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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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the evening. we hope you will join us throughout election day and night. good night. ♪ ♪ "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> i will continue to address and expose the criminal corruption of hillary clinton. >> but time is growing short for donald trump. he's gaining in the popular vote but the states remain problematic. we will have a full report tonight. >> i pledge to you that i will do everything i can to heal the divide. >> hillary clinton still not campaigning full time. is she trying to run out the clock? talking points will address it. >> the momentum is on our side. the latest polls have donald trump leading nationwide. >> also ahead tonight, governor mike pence will be here. he's in pennsylvania. is it possible that state will go republican? caution, you're about to
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enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the truth about donald trump and hillary clinton, the truth. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. in the wake of the latest email chaos, donald trump is gaining in the national polling. latest abc news tracking poll has trump up by 1. rasmussen has the race tied. investors business daily has hillary clinton up by 1. the real clear politics average, clinton by 2.2%, which is a virtual tie. it all comes down to electoral votes and we will analyze those in just a few moments. no matter who wins the presidency, americans will be uneasy. let's take hillary clinton first. mrs. clinton has devoted herself to public service in three decades but has not really achieved anything
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outstanding. her major accomplishment was helping the state and city of new york after the 9/11 attack. as senator here she did a very good job getting resources in to a devastated area. as secretary of state, mrs. clinton actively participated in president obama's failed attempt to place the u.s.a. in a subordinate position overseas. as we all know, mr. obama did not want to lead, rather he hesitated in the middle east, in afghanistan, in confronting russia. that policy is turning out to be disastrous and hillary clinton was his secretary of state for much of the retreat. that is not a partisan analysis. that is a fact. all you have to do is look at what is happening in syria, iraq, afghanistan, europe, south china sea, iran, and the persian gulf not to mention north korea. foreign policy under barack obama has been a chaotic failure.
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our enemies do not, do not fear us. if hillary clinton is elected president, there is really no reason for optimism. she supported the failure of obamacare. she has veered sharply left in her social beliefs. now, she doesn't even oppose partial birth abortion on the day a baby would be born. as for the economy, mrs. clinton is a tax and spend liberal. and that policy has not stimulated growth for 8 long years in this country. now, on the other side there is donald trump. completely untested in geo politics. mr. trump has made big promises that he will return prosperity to the u.s.a. and regain a leadership role for america and the world. that will not be easy. and mr. trump has no track record, no achievements to bolster his rhetoric. instead he has a checkered business record. although, to be fair, he has overcome big set backs to build a very powerful
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business brand. mr. trump is running as an outsider who promises to clean up washington and that message alone has a tremendous appeal. as everyone knows, his personal life as entertainer has been controversial. he is a blunt speaker who sometimes does not think before he makes public statements and that has hurt him with minority americans and those who fear confrontation. if mr. trump is elected president, he will take office with the least amount of political experience of any commander in chief in history. so voters, you guys are faced with more negatives than positives in this election. hillary clinton is portrayed as a dishonest person who has had controversy after controversy. donald trump is portrayed as an immature rogue who has had controversy after controversy. that's the choice america faces one week from today.
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in the end, it should come down to your own belief system and which candidate better reflects that. it's personal. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, whose winning right now? joining us from boston anderson democratic pollster who works for fox news and dr. darren shaw, a republican pollster who also works for fox news. the next fnc poll will be released next friday evening. dr. shah begin with you, are you seeing a shift in the polling because of the email frakus this week? >> well, bill, it's not clear that it's entirely dual to the email frakus. i think what you have seen in the national polls, the polls we pay a lot of attention to high media polls change from 7 pointed clinton lead down to 3 or 4 point clinton lead. yeah, there has been movement in the polls. the question though is how much of this sort of email fake can you say iemail -- frakg
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it. republicans come home and what looks to be happening right now is gary johnson's support, to lesser extent jill stein johnson support create cratered also. >> see hillary clinton up by double digits and short time later donald trump up by one. how do you process that? >> i want to see more polls. and this is little bit of an odd comment here but i have found that halloween and halloween weekend are not trust one way or the other times to be in the field i have seen some strange samples. i want to see a little more polling. to daron's point the race is tightening with republicans coming home, consolidating there. but we're still left with this 5% or so undecided in the underlying structure of that was not changed in that. >> no, here is what has changed in my opinion.
