and the polls are sticking to that. donald trump is leading nationally and we'll have to see what happens in a couple days because of -- largely because middle class people are getting hammered. you have to look at this from a middle class perspective, not the poor people, look at the average family of four in long island that is part of one of these things, or the midwest, where is there a dollar on this. i think they're getting creamed on this, i think hillary clinton is glad this is coming out now.
11:49 am
this is a potent issue for them thank you so much. i'll take to you again real soon. >> what if you took advantage of the convenience of early voting, but the latest views had you wanting to change your vote. wi with. record numbers already voting. we'll tell you about it. next. >> i have not seen this type of turnout for a presidential election since i was able to start voting. >> i'm good to go. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways
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welcome back.
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early voting now underway for a whole bunch of -- i'm sorry, a lot of areas across the country. nearly 26 people have -- 26 million people -- goodness, have already cast their ballots. that's more than 10% than are old enough to vote. some are now wondering if it's possible to take back that original vote and choose another candidate. jonathan hunt is live with more on that. jonathan, a lot of people are voting very early this year. >> reporter: yes, a lot more than 26, but 26 million is a whole lot of people. inju virtually every polling place. we are awaiting what we are told will be the lunchtime rush here but generally speaking the lines across the country have been
11:54 am
long and slow moving listen here. >> it took us four hours to vote today. we were able to get through the line and turn in our ballots exactly at 5:00. >> i have not seen this type of turnout for a presidential election since i was able to vote. >> they think hillary is evil. either way i'm like it's okay. it will be okay. >> reporter: we all hope it will be okay. in 2012, heather, some 46 million americans cast their votes early. we are on track to surpass that quite considerably. >> is there anyway to know which way the votes are going? >> reporter: there isn't specific information but there is a data analysis that has been looking at all of these figures.
11:55 am
after 15 states that provide daily totals and 11 have chosen significant increases. in four states ohio, colorado, iowa and nevada early voting decreased. s obviously they would like to know which way those votes are breaking. the 12 states provide registration. . hispanics voting early in greater numbers. experts say it could be an indicator on what happens on november 8th. there are four states where if you vote early and change your mind you can do so before
11:56 am
election day. there may be a few people that are seriously thinking about that. >> if anyone wants to change your vote, minnesota, wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania. it varies by region to figure out if you can change your vote if you're regretting it. thanks to much. we want to be part of your election night coverage. post your picture on facebook, twitter or instagram wit with #foxnews2016. it is a perfect place to drap off the grid. the former military compound on the market in west virginia. we'll tell you where it is next.
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the u.s. military auctioned off a former naval base. the base used for secret data collection, no cell phones. you might like it, nice and quiet. it is 3:00 on the east coast and noon on the west coast. we have a brand new snapshot. the fox news decision team have made big changes that indicate hillary clinton have lost a lot of support in what could be one of the most important battleground states. it effects donald trump and we have it all. we'll show you where every state stands one week before election day. fbi is hunting for classified information that may or may not exist.


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