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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 9, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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pocket. >> i congratulated katrina. congratulations to you too. you were way out there. it was a great victory for you. great to see you. see you tomorrow night at 9:00. we start with a fox news alert. angry anti-trump liberals taking to the streets in ladies and gentlemen of the jury cities across the country to protest president elect, donald trump's massive victory. we are in the heart of new york city. rob, what's going on? >> reporter: thi people here to. this protest started at about 6:00 in union square closer to lower manhattan. you can see so many people right here outside of trump tower right outside donald trump's address, and his apartment, and they are very loud. they have been very angry, but they have been peaceful here tonight. but this was really a spectacle
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of the never trump movement and the bernie sanders supporters. a lot of hillary supporters. this was black live matter and a lot of movements coming together in this sort of never trump mentality trying to take this back. they want a do over from this election, frankly, and if you looked at it from the air, if we have any video of that, that was an impressive display through the rain, in the cold, they marched all the way from union square through midtown making a disaster of midtown traffic. thousands of people walking to midtown and getting outside of trump tower. we want to talk to one of the protesters here, a young lady named daniella. this is a crowd that's upset about what happened in the early morning hours today, what we figured out from election day. what has you so upset? >> i think what has me so upset is the fact that a lot of people feel victimized by trump, and a
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lot of people don't understand and don't feel like he represents them. that's why they're saying not my president and they reject him as the -- and they -- >> reporter: live on fox news right now, brother. give us 30 seconds. >> they reject him. they don't believe he stands for that. they created a vacuum for people who do have the racist sexist bigot feelings, and they're not coming together in love. they didn't preach in love. >> i can auunderstand the angert donald trump. the things he said were offensi offensive. who did you vote for? >> ai was a sanders supporter j but i voted for clinton. >> rob, let me ask a question. >> reporter: hang on. >> absolutely. i feel, tell me what politician has never had any kind of baggage. what politician? >> she voted for hillary. name three specific
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accomplishments of hillary in her career that helped the american people. >> reporter: okay. sha sean wants to know the accomplishments you saw? >> when i was a child i was actually one of the people that benefitted from her health care plan, so as a child i was on that. >> reporter: her health care plan never passed. >> i actually. >> it never passed. >> from her initiative. i think that was beneficial to me. >> all right. >> i don't know. i don't see her as a demonized person. >> reporter: other than chip, what inspired you to support hillary clinton? >> honestly, i feel like it's because if you look at the two, i see about speaking for people that can't be spoken for. that group of people. >> reporter: and the anger, you can feel in the in the air? >> you can feel it.
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and i feel like these people are upset and have a right to be upset. the things he said created a vacuum for people to speak openly about things that honestly instead of teaching tolerance and peace and love, it's teaching hate. >> thank you. >> reporter: very well said. if you watched any of the kelly file, a lot of this was a good solid protest, but a lot of it was nonsense. there's so many people here that want to yell curse words and do stupid things. we had people bombarding us, jumps on us. we had our producer here, marta getting in a fight with a guy. it was ridiculous. it's important to people -- >> i hope she won. >> reporter: she did. >> the next time hillary's health care helped them, remind them she never passed her health care plan. anyway, rob, thank you. appreciate it. good job. tonight the voice of you. we owe a debt of gratitude to
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the american people. it's now finally been heard. it's loud and clear. and at this very moment because of all of you speaking so loudly, washington d.c., the establishment, is terrified and they should be. these people do not get what happened. i'm going to try to explain it to them. now, the politicians, the pol centers and the global elitists are in shock from president elect trump's historic victory. they said he didn't stand a chance in the electoral college. that voters in swing states wouldn't vote for donald trump, and they were all, all of them wrong, making this one of the greatest upsets in american political history. so the question is, let's help them you said how we got here. what did everybody miss? peace, prosperity. they drive elections. and according to our fox news poll that was released on monday, 58% of you, the american people, said they're not satisfied with the direction of the country. and that number has been near or
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at that level or higher since 2009, since obama became president. on top of that we saw the exit polls from last night. it showed a combined 72 % of voters, that's you, are disfi dissatisfied or angry with the federal government and how it's not working. and he won 77% of the voters who said they're angry. and other voters said they wanted a candidate that can bring about change. to me it's obvious by voters felt that way. because the last eight years have not been good under president obama. look at these numbers. these are real people, real americans, real suffering. needless suffering. the lowest labor participation rates since the 70s. almost 95 million of our fellow americans are suffering and out of labor force. the worst recovery since the 1940 s. the lowest home ownership rate
