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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  November 5, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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it's up next. good night. ♪ ♪ welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levey at the tease deck. jay coming up on the big show, donald trump, bill clinton or anthony wiener. when sex freak will have the biggest impact on the election and wiener dunhamraps for clinton. and so much coffee it could lead to a worldwide shortage. looks like it is adderall and meth for shillue jievment shoo she hates freedom so much she calls french fries north
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korean sticks will if you. if you like the computer you will love the man, nathan mac into be. macinosh. comedian ben kissel. and he tells the truth, nothing but the truth so help his pay wall. host of the anthony cumia show, anthony cumia. let's start the show. >> she is unfit to serve because of a perv. that's the message of donald trump's latest ad that hits hillary clinton as the fbi's investigation in her e-mails include the laptop of long-time clinton aide, abedin. here it is in all its glory. >> decades of lies and scandals have finally caught up with hillary clinton. hillary clinton is under fbi investigation again after her
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e-mails were found on pervert april thong knee wiener's lap -- anthony wiener's laptop. the e-mails sent and received by her staff and anthony wiener. hillary cannot lead a nation. hillary clinton, unfit to serve. >> wow. can we see the most important part of that again? >> after her e-mails were found on pervert anthony wiener's laptop. >> wait a minute. where were the e-mails found again? >> pervert anthony wiener's laptop. >> clearly the best election ever. anthony -- now i have trouble saying anthony without saying pervert in front of it. >> i think it is a bill crept ad. brilliant ad. it is great they hired a voiceover and it takes it out of trump's hands.
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>> it is like an action movie trailer. i love those commercials. the scam lines for some reason they put in old scam lines. like you are watching it on an old television set. it is statice and you know it is against her, this ad. as far as the content goes, i don't know how much weight the wiener thing will carry. >> 6,000. >> do you think 6,000? >> i have seen it and i think 6,000 wiener weight. >> the issue here is they put wiener in there and wiener might not hurt her. >> i can't believe we have to say wiener over and over and over again in a presidential election. >> we are ju starting -- we are just starting. >> it is the fact it was on perfect an thong fee wiener --
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an thong 23450e wiener's computer. >> it attacks him for his locker room talk. >> it nullifies the billy bush conversation on the bush. it takes a wiener to beat a bush i -- apparently. >> it is a horror movie. we thought it was dead and now it is wiener's return and wiener's revenge. he is the gift that keeps giving. i would hate to be him from midnight until 3:00 in the morning when he is reflecting on his life. he is probably more depressed than "american beauty." i would hate to be him. >> oh the man next door. you have to see the movie again. >> i don't agree with ben kissel. i think anthony wiener sleeps
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fine. >> he is sexting until all hours of the morning. i don't know anthony wiener personally, but i hope a man who has been con tacking a 15 -- contacting a 15-year-old girl has a little shame. >> he is in rehab. >> it was a 15-year-old. there is the other element of this is a kid. this is illegal in other levels. >> it is like turning on the pump when it gets to the bottom of the ocean for the titanic. >> it is a kid! >> it is children! >> if comedy doesn't work out you have to be a prosecutor in the anthony wiener trial. >> it's a kid! >> jessica i think wiener is the guy that thinks there is a come back. >> he does. >> he was cut and then he made a movie. he let them film him.
