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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 6, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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>> no mention of that from donald trump as he speaks in p minneapolis. he has two or three more stops. hillary clinton is out on the campaign trail, too, so we'll see you back here tomorrow. have we ever had a november surprise from the same guy who brought us the october surprise? a big surprise today a little more than a week and a half after getting the last surprise that was the wind at his back. james comey has just done another 180. the latest batch of clinton e-mail, into big deal, nothing that would wash that would warn reopening the
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old probe. if you're confused, you're not alone. the system remains rigged. ed henry following all the developments. ed. >> very interesting donald trump who like james comey might now say he's part of a rigged system and hillary clinton who disliked james comey appears to like him again now. this is a traumatic turn of events. october 28th, remember james comey appeared to be opening the door to reversing what he had said in july when he had the really remarkable news conference right smack in the middle of the summer as the conventions were about to heat up, saying there were potentially bad actors and it appeared that she had mishandled classified information. but said that based on intent, he did not think any prosecutor would actually bring criminal charges against clinton. huge sigh of relief for the clinton camp then. republicans were furious. then tax forward to october 28, the historic let frer comey to
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leaders in congress, both parties by the way even though hillary clinton claimed they only went to republican leader, in which he said wait a second, we have something new and then we had another twist which is we found out what was new. it was anthony weiner's laptop suggesting that there were hundreds of thousands of more e-mails involving huma abedin that were not being investigated by the fbi. that drew howells of protest from the clinton camp saying that the investigation was reopened less than two weeks from the less that this was a miscarriage of justice. just moments ago, james comey two days before the election weighing in yet again saying, quote, based on our review, we have not changed our conclusion that we expressed in july with respect to hillary clinton. i'm very grateful he says to the professionals at the fbi for doing an extraordinary amount of high quality work in a short period of time. a little bit cryptic when he
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said we haven't changed our conclusions. he does not and i that the investigation is closed or anything like that. he's just saying we're not changing what we said in july that we will not suggest there be criminal charges against hillary clinton. and clinton camp is taking it as a victory. they will embrace it. brian fallon saying we were always confident nothing would cause the july decision to be revisited be, now director comey has confirmed it. i think what is most remarkable for james comey of course is that his credibility had already been under fire in wrjuly when walked the to up line saying the laws were broken and then didn't do anything. and then he inserted himself into the election is the auat se date and then the president
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obama saying there wasn't anything there and a lot of eyebrows raised there. but now here we are two days from the election where we didn't expect to hear from james comey at all saying something that the clinton camp certainly thinks is a sigh of relief. >> what is odd is how do we go forward. could you argue that comey was locked into it ever since july 5th where he said he wouldn't pursue anything criminal or recommend that. kind of locked in then to say if there were further developments, i'll let you know. there were further developments. t and then he would beholden to update if any news had come of that. so he kept locking himself in these positions where comey would he said up being the end of election year surprise again and again and again. >> and also this does not changf
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election year surprise again and again and again. >> and also this does not change the fact that the fbi on a separate but represented track has been looking closely at the clinton foundation. so that is still open. however have this coming two days before the election, i would hope now with two days left james comey would not weigh this again. so this may be the final word at least from the fbi. but if hillary clinton is elected president, let's see what the fbi comes up with after the election and james comey will be in a very awkward position if there is a president elect clinton. on the other happened, if there is a president elect trump, there will be an interesting meet building the way forward with the clinton foundation. >> so to be clear on that, the fbi director could be terminated at anytime by the president.
