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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  November 11, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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academy, third year there and took time out on a vacation to my house to teach my kindergartener how to properly salute. thank you to all of you for your service. here's john scott for shep. >> president obama donald trump -- president-elect still tweet, saying he will make decisions soon about the people who will help him run the government. now we're learning more about the contenders to of the top jobs jobs in the white house and we have new information this will economy commander in chief's security briefings. and that's all ahead this hour. >> i'm john scott in for shepard myth. first from the fox news deck. the future trump white house. the president-elect says he has a busy day in new york and will
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soon be making, quote, very important decisions about the people who will be running our government, and announced a shakeup in his transition team. mike pence will take over as chairman from new jersey governor chris christie. the first hint of how much power the indiana governor might have as vice president. helping him are people who might end unon the cabinet. including members of the president-elect's inner circle. ivanka trump, eric trump, rudy giuliani and dr. ben carson and steven ban non, rnc chair, province priebus. kaley anne conway, peter teal and dozens of others. more on that in a moment. president-elect trump is also preparing for his new role on the global stage. the "new york times" reports he is set to meet with the japanese
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prime minister in new york on thursday. the has credit seated the allies to, quote, pay their fair share and suggested japan might be better off it corrects itself against north korea and slammedded the transpacific partner ship detroit deal when the u.s. -- trade deal when the u.s. and japan others. the meeting could give us clues about the trump administration's foreign policy agenda. president obama and clinton met with the mexican president. and george w. bush met with the french president and bush 41 and president ronald reagan both met with west germ -- jarmon chance -- german chance all right. now to peter doocy. >> doesn't sound like there's bad blood behind the christie demotion because trump is
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thanking the new jersey governor him just released a statement where he mentioned that pence is going to be aided in the transition effort by carson, gingrich, flynn, giuliani and sessions and then says, quote, this outstanding group of advisers will build on the initial work done under the leadership of chris christie to help prepare a transnormative got ready to lead from day one. also a lot of noise around the idea of reince priebus leaving the rnc and he explained the buzz like this. >> number one, it's not my job. number two i don't have any updates for you on transition. identity sitting here -- i'm sitting here at the rnc and it's a great job and that's the one i'm doing and i love it. >> reporter: they're still have not been any staffing or cabinet announcements, but trump says that he is working on all of that today in manhattan. >> any update on what the
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president-elect and republican leaders are working on in congress? >> reporter: there is. a way to cut taxes according to mitch mcconnell, who we just heard from. >> i think he's very interested in tax reform. if you're talking about the way we havey things whether tariffs or income tacks -- income taxes or whatever. my assumption is we'll deal with taxes in a comprehensive way. >> reporter: trump has been calling world leaders and settling up communities but the president of to the eu commission saying he think trumps election may negatively affect u.s. and european real estates so may be another name of the list of trump phone calls during the transition. >> thank you. now that donald trump is the next president of the united states, he has access to the same classified information president obama sees on a daily basis. the white house says administration officials will give president-elect trump the
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same intelligence briefings give our current commander the chief. officials laid the groundwork for this months ago. >> reporter: that's right two intelligence sources tell fox news the president's daily brief, the pdb is ex-now available too president-elect trump but no expectations that the briefings will begin until next week at the earliest, and in late summer the white house told the intelligence community give the winner full access to the pdb, which is a highly classified newspaper of the day res most pressing events to ensure a smooth transition of power. >> the intelligence community has made the briefings available. don't know whether the president-elect, the vice president-elect, and their national security. >> pdb has to be done in a secure facility and often refer to these as skiffs.