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voter suppression, not showing up not showing up there are manies that have had it -- if voters particularly in the minority precincts don't show up. that's got to help donald trump. >> i think you are channeling the clinton campaign right now. i think this is their fear. what we have seen in the data and you are hearing the same thing coming from the clinton camp now through back channels very concerned about african-american turnout which has been very stable over the last -- not just because of obama last three or four cycles is they have done a good job of mobilizing african-american voters. the enthusiasm levels are not what they have been at. conversely the up side for the clinton people is that these college-educated voters who they use to lose. democrats have never really had much of an inroad with white college educated voters. they are coming out, my understanding of the analysis those voters are
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maintaining preference for clinton and maintaining numbers. unusual election. >> i would be surprised, mr. anderson, if millennials turned out big this time around but i have been wrong before. but i just would be real shocked if they come out big. >> well, i have always advised candidates against counting on young voters any time. they are undepend being. they are a bonus if they come out. structurally it's pretty clear that the clinton campaign has a major election day advantage and early voting advantage. just we know they have vastly more field offices. vastly more people going door to door. if the poll narrows to a point it looks like a dead heat a lot of the battleground states you give clinton a point on operation. >> enthusiasm gap favors trump and all the polls say that, that trump's people are much more jazzed than clinton's people are. gentlemen, thank you very
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much. we appreciate it next on the rundown, the electoral vote scenario. what does trump have to do to defeat hillary clinton? i have done some math here. later, governor mike pence enters the no spin zone. he is campaigning in pennsylvania, a state trump desperately needs. those reports after these messages. >> well, here we go again. >> bad judgment. >> issues, not insults. >> she should be ashamed of herself. >> fair and balanced, fox news channel has election night covered because we are america's election headquarters.
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of entitlesments for new york city, chicago, dallas, miami and win. thereby leaving out the people living in less populated areas hello montana. there are 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency and right now hillary clinton is in the need here in new york city arnon head of the fox news decision desk. i want you to bear with me here. >> sure. >> i have done my own analysis and i have to admit arnot is a lot smarter than i am. i have told him in the break tell me where i'm crazy. but let's just go down the list first of all. all right, leaning democratic states. >> yes. >> you have colorado and north carolina in the lean. >> yes. >> but the latest polling in north carolina has trump ahead. all right? >> there was one poll, yes. >> but that's the latest poll. >> yes. >> colorado trump -- he is campaigning very hard in that state. which tells me the internal republican polling says he has a shot there. am i wrong? >> you know, trump campaign
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doesn't have that big of polling operation. but there are clearly some signs that colorado could go for trump. my own. >> it's close. >> yeah, it's close. absolutely. >> all right. so your own you were saying. >> my own sense is that his opportunities in terms of stealing states that currently we have. >> i don't want to get -- >> okay. >> colorado, if they dump out of gary johnson, the pot guy which all over the country that's happening. >> yes. >> that helps trump? >> most likely, yes. >> that's why trump is there so i'm going to say colorado and north carolina are the leaning democratic states that you have are possible for trump. and maybe he can pick off maine one electoral vote there. >> absolutely. >> now we go over to leaning republican states, all right? >> yeah. >> alaska, georgia, indiana, missouri, nebraska, texas. i'm giving all of those to trump. >> i think that's a good bet. >> all right. so that's 70-something -- 79 votes.
