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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  November 6, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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here we go. donald trump about to hold rally two today. this time in minnesota. a traditionally blue state that his team thinks they can turn red. it is definitely part of the closing strategy for trump campaign. tough to find a path without some of these states including minute nesota to get to the mag number of 270. when that number rolls over on tuesday night, we will have a winner. brand new hour of america's newsroom. good to be with you. >> nice to see you. we're still here. donald trump spending many of his final hours campaigning in reliably democratic states. there is a live like in
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minneapolis. we will see him in a matter of minutes there. this as a brand new poll shows just how state the race is. clinton leading trump by four. real clear average, clinton by two. here is trump reminding voters what is at stake. >> we will make america great. you are the people that built our country and we will give you the respect that you deserve. hillary is an insider finding only forrers herself and her special interests. i'm not a politician. you the american people are my only special interest. >> vote for yourself, vote for
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your children. make sure your neighbors plan to vote. ask for a ride or somebody to get you to the polling places. we cannot get in wrong. >> so hillary clinton will be in cleveland and new hampshire today, but earlier she was in philadelphia. trump makes five stops today, five stops tomorrow. one of the stops today is in the state of michigan. and he'll be there again tomorrow night. in 2012, this is a state that barack obama won by ten points. so what is he doing there? how close is it? here is carl cameron live in sterling heights, michigan just northeast of detroit. you can understand michigan certainly. so explain what is up with minnesota. >> well, pretty of the same thing. donald trump is getting nothing but blue states. he started the morning out in colorado, a state that obama won in 2012 and where hillary
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clinton has an edge in the polls. they say even though he didn't do any polling there, they are hearing that it's an opportunity to compete and there haven't been a lot of polls in minnesota. this is a risky strategy, but one to signal that trump is trying in the last 48 hours to appeal to suburban swing voters, middle class voters, moderate, undecided. but he's doing this in the blue states and he will end up tonight in florida. that is a state that barack obama beat mitt romney in. trump needs to flip that red. if he does, the math would be very difficult. put this way, trump has to win all of romney states and find enough to come up with another 66 electoral college votes. virginia, florida, north
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carolina are his first targets. but he has to do womell our at least make hillary clinton defend the blue states. sfwr it's a grueling states. ten stops in two days. how are the rallies going in the closing days? >> rallies are fine. he's packing houses. he's used a few smaller venues because he doesn't expect to get $10,000 or $15,000 in some of them. but there has been because of the very vigorous pace that he's keeping, trump is getting looser. for the last couple of week really since the obama care premium spikes were announced before the comey announcement on the e-mails, trump was being very disciplined, mostly teleprompters. and in the last couple of days, he's been a little aggressive and of course last flight was an
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amazing event in reno where secret service had to hustle him off the stage where someone shouted a gun. that will definitely rattle your rhetoric. so last couple of days, they can say just about anything, and with donald trump, who know what is that will be. >> it's been a among road. almost there. thank you, sir. >> joining us is eric trump.amo. almost there. thank you, sir. >> joining us is eric trump. great to have you with us. so talk to me, you were in florida today. what are you seeing on the ground there, the rcp average has her up by one slim point. >> the momentum is incredible here. i was speaking in churches all morning, and all day in ft. lauderdale and everywhere i go, people wearing make america great hats. and i'm just going to random
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places. the amount of enthusiasm in this state and everywhere i've gone frankly is incredible. people want their country back. people are sick and tired of career politicians. and we'll win on tuesday. i really believe we'll win on tuesday. >> you say yyou feel momentum ot there and we'll see on tuesday whether that translates to enough to change the dynamic. it's close when you look at the battleground states. i thought it was interesting earlier your father was talking and he was in minnesota and he said -- or in iowa rather and he said when i started this on june 16th, i was sort of the ultimate insider prior to that. and now perhaps i'm as outside as you could possibly get. what changes have you seen in the man, in your father, over the course of this journey? >> well, i love my father to death. he's incredible and quite frankly the fight that he's had is inspirational to anybody
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especially to his son. and here is a person who did not need to be doing this. and i say that a lot. we have a great company, amazing family. he did not have to run for commander in chief. but this country was being flusheded down the drain by career politicians lining their own pockets the whole way. we have $20 trillion worth of debt, obamacare is failing, 95 million americans out of the workforce. median income hasn't gone up in the united states in 15 years. we've lost 70,000 tfactories in the united states. nasa. i could go on and on and our politicians aren't doing a single thing about it. we need somebody to start fighting for this country again and quite frankly, that is high father. he would do an amazing job for that nation. >> and there are reports that there are concern with that the family about the brand, that if he lose, the trump brand will be
