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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 11, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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wish all of our veterans and thank you for sacrifice for your service. what a week it's been. very historic. hope you have a great weekend. we'll see you back here on monday. ♪ >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: [explosions] [chanting] >> anarchists have joined this group and that's just causing all of the damage to the buildings. [explosion] >> rioting breaks out in portland, oregon, one of the most liberal cities in the country. will authorities finally get tough with people who want to overthrow the country? talking points will deal with it. >> beat his ass. >> don't vote trump. >> a white man in chicago attacked by two black men because he voted for trump. is that a hate crime? bolling and rivera will debate it. >> as far as i'm concerned colin kaepernick is
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absolutely irrelevant. >> some sportscasters coming down hard on colin kaepernick for not voting. we will tell you what's going on there. >> i don't want to hear a damn word about anything he has to say. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. anarchy in the streets. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. about 4,000 protesters took to the streets in portland, oregon last night. more than 20 arrested as radicals turned the demonstration into a disgraceful spectacle. [explosion] [shouting]
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[cheers] [chanting] >> i lived in portland, it's a beautiful place, but run by permissive progressive people. they have allowed the downtown area to become a squat ter's han full of drug addicts and alcoholics lay about sometimes menacing passers boy. tough place to raise kids. become ground zero for an arcky. the solution to violent protest is to charge anyone who hurts property or another person with rioting that is a class c flown in oregon carrying a prison term up to five years. can i tell you that will not happen. will not happen in portland. most of those anarchists will receive no punishment whatsoever. and therein lies the very dangerous situation in this country. the election of donald trump has shaken the progressive
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community. in the space of four days, they have gone from having some power to nothing. president trump is not going to pander to the far left and they know it if the people believe political policies are not working they change the structure. and then we have the race component. in chicago, 49-year-old david wilcox beaten by two men while a crowd screamed don't vote trump. >> you voted trump. you voted trump. yeah. he voted trump. pete his ass. >> don't vote trump. >> don't vote trump. don't vote trump. >> now that is a definite hate crime. but illinois does not categorize political violence in that way. and based on chicago's record those thugs who beat that innocent man will receive very little punishment. that's why the windy city is
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the most violent place in the country. the progressive structure will not stop the madness. that display should cause every state in the union to classify political violence as a hate crime because that's what it is. california, iowa, west virginia, d.c., louisiana, and south carolina have already done that. everybody else should get on it. summing up, a free election should be respected. those who harm other people and destroy property in the name of protests are criminals and society should punish them harshly. and that's the memo. now for the top story reaction here in new york city eric bolling and geraldo rivera. what say you rivera? >> i think you are right on to something that it should be classified a hate crime. they were thugs. the book should be thrown at anyone who hurts people or destroys property. ironically you mentioned portland being one of the most liberal cities in the nation it is. it voted strongly for hillary clinton. new york i got stopped, eric
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and i going to a play the other night and we couldn't cross sixth avenue. this were 1,000 screaming demonstrators. new york voted 87% for hillary clinton. so these people are destroying the property with those whom they have some political affiliation. and they are in sync with. it is so stupid for them to vent in the way that they are. it's really deplorable. what do you say, bolling. >> you are 100 percent right. i agree with geraldo. we respect the right to period oprotest. we get that peaceful protest. even burn the flag. wear the flag every day. constitutionally protected. when you hurt someone or even in these situations where you shut down businesses, these are people who have risked their lives and livelihood and capital to open a business to put food on the table for a family the american way, small business you are hurting them too. what are you trying to prove here? they should do themselves a favor. there is a map that shows county by county across