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there's a dedicated transition space near the white house to be used the pre president elect in new york he has to traveled to a secure facility such as the fbi headquarters which he used as a briefing as a candidate. >> how are these briefings different from the ones he got when he was just a candidate? >> reporter: there's really a very significant difference between the briefings for candidates and the briefings received by the president. the candidates' brief is like a primer to bring them up to speed on topics such as china, iran, and isis. the candidates were able to ask for additional briefs and the briefs were then shared with opponents so if candidate trump wanted a special brief on isis, the same isis brief would be offered to-miles-an-hour chron ton. the pdb is like this highly classified newspaper and only contains most credible intelligence, for the intelligence to be included and
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it's important to know that president obama is the first president to routinely take the pdb electronically on his ipad. this is a dramatic break from pass practices which chewed in-person meetings and the idea behind the pdb is it's an engagement for the question that draws questioners and follow yuck taskers and what briefers say when they've been in to see the president they have a laundry list of things on their list to flo up with the ic and what we don't know at this point is whether a president trump is going to do it in the same way, as mr. obama, or whether he will go back to that standard practice of getting the briefing in person. like i said this engagement which is what we have seen before. >> fascinating. an aspect of the job we don't hear much about. it is interesting. >> we're fewer than 0 days knock donald trump taking the oath of office and the president elect
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>> like all candidates, president-elect donald trump made a lot of promises. we'll see if he can deliver. last month the president-elect laid out a plan for his first 100 days in office. a so-called contract with the american voter. some of the major items, cancel every, quote, unconstitutional executive action president obama has issued. begin removing more than 2 million, quote, criminal illegal immigrants in the u.s., overhaul trade deals including nafta and the transpacific partnership, begin planning for the wall along the border with mexico and work with come -- dong repeal and replace president obama's signature healthcare law. president-elect trump promises to, quote, drain the swamp. let's bring in chris wallace, anchor of "fox news sunday." it is quite a list, chris. where do you guess he givens in.
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>> i think he begins with the easy parts and the easiest one is executive actions. for most of the last four years, barack obama gave up working with congress and did stuff by, as he like to say, have a pen and a find, with the pen he was able to do a lot of executive actions on climate change, on the deportation of millions of people in the country illegally. the flipside of those executive actions is they can be undone with the stroke of a pen, and so on his first day, donald trump could sit at the desk in oval office and undo every one of barack obama's executive orders. so that's the first thing he does. and that will be able to rack up some victories in terms of his promises on immigration and on climate change. then you know he's going a make a conservative appointment to the supreme court. that will, i'm sure, have a confirmation battle on that but
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chances are he can get it through. another big one for conserve conserves and then obama obamacare, and that's an easy road because through budget reconciliation they can take action without having to face a democratic fill buster in the senate. so they may well be able to repeal that in the first 100 days. so he can actually accomplish a lot and if he did just the things i said, that wouldn't get to us undoing the nuclear dial with iran or building the law, that would be a lot of victories and campaign promises that would be kept. >> that budget reconciliation device is the method that democrats used to get the whole thing passioned in the first place, right? >> that's exactly right. so many things that obama used, executive action, reconciliation to put forth his agenda, are things that donald trump can now use to take a wrecking ball to
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obama's agent. >> so then, some of the trade deals, for instance, the tpp, that hasn't been signed yet. correct? he can basically just ignore it and let it wither on the vine. >> you have to remember, hillary clinton also said she wasn't going to approve that. there is zero chance that the tpp will go through. it's somewhat more complicated to renegotiate the trade deals with nafta and she others that -- the others that already exist but the pacific trade partnership gone. >> we know hises having a meet japan prime minister. he has been very critical of japan and accusing the country of not carrying its own weight when it comes to its own defense. >> well, it's going to be very interesting to see. a lot of things that donald trump said on the campaign trail that sort of blustery, boys 0 stroke donald trump, and one questions whether he is going to do all of those things.
