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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 4, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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thank you for buying "settle for more" right now. thank you for watching "the kelly file." see you tomorrow night at 9:00. in the meantime, i have a special surprise for you in the studio. his name is sean hannity. he is fired up. it is friday night and he's ready to roll. ♪ ready to roll. all right. thanks, megyn. welcome to "hannity" this friday night. a lot of news tonight. tonight, hillary clinton and her partner in crime, barack obama, they have hit a shameful and absolutely despicable new low in american politics. this is a story the rest of the media, as megyn was saying, will not tell you about but we will tonight. for the second day in a row, the president of the united states while campaigning for hillary clinton accused donald trump of something that is outright false, without any evidence that he supports the kkk. this is the president of the united states. >> if you accept the support of klan sympathizers, if you don't
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denounce them right away because you're kind of not sure, well, that's what you're going to do when you're in office. >> here we go. that's the president of the united states going as deep in the gutter as anybody can get, playing racial politics. why? to scare african-american voters into voting for a candidate and a party that has a long history of rampant racism. now, project veritas this week, they put out a disturbing new undercover video no one else in the clinton loving media will dare to show you. that's because in it you will see a major democratic donor making racist comments about african-americans. now, we've told you fox hasn't independently verified it. you can see the content for yourself. it is beyond shocking. watch in. >> our journalist was speaking with leah and benjamin barber. mr. barber is a well-known political theorist and author and a major donor to democrats and specifically hillary clinton. >> and you think like a black man. you think that they would --
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>> [ inaudible ] holocaust. >> well, depends on -- >> [ inaudible ]. yeah. [ no audio ] >> jewish czars [ inaudible ] help murder in the camps. there are even jews that were helping them out, jews. >> same thing? >> the blacks were helping the other side. there you go [ bleep ]. they were helping the enemy, destroy them. [ inaudible ] get off okay, somehow i save my race by working for [ inaudible ]. >> and yet again today we reached out to the clinton campaign and benjamin barber for a comment. guess what? we didn't hear back. instead of spewing vial rhetoric at donald trump, shouldn't the president condemn that video from his party? he won't because it would up end the democrats long campaign to falsely smear republicans like when vice president joe biden,
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you may remember this. >> romney wants to let -- you said in the first 100 days he's going to let the big banks once again write their own rules. unchain wall street. >> boo! >> they're going to put y'all back in chains. every four years these democrats relentlessly are pandering to minority voters. here is hillary clinton using a phoney southern accent. she changes her stone, her pitch, her cadence, her entire speaking approach while speaking to african-americans. watch this. >> i don't feel no ways tired. i come too fire from where i started from. nobody told me that the road would be easy. >> all right. so if the president and hillary clinton, if they want to play the race card and paint this utterly false narrative that donald trump supports the kkk, hillary clinton's own mentor was someone who actually was in the ku klux klan. here is what hillary clinton said about the former klansman,
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former democratic senator robert kkk byrd after he died. >> senator byrd was a man of surpassing eloquence and nobility. from my first day in the senate i sought out his guidance, and he was always generous with his time and his wisdom. i admired his tireless advocacy for his west virginia constituents. as secretary of state i continued to rely on his advice and counsel. >> eloquence, nobility, my mentor. all right. how can hillary clinton praise somebody like that? keep in mind back in 2001 on tony's show -- tony snow's show, "fox news sunday," birld said this. >> there are white [ bleep ]. i've seen a lot of [ bleep ] in my time. want to use that word. but we've all -- we've all -- we just need to work together to make our country a better country. >> there's hillary's mentor.