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america who voted trump and who voted hillary clinton. there are few counties on both of the coasts that were heavily populated that voted for clinton. vast majority on a county by county basis is red. most of the counties voted for donald trump. >> whoa, wait. we will get into the popular vote in just a moment. the hate crime thing i feel very strongly abo every state. >> in fairness, bill, in your montage, you could have also included those schools where white students simultaneously started shouting white power, white power, build the wall. build the wall. >> that was very small. >> that would be like. >> we condemn it across the board. >> you can't make a moral equivalence to what happened in portland, oregon, where millions of dollars in destruction and the police were put in harms way and everything else with some individual loans who may do appalling things. you cannot -- you have to. >> i saw water fountains where the kids had put colored people, white people. >> those are disturbed individuals and they don't elevate up to a national
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story as the poor guy in chicago who he saw obviously being attacked for the only reason of his vote. so i'm telling you, would either of you object to. >> more race. >> every state categorizing political violence as a hate crime? >> of course not. >> so you are for it? are you for it. >> both for it. >> make a distinction between people doing -- saying despicable things and deplorable things being horrible. >> and kicking somebody in the head. >> and creating violence, breaking, causing destruction of property. >> racism on a large scale or even a scale that is disturbing because of its explicitness. we'll cover it but there isn't that right now. now, i believe that these protests strength donald trump. these people who hate trump are actually helping trump. i have said that before the vote that the more -- the press helped trump the press
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by hating trump so much helped him. all people who respect the election even if they didn't vote for donald trump, they are going to feel sorry for trump and hate these people and go into his camp, right? >> i agree but i think nowadays incumbent on president obama and president-elect trump to do more of what they did yesterday. any have got to have the dignity and responsibility of that office. they have to this nation is rib ben on line. white working class tsunami that brought trump into the white house and the lack of black turnout. the brown vote fizzling i think that this is a divided country now, we have to bring people together and the more trump. >> i don't think we statement. >> donald trump got more hispanic vote than mitt romney did or john mccain. he got almost the same amount -- he got more black and hispanics than romney got. >> all of this consume by
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yaw stuff we have to come together is bull. it's not going to happen. what will happen is if trump is successful economically, if is he successful economically and jobs for the working men and women of all color start to come back into this country, you will see racial tensions lessen. >> but do you really believe that can happen? >> yes, i do. >> talk to the economists. now they are making fords in mexico and paying $10 an hour instead of 45. >> cutting taxes will stimulate economic activity. one thing that i think he has floated the pest idea in which republicans don't even like is the trillion-dollar freezing rain structure spending bill that he wants to start on right away. >> he has to get the money coming back from overseas to fund that. >> fine. however. private as well. you spend a trillion dollars on something we need in every single community in america. >> which has been that trillion dollars on the wall? would you spend that money on the wall.
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>> you don't have to mexico is going to pay for the wall. >> mexico is going to pay for my tacos. >> they are passing the hat around. i don't know how well it's going down there. gentlemen, thank you. next on the rundown, hillary clinton actually won the popular vote. doesn't it matter? take a look whether the election process should change in america? later sportscaster stephen a. smith very angry at collin kaepernick. we will find out why upcoming. it's easy to love your laxative... ...when that lax loves your body back. only miralax hydrates, eases, and softens to unblock naturally. so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax. wheyou wantve somto protect it.e, at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust that grows along with you and your family.
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campaign 2016 segment tonight. according to the latest count from the associated press, about 126 million votes were cast on tuesday. four states, california, florida, and new york and texas made up close to 30% of that total. california alone had about 13 million ballots cast and more to come. now the popular vote stands this way.
