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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  November 4, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> we're going to miss it him. >> tucker carlson, highly intelligent, very articulate and comedic, at the same time, good luck, bro. >> have a wonderful weekend. we'll see you back here sunday! bill: good morning. four days to go and the finish line is in sight. good morning, i'm bill hemmer live in "america's newsroom." martha: good morning. i'm martha maccallum. they are all over the critical battleground states. i have got donald trump spending the day in the morning in new hampshire, then ohio, then
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north carolina which is tight and leaning toward hillary and florida which is neck-and-neck. hillary clinton will be crisscrossing pennsylvania, michigan, fan ohiio -- and ohio where there are big concerns in terms of demographics in this race. tim kaine will make a step in florida. bill: at the beginning of this week trump was up a point, still within the margin of error. with so little time left, both candidates hitting on their opponent this way, what i have is a winning temperament. hillary is an unstable person.
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the best thing i have is my temperament. we know how to win. >> so had another rally yesterday actually said to himself, stay on point, donald, stay on point. his campaign probably put that in the teleprompter. martha: john roberts live in new hampshire where donald trump will start the first rally of the day about three hours from now. reporter: this started november 5, 2012. we hope it's over november 8, 2016. there is a potential for this to end up in a 269 tie which would then put us into a realm none of us have seen before in our
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lifetime. about a week ago hillary clinton was up 7-9 points. 42 points apiece. this morning donald trump's rally at the atkinson country club and resort. he will be talking about hillary clinton's emails and f.b.i. investigation. i told a it in crowd that hillary clinton was disrespect can the sacrifice she made to this nation. >> keeping her emails a secret was more important to her than keeping our classified intelligence a secret. she was more interested in protecting herself than in protecting the people of the united states. ending this criminal government corruption is one of the most important reasons you have to go
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out on november 8. reporter: hillary clinton may be able to gain back shop momentum. it may be he has to change gears in the last four days. something he night zone in on today. he may use that. martha: his wife melania was out in philadelphia in the outskirts of philadelphia on the main line. she gave her first solo speech during the course of this campaign. >> reporter: first speech since the republican convention back in july where it didn't go over as well as people thought because of the problems with borrowing some lines from michelle obama. but the speech got rave reviews,
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including from the candidate himself who was watching on his airplane. they need to get the vote in pence strain yeah. if she becomes first lady, she'll make her signature issue combating cyberbullying. >> we must find better ways to honor and support the basic goodness of our children, especially in social media. reporter: they are talking about melania doing two or three speeches a day until election. donald trump's running mate will be in wisconsin campaigning side by side with paul ryan. martha? martha: he's been a stronged a row captain on the campaign trail for the top of the ticket.
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>> what concerns team trump 4 days out? sir, thank you for coming back here on "america's newsroom." what concerns you? >> everything concerns me. i'm a pretty obsessive person, so everything concerns me whether it's early vote, absentee, election day activity. things we don't know that may happen tomorrow or the next day. everything. if i worry. bill: the new hampshire poll 42-42. 502% suggest they are less likely to vote for hillary clinton because of the f.b.i. investigation. how do you see that playing out now? >> it's what the message as bent entire time.
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it was someone in a position which is one of the highest positions you can have. she couldn't be trusted with the most basic task of being secretary of state which is to protect information and protect our secrets. she continues do it. talk about a wild year. potentially this classified information we know we are getting reports that it's true ended up on a computer of anthony weiner who is being investigated for sexting with a minor. the secretary of state and our national secrets are on anthony weiner's laptop. it goes to the heart of what this issue is all about. if you want to talk about risk. any time you have a risk -- a change election, risk is part of the equation. she said we would have a russian reset.
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20% of america's uranium. she was selling her position. bill: i get emails every day from the rnc where you think you are doing well. i get the emails from the dnc doing the same. mecklenburg county, which is charlotte, big turnout, barack obama won that county overwhelmingly four years ago. florida, they are bragging already about a strong hispanic vote. if nevada and north carolina and florida or perhaps you can make the case you can pick any one of those, goes for hillary clinton, that makes your job tough for donald trump to be the president. >> right, but the problem is it's not true what you said. let's take each one of those. first of all, voting is up among republicans in nevada and voting is down for democrats.
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north carolina. north carolina, keep in mind, on election day four years ago we were down 455,000 votes on election day. we won north carolina. second thing to keep in mind. first of all,er in off by about 150,000 votes today than they were four years ago. i don't know how they can look at doing 450,000 votes less in north carolina and say they are winning. same in florida. we are ahead in florida by 15,000 votes. they were ahead by 60,000 votes four years ago. they can cherry pick here and there. in jefferson county we have a 10% turnout. bill: we'll talk to the democrats next hour on these
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exact points. final question. as it stands today, will republicans maintain the majority in the senate? >> yes, as it stands today, we'll. >> by how many? >> i don't want to put a number on it. but certainly 51 or more. and i feel good the number will be more. as of today, we'll hold the senate, absolutely. martha: four more days and we have got you covered. the on place to get all of the result up and down the ballot, the facts, the analysis of what we are watching unfold is right here on fox news channel. we have full coverage fair and balanced throughout the day into the night. while be doing exit poll coverage. we'll be watching those counties come in which can give us an indication of where they are
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going. bill: we super size it mccallum. bill: just in now, the fine jobs report before going to the polls on tuesday, what does it show about the state of the nation's economy? >> martha: 270 is a significant number. is there a path for each of them at this point, which state will determine the outcome of this election. we'll break down those numbers. we'll debate as "america's newsroom" in the election tuesday. >> we are led by stupid people.
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martha: days before the election the labor department says 161,000 new jobs were added in october. these numbers are pretty lukewarm. meanwhile, the real unemployment number is 9.5%.
