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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 2, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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get out and vote, november 8 is fine. better if you vote now. maybe you won't get out of bed, you have to get out and vote. together we will make america wealthy again. we will make america stronger again miami, florida, the location for the donald trump rally that you can see rolling up. and the rolling stones music that's the song he likes to end on. hillary clinton in ft. lauderdale. those two candidates battling it out for a critical state in a very tight race. fox news alert.
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brand new polling, shows hillary clinton leading donald trump by four points. and showing how it is liking in other key states. we are covering all of the news "happening now". a fierce fight for the battleground stateses as the presidential race looks like a dead heat. >> what is arizona doing in this election. >> hillary clinton looking to turn a red state blue and donald trump playing for a must win. >> she can win the president see without florida, he can't. >> and a murder suspect in custody. >> and two police officers are shot to death in cold blood. now the latest from iowa. and the skies will be crowded on the way to grandma's this thanksgiving. why the airlines say it could be the busiest holiday ever. it is all "happening now".
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but we begin the second hour with the presidential race getting tighter. welcome to "happening now" hour two, i am jon scott. >> i am jenna lee. donald trump wrapping up a rally in miami in the must win state in florida. he talked about the rigged system and called for the audience to get out and vote. >> the polls are saying that we are going to win florida. don't believe it, get out there and vote. this is a move hadment like we have never seen in this country before. these crowds and the enthusiasm and love. you you got to get out and vote. real change begins with immediately repealing and replacing obama care. [cheering] >> in the meantime hillary clinton in florida making a surprise appearance in a early voting site in ft. lauderdale and heading to two states that impact on tuesday and will
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impact on tuesday. arizona and nevada. despite the news of revived fbi investigation. clinton is holding out hope for a big win. we are following the latest on the e-mail investigation. we'll go to rich who is live in ft. lauderdale, florida. rich? >> good afternoon, jenna. and on her way from here in florida. hillary clinton stopped by a mall in broward county. this is her campaign team said florida is the most important swing state for them and as polling is showing, early returns are showing problems for hillary clinton she is behind the pacena president obama was in 2012 and there are concerns among the hillary clinton for hillary clinton getting out the barak obama coalition particularly minority voters and liberal voters of the bernie sanders coalition. hillary clinton on the campaign
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trail continues to savage donald trump saying he would be dangerous for women and dangerous for the united states because of his behavior. he is not be in control of the nuclear arsenal. and this is clinton at a campaign appearance responding to a trump protester at a rally. >> i am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous vision and behavior of people who support donald trump. it is time for us to say no. we are not going back wards, we are going forward in to a brighter future. >> clinton is heading and deploying resources to two states that are unusual for democrats this time of year. arizona, no democrat has won it in the presidential level since her husband did in his reelect. a new poll will from momouth
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university shows a very tight race with hillary clinton trailing trump by one percentage point. 46- 45. on friday, she goes to detroit. that is a state michigan democrats are are typically guaranteed to win. a state they usually win and a detroit free press poll 41- 34. back to you. >> well, wikileaks drops another batch of clinton e-mail and bringing the total with 43000 with six days left until election day. ed henry has memorrized them and digging through the records and live in washington with more. >> reporter: what is interesting is how much time the clinton camp is talking about donald trump and releasing tax returns, but from the leaked e-mails, hillary clinton released tax records, her staff was deeply concerned about the
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income they would be revealing and speech monday and connecting the dots on pay to play. concerns about bill clinton, you can see him there with his wife and working for lauriet and a for profit college and brought in 18 million for that post when it was not clear what he was doing for the money. the spokesman for clinton on july 25th. and they skrutinized the speech and campaign slash foundidation donors. despite the angle and performed in the earlier rounds of stories, we'll give ourselves the fighting chance for the helpful story lines. they were worried about play to play. and peter, a top justice
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official and john podesta of how they are close. he used to represent podesta and now over the justice department of huma abedin. kadzik to podesta. they will testify and likely to get questions on state department e-mails involving clinton, of course. and said there was a new government filing on the terms of the state department producing clinton e-mail and it would take a long time to get those e-mails out. information from the justice department to podesta. peter ka sdik did not use the state department but it shows collusion between the justice department and clinton campaign and raising eyebrows now. >> what is the number that college paid to bill clinton?
