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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 2, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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behalf of hillary clinton and really agree begins donald trump. the final bell is tolling on wall street now t. dow is off on this sex. it's been a little spooked by the election uncertainty. poms are headed one way and, well, the dow is headed the office. >> and you're not kidding, chuck t. dow is responding to these election developments with polls tightening, the president, probably hillary clinton's powerful surrogate speaking on her behalf in north carolina, all this at a time when we hear donald trump speaking a little now in orlando, florida. hillary clinton is in las vegas. we are waiting for her. all of that happening at this hour. but all of this on a day not only are those polls tightening. for example, the president is in north carolina. they're as tight as a tic. take a look at this 47, 44, hillary clinton over donald trump. >> that had been close to a double digit lead t. situation nationally is, well, we got a tie on our hand.
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and that is something that's bringing out the drama on both side here, bringing out their best surrogates to try to get out the vote. we are following that very closely. in florida, meanwhile, they're separated by a point. i know these polls can be very, very confusing. so we're sort of showing a trend here, let's just say they're essentially tied. >> that is being played out again and again, that is why north carolina is getting a lot of attention, certainly florida is getting attention. that's where you will find our adam shapiro. ive think we bought him a condo. he's been there so long. he is doing great reporting there, including some developments of voting irregularities that were feared that might actually be going on. what's the latest, adam? >> reporter: well, it has to do with broward county where democrats outnumber republicans 2-1. the vote by mail ballots, which are being counted. the chairman sent a letter to the supervisors of elections in broward county telling them to stop counting the vote by mail
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ballots because they're doing it improperly and it could open the door for potential fraud. here's a quote from the letter that was sent today to browacou. quote, i have been advised that tens of thousands of vote-by-mail ballots in broward county are being opened by your staff before they have been canvassed be i the copy canvassing board. essentially, verified as being eligible. i want you to hear what that chairman has to say about this, blaze, an golia. here he is in his own word. >> florida often strives when the supervisors of elections takes in all these ballots. they have to be approved to be opened. they did not go through that process. now it's troublesome because this there is any challenges to any ballots, nobody is there to hear those challenges. >> reporter: and, neil, we caught a response from the broward county supervisors of elections. he says, quote, we are following the standard practice for ballot-by-maim preparation.
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we haven't done anything different than we've done in the past. now, the gop here in florida is granting to file a lawsuit at 9:00 a.m. blaze an golia is actually behind me waiting for donald trump. we are trying to find out from him if this response is sufficient or if they will follow through with that lawsuit. >> adam, i think you said we are talking thousands of ballots here. when do they resolve there? do they resolve there? >> reporter: so this is the issue. you can start counting those vote-by-mail ballots on october 24th. that's the same day people were able to go to polling stations. the canvassing board, which is supposed to meet to approve and determine if badges are eligible. in broward county, according to republicans, is not meant until october 19. therefore, what the republicans are alleging is that none of the ballots have been properly authorized. ver tied to be opened and subsequently counted. it's a potential mess. broward county says they're
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following the law. remember there's broward county and palm beach county, 2000, at issue, where issues over following the law, how it's all supposed to be done, put us to where we were if 2000. the gop says they're trying to avoid that this time around. >> all right, adam, thank you very much. what is it about florida? what is it about a state this close that almost splits 50-50 then stuff like this happens the uva center for politics, president extraordinaire. larry, what is it about florida? here we go again. maybe. >> neil, i just had. i hadn't we heard this until i saw this segment on your show. i had shades of 2000 flashing before me. most of us were down in florida for part of that. and it was just a nightmare. so let's hope they get it sorted out to everybody's satisfaction well ahead of election day. and that is a time. florida is a tie right now. essentially. if you put all the polling pieces together and all the
