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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 4, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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quick update from the bronx. who new york city police officers shot. one shot in the leg, nonlife-threatening injuries. the other person shot, in extremely critical condition in the hospital. updates throughout the afternoon. "your world" begins now. >> thank you, shepard. we're keeping our eye on the developments in new york and in wilmington-ohio, a donald trump rally about to begin in a crucial battleground state. to the right fayetteville, north carolina, where president obama is addressing a crowd, and all of this at a time when the candidates are jumping ugly or, well, not so ugly on an employment report that was read two different ways. the last employment report before the big election on tuesday and it showed a gain of 161,000 jobs, a little than thought. and the unemployment rate at
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4.9. greeted differently by the candidates. take a listen. >> we got some good news this morning. our economy created 161,000 jobs last month. that is 73 straight months of job growth. shows the numberobs report that of people not in the work force, increased by another 425,000 people last month. that's why you see these phony numbers about 5% unemployed. people are stopping, they're not looking for work anymore because they can't get a job. >> all right, now, they're both right. what if i told you both stress the parts of the report that favored their argue. but i do want to show you something else before i get to charlie gasperino. look at the markets today. specifically the s&p 500, it was down today after many of the markets were up all day long. that is the ninth straight day
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we have seen that. have to go back to december 1980 to see that many town days in a row. now, normally -- i don't want to discovery stress this because in the rules of thumb are meant to be broken but normally win you have the market heading down in an election is not good for the party in power in the white house. the rule of thumb is if that holds holds to be in the case in three months prior to election day. all of this holding the attention much the s&p is down. so, on other percentage basis not a huge hit to charlie gas perino, hit nonetheless. what do you think this report is finally tells us? donald trump says tepid recovery, hillary clinton saying stead good as she goes. >> well, my view is the market should have been somewhat up on this report. because, it's not great. the underemployment is still very high. labor participate is lie lower now this this time last year.
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so there's some good stuff that should have led to the market being up. what you have right now is the market slowly digesting and it's been this way for the past seven sessions and particularly after last week's announcement that the fib is re-opening the case, slowly processing the potential that donald trump could win the presidency and the anxiety that will occur if that happens. that is a big -- a big thing for money managers. they don't like it. they think that his tax policies -- excuse me -- trade policy is problematic for the market, and i i looks like monday he might win you'll see some volatile sessions. >> why is that? you remind me that the markets north factored into a donald trump victory. might increase. much more about the unknown, right? >> well, it's unknown. let's face it. donald trump has not run a conventional candidacy. he has said things that are pretty crazy and wild. markets take a criminal, like
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some people think hillary clinton is, who is competent, over some guy that's crazy. that general live is the perception from money managers and traders. that said, donald trump has a pretty aggressive tax plan. good for banks. good for energy stocks, there are reason to pie the market on a donald trump presidency. obviously after the dip itch think if he does win on tuesday, there's going to be a dip in the market. just about everybody is predicting tom and then the question of long-term, are his economic policies good for stock? if you look at that economic policy you have to be. going to cut back on regulation, going to lower taxes on business, and here's one key. me may be talking about rereeling nafta and i can't imagine the congress -- if he wined will be a republican congress -- will go for that. net-net you take your opinions poison but if he wins look for some real turbulence in the market.
