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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 8, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> i voted. i voted.
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harris: i am amazed you're awake >> senator ted cruz was first one in the race. 595 days. here we are. harris: we all still look so young. after all that. thank you for being here. only polls that matter, the ones with the voting booth. we're watching presidential candidates final pushes for votes, continuing from a very long late night. did eeven sleep? >> we face ad task from our time. it is not just my name or donald trumps's name on the ballot, it is kind of country we want. every issue. anyone cares about.
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>> there is one core question, for you to consider, do you want america to be ruled by the corrupt political task. [booing]. do you want america to be ruled by you, the people? that is what it is, by the people. >> remember, when my opponent says every time i talk about these issues, that i'm playing the woman's card, well you know what i say. deal me in! [cheering] >> today is our independence day. [cheering] today the american working class is going to strike back. harris: senior national correspondent, trump campaign in new york. what is happening? reporter: good afternoon, harris.
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i said hi to donald trump, jr. and his wife vanessa. they had four of five children in toe. they came out of ps 59 behind me. after voting for donald trump, jr.'s father. nonchalantly walking down the street together. that was interesting scene. contrast that with this, donald trump arriving 11:00 this morning with full secret service motorcade, we confirmed voting for himself in today's presidential election. went inside of ps 59, heard he might have bought a cookie on his way in. apparently they were selling baked goods. cast his vote. wife melania was with him. and son-in-law jared kurschner. he talked to the pool. did you vote? [inaudible] >> thank you. thank you. >> heard about early returns so far from your team? >> very good. >> very good. >> everything is very good. >> any states in particular?
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>> very good generally speaking. reporter: there aren't early returns from very upper part of new hampshire, dixville notch, location, that area, donald trump came out ahead. we don't know what the overall vote is going to be in new hampshire. certainly the outcome here in new york city is not in question. it will go democratic even though donald trump was talking earlier in the campaign trying to put new york state in play. but there are plenty of other places across the country are in play. donald trump visited 10 states, 14 events over the 72 hours leading up to this election, finishing off last night 1:00 in the morning in grand rapids, michigan, a state where his campaign says the numbers are tightening though that would seem to go against what we've been seeing in the public polling. there is no question though, harris, he has got a very narrow path to 270. quick calculation, if he wins everything mitt romney won in 2012, adds in there the state of nevada, iowa, ohio, florida, new hampshire, and second
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congressional district of maine, that will take him to 270 votes. he also hopes to play in michigan, maybe minnesota and virginia. neither one of those would be deemed highly likely for him at this point. harris? harris: all right. john roberts, i wonder what kind of cookie it was in fact? we'll have to find out. kidding. reporter: we'll try to confirm. harris: thank you. let's go to the democratic nominee. as i mentioned hillary clinton also voted earlier today, just hours after she made her final pitch to voters. for more on team clinton, bring in senior political correspondent mike emanuel in the hometown of chappaqua, new york. hi, mike? reporter: harris, good afternoon. the campaign visits to battleground states are now over and hillary clinton is now working with her team on two speeches. one if she wins. the other if she loses based on the outcome. clinton and her husband former president bill clinton, created a quite a stir at local elementary school this morning. she was swarmed by neighbors and supporters wishing her well.
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a senior clinton aide there is sense of relief after the long, bruising campaign they're at the light at the end of the tunnel. clinton team feels out campaigning till arriving home 4:00 this morning, she gave it everything she had. after voting clinton reflected briefly on this historic moment. >> it is the most humbling feeling, dan, because, you know how much responsibility goes with this, and so many people are counting on the outcome of this election. reporter: after voting clinton also called in to radio stations in some strategic places, for example, florida, north carolina, and michigan. she called a charlotte radio station and spoke briefly about north carolina's controversial bathroom law. >> i feel like in your state right now, people are saying hey, we want to get back to being the model. we don't want to be known for discrimination and some of these, you know, unfair and untrue feelings about us.