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there almost are two trump personalities and we have seen them this week. the blustery candidate trump and then the mitch more disciplined, much more quiet, much more sober president trump we saw walking around washington, and i think that some of the things he promised on the campaign trail are going to go by the wayside. you'll see him be more conciliatory to our allies. maybe tougher on some enemies like russia, and it will be interesting to see. one promise he ahead was to appoint a special prosecutor to relaunch the investigation into hillary clinton. given the fact he won, she lost, and he has to do some business with congressessal democrats in the senate where they have the filibuster. >> what about the wall? his most prominent promise on the campaign trail but thorny
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issues come occupy, including two-thirds of the land between the -- that separate thursday exports mexico belongs either to the state of texas or private landowners. >> well, that's right. that's going to be complicated. i didn't mention it. paul ryan was interviewed last night and was asked several times about building a wall, and ryan kind of flipped that or morphed that into securing the border. so i think you might see a physical wall for part of bit there are a lot of complications and my guess is that won't be a physical wall for the whole thousand-plust there will be some areas where it's virtual. or beefing up border patrols but in effect they'll use a variety of technological means and also brick and mortars to secure the border and looking at what ryan said i think deportation -- trump also suggested this --
12:17 pm
will take a back seat. i think it's the kind of thing that would satisfy a lot of people if he were to secure the border one way or another and have people feel we rally on going to let new illegal immigrants and new wave come in, then there might be more rational conversation about what we do with the people already here. >> and there are lot of those bad hombres hayes called them out there, gang members peddling drugs who came in from el salvador, honduras, got mall a -- guatemala. >> he'll keep the deportation of people who committed more crimes in the country. he'll follow through on that. >> all right. chris wallace, thank you. this weekend "fox news sunday" chris talks witch kell ya anne conway who is a senior adviser to the president-elect and they well have an awful lot to talk about. thehouse majority leader kevin
12:18 pm
mccarthy, this sunday on your local fox station. check the tv listings when it runs in your area. >> outgoing dream creak senator harry reid is going off on donald trump and the americans who voted for him. his incendiary words are at odds with all the top democrats in his party. we'll tell you what he had to says. the hillary clinton campaign seems to be in complete denial how they lost the presidency and both houses of congress. what's next for the democrats who have to work with the president-elect. what leaders are saying might surprised you.
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donald trump'd election that thrown democrats into which is, revealing -- choose, revealing divisions in the party. hillary clinton held phone conference and we're told the blamed the devastating loss on everything but themselves and said they're candidate was great and so what their strategy and said the aides say the loss was the fault of the media, sexism and fbi director james comey. there's a big question about how democrats will take on a new republican president and majorities in the house and senate. senator elizabeth warren who openly feuded with trump during the campaign extended an olive branch in a statement that read in part, president-elect trump promised to rebuild our economy for working people and i offer to put assize our differences and work with him on that task. outgoing senate minority leader harry reid wrotes, quote, have personally been on the ballot in nevada for 26 elects and never season anything like the
12:23 pm
reaction to the election completed. the election hall embold 'ed the forces of hate and bigotry, white nationalist, vladimir putin and isis are celebrating donald trump's victory and independent law-abiding americans are wrack with fear. watching white nationalists celebrate while innocent americans cry tears of fear does not feel like america. joining us know. capri, democratic member of the ohio state senate. what do you about what harry reid had to say. >> some pretty strong words to say the least. know that tensions are very high right now, by many in the tell creak party, many that did not support trump and republicans as well who were not on team trump. while i understand where harry reid is coming from, this is a time where we really need to
12:24 pm
unite. you saw elizabeth warren and there are number of others going to try to give donald trump a chance. this is the democratic electoral process and as much as we may not like it, we have to move forward and we have to figure out a way to govern. >> president obama was gracious in his remarks. hillary clinton was gracious in her remarks. should that not set the tone for the isn't that right. >> you hope so but what we have seen over the last year is, for example, bernie sanders. he went out there and said the primaries are over, i'm supporting hillary clinton, you guys that followed me need to follow her, and nobody listened to him either. so, we do have a lot of work to do within the democratic party to find our voice again, have a cohesive message and strategy. this did not happen overnight. >> as you examine what happened, this is a woman who barack obama said was the most qualified candidate ever to be president of the united states. why did she not win? >> i think because the american
12:25 pm
electorate was not necessarily being convinced or swayed by a resume necessarily. they wanted change. for example, we just have lost 1200 jobs in my district, general motor and we have hoes -- there are going to be living off in the major hospital system there was an absolute disconnect between the mood of the electorate, particularly the middle of the country, and the views of the elite class, they pacemakers on the coast. >> bill clinton, who has his finger on the pulse of the american voter, better than anybody i've ever seen, was privately complaining through the campaign you're not reaching out to the sort of downtrodden middle class voter in your part of the country who are hurting for jobs. >> to question. -- no question. the message was muddled through the primary. a lot of for it, against it, like the transplantation pacific
12:26 pm
partnership and people in my district remembered that. my home county which voted democratic in almost every single election, voted for donald trump, run for the first time since herbert hoover. people want to be listened to. don't want to be talked down to. and i think that folks felt they needed a drastic change so they could actually feel some change for themselves and for the country. >> thinking about changing parties? >> no. but i am term-limited so only have 49 days left in office. >> maybe in a change election that long resume and all that time in washington didn't sell. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> well, donald trump was a presidential candidate like no other. tweeting, fighting, insulting opponents on the campaign trail, but how will he act once he is sworn into office? we'll get some hints from his books as well as his former and current employees ahead.