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>> and if hillary clinton were to try to fire -- as you say, to follow out your line of thinking there, were to be elected and then try to fire james comey, that could lead to an even bigger crisis. but james comey also is in what might be an untenable position with the back and forth. but, yes, the point of the fbi director's ten year term is for him, he or she, to not be involved in politics at all but quite the opposite has happened. >> ed, thank you very much. remember that expanded e-mail probe nine days ago, many will argue tightened the polls considerably, well, forget about that. the fbi director who really triggered that october surprise triggers another surprise in the other direction. james comey essentially saying that what they have gotten off of that server does not lead
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them to believe that a further investigation is necessary adoe nothing to chankt tge the agenc initial cop clupgs from this summer. if you're cop fused, you're not the only one. now to the fallout from all of this with ed rollins and path came dell oig. so [ pat caddell oig. so you could arrested that hillary clinton was suffering from the polls i think with revelations from skyrocketing premiums for the affordable care act. this probably helped donald trump. this is out of the equation now. will it do anything in the next couple of days? >> i think it leads to the premise that washington is corrupt and that i'm not accusing the director of being corrupt, i'm baskly being basic
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accusing director of smash position the statue of justice. he doesn't know what is in those 650,000 e-mails. they should not have been anything inthat anthony weiner d in his possession. so if you're saying there are 650,000 e-mails in there and that is not a classified document in there, i think that is absurd. and equally important giving it to congress on a sunday afternoon without any feedback, no public announcement, i think basically is going to be viewed by many as a coverup and viewed by many as this is what is wrong with washington. let's clean it up. and i think that works to trump's advantage. >> and it's interesting and not too surprising that now republicans are just exasperated as comey. so it is that rare time when both sides are disliking him now. a lot of democrats angry at him for having brought them to this point. but be it that as it may, will
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this make any difference in voters' minds that is among those who have not already voted, close to 40 million already have, will it make any can i ha difference in the next couple of days? >> who knows. i don't think so that much. because i think the big wheels are in motion. as they were before this. there was that narrative developing. if trump won, it was comey. i think it was already moving to the bigger stage. but you have the president of united states who has twice before said hillary clinton was innocent, before any investigation was done that shall i had done nothing wrong. and then he attacks company any owing the other day. you have the justice department which clearly is so much worse, it is the eric holder, loretta lynch justice department which we know has been trying to trample down investigations in a way not everyone the mitchell
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justice department did. we have -- what ed said about corruption, everyone believed this. you know this. i'd even jump up and down when comey came out because i said the whole fbi was a mess. this whole thing has been a mess. i believe that he was under intolerable pressure from the justice department, the president and broke. there is no way that you could go through 650,000 e-mails and know what was there. >> we should just say as we just updated fallon with the clinton campaign was saying that we were always confident nothing would change the decision. now director comey has confirmed that. and along kelly an conway saying why did you attack comey and his
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credibility pmt will this resonate among voter? >> i think people who railroad comm were committed to trump or hillary are skrech thevery much. so the same day that you discover the maid in mrs. clinton's household was copying confidential documents, you same day that the found dapation was paying for chelsea's wedding, employing her are and for the fbi director to say guess what, we've quickly look at all 650,000 and the decision that i made before which there was a lot that she candidn't do or shd have done but i don't find anything that changes my opinion, i think this so absurd and a man i had a lot of respect for, mr. comey, i have much less respect. i think people who don't want the mess that is there will stay
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with trump. >> i want to say one thing here. look, this answer to all of this, and i said this the other day, is that there needs to be a special independent council who is outside of washington who is nonpolitical, to take over this entire investigation. the justice department can't be trusted. the fbi is in chaos and we need a legitimate investigation. and i guess it's okay that the maid was xeroxing and faxing confidential and often classified documents. but you know -- >> we don't know that to be fair. i just want to cycle this very quickly. do you think now that whatever surge donald trump was having slows or stops, whatever drop clinton was having slows or stops? because even prior to today,
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both of their positions seemed to be cementing in key states. >> no, in one sense as i track this against 1980, i went through all of the tracking polls. most of them in the latest polls, tracking polls show him closing or doing better. >> so you don't see anything changing. ed roll lynins, do you see anyt changing? >> no, absolute not. those whonk the system is broken will still think it's broken. >> all right. the candidates very busy in the next 48 hours. they will be in a half of a dozen of the battleground states. donald trump largely ignoring these coach. developments. we are told hillary clinton will, as well. but again it's out there.we are will, as well. but again it's out there.