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you have got so many people who dropped out of the labor market. those are people who aren't counted in the labor force because they haven't looked for a job in quite some time. >> he's down here campaigning for crooked hillary. now, why isn't he back in the office sometimes referred to as the oval office? why isn't he back in the white house bringing our jobs back? bill: from the office to your home. the president stumping for hillary clinton in that home stretch. trump calling him the campaigner in chief. juan in a million. and mercedes schlapp. good morning. what's intrigue is hillary clinton will be in detroit,
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michigan at 1:00 this afternoon. michigan. monday she'll meet with the obama family in philadelphia the day before the final vote. we watch the map and seep where you go. all that talk about arizona and texas and georgia, you don't hear about it anymore. >> those are red states, the idea was to stretch the map for hillary clinton. now as you come down to the finish line they are trying to make sure they stir the base vote they have in both cities. what we have seen in terms of the reporting is the turnout there has not matched what was there in 2012. i think what you are seeing is really making sure they get that big turnout. bill: mercy, what do you think about that? >> i think the surrogates they
6:18 am
have on the campaign trail for motivating the african-american community. in north carolina, 71,000 fewer african-americans have voted in early voting. the enthusiasm factor is not there for hillary clinton in the african-american community. it's about building the hillary coalition. she'll focus and the states she can't afford to lose. bill: mercedes. i don't know what the story is wednesday. if she wins, is it the women who come out and support her in suburban counties? is it the hispanic vote or is it the polls that silence from both? michael moore says you go to michigan, he says a lot of people he knows are voting for trump.
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he reminded voters on the day of the democratic primary she was up by double digits and bernie sanders swept michigan. >> this is why this election has been so unpredictable. so unconventional. there is support for donald trump that i do believe is silent. people are calling and saying when i get into that voting booth, i cannot have hillary clinton as our president based on everything we have seen from her corruption. the list is very long. i think for hillary clinton her key will be in the early community. she is hoping to bring out the minority vote. and that's what they are counting on. i think for donald trump i call it organic voting. this movement, the thousands of people coming out, millions supporting him that might not
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say it vocally. >> i think that's lot of wishful thinking. what people think is that this bern, donald trump, is not qualified to be president, not temperamentally suited to be president. but what i'm saying to you is hear donald trump engage in the kind of schoolyard bully tactics, these are stupid people running the country. president obama is the most popular of any president ending his second term. what we just saw in terms of the unemployment rate. 4.9%. mitt romney said he would get it down to 6. the numbers are pretty clear. bill: right now everybody is right because we don't know what the results are. mercedes, quickly, wrap it up.
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>> the momentum is shifting towards trump. the enthusiasm factor is with trump. hillary clinton, is she organized? absolutely. is she pushing for the minority and women's vote to come out? absolutely. there is that group is silent voters out there who can make an impact on this race. bill: you heard what priens prebus said, he d you have heard what ryan is prebus said, he's worried about everything. martha: another insurance company says no thanks to obama care. this is hitting critical levels and we'll talk about why they are backing out. bill: trouble brewing for the harvard soccer team. allegations the team may be forced to you spend the rest of the season. >> the guys controls the line a
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lot. this is one of those instances.
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martha: healthcare provider cigna said they will not expand their coverage which was the plant more next year. the company originally said come 2017 we'll be in 10 states in the country up from the 7. now they are saying no way. other insurers are saying they are pulling out of the affordable care act. they say they are losing money on the government exchanges and it's not a good business decision for them. melissa francis is there.
6:26 am
the co-host of after the bell. so cigna, the latest one to drop a bomb, this doesn't work for them businesswise. >> you need to put this in context with how much the premiums are going up. blue cross, blue shield are saying we have tomorrow reevaluate. if the people signing up are sicker and older. and none of the healthy people are signing up. even though people are paying so much more, it's still not making economic sense for the company. the healthy people are saying the premiums are so high, why would i sign up? i am just going to pay the penalty. no matter how sick you are, we are not going to charge you for that. martha: if they get sick, they can always hop on.
6:27 am
melissa: it's falling apart. you look at this and you say this is why socialism doesn't work. you can't force people at home to make bad decisions about money that don't make sense. you can't force companies to do the same. you know that. melissa: people look at their premiums and might have an initial thought, i'll bet the insurance companies are make out like bandits. things are okay, but they are not great. so we have to change our business decisions. we can't expand obamacare. melissa: the companies make one promise to the government and they were back stopped for a while. but on the conference calls on their earnings, you hear the truth of it when they are talking to shareholders. they are saying this is not
6:28 am
working out. we cannot lose money. our deductibles have gone through the roof. you are buying insurance but it feels like you are buying nothing. martha: people are saying that's what they wanted, for the insurance companies to implode sow the government could take over the home program? melissa: i never believed that in the beginning. but it kinds of has to be. i couldn't figure out why people didn't see the math, because it was so obvious what is happening. and now it's playing out. and south had to have been the plan all along that eventually it would be like the va where they would take over insurance. medicare, medicaid. martha: melissa, thank you. think about what it means for them. thanks, melissa. bill: we are at 9:28.
6:29 am
we'll see the effect of the jobs number that came out about an hour ago. also in a moment, going the extra mile to prevent voter fraud. what the d.a. in philadelphia is doing to keep that election fair and square. hillary clinton hits a rough patch in the campaign at the possible moment. does she still have that blue wall of safe states to get her to 270? we'll look in the crystal ball. >> if your doctor gives you the worst prognosis, says jimmy or jane, i'm sorry to tell you, but you won't be around for two more weeks. doesn't make a damn bit of difference. you get out of bed and you vote.
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martha: four days before the election. let's talk to kyle condit from the university of virginia. when you look at this. let's put up your latest electoral map on the screen here. you have hillary clinton at 293. and donald trump at 214. and you have only 31 tossup states. that makes a tough picture for donald trump. is that how you see it? >> if there is one thing on that map that may be alarm together clinton folks. we have a bunch of polls back in
6:34 am
new hampshire which is potentially important, four electoral votes, and they show a tie which has not been the case for the previous part of the cycle. but if you are looking at small states, it looks like the state of nevada looks shakier for clinton. polls show clinton leading. but the early vote voting looks the same as the last election. martha: when you go through this, if you add to the states you have in donald trump's category, 214, and he got to 245. he would have to pick off pennsylvania, mitchian or wisconsin or new hampshire or some combination of both. >> that's right. the other state that's important to focus on is north carolina.