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hillary clinton 60.5 million, donald trump 06.1 million. so just 400,000 votes separate the two candidates with more to be counted as i said. on the electoral college front, arizona finally got its act together and trump won that state. so he has 290 electoral votes to hillary clinton's 228. as you know 270 needed to become president. the question should the u.s.a. change to a straight popular vote? joining us now from new haven connecticut, teacher of law at yale the author of the book constitution today timeless lessons for the issues of our era. and louisville, kentucky louie greg. author of the book securing democracy why we have electoral college. dr. greg, you in your book say you favor the electoral college. please keep it simple so i can understand it why? >> thanks, bill. i favor it just because what we're seeing right now. we had a spirited campaign across the country. we had lots of people involved in it everybody got
8:15 pm
to be part of it. we had a duly elected president. what we're not doing is recounting across the country with 400,000 or so difference in the popular vote. if we just went by the straight popular vote with almost 200,000 precincts in this country. we could be recounting across it country because if you change just two votes in every precinct you could change the election. >> what about folks who say listen, doc. 400,000 more americans voted for hillary clinton so the will of the people is hillary clinton and that's that? how do you answer? >> it's just a false statement. bill, because the election was not about -- it's not run to try to get the most popular votes that would have been a different lace. >> how do you say that both candidates try to get as many votes as they can. >> no, they didn't. otherwise. >> they didn't? >> trump would have gone to texas and would have planted himself in texas or orange county, california, which he never went to. >> all right, i see what you
8:16 pm
are saying. >> whirl have plunked herself down in l.a. >> strategic was to concentrate on electoral votes. >> you dissent. you have think straight popular vote is the best way to go, why? >> i do agree with the rules had been different the candidates would have played by different rules there are reasons to keep the electoral college. i don't think the recount nightmare is the best reason and in 2000, the popular vote was nationwide was pretty clear but florida was razor and so was new hampshire and other states that were close. so big states manage recounts all the time. i think there are reasons to keep the electoral college but this one isn't. >> what's the best reason for the popular vote? >> federalism and democracy. shear a federalism argument. we have 50 states. they're not stupid. they pick governors. governors are like presidents and none of them have electoral college. >> let me challenge. >> count the votes equally. >> in governor races it's a
8:17 pm
local situation logical situation people know the candidates better. closer to them more accessment. national level forget about idaho and wyoming, hawaii, alaska, they don't count. as dr. gregg just said you could just plant yourself in the major metropolitan areas, promise them the moon and you win. and the other folks are disenfranchised totally. >> i'm not sure that's any different in texas or pennsylvania or california which have big cities and vast rural areas and so as i said i think there is an argument for the electoral college but rural areas isn't it and recounts isn't it because you have got 50 states and we pick the people one person one vote and if it's close we recount them carefully. >> i'm electoral college guy. i think it's amazing that the thomas jefferson and madison and franklin and adams all understood the expansionary potential of the united states and said, you know what? we can't let boston and
8:18 pm
philly at that time and new york city dominate, we have got to give georgia and the other new states some say in this. and that's why they put the electoral college, in doctor. is it not? >> one of the reasons for sure. i think they wanted also to have sort of deliberative process of people that actually knew the candidates to make the decisions. that's not how it's worked it is democracy. the opponents will say it's not democratic but it is. 51 elections in the states. you are absolutely right, bill. when you say that if you took off the electoral college, these rural areas would not ever been considered again. >> gone. and they would have though stake in it. last word, mr. omar. >> since you mentioned jar. rural issues. since you mentioned georgia. one of the reasons if they did have it if had you direct popular vote nationwide the south would have lost every time because its slaves wouldn't count. but with electoral college they did get to count slaves as part of the 3/5ths more
8:19 pm
attractive features of the population. >> very interesting. we appreciate your point of views. directly ahead chris wallace on how the press is covering now president-elect donald trump. and then espn broadcaster stephen a. smith hammering colin kaepernick. moments away. (sigh) my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but dad, you've got... allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. it's good to be in, good hands.
