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tv   The Real Story  FOX News  November 11, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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our thanks. "america's election head quarters" starts right now. we begin right now with a fox news alert and this information just announced, vice president elect mike pence will be taking over the transition duties for new jersey governor chris christie. handing donald trump the key to some of our nation's top secret information, and that we're talking about as well this hour. the daily intelligence briefing is now available to president elect trump. our chief intelligence correspondent heather is with us now. >> the president's daily briefing is now available to president elect trump but there is no expectation at this time that the briefing wills start
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yet. there is a big different between the briefings for the candidates and the president elect. candidates can request additional briefs. for example, if candidate trump wanted a briefing on isis, the same one would be vapt to candidate clinton. president obama st. first president to routinely take it electronically on his ipad. this was a dramatic break from past practice. the idea is that it is an engagement between the president and the briefer that really drives questions for follow ups by the intelligence community. >> so how will the briefingings work under president elect trump?
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>> fox was fold that in late august there was direction from the white house to the intelligence community that said the winner, whoever it is, will get full access to tdb and it was reinforced on wednesday. >> i have instructed my team to set an example and work as hard as we can to make sure there this is a successful transition for the president elect. >> it has to be done in a secure facility. fox news learned there is a dedicated transition space near the white house where it can be used by the president elect to receive the pdb. but he will have to travel to a secure federal facility, probably the fbi headquarters, that had he has in the past.
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they take a lot of heavy lifting in the intelligence community and they're offered to the president six days a week and if that is what president elect trump wants as well he is welcome to do that at any time now. >> the commander and chief can certainly get that. thank you for looking at how it all goes down. the transition is well under way and mr. trump's journey to the white house, he tweeted "busy day planned in new york, making some very important decisions on the people who will be running our government." a statement from harry reid reads in part "if this is going to be a time of healing, we must first put the responsibility for femaling where it belongs. at the feet of donald trump, a sexual predator who lost the popular vote. and elizabeth warren say he encouraged a toxic stew of
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hatred and fear. bernie sanders sees more optimistic. >> there are meant of areas we can work together if he is insere in what he said during the campaign. >> let's talk to chris, cohost of "i'll tell you what" how will they get things done in washington if the leaders of the party are already talking like that? >> harry reid is on his way out yes, but he is still a party leader. >> in name, and elizabeth warren did say that, and the other thing is that democrats should work and run to the space on the priorities they share. donald trump's infrastructure plan, his plan to build roads and bridges, et cetera et cetera in the united states, was larger than hillary clinton's plan in is where bernie sanders, elizabeth warren and others are
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eager see him succeed. >> i'm wound everying if the honey moon faze is over quicker than anticipated. folks on the right like trump, and on the left like elizabeth warn, they're really hot on that infrastructure plan, how do you see that working out? is that good common ground they can forge something with. >> this is one where the conservative wing of the government will have to spend. it's more than conservatives would want to do. he talking about the proud, he has been consistent. barack obama and donald trump have essentially said no more nation building abroad, we'll nation build here at home. >> i'm wondering what the risks might be for those on the right and those on the left.
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actually working together, doing something together if this happens. >> one of the things about donald trump's election, whether you liked him or didn't, the fookt that he is a mishmosh. he has eyed that are liberal and conservative, there are opportunities like this for people to come together. if you can bring together -- if you can get paul ryan and bernie sanders to vote for the same thing, you are bringing change to washington for sure. >> i heard you had an interesting idea involves kelly ayotte and joe manchon. >> every president elect as he comes in wants to reach across the aisle and demonstrate good will. two things, two possibilities, one is kelly ayotte who has been
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a stallwart for the republican foreign affairs, she could be a potential secretary of defense. that would show good will that way, also jim web, the former democratic senator who ran against hillary clinton. finding a place for one of those moderate democrats would be a good idea. >> that would involve an interesting one with kelly ayotte. she fails to endorse him and something causing problems with her reelection in her home state. i want to ask you as democrats look to move forward, who shapes that party? you have elizabeth warren, and you have bernie sanders. >> and what will tim kaine's role be? i think chuck schumer is the one
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to watch. he a long standing good relationship with trump. i would say at the beginning, schumer will have a lot to say about this in washington. but really overall the democrats have an ugly fight they have to get through here. hillary clinton was not popular among democrats but they rallied behind her as best they could to stop trump. they staled so they have a lot of unfinished business between the moderate, the left, and all of that jazz. >> and there was a messy meeting at the dnc that we'll talk about later in the show. finally i want to talk about mike pence. >> we always knew that donald trump's vice president, if he were to become president, would be very active and that seemed
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to be the role laid out. in pence, vice president elect running a transition team. you almost start to see pence in the role of deputy president. not sitting around and waiting to be invited to funerals, but acting as a deputy president. >> cheney did that as well for president bush. when you hear paul ryan, he always says my good friend mike pence, they're friends, having served in the house together, but you have to wonder if there will be more of a bond between those two men because of their relationship. great to see you as always, chris. the post election market rally is fading as we head into the afternoon. right now the dow is up just a touch. four points, ashley webster is live at the new york stock exchange with what is going on today.
