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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 10, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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channel. talk about breaking news, this is a brand-new record for the dow. the previous high close was 18,6-something. it's crushed it. the money is doing well, although the nasdaq is down today. i'll see you a bit later. all right. thank you very much, and welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. this is your world and this is a new record day for the dow jones industrials. but donald trump is such a big worry to the markets, they've continued to show a funny way of indicating that. outside of that initial swoon early election night when it looked like all of a sudden everything was slip sliding away on a sure bet like hillary clinton not looking like a sure bet and not a bet at all. the markets have come well, swooping back in big record fashion. take a look at some of the early beneficiaries of this early donald trump win. ever since he won the election,
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financial issues and those expected to do well have been buoyed. again, there are a variety of reasons for this. i won't bore you with them now. suffice it today's gains alone have added to about what, it's been a 10% run-up in the financial index since his election. we've seen other issues move forward as well. military and related defense issues on the prospect, for example, of more defense spending. much of the financials and the prospect of an improving economic climate. they could be wrong. oftentimes they are. remember when they were swooning so much ahead of the election or election night, remember when hillary clinton was doing poorly, and they read that as something fear of the unknown and they were selling on it. what i said then i say now, try not to live in the moment, but right now the moment is favorable to donald trump and growing optimism that he just might get past all of the washington and the election year
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rancor and it will be a good year for stocks. otherwise was a record setter for the dow jones industrials, year to date up about 7%. well, this was a busy day for the president-elect. not only powwowing with the president of the united states but the powers that be within the republican party. and greeted favorably wherever he goes. and he is really milking that for all it's worth. remember, this is all about collecting chits for power that he can use on january 20th when he plans to have a very busy 100 days. this is speaker ryan showing him the lay of the land of the capital where he'll be sworn in. that's donald trump and where he'll deliver his inaugural address. bygones are bygones for now. kevin cork is at the white house and how it all went down. >> yeah, let bygones be bygones. you and i know that sometimes the heat of the campaign trail really can take the argument beyond. sometimes you'll hear people say, you're going to go there,
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right? yeah. they go there during the campaign season, but once the campaigns are over, you do see generally speak iing, people di it back a bit. there were republican lawmakers who refused to back donald trump during the campaign and of course, they'll have to make amends as they work with the new president-elect who will be assuming office in january. earlier today he was here at the white house. we talked about this before where wie see dignitaries come here, heads of state. it was almost like that, rock star quality. the president-elect coming here to the white house and certainly for the president of the united states, it's a chance to be candid about what is happening. make that an hour and a half meeting time between the two gentlemen. here is a sample of what the president had to sate tsay at t of that meeting. >> most of all, i want to emphasize to you that
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president-elect, we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeed then the country succeeds. >> okay. so you might be wondering, so what else did donald trump do today? as you pointed out made his way over to capitol hill. this is a unique opportunity, too because he has real power. he will come into the white house in january with the gop in control of both houses of congress, a unique opportunity perhaps to as some have suggested brick by brick deconstruct the obama legacy. we'll see if it plays out that way. >> they both said some pretty strong things about the other. >> yeah. >> throughout this election process. many people say it was the president's comments about and to donald trump at a washington correspondents dinner, gosh, nearly two years ago, that got trump to run in first place. but there really was no hint to that. we didn't get or josh earnest didn't indicate that there were any cross words?
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>> yeah, josh actually made an interesting point today. the white house press secretary said that the men met alone. and that opportunity at candor really that makes a meeting like this all the more important. now, i think -- and listen, you're human. i don't care what you say, if you're telling me that stuff doesn't sting and it doesn't stick in the back of your mind, i'm calling you a liar. and these two men have to get past it and work with each other all the same. but i do think that they recognize that the campaign trail is built for hyperbole. at the end of the day, they both respect each other and that seemed to be born out today at the meeting. >> did you ever get the feeling that it's like professional wrestling. land this stuff and then it's over till the next bout. >> people hate to hear that, but kind of. >> because i wanted to segue right into my hulk hogan thing. horrible, isn't it? kevin being polite. thank you, i appreciate it. doesn't it seem like that?
