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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 7, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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deserve. we'll see you back here very soon. bret baier is up next. have a great night. >> the nominees, crisscrossing the country. >> florida, michigan, north carolina, pennsylvania. >> new hampshire. a last minute plea for votes. >> you give me the honor i'm going to do everything i can to get this country and everybody in it, back on. on our space, moving forward together. >> you have one day until the election. to make every dream you ever dreamed for your country come true. one magnificent chance to beat the corrupt system. >> after two years of build up, election day, 2016 is here. >> this is a historic election.
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>> it will be the most-important vote you'll ever cast. >> and control of congress hangs in the balance. in just hours, voters will choose the next president. as construction of the inauguration stands at the white house is already underway. we have covered from the presidential campaigns to battle ground states. a special 11:00 p.m. edition of "special report" on election eve, hiv from new york starts right now. >> good evening, welcome to our beautiful new america's election headquarters studio in new york, i'm bret baier. we begin with fox team coverage from the campaign trail. jennifer griffin with some famous friends. first up, chief political correspondent carl cameron
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following the trump campaign in salem, new hampshire. carl? >> donald trump is in route now to michigan for his last event before election day. in a blue state that hasn't voted republican since the 80s. >> i think we're going to blow them out tomorrow in a lot of different ways. blow them out in. >> pennsylvania a blue state where clinton had a slight edge. the republican standard bearer appealed to blue collar democrats. >> with all of the democratic voters in our country who are thirsting for change, hillary clinton is the last stand for the wall street and special interest donors and hillary is the face of failure. >> next stop, a rally with mike pence, with a laser show in new hampshire. another blue state he hopes to flip and where he won his first primary. >> we said we want to finish off in new hampshire because of the
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incredible relationship i have. i promise you this. i will never, ever, let you down. i promise you. that i'm really happy i did this. >> trump called florida a must win. this morning he cast his no holds bar popuchl l sichlt t candidacy in historic materials. >> they say it's the single greatest movement, politically speaking in the history of the country. >> the fox news poll shows 60% of likely voters say clinton has it. 61% say trump does not. 63% say clinton is qualified to be president. 37% disagree. trump is upside down, 45% think trump is qualified. 55% don't. trump turned the fbi conclusion to not charge clinton in the e-mail scandal into a get out the vote rally cry for tomorrow. >> right now, she's being
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protected by a rigged system. you can't review 650,000 e-mails in eight days. hillary clinton is guilty. she knows it. the fbi knows it. and now, it's up to the american people to deliver justice at the ballot box. we're going to win. >> fbi computers are powerful enough to search millions of documents in a week. trump argued today for clinton to have deleted e-mails itself should have been prosecuted. and here in new hampshire tonight, trump announced support of new england patriots support of tom brady and coach bill belichick. it's likely to help in new england. around the rest of the country, maybe not so much, bret? >> there was plenty of star power for hillary clinton's rally. jennifer griffin is there right now. they had quite a show this
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evening. good evening, jennifer. >> good evening, bret. 33,000 people turned out to hear hillary clinton here in philadelphia just one day left in this brutal election. >> we stood with hillary clinton. >> joined by a host of stars in front of philadelphia's independence hall, the founders adopted the declaration of independence and constitution, hillary clinton made a closing argument. >> i'm not going to let anybody rip away progress we have made and turn the clock back, sending us back in time. >> with help from her friends, president obama appearing on his final stop before passing the baton. >> with just one more day to go, we now have the chance to elect a 45th president who will build on our progress. who will finish the job. >> then, they turned to the
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first lady, known as the closer. >> if we get out and vote tomorrow, hillary clinton will win. >> earlier in the day it was a sprint to the finish line. >> we can do this. we don't have to accept a dark and divisive vision for america. >> it's all hands on deck for democrats. deploying the biggest names to where it matters most, to north carolina. to wilmington, to florida. >> get your friends out. >> in new hampshire. >> let's go finish what we started. >> the latest poll shows clinton cobbled together the obama coalition, winning by 12 points among women, 85 points among blacks and 33 points among latinos. but there are still concerns that black voters won't turn out. the campaign released a video telling african american voters they have the power to quote,
