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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  November 5, 2016 3:00am-7:01am PDT

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test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test been waiting for your entire life. >> i don't want any of them, not me and not you to wake up on wednesday and think if we had only done a little bit more. >> friends don't let friends vote alone. >> don't boo, vote. [cheers cheers. [. >> he can't hear your boos but he can hear your votes. >> they don't respect us. they don't respect obama. is he like a cheer leader. he is jumping up and down all over the place for hillary clinton. >> next president of the united states.
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[cheers] >> thanks to jay-z and beyonce. >> i didn't have to bring jlo or jay-z, the only way she gets anybody. >> we are the movement of the future. we are the movement of the future. ♪ ♪ >> jay-z has spoken, ladies and gentlemen. beyonce. can you believe it? three days until the election. >> guys, we're here. three days. >> unbelievable. you never thought it would happen but like christmas morning arriving before expected. >> a little bit of jay-z. >> let's address the elephant in the room because i'm a little misty this morning. this is tucker's last day. >> yes, it is. >> sitting here on the curvey couch here on "fox & friends." i'm going to miss you terribly. you're not going very far. you're going to be going to the 7:00 p.m. prime time on fox news channel. >> other side of the schedule. >> i'm going to miss you. >> i'm sad about it i haven't thought about it i'm sad this is my last day. >> emotional day but only
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fitting three days. >> let's drown our sorrows in the campaign. three days before election day. brand new fox news channel shows donald trump is narrowing the gap as he campaigns in key swing states. >> meanwhile hillary clinton using star power as we mention to do get out that vote. >> fox team coverage across the sunshine state. mike emanuel following the clinton camp in miami. first go to john roberts standing by in tampa. both of you with tough assignments this morning. nice to see you. >> lovely miami. as you know any time, clayton, you have to get up in the middle of the night it's a tough assignment. here we all are together. tonguer i will be sad to see you go but congratulations on the new program. >> john, i appreciate it. >> hey, take a look at the new fox news channel donald trump is a single point behind hillary clinton now two-way race 46% to 45%. you look deeper in the polls and you find donald trump leads by 8 points among independence but still having problems with women. hillary clinton leads him by 1313 points. he certainly doesn't have any problems getting a crowd
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out to his events. big rallies in ohio and pennsylvania. hillary clinton had about 10,000 people at a rally in cleveland last night. jay-z and beyonce were there giving the concert. donald trump says who needs jay-z and beyonce. he did 10 and 11,000 people in ohio and pennsylvania yesterday and it was just him. listen to what he said in hershey last night. >> i didn't have to bring jlo or jay-z. the only way she gets anybody. just me. no guitar. no pee piano, no nothing. you know what we do have? it's all the same. we all have great ideas and great vision for our country. that's what we have. >> the donald trump campaign releasing a new ad today that is a 4-million-dollar buy nationally. you will see it on your national news programs, entertainment programs, also on the ncaa games today, the nfl and nascar tomorrow it's his closing argument for america. here's just a short piece of it. >> the only people brave enough to vote out this
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corrupt establishment is you, the american people. [cheers] >> i'm doing this for the people and for the movement and we will take back this country for you and we will make america great again. >> here's a look at where trump is today. he has a rally this morning in florida at the tampa fairgrounds at 10:00. from here he goes to north carolina and then all the way over to nevada and then back to colorado. part of an 11-state, 12 event swing that he has got going in this closing weekend of the election campaign. donald trump's pilot putting the throttles all the way forward and there is just no slowing down this weekend for the trump campaign. >> real momentum. john roberts, thank you. >> you have all seen the two minute spot they did, the trump people? it is really macro. he just ascends to 35,000 feet and his critique is the entire system is corrupt. he has an attack on the federal reserve in there. i mean, it's big concept
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stuff. >> the times is so perfect with everything going on on the other side of things with hillary clinton. when john roberts talks about momentum, there is something real there. when you look at swing states and even the last two weeks how some of these polls have gone from him being down 12 points to him being totally neck and neck. you look at a place like new hampshire that is totally in place for donald trump we didn't expect. >> interesting to see how many early votes came. in during the last swing, millions of votes cast starting at the beginning of october. will late momentum push some of those undecides and cast their vote they already decided this isn't going to matter to us much. >> hillary clinton is feeling the momentum from the trump side. she is pulling out all the cards and star power as we mentioned to help win over the young voters. that's where we are following mike emanuel following all the action from the sunshine state in miami. good morning, mike. >> abby, tucker, clayton, good morning to you. the clinton campaign is pulling out all the stops with the time left in the race so precious.
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map showing where she and her key surrogates. hillary clinton tim kaine will be here in battleground, florida no, surprise with 29 electoral votes at stake here in the sunshine state. bernie sanders going west to iowa and colorado. former president bill clinton and daughter chelsea in north carolina. and vice president joe biden in pennsylvania. last night clinton and jay-z and bon -- clinton had jay-z and beyonce help her campaign in cleveland. tried energizing young african-american crowd with clinton selling the chance to make history on election day. >> well, we have unfinished business to do. more barriers to break. and with your help, a glass sealing to crack once and for all. >> finally tonight, katy perry will lend her star power at a get out the vote event in philadelphia with hillary clinton. so much of it now at this point for the clinton team and also for the trump team
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is really getting out your key constituencies. abby, tucker, clayton? >> mike emanuel live from florida. thanks a lot, mike. >> of course katy perry at the dnc. big headline that night. bill clinton was in the front row swaying back and forth watching katy perry. >> i keep thinking if she were to win in three days what would her mandate be? what is she running on. the reason to vote for her is because of her sex. something she did not choose. she had no control over at all. i'm not saying that's crazy is that really rational to vote for her? maybe people seem afraid of trump. they don't seem that enthusiastic for her. >> that's what we see continuously in these polls. last few weeks in the polls is the lack of enthusiasm for hillary clinton. you have mentioned this tucker before about trump. you can talk about bringing out these stars on the stage to get people to vote. what he does that i think hillary clinton has continue to do struggle with is this ability to emotional whether i voters. you don't have to agree with
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everything donald trump says there are moments where i feel with him. i understand what he is talking about. >> reflected in that piece. that two-minute piece you are talking about. that's what got him in this race. almost come full circle reminding people again why he is running in the first place that the whole system is rigged. i'm not a political insider. i'm not a washington insider. everyone in washington is bought and paid for. >> he was running on that in the beginning. he dan on immigration and trade and really expanded his critique of american society as this campaign -- >> -- i think he has learned a lot from this campaign. >> i certainly have. it's certainly changed my view of the country and changed the country itself. >> you see this enthusiasm gap perhaps in this past few weeks even more -- more under the microscope now. hillary clinton going to these events. you see tens of thousands of people. that was playing out all summer. donald trump able to get people lined up around the block at these events when his primary running mates, jeb bush, there was like a lack of enthusiasm. last night he had this beyonce concert. and you watch some of the other networks, they were
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streaming this concert live. jay-z, beyonce there on stage. ready to introduce hillary clinton coming out at the end of the night. i think it was almost 11 o'clock at night when she finally takes the stage. the "new york times" sort of captured the enthusiasm as people start to do make their way to the exit last night. when she comes out on stage. they said, this the challenges facing mrs. clinton were clearly on display on friday when she took the stage and began making the case for candidacy. dozens of people began leaving the arena the performance now over. >> you can see why she is not running on anything. so it's fine to say okay i'm not trump and trump is bad. all right. if she wins on wednesday, what is her presidency about? not being trump and being friends with jay-z? there is kind of a lot of air in there. there is just nothing there. >> the numbers in our most recent polling that came out last night were really a 1 point or 2 point difference between the two. when you think about hillary clinton who has been running for president for how long. >> four years. >> has the ground game.
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donald trump came into this thing never running to office before. doesn't have any of that to his ad vantage and still how close it is. says where the enthusiasm is. the question is with this mow men dumb if there is enough time for trump to win this thing on tuesday. i think if this were held two weeks from now, the situation might look different than three days from now. >> 70% of the vote is already n florida. so three days left. >> we do have other headlines to get to this morning. in north carolina, a judge making sure thousands of people can vote even if they no longer live in that key swing state that judge ordered nearly 4,000 voter registrations after being purged from the polls when mailing to their home delivered as undeliverable. the naacp initiating the challenge calling the purge of invalid voters a violation of rights. you don't have to show an i.d. in to vote in north carolina. volunteer also simply take you at your word. the democratic national committee already dealing with those demanding email
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hacks may have a more serious problem on its hands. a new report this morning suggesting washington, d.c. dc headquarters have been bugged. supported evidence of that breach to the fbi. a sweep of the d.c. offices found a radio signal device near the chairman's office. one which could have been used to listen to those phone calls. however, no surveillance device has been recovered and no culprits have been identified new jersey governor chris christie canceling his trip to new hampshire today where he was supposed to campaign for donald trump after a bomb sell indictment for woman to aids of his. both indicted on fraud on claims of shutdowns on the george washington bridge. refuses to vote for hillary clinton no matter what his state decides, presidential elector robert says clinton does not -- doesn't do enough to support native
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american issues. he is so bent on keeping her out of office he has said that he hopes, quote it, comes down to a swing vote. so it can be him that ultimately brings it all down. he could face a $1,000 fine for voting against the popular vote. wow. this election keeps getting crazier. >> the mainstream media says hillary clinton does have a path to 270. is trump's path easier than you might think. caitlin huey burns will break down the electoral map yet. >> wikileaks revealed that the democratic national committee tried to sabotage the bernie sanders for president campaign. >> say it ain't so. >> debbie was sermon schultz says she knows the truth. no quotation marks around that up ahead. red 97! set! red 97! did you say 97? yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's
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welcome pack, hillary clinton's path to the white house has been laid out pretty clearly by following president obama's footsteps is donald trump's path easier than you might think. here with a few road maps to a trump white house is real clear politics caitlin huey pursuance. caitlin, nice to see you this morning. >> good morning. >> we are in front of the touch screen. we are going to dive in front of some of the battleground states. does donald trump have a path to victory. >> a path has become more clear. basically he has to do three things. all the states romney won which includes north carolina which is a tie right now. flip all the remaining battle grounds, florida, ohio, nevada. then he has to flip a blue state. couple of opportunities and scenarios for him to do that still a rough path. more options for hillary clinton. as the map stands now, here we go. >> this is scenario one. what does scenario one look like. >> scenario one is looking at the real clear politics averages where hillary clinton is loading or where
3:17 am
trump is leading. as it stands now, if the race were today according to averages this is the electoral map that we would see on election night. but we'll go through a few different scenarios, so if trump flips florida. remember, they are all spending lots of time there that should get him to 270 to 268 for clinton. to just florida. 29 electoral votes. >> exactly just flipping florida. that's why you are seeing poet of them fly in and out of there pretty regularly. all their top surrogates are there north carolina is a posh state this cycle it is tied so he needs to keep. >>it president obama campaigning there saying all eyes on north carolina. this could be the most important state in the election. >> exactly if trump can't keep it he has to make it somewhere else. so if he doesn't? >> so if he loses -- let's say take away florida for a second, then take away north carolina, that's what we are looking at. okay? and if he gets florida, that gets him close, but he has to make it up in one more
3:18 am
place. so he has been campaigning in pennsylvania, where he is going this weekend. and that should flip. >> what's interesting to me as you take away north carolina, and you still have ohio so trump with an ohio, he has maine, some of these other states here, he is still way behind, even picking up ohio. >> exactly that's a great point, even if he wins ohio and florida he still needs to make up ground else are with he could go to pennsylvania or a place like michigan where he has been seeing some of the polls tighten a little bit. so that would get to you 257 for trump. if he were to win pennsylvania. pennsylvania is considered fools gold for republicans. they always try to compete there and they never win. for the past two decades democrats have won. we will see if he can make it there. the polls are tightening a bit. >> what about the 269, 269 scenario, maine. >> exactly. can you imagine maine deciding this election? so maine divides their electoral votes by congressional district.
3:19 am
the second congressional district in maine has one point but it is tied right now. this is the scenario we were log at before. come on, maine, you can too it. like playing olympic co. there we go. oh, come on, maine, you can do it. maine doesn't want to go. there we go. maine is getting close. but there is a scenario in which if he were to lose that district in maine and win florida, that would get you to 269, tie. vote goes to the house and us reporters are continuing to talk about this election longer. >> amazing. maine could decide everything if we get that 269, 269. i want to ask you real quick. pennsylvania. we were talking about downstairs on the curvey couch about the fact that pennsylvania unof those states that does not do that early voting. >> exactly. >> all eyes on tuesday in pennsylvania. where does it stand right now. >> such a great point. i'm glad you brought that up. if you notice michelle obama and barack obama and hillary clinton and bill clinton
3:20 am
will be spending the last night on election night in philadelphia. going to pennsylvania and sending all her top surrogates there ahead consistently in the polls. narrow to do a 3 point lead here. pennsylvania does not vote early. one of those states like new hampshire does not vote early can be influenced by late breaking news and late breaking trends they don't have that advantage of going early. pennsylvania is always the place that campaigns focus really intensely in the last minute. >> stark difference, pennsylvania no early voting. florida as of this morning about 70% of the votes could already be done in florida. caitlin, great to see you this morning. >> thanks so much. >> fascinating stuff. thanks so much. >> all right. here's a question for you. are men too sexist to elect a female president? listen. >> there's a reason why we haven't had a women president before. >> i know there is a bunch of guys upset about having a woman president. they don't want to fess up to it. >> that the real reason?
3:21 am
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25 manipulates after the hour. back with quick headlines. starting with a fox news alert. nypd sergeant killed, another officer oned in a shootout in the bronx. gunfire erupting as the officers were responding to a home invasion. the suspect crashing his get away car on a nearby street before shooting one of the officers at point blank range. sergeant paul tuzolo later died of his wounds. so sad. his partner shot in the leg. is he expected to make a full recovery. to date 53 officers have been shot and killed in the line of duty.