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in 51 years. we now have 43 million of our fellow citizens on food stamps. 12 million more since obama took office. over 43 million of our americans live in poverty. that's up over 8 million since obama became president. right now there's one in five american families that don't have a single member of their family in the work force, and right now one in six men between the ages of 18 and 34 prime working years, they're either in jail, incarcerated, or living in mommy and daddy's basement out of work. and by the time president obama leaves office, he will have accumulated more debt for this country than all 43 presidents before him combined. now, everything that i just showed you, it isn't just the numbers. it's not government data. it's for bureaucrats to say 4 3 million, we'll look at that. these are our friends, our
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neighbors, our co-workers in some cases, real people, real americans, real lives, left behind. they are the forgotten people that donald trump has been talking about. talked about the forgotten man, the forgotten american. now, president obama deserves a lot of the blame for this suffering. but so do the republicans in washington. they did nothing to stop obama's agenda, even though they promised over and over again that they would. republicans at times were timtd and afraid and spineless. they didn't want to take a stand. republicans sat on their hands while president obama doubled the national debt. they have the enumerated power of the purse, but they refused to use it because they thought there would be political fallout and they may lose their job. then there's the promise of obama paicare. repeal or replace it. that's one of the biggest lies. you like your doctor, keep it. like your plan, keep it. on average the american family is going to save 21 $00 per year
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with obama care. a complete government failure. epic fail, lie. the complete opposite happened. millions of you lost your doctors. millions lost your plans. obama care premiums have been surging by double digits even this year alone, many americans have seen $5200 increase in health care costs. on average since obama care went in place, 41 $00 increase. and some states are seeing 100% increase starting in 2017. look at foreign policy. the iranian nuclear deal. americans aren't stupid. given the number one state sponsor of terror, the ability to spin their own centrifuges is a bad idea. you don't pull out of iraq for political performs ignoring the american lives, the blood, sweat, treasure, tears, those guys fought, bled and died for
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cities like fallujah and tikrit and mosul. and then they pulled these guys out after they had these hard fought victories. and look at syria. everyone feels bad for the refugees. victims of a civil war. but if you come from a country or an area of the world that has values that conflict with our constitutionl republic, it might cause conflict if they come here. look at marital rape in some of the countries that's not recognized. and marital beating isn't recognized. gays and lesbians can be killed and thrown off the tops of buildings. and you can't build a church in saudi arabia. and then there's benghazi. four americans died.
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it makes a big difference. we failed the american soldiers, and it happened all from washington. let's look at african americans in america today. and how many african americans under obama, what is the increase on food stamps in 58%. african americans out of the labor force? up almost 20 %. in chicago president obama's hometown, over 3800 people have been shot this year alone. and since obama has been president, 3,656 people have been murdered in chicago. according to the chicago tribune, historic statistics show 75% of those victims are african american. has the democratic party helped these families? on top of that a failed educational system, especially in inner city america. high school graduation rates are 9% lower for american students than the national average according to most recent s statisti
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statistics. the latest high school dropout for african american students is higher than the average. it should be better now that the u.s. is ranked four on per pupil spending and it works out to be $11,600 per student. america ranked 17th in reading. 19th in science and a whopping 26th in math. $11,600 a student? donald trump is going to send that money back to states, towns, municipalities and then parents and local politicians can make those decisions. also, you want to know what this election was about? look at america's open borders. they're a mess, and they're not secure, and americans knew if donald trump builds the wall, it's less likely people will cross into the country. it will mean americans won't be competing with illegal immigrants for the few jobs available driving down wages. and americans know that we can become energy independent, and that means we don't have to deal with countries that hate our
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guts. we have more natural resources here in america that will literally, the life blood of our economy, that will fuel this country for generations to come, create millions of high paying jobs and careers. now, by the end of this week, i will outline the agenda that i believe that the forgotten people need so that the rungs of the ladder will be put back in so they can climb to success themselves. those americans that d.c. politicians, republicans, democrats have ignored for way too long, get people back to work. they can climb out of the pit that big government put them in. i said that i'm going to spend a lot of time naming names on this program. i'm not sure if i will. i want the agenda advanced and as quickly as possible. now, i'll say this to the politicians in washington. i don't care if you have an r or a d before your name, you either get on board solving these problems for the suffering americans or i'm done with you.