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' fox report now more of today's headlines from the fox news deck. crews in alabama put out a huge fire at a petroleum equipment facility at mobile. the fire sent smoke and flames high into the air. environmental officials are changing to make shoe the runoff did not con tam mate waters. >> secretary of state john kerris making an historic visit to antiarcticca. he has made the issue of climate change a priority. the fitting story tone the election season two bald eagle good in a scuffle in orlando, florida, the fight over territory. one bird got stuck in a storm drain. crews were able to free the bird which is expected to be fine.
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the news continues right after this. constipated?
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president-elect trump might haven't to adapt to big changes when he transitions from running his company to leading are our country. analysts say the billionaire's tendency to rely on a mall circle of trusted execs has to change. he will have a lot more people advising him. analysts say they expect trump to bring his own leadership style to the white house, people who worked closely with him told the "washington post" the president-elect cannot stand long meet examination rarely sticks to a schedule. they say he barely does any reading and makes quick decisions based on his gut instincts. what are the big changes private citizen trump has to make when he takes over the white house. >> trump is going to be a very action and results oriented
12:33 pm
president. at the trump organization he employed over 20,000 people so executive experience won't be a problem for him. the problem is going to be deal are with burke so -- bury rock - bureaucracy. he doesn't need to learn and retain everything. trump can focus on big picture issues and debt -- delegate smaller tasks to people on the staff and he will hold the task responsible. >> in his said he feds involved in the micromanage using, i a perfectionist but he trusts this inner circle. he is a loyal people and peep whoa stuck with him, rudy giuliani, and chris christie trusts him.
12:34 pm
>> the white house staff alone is 4,000 people, and just -- you hadn't have aye an inner circle that big. >> he has to make adjustments. he realizes that, and the bottom line is that trump is a hard worker. look at what he did in this campaign. he never slept. the guy was campaigning going to several states per day. he was up all morning until the night campaigning. hillary clinton was napping while the president ignored her. i think trump is a work-aholic and ready to get things done and work with other folks. >> the wall the-yard"the wall st journal" wall has a story that mr. trump is considering keeping part of the affordable care act. he said he was going too dismantle even own -- obamacare but a couple of aspects which don't allow insurer's cancel you if you have preexisting conditions andchildren to remair parents plan until the age of 26. >> i think the bottom line is he
12:35 pm
is going push towards a more privatized system. obamacare as a whole does not work. he may keep bits and pieces but we will see a more privatized system. i'm very confident in that. think trump realizes the folks that got him to white house, he knows what they want and will not let them down going. follow through on his promises to secure the border. we'll see him looking at even obama's executive orders and decide which ones to repeal. a man of action. he may keep bits and pieces of obamacare but the fundamentals issue it's going privatized. >> those two aspects of obamacare i remember, republicans have said all along you didn't need to blow up the buyer healthcare system of the country to get 25-year-olds able to stay on their parent's health care plan. didn't need to blow up the health care system to tell insurance companies that they can't cancel people with preexisting conditions. >> right. there are certain expects that
12:36 pm
are going to -- sounds like going to be kept but comes down to we need competition in market, for healthcare. that's how we make quality go up. cannot have a socialized, healthcare, single pair system that somebody like hillary clinton would have put in place. >> he also said a freeze on government hiring. what do that do for the size of the federal government. >> i'd like to see president trump shrink the size of the federal government and his poverty supporters would as well. i'd like to see him bring in people without government experience. so this is limiting the size of government, getting fewer people on the payroll and brings in folks who have real world experience. >> he doesn't have government experience. >> win of husband biggest aspects and why he won. the american people know that what is going on in d.c. right now is not working. hillary clinton was the epitomy
12:37 pm
of a government bureaucrat and the american people said we want people with real experience, doers, someone who is going going to take action. shen you bring in flesh blood -- when you bring in flesh blood, it's going to be something the nation really needs. >> all right. thank you very much. >> thank you, john. >> a donald trump presidency could mean changes for u.s. banks. throughout the campaign, the president-elect said he would either get rid of or make big changes to dodd, -- dodd-frank, the massive bill that congress passed. democrats say it brings oversight to an industry that took too many risk. republicans say the 2300 page law includes too many regulations. peter barnes is live in washington with that. the trump transition team is talking about dodd-frank. >> that's right and bank stocks have really taken off since the election of donald trump.