3:25 am
and three american service members killed in jordan. the pentagon says they were killed in a shootout just outside of a military base in the southern part of that country. what we know is that shots were fired as the car carrying the americans tried to enter the base there but why still remains unclear. tucker, over to you. >> thanks, abby. president obama and former president bill clinton have a message to male voters you're awful, you sexists. watch. >> hillary clinton is consistently treated differently than just about any other candidate i see out there. to the guys out there, i want to be honest, you know, there is a reason why we haven't had a woman president before. >> i know there is a bunch of guys upset about having a woman president. they just don't want to fess up to it. [ laughter ]
3:26 am
take it from me, you will get used to it in a hurry. it will be good. >> latest fox news poll that's clinton's lead dwindling to 2 points nationally. trump in a fourway race. is this a contested election just because she is a woman? here to debate it is david webb and in washington, d.c. chuck a democratic strategist. >> good morning. >> president obama has been telling us for eight years if you disagree with this or that policy are probably a racist. and now telling us if you disagree with hillary you are a sexist. does this work as a political matter? >> well, there is few things that i know for a fact but only a couple. one is that women are smarter than men and more of them will show up to vote than others. political strategy they use that we have to use to try to get women to shoat up to vote for her. we haven't had any policy debate. you use it because it's literally the most critical point of the electorate that these show up outside of philly. whether you love donald trump or hillary clinton, i'm not trying to sway you one way or the other.
3:27 am
i'm like a baseball balls and strikes this is a strategy to try to win a general election. >> that's exactly right. the point, david, as chuck just says, we haven't had a real policy debate and we don't have to have one as long as i believe that you are on the other side because you're basically a bad person, you're unreasonable, you're bigoted, you're sexist. that's what they are saying. i'm not going to listen to you, you're evil. >> that's exactly, tucker. this is the playbook from the democrats. your opponent is someone to run away with after all when barack obama beat hillary clinton in 2008 if you went across obama if you were white, you were racist. if you were black you were uncle tom or house negro. now according to barack obama if you object to hillary clinton's policies you are a sexist. this is that basic left approach that i have innate skills you are either a racist, sexist, you have some for i. -- ist or ism. let me tell you as the chief elector real of the election do what i say.
3:28 am
chuck is right about this. this is why americans are sick of the political class and the elitists telling us who and what we are. americans have real issues they want to deal with, not politicians who are cynical and frankly insulting to the nation. >> also divisive. so, chuck, somebody is going to win in throw days and if it's hillary clinton, kind of weird that she's, at this late stage, attacking voters. one thing to attack your opponent or the party or the ideas but to turn around at the country itself and say you know what? there is something really wrong with you. that person is going to have a hard time uniting this country if she were to become president. >> tucker i have run a lot of campaigns what's supposed to happen because everybody is taking early voting take a pivot and rise above it to do your closing argument. you saw and i heard you allude to it earlier two minute video rising above it hillary had all of that laid out. everything changed in this election five days ago with all this stuff about the emails and fbi.
3:29 am
and there has been a whole pivot and now we are trying to actually turn out our base. you have seen the money start flowing to michigan and wisconsin. democratic strongholds because now we went to rise above it to we need to get the base out to vote. >> this is the cynicism that comes with this. and, between, it's telling the american people we need you to do exactly what we want because you're not capable of thinking for yourself. frankly, i'm offended. i was offended in 2008 when those charges were made. and americans should be offended now that the elitists have decided whatever we tell is you how you act. and if you don't you have something -- hillary clinton said we were not only deplorable we were irredeemable. how is she going to be president of a country full of a bunch of sexist irredeemables who didn't vote for her? >> i'm going to have it and you are not. >> congratulations, tucker. >> congratulations, man. >> well, there is a new front in the war against the fbi. the mainstream media joins team clinton. they have been there for a while, saying the reason the fbi is investigating hillary
3:30 am
is that because most of the agents are brace yourselves, caucasian. wow. plus, early voting already underway in battleground state of florida. one group is not getting an early start. we have a live report straight ahead. ♪ feels like the first time ♪ feels like the very first time ♪ ♪ this artoo unit must be delivered to the rebellion. come on artoo! ♪ artoo! welcome to the rebellion. ♪
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election day is on tuesday and krispy kreme is giving out free donuts to anyone who shows their i voted sticker. krispy kreme two decisions you are not really proud of. >> is that true. >> you probably never had a krispy kreme. >> hot sign is up? you got to go in there. >> you don't feel good about it you really don't. >> it's instant regret. >> they are so small and tasty you end up having like five of them or the whole box. >> dissolve in mouth. eat one i had four. >> jump into your mouth. well, for the last year we
3:35 am
have watched the press basically parrot the hillary clinton campaign on positions on virtually everything even as those positions get weirder, more esoteric and harder to believe. here is politico which really has been the most slavish of all the news organizations in helping the hillary campaign come out attacking the fbi on these grounds. and i'm quoting with 60% white male ages the bureau doesn't reflect the nation. whatever that means. did its conservative culture play a role in comey's decision to reveal the renewed clinton email probe. >> here is another one from politico a quote there: >> i saw another story. >> i didn't believe when i saw this headline that they were writing these stories. >> i saw another one highlighting trump factions within the fbi and that's
3:36 am
why rudy giuliani was able to get thisked information a few days ahead of time they are leaking this information to the trump campaign? >> where was the editor? i know the guy started politico. normal people. it was always slightly left maybe. they have gone so far out. you think if i'm the editor of that story i'm saying what? no. we are attacking the fbi because you think there are too many white people there? isn't that -- no, that's disgusting. >> where were these stories back in july when james comey came out and didn't charge hillary clinton for anything. >> who was appointed by president obama by the way. just like injection reality. >> we are talking about the fbi and so many of these men and women who serve this country to. me, i find it a bit offensive? the fbi is there to fight crime. it's our national police force. and so the most important question you can ask, the only real question, relevant one is are they doing good job fighting crime? who cares what the demographics? this is nuts. >> the president addressed this the other night in an interview with his friend reverend al sharpton,
3:37 am
listen. >> historically, both under democratic and republican administrations, our goal has been and should be that our investigators and our prosecutors are independent of politics, that they're not politicized, that they're not used as a weapon to advantage either side in partisan arguments. when you are investigating a case, then unless you have unearthed something, you need to just do your job. if there are things that you think are worth presenting, then you present them to a prosecutor. >> that was to al sharpton? the president of the united states doing interview with al sharpton in the final days? i will just do my final review david duke is going to do it. somebody with a long documented history of racial going to interview me. that's nuts. >> i did hear reverend al
3:38 am
sharpton say in that interview though james comey is a good man. he obviously did. >> sharpton defended him. >> james comey in that would you have. i think there is a lot going on behind the scenes not just with president obama, valerie jarrett the list goes on with james comey. i think they want james comey out. >> long relationship with the fbi. fbi informant. >> how do you marshall your forces after this if you are james comey? walk into a meeting with senior staff and say look this is our new battleground going forward. how does he do that? i don't know how you right the ship. >> headlines to get to this morning. starting with this one the woman who made headlines earlier this year accusing donald trump sexually assaulting her when she was 13 years old suddenly dropping that lawsuit after many criticized its case for complete lack of evidence. trump's legal team denied the allegations last april, calling them, quote, disgusting and politically motivated. paul ryan has a message for those saying he i he is planning
3:39 am
on stepping down. >> don't believe everything you read. i plan on staying in as speaker. we have an agenda. >> he told the website the hill they expected ryan to step down after tuesday's election. and debbie wasserman schultz insisting that the dnc is not rigged. claiming she, not bernie sanders is the real victim here. >> that the sanders campaign began aggressively trying to find a escape goat and turn the attention away from the mistakes that they made and they did so successfully. and made me the -- but that's okay. >> the boogie woman. wasserman schultz was forced to step down as chair of the dnc days after emails showed coordination of the hillary campaign against sanders. >> anthony weiner saddling up in sex rehab.
3:40 am
can you see him there. photos show the former politician and estranged us to huma abedin trotting through ranch. he was caught sexting women including underage girl while married to abedin, hillary's top aid. $20,000.35 day rehab program. tucker is snickering through this whole thing. >> does it work? >> can we get an expert on the show? >> what is equine therapy. >> after four hours on horseback things get numb. >> horsing cure sexting. that's the headline. >> you agree with me. >> do a sign show at some point. >> i will host that show. >> president obama admits one voting block is not turning up the way he hoped for hillary clinton. >> american vote right now is not as solid as it needs to be. >> so why are black voters weary of siding with her? our next guest, a democrat
3:41 am
says it comes down to trust. >> does john kerry know something we don't know? wait until you hear what he has planned for the day after the election? stay tuned. ♪ ♪
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(sigh) my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but dad, you've got... allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. it's good to be in, good hands.
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three days to go and things are heating up in the sunshine state. with early voting at an all-time high. >> but not everyone is getting an early start. phil keating joins us live from an early voting location north miami to explain. hey, phil. >> good morning. enthusiasm, or a shortage of enthusiasm a major concern this weekend for the clinton campaign and down ticket democrats. in about 20 minutes, early voting gets underway here and around the state of
3:45 am
florida. can you see people already cueing up in line to cast their ballots early. already, 5.3 million floridians have already voted. that's more than the total early vote of four years ago. and accounts for 41% of florida wants total number of registered voters. that's historic early vote for the state which four years ago was plagued on election day with super long lines, four, five, up to seven hours just to vote for president. now the turnout by florida's registered black voters, however, is not at the early voting level sown and 4 and 8 years ago for president obama and crucial voting block for hillary clinton. here is how it breaks down in the state so far with two days of early voting yet. this year white voters are down 2% over four years ago. hispanic voters are up and black voters are down 2% comparatively. the surge in florida's hispanic vote, many of home whoe
3:46 am
recent puerto rican immigrants tend to vote democratic could make up for that drop in the black vote. we shall see. as of this morning, the current real clear politics political polling average for the state of florida shows clinton slightly in the lead over trump. clinton with 47.4%. trump with 46 point 2. that is still within the margin of error. yesterday was a dead heat. today it is still an absolute toss-up in this imawd rinan swing state. >> we bring in the founder and president of the democratic african-american women's caucus leslie whims and she joins us now live. thanks for doing. this good morning. >> you're hearing appeals from democratic politicians from candidate herself worried about black turnout this year. you're not hearing many appeals on the waives of issues. basically the message is the other side hates you because of your skin color vote for
3:47 am
us. is that a good reason to vote for a candidate? >> well, no, it isn't. and i was here before. we talked about this before. and i told you that this would happen. >> yes. >> first of all. i said that using surrogates was not going to get the black vote to turn out. and that's exactly what happens. now where they were at panic level 7, they are now at panic level 10. so you see barack obama coming back and saying hey, get out, get out, get out, vote, vote, vote. you see over in ohio, beyonce and jay-z having concerts. that's not going to happen because the black community, it knows that you have racism on both sides. >> right. >> so where, you know, racism is not limited to just the republican party. you have racism in the democratic party, too. what hillary clinton needed to do is exactly what i said to you before. she needed to engage the black community, her
3:48 am
campaign. and she didn't do that. >> right. >> and whereas i told you before that she had time to do it, you know, a few months ago or even, you know, early in her campaign she doesn't have time to do that now. so you're not going to see that number creep up to the level that she needs it to do. >> i believe that. >> you are not going to see that. >> you are hearing both hillary and obama make reference to the kkk like it's 1955 still in the united states. can you laugh that off but my concern is, remarks like that, arguments like that leave deep wounds. i mean, you are really scaring the heck out of people when you say stuff like that. i wonder if that's going to make it harder to heal after this election is over in three days? >> i think it is. you have seen nina turner say this and i have an awful lot of respect for nina turner. we have to look at what is going to happen november 9th, and when you do things like that, it is going to make it very difficult for the country to come together, no matter whose president on november 9th. i mean, you know, when you start using scare tacticking
3:49 am
like that you are going to be doing a lot of damage. you're absolutely right when you start using kkk and to be honest with you, you have to leave that sort of rhetoric behind. >> it does -- >> -- you have to make your case. i'm sorry? >> it does seem a bit much. can you make a real case on both sides. you don't have to go there but they have. leslie, it's great to see you this morning. thanks a lot for doing that. >> you too. you're welcome. >> secretary of state hillary clinton promised that she wouldn't take foreign donations without disclosing them first. it turns out there was at least one donation that she did not disclose and it was a big one. weave will tell you what it was. then imagine living in a house with 83 people. it is happening in california. at least if you believe the voter registration records. 83 voters in one house. do you believe it? more details coming up. ♪ willing to sacrifice our love ♪
3:50 am
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3:53 am
just days before the election, three to be exact, and voter fraud already cropping up in many of the races in the key states. so could corruption impact the election results? here to look at some of the worse cases across the country. "washington times" editor kelly riddle. good to see you. >> good morning. >> let's get to some of these cases because this has already proven to be a real thing for example in california. a man finds dozens, 83 ballots in someone's home. apparently 83 people live in one home. >> yeah. well jerry was out gardening his house. he has an elderly neighbor who lives in a small little home. noticed she had a lot of mail that that day went to pick it up and found 83
3:54 am
ballots. she is just an old woman living in this house. so they went to actually the lapd to report. this and the lapd kind of shrugged their shoulders go to the post office. the post office is like we don't know what happened. eventually another neighbor went to the registrar's office and they are now investigating. this but they didn't seem too concerned there in california that 83 people were living in this small house all registered to vote. >> that's california. here is where it could get serious polls in r. neck and neck for hillary clinton and donald trump in florida. they busted two women. >> two women on third degree felonies for voter fraud because the first woman was out canvassing or she was supposed to be out canvassing for united people for like medical marijuana out getting voter registrations. well apparently knocking on door to door was too difficult for her. she just made up names names. she put some dead people. she registered some dead people. made up falsified information. sent it all in. and the registrar caught her for falsifying all this information. another woman was actually
3:55 am
working in the miami dade elections department. she was a volunteer. opening up mail-in ballots when she noticed that some people didn't vote all the way down the ballot for the mayor, she started checking boxes for them for her favorite candidate. >> unreal. >> was caught doing that. >> these are just the ones being caught. makes you wonder how many are out there also in california, more switches of the voter registration there. >> yeah. this is online hacking attack in riverside are county. where registered republicans returning democrats and democrats, republicans, people were messing with the voter files and voter data. we know this is very serious thing that's happening this election that people are scared about and counties are scared about. we already know that arizona and illinois voter data bases were hacked into and the fbi is look into them and that dhs is general is on high alert this election season looking into voter machines and voter fraud. >> here is another one in virginia. you have 19 registered to vote. including, including, five people who are dead. >> yeah, the reason why they
3:56 am
found this one is because one of the relatives of the deceased reregistered person got a ballot. and they are like wait a minute, my father passed away. this happened in harrisburg county, this is where james madison school is. and what it turned out was another canvasser, another student basically, instead of going door to door started reregistering dead people on the roles to influence the election. >> i mean, when donald trump has been talking about this rigged election, this is exactly what he is hitting at. it's crazy. >> yeah, yeah. it is. cases like these, multiple cases like these across the country. >> let's just hope for the best come election day. kelly, thanks for being here. it's an important issue. >> thank you. >> celebrity endorsements are not one of them. hillary clinton roll out beyonce and jay-z to save her campaign. more on that next.