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lots of vitamins a&c, and, only 50 calories a serving... good morning, indeed. v8. veggies for all. direct tor comey owpany m c letter we're glad to see that you reached the con clougs thcl he did and that the matter is resolved. >> clinton campaign saying it's time to move on, although we're told that this event that is being put together about in
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cleveland, ohio, including lebron james and a number of celebrities who already appeared with hillary clinton is that this subject will not the come up. to the left in minneapolis, donald trump so far we are told that the closest reference he a made that it was a rigged system. so both sides avoiding the discussion. but can you imagine a possible scenario where hillary clinton is elected next week and that first meeting with the fbi director that the president always has, like a hello newman? hello, comey. you can't make this stuff up. we have pam bondi with us. and i'm telling you, it gets curiouser and curiouser. many argue that comey locked himself into his own little corner here because he reopened this or announced this reprobe, whatever you want to call it
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last week, he was ob liged to update and the change was that no, nothing in those e-mails at least that had been detected off of anthony weiner's server looked worthy enough to change the original read not to pursue a criminal indication against hillary clinton. what do you make of that? >> well, this confirms everything that donald trump has been saying about the system. the system is dysfunctional, broken and hillary clinton is the system. and bear with me for about a second and -- >> but last week many republicans did because they thought the system was finally going their way. now it reverts, this love/hate relationship. >> this is the entire system in d.c., neil. and think about the way that this was crafted. he's referring back to his july conference about the e-mails.
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so let's look at it in the light most favorable to hillary clinton. so he's still saying she was extremely careless. no one who is extremely careless with classified e-mails can have a security clearance especially the president of the united states. >> and you hit on a theme pa paul ryan just echoed. >> and i haven't heard that yet. >> let me pass this along. this is coming from speaker ryan. undisputed finding of the fbi investigation is that secretary clinton put our nation's secrets at risk and in doing so compromised our national security. what will come of that do you think? >> well, how can we have a president who cannot have security clearance? it's unreal to me. but stay with me for a minute on this. so he was talking when tabout t e-mails. i think what he said is very specific about those i maechl m.
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you still have the whole clinton foundation out there. >> are you saying that there is a possibility -- you're not the saying that if she's collected, hillary clinton, that she is president of the united states commander in chief would not get security clearance or should not? >> i think that -- i don't think she shoulded at all. someone with who is extremely careless with the director's own words with hundreds of thousands of classified e-mails, a secretary of state who says she didn't know what "c" meant on documents? >> what is the poll like in florida? >> well in, florida i just drove by an early voting poll.line is around the corner. and again, i don't know who is in line, but i don't see hillary clinton bringing people out to vote. i do see donald trump bringing people out to vote. i've been to his rallies, he has thousands of people there. he wants to scoecure our border.
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so people get out and vote. >> pam bondi, i apologize if all the breaking stuff, but the fact of the matter is neither candidate is talking about this. more after this. whether it's bringing cutting-edge wifi to 35,000 fans... or keeping a hotel's guests connected. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink.
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about that followup e-mail probe on the part of the fbi, forget about it. it's done. nine days ago it was the october surprise and now comey with a november surprise, a rare moment where the same guy responsible for both surprises. but essentially bringing us back to where we were, that there is nothing here that would indicate a change of plans from a decision back in july of this year not pursue criminal action
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against hillary clinton. on the phone with us, trump campaign manager kelly anne conw conway. what do you think of this? >> i think when comey says it didn't change anything, it certainly doesn't change anything what he said under oath on july 7. he said she was reckless and careless in her handling of the information, in having a private e-mail server to begin with. there trey gowdy asked, he said she had multiple devices. there were multiple instances of classified information. nothing changes the fact that she has been reckless and ca careless with security information. >> but it won't expand at this juncture into a criminal probe, that they will stick by or that is the fbi will stick by the decision it made early in year not to pursue that.
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have you had a chance to talk to mr. trump about this? he virtually ignored it in his same in minneapolis. >> i have not only because he was already up at the podium when it happened. >> so he is aware of it? >> yes -- well, i don't know. i'm not there. he may be. somebody may have slipped him a note. but it's very difficult with secret service all around you to slip a note. but he'll know it soon if about he doesn't already. you'll still have a majority of americans who think hillary clinton is not honest and not trustworthy. if they thought otherwise, she would be way ahead in this race. she's the one with the resources. the so-called 248 of the 270 electoral votes you need and here we have here playing follow the leader. >> and we're on the phone with kellyanne conway, the donald trump sccampaign manager, do yo think this might have taken some of the umpf out of ourses?