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information we have about early voting, it seems to be a tie. nationally, it's not a tie. but in florida, it is. >> you know, again, we don't know of any deliberate propriety. republicans are wondering about that. it's just the process the normal routine you go through to collect ballots and go through the process and open them up. >> that might be sloppy, again, we're not jumping to any early conclusions here. in the meantime, donald trump has been talking about the great progress he's making in all of these polls, how things have tightened up. he's in orlando right now. is it your sense that the gap really is narrowing? or is this the standard stuff you see in the closing days of the campaign? >> well, it's a part of both. >> that is you normally have reluctant part sans coming back on board at the end. frankly, donald trump has had a lot of reluctant part sans. we know there is a slice of the republican party, it's that substantial, some have sworn never to vote for him. but after, now, some of that
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occurred before director comey sent his letter to congress. but a lot of it has happened after that letter. >> yeah. i want to ask you about that. sort of to jump in, my friend. this tightening of the polls, and is that prior to comey's stuff. does the stuff that develops tighten it more? what do you think? >> no, it's tightening it more. some of it was prior to the letter being sent. then we've had more since. a fascinating poll released from wisconsin today, they actually kept track in their four of day survey, which happened to cover the period of the comey letter. they kept track of each day and at first hillary clinton was 11 points ahead of trump in wisconsin. then the letter was released. donald trump went up 8 points over clinton for that day. then for saturday and sunday, it returned to a clinton lead, but
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a smaller one of 6 points for each day. so you see it did have an impact. >> that is wild. i mean, that's crazy. >> yeah. >> that's really volatile. >> well, but you know people we heard the news, it was a bombshell and people are acted by bomb shells and everybody what's kind of put back on their heels. what does this mean? what does he have and so on? so i think there was a fair amount of that in the battleground states, which wisconsin could be considered one. >> all right. looking at the role of surrogates and what they're going to play, president obama of course in north carolina trying to get the stoops energized, that is a reminder, i guess, she can't take anything for granted and she has the opportunity to pull out some big guns here. he's certainly the biggest. does surrogates, well, the president of the united states is that surrogate. does it move the needle much? what's your experience on that? >> well, the polling has shown that if you have a big gun like
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the president go into a district or a state, it can move the needle but the bubble is short live. >> that is maybe it's a day, maybe it's two, maybe it's three. people forget quickly and you know the story moves quickly. good inside knows, this presidential campaign has had a record number of issues big and small or gaps big and small. so there's always something new to take your mind off what you thought you we heard yesterday. so it doesn't last that long. with african-american, though, i think president obama, michelle obama, can have an impact, because they're not voting the way they did in 2012. >> that is the turnout is lower than it was in 2012, substantially. in florida and in north carolina and perhaps some ought states. >> how is that affecting -- it stand to reason that hillary clinton would be off those levels. but by some measures as much as 20%. >> that could complicate things for her, could it not? >> well, it takes a lot of votes
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away from her. i mean, in the end, they're not on the exact percentage, well over 90% of african-americans will vote for hillary clinton no matter what the trump people think. it will come in over 90%. i'll tell you what's happening, though, that's fascinating. african-american turnout is declining, surprisingly, with president obama pushing hard for hillary clinton but latino turnout seems to be increasing and hillary clinton is getting a record percentage. she's getting more according to early studies that have been done, she's getting more than president obama got in 2012. so maybe latinos in some way are substituting for ancken americans that aren't turning up. >> does donald trump have more paths or potentially other paths to 270 than he did let's say a week ago? >> i think so. because i think ohio, it's been like a top, right, it's been spinning like a top.
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but ohio is leaning to him in my view again. iowa leaning to him again. arizona, i don't think -- i know that clinton is going there tomorrow. maybe it will be a big surprise. i've always been a little skeptical about that one. i think that's back in the trump camp. georgia is no longer competitive. i've never had georgia even as a tossup. so, you know, basically, the republican vote is settling in for trump and that's the number one reason why things are tightening. we live in a polarized era and things are close between the two parties, relatively speaking. >> all right, leave the relatives out of it, professor. always good seeing you, my friend. >> have you made any bets on this election? i know i lost four years ago, i forgot not to do that. >> yes, you forgot in the past. i bet on the winner. you pick the loser. so once again you will owe me, neil.