3:57 am
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don't start humira if you have an infection. ready for a new chapter? talk to your rheumatologist. this is humira at work. this race is on. we are all tied up here in the state of florida. we're leading in national polls. we're coming wheel to wheel out of the turn and we are going to chase to the checkered flag. >> have you been seeing what's happening with those polls? they are like rocket ships. they're like rocket ships. >> i, i, i am so energized after this concert. and i got to say didn't you love the pant suit? >> i love reading those wikileaks? >> huma, i got rid of them. they are all gone. then they find out got bad news. i think they went on the cloud. you know the cloud? never disappears off the cloud.
4:01 am
>> she has been in control of herself for 40-something years. >> you can't just get depression and crawl up in the fetal position, oh, what's going -- no, you just got to vote. ♪ ♪ >> three days until the election. welcome in to "fox & friends" on this saturday. >> i love reading those wikileaks says trump. he speaks for many of us when he says the cloud. >> there is a lot in those. if you actually take the time to read what comes out of these emails i really recommend you do that. >> we have like 28 days in a row of document dumps from wikileaks. >> nonstop. >> over 100,000. it's going to be months, maybe years before we can finally get to the bottom. this is like the dead sea scrolls they found them but it takes decades to translate them and release them. this is not going away this story. >> it takes a long time to read. like the length of obamacare. >> it's complicated. >> they do that on purpose so you can't figure out
4:02 am
what's going on, right? >> three days until election. polls show donald trump tightening the gap as he campaigns in key swing states. >> meanwhile secretary hillary clinton bringing some stars out to bring out the vote. >> we have fox team coverage across the sunshine state this morning. mike emanuel is following the clinton camp in miami. first, let's go to fox news senior national correspondent john roberts standing by in beautiful tampa. john, good morning. >> good morning to you, abby, tucker, and clayton. donald trump will be here in about three hours. the vendors are just setting up behind me. things actually a little slow to get going here. they haven't let the main part of the crowd in, so they have to jam them in to the events center here. take a look at our latest fox news poll. in two-way race hillary clinton is ahead 46 to 45. some people are asking why are you showing two-way race when it's a four-way race. some states more than a four-way race. you will notice a trend. hillary clinton led by 5 points now it's down to a single point. donald trump in florida this
4:03 am
morning and heads off to north carolina. nevada and colorado, part of a three-day, 11 state, 12-event swing that he is putting on here as he puts the pedal to the metal for these full-time days of the election. zeroing in yesterday on hershey, pennsylvania talking about obamacare promising to replace it. lower choices and lower quality of care. listen to what he said yesterday. >> it's just been announced that the residents of pennsylvania are going to experience a massive double digit premium hike. all 67 counties in pennsylvania are losing obamacare insurers next year. lots of luck negotiating, folks. but it won't matter. because it will be terminated. you won't have to bother. we'll have great healthcare at much less expense. >> the trump campaign believes that is a strong bread and butter issue that they can take to the polls. very touching moment last
4:04 am
night when trump brought on stage barbara and hugh, they are the parents of reilly rone. a big trump supporter and volunteer tragically killed tragic accident garden state parkway in new jersey on his way back home from the jersey shore on memorial day weekend. listen to this. >> i want you to please, please, please, vote for mr. donald trump, in my -- in my son's honor. >> i didn't expect that. so we'll dedicate this evening to reilly, okay? [cheers and applause] >> boy, that takes courage. >> probably one of the more emotional moments that we have ever seen at a donald trump campaign. as far as the polls go here in the state of florida. the real clear politics average has hillary clinton up by a single point. polls have been all over the place in this last week. you can get kind of an idea of where things are in terms
4:05 am
of early voting. the republican's lead in total votes returned, that's both in person and mail-in ballots by 2,000. that's that's out of 4,200,000 ballots returned. so this one, i think the indications are is going to be very close in the state of florida. abby, tucker, clayton? >> it all comes down to florida. "the washington post" had four different scenarios of maps that trump could win. every single one he has got to win florida. interesting, look at the last two weeks and some of the states now in play that really weren't just two weeks ago. >> look at nevada there for instance. new hampshire for crying out loud. this is how tight it is right now. tied across awful these states. colorado which was firmly in clinton wants camp a number of months ago. >> pennsylvania has been overwhelmingly for hillary for months and, yet, it's tightened down to within the margin. pennsylvania is one of the only states along with new hampshire does not have early voting. they have absentee. there are not millions of people voting ahead of time. the stories in the last couple of weeks are going to have an effect in
4:06 am
pennsylvania. obamacare talking in the commercial break that's legitimately big deal. obamacare has collapsed. democrats haven't explained why. just tying trump to the kkk and nonsense like that but this is an actual issue. >> i think it really is about obamacare. look at the tracking look at the charts on. when clinton's poll numbers started to plummet and donald trump started to tick up it's right on the obamacare line right when the announcement came out about the premiums. >> hillary clinton is online. she is doubling down on that. she is concerned. she sees these poll numbers. she spending time in pennsylvania which shows they are nervous. she is bringing out some of the stars to kind of help get the young people enthused. she brought out jay-z for a concert beyonce. >> how scared are they? jay-z level scared. >> that's a level of being scared. >> fox news senior correspondent mike emanuel is following it all this morning from miami. good morning, mike.
4:07 am
>> clayton, abby, tucker, good morning to you. >> yes. on this final weekend of the 2016 campaign, hillary clinton and a number of v.i.p. surrogates are fanning out to hit a number of key battlegrounds. clinton and her running mate tim kaine will campaign at separate events here in florida with 29 electoral votes up for grabs. former rival senator bernie sanders is heading west. hitting iowa and colorado. former president bill clinton and daughter chelsea will be in the tarheel state of north carolina. and vice president joe biden hitting the trail today in pennsylvania. last night clinton campaigned with jay-z and wife beyonce in cleveland. the artists said they want their daughter to grow up seeing a women lead the country. a country where there are no limitations and clinton made part of her closing argument. >> i want to be a president who helps everybody fulfill their god-given potential. and i can't do that unless on tuesday we decide what kind of country we want to
4:08 am
be. >> tonight singer carrie perry will complain with clinton in get out the vote in philadelphia. katy perry has been a strong surrogate for hillary clinton from the very beginning. you talked about concerns about pennsylvania. the clinton team is investing a whole lot of resources there in the keystone state, wanting to make sure there are no surprises on election night. abby, tucker, clayton? >> thanks a lot, mike. that is amazing. >> donald trump slamming hillary clinton last night at his event in pennsylvania, hershey, p.a., he was in a packed arena he said i don't know to need to bring jay-z and beyonce to my events. >> people wait in line for hours to hear him speak. it's unbelievable. >> the "new york times" took note last night after this beyonce announcement here is a quote from the "new york times" saying the challenges facing hillary clinton were clearly on display friday when she took the stage and made the case for candidacy. dozens began leaving the arena, the performance now over. in her defense it was late
4:09 am
at night and the show was over. >> also, why are they coming out? they want to hear jay-z and beyonce perform that's why they are there. >> she is not making the case i'm a woman? really? my daughters aren't impressed. one of the things we just learned from john podesta emails hillary clinton said she never forwarded classified information. never had any on that server, unsecured one she kept in the bathroom it turns out of she did in fact forward classified information to chelsea it wasn't about yoga or the wedding it was classified. >> i deleted the emails that were personal to me. talking about my cooking recipes, my yoga classes and chelsea clinton's wedding. but i think this speaks to the problem that people have had with hillary clinton for some time is i don't have to abide by the rules. i can do whatever i want here. if i want to forward chelsea clinton a classified email about what's going on at the state department, can i do that and get away with that. >> she is my daughter. >> she didn't even email it to her daughter. chelsea was using a
4:10 am
pseudonym which i find interesting too. she was using fake name on email server which was interesting. she wasn't just chelsea at >> she is famous and you're not. maybe you can be quiet and obey and don't ask question. you don't want to crack the glass ceiling, clayton? what's your problem, sexist. >> it's about time you get a pseudo name you are going to 7:00 p.m. >> email address is terrifying public which is fine. i don't care. >> we do have other headlines to get to this morning. starting with a fox news alert. and an nypd sergeant killed, another officer wounded in a shootout in the bronx. gunfire erupting as the officers are responding to a home invasion. the suspect crashing his get away car on a nearby street before shooting one of the officers at point blank range. sergeant paul tuzulo later died of those wounds. partner shot in the leg. is he expected to make a full recovery. to date, 53 officers have been shot and killed in the line of duty. and more political terrorism from the left. a trump campaign office in
4:11 am
colorado attacked twice in just one day. first, vandals spray painting words like thief and pervert outside the denver building. then a massive rock thrown through the front wind co. no one has been arrested. you may remember a trump campaign office was fire bombed in north carolina just a couple of weeks ago. luckily no one was hurt in that incident. and president obama just shortened sentences for 72 more criminals. latest batch of mostly drug offenders brings his already record breaking number of commutations to nearly a thousand. he has now commuted the sentences of more prisoners than the past 11 presidents behind. does sean perry know something we don't know the secretary of state announcing where he plans to go the day after the election and it is far, far away. kerry hoping to make headlines first thing on wednesday morning with a visit to antarctica highlighting the decline of polar ice and impact on sea levels there.
4:12 am
wednesday's high pressure in antarctica negative 27 degrees. >> that's where did you go after the election. i'm out of here. go to the south pole. >> whoa. >> well, hillary clinton says her economic plan also help all americans. >> i believe in growth from the middle out and the bottom up. when the middle class thrives, america thrives. >> but our next guest says working people cannot afford forget the pollsncy. and forget the pundits. that would be hard. we psychic monkey and he knows who will win on tuesday. i can't believe i said that ♪ ♪
4:13 am
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4:16 am
i believe in growth from the the middle out and the bottom up. when the middle class thrives, america thrives. >> in her final push, hillary clinton is making some big promises to the middle class, but our next guest says it's those very people who cannot afford a clinton presidency. >> here to explain our old friend crowd packed ceo and former director of strategy david cameron, steve hilton, one of the few people who saw this coming a long time ago. steve, it's great to see you this morning. what do you mean by that? the middle class is less prepared for the consequences of a clinton presidency? >> well, those people that she is talking about there, as i said, they are the ones that can least afford the kind of policies that we have seen because they are the victims of the economic failure, not just of the
4:17 am
last 8 years under obama but actually the previous 8 years under bush. because if you look at what's happened to incomes in america, the bottom half of the income distribution, 50% of all americans actually earn less today than in 1999. before bush took office. and so to them it really matters whether you see more of the same kind of economic stagnation that we have seen or whether you actually get growth growing faster and faster. if you are in the other half, if you are in the rich, the top 50%, to be honest it doesn't matter to you so much whether the growth is 1% or 2% or 3% or whatever. you will be doing just fine. actually if you are living on the edge financially, if you are really struggling to pay the bills or to find a job, that kind of slow growth that we have seen under the policies that she is promising more of is something that you just can't afford. >> so what you are saying is really it's a continuation of the obama economic policies which have kept wages stagnant, slow growth. >> yeah. >> very anemic growth.
4:18 am
is that right? >> it's not actually just a continuation. in many ways it's an acceleration in the wrong direction. it's more of the same, and worse. because if you look at her economic agenda, which really has been pushed to the left during the course of this election campaign, i guess to pick up some of those bernie sanders supporters, she is actually promising higher taxes he is especially on business and the engine of the economic growth we want to see. more regulation, more of the things that have caused the incomes of so many americans to fall. >> what's so interesting though is she hasn't really engaged that i have seen, in a real debated on these economic questions. i mean, basically her response is you are a sexist, you're a bigot. you're beneath engaging. but she hasn't made really an affirmative case for her economic policies. >> that's right. it's basically just slogans. it's literally like we just heard that growth is from the middle out, the bottom up, whatever it is. but there is no real attempt to sell her policies.
4:19 am
that's why i think her campaign, amazingly, after 30, 40 years of basically campaigning to become president, and these last few days her campaign is literally just insults and personal attacks. and no attempt to really set out the argument for why she would be a good president because there isn't really anything there, other than slogans and the continuation of policies that everyone can see has failed. >> you see the trump economic policy. a lot of people, a lot of economists say that it's been swiped directly from the ronald reagan handbook. do you see pro-growth among the middle class in trump's plan? >> i think his economic agenda is the main reason that anyone should support him. because it's pretty simple stuff. but it's actually exactly what america needs to get the engine of economic growth going. so, lowering taxes. not just on individuals but on business, too. so that you can get some of that money that's been heading overseas and sitting around and doing nothing for the american economy coming back here to create jobs and
4:20 am
to provide the investment that we need. as well as more long-term things that help opportunity like school choice, and reducing the costs of healthcare. so, if you add it all together, that's real practical help for those millions and millions of families that have been struggling. now, it's no wonder that people can actually say, look, we don't care, frankly, whether he says things that are offensive or may have done things that are offensive. >> exactly. >> we need someone who is going to make a practical difference in our lives. >> i don't know what time it is where you are but it's nice of you to come. >> gadd to see. >> you all right, well the question this morning. can democrats blame james comey for hillary falling behind in the polls? is that fair? crystal ball and charles hurt here next to debate that. >> plus, hillary said there was no classified information on her email server. if that's true, how did classified information get on her email server and on chelsea clinton's computer? trump campaign senior communication advisor jason miller here to react live this hour.
4:21 am
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if we stay here we're going to die. then we die.
