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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 6, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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judge jeannine and see if she catches it. judge, right in the gut. you are like the jets. oh, anyways, have a great night. see you tomorrow night. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this sunday night edition of "the factor." big breaking news today and throughout the next hour we'll bring you the very latest information on the presidential election. big story this evening, another letter by fbi director james comey, and that is partially the subject of this evening's talking points memo. writing once question to congress, mr. comey says the bureau has now reviewed all the e-mails that were on huma abedin's computer. she's hillary clinton's top assistant, as you know. the bureau found nothing that would change the stated outcome of the case that secretary clinton should not be charged
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with national security violations. of course, that's very good news for mrs. clinton who is under a shadow of corruption. however, you either believe hillary clinton is corrupt or you don't. and anything short of an indictment is not going to change opinions. those who pull a lever for secretary clinton on tuesday surely know she plays by her own rules, not those you and i are forced to absorb. it's quite obvious the justice department under president obama has little interest in holding hillary clinton to account, and every thinking person knows that. but even though the democratic machine caught a break today, there's still wikileaks which continues to torment the clinton campaign. apparently doug band who runs the clinton foundation was concerned that chelss was using foundation assets for, quote, her wedding and life fr a decade, unquoed. and stated that in an e-mail to john podesta, which also included, quote, i hope you will
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speak to her and end this. we don't know who "her" is, hillary or chelsea, but it's clear the money was being used for a personal advantage for all three clintons. now, whether that's important to you the voter remains to be seen. but it is important to talking point. every time the clinton foundation comes up, the clinton people say this. >> as you know, the foundation does great work around the world and the distribution of aids drugs here in the united states, the distribution of drugs to battle opioid addiction. >> well, that's the mantra that the foundation does a lot of good, and it does, but that's not the point. charity foundations are supposed to be for charity, not individual gain. so once again, once again, hillary clinton has a dubious situation on her resume. and here's another one. on friday, the rapper jay-z appeared at a clinton rally in cleveland. it was grim. ♪ [ bleep ]
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♪ ladies is pimps too ♪ [ bleep ] >> that's the difference between traditional america and progressive america. jay-z, a former drug pusher, celebrates and cashes in on depravity. and apparently hillary clinton's fine with it using the rapper to stimulate votes in the minority community. donald trump quickly hopped on it. >> he used every word in the book. i won't even use the initials because i'll get in trouble. they'll get me in trouble. he used language last night that was so bad and then hillary said, i did not like donald trump's lewd language. my lewd language. i'll tell you what, i've never said what he said in my life. >> so with 48 hours left before
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the media starts calling states, the campaign is as intense as ever. tuesday cannot come fast enough. and that's the memo. now for the top stories. polling out today, nbc news has clinton up by 4, investor's business daily has trump up by 1, "the l.a. times" tracking poll trump up by 5, abc news clinton up by 5. florida cbs news has a dead heat tie. ohio cbs has trump up by 1. but the columbus dispatch has clinton up by 1. and in michigan a fox 2 detroit poll has clinton up by 5. now here in new york city, director of monmouth polling and david morris. we'll begin with you. trump is speaking at this moment in michigan, which is unusual because, you know, usually you see that state -- we'll talk to sarah palin who is in michigan in a moment. but trump is saying that the
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second comey letter is rigged. if you want justice, you have to vote for him and get her out of the picture. that's not a bad retort. i don't know if it's rigged north. i doubt it. but to turn it around and try to use it for him, i think that's fairly clever. >> he has to do that, bill. he's in the blind. he's behind nationally. he has to find some way to make the undecideds, the few that are out there, come to his side. but you know what? it's already baked in. people who care about the e-mails have already decided. it's not good ing to make a difference at the end of the day. >> i hate the end of the day phrase because there's a day and a half left before people go to vote. just two points is real clear politics separating clinton. that's within the margin of error. you're a pollster, so i'm seeing trump outwork hillary clinton. trump does, you know, six events today, and hillary did two. so i don't think it's over by
