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tv   Cost of Freedom Your Ballot Your Bucks  FOX News  November 5, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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seconds left in the show. >> tucker. >> i pull myself together, thank you for everything and thank you to our wonderful producer and you watching this show. >> we are so excited for you. >> this is a fox news channel special presentation. your ballot, your bucks. >> frantic, right now the candidates are kris crossing the country, just the next couple of days. no more so than some key battleground states. did you look what donald trump is doing? a lot of attention in florida, he will be in colorado and north carolina and nevada. hillary clinton plans multiple stops in florida and pennsylvania and don't ask me
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about the surrogates and what they'll do. some tightening polls. what's going on in some of those battleground states, namely in florida. look at that. a statistical tie, which could eck plain why the clinton folks are doubling up their efforts in a state that's a little more than a few weeks ago looks like a guinea for them. what is surprising is how much time team clinton is devoting to states that are traditionally democratic anyway like michigan, pennsylvania and wisconsin that could all tip republican. hard to say this much is not. with polls virtually in all of those states, you have to begin to wonder what kind of night we are in for on tuesday. lets get the read for john roberts following team trump in tampa bay. >> reporter: good morning to
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you. donald trump with the event that's about to get under way with fairground in tampa. >> very moving moment too at the beginning with the pledge was led by a gold star father whose son was killed in operational freedom. he said the only person he's only able to put his face in since his son die is trump. lets look at the polls. she was ahead of the race by five points two weeks ago, that gap is narrow. donald trump is in florida today. and we'll be back here in florida again tomorrow. this weekend also a $4 million ads by -- donald trump's closing argument as to why he believes
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he should be president, that'll be aired nationally and nfl games tomorrow. yesterday, he had big crowds in heresy, pennsylvania, for just donald trump. hillary clinton had the same size crowd but she also had beyonce and jay z in cleveland with her. drip sa donald trump said, i got a movement and i am ignite d it. i don't need anyone. latest count when you include the absentee ballot and the person balloting as of this morning, democrats are leading in the aggregate total by about 7,000. between registered democrats and
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republicans, 4.5 million people have cast ballots. that shows you how tight things are. >> we don't know how those will break down nor do we know the register votes will break down. close here in tampa, many counties here today and the other counties closing out tomorrow ahead of tuesday's election, neil. >> thank you, very much, john roberts will be turning to tampa when mr. trump gets to the podium. that's the argument of the trump campaign. >> polls know that are virtually even across many states. ken kennedy has been crunching the numbers for us.
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>> north carolina is do or die for him and the tarheel state, if we head out west and takes the wagon train, he has to pick up two toss up, that includes arizona where he's been spending a lot of time as well as utah. >> ed mcmullin is pulling above hillary clinton there. can donald trump pulls it out? >> in addition to that, he also needs colorado. he has to build on what mit romney did and also take iowa. that's the face of the marching band from third grade geography class if you remember. in addition, to that, you have to get to new hampshire. the biggest prize of all of john roberts alluding to. we all remember what happened in 2000s and how close it was.
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we don't want it here ever again. that's absolutely right. if donald trump is going to exceed that 270, his road has to go through the great state of florida. >> you want to do weather while you are there? >> well, we do have some light showers tickling rather the northeast gently. >> obviously, you didn't feel the sense of historic need, importance. >> oh no, it is very important. it is a critical point of our election and the juncture of the country where all cross roads meet to honor you. exactly, kennedy, just to have an election night with her part of your team, hello, paper view, you get basic cable, what am i saying? >> take a look at what's going on here in the markets prepping
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something, switching back and forth, the key marketing a grate h aggregate has dropped eight days. the market is telegraphing something that maybe others are missing. >> he was seizing on these developments before anyone i know. our campaign director and a trump supporter joins me right now, ed, what are we seeing here? >> markets tend to do their thing but they seem to be freaking out of the unknown, not that they like or disniek donald trump, he's a known quality of them and they are freaking out. what do you make of it? >> they should be freaking out if clinton wins. this is a totally election, i
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have been around the game 50 years and i have been through nine or ten races. we are still down the wire and nobody can predict us. the difference between 1980s race is we ran two separate campaign. we ran 49 states. in 1980, we won 44 states and 1984, we won 49 states. we campaign in 50 states and we don't do that anymore. so even though i think trump could move and win, he's not going to have that electoral that reagan had. does he have more of a pass that you can see now of 270 electoral vote. what do you notice going on underneath the surf?
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>> traditionally, you don't see a lot of movement. mrs. clinton has had a bad week ten days. her vulnerable element is two thirds of the country don't think she's honest and the investigation they're going to go after is just reenforce that and given trump this campaign hard and aggressively and giving him a momentum of the closest race up. >> what difference does it make when you see the president not only campaigning anywhere and coming out of obama and with the clinton's family in philadelphia. but appearing on all of these shows on hbo to pound donald tru trump. >> he's the best candidate out there. mrs. clinton's husband is a great candidate. he's another person driving the
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ticket. if he can turn out a better vote. right now she's shot turning out the same kind of numbers he got four or eight years ago. is the national election going to change because he's out campai campaigning? >> it reminds people that if she's elected will have another four more years of obama. >> much of the fact, beyonce and jay z, and even beyonce's fans, well, she's voting for hillary. >> what effect does it have and on the front page and the isolation of the sole campaigning trump. i have never known anybody going out and vote for the surrogate, people vote for the candidate. we have two candidates representing very well, two
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parties there. the fact that you got beyonce and jay z in the crowd, does not show you that much fire power yourself. oh, i have to go vote hillary because beyonce was there. >> well, i did see you at beyonce's concert. >> i like her, she's a great and talented artist. i don't take political guidance from beyonce or shawn pence, they have great success in making movies but not my political philosophy. >> thank you my friend. >> as always, we are not done even when we complete your two hours here. we continue with another two hours on fox business. we are open for business as we'll be on election day. and we want to let you know about that. we also want to let you know that these people in new york has just found out about that,
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fox business, the lights are on and we are opened for business. we are ready for the marathon tomorrow, they're trying to get to any way they can to catch, many are you saying, no, they're prepping for the marathon tomorrow. i urge you to prove it. go ahead, i got all day. >> it is a catch that the president of the united states mocking donald trump for being thinned skin and then going onto trash fox yet again. we are not thinned skin here, he has said it once or twice about us, but really? >> ben carson on that after this. >> it all comes down to this, neil's live with pre-election coverage you cannot miss, it is a must see your world.