4:24 am
fake story about a fake sexual assault at the very real university of virginia. university administrator sought more than $7 million in damages. the jury will now determine how much she gets. >> and abc news busted for staging a fake crime scene complete with convincing yellow police tape seen her behind the reporter. here is what actually looked
4:25 am
like behind the scenes photo showing television equipment holding up the tape for the entirely staged shot. take that. abby. >> can't make that up. thank you, tucker. with the election just three days away now, the race is tightening in key battleground states and north carolina, for example, where clinton was up 2 points the day before the fbi's bombshell announcement, trump now leads by nearly 1 point. and in pennsylvania, where clinton was leading by 5 points two weeks ago, she now leads by just 2.6 points. is the comey effect behind this sudden change? joining us now to weigh, in senior fellow at the new leader's council and hillary clinton crystal ball and "washington times" charles hurt. chris crisoff the top. the comey effect. you look where these polls were two weeks ago usually they tighten up but it's amazing how much they have
4:26 am
closed in in just two week's time. >> yeah. i think you have to tie it to the actions of fbi director james comey. you see the polls tightening in that time. and, like you said, they were expected to tighten at the end. nobody thought this was going to be a blow out 10-point race like we are seeing in some of the polls. i too think if you talk to the campaign now they will tell you that they have seen a bottommenning out in terms of the level of tightening and it's sort of stabilized where the race is stabilized at a few points with her and few point lead and with a significant edge in the battleground states. so i think based on the early voting numbers as well they are feeling good about where they stand. >> it's interesting, charles, you can always tell where a campaign is feeling concerned based on where they are spending their money and spending their time and playing ads. hillary clinton, for example, she thought she had pennsylvania in the bag. she is spending a lot more time there, just three days to go now than you would have expected. >> she is also spending time and money in michigan. >> right. >> which hasn't in been in play glofer and new hampshire, also, which is
4:27 am
unexpected as well. >> exactly. and then you have places like wisconsin that are getting suddenly getting tight. you know, i don't know how much of it can be blamed entirely on the so-called comey effect. donald trump was already sort of coming back from just horrendous couple of weeks where the media threw everything at him. and it wasn't sticking, obviously, and so he was kind of coming back from that. and then when you take a look at all the things that hillary clinton has faced with the wikileaks stuff, and i'm not suggesting that voters are paying attention to every bit of that but the cumulative effect of all of it, you are just like oh my gosh she is so corrupt and dishonest about everything. do we really want to put up with this for four years. comey thing obviously was a great punctuation mark on that. and so i think that's why we are seeing what we're seeing right now. >> another issue on a lot of people's minds right now,
4:28 am
crystal is obamacare in the state of florida. donald trump has to win florida every scenario to win the presidency. how do you see this playing out with three days left. >> big story in florida is the incredible rise in latino turnout. 100 percent turnout in florida over 2012. so, i think that's going to be the story there. they feel very good about where they stand. there has been a lot of talk about african-american turnout being down there. in terms of raw vote numbers, that's actually not true. it's just that other demographic groups like latinos and like white women are turning out in larger numbers. i think they are in good standing there. as you say if the trump campaign can't win florida that's pretty much game over for them. >> you can't deny though, charles, there seems to be a real momentum behind the trump campaign right now. whether there is enough time for them to ultimately win, we'll see. do you think there is though? because as you know it all comes down to timing, it all comes down to momentum in these last stages of the campaign. >> the experts and the pollsters have been wrong at
4:29 am
every step of the way for the past 18 -- >> -- you don't say? >> i don't expect them to suddenly. >> as predicted trump winning the primary, the pollsters certainly did. >> you are right about that. >> i don't expect pollsters to suddenly be right right now. it's so important to take it back to what you just mentioned about obamacare thing. put all the scandals aside real issues out there and nothing is bigger than the obamacare thing. it hasn't been a great eight years for people financially and that's a very, very important thing. when it comes to trying to run for what is basically the third term of barack obama. >> jobs report to close his campaign out with. >> but it's true. to your point, there is nothing more important than health and being able to afford healthcare. that is obviously a lot of problems for people as premiums go up all across the country. thanks for being here. we will see how this plays out in just a matter of days. all right. well, more bad news for team clinton this morning.
4:30 am
just lost electoral college vote before the polls even close. that voter was a democrat. plus, donald trump's latest campaign, his latest campaign ad lays out his argument for america. >> our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment with a new government controlled by you, the american people. >> pretty powerful. the man behind that message, senior communications advisor jason miller, he's right there. is he going to join us live next. stick with us. ♪ ♪ i'm just a guy who wants to buy that truck.
4:31 am
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4:34 am
our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment with a new government controlled by you, the american people. the establishment has trillions of dollars at stake in this election. for those who control the levers of power in washington and for the global special interests they partner with these people who don't have your good in mind. political establishment that is trying to stop us is the same group responsible for our disastrous trade deals, massive illegal immigration, and economic and foreign policies that have bled our country dry.
4:35 am
the political establishment has brought about the destruction of our factories, and our jobs as they flee to mexico to china and other countries all around the world. it's a global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class, stripped our country of its wealth, and put that money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities. the only thing that can stop this corrupt machine is you. the only force strong enough to save our country is us. the only people brave enough to vote out this corrupt establishment is you, the american people. [cheers] >> i'm doing this for the people and for the movement and we will take back this country for you and we will
4:36 am
make america great again. [cheers and applause] >> i'm donald trump and i approve this message. >> two-minute message the closing argument from donald trump. can he seal the deal this morning? we're joined by trump's senior communications advisor jason miller. jason, nice to see you this morning. >> good morning. that was a powerful ad. >> pretty heavy and comprehensive. the federal reserve made an appearance in there. you haven't heard that a lot from any other candidate. so, this is the core of the campaign. >> closing message. two-minute ad. mr. trump is putting $4 million behind the ad. the way we wanted to close out is in his words, leading this movement, this energy. guys see it at the crowds. we are seeing it all of these states, blue states, purple states, red states, all coming together and this is just a strong powerful message for mr. trump to close. >> comes at a time where he is running against hillary clinton where all these investigations are going on,
4:37 am
at the very same time with his message saying we have got to get rid of the corruption in washington. and hillary clinton as it's come out has failed to disclose now 1-million-dollar gift while she was at the state department. i money, getting back to this ad. it hits right at the heart of what people are so frustrated about. they knew it existed now we actually have proof that those sort of things did actually go on. >> exactly. this is a change election and people are frustrated with the economy. they are frustrated with what they see going on in d.c. if we are ever going to change it, we have to send someone who isn't afraid to go and change it that's what we see with mr. trump. it's powerful. we are just getting started with what mr. trump can do for our country. >> let's start with battleground states. this is fascinating to me. closing days. we have been talking about pennsylvania. donald trump there in hershey, pennsylvania, at a big rally. pennsylvania does not have early voting. so tuesday all eyes on pennsylvania. caitlin huey burns though from real clear politics say that republicans often treat pennsylvania as fools gold. they think they can play there and then they end up
4:38 am
getting walloped. do you see pennsylvania as real legitimate state can you win. >> we have a shot in pennsylvania. most say it's a toss-up or right within the margin of error with most of the voting actually being on election day, you see the crowds, you see the energy in pennsylvania. something special is going on. some of our biggest event we have had have been in pennsylvania. >> three days out, time for firm predictions. where is the trump campaign going to surprise us on election night? >> i think we're going to wake up on the 9th and see a number of these blue states go for mr. trump they are going to really surprise people. look where he is today in florida. starts out in tampa. feel very good about florida. numbers there, republican numbers are up. from where they were four years ago, democrat numbers are down and john roberts just talked about that shortly. then we are going to wilmington, north carolina. listen to, this in combined absentee and early voting in north carolina, republicans have turned in 93,000 more ballots than they did four years ago. democrats are down by 5,000 ballots. so you see going in to election day there is already 100,000 votes and doing better than four years
4:39 am
ago. >> what about michigan and wisconsin. are you going to make a prediction there. >> michigan looks very good. as does wisconsin. these states are all coming together. and even as we were talking about just a moment ago, mr. trump will be in nevada and then colorado. yesterday republicans pulled ahead as far as ballots being returned in the mail-in state of colorado. mr. trump will be there late this evening. we are making one last push. >> what's the reasonable for this momentum? everyone is feeling it right now whether there is enough for donald trump to ultimately win on tuesday, when you are out there campaigning, are people more concerned about the emails investigations or more on the issues based on obamacare and healthcare things that impact their daily lives. >> obamacare has been a big one. donald trump talks about repealing and replacing obamacare. giving people something to vote for. he will make a change. he will make it happen. from the clinton carp, everything -- it's low road with more low road. i think it's a bad message. >> gotten pretty low. >> ask you this because democrats crying foul this morning. rudy giuliani made headlines
4:40 am
on our couch just the other day saying that he knew ahead of time that these emails, this investigation was going to be coming from the fbi. that he had heard from former fbi agents. and then he is sort of walking it back. democrats are saying you guys are in collusion with the fbi and that's how this momentum has shifted because of the trump collusion with the fbi. do you want to address that? >> i spoke with mayor giuliani and mayor giuliani said that he hadn't spoken with anyone who is active fbi or anyone who is currently in the building. and i will tell you from the campaign side we first learned about this from the news reports, i believe it was around 1:00 last friday when everything protocol and big surprise towel of a us. i think really where the democrats are right now is the fact that secretary clinton is under their two fbi investigations going on. not just for what we're seeing with the secretary of state but also with the clinton foundation. i think that's important for people to keep in mind. then this news that she passed on sensitive information to chelsea clinton. i mean, think what what would happen if information like that was passed on from a subordinate to their spouse or to one of their
4:41 am
friends, they would be run out of town on a pike in no time. they would be in big, big trouble i don't know why this isn't a bigger scandal. >> because chelsea worked at nbc. we can trust her. >> great to see you this morning. >> thanks, guys. >> what does donald trump need to do in the final three days to win the election? chris stirewalt on the states he needs to target at the top of the hour. >> plus, did you see this headline in the "new york times" calls yesterday's job report healthy job growth. explanation point. stuart varney has a big problem with that description. he is live. >> there he is. >> one of our favorite people in the building is here. ♪ don't bring me down ♪ with right at home, it doesn't. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects
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that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. hey, welcome back. three days until america votes for the next
4:45 am
president. and the latest jobs report revealed that 103,000 full-time jobs were last last month. >> that's not the "new york times'" position. they say it's quote healthy job growth. >> exclamation point. here is stuart varney, you are are a busy man. you have two shows this weekend. nice to see you this morning. >> healthy job growth? are you kidding me? >> this is a great jobs report. president obama said this last night in his interview with al sharpton. >> with al sharpton? >> parallel universe. >> he says it's not getting enough coverage this is a healthy jobs report. >> can i explain something? go to the numbers. the number of temporary jobs last month, october, up. 6,000. the number of part time jobs up, 90,000. the number of full-time jobs down, 103,000. the number of well-paid manufacturing jobs down, 9,000. what you're looking at here is the hollowing outs of america's middle class because it's america's
4:46 am
middle class that relies on full-time jobs, well-pay jobs and they are going. they're leaving. the whole nature of employment in our society is shifting. it's more towards part-time work. more towards temporary work. and it's all, frankly, to get away from obamacare. that's the prime mover here. it's a prime mover. obamacare is a prime mover in the shrinking middle class. >> why? >> deductibles, in one word deductibles. you have seen what you have to pay if you're on the exchanges or even if you get your health insurance from your employer? look at the deductible. look at how much it's gone up. those mid range plans, i think they are called the silver plans on the exchanges. >> there are the numbers right there on our screen. >> that's the peopl premiums. that's how much the premiums have gone up. you have got to pay that every month and you're facing a 4, 5, $6,000 deductible. what do you think that does to a middle class family. >> you have pay over $440
4:47 am
more a month in arizona? >> that's correct. depending on had which plan you have got but that's what you have got. >> affecting everyone equally. the poor don't pay. rich totally insulated from the effects. that's the democratic rich and poor. middle class hammered by it is that why we are not hearing about it in the press. >> the press is in the tank for the left. in the tank for hillary clinton so that's why they do not report, in my opinion, honestly, what's going on in the economy, or what's going on with obamacare. that really is the achilles heel. >> that wouldn't hurt the hillary campaign if i reported that. >> it certainly would not. when the jobs number came out yesterday the destruction of full-time jobs, absolutely completely ignored. >> you know, what varney, people feel the reality. they feel the jobs market. they feel the pressures of obama care. so three days to go now you are going to be covering this for the next few days as well. what's going to happen and your schedule. >> complicated. 9 through noon on fox
4:48 am
business network together. 9 through noon on the fox business network tomorrow. 9 through noon on mound. 9 through noon on tuesday. 4 to 6 on tuesday and 8 to whenever on tuesday night. >> love. >>it it's exciting, come on. >> what do you take to stay up. >> it is a privilege to be having a front row seat what's going on in our society right now. it is a privilege and i'm very glad. >> one of my favorite americans. if you haven't seen this man's show it's killing it in the ratings and for good reason because it's the best. >> it's a great show. >> the great stu varney. >> thank you very much. >> if hillary clinton wins, she wants to bring in thousands of syrian refugees next year. our next guest, a refugee herself says we must return them to their homeland. >> she has got 99 problems but celebrity endorsements ain't one of them. can hioll out beyonce and jay-z to save her campaign? chris stirewalt joins us to weigh in. that's coming up. you don't want to miss it
4:49 am
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well, more than 65,000 syrian refugees could be welcomed in to this country each year starting in 2017. that's hillary clinton's plan if elected president, apparently. our next guest says we should return those refugees to their homeland in order to keep americans safe. julianna is president of the iraqi christian relief council and a former iranian refugee. it's great to see you this morning. thank you for coming on. you have first-hand experience in this as someone that's come from
4:53 am
that region. why are you saying these refugees should be returned ultimately to their country of origin. >> when i escaped iran i escaped because of religious harassment. i was vetted when i came to the united states. it is very tough to vet these syrian refugees whom on a moment's notice had to escape without appropriate taper work. and realistically, tucker, we live in a very different world post 9/11. as we see terror has been inflicted on the west on american lives through the islamists fund meantists. loot of these people, these terrorists have been indoctrinated or came here to change the way of our lives. and, look, the real solution is on the ground in iraq and real solution is in syria. what country can absorb millions of people and it's going to cost us a lot of money? >> yes. >> we have to return these people back to their countries. and you know when we visit, i visited muslim refugee camps and recognition dr.s in the region, most of them want to return to what they know. they want to return to their