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any means. >> as you said in the memo, the key thing here is if there's an indictment -- >> there's not good to be an indictment. >> right. so this is about getting people out to vote. this is why donald trump is working his backside off going -- >> you want justice, you have to vote for me because we're not going to get justice. >> getting those people out to vote. because what we're seeing in the polling numbers right now is that hillary clinton has a slight lead, kind of has gone up and down, but a lot of that has to do with enthusiasm and relative enthusiasm. it doesn't necessarily say who is going to get to the polls. so it's getting out there, getting to the key states. >> so you think trump's smart to kill himself on the road? >> he's got to. he's got no choice. he has got to go to some of these states like washington, michigan, minnesota, because he's got to flip one of those states based on the polling. florida is close, ohio he's got a bit of a lead in. something we've seen in the key states like florida and ohio,
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north carolina, the polls over the past 2 1/2 weeks have moved in his direction. >> yeah. >> michigan hasn't moved in his direction, but he's got to get a state like that. >> it's only five. he's only down by five. >> are you going to have a new poll soon? >> a national poll tomorrow. >> you know what it is? >> no, we haven't finished interviewing. we're finishing just tonight. we'll see what happens tomorrow. >> now do you concur that trump could win this race, mr. morris? >> well, he can. but it's an awfully steep climb for him. there are seven states that i think matter in this election. and trump has to wib all seven of them. >> tell us what they are. >> florida. >> florida we don't know. dead heat. >> ohio i think trump will win, iowa trump will win. arizona trump is going to win. new hampshire he can win, maybe it could go either way. it comes down to north carolina where it's tight. he can pull that one off. nerve darks i don't see how he wins nevada. >> really? >> no nevada, no presidential
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office. >> because nevada, the latest polling has gone in his favor and he worked the reno area hard. we'll have the governor of north carolina on in a few segments from now because i agree with you. north carolina at 8:00 on tuesday night might be called. if it's called for hillary clinton, everybody go to sleep. all right? that's crazy. >> i don't think it be called that early but there's so much early vote coming into north carolina, we might know soon. if it's not or it's not called early or if he wins north carolina or wins florida, we might be hanging on new hampshire, which is the one state where we actually have seen polling that has been very volatile just in the last five days alone. >> but kelly ayotte, the incumbent senator republican has now pulled ahead by the wbur poll which is the poll up there, the boston university public broadcasting segment. so look, it's hard. anything can happen. but what i'm seeing is the momentum now for trump has
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slowed. would you say that it's slowed? >> maybe even stopped. let's see what your poll shows tomorrow and let's see what the tracking -- >> that's a dead heat, margin of error. >> it is not a question of momentum. it's a question of getting out the vote. >> where we are going into tuesday and sunday night we'll have a special report, where we are is a two-point lead by hillary clinton. but that can evaporate in a whisper if people don't show up to vote for hillary clinton. >> right. i think we're talking about michigan, a state that probably matters the most is pennsylvania, which is a state that does not have early voting. if people change their minds about how they come out to vote, especially the rural areas near philly. >> they had a transit strike in philadelphia. so that could make it hard to get out to vote. >> i didn't know that. >> yes. that's up in the air. >> and the democratic union.
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>> all right, genertle men, we appreciate it. how does the governor see the upcoming vote? and she'll look back on her experience. we'll be right back. right back governor palin. i'm here in bristol, virginia. and now...i'm in bristol, tennessee. on this side of the road is virginia... and on this side it's tennessee. no matter which state in the country you live in, you could save hundreds on car insurance by switching to geico. look, i'm in virginia... i'm in tennessee... virginia... tennessee... and now i'm in virginessee. see how much you could save on car insurance. or am i in tennaginia? hmmm...