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tarnished in some way. what do you think about that? >> first of all, it won't be. and second of all, this is -- honestly, the brand is inconsequential to everything that he's done. he's created a movement of hard working men and women in this country who want their nation back, who don't think they have a voice anymore. who aren't being heard by the politicians. we're being left behind. 94 million americans i mentioned before that are out of the work force. 33& of americans since 2001 who have lost their jobs in manufacturing because though jobs have left the company. >>. >> so if it doesn't go your father's way on tuesday, what happens to all those people thoo that he's ignited? >> well, i think people are going to be upset. and i don't know, i mean,'s created an incredible me. . this spisn't a campaign, it's a
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movement to get america back on track. so many people, varist majorityf people think america is going in the wrong direction and washington is not serving their interests. so why would you want to expand washington, d.c., why would you want more government when quite frankly the government we have isn't serving the american people well? i think that's the difference between a hillary clinton presidency and donald trump presidency. >> eric, thank you very much. always good to talk to you. we'll keep in touch over the next couple days. >> so where does the race stand? we're reading through the tea leaves. early voting in north carolina. appears to favor republicans. early voting in florida appears to be absolutely razor tight. coin toss. and early voting in nevada pairs to favor hillary clinton. generally speaking, is that where we are? >> that is where we are. and donald trump is going to
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different states like minnesota, which hasn't gone republican since 1972. the roeason he's looking at migt be mifrn mip and michigan about, when you go to the electoral map, you give trump all of mitt romney states from 2012, right, and that includes winning north carolina. really important there. you're only at 206. carl mentioned you have to get a lot more. you have to win florida, ohio, and then you've got to win iowa. that gets you to 2259. you're still 11 short. nevada is only 6, it doesn't get through. but some of the big states, pennsylvania and michigan in particular, they solve all your problems if you're donald trump stuck at 259. >> less tan than would days bef
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the polls open and he's in minnesota. last time minnesota went republican is 1972. >> he's getting big crowds everywhere he goes. i was out in the middle of a soybean field thursday night in north carolina. he got more than 15,000 people there. so he is drawing very good crowds. and that is one of the crowds that keeps the trump campaign going. he looks at the polls, he sees that there seems to be an equilibrium with hillary clinton, but he says my crowds are so big, there has to be more support out there. >> hillary clinton was in philadelphia. she will in cleveland and man manchester. >> pennsylvania, you don't have early voting there.
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and so they have not cast their vote. you can make that last minute case to them and hope to persuade somebody. >> we saw carl cameron in michigan. reince priebus thinks michigan is a coin toss. what is he seeing that a lot of the other polling outfits perhaps have not or have missed? >> he's not talking about public polls. public poll, hillary clinton has a lead in michigan. perhaps there is a private poll that says that, but it is not unheard of for political figures to act as if a race is neck and neck when it's really not. so i would not the say that trump is leading. >> and i would to that manchester, new hampshire was the expected last stop for trump on monday night. he has since added another visit back to michigan, grand rapids forks an 11:00 east coast time rally on the eve before the election. >> you want to create a sense of excitement and momentum that
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might get people to the polls who otherwise might not have gone. >> byron, nice to see you. if it's sunday evening, it might be byron here. so big name surrogates making the case for hillary clinton. in just a few minutes, president obama will be campaigning for her in florida home to a whopping 29 electoral votes. and it is tight, tight, tight. so candidates making themselves very available in the rounds in seven states over the course of today. what an experience for anybody who runs for this office to see the country in this way. it is really a stunning journey. hillary clinton in ohio, new hampshire, pennsylvania today. donald trump was in iowa. minunesota soon, michigan, and pennsylvania after that. so now two days to go left in
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this campaign and fox news itha it covered for you. we'll have full team coverage, that means me, you, that means the whole gang out there for fair and balanced coverage all throughout the day starting in the morning going into the night and maybe the next day. >> a big afternoon on saturday, everybody was together in new york trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. it's a beautiful space. >> it worked. >> yes, it did. >> i hope it works on tuesday. but a lot of technology involved. >> so we're excited about that and we hope you find it the same way we do on tuesday. in the meantime, reports of long lines extended hours during early voting in the swing state of nevada. what does that mean for tuesday? who has the advantage? we'll take a closer look and look at the numbers there in a moment. and hillary clinton supporters warning about a final wikileaks dump saying that any bombshells that might be in there are fake. that was the word that they put
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out from the clinton campaign. is another surprise coming? we'll tell you. starting wednesday, what will washington start to look like. wow. are we looking at turmoil regardless of who wins? stay tuneded for that. >> it is time for real leadership and it is time for change. we're going to change. hillary clinton is not change. hillary clinton is four more years of obama. we always were told we were german. we were in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. so i just started poking around on ancestry. then, i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. it turns out i'm scottish. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt.