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we don't need to bring up details. >> we are blaming that on stacy. all right. i tell you, professor. i always love to have a uva center for politics, virginia one of those resident states, suddenly competitive all over again. in the meantime the dow dropped today, the s&p is down the longest losing streak in five years for that puppy. a lot has to do with the federal reserve kind of telegraphing that the next move it makes on interest rates might be up in december. >> that is a new news, of course, here's what is. you know they had a meeting today. they could have moved on interest rates today. it's like one of those stealth meetings that no one knew was going on. they did move on. they decided to keep the status quo. they are telegraphing they could be moving in december. i know you we heard that a million times. i'm only passing along what these so-called experts say, also passing along the angst in the market has to do with donald trump, food or bad way, but all of a sudden, this fellow is
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speaking now in orlando, florida, where he's competitive in so many battleground state. well, the prospect of his getting elected president was something the markets never saw happening. they welcome tax cuts and all that. the fact of the matter is, they didn't think he had a snowball's chance in you know what. now all of a sudden it's upsetting the apple cart. they don't know what to make of it. remember these guys aren't red or blue. they're just about green. they're losing money hand over fist, because they made some wrong bets or they feared they have. so ain't that the kick? ♪
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. all right. donald trump was just speaking in oral. he's still speaking right now. but he was boasting about polls that are going his way. he's certainly by developments out of virginia that show one measure of that success and the improvement that he's had where he is up in virginia. this is a state he trailed by double digits. he is at 44%, hillary clinton at 41%, 15% don't know. i believe with a double digit gap a little more than two weeks ago. i think it's a substantial double digit gap more like 15 points. if you add what's going on in virginia, where he seems to have the lead. he's made florida a tossup. ohio is likely. pennsylvania cut down to a few
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percentage points. can you see the trend is his friend. we will be monitoring that as closely as many trump. on the thing that could be causing all of this being happening more on that e-mail problem. >> that right t. protocol is not to comment on ongoing investigation, the president dismissed james comey decision to reinitiate the hillary clinton case. >> people say crazy stuff about her and when she makes a mistake, an honest mistake, it ends up being blown up as if it's just some crazy thing. >> but the president for context has a stake in the outcome as the state department revealed last year, he was exchangeing e-mails with clinton on her unsecured personal server. >> i can confirm that as part of this monthly production of former secretary clinton's e-mails the state department will be denying in full seven e-mail strings found in two
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documents representing 37 pages. the documents are being upgraded at the request of the intelligence community because they contain a category of top secret information. these documents were not marked classified at the time they were sent. >> in her april fbi interview, clinton aide huh ma abedin told agents she had to notify the white house when clinton changed her personal address, so the president's high security devices would not block the clinton e-mails. the president at that time used an alias for these communications. as fbi agents now sift through the 675,000 e-mails on anthony weiner's computer, there is real legal jeopardy for abedin if more classified record are found, because abedin signed a separation agreement from the state department when she left that job that she understood she would face criminal prosecution if she did not return all the classified record, neil. >> thank you. form irfbi assistant ron has co
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is here. it's not the first there has been tension between the justice department and the fbi. i mean, you go back to j. edgar hoover days of the fbi with bobby kennedy and others, but this seems weird. how bad is this? this disconnect between the two? >> you know, neil, i don't think it's great right now. i do believe that the fbi pride itself on being apolitical in its work, that contrary to a lot of reporting that's going on right now, that the work force is still very strongly with their director, that the stories of agents turning their back, mass resignations are overblown and untrue, but i do think there is a tension between this fbi and a department of justice that is very much still eric holder's department of justice. i think there are a lot of folk
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in the fbi who see doj as having been politicized by some of the selections and decisions of eric holder. a lot of those prosecutors are still there and the fbi is bound and determined to do its job apolitically and we're seeing manifestations of the tension now with the clinton foundation investigation information is starting to trickle out. >> well, how would it go, ron, james comey, you get a heads up to the justice department i found accidentally that it wasn't looking for all these other potential e-mails, pertinent e-mails, that i have to open up this whole can of corporation again, i hate to put it that way, loretta lynch is not a good idea, certainly, publicly, to start doing that and interfering with election. but he did. and now the justice department is cooperating in this. i would imagine grudgingly. how is all this working out? >> yeah, every bit of the timing of this is not great.