12:38 pm
mr. trump's transition web site says dodd-frank contributed to slow economic growth, the dodd-frank economy does not work for working people, it says in a new posting. bureaucratic red tape and washington mandates are not the answer. >> so, what is the response from congress? >> well, mr. trump's republican allies in congress are ready to move, including one whose name has been floated for treasury secretary. >> the legislation that i have had a chance to brief president-elect trump on that months ago, and that is our legislation to effect tischly repeal and -- effectively repeal and replace dodd frank. hope i can help the president as chairman of the house financial services committee. if they want to talk about something else, i will certainly answer the telephone. >> but trump critics say, not so fast. >> if trump and the run --
12:39 pm
republican party try to turn loose the big banks and financial institutions so they can once again gamble of our economy and bring it crashing down, then we will fight them every step of the way. >> the banks shouldn't pull out the champagne just yet in october mr. trump criticized bill clinton's repeal of the glass-steagall act that forced big banks to break up after the depression by spinning off banking operationsful mr. trump supports a 21st century version of glass-steagall and we'll have to see how that plays out. >> peter barnes in washington, thank you. >> for the final time as commander in chief president obama laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns on this veterans day. >> present arms. >> in his speech at arlington national cemetery, the president brought up the twicesive election saying it is time to put politics aside.
12:40 pm
>> veterans day often follows a hard-fought political campaign, an exercise in free speech and self-government you fought for. it often lays bear disagreements across our nation. but the american instincts has never been to find isolation in opposite corners. it is to find strength in our common creed. to forge unity from our great diversity. to sustain that strength and unity even when it is hard. and when the election is over, as we search for ways to come together, to reconnect with one another, and with the principles that are more enduring than transitory politics, some of our best examples are the men and women we salute on veterans day. >> president obama also called
12:41 pm
on lawmakers to keep fighting to make veteran's lives better, special by cutting wait times at veteran facilities. >> the form are congressman who transformed his office into a downton abby. could be heading to prison. we'll talk to our inhour attorney next. see me. see me. don't stare at me.
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former illinois congressman aaron shock is now facing years in prison on charges he illegally tried to make money off his government job. shock resigned last year after critics blasted him for the way he spent money. the former republican congressman used tens of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money to redecorate his d.c. office to look like the tv show, downton abby. his lawyers say the government is making criminal mountains out of molehills. quote, it was evident to us from
12:45 pm
the first day they subpoenaed him they had every intent to embarrass him and humiliate him. gregg jarrett is here. what are the charges. >> he is accused of converting campaign funds ands tax fair pounds for his own personal use to the tune of $100,000. we can put up the charges. these are the formal charges, wire fraud, mail fraud, theft of government funds, so on. essentially, according to the indictment, the feds say donors bought, sold and financed a house that he owned, he create ode a front corporation to funnel money into his pocket. the oddest one is that the used campaign funds to buy super bowl tickets, and then he resold them and pocketed $18,000 profit for his own personal use.
12:46 pm
he reimbursed himself 150,000 more miles than his vehicle traveled and is accused of trying to get the house to repay him $30,000 for personal camera equipment. so the list is really long. this is like a 52 page indictment that reads like a, can you believe it novel. >> he was not exactly shy about how he spent money. >> not. that was his downfall. he redecorates this office in this opulent downton downton abby style. a chandelier made of crystal and a presume office santa fers ferd the question orows, who is paying for this. then he had a penchant-do there's glacier jumping, surfing
12:47 pm
in hawai'i, dancing the tango. european vacations, super bowl, world series, fancy dinners-expensive hotels, and so the media caught on to this, and they started to look into it. they said, his is like a playboy billionaire but he is a congressman who mikes $174,000. so the media looked into and it used the date and time codes of the instagram pictures and compared to reports and found the treasure trove, and the feds caught on and now an indictment. >> what is his defense. >> the opposite defense. he said, just a paperwork error and sloppy accounting. i never intended to break the law. well, the oops defense works when you make a mistake two or three times.