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anyway. we are learning, meanwhile, more about donald trump and who will occupy that cabinet. remember, he has to fill and you see him on the website with shep, 3,000 or 4,000 positions but the biggies are the ones that will be sitting around the table in the cabinet room with him. charlie gasparino has been hearing a lot of interesting names pop up. >> the latest names that we've been hearing, and like i said, this is back of the envelope stuff, you know, it's fluid, but these are the names that are on the top of the list. that changes as you get closer and closer to final pick. but here's what we're hearing. some people don't want the job or turns out they don't want to leave their families. but here's what we're hearing, wilbur ross, the billionaire financier, a senior adviser to president-elect trump, is being considered for commerce secretary. wilbur has great contacts in corporate america, that's kind of what you need for commerce secretary. rudy giuliani is bounced around with a bunch of positions. from what we understand he wants
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to be secretary of state or secretary of defense. i understand that mr. trump would prefer him to be ag. attorney general. so that's one thing that we hear mr. trump wants. we also hear a possible attorney general candidate trey gowdy. chris christie i hear is not at the top of any list to be ag, the new jersey governor, given what's going on with bridgegate. there was a recent trial and i guess sentencing of two of his aides on that scandal. in terms of chief of staff, the name i think you got to hear right now top of the list is his campaign manager, steve bannon, the former head of breitbart, the web news site. he's the top -- at the top of that list, but we understand that reince priebus, the industry chief, is on that list as well. i would say dollars to doughnuts right now it's steve bannon. we should point out that mr. trump is considering senator bob corker and former ambassador john bolton as secretary of state. two interesting choices. if you're going to lay odds, you
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might want to say john bolton who i think has a pretty good relationship with president-elect trump as the secretary. you know, he's got the inside position. sarah palin's name keeps coming up. i asked what type of cabinet position is -- that she's likely to get. i understand she's -- i don't have a firm read on this, to be honest with you. i also hear it's probably going to be an under-secretary job. here's the thing. donald trump really lines sarah palin. so i think there's a good chance we'll find her somewhere in the administration. fnc contributor richard grinnell on the short list of u.s. ambassador to the u.n. again, he was an aide to john bolton when he was there. i hear he's on the short list. one thing i can tell you, i mention this on fox business, jamie dimon has as much chance of being treasury secretary, despite what they said on cnbc, as you and i interviewing biggie and tupac in our careers.
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not happening. is it theoretically possible? no indication whether it's serious. steve manuchin his campaign still remains at the top of the list. >> i'm still back to the biggie impersonator. it's just a majority in the senate you need. they have the senate. a little different with the initiative of cutting taxes, that will require 60 votes. but harry reid with the new math will take the nuclear option and take away the 60-vote thing it would apply and bite democrats in their heinie here with the new configuration in the senate because all donald trump would need is 51 votes to get his picks approve. a little bit different on some of the initiatives. the read on that from one of trump's earliest backers, new york republican congressman chris collins. do i have that right,
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congressman, that the way this go, his cabinet picks, all it takes is a simple majority approval in congress, right? the senate. >> yeah. no, that is true with the senate, neil. i'd like to point out the other key one we're looking for even as early as today or tomorrow would be his chief of staff who can then grab control, you know, as we need to hire mr. trump, president-elect trump needs to hire 350 people in the west wing, then it starts filtering down to the thousands you mentioned. but yeah, the key picks, because we do have control of the senate, simple majority will confirm them and i think they're going to be such quality people, one thing we know about president-elect trump, he's going to pick the best and brightest. that's what a ceo does regardless of affiliation. but we also know president-elect trump is a -- respects loyalty. and i think certainly many of the people who were with him from the beginning will be in some very key roles whether they're cabinet positions or other such positions.