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>> no, and i w rk, we were clea would not make the comey investigation the center of our message. but he said if you don't like the rippinggged corrupt system, can't possibly vote for hillary clinton. none of that changes. he has been talking about obamacare. the fact that everybody's premiums were increasing in october. >> you think about it, i do think that that is when you started closing on the polls and hillary clinton started dropping and a lot of people look at that renewed probe and said that that was the reason, but that was starting to happen with the revelation of the eye popping increases for the affordable care act. do you still see that continuing or does this now worry you that the momentum that your candidate
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has gained slows or stops, that he's still in a good position in a number of states in which he was not expected to be in a good position, but do you worry that this gives the other side a moment to catch its breath an maybe reverse it? >> we're not worried for two reasons. number one, the minneapolis rally that you're referring to, we had 22,000 rsvps for a hangar that holds 4500 people. folks were abandoning their car a mile away just to walk to it. so we know they're not walking to see donald trump because of what fbi director compaey did ne days ago, they're walking to see trump because- >> i guess i'm saying donald trump, and i'm paraphrasinging, the director had the right do the right thing and his camp
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thought that would lead to harsher revelations. that that does not appear to be the case. >> but it also doesn't change anything. first of all, this investigation was mishandled from the beginning. we found out today that hillary clinton had her maid printing out classified information from the computer at home. >> we don't know about if it was classified information, but you're right, things were being printed out, a woman who had no security clearance. >> no security clearance and it's not fair to put her in that position by the way. so i'm not critical of her. she's an innocent bystander. but just goes to the pattern of hillary clinton. separate set of rules for her, separate set of rules for us the little people. and what won't change is people wondering what else there is to learn about hillary clinton. there is never an ethical cleanse, never a complete unspotted record. you never know what you're
1:31 pm
getting. and when it comes to the other that we do know, i still thank is why she p hasn't been able to close the deal. if donald trump is saying drain the swamp, if three quarters of americans are saying i want change, the sclochoice is clear. the election is still what it's always been. >> do you see anything changing now? the reason why i ask, in florida early voting numbers show a very, very big surge in hispanic voting. do you worry because the consensus seems to be -- i could always be wrong -- that tvotes large hillary clinton votes and that a close state could make a very big difference? >> well, they could be, but i also see other data points from florida. and republicans now make up 2% more of the early vote share that at this point in 2012. and we are trailing in total
1:32 pm
ballots cast. we're trailing by 130,000 less than we did going into the final sunday in 2012. so we know that the performance on election day is most important in places like nevada and florida and -- >> but half the vote in florida is already accounted for by early voting. you have to hit a major home run, right? >> we are looking for a very strong performance. but -- >> but you're still confident that you will win florida? >> yes, we are confident that we will win florida. it's more than just our momentum versus her machine at this point. we have a little bit of a machine ourselves. we'll never have hers, but also i think he has the messaging. when donald trump talks about obamacare and he talks about defeating radical islam and job creation, protecting jobs and hillary clinton does what? she talks about him. she's trying the same vicious shots and people don't like that. so we'll leave it all on the
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field and we're looking for a victory on tuesday. >> well, it is a close race. thank you viyou very much, kell conway. switch to ing to cleveland, where you have james lebron james and he can generate a crowd. a lot of these celebrities who have been coming out for hillary clinton, donald trump cynically said that's why she gets big crowds, she needs to rely on them. lebron would do that. as would just being anywhere in a room with jennifer griffin who is in cleveland traveling with the clinton campaign. at a time, jennifer, i don't know how this factors out. i've heard those who say it just brings us back to where we were. but what are the clinton folks telling us? >> reporter: well, i think if you -- based on their reaction on board of plane, they think this is a very big development.
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we do not expect hillary clinton to respond to the news. she was planning to talk to the press but then the news broke. in fact the press learned about the news on twitter and in fact shouted up to the front of plane where the staff was and they then -- we saw them reading from an iphone trying to get comey's statement. so this was all happening in real time. and that is when jen palmieri walked straight back to the press, full camera was rolling and that's where she gave the first reaction. but hillary clinton did not respond to the news as she walked out of her plane. she was accompanied by long time aid former chief of staff at the state department charles micher mills. but it seems that they think this is a big deal because they mills. but it seems that they think this is a big deal because they have been saying all along that they believe the e-mails that were found allegedly on anthony
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weiner's computer were dupl dup duplicates, things already provided and they felt confident that there weren't any classified e-mails that would change director comey's decision. so they feel like now they can begin to make the closing arguments that they had wanted to make more along, a more positive position about what they would like to see in these last 48 hours as opposed to fighting about issues of e-mails and fbi investigations. back to you. >> jennifer, thank you. this will be the first opportunity now since all this news broke to hear from lk herself. we were told that she is not inclined to want to say anything about this. she might. but again, we're getting word it that she is not intending to. let's listen in. >> -- really thank lebron, what he does on the basketball court you all know. it makes him so special. it makes him a champion. but i am just as impressed as i
1:36 pm
have told him about what he does off the court. but what he does off the court is to care for every child as though that child were his own. he has been so committed through the lebron family, the lebron james family foundation, he's using the national platform he earned toed advocate for childr everywhere especially right here in ohio. and it was an extra special treat to have j.r. smith here, as well. i can't tell you how exciting it is for me to have lebron and j.r. part of the team that will take us to the white house starting on tuesday.