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right now she's being protected by a rigged system. it's a totally rigged system. i've been saying it for a long time. you can't review 650,000 new e-mails in eight days. you can't do it, folks. hillary clinton is guilty. she knows it. the fbi knows it. the people know it. and now it's up to the american people to deliver justice at the ballot box on november 8th. >> donald trump speaking in michigan this evening. just wrapped up a few moments ago. a personal story segment, we're pleased to have sarah palin who ran in 2008 on the mccain ticket. she's also in michigan and detroit where she's working wore donald trump. do you have a prediction for us on tuesday, governor? >> well, if trump wins, then america wins. and you know, i heard you speaking with the guests a little bit earlier asking if the trump momentum has stopped, and i'm thinking, you're not in michigan then.
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because they're hot, hot, hot for trump. and they here desire so much to be that comeback state. they understand that someone from the private sector who needs to get in there and shrink government and allow industry to really get revved up again. that's what these michigan folks are looking for. >> well, the polls say clinton's up by five. but he's giving it a big shot. i remember interviewing you eight years ago. and you wanted to campaign in michigan, but the mccain people said you could not. and, of course, the state went to barack obama. do you feel and are you willing to make a prediction that trump will carry michigan this time around? >> there's no reason why he wouldn't. there are these great democrats here, blue collar, hard working americans, maybe they're registered democrat, but they so want that positive change for their business for that industry to be ushered in. and speaking to people all day today, there is so much enthusiasm for that positive
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change. so you know, the polls, like i've said before, bill, polls are only good for strippers and cross country skiers. what matters, of course, is two days from now the getting out the vote effort, making sure these reagan democrats and michigan folks and republicans get out there and -- >> are you going to stay in m h michigan to get the vote out there? is that your assignment? >> i think my assignment is i move to different locales. i don't know all that baseball stuff. >> no? >> no, bill, believe it or not, you don't know where you're going sometimes. >> you go where they suggest you go. you're a good soldier for them. >> or you go rogue. >> think back two years ago, 48 hours before the vote, did you think you and senator mccain were going to win? >> well, i did. because i'm the -- i'm always
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optimistic. but i remember two days out because i was sneaking phone calls out to conservative media markets, to you, to hannity, because some of the campaign folks were thinking that we needed to really concentrate on trying to shore up some of a liberal vote, bring it on in, and we hadn't spoken a lot to conservative outlets. i remember speneaking phone cal to you guys from a bus. >> we had you on a number of times, like this, a straight interview. i don't know whether i -- i think i do remember a phone call. you called me like 3:00 in the morning or something to wake me up. >> get your butt up and work. >> but this one with trump, he's running a little bit ahead of what you guys were running. but he's still behind. you know, according to polls. are you saying you don't believe the polls, you don't think they're accurate? and if so, why?
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>> it depends on who the pollster is, of course. >> the average, the average is about 2%. >> no, well, yeah, no, no. i just don't put a whole lot of faith in polls. especially two days out. so many things change. you know. historically we've seen great changes take place in a lot of elections at the last minute. no, i think people are so ready for change, that they know that to fix the corruption that is so rampant in our federal government, you don't elect those who did the corrupting, and we have such a clear choice in this election, someone who has been part of the problem or someone who is bound and determined to work with us to fix the problem. >> do you know hillary clinton well? have you spoken with her? >> i have spoken with her husband. i have not spoken with hillary. >> you have never spoken to hillary clinton? >> i've never even met her. >> no? >> i think i'd remember it if i did. >> the gender gap is going
8:18 pm
toward her on the female side, the male side overwhelmingly for donald trump. why? >> well, i would hope that women aren't buying into that shtick, hey, vote for me just because i'm a gal. we've learned before to not base a vote based on, you know, gender or any kind of difference, but really on what that person stands for. no i think the women of america, they are wanting a cleaned-up government just as much as the men are. >> well, again, the polling doesn't show that. if hillary clinton doesn't win the women by 55%. do you admire the fact that hillary clinton is running for president at all? do you have any admiration for her? >> i have admiration for anyone who has that tenacity, that drive to get out there and offer
8:19 pm
themselves up in the name of service to the american people, but no, not when it comes to hillary specifically, no. >> you think she's a corrupt woman? >> yeah. in a lot of ways, she is. >> so you agree with donald trump when he says crooked hillary and she should be in jail? and you agree with all that, that she isn't an honest individual? >> two days out, bill, i'm not here to indict hillary clinton. she's going to do that herself. and i believe that many more things that will come to light, people are going to realize that, no, she shouldn't be our leader. >> so you believe that come election day, only two days away, that light bulbs are going to go off and trump's going to win big? do you think he's going to win big? >> i think he is. and i think america's going to win right along with him. he's going to allow us to make america great again. >> all right, governor. we appreciate you taking the time. we know you're busy tonight.