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personal story segment tonight. beside myself chris wallace is one of the first national tv guys to announce that donald trump had a good chance to win on election night. joins us from washington. before we get to your% per cass city, you talked to the "new york times" earlier this week in an article they were doing and you told them to their collective faces they didn't cover the campaign fairly. that took some moxxy. and how did you arrive at that conclusion? >> i think and it wasn't
8:23 pm
just the "new york times" although i did say it to the "times" about the "times." i think a lot of the mainstream media just decided after the conventions that donald trump was beyond the pale. he was just not acceptable as a president and so, therefore, the normal rules of objectivity and fairness no longer applied in the "new york times" case they would talk about flailing or desperate in a way they would never say about the clinton campaign verbs like lurched. this was not on the opinion page it was front page. >> back to trump's deficiencies. every article started thought a different way and all circled back. >> bill i have got to tell you ever any doubt about the "times" bias only show you the front page of the "new york times" yesterday, thursday, the day -- the day after because, obviously, the results came in the wednesday paper. their second day coverage and for those who can't see
8:24 pm
the headline democrats, students, and foreign allies face the reality of a trump presidency. not trump takes over, trump con sal dates power, a new day. but students face reality. i expected them to say the faces the reality of trump. that's astonishing headline. >> it is. it didn't offend me though because i don't see that as trying to social engineer the country. that's my next question. obviously, my opinion is that all of this media bias, which is in disputable helped trump because folks said i'm tired of this. we know you are being unfair and we -- you know, you as the national media, we know this is not being this is a con job by the media so we are going to vote for him anyway because we don't like him. i think that's what happened in a lot of cases. >> i think trump was brilliant going ever ated me yand lumping them in a different way than nixon
8:25 pm
did. lumping them in with all the other power elites. all the other special interests in washington, in wall street. >> it's rigged. >> in saying it's all part of a fixed game and in the particular case of the "new york times," i got to say, they really let themselves down and, you know, maybe i'm -- being -- i know you have had feelings about this for a long time. i was really shocked to see how openly slanted they were on the front news page of the paper. >> let me tell you something i have been doing this 20 years plus, okay? i have been attacked viciously by the national media in general. viciously attacked. unfairly, distorting. you have seen it. you saw it it's like one every 18 months. what are they going to come up with next and attack and attack and destroy and destroy. i told trump the first interview i did with him after he announced i said they are going to come after you like have never seen anything because there are certain people, chris, that
8:26 pm
they loathe working class. he is not working class but he says he is speaking to them. i am a working class guy. for us to achieve power and build up a following offends them, personally offends them because we are exactly what they despise. that's what this was all about. the working class people who voted for trump new knew it. they knew it. >> certainly the case of trump. they just decided he was beyond the pale and they were going to treat him that way. they weren't going to treat him as legitimate presidential candidate and have any sense. it was not just the "times" "the washington post and a lot of newspapers. >> "the washington post" was interesting because it did some good aggressive reporting but editorial page, you just one after the other after the other after the other. although this guy callum borcher is an honest guy at the post. >> i agree. >> this sunday you have kellyanne conway this is an interesting question that i have. does trump has the stones to
8:27 pm
put ms. conway in as chief of staff? because that woman saved his bacon to use a cliche, she saved him. does he have it to put her in there? >> yeah. but i'm not sure that's her best job. i'm not sure that's the right role for her. i have strong feelings about chief of staff because i have seen it done right and i have seen it done wrong. and you put in somebody who -- well, this isn't true of conway so much and i agree. she could just be good a job as being a senior advisor, counselor, a israeli jarrett david axelrod to him. >> valerie jarrett is a good example. >> chief of staff you need somebody who knows how the trains run in this town. how you deal. >> newt gingrich then. >> how you talk with the congress and media i'm not sure that's her strength. that's why i think he should put reince priebus in there even if you want to change it, it's like ronald reagan put jim baker in. >> why not gingrich. >> even though he wanted to
8:28 pm
change washington he knew you needed somebody who was very familiar with all the levers of power in order to make it work for him. >> i got only 15 seconds. why not gingrich? he knows everything and he is a good arm twister. >> i don't think gingrich has an interest in staff role like that. is he beyond that if he gets a department. that's one thing. you get your own plane and own department. he doesn't want to sit there and wake up in morning and brief the president. it's a tough job but also it's a staff job. it's not a principal's job. >> chris wallace, everyone. we will be watching on sunday. you are the the best sunday show by the way. do you. >> you're right. you are the best show at 8:00 p.m. on cable. >> not just 8:00 p.m. plenty more ahead as the factorhis evening. in a stunning turn of events. dick morris will return to the factor. viewer warning, anything could happen. but next, protesting quarterback colin kaepernick says he didn't vote. sportscaster stephen smith outraged. we hope you stay tuned for
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those reports.