6:35 am
north carolina voted for obama in 2008, and romney in 2012. we lean into clinton right now. but if trump were to win, he would carry north carolina. you mentioned ohio. as we currently have it projected, it would be the first time ohio did not vote for the winner. they are trying to maximize african-american turnout in cleveland. i don't think ohio is necessarily in the bag for trump either. there is a lot of fluid things going on right now. martha: if you go into the preponderance of polls and look at who is leading, and you go back historically and look at prior elections, basically the person who lead wins that state
6:36 am
with extremely few exceptions. >> it's an important thing to think about with a state of new hampshire. we have tie polls that came out recently. that's true in a lot of the rust belt battleground. so if trump were to win one or more of those states he would have come out of nowhere because the polling had not indicated that. and not ever in some of those other states. martha: there are only three examples over the last three elections where a state where a person was not ahead essentially since september 1, they actually won that state. in any of those cases did that person who flipped that one state end up winning? >> one of those instances is florida in 2012. but obama could have won without florida in 2012 but it do the him up to 332 electoral votes.
6:37 am
a bigger victory than a lot of people thought going into election day in 2012. john kerry ended up narrowly carrying wisconsin. so again if trump were to come back and win in new hampshire after trailing in almost all the polls the whole cycle it would be historically different than what we are used to, but not impossible. martha: is there a part of you that says yes, that's true? >> i think that's right. there still is a decent amount of uncertainty going into election day. i was just thinking back to 2012. i think i probably was more confident that obama would win than clinton now. and i think clinton has been the favorite the whole time and remains so.
6:38 am
martha: it could come down to that momentum question and whether it happens early enough. kyle, thank you very much. thanks for filling in for larry who doesn't feel so well today. everybody has been burning the candle at both ends. bill: everybody's opinion matters now because no one is wrong. in 45 minutes we'll show you how some of these counties in these pockets of the country, if they have been trending solid blue for som if there is a percentage trump can cut into to put it into play, and conversely, are there strong republican counties where they will match that vote or will they be lower this time around? there is a about and a
6:39 am
counterbalance that could play out tuesday night that may give us a lot of clues. martha: a number of counties could decide the whole state. bill: i find it fascinating. we just saw the crystal ball. what now is the path to victory for hoik. what is the path for donald trump. jason miller of the trump team will make his case live. martha: lights out in sioux city. thousands of people left in the dark which is not where you want to be in las vegas. it's not where you want to be. ♪
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>> we are leading in new hampshire. the polls just came out two minutes ago. we are leefgd all over the place. it's a great honor. bill: i'm going to put the map in motion and we'll see if you agree or disagreen or where depends on where you go for votes. here is the feetal -- the total.
6:44 am
the blue wall for hillary clinton. wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania. if she goes there, she is 247. then she is in florida, that would give her the presidency. is it virginia in connection with maybe a colorado? that would put her at 269. does she pick up a florida? that puts her easily over 270. she has a number of paths. when you see this you think what? >> if you are a trump supporter, you are excited going into this stretch. the red states we are keeping red. we talk arizona and georgia. in arizona and georgia. >> we'll keep the red states red. we have seen the numbers move.
6:45 am
early voting absentees, mr. trump is doing everything he needs to in those states. we talk about the key swing states of until, north carolina and ohio. bill: ohio, florida, and north carolina. right now you are at 253, you are still behind. >> mr. trump is not getting enough credit that he should. the state has gone blue. mr. trump is up by 3 points in iowa. we feel good. bill: now you are at 259. where do you go next? >> nevada. internal polling, external polling looking good. >> democrats are bragging about clark county. they feel really good in nevada.
6:46 am
but i'll give that to you. where else do you go? >> the state of maine which splits up their electoral votes based on the congressional district. bill: which is in the north. which is largely rural. >> this is where the fun starts. if you look at where mr. trump's campaign is now as opposed to two weeks ago, we are in good shape and very optimistic. now we just need to talk about one state. i think mr. trump will do well and power through. but we need to show a number of pathways. look at the state of new hampshire. we believe three new polls. bill: new hampshire, this is what we have got overnight. boston globe. he leads by 4.9%. trump's up a point and a half. that's the case you are making
6:47 am
now. >> the blue wall is crumbling. it starts in new hampshire. mr. trump will be in new hampshire. i believe we'll be there three more times before the election. that's one pathway. a couple other states 3.2. we show the race as being a dead heat. colorado is a mail-in only state. almost entireli' you can show up on election day and turn yours in. bill: in colorado, if this is right, not a lot of polling out of the rocky mountain state. 39 clinton, 39 trump. put the ands together and not a lot of polling. but she would have the edge based on what we are seeing so far, just shy of 33%. >> seven out of the 10 counties are higher than average for the others for democrats and
6:48 am
independent. so we are seeing growth there, especially the past 4 or 5 days. colorado has picked up for ballots returned. one other state, the state of new mexico. this state has been solidly described as being blue. we show us being slightly ahead. i believe trump is going to win new mexico. this is one the democrats fell asleep on. bill: we have democrats coming up in 30 minutes. but you are talking colorado. if that scenario plays out. what they are going to argue in 30 minute is north carolina is looking good for them. charlotte, raleigh. if you lose north carolina, just one state now, you are back below the margin. >> now that we are having a number of different pathways.