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you go first.
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campaign 2016 segment tonight north carolina. it's a must-win state for donald trump. right now the latest polls are split. trump leading by 5 in the trafalgar poll, 7 in the wral tv poll. but quinnipiac has hillary clinton up by 3 as does the cbs news. governor pat mccrory is locked in a tight race with democrat roy cooper. governor mccrory joins us now from raleigh. so polls are split. wral tv poll a pretty good poll, if my memory serves me.
8:24 pm
how do you see it coming down, governor? >> i think everything's dead even in north carolina. it will be all dependent on who gets the vote out. i do believe in north carolina i have a prediction that a silent -- there is a silent majority in north carolina. i've been hearing it for months in my campaign and donald trump's campaign and in richard burr's campaign where there's almost this intimidation from the far left for people not to want to say who they're for, whether it be mccrory, or trump or burr. so a lot of people i think are kind of going, i'm with you, i'm with you, whispering silent majority. and the turnout model so far is showing that our turnout's big right now, north carolina in early voting and especially among independent voters and especially among republican voters while democrat votes are down in north carolina in comparison to president obama's 2012. so there doesn't seem to be the passion for hillary clinton as the democrats had for barack
8:25 pm
obama. and i think there's clinton fatigue. it's almost like when she speaks we're going back to the '90s again and reliving the '90s. i think people don't want to relive the '90s with hillary clinton. >> if charlotte was taken out of the equation, you would win easily and probably donald trump would win easily. charlotte, that colossus is a liberal town, a big heavy minority vote. so that's where it's locked in right there for hillary clinton, correct? >> no, actually, i'm doing pretty well in charlotte. i was mayor of charlotte for 14 years and the charlotte tv region, we're doing actually very well. i think the biggest area, toughest area for myself and richard burr and donald trump are probably is in the raleigh-durham triangle area where there's a lot of universities. i was surprised today in chapel hill and someone waved to me with one finger instead of five and they meant it. >> we know that the urban area
8:26 pm
almost all across the country are more liberal. but you have the riots in charlotte. you have the trouble there. there's a lot of outside money, i understand, coming in to those areas to get hillary clinton and your opponent elected. is that true, first of all, a lot of outside money coming into north carolina? >> absolutely. a lot of source money. a lot of california money coming to the charlotte, metro areas. but we're seeing a silent majority come out to vote. the statistics are showing in early voting. and if it's even or we're slightly even behind in early voting, i think we're all going to win it. i make the prediction for the republican ticket. we're the ninth most populous state in the united states. >> and a huge change in the state because a lot of northerners have come down. north carolina's a nice place to live. your polls close at 8:00, 8:00 eastern time? >> 7:00, i believe.
