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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  November 5, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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every country does. by the way, every country does. who doesn't? if you can't make money with the united states, you shouldn't be representing your country. everybody does it. but mexico, we have a tremendous trade deficit with mexico. i met with the president three months ago. terrific guy. we're going to have a great relationship with china, with mexico, with japan, with everybody. but folks, it's got to be a double street. it's got to be a two-way street. right now it's just everything goes to other countries, we get nothing. any time. take a look at japan. japan sends us cars by the hundreds of thousands. we send them practically nothing. you call that trade and balance. it goes on for years. nobody does anything about it. we send them wheat, wheat. it's wonderful to send wheat, but they send us cars by the
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hundreds of thousands, so many different things, so many different things that we can fix so easy. we have the greatest businesspeople in the world, to have so many people endorsing me, carl icon. these are great, natural negotiators. we don't use them. we use political hacks to make deals with china, and then we lose almost $500 billion a year with china and we want to know what's wrong with us. what's wrong with us and we have people that don't know what they're doing. we're some of the smartest people in the world. they use their smartest, toughest, meaniest people. we use dumb people. we use hacks. i've done a lot of business with china. i think china's great. i've been great. i've made a lot of money with china. i have their bank -- the biggest bank in the world from china is my tenant. i sell condos, the bank of
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america building in san francisco, another big building in manhattan i got through china. china's great. but i don't hold it against china. i hold it against the stupidity to let china get away with it. and then on top of it all, to show the lack of respect they have for our country, they go into the south china sea and they're building one of the great fortresses of the world for landing airplanes, for docking their ships, and military ships, and yet they're making a fortune with us. they take our money, they take our jobs. think of this, they take our money. they take our jobs. and we owe we them $1.6 trillion. how does that happen?
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it's magic. do you know what you call that? magic, for them not us. as secretary of state, hillary clinton allowed thousands of the most dangerous and violent criminal aliens to go free because they'ir home countries would not take them back because they're smart. they don't want killers, drug lords, gang members back. they said get them the hell out of here, we're not taking them back. so we turnaround the plane or whatever the hel well, l we bri in. there won't be one time when we're bringing somebody back that we come back with that person sitting in that airplane, i can tell you. and these various countries will understand that, but nobody's told them that, so they just don't understand it, but they will, and we'll have a good relationship with them.
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hillary supports totally open borders. there goes our country, and by the way, we will build that wall. this young patriot keeps adding build the wall, build the wall. i finally said okay, we're going to build the wall. who's going to pay the wall? 100%. by thepoliticians, we had 17, now we have one left, one. one left. one left before we make this country great again. one left, crooked hillary. we have three days left. now i guess it's sort of like two days. two and a half days. but we're going to do it, it's going to be so great.
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you're going to be so proud of your country again, i'm telling you. you're going to be so proud. look at the spirit in this room. and you know what? i don't need beyonce and i don't need jay-z. i like them. they're very nice. i don't know. i don't need -- i don't need j. lo. and i don't need john bon jovi. nice guy. they're all nice. they're all nice. but i don't need them. we have far more people. you heard what happened last night with beyonce and jay-z. first of all she said about him, his language is lewd. his language. my language is nothing compared to what jay-z was doing last
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night and beyonce. nothing. my language is like baby talk. listen, what jay-z said last night, that's a different category, and then beyonce, what she said, and then hillary walks on and kisses and hugs and kisses and hugs. okay. how come i'm lewd? i'm lewd. but they're fine? you know, now here's what happened last night. let me tell you the facts. hillary uninfiring person. we'd my a cheer leader to bring people together, right? che she's not a cheerleader. here's what happened and the crooked media doesn't tell you
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this. they'll see a couple heads up here, they'll see your nice beautiful head of white hair. they'll see these folks here and oh, trump digs coal, i do. but i'll tell you what happened. so they do the concert. they didn't even have a big group for beyonce, and jay-z. nothing like i had in hershey, pennsylvania. we have thousands of people outside, but here's the thing, and i don't have a gu don't have a piano. but what happens is they start the concert. the language was filthy. it was filthy. by any standard of anybody in this room, and people started to leave. and then when the concert was almost over a lot of people had left and then when they were finished everybody left and she stood up and talked and there
