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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 6, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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maybe maybe you are in a place right now where you can use a boost. you can preorder at, barns and noble and i can't wait to discuss it with you. thank you for watching us tonight. we'll s we'll see you tomorrow night at 9 p.m. welcome to the sunday edition of "hannity" two days before you vote for the pr the the fbi director james comey announced the reopened investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail server is now closed and no charges will be recommended against her. in just a few minutes newt gingrich, kellyann conway. we will take you to pennsylvania when donald trump steps up to the podium. get out your pen and paper. there is a lot of information you are going to want to remember and tell your friends. let's start with fbi director
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come he he informed congress that the bureau rauz reopening the probe into hillary clinton's server after 650,000 e-mails were found on the laptop that was shared by top clinton aid huma and anthony weiner laptop. the first time it took them almost a year to go through 30,000 e-mails. now somehow they were able to analyze 650,000 e-mails in only ten days. any logical person can see it doesn't make sense. what about the fact that comey's agents say there is a 99% chance that up to five foreign intelligence agencies hacked the server and stole the e-mails. what about the fact that clinton's team remember they used bleach to permanently delete 30,000 e-mails after clinton was served a subpoena to
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serve them. are we to believe those were really about yoga, a wedding, a funeral and e-mailing with bill clinton who doesn't e-mail? what about the fact that wiki leaks shows that the clinton staff they said they said they didn't think she turn over all work-related e-mails. what about the fact that her house maid printed out classified documents. whyint decomey mention anything about the pay to play scandal at the clinton foundation. how dumb does he think we are. as an american you should be outra james james comey should be ashamed of himself. let's let's start with hillary c she she changed her story on her server countless times. hillary in her own words. >> the laws and regulations in effect when i was secretary of state allowed me to use my
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e-mail for work. that is undisputed. it clearly wasn't the best choice. and i and i take responsibility for that decision. i thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and for my personal e-mails instead of two. >> iphone or android? >>. [ laugh [ laughter ] iphone in full disclosure and a bla i i have an ipad mini recollect iphone and a blackberry. >> i believe i have met all of my responsibilities and the server will remain private in order to be as cooperative as possible we have turned over the server they c they can do whatever they want. i am confident that i never sent nor received any information that was classified at the time it was sent and received. >> so that leads the 100 out of
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30,000 e-mails that director comey testified contained classified information. i did not receive anything that was marked as classified. director comey said that only 3 out of 30,000 had anything resembling classified markers. >> did you wipe the server? >> with a cloth or something? we turned over everything that was work related, every single >> like >> like she lied about benghazi she lied and lied and lied again and again about the e-mail by the by the way, it wasn't cleaned like with like a cloth. it was pretty much acid wash so god himself couldn't recover them hill hillary clinton tried to convince everyone she didn't break the law. back in july when james comey went before congress he admitted that hillary clinton lied to
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you. >> sec >> secretary clinton said nothing marked classified on e-mails. was th was that true? >> that's not true. there were a small number of ma >> >> secretary clinton said i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail there is no classified material. was that true? >> there was classified material e-mailed. >> secr >> secretary clinton said she used one device. was that true? >> she used multiple devices during the four years of her term as secretary of state. >> secretary clinton said all work-related e-mails were returned to the state dep was was that true? >> no. we found work-related e-mails, thousands not returned. >> secretary clinton said her lawyers read everyone of the e-mails and were overly inclusive. did did her lawyers read the content individu >> >> no. >> per >> perspective as you listen to lies that comey said she told you, just the mishandling and destruction of classified
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info they a they are both crimes. was james comey pressured by department of justice to reach a certain conclusion. do they have something on james comey? reports reports said doj has been stone walling investigation or did bill clinton work out a deal with loretta lynch when they met for 30 minutes or because president obama directly tied to clinton's private server. the president lied when he claimed he first learned about the server from news reports. wiki leaks showed they knew clinton was using a private server because he was sending her e-mails on the server. regardless of whatever it may be the conclusion is clear comey is protecting clinton and like the abusively biassed liberal mainstream media is protecting the clintbes by not covering this today we learned john