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if i watch fox news, i would not vote for me either. you got this screen, this fun house mirror where people are receiving information, how to breakthrough that is a big challenge. >> all right, you know he says this a lot about fox news, fun, fun, fun. you know, this is the same guy who rips donald trump for being thinned skin about the media. >> when things go badly for you and you lose, you start blaming somebody else, then you don't have what it takes to do this job. >> i mean that's the thing that
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bothers you when you want to be president of the united states? come on, man. [ cheers ] come on. >> we are a fun house and you are focused on -- whatever. ben carson, our 2016 presidential candidate, he will be working with donald trump in nevada, he joins us now in las vegas. i don't know, doctor, he seems to criticize a bit too much and his criticisms on those, does not seem like he likes criticisms. >> well, he's very thin skinned himself. that seems to be for many of the heads in the democratic party. they accused the other side of what they are doing and they keep on repeating the line. it is called a big line.
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they keep on saying the same thing over and over, does not matter if there is any -- and pretty soon people particularly believe it and particularly people who do not do his research. for him, it is not going to work this time. the american people are smarter than the media and the political elites think that they are. they'll analyze this for themselves and they'll recognize what is about to be lost in this country. they're not going to fall for it. >> you know with the exception of power surrogate like yourself doctor carson and some other in the party that's trying to help and new york times, he's an isolation that mr. trump cannot rely on the beyonce and the hollywood elites to carry the day for him. but, it would seem that is helping it and hurting it.
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anyone in hollywood doing anything politically on the right or left. the media tends to see this through the prism of what stars are backing them. >> they clearly have lost focus on the issues and things that are important. as i said before, the downfall of the great nation, taking your eyes off the prize that's being distracted by these things like hollywood and sports stars who have become great intellectuals, and the greatest corruption of the highest levels of government. whn y when you do that, your days are numbered. this is our opportunity right now to stop it. i believe it will be stopped and
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i have been all over the country in the last week or two talking to numerous americans and i see a wisdom there and a common sense that it is not being manifested by a lot of our leaders and certainly not by the media. you are a brilliant doctor, i mean, scary smart neuro surgeon, i have a feeling, lets say there is a price doctor on tuesday and much of the media world is stunned at the outcome of donald trump wins and historic. how do you help them through it. >> well, the first thing is really just sit down and talk to the people and help them realize that we the american people are not each other's enemies. we allow ourselves to think that
7:21 am
we are enemy based on gender and income and religion. this is not true. they need someone to sit down and explain it to them and explain how they're going to resolve their issues. >> i mean you would not do those for me. >> there is a medication. >> is there something to deal with that? >> you know what they need is a good dose of god. >> ah. >> and faith. the things that makes america exceptional and a great nation. remember that our rights are not from the government but from our creator as of our declaration of independence. >> doctor carson, thank you very much. all right, now to donald trump, the man who could be the source of a lot of mainstream media
7:22 am
crime. now, it shows him running even in every key better ground states or tied nationally. donald trump in florida. >> thank you very much, we don't need jay z to fill up the arena, we do it the old fashion way. we do it the old fashion way, we fill it up because you love what we are saying and you want to make america great again. that's about it. >> i actually like jay z but you know the language last nigh night -- oh, i was thinking maybe i will just try cher. can you imagine if i said that? he's every word in the book, i won't use the initials because i will get in trouble, they'll get me in trouble. he used every word in the book last heresy, pennsylvania,
7:23 am
last night we had an arena, we had 27,000 people showed up and some could not get in. far more than jay z had with their free tickets, far more and beyonce and i like them both. my lewd language. i will tell you what, i never said what he said in my life but that shows you the phoniness of politician and the phoniness of the system. in three days, we are going to win the great state of florida and we are going to win back the white house. real change begins with repealing and replacing
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obamacare. [ cheers ] it is just been announced that the residence of florida are going to experience a massive double digits premium hike. it is going to be a massive hike so congratulations, it is not going to matter because if we win, i am throwing it out anyway. but, get ready, you are going to have a big, big hike and hopefully won't make ad damn bi of a difference. in the great state of arizona where i was and where i am going, premiums are going up by more than 116%. it is going to go higher than that. over 90% of the counties in
7:25 am
florida are losing obamacare and think of it, they're losing their insurers, over 90% of the counties. remember and most of you were there and almost all of you felt this whole movement right from the beginning when we came down from the primaries. we won 66 out of 67 counties. florida is a place i love, my second home, i am heefre all th time. i might know florida better than you do. but, it is my second home. we won 66 out of 67 counties, that has never happened before. we almost won that last one, too. i see more enthusiasm than i
7:26 am
did. you see the tremendous lines of people and they are trump patch on "make america great." they have buttons and shirts and they're in line and you see nbc and you see these people. [ crowd booing ] >> totally phony, it looks like, one line was 100%. maybe they're in disguise and maybe they're wearing buttons and shirts but they're going to go vote for crooked hillary, do you think that's possible? you see these lines, i would say it is evenly based. so the great state of texas, you heard, could you believe all these people that at 10:00 in
7:27 am
the morning that got here. [ cheers ] >> so the dpraet stagreat state i go there and about two weeks ago, i was hearing the phonies in the media and they're going very, very strongly, texas is in place, are they paying that person 1500? get them out, please. g get him out.
7:28 am
i must tell you, the bernie sanders protesters have much more enthusiasms and spirits. the problem of these hillary's protests, my person always makes the noise, you cannot even here the person. did you see yesterday obama screaming and screaming -- and screami screaming, just like the way he runs the country, nobody listen to him. screaming. okay, i wanted to see the protesters. these lying people out there, the media, they don't ever show my crowds, i would say to them the other night, you got to show and you got to turn the camera.
7:29 am
everyone of them is right at my face. every time they turn the camera is the protesters because that's a bad thing. last night, obama had a protester and they would not turn the camera to the protester. he kept on scream ing the same thing over and over again. they had the great state of texas. about three weeks ago, they do these phony polls. some of the polls are correct, i don't acknowledge them. by the way, we are winning in a lot of polls. [ cheers ] we don't have enough time to talk about it now, there is too many of them. i love that sign, blacks for trump. that seems to be the big surprise so far of this election.
7:30 am
"blacks for trump." that's great, thank you. that's a great honor. that's a great honor. so they kept on saying the great state of texas is in place. now, supposed to be -- i said oh man, i call my people, what's going on with texas, i was just there. we had a crowd of 22,015,0000 o 15,000. >> they had a line that's so long. they were showing the line went all the way and literally, it went miles. so then i get back at three weeks ago, texas is in play. it is even and i said that's bad news. man, i don't want to lose texas, that's bad news. one little problem.