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was nobody there practically. it's true. nobody's going to see her. but the dishonest media doesn't say that. i saw it. she has a wonderful crowd. and a wonderful crowd, they're there because beyonce is there. they're there because j. lo and because john bon jovi. i mean give me a break, folks. and you know there's something -- and somebody said it tonight that's a very smart political person that i respect, when you have to have all of these different people to get involved politically, they don't care. they really don't care. they use the word that was interesting. it's demeaning to the political process. it really is. think of it. demeaning to the political process. so they fill it up, but they didn't even fill it up, but they bring a lot of people. they do the concert. a lot of people were offended by
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how bad the language was and a lot of people left, but by the time hillary got on, most of the people had left and the press doesn't write that. they don't write that. so they give you a false ill depression of what's goi impression of what's going on. people love what we're saying. people love what we're saying. people love what we're saying. so hillary supports totally sanctuary cities like san francisco where kate steinle was murdered, by illegal immigrant who was deported at least five times. thousands of americans would be alive today if not for the open border policies of obama and clinton. here in colorado, detective donna young -- you know the story -- and detective john
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bishop were providing security at a baptism when they were ambushed by an illegal immigrant who had multiple prior run-ins with law enforcement and who the people that knew him begged for his incarceration. the illegal immigrant shot and killed detective young and badly wounded detective bishop. the perpetrator was a gang member and should have never, ever been allowed . there were hundreds of thousands of these stories. also here in colorado, patricia gunthrof, and deborah serec, along with a small todd limited partership -- toddler, throughout the great state of colorado, nothing happened.
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and people that knew him, also said please, please he's dangerous, please in cars rate him. but our state department and the people involved didn't want to get involved in that. so people lie dead. a trump administration will end this nightmare of violence and end it quickly. we will stop illegal immigration, deport all criminal aliens and dismantle every last criminal gang and cartel threatening our great citizens. and i have to tell you, you sigh t see the numbers coming in and we're getting great poll numbers with the latinos. great. and we're getting great poll numbers -- people are surprised -- because we have so many people. they're here legally. they have a great job. they have a great house. they want to keep their job,
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they want to keep their house and they love what i'm saying. they agree with me. the cuban-americans, they just gave me the big award -- it was a big thing in miami two days ago from the cuban-americans because of what i've done and because of my attitude towards castro, et cetera, et cetera. but we're doing very well and people are surprised, but they shouldn't be surprised. a radio owner in new york, who has an all-spanish radio station, he said i don't know everyone talks about trump but all of my callers love him and they're all hispanic, they're all latino. and i just want to tell you, i do talk about beiuilding a wall because we have to keep the drugs out from poisoning our children. but i always also -- or a would
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like to add because i do so much more ad-libbing. i do have to mention in that wall we're going to have big beautiful doors and people are going to come pouring through those doors into our country, but they're going to come in legally. we will also repeal the obama-clinton sequester and help our badly depleted military. we're not doing it. we're hurting them. that means more resources, and investment in air force, space command at peterson air force base, buckley air force says, and cheyenne mountain air force base. a lot more.
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big beneficiary. we do love the air force around here, don't we? but we don't want our young great pilots flying in equipment that's so old that they don't even make parts for it anymore and that's what's happening. that's what's happening. i'm honored to have the endorsement of more than 200 top admirals and generals and 22 medal of honor recipients. hillary has spent sbillions on wars we can't win. it's a total disaster. now you have the great migration all over europe. and the folks in germany how they're doing. ask the people in france and
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paris and all the different places, and the people of france how they're doing. not good. get me tell you. in fact, really, really bad. people don't want to go there anymore. they've dragged us into foreign wars that have made us less safe, shipped our wealth to other countries and left our borders wide open at home. isn't that amazing? we fight for other countries that half the people in this room have never even heard of. tremendous money, more importantly, blood. blood. we lose our great people. we fight for these countries to have borders and at home we don't fight for our own border. that'll change on november 8th. a trump administration will
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never, ever put the interest of a foreign country before the interest of our country. from now on, it's going to be america first. to all americans i say, it's time for change, it's time for leadership. just think about what we can accomplish in the first 100 days of a trump administration. we are going to have the biggest tax cut since ronald reagan and hillary is going to raise your taxes very, very substantially. we're going to cancel every illegal obama executive order, protect religious liberty.