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8:33 pm
that angered stephen a. smith a sportscaster on espn who joins us from philadelphia. what's your primary beef with kaepernick. >> well, my primary beef is that he made all of this noise about racial injustices and what you have that have been taking place in this country. and while african-americans can certainly relate to some of these feelings have you got to follow through. we all know the one thing that empowers individuals in the united states of america is the power to vote. it's not something that african-americans have the right to do until 1965. how in god's name could you defer to the things that have transpired in our history? you have that right to vote and you don't exercise that right when people have fought and pled and died for you to have that right it seemed to me to be counter to everything that he said i felt he came across as hypocrite that's what i said. >> i read some of kaepernick's comments he doesn't think the system is legitimate that any of the candidates care about african-americans. they wouldn't do anything. is he basically a nile list.
8:34 pm
he says it's a rotten country and system so i'm not going to have anything in it does that resonate at all to you? >> it doesn't bother me point is it's irrelevant. you can't length late what's in people's heart. you can go by record and policy. can you look at what the power of your vote had the power to pull offer you are talking about supreme court justices put in to place. >> he thinks everybody is corrupt and it's all rigged against the black man. is he washing his hands of the whole thing. >> listen, i'm a black man and i'm here to tell threw is a lot of black folk obviously we feel that the system itself could better serve us. there is no question about that. at the same time, your dismay or being disenchanted with a couple of individuals that happen to be running for president, knowing you are going to have to pick one of them,
8:35 pm
it's like you are saying i want everything the way that i want it or i don't want to participate at all. >> he is not. >> doesn't make sense. >> bigger point, bill is, that he not only did not vote, but he made that public, which essentially encourages youngsters who are looking to him and following him not to vote which is counter productive to everything we are supposed to be about. >> there is only 8 of them so we are not too worried about it do you believe that the ratings are down in the nfl because of kaepernick? >> i believe that plays a role. i think also the game is a bit slower. too much instant replay. the negativity in terms of the concussion issues. you know, domestic i have lens. there is a whole encompassing not just that but that plays a role. >> this is what i would do if i were the owner of the san francisco 49ers. i would tell my players, including mr. kaepernick, look, it's my team and it's our business, all right? so while you're on the field you're to conduct yourself as employee and follow the rules that we have. we help respect the country. we respect the flag.
8:36 pm
so you stand while the national anthem is being played or you stay in the locker room. all right? one of the two. i will give you -- if you don't want to, you can go in the locker room. but you are not going to embarrass this team by this protest. but i will also give you a tuesday afternoon in a room where you can talk whatever you want to the press, by yourself. if anybody wants to show up. you have freedom of speech. solved. solved. >> well, i respect your position, bill but i respectfully disagree. i'm a fan of the show but sometimes i disagree with you. i know it's hard for you to hear that. here's why i would say that to you, bill. because i would simply respond with a question. what did he do to interrupt the game? he certainly exercised his right. >> he offended some game. >> he brought attention to himself but at the same time it wasn't like he ran in front of the camera to do it. the camera followed him while he was taking the knee. i have to think about that one, bill. >> i have to run. we will follow up. he offended some paying commerce. it's a business. he offended paying
8:37 pm
customers. the owner of the business has a right to tell the employee we don't want you to offend any paying customers. so don't do it. >> but the owner -- >> -- you're lucky, bill. we will talk about this another time. >> we will. i'm always lucky. >> yeah. >> when we come right back. >> absolutely. >> the return of dick morris. he has risen from the grave. then, willie robertson has some thoughts about the vote this week. he will be here as well. those reports after these messages. why do people count on sunsweet amazin prune juice to stay fit on the inside? it's made only from prunes, nothing else. it's a natural source of fiber and five essential vitamins. amazin prune juice and amazin prune light.