4:54 am
homes, to their lives. >> well, sure. >> a lot of -- especially a lot of these nusms muslims, when you talk to them they say, look, we don't know the language in the united states. we don't note culture. there is going to be a culture clash. help us return. this is why my organization works tirelessly to help repatriot refugees to safe areas. that's why safe zones, safe havens are so important. >> on the question of syria. syria has a very large christian population, always has, protected by the assad family, by the way. and so yet maybe 10% christianish in syria. and, yet, the refugees that we're getting, apparently far, far smaller percentage of them are christian. it almost seems like by design that we are making it more difficult for christian refugees to come to this country. is that true, do you think? >> yes, it is true. unfortunately, we believe that this current administration is not friendly to the christian. look how long it took secretary kerry to announce the genocide against
4:55 am
christians and we pushed very hard for that to happen. the bottom line is the christians, christianity is a middle eastern religion. and these christian syrians want to go back to an says stroll homeland they have lived there for 6700 years. america should help keep iraq intact and help to create the safe area, a safe haven not only for christians but for minorities. >> right. >> tucker, existence of christianity, existence of minorities, a healthy minority community in northern iraq is extremely important for keeping the whole region stable. >> that's exactly right. christians in the middle east tend to vote republican when they get here. i hope that didn't have any role in our refugee policy but you never know. thanks a lot for joining us. if you are interested if you are watching home to learn more about julianna's organization go to and we have a lot more there for you. juliannena, thanks a lot. >> thank you. >> we appreciate it. >> thank you so much. >> forget the polls and pundits, we have a psychic
4:56 am
monkey who knows who will win on tuesday with 100 percent certainty. that's the claim from china so you know it's got to be true. more on that in a minute. plus, what should you be watching for on election? we have the answer. chris stirewalt can be your guide. he is coming in next. when i was diagnosed with pneumococcal pneumonia, it was huge for everybody. she just started to decline rapidly. i was rushed to the hospital. my symptoms were devastating. the doctor said, "pam! if you'd waited two more days, you would've died." pneumococcal pneumonia almost took me from them. if i had known that a vaccine could have helped
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5:00 am
>> friends don't let friends vote alone. >> don't boo, vote. [cheers] >> he can't hear your boos but he can hear your votes? they don't respect us. they don't respect obama. he is like a cheerleader. he is jumping up and down all the other the place for hillary. >> the next president of the united states mrs. clinton. >> thanks to jay-z and beyonce. >> i didn't have to bring jlo or jay-z. the only way she gets anybody. >> we are the movement of the future. we are the movement of the future. [cheers] >> happy saturday. three days to go. we can't promise beyonce or jay-z but we do have chris stirewalt coming on. >> we do. >> we have geraldo. we got eric bolling coming up here. >> what don't we have on this show? >> pretty soon we are not going to have tucker
5:01 am
carlson. >> let me say in this is the elephant in the room i know you don't like this kind of stuff. tucker is leaving "fox & friends weekend." he has just gotten his own show. >> i have been fired. >> 7:00 p.m. prime time television. >> yes. >> tucker carlson show will debut. >> we don't know what the title is yet. >> from washington. you have to watch to find out. >> people often ask how people are off camera. >> right. >> and you can agree with me here, tucker is one of those people not just as smart as you know but one of the most kind and genuine people you will ever meet. that goes a long way. >> absolutely. >> one of the most kindness, most thoughtful human beings and he hates this. >> i do. >> so uncomfortable. stop it. i want to turn the attention back to -- >> -- i want to talk about hillary. >> we are going to miss you tucker. >> two more hours. >> and all the people you can't see in the studio are some of my favorite people. that's what is sad about it. >> three days to go in this election. and brand new fox news polls show donald trump closing in on hillary clinton and now trump giving his closing argument to america in a new ad right before election
5:02 am
day. fox news senior national correspondent john roberts standing by in tampa with the trump campaign which he has been covering aciddously for many months. good to see you. >> good morning to you. congratulations on the new show. it's terrific. well deserved. although i know you will miss fishing in central park on the weekends. thank you. >> >> you can go fishing in the titled basin. >> i will. >> take a look at our new fox news poll has hillary clinton up by a single point 46, 45 nationally. the trend here she was up by 5 two weeks ago now she is up a single point. dig deeper in the numbers he leads by 8 points among independence. she leads by 13 among women. so that consistently seems to be a point of weakness for donald trump. though we will try in the next three days to bring some of those women in to the tent. he had big rallies yesterday in ohio and pennsylvania.
5:03 am
hillary clinton had 10,011,000 people for a big rally in cleveland. she had a concert with jay-z and beyonce. donald trump says who needs celebrities when you have got a movement like the one that he built. listen to what he said in hershey. >> i didn't have to bring jlo or jay-z. the only way she gets anybody. just me. no guitar, no piano, no nothing. but you know what we do have? and it's all of us, it's all the same. we all have great ideas and great vision for our country. that's what we have. >> this movement is about. >> and donald trump's campaign releasing a big two-minute long video. it's a closing argument. 4-million-dollar ad buy. you will see it on national news. you will see it on entertainment programs. also be in the ncaa games today. the nfl tomorrow as well as nascar. reali talking about his argument for america, why people should vote for him. here is part of it. >> the only people brave enough to vote out this
5:04 am
corrupt establishment is you, the american people. [cheers] >> i'm doing this for the people and for the movement and we will take back this country for you and we will make america great again. donald trump in tampa, florida. from here he goes to north carolina. all the way across the country to reno, nevada. nevada, remember, not nevada. then he finishes up the day in colorado. three days, 11 states. 12 stops. he is also giving the republican radio address today. and just something to chew over with stirewalt here as we leave you behind and who needs jlo and jay-z when you have stirewalt, right? 2.3 million ballots cast from registered republicans and democrats. the republicans lead in the overall by about 2,000 ballots. 2,000 ballots out of 4.2 million cast. it's an exceedingly close race in the early voting. but, i talked to jason miller about this just a short time ago. he told me that bodes very
5:05 am
well how donald trump might do on election day. republicans typically dominate on election day where democrats bode well in early vote. >> could we see a bush v. gore in florida? >> thanks, john. >> look at battleground states and analyzing what's happening in florida. as of this morning i think, what, 70% of the votes basically done in florida at this point from early voting? where do you see things moving? >> well, we are fortunate because we have got three battleground states in nevada, north carolina, and florida that do a lot of early vote numbers have huge and up over 2012 by substantial margin. what we saw yesterday somebody flipped a switch especially in nevada, huge, huge turnout. florida is as perfectly and possibly close as we like florida to be. the swing state of swing states because it's basically alabama and new york with ohio in the middle and then they go fight.
5:06 am
republicans should be ahead in the early vote has something to do about early voters and know birds. generally speaking, the republicans for the mail-in vote in the beginning do much better than democrats and then democrats usually catch up as you go in the early voting. is florida going to be close? yeah. florida is going to be real close. >> can trump win without winning florida? >> no way. it is too fat a prize for him to win without it. and that also -- he is going to win ohio. the polls are pretty clear and have been in his favor over and over and over again got to start with those two and got to win north carolina. >> even with ohio, that doesn't matter, he still has to pick up the florida, north carolina -- >> -- florida is a deal breaker. there is no path for him without florida because, remember, when the republicans start their map, the only big state they have got is texas. the republicans live in the country. democrats live in the city. and the big state that they've got is texas. then they have got to add --
5:07 am
and georgia. then they have got to add to it florida and ohio. they have got to keep north carolina. and then they still have to pick up one blue state. going tp iowa. he has been really solid in iowa. so he is going to get that but still not big enough. that's why he keeps looking at pennsylvania and keeps looking at michigan. michigan and pennsylvania. >> even new hampshire though we were talking about in this morning, states that weren't in play for him just two weeks ago, you look at this momentum and something seems to be going on in just the last two weeks where states that were not in play are now in play. >> the new hampshire story is pretty remarkable. a state that donald trump crushed in the primary. because these are his voters, right? blue collar, white people, a lot of voters. not like the buckle of the bible belt. and he did great in the primary there and then foundered in the general election. now to make things interesting at the very end, boom, here comes new hampshire coming the other way. >> very, very strange. so, okay, in the final days trump has released this two minute summation of campaign themes. i think it's crisper than
5:08 am
anything i have seen him say before. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> hillary clinton is doing the opposite he is saying this what s. what i'm running on and this is the theme. she thinks she is going to be president. people around her convinced she is going to win. not laying a groundwork for game. bringing in celebrities, tying him to sexism and bringing in the clan. here are the things i am for, why. >> mandate. one mann date not to be donald trump. >> exactly right. >> if she winning she will do that. >> that's not good. if she becomes president, she is setting herself up for a tougher time. why not take this opportunity to tell us like here is my program. >> well, this is -- you know, i'm a great believer in the resilience and strength of the american people and of this country because, as i like to say, america is better than its politics. america is american. >> yeah. >> this election has been a dreadful grueling slog for the people of this country. it has been the worse thing that i have seen inflicted
5:09 am
on them in my decades of covering politics. both parties have a lot to be ashamed of this cycle. one of the things the democrats have to be ashamed of is they have pushed hillary clinton through without ever making an argument to the people of this country. >> exactly. >> what it means to be a democrat today. >> why? >> because people are lazy and take the easy way out. >> it's very stupid. >> scrambling sort of this last moment here to try to make this case that, you know, beyonce and jay-z can put us over the top. forget everything you have heard the last few months about email investigations and everything else, get this enthusiasm with the rap vote. >> well, now, look. yes. but, president obama has his legacy on the line. it's telling that detroit is in the mix and that they are going to have their closing moment in philadelphia. does that reflect some concern on their part about enthusiasm among african-american voters? yes. obviously. you don't spend time there. they would much rather say that their closing argument was going to be in raleigh
5:10 am
or that they were going to be in florida. but, instead. >> it's offensive. >> well, they are either trolling or defensive. >> trans parent race. does one of his last interviews with al sharpton? f. someone said is he going to get elected and do his last interview with sharpton? that's not the guy. i didn't expect him to become that guy. >> if the legacy of the 2008 and 2012 and now 2016 elections is the further bull kinnization of the united states we are going to be real sorry. >> they are pushing it. >> fox has 67 hours of coverage. >> i'm tired. long day. >> 67 hours? why did you put it that way now i'm exhausted. >> we are proght meeting. >> you can't be preexhausted i'm tired thinking about it i have to go lay down. >> how should these guests be watching these results come in and how long before you think we will get a sense who is going to win. >> i left this building at 3:00 a.m. when you were probably entering this
5:11 am
building and basically here is what we are looking at. in the east, take these four states, ohio, pennsylvania, north carolina, and florida. donald trump has got to win three. it's pretty simple. by 8:00, those polls will be closed. now, you can look at it another way, which is if hillary clinton wins georgia, if you are a republican, get out the clarett. >> americans don't drink clarett. >> we call it almodin. >> that's a joke. >> slap the bag. on the other hand if donald trump wins pennsylvania, the rout is on for the republicans. >> you think he can win pennsylvania. >> i mean, he can it's not as farfetched as me riding in the kentucky derby. he can do it. he has a shot there. >> why is she defending? honestly nobody thought it was in play. >> it's hard to tell whether or not they are controlling tror
5:12 am
genuinely terrified. they may not know themselves. here is the way donald trump wins. if older white men who don't usually vote show up and vote. he needs this army of white dudes. he needs people who have our demographic footprint to show up at the polls and vote. if that doesn't happen, if the electorate looks like 2012, is he going to lose. he needs the electorate to look different than it does usually. he needs it to be a little whiter and older. >> so much to digest and we will be watching chris and your analysis on election night. >> busy few days for you and so exciting. >> so good. i can't wait. >> great chris stirewalt great to see you. >> thank you, chris. >> a fox news alert now because hackers -- what does homeland security doing this morning. a live report from washington. that's next. >> plus, donald trump says he loves reading wikileaks. don't we all? they reveal the dnc plots to destroy bernie sanders. debbie wasserman schultz sells she is just a scapegoat. it's a conspiracy. her side of the story
5:13 am
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5:16 am
back with quick headlines now. a former bernie sanders supporter turned democratic member of the electoral college in washington state is now saying that he refuses to vote for hillary clinton, even if she wins the popular vote. clinton is expected to win washington state and all of its 12 electoral votes, but she will only get 11 of those votes if this electoral -- if this elector stands firm. he says, quote, all of humanity is looking down a cliff and he could not face his six children and 10 grandchildren if he cast a vote for clinton. you heard that right. electors who refuse to follow the. larr vote could face $1,000
5:17 am
fine. and i don't know which polls to believe. just ask china's monkey king. can you see him there shanghai psychic animal named jada not hesitating to pick a lifestyle cutout of donald trump when asked who would win. 1 for 1 after calling the winner of europe's football championship earlier this year. >> he has a long track record. >> that's hilarious. >> one for one. obviously it's a psychic charmer monkey. i wouldn't mortgage my house to bet. but i would actually trust that monkey than more than say politico. i would. >> that's true. there is a llama in philadelphia. anybody know that llama's name, rick, in the control room? >> the llama i trust more than politico and also a cow i trust more than politico. >> bessy the cow. >> right. fox news alert now just three days until the election. the department of homeland security has serious concerns the election process may be disrupted by hackers. >> the great garrett tenney is live with the nation's capital with more on this
5:18 am
interesting story. good morning, garrett. >> good morning, clayton, tucker, and abby. security hacks are a concern going in to tuesday. security officials aren't too worried about hackers actually changing votes on election day because of how decentralized our voting system is polling places are spread across the country and voting machines are not connected to the internet. what cyber security experts are worried about though is the potential for hackers to underline confidence in our election system. the concern is that hackers, including those linked to russia, could try to create confusion on election day. by launching cyber attacks on targets such as the data bases, that store voter rolls. the websites for secretaries of states where results are posted websites such as facebook, twitter and news outlets where americans will be going for updates on the election. previously the department of homeland security confirmed that hackers had successfully reached voter registration systems in at least two states, arizona and illinois. yesterday, dhs secretary jeh
5:19 am
johnson said after months of preparation, they're ready for election night. we're very vigilant right now. i know state and local election officials are very, very vigilant right now. and i believe we will be in a good place on tuesday. >> and during a tour of the dhs's national cyber security and communications intergraght congratulation center yesterday, officials also said they are now actively working with 48 states that have requested cyber security help ahead of the election. tucker, abby, clayton? >> all right, garrett tenney, ladies and gentlemen. >> great to see you. >> thank you, garrett. >> it's a last saturday before the election we convinced eric bolling to join us early how did we pull that off? >> he will join us in the studio coming up. >> we have a lot of different theories about what's going on inside the fbi right now. he had cline is here with what his sources are saying and the details they are he can explosive. stick with us.