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podesta thought cheryl mills was against clinton's running because of her server scandal. the server scandal in total. her own staff said the server was a political disaster. we learned that chelsea clinton was apparently using money from the family foundation for all sorts of things not related to c take take a look at what clinton aid wrote, the investigation ntaxes on money from her parents. detailed what he calls bill clinton inc. a scheme tied to the foundation that the former president used to enrich himself to the tune of $116 million. of course, wiki leaks exposed how the so-called objective mainstream media is in the tank. wiki leaks uncovered the department of justice, state department and white house colluded with the clinton
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campaign over this scandal. we are learning that the clinton campaign had an agreement with bernie sanders. take a look at this e-mail about sanders. this this isn't in keeping with the agreement since we clearly have some leverage. it would be good to flag this for him. and john harwood seeking advice about what questions he ought to be asking jeb bush. e-mails showing reporters asking the campaign to approve and publish stories. cnn had people feeding questions for debates to hillary clinton. you have dozens of so-called journalists from major outlets except fox news channel all invited to dinner. i didn't get the invitation. i said back in 2008 that in america journalism is dead. but it is far worse than i thought or anyone can imagine. there is an a.p. report that 55%
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of nongovernment people who met with then-secretary of state hillary clinton while she was in office either gave money or pledged money to the clinton foundatio we we can't forget about the tens of millions of dollars the clinton foundation accepted from countries that treat women, gays and lesbians, christians and jews horribly. let's start with saudi arabia there. newt newt gingrich, your reaction to james comey today and what he has ignored and we don't hear a word about pay to play. is the voters supposed to go into the ballot box blind? >> corruption once it gets settled in is like a cancer. it just keeps growing and sprea so so you have the attorney general meeting as you pointed out with the former president in a very private meeting on an airplane,
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very week they will interview his wife. the interview itself is very weird, done in a way that very few fbi interviews are done. then you have comey coming out and saying there is really nothing here. a fire storm blows up. fbi agents are enriched. it is quite clear that the political part of the justice department is sitting on the investigative arm of the fbi. comey then for whatever reason decided that the discovery of 650,000 e-mails required him to reopen the case which he had closed, by the way. this doesn't count secondary cases out there ongoing already. but what is strange -- i don't know what is going on in comey's head. it's it's weird. nobody nobody believes that the federal government is capable of taking
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650,000 e-mails and reviewing them in eight days. look how long it has taken them to review stuff over the last year and a half to two years. suddenly the sunday before the election they rush to judgment by the by the way, on a day when the new york post is reporting that hillary clinton was using her maid to print out classified documents which in itself is a vi on a on a day when we are learning that chelsea clinton and her husband were apparently inappropriately using clinton foundation resources and that is clinton's guy writing that. this isn't stuff outsiders are making up. you have all of these additional pieces of corruption, pieces of dishonesty, pieces of violating the law and in that setting comey decides two days before the election he should announce
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that there is nothing in the 650,000 e-mails. i have a simple test for him. if there is nothing there release them in the morning. if there is nothing there why can't the american people see all of this nothing? why do we have to rely on the totally flawed judgment of an fbi director who i think sadly is going to go down in history as the man who broke the prestige of the fbi. >> think about how profound this is on so many different levels, mr. speaker. she erased 33,000 e-mails. she made the decision to erase they they wanted nobody to see them so bad they didn't wipe them with a cloth, they acid washed it with bleach pit and got rid of it. then we know specifically things were done. these were under subpoena. then we know it was on an unprotected server. now we are told 99% chance five
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foreign intelligence agencies hacked into this. i assume russia, probably iranians, chinese, roman yns able to hack into things. did anybody feed it to isis? who else? all of this destruction and then the multiple lies to the american people. here we are two days before election day. can she win? being a congenital pathological liar she can win. >> you have most of the elite media trying to prop her up, trying to overstate what comey said today, hoping they can shove her over the finish line. you have clearly she is in trouble in michigan. that is why they have gone back she she is in trouble in philadelphia and pennsylvania. they are under performing in north carolina. they are under performing in florid as as you know nevada may be one of their bright spots. we don't know yet.