6:49 am
look at the state of pennsylvania. mr. trump will be there today and he will be there two more times before the polls close on tuesday. don't just listen to what we are saying. the fact that clintons are doing their election eve party in philadelphia, they are worried about the state of pennsylvania. we believe we can beat her election day. even if you are a democratic strategist coming on, this is a state that can slip away. if mr. trump wins pennsylvania, he's the president. bill: she has chosen philly, jason, thanks for coming in today. thank you, jason. martha: watching all these polls in the key battleground states, the latest on concerns for fraud in one of the biggest election night prizes. we'll show you what could back that notion up.
6:50 am
bill: check out chicago. the windy city is about to have a big old party. stand on by. [♪]
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bill: the jordanian military reports two americans are dead, shot outside an air base outside of jordan. it's not clear what happened or what led to it. but there is some reporting suggesting the americans ran a military checkpoint. we'll keep you posted on developments as we get them. stand by for more on that. martha: supporters of active poll watchers, philadelphia's district attorney is overseeing
6:55 am
an election fraud task force to make sure everything goes smoothly next week. rick leventhal is on the campaign trail. what are you hearing out there? reporter: the d.a.'s office has been monitoring elections for a decade. but they sent out a task force to investigate reports of election day fraud. we reported on a notorious example outside a public housing building in 2008 when we found two members of the new black panther party standing outside the polling place, one with a billy club saying they were there for security. this actually illegal. the task force has grown with 70 investigators standing by. >> i want your viewer to the know here in philadelphia we gave birth to america and our
6:56 am
democracy. we'll do all we can to insure the vote is protected and our democracy remains strong. reporter: because philadelphia is heavily democratic, 7-1, they say they have more polling problems on primary day than the general election. martha: what are they look for? reporter: they answer calls for illegal voting or refusal of officials to recognize poll watchers or illegal electionie aring. only a handful of votes were effected and most political observers think it would be impossible to affect the south come of the election. bill: hillary clinton rolling
6:57 am
out the big guns. chris wallace and bret baier and a cast of thousands coming up next hour. many sleep-aids have pain medicine but zzzquil is different because why would you take a pain medicine when all you want is good sleep? zzzquil: a non-habit forming sleep-aid that's not for pain, just for sleep.
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martha: count them. just four days to go now until america picks a new president of the united states. how about that? candidates are fanning out. they're across the country working very hard in these final days, in the battleground states. the newestpolls show the race, guess what? too close to call. too close to call. we'll hear quite a bit of that on tuesday night. waiting for this state, waiting for that state. too close to call. welcome, everybody, hour two of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. donald trump closing in on hillary clinton on some national matchups. this is the tracking poll from abc news. we've been watching it all day.
7:01 am
it has been tight all week. hillary clinton leading 47-45%. now for both of them the closing arguments are underway. >> when i look at these great admirals and these great generals and these great medal of honor recipients behind me, to think of her being their boss? i don't think so. >> the presidency doesn't change who you are. it reveals who you are. i think it is fair to say that my opponent has already revealed who he is. martha: chris wallace, who already revealed who he is, anchor of "fox news sunday." >> i hope not. martha: if you're in new york means we're getting pretty close. >> that's true. i don't spend any extra time here. can i say something about those two bites. why i think so many people want to race to be over. if you believe what they're
7:02 am
saying about each other, this is a choice between a crook and a creep. and that is, you didn't see anything about issues. anything about how this person is going to make better, what their plans are on the economy or national security, or, health care or education. it is a very disspiritting campaign. martha: yeah. i mean it is true. and when you look at this, you talk to people out there, you hear so much of that. so whoever wins this race is going to have a lot on their plate. they will have to try to mend this country in a way that i don't think we've seen in a long time. you've been covering campaigns for a long time. >> yeah but i go back a one more years than you do. martha: i go to the brand room. have we been in a the situation where the person ahead whole way through ends up losing, only
7:03 am
time it happened was 1980, when they were this close. tell me how the race feels to you. >> it doesn't feel like 1980. i was there. i was covering reagan against carter. people were very unhappy with carter and the economy was in shambles. martha: but he was still ahead. >> he was still ahead. they had the debate one week beforehand and when people were satisfied that ronald reagan could be president. he did the there you go again thing, it just flipped. you could tell the day after the debate the country had flipped it was going very much to reagan. i don't feel that this time. clearly it is tightening but there isn't that kind of tidal wave. there are still a lot of doubts about donald trump as there continue to be about hillary clinton. it's tightening and he could win but i will say it is going to be a tough path. he has one path to 270 electoral votes. everything has to go right for him. she has several paths. martha: has to be perfect plus. >> right. martha: absolutely perfect on
7:04 am
the toss-ups and then plus something -- >> he has to flip a traditionally democratic state. martha: exactly. i'm interested in the vice president as little bit. we all know it is not about the vice presidents, as we look at two individuals, mike pence has served to stablize donald trump. they have been using him a lot. he is in three states. tim kaine only making one stop in the state of florida. what, if any has impact been of this ticket, of these two tickets together do you think? >> i think pence has been much more important than kaine has been to clinton because there are a lost traditional republicans who have concerns about trump. we certainly know that. and they're slowly coming back, which is one of the reasons this race is tightening. i think that pence, as a steady presence on the campaign trail, unflappable, strong in the debate against tim kaine, has been helpful sort of certifying that there are, if you have doubts about trump, there are other steady presences there, who will make this
7:05 am
administration successful and reliably conservative. i don't know clinton needed as much help. i think kaine helps a little bit, particularly with hispanics. the fact he made a speech the other day entirely in spanish, but i don't think she needs that kind of help from a running mate he needs. i suppose marginally he may help in the swing state of virginia where he has been a governor and senator, frankly she was probably going to win that anyway. martha: in terms of melania trump who came out yesterday, which she gave a speech that was fairly well-received, you wonder sort of where she has been and where some of the argument would have been for putting her out earlier. you sort of fast forward, say on each side what would they have done differently, that might be something. >> yeah. but i have got to say. i have a mixed reaction to melania trump. she did great and she is impressive women and impressive speech, and subject, obviously what she believes in, cyberbullying and civility you
7:06 am
sort of say, is she making that speech -- martha: absolutely -- >> for trump? martha: i was doing 2:00 show when she was doing it, that is one of the first things that we said. it is uncomfortable to hear her talk about bullying online when we've seen all the examples happen. if she added even one line and i have dealt with this at home. >> i'm not sure that would have been such a good -- martha: she has. she has been very open about the fact spoken to her husband about tweeting, she thinks he is better off when he doesn't get near to twitter or respond to things or retweet. she could have pokeed a hole in that criticism. she is immigrant and told how she came here legally and may have served her well if he used her a little more. >> i agree. that particular issue hillary clinton could run that speech and say i approved that message. martha: thank you very much. look forward to having you here. >> may i say we have a show on sunday? martha: do you really?