7:31 am
one little problem. we are killing them in texas. we are killing it. a guy gets on two days ago. a man named acsid miller, don't really know him, he wore a nice cowboy hat. you folks are getting it all wrong. we never had anything like this and in texas. and let me tell you all those folks, they're all voting for trump. yeah. they're not voting for anyone else. [ cheers [ cheers ] so texas, we are absolutely doing great in texas and new hampshire and doing great in ohio. ohio just left going back again
7:32 am
soon. doing phenomenon doing phenomenaly well in north carolina. i think we are going to win pennsylvania. we are right there. i saw they had -- even is not my thing, they had me way down at pennsylvania and last night i am looking. jim, trump is even now in pennsylvania, too. you can see that because they protect hillary. i don't understand it why. when this is all over with, i am going to sit down with the dishonest media, why. what is she going to do? she's a dishonest person. she has no u need energy to hel country. like for instance, i am going to
7:33 am
do five or six of this every day. she goes home and goes to sleep. [ cheers ] [ chanting: lock her up, lock her up ] >> yeah, you need a lot of energy so we are going to be doing a lot of this today. the arenas are all packed in all locations. we are going in what they used to call democrats stronghold, we are going to minnesota. [ cheers ] >> we are going up to minnesota which traditionally has not been republican at all and we are doing phenomenaly well. >> we are going to colorado, we are doing well everywhere.
7:34 am
we are doing well in places they don't believe. they are saying what's going on. anyway, with obamacare, getting back to the boring subject, it is almost a waste of time talking about it because when we terminate it, all we'll do is it is a bad experience for the american people. premiums are surging because of obamacare. companies are leaving and insurers are fleeing and doctors are quitting and deductibles are going through the roof. some are as high as $15,000. hillary clinton wants to double down on obamacare and making it more expensive and making it much more expensive. you know what they are going to do? they're going to show you and they don't care what it takes. they're going to show you and they're going to listen to trump never give up. they're going to show you. we don't want to be shown.
7:35 am
it is catastrophic. i am asking for your vote so we can repeal and replace obamacare and have healthcare for every family in florida and great health. real change also means restoring honestly to our government. as you know, the fbi and i give them a lot of credit because the fighting forces which they are not supposed to be fighting. the fbi has reopened their criminal investigation into hillary. they're also conducting a second criminal investigation in to hillary's pay for play corruption at the state's department, you see what's happening now. it is been confirmed of the 650,000 e-mails they discovered by accident, can you believe it?
7:36 am
>> 650,000 e-mails, oh, that's going to be a lot of bad e-mails in there. they discovered on anthony weiner's -- think of it. can you imagine -- anthony weiner probably had every classified e-mail every since. knowing this guy, knowing this guy, he probably studied every single one in between using his machine for other purpose. including brand new e-mails not previously turned over to authorities and likely including some very, very classified information. the report also shows that the political leadership at the department of justice is trying very hard and as hard as they can to protect their angel, i
7:37 am
hillary. [ crowd booing ] remember bill clinton just happened to see her plane, the attorney general's plane. all of this and oh, what an unbelievable. oh, he's going to play golf, oh, let me say hello. hey, lets get together. i went board the plane on the tarmac and right at the tarmac and they had a meeting for 45 minutes right before she was supposed to issue her judgment on hillary and maybe bill. bill can be a target, who knows because of what's going on. she met with him for 45 minutes. they discussed golf, that's about two-minutes, give him
7:38 am
five, the rest of the time, what did you think they discuss? i would say like i hope you would be apart of our administration, what do you this i? >> what a disgrace? our country has never been in a situation like it is in right now. never been. >> so dishonest, it is a rigged system, folks. i have been saying it. it is a rigged system and it begins with the media. the media rigs it. did you see all those reports with the new york times where the new york times are sending them things, listen, we got this reporter essentially, 100%, this is friendly stuff. where other reporters are sending them stories to check. do you have any change in? i used to get good publicity
7:39 am
until i decided to run. now, i think i have, one of the writers of the times, we don't care if it is fair or not. it is the greatest pile on in the history of politics and that's okay. i used to be on the other side. don't forget, i did very well, i also love our country and it was time, we had to do something. [ cheers [ cheers ] remember john podesta said hillary clinton had bad instincts. he was saying so many bad things about her and he knows her well. bernie sanders says she's got bad judgment. hillary created an illegal
7:40 am
server to shield her criminal activity, that's why. there is no other reason. she figured she was above it because the department of justice will never do anything to get in her way. it is a rigged system. the department of justice, if that happens to anybody else, they would have been in jail two years ago, folks, of what she did. she illegally destroyed and this is -- forget about what happened last friday. i am talking about the past. forgot about -- that's all gravy. she destroyed 30,000 -- remember this, 33,000 e-mails after receiving a congressional subpoena, the keyword being "after" and made 13 phones disappeared some with a hammer.
7:41 am
if she were to win, it would create an unprecedented constitutional crisis. remember if she ever got in the oval office, hillary and her special interests and donors would rob this country blind. i have no doubt about it. my contract with the american voter begins with a plan to end government corruption and to take back our country from this special interest. [ cheers ] i want the entire corrupt washington establishment to hear the words "we" are about to say. when we win on november 8th. we are going to drain the swarm.
7:42 am
they are not happy, folks. there are a lot of unhappy people around. at the core of my contractor's, my plan is to bring back your jobs that it have been stolen, stolen by stupid politicians or corrupt politicians meaning special interests getting to them whatever they want to do. and a deal signed by bill clinton and supported. america lost 70,000 factories. that's such a hard number to believe. 70,000. another bill and hillary back disasters. we are giving through the greatest job theft in the history of the world.
7:43 am
there is never been a country that lost jobs like we did so stupidly and so easy to solve, so stupidly. good citizens playing off 255 workers and baxtor healthcare, laid off workers and moved their job to singapore. tremendous, tremendous jobs and it is getting worse and worse. we have with some of these countries, mexico and particular, i have a great relationship with mexico, i met with the mexican president three months ago. believe me, i will build a wall, don't even think about it.
7:44 am
we'll build a wall. [ cheers ] you know what? the harder they fight us, the higherer it wi higher it will go. i promise. i met with the president of mexico, he's a good guy. we have a one lane highway that goes right into mexico, takes our job and money and takes our wealth. takes everything. we get unemployment and drugs. not going to happen anymore ex folks. a trump administration will stop jobs leaving america and we'll stop the jobs from leaving the great state of florida, that i can tell you.