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you either fix the problems, do your job, risk your career, be bold, be courageous, show vision, or get out of the way. that's how i feel. i'm also going to be calling out the abusively biassed and corrupt media. wikileaks has shown us there is corruption in our media at a level we have never known. it's an information crisis in america. and it is doing the american people, you, a grave disservice. back in 2008 i said journalism was dead. wikileaks exposed it's worse than any of us imagined. we now know donna brazile at cnn, the clinton news network is handing over debate questions so hillary can cheat. they are asking the dnc for questions that they're asking them during interviews. reporters having the clinton campaign for approval before their publish their stories. these so-called journalists
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allowed the campaign to edit quotes. john har wood was offering the campaign advice and bragging about going after trump when he was a moderator at the debate in that was the least of it. wikileaks exposed how dozens of so-called journalists from the major outlets except the fox news channel were invited to eat dinner with john podesta at his house. we'll be getting that out to you, but let me show you what this election is all about. look at this painting. this is john mcmullin. it's called the forgotten man. and if you look there, there's a president obama stomping on the constitution, and there's all the presidents, obviously, before donald trump, and there's the guy on the bench sitting there, and he's the one that has been left out. the people of wisconsin, ohio, iowa, the people of michigan,
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pennsylvania, and all across this country, they saw this election for what it was, massive government failure, a massive decline in this country. and men and women, our fellow citizens forgotten like that guy on a bench. that's what this is about. and donald trump the outsider says he's going to fix these problems and we have to wish him well. that's what nobody saw in this historic election. you saw it. and coming up tonight, a lot to get to. we'll continue to monitor the antitrump protests in several cities. all of that and monica crowley and hermann kaine straight ahead. when a moment turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all
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news alertage ri protests breaking out across the country after donald trump's victory. joining us with reaction laura ingraham. you were one of the few. monica crowley, herman cain, newt gingrich is coming up. we saw the possibility, and so many of our colleagues, let's put it that way, were hoping upon hope that they'd be trashing us today. why do you see this -- >> well, i went on twitter before when i was listening to your report, and i just started posting flash backs, prognostications from a year ago and summertime. it's over. hillary has won the presidency. donald trump can never win the presidency. our friend erik erickson, i
10:20 pm
disinvited him from red state. it's not gloating. it's a realization that the forgotten people as you described so aptly have looked for a champion. not someone who is perfect but someone who they know when push comes to shove will fight for them. first fight for their interest, fight for their future, fight for their children, and they found that person in donald trump and on the issues of trade, of globalization, of borders, of obama care. and as you pointed out, calling out the politically correct verbiage that is pon college campuses. foul language and disrespect. they embody what is being taught on college campuses. illogical thinking, poor grammar, bromides, cliches.
10:21 pm
there's no real substance. everyone is e emoting tonight. and as my deceased mother would have said, suck it up, butter cup. it's not fun to lose, but not everyone gets a trophy. that's a falsehood that's been taught by the modern country. trump held up a mirror to all these failures, and he.
10:22 pm
donald trump went up against the establishment, media and globalist and government establishment. bret baier asked me to call in. i called in, and he asked me how is donald trump going to deal with house republicans and democrats, and i said, i don't think that's the question. i think it's how are they going to deal with him. because he will set the agenda. he has the mandate. not those people that in part, created the opening for him, i would argue. >> you're right. he's the one who was elected. he's the one who took the slings and arrows of the democrats. the bushes, clintons, obamas, all the hollywood elites who like to campaign every four years for the democrat nominee. he dished it out but also took it. now is the time for those in congress who didn't have a lightbulb on this until recently to stand up and say we hear you.