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her husband to rally jyoung and i have to thank a lot of fir officials that i have such a high regard for. let me thank your senator sherrod brown. let me thank your congresswoman marsha fudge. and let me thank your county executive and hope you will vote for your former governor ted strickland to be your next senator. and i want to thank the deejay for his musical performance and i want to thank a very special
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young man, yousef salam, who was out here, a young man who has turned what was a very bitter and unjust experience into an opportunity to try to help lift others occupy. now, i was thrilled to be here on friday night where jay-z and beyonce.uoccupy. now, i was thrilled to be here on friday night where jay-z and beyonce.poccupy. now, i was thrilled to be here on friday night where jay-z and, i was thrilled to be here on friday night where jay-z and beyonce.w thrilled to be here on friday night where jay-z and beyonce.o thrilled to be here on friday night where jay-z and beyonce.n thrilled to be here on friday night where jay-z and beyonce.o on friday night where jay-z and beyonce.ccupy. now, i was thrilled to be here on friday night where jay-z and beyonce.upy. now, i was thrilled to be here on friday night where jay-z and beyonce.upy. now, i was thrilled to be here on friday night where jay-z and now, i was thrilled to be here on friday night where jay-z and beyonce.y. now, i was thrilled to be here on friday night where jay-z and beyonce.. now, i was thrilled to be here on friday night where jay-z and beyonce. beyonce even had her dancers in blue pant suits which i love. but what was most important is how beyonce and jay-z talked about this election and what it means for their daughter and for all of our daughters an sons. and that's why i am so grateful to them and as well as to lebron becaused sons. and that's why i am so grateful to them and as well as to lebron because it election is about the
1:39 pm
future and your kids and grandkids and every child in this country that we hope will have their open shot at the american dream. they may not all become champion basketball players. but everybody should have the right to go as far as their hard work and talent will take them in america. so let me ask you this. are you ready to vote? you ready to volunteer for the next few days? are you ready to choose our next president? i think by now you know the choice could not be any clearer. it really is a choice between division or unity, between an economy that works for everyone or one that is stacked for those at the top. between strong steady leadership
1:40 pm
or a loose cannon. and as you think about this choice, i want you to know where i am coming from because what i want to to do as your president to build on and continue what i've done my entire life. fighting for kids and families. standing up for our country. about if you elect me tuesday, that's what i will do. because from the start, our campaign has been focused on you. i have now spoken this front of hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people. in small groups an big events. and what i try to do is to really look at the faces of the people in front of me. because i don't know your dreams. i don't know your struggles. but i want so much to convey to
1:41 pm
you that i will be on your side. i will fight for you. fight for your families. fight for your futures. i want to help you get and stay ahead. and my vision is very different from my opponents. we know enough about what he says and what he's done. you don't need to go through the litany of all the people's insulted and toddemeaned. but it's not the america that i see as i travel around our country. i want us to have a vision that is hopeful, optimistic and unified about what we can do together to make sure america's best years are ahead of us.