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we want to lead the country again in all kinds of ways. i think that is what north carolina should be doing. so, yeah, i love being there and i look forward to coming back in the future. port for the in a few hours clinton ask expected to leave her chappaqua home to head for a new york city hotel. bottom line she wants to watch returns there, finish up speeches and sorry about the traffic, harris. harris: no, i was actually focused on the gazebo behind you. looks so idyllic. good to see you. reporter: beautiful town. harris: it is. thank you very much. punishing travel asked you all. bret, does any of it really make a difference on last day with voters? >> it does, especially in the two states we saw them travel to yesterday, michigan and pennsylvania. there is very limited early voting. there is absentee voting, but not like early voting statute where they can vote in big numbers. them to really gin up the vote to get out to vote on election
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day. that is why michigan and pennsylvania is big stop. it is very tight in those states. in less than seven hours you have nine states closing. in those there are a lot of early votes. for example, florida, both teams, republican and democrat are looking at florida, and that early vote and how it splits. you have some 43 million people who have voted early, the most we have ever seen. melissa: yeah. >> maybe 130 million will vote in it election. harris: that is fascinating. when you talk about how late the night may go, at least for the first eight or nine states we could know relatively early what the projections are. >> if it is very tight we'll not be able to make a call until the raw vote total, on the total, plus early vote plus exit polls, our decision desk will make kind of a model prediction were the state may be heading. sandra: what is bret baier watching? what is the big state you're watching tonight? >> i will watch florida, i'm
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going to watch north carolina and i'm going to watch michigan. i think those three states will tell a big story where things are going. new hampshire also closes at 7:00. and, that is also very tight. and if we see this, vote materializing that is not being tracked by the polls, that could tell us something that happens through the night. melissa: can i say, it is an exciting day. i went and voted this morning with my family. i took my son. it was exhilarating. this has been a bruising battle. i think everybody out there knows that but it was so refreshing to go cast the ballot. it reminded us why this country is great. after all this when i looked around, why we can come together after it, please go vote. i mean it really, it refreshed my spirit. >> and those vouchers. melissa: i sent mine. harris: fox news 2016 hashtag that. we might see and megyn on the
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air. you bring up a good point t will be a brain stretch, jewel hely to imagine how we come together. if we can practice democracy together and not ask each other what you did do or why did you do it that is a good start. >> there are people all over the world literally died for the privilege all of us have to go to vote. harris: people died in this country for that privilege. >> john lewis, congressman, one of the great civil rights leaders of our time, sent out a tweet there are people who died for privilege to the very. i don't care who you vote for, so important to exercise the franchise, women who 100 years ago were not able to vote, african-americans who couldn't vote. all sorts of people have the franchise, just vote. doesn't matter who you vote for, come out and do it. somebody comes from a country where you were not able to do that freely, trust me, this is privilege that people all over the world would die for. harris: it is a wonderful coming together here but i would imagine that is not how candidates feel at all. sandra: we'll wonder if we have
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the coming together moment tonight, once we know who wins the election. we know candidates are epfromming speeches for either way, a win or a loss. what do you expect, based on either one of them? really you can't say either one would be surprise at this point because the polling has been so tight. >> i'm optimistic, no matter what happens the other candidate will be magnanimous, unless there are some is major problems. historically voter fraud has not been a big problem nationwide. we have a team that will follow up on all reports tonight, if there are any, to run them down. james rosen and team of producers are going to fact check things and try to get to the facts. historically has not been a big issue. so i think, the hope is, that whatever happens the speeches are going to be magnanimous coming together and peaceful transition of power. yesterday we showed images of the inauguration stands being
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created outside of the white house. harris: wow. >> that gives you a sense this thing is real. somebody is going to be president january 20th. harris: we have to get beyond today, that's right. we'll move on. today fox news channel is the only place to be from dawn until the wee hours of tomorrow morning potentially. we will have election coverage from across america and very best analysis for you as well. at 6:00 p.m. eastern bret and megyn will be at the helm in our brand new studio. it is something to see for sure. it is so fancy. we want you to be a part of the coverage. we talked about it moments ago, if you have voted or getting ready to vote, post your picture on facebook, twitter, instagram, #fox news2016. see it on air tonight. with this presidentdential election hitting history books, scandals and surprises rocking both campaigns, one that may have had the most impact in the last 30 days? we'll take a look. as the race comes down to the
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wire. people there in arlington, virginia, are voting. the candidate who has the best path to the magic number, not just for baseball anymore. 270 electoral college votes needed to win white house. states that could decide it all. stay with us. ♪ picking up for kyle.