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>> but i think you're right, that chief of staff role will be vitally important. there had been talk that because of the bridgegate issue, even though governor chris christie wasn't dragged into that himself, that he is sufficiently tainted that it would take him out of the running for attorney general. i don't know if that's even remotely accurate, but that it would be an easier road for donald trump just to make him chief of staff. how would you feel about that? >> well, i mean, that is such a critical position. what we do know is that the relationship and the conversation between the chief of staff and the president is absolutely so critical. certainly i can paurt that. we know that president-elect trump absolutely respects the opinion and the counsel of chris christie. he's a tough guy, chris christie. he calls it like it is. boy, there's a position chief of staff that you've got to be able to stand your ground. so a lot to unfold. i think it will start unfolding fairly quickly. and i do think probably the
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first official announcement will, in fact, be chief of staff coming soon. >> all right. we'll watch very, very closely. chris collins, thank you very, very much. >> yeah, good to be with you, neil. >> so donald trump continuing his whirlwind visit to washington. you know since he does not have a press pool with him yet and one designated yet, we're told his own people that pooh-poohed the idea oftentimes what has happened today is we lose track of where donald trump is. sort of like where's waldo, where's donald. i don't think when he becomes president of the united states, but it could be one of the few big things that are being telegraphed of what could be coming in a trump administration. kind of interesting. where is he? after this. what? is he gone?? finally, i thought he'd never leave... tv character: why are you texting my man at 2 a.m.? no...
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plus less major bleeding. she's noticing a real difference in her joint comfort... "she's single." ...and high levels of humiliation in her daughter. in just 7 days, your joint comfort can be your kid's discomfort. osteo bi-flex. made to move. all right. the president, the president-elect sitting down face to face going over somethings. already we're told that the trump forces aren't wasting any time here already trying to
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outline who will be in the trump cabinet and filling out the thousands of other positions that are pretty important as well. but getting a transition in order and the kind of things that would have to come up in that transition including the issues that they're going to spearhead. this is one of the guys spear heading it the form ohio ken blackwell to lead president-elect transition bla now, former mayor of cincinnati. good to have you, sir. where do you place priorities let alone the people but on the issues and how you roll them out in first 100 or 200 days? >> let me just give you this disclaimer. i've signed a nondisclosure statement, and while i'm with the trump team, i can't go into detail as to what the transition is doing. but i will tell you to go do the gettysburg address. at that address he has laid out
1:17 pm
what he wants to do for the first 100 days. the job of the transition team is to put together a transition of policy agenda and personnel that will allow him to act on that. we know that one of the first things that he wants to do is unchain, you know, the economy, and for at least the first time in eight years, we have a president that loves the american worker but he also respects and loves capital and he knows that the only way that we're going to get our economy to expand again is by deregulating a lot of the industries that are now hampered from economic growth and job creation because of being overregulated. we know he'll put forth through an aggressive tax policy something that will lower the burden on not only families but -- >> right away -- i know you can't give many details here and
1:18 pm
compromise that, but i've talked to a lot of republicans today early on fox business who were saying that, yeah, he's going to hit the ground running on cutting regulations, cutting taxes and it's sort of like a blitzkrieg pattern we're going to see in the first 100 days. is it your sense that he wants to get off to a sprint and take full advantage of the run at the table that he enjoys with a republican house and senate and get as much done up front immediately? >> absolutely. that's the smart thing to do, and that's the trump -- that's the trump way. he is a major disrupter of the status quo. and you know, ronald reagan used to say that status quo is the latin for the mess that we're in. and there's no gradual approach to dealing with the economic mess that we're in. he, in fact, has to put
1:19 pm
together, hayes has he has prom some bold policies. but personnel is policy. he has to have the people to carry out those policy initiatives and he has to do it within the context of working with senator mcconnell, with speaker ryan. neil, we have no more excuses. we are the dominant political party in america. we own, you know, more political real estate than any other party. we have more governorships, more chambers of state legislatures, both chambers of congress, the executive branch and that's why -- >> so tell us you're going to go full throttle with this. there had been a great deal of talk that donald trump during the campaign had had it with president obama's executive orders, a record number of them certainly when it came to the magnitude of the things he did with those orders like on regulations as you set at the outset, do you know if his strategy will be to undo those executive orders with his own
1:20 pm
executive orders? that he'll be signing a lot in the first days of the administration to undo what barack obama did? >> absolutely. and i think it's found in the gettysburg address when he talks about for every new regulation he's knocking down two. >> that's interesting. >> again, his blueprint for change is there. the other thing that's heartening is that he has fully embraced the republican platform, which is pro worker, pro capital, pro growth and pro jobs. the other thing we know is that he's going to make good on his promise to have a scalia replacement for the supreme court. >> is he going to put out a name day one? >> i'm not going to get into -- neil? the core of his team from new
