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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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don't miss that. and don't forget the factor, it's up next. good night. ♪ ♪ "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> deck of lies, coverups and scandal have finally caught up with hillary clinton. >> donald trump was endorsed by the official newspaper of the ku klux klan. >> more than 80% of the american people are disgusted by the presidential campaign as it comes to a close. talking points will deal with the ramifications of that. >> i am sick and tired of him going after my family. my dad is the greatest man alive in my mind. [cheers] >> the bush family and other powerful republicans still will not support donald trump. will that be a factor in the upcoming vote? >> unles how much do you smoke? i'm so wasted. >> also tonight it looks
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like california will legalize marijuana even as a new study shows poor minorities are getting hurt by the drug. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. tuesday cannot come fast enough that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. poll buy cbpoll by abc news says 82% of americans are disgusted with the presidential campaign. just 13% are excited by it. who are those people? pretty much everyone i know can't wait until the whole thing is over. yes, there is a lot at stake. but all the negativity has not been good for the country. >> hillary clinton has engaged in far-reaching criminal conduct and in an
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equally far-reaching criminal coverup, including the destruction of 33,000 emails after receiving, after, after, can you imagine, can you imagine if i did that? oh, that alone is big problems for which she got away with murder. honestly, she has no right to be running. >> just a few days ago donald trump was endorsed by the official newspaper of the ku klux klan. they wrote their endorsement under the slogan of his campaign make america great again. they said it's about preserving white identity and they place their faith and hope in him. >> now, to be fair, donald trump has nothing to do with the ku klux klan and hillary clinton has not been charged
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with anything yet. now, there is a tradition of nasty presidential campaigns in america going all the way with john adams versus thomas jefferson. in this hyper computer age where internet smears dominate the discourse, critical mass has now been reached. there's no question both candidates despise each other. and that many americans are angry about the state of their country. all of that negative emotion can be very destructive. talking points has tried to cover the campaigns in a fair way and i believe we have succeeded. we do not cheap shot the candidates but we do not shy away from telling you the truth about them. my analysis of the recent al-smith dinner here in new york city is a good example of that for those of how watch this program, you know what we believe and that is that many far left policies have damaging the country. and that the democratic nominee, hillary clinton, is
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embracing some of those policies. my problem with mrs. clinton is two fold. she's not candid in her assessment of herself. and, she has veered sharply to the left. if americans allow her to nominate a supreme court justice, things could get very intense for this country. on the other side, donald trump, who has been accessible to us, is not experienced in dealing with complicated geopolitical matters. if elected, he would have to rely heavily on advisors and we coul do not know whether mr. trump would listen to them or not. so, at this point, whoever is elected president will enter the office as the most unpopular victor in history. there is simply too much bitterness for it to edevelop poor rate in a matter of weeks. talking points sincerely held beliefs even those that
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go against my conscience. we are not seeing that kind of respect in this campaign, are we? here is a vivid example. last week the catholic diocese where rockwell center where i live on long island issued a very heart felt letter on abortion. while the bishop did not take a political side he clearly states that anyone, anyone who would support taking the levee of a late term baby for anything other than the life of the mother is participating in a grave injustice. the bishop and every other cleric in this country have a perfect right to state that position without being attacked or scorned. hillary clinton's position is that any late term abortion should be acceptable if the mother's health is in some kind of jeopardy. but as we all know health could mean anything which is why there are laws against latem
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borings. mrs. clinton's position is extreme but has gone relatively unnoticed. finally we never endorse candidates here. we never tell you for whom to vote. we also understand that this campaign has been awful for the spirit of the nation. there's no question about it. and that's the memo. now for the top story, covering the final days of the campaign, joining us from washington, bret baier. so, a lot of people have questions about the process. we're going to be here sunday night live. you're going to be live sunday night. you're not allowed to go home now until wednesday; is that right? you have to stay here. >> i'm in new york starting tomorrow. >> that means i'm going to leave then. no, no, no. i will be here sunday night and monday night. i will do a little something on election day but that's your and kelly, you guys take it. so let's start with exit polling, all right? fox news has a big operation, right, in selecting states. we can't be in every state. but we have, you know, we are pinpointing certain states. tell me about that.