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sandra: fox news alert. we are just hours away now from the first polls closing as millions of americans casting their ballots for their new president. and as we come down to the wire, who has the best path to the 270 electoral votes needed to win? with the race tightening in the final days, the states to watch tonight, can donald trump slip a blue state? let's talk first about the math here. everybody's coming up with a way as far as trump campaign is concerned, a path. they say they have got several. where does it look like right now? >> they do have several paths but they have to run the table. and so if hillary clinton and democrats can win florida, north carolina, pennsylvania, or ohio, the path gets really, really tricky. and you have to win a lot of states. and you have to win, you know,
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one of those ones that has been elusive a blue state like michigan. so, there is definitely a path and some of these states are very close and if as i said, the polls are wrong by two points, you could see a lot of states go the other way. harris: you know it is interesting, i have heard you say michigan a couple tames today, and i know donald trump doesn't get a lot of credit really looked at what a path could be but he talked about michigan a lot. >> he worked hard there. harris: he talked about how cars are made more and more outside of this country, so on, so forth. he may have not done traditional modeling and gotten criticism, so much that even michael moore even answered back. i don't know if you caught the video, but he would understand if people in michigan streeted for donald trump. >> went after bernie sanders. surprise, hillary clinton was up double digits and bernie sanders ends up pulling out win. it lines up with donald trump and his message on the economy. i say that or pennsylvania is
9:19 am
the likeliest blue state to go. sandra: julie, in the final days, the fox news desk calling lean republican on arizona, chaining in final days. iowa changing to republican. in final days some tossups going to trump. >> arizona was a stretch. wait for 2020, when arizona comes a true purple state the way virginia has. georgia follows in 2024. because of shifting demographics. iowa is the state most likely to flip from what obama did four years ago. iowa seems trending this much in his direction. that is helpful. i'm skeptical for pennsylvania. >> elusive for every republican. >> skeptical about michigan, same demographic. cities like flint, cities like detroit will carry her over the top. he has opportunities in places like iowa, which much more aligned demographically where his support is. he is coalesced republican there
9:20 am
early which is not something he has been able to do in other states around the country. melissa: i think it is interesting. now if we fine out if the rigged phony polls are so phony and so off. he said that so many times during the campaign. we talked about people that like trump and want to vote for him but aren't willing to say it out loud. we'll see if today that is really true. the other effect, that hillary clinton's supporters all very much felt like they had in the bag along the way. you wonder about turnout in that event. people worry about that. there is a lot of different factors at work that could upset what some people are seeing. i would encourage everyone to watch. >> you're right. i already put iowa in his column. what does he need get to the 270. he has to win one of the big states. >> he does, it will have to be florida. that is the big are prize. florida we can talk about it further, florida from what i understand latino vote has been so strong early voting tough for him to do. sandra: busy day. there are things going on we want to get to. things expect to be tense as
9:21 am
results come in. fox news has been offered exclusive look inside of the trump campaign war room where they're crunching numbers we're talking about right here and monitor the network's tv coverage. fox news correspondent shannon bream live in new york city with trump spokesman jason miller. hey, shannon. reporter: sandra, yeah. this is exclusive look inside. where people are monitoring what is going on. they have a fast response team for media. got a sneak-peek inside room crunching numbers and legal issues. jason miller is with us. how are you feeling going into the final day? >> we're feeling good. you're inside the war room where we track media 24/7. we have tvs and people tracking social media and computers. one level below us, have data center. we're tracking precinct by precinct returns. we're seeing good things in north carolina and michigan and florida this morning. tracking everything. long lines, short lines, rain, no rain. we're watching everything. reporter: listen people are
9:22 am
obviously very hard. very quiet for us in here right now. they're working hard to keep eye on things. you've been at this well over a year at this point. you come down to this final decision today. you know i understand mr. trump was here earlier, rallying the troops. how is everybody feeling going into the final stretch? >> inspired, energetic. i think we're feeling good about tonight. when mr. trump came through a little bit ago, everyone greeted him with standing applause right after he voted. really feel like on verge of something historic here. reporter: look at numbers crunchers and legal team. i have to show them something else this is powering the team. we're trying to think of another name for them besides doughnuts. these things are like a meal. they have things inside. multiple layers in them. how important is the sugar and caches. that is important. i like that one and that one. we're really good also. reporter: if you look behind us, sean spicer from the rnc.