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however, in jim comey's defense, in the bureau's defense, i have to say the timing of this is not of their choosing. this is of hillary clinton's choosing, of the president's choosing. of the department of state's choosing. of hillary's circle. all this whole thing should have been resolved on bob mueller's watch five years ago, had we known about it. so jim comey inherits this thing t. clock is ticking from day one in getting to the bottom of the e-mail scandal. we thought that they did back in july. he comes out with this announcement. again, that timing i think was ill fated because of the meeting with loretta lynch and bill clinton. so comey steps up to the plate and here we are. >> all right. ron, thank you very, very much. as ron was speaking there. we got numbers out of 21st century fox. apparently this company reported revenues of better than expected earnings about in line with 44 cents a share.
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>> that stock is ticking up in after hours trading. again, a lot of attention on media stocks, with time warner in play by at&t better-than-expected numbers. more after that.
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>> six
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>> all right. we are watching the president in north carolina. he's a powerful surrogate for hillary clinton, of course, on the right of your screen, donald trump speaking the supporters in orlando, be extra positive to make sure we are fair and balanced, all concerned down to the second, but it's oftentimes difficult to deal when speaking simultaneously. but we will let you know, of course, in the middle of all this, we have been pelled by a lot of polls. this one is interesting out of virginia, a state that donald trump was trailing by double
1:26 pm
digits over a period that half covers the period before the fbi expanded probe of the hillary clinton e-mails and half since that time. he now leads in virginia in a state considered a lost cause, just like he is in a statistical tie with hillary clinton in north carolina, leading slightly in ohio. we will rifle through some of these polls, not to bore you with all of them. to show you this tightening trend globally or nationally i should say and how the markets have been responding to that. markets bore uncertainty. danleia, i will begin with you. what do you make of this and what the markets might be telling us about this race right now? >> i think what the markets are sniffing out. it's interesting. i just come back from being
1:27 pm
overseas. it's on every single front page, in italy, in the united kingdom. i think what the financial markets are sniffing out is their very best friends might not win the election. >> that might not be a good thing, despite her rhetoric and what she said. i can almost guarantee you, she will back off and end up making sure she is able to safe guard a lot of these taxes that she says will rise in the future. i don't believe that for a minute. >> so they're okay. i mean, if she's right, i have no reason to doubt her, larry. markets typically gravitate, even they they do better under democrats, actually they do better under split government. >> right. >> but what do you think is going on here? you would think the knee jerk would welcome somebody that will cut their taxes a lot? i think it's donald trump's trade policies that worries them a little bit? what is it? >> neil, people are voting under tremendous frustration on both
1:28 pm
sides of the aisle. what itself interesting, you have a host of issues they need to take their last stand on, whether it's soaring health care costs or for or against the economy. wall street is reacting to that desperation. it delves into the inttry cases of where we might tip the hat. those will be nail-biting races well into election evening. go beyond that, the federal reserve is talking about raising rates after the election. plus it gets very nervous. easy money is going away. >> i think that's for more of a factor with the federal reserve. one thing i'm curious about. i know markets don't like uncertainty, but they're almost certain if hillary clinton became president, she'd be facing higher taxes. not much depends on congress, i know. done they actually more prefer split government? and that's what they really like. now that isn't such a slam dunk? >> exactly. they do praefr state government.
1:29 pm
to your point, we can sit there and talk about taxes. at the end of the day, trump is an unproven candidate. not only people in the united states know that, the marks also know that, also the rest of the world. he's also gone public saying he is going to go after countries that we had trade with, almost 1.7, excuse me, trillion dollars in trade. we've done with china, south korea, j pan, members colorado he said that is his order of business as soon as he takes office. so, of course the markets will go nuts over an unproven candidate? this makes no sense. i mean, not to mention that he's been a completely sexist person that goes out there and talks about these things. she iraqing havoc, not only in the united states. >> that is your opinion. danielle, i'm wondering, whoever gets in next week, they're facing a boat load of problems, including interest rates trending up again, let's see the feds starting to hike them next month. >> exactly. >> what are we looking at?