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stop trump. >> we know progress we have made. >> on the last day of what has set a new standard for campaigns, clinton started the day with talk of wounding america's wounds. >> i have work to do to bring the country together. >> now, it's up to voters to decide if she'll get the chance. clinton flew out of philadelphia with john bon jovi on board with her. she'll be joined with lady gaga in raleigh, north carolina. she'll cast her vote near her home, and wait for the rushes to come in and hope owe make history as the first woman president of the united states. bret? >> jennifer griffin, thank you. let's bring in our panel tonight. guy benson, political editor of town amy stoddard, juan williams, and of course, co-host of the five
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and charles hurt from the washington times. okay. ab, we'll take a look at our electoral score card. the decision desk making some changes today. late in the day. arizona from toss up to lead republican, iowa, lead republican. nevada leaning democrat now. north carolina a true toss up and utah, lean republican. it seems that there is a tightening in some of these states but nationally, hillary clinton has seen a bit of a bump in the past couple days. >> i think her leads are thin. and i don't think that she can feel real comfortable going in tomorrow night because it's about turn out. we know in north carolina it's looking bad for her there. the early vote is -- she's under performing the president in 2012. trump is overperforming romney. looks like he's going to hold those romney states of arizona and utah. now, i think he's going to win
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iowa and ohio, nevada seems to be slipping away because of early latino surge in voting. it's going to be important for her if she can't win north carolina for her to win florida. other states are tightening up. at the last minute. and you've seen these efforts. they're worried they're not going to be able to turn out the democrats where they need them. >> if i told you at the beginning of the campaign that hillary clinton and president obama will go in to be in michigan and pennsylvania foreclosing night? >> i would be surprised and i know from the clinton folks their argument is that tomorrow's election day. it's all about turn out and you're on target in the sense before the comey report they were on the offensive. they were in states like arizona and thinking about states like georgia.
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and tonight, as we sit here, they're not thinking about those states. they're thinking about holding that blue, so called blue wall which is traditionally voting democratic. >> if you look at the national polling it seems like a lot of surveys have begun to coalesce around 3 or 4 point margin for mrs. clinton. the fox news poll, nbc, abc, cbs, in that range. >> the only one is ibd. >> right. exactly. that is good for her. and news for her, if you look at the politics, averages, and they have their map with no toss ups, it is 272 to 266 for her. that is not a comfortable spot to be in. you can't call this anything other thn a very close election. >> if you think about more than 42 million people voted, the
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highest early vote total that we have seen to date, more people will vote early but that tells us a lot. we'll get a good sense some states just push the button. all votes come in. >> we're going to get an early evening because so many of the important states are on the east coast. they're going to close early. i think it's amazing after 18 months of a guy running the most-unprecedented, unconventional campaign, ever, is you know playing in all of the blue states at the end. a conventional republican will be worried about states he feels like they haven't put away yet. but i think one of the things that is probably key to tomorrow night is a bumper sticker out of virginia that said vote trump.
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then, nobody has to know. if those people, if it turns out there are a lot of those people who don't want to admit they're supporting trump, and they come and flood the polls we'll know that early, too. >> is that two points? is that a shift? the average polls going into election day is not off by more than 1 or 2 points. when you get to the end. >> right. well, okay. what he hopes to do is defy the polling that we've looked at and assumptions we've made about the pro guess to do things different. he's looking to get low propensity voters out. people who have had to newly register, we have not seen surges that trump is going to be able to take those voters and not, not found in likely voter streams. charlie is right. if it's a secret vote and you
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maybe likely voter and you don't tell your friends and neighbors you're going to secretly vote, that could add up to 2% or more. we just don't know. >> i mentioned on o'reilly, that you look at michigan. hillary clinton is up double digits going to that primary battle and bernie sanders ends up winning. i do want to play the sound byte. hillary clinton was asked for the first time, this time by ryan seacrest about jim comey's letter and the second letter. >> i can't say that i was surprised. i never expected them to do that. a little bit befuddled by the process. i think everybody should focus on what is best for our country and how we're going to meet the challenges we have. that is what i've been talking
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about throughout this entire campaign. >> that is what you'd expect her to say. she's making this pitch at the end. >> yes. closing argument is chuckling about the fbi investigation. one of two that she's apparently the subject of. and i understand that is her best line. all of the attention paid to comey and the fbi was foreseeable. this is her mess she made. if you're the democrats and don't want the fbi meddling in a presidential campaign, don't nominate someone under fbi investigation which she was, and according to your reporting still is. >> not only mine. juan, democrats are they looking at the senate as a possibility tonight? and where in the balance of power does that sit tonight with democrat hopes? >> democrats right now, we can assume they're going to do well