9:23 am
wave, sean as they coordinate. we don't know how many doughnuts he had. we'll not attribute to any doughnuts. he is here as team works together with the party. we'll go to hillary clinton headquarters and give you inside look there. meanwhile wishing everyone the best as you work hard and teams on both sides have a big fight. we find out what american people think. >> feeling good. thank you. reporter: back to you guys. sandra: shannon bream, live look inside the donald trump war room on election day with tasty treats. shannon, thank you. it was a race filled with controversies and october surprises, that's for sure of the as americans head to the polls will any of those scandals stick to the candidates? which ones had the biggest impact? plus a lot more at stake in the election than just the presidency. congress hanging in the balance. we'll look at the down ballot races that could shake up washington. whoa, this is awful, try it.
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harris: big question now. as millions of americans are making their way to the polls, which 2016 controversy had the biggest impact with voters? what did you find that resonated? on the final day of her campaign hillary clinton still dealing with her email scandal, commenting for the first time since the fbi cleared her in renewed probe, second time. here it is. take a watch.
9:29 am
>> well, i can't say i was surprised. i never expected them to do that. i, honestly a little bit befuddled by the whole process. it is behind us now. and i think everybody should focus on what is best for our country and how we're going to meet challenges we have. harris: but that of course was not the only big controversy to rock the 2016 race. in early october donald trump came under fire after an audiotape was leaked of him talking crudely about women. later several women accused trump of unwanted sexual advances which he to this day denies. clinton had her own share of october surprises. had some of them. like october was two months long. wikileaks began releasing a massive trove of email from her campaign manager's account. of course the fbi's renewed part deaux into her private server late last month.
9:30 am
we went back and forth, back and forth. it wasn't really a surprise. it was like another whatever. >> if you look at the polls the biggest things that shifted everything, was that "access hollywood" tape that changed dynamic of the race. there was focus on women and there was a focus, i mean changed the whole race, really and the polls shifted dramatically. and then late in the game, i think that comey coming out with that letter to congress stopped what was going to be i think her momentum into the final election days, and it really turned the race around. but i also do think, harris, the announcement by the administration about obamacare and premiums and deductibles that people had to deal with, not a specific controversy, reality everybody is dealing with, really affected this race late. harris: you know what gave me a tip tip off of that, julie? i was looking at essence magazine, particularly explaining to women of color why
9:31 am
obamacare was so negatively in the headlines. that hit a bull's-eye somewhere. >> it must have. i am curious whether to see the theory proven right. i'm looking at florida, specifically nevada to see if i'm right or not. i think biggest controversy of 2016 campaign when donald trump came down the escalator and started talking disparaging about building walls and latinos. the reason i say that, the white vote i think will be a wash. whatever he makes up, excuse me, she makes up with college educated white woman he will offset with higher turnout among non-college educated white men. i think white vote ultimately roughly the same as romney, romney-obama was in 2012. what i think is interesting in turnout in places likes florida and clark county, nevada, among latinos that will eventually steer the two states towards her column. whether that campaign ends the
9:32 am
day it began coming down escalator. >> you have to say that illegal immigration is pretty big question from the beginning? >> no question. his rhetorical stance about latinos, how you want to address illegal immigration, whether something that will tip places like nevada and florida in her favor. whether latinos make the difference in those two states. my understanding, even non-part affiliated voters coming out in places like florida with early voting tended to be more latino. what that means for this election starting tomorrow morning. harris: part of the question, some of it economically based, sandra, watch for a surge among latino voters. were they hit with bull's-eye, when it came to issue not just illegal immigration you but immigration as a whole did you -- sandra: she would say the economy decide everybody's vote. i remember beef halloween you would dress up as undecided voter because you didn't believe any existed especially in the states where they don't have much opportunity for recall voting going into the polls