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also hillary often said very offensive and racist things about african-americans. remember when she called young black men super predators? take a look. they are not just gangs of kids anymore. they are often the kinds of kids that are called super predators, no conscience, no empathy. we can talk about why they ended up that way but first we have to bring them to heel. >> all of these examples are clearly shocking but not surprising. and the reason why the democrats try to play the race card against donald trump, is it because hillary clinton has nothing to run on? stop for one second. hillary clinton has been in public service 40 years of her life. can you think of three specific accomplishments that have improved the lives of the american people? because i can't. she is the single most corrupt, the single most dishonest candidate, the single most aggrandizing, enriching person to seek the presidency. think about this. if she wins on tuesday, she could be indicted while in
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office. she will spend all of her time certainly fighting off any type of indictment or criminal charges against her. that will create in this country a massive constitutional crisis. we also have new polling that suggests americans think this will happen. according to our latest, fox news poll 47% of likely voters say it is very or somewhat likely that the fbi review of clinton's e-mails will lead to criminal charges. and a brand-new poll just out tonight shows a total of 83% of likely voters believe that clinton has done something wrong. i'll interpret. illegal. we also now are learning that the fbi has opened investigations into clinton's private e-mail server and into the clinton foundation. now, this is the private server fbi agents say there is a 99% chance because of her recklessness, her unwillingness to obey the law, a 99% chance that up to five foreign intelligence agencies hacked into and stole her e-mails.
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now, that's the private server that contained classified, top secret and even the highest classification, special access program information, on that server. remember, it was a mom and pop shop in a bathroom closet? this all despite hillary clinton saying repeatedly that it didn't. there are also the 33,000 e-mails her team, remember, they didn't wipe it with a cloth, they used bleach bit. in other words they acid washed it so, as trey gowdy said, god couldn't find it if he wanted to. that was to permanently erase after hillary clinton was served with a congressional subpoena to preserve the e-mails. tlanks to wikileaks we know they turned over all of the work-related e-mails. cbs news is reporting the fbi has found new e-mails on anthony weiner's laptop, not duplicates. as for the clinton found dawn, the fbi is investigating the clinton's pay to play practice,
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and sources is saying an avalanche of new evidence is coming in every day. wikileaks exposed the clinton's own aide that called it bill clinton inc. remember, they were broke when they left the white house. how did they get 200 plus million dollars? this is a keem directly tied to the foundation the former president used to line his pockets with that money. the ap reported all of the people that saw hillary when she was secretary of state, 55% non-government people were people that donated to the clinton foundation or pledged to donate to the clinton foundation. pretty outrageous anyway you look at it. not to mention the tens of millions of dollars the clinton foundation accepted. remember countries that treat women, guys, lesbians, christians and jews horribly, countries like saudi arabia, kuwait, uae, brunei, qatar, owe man. did hillary clinton criticize
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these countries? women can't drive in saudi arabia. did qatar did you know marital rape was legal? marital beatings are legal of women. did you know in saudi arabia guys and lesbians are killed? christians and jews, you can't build a temple or christian church, they're persecuted. joining us from ted montana's grill, the author of best seller "treason," former speaker of the house newt gingrich. for two days in a row they're playing the race card and using the klan. what does that tell you? >> it tells you they're desperate and fair tied. now, you can always measure mouch trouble they're in by the intensity of their attack and the degree of their desperation. i think it is pretty clear now as you just pointed out, you know, when you have 87% of the country that thinks you did something wrong, you have an uphill climb to be president. when you have over half the country that thinks you might have a criminal indictment, gets tough to get the last votes. >> by the way, i hear the
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thousands that have been waiting in line and you've been signing books all night. we appreciate you taking time, mr. speaker. let's say, god forbid, she wins the presidency. will the country be paralyzed? will she spend all of her waking hours fighting off potential indictment, fighting with or meeting with lawyers? will any work in this country get done or will we literally be spinning our wheels with no progress whatsoever? >> oh, i think that the amount of evidence that's coming out day after day after day, she will drown in investigations, fbi investigations, the internal revenue service in dallas is investigating the entire legality of the clinton foundation. you're going to have investigations from both the house and senate. and every day we learn, as you pointed out a minute ago, we learn new things. all of them are bad. and so i just think, you know, the evidence as you and i were