1:30 pm
>> i think right now, one of the most intelligent comments i made is the markets are laser focused on the senate. because the senate what stand in between reshaping the supreme court and reshaping the federal reserve and i think that's that where all the skittishness has come from. that's what markets are sniffing out right now, neil zpli want to thank the circle of breaking news here, facebook, among them, it too out with earnings that handily beat street estimates in terms of sales and earnings. facebook for the new economy if you will is up in after hours trading. of course, this is a stock that is up 23% in the past year. easily eclipseing any gains in the search search or the nasdaq. we'll have more.
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>> all right. would this make you want to go for or against donald trump, one in four federal government workers say they will quit if he wins. >> stop it. (google assistant) i found a few places. (announcer vo) the only network than can power the first phone with the new google assistant, unlimited photo storage, and a stunning vr experience. how is this possible? (announcer vo) so buy a pixel, only on verizon, and get up to $400 back. and right now get 20 gigs and four lines for just 160 with no surprise overages. all on america's best network.
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>> all right, now i missed a couple days the summer.
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i think now they owe me days. py goodness. welcome back, everybody the wikileaks it's like the gift that keeps giving. the democrats are without headaches. much ado about nothing t. latest is whether the ukrainian donor to the clinton foundation, i don't understand it. fortunately ed henry does. he has been following this. what is this about? >> it's a big picture that may offer a window how major donors may want to collect favors if hillary clinton is elected. it doesn't smeen she will give favors. they will line up, even though the clinton camp has been slashing paul manafort. we have been reporting on that. it turns out the ukrainian billionaire gave over $8 million to the clinton foundation. last year a new e-mail from wiki leaks shows he was relentlessly demanding to meet with bill clinton either one-on-one to
1:36 pm
show they were pushing back against vladimir putin. a foundation official writing in this e-mail, listen to this, quote, number one, if you listen to the debate, hillary clinton has been saying, look, donald trump is buddies with vladimir putin, i'll be a lot tougher on putin. here was a chance for bill clinton to show that in 2015. he didn't do that. secondly, an e-mail john modesta didn't want this meeting to happen. it may have had to do with they got negative press for pay-for-play at the foundation. pinchuk was a clinton donor who got time with hillary clinton while shelves secretary of state. >> this is among many reasons why i'm so glad you are back. henry, thank you very much.
1:37 pm
it is wild, isn't it? now, this stuff has been the stuff that's been uniting republicans, even those who up to now really weren't that keen on donald trump, they're coming back into the polls, coming on as the expression goes t. former government of mississippi, the former head of the republican committee. governor, very good to have you. >> thank you, neil. >> polls seem to bear this out, sir, that you are noticing more of the not only the debates of the party, but the bosses the old bossings of the party the chief tans as it were are coming back to donald trump and at numbers that are fairly convincing. what do you make of that? >> i think a lot of series of choices. that's what my mother told me two brothers, if the choice is hillary clinton or donald trump, i will be for donald trump. i think millions of republicans who if donald trump is not their cup of tea, it wasn't their first choice, but they're down to this choice, clinton or trump and of the two, they'd rather
1:38 pm
have trump. >> now, i'm always wondering for the next surprise. this campaign has gone, governor, we have eight days in november, right? so i'm wondering if there's more to come and how you had advise whether it comes on the right or the left, republicans to act? >> well, look. we'd just be guessing. here's what we know, the american people want change. about two out of three american voters say the country is going in the wrong direction and that number has been over 60% for three years. americans scared and they're mad. so what i want to see us to do is talk more about obama's bad policies, the bad results that have come from those policies, that hillary clinton is going to just be a third term for obama on steroids, if donald trump is going to do some things to clang the economy, to create jobs, to clean up the obamacare mess.