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what we're getting now is a slow pricing in of donald trump possibly winning on tuesday. >> real clearly. if we can expand out to where charlie is, right outside our building here. and it's interesting that both candidates on tuesday will we having what each terms a victory rally, 20 blocks apart. hillary clinton at the new york hilton three blocks away from you. that is going to be a nightmare to put it mildly. >> take public transportation. have a metro card that works. i would in the be driving into manhattan next week. this is going to be a crazy police. not to mention -- euro have your own little security detail. you'll be okay. >> my friend tony from -- tony palumbo. >> charlie will be joining me on fox business coverage of the big night. we'll be right square in middle of that. in the meantime, donald trump
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and hillary clinton are tied in these national polls. now, that was kind of the case going into the final few days before the general election in 1980 and wouldn't my next guest know it, former carter pollster, pat goodell, a great political genius. that's what he told me to say. >> good work. >> i'm kidding patrick. what too you make of this? i was bothering you the other day i feel -- especially when if get a chance to look at the press at the time from them, the same sort of thing. a tight race, anyone's guess. what were you feeling underneath at the time that in your own data. >> if saw exactly what was happening. we haven't a debate, which was a big revent, the week before the election, on tuesday before the tuesday. which was not what wanted -- you didn't want the president -- >> i begged to close that down because i was afraid. we based the whole campaign on
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making ronald reagan risky. now, the overall factors, the economy, was not good. people were upset at carter's competence. the problem with iran. but we were getting voters who were coming home and were succeeding. the debate froze and it then moved it. reagan went ahead and then i can tell you, day-by-day what happened, like on the friday after the tuesday that would be this friday. the are he was ahead a point or two, but -- who? >> reagan, on saturday, it was even again, and then the dam burst on sunday witch went down five points sunday night. in our national poll. >> what happen? >> and ten points on monday. what happened was once people started focusing on what they didn't like and once reagan wasn't the issue alone, it just broke. and blue collar democrats and others said, one of my advisers said, you know what it is?
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we have the hostage rescue, the anniversary of the hostages taking and he said they're reminding people what it that it dope like, they don't like the economy and started focusing on how they felt. now, look at this year. we have -- i've been arguing there are similarities and differences, marjorie, but i'm seeing a pattern here, and if you go in the internals of data, which are the attitudes, some similarities. both candidates are unpopular more today than in 1980. trump has got real problems of temperment and whatever, put clinton has now gone -- already had a huge honesty problem. she has been hit on this thing, and -- >> i have one of her advisers on today on fox business. was saying we think that the drop has stopped. >> let me tell you about the problem. it's not yet landed. we're in motion here. there are two things -- i'm
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seeing some data coming out. in the in-depth attitudes. let me give you a couple of things that would worry me. number one, people believe that she is -- she will not be effective as president. a large majority believe she will be distracted from being able to do her job, including many of her own voters. if that's on voters' mines -- >> you thinks it. >> i don't to. >> with these tight polls -- so mach going on, buddy, but the s&p dropping ninth straight day, something we didn't see since, again, that period where reagan surprised everyone, do you see history replaying itself? >> it could in part. the ditches -- >> give me a definite answer in the final -- >> the answer, no, let me -- hey, wait a minute. let me explain to you. i'll tell you by sunday. >> we have 15 minutes left in the show. >> well, sunday. but here's the deal.
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a lot of people have already vote. we didn't have not in 1980. and you have still government the candidates trying to make their case. i don't think trump has made the best case and that is this. on the question of whether this is the best year for people to be able to take back their country, the revolt, huge percentage. by the way, voters believe if she is elected overwhelmingly the special interests and the political elite win and by a huge margin -- not as big -- people believe that trump means they loses. if that is in people's heads going in. if they're going to volt alienation and discontent, then he could blow this thing open. or it could be him and it stays there. we don't know yet but it's in motion. >> all right. will you join me on knocks -- fox business. >> i look forward to. i have a feeling we'll sea this was a fee people began to see
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this. >> you and me. >> like we have every year and a half. >> the burden we car, being geniuses. thank you, my friend. incredible political mind. i do want to alert you, too, we're getting word that -- of this whole thing that happened with the bridgegate crisis where two of the chris christie's former aides i forget toy names -- they were found guilty on all counsels and could faces up to 20 years in prison. very unlikely. but already, hillary clinton's campaign chief, john podesta, says that trump should call for christie to resign as chairman of the transition team. they don't waste a nanosecond. look what you'll be seeing here as the candidates get ready to pounce on the latest developments and they're busy bees. president obama wrapping up in fayetteville, north carolina, hillary clinton's wave.
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and trump about to hold a rally in ohio. and later on hillary clinton in detroit, michigan. here's the trump plane in place, but i should stress here what is going. polls are tightening dramatically. one of those moe dramatics weeks on the campaign in terms of an entire, complete change, and all of a sudden donald trump seems to have a chance. so much for -- consensus. remember when you said that men are superior drivers?