1:42 pm
i love our country and i believe in our people and i will never quit on you, no matter what. now, that is not to say we don't have our challenges. of course we do. we're just human beings. but, boy, we have so many assets. we have so many opportunities. and never forget america is great because america is good. and we if act like that we lift each other up instead of tearing each other down, he we can be even greater. we've come through some tough economic times. and lots is changing in our country. there are powerful forces that do threaten to pull us apart. our core values as americans are being tested. i think of all the people like matt across the country in this
1:43 pm
campaign, i've heard some really, really sad stories. when you run for president, at least for me, the moments that stand out are about somebody grabbing my hand and they will share a really personal feeling or experience with me. a lot of times it's about problems or troubles in their family. and i feel like they are entrusting me with this really important piece of their lives. i walk away from that motivated, but i also walk away confident. my faith in our future has never been stronger. and i know if we come together, not just to win the election, that is just the beginning, but then to work together, there is something for everyone of us to do in our own live, our
1:44 pm
families, our neighborhoods and communities. i want an america where everybody has a places, our families, our neighborhoods and communities. i want an america where everybody has a place, where everyone is included. and i know there is a lot of frustration and even anger in this election season. i see it. i hear it. sometimes, you know, i'm the subject of it. i get it. but anger is not a plan. anger is not going to get us new jobs with rising incomes that will create a strong thriving middle class. i believe that we're going to grow this economy, we're going to grow it from the middle out and the bottom up. not the top down. that is what my opponent offers. and it might work for him. right? it might. but it's not going to work for the vast majority of working americans.
1:45 pm
that's why i want to us have a big infrastructure jobs program. there is so much work to be done. good, honest, honorable dignified work. our road, our bridges, our airport, aour tunnel, our water systems, and they can't be exported. they have to be done in cleveland, johnstown, dayton, akron, cincinnati, columbus. and we're going to bring back advanced manufacturing to ohio and elsewhere in our country. now, some people when i say this, they kind of, you know are look at me like that's not going to happen. it is going to happen. and i'll tell you two of my strongest allies are going to be sherrod brown and marsha fudge and i hope ted strickland when he gets to washington. people say to me all the time how are you going to get anything done? won't there be gridlock? there will only be gridlock if people that are elected to
1:46 pm
represent you don't want to help you. it's not complicated, my friends. if they want to keep helping the wealthy, the powerful and the well connected, yeah, then we'll have gridlock because i want jobs with rising incomes. i want people having a better shot at the future. and we are going to have more clean renewable energy jobs to combat climate change and put americans to work. and i want to be the best president small business has ever had because that's where the most jobs will come from. and once we get the new job and we start producing more things in america, i want people to buy those things in america. any of you see the debate?
1:47 pm
you know, in that last debate, i pointed out that donald trump has bought chinese steel to build his last two buildings. all the while he's been running around ohio talking about what a great advocate he's going to be for working people. he didn't have to buy chinese steel. he didn't have to help employ chinese steel workers. he could have bought good american steel made by american steel workers. so don't just watch what we say, watch what we've done the last 30 years and whose side we've bet on. and we'll make this economy fairer. i really believe in hard work. that's how i was raised. that's the kind of family i came from. so i think everybody has to work. everybody who can needs to work. but i do think we need to raise
1:48 pm
the national minimum wage because if you work full-time, you shouldn't still be in poverty. and i also positithink if you'r you should get paid tefairly whh is yes with need to guarantee equal pay for women's work. and, you know, this is not a woman's issue. this is a family issue. because if you have a mother, a wife, a sister or are a daughter working, you don't want her short changed. and we need to start recognizing that a lot of the costs are burdensome. i want to get child care affordable. right? you know, in a lot of states right now, good child care costs as much or more than in-state college tuition. that's crazy. who can afford that?
1:49 pm
and i want us to have paid family leave so if you get sick or your spouse is sick or your parent is sick or your child is sick, or you bring a newborn home. now, you know, i don't think these are luxuries anymore. i think these are all about rebuilding the american middle class. i believe it's all about respecting work, providing enough jobs for people to have a good future, getting incomes rising, making it work for everybody. and i've said i will pay for everything i'm proposing without adding a penny to the national debt. right?and that is in very stark contrast to my opponent because what i've said is i'm not raising taxes on the middle class. anybody making less than
1:50 pm
$250,000 a year is not going to have any tax increase while i am president. but i am going where the money is and the money is with the wealthy. and corporations. because they have done really well in the last 15 years. and they should pay their fair share to support our country. and again, people say to me, well, how are you ever going to get that through congress? well, i'll tell you. i think it's pretty simple. i'm going to look at all the people, all the people who would be helped by everything i've just said, the new jobs and the rest of it and i'll compare it to the very few people in about every congressional district who would have their taxes raised. whose side are you on? are you supporting five people in your district who will have
1:51 pm
their taxes raised or are you supporting the 500,000 people who will be benefited by what we're going to do together?