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>> he said i have no idea why i let them do this. when he processed what he had done in exposing his family to this, i mean he has no shame. i don't think rehab for sex addictions work. and then how humiliating this is for the girl and that it is affecting the presidential election. >> she was anti-trump in someway. >> i think she wants it to go away. >> i think most 15 yearlies yearlies ---year-olds would. >> anthony wiener looks like an anorexic turtle who lost his shell. there is no way a 15-year-old wants anything to do with him. she is just trying to get through high school. >> you want to talk about a -- no. america's red headed step child lena-dunham wrote a song about hillary clinton. it is terrible. >> ♪ heying guys it is empty pant
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suits ♪ ♪ my nation is -- my passion is defending ♪ ♪ going up against a dude ♪ who is a climate change de near ♪ ♪ and people have the nerve to ask where what her plan is ♪ ♪ the plan is to win again smoit . ♪ break it down, i'm with her. >> what would it be without her taking off her clothes. tolerable? trigger warning. it is still awful. >> now i am taking on my pant suit to reveal a more sensual pant suit because that's what you do for candidate you love. >> why are you wearing hillary's lingerie. >> take your pant suit off and show us your essentials, cynthia? >> i'm good. >> i wonder if i am hurting my
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chances of winning. >> the best response would be no response. if we just moved on. >> let's talk about robots. >> what about that perv, anthony wiener. let's go back there. >> kids. 15-year-olds. >> i want the people to know in the studio there was no laughing. it was as if we were in a trans. is that what she was trying to do is put us in a trans? >> no, you still meed to get up and go vote. i don't think she wants you to -- it is real bad. i am a hillary fan and a millennial and i guess i have a pant suit on under this. that's disturbing and i don't know who it targets. hillary has the girls watching crowd. >> they are going out for hillary. >> november 3rd you have to know who you are voting for,
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right? you are not saying i hope somebody makes a rap on who to vote for. >> make sure you get up on tuesday and go and vote. >> wouldn't this make you not vote? wouldn't this make you go, fine, if this is what we are doing i don't want to be a part of this. >> that's what it does to me. i have seen videos and why is this so much more terrible? >> first of all, hate to be a bleeding heart liberal, but this is a person who discusses cultural appropriation and this is the definition of cultural appropriation. dunham have used props. o'dell beckham, junior sat next to her and she made up a story. i think there is something -- she is -- she is an individual
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who uses everyone to fit her narrative. this hurts hillary chin be to. -- hillary clinton. she called for the extermination of all white straight men. that's not an a exaggeration. go to her twitter page. she says she wants to murder all straight white men. >> if we can gear up a david duke's rap. >> you have to save that for david duke. >> i don't understand why she feels compelled 20 take her clothes off. they probably say it is so brave and she has no shame. if an attractive woman is naked and you are appreciating it, she is a slut and you are a pig. that's what we want to see. we don't want to see lena
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dunham. >> look what they did to melania trump. >> when you see lena dunham, does it make it lessen. >>able -- less enjoyable? >> you need it like a sorbet. >> i have to look at something naked. where is andy? >> you want andy naked? jay anything but lena dunham of the. >> it makes you want to go for the strippers. >> it is counterproductive. >> i hear from men they don't find her particularly attractive . she is not the cookie cuter body. it is a lot of nudity. >> she has the cookie cuter
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body. if there are people out there, younger girls. you get confidence from her owning her body. i have a terrible body and it was 380 pound. my skin has fallen off my bones. it is a great barbecue. >> you should make a rap video. >> again, her taking her clothes on, whatever we want to saivment but the video itself and the song itself are worse than the clothes. >> that's true. >> a kid! what she is saying anw she is going what it, and i get it is supposed to make fun of itself. what are we doing here? >> yearn from -- yearn for mc row from years ago. >> i think we found many ways to say we didn't like that. some time later this 340 apple
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is expected to release ios10.2 and nothing made me more excited than finding out it will bring 72 new emoji with it. among the delightful new ways i will be able to express myself, the face balm, the shrug, the gorilla, aka, harambe, and andy's new favorite, the black heart. still missing the john bolton emoji. that would come in useful when you are attacking the u.n. do we need a new emoji? >> like your bitmoji, i love that. she walks like me and i use it on twitter all that time. >> she is more feminine than i am. >> i get miss taken for him in
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avatar world. i am not excited about it, but i was excited to see my sister who is on mtv show is it -- giff? >> whatever you want. >> is a stock giff. >> it may be giff. >> i don't want to talk about it. >> andy, half time i would like to know. >> what do you think of the newie emojis? >> i don't care. i feel like calling people like a crazy person. >> what is wrong with you people? >> i'll text you. they have jobs and stuff. you know what i mean? what do you do? >> i want to be connected, but
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it takes too much time to get the phone call. >> nathan is calling people. i guess he is taking a break from designing women. >> not even sure what that is. is that an old show? >> it is so good! you should spend your time watching people. >> well i talk to people. i am talking to people. i miss work. i want work back. i feel like nick das -- nicholas cage in "national treasure." i feel like i am missing the party and there is a pregnant emoji which is an offensive way to tell somebody. jay with your -- >> with your friends they will call you a horrible slur, and if you have a girlfriend and you are communicating with