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there are new signs that the hillary clinton campaign may be bracing for another november surprise. her communications director tweeted this, friend, please remember that if you see a whopper of a wikileaks in the next two days, it probably a fake. not to worry. steven hayes joins us. just sort of a blanket mea culpa. what's coming? >> i think it's probably smart of her do that, to anticipate that there could be more of these reports coming out. i'd be surprised frankly if we
12:20 pm
saw anything real coming out of wikileaks in the next couple days. if you're trying to game this or play the election, they wanted to have this out so it had time to brew and kick away and people would be talking about it for a week. and what was surprising is that we never saw the deleted e-mails or maeche-mails that hillary cl got rid of that most people had assumeded had been hacked. >> so in terms of the clinton foundation, in terms of this doesn't sftop on tuesday if she wins. >> it's not at all over. i've talked with people familiar with the investigation who says there is an investigation of the clinton foundation as bret baier reported on wednesday. it's part -- they're taking if new information. looking at what they know about the potential pay to play allegations there and looking at it in the context of the new
12:21 pm
documents in wikileaks urks t, e-mails. so this is a separate the investigation. and i expect it will continue. certainly if republicans retain the house and senatie isenate, want to ask questions. >> yeah, why would it have not have come out sooner. if they understood the importance of it, the american people would want to know coming into the election. is it too late. >> remember, there may be new e-mails on this anthony weiner laptop that we at the present time see that was between hooud huma abedin and hillary clinton and others, that we may be learning more about what the clinton foundation was up to. and i think you have to chase down all these loads. responsibility of the fbi to chase down those leads. >> so it's permeated the electorate to a certain extent,
12:22 pm
but now it's super tight. florida is about one point apart. ohio, trump has a pretty decent lead. i think a lot of people position that it's likely, it would be a surprise if hillary clinton won. >> yes. >> and then take a look at pennsylvania, this which is about a three point race. tighter than it has been in past races. but would you be surprised if donald trump were able to take -- sfwli >> i would be. this is what a republican republican constantly look to pennsylvania, they're tantalized by the prospects of winning pennsylvania and they haven't done it. but i don't think that what we saw in the past week, james comey letter and all of twful discussion about what hillary clinton did with her e-mails had an affects. polling suggests that there is an affect on the way that
12:23 pm
independents see her. that she's not honest and trustworthy. >> you look at the race in broad strokes, and in pretty much all the polls that we've covered, she's always slightly ahead. slightly ahead pretty much everywhere you go. so if he were to win, there would obviously be a huge story there. what happened, what did people not see, what did they the not understand about different part of the electorate. >> and i think it would call for a huge reassessment of how we do our polling. particularly in the states -- if he were to win, he would have to win some states where he's never had a lead. >> minnesota, michigan, like that. >> j >> yeah. he hasn't had a lead in pennsylvania for a long time. if he were to win, he would have to pull off some of those states and i think it would require people to go bhak a back and sa
12:24 pm
they're fine twuping pouning po the time. so back to the drawing board. >> okay. a couple days to go. good to have you in new york. so we're watching the airport hangar in minneapolis. when trump arrive, we'll take that speech live. donald trump campaigning in several blue states including the state of michigan. reince priebus was asked about that earlier today. >> people are out of work and people want things to get better. i think donald trump is offering that vision for the state of michigan. we win a state like mip mitchigd items all over. >> first minnesota, michigan and then back to al. >> first minnesota, michigan and then back to pennsylvania.'ms a. >> first minnesota, michigan and then back to pennsylvania.s all. >> first minnesota, michigan and then back to pennsylvania. all . >> first minnesota, michigan and then back to pennsylvania. stand by on that. and saturday night live's version of clutrump and clinton.
