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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  November 12, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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♪ ♪ ♪ welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levey at the "red eye" tease desk. >> coming up on the show, liberals threaten a move to the swing state after a win in a college electoral land slide. to me the subway will be less crowded. and did it show that pollsters should never be trusted again? 170% of pollsters say no. and the fda approves anti-anxiety medication for dogs. in a related story i just adopted a sweet little puppy. >> thank you, andy. lets ay welcome our guests. she does president spell her name with a y, but i consider her an ally.
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host of "on common ground" allie green. he has more facts than an encyclopedia. free think media producer camille foster. janitors would kill for a mop like that. from the jim norton and sam roberts morning show and the sam roberts wrestling pod cast, sam roberts. next to me, the host of the anthony cumia show, anthony cumia. let's start the show. >> it is the very first interview with president-elect donald trump, and it is here on "red eye." sorry hannity, we got it first. joining me on the phone, the next president of the united states donald trump, president-elect trump congratulations. >> thank you, tom. it is so great to be talking to you in this mu position. i am so excited i have to tell you. >> it is very exciting. how are your picks coming for
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the cabinet? we heard rumors of people like rudy guiliani. >> we will have a tremendous cabinet, absolutely tremendous. rudy for attorney general. that's a no brainer. jeff sessions for secretary of defense. fantastic. ted cruz, and this is great. ted cruz will be my ambassador to mars. >> ambassador to mars? >> yes. day one i will send ted cruz off in a rocket to mars and he will be back sometime after the 2020 election. >> that's quite an honor. what about secretary of state? >> excellent question. very good question. i know a good question when i hear it. my pick for the secretary of state is "crooked hillary clinton." i know, i know, i said i would put her in prison, but what better way to keep an eye on her than make her work for me and wear an ankle bracelet.
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she will have to cc me on all her e-mails and i will get 50% of all of her speaking fees. >> that's a good deal how about jeb bush? >> i think this is genius. i have on tell you. jeb bush will be if charge of the department of low energy. that just makes sense. he will oversee nap times and see -- siestas. >> athletes will not want to visit the white house with you as president. what do you think of that? >> that's absolute nonsense. >> have you heard of tom brady in your part of the world? i am redesigning the pool house to make it tom brady's perm -- personal sat toe. chateau.
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it is going to be fantastic. >> i didn't know he would want to do that. mr. trump how did your meeting with president obama go? >> it was fantastic. i love, love, love president obama. i think he will go down as the greatest president of all time. i mean, after all he is responsible for making me president. >> that's true. >> but i have to say, we had a a phenomenal meeting, phenomenal meeting. he congratulated me. he showed me his birth certificate. we had a really good laugh about that. he showed me where the button was for the nuclear weapons. i pretended to push it. really the bottom line is i am president and that's all that matters. tom, i love you and i always
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have loved you. have fun worshiping me for the next eight years. >> thank you, mr. trump. so why did trump win? one writed to destroy political correctness. the people who voted for trump is smug and tired of elitist privileged leftists jumping down the throats of ordinary folks who are not up-to-date on the latest requirements of progressive society. he said the left sorted everybody into identity groups and then told people in the poorly educated white male group that that's the only bad one. trump's victory was about vengeance for social oppression. do you agree some. >> we are tired of it. there is a portion of the country, working white dudes that felt like, okay, i am
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working and paying taxes and raising my family. and then it changed to where you are doing that, but considered the bad guy in the country and you are being crapped on. now they did something. they went out and voted and now trump is president. >> they talk about the percentages a lot. what percentage of your audience voted for trump? >> 100%. >> i sound a little horse. have you been cheering for a couple days? >> the celebration hasn't stopped. it is everything, gunfire. i just bought a gun at the gas station. you can do that now. it is fantastic. jay it really is great again. >> i am like yosemite sam. >> sam, what do you think? you saw the electoral map. as usual it is blue on the coasts where we dwell. we are in new york and l.a. and that kind of thing. was this revenge against the coasts?