7:07 am
>> we'll be speaking to the aforementioned mike pence, the running mate for donald trump will be on the show. we're hoping to get tim kaine or some top official. we're going to debut, you will be very jealous of this, we debut the fox news super-duper election set. we get it first, bill. because it is "fox news sunday." martha: we're fighting over the new studio. >> and we're going to have karl rove crunching the numbers. we'll tell you exactly where the race stands 48 hours ahead of time. did i mention from the brand new election headquarters. martha: we'll be around. we'll look for that. >> it will be used by the time you get there. martha: 3:00 in the afternoon. mr. sunday, owning the main territory on that day. chris, thank you. bill: call that anchor envy there, wallace. martha: exactly. bill: go gentle on the new place. nice to see you, chris. clinton team bringing out big guns and calling on top surrogates including former opponent bernie sanders. he joined her in north carolina
7:08 am
when this went down. >> this election has been a lot more fun that now that we're on the same side. every social movement, every economic advance, has only come about because people were willing to work and sacrifice. bill: mike emanuel, senior correspondent live in pittsburgh today. allegheny county looks beautiful. so clinton bringing out the star power. what is her final argument to close the deal? first pittsburgh, detroit later. go, mike. reporter: well that's right, bill. hillary clinton trying to tap into that star power, trying to energize the people she needs to win the white house. jay-z will headline get-out-the-vote concert for her in cleveland tonight. katy perry will headline a rally in philadelphia for hillary clinton tomorrow night. yesterday, it was entertainer pharell williams campaigning with clinton in battleground north carolina. clinton says she is ready to take the baton from president obama to carry on his legacy.
7:09 am
>> we need to make sure we deliver on that promise. and in this election president obama's entire legacy is on the line. everything that he has worked so hard to do against implaquable opposition. reporter: what is not clear if the celebrities and vip surrogates can share or transfer their popularity to hillary clinton in the final days, bill. bill: traditionally the races tighten at the end. it would appear that is the case now, right, mike? reporter: no question about that. very close race in some interesting places as well. "cbs/new york times poll" reveals a very close race heading into the final weekend of this campaign. clinton 45 percent, trump 42%. here in pennsylvania the "real clear politics" average has clinton with 3 point edge.
7:10 am
46.8 to 43.8. then there is michigan. former president bill clinton spent parts of two days in michigan. hillary clinton is heading there today. perhaps it's a little too close to comfort there in michigan. you have the clinton team working to make sure there are no surprises in pennsylvania or michigan on tuesday night. bill? bill: thank you, mike emanuel, live in pittsburgh where he begins his day. thank you, mike. martha: did we mention fox news is your election headquarters? that we are the place where you will get all of the results? so don't think about going anywhere else because we will be here. so what better reason for everyone else to be here. full coverage, fair and balanced all through the morning. all through the afternoon. all through the evening and perhaps into the wee hours of the morning as well, if that 269-29 thing happens. we'll be here -- 269-269. we'll be here until the next day. bill: new states may be having polls getting tighter. which side has more to worry about? that is grand question.
7:11 am
martha: worry everywhere. a moment that has been a moment more than a century in the making. wouldn't you like to be in chicago today? that will be the place to be. thousands of fans getting ready to cheer the team through the streets of chi-town when we come back. >> living through generation of a championship. >> historical moment. we want the whole family to celebrate. approve this message. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay?
7:12 am
and you can tell them to go f**á themselves. you know you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. you gotta see this, i don't know, i don't remember. he's going like 'i don't remember.'
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
martha: at least eight people killed and 100 others wounded in a bombing in southeast turkey. the prime minister condemning these attacks as separatists terrorism. the bombing coming just hours after pro-kurdish legislators were detained for questioning. many people were on their way to work and school when the bomb went off. more coverage on this as we get it. bill: clinton campaign making a last minute appeal to african-americans. watch the map. watch the travel. in light of early voting data shows black turnout falling short of mark set by president obama from four years ago. we have the vice-chair of the democratic national committee and former mayor of minneapolis who is at home in minnesota. how are you doing, mayor? good morning to you, thanks for coming on "america's newsroom." >> happy to be here. bill: reince priebus was making a strong case that all of the data, emails that the dnc is putting out, do not necessarily match up what they're seeing on the ground. here is probes bus from last
7:16 am
hour to -- priebus from last hour to get going. >> you're winning recall vote in north carolina but way off where you need to be, and we're way up. they can say here, jefferson county, we have 10% turnout. that will not cut it. they're behind almost everywhere where they need to be. bill: your turn, go ahead. what is your state of the race. >> nice thing for him to say but let's face the facts. african-americans are over develop mingly supporting hillary clinton. the fact clinton is within one point of georgia, there happen to be a lot of african-american voters powering that is one got example. he says don't look at good individual areas, that is kind of what elections are about. early vote ticked up yesterday in north carolina. look one where it is behind. look at cleveland, okay? i know those voters well because the sunday before the election in 2012 i stood with thousands of african-american voters who had been disenfranchised by the republican secretary of state. dnc sued. we got their right to vote. they stood there in the rain.