7:45 am
[ cheers ] the thefts of american prosperity will end quickly and effectively. if a company wants to fire their workers, leave florida, move to another country and then ship their product back into the united states, we'll make them pay a tax of 35%. [ cheers ] problems solved. 99% and you never heard this talk before. oh, we want you to stay, they did not talk to most of them. most of them just leave, we'll talk to them. first we'll be very nice, right? first, we'll be very nice and respectful and when they tell us no, no, here is the story, folks. lets not be nice anymore. you know what's going to happen with that tax? they're never going to leave this country, they are never going to leave this country. a trump administration where
7:46 am
we'll re-negotiate nafta and we'll get a much better deal for our workers. we'll immediately stop the job killing trend partnership but none in the disaster of the m e making. hillary clinton sets the gold standards for other countries and not for us. the gold standards of the country they want to be apart here. as part of our plans to bring back jobs, we want to lower taxes, with the highest tax nation in the world. one of the main reasons that there is. we'll massively cut taxes for the middle class also. [ cheers ] by the way, don't hear it from me, just look at it. hillary clinton is going to raise taxes substantially,
7:47 am
highest tax nation, she wants to raise taxes substantially, that's not going to happen. we'll cancel billions and -- to the united nation and use that money to invest in america. [ cheers ] that includes repairing so many of florida's problems. thank you. thank you. we are going to repair so many of florida's problems and everyone's problems, including the hubert problem. we are going to do all the things and we'll have so much money left over. you know what we want? we want really beautiful clean air and crystal, clean water and we want safety. we don't need to give hundreds
7:48 am
and billions of dollars away. we have no idea who's getting this money. giving it to the united nation, you know what it is called? giving it to an open pit. you know how political is -- can you imagine these guys throwing out our money. we are going to keep our money here and we are going to take care of our infrastructure and environment and lower taxes. [ cheers ] we'll also rebuild our inner cities. the african-american community has been treated terribly, terribly. that's why i am so honored to see those signs. that's turning out to be the story of this election. the african-american vote. [ cheers ] watch. you watch. they have been treated very unfairly. african-american and hispanic people living in the inner
7:49 am
cities, there is no -- oh you like that that hispanics, huh? >> how many hispanics do we have here? by the way, that's a big story, you know as you know -- the cubans just endorsed me and they gave me the association award. [ cheers ] we'll be making it a much different deal than they made with castro, believe me, folks, they are very happy. that's another story is turning out very big. the hispanic vote is turning out to be much different. the african-american community, the hispanic community, folks living in inner cities, crimes -- you cannot walk to the store to buy a loaf of bread, you would get shot and education is the worse. we are going to fix education and bring back jobs and we are going to bring back safety. i say to this hispanic community
7:50 am
living in fortin living in the inner cities, i would say what the hell do you have to lose? i am going to fix it. [ cheers ] i am going to fix it. you know the drms haemocrats han running that whole thing for up to 100 years and unbroken. i'm doing five or six of these a day and hillary goes home and goes to sleep. if she wanted to and hillary
7:51 am
clinton wants a 550% increase in syrian refugees pouring into this country. .. over and above the thousands and thousands and thousands that are already coming in. you want to see a problem? this will be the great trojan horse modern day version. her plan will import extremism and radicalism into your cools and throughout your communities. when i'm elected president, we will suspend immediately the syrian refugee program. [cheers and applause ] and we will keep radical islamic
7:52 am
terrorists the hell out of our country. you look at what's happened in france, you look at what's happened in germany, no, and we all have big hearts and we owe -- what do we owe? 20 trillion. we '20 trillion. think of it. but i'll get the gulf states, they have plenty of money. they have so much money they don't know what to do with it. they just have to be told nicely, right? we'll build safe havens in syria but we can't have this, folks. we have enough problems. we don't need these kinds of problems. a trump administration will also secure and defend the borders of the united states. and as we said, yes, we will
7:53 am
build a great wall. we received the first ever endorsement issued by i.c.e. and border control officers. it's just been reported that as a result of our open borders, violent cartels have spread into all 50 states. more than 90% of those arrested are here illegally. 90%. think of it. 90% are here illegally. oh, look, a future construction worker. look at that baby so cute. give me that. [cheers and applause ]
7:54 am
[cheers and applause ] future construction worker. they did a great job. wow. that is a great, beautiful baby. congratulations. that's an early trump fan, right? that's an early united states fan. anyway, back to the basics. these terrorists are killing
7:55 am
innocent americans, threatening schools and destroying our communities. a government that will not protect its people is a government that is unworthy to leave. as secretary of state, hillary clinton allowed thousands of the most dangerous and violent criminals to come into the country, go free and wouldn't send them back and their home countries very intelligently said, we don't want them, take them back and we would never force them in. i promise you, when we take these killers and gang members and drug lords back to their countries, they would be accepted gladly by their country. okay? thank you so much for bringing this killer back, mr. trump. we totally appreciate. they will say, president trump,
7:56 am
thank you, sir. we're so, so happy. mr. trump, we are so, so happy to have our drug lords back, to have our killers back, to have our gang members back. thank you, mr. trump, on behalf of -- i won't use the name of the country. hillary supports total open borders. that means the end of your country. and strongly supports sanctuaries where kate steinle was killed by an illegal immigrant who was probably deported five times. thousands of americans would be alive today if not for the open border policies of barack obama and hillary clinton. and by the way, i've said it, this guy is campaigning full
7:57 am
time. she can't campaign for herself. the only way she gets him to show up is when she has a -- otherwise, she gets 400 people, 500 people. by the way, the cameras never show that. can you imagine if i had a small crowd? it would be headlines all over the world, trump not doing it, right? but she has these little crowds show up, is the big problem. look, she can't do more than one or two a day because she has no energy. but she can't do it because they can't get any people. but obama goes and campaigns for her. he ought to spend time in the oval office defeating isis, strengthening up or border. among those killed, americans like josh wilkinson whose mother i've gotten to know during this
7:58 am
campaign. josh was a student in a high school, a great student. he was murdered at the age of 17. he was tortured and beaten and strangled to death by an illegal immigrant who never should have been in our country and then his body was shot on fire. these people are amazing people. these are people that suffered so much. last year, right here in florida, 17-year-old starl starlet pitts, her mother and boyfriend were violently killed. the killer was wanted for double-murder and robbery but released from custody enabling him to commit these and other horrible crimes. and the people that knew him begged that he be incarcerated
7:59 am
or thrown the hell out of our country and the obama administration, with their weak policies, refused to listen. death. we will protect american lives. we will cancel all federal funding of sanctuary cities. we will stop illegal immigration, deport every last criminal alien and dismantle every criminal gang and cartel threatening our great citizens. when we win this election, you will finally have a government or on your side fighting for your community and protecting your family.
8:00 am
we will also rebuild our badly depleted military. greatest people on earth. that means brand-new modern aircraft from mcdill. right now, our fighter jets, some are so old, they can't get parts. they don't make them anymore. 18, 19 years old. they did a big documentary about it. we're going to take care of those brand-new jets. i'm honored to have the endorsement of over 200 top admirals and generals and 22 medal of honor recipients. i actually heard that we picked up five today. and i want to thank the coach for getting up here and talking to you people. what a great coach. and joe and your attorney
8:01 am
general. you have so many great people. all of the people that got up and spoke, i want to thank them. hillary brought death and disaster to iraq and syria and libya. they have empowered syria. we gave them $150 billion and they hate us. but now they are strong. we've created them. they were ready to die. they were ready to come back and make any deal we wanted and we took them out of the ashes and made them perhaps the world power, not just a regional power. all hillary clinton's thinking, bad judgment, bad instincts and she unleashed isis all across the world. during the debates -- did i win the debates?