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so i have just given trump, i'm giving him north carolina. i think trump is going to win north carolina. >> okay. >> just giving him 1899 electoral votes. colorado i'm not so sure about. are you with me so far? >> yes. >> all right. so he has got 189. >> okay. >> then we go to toss-up states. >> yes. >> he needs 270. the toss-up states first one is arizona. i say trump wins because mccain is going to win big there. >> i think arizona of all those states, we actually have leaning republican. i think it's very possible. >> so i say he takes arizona. florida, it's impossible to call. it's going to be like the bush/gore thing. >> very possible. >> 8 vote. 8 guys living in the everglades, all right, dodging boa constrictors are going to make the call here. but that's a 29er down there. >> trump could win that. >> he absolutely can win florida. >> iowa, i'm saying that he is going to win iowa. that's 6, all right? that trump will win because of the demographic is all
5:16 pm
white. all right? >> it's another good bet. >> okay. maine, the one vote, way, way up in the northern reaches, again, all white, he has been up there, trump, hillary doesn't even know where it is. possible to get that. nevada, the latest poll show trump is ahead and so is the senatorial republican there, correct? >> that's another toss-up state that he could easily win, yes. >> but is he gaining in nevada as johnson is losing. see wherever johnson is losing votes trump gains. johnson is losing in colorado and nevada. >> yeah. >> so far you are with me. you haven't made fun of me once. i have got two more. [ laughter ] all right. i have got utah. >> okay. >> and here we have got this guy running against him, it's impossible to know -- the mormons don't like trump. they don't like him. they don't like his personal life or anything about him. >> yeah. >> trump could lose utah with the other guy winning, not hillary clinton. >> but in a sense it doesn't
5:17 pm
matter because if trump doesn't get to 270 but would have gotten to 270 with utah, the race goes to the house of representatives. and there the republicans will take. >> because she would be below 270, too? >> precisely. >> ohio is the last one, 18 electoral votes. trump is running slightly ahead in ohio. portman, the senator running way ahead. >> big ahead. >> kasich voted for john mccain. he is out of it. if cleveland doesn't show up and i think cleveland may win the world series tonight. if the minorities don't show up there, trump wins. >> trump could very easily win ohio, iowa, and absolutely. looking at the polling today. >> on the electoral vote you and i agree that he has got a good shot. not a good shot he has got a fair shot. >> he has a fair shot. but i don't think even if you get to your arithmetic he gets to 270. >> i have it 270 if he takes all the states that i
5:18 pm
mentioned. >> one state that i think needs to be in the trump calculus is pennsylvania. >> he is not going to win pennsylvania, i don't think. we are going it talk to pence, he is in pennsylvania tonight. >> what i found interesting about the way he is spending his time. >> he is all over pennsylvania. >> pennsylvania, north carolina, florida, which i think is very shrewd. >> i would be -- if trump wins pennsylvania, he is president. he is president. >> i think the race is going to boil down to pennsylvania. absolutely. >> arnon, thanks very much. directly ahead, lots of whining about hillary clinton's gender again. we'll take a hard look at it mike pence enters the no spin zone. he is in pennsylvania must win state. campaigning hard for his ticket. up ahead. calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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personal story segment tonight, gender and politics. you may remember that in
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2006 i wrote a book called culture warrior spelled out intense fight between traditional americans and those who want to revamp our entire system. one of the men in the book is george who teaches at the university of california berkeley. his former wife also teaches there and said this after hillary clinton's email story broke on friday, quote: i am mad because i am scared. and if you are a woman, you should be, too. email gate is a bitch hunt, but the target is not hillary clinton. it's us. the only reason the whole email flap has legs is because the candidate is female, unquote. sorry about the b word but i had to do it. with us now here in new york city to react is lisa booth and juan williams. and you say, juan. >> i was a little taken aback when i read it because i don't think that's right. she says it's an attack on us and here she is talking about a universe of women.
5:23 pm
>> yes. >> to me there is legitimate issue about the emails and about national security and mrs. clinton's decision to use the private server. i think it's overblown but i think it's a legitimate issue and not a gender-specific issue. >> and why do you think a professor at the university of california berkeley would inject this insane thesis so if donald trump had violated national security we would have ignored it because only women, lisa, are going to be subject to this national security scrutiny. >> this woman is a teacher as well which is more troubling. >> here is what is worse you have to pay to take her class. >> which blows my mind. >> you have to pay. >> i'm surprised that "time" magazine ran this column. >> it's asinine. the column doesn't make any sense to juan's point which is reasonable, i'm surprised but, no,. [ laughter ] >> i'm just kidding. no,
5:24 pm
what kind of message is it sending her students that somehow as a woman you can do whatever you want and then use your gender as a shield to insulate yourself from -- let's be fair, hillary clinton is not using a shield this nut is. >> not in this specific instance we haven't heard her. you can go back and look at the democratic debate even with bernie sanders. she is trying to use her gender as a shield and a sword. she is trying to use her gender to sway women voters to say look, i'm the first female president. here is my gender card all over the place. >> she hasn't done that all that much. >> she has. go back to the debate and bernie sanders tried to hold her accountable with guns during the first debate she tried saying that he said that she was shouting. and she tried to say that that was sexist. she literally had made that claim. there was also in the clinton debate conversation about auto bailout and her surrogate tried to make claims of sexism. when she gets hit hard on the issues she tries to protect herself, this happens.