7:17 am
they weren't moving for hours. they are not going to this time, even though there is now only one early voting site in the entire cleveland metro area, because they keep trying to suppress that vote. so congratulations. you helped suppress that -- let me finish bill. this is important. this is important point. early voting is one way of indicating that. so those voters who had more trouble voting early, i looked in their eye in 2012. they will be showing up because they know exactly what disenfranchise means. bill: i'm looking at map. we're crunching numbers. we're trying to pull in all sorts of data, what the thing looks like tuesday night or wednesday morning. i see a poll in new hampshire where it has dead-even tie. same poll from the "boston globe," among independents, 52% are less likely to vote for hillary clinton because of the fbi investigation. the question then leads us to this. what is the effect of that story on tuesday's turnout?
7:18 am
>> well polling i have seen hasn't shown a big switch. let's really get regrounded in this. hillary clinton will be not only most qualified president to ever take office but she is also the one we know more about than any other presidential candidate who has ever run. every email. every phone number is all out there. people know what they are getting with hillary clinton. we don't even know donald trump's tax returns. i would love to see his emails. i would love to see his emails from 3:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. the fact of the matter people know what they're getting in hillary clinton. bill: they probably know about trump too. listen -- >> no, actually they don't. but what we don't know about his ties to russian business. we don't know about his tax returns, the first candidate in american history to not release the tax returns. 20, 30 years. amazing stat. bill: this is very important. you were talking about cuyahoga county.
7:19 am
three to one democrats. very important to winning the state, be it a democrat or republican. hillary clinton's going to detroit, michigan today. she is in philadelphia on monday. is that smart politics? do those two moves show us where they believe the race is right now in michigan and pennsylvania? >> most politicians i know start with solidifying their base into a closing argument and solidifying the base. i frankly don't think you should read a whole lot where they are. there are head fakes and all sorts of things where people are going. i'm happy, she is making a final case in pennsylvania, and in michigan. those are good place toss it. she was in arizona before. the fact last minute polls are showing a lot of bounce. hillary was within a couple points in alaska the other day. the fact of the matter is, we're not, as unsophisticated as we used to be. the national polls don't matter. surgical, target the strikes we
7:20 am
look at, what was the key to the obama victories is same sort of ground game that is going on with the clinton team. the clinton and obama teams have teamed up. they have the best ground game ever. we're going to win this election because we know one person is prepared to be president, one isn't. bill: mayor, thank thank you for coming in. we'll see what happens, right? you made your case. >> yeah, we will. bill: we'll see who is right. thank you, sir, for your time. out of minneapolis. 20 past. martha? martha: there is fierce fighting going on in mosul as anti-isis forces push deeper into that city now. [gunfire] this as word that the terror army may be turning on some of its own fighters. more coming up. bill: million hundred yaw trump on the trail. -- melania trump, her first speech since the convention. is she donald trump's secret weapon. if so, did she wait too long to hit the trail. being detected was not an option.
7:21 am
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bill: fox news confirming the death of two u.s. servicemembers in jordan. two military trainers killed, a third wounded in an attacks outside of an airbase in southern part of jordan. no word what prompted this attack or what happened there or who might behind it. a member of the jordanian military also wounded in the incident. we're trying to piece this together out of amman and also out of washington, d.c. we'll get you updates when we get them here. martha: intense fighting erupting in mosul as iraqi and
7:25 am
kurdish forces continue the advance into the city under heavy fire from isis. the terror group is reported to kill its own members for alleged desertion. isis digging its heels to hold on to mosul, their last major strong hold in iraq. greg palkot live from erbil, iraq with more on this. reporter: hi, martha, it is being described as heaviest urban fighting between iraq and u.s. forces and began in and around mosul some three weeks ago. we had a little bit of a taste of it. we were held back at a check point outside of the city. we could he see a lot. ambulances rushing out wounded. planes and choppers overhead. we saw smoke happening over the eastern part of the city.
7:26 am
car bombs are involved, artillery, rockets. we were told by iraqi official, their forces now today have taken back a quarter of the eastern part of that city. that if true, would be a big gain. here is a little more what we saw and heard today. if this vehicle looks familiar it is. it is a humvee used by u.s. military in iraq number after years. they have been handed over to iraqi special forces. they're doing battle with isis in this region. this vehicle had a run-in with isis terrorists couple days ago. a couple of miles down the road. these two bullet marks tell the tale. snipers from the terrorists this guy made it through. how difficult is the fight? >> it is a street fight. reporter: it's a street fight? >> yes, because we are inside of the neighborhoods port board we saw something else, martha. a bigger american presence close
7:27 am
to the deadly fight. four mrap vehicles with troops on board. we saw looked like a base five or six miles from the heavy fighting. the reuters news agency is reporting that there is in fact a new u.s. base nearby. we spoke to u.s. military officials. they would not confirm or deny that. they have been saying that they will not send u.s. troops inside of that city. but they also said they will position their forces in any way that can support coalition partners with the iraqis. looks like today they need a lot of support. back to you. martha: greg, thank you. bill: 27 past. should clinton be worried about blue states turning red? we will show you the map and bring on two expert. >> the polls have been amazing.