8:27 pm
but we had early voting. we had some of the most liberal early voting rules in the united states, yet the president came down and criticized north carolina. i think he was trying to get the vote out. but in fact in new york where hillary clinton lives where they do not have the early voting or same-day registration like north carolina has. we've had large early voting. >> so you close at 7:00. that means by, you know, 7:30 possible that state may be called your state may be called? >> i doubt that very much. i think early voting, we've never had a called election. i ran in 2008 and lost the closest governor's election in the united states. in 2012, i won by 11 points and no one has ever called an election that early. i anticipate it going very late in north carolina. and again it will be dependent on who votes and who gets the vote out. there's no doubt about that in my mind. i see enthusiasm here. >> why do you think you aren't
8:28 pm
as dominant in 2016 as you were in 2012? what's changed? >> money coming into this state. i've been outspent 2-1 mainly by source money and left wing money. i'm the incumbent governor and i've probably been outspent almost 2-1. so the negative ads are absolutely incredible. >> did that have to do with the transgender bathroom situation? >> some of it was, but you know, most neem the nation don't know it was the left that brought that issue to north carolina, not the right. so that's what's even more ironic. they brought that controversial issue to try to defer the attention away from -- you know, when i came into office, we had a 9.1 unemployment rate, now we're 4.7, we lowered corporate tax, income tax, we gave teacher pay raises. they had to defer the attention to other things and that's what the left has attempted to do. >> we appreciate you coming on today. north carolina is probably the
8:29 pm
most important state along with florida and ohio for the presidential election. good luck, governor. thank you for coming on tonight. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. >> "the factor" moves along this sunday evening, we'll talk about the governor of colorado. another tight state that donald trump needs to win. does not, w does not, w fun of my bladder leakage made me feel like i couldn't be the father that i wanted to be. now i use depend. i can move the way i really want. unlike the bargain brand, depend fit-flex underwear is more flexible to move with you. reconnect with the life you've been missing. get a free sample at
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issues from their side, you can be on their side. that's why there's, a free online resource for the parents of the 1 in 5 kids with learning and attention issues. here you'll get personalized recommendations, practical tips, daily access to experts and more. go from misunderstanding to good evening. now with this sunday edition of the factor. just 48 hours before we start calling states for hillary clinton or donald trump. joining us is john hickenlooper. your state is ahead by by 5 points. why so close? >> we're still a purple state. we're almost exactly the same republicans and democrats. there are more unaffiliated voters than there are democrats and republicans. even though hillary was ahead by
8:33 pm
eight or nine points a couple months ago, everyone knew or expected it would tighten up a little bit. >> what about the johnson factor, the libertarian candidate, governor johnson. he's a big legalized pot guy, you have legal marijuana there. will he perform better in colorado? and the other states shows when he declines, trump picks up. so trump is the beneficiary of his decline and hillary, when he does well, johnson takes it on the chin a little bit. how do you see johnson? >> well, as close as i can tell out here, he's really taking almost evenly from both the clinton campaign and the trump campaign. if anything, maybe a little more from trump. but he doesn't seem to have a whole lot of traction here either, to be honest. >> no, i saw one poll up around 9 or 10. but you don't see that? >> i don't think it's still up that high. >> i worked in denver at channel 7 36 years ago.