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ready for a new chapter? talk to your rheumatologist. this is humira at work. all right. wilmington, ohio, right now, that is the famous trump plane. in florida, and then in north carolina, they had a number of times when the trump plane was not too far from air force one, and for the life of me i said, which plane is big center i don't know. anyway, he is expected to address the troops and is surge fog polls, including in the very state he'll be addressing the crowd, ohio, but it's a national phenomenon here and something that bears watching and fair and balanced, the other side here and what they'll be talking about. this is clinton aide huma abedin hosting a glitzy fundraiser. anyway, reporters were shouting her questions, trying to find out what is going on she has
1:17 pm
been off the campaign trail for a while now. the better part of a week now. again, no word yet on whether she addressed anything. doesn't like lick she did. jennifer griffin is in cleveland right now with the hillary clinton campaign. they have not spoken or maybe have they spoken, jules not been together on the campaign trail? do we know, jennifer? >> reporter: well, if would be surprised if they haven't spoken. she has not been on the campaign trail with hillary clinton since last week when the fbi director -- the pomshell announcement they were re-opening the investigation, but as you just showed she was in washington, dc last night. what is interesting, there's so much talk about e-mails and just moments ago the state department complied with a federal court order and released more clinton e-mails, about 74 new documents, 285 pages total from the clinton e-mails provided to them by the fbi as part of the investigation
1:18 pm
prior to july 5th. remember, the fbi found about 19,000 e-mails and handed them over to the state department. those are coming out now. this is part of that old e-mail investigation. the state department said most of these are duplicates but two were upgraded retroactively to the confidential level. the lowe's level of classification. quote in processing these documents for release, this is a statement from spokesman john kirby -- the depth identified a number of documents that were exact done mix indicates of those refleeced our previous production of the e-mails inch terms of the e-mails found on the anthony weiner lap toe there is no confirmation by the fbi publicly that they have found classified information on that computer. but there are indications that there may be some new documents on the computer. they're wading through that right now. this fbi is still conducting that investigation. i have sources giving me conflicting information about the state of the investigation.
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huma appeared publicly in her campaign role for the first time last night at that fundraiser in washington, dc. hosted by anna withinnor of vogue magazine, and a new umenyiora from communications director general poll mary released by wikileaks today shows that the came pain had concerns about james comey over a year ago, in terms of remarks he made about ferguson and they were joking at the time, i told you so. the president shouldn't have nominated him to fbi director. that coming out from wikileaks, but all of this -- few days before there's voting near cleveland. back to you, neil. >> you don't get any sleep do you? that just out of the question these days. >> not a bit. not a bit. >> i hear you. thank you. great reporting as always. bill clinton right now is going to be at a big event -- is at a big event in denver, colorado, talk about a powerful surrogate to argue your wife's cause. bill clinton is under a lot of scrutiny here because of the
1:20 pm
infamous airport visit he had with loretta lynch, the attorney general, when he hopped in her plane and they had also chat. in fact, there's a move afoot to find out what the heck is going on, jay is the american center for law and justice, chief council counsel, new lawsuit over the meeting. what is the issue here. >> we want to find out what happened on the stop and talk on the tarmac. i don't care, republican, democrat, independent, the idea that the attorney general in the united states would meet with the form are president of the united states who wife, the former secretary of state in the united states was under criminal investigation of the fbi is unprecedent net the annals of u.s. hoyt. where you have this kind of discussion going on and we filed a freedom of information act requesting what gives? not only what the topic of it and what would be relevant there but also what kind of advisory opinions or ethical opinions did the attorney general get when
1:21 pm
she thought it was okay to do that? >> well, the clinton -- just to be clear, i'm not -- bill clinton heard that she was there, plane was there right behind him. i think -- and he said, well, we're here now mikes at well see her and talked about kids and grandkids. you're not buying that. >> yeah, for 45 minutes. if that was what they discussed, its still -- a standard that lawyers are suppose today maintain to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. so this event takes place on the tarmac, in an aircraft owned by the united states of america, and the out department of justice aircraft, where you had the former president on. a few days later his wife is interviewed by the fbi, not under oath, and then we have two days after that of course then announced at that time no criminal prosecution being recommended. that now been modified. it's to some extent anyway by james comey. just a few days ago.