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in illinois. we can assume they're going to do well in wisconsin. but then, things start to get a little tricky. right now, when you look at states that have been thought to be turnovers from republican to democratic control, places like indiana, they're no longer sure about that race. they're no longer sure they can withstand the challenge to missouri. a number of the key analytical groups saying the democrats have a 56, 55% chance. it used to be higher. and what is driving right now is the big hope for democrats is a big latino surge seen from states like florida but in
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places like colorado, and there is just hope that that will need for democrats. >> if they don't make it happen, it's going to get a lot worse not only because the seats that had been up in 2 and 4 years are going to be more heavily democratic. but i mean, if hillary clinton does win, it's going to be, she's going to go into office as the most, all of the stuff hanging over her. republicans not only promised but have an obligation to you know keep a check on the executive and it's going to be an exciting couple years. >> exciting is one word. two years from now, there are 25 democrats up in the senate. five of them in reddish states. and so governing is going to be interesting if it is a
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democratic senate. >> i think it's not going to be democratic senate. the comey thing didn't hurt hillary clinton but it hurt the democrats trying to take the house and senate. that is what you see. just a boost to republicans trying to hold on. i think it's going to be 51-49. >> some races are one point. panel, thank you. one of the things that has made this election season so unusual, wikileaks. on this final day, wikileaks has taken the legs out under chief clinton supporter. good evening, ed. >> good to see you, bret. >> more trouble for cnn and donna brazil. tonight saying we get another question, another town hall meeting. donald trump railed against
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clinton for not admitting this is cheating and cnn did damage control by ousting brazil. now, two more potential questions for a town hall including this one, that hillary clinton got. will you call a meeting with labor leaders before november and if you win to demand. there are new problems for the clinton foundation. despite the time hillary clinton and her aides have been insisting it did not have a problem with pay to play, an e-mail showing robbie mook had concerns writing quote, from a purely political perspective, i would want to avoid any foreign money at all. and former president bill clinton said if his wife is elected they'll ban foreign relations. and finally, a transcript leaked as closed door fund-raiser in
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ohio, he sounds like trump and declared white, working class voters are angry because the economy is sluggish just as middle aged, noneducated americans' life expectancy is going down. they don't have anything to look forward to. their lives are stuck in neutral. bill clinton believes his wife has a prescription to fix that. but diagnosis of the obama economy sounded like a script from a trump rally. bret? >> ed, thank you. we'll take you live to some of the key battle ground states as we head into election day. but first... fighting over votes in court. the recap of busy election season in front of the judges. "" "just checking my free credit score at credit karma. "what the?" "don't you know that checking your credit score lowers it." "actually, checking your own credit score with credit karma doesn't affect it at all." "i guess i could just check my credit score then." "check out credit karma today."
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welcome back. let's check in with our reporters in several battle ground states. in raleigh, north carolina, peter doocy from ohio, and fir, steve harrigan. >> across florida it's an element exact dead heat. the real clear politics average, donald trump had a slight lead up 46.4%. hillary clinton 46.4%. and candidates have been stumping around the state along with their surrogates. early votes so far setting records, 6.4 million people
8:24 pm
voted across florida and registered democrats have a lead. the keys to carrying this state along with 29 electoral votes will be enough for democrats to run up in those heavily democratic counties of miami dade and broward. what could be key is the hispanic vote. as well as the puerto rican vote. so far they've been voting early the amount of hispanics double the amount just four years ago. and now, to ohio. >> something that folks want to know here in ohio, where is the love? the buck eye state not getting nearly as much attention and there are no more visits planned to come here and try to get out
8:25 pm
the vote. and clinton's last visit was yesterday to cleveland, her second trip of the weekend. and that is consistent by running up the score in this one. you can go to other parts of the state and convince the broad industrial base he's going to bring jobs back. he said left ohio because of poorly written leads. early voting is slightly up, but early voting by mail, is slightly down. we don't have to wait long to figure out which side that benefits. now to jonathan hunt in las vegas. >> the race remains very close here in nevada. according to the real clear politics average of polls,
8:26 pm
donald trump has a slim lead. both candidates have made their final visit to nevada, donald trump in northern nevada, reno on saturday. and as for the keys to winning this state, for donald trump is likely to come down to bringing about a harnl turn out in northern nevada. and that is because aaccording to officials, after early voting a registered democrat turned out. democrats apparently have an edge of around 40,000.