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c >> f >> from what i am seeing in c >> >> i was in colorado thursday. it is clearly moving. i think, by the way, i'm talking to you from wisconsin and i have been talking to people in wisconsin and minnesota. they are both moving. i now think ron johnson will get reelected maybe by a significant margin. i think i think he may help trump carry wis you you will notice that today paul ryan was very explicit in condemning the whole hillary clinton mess and specifically calling for votes for donald trump and saying everybody should vote for donald trump. there is some coming together >> nice >> nice of him to join the party. that's that's a different story. i saw his statement. i want to go over the path for donald trump to 270. more with newt gingrich after the break. donald trump has a rally in pennsylvania tonight.
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we will bring that to you when he takes the stage. much more on this special sunday edition tonight of "hannity". >> the investigations into her crimes will go on for a long, long time. the rank and file special agents of the fbi won't let her get away with her terrible crimes. vision loss is not something that you feel until it happens. most people lose their vision from diseases like macular
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don donald trump about to take the stage at a rally in pennsylvania which is apparently in play. let's go to -- let's say he every state that mitt romney won and let's say he picks up iowa, gets ohio, gets florida, maybe picks off nevada if he can't
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some reports out there, some well known says there is no colora colorado may be in play. then if he gets new hampshire and then has colorado that is three more electoral votes than nevada he gets to 270. michigan and pennsylvania do you believe they are in play? do you believe potentially minnesota is in play? >> i believe potentially minnesota where trump beat hillary in a statewide high school poll that evolved over 77,000 students and where he was running a crushing margins in rural minnesota. we were driving across wisconsin and in rural wisconsin we are seeing 30 or 40 trump pence signs and ron johnson signs for every hillary clinton sign. saw only three hillary clinton signs in the two-hour drive in rural wisconsin.
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part of this is going to be a question of do the cities turn out. if, in if, in fact, they cannot get african-americans in milwaukee or minneapolis or in florida to turn out in the barack obama size numbers i think hillary has an enormous problem on tuesday. i want to make one sidenote. for all the people never trump and yelling at you and me and what a disaster trump is going to be everybody agrees he will get more electoral votes than mitt romney. even if he doesn't get there he will be bigger and stronger and get more votes than mitt romney, so he so he is already an enormous force in american politics. i believe the momentum is with him in michigan. i think that pennsylvania is very tough because democrats will steal philadelphia. if they can get an honest count in philadelphia i think that trump will win. i think he will win north
7:20 pm
c i thin i think he is going to win iowa. this is one of those great everyb everybody slaufs off the fact that he is carrying ohio. ohio was at one time the swing state. now now it's for trump so it can't be the swing state because if it was the swing state and for trump it would mean he is wi i i point out to you that -- >> i don't want to interrupt you because i got yelled at last week for doing that. in all seriousness starting november 9 win lose or draw we're going to have a narrative about how corrupt this news media industry is, disgustingly corrupt. and th and the role that they play -- i can't watch these stupid sunday shows on any other cable network or any major newspaper because we know they are in the tank for hillary inc.
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>> that's corruption in general. but let me just carry it one step further and how this is evolving in the next 48 hours. one of the most accurate indicators is what happens to the stock market in the last 90 in the in the last 90 days we had the second worse decline in the 90 days before an election since world war ii. only 2008 is comparable. that particular indicator, 87% of the time tells you whether the incumbent party or challenging party is going to it it is sending a huge signal that donald trump is going to win because people are looking around saying this economy isn't good enough and she is going to be worse than obama for the eco there there are a lot of indicators coming together i think that -- i'm not just for on tv and being a cheerleader. i am very optimistic.