5:25 pm
go back and look i promise you. >> i will look. i will say this but when i'm talking to women politicians in d.c. and around the country i hear a lot of them say when they speak aggressively they are described as shrill. when they make a tough statement, when they take a stand, they're north called bold and fresh, they're said to be uncompromising, hard-ass bossy women. >> i have described as shrill, have you ever read the descriptions of me, ever? >> yeah, sure. i know you. >> they ran out of adjectives. there are no more words to attack me with. they have used them all. am i woman? no. i'm a man. so if you are in politics, yes. >> you don't think women have a harder road than men in politics? >> i'm a woman. we are sitting at the same table, juan. >> thank god. >> how can she possibly -- she is running to be
5:26 pm
commander-in-chief, hillary clinton, she is running to be commander-in-chief. do you think putin or anyone else is going to be sensitive to her feelings? that's exactly what she is trying to -- >> sensitive to her feelings? >> hillary clinton is running to be commander-in-chief. the second they say something she doesn't like she is offended because she is a woman. the. >> he last hasn't seen it. >> last word. >> who has more qualifications, more experience in terms of foreign policy and, again, who is going to be the first one. >> look at her record though, juan. >> i did, i did, i did. >> experience if it's not good experience. >> i don't see that's where. you know, that's where the. >> record to run on. >> the spoil, mr. o'reilly. >> i don't care request f. she is shrill. i want putin to be contained. i want iran not to have a nuke. be as shrill as you want if that happens. lisa, thank you. >> thank you. >> gutfeld and mcguirk have been asked very politely to come up with two campaign things that caught their attention this week. why hope it's possible the
5:27 pm
boys can do that also ahead, we know governor mike pence has plenty to tell us. trying to convince pennsylvania to vote for his ticket. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. cartels, militias, terrorist groups. they all need a place to park their cash and cherna is their dirty little piggy bank. we're going to insert into the country while nobody is looking. we're going to steal their money, sir? no, we are going to destroy it. we're going to finish this mission. anything we find is ours. do you want to trust a bunch of black water marks? i mean the rush, i've never felt anything like it.
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is it legal segment tonight. donald trump continues to say he does not believe all the polling places will be legitimate. >> so go to your place and vote and go pick some other place and go sit there with your friends and make sure
5:31 pm
it's on the up and up. because you know what? that's a big, big problem in this country and nobody wants to talk about it. >> in response to that four state democratic parties are actually suing trump's campaign alleging voter intimidation. here now to explain further kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. voter intimidation? >> that's right. >> how? >> okay. hillary's campaign. >> yes. >> yes. is behind four lawsuits in four states in pennsylvania, nevada, arizona, and ohio. and she's claiming the trump campaign is intimidating, is going to be intimidating voters that come in. so after these voters vote they will be hanging around polling places which is illegal to be hanging around if you are not one of the representatives by a campaign. and going to be trying to intimidate certain classes of people. >> after the vote. >> what good would it do. >> as other voters are coming in. >> you said after the vote. >> after the people actually
5:32 pm
vote. voters vote and they come out. >> not understanding it you a shot at it i'm not understanding it? >> they are trying in the four states that is correct. they want to speak to the voters after they come out to ensure the integrity. >> what good is it after they already voted. >> what's the point of the lawsuit? if they are not going to try to intimidate someone in selecting their decision. >> how you can intimidate someone after they have already voted? >> what i mean is that's what the judge is going to have to answer and decide whether or not they are going to honor this temporary injunction to prevent these people. >> this is the four parties in nevada, arizona, pennsylvania, and where is the other one? >> ohio. >> ohio, right. >> they're going to have to decide, what? >> okay. is this going to amount to intimidation. >> what physically do they decide? >> they decide whether or not -- okay. so i go in to vote, right? >> i voted. then i come out. i see other people that are going to start -- they are going in to the polling areas. they are going to vote. i'm coming out.