8:27 pm
hillary clinton the key is keeping momentum going, driving the large latino vote is hugely important here in las vegas and clark county. some 60% to 70% of nevada live now in driving that vote. hillary clinton is getting a great deal in the ground game and will continue to get it from the powerful culinary unions. >> hi, jonathan. i'm at nc state university. hillary clinton is getting ready for a midnight rally. she'll be joined on the stage with john bon jovi and lady gaga. let's take a look at the real clear average politics of polls. showing trump leading in north carolina with 46.5% and clinton,
8:28 pm
just one point behind him at 45.5%. to win, clinton is going to have to mobilize this state's african american vote which has shown up in slightly lower numbers during the first week of early voting in this state. there has been a bit of a rift in these constituencies in the north carolina koefrl bathroom bill. looking back in 2012, a total of 4.5 million north carolinains voted in that general election. this year, in early voting alone, 3.1 million north carolinains have cast their ballots. and now we're going to send it back to bret in america's
8:29 pm
election headquarters, back to you. >> thank you to reporters out there on that let's take a look at the map here, this is the what if scenario. this is bill hemmer's area here. let's just take a look at what you just heard there from the reporters. and if tonight, the election were held, what the result would be. as of tonight, based on the rcp of polls. tonight, donald trump would win arizona, and also, nevada, and iowa, ohio, he would win georgia, north carolina as of tonight. and also, as of tonight, he would win florida. now, florida is an average for donald trump of 0.2 ahead. if you look, 265, you need 270
8:30 pm
electoral votes to win the presidency. if you fill in the others, this is colorado, and then, you have michigan here. over there, wisconsin, michigan. pennsylvania going to hillary clinton here. as does virginia and look at this. 265. there is one state remaining. that is the state of new hampshire. and tonight, hillary clinton is 0.3 lead in the after itch of polls bringing you to 273. as of tonight that is how it stands. as you can see, there are a number of these states that are within 1 or 2 points. and the panel of voters is going to be key. it's been a busy election season for lawyers as well.
8:31 pm
>> the courts have become increasingly important to make sure that all voters have the right to cast their ballot. a flurry of last minute legal challenges is keeping the campaigns and parties busy, angling for every possible edge heading into election day. >> you have many elections that are decided by razor thin margins. i don't think it should surprise anyone that one, or another, sometimes both sides will seize any advantage they have. in cases that does involve litigation. >> including two emergency appeals to the u.s. supreme court in the final hours before voters head to the polls. in both those cases, conservatives are claiming victory. and on saturday, justices upheld a law that bans so called harvesting, the process of collecting early ballots and turning them in for someone else. and issued by a judge in ohio, the ohio democratic party
8:32 pm
alleges that trump supporters were planning harassing activities for polling places. justice ruth bader-ginzberg noted that ohio has a law on the books dealing with intimidation. it's a ruling in north carolina that could have the most significant impact there. judge loretta biggs voted thousands of votes be added back to the roll. >> the north carolina decision is incredibly important. it makes sure that all of the voters in north carolina are able to go to the polls and make their voices heard. >> now, there are discussions about post election court battles with scores of attorneys standing by. more complicated given we're down a supreme court justice. both sides seem to agree neither
8:33 pm
wants the election decided there. >> we'll look at the balance of power in congress as we get ready for a big voting day and seeing all of the americans. our special election eve election of "special report" continues right after this. donald trump campaign buttons
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welcome back to our election eve special edition of special report. besides the presidential race and balance of power races, there are dozens of ballot initiatives in play tuesday. they include usual suspects like legal marijuana, gun control aalong with others such as a new type of health insurance in colorado. that is where adam housley starts tonight. >> reporter: 162 ballot measures in 35 states could transform laws for millions of americans, including in colorado. voters will decide whether to create a single payer health
8:37 pm
plan known as colorado care, raising state income taxes to cover every coloradan. >> the current system is going to crash. people can't afford health care. so we're about bringing health care not high dollar health insurance with high premiums and high deductibles. >> but small business owners say the plan will hurt workers and drive away businesses. >> i don't think this is going to help anybody here in this state. it is one of the most-impactful pieces of lenl slayings on small businesses that have come across since i've owned my business. >> reporter: nine states are voting on various measures to legalize pot. arkansas, florida, montana and north dakota are voting in medicinal usages. california is one of four states