8:02 am
did i win the debates? you know, i was a little worried about the debate because for a week and a half i would hear, she's not going out of her house. she's doing debate prep. i said, wait a minute. how can you -- you're supposed to know this stuff, right? i mean, she's got a lot of experience. but it's all bad experience. it's experience of losing. she kept doing debate prep. i kept listening and saying, what do you mean, ten hours a day for a week and a half? i can't do that. we're supposed to know this subject, aren't we? we're supposed to know this. anyway, she did debate prep. i don't think it helped her very much. hillary and her failed establishment have spent millions on the middle east in a war we never win. by the way, we keep fighting, fight, fight, fight. and i always say, general douglas mcarthur, george patton,
8:03 am
what are they doing? they are spinning in their graves. we go into mosul. ladies and gentlemen, we will be attacking mosul in four months from now. oh. now the people of mosul -- you know, these guys are tough and smart, in all fairness, so one of the reasons we're going to mosul is we want to get the isis leaders. we think they are staying in mosul and we want to get them. well, before the announcement is over, they are gone. whatever happened to the element of surprise in what a group of losers we have. and now it's a very tough battle. they have dug in. it's much tougher than they thought. much tougher than they thought. we need different thinking in this country, folks. they should have kept their mouth shut, quietly, quickly and
8:04 am
viciously, go in and then have a news conference when it's over a week later. right? and i'm convinced they only did that because of political reasons. it's a disaster. they thought it was going to be a quick victory and hillary's running and then she'll get credit. except for one problem, we already had mosul so we gave it up and then isis was formed. isis is now in 232 countries. during the debate i watched. she said, we're going to fix our tax code. why didn't you do it? all of her people do the same thing. we're all doing the same thing. and we're going to fix our tax code. we're going to do this, we're going to do that. we're going to fix this. i kept saying, you've been there for 30 years. why didn't you do it? it's never going to happen. they have dragged us into foreign wars and shipped our wealth to other countries and left our borders wide open, so
8:05 am
we have no borders and yet we're over fighting for countries that a lot of people in this country have never heard of and we want a border. we don't protect our own borders. that will change on november 8th. a trump administration will never, ever put the interests of a foreign country before the interests of our country. [cheers and applause ] from now on, it's going to be america first. to all americans i say, it is time for change. it is time for new leadership. and i want you to think about -- [ crowd chanting "we want trump
8:06 am
] trump]. >> thank you, folks. i did see a sign that i love. let me see that. let me see that. let me have that. i love that sign. i love that sign. women for trump, hispanics for trump. thank you. i just found a second mike. i'm probably being wired or p a
8:07 am
tapped here. that's got to be the justice department. i'm saying to myself, where the hell did the second mike come from? just think about what we can accomplish in the first 100 days of a trump administration. we're going to have the biggest tax cuts since ronald reagan. even bigger. she will raise your tax. we will eliminate every unnecessary job-killing regulation. such a big thing. such a big thing. cancel every illegal obama executive order. we are going to protect religious liberty. we will rebuild our military and take care of our great veterans like they've never been taken care of before. they've been badly treated. that won't happen. we already have a plan for the veterans and they love it and we
8:08 am
have overwhelming support for our veterans. we'll put an end to common core and bring our education local. we will support the men and women of law enforcement. we are going to save our second amendment. we have the endorsement of the nra. these are great people, wayne, chris, all of them. they love this country. they love this country. they gave me the early endorsement they've ever given to a presidential candidate. we are going to save our second amendment. great people. and we will appoint justices to the united states supreme court who will uphold and defend the
8:09 am
constitution of the united states. it's time to cut our ties with the failed politicians like hillary of the past. hillary clinton is the candidate of yesterday and we are the movement of the future. and they've never seen a movement like this, folks. they've never, ever seen a movement like this. there has never been anything like this in this country's history and we have to close it out on november 8th or sooner. by the way, who's voted? that's about 80%. 20% leave right now. vote. okay. the numbers are being looking good, that i can tell you. did you guys vote? did you vote? you voted, right?
8:10 am
good. thank you. we are fighting for every parent who lost their life to drugs and gang violence. we're fighting for every community whose jobs have been shipped out of this country to other faraway land, happening all the time. and we are fighting for every american who believes government should serve the people, not the donors. i'm asking you to dream big because your vote, think of this we are just three days away. do you believe it three days away. we'll bring about the change you've been waiting for your entire life. this will be a very important day. and i know that the vote that you cast will be the most important vote of your life because our country doesn't win
8:11 am
anymore. we will start winning. we will knockout isis. believe me, we have no choice. we will knock them out. we will knockout isis. we will win a trade. we will win at the borders. we will start winning again. we'll win so much you're going to get sick and tired of winning. is that possible? you'll say, please, mr. president, you're winning too much. let's take it easy. we're going to win so much, you'll be so proud of your country and hopefully you'll be proud of your president. [cheers and applause ] together, we will make america wealthy again and make america strong again and safe again and we will make america great again. thank you very much, everybody! thank you. thank you. get out and vote. god bless you, everybody. god bless you. get out and vote.
8:12 am
all right. that is what they call a command performance. donald trump ramping up in tampa, florida, a raucous crowd and a big crowd at that. he has multiple stops in florida, colorado, north carolina, nevada, states in which he has suddenly overtaken. hillary clinton will be campaigning in pennsylvania, oddly enough. because late in this game rarely is the presidential candidate for democrats which is safe democratic turf. for me, the signature event in this donald trump sort of litany of what ails america and what he can do to fix it is something he has done at a number of events. this little baby. and immediately, immediately, my thought was to the lion king. identical. lion king was a hit movie and
8:13 am
very few people envisioned it would do nearly as well. could this movie you can't make up go the same route and be history making? we have trump economic adviser steve moore, fortune magazine donna machinski. i always tell people, whether you're on the right or left, he takes the speech to a whole other level and tries to sprinkle in almost with comedic timing news events so that it doesn't sound repetitive. hillary clinton had better take note, shouldn't she? >> i was thinking -- my only quibble is with repetitive. i totally agree with you. he has good timing. you know, if it were between
8:14 am
trump and bill clinton and hillary clinton, it would be bill clinton, trump, hillary clinton in terms of speaking style. >> i never saw a simba moment like i just saw. i think that rattles you a little bit, adam. but you never know. >> guilty as charged, neil. >> all right. i'm kidding you. steve, one of the things that we talk about with adam, repetitive -- each side is repetitive with their central argument and hillary clinton goes on and speaks about what is going on with her opponent and that he repeats himself just like adam said and that he is a loose cannon but there's something about -- and i don't know whether this is partly your inspiration about the way trump does it, it's first news and what is happening. it does get people's attention. >> you know, this is the thing that's been the most remarkable thing about the whole trump
8:15 am
movement and donald trump's burst on the scene a year ago. i've been in politic as long time, 30 years. i've barely seen a politician who's able to connect with the american people and say things that a lot of other politicians were afraid to say, taking on political -- all right. i apologize. we lost steve there. adam, one of the things that comes up and as we were showing video, chris christie campaigning in the past for mr. trump, chris christie not doing that this weekend. he was supposed to be in new hampshire but maybe given the bridgegate indictments that came down yesterday involving the governor, maybe the better part of the ballot would be that he wouldn't interfere with the campaign. much has been made of the fact that it's donald trump solo. he's had surrogates but he doesn't have a deep bench of hollywood celebrities. he doesn't have a president obama or michelle obama or a bill clinton and that is --
8:16 am
>> he doesn't have a paul ryan either, for example. >> but here he is surging in the polls without any of that stuff. >> well, we're getting close to election day. >> i've known you for years. you just look sad. what's the matter? >> yeah. i -- neil, you're pushing me here. i am. he connects -- we know who he connects with. he connects with many of the people watching us now and connects with everybody at his rallies but to say he connects with the american people, we'll find out on tuesday. >> do you accept those polls, do you accept markets that have been trending down of late on the fear that he just might win and he's an unknown entity? i'm just throwing a lot of data at you to say, this is bigger than just angry, white male. >> i do.