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wow! that's very impressive. that's impressive. religious liberty got bigger applause than a tax cut. that's great. i love that. rebuild our military, and take care of our great veterans. finally. we're going to provide school choice and put an end to common core, bring our education local. we are going to support the great men and women of law enforcement. and save our second amendment,
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which is under siege, and appoint justices to the united states supreme court who will uphold and defend the constitution of the united states. it's time to cut our ties with fail politicians of the past. hillary clinton is the candidate of yesterday. we are the movement of the future. walk or drive your ballot in. put it in the box. please don't put it in the mail. don't put it in the mail. you put it in the mail, we'll end up losing, we don't want to lose. we are winners folks. our country's going to be a winner again. take it down and put it in.
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[ crowd chanting "usa" ] we are fighting for every parent who lost their children to drug and gang violence and crime. we're fighting for every community whose jobs and dreams have been ripped out and shipped to other countries. we are fighting for every american who believes government should serve the people, not the donors, and not the special interests. we are fighting to unlock the potential of every community and every family, who hopes and prays and yearns for a much better future than they have right now. i'm asking you to dream big, because with your vote, we are
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just three days away from the change you've been waiting for your entire life. you're going to be so happy. we're going to start winning again. we're going to win so much. we're going to win on trade. we're going to get isis out. we have no choice. we're going to get them the hell out. we're going to knock them out. it's going to be happen a lot faster than people think. gotta get rid of them. we're going to start winning again as a country. we don't win anymore. we're going to start winning again. and together we will make america wealthy again. we will make america strong again. we will make america safe again.
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and we will make america great again! thank you, everybody. god bless you, everybody. get those ballots in! all right. that was donald trump making his fourth stop of the day and the all-important swing state of colorado. bernie sanders was in colorado stumping for hillary clinton earlier in the night with bill clinton making three stops in colorado yesterday. next, trump is expected to stop in five states on sunday, a very busy man. hillary is scheduled for two tomorrow, that is sunday. this just now two days away before election day. can you believe it? i'm jackie ibanez. we take you to the greg gutfeld show already in progress. >> i love that donald trump. we've had that mapped for 20 years and it's been the exact same map and it's immovable and all a gradual dedepressiregresse
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democratic party to take over. world domination. and texas is now a swing state, whatever, but at least he's blowing the map up and that's a very a appeppealing thing. if he loses, i don't care. at least he's changing the map and that's a good thing. >> it reminds me when i used to play candy land and i was losing and i would just turn it over. >> absolutely. >> that was just two years ago. >> absolutely. you can't -- you throw the whole thing over. >> exactly. >> that speaks for a lot of people. >> and it speaks for me. >> it makes chris mad. >> do you feel bad about the states where it doesn't platter where states that you just know that your vote doesn't matter. >> like new york and washington, d.c.? >> if you vote for hillary you're spitting in niagara falls, if you vote for trump, you're payie peeing in it. >> i grew up in new york so it
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doesn't bother me and now i live in washington, d.c. also, it's really nice there in the fall. i like colorado a lot. >> it's gorgeous. so here's my question for chris, or for you, if you want to answer it -- >> it's not for me. >> -- what about much ado was made in the last election cycle about the disparity between city voters, you know, like urban and rural voters, how is that breaking down so far? >> do a mental picture and you are picture 100 pinpoints dropped across the country in 100 largest cities across america. >> i am. >> and the farther you are away from any of those pinpoints, the more republican you are. so if you go into the deepest recesses of montana, or wyoming, the farthest away from one of the hundred largest cities the more republican you are. the closer you get, the more democratic you are. why is every election decided in the suburbs? because that's why the country
10:24 pm