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i think the odds are two out of three that trump will win. i think this will be one of the most exciting election nights of my lifetime. >> i was there with you in '94. good to see you. donald trump just got off the plane and speaking in pennsylvania. >> >> jobs to be taken from our states anymore. we will be opening brand new factories across this state. we are going to bring back the jobs and the wealth that have been stolen from us. the economic policies of bill and hillary clinton have bled pennsylvania dry. you know it, i know it. we have watched it happen. china's entry into the world trade organization, the job killing deal with south korea, another hillary disaster. and now she wants trans pacific
7:23 pm
partnership which will be absolutely unacceptable. it will take what nafta hasn't take it it will all change on november there there will be a big, big change. big, big change. and as you all know real change begins with immediately -- >> donald trump crisscrossing the nation all weekend long. tonight in pennsylvania. when we come back we will go back to the speech and get reaction from trump's campaign manager and look at the electoral map and check in with mayor giuliani about james comey and more on this special sunday >> when >> when we win on november 8 we are going to drain the swamp. what is success? is it a professor who never stops being a student?
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go going out and voting is your last chance. it's your last chance to make our country truly, truly, truly great again. we have such potential. my contract with the american voter begins with a plan to end government corruption and to take back our country from the special interests. when we win on november 8 we are going to drain the swamp. >> donald trump earlier today of course promising to drain the swamp of washington if elected on tuesday. how can donald trump get to the magic number of 270? let's start here. let's look at the board. let's start with 2012. these are all the red states that mitt romney won. let's just for the sake of argument assume we go to 2016. hold all of those states of mitt romney. let's let's go what if. he was just in iowa. let's go to iowa. you can look over the left side. polls show donald trump is doing really well there.
7:27 pm
the all important swing state of ohio. 18 18 electoral votes. let's put that in donald trump's column doing well. he can he can't win without georgia. let's go there. we will give him the 16 polls show he is up there. north carolina, little tougher. i'm saying donald trump will get the 15 electoral votes in north ca now now we get to 219 to 201 for hillary clinton. very important states left here in the map. let's go to this state. i don't think donald trump can be the president without the state of florida. put that in his column up to 248 closer to 270. how does he get to 270? a lot of different ways. one of the ways is this is we we will put it right there. that is in donald trump's column. now now he is at 254. arizona 265. two ways to get to 270. add new hampshire. as congressional district one. congressional district two.
7:28 pm
he is at 269 and clinton potentially could be at 269. what happens then? congress decides. what if donald trump wins the great state of colorado? but let's say on the other side he loses nevada where the polls are really close he is still at colora colorado shows the polls ti some ha some have donald trump above. that would be an important if you l if you look at this map now you have other possibilities. is he going to win virginia? is he going to win pennsylvania? it's a game changer. donald trump wins the state of pennsylvania it is game over. let's say for a second he loses flori florida is tough. he is down to 243. now he is in a must-win situation pennsylvania gets him to 263. this would get him to 269. and then the one congressional d so so nevada would get him there. we can hit that button there
7:29 pm
somewhere. i i guess because it went blue it doesn't want to go back. that would get him to 269 or of course you have up here you have min you h you have wisconsin and you have michigan. 16 16 electoral votes would put him over the top. bottom line is you have florida is tight. you have pennsylvania is tight. you have north carolina. i think that is going trump. ohio is going trump. nevada is up for grabs. colorado is up for grabs. i think michigan is up for grabs and it is really up to you at this point what is going to happen election day. new hampshire is another tough state. here with reaction. do you like how i did that? i had to do that and walk over >> >> future in polling. how do you feel? >> i feel great. what you show demonstrates we have probably about six routes to 270. that has not always been the case. moment momentum, enthusiasm are proving
7:30 pm