8:34 pm
>> i remember. >> it was a different state then. it was a far, far different state. much more traditional and conservative, much more western. now so many people have come there from other states and from mexico, a lot of hispanics that have moved into denver, into that area because there's so much work. what effect has the hispanic vote had on the state? >> well, i think an awful lot -- you know, colorado is a spanish word. we've always had a large hispanic population here. certainly as we diversify the economy going back into the mid-1980s, i came out here as a geologist in the beginning, then the price of oil collapsed and there was a real conscious effort to diversify the economy into aerospace and advanced manufacturing and technology. people have moved into the state from all levels. if you look at the percentages in terms of migration, the hispanic migration has been a
8:35 pm
relatively small percent. i'm sure it helps hillary clinton just because donald trump has attacked hispanics so frequently. it shouldn't be that big of a role -- >> you don't think that it would be -- it would be interesting to see the hispanic vote for trump in colorado. donald trump spent time in colorado, hillary clinton not so much. clinton's been there once or twice but trump's been there ten times. will that matter? >> no, i don't think so. i think donald trump has been trying to rebuild, especially after the video came out with his comments about, you know, assaulting that woman. that's been a hard thing for him to recover because colorado, both democrats and republicans and unaffiliated, are very kind of family value oriented. he spent a lot of time out here kind of making up lost ground there i think. >> but it worked to some extent because even as you've acknowledged in this interview, he was ahead by 10, now it's 2 or 3. i don't know whether his
8:36 pm
personal appearances are working. i wanted to get that vantage point from you. hillary clinton does not seem to be -- and forgive me if i'm being presumt uous here -- a colorado typical. you guys are all about the outdoors. i agree with you na the family is the center of the state. you have the university towns like boulder, which are going to be progressive left and aspen and those enclaves. but the real folks who are out there are traditional folks and hillary clinton strikes me as a machine politician. and i'm not sure -- see, i think if trump takes colorado, that he wins the presidency. he can do nevada and colorado out there and then sweep the states he needs back here. he wins. and i think he's got a shot in colorado. would you say he does not? >> i say he's got a steep hill to climb. you know, colorado is a traditional state but it's also a state that's very collaborative. people work together. if you go back to upstate new
8:37 pm
york and talk to republicans after they worked with hillary clinton when she was a senator, remember, she barely won her u.s. senate seat when she first ran, but she won by almost a two-thirds majority and a lot of that came from upstate new york. she's someone who brings people together, gets people to sort out their problems and create a compromise and that sells in colorado. >> you believe she's going win by how much? >> i'm saying six or seven points because otherwise i'd have a hard time sleeping. i think that the shift has kind of gone back the other way and i think she's beginning to make up a lot of that ground that's lost. i think six or seven points. >> you're fairly comfortable that she takes colorado. if she does not take tithe, and we have to do this now. if trump beats her in colorado, upsets here, okay, would you think it would be because of the corruption, the foundation e-mails, all of that? >> no. a, again, i don't think she's
8:38 pm
going to lose, just like governor mccrory was talking about the early voting. the early voting here has favored democrats much more than republicans. they're up four or five percent compared to 2012. but if by some chance he were to win, i'm going to guess that somehow there was an unhappiness or dissatisfaction with the system that he talked to. that's the only thing i can understand that would really get him a victory, you know, here in colorado. hard for me to imagine how that would happen. >> governor, we really appreciate your time tonight. i'd like you to come back. i'd like to talk about the marijuana deal after the election is over. >> sure. >> and the balance of social problems versus revenue and things like that. >> an interesting issue. >> it is. when we come right back, we'll take a look at the pennsylvania vote. another crucial state for donald trump. then we'll talk with bernie goldberg.
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test test. >> test test remember when you said that men are superior drivers?
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yeah... yeah, then how'd i'd get this... allstate safe driving bonus check? ... only allstate sends you a bonus check for every six months you're accident-free ... silence. it's good to be in, good hands. continuing now with this sunday evening election edition of "the factor," if donald trump wins pennsylvania, hey, he might
8:42 pm