7:28 am
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martha: donald trump rolling out a not so secret weapon in the final stretch for the white house, his wife melania trump made a rare solo campaign appearance yesterday in pennsylvania. here is some of that. >> donald travels the country. he has asked some simple but very important questions, do we want residents who is behold to no one, to you the american people? martha: republican strategist, julia is dem scrattic strategist and fox fox news contributors. how do you think she did yesterday? >> i thought she did well. the topic is not self-aware. i think talking about internet
7:32 am
bullying when her husband maybe not been the best actor in that issue and she herself has not been a great actor with respect to reporting profile of her that she considered to be unfair and when asked about trolls were trolling, she brought it on herself. i'm not the trumps are great messages on the issue and it is an important topic. i wish people would take it more seriously. martha: i think it's a pretty serious issue and she was talking primarily about her son. it was a little bit sort of we are going there when she started given that what we have seen twitter feeds at the trump tower from time to time, was she effective and my biggest question, tony, if this doesn't go the way that they would like it to go, will they regret not bringing her out there more and
7:33 am
earlier? >> i think she is extraordinarily effective and sympathetic character in telling the personal side of donald trump. when you see the family side,kie convention it gives positive aspect. what melania didn't want to do is put herself in the middle of the entire campaign which is largely negative toward her husband from the left and look, she's been very honest and has a son that's 10 year's old. not every spouse goes into the arena as a warrior. she comes in at the exact right time and the whole women for trump effort is targeting montgomery, delaware, this is where you have to convince enough women to support donald trump and then therefore you have a larger chance to win the state. recent polling shows a lot of
7:34 am
women are supporting donald trump. martha: i do think it makes a difference. i know women who live on the suburbs that are on the fence and when they do see the family, it does have meaning to them and, you know, melania trump you see her at first she's intimidating and beautiful and super model but when she speaks she's sincere, i came to america, but that wasn't enough for me and i wanted to be an american. i thought that was powerful. julie: she is a huge asset, hillary clinton's fire wall in this election is white-college educated women. she's up by 27 points. romney won by 6. and so in order for donald trump to win, he's got to get those people in his side, melania is a great example of that. i don't for the life of me understand -- martha: i completely agree. let's turn to a women who has embraced the role at being at
7:35 am
the heart and center of politics and that's huma abedin who i think everybody has sympathy for. what a couple of years it's been for this woman. she's been through quite a bit and basically in hiding that it came out, you couldn't write the twist to the story that the thousands of thousands of emails they found and were on a laptop that was used by anthony weiner and still being investigated by the fbi. so she made an appearance last night. she did come out at a fundraiser in washington, d.c. i think we have video of that. tony, you suggests that there's more to the next shoe to drop in the huma abedin, perhaps. >> absolutely, martha. they are dismissing the idea that most of the emails are duplicates. a lot of the emails are brand-new information according to reading from the fbi.
7:36 am
huma abedin has been at the intersection of clinton inc and clinton world. at one point simultaneously, three things are going to happen ultimately with the investigation, on a human level i sympathize, these are choices she made to blindly align herself to hillary clinton and the detrement to her own family, particularly her son, 6-year-old son. she can either get away with it, she can either cooperate with the state which i think is probably the most damming of all opportunities because she doesn't want to protect the family or -- martha: nobody knows about what goes on in clinton world than huma abedin. >> she falls which i don't necessarily have the interest of doing. hillary has been treating her -- she calls her a staffer. she's the vase chair of the clinton campaign. julie: you know it's unfair to say that huma abedin's child is somehow -- there's a judgment because of hillary clinton.
7:37 am
there's a judgment because his father is a -- i cant say words that i would want to describe her father on natural television. somebody put him in a horrible situation and lying in bed while texting with a 15 kwr0er8d. if you want to blame somebody, the other thing -- >> i was suggesting -- julie: you don't know what the tea leaves are in the fbi investigation and what the emails say because they just got a subpoena to read them. martha: they were on a device? julie: did anthony weiner put it in the device. who knows? martha: the fbi couldn't have done that and cleared every single device out of every people's houses is pretty interesting. interesting stuff.
7:38 am
thank you very much, both of you. bill: both sides, both campaigns mapping out route to victory. which way will they fall come tuesday, we show you the keys to victory on the board in a moment and this is interesting stuff so stay tune on that. martha: speaking of interesting stuff, mitt romney and john mccain, two names that we haven't talked about a whole lot lately, both on campaign trail together as republicans fight to hold control in the senate. >> my friends we live in a world that's on fire and we need to have a majority in the united states senate. [cheers and applause] (announcer vo) when you have type 2 diabetes
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7:42 am
need to maintain control of congress. >> my friends, we live in a world that's on fire and we need to have a majority in the united states senate. people don't have trust in the people who are in government. our country needs people of character and integrity. martha: wow. two people we haven't seen much of on the national stage. current rcp average shows mccain leading by 10 points, but not taking anything for granted. bill: political editor and fox news contributor, digital editor and host i will tell you what, tell you what. how are you guys doing? >> good. >> hey, bill. bill: i want to show our viewers and i want you to analyze, little -- the knowledge or historical significance that we've seen, okay, so far in the campaigns. take it back to 2012, mitt
7:43 am
romney-barack obama. let's go the florida n. the state of florida southern part of the state you had about 26% of the total vote four years ago come from these three counties, miami-dade, broward, and palm beach. if you were to pop up to pennsylvania, this is where hillary clinton will end her campaign, you had 20% of the total vote from the state come from these four, five counties in the southern part of pennsylvania. this is the city of philadelphia. look at this. i think the overall result was less than 300,000 votes statewide and barack obama has 600,000 votes in the city of philadelphia compared to mitt romney which is shy of a hundred thousand. you start thinking about what's important and why and where you make the margin of difference. what do you think about four days away right now?
