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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  November 2, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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just saying. >> thomas jefferson and the tripoli pirates. nothing this weekend, but next weekend i'll be in orlando. then the 12th, the villages, because i have to. and i love those people. >> they're awesome down there. >> then in jacksonville, december 9th. >> buy it for christmas. bill: there is a man hunt under way in the state of iowa. two des moines police officers shot and killed after an ambush. police arrive on reports of shots fired and find an officer dead in his patrol car. then they find another officer dead in his patrol car. the suspect is michael green, described as armed and dangerous. six days. we are in the home stretch and the candidates sharpening their attacks on the trail. watch the map and see where they
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go as we say good morning on a wednesday. i'm bill hemmer. >> good morning to you at home. i'm martha maccallum. you have got trump and clinton in the key battleground states. donald trump is in florida. mike pence making a western swing going through arizona, new mexico, colorado, they hope will be competitive as well. let's take a look at hillary clinton's path for the day while tim kaine will be in iowa. donald trump spent the last 24 hours hitting hillary clinton hard on the email controversy, and telling voters it's not too late for them to change their minds, while clinton is focused on firing back at donald trump and she is going back to the well on the treatment of women.
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>> this is the message for any democratic voter who have already cast their ballots for hillary clinton and who are having a bad case of buyers' remorse. wisconsin is one of several states where you can change your early ballot if you think you made a mistake. a lot of stuff has come out since you voted. >> when i think of what we now know about donald trump and what he has been doing for 30 years. he still has spent a lot of time demeaning, insulting and assaulting women. he has shown us who he is. let us on tuesday show him who we are. bill: we begin our covering this morning live in florida. john roberts in miami where trump hold the first of three rallies. john, good morning there. reporter: donald trump will be at the bayfront ampitheatre.
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it hold people. if he can pack the place out, it will be a good visual for him in terms of generating enthusiasm. here in miami-dade county he is substantially behind in the early and absentee voting. republicans in the overall ahead in the state of florida. let's put up the results of the latest tracking poll. take a look at this number. this is interesting. the honesty and trust worriness number. donald trump has a lead over hillary clinton. indicating the renewal of the email scandal may be taking a bite out of her support. there are 7 places where you can change your vote, michigan, pennsylvania, connecticut, mississippi. minnesota, the deadline passed yesterday.
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donald trump focusing on michigan, pennsylvania and wisconsin. particular drilling down on the email revealed from john podesta suggesting he had to dump all of the emails. here is what trump said about that last night in eau claire, wisconsin. >> "we have to dump all those emails." that's wikileaks. he also said, john podesta -- if he worked for me, i would fire him so fast. he's such a nasty guy. i would fire him. like the apprentice. john, you are fired. >> john podesta insists when he used the word dump he meant to give those documents over to investigators. trumping a none of that, saying i meant dump in the trash. bill: many pointed out he's not
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taking the bait whether it's the war upon women, that appearance yesterday in florida. trump seems to be stick on policy when it comes to obamacare, et cetera. >> he has shown an extraordinary amount of discipline the last week focusing on the f.b.i. and the email investigation, not taking the bait, and starting every rally with policies, specifically obamacare. we are open enrollment now. the astronomical deductibles are crazy. donald trump vowed to repeal and replace obamacare, even upping the ante on how he will do it. >> i will ask congress to convene a special session so we can repeal and replace. and it will be such an honor for me, for you, and for everybody in this country. because obamacare has to be replaced. if we don't repeal and replace
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obamacare, we'll destroy american healthcare forever. reporter: here in miami, then this afternoon in orlando. tomorrow morning in jacksonville he will repeat that message as he spends a day and a half in this important battleground states. bill: john roberts leading our coverage there. martha: new developments in the clinton email investigation. james comey and attorney general loretta lynch who have had differences over this is handled had a meetings monday behind closed doors and discussed the case. katherine hecase. -- catherine herridge is live in washington. reporter: james comey and loretta lynch have met for the first time since his decision to
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release the information about the reopening of the investigation. a former justice department official told fox news it's significant, lynch did not block comey's decision to block the case. and it probably goes back to her meeting with bill clinton. >> when f.b.i. director comey advised her that he was going to make the statement, she didn't feel confident enough to tell him not to do it. it's my belief's because her credibility was compromised by that meeting on the tarmac with bill clinton. reporter martha: so, catherine, the f.b.i. out with new information that may have caught the clinton
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team off guard. reporter: the f.b.i.'s position on these records is the bureau releases new documents when they are ready and they have an obligation when there are multiple requests for information through if the freedom of information act. they say that's what it is with the rift documents. they say it's not calculated. it's simply the timing. the f.b.i. vault which is where they are posted online. they are heavily redacted. but they tweeted out that they are available. there are 129 heavily redacted naidges this new release answer they are heavily redacted for privacy reasons and it's about the controversial pardon of marc rich in 2001 by bill clinton. if he fled to switzerland and ultimately was pardoned. his wife was a major donor to
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the democratic party. critics say it's another piece of evidence of this pay-for-play mentality by the clintons. bill: chris stirewalt, our "digital politics" editor. did you on day 7 yesterday, 7 days away from the election, did you pick up a sense of a shift in this race when you look at the number of polls that have been out the last 48 hours, whether they are right or wrong or up or down. you watch your twitter feed from mainstream media. you get a sense the map is changing. do you agree with that, and is that for real? >> i might look at it a little bit differently. we have seen the trace closing the past two weeks. donald trump was at an unnaturally low point it had been a bad run for him. we saw the race normalizing.