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>> yeah. it's the key battle ground states. we have exit polling which we will be monitoring throughout the day but it is sequestered. in other words, we have people, a team with the networks that have agreed that it will be private information about the exit polls and, remember, these are polls taken when voters exit the polling booth and tell them or don't. >> let me stop threw. this is an agreement. there is not a law that says we can't report it when we get it it's just an agreement all the networks do this. all the radio stations do. this they all agree not to let it out until the polls close; is that it? >> it's a consortium and you can't use the information until the polls close. >> you say can't. it's not illegal if you did. if you went rogue and decided to do it you wouldn't be prosecuted or anything, would you? >> no. it's an agreement that everybody agrees to. i mean it's not a state law. >> people are standing outside of certain polling places that are designated they ask people and if they
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don't want to participate they don't have to. it's a voluntary thing, who did you vote for? why did you vote that way? ba ba ba ba ba. then that gets sent by email or something to election headquarters to new york city, right? >> right. and where there is a sequestered group from each one the networks and major media organizations and they get that data. they compile it, they look at the different aspects of it, you know, who is republican, whose democrat, which way did they vote, and where their demographics fall and they come up with a list. >> we do our own and cbs does its own. we don't share, right? we have our own and they have their own, right? >> the data is the same but we do it ourself, fox. >> okay. so you, bret baier, during the day do they tell you this is the trend in florida at 2 o'clock p.m.? do they give you updates? >> not throughout the day. we have a 5:00 p.m. meeting in which they then come back from the sequestered area and we debrief for
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everybody. now, that is held until the first polls close, 7:00. >> so even i can get that at 5:00 on tuesday i will get that information should i go to that meeting, which i would never do. >> you should, bill, we would love to have you. >> i know, you would be thrilled. i will send some of our guys. so by 5:00, you have a pretty good idea, you, bret baier, how whether it's going to be a cliff hanger or pennsylvania is going to go this way or ohio is going to go that way, correct? >> you have a sense of how these states go and you're right, if it's a big blow out you have a better sense. >> you know. >> if it's tight though, remember 2004, the exit polls were off. some of them were just -- they didn't -- the people didn't tell them the right thing that they did or they were just skewed in some way. they didn't match the actual vote total. so what the decision desk does, bill, they take the exit polls from that state. then they take the raw vote total that comes in as it's coming in realtime. they have programs and
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computer models that put them both together and say well, looking at this vote and the exit poll, you know, what does it mean for this county, this county, this county, this county? the raw vote totals, when do they start coming into the fox news operation, the raw vote totals. >> when the polls close in each state. >> okay. nothing before each state and then it's a done so electronically like a bing, bing, bing. >> some states are better than others. >> okay. all right. so we'll talk again on sunday night. because anything could happen in this crazy campaign and we breecht it, bret, very much. thanks. >> thanks, bill. >> next on the rundown, brit hume has covered many presidential elections. we will get his take on where this one stands right now. bush family still not supporting donald trump, but are they truly comfortable with hillary clinton as president? those reports after these messages. ♪ ♪
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covered 11 presidential elections so he has a good feel for the process. joining us now from washington. what direction, right now on this friday evening, what direction is this thing going in? can you sense something happening? >> well, can you sense for the past several days that there has been momentum toward donald trump. but, when you look at the polling on this, bill, it doesn't look like his numbers have moved up very much. what has happened is that a segment of hillary clinton's support has collapsed. that might recover over the weekend. sometimes there is real movement over the last weekend before an election. but that's the story right now is that her support is fading. he is holding. she fades enough. he could win. >> okay. it's all about turnout then. remember four years ago romney, the romney campaign thought they had it. remember that? they thought they were going to win the internal polling they had showed him up by 3. then he disappeared. mitt roadside bomb any disappeared. he didn't do any national interviews and then super storm sandy was in play. and that was taken a lot of
5:15 pm