9:33 am
today, i feel like i would be lying to myself i didn't think even those convinced who were voting for went into the voting booth and certain scandals weighed on their minds more than others when they decided to pull trigger for one of the candidates versus other. i guess conversation is, which of those scandals is weighing more on the mind of the american voter as they head into that? melissa: as somebody who the voted and real when you get in there and look at names. it is momentous moment than you think even though you know what you're going to do. to me the biggest scandal and foundation and wikileaks revealing what i always felt like i knew and shing it in sprint from the sheikh to the king of morocco, and non-profit lawyer of year that people donating to the foundationexpecg exchange for their money. to see raw and dirty details, that they were brought to us in a way i concede without
9:34 am
questions that is not right, we saw in writing clinton campaign never denied. we saw dirty details where they were selling state department like i as you suspect and and that was heartbreaking to me. harris: i come back to the economy which you said, bret, that was obamacare. when voters get up in the morning that is the thing they look back on, this is the thing that affects my life. >> true. harris: it comes down to money and whether tough in your pocket or not. >> exactly. sandra: look at stock market in last couple days there are certainly predictions weighing on the price of the stock market. we've seen it change district shuns sharply based on what is happening with the news in the elections. harris: donald trump and hillary clinton are not only ones on the ballot today. important house and senate races that could shake up washington. how the top of the ticket could help or hurt the down ballot candidate. after the show, my goodness, more bret baier, yes! on "outnumbered overtime". we stop the tv version and we
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sandra: as voters make their final decisions now it won't just be donald trump and clinton on the ballot of course. at stake down ballot races that decide control of congress. most say democrats may cut into the republican majority in the house they believe it is unlikely to flip. the senate, however could be a different story. democrats only need to pick up four seats to wrestle control of the chamber from republicans if hillary wins. with the gop defending 24 of the 34 seats up for grabs this year, democrats have more opportunities to flim some of
9:40 am
them. some say the enthusiasm gap hillary has with trump could mean fewer democratic voters at polls. bret baier, this is something you've been talking a lot about. what do you see happening here? >> there are a lot of predictions but all of them are really tight and, you know, charlie cook and others, "real clear politics" have come out with like 51-49 either way or 50-50 in the senate. and i think that, the last few days, there have been, there has been a republican closing in some of these states and i think you could see some surprises tonight. i think because of the vote that you talked about out in nevada, that joe heck, you know, you don't know you how he is going to hold up. i think race in florida is a lot closer than they thought it was going to be with marco rubio but you are on the cusp of control of the u.s. senate. remember have to pick up net gain of five but four if democrats win the white house.
9:41 am
and, as you look at the map, it is right on that line. sandra: you seem to be nodding and agreeing with most of bret. >> 100%. what is interesting here, you had senator, a lot of them incumbent senators, people like rob portman, completely non-coordinate the campaign operations from the top. ticket which is traditionally something you rarely ever see. bret, you raised a very good point, democrats have superior ground game and superior modeling game which i talked about repeatedly on the couch. on other hand you have incumbent republicans created their own organization separate and apart from the rnc or maybe in conjunction with the rnc or separately what trump 2016 is doing. people like rob portman of ohio, even if trump doesn't necessarily win ohio i think he is in good position to do it for that reason. marco rubio, great example. trump may lose florida, but marco rubio had his own organization going on down there since he announced he was running again. you're absolutely right, nobody knows what will happen.