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>> i think there was a lot of revenge and i think it was part of the pc culture that this group is not being heard. the angry white guys who at one point were the power houses of the nation. >> when was that? >> most of the time. >> recently not so much jay it ended with ba, ba, ba, ba-bang. >> that's when that went out? >> yes. and maybe from a larger perspective you can see where that happens. when you are that group, you have to wean people off that kind of power and slowly ease into this world where the privilege will be passed around. you can't yeang it away and say it is your fault for having it all these years. we didn't ask for it. i think part is people get mad about that. they think their voice hasn't been heard. some of them like trump and the other ones just know how
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pup it will piss off the people or making them so upset to vote for them. >> not what had bad for my form -- not bad for my former intern. >> camille, would you say that it is -- we talk about pc culture. we are media so we never shut up. would the working class people in michigan, do they care about that some. >> i don't know. it plays some part. i am always cautious with the simple narratives. it is a complicated outcome and here is a simple narrative. trump had name rec recognition. the fact that he was tremendously out spent on ads by hillary clinton and still managed to have the performance he did is important. her incredibly high negatives is part of the story. there is a lot going on. what is true is a lot of voters felt the economy wasn't
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working for them and things weren't looking good. we saw people come out that is underlining that stuff. we saw improved performance among his span i -- among hispanics and the blacks. he has done better than the last several presidential candidates. >> that's kind of a big deal. this is about people who said i don't feel connected to this. it is a repudiation in important respects of obama's legacy and the economy is working for everyone. everybody is fine. a lot of people don't think so. and that's what it suggests. >> i don't understand how the racial angle got into two rich white people running against each other and somehow race is playing a part. >> if you voted for trump they say that means you are racist. >> forget racist.
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what about sexist? he didn't do that bad with women. am i right? >> that's what everyone is saying. they are sick of the political correctness. you can't even use terms as descriptions anymore. >> what terms? you are afraid to use the terms you are thinking of. >> i said the asian guy? >> you did not say that. you did not say that. >> you can't even say things -- i say black people are better at sports. that's a compliment, by the way. >> it depends on who says those things. >> but why -- >> yeng people had an an an ability to shelf this stuff and one can imagine being meaningfully and i can do what i want. you don't get outraged. it is not because he said gross things or uncouth things. he won despite that. >> people are ready to hear that.
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they don't want to hear the word man anymore. it is human or person. that's too far. >> moving on. for some disappointed democrats moving to canada is too cliche. they have a better idea. one, i am as guilty as anyone about a kneejerk comment about moving to canada. in all honesty, where we need to move is the swing states. >> instead of canada let's move to swing states. swing states would love that. christina says yes. and housing costs less in swing states than my blue state. do you see you flaws in this? >> there are flaws. liberals are not moving to swing states. everybody knows it is too much work. anything worth getting done can be done in a #. the reason they won't move to
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swing states is because when they get there are will be people who disagree with them and they won't know what to do. there are racists everywhere. they don't agree with them. >> you can find the enclaves. you see a coffee shop and you say i know who is in there, a bunch of liberals. >> we saw this on the district and county maps how that what blue and a bunch of red around it. >> it is just a city. >> especially the hollywood elite. they say they are leaving. the booming film business of ohio. they are not going anywhere. they love l.a. and new york. i don't know what they thought was down there when they are flying back and forth. a lot of red. a lot of mad people. >> camille, they are talking about canada. >> what about mexico?
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>> they want to turn america into europe. >> i don't know. i just know if you say you are leaving the country -- well you are kind of welching on it. it will take a lot of work. it suggests our political views have a lot to do with where we live and what we happen to do. they may just become friends with these people and they may like to start with one another. >> i am beginning to think they should move to the swing states. >> they might get more conservative. >> they are too lazy to vote. >> you don't think the swing state voters.
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>> we are smarter. we had told you to vote will. we can move anywhere. gyro man polanski was brave enough to leave. >> they are only canada sending when they tell you to vote for the person they are voting for anyway. >> moving to swing states seems like a great strategy, but there may be another option. it is not just for protection. cal exit was trending on social media. among them perez hilton. i 100% support this. seriously what are the steps to make this possible. cal exit. others say oregon and washington should break free. >> one guy tsked either.
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it is known as cow or a canadian province. sounds like this guy wants to live in something called cow. >> this is so silly. you will saw seed from the union. i don't see those tweets in spanish. >> it is ridiculous. >> it is a blue state. i wish they would cut it in half. the koa can be liberal. you are like lux luther. >> there is a volcanic fault. >> as a country we have to know we are the best country. if you don't want to be a part of it, leave. see how successful you are.
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by the way everybody on twitter doing calexit, we talked about how terrible it is. >> they are the anti-brexit people voted in trump. >> how did we create this country? we split it off from the british. >> kind of. we didn't split it off though. >> it was an act. >> since the 1930s there have been succession movements to split off the northern part of california from the rest of california. they don't feel they are adequately apartmented. -- adequately represented. there are a lot of things that are baseless. it would be weird if those people were upset about the northern folks.
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>> i think california is too big. when you go to northern california it is a different country from the southern california. we should cut it at least in half. >> they should stay together. they just legalized pot for the next 4 years. >> the cranks are on the colorado uh hua duct saying -- >> he decided. jay it is all coping mechanisms. they are so upset. what can you tell these people? >> get a different hash tag. that hash tag will be in the bin. mind coney. and there is a big waist bin. >> that's his purpose is
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finding coney. >> coming up, did polsters mess up this the election. >> some say yes.