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>> 18 million. to be an honorary chancelar. i feel like that would be in your future, jon. your vast appearance in public profile. >> people wonder why college is so expensive. that's why. >> you wouldn't turn it down? >> i guess not. >> and fox news alert. brand new poll numbers suggesting a close case. cnn orc polls specifically looking at four battleground states. trump is now leading clinton in four points there and crucial state of florida, it is a tighter race and puts clinton ahead by two. in nevada, a six point lead there. and secretaries clinton is ahead by four points in pennsylvania. they are focusing on the critical states as the campaigns
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winds down. the impact the new e-mail investigation will have in washington. fbi director james comey dropped a bombshell in the 2016 presidential race on friday and hard to know the impact on the race. on the other hand, it is easy to affect on how washington works after the election and it will not be good. here is the washington bureau chief. jerry, it is great to have you back on the program. your piece opened up a bigger picture thinking. not only the next few days, but what does your government and count cannery look like after the next few weeks. what is your assessment. >> it is not a pretty campaign and not produced a picture of a washington that will be easier to govern after the election is over. and i would like that to be be wrong. i think we all would be. analyzing the comey bombshell of last week, say it produces
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a donald trump turn around. and democrats will think it is because the fbi stepped in and did so unjustly at the last-minute. and they will say the system was rigged and the election was unfair. and they will question the lit gitimacy. and if it is the other way around with a hillary clinton win, you have republicans in congress saying they are immediately p going to do further investigations of hillary clinton e-mail and how they ended up on anthony weiner's lap top and why the fbi did not find them earlier. that is not a uspishs start. that is just the starting part. you have anger in the campaign and deviciveness in the campaign that will spill over in government. >> you step back and look at the past eight years, we have the tea party movement rise up.
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wanting change in washington d.c. we have seen that tea party movement change and we see the same themes addressed this time around. globally it is what happens over the last eight years. where do you think we are as a country? >> it is interesting. people want two things that are contradictory. they want change and washington to work together. they may go together. but people are frustrated and why donald trump has appeal, is that he will change, but people say, i think he will at least get something done. the expectation that the election will produce an atmosphere in which things get done. and that may not be so easily to realize and you could have greater frustration. it is if hillary clinton wins the election, republican senators fighting for their job and promise the voters they will check on hillary clinton.
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their man date will be to stop hillary clinton and not to cooperate with hillary clinton if that scenario emerges. and one of the things that might happen and change the scenario is after november 8th and on 9th. let's deescalate the rhetoric and take a deep breath and figure out how to do more of this together. that would be nice. >> and that is nice. >> and the historians that we have talked to on the program suggested that tension and debate is what the american system is about. ultimately that's what makes us different and unique. how do you take that into consideration. i know you talk to democrat and republicans and they have all weighed in on this issue. >> politics is made for healthy debate. but the problem is, the debate is uncivil and that doesn't lend itself to stopping the debate
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and getting in the room and figuring out what can we do and what is possible here? and that is the danger. the electorate in both primary seasons doesn't actually lend itself to the idea that voters will accept there is a consensus or compromise reach from time to time in a democracy. and what it requires is leadership in washington. they will be able to provide that leadership after the election. >> until that time we are dealing with hypotheticals. >> and open enrollment for obama care with consumer ares bracing for sticker shock. it is a campaign issue are. surprising numbers on how many americans are signing up. >> and also a suspected cop killer in custody. iowa police say he gunned down two officers in cold blood as they sat in their patrol cars.
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what we are learning about his criminal past. >> these guys were gunned down sitting in their car doing nothing wrong. there is danger out there and somebody out there shooting police officers. we hope we find him.