8:38 pm
voting on new gun laws. prop 63 requiring background checks for ammo. >> we have to do a background check to get a firearm, register firearms. that is not going to stop somebody from doing harm with a firearm, i don't think a background check on ammunition, will, either. >> washington, maine, and nevada are also voting on gun control measures. >> the change we're seeing in american politics and national conversation on gun politics. >> 162 statewide measures may seem like a lot but numbers are down. 1998 was a peak year, voters decided on 274 nationwide and that does not count local measures, bret? >> adam, thank you. now, to missouri. it's a red state, but the republican senator is facing a tougher than expected challenge from a relatively unknown and
8:39 pm
experienced democrat who sounds more than a little like donald trump. that story from st. louis tonight. >> in missouri, it's close. for rbis, too close. his pitch to voters seems borrowed from donald trump. or as his campaign will argue, trump took it from him. >> we have somebody not part of washington, not like senator blunt has been. >> the republican nominee heeds by double digits yet the democratic incumbent senator leads by only 1.7 points. >> we have two state republicans so i assume this is going to be
8:40 pm
a tough thing. >> operatives claim blunt failed to take his once overlooked opponent seriously, leading to a frustratingly close race, forcing groups to spend millions more here to defend a conservative seat. the army veteran is drawing national attention with his ad and assembling an ar-15 blind folded. what is framing this race as a classic republican versus democrat contest, deciding which party controls the senate and supreme court nomination process. he claims candor is no different than chuck schumer or nancy pelosi. >> the court, per generation, every legislation determined in the senate is determined by the majority. >> candor cites support of a balanced budget amendment as policy differences proving his
8:41 pm
political independence. it seems the challenger is relying on one casting a ballot for donald trump presidential and senate democrat. it's a wide lead giving republicans hope they can hang on to this scene. >> rich, thank you. another one of the big senate races is in wisconsin. it has a familiar ring to it. mike tobin explains. >> reporter: ron johnson is now in a dead heat, staffers believe the wind is at their guy's back. he's been barn storming the badger state. a ral yes on saturday for republican vice presidential nominee mike pence on state with wisconsin's conservative power
8:42 pm
block. >> he is a work horse. he's getting results. >> johnson criticizes feingold for voting in favor of the affordable care act. he self imposes a term limit. >> this is my second, and final term. my game plan is getting a sense of a massive beast called federal government. >> feingold got help from big names like tim caine. he jabs johnsan is a typical republican, imposing a minimum wage increase, and he supports big business. >> on these issues you don't have a fighting chance. you have no chance. 0 chance of getting a vote. he will never vote with you against corporations and billionaires. >> the wisconsin republican ground machine honed and
8:43 pm
retested through recalls and reelection bofts 1.6 million door knocks. >> johnson won a brilliant campaign. >> like other states, wisconsin is breaking records for early voting. turnout is dramatic in dade county, home to madison, advantage feingold. what we can expect on election day, we'll bring back our panel of experts here in new york when we come back.
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>> you have one day until the election. now, it's less than that.
8:47 pm
it's been a long journey. remember, i entered we add 17 governors and senators. now we have one flawed candidate to be. one person who will not be able to do the job for you, folks. >> i love america. and i know you do, too. we love this country. we love what it stands for, not that awe're blind to its flaws, problems and challenges but i believe with all of my heart that america's best days are still ahead of us. >> the two candidates on the stump tonight with late night events. let's take a look at the balance of power quickly in the house, right now, it's g.o.p. 246, democrats 186. in the senate, g.o.p. has control of 54 to 46. that is 44 democrats and two
8:48 pm
independence who caucus with democrats. so democrats in the senate have to pick up four seats or five net total. let's bring back our all star panel. juan williams, and charles hurt, political conhumist. guy, you start. hat this is nate race in new a very, very tight race, itself and could -- >> i asked the sitting governor. >> right. and the incumbent has a very, very small lead in polling average. there is a big poll ahead from the last couple. she spent in 24 hours of the campaign doing 24 events, sprinting to the finish. i think this race could determine the outcome of the senate who controls the senate.