10:23 pm
we hear the people of the country. we hear your concerns, and we're going to work tirelessly for your benefit, not for just the chamber of commerce or the big donors but for the work a day person who sometimes has to work at night or work two or three jobs just to get by. and as long as donald trump does that, and as he expands the understanding of what he's trying to do, this populous appeal, i think he should continue to push the inner city america. he shouldn't be do what bush did oftentimes which is write off the people. and romney did that with the 47 % comment. don't write off any of america. push into the latino community, the black community. you bumped up the returns among latinos and blacks 2% in each category. that's not bad considering how he was vilified by the press for what he believed and what he said. i think there's an enormous growth potential both for the
10:24 pm
economy, sean, and also for the populous message that a lot of kids running around new york and portland, oregon, don't understand it. they haven't been taught it at campus or at home. >> i think one of the more underreported things was the new deal. we're going to make a community safer and fix your schools, and we're going to create economic zones where people can obviously benefit. if he's successful in enticing multinational corporations by giving us one of the lowest tax rates in the industrialized world and he allowed the repatriation of trillions that companies won't bring in because of the high tax rate, what if he incentivize them to go into the communities that have been hit hard with the high unemployment numbers. wouldn't that be helpful and show republicans do care about
10:25 pm
americans working regardless of race, creed, color, background? >> right. you're right. results matter, and he won. even though the kids in the street don't really like knit. they want to cause trouble. i get that, but he won, and now it's time to implement this agenda. we know the old ways haven't worked. we piled up debt. you've catalog third down better than anyone on television, what the failed ideas have done to middle class americans, people just entering the work force. young people right out of college. you've cataloged it. it's devastating. these policies do not work. we have to try new policies. trump campaigned on that. i hope everybody in congress on the republican side stands with him instead of fighting him. they didn't fight obama on a lot of things. they shouldn't fight trump on the issues that propelled him into the presidency. i hope we don't see that. we didn't see that gusto in
10:26 pm
trying to roll back executive orders of obama. i hope they stand with him on these issues that you've hit every night. >> i think with the lower tax rates, reagan did it, john f. kennedy did it, add to that a push toward energy independence, fracking natural gas, drilling oil. >> new trade deal. >> free and fair. >> this is an amazing country with magnificent people who want to work. they don't want to be slave to the government, and if he implements this agenda, this will be a renaissance across america, and it's going to be hard. he has to resist the idea of going into your cocoon. keep doing what he did in detroit and all across this country that drove the left crazy. now you know why it drove them crazy. he's getting into their territory that they've dominated for so long. i'm excited about the potential. >> there's a lot of potential and a lot of work to do. a lot of republicans will have
10:27 pm
to get on board or get out of the way. >> coming up, we'll continue to monitor the anti-trump protests across the country, and up next, tonight. >> to all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation, i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> donald trump after being elected the 45th president of the united states last night, calling for unity. we'll check in next with newt gingrich, and up next, monica crowley and herman cain are here. herman cain. they're here. that and more, straight ahead.
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to all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation, i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. while the campaign is over, our work on this movement is now really just beginning. >> and that was president elect donald trump last night after it was announced he will be the 45th president of the united states. joining us now, best-selling author of "treason", newt gingrich. former speaker of the house. there was a part of me today that really wanted to name names of those republicans, those -- all right. you're going to show yourself the bigger man. but i resisted the temptation to name names, all those people that sabotaged him were not helpful, did everything to hurt
10:31 pm
him. and, frankly, if they were successful, would be beating people like you and me with a baseball bat and saying they were wrong the whole time. but i didn't do it. aren't you proud of me? >> i'm very proud of you. i think it's a sign of your new-found post victory maturity. >> all right. >> i mean, let me just say this because we've known each other so long. you and i along with millions of other americans are just beginning one of the great adventures of our lifetime. the eight years of donald trump are going to be among the most extraordinary creative inventive, exciting periods in all of american political history, and will i think both move america to being great again, dramatically train the swamp in washington and move our systems into the 2 st century to provide much better experiences
10:32 pm
for every american. my point is compared to all that, the little, whiny, sniveling, negative cowards who were never trumpers are beneath our paying attention to them. let them drift into the aspen of history while we go ahead and work with donald trump and with the house and senate republicans to create a dramatically new future. >> do you believe the old order republican party? i believe it's dead. and there's a new republican party, and hopefully one that's revitalized with bold colored differences as president reagan talked about. do you worry about those old guard republican establishment people eventually as quickly as they can, turning on trump and stopping progress that he's laid out and i think got a mandate for last night? >> their technique won't be to turn on him. i remember this with reagan in