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tv character: why are you texting my man at 2 a.m.? no... if you want someone to leave you alone, you pretend like you're sleeping. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. tv character: taking selfies in the kitchen does not make you a model. >> a fox news a all right for a suspect issed cop killener iowa. and police say the man gunned down two officers in back-to-back ambush shootings as they sat in their patrol cars. scott michael green is his name. he has a history of confrontations with police and he was jailed two years ago after resisting officers who were trying to pat him down. the early morning shootings and manhunt had a affect in the race for the white house. donald trump tweeting he was praying for the families of the police officers and saying an
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attack on those who keep us safe is an attack on all of us. ama care plan will go up iums on 20 percent. that is not stopping people from signing up. officials say there is a 50 percent increase of applications compared to last year as obama care is a main talking point for donald trump. vowing to repeal and replace obama care if he is president. >> reporter: the white house is keeping an eye on the open enrollment numbers. they are crucial to the affordable care act and day one, the administration is feeling good. first six hours, received 60000 applications. and that is 50 percent more than the number received last year. and what we don't know and key to turning around obama care,
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how many of those applications are from young and healthy people rather than those who are older and sicker. that dynamic led to many problems with the cost of premium and health care ongzs go down and major insurance companies leaving the marketplace after losing billions of dollars. last week, premiums are expected to increase on average of 25 percent in the country and every since then tis it a hot topic on the campaign trail. yesterday in valley forge, pennsylvania. donald trump vowed to repeal and replace obama care. by the time the open enrollment wraps up. 14 million people will have selected a plan. it would be a million more than last year. again, what is key, is who those new sign ups are. >> the new details on who and
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why. >> garrett, thank you. >> my pleasure. >> analyst predict a record number of americans will take to the skies this thanksgiving. and how the airlines are preparing, plus, yesterday on "happening now". joe trippi said donald trump focusing resources on was a mistake. but new polling shows that he is in striking distance there. on prescriptions. we found lower co-pays... ...and a free wellness visit. new plan...same doctor. i'm happy. it's medicare open enrollment. have you compared plans yet? it's easy at or you can call 1-800-medicare. medicare open enrollment. you'll never know unless you go. i did it. you can too. ♪
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>> brand new polling out of pennsylvania. numbers hot off of the presses in air survey. it shows hillary clinton lead nothing a four way race up four percentage points over donald trump. the latest fox news scorecard has the state leaning democratic
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and giving 287 votes, 17 more than she needs to win the white house. driving deeper in the numbers with trent spinor with the new hampshire newspaper and jon frank political reporter for the denver post. there is another poll out. that has pretty much the same thing. a four point gap between hillary clinton and donald trump in pennsylvania. jon, to you first. pennsylvania is one of those states that donald trump said he can flip in the republican column. does it look possible at this point? >> the pomes are showing a new dynamic. in colorado. trump is in the margin. it looks like he could do well. we are seeing pressure on voters and turn in your ballot and get
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them in and let's close the democratic advantage here and similar in pennsylvania and battleground state. trump has to make up room on the map. >> sticking with you. hillary clinton decided to start advertising in colorado. and devoting resources to a state she thought she won. >> the better indication is that clinton is back on the air. she hasn't run local tv ads and now we are seeing super pac that favoring her campaign coming back in the state as well as michigan. and there is going to be a lot more attention on colorado. mike pence is in town today. and bringing bill clinton on friday. >> one of the issues is enthusiasm with the minority voters. especially in the black community, there is not enthusiasm for the democratic ticket when obama run.
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>> that's right. one of the most shocking things about the polls in the last hour, is how unfavorable both of the candidates are. trump and clinton are tied at 53 or porpercent. i don't like either one. and so that is a significant challenge for them. not just for white but minority voters, too. and the republican party saids we need to expand the tent. and we need to make sure minorities are part of the republican party and that has largely not happened in this cycle and it is a challenge. >> and what is it looking like in new hampshire. donald trump said he's coming back friday and monday night. he will have one of his final parties here in new hampshire. and so i think we'll see it is tight. i think that trump does believe he can believe new hampshire even though the polls say he is
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behind. one thing you need to consider. we have seen 200 polls in new hampshire. take them with a grain of school. and a lot of polls are skewed to the democrats and i think it is it a tight race. >> he likes new hampshire and gave him a big win in the primaries. we'll see. thank you both. >> and the fbi reportedly investigated the clinton foundation and if the clinton charity was under the spotlight, what about trump campaign alleged ties with russia we'll talk about that. >> and plus, early voting in ohio. showing a dramatic change. it could bode well for donald trump's presidential hopes. more from the buck eye state, next. approve this message.