meets the city. that is the point of coin flinf so country men like me and the people where i'm from are republican. city mice like you where you're from and where you grew upper democratic and then when we get to -- >> you just stereotype people for a live something. >> i do. all the dag gone time and almost always right. >> cat we're seeing live footage of a podium. >> you don't see the guy there? >> no, it's happening again. it's happening again. you mean there's something there? >> look, last word to you, thoughts on anything other than what chris just said? i'm trying to stay away. >> it just doesn't matter though. whatever the polls -- >> you can't say that. >> -- whatever the polls say or whatever they don't, it's five days and we're going to move on to phase two about being upset about whatever happened. i don't think it's possible to
10:25 pm
always tell. everything that's been known in the past has not worked out so far, so i don't believe anything. when i say it doesn't matter i mean nothing we know from the past really matters now because look -- donald trump's the republican nominee. do you remember when it was funny? we were laughing and clapping and it was great? >> this morning? >> reality tv is funny, and you're like i can't believe that's real life, and that pageant mom really does that for a living. >> we have to move on. but to quote freddie mercury, nothing really matters. coming up a story so hot you'll think it's my twin brother. what will a trump presidency look like? how about a clinton one? how about we go back to bed and wake up in 2020. ! [ grunts ] leave him! leave him! [ music continues ] brick and mortar, what?!
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this is a fox news alert. donald trump wrapping up his dayiday at a loud boisterous rally, hitting on topics well-known to supporters, he attacked obamacare, and quickly adding when he moves into the white house he will kick obamacare. trump also hitting on clinton's server problems and washington insiders. there were a few tense moments earlier during a rally in reno, nevada. secret service agents hustled trump off the stage because of a disturbance near the podium. someone yelled "gun" but no
10:30 pm
weapon was found. he returned to the stage after a few minutes to finish up his speech. one man was taken away. there has been no word if he will face any charges. i'm jackie ibanez, now back to the greg gutfeld show. log on to for all of your headlines. there are only two outcomes on election night, a president trump or president clinton. unless there's some kind of alien attack and we all die. which i'm all for, i already got a panic room with william devain. at any rate, what would life be like with either of these people in the oval office? let's begin with trump. if we go by what he's promising there may be a wall that separates us from mexico, obamacare could be overturned and security could become a number one priority and america could become great again, or he could start world war three over something someone said about him on twitter.
10:31 pm
but why quibble? but what if hillary wins? she, too, has made man promises like fixing obamacare, making tuition free at public colleges for many students, renegotiating trade deals like nafta, rolling out $275 billion infrastructure plan and killing off people with naturally curly hair. >> charles. >> i'm with her on that one, charles, but it will also mean four more years of this. >> it's time for us to say no, we are not going backwards, we're going forwards into a brighter future. >> any way, sometimes just takes time to -- i have to get over it, take a deep breathe. charles, what could be the best thing about a trump presidency? >> i mean america's already great -- made great again in at least one household because my mother got sick and tired of listening to my father complain
10:32 pm
and she took a kleenex box and made it into a ballot box and puts it out into the hallway and every time he complains about something, darn it, margaret, and she says the ballot box is down stays in the hallway and he checks off for trump, stuffs in the box and he feels better. he's quiet for at least half a day. >> you have taught him about the trump call. >> what? >> that's like -- >> all right, this weird stuff -- i want to know, what do you think is the best thing? >> the best thing -- no, and the best thing is -- the thing -- whether he wins or not -- y >> you can't think of anything. >> the best thing is that people have -- you know, people have been upset for a long time, and especially republicans. >> especially you. >> especially me. >> you sound very upset. >> this place is screwed up. >> it is totally rigged, the
10:33 pm
media, everything. >> you are in the media. >> well, you know. >> charles, if you don't get unemployed i'm having you shot. >> the message is clear. he sent the message. everybody knows. >> yeah. >> that's a good thing. >> all right. so, i'm a little confused. >> he sent the message, greg. >> did you not receive the message? >> no, i didn't. >> like did you receive the guy behind the podium? >> here's why i think trump would be good is because it's impossible for him to fulfill all the bad that people are saying is going to happen. remember, we -- these critics are promising the apocalypse. it's not going to happen. you got checks and balances. i think that good thing about trump is that he wants to be loved, and when you want to be loved you want strange new respect from your critics, right? so that's the first thing i think he's going to go for. the other -- the bad part about trump is i feel he's vindictive so he will remember people that didn't back him and he might