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thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the impact segment tonight. the return of dick morris. as you may remember, he was wrong about the obama/romney race four years ago. but morris has made kind of a come back. writing a book called "armageddon" best seller, which outlined how hillary clinton could be defeated in this election. then last friday, four days before the vote, morris said this. >> it does appear that trump is closing in on 270 electoral votes. and could go significantly higher than the amount he needs to win. >> and dick morris joins us
8:42 pm
now in new york city. so you were one of the few who called it right. how did you know? >> well, i came to understand by watching the polls, working in britain for brexit, i was part of the unite united kingdom independence party when it was first set up. the major new factor in our politics are 35 million white college -- white high school educated men and women more men than women. they are 35% of america's vote. and they feel forgotten. they feel passed over. they feel that the media and the establishment have contempt for them. they see -- they are seen as fly over country. and thei pent up frustration is something trump understood. there is no movement for them.
8:43 pm
no association for the advancement of high school educated people. but they kind of look at the black movement, latino, women, greens, guys, and they say what about us? what about us with our problems? >> now, the left portrays that crew as racist and responding to a message from president-elect trump of i'm going to keep out the foreigners and i'm going to, you know, crack down on hooligans or whatever. and then so the left, the elite say well, if you support that, you are a racist. is there a racial component in that group? >> i don't think so. i mean, they may individually be racist. but their frustration is not that somebody else has but that they haven't. >> so is it an economic base frustration. >> overwhelmingly economic. >> not social? >> no. they have lost their jobs. they have lost their pensions, their houses. their marriages in some cases. their custody of children. their cars being repod and they look at it and they say
8:44 pm
there is nobody in the words of your show who is looking out for me. >> okay. that's a very astute analysis because trump carried them like over 60%, i think. >> well, mccain got 49% of white high school men. >> right. >> romney 55%. >> right. >> trump 68%. >> 68%. why aren't the white working class folks without a college degree joined by the blacks and the hispanics in the same category? >> well, because the blacks and hispanics have shifted their allegiance from private sector to government. they are not that interested as much in jobs as they are in entitlements. >> you are generalizing. so you believe the democratic party democratic party has bought those groups. >> i will give you a stat. 1 third of the federal budget is on entitlements, now two thirds is. >> does that include social security and medicare. >> that includes social security. >> that's not an entitlement, really. >> it is but it's not means tested. >> right.
8:45 pm
>> if you take means tested entitlement, it's welfare, 35% of america receives it. >> and back in 1983. >> about 18. >> so it's doubled? >> doubled. >> about doubled? >> and, in fact, we have 114 million people who work full time. we have 106 million that get welfare. >> okay. so you believe that that's why, because if that coalition of blacks and latinos were ever to join the white coalition that would be overwhelming. latinos probably will and many blacks will. i think that one thing in the black vote is there may have been a fischer between southern blacks who stayed loyal to the democrats and northern blacks who began to vote like their white high school educated. >> or stay home. >> yes. >> that was the big thing in michigan you had so many blacks stay home. >> the point is there is no leader of this movement. there is no jesse jackson. >> not yet. >> no gloria steinem. >> donald trump is the leader. >> set leader. he created it. and that's why he won. and that's why the liberal elites couldn't imagine that
8:46 pm
he could possibly win. >> that's true. they don't even care about those people. >> the fly over country should join the "n" word. >> dick morris, everybody. there he is willie robertson on deck. he has some thoughts on the vote. then the factor tip of the day. a salute to the vets. coming right back. advil liqui - gels work so fast you'll ask what bad back? what pulled hammy? advil liqui - gels make pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil.
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back of the book segment tonight, willie robertson, he and his family have been very successful on the tv show duck "duck dynasty" as you know. brand new book called american fisherman. i think it's about fishing. he is very interested in politics as well. willie robertson joins us from new orleans. so, did you think trump was going to win? >> well, i mean, obviously i did because i have been supporting him for so long.