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talking about on the radio today, the very fact that the constitution prohibits office holders or their spouses from taking the kind of money they were taking from qatar an from saudi arabia and from morocco and from russia, it is clear illegality. i think what the clintons are doing is they're finally forcing us into a national conversation about whether or not we're going to be a country where the rule of law matters and a country where even the powerful can't commit felonies and get away with it. i think this is a very decisive moment. because it is so obvious, i think that's why you're going to see the last three days absolute hysterical attacks from the president, from secretary clinton and others, because i think they sense it slipping away. >> the president absolutely lost it today. we'll play that video a little bit later in the program, on top of using the kkk analogy. you know, one of the things i like to point out, mr. speaker,
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is, already, are we better off than we were eight years ago? well, i look at numbers. you're a numbers guy, you're a historian, but we now have the lowest labor participation rates since the '70s, we have 95 million americans out tv labor force, we now have 51-year low in the homeownership rate, the worst recovery since the '40s, 13 million more americans on food stamps, 8 million more americans in poverty, we doubled the national debt, one in five american families don't have a single family member working, in the black community 93% voted for obama. well, if you look at the increase, 58% increase black americans on food stamps, 20% increase black americans out of the labor force. will this shift? will this change? >> well, i think that it will change if you get donald trump. it is not going to change if you keep the same policies, the same personalities, the same approaches. i mean the tragedy of many of
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america's inner cities, detroit where 9% of the students can read in the third grade. baltimore where 13% of the students can pass their 8th grade science and math test. this cripples people economically, leaves them without a viable future, and creates many of the problems that we see bubbling up because people are in despair. at the same time i cannot over state the depth of corruption that we are beginning to learn about from wikileaks and from other things, including the fbi investigations and the court-ordered release of various e-mails. the courts have played a major role here in exposing just how bad this is, and the total effect, which is growing by the day, and i can't quite imagine with 650,000 e-mails on anthony weiner's computer how many new things we're going to learn over the next couple of months. >> well, huma abedin signed a -- >> were hillary to win --
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>> she signed a separation agreement saying she had turned all of those over under penalty of law. >> certainly. >> every e-mail -- and if she has classified e-mails, and there are reports tonight there was, every e-mail on that server would present a separate count. it would seem huma abedin might have a quick path to jail along with her husband unless, of course, they start to cooperate. >> remember, 43 people were indicted, tried or convicted in the watergate. it wasn't just richard nixon, but there were a whole circle of people because you get sucked into these things and then you get sucked into the coverup and then sucked into lying to the fbi. all of these things are felonies. i think just doug band's memo, the 12-page memo outlining how clinton inc. operates and the way they set the whole thing up to enrich themselves, that memo alone would give any prosecutor a road map for a trial. >> all right. we have to take a break. oh, isn't it nice. i guess jay z and beyonce are doing a concert, and that's the same jay z, think i see a lot of
10:15 pm
n words in his song, isn't that true? quite a bit. we have the lyrics. isn't it nice of hillary to hang out with people that use that language. we have more with new gingrich after the break. look at the polls when we get back, brand-new fox polls just released tonight show the race has tightened. it is razor thin with days and momentum going to donald trump. plus, wikileaks continue to be a major headache for team clinton. eld henry has been combing through the e-mails all week and all day. also tonight -- listen up. hey, everybody. hey! hey! listen up! hey, i told you to be focused. >> the president absolutely loses it at a rally in north carolina today. all of that plus sheriff david clarke. we have a busy news friday night for you straight ahead. have a
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and welcome back to "hannity." brand-new fox news national polls just released tonight show the race is tightening in the four-way presidential race hillary clinton is up by two points, 45-43. in a two-way presidential race it is a one point race, 46-45. we continue with former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. mr. speaker, i could give you the numbers all day long. do they even matter at this point? >> no, i don't think so because i don't think we understand what's happening with the voting public. you know, for example, that african-american turnout is down from what it was for obama, and that's why you're getting the kind of savage demagoguery you saw today. you know younger people are turned off by hillary and all of the illegality and she is not going to get all of the sanders
10:19 pm