1:22 pm
the fact of the matter is that event itself, neil, really put under -- in my view -- >> got to go to break. sorry. -- >> filed the suit -- >> we really do. >> no problem. [ sighs ] [ rumbling ]
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>> two police certificates shepard had been updating you on. the new york police department says the robbery suspect was killed in an exchange of gunfire in the bronx. the condition of the other sergeant isn't exactly known at this time. we do know that one was seriously injured but we're told not life-threatening injuries. we'll keep you posted on that. we know that the suspect's car had been hulled over by police
1:26 pm
and then chaos ensued. all right. in the meantime, to the world of politics and everyone and their uncle with key surrogates right now. hillary clinton is blessed to have some of the most powerful names in the democratic party helping her out, including bernie sanders, who might be wincing with revelations of these e-mails. ed henry is in washington, dc with nor on that. >> reporter: remember john podesta in an earlier document dump called bernie sanders a dufus. and bernie sanders is trying to make sure the millenials come out for clinton, trying to get the left excited. enthusiasm has been a problem for clinton. he when they hear about the i'm others leaking it will be interesting to see their reaction. podesta writing in february of 2016 though thick of the primary battled with we lose the popular vote can't imagine she will be
1:27 pm
the nominee but she got more votes than obama in '08 and facebookly endorsed him so enough of bernie's team bs conspiracy. there was another moment in august of 2015 where one of clinton's advisers were concerned that maybe the campaign was not paying women enough. this came up with the clinton ton foundation in an earlier document dump, this time saying we're going to keep getting hit on this one unless we can more strongly rebut it. can we have an independent analysis show we have pay equity between men and women on at the campaign? do we have a pay equity problem? humerous because of all the time hillary clinton spent going back to her convention speech and throughout her speeches on the campaign trail talking about how pay equity is one of her top priorities and will be as president if elected, her own campaign saying they're not sure if they pay women as much as men do. >> wow. what you find out. thank you very much. former new mexico governor bill
1:28 pm
richardson was also the target of a lot of the name, calling, actually worse, and he told me on fbn it was time to move on. >> well, you know, i popped up in a very insignificant way, john podesta mentioned that hillary clinton should call me for an endorsement and he revved to me as a needy latino, and i've said you, and to many of your viewers, mose politicians are needy, but that was -- that's inconsequential. i think right now these are the closing arrangements. sounds like the republicans and trump -- they're bringing all this personal, this negative stuff, because they have no vision. >> well, maybe so, but -- >> it's week -- >> he called you a word that rhymes with stick. but you're a patriot, served your country well, i think that's mean. >> well, you're kind to say that.
1:29 pm
no. it's some -- kind of temper evidence it a bit -- >> no he didn't. >> he ways -- >> third sacker,. >> trying to con vicinity her -- >> talked to you to calm you down, better i -- have you o. their side than gasp. -- than against. they were mad at you in 2008 for supporting barack obama. but you got over that. but i don't know. i mean, you have done more than enough to help out hillary clinton. >> it was a political -- that is a locker room political talk. but -- >> isn't that a kill center they criticize you -- >> no, no. no. >> they're saying it of you, word that rhymes with stick. >> objective, she did -- she did call me and -- >> what did she say. >> we patched things up. she said that i'm glad we're coming back together, and let's work together and i've done that. >> have you hard since the revelations of these i'm others from win in the campaign, governor, we're sorry. >> yes, they have.
1:30 pm
yeah, yeah, i have. >> what have they said? >> called -- i think -- well, we were in touch, yeah, and because we're old friends, neil. >> really. >> he was chief of staff -- >> governor, have old friends and-do. >> -- known familiar already 30 years. >> never refer to my old friends that way. well -- >> well, quietly, privately, i bet you do but -- >> buy gones are buy gones and you're not going to make a bill deal. here's what i get out of it. guess get a sons of a lot of condescending dismisssiveness at the campaign, even podesta for hillary clinton. hillary clinton for a lot of other people. it just gives me an kicky -- icky feeling. a bad people feeling. what do you think? >> look. neil, let's compare what trump says about other people, about other politicians dirks. >> you're shifting.