10:33 pm
'81, '82, and then in '94. they say be reasonable. don't push too hard. don't force the issue. find a compromise with the democrats. maybe he shouldn't name one of the justices who are conservative who is on his live. maybe he should find a nice moderate, acceptable for the democrats. down that road is a disaster. and so we have to be aware the danger is not they're going to actively fight. the danger is honeyed words of subversion that undermines the entire movement to make america great again, undermines the entire trump movement which is begin to change america, but i have a hump just based on today's conversations, we were in charleston now. we're talking in atlanta, and as i talked to people all around the place, one, lots of people walked up and said
10:34 pm
congratulations, including people who were were hillary who said, look, you guys won a great campaign, and we just respect that you did it. two, there is a spirit here of what if we could actually come together to get big things done. now, that doesn't mean backing off on anything. but i would suggest to you, for example, that a really dramatic infrastructure program will get at least half the democrats to sign up for it and be exactly in the job creating direction that donald trump talked about for a year and a half. so there are ways to build the next six months that it becomes a really pretty remarkable majority building project that sets the stage for greater economic growth, greater take home pay. on terms the trump campaign said. >> i want to get to that and let's go through the order of what the agenda ought to be and how he gets there. we'll have more after the break, and monica crowley and herman
10:35 pm
cain react to donald trump being elected. plus we monitor the protests going on around the country tonight straight ahead. anti-his going on around the country tonight, straight ahead. when i first started working with capital one, my dad called them up and asked for "the jennifer garner card" which is such a dad thing to do. after he gave his name the woman from capital one said "mr. garner, are you related to jennifer?" kind of joking with him. and my dad was so proud to tell her, "as a matter of fact, she is my middle daughter". so now dad has the venture card, he's earning his double miles, and he made a friend at the company. can i say it? go ahead! what's in your wallet? nice job dad.
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anti-trump protesters continuing to gather in the streets of several cities across the country. still with us former speaker of the house and fox contributor newt dprigingrich is with us. if you remember in the primaries the 65% of republican voters who said they felt betrayed by their own party, does that old order, many of whom were reelected last night, did they deserve to hit the reset button and work with trump, or do you think that maybe there needs to be
10:41 pm
restructuring? >> i think, first of all, the proof will be in the pudding. so far we have great comments from mitch mcconnell who is the most important single person in the opening 30 or 45 days, because every single cabinet officer has to be approved by the senate, and if you don't have the active energetic support of the senate leader, you ain't getting nothing done and you're not having a cabinet. i think trump has to be close to mcconnell. mcconnell has an enormous interest in ending the war against coal, and there are things trump can do on the first day by repealing a variety of executive orders that will make mcconnell very happy. i think that could be a great relationship. today, as you know, because we were e-mailing about it, speaker paul ryan speaking in janesville, his hometown, gave a great, ringing endorsement of trump. and said, look, this guy won the
10:42 pm
nomination in a remarkable way. he won the presidential decisively. he is the leader of our country, and the leader of our party. and, therefore, we all have an obligation to work with him. and you could not have asked for a more complete commitment to cooperate than you got from paul ryan. now, that doesn't mean that guys who are as smart and as committed as mcconnell and ryan are going to roll over and do everything that donald trump wants. for, frankly, as conservatives do we want the legislative branch to not exercise judgment and to not try to help improve legislation and improve ideas. but i am very encouraged. there's only a hand full of people saying i could never work with trump. there are not going to be many of them, and they're all going to finish the primary fight in 2018. there will be a hand full of people who are so pure they
10:43 pm
can't be practical and work with donald trump, but i think it's a little hard coming out of this election to make the argument back home that you are more for change than donald trump, and, therefore, you can't work with him. i think the freedom caucus types may, in fact, find themselves working with trump and ryan more than they thought they would. >> it would probably be a good thing. if they're going to open up energy independence and education back to the states, build a border wall, lower taxes, get the budget under control, those are all good things. if you were to advise donald trump, where does he go from here? how do you build this government? what's first on the agenda? walk us through. >> he has to do two or three things in parallel. he has to reach out and create a good-working relationship with mcconnell and ryan, because so much of his opening 90 days depends on a team effort. he has to think through how bold does he want to be? is he going to bring in a team to manage the federal government or is he going to bring in a
10:44 pm