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report. the justice department insisted that there was not enough evidence to move forward. there is clinton e-mails that are critical to the clinton foundation. and in that piece they write the manner in which the state department was put in tenure is shocking. the moditizing of political influence and fraud and obstruction of justice and the justice department should be investigating as a conspiracy under the federal racketeering laws. it is quite a piece in the national review. what is rico means. racketeering influence and corruption. >> using or creating an organization for criminal purposes. and in this case, the argument made by natural review that
10:33 am
hillary clinton was using her foundation for a dual purpose. a front. on one hand doing charitable work and on the other hand funneling money from donors in to the foundation and in exchange of benefits by her position as secretary of state. >> why could the e-mails that are found be relevant? >> there is an intersection of the private e-mail service and classified documents and the foundation. hillary clinton was not using just the server for state department business and classified documents on it, but also some of the communications with the foundation were run through that private e-mail server. and so investigators are eager to get their hands on these
10:34 am
equipments newly discovered to determine if there is any evidence not just of classified information, but illegal use of the foundation. >> does intent matter in that case? if secretary clinton is secretary of state, yes, there are are interceptions but no intent for those to intersect. what does that matter? >> if it is is it true that hillary clinton helped ubs the bank avoid the irs. and in return, her husband received 1.5 million and her foundation suddenly gets a 10-fold increase from ubs to their charity, is that an exchange of benefits by virtue of her position? if it can be proven, that would be corrupt under the statutes. and that's why the e-mails could
10:35 am
be be relateded. and the clinton foundation under investigation by the justice department. no one is mentions paul manna fort was under investigation by the justice department. >> the fbi is not confirming or denying that there is a investigation in whether trump's campaign was communicating with russia and the government in their hacking campaign, which u.s. intelligence agencies confirm that russia was behind it and the second thing is former campaign chairman, paul manafort, who had dealings with prorussian ukrainian government. and they are looking to see if he violated law and failing to register as an agent or reporting the income. on the face, you are are talking about the hillary clinton renewed investigation, why'ren't
10:36 am
you talking about that. comey felt duty bound to correct the record and sworn testimony before congress in which he said the hillary investigation is closed. that doesn't apply for the manafort and trump investigation. there is no record under oath to correct. >> a lot to thinkabout. the one of the big take aways in the stories, it is all a mess and one wonders how the public knows if any wrongdoing done? when does a special prosecutor come in? >> it would. it locks like loretta lynch has been compromised and questions about comey. and the president can ask for a special prosecutor. will he do that? i doubt it. congress can reauthorize the
10:37 am
independent statute. and they can appoint a prosecutor to be independent and autharorized to look into this. the american public would have more for that. >> would they have to start all over and start from scratch? >> not necessarily, he could utilize the investigation from the fbi in both the classified e-mail and hillary clinton charity foundation. >> interesting, we'll watch for that. jon? >> well, ohio is considered a must win state for donald trump and according to election officials. there are precincts that may not yield a single vote for the gop nominee. peter? >> reporter: thank you, jon. something unexpected is happening here, a bellweather. early will ballot request from
10:38 am
democrats dropped 35 percent since 2012 while the early ballot request from republicans are up three percent and those numbers are remarkable because this is a county where in the past multiple polling places reported 0 votes for the republican ticket. something that election officials expect to happen next week. >> there are mument pel preci t precincts that has 0 ballots for the republican. i expect that you know, we'll have 0 precincts in the urban areas of the county that will not cast a vote for the republican candidate. >> experts say even though a 0 next to the republican's candidate's name is suspicious d. is a result of changing demographic and volunteers rooting for the republican
10:39 am
ticket will have to take expert's word for it because trump is asking to keep an eye on things in the local ballot box will not be allowed to be near the voters in this county. >> you you just can't walk in a polling place and say i am here on behalf of donald trump to monitor the polls. police are concerned about violence and ohio is an open carry state. just like in the republican national convention. it is possible they can walk in with a fire arm and that is intimidating to people. >> officials told us that after a few weeks of early in person voting, there are no credible reports of voter fraud yet. >> all right. peter doocey, thank you. >> and this hour, a historic
10:40 am