the politics off the front page. and then he quote thumped. romney got thumped. did that surprise you four years ago? >> well, no. because i remember sitting on your show on election eve and you asked me who is going to win. i said i have heard the briefings from both camps and, you know, each makes a persuasive case. you remember what happened then bill is that romney was leading or at least was right there. >> right. >> in all the national polling but if you went state by state through the key states, the battleground states, he was not. and what was striking about it, bill, was that the national polling was done by these big and well known and well otherwise recognized polling organizations and a lot of the state polls were done by little colleges and polling organizations didn't know much about. they turned out to have it right the national poll was off and then it turned out on election day it was off, too, that he won by more the national polls had suggested that he would in the popular vote. >> but trump is doing and we're going to do this segment a little bit long, the same thing that romney did, he is not appearing right now on national tv, which, for him, is a big
5:16 pm
departure. now, in new hampshire, the local poll up there, wbur to boston, but that's a local poll, has trump now either tied or winning by a little. that's a turn. nevada, some local polls there have trump ahead there arizona trump has surged ahead. so, i'm -- i'm not seeing a lot of clinton turning around in states but i am seeing some going over to trump. >> yeah. i agree with that i thinkt's tht looks. now, all these poll poll you average them out think are only a couple points either way. you can't do an margin of error for an average of polls. the margin of error is such if it's plus or minus 2 or 3 or 4 that could mean ha lot of different possible outcomes? especially if the voting blocks don't turn out like african-americans. everybody is keeping a very close eye on them, hispanic americans. in certain states like colorado. so what i see now is that if
5:17 pm
trump manages to win florida and ohio and north carolina, that's a long night. if he loses any of those three, it's a short night. >> i think that's about right. i think of the three, the one where he has the greatest vulnerability is north carolina where the polling average, i think, shows mrs. clinton up a little bit. and north carolina, of course, would be -- if she wins it, that's a flip. >> right. >> that's a state that mitt romney won and, you know, we all know that because of the structure of the states and how they voted in recent elections that of any republican nominee, this one included, of course, has a steeper hill to climb, and, you know, i mean, mr. trump would have to basically run the table of all the states that obama -- i mean, that romney won. plus the toss-up states and even that wouldn't get him there. he would have to pick off some states that.
5:18 pm
>> yeah. like iowa. but,. >> he has a good chance in iowa. it's possible. >> >> you're right, north carolina. >> it's a long shot. >> and that will close fairly early on tuesday night. >> yeah. >> that one -- >> -- that's a good one to keep your eye on. >> thank you very much, as always. directly ahead, bush family apparently not voting for donald trump. what about the specter of hillary clinton as president? is the family okay with that? also, california on the verge of legalizing pot. but that might hurt the minority community badly. minority community badly. up ahead. and only gaviscon helps keep acid down for hours. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief, try doctor-recommended gaviscon.
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as california's former director of finance, i assure you, proposition 64 is a smarter, safer, more fiscally sound approach to adult-use marijuana than what our state's currently doing. so, though i've never tried marijuana, and i don't advocate others doing so, i'm voting yes on 64. to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana
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for adults 21 and over. 64 has strict safeguards for families. and a billion dollars in new revenue for our state's greatest needs. so, vote yes on 64. campaign 2016 egg seeing want tonight. even though donald trump has closed the gap on. some big names in the g.o.p. still hold out. bush the elder and younger are not supporting trump.
5:22 pm
governor kasich in ohio has actually written in the name of john mccain in advance voting. former presidential candidate mitt romney says he will not vote for either trump or clinton. with us now here in new york city jon meacham authority author of the book destiny of power. george walker herbert bush out in paperback. i can't imagine at this point in hillary clinton's political evolution bush the younger pulling that lever for somebody who i pointed out in the talking points memo abortion no matter when for any reason, i just can't imagine it. >> well, i think it's wrong to assume that because he is most likely not voting for trump that he is voting for hillary. >> all right. so you might leave it open or like that. >> or write something in. my sense is the bushes have been in national politics since 1952. prescott bush became senator that year. president h.w. bush thomas dewey in 1978.