5:20 am
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5:23 am
time for quick headlines and we are delivering. first up new jersey governor chris christie cancelled his trip to new hampshire today. he was supposed to campaign for donald trump there. there was bombshell jury verdict for two of his former aids. they were convicted on multiple charges convicted of conspiracy and fraud. all stems from a plot to shut down traffic lanes on the bridge. they face a lot of jail time. chicago rolls out the red carpet for the world series winners the cubs. 5 million people turned this year on the team as they
5:24 am
took a victory lap around downtown. the cubs won the first championship in 108 years. they did it in game 7 with win over the cleveland indians, one of the most dramatic world series games in memory. abby? >> such an emotional wish, wasn't that? unbelievable. well, the war on the fbi, it only continues as president obama slams james comey, his decision to revisit the hillary clinton email probe just days before this election. >> historically, both under democratic and republican administrations our goal has been and should be that our investigators and our prosecutors are independent of politics, that they're not politicized, that they are not use offed as a weapon to advantage either side in partisan arguments. when you are investigating a case then unless you have unearthed something, you need to just do your job.
5:25 am
>> with us now the latest rumblings within the white house and the fbi, the author of the "new york times" best-selling book guilty as sin, the great ed klein. good morning, sir. >> good morning. grade to see. >> you you have got your sources. >> yes. >> what are these rumblings? what is going on behind closed doors? >> that clip from the president says it all. behind the scenes the white likg more than to fire this guy, comey. >> yes. >> they have been talking about it but it would be a saturday night massacre. i mean, he can't do it. comey knows that and he is going full tilt, according to my sources both on mrs. clinton's emails but more importantly on the pay-to-play and the haiti connection because of all the lucrative contracts that the secretary of state, hillary clinton steered to cronies and donors in haiti and where did all the money go? because we don't know. >> it's a great question. remarkable thing we just saw
5:26 am
though. the president of the united states basically attacking the fbi director he appointed. he chose james comey and calling him partisan. >> yeah. >> there must have been a lot of debate about that. that's a big deal. >> that's a huge deal. and israeli garrett valerie jart suggested that he fire. he can do. >> discussion with al sharpton former fbi informant. >> this is all politics. >> here are what my sources are telling me. they are saying that there is a very good chance that if she is elected president on november 8th, by the time inauguration comes around, comey will have recommended indictment of the president to be. >> that's what your sources are telling you? >> yeah. >> and it would be a constitutional crisis of enormous proportion because
5:27 am
the attorney general is not going to accept his recommendation for indictment. there will be this titanic battle between the fbi on the one hand, the attorney general in the white house on the other hand, just before the inauguration. >> you play this all out historically. she becomes president. she actually takes the -- puts her hand on the bible and becomes president. the vice president then, maybe tim kaine takes over? this would be remarkable. >> i was thinking, you know, she becomes president, and what if she becomes debilitated for reasons of health? that's the other aspect of this nobody ever discusses. are we going to get the goofy tim kaine as our vice president moving in or will we have bill clinton behind the scenes being a kind of edith wilson like when woodrow wilson had his stroke? >> harder to pull that off in the age of the internet. >> that's right. >> talk about the fbi and the culture inside the fbi for a moment.
5:28 am
you say, according to your sources that it's just a toxic environment at the fbi. how does comey right that ship? can he or is he out after election? >> is he very much aware of this. there are stacks of resignation letters right now on his desk that he has not signed. when he walks down the hallways of the fbi and says good morning to his agents, some of them don't even talk to him and respond. i mean, it's really a bad sense of morale there. he knows it his own wife, i'm told by family friends are telling him, jim, actually, he is referred to as big jim by a lot of people because he is 6'8" as you know, you did the wrong thing. i think he is absolutely determined to do the right, what he thinks is the right thing this time, which is to follow the new emails that have been coming from what's his name, anthony weiner's laptop computer to the
5:29 am
ultimate conclusion that mrs. clinton should, in fact, be indicted. >> what happens if donald trump wins? what happens with the fbi? >> i think the fbi will do its job anyway. i think, you know, even if donald trump wins. i think hillary is in for big trouble from the fbi. >> man, so, finally, you've -- you wrote an entire book about the tension between the clintons and the obamas. >> yes. >> you see president obama going all the way. i mean just no stops. i have never seen a president this activist and this partisan in a presidential election. >> true, true. >> what is that about? >> well, it's either hillary or donald and donald comes in. he undoes the entire legacy. >> yes. >> so the president has no choice. i mean, he has to look like he wants hillary and he really does want hillary because hillary will carry on his legacy if she is elected president. >> amazing. >> learned a lot from you this morning ed klein. thanks for being here we really appreciate it. >> thank you.
5:30 am
>> what does eric bolling thing is going to happen on tuesday? we woke him up extra early this morning. he joins us live. there he is after the break. >> when you fall off, get back on that horse. anthony weiner has taken that advice literally. we will tell you what this picture means coming up. >> i don't want to know. ♪ i got it all on the line for a piece of the promise land ♪ i'm burning my candle at both ends ♪ fox news channel has election night covered, fair and balanced, up to the minute exit polls. breaking race results and powerful analysis from the best team in politics. plus, it all happens live from our new state of the art studio. only fox news channel has election night covered because we are america's
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if you are voting here in new york, you should listen to this. i read that ballot selfies are banned here in new york city for election day. i guess that means anthony weiner won't be voting this year. [ laughter ] [ applause ] election with an l. election day. >> oh, gosh, you can't make it up. [ laughter ] >> yes, you can make it up.
5:35 am
>> this whole election cycle. >> a man following this from the very beginning who has never varied in this prediction that we will see a massive upset eric bolling of "the five" joins us on the set. >> good to be back. >> you still feel confident. >> i do. you talk to stirewalt will some of the paths there are numerous paths. i think that we come tuesday night, wednesday morning, you will see a lot of states that have flipped both ways. i don't think it's all said and done that she only needs one or he only needs this certain path. i think you are going to see a lot of surprises. >> i want to get your take on the fbi. and the latest on this investigation, what now the democrats, their strategy is to attack the fbi. go after james comey. you remember back in july, of course. >> he was a hero. >> he was a hero. >> yeah. >> here is a political headline this morning i will read it to you the fbi looks like trump's america. digest if this if you will 67% the while male agents doesn't reflect the nation. did its conservative culture play a role in its decision
5:36 am
to reveal the renewed eclinton email probe. >> that's insane. they are going after clinton because they have found some evidence. the agents -- four agencies within the fbi. four different offices who found something and they pressed james comey to reinvestigate the -- what's going on. that's what it is. it's not color. it's not partisanship. they just said, look, we have been working hard. we have been due diligence over the past, whatever, two years. and we found stuff that you should take another look at and so he did. and as you point out clayton accurately. a couple of months ago james comey was the hero for saying i don't recommend an indictment. now there are potentially two avenues of indictments. i don't remember who said it, but there is a very very real possibility hillary clinton is the next president elect, she could be indicted on two separate a&s. >> this is like a flat out hillary campaign david broke media matters talking point that somebody fled to
5:37 am
politico. five years ago they would have said that's too stupid we're not going with that every news organizations is transcribing the most ludicrous talking points from the campaigns. >> wikileaks has shown us glen thrush sent a piece to podesta saying what don't you like about this piece? i will take this out and calls himself the political hacker, a hack or whatever. john harwood at cnbc some of the egregious stuff i'm an opinion journalist i'm not a news journalist, i have got to tell i don't think that stuff would fly in any news room. donna brazile to cnn's credit they fired her. they needed to fire her. but the dnc should fire her, too. >> that was just bad. all right. so who knows what will happen on tuesday. the polls are tight. the swing states are all tight. hillary clinton still does have a slight advantage though in the numbers in the electoral college. let's talk about what matters after that if she does win, the policies that will go in to play. what what we have learned from the wikileaks these emails is things she has said behind closed doors about how she feels she
5:38 am
wants to take this country whether it's open borders, whether it's the single pair healthcare. how should would he be thinking about that? >> there is a great summary if you go back to yesterday's "wall street journal" op-ed and talks about the cost of clinton and goes through the trillion dollars that she has already pledged to raise taxes. it talks about the cost of business, the small businesses and big businesses of increased regulation that she talks about. talks about the extent -- expanding obamacare, how much that's going to cost it depose through and then the last note is that that will stifle economic growth going forward. there is a massive stat out there that just -- that the trump campaign should be highlighting these last threw three days. president obama, over 8 years, has never had one year of 3% growth. that doesn't sound like much, right? except every single president, including the ones that were president during the great depression had at least one year of 3% g.d.p. growth. obama never had it. hillary clinton will be
5:39 am
obama on steroids for the economy. you don't want that ask the middle class. ask the people between the coast, the flyover country if it's been great for them. >> you hear the president last night in sitdown interview with his friend reverend al sharpton he said what do you want your final message to be your closing argument? >> he said, look, we're sitting right now on this fantastic jobs report that we just had the other day. fantastic jobs report. what do you make of that? >> 160,000 jobs when they are expecting 175,000 jobs. the real number, the real unemployment number isn't 4.9%. it's 9.5% when you take the 91 million people out of the workforce or the several million people who have left the workforce because they just can't find a job and they gave up. you put them back in and you have to. you have to. there are fewer people working now even though the population is growing. when president obama took office. if you put them back in to the equation, it's 9.5%. look, wrote's doing great. the top 1 to 5% are doing
5:40 am
fantastic, you know. then you hit from $250,000 all the way down to $30,000, the middle class, the rest of the country is getting squeezed. prices are going up. wages are not going up. the lower level, under 30 you're doing pretty well, too. you are getting a lot of redistribution entitlements. that middle part is where the country is though. >> the democratic coalition is the rich and poor and fully on board for hillary. the middle of the country is getting hammered. >> hammered. >> these policies hurt them. >> obamacare is no joke. increase in obamacare 25% across the board some states 100 percent is killing the middle part of the country, the middle class. the lower middle class, just not -- young people are deciding to take the penalty instead of buying obamacare and that's why the whole thing is collapsing. >> many people said that was going to happen well before today. >> of course. these are democratic policies. you want four or eight more years of this? you got to be out of your mind. get out and vote. >> see what happens on tuesday. >> eric bolling, ladies and gentlemen.
5:41 am
>> hey, tucker, congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> very well deserved. >> thank you. >> other head lanes to get to this morning. starting this the woman who made headlines earlier this year accusing donald trump of sexually assaulting her when she was just 13 years old suddenly dropping that lawsuit. this after many criticized her case for lack of evidence. trump's legal team denies the allegations calling them quote disgusting and politically motivated. paul ryan has a message for those who say he is planning on stepping down as house speaker. >> no, not true don't believe everything you read. i'm interested on staying on as speaker because we have agenda we have to put in to law in 2017. >> that's paul ryan clearing the air after four house republicans said they expected paul ryan to step down after tuesday's election. debbie wasserman schultz insisting that the dnc is not rigid, claiming she, not bernie sanders is the real victim.
5:42 am
>> sanders campaign began aggressively trying to find a scapegoat and turn the attention away from mistakes that they made. and they did so successfully. and made me the poogy woman. but that's okay. >> the boogie woman. wasserman schultz was forced to step down as chair of the dnc just days after emails showed coordination with hillary clinton's campaign against bernie sanders. and listen to this story. anthony weiner sad ling up in sectioin sext. trotting through a tennessee ranch. weiner caught texting underaged girls. equine therapy included in the $25,000.35 day rehab program. i'm learning a lot this morning about what this therapy entails. [ laughter ] >> apparently horse riding. >> riding around on horseback with helmet. >> that will cure your sex
5:43 am
addiction, i guess. >> therapy place allowing the press in to take photos. those kind of places don't have press allowed in there. >> i don't know. i couldn't watch the weiner movie. i tried to watch it and it was so depressing and creepy and weird i had to turn it off. >> you have got to watch it. >> i couldn't make myself. imagine living in a one bedroom apartment with 82 other people. it's happening in california. 83 voters air quotes around voters, living in the same house. does that sound legitimate to you? we have got details next. >> plus geraldo rivera, former new mexico governor, bill richardson and the reverend franklin graham, they're all joining us live. it's going to be another big hour to go here. ♪ dance, dance, dance ♪ just, dance, dance, dance ♪ all the things i should do, dance, dance, dance ♪ ain't no stopping ♪
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this morning, is it a typo or a knock against hillary clinton ballots in one arkansas county listing a democratic nominee with an extra i making her hilliary. they apologize for this error and insist it wasn't done intentionally. dozens of ballots were sent to one house. california woman finding nearly 90 ballots stacked on her mailbox addressed to different people. the election office says it was a computer glitch and is working to identify any similar incidents. okay. tucker? >> well, we're on the edge of our seats waiting to see which way the tide turns in several important swing states. >> many are wondering if there is a chance in pennsylvania, could that swing towards trump? >> mcconnell mcshane is live for us in philadelphia with the latest. i mean, just two weeks ago this wasn't in play and now hillary clinton is spending timing here just three days
5:48 am
to go. >> no doubt she will be here this evening. she will be back here on monday night. you are right. we thought this was a reliably blue state. hasn't gone republican since 1988. if you look at the numbers on it. there is no denying this there is a trump surge does he have enough time to come all the way back. real clear politics in the average of the polls has a hillary clinton lead that was once double digits down to about 3 points this morning. so whether trump can win we don't know yet. can i tell you we were out at a trump rally last night in hershey, pennsylvania and there was a number of people that we spoke to there. this one married couple kind of stood out because they had driven from this area, philadelphia, in the key philadelphia suburbs about two hours to get out there. this woman was telling me very interesting story about a neighbor of hers that if there are more people like this out there could be very good news for donald trump. the neighbor, afraid to say who she was going to vote for. watch this. >> i'm like oh my god i'm
5:49 am
such a trump fan and she looked at me and hesitated for about two minutes and then she started coming at me like yeah, i think we're actually also voting for trump. i cannot stand hillary. i can't start talking about hillary. and so a lot of people are silent about this. >> okay. so that's the case, you know, that the trump supporters and campaign have been making that there is somehow this silent support out there. i mean, obviously, that is antidotal, not scientific by any means. the data tells us that hillary clinton has advantage in this state. also tells us that things are getting closer. this evening katy perry will be here for a concert and hillary clinton will be back on monday with the president and mrs. obama. clearly there is some worry. one other point i would make to you guys there is a transit strike here in the city of philadelphia. if that's not wrapped up by tuesday there is some worry in the clinton camp about turnout because they really need turnout in this city. back to you guys. >> thank you. >> when in doubt bring in katy perry. >> democrats done a good job
5:50 am
running philadelphia? i don't know. >> i spent a lot of time in philly. that's where i went to college. >> having a transit strike. where is your public transportation to get out to the polls. philadelphia relies on that public transportation. if you don't have it, that's a big problem. >> going to be a challenge, right. >> new clinton cash bombshell coming out this morning. hillary did not he can pose a major foreign donation while major torn donation. peter wrote the book on clinton corruption and he's joining us next. >> does john kerry know something we don't know. wait until you hear what he has blaned for the day after the election. it does not involve kite boarding. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪
5:51 am
one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right.