be president of the united states. right now the harper poll has a tie in the keystone state. but all in polls have hillary clinton up by an average of 2.4% in the commonwealth. joining us now from philadelphia, senator chris kunz from delaware. delaware is a suburb of philadelphia because it's a lot easier to live in philadelphia than it is in some portions of pennsylvania. so you know the turf. i'm going to ask you the same thing i asked governor hickenlooper. why is it so close in pennsylvania? it's historically a democratic leaning state. >> well, bill, pennsylvania hasn't voted for a republican candidate for president since 1988 and i don't think it's going to end up being close on tuesday. i think what we're going to see on election day here is that the investment that the clinton campaign has made in the ground game, the focus that they brought to their campaign in planning and preparing for election day is going to
8:43 pm
ultimately produce a very strong turnout across the state of pennsylvania -- >> if that's true -- >> and a win for secretary clinton. >> if that's true, if minorities go out in philadelphia in great numbers rivaling barack obama, i think you're right. but you have to cede that it is a battleground state, pennsylvan pennsylvania. trump's got anent in scranton where i started in channel 16. he's there and 2.4 is within the margin of error. again i'll ask you what is it that's driving the trump vote in the keystone state? >> it was interesting to me to see melania trump here last week because there's real nervousness in the trump campaign that they've lost the republican women of the suburbs, the four collar counties that are the suburbs of philadelphia where republicans typically come out in pretty high numbers. melania was here in the state of pennsylvania. i'm trying to connect with voters after a number of polls,
8:44 pm
a number of surveys showed that donald trump's offensive comments about women, his tape suggesting that he engaged in not just sexual harassment but sexual assault and was bragging about it was really hurting him. >> i don't think there's any doubt -- >> that's produced real momentum for clinton. >> but it hasn't again shown in the polls. and i don't like the assault business because i think that that is a word that has to be adjudicated in a court of law. but let's say that you're right, let's say that women in pennsylvania were initially put off or still are put off by mr. trump's lifestyle and his use of vernacular. isn't it true that hillary clinton's problems with the fbi, with the foundation countered that to some extent? because if what you are saying were true, then he'd be behind
8:45 pm
ten.s points in pennsylvania. trump would be losing by ten and he's not. it's a statistical tie. a lot of pennsylvanias not knowing what to do. this way and that way. you say it shifted back to hillary clinton. do you have any data to back that up? >> what's striking to me is the most expensive senate race in the whole county is pat toomey against katie mcginty. $130 million spent on that. we've seen an avalanche of ads. the clinton ads contain trump himself saying outrageous or unsettles things whereas the most trump ads we've seen recently have been rooted in falsehoods. just today fbi director comey cleared secretary clinton again of any issue related to these e-mails. and most of the attack ads that we've been seeing recently from donald trump suggest that there is some -- >> but the negative ads --
8:46 pm
>> -- conspiracy and she's about to be charged with some crime, which is clearly not true. >> she's not going to be charged with a crime in the foreseeable future, that's for sure. but they're both negative ads, right, clinton ads are negative towards trump and trump ads are negative to clinton rather than vote for me because i'm a good guy. the toomey/mcginty race, that's a tie. >> a very close race. >> one has toomey up by one, gravis has got mcginty up by two. those are the latest numbers that have come in. i really think people are conflicted in pennsylvania. fascinating to see. i'll give you the last word. >> well, i think what we're going to see here tomorrow night is a terrific positive get out the vote rally. as you know joe biden, my predecessor in the senate, native of scranton, pennsylvania, is one of the most effective campaigners and closers in american history. i think we'll see history repeat
8:47 pm
on tuesday when pennsylvania will once again go democrat and there would not be a path to victory for donald trump. >> i want biden and trump, they were going to duke it out, weren't they? that would be good, if we could have that monday night, i'll carry that live. all right, senator, we appreciate it. bernie goldberg on deck. will he make a prediction? we'll find out when we come back. >> well, here with go again. >> bad judgment. >> she should be ashamed of herself. and happiness♪
8:48 pm
♪but above all this i wish you love♪ ♪and i will always love you, i..♪
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8:50 pm
betting on presidential race three to one in favor of
8:51 pm
secretary clinton. number one, you have lavish homes in both north carolina and florida. does does that mean you can vote in both states? >> don't do this. that's against the law and you know it. >> looking out for you because i don't want you to be tempted to break the law. you vote in florida, right? >> that's right. i vote in florida. >> let's take north carolina you kn you know the state. you live in the mountains or the foothills or whatever. going to go for trump or clinton? >> >> so you are asking me about florida and north carolina. there are 50 states and you give me the two toughest ones. >> those are the ones you live i >> >> you could have given me california and alabama. i can give you those two. florida is going to be a toss up. it is it is real close.