10:34 pm
have you audited or perhaps killed. >> tough but fair. >> i just don't want him showing up at my place because then i have to make something -- >> for a lot of reasons. >> i have no food in the fridge. >> all right. jillian, what would you -- what's your best hope for let's say a hillary presidency? >> i don't really have any hope anymore. i lost that. >> for your hopelessness? had. >> that should have been -- because it was like hope is on the way, and hope -- hope's dead. but do you know what this is like? it's like this, remember that ad from the '90s that would be like, this is your brain, and there would be eggs like sizzling in the pan and then -- and then there's this is your brain on drugs and then it's like scrambled egg? >> yes. >> one of those is donald trump and one of those is hillary clinton. i'm not going to tell you which one is which, you have to decide
10:35 pm
for yourself, but that's what it looks like. >> you just made me hungry. i love a good egg, even though i don't like to think about eggs because it's kind of creepy when you think about what an egg is, but i still eat them, because they're just delicious. a little hard-boiled egg with a little salt. any way, are we over stating the importance of this election? everyone's acting like if hillary clinton wins, the world is going to end, or if trump wins the world is going to end? >> the world is going to end. people forget there was always as much outrage. like remember the binders full of women? that was like for weeks and weeks and weeks the biggest deal in the whole world so now there are some more inflammatory things, nobody has enough outrage left. we don't know what to expect. with trump, he has no record, we don't know. he's thrown out plans and changed them. i know he has a zinger tweet
10:36 pm
ready to fire that off. i don't know if he's got anything beyond that. >> we've got to move on, but i want to and chris, the only good thing i could say about hillary is at least we know what kind of crook she is, right? we know what to expect and she's hobbled, right? she's kind of hobbled by -- like when she goes in, nobody is going to be on her team or on her side or is that easily forgot th forgott forgotten once she's president e lecture? >> i'm going to ignore your previous question, and people are making too much of this election. our framers and our foundiers intended this to be a country that was not dominated by its government and its people and if we read what the founders wrote, if we read any papers on the federalist papers, the whole time, politics is a necessary evil, not what it is what drives our life and what dominates us. >> so true. >> and i think part of what
10:37 pm
we're doing wrong in this election is pretending somehow there is a person you're going to elect, or there is an outcome of election that's going to fix what's wrong with you or make what's wrong with the country right. in fact, america is better than its politics, america is americans, and americans can make what's wrong in america right again, or americans can choose to do the wrong thing and continue to hate their neighbor and have hate in their heart and not do whites right or they can choose to love each other and it's up to us and it's not up to our politicians. >> i just wanted -- pepperoni on half, and pineapple. coming up a segment so delightful you might mistake it for a cute little bunny and smash its head and that would be wrong. the attempt to the answer some important questions about the election, that's what we're really going to do coming up.
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♪ artoo! welcome to the rebellion. ♪ this is for you. duracell and children's miracle network hospitals are powering imaginations everywhere. trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax constipated? use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief sorry. all right, as you know, we have a dynamic we have a dynamic and very sexy audience for this live show. the audience is home to send in any last minute questions you might have before we vote on tuesday. so without further adieu -- and
10:42 pm
what is an adieu any way? if nobody wants it, let's get started. hey -- any way. first question, it's from john andrew, it's via facebook, never heard of it. if you had the power to go back, who would you have picked to become the nominee's cast? >> ron paul. >> yes! >> my favorite -- i'm in love with ron paul and his brilliant freedom fighting mind. >> did you like his newsletters back when he was -- in the '80s? >> i was in the womb. >> republicans would be losing. >> yes. >> and your message would be losing. >> they are losing. >> i would say definitely donald trump because i mean that's the best and then hillary clinton is probably pretty good because she's really does -- she's the perfect personcasi perfect per soncasion. >> i'm going to go with marco rubio and i'm going to stick with hillary clinton. >> that is sensible.