5:23 pm
they have been the architects of the universe that wants to blow up. it's sort of interesting why would one expect the bushes broadly put. >> i think it's more intense than that i think they resented the fact that bush attacked jeb so vehemently and humiliated him. he humiliated him. i think that's what the driving factor is here. >> i think it's larger than larger. i think that the fact that trump brought up the attacks of september 11th. i think that he has made a central issue of trying to take apart entire ethose. >> iraq policy, that type of thing. >> again, i think the bushes get a lot of credit for really dignified silence about this. their silence glerks. >> oh, i don't know about that i think it might be a divided thing there are a lot of republicans who are very angry about the bushes not because they don't like hillary clinton. it's not so much trump. you have got to get behind this great guy. it's that we hate her.
5:24 pm
how you can ever not help get her off the stage? that's what i'm getting. >> but it's not -- this isn't in a vacuum, right? so if you are george herbert walker bush, if you are george w. bush you know what it's like to be president. they simply, i think it's safe to say, i don't think they believe that donald trump should be president. >> but they don't believe hillary clinton should be president either, do they? >> but i don't know exactly. >> with that far left resume she is bringing in? >> but we have a choice now, right, between the most -- one of the most conventionally prepared people in history and one of the least conventionally prepared and trump embraces that. if experts were so great we wouldn't be. >> he wants to blow it up. >> he wants to blow it up. they built it. >> they built it. listen, i'm not credit siding the bush family. i want everybody to know that i think every american should vote their conscience and if it were my brother who got slaughtered, you know, somewhat unfairly by donald trump, i would feel the same way. what about -- >> -- i don't think it's just personal. i really don't.
5:25 pm
>> oh. >> i really don't. >> they're from texas, come on, it's personal. family is everything to the bushes. family severing and so is loyalty. >> but so is the country. george h.w. bush. >> but they have a reason to say that trump doesn't know what he is doing and then justify the family. what about the friendship between bill clinton and the elder bush. they became pretty good buds. >> brokeback mountain tan c-span for a while there. it's funny, secretary clinton hillary never entered into that reconciliation. president bush 41 told me once in a classic warp formulation he said we like hillary but we don't know her. >> and they don't really care to know her though. i always got the feeling they didn't want to know her. >> well, there is also -- remember, 1992 we have all sort of feels like ancient history now with the war. that was a rough thing with bush and clinton. and with mrs. bush, right? hillary was the wellesley graduate who didn't stay home and bake cookies.
5:26 pm
that was a big. >> that was nothing compared to what this is. >> oh, yeah. >> the bush/clinton race in '92 compared to trump/clinton in 2016 oh my god. >> true. remember ross perot was there. >> that's why clinton won. >> mark tywain says history may not repeat itself but it does rhyme. we have had popular millionaires shake it up before. >> donald trump cutting way back on his national tv interviews. we will tell you why that's happening. then it looks like california will vote to legalize pot on tuesday. the unintended consequences may be serious for poor people. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. well this here's a load-bearing wall. we'll go ahead and rip that out. it's going to cause a lot of problems. totally unnecessary and it triples the budget. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi® double cash card does. earn 1% cash back when you buy, and 1% as you pay. double means double.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm trace gallagher. president obama granting 72 federal inmates clemency today. the president has been cutting down prison terms at a rapid rate. just last week he commuted 98 other sentences. all together he has granted more than 900 clemencies including some 300 who were in for life. most of those being freed early were convicted of drug-related crimes and are considered nonviolent offenders. secretary of state john kerry ramping up efforts to highlight climate change with a trip to the continent of antarctica. kerry hopes to travel there next week and bring attention it the melting of polar ice and impact on sea levels. kerry will be the first secretary of state and
5:31 pm