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12:29 pm
talking about the clinton e-mails. congressman jason chavitz tweeting this, fbi director just noc informed us based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in july. so specifically he's referring to what, ed? start there. >> first of all, referring back to july was when hillary clinton was essentially in the clear when the fbi said there were problems with her server and walked right up to the line saying that the law may have been broken and said that he didn't think any prosecutor would bring any charges and basically suggested any way back in july that he was walking away from all of that. that's why it was such a shock on october 28th when he wrote that other letter to leaders in congress saying well, hold on a
12:30 pm
second, we're kind muof restartg things because we have that laptop from anthony weiner. he didn't mention the laptop, but he said new evidence was presented. this may be a bigger deal just two days before the election. i have the letter from james comey. he said we sent that letter since my letter, the fbi investigative team is working around the clock to process and review a large volume of e-mails from a device again the laptop obtained in connection with an unrelated criminal investigation. during that process, we reviewed all the communications that were to or from hillary clinton while she was secretary of state based on our review, james comey says, we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in july with respect to secretary clinton. i'm very grateful to the professionals at the fbi doing
12:31 pm
an extraordinary amount of work. again, a little cryptic. doesn't directly say she's in the clear. but if the first letter on october 28th was correctly en r interrupted, that the foobi restarting the engines, certainly fair to suggest new that this letter is a signal from director comey that maybe those engines are -- >> so we're watching the trump plain pull up to the airplane hangar in minneapolis. technically speaking, the investigation was never closed. that's what comey said over the summer. >> correct. and he said to congress over the summer when he was under a lot of heat from republicans for not pressing for, you know, a grand jish jury to suggest that there should be criminal charges that look, if i see anything else, we'll go pack. it's not officially closed. that's what we believe in late october.
12:32 pm
but i think again to follow the facts and not to spit on either side, if we're going to follow this with what happened on october 28th, which was potentially very damaging to hillary clinton, again, don't want to get ahead off yourself , but this could potentially be a big sigh of relief for hillary clinton. >> and if james comey feels that he injected himself into the political dialogue here, this latest statement which just came out would serve in some ways to neutralize that. he's basically saying i looked at what they had as i promised, i would update the american people and congress if there were any developments. so i came forward, there were new developments and they have been working around the clock and so far i don't see anything that will change our conclusion from july. so how much of this is an evident in that regard.
12:33 pm
>> well, this could be seen because it was seen on october 28th by some as c ychlya for no doing anything in july and then okay, we've gotten the door open again on october 28 tth. and remember, very senior republicans with real standing on these matters said look, there is no way james comey after taking a pounding in july is going to come back to us and say this is reopened, restarted, whatever word you want to use and then have absolutely nothing. there had to be something serious he learned on october 27th, 28th to take such a big step so close to the election. well, i've got it say based on republican bob goodlatt's reasons, it certainly appears that james comey is saying what bob goodlatt feared he would nti
12:34 pm
say, which is that it wasn't a big deal, so i'm not changing my mind. so i think this could be a bigger head scratcher in terms of comey's legacy. he got hammered again in october by democrats, republicans in july, democrat as couple weeks ago saying why are you enter enter jeshlgting into the election. and now two days before the election when hillary clinton appears to be struggling to the finish line here for comey to insert himself again, this is a big deal. >> odd in some ways. when you look at all of that, he could have just hung back and allowed the investigation to continue. i think a lot of people the assessment is that the impact of that on the clinton campaign had evened out. we're watching the trump campaign plane and there was a report about how all this news
12:35 pm
had sunk in that friday afternoon when they started to see this cross and now that they're landing in minnesota and they're seeing this latest news cross over, you wonder what is xw going through their minds. >> and president obama in these final hours is adding a stop to michigan tomorrow which the democrats are suddenly worried about. and let's remember what he can last week. he went out there and said maybe this wasn't a big deal and unfair to hillary clinton. what pressure on james comey was coming from president obama's comments number one and the fact that loretta lynch the attorney general and her officials there at the obama justice department had suggested in recent days they tried to stop james comey or urged him don't tell congress about this stuff. that political issue might be out there, as well. >> another big twist. >> and president obama is in florida and we'll monitor that and see if there is any reaction
12:36 pm
on this. in the meantime, katie and jessica are joining us. we brought you into talk with something differently, but with the breaking news, what is the effect now, 36 hours before the polls open? if there is one. >> well, if there is any voters left undecided on this specific issue, that certainly put this is aside in terms of wondering what the fbi found. i think it's clear from director comey's position that he did everything he could to get this done before the election. he felt he had to get the information about what was found out before the election and i think that we need to applaud the fbi agents who worked hard to make sure that voters have all the information that they need going into election day. that being said, i think it's important to point out that this is not about the fbi, this is about the department of justin stone walling the fbi because the fbi doesn't have the power . without the department of justice, a grand jury, the fbi