8:52 pm
i'm not telling you anything you don't know. where have to give a slight edge to hillary clinton in north car but but would you like my overall pre >> we >> we have a little time with you unfortunately tonight. we had a spanish journalist on she sai she said that the cubans in dade where you live are going to break for trump because they don't like the obama administration. >> i he >> i heard that. i was very surprised. if that happens then he'll win florida. just just as a general rule and generalizations don't always work, the older cubans who came here early on are conservative and they will vote republican. the younger ones, they don't -- they are more democratic. that is why dade county and miami usually goes democratic. >> so you think that hillary clinton has a slight edge in
8:53 pm
florida. why? why? >> >> just going by the polls. >> just the polls. >> and there is a lot of influx of new hispanics, puerto ricoens in the middle of the state. if the middle of the state goes whichever way the middle of the state goes and i think it will go probably for hillary, that is who -- >> spending a lot of time on the i-4 corridor between orlando and >> i'm >> i'm saying it is close. very close. >> going to north carolina even the governor didn't know whether he was going to win or not. a lot of stuff floating around. >> north carolina isn't the north carolina of years ago. >> no. >> north carolina is pretty sophisti he he talked about the research
8:54 pm
triangle, a lot of college educated liberal people. it's in a three college area. unc, chapel hill, north carolina state, duke. you know, if you took that out of the equation as the governor said then trump wins -- >> trump will carry mayberry. he will have a hard time in raleigh. >> >> you don't think hillary has a slight edge in north carolina, as well? >> yes. no, in florida i said it is a in in north carolina i think she has a slight edge. i'm waiting for you to ask me about the overall. >> if that is the case and hillary wins florida and north c >> i >> i will make an overall prediction but first i need to extract a promise from you. that is that if i get this
8:55 pm
wrong -- >> i would never mention it. >> so here is my prediction. which a couple of weeks ago, two weeks ago i was much more confident in this prediction. tonight i'm not all that confident in it, but i think hillary is going to win. i think the electoral college works against republicans. i think she will get more than 300 electoral college votes. i will give you a number, 340 give or take a few. and if donald loses it will be because he can't escape from all the things he said and did in order to win the nomination. the insults, the provocations, the demeanor, the symbolic giving of the middle finger to everybody who disagreed with h that that worked with his most passionate supporters. i never thought that would work with the majority of the american voters. >> i think you are close. i can't make a prediction out of
8:56 pm
this race, wouldn't be fair for me to do it. i think the hard edge on immigration made it more difficult for him to persuade hispanic americans that he has something economically to give them and therefore if hispanics come out big because i do not think african-americans will. i think it will be a lot closer than everybody else because i think the black voting in south philly and chicago and doesn't matter in illinois but other cities not at the level of barack obama. that will help trump. last word. >> i agree. anybody who thought that the black vote was going to be the same as when barack obama ran wasn't paying attention. but i still think hillary -- >> we'll see. he will be back on wednesday and i'll never bring up what he said factor will be right back
8:57 pm
with a preview of tomorrow's big edition. ♪ 3, 2, 1 [whispered 'rocket']
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tom tomorrow monday we go back to our usual format with mail and tip of the day. we will have an extraordinary election eve broadcast. pr waters, live shot from times square. he he might not come back from chris w chris wallace will be here and possibly donald trump. we'll see. all that tomorrow on the factor. on tuesday i will be here. i will be annoying someone. wednesday we have another tremendous lineup for the after the vote. also we would like you this evening if you have a chance to go to billo' we have a bunch of interesting things on the election there.
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thank thank you for watching this sunday edition of o'reilly. . breaking tonight with less than 48 hours until the polls open, the fbi again makes big news in the 2016 race for the white house. the question now, what will it mean on tuesday? welcome to "the kelly file" everyone, here in our brand new studio we stand on the door step of election day. and usually at this point in the election all research is out, all of the bombs have been dropped. but this is 2016. and a shocker broke just six hours ago. fbi director james comey announcing this afternoon the bureau is done. they're done reviewing that massive probe of new clinton eem


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