12:48 pm
24 times? then it becomes a less viable defense. and by the way, intent is not the legal standard. it's knowing and wilful and jurors at the end of the trial get an instruction that says you can infer from the sheer volume wilful and knowing. so, he's about to a tough road here. >> he could go to jail for a long time. >> he surely could. the wire fraud alone carries 20 years. if he is convict of half of these things they could run consecutively. rob blagojevich, the former governor of illinois, got 1 years. -- got 14 years. speaker sheldon silver got 12 years. detroit mayor qualmy kilpatrick got 28 years. so aaron shock may find himself amid some board company. >> from the house to the big
12:49 pm
house. >> yes. >> islamic state fighters have killed hundreds. bodies were hung from electric poles and there are stories of hope and heroism out of iraq and we'll tell you at least one of them. that's next. ♪ we asked people to write down the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love. prudential. bring your challenges.
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united nations officials have now evidence that isis militants are using chemical weapons in iraq's second largest city, mosul. at least four people have died from breathing in toxic fumes after isis fighters shelled a gas factory. ununofficials said the militants have stockpiled ammonia and
12:53 pm
sulfur and can only, quote, speculate what isis might do with the chemicals. as for the fight to take back mosul. iraqi say theoclear they get to the center of the city, the slower they have to move to avoid killing civilians and surprise attacks. now fox news is getting a look at one american on the front lines even though he is no longer serving in the military. >> reporter: the u.s. is helping in many wees to defeat isis, airstrikes, mine clearing, logistical support, but one young american man, among others, is making it his personal mission to dial with the atrocities inflicted on the people here by the militants. >> meet pete reed, the 27-year-old new jersey native was a ski instructor, serving in the marines and learned medical skill and is now saving iraqi soldier and civilian live us on the csis front lines. >> at the end of the day they're
12:54 pm
just people in the middle of of meat grinder and get can torn up. want to make so more come home. >> the medical charity he works for has set up a field hospital on the side of the road. a little more than a few cots and medical supplies and care. the fight never far away. isis rocket shells landing within 100 yards. we asked him why americans should care about this battle hallway around the world. >> this is it. stop them here. don't want them coming home or worry about that? stop them here. >> you're helping out. >> we're doing the very little bit to a very big battle. >> he said the battle could only get worse as iraqi forces move into the central densely populated area of mosul and it could go on for several months. unfortunately for that jersey boy, a lot of other people, it could be some tough times ahead.
12:55 pm
in irbil, fox news. >> the man accused of keeping a woman chained up in a storage container says he killed her boyfriend because he got, quote, nsays' smart mouthed elm that's what the serial killer's mom told fox news. todd kohlhepp could be responsible for seven murders in south carolina. detectives found three bodies buried on his property and say kohlhepp conferenced to gunning down fear people not a motorcycle shop. his mother said he kept the woman captive because she saw the murder. she saw him killber boyfriend and he couldn't turn her loose. >> hen wasn't solving mysteries of the universe, albert einstein used some of his free time to figure out new ways to keep our food cold. we'll see how the u.s. government awarded him for his
12:56 pm
work on this day in history. remember when you said that men are superior drivers? yeah... yeah, then how'd i'd get this... allstate safe driving bonus check? ... only allstate sends you a bonus check for every six months you're accident-free ... silence. it's good to be in, good hands.
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on this day in 19 o', albert einstein got a patent for a new type of refrigerator. his invention used chemical reaction to keep food fool. he wanted to make a receiver alternative to fridges which could leak poisonous gasses. experts say it wasn't efficient enough for stores to sell but one of the most brilliant minds tried to solve the problems of the american kitchen 86 years ago today. i'm john scott in for shepard
1:00 pm
smith. the trump rally seems to be tapering off. neil cavuto is one with "your world" and the numbers next. >> all right. across the country, saying no to the guy who won. imagine if it had been reexpressed it was trump protesters doing this, and petitioning against, well, hillary clinton winning the race. human being everybody, i'm neil cavuto and you're looking live at demonstrations in new york city. we've seen it in minneapolis, particularly last night get very violent and concerns it could continue to do so. some saying the pressure is on donald trump to say something, anything. last time we checked the president-elect -- he is the president-elect so why is the pressure on him? is that fair or right? and where


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