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another girl, they can see an emoji clean across the road. >> what they don't care about is you call another woman. >> i don't like it. >> i am not calling you. i am calling people they all say the calling thing is a big deal. >> we don't have each other's numbers and it is part of the app. >> it makes me want to call suicide hotline. coming up, reports say millennials are causing a coffee crisis. i will give you the skinny late at night.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stark. the latest fox news poll shows hillary clinton ahead of donald trump by a razor thin margin. th the four-way presidential match up clinton was beating trump by two points. her lead will slip to one percentage point. president obama granted 72 inmates clemency today will they have been cutting down prison terms at a rapid rate. altogether he has granted clemency to more than 900 inmates including 300 who were in for life. most of those being freed are convicted of drug-related crimes and considered nonviolent offenders. the secretary of state john kerry is ramping up efforts to highlight climate change with a trip to antarctica. he hopes to bring attention to the melting of the polar ice and its impact on rising sea
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levels. kerry will be the first secretary of state and highest ranking official to visit there. iraqi special sources moving deeper that mosul unleashing the most intense fighting since the anythings sorted three weeks ago. shots rang out and continued into the night. more than 3,000 iraqi troops took part and were supported by the u.s.-lead air airstrikes. meanwhile they are trying to figure out what lead to the death of three service members. they were killed in a shootout in the southern part of the country. what we know is shots were fired as a car carrying the americans were entering the base. but why remains unclear. i'm patricia stark, for all of your headlines go to
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it is the millennial segment. so millennials, people want to blame you for everything like the coming demise of cold cereal and bars of soap. due to the fact young people don't want to buy them anymore. now they claim you are using up all of the coffee based on a bloomburg analysis saying the daily news suggests the supply of beams is going to run out. i doubt it. young consumers love the cough fooy and you need to widdle away your afternoon in a hipster cafe and it ends up benefiting the whole coffee economy. like the other products like big macs and soap and cereal are declining. demand will stay up. prices will remain high and it will cause more farmers to get into the coffee business. that's capitalism. that's good for everyone.
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keep doing what you are doing, millennials. not everything is your fault. tarloff, part of the article -- >> did you read the article? >> i did. i do my home, would. did you believe the global warming will knockout coffee? >> it will grow in all the world. >> you september me the article. >> should we blame millennials for drinking the coffee? people were drinking it as young as 14. the average is 18 and 19. >> i never had a cup of hot coffee. i thought it would stunt my growth. >> you are very tall. >> but it doesn't surprise me.
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my friends were starting that young. i am 32 and in middle school they said let's have coffee or jolt. >> i don't leak that stuff. i like the good coffee, but i want to say thank you to the millennials. they are drying the coffee consumption. >> i drank coffee my whole -- i guess i am a millennial, but what are people buying other than themselves? >> liquid soap. >> they don't want bars. >> you share it then. say you share a shower with somebody and you are not romantically involved with. once you do that you can share stuff. >> that's insane. >> you rub it off. >> it slowly melts away. >> you can rub off anything.
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i don't care how disgusting they are. >> do you remember when they went to the beach, there was always a wet bar. you would use it, of course. >> by the definition of it being soap it has to be clean. there is no way it can't be. that's why i stopped on the article. i read the rest, but it is soap. i am with you tom. millennials are keaping them in business. i think it is good for the economy and good for us as a whole. let's keep the copy consumption up. >> with the sea level rising and coffee being grown in the mountains, there will be less people and more coffee.
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>> you think even if it kills off people it is good because the beans are still going to be perfect. >> it kills off people because most people are drenging coffee. drinking coffee will. >> sen that that -- essentially, part of the article, they were seeing these people in third world country, when the crieses of coffee goes up. >> you are correct. i prefer free trade coffee, but i will go with anything. >> free trade is a myth. >> are you talking about fair trade? all coffee is fair trade. if i buy a lot for my beans, then it is fare. but it drives up the price everywhere. i'm telling you will. >> coming up, it is that time again. half time with tv's andy levey and the "red eye" pod cast is
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back with the big news. abc7
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welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed at the "red eye" news desk. >> hi, how are you? >> good. >> they had pervert anthony wiener. anthony cumia, they had trouble saying your name without pervert.
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would it have been wyrse if they said e-mails found on pervert anthony coul yaw -- cumia? >> you might have had to fire yourself. >> again. >> right? kiss -- kissell you would hate to be him between midnight and 3:00 a.m. i don't think that's what he is doing. >> which leads me to jessica. you don't believe rehabs for sexual addictions work. how do you know? i have heard. a friend told me. i feel like i hear a lot of people and i was texting little girls.