tangi you s you see the crowds. you see people in all of these states including new mexico, minnesota thought to be out of reach for a republican ca he he shows up there and crowds pour in. in minnesota people were parking a mile away. we made the event live and 18 hours later we had 21,000 rsvps. >> i heard there were more people outside than inside. >> we like to say for somebody who doesn't play an instrument or a sport donald trump is packing it in. when you are going through the map and talking credbly and blauzably about states like michigan, colorado, new hampshire these are states that president obama carried twice with well over 50% of the vote. hillary clinton is nowhere near ther we have we have been talking for months on the show about her being the 46% gal. she can never bust through the ceiling. what i what is going to convince the
7:31 pm
undecided voters between now and tuesday that it is okay. i know she lies and is corrupt i don't want more of the same, i'm a change maker. i want to drain the swamp but i think i will vote for hillary cl i i have faith in the american people their wisdom and the real appetite to go in a different dire >> i th >> i think the best path for donald trump i think he will get iowa. i i believe in polls. nate silver once tweeted hannity doesn't believe in polls. i believe in numbers. >> some reports that hillary clinton is one state away from losing electoral map. >> look at matt beven in 2014. look what happened in brexit. i have given 15 examples where the polls can be way off. those are the numbers we have. you are the pollster. we are going by polls he will win iowa. he will win ohio. i think he will win north
7:32 pm
very ti very tight as always in florida. >> always. >> florida, where are you? >> in 2000 george w. bush as we all know was separated by 527 votes in florida. george w. bush's brother was the governor of florida. all establishment, infrastructure, we don't have >> how >> how do you feel about the early vote in florida? >> feeling better. we get daily reports. i was going over the numbers today. we feel we feel good as to compared to where the republican nominee >> >> over 100,000 in north carolina. >> >> north carolina is always the day of vote for republicans. governor romney carried the state in 2012 but was trailing badly in the early vote. >> what do you think either colorado or nevada? we hear nevada there was a heavy hispanic turnout in early
7:33 pm
>> neva >> nevada is a place where we need a strong day of turnout more than in other places. we feel good about our infrastructure there and the fact that we beefed up the team to plan for this. colorado has really been tightening and is a place where hillary clinton felt had to go back to colorado. i like the way you swapped them out on your board. for a while our major paths included nevada and not c we we had the luxury to swap them the the fact that we are talking about michigan, the fact that you are talking in a serious way about pennsylvania. >> pennsylvania is always from a presidential standpoint -- is it d >> >> different because the candidate is different. the message is about renegotiating bad trade deals. >> fracking for pennsylvania is i do i do always worry about what goes on in pennsylvania. >> obama care -- >> philly is about 11% of the
7:34 pm
vote. surroun surrounding suburbs are another you are you are talking about a third of the state. we have seen some improved numbers among women in the suburbs. >> whic >> which would be more likely from your perspective? pennsylvania or michigan? >> we are competing heavily in we are we are putting two major assets in both states. >> what do you put the odds on tuesday night, fox news projects that donald j. trump will be 45th president. >> odds are 54%. we have them on the wrung. >> 54% means 46% chance she gets the win. >> it is this morning i was having a conversation with mr. he he said something about brexit. this is the trump effect. you keep on crediting other movements. this this is the trump effect because brexit isn't filling up hangars and getting people excited.
7:35 pm
>> food is really top notch, kfc, mcdonald's. >> i can't wait to get back on the treadmill. >> seriously speaking the trump effect i have been talking about under cover trump voter for they a they are misunderstanding what i under under cover are people who say i have an excuse to vote against they they like the 100-day plan. >> new deal for black america. >> all of that but really in the end are people going to cast a vote for somebody who has never done this before? that is the under cover -- are people going to go against their own partisan or past voting when hil when hillary clinton promised to put the coal industry out of work, that was supposed to be about west virginia but travelled across to ohio,
7:36 pm
michigan, wisconsin. governor pence with the upper midwest states that we were not competitive. >> a busy night. >> thank you. coming up, former new york city mayor responds to the news today but james comey and sheriff david clark all here on this special edition of "h >> >> now it's up to the american people to deliver justice at the ballot box on november 8. >> here >> here we go again. >> she should be ashamed of h earned overnight. it's earned in every wash... ... and re-earned every day. tide. america's number one detergent.