1:31 pm
>> no nor not a shifter. >> no, no. look, this is politics -- this is what happens when campaigns -- they're intention -- intensely pressure yesterdays and it get permanent. we should stop focusing on wikileaks -- whoa, whoa, woo -- >> the -- the next three days -- >> we wouldn't know about this. i'm not endorsing the way it came to our attention but itself is out there and when i hear people referring to you in this manner. i'm like -- >> jew now, why is russia interfering in their spawn with julian assange -- >> don't get me going. they're a bunch of sticks. see what a gentleman he is in and he has been royally sticked. >> all right. we're finding out from dhs they're worried about election day. that cyber attacks could cause confusion. on election day. so, if we're not careful, we could all get sticked.
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by the was we'll be live throughout the weekend on fox business network so you get the boast of both worlds there. in the meantime, we're focusing on where the candidates are going but where their surrogates are going and the importance that no less than the president of the united states must be placing for the hillary clinton campaign on north carolina, a tight state. it looked for a while like hillary clinton was running away with it. colin mcshane on why that is an important state. >> i want to start with the state of north carolina. when we speak on tuesday night that very well may be what this race comes down to. now, our fox decision team has north carolina and its 15 electoral votes as a lean blue state but in a what-if scenario,
1:37 pm
let's see what happens if we take it off. remember the polls are very close so if north carolina suddenly becomes a tossup state, and those 15 are off the map, then you start to go around in the other tossup states and assume that donald trump picks up the 29 electoral votes he absolutely needs in florida, wins in iowa, that he wins in arizona, that he even wins in nevada, where things are close, we have already gotten mr. trump up to 250 and you see that hillary clinton is below the threshold of 270. now, new hampshire has come into play this week, very important state and trump has taken a slight lead in the polling there, although it's a tossup. for our what-if scenario we have given it to trump. 254. night, we have seen thea on president paying a visit there today, governor pence in north carolina as well. itself it goes red we could have a 269-1269 tie and have the this thing going to husband of
1:38 pm
representatives. now there is one electoral vote in maine if trump were to pick up one, clinton gets three, that could get him to 2 22 -- 270: if does not win north carolina you have to find a new path. many the state of pennsylvania, 20 electoral votes there, and if that turns red enough to put trump over the top but that's a harder path. a state he has been trailing. hillary clinton has been up in the polls. so that's why as we speak her on a friday afternoon, the story, essentially remains the same, that the data is in favor of hillary clinton going in. in other words, she is a slight favorite going into the weekend. but the paths -- we have just run through two of them are more plus able for donald trump. >> thank you very much. and those paths a few more opened up in the course of the last week. donald trump in ohio, later on hillary clinton event in michigan.
1:39 pm
let's get the latest right now how donald trump is responding to these latest developments. [cheering] >> that's great. but you are saving it for november 8th, i think, right? you want to be traditional. right? real change begins with immediately repealing and replacing horrible obamacare. it's just been announced that the residents of ohio are going to experience massive, massive problems with their obamacare. you know about that, i guess. right? you know about it. it's a serious problem. it is a serious problem. and you're going to have numbers in the great state of arizona, it's gone up 116%. okay? 116%. so you're going to have a lot of problems. we're going to work on its very hard. 88 counties in ohio are losing
1:40 pm
at least three obamacare insurers a year. so, next year, you're going to have almost, almost nobody even to negotiate with. by next year, but it's not going to matter because if we win the election you won't have obamacare to worry about. you're not going to have obamacare. nothing to worry about. believe me. and we are going to have great health care at a much lower price and it's going to be something you're going to be very proud of. right now, it's an international joke obamacare. it's an international joke. companies are leaving and insurers are fleeing, doctors are quitting. i know so many doctors have quit. and generally speaking, deductibles are going through the roof. some higher than others. we have deductibles as high as 15,000 or $16,000.