9:42 am
melissa: for people not able to sleepily the excitement, i'm on fox business from 1:00 to 5:00 a.m. i am watching senate races very closely. remember, this matters a lot. it is critical. allows whoever wins to do everything they said and everything they want to do, or almost nothing. it is very important. some of the races we highlighted to watch we talked about. indiana, pennsylvania, nevada, north carolina, these are all interesting races. new hampshire, missouri, they're all over the place. they have gone back and forth. they are essentially. we'll keep a close eye on them. harris: u.s. supreme court picks. who will be in charge in the senate really matters. you have a thought bubble. >> neither party will have 60 votes. so this will have to be a governing thing where they reach across the aisle. the other thing in two years, democrats defend, 25 seats, five of them in states that are reddish. you will have a scenario where at least five senators will be
9:43 am
careful how they're reacting to, they couldn't go to bernie sanders type legislative agenda if they want to get reelected in those states. in two years this whole thing could flip around again. >> want me to scare you on way out? "nuclear option." that may happen with the supreme court. if she gets elected people like john mccain that we may not support a supreme court justice. you may see "nuclear option." >> she wouldn't get anything done. sandra: i can't believe this is it. so good to have you here, bret baier. hillary clinton and donald trump both talking about unity in their final pitches to voters. some say no matter who wins, the nation will remain divided. whether that is going to be the case. ♪
9:44 am
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9:48 am
we're living in a divided nation. we're living in a very divided nation. we're going to be brought together. just imagine, what our country could accomplish if we started working together as one people under one god, saluting one american flag. [cheering] melissa: two very different takes on unity from the candidates. hillary clinton claiming she wants to heal a divided nation. donald trump suggesting that the divisiveness will only end if he wins. this as some say nastiness of the campaign may not be gone after today. "the hill"'s bob cusack, writing quote, no matter who wins on tuesday, half the country will be angry. if donald trump wins, democrats blame fbi director jim comey. if hillary clinton wins, trump and supporters will likely blame the gop establishment for not uniting behind him. you guys are all nodding. go ahead, julie.
9:49 am
>> well, first of all i don't think democrats will blame jim comey. democrats will blame themselves for not running good campaign, though i will, i think she has run a good campaign why ultimately she will prevail. democrats will go to the same thing republican last few years. should we have nominated bernie sanders? where is the direction our party is going? if donald trump loses, they're right, paul ryan's head will be on a platter, by trump supporters not literally, people calm down, what happens to the republican party? what ultimately is tragedy what will happen here. you will not have just fights between democrats and republicans if she gets elected. you will have explosive fight especially in the house. melissa: why is that -- harris: not only republican thing. i think you're wrong about that. >> if she gets elected? harris: if it happens with either person getting elected, i think both these parties will have to take a look at themselves. we were on the floor with the bernie sanders supporters in philly.
9:50 am
they were crying. >> listen, when we talked about the senate, you're going to have, you will have potentially, if they win the senate, and they win the white house, chuck schumer, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. they will have narrow majority, with a democratic president who is trying to get something done. you mean to tell me there will not be a fight in the democratic party for the future and ideology that leads forward the democrats? >> it will be this kind of fight. it will be a fight where chuck schumer will still be senate majority leader. not a nice to replace chuck schumer with elizabeth warren or not to replace -- not idealogical fight is what i'm trying to say the way a republican fight would happen -- harris: i think you're wrong. why do you think debbie wasserman schultz fought so hard to make sure bernie didn't go forward? they didn't want to go that far. >> i don't think there is enough bernie sanders people in the democratic caucus to have that happen. melissa: i don't know. bernie sanders has been grossly underestimated before. >> not in the caucus.