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the people know it. and now it's up to the american people to deliver justice at the ballot box on november 8. unbelievable. unbelie unbelievable what she gets away with >> >> donald trump earlier tonight in michigan attacking hillary clinton over those corrupt e-mail server scandal. here with reaction rudy giuliani. can can anybody understand james comey? mishan mishandling classified information is a crime. he admitted she lied repeatedly. having your maid print out classified information, isn't that a crime? >> of course, it is. you know way back in july when we discussed it i thought jim comey reached by far the wrong de there w there was overwhelming evidence that she violated the law.
7:42 pm
now since then we have this additional evidence that she was giving classified material to her maid who was printing it out for her. the way it is described in the wiki leaks e-mail it was done routinely. so so if she was completely reckless back in july this addition of her maid handling classified top secret material routinely makes her beyond recklessly careless. it puts her in the category of intentional crime. also today two other major revelations took place that have been buried. apparently according to doug band money was used from the clinton foundation to pay for the chelsea clinton wedding and to pay for a decade of life for and and then there was a cautionary e-mail sent saying that chelsea
7:43 pm
better stop talking about this. and beyond that there is another e-mail that points out that chelsea's husband with chelsea's help was going to foundation donors and raising money for his hedgefund. my my goodness. i i prosecuted major wall street -- and racketeering i never i never had evidence like this. i would have won the cases in two weeks instead of six if i had evidence like this. >> we have a two tiered justice system or is the fbi saying it is okay to delete subpoenas what if what if i do that? >> or to allow maids to send out classified information who do not have top security
7:44 pm
clearances. there there is a sailor sitting in prison because he took two or three pictures on a submarine. we're supposed to be a country of justice. using foundation money for their daughter's wedding when they are multimillionaires says once a crook always a crook. they go back to arkansas. >> why doesn't comey -- we have other fbi agents saying that five foreign intelligence agencies, 99% certainty, they have everything. so she did corrupt the e-mail. she put it on a server that wasn't secure in a closet of a bathroom of a mom and pop shop. it was hacked into. five foreign intelligence agencies get it. why doesn't he say anything about the clinton foundation? >> and did they interview maria
7:45 pm
the the maid? as as far as i can tell they never interviewed her. that would be incompetence, breach of any kind of protocol you have in the fbi. according to these e-mails she routinely was using classified information and sending it along to hillary clinton. that is a direct violation of at least four federal statutes that we started talking about a year ago. i never i never knew the evidence was as strong as this. and then if you think about the fact that a lot of people spend a lot of money on their daughter's wedding and it comes out of their pocket and it is hard earned cash. and these people who are multimillionaires were taking money out of the clinton foundation that is supposed to help poor people and were paying for their daughter's wedding and for a decade of her life, come are the are they crooks? they have been since arkansas
7:46 pm
and the liberal press has allowed them to get away with i i don't think the american people are going to want to have the clinton inc. massive criminal conspiracy. >> are you confident donald trump wins on tuesday night? >> i am confident in the wisdom of the american people in wanting to have a man who wants to drain the swamp in washington and wants to make rules that would prohibit all of this. >> mr. mayor, thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. coming up, donald trump campaigning today in five different states. coming up next, sheriff david clark, judge jeanine piro here with their reactions. >> she got the questions to the d and nob and nobody even talks about it. they don't even write about it. they don't even write about it. they are the most biassed dishonest people. i'm my team's #1 fan. yay. sports.