12:37 pm
complai can't really do much. so we don't know what was found, but based on the information that the fire hbi had earlier, won't see anything. >> comey had has said there was crass filed information classified information on that server. >> absolutely. >> but he said does it fit the definition of intent. i came back to that repeatedly so perhaps he again concluded that there was no intent to cause harm to national secret. now, jessica, go ahead and analyze this this as you're hearing the news for the first time. >> well, unfortunately i think that the damage has been done in a lot of ways other the last week of speculation of trump obviously using this over and over to reinforce his message
12:38 pm
that hillary should be in jail. so i think what happened is it dampened a lot of people who now this is the last day for early voting in many states including here in florida. and it voter enthusiasm. because there has already been the issue of do people trust hillary. so feel people on the border of whether or not they would vote for her, trump or stay home, a lot of people i think has been staying home in that sense. >> if that is the case -- hang on, jess. you're talking about three, four, five hours maybe depending on the time zone you're into get this news and digest it. it seems like it's baked in one way are the other. >> i think already people have stayed home if they're going to do early voting. they will change their mind at get out on election day or the damage has already been done.
12:39 pm
i think that letter shows that it was a nothing burger. i'm not someone who believes in conspiracy theory, however it has been talked about about repeatedly about how internally this in the fbi there are people who are very against clinton or very pro trump and i think this plays in to that message and it will not be -- >> or perhaps they see -- hang on. or perhaps they see the evidence definitely. >> the idea that there is no indictment is absurd. we have plenty of evidence through wikileaks and the reports that hillary clinton put national security of the united states below the prior difference of her open privacy and what they calls convenience to evade freedom of information act laws. and going around the policies of the state department and obama administration had for e-mail practices.
12:40 pm
this isn't about james comey jumping into the election or having an effect in the last week. this is about hillary clinton in the beginning being responsible for making the decision to set up a private server. she did to herself. it's unfortunate for her that it came out a week before the election, but it would have been avoid avoided if she just followed the rules. and so people think she's a liar and this won't change anything. >> do you think trump says anything about this now? because you have to remember that the way that she and leading democrats went after comey. >> i think trump would do well not going after comey, but i think he will continue to bring this up. because when the initial announcement was made in july, the majority of country believed that she should be indicted including democrats. so people still believe according to polling that she committed a crime. and the evidence is clear.
12:41 pm
and the feeling is that the clintons again after decades are above the law and that they're never held accountable for anything. >> that is absurd. i don't know what polling you're referring to. i think that is insane. it's unfortunate that you would say from adjourn alice tick pth on -- >> but i didn't say -- >> i think that is very important in this matter. and in our country going forward. >> as do i. >> it's important in this election. we do not -- you can make a political decision based on something, unfortunately even based on lies. but you don't make prosecutorial decisions based on public opinion. >> no one is arguing that. >> we'll get an idea of this around 5:00 in the afternoon on
12:42 pm
tuesday when we all go inside of a room that is quarantined and we see the exit polling. and you have to think that this will be one of the questions that will be given to voters. and various battleground states. did this have an impact on your vote. and i think that is when we'll know whether or not this story did influence anyone. >> absolutely. >> you look at some of the early voting in florida, north carolina, it is razor tight, so we will see on tuesday. by the way the letter from comey concludes the following way. i'm very grateful for the professional of the fbi for doing an extra amount of high quality work in a short period of time. and as i say that, here is donald trump in minneapolis. what will he say? we're on standby. this the second of five events today for trump. he was in iowa last hour, now minneapolis. from there he will go for
12:43 pm
michigan northeast of the detroit. and then it's pittsburgh, pennsylvania. and then leesburg, virginia. all five of those states there, barack obama won iowa twice, trump needs to flip iowa this year. minnesota hasn't gone republican since 1972. and yet here he is walking across the tarmac in michigan and in pennsylvania pa. they both have not gone p republican since 1988. and in virginia, you remember barack obama flipped virginia first time in 50 years they went democrat and held it just four years later. so here is trump. we'll see how he reacts in a moment it what is happening with the fbi, if there is any reaction at all. and martha was just talking about smome of the reporting behind the scenes about how they heard about the comey decision a week ago. and took quite a long time to figure out how they were going to address it. so we'll see what the effect of
12:44 pm
this is now. donald trump, minneapolis, minnesota. here we go. >> thank you. so you won't believe this, there are three times more people standing over there than over here. so then i ask the simple question, whoever said this deal up, why didn't they move this out to there so that those people could have been over here. right? who are the geniuses that set this up? that's too bad. that's too bad. i feel so badly. there are thousands and thousands of people over there.