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as we were going into last friday when the news broke about anthony weiner's laptop, things had already normalized in the race. race had gone back to where it was which was a small steady lead for hillary clinton. then this week we see reporters, analysts and others who the polls are usually right, but not every poll unto itself is correct. part of what you are seeing this week are people who thought once that the race was way out of whack and donald trump had no chance, realizing he has a chance to win this. bill: the headlines, obamacare increase, he's hitting that. trump has not taken the bait. yesterday between president obama and hillary clinton it was back to the war on women, characterizing it a different way. you study some of the early
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voting, you can see good news for her among hispanics in florida and african-americans in florida and north carolina, perhaps elsewhere where you can see on that. but if you were expecting to see the african-american turnout in 2016, the way it had been the last two presidential cycles, you might have been kidding yourself because it has not been there so far. >> by volume it won't be. i don't think anybody would expect the african-american voters to turn out in the same number as they did for the first african-american president. the question is how much does it fall off. and that's the question to her with millennial voters. what she is counting on is she'll do well with suburban women. she'll do well with white women with college degrees. bill: thank you, brother. i'm looking for your email. it will be good. get back to work.
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martha: the clock is ticking. and we'll be covering every move through election day. november 8, comprehensive election coverage that you cannot find anywhere else. and we'll be on it. we start at 4:00 in the morning and going basically through the 24-hour, 48-hour cycle. bill: president obama slamming donald trump. he said this yesterday in columbus, ohio. >> if you disrespected women before you were elected you will disrespect women once you are president. bill: how will that affect female voters? eric trump will join us in a moment. martha: ways happening inside the f.b.i. where the clinton email investigation may be head.
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michael mccaul will be here on that. bill: as the controversy continues to dog the clinton campaign, trump's nickname crooked hillary is starting to stick with voters? >> it has come out in an avalanche of voters, i believe it convinces millions of american voters hillary clinton should never be elected president of the united states. if i didn't react, things could have gotten messy in a hurry. i mean just got that sweet ride with a great rate from navy federal. i was not about to let anything happen to her. just looking out for my wingman. he's still in training. open to the armed forces, the dod and their families. navy federal credit union.
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bill: there are reports hoik and the f.b.i. kept cases connected to candidates quiet over the summer. ways your sense about what's happening within the f.b.i. with regard to the clinton foundation? a story that was largely buried before the news of anthony weiner's laptop friday. >> the director and congressional testimony indicated that. so i think on those two unrelated to the email investigations, it is normal practice. i worked at the justice department, not to indict right before an election. i think in the email case it's a unique case because it came out of a congressional investigation.
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and jim comey when he testified before congress told us that if new evidence developed in the case that this case would have been completed and it would be reopened. he gave us an update as he promised he would do so. bill: you say it's unique. in what other sense would that be. so it comes out of congress. how significant would not be as opposed to a private sit season that would bring up information. >> because of the nature of the case, the fact that he came before congress and said if new evidence arose he would update us on the case. mrs. clinton has been running around saying she has been cleared and the investigation is or when that's not a correct statement. there is new evidence reopening the case, and evidence that can be quite damaging. to get a search warrant you have to have probable cause. they had probable cause to get a
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search warrant orhuma abedin's laptop. if she wins tuesday, what happens in the investigation? >> that's something that hasn't been mentioned have much. this investigation will continue whether she wins or not. but assuming she wins and the investigation goes forward and it looks like an indictment is pending. at that point in time under the constitution the house representatives would engage in an impeachment trial. they would go to the senate and impeachment proceedings and removal would take place. the only time i can recall when this happened was richard nixon who was impeached and resigned before he would have been voted to be removed from office. gerald ford pardoned him from any criminal wrongdoing. i would hate to see this country thrown into a constitutional
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crisis because hillary clinton's behavior. bill: we have talked to you quite often for various investigation on homeland security, ets. but you are six days away from a national election and you used the "i" word. do you want to take that back? >> i a -- impeachment? with the new emails if they are classified and they have intent in those emails. we saw john podesta's wikileaks emails saying to dump these emails. that's getting closer to intent. that would be the smoking gun the f.b.i. would be looking for. i said all along this should have gone before a grand jury to take the politics out of this. this would not be a unique case to go before a grand jury as i
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have done many times in the past. for whatever reason they chose not to do that. there is probable cause to get a search warrant now and go before a grand jury and present this new bill: strong stuff. 21 past. martha: it's about one magic number on election night. that's 270. 270 is what you need if you want to live at that address on pennsylvania avenue. we have a new electoral map that shows the movement in this race. plus this. >> a high fly ball to left center. it hits the wall. 7-0 chicago. bill: here we go, two words, oh, my, game 7, cubs, indians, tonight on fox.
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>> the children tons are the past. we are the bright future. i'm a messenger. i'm only a messenger, remember. but you have to say i'm doing a pretty good job as the messenger. martha: donald trump touting himself as the candidate of
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change. this as the electoral map gets quite a bit tighter. the fox news scorecard with enough electoral votes to win. but her lead is shrinking by the day. kristen, welcome. a quake take on -- a quick take on how the electoral map is change. >> it seems to be hillary clinton rather than donald trump. but the polls are trenldsing his way. the last few days of news cycles have not been good for the clinton campaign. stories that should have been bad for trump haven't done that much damage to him. martha: let's look at some of the states individually. we'll look at the rcp average of the polls in florida.
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you see donald trump at 45.5, she is 44.5. >> the race in florida is tight because you have two big competing constituencies that both candidates are doing well with. you have hispanics and white voters that are prime trump country. trump has consistently had a slight advantage in florida compared with other states with large latino populations. let's take a look at nevada which looked days ago to be lost for donald trump. it's now very tight as well. >> you are right. nevada is one of those states where donald trump has a big hotel with his name on it. it's the sort of state where he
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came to play and he believed it's on the table for him. in nevada republicans have a chance of picking up a senate seat there. you have good stuff going on in the down ballot race to make this a ripe pickup for republicans. martha: hillary clinton has been ahead for the most part. now, you see the latest polls 47-46 well within the margin of error. >> north carolina is a state where down-ballot is less good for republicans because of transgender bathroom bill and voter i.d. one thing he may have going for him, the new york times is reporting african-american early voter turnout appears to be slightly down. the clinton campaign would need to ramp that up to make sure
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they have that state in their column. martha: some states making it harder for black voters to get to voting places in their areas. thank you very much. interesting read. we'll see you next time. bill: investors blaming slumping stocks on the coming election. some say if trump wins stocks drop due to uncertainty. also watch the fed's interest rate update. >> an all-out manhunt under way in iowa after the ambush killing of two police officers who were on duty just sitting in their squad cars. it's a horrific story out of iowa and we have the latest on the development. bill: hillary clinton attempting to pivot from her email scandal
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and back to the so-called war on women. reaction from the trump family next. >> nobody respects women more than donald trump. nobody. nobody respects women more. my daughter ivanka always says, daddy, nobody respects women more than you, daddy. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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bill: two cops killed in iowa a two separate attacks in des moines. is there a suspect? reporter: there is a suspect. let's get to the picture of the man police believe is connected to this cold-blood ambush and slaying of two police officers. scott michael green has been identified by place. 5'11", 180 pounds, considered armed and dangerous.