10:43 pm
>> i'm pretty sensible. >> i think -- well, i'm going to go with isaac from the -- the bartender from the love boat and the republican nominee, and then i'm going to go pick the doctor -- what was the doctor's name on the love boat? ad adam bricker as the democratic nominee and we would just talk about issues that related to life, love, what's complicated and how we have fun in puert puerta vallerta. >> i would pick james web because he had the best answer of any person when they asked him during the democratic debate, like what of his greatest memories and his answer was killing people. do you remember that? >> i mean you're putting kind of a blunt tip on it. >> that was amazing. >> specific people he remembered killing. >> yeah, that's what i thought. next question, this is from lucas on facebook, will there ever be an election where the past -- great question -- doesn't come back to haunt the nominees, charlie? >> i mean, what -- i -- i'm --
10:44 pm
why is that a great question? that's -- >> because i believe what we've learned is we're getting over that. i think we're getting over. >> it is amazing. >> are we? >> well, yeah, to some degree. >> like we know too much. >> the billy bush tape is like already completely behind us. >> it's not. >> is it? >> i -- i'm probably not the demographic for that one. >> all right. i don't know what that means, laughing man. chris, what do you think? >> so, when it comes to being president, your policies don't matter that much because the presidency is a reactive office. you are basically responding. george w. bush said he was going to be noninterventionist and he was going to focus a rather modest domestic agenda and he haddip v-- invaded a couple countri countries. the president responds to what
10:45 pm
he's happening, he doesn't make his own weather, he attacks into it like a sailor. >> i'm glad you brought up st e sailor. the next question, we're going to go to jillian on this one. it's from christina, who is in our studio audience. hi, christina. remember, i'm at the hilton, room 33. oh, stop it. it's a joke. >> greg. >> if hillary is elected, what do you predict bill's role will be as first man? that's a great question. >> that is a very good question and it's actually been like kind of under evaluated like not discussed issue during all of this election cycle. >> he'll definitely play with balloons. >> he has a fan of balloons. he's going to -- i mean look healing have some of his own initiatives. he's going to continue to focus on africa a lot. my bet is we see him focusing more on other countries if she's
10:46 pm
elected. and far away from her. >> she's going to leave -- wherever there's club med. >>ant -- antartica. >> why did he have to choose sanda sandals? >> one half is naked, and i know this. >> he's going back to college. >> last word, cat, what do you see his role, bill clinton? >> i don't think it's going to be a big one. i guess -- i just hope he does as little as possible. hope he stays in the same place. >> they keep him in the pen. all right. maybe if we have time we'll talk about them, or we won't. coming up a story so different, if you were in school, you might tease it for being different. the best thing about a possible trump presidency, it would make celebrities angry and that makes me happy.
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all right. will he put a frown on tinsel all right. will he put a frown on tensile town? not the collection of different things, there's growing fear in hollywood of a trump victory. friday night, a warning was delivered to young people considering voting for donald trump. >> kids, i've been doing this for 23 years on tv, i've seen a lot, i know politics. this is different. i promised you this will not make your life better. >> gosh, meanwhile, as points out there's plenty of celebs who say they're going to move to canada, including need campbell, who i believe is from canada, so that's not much of a sacrifice going home. barba
10:51 pm
barbara streisand who is alive. and raymoven simon, that's so raven, and hopefully amy schumer, after this video, or maybe we don't have it. >> i hope people don't believe you with an orange. >> i admire her so much now she's gotten really famous. she's not going to deviate from the political stance after all, these going to embrace it. all right i'm going to go to you, cat. is there any celebrities, that you could say, my goodness, it's katy per m katy perry? >> yes, i make all my decisions on what katy perry does. i see what she eats and i eat those things. >> and when she throws up, you do, too? >> absolutely not. i have a brain that i use. >> good for you. what do you keep it? >> good for you.