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5:54 am
john. so donald trump today on the campaign trail said i love reading this wikileaks e-mail. you can see why. there's a lot in there. here's the latest bombshell from the clinton foundation. after hillary clinton failed to disclose a $1 million gift from the country of qatar while she was still in the state department. how did that happen and what does it mean. literally wrote a book on this. peter swietser is the author of clinton cash and inspired the investigation the fbi is doing in the first place. peter, great to see you this morning. tell us, how can she have received milli$1 million from a foreign country. that seems so out of bounds. what are the details. >> it's completely out of bounds. when hillary clinton became secretary of state as a condition of taking that job, they agreed to do a number of
5:55 am
things. have complete transparency disclosing donors, donations from foreign governments had to have preapproval. in this case, that didn't happen. they didn't addition close it. it's multiple violations in this regard. you have qatar at a time when the arab spring is taking place. they're anxious about what u.s. position is going to be. giving $1 million to the clinton fogs and the clinton foundation not disclosing that as they had agreed to do. >> they were not required by law to do that. this is just sort of a gentleman's agreement she made. >> it was a written agreement with barack obama to his credit. barack obama said nein order fo you to be secretary of state you need to do this. hillary clinton said to the center of foreign relations committee during the confirmation hearing there would be complete transparency. the problem is they're making promises now that there's not going to be anymore foreign money. bill is not going to give speeches. we have to take that with a
5:56 am
grain of sand because they have not lived up to previous commitments and no expectation that they would not. >> some of the money that the clinton foundation has taken from foreign government. 1-5 qatar, saudi arabia, kuwait. i mean, among many other things you notice, these are all countries in which women don't have western understanding of civil rights. >> she's president how is she she going to deal with countries knowing she owes something to them. >> that's right. add on top of that the speaking fees. the millions of dollars in money from the same government that ended up in the clinton's pockets. this is a huge problem. as much as the clinton's want to say this money was given with no strings attached, i think we all know that government's like saudi arabia don't give money away for nothing. they expect something in return.
5:57 am
>> nobody does. that exactly right. peter, it's great to see you. thanks for doing this. >> top of the hour, roaming correspondent romes on to our set. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further joint damage, and clear skin in many adults. humira is the number #1 prescribed biologic for psoriatic arthritis. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores.
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6:00 am
this race is on. we are all tied up here in the state of florida. we're leading in national polls. we're coming wheel to wheel out of the fourth turn and we're going to chase to the checkered flag. >> have you been seeing what's happening with the polls? they're like rocket ships. >> i am so energized after this concert and i got to say, didn't you love the pantsuit. >> i love reading this wikileaks. >> huma. i got rid of them. they're all gone. then they find out uh-huh, we have bad news folks. i think they went on the cloud. you know the cloud. never disappears off the cloud.
6:01 am
>> she has been in control of herself for 40 years. >> you can't just crawl up in the fetal position at president. no, you just got to vote. get out your helmet. three days until the election. we made it, we made it looks like we made it. let's shift to this right now. we have a brand new fox poll showing donald trump closing in on hillary clinton. now giving a closing argument in a new ad right before election day. >> fox news is standing by in tampa with the latest on the trump campaign and these new poll numbers. good morning. >> agood morning to you. taking a look at the new fox poll a two-way race. hillary clinton leads 46-45 a week ago. that margin was five points. donald trump today in florida and going to north carolina where he reads in the average by
6:02 am
one. nevada where he now leads by two and colorado where hillary clinton still leads by three. yesterday he was in ohio and pennsylvania. zeroing in on obamacare. of course. he would begin the process of repealing and preplacing on the first day of office. convene a special session of congress in order to do it. warning yesterday in pennsylvania that americans are about to get crushed bid a trifecta or risie ining prices. >> it's just been announced that the residents of pennsylvania are going to experience a massive double digit premium hike. all 67 counties in pennsylvania are losing obamacare insurers next year. lots of luck negotiates next year folks. it won't matter. it will be terminated. you won't have to bother. you will have great health care at much less expense.
6:03 am
>> donald trump launching a major ad this weekend. $4 million to ad a 2 minute closing argument. why he should be president in imagines and speeches from over the course of the campaign. listen here. >> our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment with a new government controlled by you, the american people. >> so he is going to air that across the country. a lot of the ncaa football games today as well as the nfl tomorrow and nascar races. basically he's going to flood the zone this weekend in hopes of bringing as many people as possible in the door between now and november the 8 where they still do have early voting and in places like pennsylvania where they don't have early voting and have to come out today unless you file an absentee ballot. >> she does not look tired after months on the road.
6:04 am
unbelievable. >> she deserves a nice long vacation after this. >> we're nearing the end. >> you can get one. see you in florida. >> until the recount. >> i know. can you imagine. >> no, we don't want a remeet of that. >> here's the reality. hillary clinton has advantage. she has a slight edge. has the electoral amounts on her side. you cannot deny the momentum and enthusiasm donald trump has had when you look at where he was two weeks ago. down 10-12 points. look at colorado today. michigan, new hampshire, pennsylvania where hillary clinton is spending time tonight. clearly she's concerned there. states that were not in play. >> it's shocking. i've never seen a move this profound in the final week of an election. you're right. she's defending pennsylvania. something they bragged about for months. our roaming correspondent. >> hi, good morning.
6:05 am
>> good morning. >> from chicago. >> chicago. are you surprised so everyone in new york and los angeles and d.c. this is over two weeks ago. all of a sudden out of nowhere, it's really close. are you surprised be by that. >> how can i be spreurprised. i'm in chicago where they whereon the world series. anything the possible. they died it blue in honor of the cubs. 5 million people turned out. i am not surprised. the snp has been in a nine day swoon. wall street is worried this could really happen. the largest upset in american political history and i think that we are really on the verge of that t cusp of that. i think donald trump really can do this and i put the credit for that squarely in the lap of james comey, the fbi director
6:06 am
who a week ago friday in extraordinary press conference said he was reopening in essence the investigation to hillary clinton e-mail. >> wait, james comey on the one hand. vladimir putin on the other and these wikileaks, the flood of disclosures. >> you're leaving something out and that's obamacare. if you look at obamacare premiums in states like pennsylvania and arizona where you're seeing this movement and you're seeing this incredible increases on the monthly premium cost, those numbers where we learned about increases on obamacare hit before this e-mail stan dal with james comey and that's where you saw some trend lines. do you disagree. >> i disagree. i disagree to an extent. i think it's important to note obamacare really does seem to be in a very wounded grave wounded state, but that is like one to
6:07 am
100 when it comes to the e-mails. if you ask anybody on the streets of this town or any town in this country what it is about hillary clinton that bothers them, it is not obamacare. you mention obamacare in fairness how could you not mention the fact that for the 73rd straight month we have added jobs. 161,000 jobs. unemployment now 4.9%. wangs increases. in fairness, if you're going to talk about the economy or obamacare, you have to give a much more balance. it may not be great, but remember where we were when george washingt. the vladimir putin thing is dumb. there's no concrete information he is under this. >> i don't know how you can say that. doesn't it strike you there's no wikileaks about republicans.
6:08 am
there's no wikileaks about any republican? republicans don't send e-mails? it's only hillary clinton's e-mails. >> stop the explosion for one second. let's stipulate putin is behind it. isn't the wheel point that these e-mails are really and the journalists have an obligation to look at them on their own terms. this whole putin stuff is meant to divert attention from the amazing facts of the e-mails, no? >> i want everyone to understand going forward that donald trump could very well win this race. he could very well win this race on the basis of those e-mails. those e-mails largely were provided by wikileaks. wikileaks was fed by the russians. vladimir putin has influenced it. agencies have certified to that fact. >> which ones?
6:09 am
>> i don't know. i'm not going to listen to that. >> but everyone is professing to be so upset about what the e-mail e-mails contain and we're not ups upset. >> let me jump in there. what people are concerned and upset about and are learning this morning about the e-mails. chelsea from state department is how she can get away with that and now she's running for president. you think about so many different jobs including mike pence in the debate we talked about his son working in the military. he had sent classified e-mails. classified documents. he would be removed from his post. so i think a lot of people are scratching their head saying how is she able to get away with it and not be charged for anything, but now potentially be elected at president of the united states if that's what happens on tuesday. . that's the question on a lot of people's mind. >> good question.
6:10 am
two points. your last two guests have spoken of imminent indictment. you know and i know that fox news a few days ago had to backtrack on the report that indictments were imminent. we have backtracked. we have said. we have corrected our reporting in that regard. why are indictments not imminent. they are not imminent because no grand jury has been in panel. as an attorney, you have to have a grand jury. they have to decide whether there is probable cause that a crime is. >> you're not answering the question. >> then they indict. if you have no grand jury, you can't have an indictment. now to your second point about hillary clinton sharing classified information with chelsea. if hillary clinton knowingly shared classified information with someone not qualified to receive it as david general
6:11 am
cartwright the hero did with various reporters in washington, d.c., then a crime has been committed, but what does that require. a finding that a, the material was indeed classified. and b there was an intent to share classified information with someone not qualified legally to receive it. there has been no -- >> you're kind of dodging it. >> let's be real. do you think if you did what hillary did that you would be in the same position she's in, which is like not charged with anything. no grand jury. you would be in deep trouble and you know it. that's true. she's getting special treatment and that's wrong. >> do you think he's the at gotten special treatment. >> i think indeed she's gotting special treatment. when the fbi violate ed 60 day rule. what does the 60 day rule. you don't mess with the political process when you are on the judicial side of the equation. you wrat until the election is over. if you have missed that two
6:12 am
month window, then you wait. to do it 11 days. look at the. >> it's not a rule, by the way. >> there's no law that says that. that's not true. >> it is the policy of the bureau and you cannot point to a single. >> congress didn't pass that law. >> it's a tradition and i think they should have included specifics. i kind of agree with you there. you shouldn't accuse someone. let's not pretend they violated a law. it's not a regulation. just a tradition. >> here we have a situation. we can hate hillary as a candidate, as a double dealer and the foundation and all this kind of seedy stuff you don't like, but you must admit this was extraordinary. it has profoundly impacted the track of this race. and we may have donald trump as the president of the united states and they may be great, but it will be because of the e-mails and it will be because of the fbi.
6:13 am
>> what abocould have been worss if they waited until after the election. let us all lay our e-mails out there. >> you're in a good place. >> the trump administration. geraldo, thank you. >> the clinton campaign taking the low road. linking donald trump to kkk is the only closing argument hillary has left. >> the former democratic governor of nomar mazaew mexico to join tucker life. >> plus you heard the speeches, but how are they being received. lee carter, our favorite poster in a world full of posters is here with brand new dials next. >> what kind of country do we want? >> do we want a country that is safe with secure borders? do we want a country where every american get as fair shot.
6:14 am
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6:17 am
three days to go and both campaigns are making a final push in the battleground states. are their words powerful to sway undecided voters. put some speeches the test and back with the results. >> great to be here. >> what are you seeing more broadly. >> we're seeing fatigue with independents. independents the last several weeks have been tracking with donald trump supporters. now we're seeing it at 75%. we're seeing just a slight decline, but i'm not sure it's not an overall trend. we're seeing independents have fatigue about the whole thing. >> declining for donald trump. see what the dials tell us.
6:18 am
here's hillary clinton. >> i am sick and tired of the negative dark divisive dangerous vision and behavior of people who support donald trump. it is time for us to say no, we are not going backwards, we're going forwards. >> you can see democrats like that. they gave an a mie minus. independents a d and republicans an f. one independent said i'm tired of the necktive too and you are jest as negative as he is and mast what we're seeing. >> we saw positivity from melania trump this week. here she is on the campaign trail and grade this one. >> obama has traveled the country and asked a very important question. do we want a country where every american gets a fair shot?
6:19 am
>> yes. do we want a country that honors our constitution. >> yes. >> do we want a country that honors life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. >> yes. >> doe with want a president who fights for us and would never give up. then we want donald trump to be our president. >> how did this one shake out. >> democrats gave this a c. independents a b plus and republicans an a plus. said she hit it out of the park. first lady speech. they loved it. the most fascinating is the democrats tracked along with her. liked her speech until she said the word donald trump. >> barack obama on his thoughts as to why people may or may not be voting or say they may not be voting for a woman. take a listen to this. >> the guys out there. i want to be honest.