5:33 pm
i'm just standing there. i'm lurking around. >> watching? >> standing there watching. >> so the judge has to decide how much time you can spend. >> exactly. >> like you have to get out of there in 45 seconds. >> there is no specific definition of intimidation. this was designed years ago to prevent voter intimidation of minority voters. i think this is going to fail. >> i'm not sure how a judge can say you have a minute 20 seconds to get out of there. >> here is an example. in arizona it is a misdemeanor to stay within 75 feet of a polling place after you have voted. >> that means you have to get 75 feet away. >> you have got to get out of there. >> that's already a law. >> you're going to then put an injunction to prevent a potential future crime? >> they already have a law there though. >> it's ridiculous. what do they want the judge to do. >> they want -- let me give you an example. in nevada's lawsuit, they allege that a trump supporter in early voting, this has already happened harassed and intimidated
5:34 pm
multiple voters outside -- this is in albertson's early voting location. this is a store. yelling. >> was the guy arrested? >> called the police and the person had already left. they saying -- >> -- get the license plate number? >> that's not going to be sufficient evidence or persuasive to any of the courts in these states to issue injunction preventing someone from being outside. >> this is a total publicity stunt. >> it's basically it's the little sister, cousin, whoever, relative of voter fraud now. >> voter intimidation. >> trump is staying here. democrats over here. states they care about be close. put it out there these are bad guys that want to intimidate voters. >> say if hillary clinton loses they can say voter fraud. >> voter intimidation. >> ziggy stayed out there two minutes instead of whatever. >> right. >> more craziness. >> see where that's going? >> nowhere. >> it wasn't your fault. it's mine. you know i'm a simple man and i have trouble grasping
5:35 pm
concepts. >> it's time. >> now i'm happy because i understand. thank you very much. when i come right back, governor mike pence enters the no spin zone. gutfeld and mcguirk on the campaign, two things caught their eyes this week. moments away.
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us. i'm bill o'reilly in the impact segment tonight. let's bring in governor mike pence who is running with donald trump on the republican ticket as everybody knows. he joins us from pennsylvania. so, governor, you guys caught a break with this hillary clinton email stuff, do you think it's enough to hand the election a week from tonight? >> you know, long before that announcement last friday, bill, i mean, frankly polls around the country were showing tremendous momentum in this campaign. frankly i saw it as i was traveling across the country campaigning for donald trump and with donald trump. the crowds, the enthusiasm, this is really a movement of the american people to make america great again. >> what about the so-called october surprise. i mean nobody expected fbi director comey to come out friday and say we have to reopen this because huma abedin's computer may contain national security stuff that shouldn't be on there. that's what i'm trying to get in to perspective here whether that's enough to put
5:40 pm
you guys over the top. in your opinion, is it? >> well, i think that's in the hands of the american people. but the simple fact is that millions of americans, bill, were very troubled this summer when the fbi concluded that hillary clinton had been, in their words, extremely careless with classified information on a private server when she was secretary of state and, yet, they didn't recommend to continue the investigation or charges. we think it was ripe and we commend the director of the fbi for keeping his word to the congress and the american people. we found new pertinent information. they are initiating investigation. what we already knew about hillary clinton's years as secretary of state where she had a private foundation that took foreign contributions and has come out in this avalanche of emails, i truly do believe convinces millions of americans that hillary clinton should never be elected president of the united states. aat the end of the day, i want to tell you there was tremendous momentum in this campaign even before this latest announcement and we are seeing it across
5:41 pm
pennsylvania and everywhere we go. >> you are down by 11 in pennsylvania according to the franklin marshall poll but we will get to that in a moment. i want to stay on hillary clinton here. do you think that she is a corrupt person? >> well, i don't think there is any question that over the last 30 years the clintons' careers have been characterized. >> no, but her? >> politics of personal enrichment. i think there has been outright corruption represented throughout their careers, bill. good heavens you have bob woodward famously. >> you say yes, you think she is a corrupt person? >> well, bob woodward of woodward and bernstein said on this network about a week ago that having a private foundation taking foreign contributions from foreign governments while she was secretary of state, he said that's not unseemly, he said, quote, it's corrupt. >> that's bob woodward saying it's corrupt. i want to know what mike senses. is hillary clinton corrupt? >> i think her actions as secretary of state, the
5:42 pm
pay-to-play politics where you saw hillary clinton and aides to hillary clinton actually directing contracts for the reconstruction of haiti to friends of the clintons who were contributors to their campaigns and their private foundation, that's just -- that's the kind of pay-to-play corruption the american people are tired of in washington, d.c. and going to come to the end the day donald trump becomes president. >> i think americans want to know if you think she is corrupt and you have said now that you do. is loretta lynch the attorney general of the united states corrupt? she does not want to investigate the clinton foundation. you just pointed to it. she does not want, according to reportage by the "wall street journal" to investigate it at all. is loretta lynch corrupt? >> well, i don't think we really know. i know that the meeting between former president clinton and the attorney general on the tarmac on a private aircraft that was -- that would have been a clandestined meeting but for some indust instruments
5:43 pm
reporter traveling was deeply troubling to millions of americans. >> have you decided whether she is corrupt or not. >> no. i don't think we have the facts. at the end of the day. >> not enough that she doesn't want to investigate the clinton foundation? >> well, bill, i don't want to presume on what her opinions are on that or not. >> all right. >> i have seen press reports and suggestions. but at the end of the day, hillary clinton is on the ballot, donald trump's on the ballot. the american people and donald trump have a choice in a candidate ethics reform proposal. we're going to move in the first 100 days that's going to drain the swamp. government as good as our people. pass fundamental ethics reform in our nation's capital and change the direction of washington, d.c. >> okay. you are down by 11 as i mentioned in franklin marshall poll in pennsylvania. you need pennsylvania or wisconsin one of those two to pick off to win the electoral vote. we just analyzed it earlier on the factor. 11, that's a big number, being down in pennsylvania right now.