1:39 pm
less regulation that is red tape, it smothers businesses and job creation in the united states. the explosion of crime in the united states, it has to be dealt with, if this election is about issues, then hillary clinton's going to lose, because the american people want change. she's trying to make the election about, i know you want change. but donald trump is unacceptable change. well, i got news for her. hillary clinton being the candidate of change is like me being the spokesman for weight watchers. it's not going anywhere. >> that's very good. but you know, governor, real quickly, your thoughts on how republicans might greet a president-elect trump? i often tooils think, i think you and i raised this before, you might have more trouble with his own party than the other party? jimmy carter experienced that. but i guess that's worry that you would consider after the
1:40 pm
fact, right? >> well, it's a worry i hope for. right. you know, he is not a typical reagan republican like i am. there are view, issues upon which our views are different. i don't know what he'd do about certain things. but i do know what she'd do, more government, more taxes, more spending, more regulation, more obama. we don't need that. i think trump, if he gets elected, is going to work with congress better than a lot of people think. i think a lot of his campaign energy and bravado is the way he campaigns. but i feel better about the way he would be president and the positions he'd take on the issues than some people might. >> governor, thank you very much. it's always good catching up. i think as the governor pointed out, it's way to early to to him to those conclusions six days out, you do muse about it with
1:41 pm
the polls showing a tight race. does this feel like the 1980s to a lot of you guys? i'm dating myself, didn't we have the bait shifting sand in the last few days? that took a close race and made eight blowout? could that ever happen again? a lot depends on certain voting groups that are almost all democratic passionately staying that way. what happens within they don't? and could that be happening right now? take a look.
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1:43 pm
test. test. test. test. test. test.
1:44 pm
. >> i mentioned earlier, something weird is going on in the final week of this campaign, six or so days ago. it feels a lot like 1980. okay. i wasn't two-years-old at the time. but this point in that race,
1:45 pm
look what was going on, jimmy carter and ronald reagan were about tied. look what happened a few days later with the election. can you say landslide? i mean, we had a ten-point plus swing in a matter of days. i mean, that's the sand shifting rather dramatically, could it be happening again? well, you look under the hood a little bit, get sort of an idea of what voting groups are doing tina, one of the things i did notice in looking at that in 1980, something changed, of course, ronald reagan and the one and only debate only days before the election. that was consequential. the negotiations to get the iran hostages out was going nowhere fast. so i understand that, but it was a pronounced shift. do you fear something like that
1:46 pm
is going on now, given they led by double digits, but it's now donald trump is up? well, i would say, actually, i'll not too particularly concerned. you look at the reagan-carter 250i78, america was very different demographic. it was predominantly more white than it is now. so i think particularly right now what you are seeing is some republicans who are reluck at that point definitely, that is the case with trump this time around are just coming home more. so the polls are tightening? >> not a lot of african-americans. right? obviously, it's to be expected or it wouldn't show up in the numbers they did four years ago or certainly eight years ago. they're down substantially. that's across the board. what do you make of it? >> well, actually, i was just thinking about that earlier. i want to think early voting is still going on. i don't want to count a chicken before it hatched.
1:47 pm
>> very true. >> you will never have the hysteria, even for the first african-american president the numbers were down in 2012. you are seeing targeted battle ground states that are dealing with basically looks like targeted minimizeing of the african-american vote. certainly early voting that happens in battleground stapts. so you got ohio has shut down some of the early voting hours. you got north carolina, about 23 counties reduced their early hours. >> phenomena is a phenomena. all i'm trying to say is could you see a 1980 reductix here th donald trump not only has a chance to win but a chance to win big? dineen first on this. >> what voters are not interested in especially black americans what we see with hillary clinton is not exciting to support someone who is not only corrupt but someone who is
1:48 pm
under fbi investigation. not once, but twice. and hillary clinton is not a barack obama. he won in huge record numbers in '08 and 2012 with a lot of black voteer support. in some instances, it was racial pride. again, hillary clinton is not a barack obama. this is why we are seeing obama, president obama and michelle obama out on the campaign trail because that is just showing a sign of desperation with the checkpoint campaign because black voters support is going down. >> real quick counter to that. >> yeah. i would say i would agree. hillary clinton is not barack obama. she is a white woman. but she is running against a candidate. >> i better write that down. she is a woman. >> but she also, you know, she is running against a guy who had to settle a housing discrimination lawsuit for african-americans. >> something is shifting. something is shifting. but relax, you could be right. it's too early. we have days to go.