6:34 am
780yfr license plate. >> these guys were gunned down sitting in the car doing nothing wrong. so there is definitely a danger out there. there is somebody out there shooting police officers. we hope we find him before anybody else gets hurt. reporter: after 1:00 a.m. police were called to respond to shots fired. they found a police officer shot in his car. as they blanketed the area they found an officer two miles away also shot apparently in cold blood. they do wear body cameras, but they don't record all the time, they have to be activated. we don't know if there is video of the ambush. bill: are police taking precautions? >> at the moment they are pairing up.
6:35 am
they still need to go after this suspect. there is no time to worry or regroup or time for them to mourn. and they need to continue to protect and serve the public. especially that involves risk for the officers. >> mike tobin, sad news out of des moines. thank you. >> the race is getting tighter by the minute. the clinton campaign is starting to reright attacks on donald trump and his treatment of women. hoik hit the trail yesterday, she was in florida and she did not hold back. >> he thinks belittling women makes him a bigger man. i don't think there is a woman anywhere who don't know what that feels like. he doesn't see us as full human being with the our own dreams and purposes and capabilities. and he's shown that clearly with
6:36 am
this campaign. martha: laura trump is the wife of donald trump's son eric trump. good morning to you. martha: when you hear hillary clinton saying those things about your father-in-law and when you look at what happened the last couple months in regard to that, what goes through your mind? >> i actually saw yesterday when hillary clinton was talking and actually the first thing i thought was it's a sad attempt to distract voters from what we all see coming out these days about hillary clinton. she has big, big problems on her hands. we have seen the wikileaks emails. now there is a new revised f.b.i. investigation. i think she knows she is in serious trouble. whenever she isn't talking about the issues that matter to voters. when she is trying to attack donald trump on women and bringing out alicia machado, it
6:37 am
was a way to distract voters away from the problems she is having. martha: hillary clinton is doing well with women and better than your father-in-law in those categories. why do you think that is? >> i don't fully believe all that. i am on the ground and seeing voters and i'm seeing women. i have been lucky enough to travel around the country with a group of women who know donald trump. we get women coming out all the time saying we have so many women supporting your father-in-law. don't believe what you are hearing. i think women are scared to say they are supporting my father-in-law. i think the numbers will reflect that. people and men and women alike are sick of what's going none this country, they are ready for change and they are going to vote for donald trump. martha: do you think women think it would be significant to elect
6:38 am
the first woman president or do you think they don't care about that. >> i think we'll see a woman president some day, but i hope it's not hillary clinton. it's ridiculous to think that anyone would vote for someone because of their gender. i think women find that insulting. when should put the best womb -- the best person in office. the idea anyone would vote for a candidate simply because of their gender is ridiculous. i hear from voters all the time. women come up to me and say that. we understand that there is history being made here. but we don't want it to be made with hillary clinton. martha: i want to ask you about your family and what you think when the possibility of a white house life dawns on all of you. is it daunting to some extent? >> we know -- to be honest with
6:39 am
you, we are taking this step by step, day by day. we haven't wrapped our minds around that. what i do know is that this hasn't been an easy 18 months for our family. it's been very tough. but we are all doing this because we know america needs change. i'm very confident in my father-in-law, donald trump. i know he will do an incredible job for this country. he's the only person i know can turn this country around. we have 95 million americans out of the workforce. we have national security issues. and we need to clean out washington, d.c. because it's not work for the people. i know my foughter in law is going to do that. as daunting as it might be, i think we all know it's for the betterment of our country. >> i think we'll all cool off
6:40 am
after this election cycle before we think of that. martha: i think everybody would say you have been a strong support for your father-in-law. thanks. >> there hasn't been a cycle and there won't be one here tonight. it goes to game 7! bill: we have a game 7. chicago made sure of that. teeing off on indians' pitcher scoring 3 runs in the 1st, 4 more in the 2nd. adams hit a grand slam.
6:41 am
buckle up. "chicago tribune" getting the feel of the windy city. bring on game 7. the "new york post" the weight of the world. if you are watching on satellite, wait. if you are watching on satellite that would be illegal. here we go. world series tonight on fox. one team's drought will be over. martha: what a series. its been awesome. so everybody on pins and needles. we wish them well. it gives everyone a very welcome distraction and something else to think about. so that is tonight's entertainment. in the meantime this an intense showdown caught on video.
6:42 am
heart pounding moments as officers close in on a suspect. bill: donald trump hitting hillary clinton calling her crooked. with polls tightening are voters starting to tbien that message? >> hillary clinton directed contracts for the reconstruction of haiti to friends of the clintons who were contributors to their campaign and foundation. that's the pay to play people are tired of. it will come to an ends the day donald trump becomes president.
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i. >> do you think she is a corrupt person? >> well, i don't think there is any question over the last 30 years the clintons' careers have been characterized by personal enrichment.
6:46 am
i think there has been outright corruption represented throughout their careers. that's the kinds of pay to play corruption the american people are tired of in washington. bill: that was mike pence with o'reilly last night making the case against hillary clinton. are they taking a toll on hillary clinton? the polls? brad blakeman, jessica tarlov, good day to both of you. trump called her crooked from the beginning. are you seeing that being reflected now? >> i think you are. the fact that the f.b.i. announced that their investigation continues into hillary clinton tells you everything donald trump said before is true. and we don't have to look much further than the prior clinton administration that was plagued by scandal, corruption and impeachment.