5:44 pm
>> well, i will tell you what, you know, the only poll that matters is the one that's going to be finished on election day. and people are going to go to vote here in pennsylvania on november the 8th. i just have to tell you, campaigning with donald trump here in the keystone state, he is in wisconsin tonight, bill, really and truly, the enthusiasm that we see from not just republicans but independents and many democrats around the country is like nothing i have seen in my lifetime since the days of ronald reagan. the american people know we can be stronger, we can be more prosperous but we have got to have new leadership and that happens to be donald trump when he becomes president. >> no question the enthusiasm level from the folks attending the rallies is much higher on your ticket than it is on the democratic ticket. we appreciate your time, governor, we know you are running around like crazy. it's very nice of you. i hope we can talk again before the vote. thanks again. >> yeah. thank you, bill. >> gutfeld and mcguirk on deck. we asked the boys to pick out two vital campaign topics going on this week.
5:45 pm
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back of the book segment tonight, what the heck just happened we asked gutfeld mcguirk to select two topics they believe are very important to the presidential campaign this week. here they are. gutfeld topic number one. >> i caught a delightful interview samantha bee did with president obama she is a lovely talented person. i thought that might be fun to look at. >> who is ms. bee from the audience doesn't know. >> has her oown show now. >> on comedy central. >> i think. so i'm not sure. i don't watch tv you know that. >> on tbs? >> yes. >> ms. bee is on tbs and
5:49 pm
here is a portion of that interview. >> if and when hillary is president, what do you think will be the too mail equivalent of you weren't born in this country? >> that's an interesting question. >> thank you. i have a lot of the those. >> i think the equivalent will be she is tired. she's moody. she's being emotional. >> just something about her. >> there's something about her. when men are ambitious, it's just taken for granted. of course they should be ambitious. when women are ambitious, why? >> okay. mr. obama will not appear here. but i do have pumpkins. >> why did you like that. >> he is out of his gourd, get it. thank you, america. >> that says it. >> president obama is like a super hero. sea psychic feminist. he can actually foretell that people will be sexist in the future. they're not sexist yet but once there's a female president, lo and behold they will be sexist. he can predict it. >> okay. and what caught your eye?
5:50 pm
>> well, this brian cranston, he is an actor show breaking bad. he says if trump gets elected he is split and leaving the country. is he going to canada. >> methamphetamine up there in canada? to canada. >> they have methamphetamine up there? >> they have it up there and free health care. >> brine cranston is a liberal guy, he's going to move to canada. so what? >> he's one of the guys that did more to highlight the problem of drugs coming into mexico. hillary clinton is running around, trump is making a mockery of democracy. he won't accept the results. these people are similar. you have a list of people, lena done ham, miley cyrus, amy schumer. >> yeah. >> they're all going to canada. >> most of them say they're going to canada but none of them are going to mexico. they're racists. >> we have mr. cranston saying
5:51 pm
this. go. >> come the election, brian, if he does win, do you fancy a vacation to vancouver? >> it wouldn't be a vacation. i would be an ex-patriot. absolutely. i would definitely move. it's not real to me that that would happen. i hope to god it won't. >> that was a lot of drugs in van kufr. he might be happy there. your second one. >> anthony weiner implicated in the e-mail scandal. donald trump has been commenting on it. i think we have tape. don't we? >> do we? don't know if we have tape on that. do we? >> yes. >> we don't have tape on that. >> that makes me look really stupid because you told me there was going to be tape. >> tell me what you were impressed with with trump commenting on weiner. >> i think he can't belief the joy he has. weiner is the forest gump of perversion. he shows up and soils it.