voters people expected. you also know in state after state republicans are doing very well in the early balloting and in the absentee balloting. in almost every state they're doing better than they did in 2012. and in a number of the states the democrats are doing substantially worse. i think in north carolina, for example, the gap is 100,000 or 150,000 worse for the democrats than it was back in 2012. so -- by the way, reince priebus deserves a lot of credit because they invested at the republican national committee a lot of resources in building a genuine ground game that could match the labor unions and turn out votes. i think we're seeing in a lot of states it is having a big impact. >> you know, i had a conversation with a mutual friend of ours today, and the person is like, well, probably everybody has made up their mind by now. i said, no, history shows there are a lot of people that are going to be walking into that voting booth on tuesday that will be deciding then based on what happens on saturday and sunday and monday, maybe even early tuesday. do you agree with that? >> that's right. well, not only that, but i was
10:20 pm
talking today with several key people who pointed out that in 1980 reagan does a 30-minute television speech on monday night, and people -- the undecideds are still making up their mind monday night, and because he looks and feels presidential, the last people who weren't decided, they break for reagan by an enormous margin. he and carter are almost tied a week out, and starting actually thursday, yesterday, starting on thursday it all began to break toward reagan. on friday, saturday and monday, his margin kept going up and up. >> is that what you see now. >> until finally he won. >> is that what you see happening in pennsylvania, michigan and colorado? >> i was looking at numbers that were startling. michigan was out of play two weeks ago, they're now in play. pennsylvania we have two polls that show both toomey and trump are tied. in new hampshire trump is
10:21 pm
pulling away and senator ayotte is winning by a substantial margin. >> colorado too. >> young has come through in indiana and is consolidating his lead. remember, senator bide, the former senator, had a huge lead in the summertime and democrats are counting it as a pickup, and it is going to stay republican. ron johnson is now in a statistical tie according to the marquette university poll, which is very respected in wisconsin. i see a lot of things. as you know, i've been -- cliff and i were in georgia and i went on to missouri and colorado and nevada. she and i are here tonight in illinois, tomorrow we will be in wisconsin. as we go around everywhere we've been, you see an increasing seriousness and increasing intensity for trump. i have people walk up to me all over the place -- in fact i went to the movies the other night, two three hours off and went to
10:22 pm
a movie. >> wow, i'm shocked. >> the lady who was selling tickets said to me, trump has to win. >> well, i agree with her. >> now, that kind of -- you know, it is that kind of -- everywhere you can go that kind of passion. >> i have a last question. >> i did have two people tell me they were for hillary. >> by the way, i do not interrupt you. whoever told you that tonight, it is not true. >> there are people that are going to love that comment because they know they were, and they know they told me. >> okay. jay z and beyoncé on stage with hillary tonight. the rapper repeatedly used the n word, dropped the f bomb, you know, with his f with me, you know i've got it and other songs. you turned into the mother greatest. if you feel like a pump n word, and i can keep going. here is hillary on stage, and she is offended by donald trump
10:23 pm
and there she is praising deon say and jay z. what is your reaction to that hypocrisy? >> well, look, i don't want to hurt your feelings. i'm not sure it is hypocrisy. i think she may forget. she has been very forgetful over the years, and i think maybe she forgets who they are. >> she didn't remember that -- >> this could be a sign of the concussion, she doesn't actually know who they are and she thinks it is nice they're hanging out with her. i'll give her the benefit of the doubt. >> stop making me laugh when i'm really serious. we're four days away. no time to mess around. >> no. that nobody better to mess within that hillary clinton because she is a crook. she ought to be in jail, and we should not take her seriously as a potential president because she's never going to be the president of the united states. >> from your lips to god's ears. it would be -- this country will be paralyzed and more divided and a constitutional crisis would await us. mr. speaker, good to see you.
10:24 pm
thank you for taking the time. my best to the people in illinois you're with. coming up, wikileaks continues to release damning e-mails related to the clinton campaign. ed henry has been reading it all day and has a full report tonight. listen up. hey, everybody. hey, everybody. hey! hey! listen up! hey, i told you to be focused! >> president obama loses it at a rally. now, if i was jay z hanging out with hillary, he loses his at a-mmm, mmm rally. we'll ask milwaukee sheriff david clarke to respond to all of that and more tonight on "hannity." more of that tonight on "hannity."
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welcome back to "hannity." while campaigning for hillary clinton earlier today the president completely lost his cool. this is awesome. take a look. listen up. hey, everybody! everybody! hey! hey! listen up. hey! i told you to be focused and you're not focused right now. listen to what i'm saying. hold up. hold up! hold up! hold up! everybody sit down and be quiet for a second. everybody sit down and be quiet for a second. now listen up. i'm serious, listen up. you've got an older gentleman who is supporting his candidate.