1:49 pm
the world can change. >> this is true. >> thank you. >> donald trump is telling a lot of these people who voted early, millions of them dead. dan meyers, pull a mull began, see if you can do it over again, in some states you can, after this. nd whey. along came a burglar who broke into her home and ransacked the place making off with several valuable tuffets. fortunately geico had recently helped her with homeowners insurance. she got full replacement on her tuffets. the burglar was later captured when he was spotted with whey on his face. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. i found a better deal on prescriptions. we found lower co-pays... ...and a free wellness visit. new plan...same doctor. i'm happy. it's medicare open enrollment. have you compared plans yet? it's easy at or you can call 1-800-medicare. medicare open enrollment. you'll never know
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would this make you go for or against donald trump? one in four federal government workers saying they are out if he wins. really? >> it might be a case of leaving before you are asked to leave. donald trump has vowed to implement a hiring freeze of federal workers. he wants to thin the federal work force. hillary clinton says federal workers are the backbone of the country. now a poll from the government business council says 14% of federal workers would definitely consider leaving their job if trump is elected.
1:53 pm
13% say they might consider leaving. there you see 9% say they are not sure. either way, that leaves just 65% of the government work force saying they will stay for a trump administration. if hillary loves federal workers, they appear to love her back. 9% would definitely consider leaving a clinton administration. 7% might leave. 5% don't know. that means almost 80% would stay. before you say how bold it is for people to give up their jobs because of their political viewpoint, you should know that half of those who say they would definitely consider leaving are already eligible for retirement. they would just leave a bit early. by the way, of those surveyed, 34% are democrat, 25% republican, 32% independent and 1% don't know exactly what they are. >> or where they are working apparently. thank you very much. byron, it's one little
1:54 pm
snippet there. what do you think of that? >> first of all, they said they might consider leaving. they didn't say they were definitely going to leave. >> that's true. >> a lot of federal workers are not risk takers in terms of their career. federal benefits are good. you can't be fired. on the other hand, as trace mentioned, donald trump said he wants to reduce it by attrition. when people retire, when they leave the work force, to not be replaced. obviously, any who left because of him being elected would get him closer to that goal. >> if you don't like government workers, you don't like them, and then they say that, you might vote for donald trump as a result. while you have you here, these polls, particularly virginia, particularly a tightening race in north carolina, in ohio, in pennsylvania, what the heck is going on? >> the race is tightening. there's no doubt about it. we have seen the real clear politics average of polls back on october 18 wasn't that long
1:55 pm
ago, hillary clinton had a 7.1 point lead. now it's below 2 points. it has gotten close. the national average is made up of averages from the states. and voters in the states. not a real surprise to see it tightening. not a surprise to see it tightening more after the hillary clinton fbi thing. >> it's a quick tightening. or is it bouncing back? we have six days yet. >> it's quicker. as a matter of fact. i looked up when trump made up this amount of ground. he made up ground in june and july. he made up seven points in the average. it took him 40 days to do it. now he is doing it faster than that. >> looks like his own little -- let me get your thoughts. trump raised $100 million in small dollar denominations in october. what do you make of that? >> well, it's pretty good. i think that we have seen that trump has had his troubles with
1:56 pm
the donor class. just only in the last few days have we seen him get big donations from a few others. but he has had his troubles with the big republican donor class, most of them don't like him. but republican rank and file voters are independent rank and file voters. trump says the average donation is $60 or something like that. the small donors actually like trump quite a bit. i think this is a sign of solid support in that voting group. >> thank you very much. good catching up with you. we threw a lot at byron. he was ready for that. one more look at the dow, down about 78 points. markets have surrendered ground here. you know the rule of thumb, that markets are swooning in the three months prior to a presidential election, it's not good for the party that is in power at the white house. that has held true since i think 1928.
1:57 pm
we will see if that holds true now. the markets are down in the three months prior to this election thus far. we will see you tomorrow.
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hello, everyone. it's not special report. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." i will tell you what. we're only six days away from the most important election so far in our lifetime. the race is hotter than ever. hillary clinton is fighting for her life in the wake of the latest fbi investigation into her e-mails and other scandals rocking her campaign. clinton's controversies are


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