6:47 am
so it's not going to be over by election day. the f.b.i. investigation continues along with a myriad of other congressional investigations that have not finished. bill: is she vulnerable to this charge? >> i definitely think she is. and she has been throughout this campaign. we have seen donald trump has an 8-point lead in honesty and trustworthiness over her. i think it's even incredibly effective. mike pence is showing a little bit of his discomfort with name calling. donald trump would go forward and say of course crooked hillary and corrupt hillary. pence is dancing a little bit. i think it's a strong argument. i don't think it's true, but it's effective. democrats have made the case on the other side. the number of contractors he
6:48 am
hasn't paid. things that are huge character flaws and business professional flaws that has hurt him, too. bill: pence did not take it bait last night from o'reilly. if you think about trump's message going after obamacare while hillary clinton has miss universe in miami, florida yesterday. it was almost -- president obama was in columbus, ohio with a similar message. it was like they revived the war on women. >> the american people are getting their obamacare notices so they are affected when they reach their mail boxes and see their premiums skyrocketed.
6:49 am
they were promised the premiums would go down and they would have more choice. the fact is the f.b.i. is investigating hillary clinton. the f.b.i. is not investigating donald trump. when you talk about stiffing workers. donald trump has had a myriad, hundreds, thousands of deals. of course, he's going to have lawsuits and discrepancies and disputes. this is the difference. bill: listen to the first half of his answer there. does trump make a more convincing case for change in america for those voters looking for it? >> i think that he has by at least saying i'm not a politician which is where we started with this election. 55% of americans want change. 55% say we are on the wrong track which indicates they don't
6:50 am
have as much of a problem as what's going on here. brad is right. hammering obamacare, talking about wage growth, but not enough. they are all good things. but for brad to discount the trump scandals which have hurt him and especially with women. this man is not doing well with the ladies. every state that has high turnout or early voting is showing a push toward hillary clinton. i don't think that part of the argument is fair. but i think he has done as well as he can with this. i don't think he's a particularly gifted one-on-one candidate. i think he did better in the primaries than he did in the general election. donald trump is doing better than i expected. bill: six days to go. thank you, brad. martha: another surprise from the f.b.i., this time related to one of bill clinton's final acts as president. what's the impact of this on his
6:51 am
wife's campaign. bill: they are trying to rout out these terrorists in the mosul, iraq. what they are trying to do to rout out a million truckies potentially caught in the crossfire. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them.
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make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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martha: the new developments in the battle for mosul. iraqi troops holding their position on the outskirts of the city. what a stunning story this has been. john hud are you live from our mideast bureau. what are the iraqi forces up against? >> they are doing the door to door searches. that's a dangerous and painstaking process. they are look for isis militants, for booby traps. and one of the great jettest concerns. people used as human shields as they continue to go into the eastern district of mosul. iraqi forces halted their positions in an area. one reason, bad weather is factors into the overall advance. storm clouds make it difficult
6:56 am
for the airstrikes and drone coverage. iraqi forces are holding their positions. the next stage though once they move out pushing into the city limits there. again closer to the center of mosul will most likely be house-to-house combat. that will be the fiercest and potentially bloodiest part of this overall fight. as i mentioned, the greatest concern, one of the greatest concerns, isis using people as human shield. iraqi commanders say they have intel showing isis militants have been rounding up thousands of people, men, women and children to throw them into the line of fire. their * john, thank you very much. bill: watch the map, watch where they go the coming days. watch the message on behalf of donald trump and hillary clinton. this as the polls get tighter. back after this.
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martha: donald trump keeping a laser focus on november 8th and appears to be gaining momentum in the final days of this campaign. hillary fighting back against that hard, of course, as she tries to maintain her position of strength as well. welcome, everybody. glad to have you with us today. happy wednesday, it would be. i'm martha maccallum. bill: here is trump from yesterday. >> i will ask congress to convene a special session so we
7:01 am
can repeal and replace and it will be such an honor for me, for you, for everybody in this country because obamacare has to be replaced and we will do it and we will do it very, very quickly. it is a catastrophe. they've left our borders wide open at home and shipped our jobs and wealth to other countries. it's time for new leadership. [cheers and applause] >> i will tell you what, donald trump has proven himself to be temperamentally unfit and unqualified to be president of the united states. [cheers and applause] >> if you know anybody who is thinking about voting for trump, well, first of all, stage an intervention. [laughter] bill: how close is it? this is about a close as a game seven in the world series, latest abc news washington post
7:02 am
tracking poll has hillary clinton at 46% and donald trump at 46%. martha: amazing, right. let's bring in campaign manager. david, welcome to you. >> thanks for having me, martha. pleasure. >> just looking at the stories this morning and newspapers and such, washington post say that is your candidate is showing flashes of a cohesive closing argument and uncharacterristically disciplined in his speech as he calls again for eradication of the affordable care act. what's the tone of the campaign right now, donald trump? >> you know, mr. trump has been doing all along. he has been bringing to the american people a positive message of change and that's really what this campaign has been about and mr. trump is out there talking about the important issues that are vital to everyday american's lives, whether education, bad trade
7:03 am
policies or fixing obamacare. martha: what they are picking up is a discipline that we have not always seen from the trump campaign. we saw alicia machado on the stage yesterday. that could be hillary clinton trying to bait him into some sort of response that would make the news cycle more about him. how are you keeping the candidate as discipline as he's been in recent days and can he keep it up? >> you know, hillary clinton's fear tactics are desperate. we are delivering the exact opposite. mr. trump is out there with a hope growth and opportunity message and so we are excited that americans are going to be able to make that decision on tuesday. martha: last reports in the recent, you know, last of weeks i would say that there was a lot of down mood at the trump campaign and you guys had a feeling that it was not going to go your way.