9:51 am
melissa: despite the fact he had a pact not to attack hillary clinton on certain things. harris: email. melissa: saw in the emails he didn't really have a fair shake. that is why debbie wasserman schultz is out. i think we learned a lot of these things in the campaign. on republican side, bret i would be interested in the perspective, look at democrats lost in 80, 80 four and 8:00 at this eight. took a step back what are we doing wrong three times in a row. bill clinton emerged. maybe something like that happens on republican side. >> fascinating point on republican party. i also think there is democratic side to it. i asked donald trump in the interview what happens if he doesn't win? he is obviously confident he can pull off a win today, but if he doesn't, does he go back to business or lead a movement? and he said, maybe i'll tell you on november 9th, but i really feel like all these people have followed me and they really could, we could do
9:52 am
something in the future. so, if donald trump defacto leader of this party or a populist party? sandra: give us idea what you expect to happen if hillary clinton should win the election tonight, what happens with her investigations, and congress pushing forward to get more questions answeredded there? will we see -- newt gingrich said tragically we drifted into an environment where if hillary is elected the criminal investigations will be endless. >> listen, justice department is saying email investigation for their sense is over. from what we're told, the foundation investigation continues. and you listen to jason chaffetz and trey gowdy and others saying they are going to continue forward with questions about these things. i do think that one thing we need to be careful of, is that donald trump could shoot the gap today. we don't know until we see the exit polls what the electorate looks like. sandra: absolutely. >> it is very possible that some of these states that you think are going democrat could shift
9:53 am
one or two. so, as we talked about it. harris: one thing's for sure, tomorrow and days going forward, we have a lot of issues facing this country. melissa: we have a lot to work on. on that note, tonight's big surprise, what do we need to watch for, and most importantly how late do we have to stay up? i'm staying up until 5:00 a.m. harris: we're with you, melissa. melissa: until final results come in. bret baier with his predictions. i like that. ♪ you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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sandra: deep breath. it is here, really here. all day and into the wee hours of the morning right here on fnc. this is only place to be on all-day coverage. 6:00 p.m. eastern, bret and megyn take over. i'm sure they have plenty of coffee on hand. stay with us as votes come in and tallied throughout the evening. of course your predictions. you don't have to tell us who you think will win the election. >> that is good. i wasn't going to. sandra: what time do you think the race will get called tonight? >> i'm not even going to give you that. i will tell you 5:15 p.m. eastern time we get a download from the exit polls, all the networks have in the consortium. they are enclosed and don't come out until 5:15. we get exit polls of key states. raw vote total. we mentioned a lot of these
9:58 am
states, 39 have raw vote will happen right when the polls close. we get that data and exit poll data and our decision desk will be able to calculate how these states may go. we're not going to make a call before we know it is a call. sandra: can tell you this fun fact, in 2012, fox news called obama in the race at 11:18 p.m. >> right. if it's a big, big spread, those, that time is probably about right. if it is tight, you could be talking later in the evening, especially if we see states that are really tight that go the other way as is mentioned before. we might see a push of that timetable. sandra: there is a buzz in the building. there are some people everywhere. harris: when you walk in here early this morning you could tell our numbers were tripled. sandra: exciting. harris: we'll talk about this more in overtime, "outnumbered overtime" on line
9:59 am
momentarily, i'm getting tweet from people who wonder if they haven't voted yet, seeing exit polling from other coasts make other people stay home. they worry about that? this is how we dough its, why? >> we have done it this way for a long time. we extrapolate for the vote is coming from and where it is. obviously if you waited until california and hawaii voted, we would have a long night before we made a call but, i think, you know, some of those states are predictable democratic states. california, for example. harris: okay. >> there are down ballot races could be affected by early call in the evening and whether they're fired up to split and say, we need to provide a different representative than the presidency, or, whether they're kind of bummed out and don't go to the polls and those down ballot races are affected. there are good questions when the calls are made. sandra: the call is made in our new fancy fox news studios. thank you, bret baier for giving us your time. you're a busy man.
10:00 am
great to have you. we'll all watch tonight. more of bret on "outnumbered overtime" and we're back on tv tomorrow at noon iron with a new president. "happening now" starts right now.% election day. and casting your ballot. and t polls are. i am jon scott. and it is in ohio. >> and it is great to see you, john. another battleground state that could determine who becomes our 45th president, raliegh, north carolina. hillary clinton and donald trump.


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