1:21 pm
york and new jersey, and i don't want my knuckles rapped. >> touche. >> for getting out in front of them. >> i won't compromise that. ken blackwell, very good seeing you again. >> always good to see you, sir. >> he has a good sense of humor. on cities across the country, in fact, a lot of countries protesting president-elect trump but flip it around and imagine if it were trump loyalists who were doing that if hillary clinton had won. just saying. after this. (man) hmm. what do you think? ♪ (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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well, they're going on all over the country. we've seen sporadic indications of this. this is san francisco, a donald trump protest. they're obviously not very happy that donald trump won the presidential election. he did. we've seen this pop up across the country including last night
1:25 pm
where many gathered in central park across from one of donald trump's businesses and homes. all airing their grievance. and josh earnest at the white house today saying that is their right. >> are there some people who are going to be disappointed and are they going to express those views in public? i think we've seen that that's the case. they have constitutional rights to do that and those rights should be protected, but the president will obviously want them to hear his message as well. >> all right. now, i assume that josh earnest would be saying the exact same thing had the election gone to hillary clinton and trump protesters were out there. i'm exactly sure it would have been the same. joseph, what do you think? >> neil, that we should all close our eyes on the universe that you just mentioned. hillary clinton did win the general election and then protesters took to the streets in cities across the country
1:26 pm
with signs that included the assassination of the president-elect and on a cable news network near you last night this was said by a protester. there will be casualties on both sides. she said this in front of a million people. there will be because people have to die to make a change in this world. now, that's very interesting. because i'm pretty sure that before the election when everybody thought that hillary clinton was going to win, that we had this. this sort of magazine cover that shows after the election trump supporters in the streets with ar-15s and, you know, your basic pitchforks and torches threatening to burn down the joint. wonder if they'd be afforded the same courtesy here that these protesters are, and i'm just wondering why the media isn't en masse condemning this and why our leaders saying you can protest, that's fine. but the whole killing each other thing, uh-uh. >> on that he does have a point. >> oh, of course. >> i don't know if it would be greeted the same way if things
1:27 pm
were flipped around. >> i think that josh earnest is right to mention the first amendment here. but i really hate that joe always has such good props. i when i saw the video of two hillary supporters or democrats beating aup trump protester, it really hurt me. and i love hillary more than i think a lot of people do. so while i think the protesting is obviously legally protected and as long as it stays peaceful i'm fine with that, i don't want to see any violence. i don't want to see disruption or too much disruption. obviously, there's going to be some disruption. i would like to remind us all, though, that at many trump rallies we heard things like lock her up, there were chants of execute her. there's been rhetoric on both sides. >> are those the ones where there were democratic operatives goosing them? >> well, we can't -- listen, i think that, yes, obviously, i saw the tapes as well. but i think that we can safely say that there are one or two trump supporters who definitely
1:28 pm
thought execute her, jail her, lock her up. >> this is reality now. >> and i don't approve it, being violent. >> when i'm looking at this on the right or the left and people do are the right to free speech although sometimes i think they should watch that speech, but having said that, we're going to see more of this. i'm learing about big plans of union protests and the like. more at universities which is where you would expect to find this, but should they really direct their focus on the either the woman who lost the race and how it is they lost a sure thing or what? >> right, neil, everything -- the coverage of the trump supporters from day one has been complete lopsided. let me write the headline for you if those people were trump supporters and hillary clinton had won. racist, sexist, angry trump mob rioting, mass destruction, trump supporters can't live with a woman being president. and that's actually the kind of -- rather than looking at the
1:29 pm
flawed candidate that they got behind and why she didn't get elected, all of the hillary clinton supporters across social media are making it about themselves and it's my, me, my. i voted for trump, you're hurting my family. you're destroying my children's future. and you know what? they're doomed to make the same mistake unless they took -- take a look inward and take a looked a the candidate that they got behind. just quickly, jennifer lawrence the actress wrote on just today, this is one line from what she wrote. the only people that feel safe that their rights are recognized and respected are white men. well, white women got behind donald trump 10 percentage points than hillary clinton and so did college educated whites. so again living in a foxhole they are. >> all right, guys, thank you very much. we have breaking news to share along here that goldman sachs lloyd blackfein is talking to conference attendees dancing around the subject of what kind
1:30 pm
of jobs might be out there in a trump administration but saying that you have to think seriously about having an opportunity to make that type of impact. obviously, he was asked about serving in an administration at a time he was thought to have very, very close ties with hillary clinton. and so it goes. more after this. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands.