7:04 am
that changed since friday, i would imagine. how do you keep that momentum going and when you look at the data which does show early voting leaning towards democrats and he's still having a hard time with women voters, how do you try to close that gap? >> you know, we are really excited with the trends, martha. the early absentee ballot in florida, north carolina, ohio and iowa which is our pathway to victory are incredibly strong. we are performing well with women, overperforming with men. the demographic groups are braking in our favor at every age group. we are excited because the -- par mar we are not seeing that to be honest when you look at women. you can say you're winning with every group, when you look at the data, so far it looks like the early vote is leaning democratic, when you look at hispanics and women in florida, for example that continue to be strong for hillary clinton.
7:05 am
so i'm asking you, strategically, how are you going to overcome that deficit? >> yeah, martha, actually let's just talk about north carolina for a specific example. we are overperforming mitt romney's 2012 numbers by 30,000 votes and the democrats are underperforming by about 75,000 votes. so that's 100,000 votes swing to our favor in ballots cast and mitt romney won that state by 77,000 votes. so he was going into election day over 300,000 votes down in early voting and he won by 76,000. martha: i hear what you're saying. those are real numbers. those are real ballots cast. martha: looking at our electoral score card which our decision team redoes basically every day, there's the score card, hillary clinton at 287, donald trump at 114, we just moved.
7:06 am
our folks moved from toss-up to leaning democrat, so they are seeing something very different in north carolina than you are. >> yeah, they are fundamentally flawed in what they're looking at, martha. they should give me a call. i would be happy to walk them through day. martha: one poll left that really matters and that's going to happen in six days. >> that's right. we are winning north carolina on election day. it's pretty clear that president obama wants to reig identity the war on women. he was out yesterday in ohio talking to voters on the campaign trail and said, look, gentlemen, guys, i'm paraphrasing him, if you're having trouble for voting for a woman, if that's a bit of a hurdle, you need to get over and you need to be okay with voting for a women, what do you think about that? >> not very much, martha. that's not exactly a closing message for a campaign. if hillary clinton's message is one of fear and barack obama's is one of, you know, trying to get over voting for a woman
7:07 am
which is a ridiculous argument, they have nothing to get people to motivate them to turn out on election day and that's what we see fundamentally across the country with our enthusiasm, the army of trump, those volunteers that are out knocking on doors making the phone calls, those people by the tens of thousands showing up at trump rallies across the country is overwhelming and she is just having trouble with the enthusiasm, that enthusiasm gap is going to be the story next wednesday. martha: we will see. david, thanks for your time. we will see you next time. bill: now to the other side hillary clinton travels to nevada and arizona today, victory in arizona would be a huge win for democrats clearly. they have not carried that state since 1996. live starting his day in ft. lauderdale, florida where hillary clinton campaigned yesterday and with the strategy now where you are today, rich, take it a day at a time. >> good morning, bill, and the strategy here is to show up and slam donald trump.
7:08 am
she has had several appearances in florida over the past week, a campaign official says they believe if hillary clinton can win here in florida she closes every conceivable path for donald trump to become president of the united states. three events yesterday. the first in tampa area, second in orlando area. she ended up here last night in ft. lauderdale. she has had a two-prong approach against donald trump. the first to attack him on women, he's abusive towards women and not a good role model for women or girl. she brought out the former miss universe alicia machado, it was clinton who brought her to national conversation, bringing up her case during case that she was verbally abused by donald trump. the second part of attack is going after him as being erratic, dangerous and someone who should not have control of the u.s. military or nuclear codes. here is hillary clinton during her one of her rallies yesterday after a trump supporter interrupted her.
7:09 am
>> i'm tired of the divisive, behavior of people who support donald trump. [cheers and applause] >> it is time for us to say no, we are not going backwards, we are going forward into a brighter future. >> and unusual schedule for her, arizona where republicans usually win and then later detroit which has been solidly at least michigan solidly democratic for some time. bill, back to you. bill: thank you, rich. you were listening to david's conversation with martha a moment ago about the importance of winning in north carolina. just put this in the motion right here. we are talking about hillary clinton going to arizona. let's say it stays republican this year. let's say georgia does the same too and perhaps the polling in
7:10 am
iowa favors donald trump just giving you one scenario right now. in any presidential election winning ohio is massive. winning florida is massive. i can't emphasize this enough if trump were to take ohio and florida he's still shy of the 270, 244 right there. if the trump team is right and they are doing better in north carolina than many expect, to take north carolina, puts him at 259. he still has to go somewhere and pick up the 11 electoral votes now. he was in wisconsin last night. could he flip that state? he might. even if you give him wisconsin, still one shy. perhaps congressional district up in maine perhaps will drill down on that a bit later but you see how difficult this path is right now as it stands. now, is there a hidden trump vote out there that we are not picking up in the polling, are they closing the way we saw yesterday throughout the polls that had rolled in throughout the afternoon, but this is really something now.
7:11 am
hillary clinton at 46 in daily track, donald trump at 46% and our electoral score card has been changing every day. i will show that to you every month. clinton 287, just a few days ago she had been 300 plus and now it's down to 287 and this could based on what we see throughout the day today change again. so standby, we are trying to move as quickly as we can. six days, martha. martha: fascinating, thanks bill. more potential trouble for the clinton campaign out there as another surprise comes in from the fbi, this time related to the former president bill clinton and his final days in the office. clinton campaign questioning the timing on that release. bill: donald trump setting sights on blue states, do democrats have reason to be worried? watch the map. watch where they travel. >> thank you, everybody. i will not disappoint you, that i promise.