12:45 pm
that's what we have to put up with in life, right? real feep yusgeniuses. it's great to be back in minnesota today. so important for me to come here and campaign for your vote. i've been here many times before as you know and hillary doesn't even -- i mean she doesn't even bother to come here. she should be penalized. don't vote for her. she'll be a lousy president anyway, believe me. she refuses to campaign in minnesota. so he so do you really want a president who doesn't care about your vote and doesn't show up? she never came here. i'm asking for the support of every voter in the state, democrat, republican, independent, first time voters of which there are many, many, many.
12:46 pm
who want to take our government back from the corrupt political class in washington, d.c. i'm asking for the votes of students and parents and retired americans, union workers, african-americans, hispanic americans, and all americans who are tired of a government that works for wall street and the special interests but not for the people. not for the people. it's time for all americans to unite and take back our government. i'm very honored to have won the mock vote of the high school students in minnesota. you know that thing was all over the nation. probably one of the reasons i'm here. we're doing incredit pli krecr
12:47 pm
minute. polls. but everybody kept telling me did you hear you won the high school vote in minnesota. and i was like no, tell me about it. well, kids no better than we do, right? hey, here is a great vet right here. this election is all about creating better future for our children. we have a disaster overseas. the wars we he never win. we're tired of economic and foreign policies that have bled our country dry.e never win. we're tired of economic and foreign policies that have bled our country dry. never win. we're tired of economic and foreign policies that have bled our country dry.never win. we're tired of economic and foreign policies that have bled our country dry. we owe $20 trillion. it's time for real change that puts people back in charge and puts our people back to work again. it election will decide who runs our country, the corrupt
12:48 pm
political class or you the american people. that's the choice. she's with them, i'm with you. i used to be on the other side for a long time. but i love this country. and i saw what was happening. not on that the wrong direction, our country was going to hell. it was going to hell. the iran deal, so many things. you could go over this one by one and we'll discuss some of them right now. but i can tell you this, this is our last chance. four year, you can forget it. by that time you'll have supreme court judges picked, four years you can forget it. you'll never have another shot. this is it. so we have to get out, we have to vote. and you have to make sure. because i took a lot of heat. i came to minnesota, i took so much heat. they all said why is he going to
12:49 pm
minneso minnesota? they have been saying that for two years. so far in two years i've been right, they have been wrong. they have been saying i can't believe he's going to minnesota. you know, real geniuses. i can't believe he's going to minnesota. why would he be doing that? why? he should be elsewhere. he should be and as i said, hillary clinton has not been here once. but he should be not be in minnesota. i love, because i know what's going to happen. in two years we are going to win the great state of minnesota. and we are going to win back the white house. real change begins immediately repealing and replacing boc
12:50 pm
obamacare. it's a disaster. the residents of minnesota will experience close to a 60% rate increase in your premiums. going to go a lot higher than that. every single county in minnesota is losing. and losing big in so many ways. but you're losing all of your insurer, you know that, right? the democratic governor of your state who pushed for this horrible health care said the affordable care act is no longer affordable. that is your governor. companies are leaving. insurers are fleeing. doctors are quitting and deductibles are going through the roof. you have $17,000 in deductibles.
12:51 pm
yet hillary clinton wants to double down on obamacare making it even more expensive. it will be double. i'm asking for your vote so we can bring sanity to the process, so we can repeal and replace obamacare and save health care for every family in minnesota and in our country. and i feel so guilty about those people. oh, those poor people. they're standing there looking at a wall.