highest ranking u.s. official to visit that country. rudy giuliani is on the kelly ophelia tonight and so am i. and right now back to the o'reilly factor. ♪ ♪ impact segment tonight, in order to win the presidency, donald trump needs about 45% of women to vote for him. will that happen? here now to analyze dana perino. before we get to the women vote, you worked for the bush family, you know them very, very well. was mr. meacham's assessment correct? >> yes. i think it was -- i think even if jeb had not been in the primary and donald trump would have emerged as the winner of the republican nomination that they still would not have supported him. >> is that because of the iraq criticism and 9/11 -- >> -- i think it's policy, temperament, character. >> but temperament, if trump had not attacked. >> knowledge. >> jeb bush, what would the temperament problem? you know, most times a republican establishment
5:32 pm
gets behind the republican nominee. >> almost always. >> right. >> this is unusual situation. >> right. but if trump had not attacked jeb, i don't know what temperament. >> i haven't spoken to them specifically about this. >> you haven't? >> i know that it's not about jeb. >> it's not. >> that's what i know. >> okay. >> i would also point out that, you know, donald trump was working against george w. bush for a long time supporting his opponent pelosi. >> yeah. >> reid, clinton. >> well, trump will tell you he was a businessman. >> okay. >> he was spreading it around. >> still, suggesting he should have been impeached, said he knew about 9/11 and didn't do anything about it. dabbles in conspiracy theories. >> so. >> i also think that they have been quiet about it but they have also -- george w. bush has campaigned a lot for several of the senate candidates and it looks like that has helped pay off in places like ohio and florida. >> for the senate people? >> yes. >> okay. what about the women now? there's no question that hillary clinton support is declining. >> definitely. >> all right? women part of that equation?
5:33 pm
>> not exactly. apparently emergence -- reemergence of the email scandal in the last 10 days is not changing minds as it is reaffirming the perception of her anyway. but, i do think that donald trump in those states where he is starting to climb up as brit hume was talking about, there is the national polling, that's certainly tightening. but in some of these key battle grounds he is doing better like in new hampshire. >> and nevada? >> nevada, that's true. i think that kelly ayotte will actually help him in new hampshire as well. >> but kelly ayotte doesn't really like trump. >> well, she has had to go back and forth. remember, she has also been attacked by being connected to trump. and that was one of the reasons. >> she can't win up there and we understand that. but, again, women have got to be part of this equation even in states like new hampshire. >> they do. >> and nevada. >> the numbers are super important. i think you pointed out in the intro that you need about 45%. >> 45 is what you need, right. >> romney had only 44%.
5:34 pm
>> right. >> mccain had 43, bush lost women 43. he had 48% but he still was able to win. that 45 pub number is very important. >> if trump gets over 45 with women i think he can win. >> possibly, yes. >> he got hammer sod badly. look at the gap men are up around 58% for trump. >> he underperforms with every group of men except for noncollege educated men. >> that's a lot of men. >> that's a lot of men. >> do you know where they live? >> really important battleground states. i think that's good. i also think that his hispanic vote or latino vote will be higher than anticipated or maybe even higher than romney's. partly that's because there is not a monolithic group cubans and puerto ricos are different than other places. >> the monolithic group that everybody is watching are african-americans are they going to turn out in the great numbers they did for barack obama which, in pennsylvania, that is going to be the tipping point. >> i think they will not turn out in as high a as
5:35 pm
numbers as they did for president obama no matter. >> what it's not close if it's down like 10% trump could win pennsylvania. >> this last weekend barack obama is campaigning. >> is hcampaigning he is everywhere. >> he is in north carolina very important state. >> he everywhere. >> if he came. >> in we would love to have the president. >> one thing i want to remind everybody. the last real clear politics average going to election day, the last one on monday of 2012, before the election, romney was at 48.1 and obama was at 48.9 in the average. >> right. >> i think that you are going to see about that average with clinton and trump. >> we're here sunday and monday. you'll be here as well. >> you sound so thrilled. i will be here. >> are you kidding? >> i will bring sunshine and light to your world. >> and jasper, right? >> i would love it if i could bring jasper. that would be great. >> i appreciate you, dana. i will tell you a little bit about jasper. the book is let me tell you about jasper. if you let her tell you, she
5:36 pm
will never shut up. all right? but it is a big best seller. you will like the book so please check it out. when we come right back, if marijuana is legalized in california, the flood gates open all across the u.s.a. and recent study says poor minorities may be hurt by that a robust debate moments away. ♪ ♪