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and welcome back to "hannity." donald trump campaigning today in five different states. he's headed to virginia right now and has one more stop even tonight. joining us with reaction, sheriff david clarke, jean enpiero. sheriff, where do you see it now? >> i still see the wind at donald trump's back. look, i've been in seven different cities in five or six states on behalf of donald trump. i'm seeing a very energized and motivated electorate. many have taken advantage of early voting. they can't wait, those who haven't, to cast their ballot for donald trump. all he has to do right now is close the deal with the american people. they want to vote for him. i haven't seen somebody work this hard for president in the last 25 to 30 years.
7:52 pm
he's out hustling mrs. bill clinton right now. and i still believe he's going to be the 49th president of the united states. >> what do you feel, judge? >> you know, i think that donald trump has hit at issues that politicians haven't talked about, whether it's immigration, the refugees, people believe that he can deliver jobs. and i think that as long as donald stays on message for the next 48 hours, i think that people understand -- >> you mean, not go on twitter the next 48 hours? >> yeah, as long as they take that blackberry and twitter away from him. i agree with the sheriff. donald trump has hit a note with the american public all over this country. >> what do you make of what happened today with james comey? >> i don't think people care about that anymore. people think washington is corrupt. they've had it with washington. he says yes, he says no, he says
7:53 pm
maybe, he says reckless, he says prima facie case, nobody cares anymore. >> we do know she's a liar and she's corrupt. >> you know we know even more than that? we know when a pervert has our classified information on his laptop. and who else has it? we don't know. but i don't have time for that. >> five foreign national intelligence agencies hacked that e-mail. >> there's no question about that. but let me ask you this -- >> you take over the show. i'm a potted plant here. ask your own question and answer it. >> i'll be quiet now. >> no, i'm kidding. >> you want to know? if wikileaks can get all of them, you know that they have our classified information, too. >> so do the russians and the iranians and the chinese. i know you work in the rule of law, sheriff, and it's clear what she did, having the server,
7:54 pm
mishandled the leading, the obstructing, all of this is a crime. would i not be in jail today? would judge jeannine not be in jail today, would you, sheriff, not be in jail today in we don't have a system of law anymoryste. i have no faith, none, in our department of justice. and i'm sorry to say no faith in james comey. none. and i have faith in the fbi. i have faith in the rank and file. rank and file told us the truth. something is going on that we won't find out about for a long time. >> not only would we be in jail, we'd be under the jail. james comey has turned the fbi into a modern-day version of y keystone cops. he should resign immediately over the bungling of this case. if he does not resign, and mr. trump becomes president, he should add that to his first 100
7:55 pm
days is fire james comey. >> there's enough we know that hillary did to indict her, true or false? >> oh, true, without a doubt. overwhelming evidence that a prosecutor, any competition prosecutor could take this case to trial and win with -- >> you could try her and convict her. final predictions, who will win, judge? >> donald trump. >> who will win, sheriff? >> donald trump. >> what are the odds? >> a little more than 50. >> what are the odds, sheriff? >> a little more than 50-50. >> this is the first time in my adult life, i don't have a feel. it's different than any other election. >> cautiously optimistic, sean, i really am. >> straight ahead, more "hannity." ♪ (whispers rocket) that just tastes better. fresher.
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♪livin in this crazy world ♪so caught up in the confusion♪ ♪nothin' is makin' sense ♪for me and you ♪we've got to give a little love♪ ♪have a little hope ♪make this world a little better♪ welcome back to "hannity." unfortunately, that's all the time we have left this evening. we'll see you tomorrow night 10:00 eastern. newt gingrich, laura ingraham. we'll throw the football to
8:00 pm
judge jeannine and see if she catches it. judge, right in the gut. you are like the jets. oh, anyways, have a great night. see you tomorrow night. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this sunday night edition of "the factor." big breaking news today and throughout the next hour we'll bring you the very latest information on the presidential election. big story this evening, another letter by fbi director james comey, and that is partially the subject of this evening's talking points memo. writing once question to congress, mr. comey says the bureau has now reviewed all the e-mails that were on huma abedin's computer. she's hillary clinton's top assistant, as you know. the bureau found nothing that would change the stated outcome of the case tt


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