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i will get a girl for pr. >> that's in 2011 wiener said he was abouting to rehab him. he didn't go. >> because it doesn't work. >> i don't think he wanted to get cured at the time. >> nathan you don't know wiener personally. really? is that your story. >> all of those years thrown under the boss? >> i texted him alt bit. >> i called him when i was 15 and he sented me a picture of his business. that's why people call this. >> the last thing she said was she wondered if she was hurting hillary by doing shove like this. first of all if that question is raised in your mind, maybe don't do it as somebody very pro hill.
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i want to make sure she is appealing so i call her cils. by the end of tonight we will all be with her. after i watched the video i wish it was not too late to vote for trump. >> i know. it is too late. >> what about the fact that this video will be seen by kids! >> it sucks for kids. we have younger, newer rappers. >> kids can't even vote. it is done as offensive. >> you said it was thell of cor. i'm sorry. >> the jokes. i wick take it back. you said she wanted to murder
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all straight white men. >> she wants to abolish. people who gave her all of the money. >> then there is no male characters. that means he is out of money. good point. >> the first part of the video was the tony self-depp -- self-decprication. nathan i commend you making this about the stupidity of the individual joe and not her appearance. >> i get it if people are not attracted to you, but oh my god. five dyes away. >> new emoji. do you really like the bitmoji? >> you haven't seen how often i use it? >> i haven't been on twitter for three weeks. it is amazing.
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>> i have a good friend of telling him how much i hate it so he texts bit mow gee -- bitmoji where they think you are going to beat them down. i love to get your checks from them. seriously, is that the raisest people have heard? how busy are you monsters. answer your phone. >> you said you always thepg somebody is pregnant because they hit the wrong emojis. i was happy. >> it was one time. >> you never know how quick it is moving. >> you poo-pooed about the world coffee supply because coffee grows in warm climates. those are the studies i expect
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from you. >> but it doesn't make sense. the threat of warming temperatures will reduce the global area by 50%. >> i don't believe that. >> and global warming will increase the threat of diseases. >> we can't use pesticides. they are all outlawed. anthony your theory that global warming will be good so there is fewer people is more logical than what tom did. >> i liked his too. >> plenty of coffee in "has max." in "mad max." >> that is disgusting.
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>> 10 years from no i women will find men who used them in bars very hot will we are doing it now. >> it is not because they do gross things. old men move soap. >> there are 11 of old men and they use the squeeze. >> soap on the phone. >> what do you consider an old man? >> 45. >> 90 world men. >> i don't think women are attracted to 90-year-old men. >> are you kidding me? you don't want a woman to wash your man back with a bar of soup while we tell the stories about the war. >> i am done.
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>> i am done. >> thank you, andy. coming up, moneys. then i interviewed the stars of the documentary "undecided."
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live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stark. a busy three days for donald trump. the republican presidential hopeful is hitting 10 states during that stretch hoping to seal the deal. trump telling voters he is gaining in the polls as election day draws closer. the latest fox news polls showing trump in a statistical tie in the two-way and four-way races. hillary clinton is taking the stage with beyonce and her husband rapper, jay-z. she was thrilled her nephew could see barack obama elected as the first black president in 2008 and she wants her daughter to see clinton elected as the country's first woman president. fox news learned of a possible al-qaeda terror attack are quote not credible. they say the attack was appeared to be based on low
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credibility intelligence. economic reports point to a healthy economy as americans get ready to vote. it shows 161,000 jobs were created last month while the unemployment rate edged down to 4.9%. the government reporting the hourly wage surged. a sci-fi transit worker will apparently continue through the weekend. a common plea court jumping issued an injunction to force them back to work. the judge will take additional testimony on monday of the lawyers argued for an immediate end to the strike saying the walkout threatens the public, health and safety to right to vote in the election. now back to "red eye" for all of your headlines head over to
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the new document reon netflix -- documentary "undecided" takes you from the pie maries to they -- primaries to the elections. let's check them out using their new slogan at a hillaryra. >> thank you all. thank you so much for being here. >> imagine what we can do together. imagine an economy very much like we had in the 1990s. >> we are not really comfortable with the message there. >> the co-stars of "undecided". and this is interesting. settle for hillary. it is a pretty god slogan and i feel like she is embracing it.