5:37 pm
see ya next year. this season, start a new tradition. experience the power of infiniti now, with leases starting at $319 a month. infiniti. empower the drive.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the unresolved problem seeing wanted tonight, on tuesday voters in california will decide whether or not to legalize marijuana. latest poll out there has 55% supporting, 8% know. 16% don't know or are too stoned to answer the question. before voting californians might want to consider a new study. it says households with incomes of less than $20,000 a year, that is very poor, account for 29% of all the marijuana use in the u.s.a. that means people who are struggling are getting stoned at an alarming rate. here now to discuss it eric bolling and geraldo rivera. i was reading a column in the "new york times" about a poor black child who was extraordinary in school. and the reporter, the columnist went to the kid's
5:41 pm
house. and the first thing that they noticed when they walked in was the reek of marijuana throughout the house, all right and the lack of one single book within the house. nevertheless, this child was excelling in school. but the column was what kind of a chance does he really have against people with a stable environment? so i see the legalization of marijuana as making it easier for people who are desperate, hopeless, to detective get hooked on this substance is how i see it? >> i appreciate that and it is of great concern and the statistics are alarming. we need, obviously, as marijuana is legalized, as it certainly will be in this country, i think all five of the states, california, massachusetts, maine, arizona, and nevada, i think that all of them will approve the legalization, so it is obvious that as we legalize, as inevitably we will and refer madness. >> not in some states though. >> i think all five will go. >> you are not going to get it in the south.
5:42 pm
not going to happen. >> well, i'm talking about the five that are on the ballot. >> the five, yeah. but, -- >> -- wait, let me finish my point. my point is we need along with that is an intensive public education campaign to tell people. >> like against tobacco? >> because this exactly tracks who is the people that use cigarettes? >> poor people, poor people. >> this is the same people. we must do that but i have to point out that the real public health hazard to those poor people smoking pot over the last decades has been getting arrested for pot. >> i don't buy that. >> almost 10 million of them in the last decade that's the real public health crisis. >> getting a ticket for it bolling, my thing is the real health hazard is the deincentive to make something of yourself. and you see it. you see it, it's not just pot, it's alcohol, it's hard drugs. and if you're going to lose yourself in this world, all right, you're not going to succeed in our hyper competitive society. am i wrong? >> no. you're not wrong and geraldo
5:43 pm
is not wrong either when he says we need more education and we need more drug rehabilitation and education. and geraldo is right that as these states do go, california is likely to go, someone has to pay for that education and rehabilitation programs and what. >> so let's legalize so we can rehab. >> i will tell you if you legalize the fax foundation, if you legalize every state in the union you would raise something around $18 billion in tax revenue alone just from the sale of marijuana. >> social problems in colorado particularly, colorado is the state that's really studied it, in washington they haven't really done it social problems have almost overwhelmed the tax revenue. what i'm trying to say to you the only way this works and i agree with you that most states are going to legalize marijuana is if you do a tobacco campaign and tobacco is legal in america. it's like you are an idiot if you do it. you're going to get lung cancer and have emphysema and heart is going to get out. >> that's the way you have to do it. >> you have to do with t.
5:44 pm
with marijuana. it's glorified now. >> happenstance all of us agree we need this public. >> if you're going to say bad things about marijuana somebody would listen because look at you. i could have been o'reilly. i could have succeeded like o'reilly if i hadn't smoked pot. >> i have a news swear to god this is true. guess who called me just before the show, cheech called me. >> of course. >> cheech is playing in huntington, in your neighborhood he said why don't you invite o'reilly i said no, wait a second, o'reilly is the only guy i know who has never tried pot. >> i'm not a druggy. put me and cheech together who do you want to be? >> i know. ha. >> last word, bohling. >> same income level under 30,000, 45% of the people who are at that level drink alcohol as well. >> bad. bad. >> but the binge drinkers are the you were incomes. it's a bad situation.