moment after the chicago cubs pulled out a win to even the world series at three games apiece. and taking a 9- 3 victory. and the cubs taking to twitter after the game. and posted it this morning and offering fans the ultimate permission sleep to skip class or work. and that is a note. and we are not supporting it or condoning it. if they need an excuse slip, they have it. >> and on big fox. you are pulling one side or the other? >> i am not. i hate to see either one of those teams lose. great series. >> i can't wait to see what happens. >> and if you are not at work tomorrow, you will know why. >> and republican and democrats are battling for the house and senate, of course. with the presidential race getting tighter, what does that
10:41 am
mean for the down ballot candidates? >> and a new thanksgiving travel report that may have you thinking twice before jetting off to grandma's house this year.
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. .
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. . . . >> they are predicting a record they will fly on november 18tht. and despite all of those passengers, the group says there should be plenty of seats. remember that as you are looking for them as airlines look to it increase capacity. >> democrat and republican law makers both keeping a close eye on the down ballot races and the fight for the senate upon remains incredibly close on election day. and it is unlikely that the democrats can flip the house. the headline reads, house gop
10:45 am
majority looks assured but margin in doubt. we'll talk about the down ballot races with mary ann marsh. they are a republican strategist in florida's 18th district. mary ann, do you agree that democrats are not likely to pick up control of the house? >> no, the house they are not. but remember, the closer that the democrats come to 20 seats, more likely if hillary clinton wins, that's the scenario that would happen, it would make it easier for the governing. i do think the democrats will win the senate in this election. but if they pick up 15 or 20 seats it makes it tougher for the republicans not to cooperate with hillary clinton and the democratic senate and they have to negotiate. voters want to see washington
10:46 am
work. >> noel, you ran as a republican and what do you think the republicans chances are? will they lose seats? >> i think that the republicans are going to maun tain control of the senate because the difference has been in the republican party between trump and the establishment. now all of those establishment voters, a lot of them are going to vote. they just may not vote for trump. they will protect their u.s. senate seat. and i do see them getting out in large number and making sure they vote and maintain control of the senate. it is very important. one of the things that is very interesting, is that the kokh brshths released ads and we are starting to see the polls that were democrats were slightly ahead, it is starting to measure
10:47 am
up and starting to go neck and neck in the swing states that looked like it was not going to be a good outcome for republicans, it is starting to change. >> yesterday, on "happening now", i spoke to karl rove said that friday's news on clinton e-mail could be be a game changer when it comes to the down ballot. >> indiana and missouri where he's ahead. those states are his majorins will improve and that helps the republican senator candidate and similarly in north carolina and nevada, i think his position will strengthen and that will help the down ballot. >> he's refers to donald trump. mary ann. what do you think on it in >> comey's news was not helpful with respect to hillary clinton. she's on offense in florida, ohio, michigan pennsylvania and
10:48 am
wisconsin. those are states that donald trump has to win, some combipination of all of them to get to the white house. she's campaigning hard and pouring money in them. and bigger the margin. it locks the door on donald trump but bring up the senate race and house races. the better she does in the state and you saw that before last week, the bigger the margin, the senate races come. and patrick murphy within shouting disof rubio and you can see peggy over a ylehot. and they come up with clinton and the better hillary clinton does the better the senate. and i know ka rl is work hard but it is not going to happen. >> all of that being said, noel, excitement with the clinton voters took a dive. and if people are not excited to
10:49 am
vote for the democratic candidate, that may affect the races down ballot? >> of course, you are right and the key word is passion. and that's why donald trump may have a significant number in pulling these people to the polls. and another thing you have to look at hillary's weak spot and the reason she is forced to spend money to defend her reputation, is her track record on honesty and not being forth coming and with the comey letter on friday, that is front and center and a lot of people very concerned and i think what is going to happen, when you see the race and you get 2 point or 3 point or 1 point, that is too close to call. and we are not going to know until it gets down to the wire. >> one last point. >> i mean, we are having a great ground game and the clinton
10:50 am
folks have it. and that's going to win the states. >> that's where she is said to have advantage. but strange things have happened. >> brand new developments in the lawsu size. >> thank you. brand new developments linked to the election. what a federal judge is demanding the republican national committee do by 5:00 p.m. we're live with that story next.