10:52 pm
>> thank you. >> charlie, isn't bill morris sincere a pocpocklickist worry much? >> if i could to pick one celebrity that i thought would have changed my opinion, it would be mark cuban until he endorsed hillary clinton. >> but then that -- but i love the guy. >> i will point out that goes against -- you said if the guy would change your vote and you said mark cuban, except he made his decision that. is contradicting what you just said. you will get shot by the unicorn god. >> i contradict myself all the time. >> i don't think i did that right there. did i? >> jillian, anybody influencing you? >> no, but tom brady. him and i went to the same high school. sarah high school in san mateo,
10:53 pm
california. >> could you get his e-mail address? >> he's married. >> not that that matters with athletes. i'll look it up. tom, that's pretty sad. >> i feel deflated. i would say either yul, renner from the nag mimagnificent seve >> you'll never find another love like mind. >> i didn't think you had yule renner in you. >> i would have gone with yule renner from west word. >> you don't -- >> shoot me with the unicorn gun? >> i'll shoot you with the unicorn gun. he's the greatest villain of all time and i haven't watched the hbo show because i believe that micha michael creighton is one of the best movies ever made. it's a whole movie about taking your time when you're killing people. maya, one celebrity, that could influence me is of course le les nesman from wkrp in
10:54 pm
cincinnati. i don't know what you mean. i have no idea what you're saying. >> don't judge me. >> i don't know what that means. >> that would be wordy one is the news man on wkrp on cincinnati. >> the fact that you know that freaks me out. >> we all have google. >> he actually did that without goingling. >> i have google so i'm the same. >> yes, it's true. why do you have a brain? all right. are we done here? i could throw some more thoughts but let just go. all right. all good things must come to an end. final thoughts when we return. feel secure in your dentures... feel free to be yourself all day. just switch from denture paste to sea-bond denture adhesive seals. holds stronger than the leading paste all day... without the ooze. feel secure. be yourself. with stronger, clean sea-bond.
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10:57 pm
yes, i got a i've got a left over question from a viewer. it's dom via facebook, he writes if trump seris elected who woul
10:58 pm
make a good press secretary? >> i'm going to go with ricky the dragon steamboat, because i think that's what's right, or i would say dana p reno the best press secretary. [ applause ] >> bring the dog to every restaurant. >> he would give some of these, too. >> i'm going to go in a more sort of unexpected direction. >> right. >> i'm going to go with until a taquill a. >> i was going to say that. >> you're such a liar. >> i'm seriously not. >> you steal all my material. >> i was going to say that. it's got to be her. she's endorsed him. >> right. >> she already knows how to be on tell virve, sevision, she lo good, 76 she's tila tequila. >> it's going to be donald trump himself. >> but specifically it's going
10:59 pm
to be twitter and it's going to be him on his tweeting machine just -- oh, yeah. you suck. >> that's how he's going to shrink up. >> and hillary clinton's press secretary would be john levitz. >> interesting. >> all right. cat, did you have a back up? >> i think it will be a position with a lot of turn over. i don't think anybody will last longer than a week. i really don't think so. maybe they'll have a team of like i did it yesterday, you have to go out there and do it now. >> i think it should be donald trump jr. keep it in the family, as i always say when i'm talking about politics. don't read into that, charles. >> or it could be him, but under a pseudonym. >> yes, john miller. >> and i will never support a presidential candidate who hasn't done his own press under a pseudonym. >> all right. we have to move on, but that's a good point.
11:00 pm
all right. thank you to my guests, chris, charles, kathryn, and our lovely studio audience. i'm greg gutfeld. welcome everybody. it's 5:00 in new york city. it's saturday and this is "the five." welcome to the special saturday edition of the five. 72 hours to go. the nominees sprinting across battleground states that will decide tuesday's election. celebrities and even babies are turning out on the trail to lend a hand to clinton and trump. let's take a look at their last 24 hours. >> in three days we are going


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