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ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. his powwow with republican ryan, but a lot of them still, remember, were going into this concerned whether donald trump would win it all or brag down the house down or senate down of course that did not happen. donald trump carried many of them over the top. and again solidified their respective majorities here. that might fall a little differently. ari fleischer press secretary
1:35 pm
for george w. bush who said to much attention before the election that he was not going to be voting for donald trump. who did you vote for, ari? >> i left my line blank, neil. if there were republicans like you who did so similarly, they are showing a different face now. are you? >> no. i'm the same. look, i'm delighted hillary lost. i always wanted her to lose. donald trump lost me throughout the course of the campaign. i started out being a donald trump voter, and then i just kind of became undecided and kept that to myself. and right before the election, i decided he had said too many things that i objected to, so i said i'll leave my line blank. >> but these others, including speaker ryan and others who were worried early on apparently are impressed enough and feeling it's important enough now to the republicans to all get on the same page. it was all pleasantries and nice today. >> well, that's right. but you always have is after the election is over and you have a winner, people start to look now at the serious business of
1:36 pm
governing and particularly an opportunity now like donald trump has because he has the republican house and a republican senate. and this is rare in a modern american politics particularly for republicans. they can get an awful lot done. so there's a seriousness of purpose now. >> your own boss sent him his best wishes and prayers. what about you? >> absolutely. i want donald trump to be successful, i want the country to be successful and i want republican policies to move forward. >> you're sending mixed signals here. i know where you're coming from and all, but you're giving mixed vibes here. >> well, i think it's always a complicated mix of how you vote and how you feel particularly when you have an outsider candidate like donald trump and i'm much more an established insider. >> you as an establishment guy would these issues that call important. >> but you didn't hear what i said. where i got lost or where he lost me was some of the offensive statements that he
1:37 pm
made. it wasn't so much the policies. there were some policies he has that i object to. but by and large, i support his policies and that's one of the reasons i said i would vote for him. particularly when you look at his policies for economic growth and tax relief and look at his background in business as opposed to redistribution of income. he's against the iran deal. these are the things that drew me to imhad in first place. you have to make that separation. >> you do have a make a separation now after the fact, it would appear that many republicans have been, maybe it's still a personal thing with a few of them, but when even mitt romney tweets to the effect that he's our president now and his initial remarks -- i'm paraphrasing here -- sounded very promising. he wants to see more of that in the dialogue. shouldn't we just move on and let that happen? >> i'm not sure i follow your question. should we move on? we're going to move on. >> doesn't sound like you are. >> it doesn't sound like i am? >> yeah. >> i was the one who just said to you that after an election it
1:38 pm
turns the corner and you focus on the serious business of government. >> so now you're going to give donald trump a chance, you'll forget all that stuff prior, a lot of acrimony both ways. you think we're past that? >> i think we mostly are, i certainly am. and look, i was not one of the people who was ever in the never-trump category. as i said to you, neil, i originally came out and said that i would support donald trump. >> i remember it. >> and i had misgivings. i watched the race closely. then i kept my counsel and then i decided not to vote. i didn't go out there and pound the table saying donald trump, never donald trump. i tried to use my judgment mp that's what you're supposed to do. >> ari fleischer, great have you. >> well, thank you. taking a look at now race card. they tried to keep pushing it against donald trump. what have i told you? it backfired big time. some numbers that might shock you.