7:12 am
this great movement started on june 16th of last year and now we are one week away. think of it, one week from the change you've been waiting for your entire life. ♪
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breathe easier with your vicks vaporub. soothing cough relief that starts working instantly. martha: surprise for the clinton camp from the fbi, the bureau releasing 129 pages of documents from the 2001 in president bill clinton's pardon
7:16 am
of marc rich which was a huge story at the time. not something people have heard about. it's controversial. rich's esm wife was a big democratic donor and spent lots of time visiting the white house for dinners and social events. denise rich is her name. mark, columnist for the washington post and fellow at enterprise institute. good to see you, mark. >> good to see you, martha. martha: first tell everybody who marc rich is and why this revelation of the documents would matter? >> well, marc rich was a clinton confidant because he had a habit of trading with regimes that is were under u.s. sanctions. he was caught trading with iran at the same time in 1979 when they held 53 american hostages. he traited with libya, north korea and cuba and the soviet union, he was facing life in prison for tax evasion and trading with the enemy, but as
7:17 am
you pointed out denise rich was a major democratic donor, gave more than a million dollars to democratic campaigns during the clinton era and half a million dollars to clinton library. in final day in office, bill clinton over justice department objection pardon marc rich which is very unusual. usually a pardon goes to someone who has paid debt to society and changed life. marc rich was a fugitive and controversial at the time. martha: the clinton campaign says this is not coincidence that the fbi decided to release documents with six days to go. they think the fbi is basically after them, do they have a point? >> well, you know, interestingly enough this is into the investigation -- documents into the investigation of whether criminal charges should have been brought against the clintons for the pardon and they decided not to bring charges and the prosecutor was james comey, it's kind of hard to say that
7:18 am
it's an anticlinton move. why it's relevant to this election and worried is because bill clinton and hillary clinton have continued to enrich themselves from connections with marc rich associates. one of the associates was a guy named gilber, they traded oil in the international oil market, gilbert was denied entry into the united states for terrorist ties with hezbollah and he was a major clinton foundation donor. pledged a billion dollars to the clinton global initiative, invited to bill clinton's sixth 0 birth and while secretary of state, the state department negotiating with him to buy land for u.s. consulate in nigeria with u.s. dollars.
7:19 am
they have continued to enrich themselves through their connections to the marc rich shady universe. martha: fascinating. one final question for you, there are reports that george. bush, nephew of the president of the united states says that potential 41 and 43 could vote for hillary clinton in this election. what's your response to that? >> i don't know if they will vote for hillary clinton, i can certainly understand why they wouldn't vote for donald trump. you recall back in the south carolina republican debate donald trump stood on the debate stage and said to the american people that george w. bush lied to them about weapons of mass destruction, that he knew about 9/11 before it happened and failed to stop it, he basically spouted all the far-left conspiracy theories that had been charged. i was in the white house in the bush administration and we use today hear people chanting outside, banging outside bush lied and people died. they heard donald trump heard
7:20 am
from republican debate stage. i'm not surprised that they are not voting for donald trump. martha: if donald trump loses this election, the never trumpers will say, see we told you so. what happens to the republican party, what happens to that group of people? >> well, i think if you -- there's going to be first of all, i don't know if he's going to lose. he could win. i'm not willing to conceive yet that donald trump is going to lose the election. if he loses he would have lost a perfectible winnable election. hillary clinton is the weakest democratic nominee to come forward in my lifetime. there's no reason -- if you look at the field of republican candidates, can you imagine if marco rubio was the nominee or scott walker or even mike pence was the nominee, they would be crushing hillary clinton. if we lose this election, it will not be because of the never trumpers, the republican party nominated these weakest candidate they could possibly put up against hillary clinton. martha: we will see. always good to talk to you. thanks for coming by.
7:21 am
>> thank you, martha. bill: huge conflict of interest inside the justice department? latest bombshell as wikileaks reviewses nor from the clinton team. plus there's this. >> oh, my god. bill: wow. is he all right?
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
martha: new york rock climber takes a terrifying tumble on the side of the cliff, the scary moment was caught on video. don't try this at home. lost his grip while climbing the moss cliff, tricky stuff, he fell back down the cliff but
7:25 am
thankfully his climbing rope keeps him from falling to the bottom. any way, the guy is okay. bill: he's all right. more wikileaks now uncovering emails that point possible conflict of interest between clinton campaign and top official in the justice department. ed henry is reading your emails today again. live in washington. how are you doing, ed? 10:25 in the east coast. what are you finding? >> look, huma abedin, the investigation of laptop is dominating the political conversation and part of that conversation is in previous wikileaks dumps we have seen john podesta lotting and lotting an official at the justice department. you see peter, a deputy assistant attorney general, charged with congressional affairs, he's part of the group that had to inform congress that the fbi was sort of reopening things and john podesta in a previous e-mail said he kept me
7:26 am
out of jail once, he represented me. it just got tighter. new e-mail out in a few moments, kadzik to poddesta giving him heads up where civil division will testify and likely to get questions on state department emails and he goes onto stay the state department got foia request, freedom of information. you know what, kadzik did not sent it from state account e-mail, like offline, why was this contact between justice which has been obviously overseeing the fbi probe for months and months connecting with john podesta? interesting. bill: it's going to drive us back to have one-on-one conversations again. what would be the bottom line?