5:52 pm
in the 1960s, anthony weiner swrould been in an overcoat in nothing else hiding behind a tree. >> low hanging. >> that would be important. your second thing, mcguirk. >> if he did what hillary did which was accept questions predebate or pretown hall meeting from one of his op tys, the head of the dnc, he would have been in the electric chair. >> he's saying because donna brazile gave hillary clinton a question, that if it had happened on the other side, trump had gotten a question from omarosa, that the prez would have gone wild with it. but this got a lot of publicity in. >> did it really? i didn't see anything on the front page of the washington, the "the new york times," cnn didn't have the panel of nine pro-hillary people. >> saying he's not going to stand for it again. >> they're complicit to it. >> cnn, you think so?
5:53 pm
>> yes. >> you think they knew? >> i think they got it from somebody at cnn. it happened on more than one occasion. the first time they blamed roland martin. the second time there was no one to blame. i think they would crucify him because it's more drawn out and painful. >> factor tip of the day, the truth about the presidential campaign and cable tv news ratings. you want the truth? got it. tip moments away. ♪ fifty years ago, humpback whales were nearly extinct. they rebounded because a decision was made to protect them. making the right decisions today for your long-term financial future can protect you and your family, and preserve your legacy. ask a financial advisor how retirement and life insurance solutions from pacific life can help you plan for your future.
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we'll see everybody in tulsa, oklahoma friday night, january 13th, coming up. redding, pennsylvania saturday, january 14th, and we'll go out to omaha, nebraska at the century link arena, march 24th, friday and then on to the tacoma dome saturday march 25th. finally theater in west bury long island, right before father's day. they make great christmas and hanukkah gifts. check it out on bill o'reil o' >> honduras, i live here in a third world country and the u.s. is teaching us how to have a corrupt election. may god safe america. >> new york city, bill, you're defending james comey for the e-mail revelation and critici d criticizeding cummings. does this mean you no longer question comey's integrity? he should have fought for a grand jury in the e-mail case,
5:57 pm
doctor, that's my major beef with comey. >> fred, z. lose, bill your comments about comey are wrong. kathy marshal, virginia, when do that brazile went low, hillary didn't know object, she willingly stole the debate question and has not apologized. california, i'm a graduate of depaul university and i'm stunned. unborn lives matter poster on campus. i will no longer donate. george, cape coral, florida, o'reilly, you were correct in stating that drug dealers are violent criminals but any ghekted to remind viewers that u president obama does not feel that way. we've covered the president's big mistake here extensively. don from pennsylvania, just finished "killing the rising sun." my father was in okinawa. the best part a about the book
5:58 pm
was the part about your father's involvement. that was not easy to write but i'm glad i did it. thanks for reading the book. >> illinois, after reading killing the rising sun, i now know why think father didn't talk about his experience. factor tip of the day. object was a huge ratings month for the fox news channel thanks to donald trump and hillary clinton. last night on halloween the factor produced 6,300,000 viewers. in the entire month fnc dominated with the top six ratings. factor number one for the 191st month averaging almost 3,400,000 viewers. second kelly, "hannity," braet bare, the five.
5:59 pm
factor won easily and "hannity" second. the big numbers are due to the presidential campaign. there is misleading propaganda put out by some tv people who add in special events like post debate analysis and political speeches. that kind of viewer inflation is a one-off not indicative of daily success. on a day by day basis the factor continues to rule and we here continue to thank you for making that possible. factor tip of the day. and that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website, different from billoreilly.c spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be specious. for you premium members, there's an extra special no spin news posted for you. check that out on the campaign. again thanks for watching us
6:00 pm
tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops here because we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, we are officially just one week away from election day. wow. i know. and tonight new polling suggests this thing could be getting tighter, all the way to election day. well come to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. seven days out a brand-new abc washington post tracking poll shows a virtual dead heat. look at this. donald trump taking the lead in this poll 46% to hillary clinton's 45%. just other a week ago she had a 12-point lead in this tracking poll. 2016, everybody. 2016. i know. it's like, it's like this. right? it's like, wait, what? it c


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