10:28 pm
he's not doing nothing. you don't have to worry about him. you just -- this is what i mean about folks not being focused. >> by the way, if it was jay z describing it he would have said beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, because that's obviously how he felt. i say that because according to the website "business insider" -- by the way, the "hannity" stalker took a night off talk staing me. rapper jay z dropped the n word repeatedly at a campaign event with hillary clinton being right there. isn't that cute, so nice. and she is so offended by donald trump. joining us with reaction milwaukee county sheriff david clarke. what is your reaction to that? >> let me start with president obama. i watched that rally live this afternoon. i thought it was very kbrarsing
10:29 pm
f embarrassing for him to tell people 19 times listen up, quiet, sit down, and they totally ignored him. the democrats are in panic mode right now. i said this months ago they based a black vote deficiency dilemma. mrs. clinton was not going to get the turnout that barack obama got in 2008 and increased in 2012. i said it could be the variable that sinks her campaign. donald trump is doing pretty good with the black, one of the polls i saw he was getting 20%, which is more than any republican has gotten in several decades. so they're in panic mode. usually what the democrats will do is they'll come out and tell blacks that if you vote for republican they'll take your benefits, your welfare away. they're not even going there. they're going straight to, you know, the kkk, you know, analogy that was used, that donald trump supports the kkk. he'll have the kkk over to the white house, when, in fact, president obama has had the black equivalent of the kkk,
10:30 pm
black lives matter, he has hosted them at the white house numerous times. >> so all of -- all of this race-baiting, because that's what it is, because donald trump doesn't support the kkk and everybody knows it. but i think you're right, i think it shows desperation. all early voting indicators show that hillary clinton is not getting anywhere near the women vote that they need to win or the black vote that they need to win or the youth vote. by the way, if you were bernie sander's supporters and now you know hillary conspired with the dnc, cheated on debates, i don't think i would be so inclined to support the nominee if i'm a bernie sanders' supporter. >> no, there's no momentum, no energy. i've been all across the country on behalf of donald trump, and the donald trump supporters are energized, motivated, they cannot wait. those that participated in early voting, which is why you see many people on the right, the gop, republicans, people identify as republicans,
10:31 pm
conservatives taking advantage of early voting, highly energized. it will be a big turnout on november 8th as well. but one of the reasons the demographics they're going after, mrs. bill clinton going after the women vote, going after minority, why she is not doing well because she's not a likable person and not emotionally connect. look, if donald trump is elected president of the united states, his appeal to the black community is going to mean to me anyway, it is going to mean he's going to be the best thing that has happened to the black community since dr. martin luther king jr. >> yeah. let me ask, when they play the race card as they do and then hillary jumps -- she calls a former klansman her mentor, bill clinton's mentor was jay william fullbright, a known segregationist, robert byrd hillary's mentor, they weren't there for the civil rights act, they were filibustering, and they claim the mantle they are
10:32 pm
helping the black community. since obama has been president we double the debt, black americans out of the labor force, i'll put up the homeownership rate for black americans, it is higher than it's ever been, meaning the lack of homeownership. you know, i'm just thinking what hypocrisy, why do they still get the majority of votes when i would argue they're not better off under these democratic policies? and as donald trump said, every four years they come knock oing the door asking, demanding votes. what have they gotten for it? their educational system, violence in inner cities, it is the worst in the country, but the vote for the democrats still goes on. why? >> well, because black people have been separated from their history. they've been hoodwinked by the democrats. look, it was the democrats that tried to uphold the institution of slavery and it took a republican president, lincoln, to come along and end that ugly institution. as you indicated, it was a democrat that stood in the way of the voting rights act and the civil rights act as well, and it
10:33 pm
took lyndon johnson had to go out and get republican members of congress in order to get that stuff passed. but, look, i'm telling you right now, sean, black people are beginning to open their eyes. that's why i was so ecstatic when donald trump reached out -- and he didn't just say it once and he didn't just say, hey, you're being exploited, your vote is being taken advantage of, he told them what was possible for them and what should be done for them in their community, better schools, safer communities and more jobs. and that's what is appealing to blacks, and that's why i don't think playing this race politics that obama and the democrats are engaged in, i really don't think it is going to help the turnout this year. >> a new, new deal for black americans. i think it is a great idea. well-needed. >> help in some way. >> nearly 4,000 people dead in chicago since obama has been president, shot, majority african-american. 3,000 people shot this year alone, almost majority african-americans.