team to change the federal government? those are very different conditions and have very different teams. some people are obvious. you know that rudy giuliani is going to have a major role. you know that senator sessions is going to have a major role. those are people so integral to the campaign that they are bound to be close to trump in a major position. >> maybe newt gingrich? >> well, maybe in a particular way. but what you really want to think about is are you bringing somebody in to manage the bureaucracy of the veterans administration or are you bringing somebody in to profoundly change it? those are two different recruiting jobs, and the other thing i would say is that trump needs to pick a limited initial set of really big changes that he wants to come in with that defines the first six to eight or nine months of his presidency in domestic policy. one of them clearly is a big
10:45 pm
infrastructure bill. one of them has to be getting control of the southern border. you have a list that's compelling and powerful. all of this, by the way, came out of trump's speeches. >> not a surprise. >> it's not like it's new, but i think that communicated to the team. all the senate republicans and house republicans understand, here's the next 90 or 100 days so they can get in the rhythm of doing that. that is correct accelerate progress. >> i want to thank you, mr. speaker. you've been generous with your time and incite. you put yourself on a limb and worked behind the scenes helping president elect trump, and i have a funny feeling you might be around him a lot. just a guess on my part. i don't know. good to see you, sir. >> good to be with you. >> and coming up, monica crowley, herman cain. they'll weigh in and respond to the anti-trump protests going on around the country, and much more. anti-trump protest going o
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>> o'reilly here. after
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10:50 pm
. welcome back t welcome back to "hannity." tomorrow donald trump will meet with president obama at his new home. coming in january the white house as they begin the transition of power. joining us now, herman cain and
10:51 pm
monica crowley. both were big donald trump supporters. good for both of you. we all took a little heat. >> a little heat? we took a lot of heat. in fact, i was the first one a couple of weeks after donald trump made his annoyanuncementa june of 2015, i came on this network and others and said stop laughing. don't underestimate him. he can win the whole thing, and here we are. >> monica crowly is here. i don't know what she's smoking. i still like her. herman, you took heat too. >> i did. i went to three donald trump rallies, introduced him three times, and obviously i took heat, but i didn't care. i wasn't looking at all the b.s. being thrown at him, and the people who went to the rallies, let me tell you, that was his ground him. here's what nobody has talked about. 10,000 people show up for a rally. they're going to tell 10,000 people. that's his ground game.
10:52 pm
that was his ground game. and it worked. it was unconventional. but it worked. and i got to tell you, those people heard the substance of what he was talking about at those rallies even though it wasn't reported. >> and then monica, they posted it on facebook and instagram and twitter. he got more bang for h his buck. i think -- >> yep. >> he's probably -- he probably spent less money than any presidential candidate in 50 years. >> he ran it like a business. what we saw is the most astonishing political story of our lifetime, maybe in the history of the republic. this is a man who has never done this before. basically had no money in his campaign and had a skeletal campaign staff, and he pulled it off. one of the big reasons why he did is he spoke directly to the issues that affect the livelihood of the american people. jobs, economic growth, illegal
10:53 pm
immigration, the border, trade deals, but there was also something else, and herman just talked about this. what you saw on the ground swell is the second iteration of the tea party movement. the tea party movement that began in 2009 as a wholesale rejection of barack obama and the radical policies, but all of these things, the tea party then was assaulted by a weapon newsed irs, and they came back this time in a new form. they evolved and helped to elect donald trump. >> the old order gop dead, herman cain? >> yes. that will be a political civil war within the gop over the next couple of year, because donald trump has redefined, and he will reshape what republicans stand for.
10:54 pm
the conservative values won't go away. and as monica indicated, this is the second iteration of the tea party. just like the media tried to push them into silence and submission, they didn't know how to push this movement into submission. they tried to say it was uneducated whites. they tried to label it something else. it hasn't worked. so, yes, the republican party is going to have to rethink and redefine itself. >> all right, guys. good to see you. how much sleep did you get? >> an hour. >> three and a half. >> one. >> two hours. >> when we come back, we need your help, straight ahead.
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if i didn't make any sense tonight, it's because i only had an hour's sleep. thank you for being with us. we'll be back. we'll be fresher tomorrow. thank you for being with us, and thank you for all of you who voted and saved your country. hon not to support me in the past -- of which there were a few people -- i'm reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so that we can work together and unify our great country. >> donald trump gracious in victory. >> donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. >> hillary clinton broken-hearted in defeat. >> we are now all rooting for his success in uniting and leading the country. the peaceful transition of power is one of the hallmarks of our democracy. >> in a stunning turn of events, president elect trump wil


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