8:17 am
you know, i think it's -- you have to be careful with overinterpreting things like the stock market route but no doubt that those who pay attention to the state of the local economy, our concern that a man with horrible trade policies, doesn't appear to have any impulse control, who just behaves in an obnoxious way could be the president. >> you don't seem to like him much. steve is back with us now. we were talking about the market lord that says that the markets are down three months prior to election day, which definitely they are right now. it's not good for the incumbent party to hold the white house and it's that uncertainty, more than anything else, that is rattling the markets. do you buy that? >> look, i think there's this
8:18 am
perception among some investors that a trump presidency that it would be bad for the stock market. the first thing trump is going to do is cut businesses which will help the stock market. the coal industry and oil and gas industry will be helped. i actually think you could see if trump wins this election a real bull market expansion and i go back -- >> but steve, you go back to reagan. you mentioned reagan. the markets originally were falling under reagan. >> you're right. >> and because of these fears. now, we know -- >> exactly right. >> -- a recession before everything kicked into gear and there was painflation. if donald trump gets elected next week, if that is what happens, that we're looking at
8:19 am
that, it's a rough haul in the beginning and then the markets bounce back after that? what do you envision? >> i think maybe a little bit of rough sledding as markets try to figure out what this new president is going to do. but as these policies come in to place -- look, we think in the first 100 days we can pass that tax cut. we can start overturning a lot of obama executive orders, for example. the coal plant loss that is putting our coal miners out of work and then you get that momentum. you're right, neil, it wasn't until the summer of 1982, a year after reagan's election, that we went through the biggest bull market expansion in american history. i see something like that repeating if trump wins and i think it's so interesting in that speech today how -- what is trump's closing argument? it's the economy. it's jobs. it's tax cuts. i think that's exactly why he's going to win because if you look at the polls for the last two years, it's been jobs and the economy, issues one and two. >> guys, thank you very much.
8:20 am
i apologize for the disruption with your connection there, steve. adam pulled the plug but that's the way he rolls. in the meantime, i want to show you something that i think was the highlight of that trump event and people will minimize this sort of stuff but it is all for the crowds. it is all for something that will be played back again and again on tv and i call it the trump "lion king" moment. he finds a baby in the crowd. the baby rarely cries, by the way. i haven't seen this at the hillary clinton event. kids and animals, you avoid them because them upstage you. but again, the link with the "lion king" movie, undeniable. it's almost scripted to queue. we don't have it now. don't lose it in the control room. it's a signature moment. it could be a simba moment. but now we have a john sinunu
8:21 am
moment. there you go. governor, did you see this "lion king" moment? good to have you. >> it's unbelievable. look, be thankful for one thing. it's only three more days of this. >> you know, how do you -- when you were running for office and your son is running for governor, the family in politics, do you avoid babies? do you try to avoid it because it's always dicey, right? >> neil, i had eight kids and 16 grandkids. there's no way i can avoid baby. >> i mean, when you pick them out in a crowd. trump is fond of doing that. >> no, i'm comfortable with them. it's up to the mother. to tell you -- talk about the mechanics of what a politician should do when there's a baby in the crowd, it's up to the mother. if the mother really wants to you do that, if the mother is asking you to take ahold of the baby and you're comfortable
8:22 am
doing it, then you go right ahead and do you but donald trump did it very well and it was clear that the mother was there proffering her child to be handled by the next president of the united states. a lot of practiced politicians would not have done it that well. your "lion king" description is probably very accurate. >> i saw that movie like 500 times when my daughter was little. governor, i want to ask you, you maybe got in a little hot water with a comment you made about hillary clinton in which you were sort of paraphrasing or playing off of bill clinton saying, i did not have sex with that woman, referring that he meant his wife. that repeatedly got the state democratic party chairman in your fine state urging your son, who is running for governor, to disavow those remarks saying that john sununu's comments are
8:23 am
shove nis stick and disgusting and have no place in the granite state. he needs to disavow his father's miss s mysoginstic comments. you say? >> the press reported he took $45,000 and the other thing is that the governor of the state running against kelly ayotte not only got caught in a serious pay-for-play where she took $150,000 from a contractor, she also has to return about $71,000 of illegal contributions that she took in boston, massachusetts. look, the issue that i wanted to focus on at that event was the culture of corruption that the clintons have brought to the campaign.
8:24 am
and they have done it with terry mcauliffe and then giving well over $500,000 in what i call an attempted bribe. he gave it to the wife of the deputy director of the fbi when she was running for office in virginia. the issues in terms of today's closing arguments, are those disrackses? in terms of in our state drifting to be like states in new england that were so different, in over 20 years, democratic governors have sliced away and sliced away the advantage that we had.