7:27 am
>> john podesta was talking about let's dump this out there as quickly as possible. let's dump it. some people thought meant delete. the campaign talked about getting the emails out when the new york story broke. look at the timeline. the opposite happened in terms of more disclosure. the story breaks in new york times that she used a private account. podesta says did you know the full extent of this, mook, no, as if the top guys were in the dark. march fourth they revealed private server and podesta basically says to cheryl mills, should we hold back the emails between clinton and the president? then clinton gets a subpoena that same day march fourth on the hill. march fifth, talked about the e-mailer in chief, clinton is in a good place. the president says he learned
7:28 am
about news reports. maybe not. there's no good answer no one e-mail. they are debating whether she has news conference and they say we need to focus on dropping the bomb. he later explains dropping the bomb revealing to the public for the first time 30,000 emails have been deleted. march tenth, hillary clinton has the news conference. it's all fine, i did that for convenience. a lot turns out not to be true. bottom line, two weeks later according to original report march 25th after all back and forth, bleach bit is used to wipe out the server basically and the emails. what was deleted, we simply don't know. and so you look at this march of 2015, that was the critical time and a lot was happening. bill: thank you, ed. we will be back with you. ed henry live in washington. martha: once you start haggling over what you meant in a sentence in an e-mail, the idea that's made up by the russians and altered kind of goes out the
7:29 am
window, doesn't it? that's not what i meant in that e-mail and i think that opens up a can of worms that maybe they don't want to open up at this point. more on that as we go through. breaking news out of iowa, two police officers shoot and killed in a horrific ambush while they were sitting in their squad cars last evening. we are just getting word that the suspect may have been captured, we are waiting for details on this and we will bring them to you after the break. >> donald trump making gains in traditionally blue states, does he stand a chance of doing that this year. colorado is live next on all of that. >> when we win on november 8th, we are going to washington dc and we are going to drain the swamp
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
7:33 am
martha: we are getting reports on the breaking story out of iowa, reuters has reported that the suspect has been captured and we are just getting our own reports here, police in iowa have captured according to fox news the man accused of shooting and killing the two officers in an overnight ambush in des moines area, stunning awful story that we are bringing to you today. that's the very latest fox news confirming that they have captured the man who was accused. name is scott michael green, 46 year's old.
7:34 am
took the life of two police officers in the squad cars last evening n. the meantime to politics, tim kaine and bill clinton have canceled campaigns that were scheduled in iowa today, more on the breaking niece stories as we get it. >> in nine days, we are going to win the state of colorado and we are going to win back the white house. we are. bill: donald trump from a few days ago and you look at the electoral map right now and six days from now and that's how you get to 270. this was the map from 2004 when george bush won reelection over john kerry. you see all the red, blue on the outside. watch what happens four years later when barack obama won the presidency. you see the movement here in florida, new mexico, nevada, also here in the southeast, virginia, north carolina and florida.
7:35 am
four years after that just sudle changes in the map, from 2008 to 2012 it was just indiana and just north carolina that mitt romney was able to capture. take you back to colorado from 20104. here is what happened, george bush and john kerry, bush a winner by 5 points. you go to 2008, watch this significant flip when obama beat mccain. 9 electoral votes was the state of the race there. sir, good good day to you and thank you for your time. what do you believe is the state of the race today first nationally and then i will ask you about colorado? >> well, obviously it's tightened up nationally. fbi releasing create a -- you
7:36 am
know, a news stream that's very dye extracting, even nationally i still hillary pretty much -- pretty strongly in control. in your state of colorado, she has not been there a lot, bill clinton will be there in a few days, you've had a million votes and a large portion of your state that will vote by mail this year, larger than in year's past. what are you seeing that would favor hillary clinton or give donald trump an edge there? >> well, you know, i think -- donald trump has alienated independents and many moderate republicans with attacks on women and hispanics and we have seen in the early vote, you know, we have as you say a million votes cast already but turnout, the voting by republicans is much less than we have seen historically. i think demonstrates that hillary is going to do very well in colorado. i think she's probably going to
7:37 am
win it six or eight or maybe ten points. bill: that would be significant. how do you score that when she's about to spend six figure buy on your state in ads, sir? >> that's a hundred thousand, a couple hundred thousand dollars. i think she's probably looking more trying to help the down-ticket races make sure bennett gets support and congressional races gail and a couple other races that are very critical here. morgan carl. bill: you're saying that hillary clinton has colorado in the bag, that's -- that's what i hear? >> well, i feel -- i wouldn't say that because i think we are all going to go and work hard over the next six days, five and a half days to make sure that she does win but i think she has a sizable lead and that's a good place to be. it doesn't mean -- certainly every time i go anywhere, i
7:38 am
don't see a lot of support for donald trump outside of the occasional big crowd that comes for one event, don't see signs, we don't see a lot of indication that there's much support. this is a state like a lot of the rocky mountain west that's family-based, family values and his attacking women has really rubbed people the wrong way. bill: you were talking about the revelations of the fbi investigation and give us a sense how that is playing when voters get their eyes and ears on a story like that? >> i think that again and again we see this server and certainly the server she's apologized and said she made a mistake. people have heard that so many times. i don't think it's getting that much traction and yet, you know, i mean, donald trump when that video tape came out where he bragged about in essence sexual assault, people are still talking about that.