10:34 pm
disgraceful. what has the president done to stop it? nothing. all right. sheriff, we love you. good to see you, and we're almost three days away. >> love you back, sean. >> an hour and a half, three days away from election day. coming up, wikileaks continues to dump damning e-mails. we'll get reaction from pat caddell, mike huckabee and much more tonight.
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wikileaks continues to release damning e-mails from the clinton campaign. our own ed henry has been combing through it all week, all day. i mean you must be wikileaksed out. how are you? >> good to see you, sean. it is now over 47,000 of john podesta's e-mails out there. wikileaks said they're going to do 50,000 by the election, obviously there are more coming. today new ones about the e-mail scandal, about the clinton foundation and potential hypocrisy on hillary clinton's part over pay scandal. neera has come up a lot. today she raised questions in a 2015 e-mail about bryan pagliano. remember, he pled the 5th over the e-mail scandal before the special benghazi committee and and ensays in one e-mail bryan is someone who, quote, retrieved all of our e-mails in a previous year. she might be referring it appears in the context to the
10:41 pm
2008 campaign. it is raising question about pagliano, the i.t. specialist was involved with the clintons much sooner. there's an e-mail exchange between colin powell and cheryl mills when the e-mail scandal first broke and it appeared they were going to try to say powell had the same setup. yes, he used a personal e-mail account but did not have a server. look at the e-mail where basically powell threatens the clintons through cheryl mills and said, i haven't been asked nor said a word about hrc and won't unless you all start it. making it clear he would fire back if they tried to drag him into the e-mail scandal. then on the clinton foundation, you heard the name doug band and you were talking about him before with the 12-page memo. there's a new e-mail out today where one of his associates was saying while they tried to put new conflict of interest rules -- and you see band there -- in place at the clinton foundation in 2011, one of band's associates said, look, if you are going to do it you will
10:42 pm
have serious problems of conflict of interest for bill clinton because he was taking speech money, personal gifts as well as consulting contracts from some of the clinton foundation doanorys. that, according to band and his associate -- insiders, not critics on the outside. and they also revealed some of bill clinton's one-on-one meetings with various foundation donors cost the donors $100,000 to $140,000 to get a one-on one with bill clinton. and then i mentioned pay equity. what is interesting about that issue is that you had an e-mail pop up where one of hillary clinton's advisers was basically saying, wait a second, do we have a problem on pay equity? because she is out there on the stump all the time talking about how women have to make the same or more than men, and this adviser to hillary clinton's campaign was saying, wait a second, we're not even sure, do women make as much as men do? so it is interesting she is out on the stump saying, look, everybody else needs to do this, and insiders in some of these wikileaks' e-mails were saying
10:43 pm
they weren't sure whether the clinton campaign was living by the same standard. >> it is fascinating reading. honestly, i'm staying up at night reading it. it shows what a loser i am, but thank you so much. >> you got better things to do. >> that's what i do, i read -- >> apparently not. >> thank you. joining us with reaction, former 2016 gop presidential candidate, former goff mike huckabee. as i talk to you, i'm going to put up just the wikileaks revelation specific to the clinton server and go to the new l revelations today. this is obvious law breaking, i would use the word bribery, cover up, destruction of, you know, materials. it actually seems to now make sense that they had the private server because they didn't want freedom of information act requests or congressional oversight because of all of the money they're making. >> well, it was a very good way for them to cover up their tracks. you know, i've said this week that the big difference between
10:44 pm
the clintons and the sopranos were that the sopranos didn't leave an e-mail trail, and the clintons didn't think they were going to either. but the fact is the wikileaks exposure has revealed what amounts, sean, to nothing less than a criminal enterprise. the shocking thing is people are going to vote for someone on tuesday who is either a person who believes that the job of president is serving the people or sucking the life out of the is why hillary clinton cannot be president, because they have used every government agency and all of the powers to do two things. protect themselves from being accountable to the laws the rest of us have to live by, and then to use those powers for self-enrichment and for going after their political enemies. imagine, if you will, hillary clinton -- >> but, governor, why -- >> -- having the power of the irs and all of these agencies. >> they were making enough money. it is inexplicable to me why. did they need that much more
10:45 pm