1:41 pm
yet hillary clinton wants to double down on obamacare. make it even more expensive. i'm asking for your vote so we can replace obamacare, and save healthcare for every family in ohio, but more importantly because we don't want to think of ourselves. for every family in the united states. a big problem. it is a big problem. real change also means restoring honesty to government. so we ought to start by getting rid of hillary clinton. that would be a good way to start. be a good way to start. yeah. the fbi now has multiple open criminal investigations going on
1:42 pm
hillary clinton. lots of bad things are happening. lots of really bad things are happening. but i'll tell you what. you're going to be amazed when it's all finished, when you look at how it's all flushing out. the system is a beautiful system when it works. we have a rigged system. so many times. you see this. you have things going on that are incredible. that includes the discovery of another 650,000 e-mails and also a criminal investigation into her pay for play corruption at the state department i'm amazing. last night it was just confirmed that the 650,000 e-mails include brand new e-mails, not previously seen by authorities, likely including classified information. hillary is now facing major problems with perjury. the fbi agents say their
1:43 pm
investigation is likely to yield perhaps an indictment. however, however the reports also show that the political leadership at the department of justice is trying as hard as they can to protect their angel, hillary. this is no angel. they want to protect their angel. if we ever have a situation like this -- seriously -- first of all, forget about as of last friday. with the new 650,000 e-mails that were found. forget that. she should have been disqualified for running for president from the first batch of e-mails. and from all of the crimes that have been committed. take a look at the first batch. why do we even have to go. now we're doing it, look what we found in how many i'ms do we have to do this. believe the fbi wanted to do it and she was protected by friends
1:44 pm
of hers at the department of justice. that's the department where, as you know, the attorney general was on the airplane, now they say it was for 45 minutes. talking about the grandchildren, talking about golf for 45 minutes. i don't think so. i think they were talking about a position, in other words, a continuation of a position. i think that's why they were talking about. hillary has engaged in a criminal massive enterprise and coverup like probably nobody ever before. remember john podesta said, she has bad instincts. and you know, as i was getting off the plan they were just announcing new wikileaks i wanted to say there but didn't want to keep you waiting. i didn't want to keep you waiting. let me run back into the plane
1:45 pm
and find out. i didn't want to go -- there were some beauties coming out and i'm saying, die listen for another -- you can listen for hours. but think of it, john podesta, her top person, said she has bad instinctses. who the owe the hell wants a president where the person that knows her best said her instincts are bad. bernie sanders said she has bad judgment, but at least he was running against her. right? but the person working with her -- i tell you what i would fire podesta very quickly if i were her. he should be fired. and honestly, shouldn't huma be fired? huma. i mean, can you imagine? can you imagine -- dead you get rate of all the e-mails? l, they're all gone. this hand gone on for mocks. did you get rid of the e-mails? l, they're gone we deleted 303,000 of them. they're all gone.
1:46 pm
think we're in the clear. then they found out, going through a pervert's file, anthony weiner, anybody in new york knows all about anthony weiner. and i predicted it's year ago. did you hear in the in right? and i said, all the things i said. and they all said, what a horrible thing to say. turn out to be right. and even some of these very dishonest people in the media said, trump really called that one if called a lot of them. i called a lot of them. can you imagine huma -- i get rid of them. they're all gone. 33,000. didn't die a good job? and then they find out, uh-oh, we got bad news, boss. i think they went on the cloud you know the cloud? never disappears off the cloud. for those people when they advertise the cloud, never disappears. she said, boss, we have bad news.