12:52 pm
so he let as many as you can in. don't worry, we'll build a real wall. it will stop the poison, the poisoned drugs from coming in to our country an totally poisoning our youth and plenty of others before real change also means restoring honesty to government. first thing you should do is get rid of clinton. hillary clinton will be under investigation for a long, long time, for her many crimes against our nation, our people, our democracy. likely concluding in a criminal trial.
12:53 pm
you have to understand, it's a rigged system. and she's protected. general cartwright is not protected, four star general, could go up up to jail for up to five years two weeks ago. general petraeus wasn't protected. she's protected by a rigged system. she shouldn't even be allowed to run for president, i'll tell you right now. she's the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency of the united states. my contract with the american voter begins with a plan to end government corruption and to take our country back from the special interests and donors.
12:54 pm
i want the entire corrupt washington establishment to hear our words as we all say together -- when we win on november 8th, we are going to drain the swamp. and i'm help you big league on immigration in minnesota because i know what is happening to you. and it's not pretty. at the core of my contract is my plan to bring jobs back to our country. america has lost one third of its manufacturing jobs since nafta. a deal originally signed by bill clinton and supported by hillary. america has lost 70,000 factories since china entered the world trade organization.
12:55 pm
another bill and hillary backed disaster. minnesota ranks fourth nationwide for the highest share of jobs lost due to our trade deficit with china, did you kyo that? you're fourth. at least you're not first. and then you'll vote for the people that did that to you? why do i feel good about minnesota? i'll tell you one thing. i'll tell you one thing, if i don't win minnesota, i'll look real bad to those pundits that i don't respect very much. and there are some of them right up there, the world's most dishonest people, the media. totally dishonest people. at the they are the dishonest
12:56 pm
people. send the camera outside to take a look at the crowd, also. and when hillary clinton was secretary of state, our trade deficit with china grew 40%. great job, hillary. we're living through the greatest jobs loss in the history of the world. ford laid off 794 workers in saints paul and moved their jobs overse overseas. money gram laid off 408 in brooklyn center and moved their jobs overseas. great batch laid off 200 and moved that you are job like so many others to mexico. not going to happen anymore.
12:57 pm
it's over. smead manufacturing laid off 500 and moved to mexico. ibm laid off 500 workers it in minneapolis and moved their jobs to india and various other countries. a trump administration will stop the jobs from leaving america. and we will stop the jobs from leaving minnesota and we'll stop them immediately. one of the reasons i ran. one of the main reasons and i ran. and so simple. if a company wants to leave minnesota, fire their woerrkers and move to another country and then ship their products back into the united states through what will be a very, very strong border, i promise you, we will make them pay a 35% tax on those products.
12:58 pm
and i'll tell you what will happen. not very complicated. they won't move. they're not going to move. they're not going to move. our politicians are controlled by special interests, donors, and others. and some of them aren't very bright. you know, you've been hearing this for years. how do we stop this terrible outflow? they could have stopped it. most people don't even think of these things. but when you put a tax on those product, it's a whole different ball game. and when we lower taxes on business, which we will do, businesses will expand, we'll have a lot of jobs. we will also unleash american energy including shale, oil, natural gas and clean coal. we'll put our miners back to work. we'll put our steel workers back to work.
12:59 pm
we will also cancel all harmful obama regulations that hurt minnesota farmers, workers and small businesses. big league you've been hurt. i'll tell you, you know honestly, because i was looking at the stats, i have a lot time on airplanes. so i look at stats. doesn't sound like a very exciting life, but it is actually. but minnesota has really been hurt. so i say why the hell do you want to put the same people back in office for? we'll be great for minnesota. we will become a rich nation again. but to be a rich nation, we must also be a safe nation. and you know what is -- >> so there is donald trump making his closing argument. we have to interrupt now just because we're concluding our broadcast here. but on a day when the fbi made headlines again, so there will be more talk about that coming up next hour right here.
1:00 pm
>> no mention of that from donald trump as he speaks in p minneapolis. he has two or three more stops. hillary clinton is out on the campaign trail, too, so we'll see you back here tomorrow. have we ever had a november surprise from the same guy who brought us the october surprise? a big surprise today a little more than a week and a half after getting the last surprise that was the wind at his back. james comey has just done another 180. the latest batch of clinton e-mail, into big deal, nothing that would wash


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