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all right. well, the future potus has left new york, has left washington, i should say he's on his way back to new york after a whirlwind visit to the nation's capital. but still perusing the nation's papers today and to say that some of them are confused or bitter is probably an understatement. most of them saying that it was just white males who contributed to donald trump's victory and that that was it, that it had racial undertones. and i'm thinking to myself knowing full well that jackson would be joining us out of virginia beach, there are not enough white males in the election who could hand it to you. he obviously had a broader cross section of support than democrats appreciated or knew and lo and behold i get numbers out of the minority community, hispanic community that he scored decisively better than mitt romney did. and that was the turning point,
1:43 pm
not angry white males. what do you make of this? >> you know, neil, race used to be the last refuge of the scoundrel. now it's become the first. the reality is 13% of black men voted for donald trump. i voted for donald trump and campaigned all over this country for him. so this idea that this is -- >> by the way, that is the highest percentage since ronald reagan for a republican and even back then it wasn't right with what they thought was the case, but you'd have to go back a long, long time to see any republican garnering that kind of support. >> you know, neil, had they considered at all when they say these things or are they just being manipulative that we don't agree with his policies. it is not about the color of the man's skin. we don't agree with the iran deal. we don't agree with his transgender bathroom policy. we don't agree with the way he's handled the economy. we don't agree with his policies
1:44 pm
on life and on abortion. we just don't agree with him. you know, it's time for people to grow up and stop whining and crying and going off into their safe spaces and just stand up and say, this is what a constitutional republic is all about. the people speaking and we have spoken. >> i just think that if the trump people were flipped around and they had lost and they raised the same kind of thing in reverse, i mean, they'd be executed. it is what it is. but one of the things i was surprised at is the real lack of enthusiasm for hillary clinton as a candidate and that it would reflect itself not only lower voter participation by various groups but even when it came, bishop, to hispanics, the assumption being that you get them all, lo and behold in crucial battleground states she was really hurting, and that they weren't monolithic in florida. there were enough cuban americans and older puerto rican americans to tip the balance in
1:45 pm
donald trump's favor. this played out in pennsylvania, it played out in ohio, and yet it's as if the media doesn't even see what happened and saying that it was white man rage. what do you think of that? >> you know, here's the problem with hillary clinton. hillary clinton has no conviction and in order to have people be passionate you have to be committed. what she shows is expediency. donald trump whether you agree with him or not, clearly has conviction. he clearly has somethings that he believe in and those that shared those beliefs rallied to him enthusiastically. i'm one of those people. but believe me, we did a five-state tour from the battleground states, ohio, to virginia, to north carolina, to florida and we found enthusiasm that was just through the roof. >> you know, earlier today i'm talking to an african-american leader yesterday i'm sorry who said something to the effect of one of trump's pitches that was extremely effective on the stump
1:46 pm
especially when reaching out to potential minority voters is what the hell have you got to lose? i know you're a religious man, so excuse me for that. but that was his pitch. and i thought it was very effective. and so did this leader who was saying much the same that it was a jarring comment to make a simple statement. for all the attention that you've enjoyed or gotten, what have you gotten for it? >> neil, this is one of the things that i love about donald trump. he is the first republican even though i've been urging my colleagues for years to do it, to actually proactively go after the black vote. and to say, look, i have a plan. i have a program. i don't think you ought to live in poverty. you ought not live in squalor, you ought not live in violent communities where your children can't go to school safely. thank god somebody is speaking to these issues. i predict this. this is not an anomaly. i think this is the beginning of a move in the black community
1:47 pm
away from its devotion to the democrat party for more open mindedness towards republicans and their policies and donald trump has started it. >> we should point out that no one has done what he just did in the republican party in more than three decades. bishop, thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> thank you, neil. >> just a sign of the times or a preview of coming attractions? a former navy s.e.a.l. who is now on his way to the governor's mansion in missouri. ese balloon. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love. prudential. bring your challenges.