7:44 am
>> four days we start as you say -- the polls are fascinating and it's all very interesting but the historical data about how the counties vote and how trump behaves the same and how he behaves differently than a typical republican nominee. so, for example, in pennsylvania why hadn't he done well in pennsylvania, he hapt done well in pennsylvania not because hillary clinton won't do as well as barack obama did, she probably won't but donald trump is doing worst in the suburbs of philadelphia. he can hope in collared counties that republicans have been doing better and more populist blue collar so in that trump has hope that he can bring pennsylvania in the balance but there's not enough to offset how poorly he has done with women in the suburbs. bill: remember the primary when trump rolled through pennsylvania. this is -- this is blue. it's democratic. trump picked up about 77% of the
7:45 am
vote in the county during primary. i will take you to washington county. >> yeah. >> romney got 57% of the vote. this is energy, it is coal, it is steel, blue collar, and you think about whether or not these counties can flip a little bit. i will show you another example. >> i think that's right, bill, because donald trump can appeal to a different type of voter particularly blue collar regan democrats that we hear much about. there's a reason why hillary clinton and her running mate and barack obama and michelle obama and bill clinton are all going to be in pennsylvania on monday and they are closing the deal or they are trying in the philadelphia area. i think it's because a, there's no early voting in pennsylvania, so they want that sort of that wave to crest on monday into
7:46 am
tuesday of enthusiasm, but there's a chance and some people are saying, maybe the democrats don't feel quite as secure as pennsylvania as the polls would indicate they ought to be. that's one interesting thing to keep an eye on. oh other one, bill, very quickly since you showed florida before, if you look at early vote which only tells you so much. right now florida is overtaken the early vote from 2012 already and republicans have a very slim lead down there. it looks like it's going to be another nail-biter, surprise, surprise in florida. >> point taken in all of that. i don't know if this is a normal traditional election, right, chris, in a normal election this is deep blue. >> yup. bill: here in the central part of the state you have delaware county that went 62% for romney. it's growing, it's suburban.
7:47 am
affluent, white voters, do they go for trump at 61.7%? >> no, they don't. you're talking about how donald trump is ahead in ohio because what's going to happen in ohio is that down in the southern tier of the state, not just in the cincinnati and dayton shot but tier all the way to ironton and that part of the state is going to go so hard for trump. trump is not going to do well in the suburbs but he will do great with the democrats in the northern tier of the state maybe all the way to toledo. >> one of the reason that is you're seeing donald trump out performing mitt romney in a place like ohio, there are
7:48 am
concerns that you hear about democrats about turnout among african americans, i know they made up some ground. they were struggling a couple of days ago but overall there are worries among democrats that specially in ohio african americans and also places like north carolina aren't turning out and will not turn out for hillary clinton the way they did for president obama. bill: can both of you see the monitor right now? take you back to 2004 with kerry and bush. this is kind of a traditional modern day political map, i think we would agree on that. red in the middle and the blue on the ends. look what happened when barack obama beat john mccain, it's blue in colorado, new mexico, blue in the southeast of florida, north carolina, virginia. four years later just a few subtle moves in the map. 2008, 2012, just indiana and north carolina that romney flipped. we don't have a sense just yet, chris, of what this map will
7:49 am
look like come wednesday morning. >> right, you could have for the first time ever, well, you could have a republican who won ohio and this isn't the first time ever but win ohio and didn't become president and the map that we know has been basically in place since 1992. because of donald trump's strong appeal with democrats and strong appeal with white voters without college degrees, state that is have populations and states in which more than 75% of the adult population do not have college degrees are a killing field for hillary clinton because democratic party abandoned working class voters a while ago so he will do well there. we could, in fact, be looking at a brand new map in which the republicans are the party of the white populist voter and the democrats are suburban white and minorities. bill: can you do that in 15 seconds? quickly. >> three steps for trump is the clearest path, win all the
7:50 am
romney states, add florida, ohio, and iowa and then you need 11 plus more electoral votes, a couple ways possibly to get there. it makes it tough but plausible at least. bill: gentlemen, thank you, i keep coming back to north carolina. i don't know why. martha: so it's going to be a big celebration, 108 years in the making. the city of chicago getting ready on a friday afternoon to cut loose, folks, in honor of those history-making cubbies, they are calling long-awaited victory a sign of the end times, time magazine pointing towards another looming event which we call the presidential election, now four days away. we will be right back you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt,
7:51 am
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7:54 am
john: ahead of what's happening now, four days left and new sign of momentum for both candidates. what the new new hampshire polls show with trump taking the lead and a new national tracking polls. plus, jenna lee's amazing discovery in virginia and a closer look at russian meddling in the u.s. election ahead in happening now. martha: it is friday and the party of the stench ri is about to go down in chicago. folks, the cubs celebrating first world series in 108 years. look at that little guy. he's excited. [laughter]
7:55 am
martha: hey, matt. >> good morning, martha. the past 72 hours in chicago has been magical for cubs fans, here we are today, tens of thousands of fans lined up on the parade rout behind us, a perfect crisp fall day. it's early november. we could have snow on the ground. people are just walking and the school students here had today off school so all 390,000 students can file down here to watch the cubs parade. the city has been electric and they they won world series in the tenth inning of the seventh game on wednesday and now today is the day that fans will relish in victory. the river was died blue a short while ago and will be died again soon. today is the day that generations of chicago families have been waiting a lifetime for. on covering the cubs' victory one thing fans have told me over and over again, this is for my grandparents or for my parents
7:56 am
watching above. i have so many memories of, you know, watching cubs games on the floor of living room or attending field games and today the cubs as lovable losers are no more. just a very exciting and magical day here in chicago, back to you in new york, martha. martha: thank you, matt. i think everybody can relate to a good comeback story and when a long time underdog is a winner, i think chicago is probably the happiest place of the country. thanks a lot. bill: four days and counting. who has the edge as we enter the last weekend before election day
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
martha: so you may talk to some people out there that they say that are ready for this whole thing to be over and there's two of them in the cover of time magazine. [laughter] martha: the end is near. double meaning perhaps in there at the end of the election and i don't know.
8:00 am
bill: i love it, i tell you. i think you're going to miss it when it's gone. martha: the ugliest thing we have ever seen. you bet we are going to miss it when it's gone, well, who knows. we will leave you with that. bill: see you this weekend, special programming. ♪ ♪ ♪ jenna: hillary clinton and donald trump hitting the home stretch of the campaign sprinting across key battleground states with four days to go until america decides. welcome to happening now i'm jenna lee. john: i'm john scott. the candidates are trying to leave nothing to chance making closing arguments and trying to boost voter turn oath as well with secretary clinton hitting pennsylvania, michigan and ohio today. donald trump heads to new hampshire. ohio and pennsylvania. we have live fox team coverage with senior national correspondent john roberts on the trump campaign but we begin with fox busin


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