8:25 am
>> dad, you're a great campaigner, great out on the stump but you've got to cool it with that kind of talk? >> he's out working his tail off campaigning. >> okay. >> do you think i'd be on your show if we were getting lectures? >> that's a very good point. >> first of all, on the presidential side and in that key senate race where i guess it's as close as you can get, so is the presidential race, what's happening? >> well, trump is maybe a point ahead. i think the key polls are what's going on in states that more traditionally reflect polling, like michigan, colorado, nevada. you even pointed out pennsylvania. those states have a much broader
8:26 am
population to poll and, frankly, i think they are more predictable in polling. in new hampshire, we have long presidential primaries and then we have another primary in september and our voters are tired of answering the phone. i think in other states they are much more accommodating. >> what's weird about it, governor, let's say in the case of kelly ayotte who has kind of disavowed donald trump, soon after the release of that videotape, but she's doing okay and so is donald trump. >> and so is my son who is supporting donald trump. >> exactly. so the confusion of interpreting that, what do you say? >> well, that's what i'm saying. it's not an easy thing to interpret and i think people that draw too many conclusions from new hampshire polls sometimes get surprised. i think the thing the candidates have to do is go full speed ahead and trump is coming back on monday to go full speed ahead. i think what you're going to see is a strong closing argument but
8:27 am
people really want to hear issue positions. there's a lot of voters. i don't know what the number is but 10, 15% in some places that haven't made up their minds. talk to them about obamacare and about an economy in the state that isn't providing jobs for the young people. >> if you were advising them, governor, and i'm looking at mr. trump's stops in the next -- let's say today and tomorrow, nevada, do you think he should be beefing up his presence in pennsylvania, that if the democrats are so worried about holding on to that democratic state, that maybe he should capitalize on it? >> neil, i assume that you have some viewer ship and so when he lands in florida like today, folks in all of those states saw what he was doing.
8:28 am
significantly larger significantly larger than the 10,000 or -- i don't know what the number was in florida but let's call it the 10,000 people that were there. so he has the capacity of taking advantage of your insatiable thrift for your viewership, wherever he goes, he's going to do well. >> chris christie canceled on his own his aappearance to help the ticket? >> i have no idea. what i find interesting is the democratic governor of virginia has not been showing up with huma abedin since though found 600,000 e-mails in huma abedin's computer but i think her immunity might be in jeopardy with the fbi. so those are the folks that you really wanted to see with hillary but i guess she's hiding
8:29 am
out as well. >> on the chris christie thing, did you recommend that he not come? >> i have no idea. i'm not involved in any of the planning process. >> i think you're being modest and you have more sway. >> i doubt it. i'm an old, cranky governor. >> thank you for your efforts on the "lion king" moment. again, the signature event there. that's all you need to know. donald trump has a thing with babies. they rarely cry and they become the stuff of cinematic political history. more after this. the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness.
8:30 am
and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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8:32 am
all right. let's get the read on the
8:33 am
sunshine state. michael is in florida. what's in like in that neck of the woods? >> no question about it, a lot of focus put on florida, the biggest battleground state. hillary clinton is heading here in a short time. the clinton campaign is trying to cover a lot of time between the democratic nominee and her surrogates. and so clinton and her running made are doing rallies here in the sunshine state. bernie sanders is hitting two states today. iowa and colorado. former president bill clinton and daughter chelsea are campaigning in the tar heel state, north carolina. vice president biden is hitting the campaign trail once again in pennsylvania. tonight, more star power will be helping hillary clinton.
8:34 am
katy perry, who also sang at the democratic national convention, will do a get out to vote campaign and jay-z and his wife did an event talking about their daughter wanting to grow up in a country with a woman president and a country with no limitations. we expect hillary clinton here in a short time. neil? >> michael, thank you very much. to pennsylvania where there will be the katy perry moment. >> reporter: it's interesting. they have just started a sound check and with the jay-z and beyonce appearance and the katy perry get out to vote event in pennsylvania, she's trying to drive turnout and trying to do it with the key voting constituencies that she's been targeting. she's trying to do it in cities like this one. think about what you know about
8:35 am
the city of pennsylvania. president obama four years ago won easily staytewide. so how did he do it? he did it by driving the turnout in this area, philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs. mrs. clinton is trying to follow a similar strategy and we see a much different strategy in the trump campaign. we were at the hershey area and trump is targeting white, working-class voters. so when you look at that, we were talking about his supporters, they are enthusiastic and you compare it to the numbers. what do the numbers show? this race is getting close in pennsylvania. the real clear politics average of the polls, we've been watching it for months, down to a three-point advantage, a little less than that for hillary clinton. we'll see how it goes the last few days. katy perry will be here tonight to try to drive the turnout for
8:36 am
secretary clinton. >> connell, thank you very much in the philadelphia area. i also want to show you what is going on in some of these polls beneath the polls. 82% of african-american voters are supporting hillary clinton but donald trump is making a very fervent pitch for those voters. this was in tampa. >> thank you, fellas. that's so great. that is great. thank you. thank you very much. >> all right. trump adviser for african-american outreach, burnell in chicago, i hope i pronounced that correctly. last time i butchered it. great to be here.
8:37 am
>> they never budge beyond 3 to 5% yet in some state polls -- again, some -- nationally it's a different story. nothing approaching hillary clinton. but when all is said and done, what do you think the african-american vote will look like? >> i believe it will at least look like 16% to 25%. >> really? >> yes, i do. i mean, put it like this, donald trump is saying -- and he said this in north carolina in his new deal to african-americans, he said, look, i'm not going to entertain you but what i will do is put $100 billion into the inner cities in the -- for over an eight-year period and then i'm also going to tack on school choice so that all americans, whether you're black, white, hispanic, arab, will have a shot at the american dream of having a great education. that's what's important to black
8:38 am
voters. you can't eat jay-z. you cannot put trina and other people in your baby's bottle and feed them. with the infrastructure that donald trump is saying that he's going to put into the inner city, you can take that to the bank. that's what's important. 100 billion in the inner city, over eight years and school choice. >> the president says that african-americans who vote for him are forgetting his own legacy. i want you to react to this. >> there was a time when systematically denying black folks the right to vote, that, too, was considered normal. it wasn't that long ago. so the idea that you would give your vote away, that you would -- you would sit there and not even take the 15 minutes to walk across the street and
8:39 am
vote -- everybody sit down and be quiet for a second. you've got an older gentleman who is supporting his candidate. he's not doing nothing. you don't have to worry about him. >> kind of mixing apples and oranges. the gist of it is, he said "go vote" and they were not showing out in the numbers that they did for him four years ago and certainly eight years prior, they are only hurting themselves. you say what? >> i would say that african-americans need to get out of their emotions. the president is supporting hillary clinton, a person who has the fbi crawling all over her. she has at least two to three open criminal investigations with the fbi. now, i wish the president would stand up for pookie and shante
8:40 am
and the department of justice when they are in our cities and homes. so my thing is this. you've got to think about what they are going to say anything whether to get your vote. that's what the democratic party does. they come in, they dance, put on emmy-winning performances and then they don't do anything in the community. 100 billion to inner cities. >> one of the things i'm hearing in the president's message to african-americans, not only that they could be wasting their vote by not voting, double negative there, but that you're really wasting it if you go for trouble. so how do you, when you go back to african-americans, explain to them, well, on this the president is wrong. what are you saying? >> what i was saying is this.