7:39 am
bill: he also has had $4 million in ads in colorado. >> he spent a lot of money for sure. bill: i'm certain you have seen those, is suggestion that a tv ad did you want have a power anymore to persuade? >> certainly there are -- the fragmentation of the media has meant that tv ads aren't as powerful anymore. plus it's a competitive market. we have initiatives on state constitution, a lot of spending on the senate race. so, you know, getting a few million dollars of tv ads, there's an awful lot of noise so he might not have gotten as much bang for his buck. bill: bill clinton is coming your way. democratic governor of colorado, thank you, sir, for coming on today. >> you bet, my pleasure. martha: hillary clinton reaching out to president obama's strongest supporters but clinton seems to be slipping with
7:40 am
african-american voters in 2016. turnout is low in some areas in the early voting stats that we are looking at. so what's going on? we will ask experts with a fair and balance debate. >> i believe we have a fundamental human, even a moral obligation to protect our children no matter who they are and what zip code they live in. we have a moral obligation to reduce gun violence you didn't read your
7:41 am
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at a glance. available 24/7 on your mobile device. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call that's liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. martha: hillary clinton courting african-american voters with her message in florida amid signs of lower turnout by that demographic in early voting. >> i cannot come out talking about trayvon martin. something is wrong when people just starting their lives are dying, something is wrong when
7:44 am
so many parents live in fear that their child been hurt or killed, going to the movies, sitting in a first-grade classroom, attending a bible study, the list goes on, this has nothing to do with the second amendment and responsible gun owners. [cheers and applause] martha: her message in florida. i'm joined now by ed rollins, he's also chief strategist for the great american pac which is the trump super pac. howard dean, gentlemen, good to have you both here. >> good to be with you. martha: joe, you go first. >> look, i think it's closed, obviously, but i think that you still look at the electoral college and the states that hillary clinton is ahead in and she's well over 270 and so states like florida are
7:45 am
obviously going to be very important but at this point i still don't see any threat of trump coming up with a path to get there but we will see on tuesday. martha: there's a feeling, ed, that he has momentum but she still has the numbers, what do you think? >> momentum is very important in election and he's made dram tic strides in the polls, 10 or 11 points which is historic, the key states, florida, north carolinas, the ohios which we have to win. he's doing very well in those states and i think to a certain extent this is the kind of election where over this weekend it's going to be important. she certainly had nothing but negative things to deal with and she can't get on the offense and she's not very inspiring. martha: does this dynamic remind you of 1980? >> very much like 1980 in which the country did not want jimmy carter but reagan was unacceptable alternative, closed very quickly after the first
7:46 am
debate, the only debate and we won with a landslide. my sense is i'm not predicting a landslide but i'm predicting a win. martha: joe, do you agree with that? >> i don't see a lot of similarities, mostly because trump hasn't been made acceptable to too many groups, blacks, hispanics, women, college educated, suburban whites are people -- i don't think he's gotten over that hump. i do think he's gotten over the hump with a lot of people, i don't see enough in enough states for it to make a difference this late in the game . that's why we have elections and that's why the clinton people are trying to get the vote out and saying the things they are saying and running the ads they are running and trump -- where he is going to and where she is going to matter, florida is going to be -- could be the whole thing. if she wins, florida, there is
7:47 am
no set of states that trump can win that are still available to him that would lead to a win. so while i agree with ed that he's made substantial gains in the last couple of weeks, i still don't see the path coming -- it's such a narrow path. i'm not saying it's not possible, i'm just saying, look, he has to win them all, she has to just stop him in one or two places. >> 24 states romney -- martha: i want to put some of what you were talking about, joe, some interesting data at the early voting look. and what it shows here is that -- this is florida voting participation rates in the early voting process so far. the black vote is at 22%, it was at 36% in 2012, barack obama's second term election, now look at the white number was 35% in 2012, that's now up to 40, with
7:48 am
hispanic was 23%, that is now up to 31. ed, in a way, you know, that maybe the dynamic that is this election. do you think? >> absolutely. obama twice inspired african americans to go out and vote in record numbers, they voted in higher numbers than whites did the first time. they make up 11% to have population. they voted 13-14% of the electorate. this time that enthusiasm is not there and those key states we are talking about, the white enthusiasm is higher and certainly higher for trump. my sense and the only place i counter joe, republicans are coming home and independents are braking for trump and that's clearly what we need. it's not all the demographic break-outs we are talking, can you get your back and trump is getting them back. martha: can trump convince college-educated women who can
7:49 am
cross over who he may have lost over the hollywood access tape? >> we are starting to see signs of that coming together. martha: joe, give me your take on michigan, nevada, colorado, some of the places that the trump campaign is really trying to make much more competitive in the final days? >> well, he has to. look, he has made gains but even if he wins florida and ohio, there's just not enough places for him to win. he could win all of the toss-up states on the map and still not get to 270 so he has to go -- he has to pick up a michigan or a pennsylvania or a wisconsin, maybe, more likely for him than michigan. we don't know yet. but he's going to have to pull off one of the blue states. the problem, i think, for him is the worst the democrat has done in the electoral college over
7:50 am
the last six elections it was 256 that john kerry got against george bush in 2004 and that was, we were talking about, no where near the turnout among minorities that obama was able to get. in that kind of a turnout, john kerry was one state short. i'm not sure -- democrats are going to do everything they can to turn out voters in these states, so i think it just shows you the problem trump has. he has to pick up a michigan. that's why the clinton campaign is going on the air in some of those states to make sure that they turn out -- they don't have turnout operations in those states. >> he wins florida, pennsylvania and ohio, it gives him 272. >> pennsylvania is not happening. it never does but we will see. bill: take it outside. you guys are done but we love it.
7:51 am
just what americans ordererred -- ordered. tonight one of the great american cities history will be made. >> and a big night
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
john: six minutes away on what's happening now. both candidates on the attack, we are waiting a trump rally from florida in the next hour or so, he has been hammering hillary clinton on obamacare, her campaign is pouring ad, dollars and appearances in battleground states and normally blue states as trump tries to open up path to 270. new polls suggest that it's like the world series, a tie right now. brand-new pennsylvania polling to bring you at the top of second hour. all new on happening now. bill: good deal, john.
7:55 am
no matter what, one of the great cities will end a miserable history. fox news headlines 24/7 jared max. it is history tonight, jared. jared: you know, american history. it's rare that we know that we are part of a historical event that is taking place but that is just the case here for this game 7. the cubs have won two straight to force the deciding game. you have to go back to 1870 when they were chicago white stockings and cleveland indians, they were originally a founding member in the american league in 1901. histories are deep. cubbies have gone 39466 days bill without a victory. maybe that ends tonight. bill: what are you hearing from fans, what's the feel? >> tension. could you imagine being a die-hard cubs or indians fan? image that you're not that calm today.
7:56 am
fans have been waiting on line. folks were here some told us by the third inning of last night's game, camped out in the chairs, tickets are selling for $450 face value, that's in the 400 section. you can probably turn that around and make ten times that if folks are to sell them, bill. bill: warm weather might produce home runs. you were right last night. what do you think about tonight? >> bill, for tonight i'm predicting that the pitching match-up favors the chicago cubs. first pitcher in 15 years in world series to start games one, four and seven. i would like to cubbies to win tonight. 5-3 and i say the world series mvp will be anthony rizzo. bill: wow. jared: history to be made. bill: we will talk to you tomorrow on that. thank you, jared max in cleveland. martha: excitement.
7:57 am
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bill: cub or indians? martha: brian kilmeade is our friend and we'll go see him. "happening now" coming up. jon: we are look getting to where you can count them on one hand. six days to go as both campaigns hit the trail hard focusing on the battle grounds and putting


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