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hi, ashley. much like the political pundits and the pollsters, the experts got it wrong. donald trump's victory has not meant that the markets would be pushed into free fall. it's very quiet today, but the dow jones industrial average on track right now to have the best week in five years. also the s&p and 500 and the nasdaq are getting ready to snap a two-week down streak all of this based on donald trump's pro-growth agenda. less tax, more private sector money, deregulating the banks, corporate tax reform, improving the infrastructure, it could be a fwoom so many looking for work, and a benefit to the country. which are doing especially well because of trump. check out forbegan stanlmorgan .
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how about social media, facebook, and amazon. they're both down. and they're very unsure what donald trump will do with big technology. when about the electric car company tesla, donald trump says he will revive the fossil fuel industry, the coal miners, the alternative fuel industry. >> and do away with some of those regulations, we'll leek at that later. republicans ready to hit the ground running with their new boss. >> now we're going through the nitty and gritty details about how to get these things done. >> could it be more of a slow
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. welcome back, republicans on capitol hill say they're ready to get the country back on track and made good on the repeal of obama care. >> obama care, we want to go big, bold, and do everything we said we would do. it is failing and we need to get
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replaced quickly. so is tax reform and secured the border. now we're going through the details of how to get it done. not long ago, the wall street journal now reporting that the infrastructure plan of a million dollars would be paid for privately, how would that work? >> heather, what i love is the sound of president elect trump. that's what i love. this is a new idea that donald trump and the economic team put on the team which is to bisically allow private investment in infrastructure. you have the private sector build these rolads and you pay tolls to pay for them.
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and it seems to be a good direction given the fact that we have trillion dollar deficits. the federal government doesn't have a lot of money to be spending right now. >> that is a really interesting idea. you mentioned it is taken place in your home state. let me transition now to another issue, which is obama care, maybe that is what i need right now. but that is an issue that folks on capitol hill are anxious to get working on as is mr. trump. how will the repeal and replace program work under donald trump? >> i think it will be a top priority, i think one of the things that swung the election was obama care. the huge spike in premiums that tens of millions of american families are facing. there is not a lot of time to waste here to get this done. the costs are unaffordable to families and so many of the
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insurance company that's are dropping out of the market. there is as many as a quarter of the counties right now with only one insurance company. that's not a lot of competition. what we want to do is just add some dramatic increases in competition so people can choose not from one, two, or three plans but five, ten, or 100 plans, allowing people to buy insurance from across state lines, allowing different insurance packages, obama care is one side fits all. young people can buy more scaled back policies. >> republicans finally is a consensus to get that through. you have had the re peel part in place previously, bud not the replacement part. >> that's true, and there are, i have to admit there are three or four different plans throughout in the house and the senate about how to fix it.
11:19 am
the there is a total consensus. coming up with a plan that covers everybody. continues to provide care for people with pre-existing conditions and lowers the cost. we believe you can discuss the cost by 20%, 30%, or 40% by just adding competition to the model. >> steven moore, thank you so much. best of luck to you on the transition. we'll talk to you soon. new concerns about isis using chemical weapons as troops are told to proceed with caution. the latest to liberate the sfri isis terror. and on this veteran's day, we salute all of our veterans and bring you the story of a marine who is risking his own life to treat the wounded.
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as we learn from the united nations that isis has used chemical weapons. troops are now moving further into the city. and they'ring into more densely populated areas. military analysts say that isis has been stockpiling chemicals in that city and fear that the terror group could be saving them for one final battle. >> as troofs move forward, brave americans are putting their lives on the line to help.