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good morning and live from america's news headquarters i'm jackie ibanez. a third night of protests against president-elect donald trump. reports of these happening at college campuses around the u.s. they are carrying signs and police in portland, oregon using flashbangs to break up one anti--trump demonstrations. there have only been a couple of arrests. the president-elect is considering keeping parts of obamacare.
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he is looking at preserving two pro visions of the law. mr. trump said the meeting with president obama at the white house on thursday caused him to reconsider a total repeal of the act. the republican gop relationship has not commented on mr. trump's plan. the dow posted the best week in five years. in closed up nearly 40 points and closing at a record high. it posted three days of solid gains fueled by the victory of mr. trump and a pro-business president taking over at the white house. iraqi special forces are pushing deep into mosul the iraqi military says they are fighting in close quart -- quarters. there are reports that other atrocities committed by the militants. iraqi troops found dozens of bodies hanging from telephone poles.
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and good news for those who drive out there. gas prices are a bit down. the new national average is $2.18 a gallon. the prices are down because of a surge in crude oil inventory. i'm jackie ibanez and log on to and you are watching the most powerful newschannel. fox newschannel. >> it is no secret for many gin lists and just over 47.6% of the american people the election of donald trump signifies the worst thing. that's a quote from kelly mcbride at she announced after this election journalists must take care of themes and included some advice from a psychiatrist. be around people you like. find someone you love and really hug it out. don't blame yourself. take a trip.
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go to a beach. decompress and talk to strangers. oddly enough she left out quit your job. we know the media blew it, but many seem to think they did not do enough to stop trump. on the front page they argued the journalists don't need to be objective this year. he is playing with his worst tendencies. and it is time to throw out the textbook they are using for the better part of the past half century and approach it in a way you have never approached anything in your career. essentially this is a special case. it is okay to campaign for hillary, but are is always a special case. ronald reagan was a special case and george bush was a special case and even mitt romney was a spcial case.
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thisy are trying to take away from the greatest show in history, barack obama. they are running out of cases. >> these newspapers, are they going to send people out to the real americans, don't they? they have to meet some. >> i think the media has been exposed to those who didn't know what a joke it has become. throughout the whole process it was obvious they were supporting the candidate and then you watch election coverage and you have news anchors th having their walter kronkite, jfk is dead moment. let the audience feel it instead of you are not upset enough. gist be the delivererrer of the news. >> there were tears, right?
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>> there were tears. >> what about the journalist who said it is a different election. we are not doing our responsibility to highlight all of the awful things by trump. >> bias doesn't bother me. i would rather they calm the hell out and then tell you about specific issues. having an unpopular dude and trump won an election and he sun popular it can be good for business they changed the clinton administration. you would think a lot of his bumper sticker policies is actually good stuff. a 40% tariff on the chinese is
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a dangerously stupid idea. it is a good idea to say as much, publicly and trickly, the he doesn't succeed in implementing it. >> thinks will be shattered. >> if this does not go well they can be out of power for a longtime. great depression style. we are in the wilderness. they could lose the white house and the house and the senate. there is no reason to believe the trump will be a person to legislate things through congress. he will probably be bad at it. if the car continues, that's bad news. >> he has a republican congress. >> and people were saying it is falling apart and this is proving it is not. >> they were fighting you throughout the campaign.
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>> ryan got out there and he said, you know what, to heck with what i said before. he won. ryan is on board. >> the republican party if he doesn't do well we will be done. >> i didn't say that. >> well, at least we have a chance 23 hillary was oosed it would load up the states and that's it. this was absolutely the last shot for the republicans to be relevant at any point in the foreseeable future. >> if he had lost they would have doubled down and said look the trump thing was false. they would have come back in with the mitt romneys and they say we have to do what woo -- we was going to shy away from the border. >> he was the best candidate
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from this time. people say trump, really? >> don't you want to wait for somebody better in -- better? no. >> halloween trump is vining away from his own rhetoric. >> coming up? yes it is. half time with p vs' andy levey.
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welcome, friends. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed with
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andy levey at the "red eye" news desk. >> was this a pc election? an thong -- anthony i am shocked you thought it was about sticking it to the pc police. >> i know. because i am so pc and everything i put on twitter is very well thought out. >> very moderate. especially in your tone i find you. >> i am moderate in nazi germany. >> also you said you just bought a gun at a gas station. can i have that address? i think i might need one of those. sam, you said part of the pc culture is this group, the angry white guys as you called them, wasn't being heard. they used to be the paper in power and you have to wean them off. that's a good and porntant.