5:45 pm
>> you are never going to get out of poverty. >> we haven't made cigarettes illegal and haven't made alcohol illegal. >> we are never going to get out of poverty ever if you get into substance. >> smoking in your mother's basement than in jail with us. >> i don't want them in jail. i have always said that but i want society to say it's not a good thing. gentlemen, thank you. donald trump on deck. he is not here because is he not really talking to national media this week. we will find out why and have a brand new fox news poll number that may surprise you. right back.
5:46 pm
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want a great way to help our children thrive? then be sure to vote yes on proposition 55. prop 55 doesn't raise taxes on anyone. instead, it simply maintains the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians to prevent education cuts that would hurt our kids. no wonder prop 55 is endorsed by the california pta, teachers and educators. because all of us want to help our children thrive. it's time to vote yes on proposition 55.
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5:49 pm
back of the book segment tonight, the factor has learned that the trump campaign has pulled back their candidate from doing national tv interviews. the question is why? joining us now from los angeles, media strategist and from washington michael a pollster. first fox news poll out today has clinton up by 2. 45-43 over trump. that's a tie with the margin of error. so the strategy even though trump has been on the assent since october 15th, all right, and he did do some interviews, couple with me, a couple with hannity. and it seemed to be working, his strategy, mr. mis couple pee he was going to get a fair shake with. now is he not doing any. is that smart. >> i think it is smart. his own worse enemy is still himself. whether he did a couple of good interviews or not, if you go out and talked to media you are unscripted and lose control. his campaign has been trying
5:50 pm
to keep him under control since kellyanne conway joined. that's one reason to do it. the story is all about hillary clinton and the fbi. so, why get in the way of that. and ultimately you have undecides out there. anybody who hasn't made their decision yet doesn't like either candidate and they are deciding who to hold their nose for and vote for. >> or not show up at all. >> do you feel the same way, mr. mullen? >> well, as a matter of fact, i don't. i get that. i get the argument. and it makes a heck of a lot of sense. trump is his own worse enemy and team trump is terrified and it should keep him up at night if he is going to make an unforced error and say something backy. what he said is the source of all problems, including the warfare we have seen in the republican party. however, the one advantage that donald trump has in terms of his campaign is simply this, earned media he has gotten billions of dollars of it and he doesn't have the campaign funding that hillary clinton does have. he doesn't have the ground
5:51 pm
game that she has. the one thing he's got is an ability to generate news. >> but he gets it anyway. >> well, he hasn't really gotten it anyway because as mr. wallin pointed out it's been hillary clinton that's generated the news because of the fbi thing. here's one thing i wantthing. here's the one thing i want you to consider. mitt romney was not a guy who made a lot of unforced errors. we offered him a full hour here the night before the election 2012. all right. he passed. he didn't want to answer any questions. he thought he had it won. i'm not sure whether the trump campaign thinks it has it won, although they are on the assent. i'm not sure whether this is a good strategy or not because donald trump is his own best salesman. >> i don't think that he is his best salesman anymore. if you look at the last two months of the campaign, the candidate that's been in the
5:52 pm
spotlight has dropped in the polls. right now there's an opportunity for him to take a step back, let things play out on the hillary front and see what happens. i don't think he's got any ability to introduce new people to a positive message about his campaign at this point. we've seen everything there is to see. >> certainly a legitimate point. mr. wallen, i'll give you the last point rmt to his point nate silver said in may that if the cubbies won it would be donald trump being the president. but i would say he has to punt. he's close but not close enough. and he needs to take that gamble because without it he can't rely on gravity pulling down hillary clinton to where she needs to be. >> gentlemen, thank you very much. we'll invited both donald trump and hillary clinton on this program monday evening and we do the whole program with both of them if they show. we'll see what if one does we'll give hem or her the time. factor tip of the day. remember that sopg "happy", well
5:53 pm
the guy who sings it not really happy about the election. the tip will tell you why, moments away.