11:24 am
one former marine is using his medical skills to save the lives of civilians and veterans alike. >> the u.s. is helping in many ways, to help defeat isis here in iraq. air strikes, miami mine clearing, and one man, among others, is helping deal with the atrocities coming. >> meet pete reid, the guy with the blond hair. the new jersey native was a ski instructor, served in the marines and learned medical skills. now he is safing lives on the isis front line. >> they're people in the middle of a meat grinder being torn up
11:25 am
bad. they set up a field hospital on the side of the room in the neighborhood next to mosul. >> it is it, stop them here. don't want them to come home, stop them here. >> you're helping out. >> we're doing a very little bit to a very big battle. >> medic pete reed said it could only get worse as they move into the densely populated central part of mosul and it could go on for many months. unfortunately pete reed and others could be busy for a long time to come. >> they sure could, thank you so much. >> democrats facing a christ of
11:26 am
leadership. debbie wasserman shultz and donna brazile. who could be stepping forward to fill their shoes. plus there is this. oh,my. the buck not stopping here. what that deer was doing in a clothing store. we'll be right back.
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mike pence will now head the transition team, along with reince prebus, and three of donald trump's children. ivanka, donald jr., and son-in-law jared kershner. gianna, let me start with you. this information just coming in a short while ago. what is your reaction. >> mike pence is an established leader. it makes sense for him to handle all personnel decisions. >> this information is just
11:31 am
coming in, that is a significant change, what do you think of this idea that donald trump will bring in his children. >> it seems par for the election. we'll see how bad it it will go. i think we has to move chris christie. he will keep him around and see thousand plays out. i heard rumors he wanted ag and there was a firm no on that. we'll see who gets that role, but i think that is par for the course. mike pence has more experience in this arena and i think it is a good pick for him. i was talking to my friends about the role of the vp in
11:32 am
this. maybe we would have gotten ohio, a michigan, and i think mike pence is a good choice for donald trump into this makes a lot of sense and i think it is smart. >> he is very different in terms of his style and demeanor. just an interesting dynamic. it is working, certainly. let me ask about the changes in the democratic party. they're doing a lot of soul searching. hillary clinton was not able to hang on to the millennials. first time voters not so excited about hillary clinton. who do you think will be poised to take over the party going forward? >> i think they need to figure out a younger person. i know howard dean wants to do it and i think he really wants the position. they had senator corey booker,
11:33 am
someone young, progressive, new, fresh ideas. they should do that instead of these democratic elites who largely ran the democratic party that are all about power, influence, and money. largely i think -- >> i think that donald trump as president means this was not rigged. >> no no no, but they rigged the primary in favor of hillary clinton. >> you heard about all of those wikileaks and everything -- everything that came out, debbie wasserman shultz out of a job, donna brazile raked over the coals. the "new york times" is reporting on a meeting that took place yesterday afternoon at the dnc and this was an ugly meeting. shouting, harsh words used. donna brazile being part of the problem. >> i think there will be major house cleaning and there should be. you should not put someone who who is holding elected office.