8:49 pm
if ayotte wins, the g.o.p. has a chance to hang on. she was sort of on board with them, then ran away from him when the access hollywood tape came out, then, said in a debate perhaps he was a good role model for children, then, said no, never mind. cut an ad saying neither are. she's done the dance well in that state and is running ahead of trump. >> mike tobin about a race from wisconsin. he's been behind the entire race. >> you should just keep saying that. ron johnson from wisconsin. >> he has momentum. i think he's my dark horse upset from tomorrow night. and it's going to be a very interesting fight and in' state
8:50 pm
full of progressives and conservatives, a very good system set up by the governor, scott walker there. to sort of organize republicans on the ground. they don't like trump. does johnson survive? >> we move that today to toss up. juan? >> florida with the hispanic races for viewer who's have been following they know that the polls have been consistent, that rubio has a lead about three points, in the real clear politics average. but the key thing to watch here is the surge of latino voters. because what we have seen is that pushed the top race into a virtual tie. we don't know how that comes out. but rubio has this three-point margin. what is the case with first-time latino voters, bret? as they come out they in fact are splitting tickets? or are they going to vote down
8:51 pm
the line sf if they're coming out and voting down the line this could be a very odd race. we know from the pollsters that they're voting likely voters. it would be a shocker if rubio lost this race. >> yes. interesting. charlie? your choice? >> in ohio, you have rob portman up for reelection. he drew as his opponent, former democratic governor ted strickland. this race is not close. portman has run a brilliant campaign and dealt with the same issues other candidates have had to deal with trump. donald trump is looking to win in ohio. but right now, portman is up i think 18 points. it's a blowout. democrats plowed $20 million into it early on. what i think is interesting is
8:52 pm
that republicans should look to how portman for how you run these campaigns and you know, i know there is a lot of frustration in the party and the party feels like that they're, there is a real split and family feud here. at the end of the day, smart candidates running good campaigns, wins. i. >> wanted to play charlie rose's interview talking about the bridge gate trial and his response to that. >> this is one of the most stupid things i have seen. you know me, i'm up by 25 points by reelection in a blue state. and it's either going to create a traffic jam in a town that is a democratic town that ai wound up winning two months later. >> stupid on the face? >> absolutely stupid. and criminal. >> determined by the jury. >> so ab, he's still sticking to
8:53 pm
the same line he had on the beth gate trial he was supposed to do an he sent for new hampshire this weekend. he's now too tox wrik for donald trump. this guy is toast politically. i think --- >> he's the head of trump's transition. >> he's continuing behind the scenes. i don't see him with trump winning having a big role in his administration. i think this is a sorry end to his political career. >> guy? >> that he won a smashing victory for a republican in new jersey, for his reelect. it was incredible. at 60%. now, his approval rating in new jersey is in the 20s. he's taking a real beating at home from bridge gate and campaigning with trump and his political capital in new jersey is just weak. >> so we have six minutes, plus until election day. >> oh, my god. >> final electoral numbers.
8:54 pm
sorry. i have to do it to you. charlie? >> so, now this is a fool's errand. >> okay. >> so i still think at the end of the day donald trump has, in this environment, and in this rage against the machine, she's the perfect machine to be running against. i still think that there is probably some, or enough under counting of votes out there of trump support that he pulls it off. >> so you're not going to give me an electoral count? 271? >> not only am i supposed to do that, but do math on top of it? >> all right. >> do you have a number for me, juan? >> i would guess 292. there is a potential for hillary clinton to have a landslide. then, you start bumping up. i guess she's around 300 in terms of electoral votes tomorrow night. >> i think he should get into
8:55 pm
the 250s and no higher. >> she crosses 300? or something? >> yeah. probably. >> guy? >> i'm saying probably around 300 but there is a plausible path for him to win. people are saying it's over. it's absolutely not. >> well, high school mock election results, 75,000 kids voted. 155 high schools. the winner of the nationwide high school mock election, hillary clinton with 332 electoral votes. they picked the president six of the last seven presidential elections that did include new york military academy where donald trump went and maine south high school in illinois where hillary clinton went. >> if you're in the liberal when you're young there is something wrong with you. if you're not conservative when you get older there is also something wrong with you. >> there we go. final thoughts after one last break. keep it here.
8:56 pm
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>> getting ready to cast a ballot, they're ready to put it in the box. we made it. it's here. and just moments you'll see the official start. this election has been unique to say the least. tomorrow is the big day. actually in just a moment, the big day. you, the american people have the opportunity to make your voices heard and select the next president of of the united states. as well as your representatives on a federal, state, and local level. we hope you stay with fox news channel all day for coverage. at 6:00 p.m. eastern, i'll be back in this studio joined by megyn kelly and a cast of characters. polls closing at 7:00 p.m. and we're off to the races well into the night to make sure you join us. it's going to be fascinating no
9:00 pm
matter what happens. america is voting in t minus one minute. thanks for inviting us into your homes tonight. that is it for this late-night edition. fair, balanced. >> etc. midnight and we're looking at the first votes being cast. i'll tell you what. i'm dana perino. >> i'm chris stire walt. >> here is what we can tell you. after 596 days, the final campaign events are happening now. you made it, america now. it's over. >> the fox news election team is fanned out from coast to coast with all of the latest on this historic election. also, are the


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