1:52 pm
i want every public university to be tuition free for families making less than $120,000 a year. and debt free for everybody else
1:53 pm
because this should be seen as an investment. and if you are struggling with student debt, we have a plan to ease that burden. get the costs down. get the interest rates get it paid off much faster. i believe that every single person should be able to go as far as you are willing to work for it. and not have your dreams dashed while you are a child or a teenager or young adult. elections are about the future. so lift you the young people of america. that includes dismantling the so-called school to prison pipeline and replace it with a cradle to college pipeline! >> we have a lot of work to do. i have laid out a full agenda. tim kaine and i have written a book called "stronger to together," it tells you everything we want to try to do and i have to tell you, it is
1:54 pm
important, you know what we want to do, it shouldn't just be an election about words but it should be about plans and policies so you can say, what will help me? with college can you go to my website. >> hillary clinton has yet to mention the developments today where the fbi director decided that the information they have so far does not warrant a reopening of the e-mail investigation that was all the rage nine days ago when he said there would not be enough time to do this. certainly it is an indication before the election but it has changed. we have former fbi assistant director, what do you make of the significance of these developments today? >> i think that the director and the fbi were under substantial pressure to move with anybody speed to sort out the e-mails,
1:55 pm
the new e-mails they took from mr. weiner and miss aberdeen, and try to make sense of it. the director's notification to congress obviously lit off a firestorm of commentary in both sides. they felt pressure. they were bound to try to get through it as quickly as possible to see --. >> but that is a lot stuff to get law in nine days, thousands of them. so do you think when he came up to say, look, there is nothing here that would prompt us to change what we did back in know this process and how long it takes better than anybody. is that about rights nine days? >> thank good for automation, the fbi has created or built some software that would allow them to get through the volume
1:56 pm
with this sort of speed and with an accuracy that allowed the director to make this notification today. i don't think they were hand searching and pile "a" to pile "b" with individual agents and otherwise saying have you seen this before? >> okay, but do you think that the director put himself in the corner, that he had to do what he did because he said i will give you the latest developments and a we are doing and he did and of course, nine days ago, now, we got a comment from nancy pelosi saying the united states house of representatives leadership saying the latest fbi findings should finally close the door on this republican side show. what do you make of that?
1:57 pm
>> pelosi is going to blow hot political winds across this because the democrats and the republicans are both all about getting their candidate elected. my sense is the viewer, the listener, has to flip that to the side and write it off to shear politics. the director did put himself in a tight place. the timing of this is unfortunate. it has been unfortunate since the going. as i have said to and you to others, hillary clinton postpones every piece of time. if we knew about this when we should have known it would have been bob muller's problem five years ago. >> she got the server, she did this, she is the one who create ed this theater that echoes what the rnc chairman said that he believes hillary clinton "broke the law," and i
1:58 pm
am quoteing despite the fbi clearing her. are you of that opinion? >> on the face of it, i understand the director and others had concerns about the precedent so on the face of it if you look at this espionage statue, absolutely what she and her inner circle did, absolutely. >> where do we go now? whoever is elected will be dealing with comey. it will be tense for either candidate. the fbi director serves at the discretion of the president. what do you make of, say, a president elect, hillary clinton, would have to do versus a president like donald trump? >> it is problematic either way. we have, say it is hillary
1:59 pm
getting elected and we have a clinton presidency, that is a problem because from the information i am hearing, the clinton foundation will go failure. in the justice department has been holding the fbi back as we have heard recently, on wednesday it ought to be full throttle going forward to understand what laws may have been broken in the foundation investigation unrestricted because the election is then behind us. if it is a trump presidency, same thing, the fbi needs to lot el forward and find out the truth. >> thank you for taking the time , from the very confused file, remember all the chiefs and indians are on the same page. so much more going on and continuing coverage on fox through the evening. we will pursue this with our
2:00 pm
exclusive gifts from fox business. it is agreed that, to put it mildly it is "confusing." that will do it for tonight. >> welcome to perino and desire wall street. two days out and another letter from the file director shake up the race, the first polls will close in 50 hours and we have blockbuster new poll and the crazy on the campaign trail and a scare for donald trump and the latest from the campaign from both and a look at fox news new studio and look where the magic happens. control of the senate is heading down to the wire. we will tell you what you need to know.


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