11:34 am
that was the problem with debbie wasserman shultz who kind of had two masters. we're in turmoil. this is an election i don't believe we should have lost. howard dean is out there. a bernie backer. is it because of his face. between him and some of the things that donald trump has said in the past. i o don't think so. all of these characteristics will be considered there. i don't think it is a good thing for the democratic party to pick someone so left wing. we left democrat that's are more reagan democrats. moving back to the center is how we're going to be more successful in future elections. >> to that point, jessica brings up a good point. someone more towards the center. to a large extent, people with
11:35 am
different ideas are thrown out of the party. as the owner of chick-fil-a says i believe in what the bible says for marriage, saying you won't build any more chick-fil-a's in my city. that is not a party of tolerance, it's inal renls. >> i think you have a tough time making the argument of tolerance and donald trump. republicans, independents, these are all people of different faiths and backgrounds that believe different things. donald trump said he wants the republican party to be a big -- >> let me finish with you and one fresh idea and that is hillary clinton talking about the basket of deplorables, saying she thinks that is a big
11:36 am
part of her down fall, your reaction to that. >> i think it was a mistake. i think assigning a number to it was the biggest problem. saying 50% -- >> 30% is okay? not 50? >> i think if she made clear there was darker force rs propelling donald trump's campaign, from anti-semetism. i'm not calling donald trump these things, i'm saying it's undenialble some of his supporters followed these fews. and they enlisted. >> hillary clinton -- we believe -- >> we have come up to a break. thank you so much. have a great weekend to both of you. >> the ceo of the food delivery service called grub hub spelling out his expectations for the company after the election of donald trump. he said he is concerned that the president elect win will empower
11:37 am
some in the workplace to act out against others. he says i want to reaffirm to anyone on our team that is scared or feels personally exposed that and everyone else here will fight for your dignity and your right to make a better life for yourself and your family here in the united states. he also says anyone who disagrees has no place at grub hub and should resign. your sweet tooth could cost you a lot starting next summer. cook county illinois rolling out a tax on soda and sugary beverages. >> illinois just the latest, illinois, california, colorado, all voted for hillary clinton and all elected democratic senators. now this week all of them have, in some communities, sugary drink tax. i don't know if there is a relationship there, but through you go. take a look at where these have
11:38 am
hit in and around san francisco, oakland, california passed one. albany, california also. and boulder colorado. just adding to philadelphia that had one in berkeley, california. and yesterday cook county, illinois, that is chicago and the surrounding suburbs passed a penny an ounce drink task. they need the revenue. up about $75 million nap is what they race in the course of a year. san francisco thinks they will race between $6 million and $10 million. if you live here in cook county, a two liter now is about 68 cents more. a tax on the distributes, the six pack 70 or 72 cents more. there you go. in the other communities, heather, they voted here in cooke county, it was the cook
11:39 am
county board that passed it. >> in chicago, pop over here on the east coast we call it soda. >> will it make people healthier? >> yeah, there is a study. there was a study at berkeley, the first community to pass it. 36% less sports drinks down, regular soda down 26%, and the consumption of watter in that community was also up. >> that is good, maybe it works. jeff locke in chicago, thank you. a trapped deer crashes through a store window and it's caught on tape. take a look. that young buck somehow got stuck in an earn eagle clothing store. this is in oklahoma. it ran around the store for about a minute before it jumped
11:40 am
through the front window, it ran off, so far the police have not been able to find it. they also have no idea how the deer got in the store in the first place. secretary of state john k r going where no secretary has gone before. now he is setting a new record for travel. plus donald trump ueiling new members of his transition team. my next guest is part of that team. he will join us with his reaction to all of the changes that have taken place in the the last 40 minutes or so. mt. president elect trump in private is a guy most people would want to have a beer with. they're likable people. ordinary tissues left dakota's nose sore and red.
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the fox news desk. coming up, more on president
11:44 am
elect donald trump and the promises he made during his campaign. we'll talk about whether the incoming trump administration can deliver on those promises. that's coming up when i fill in on shepherd smith reporting. fox news alert right now, donald trump releasing the names on his transition team, vp mike pence and three of his children. the co-chair of mr. trump's house leadership committee. congressman, congratulations. what will your role be. >> heather, you're right, i got the call around noon today and very graciously accepted. i'm honored to be assisting as i said in any way i can. i will remain in congress. i explained that today when he called, that's a role i see.
11:45 am
meat and potatoes, especially on the health sub committee, doing the replacement for obama care. but the transition committee. we have 3,000 or 4,000 jobs to fill. 350 in the west wing alone. i will play whatever role i'm asked to play. all of our congressional districts. folks that would like to serve in one place or the other. and rick deerborn, the new executive director, jeff sessions. >> you will certainly need that. i want to ask you about news we just got, that is that mr. pence will be heading up this and chris christie some smaller issues.