12:45 am
she is not saying it, but she is pushing that. do you think that? >> now she is. we filmed that in february and they were not happy about that. >> they approached you and did they throw you out? >> well, we were there behind her the whole time. they couldn't throw us out so they had to wait until it was over. >> yeah, after it was trending on twitter. >> lately i don't feel like she is embracing the spirit of it. she is running ads for those people, i am voting for -- in the film you try to have a grain of truth now it is more true. >> i want to know how this came about. did you say let's go do next from time to time documentary? >> very have been doing this for years and years and
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years. dealing with people we disagree with. >> i like the -- when you turn it up on these people. you make everyone uncomfortable across the board, right? >> this is not a left wing hit piece. we are getting both sides. hillary i think got worse for everybody. >> we had the settle for hillary and hs justified by the narrative of the rally and we are super fans. they knew we were the settle for hillary and then you have a campaign ad. that created a backlash. how can they make such a mistake. >> i almost feel like she is embracing it and -- the next is marco rubio and itth was a a -- there was a
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different attack. >> that's enough. i i have to tell everybody. marco rubio is trying to steal my girlfriend. he did. she doesn't look at me the same and i don't see love in her eyes. i'm serious! he is using his power and money. he is a little better looking than me and that's true. you shouldn't vote for him. he is probably gonna steal yours too. >> he is a good good looking guy. >> you a lot of them say there is a frozen smile on my face. you did get thrown out of that one? >> rahm about and i stayed back. >> you were supportive. i was league let out by the police and in the film my name is danny.
12:48 am
i know some of our jokes have a grain of the same. it is at the a gun range with rick santorom. >> nice, that was the next shot. >> nice shot, dad. >> do you want to take a shot? >> eel ready to go. >> that is awesome. i felt like i have so much power. nobody is messing with me. >> jason why did he give you the gun? >> i don't know. we walked to the rally and thought maybe we can shake his hand and that would be the best case scenario. then we watched the video. the first thing that happens is jason says hello and rick
12:49 am
assumes they are all running the show. come this way. >> i never shot a gun before in my life. >> i didn't drop it. i did everything. you want to shoot? sure. thank you so much. check it out. "undecided" on netflix. we will be back with more "red eye."
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forget the polls. the only election prediction come from chinese monkeys. unless the monkey is wrong which never happens trump will win on tuesday. look. did you see that monkey? he was embracing the trump. he was hugging and kissing the trump. it is no contest. >> no way. >> and since this is the last "red eye" until the elections we wanted to make our own predictions. we cooperate get a monkey, but we added andy to the discussion. i will ask andy's predictions. you can see how it is done. predictions? >> i think the monkey -- he thought trump's hair was a
12:54 am
baboon's ass. i used to think it would be a clinton blowout. i don't think that anymore. i think it will be really close electorally. other games that are just offensive and slug guest end up with the ball last. this is the opposite. who ever has is scandal want lose. i filled in my map. clinton 271 and trump 2 second 7. i was president -- i was president -- i wasn't looking to do it. but that's how it came out. >> i have florida and ohio going to trump and colorado and pep pen -- pipe going to clinton. >> did you have new hampshire? >> new hampshire i have for -- i can't tell.
12:55 am
i can only print in black and white. i have new hampshire has a dark color and vermont is a light color. anthony? >> i must grab the monkey. that was adorable. i am saying mondo reagan-type blowout. look for donald trump to take new york. take new york. >> this is insane. he will take manhattan. >> i always bet on the long shot and i always lose. >> i understand this and i think it will be a lot more of a blowout for trump than anyone is thinking. >> what do you think, big man? >> good news for both sides. i think it will be a tight election. he will lose the popular vote. i think in two years we will
12:56 am
have a p b -- so they will be a candidate. >> trump will win the popular and lose the electoral. will that drive them crazy or what? >> i think popular vote goes to trump. a few weeks ago i didn't think he would win, but if he would i would be surprised. we have to go to 2020? >> he likes to be extra interesting. >> i think trump wins and hillary wins. >> i will go with what andy said flus a little more. i don't think it is would 71. she will end at 293 and you have nevada on top of the blue walling our fire wall stage. that's it.
12:57 am
the popular vote will be very close. >> more votes than any in history. >> that does it for me. i'm tom shillue and see you next time.
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fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. with four days to go before election day, hillary clinton's lead over donald trump has dwindled. that's the headline. from new fox polls releasing right now. clinton's 3 point at vantage from last week has as you can see here falling to 2 points. that's within the margin of error. in the head to head, clinton facing trump, it's now down to one. the states, red states republican, blue states democrat. the gray states are key battlegrounds. right now, 201 to 164. in the electoral vote.


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