1:47 pm
they just found 650,000 e-mails. can you imagine? i and i'll tell you some of the e-mails i would bet anything. some of those e-mails are so bad, they're so classified, they're beyond classified. they have e-mails there that are beyond classified. and it's all coming down because i've always had a lot of confidence in the fbi. i to tell you. you have amazing people in the fbi. and they're not happy. they're not happy about what is happening, and they're not happy about the way they're being pushed around. and you don't push them around for long, believe me. she created an illegal e-mail server, to shield her criminal activity and corrupt pay for play, and then she illegally destroyed 33,000 e-mails after -- this is a big key --
1:48 pm
after -- after receiving a congressam subpoena. the gets the subpoena and says, get rid of it and that's fine. and yet they put four star general, last week, james cartwright, highly respected. current four-star general they i put him in jail for up to five years for doing nothing. general petraeus suffered horribly. reputation destroyed for doing nothing by comparison. they took the kid who wanted some pictures of the submarine, an old submarine, meantoff 0 pictures of the enemy watching. plenty of them elm wanted them. took them a couple of pictures. they put him in jail for a year. saw his mother on television. i tell you what, we have never been in a situation like this. and she is allowed to run for president and general cartwright is put in jail for doing peanuts
1:49 pm
and he said he did it and he said he did it for -- he said that he lied for national security purposes. okay? who knows. but he tide nothing by comparison to what she has done. if she were to win it would create an unprecedented constitutional crisis. she is likely to be under investigation for a long time. concluding probably in a criminal trial. look, we all want to go through a process and we want to make sure everybody is guilty properly guilty, everything has to be perfect but she did things where -- we have our trial, have to go -- put what she guilty. she is guilty. if you took the e-mails -- they the least of what she did. she got rid of e-mails. that the least of what she did. if she ever got into the oval office, hillary and he her corrupt friends would rob this country blind. my contract with the contract w
1:50 pm
voter begins with a plan to end government corruption. [ applause ] i want the entire corrupt washington establishment to hear and heed the words we all are about to say. we all -- you ready? isn't it amazing how this phrase has caught on? i didn't like it. i thought it was corny. i thought it was really sort of a corny phrase. i didn't like it. when we win in november, we're going to washington, d.c. and we are going to drain the swamp. i'm telling you. i thought it was corny. and then i went to run rally and another and they're all screaming, drain the swamp. frank sinatra didn't like my way. he didn't like it. until he sang it. the audience went crazy. sang it again. became number one. all of a sudden he loved it very much.
1:51 pm
at the core of my contract is my plan to bring back our jobs. [ applause ] ohio has lost one in four of its manufacturing jobs since nafta, a deal signed by bill clinton and supported by crooked hillary clinton. america has lost -- this is one of the hardest things to believe, because it doesn't seem physically possible. 70,000 factories since china entered the world trade organization. another bill and hillary-backed disaster. we're living through the greatest jobs theft in the history of the world. it's true. the single greatest jobs theft. look at what's happened not only in ohio. you look in upstate new york. you look at pennsylvania. look at north carolina. look at south carolina. you look at what's going on. look at new england. new england, boy, they got hit.
1:52 pm
general motors laid off 1,150 workers and moved their jobs to mexico, china and various other countries. 356 workers were laid off in troy. anybody from troy? good. do you still have your job? and moved their jobs to mexico. delphi laid off 5,805. you know about that, right? 5,805 workers in dayton. boy, oh, boy, that's a lot of jobs is, and moved their jobs to mexico. we have a one-way highway going into some of these countries, especially mexico. everything goes in -- i always say, they get the jobs, the plants, the money. we get the drugs. we get the unemployment.