money? >> well, sean, you have to remember who they're hanging out with. they're hanging around with the george george soros and all of the billionaires, and they want to be part of that. to make $150 million on speeches between 2003 and 2015, that's a pretty good gig. bill clinton gets $100,000 to have a meeting with somebody. >> is it worth a constitutional crisis -- let me bring pat in here. if she is elected, you were telling me before you came on the air this is a disaster for the country. >> i think the problem is -- i went through watergate, you know, i was the youngest person on richard nixon's enemy's list, i think i may be the oldest on hillary's at the moment. but leaving that aside, i think what we learned is that presidency was consumed when watergate exploded. this has already exploded. we are talking about someone, and i think american people if they think about it will have a
10:46 pm
huge impact, because the day she is elected this crisis starts, it will not go away. it is not going away unless she pardons herself or the president -- if obama pardons her, which would blow the countrywide open -- >> we will be more divided than ever before. >> and nothing will happen. >> paralyzed. >> the country in a moment of crisis. that's really the choice. this will all be about her and the clintons, and i agree with the governor. i mean my god, what you're seeing here is a criminal enterprise really. we all know the foundation was always much worse, and it is about money and it is about many things. but you know what most of all? the country is tired of corruption, and the word that's not allowed to be spoken inside the beltway and by the political is corruption in the country. you have over 80% of the people believe they're corrupt. >> i have an exit question. i will start with you, pat. who is going to win the election? >> i think at the moment -- let
10:47 pm
me say we're in motion i think it is moving trump's way. >> governor. >> donald trump is going to win. it will not be as close as people think, and i said it since the summer when his poll numbers were low. i believe it today. >> got to take a break. we'll continue. like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands.
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voters head to the polls in four days. joining us now is former adviser to the u.k. prime minister, david cameron, and a.j. delgado. one year ago today you reminded me you said what? >> i said on this show a year ago that trump would go all the way and win the presidency, and we're sitting here. >> what do you think of all of the polls? are you getting nervous or confident? >> i'm confident but we need everybody. all of your millions of viewers watching to make sure to go out and vote. let's not forget the 2000 election came to 537 votes. everybody needs to get friends and family out there to vote this tuesday. >> steve, what is your take? i know a lot of people are saying maybe it is like brexit. maybe there's a group of people they don't want to tell the media they're voting for trump, maybe -- you know, there's was an eight, nine point swing in great britain. do you see similarities here? do you expect that here? >> i think there are certainly similarities. you have all of that shaming going on, the moral shaming of
10:53 pm
people in the media establishment and the elite saying if you support trump just as if you supported brexit you are a bigot, a racist and a xenophobe. that's all true. i think for me the striking thing is that you've got this candidate, hillary clinton, you know, for 40 years she has plotted and schemed to get this job, and days away from the moment when she's asking the country to make her president. you know, for what? she is still unable to set out any kind of positive vision of the change she wants to make to people's lives. and all that's been exposed in this very long campaign with hundreds of millions of dollars from her big donors and the unions and special interests -- >> so corrupt. >> what has been exposed is her corruption and essential emptiness as a politician. there's nothing there. it is all calculation, all conviction. >> so well said. i don't think anybody in our audience can tell us where she stands, except she is a pretty liberal politician. >> that's right. >> with no track record of success. >> right. i think what is interesting is
10:54 pm
i'm hearing a lot of democrats say, you know, i might sit this one out. we're seeing in early voting we're ahead of where we were in 2012 compared to the democrats. >> what are the blue states that will go red? >> i think new hampshire will, maybe nevada, florida. >> ohio will have to go. he has to get florida, ohio, north carolina. >> i think we have florida. >> got to get arizona, nevada. >> i think democrats will stay home, whether it is her corruption or the bribes they've seen her took, her incompetence with extreme carelessness with handling e-mails. i think democrats don't want to be associated with it. >> a.j., your prediction a year ago is going to go come true. >> take it to the bank. >> more "hannity" after this. qut it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels.
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all right. unfortunately all the time we have left. when we see you monday it will be our last show before the election day. before we go, quick programming note. we will be here -- that's right. we have a show sunday night, 10:00 p.m. hello. anyway, you can join -- wait, goit to get my football.
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monday night 10:00 p.m. all of the time we have left. a.j. is going to catch the football on the way out. everyone cheer her at home, she is really nervous. ready?


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