5:54 pm
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for a different kind of medicine, ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. factor tip of the day, even the guy who sang the song "happy" is not happy over the election. a great weekend to pick up ticks if are the spin stops here shows in 2017. we've added watters to miller and me we'll see everybody in tulsa w oklahoma, redding pennsylvania, tacoma, washington, west bury, long island. all details on we'll lipping you to the box offices. tickets are going fast. they will sell out. they make great christmas and hanukkah gifts which is why we're putting them out now so you want to do that and get a chance to pick them up. now the mail, aurora, colorado, i don't understand why there's an outrage when hillary clinton's aide huma abedin was working for the state department and the clinton foundation at
5:56 pm
the same type. ms. abedin was given the status of special government employee which allowed her to double dip. jeff, somerville, south carolina, bill, you are the most naive person in the world if you don't know why hillary clinton will not do an interview with you. when trump is your guess, you hammer him worst than the fbi did with hillary. mr. trump survived the chats here in fine form. so did mrs. clinton in 2008. california, justice department official giving john podesta about a congressional questioning is corrupt but rudy billian any delivering fbi information to fox news isn't? that's just desperate, jim. desperate. the mayor is a private citizen. if he has information he has a right to state it. a government official whose salary is paid by you and me has no right to secretly play politics. good grief, pennsylvania, i believe the factor covering who the bushes are supporting will
5:57 pm
have a negative effect on donald trump. please consider. we don't select stories based upon who they will help or hurt. come on. we select based on news value. china, i believe the election of trump would indicate that traditional american value and the market economy will be upheld. way to go li. nice to hear that. garcia, dominican republic, trump supporters will turn out to vote. i don't believe clinton supporters will do that. o'reilly, you stated long ago that the election would be the most vicious of our lifetime and you were right. fred, flushing, michigan, today is the 95th birthday of jim jarvis, the second oldest survivor of the uss indianapolis sinking. happy birthday, jim. we write about that harrowing experience that they had in
5:58 pm
"killing the rising sun." you might have heard about it. we go into great detail about why that happened and what happened afterwards in the book. richard, new hampshire, "rising sun" brought me to tears. one of the best books ever. finally tonight, a fak for tip of the day. most entertainers are liberal folks as you know, including the singer pharrell williams who made the song "happy" a big hit. he's been trying to convince folks to vote for secretary clinton >> has she been dishonest about things? sure. have you? that's all i'm asking. and so you don't realize that you're being jend are bias. well i don't trust her. but you trust him? you trust him? so that worries me because i'm like look, y'all don't recognize
5:59 pm
you're being -- there's a gender bias there. yes she's a female but she don't lie no more than any other politician does. >> i'm not sure whether that's a great campaign slogan, she don't lie more than any other politician does. let's put that aside. mr. williams might want to relax a little. ♪ because i'm happy ♪ clap along if you feel like a room without a roof ♪ ♪ because i'm happy ♪ clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth ♪ ♪ because i'm happy ♪ clap along if you know what happiness is to you ♪ >> when you're getting a little intense, listen to some snappy music. that is it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website. spout off about the factor anywhere around the world. name and town if you wish to 0 poen. word of the day, do not be truculent when writing to the
6:00 pm
factor. we have a podcast on o' some people are predicting the election. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember that the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, almost 18 months of campaigning. and with four day to go until america decides the presidential race is in a dead heat. and this hour we're going to show you what could tip the balance one way or the other. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. brand new fox polling is out tonight and in the two-way race hillary clinton is only leading donald trump now by one point. after all of the swings we have seen, one point, 46% to 45%. look at how things have tighten up over three weeks. back then hillary clinton had a seven-point advantage and now one. it comes as


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