8:50 pm
i have to admit to you, bill, the last day i wasn't so sure. i was beginning to think it was going to be too big of an uphill battle but i sat around with everybody else and watched them take it down. >> now, what was it about trump that made you support him? was it one thing? >> i would say it was a combination of a lot of things. i liked that he was a regular person. i was able to meet him the summer before last. and got up on stage with him. was able to hang out with him in a bus. and unlike a lot of politicians that i know, he just seemed like a regular guy. so i was interested in that big shakeup in washington. i wanted that to happen. also, the supreme court was huge for me and my family and i just kind of like the way he talked. he also mentioned christians getting their heads chopped off and he was one of the few that i heard talking about that a lot. so yeah, he sounded like a guy that i could support. it had its ups and downs and
8:51 pm
i'm glad he made it. >> now, as far as the christian vote is concerned, president-elect trump took it, most of it. but then you have some christians who say, you know, he is a racist or he is anti-muslim or he is not a charitable man, wants to keep people out. it's all negative, negative, negative toward the poor. do you counter that? do you have a counter argument to that? >> not really. i mean, my family has heard a lot of those same kind of accusations. so i'm kind of used to it as well. people that don't really know you and just start spouting off what you are. i know the family very well. and i know him. and i know he is not a racist. and you know, he is concerned with the world's problems and so, you know, all those things were taken out -- there were conversations i had probably like a lot of husbands and wives and families, even my father. he was behind cruz and so we had some interesting dinner table conversations.
8:52 pm
but, you know, at the end of the day, you know, once it got down to basically two choices, it was easy for us to get behind trump. >> your traditional crew and that means that you would, of course, go for the traditional guy rather than the progressive. the book "the american fisherman" is not about casting lures out there but you have got a lot of history in this book. >> a lot of history. >> fish something integral part of america and a lot of tradition. give me a brief headline on that. >> we go back through the history. i read your book as well. "killing the rising sun" i thought it was awesome. >> thank you. >> historical brook rather than the world being on the brink of annihilation it's about fishing. f.d.r. was there. so when i was reading your book it made me think about fdr because i was writing about when he was out fishing and how he was getting away from all the problems that were going on. really heavy stuff.
8:53 pm
that's where he found a way and funny enough he would jump on naval ship and take him on waterways and take him fishing. as well as other presidents. george washington was commercial fisherman. >> you got a lot of good stuff in history and no better place to fish than louisiana. i mean,. >> one of the best. >> bayous as long as the gators don't get you. you have got -- >> -- you can go for those, too. don't be scared of those. can you eat those as well. so we louisiana people just learn how to eat anything in the water. >> just like eating a shoe though eating a gator. the book is "the american fisherman." willie, we always appreciate you coming on. thank you very much. factor tip of the day. a absolute ta salute to the vet. great christmas gifts. help you out.
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i suggested the foundation story, tee de, that one has more potential to be a block bust err. there is a lot of stuff in there that we don't know. >> i listened somewhat, clay. it was written for her and i'm glad she said what she said. but it had little consequence for me as an american. >> bill, yo
8:58 pm
your niece will be thrilled with "give peace a chance" chris. good reading for children ages 2 to 6. can you order advance, amazon, bill o', barnes & noble all that. and finally tonight, on the same note, the factor tip of the day a tip of the hat to american vets on veterans
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day we should all remember the men and women who have and are protecting us from the huns, the barbarians, the savages who would kill us. as you know we raise a lot of money for injured vets. in charge of getting high chairs for severely wounded vets. on veterans day we hope you go to their web site, independence we'll do another fundraiser for them shortly. it is a worthy endeavor, factor tip of the day. that is it for us tonight. please check out the factor website. we would hick you to spout off about from anywhere in the world bill o' word of the day no bilge. thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly and please always remember that the spin stops right here
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because we are definitely looking out for you. ♪ ♪ breaking tonight, it's been less than three days since donald trump became president length trump and for his third straight night since massive protests unfolding across the u.s. some demonstrators suggesting today that they have been saving their energy for this. welcome t to "the kelly file," everyone, i'm sandra smith in for megyn kelly tonight. we have a live look at you miami, fort worth and. festivities being put on hold hundreds take to the streets protesting president-elect donald trump. while things may be tense right now. it was a different story in portland, oregon last night. peaceful protest involving some 4,000 peo


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