11:46 am
why the change? >> i was not part of any decision making pool that -- that was probably mr. trump himself. i would not doubt some input from his kids. that was his decision and my role as i was asked to fill in and be a member of the executive council. i was not part of the decision for who would fill what slot. >> understood. i want to ask you about donald trump's three children and his son-in-law. they're on the transition committee as well. what are they going to do? >> i think there will be a lot of discussing pros and cons of various people. having people bubble to the top, the top three, the top ten, and like everyone else does, you get different inputs from different people. and then you know you narrow it down. at some point, the key rolls, mr. trump, mr. pence, will be interviewing them directly along with the chief of staff when
11:47 am
they're announced -- >> does this seem to indicate that -- that mr. trump will want to look outside of washington, the fact that he would bring in his children who don't have washington experience. >> mr. trump is a change agent. he said he will turn things up side down. i expect we will see a lot of people coming into key roles outside of government. you need to to understand the inner workers of government here and there, but i expect we will see outsiders. that is what he was elected to do, bring change, and it's hard to have change if you're recycling the same old same old. >> okay, sir, thank you for joining us, best of luck to you. >> thank you, enjoy the rest of your day. >> secretary of state john kerry
11:48 am
arriving in antarctica. he is the highest ranking u.s. official to travel so far. he will meet with scientists that study climate change and in the last three months he has been to all seven months making him the first secretary of state to accomplish that feat. a dream come true this veteran's day, one of america's bravest settling into his new custom home and for veterans struggling with ptsd, the program that is pairing service dogs with those who served our country. we'll be right back.
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an injured veteran spending this veterans day in his new home, thanks to the gary sinise foundation. captain louis avila seeing his custom home in maryland for the very first time. his wife overcome with emotion as she tried to express her gratitude to whose who made the dream come true. >> thank you for this amazing blessing. you all are family. for the ones that they traveled. for the many hours to be here. >> wow. incredible. her husband, captain avila, was severely wounded in afghanistan. the actor, gary sinise, takenning the ceremony today. his foundation has built more than 50 smart homes for wound veterans and their families. what a beautiful home and a wonderful thing they have down force the families.
11:53 am
>> a special program helping veterans with ptsd. canines for warriors, provides service dag and a training program, giving service members a chance to bond with their new come companions. anita? >> it's a great program. we are actually at a dog park here in santa monica would people like to again and end their day with a relaxing walk with the dogs and out in what many medical experts of finding spending time around dogs can help veterans suffer from ptsd. >> when i was hospitalized in a syque word i said i was going to ensomething. >> army veterans said symptoms were killing him. >> i couldn't think. things were always kind of foggy.
11:54 am
>> diagnosed with depression and prescribed nine different medications then he heard about canines for warriors, an organization in jacksonville, florida, providing specially trained service dogs for vets with ptsd. the rescue doings are put through special training, then vets learn to work with the dogs and the results -- >> it's just like watching a blossom. you can see them come out of their shells you can see them smile again. laugh again. tell jokes again. like they did before war. >> medical experts say it's proven animals can help reduce stress. >> the empathy you get, let's say, by having an you or a dog helping you, that companionship, is fundamental to the benefit of anybody suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. >> kris due mont has had steel for two years now and cut down his medications to just two. >> it makes you feel not so
11:55 am
alone. just have a buddy there. as much as you rescue him, he helped you, too. >> and chris says since working with steel, most of his suicide thoughts have begun to disappearance, statistics show 22 veterans a day commit suicide. k-9s for warriors is one earrings that is trying to change that. if you want to learn more, like at k-9s to war >> what a wonderful program. one special teenager dedicating his young life to track down an interview as many world war ii veterans also he can and capture their stories on film. what a remarkable 19-year-old. he says the stories are worth being told. >> i was one 0 of the first in my neighborhood to enlist. so they hung out a flag. my neighbor works for the government, and he had this big
11:56 am
flag that he put outside of the window. and i still have it here as a memory of that period. >> well, sharma has set up a gofundme page. this veterans day teaching honor and respect to their next generation. i'll give you the exclusive story behind the scenes with this picture. coming up next. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands.
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today, november 11th was what is known as armistice day that began 100 years ago, marking the end of world war i, and while its still known at that in europe in mrs. it's called veterans day, intended to honor and thank all of those who served in the armed forces and we are grateful for all of them. identity like to permanently recognize my baby brother. he received in the u.s. naval
12:00 pm
academy, third year there and took time out on a vacation to my house to teach my kindergartener how to properly salute. thank you to all of you for your service. here's john scott for shep. >> president obama donald trump -- president-elect still tweet, saying he will make decisions soon about the people who will help him run the government. now we're learning more about the contenders to of the top jobs jobs in the white house and we have new information this will economy commander in chief's security briefings. and that's all ahead this hour. >> i'm john scott in for shepard myth. first from the fox news deck. the future trump white house. the president-elect says he has a busy day in new


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