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hi everyone, to the house homeland security chairman dropping the word impeachment when talking about if hillary clinton wins the white house. we'll ask our brett bair about that. and president obama's comments on meddling with the fbi probe.
10:54 am
plus should a senior justice department official whose been involved with the huma abedin fbi probe be tipping off john podesta about filings in the clinton e-mail case? ed henry will break down the latest wikileaks. and trump takes aim at the blue states. michigan and wisconsin, so does he have a shot there? we'll break that down on america's election headquarters at the top of the hour. hope to see you then. new deadline in a lawsuit linked to the election where republican poll watching efforts are under fire as democrats sue to stop it. now a federal judge just told the republican national committee to produce any evidence bym. today that shows it is not secretly working with donald trump's campaign. our senior correspondent explains all of this. >> hi jenna. the election has landed in federal court in newark, new jersey. that's where the democrats are suing the rnc. claiming it is working with the trump campaign if so. that would possibly be a violation of a decade's old consent degree prohibiting the
10:55 am
rnc from deploying ballot security operations at the polls. the rnc denied any wrong doing. now this stems from the 1981 new jersey gvrnl's race where critics said the rnc put up warning signs and warnings to minority voters of a national ballot security task force. now the order now, the federal judge pointed to this claim made in august by governor mike pence. >> trump campaign and the republican national committee are working very, very closely with state governments and secretary of states all over the country to ensure ballot integrity. >> all agreements regarding voter fraud, ballot security, ballot integrity, poll watching, our poll monitoring. efforted also with the trump campaign to ensure integrity and to recruit persons to act as poll watchers and a massive anti-vote fraud effort in michigan. others like veteran new jersey republican john karr done insists the cnc is not breaking
10:56 am
the law. >> there has been no finding in the last 27 years of any violation of the consent of the national committee. train their staffers, train their state people. prohibit people from doing things. and they ensure it doesn't happen again. >> the rnc sent out this e-mail last month telling members not to poll watch, not to contact voters at the polls, or even tell voters that voter fraud is a crime. saying it does not want that consent degree violated. back to you. >> we'll watch it, eric, thank you. as we talk about campaigns, ever want to say something in a text message, but just couldn't find the right emoji? well fear not, some new icons could be coming soon to an iphone near you. it's in our final 30. and it's next. ♪ ♪
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apple's next update including 72 brand new e moe skbrips they include a face palm, a shrug fingers crossed as well. there's multiple ways question communicate. >> also a fist bump, champagne glasses, and bacon. >> bacon. >> that'll be my favorite. >> we'll watch for it. >> thank you for joining us. >> america's election headquarters starts right now. we start out with a fox news alert right now. fresh troubles, the clinton campaign courtesy of wikileaks again today. this as we head into the final days of one of the most unpredictable elections in modern history. hello everyone, i'm heather naurt. we are now six days out and hillary clinton and donald trump fine tuning those closing arguments. they're honing in on key states that could ultimately be the deciding factor. trump is holding events all over the state of florida today. that is the only state decided by less than 1% of the vote in 2012. and take a look at where surrogates are going, hitting up


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