6:20 am
you know, there's a haven't had a woman president before. and i think that sometimes you know, we're kind of trying to get over the hump. i want every man out there who is voting to look inside yourself and ask yourself, if you're having problems with this stuff, how much of it is that we're just not used to it. so that when a guy is ambitious and in the public arena working hard. that's okay, but when a woman suddenly does it you're like why is she doing that. >> democrats a b. independents and republicans a d. what they said is the sexism argument is a little bit tired. what they also said is i'm all for a women president. i'm just not sure i want it to be hillary clinton. >> interesting. days too go. great to see you this morning. >> anything can happen. >> and it is. coming up on the show, the power or prayer. franklin graham live with his
6:21 am
call for american vets next. good morning, reverend. we'll be back with him in a moment. ♪ (ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh) (hush my darling...) (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) (hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring
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as california's former director of finance, i assure you, proposition 64 is a smarter, safer, more fiscally sound approach to adult-use marijuana than what our state's currently doing. so, though i've never tried marijuana, and i don't advocate others doing so, i'm voting yes on 64. to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana for adults 21 and over. 64 has strict safeguards for families. and a billion dollars in new revenue for our state's greatest needs. so, vote yes on 64.
6:24 am
reverend billy graham is calling on americans to pray. joining us now is franklin graham. good morning, thanks for being here. >> thank you. good to be with you this morning. >> so you're not publicly coming out and endorsing anyone, but you say this is the most pivotal, important election of our lifetime. why. >> there's so much at stake right now. when you look at our country. we have great threats outside of the country. see corruption at every level in
6:25 am
washington. it's in both parties. otherwise if we continue as we've been going, i don't see how america is going to be able to make it. we've become such a corrupt society and only hope for america is god. i went to all 50 state capitals this year to help hold prayer rallies on the state capital steps asking people to play and they came by the thousands and stood there for hours praying for this nation. i've been asking christians to vote and go to polls, but pray before you cast your ballot and just ask god who you should vote for. i'm not going to tell people who to vote for. i want people to pray. >> you're hearing some christians say i can't vote for either one. i'm not voting. is that a dodge or a legitimate position. >> no, they're wrong. they're absolutely wrong. in the bible we see when paul was arrested he was a roman
6:26 am
citizen. he used his rights as a roman citizen to appeal to caesar. i'm just asking americans. we have the right to vote. let's exercise the vote. we can make a change. god uses people to bring change. he uses people in the scriptures to bring change 6789 the christian voice needs to be heard in america. we're losing rights as a nation. last election 25-35 million christians stayed away from the polls. i'm trying to wake the church up and tell them we have a responsibility. go to polls and vote. i've been asking christians to vote for candidate that best stand for biblical principals. that's so important. >> on fox and friends this week endorsing donald trump. listen to this. > . >> i look who he surrounds himself with. surrounds himself with godly men. he has chosen not just the
6:27 am
counsel of mike pence, but has the running mate. he doesn't just talk about his faith. he talks about his faith in jesus christ. he is not afraid of it. trump and pence together will fight on the behalf of the christian voice. >> sure. >> is that the argument to evangelicals. you heard from ted cruz and others during the primary season that donald trump is a fake evangelical or fake christian and he doesn't really stand for that, but surrounding himself with those individuals is really why you would want to throw your support behind donald trump. you would have the o ask him. i've been around him. i know he is -- i think he does have faith. of course the kind of friends and the people he surrounds himself with. he's got an incredible family. that says something about the man. we have all heard things he has
6:28 am
said in the past which certainly don't agree with and wouldn't try to defend. that was also 11 years ago. you have to look where the man is today. i think he has changed a lot in the last, you know, ten years. >> that's really well said. for people of faith going out to polls on tuesday. what are the issues they should be focused on: where should the focus remain? >> i think for me to supreme court. that is what is so important. because the next president in february is going to nominate a justice to the bench. we have to really think about who we want to be on that bench. hillary clinton won't give us the names or who she is going to put, but she has also given us the kinds of people she's looking for. various backgrounds and so forth. donald trump has given a list of very first class justices that he would recommend for the bench
6:29 am
so i think for the supreme court, this is coming down to supreme court. they want to think about lost e-mails and about bad mouth or whatever. that's not what this election is about. it's about the supreme court. the supreme court the next president could be one to maybe five justices. that's going to shape america for the next 50 years. so i would strongly recommend as you go to the polls who do you trust best, hillary clinton, then vote for her. if you trust donald trump to put the right man or woman on the bench. you vote for him. this election is coming down to supreme court. >> thanks a lot. we appreciate it. >> so well said good to have you here. >> three days left before the election. donald trump appears to be closing the gap in a lot of different polls out there. bim richardson on deck to react to all of it. >> plus, early voters out before
6:30 am
the sun even rose in the sunshine state. which way are they leaning. coming up. >> bill is talking with voters live in north miami. that's next.
6:31 am
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6:34 am
clinton is putting star power behind her. >> quotation marks around star power. today voters in florida getting ready to vote early. joining us life where voters started lining up early to vote. good morning, phil. >> good morning. there are only two days of early voting left in the state of florida. today and tomorrow for the most populated counties in the state. take a look behind me in north miami. see the early voting line. basically been equitied up about that length all morning long. however this afternoon, things are growing to get a little longer. 5.3 million floridians have already voted by mail or in person like this. one of the people who just voted in person, grant resident here in miami. you're a registered republican. correct. >> correct. >> who did you vote for and why. >> i voted for hillary clinton. felt she was the less of two evils. >> that's what it came down to. >> yes. i think donald trump brings out the worst in america and the way people react to him is horrible.
6:35 am
>> what's the most important issue you voted on other than that. >> i would say the similar panels. voting no against the similar panels. that's a local florida issue. >> thank you very much. joining us on the other side is denise who as you may have guessed voted for trump. yes, i did. i would never vote for a liar, cheat and a thief. i'm going trump all the way. >> a lot of people said they don't like either candidate. they're going to pick. >> all the way trump. >> you have no problem with anything. nothing. he needs to calm it down and stay focused, but other than that we need change. we neat donald trump. >> have a great wonderful day and proud to have voted today. >> well, so far this is the deal. latest real clear politics poll. 47.4 for hillary clinton in florida. 46.2 for donald trump. yesterday was even 46.1. slight uptick today for clinton. both clint and trump will be in
6:36 am
the state of florida today. for trump it will be fifth visit in past two weeks. for clinton her sixth in the past two weeks. that's how important florida's 29 lock torls are. >> i want to hear more about the solar panels. >> paul ryan has a message to get to. he is planning g oning on step as house speaker. take a listen. >> not true. don't believe anything you read. we have an agenda we had to put in law in 2017. >> that was ryan clearing the air after four house republicans anonymously told the website they expected ryan to step down after tuesday's election. some other quick headlines, bernie sanders supporters turned democratic member of the electoral college in washington state now saying he refuses to vote for hillary clinton even if she wins the popular vote. clinton is expected to win washington state in all votes, but will only get 11 if this
6:37 am
elector stands firm 67. he says all humanity is looking down a cliff. he cannot face his children and grandchildren if he follows clinton. could face a $1,000 fine. a typo or a knock against hillary clinton. ballots listing the become nominee with an extra e. she believes it was misspelled on purpose. the county election commission has apologized if for the error and insisted it was not done intentionally. those are some headlines this morning. >> yes, they are. thank you. we're awaiting. donald trump is going to be live in tampa. when it begins we'll take you there live. >> what's the rncc in the electoral map with three days to go. is trump's ground game strong enough. joining us live next. g new car.
6:38 am
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it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen. three days to go. can't make heads or tails of what's going on so bringing in former presidential candidate. bill richardson on to tell us. governor, good to see you this morning. >> thank you. >> in the final days, each candidate is making a final pitch to the public. trump has a two minute video about his world view and you can agree or disagree. it's a coherent picture of what
6:42 am
he thinking america should be. hillary clinton meanwhile is going on stage with katy perry and going really low on the race politic stuff. trying to tie trump to kkk. he has no connection to the kkk. kkk doesn't eventually lael exist. it's insane. if she wins, how can she get past accusing her opponent of being with the kkk. >> the reality is the official newspaper of the kkk heritage endorsed donald trump. >> 11 people. come on. >> david duke, you've got a very, very active kkk in this country and trump has embraced a lot of racial policies. the birther movement. >> yes he has. >> he's called mexicans rapist. criminals. look, it goes on and on. >> it's not 1955 anymore t.kkk is not -- they're appalling. everyone hates them and should.
6:43 am
they're not a major force in american life. and everyone knows it. why doesn't she say here's the mandate i'll have if i become president. and she's not doing that. why? >> well, she is talking about working families, national security, a new economic plan that emphasizes infrastructure. manufacturing jobs staying in the united states. you have to hear the whole argument. these are the closing arguments. two areas we have not talked about, tucker, one is the economy, i think these economic statistics of hourly wages getting better, the highest in the last seven years, close to 3% growth, unemployment under 5% for the month of october. 4.9 pc 4.9%. that's going help hillary clinton because it's an obama presidency situation. i think we also have to look at is the votes of jill stein and gary johnson. they're plummeting everywhere. granted their five, six percent,
6:44 am
but i think in a close race, those votes are going to go somewhere if those voters determine that they're candidates have no chance. >> you may be right. the third party people have collapsed. you ran a state. you're a serious person. the unemployment numbers are totally fake and everyone knows it. we have more american men out of work than the great depression. you can't look at that and say we're doing great on unemployment because everyone knows we're not. >> these are modest gains. i'm not saying this is a huge win for hillary clinton. i think these are modest gains. i think it is slightly getting better. it's a bipartisan view. elections tend to go to candidate that goes to center and, secondly, if the economic news is improving. it will help the candidate most associated with the incumbent and that's hillary clinton. >> the president gave a final interview in the election
6:45 am
season. he gave it to al sharpton. i like him personally. is the democratic party now considering sharpton like a legit figure? i don't know. i'm not an insider. your new show -- sharpton is a good guy. i don't know. i'm not an insider. i don't know who she's going to pick, but i was just saying i'm glad that you have a new show. i'm going to look at that show. >> look at it. come on. i hope do you. great to see you, bill richardson, thanks. >> no one want tots s to be an r today. >> shawn, nice to have you here on the show. you heard bill richardson and hillary clinton's closing argument. what do you have to say to that? >> i think she's going to come up short. if you look at every one of the
6:46 am
battleground states. the momentum and enthusiasm is with donald trump and mike pence. not just the rallies and public polls. all the data shows the battleground states continue to trend for donald trump and the expansion of the map has been unbelievable. the idea we would be talking about colorado or michigan and seeing states in play. it's not just us talking. look where the democrats are putting time and money. they know they're on the ropes and this message of change is resinating with the american people. >> hillary clinton spending time in pennsylvania of all places tonight. no question that donald trump has the momentum right now, but the reality is when it comes to the electoral maps and the polling nationally still has an edge over donald trump. he is about to do a live rally in tampa in just a few moments from now. he's got to win florida or there's no way he can win the presidency. what does his closing argument have to be given that hillary clinton as you know has a better ground game. sgll actually, a couple of
6:47 am
things. number one, when you look at the states in play. obviously irng we're going to win florida. it's very important to our map to 270. when you start talking about states like nevada and colorado and michigan and wisconsin. virginia, pennsylvania within the margin of error. there's a lot of paths that continue to open up. one of the biggest myths of this election is the ground game myth. you look at what we had in 2012. 836 staffers between the rnc and romney. this time we have 6012. that's a larger field. where a lot of mainstream media has gotten it wrong is talk about is paying the salary. if a voter is going on a door and saying who are you voting for, what makes you tick, are you voting early. as long as it's all coming back to the central database. we got it. completed 11 million. we're on pace to hit 17 million
6:48 am
in 2016. we have by far the most comprehensive ground game benefitting up and down the ticket. >> three days to go. >> thank you so much, shawn. we appreciate it. >> you bet, guys. >> awaiting a live look. donald trump in tampa. >> about to speak in tampa. >> just about 15 minutes now we'll take you live when you have it. >> you probably heard today is tucker's last day on fox and friends weekend. he's got a new show. new digs, new set. new suits. we'll show you some favorite moments. >> maybe he'll bring the bow tie back. >> when we come back.
6:49 am
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6:51 am
well, it is a sad day here on "fox and friends."
6:52 am
we have became great friends. i am sad about this. he's leaving us, this is his last day. his 7:00 p.m. show here primetime. >> as you said, you are a great person, one of the nicest you ever meet. we got a fun package to show all the fun times. >> take a look. >> we'll be welcoming a new fox member this morning. >> thank you, i waited for a long time here. i just want you to get ready for this. because it could rock your world. >> are you hungry this morning? >> this is a show for you. >> it is unbelievable. >> tucker started this show. >> i never eat like this.
6:53 am
he's really asleep. >> i know we are not on television. no need to be embarrassed. >> we honestly like this guy. one, two, three, go! tucker in a full suit in the dunk tank. >> it made you famous. >> the beard of america, ladies
6:54 am
and gentlemen. >> i am right here. nice to see you. >> tucker carlson is co-hosting us live in de moines, iowa. >> but, you have shocked me this early morning. tucker, i think you are highly skilled and whatever you just said. >> exactly. >> here is the part, when you look at some of your pollty ici that you described recently, you are not libertarian. >> he has no idea.
6:55 am
do you think that would do a hard time for the death penalty. >> hancock, how are you doing? >> my father was in journalism which is why i got into journalism, i attempt to emulate him >> what is tucker like at home? >> i would not know what to say. >> i am not a good driver but i am reckless. >> i would watch this show. >> that makes me sad. all shows is good for your shows. i worked in tv for 20 years and worked in a lot of places with a lot of people, this is the
6:56 am
nicest place. the camera people are the nicest people in the world, everyone from make up to lighting and the camera people and the people running this place, and bill sunshine and suzanne, and then you guys. i am not just saying that. i am not interested in showing emotions on tv but i am gratefu here. >> i am going to miss your friend ship and kindness. to get through a four hours show, you need not to be so serious about yourself. >> it is hard to be too serious. you are not going to eat as much food on your new show than on this show? >> you are a star. >> i will be watching. >> thank you.
6:57 am
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seconds left in the show. >> tucker. >> i pull myself together, thank you for everything and thank you to our wonderful producer and you watching this show. >> we are so excited for you. >> this is a fox news channel special presentation. your ballot, your bucks. >> frantic, right now the candidates are kris crossing the country, just the next couple of days. no more so than some key battleground states. did you look what donald trump is doing? a lot of attention in florida, he will be in colorado and north carolina and nevada. hillary clinton plans multiple stops in florida and pe


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