1:53 pm
it's a one-way street. not going to happen anymore. not going to happen anymore. [ applause ] there have to be consequences. when that happens, there are going to be consequences. we're going to -- don't worry, we'll build the wall. it's going to be a great wall. it's going to be a great wall. and every time i see delphi and companies leaving, that wall gets a little bit higher. it keeps going up. it's going to be a great wall. we're going to fight for workers and we're going to fight for these other companies, don't leave us. they're are going to be consequences. because the people got a raw deal, and they deserve so much better. a trump administration will stop the jobs from leaving ohio and from leaving america. and we'll stop the jobs -- i tell you what -- like you have
1:54 pm
never seen before. it will happen quickly. the theft of american prosperity will end. if a company wants to fire their workers, leave ohio, move to another country, build their big beautiful factory, ship their products back into the united states, we will make them pay a 35% tax going through a very strong border. it will be a very strong border. [ applause ] and you know what's going to happen? they're not going to leave. they're not going to leave. now, the politicians could do something about this. how long have we been talking about this? 15 years, right? it's gotten really bad over the last five or six years, really bad. it's gotten to be catastrophic. catastrophic. but they know this. some do. some don't. some are not exactly -- i won't say it. some aren't too bright. some aren't too bright. some are getting tremendous
1:55 pm
amounts of money from donors and from people that want to see those companies leave. they have reasons for the companies to leave. including ownership interests in those companies. the problem is, the politicians are working for those donors. they're not working for the american people. they're not working for all the people that got fired from what were good jobs. so what's going to happen is they won't leave. the ones that do leave, that's okay, too, because the country will make a fortune, because that's going to be call the consequence. we can stop it dead. and as we speak right now, you have leaders in your company going out right now as we're speaking, you have leaders going out trying to negotiate deals to leave ohio and other places, go to mexico, go to other countries. but don't worry about it, because if i get elected, there will be very little negotiation. a trump administration will renegotiate nafta. and if we don't get the deal we want, we will t
1:56 pm
and get a much better deal for our workers. i want free trade. i want fair trade. you know, everyone wants free trade. they keep calling it free trade. well, i want free trade, too. but i really want fair trade. fair for this country and for our workers. that's what it's going to be. we're going to have fair, fair trade. we will also immediately stop the job killing transpacific partnership from happening. that's going to be the next disaster. that's another nafta potential. as part of our plan to bring back jobs, we're going to lower taxes on american business from 35% to 15%. we will massively cut taxes for the middle class. we will also unleash american energy, including shale, oil, natural gas and clean coal. we're going to put our miners back to work. we're going to put our steel
1:57 pm
workers back to work. we will cancel billions of dollars of global warming payments to the united nations. by the way, nobody even knows what happens to that money. i could tell you, i have some pretty good idea. but nobody even knows what happens. and we will use that money to invest in america that includes projects like improving interstate 71. does anybody like that idea? you gotta like it a lot. otherwise, let's save the money. we owe 20 trillion. do you like the idea of improving the interstate? i mean, it's not exactly -- you are not thrilled by it. let's not do it. let's save the money. and replacing the bridge in cincinnati. you like that? which is critical to the region. you like that one better. you know, we should do that. before we do a project, have a big rally.
1:58 pm
how do you like doing the interstate. people go -- how do you like doing the bridge? we love it. it's not a bad way, actually. we will also rebuild our inner cities. we will become a rich nation once again. you know, our inner cities are in terrible shape. the african-american community has been absolutely mistreated by the people running the inner cities for so many years. up to 100 years unbroken. and we're going to fix and invest in our inner cities. we're going to bring our jobs back to the inner cities. [ applause ] the crime is unbelievable. it's staggering the crime. thousands and thousands shootings in chicago just since the beginning of the year. we're going to fix our inner cities. jobs back, good education and safety. and i say to the
1:59 pm
african-american community, i say to the hispanic community -- and i have said it -- what the hell do you have to lose? what do you have to lose? we're going to make our inner cities wonderful places, safe, good education and jobs. and you know, the democrats -- >> all right. we are continuing to follow donald trump speaking in wilmington, ohio. as he was speaking and ahead of hillary clinton speaking in the next hour in detroit, michigan, since the revelation of this follow-up probe on the part of the fbi a week ago today, donald trump has suddenly become competitive in seven of 11 so-called battleground states. three of them he has turned into a small lead. in the others within two points. that's all within one week. a remarkable turn of events that if he could sustain it would mean as even "the washington post" put it out, pick up new hampshire, it's donald trump who gets to 270 and not hillary
2:00 pm
clinton. unthinkable, even unimaginable a little more than a week ago. which is why we're live this weekend not only on this fine channel but so is fbn. the entire weekend, we have you covered. see you tomorrow. hello, everyone. it's 5:00 main new york city. this is "the five." just four days and brand-new proof of the mainstream media's collusion with the clinton campaign to help hillary. the evidence that keeps piling up with each wikileaks drop. there are dozens of examples, but here is a handful of the names in the liberal media who have been caught this week alone with their pro-clinton bias. george stephanopoul


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