8:41 am
african-americans, latinos, go into your inner city. if you really want to know what the president has done in the last four to eight years, go into your inner cities. look your fellow americans in the eye who are hopeless, hurting, crying and feel left behind. if you believe your fellow american deserves to live like that another four to eight years under hillary clinton, who is under federal investigation, then you vote for hillary. but if you believe that your fellow american deserves the right to the american dream, they deserve the right to that 100 billion over the next eight years. they deserve the right to school choice and to be treated better than second-class citizens in their own country. get out of your emotions. vote for your fellow americans to have jobs and better education and a bite at the american dream. don't fall for the emmy-winning and oscar performances. go out there and vote for your
8:42 am
fellow american to live a good, great life, like the president has worked hard for illegal aliens and refugees to live. we want a president that puts americans first. not illegal aliens, not refugees. we want a president who is going to put our military first. our economy first. our nafta deals, our schools first. we want a president that is going to fix the infrastructure of our country and we all know from our souls that hillary can't do that, especially given the fact that she's got those fbi investigations all over her. she is unfit. she needs to step down. we need a president and office who is a doer and a builder. and that is donald j. trump. >> holy cow. one of the things that donald trump says and he shortens up the argument a little bit when he reaches to african-americans and says what the hell have you got to lose -- >> yes. >> are people ever offended by that or do they say, hey, that makes sense?
8:43 am
>> let me tell you something. that 25% of african-americans that are living in abject poverty are not offended. if you were signed up eight years ago and four years ago to vote democrat under obama, take that democrat vote that did nothing for you and put it in the bank for donald trump for 100 billion over eight years, to put it into the man who took 1 million from his father and turned it into 8 billion. put that vote into a candidate that has not been in politics 30 years making broken promises like hillary. put it into the political outsider, donald j. trump. if he doesn't do what he's supposed to do in the next four years, then we vote him out but let's give him a chance. don't fall for the oscar-winning performances being put on. you can't eat that. but the jobs and the money and investment in community that donald trump want to put in our community, we can eat that and feed our children with it.
8:44 am
>> holy toledo, remind me not to argue with you in the future. >> hey, it's the truth. we all know from our souls that hillary's not going to do anything. >> thank you. >> god bless you. end synthetic over cedar? "super food"? is that a real thing? it's a great school, but is it the right the one for her? is this really any better than the one you got last year? if we consolidate suppliers what's the savings there? so should we go with the 467 horsepower? or is a 423 enough? good question. you ask a lot of good questions... i think we should move you into our new fund. ok. sure. but are you asking enough about how your wealth is managed? wealth management, at charles schwab.
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forget about watching cartoons tomorrow. i'm watching neil cavuto on fox news and fox business. >> all right. so sure he's one of the producer's children. i just want to point out that he, like millions of others, is glued to fox news this weekend. in fact, when i'm done here, i'll hop over to fox business and continue with a couple more hours there. that sharp little ad is among many who will be glued to their sets because they realize the future of the world is at stake.
8:48 am
all right. in the meantime, to wisconsin and a battle going on there that maybe for the democrats, not so much because they are going full throttle to try to take that state. mike tobin is there with the very latest. a who's who crowd, right? >> we are expecting governor pence to show up. part of a flurry of national republicans swooping in to wisconsin to try to sway what is shaping up as one of the tightest senate races. we've seen the likes of eric trump show up in northern wisconsin to throw his support behind senator johnson. some 45 outside groups are spending time in this state right now. 16 are spending time there and governor scott walker that got
8:49 am
through the recall now at 1.6 million door knocks for johnson. house speaker paul ryan is campaigning for johnson. to jump subjects, he told me that he's no longer in the speaker's gavel are not accurate. he said don't believe everything you read. governor pence anticipates he will clear up these reports that he had doubt about whether he supported ryan for the speaker position but the primary goal for pence while he's here is to drum up support for his own ticket. neil? >> i want to take you to west miami, florida, and hillary is greeting crowds right there. that state is essentially even. democrats think they can take it and 4 million floridians have
8:50 am
already voted. beyonce was there just last night. that's not to say trump has no representation in that community. far from it. i want you to
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
i had no idea fox news was doing election night coverage. i thought it was just fox business. meanwhile, hollywood's biggest stars are coming out in force for hillary clinton. "the new york times" said big names campaigning for clinton underscore donald trump's isolation. as if my next guest would disagree with that. actor extraordinaire out of california. very good to have you, antonio. >> thank you for having me. >> they're minimizing the impact of guys like you. you're for donald trump. does that hurt you with your hollywood jet set buddies? >> i haven't really paid attention to that anymore. i'm so excited about tuesday. we're going to win. we're going to get our country back on tuesday. we're very excited. the american people are fed up with what's going on. i've been campaigning for donald trump for about a year now. so this is about time we get our nation back. >> what got you involved? i mean, you could argue that in your profession, something like
8:55 am
that, going out on a limb for republicans, let alone a controversial one like donald trump, might hurt your career. obviously it hasn't, you're doing quite well. explain. >> yes, sir. listen, this is more important than me, than my business, than my career. this is about our country. and what i've seen in the last eight years, and what's been going on with hillary is disgraceful. and i think it's about time we step up. we have a leader who is going to love our nation, who does love our nation. and has got great prospects for the future of this country. >> when you look back to your friends in italy, they're all worried about trump. how do you calm them down? >> actually, they're very excited. my friends and family are very excite that we're going to get a president who loves this country. they're very excited about trump. there's something really, really -- it's a big thrill to
8:56 am
have somebody like that run for office. he's not a politician. he's honest man. he tells you what's up, tell you to your face and he's ready to fight. and that's what we need. >> if hillary clinton wins, what's your worries? >> listen, this country's going to go right into the ashes. it's going to be over. the country that we love, it's going to be over. and we don't want that. hillary's not going to win. there's a lot of people who have never voted who are voting right now. >> we'll see. >> we'll see in a few days. i know in my heart he'll win. >> antonio, thank you very much. >> thanks, neil. my pleasure. >> this is controversial. but i want you, if you are on fox news, put it on dvr. best of both worlds could be with a coast-to-coast going on on fbn.
8:57 am
you still get fnc, if you just dvrfnc. it's the flip tomorrow when i'm doing fnc and fbn. i'm going to see you in minutes. do as i said right now. when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges.
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fox news alert from america's election hks. hillary clinton and donald trump are set to hold rallies soon as he hit the home stretch of this campaign. hello, everybody, hope you're having a great weekend. i'm jena lee. this is a special saturday edition of happening now. >> thanks for spending part of your day with us. i'm jon scott. three days until america decides who the next president will be. the candidates are leaving nothing to chance. hillary clinton starting her day in pembrook pines, florida, before going to pennsylvania. those two states alone combine for a whopping 49 electoral votes. donald trump will be holding a rally in wilmington, north carolina, then heads west to nevada and colorado.


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