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i don't know this guy would be compared to donald trump, but no one gave him the chance when he said he wanted to be governor. very good to have you. congratulations. >> thanks. so great to be back on with you. >> what did it for you? you had a clear -- you called it an upbeat agenda at a time the
1:51 pm
nation is sharply divided. what did it? >> you know what? we had a positive -- we had a very hopeful agenda. we went out and we took our message to the people of missouri. i was running against a career politician, a guy who had been involved in politics for over 22 years. people just said they are tired of career politicians. they recognize the political establishment failed them. i had never been involved in politics before. i'm a navy seal, small businessowner, founder and ceo of the mission continues. we went out and we brought our case to the people of the state of missouri. did hundreds of town halls and events all over the state. tens of thousands of people joined this movement. they put up yard signs, they made phone calls, they knocked on doors because they wanted to take missouri in a new and better direction. >> it was a concern that missouri was tilting pink and then blue. that blunt was in trouble. he ended up winning. what happened do you think nationwide to this feared in
1:52 pm
your party a takeover of the senate on the part of democrats and an easy win for hillary clinton at the white house? what happened? >> i can certainly tell you what happened here in the state of missouri was people looked at the choice that was in front of them. they rejected crooked clinton-style politics. they said that they wanted strong, conservative leadership. they were interested in conservative solutions. i was out campaigning across the state of missouri, we won all of the state wide offices. it's not just my office. lieutenant governor, attorney general, treasurer, secretary of state, people came out and they said they want strong, conservative solutions. we went out and we made our case to the people of the state of missouri. because of that, they came out and they embraced us. >> everyone has had advice for president-el trump. he has had a busy day in washington. they said he has to hit the ground running. tax cuts, cutting relations, that sort of thing should be
1:53 pm
first and foremost in his 1400 day dash. do you agree? >> you know what? i can certainly tell you here in the state of missouri, our mission is clear. it's more jobs and higher pay, safer streets and better schools for the people of missouri. i actually spoke to vice-president-elect mike pence on the night of the election. i had the honor of campaigning with him here in the state of missouri. i do believe that they're going to hit the ground running. i do believe that people are ready to turn this economy around here in missouri and across the country. they want more jobs. they want higher pay. they want a leader who is going to come out and support our law enforcement officers, who is going to make sure we provide protection, safer streets in our communities. i think that's what people are looking for. that's what we're going to provide. >> we will watch closely, mr. governor-elect. congratulations. >> thanks so much. when we come back, we know about donald trump and barack obama, that meeting. what were their wives doing? i don't see pictures of those two together. what happened?
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you know, melania trump was in washington today, too. she did meet with michelle obama. i can't see any proof of that meeting. but i'm told they did, indeed, meet. kate anderson joins us now. knows a lot about what's involved with being the first lady and what each brings to the table. melania trump would be the first foreign-born first lady i guess going back to john quincy adam's wife. how will she be different than michelle obama? how do you see that? >> i think there are -- michelle obama has stressed being a mother. the two of them spoke about that today. we know they did meet in the private residence. they had tea together, walked around the white house with the chief curator of the white house. i think that some of what we
1:58 pm
heard from melania is some of what we heard from michelle obama about being devoted to her son and it's very interesting to me that they spoke about him. he is the only son to live in the white house since john kennedy, junior. >> that's interesting. he is ten years old. i felt for him on the night his father was speaking to the nation. he is just a kid. first couples have largely been able to keep the press off bounds when it comes to their kids. how do you think that's going to work with them? >> i think it will be similar to what jackie kennedy did. jackie planted tall bushes on the south lawn because she didn't want cameramen to get lens and get photos of caroline and john kennedy. i think that's what melania is asking michelle about, how to keep life as simple as possible for her son. i did a book about the residence
1:59 pm
staff. i know for them it's a lot of fun. butlers and maids love having kids in the white house. >> i feel for him. he will be by himself. as the youngest child but it's not as if he would have a sister to play with there in the white house. how do the parents handle that? >> it's like chelsea clinton and barbara bush joked about that and said, too bad chelsea can't bring in a friend because it is lonely. amy carter went to public school. that did not work out well. the kennedys had a nursery school. each family tries to make it as normal as possible. >> they do. they end up doing a good job, democrats or republicans. it's tough on the kids. for the press, left to right, leave him alone. kate, thank you very much. >> thank you.
2:00 pm
>> a lot of fun things when you are the child of a president. travel is good. you get good travel. see neat things. food, always at your beck and call. think of that. see you tomorrow. hi. "the five." this morning, two old rivals met. i heard it went well. >> i believe that it is important for all of us, regardless of party and regardless of political preferences, to now come together, work together to deal with the many challenges that we face. most of all, i want to emphasize to you, mr. president-elect, that we now are


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