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i always those it was stupid for yelling at people for not knowing the latest and most correct terms. you can't just sigh -- what do you call them? i don't know. who do you call them? you become the villain when you were trying. we are not even allowed to make up our own names. we are called gender. >> not that there is anything wrong with that. >> yeah, but that makes me -- >> not that there is anything wrong with that. >> you pointed out that trump did better among hispanic voters. that's true. >> better than romney.
12:35 am
he has done better than african-american voters. >> and hillary clinton did worse. >> it is important to note that a lot of the same white folk in these swing states who voted for barack obama more than once voted against hillary clinton. the notion that they were somehow magically racist is absurd. >> totally great. alley, you said you can't use terms as descriptions and you used an example when you referred to an asian guy. he was serbian. >> that was the problem. >> liberals are moving to swing states. maybe california is doing something. you said liberals will not move to swing states because people will disagree with them. busby does not have offices there. >> that's a tough sell.
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>> camille, tom said they want to turn america into europe and you said i don't know. >> i don't know, i don't know. they haven't said as much, but i want to be careful. >> in a lot of ways they do. >> citizens of the world. >> and they look at national health services. >> except with they are reforming the program because they don't work as well as advertised. allee, you said this is another video of con tau -- condescending. i am not a trump guy. i am not a hillary guy. but definitely not a trump guy. i am getting -- it is making me laugh. >> i know other people said
12:37 am
it, but i'm really going to do it. >> and like you said ain't nobody moving no where. >> anthony you think the whole california succession is silly. it is silly yes, sir when tom mentioned it is the people on the coast. they act like it is the whole state. >> that's a typical liberal stuff. they are dumbfounded and they can't believe there is a lot of people that don't think like that they think california needs to saw seed even though most is red. >> they are losing about -- worried about losing their gardener. >> there was an a uh session movement in texas. they were upset after obama's election. but they were racist. >> as usual the crazies
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balance themselves out. >> only one is racist. just to say i was surprised. orange county went to hillary. i would not have known that. i am wondering the former say saturday. i think they should have been able to leave. they are up sufferable. they are like the reasons without feeling that way. >> let them go. let them find their way. you said we shouldn't make much about twitter outrage. >> that's our whole show. sorry, you're right. >> tom, you had that point where she said it is no secret for journalists and 7.6% of
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the population represents the worst thing. can you imagine somebody writing that about barack obama? he got 42% of the vote. does that mean barack obama's election was the worst thing ever for those people? >> i don't think she thought i would read her sight. >> they don't know how to spell pinter. duh. she said it is no secret. 47.6% of the american public is is -- she doesn't know they all think it is the worst thing. >> she assumed. >> she absolutely did. camille bias doesn't bother you. you would rather them come out and say their devices. in the or raw of object ject
12:40 am
tiff tee. hell me. >> journalists need to get over themselves. nobody holds themselves and what they do go in -- >> no look who gives out the awards. td and that's true. it is not supposed to be that they editorials. as to like asking your tape measure and how many. >> i do not want that preponderance. >> thank you, andy of the rugs for dogs.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm jackie ibanez. vice president elect mike pence is taking over the transition team for president-elect donald trump. the move reduces the role of chris christie who will still be part of the team. the campaign says mr. pence was selected because of his relationship with republican governors and members of congress. several senior members of mr. trump's campaign staff are expected to transition with roles on the presidential team. grub hub is feeling the backlash of supporters of donald trump. the company's keo sent an e-mail telling employees who
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voted for trump to quit their jobs and work somewhere else. he since backtracked, but many are vowing to never use the delivery service again. president obama laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. he thanked them for their self-less service. he asked for americans to put aside their videos. >> bide camera has been released. they were gunned down in june at the orlando club. 53 others were injured. they are the latest public records released in the months after the shooting. on thursday a judge decided audio from 9-1-1 calls should be released. wells fargo made terrible mistakes by keeping incentives in place that they say corrupted people. they opened as many as two million fake accounts.
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his company is the largest stakeholder at wells fargo that paid $185 million in fines because of the fake accounts. and a piece of hollywood selling for slightly more than $4 million. it is a san francisco home that was the setting for the robin williams movie "mrs. doubt fire." it became a shrine to williams after his death in 2014. i'm jackie ibanez, now back to "red eye." dogs see fireworks as this photo proves. the loud noises stress them out, but there may be a cure. it is an anti-anxiety drug for dogs. it is a gel you rub on their gums. each has -- cost 25 and several doses. here is the dog before the drug. and here is the same dog after
12:47 am
taking it. >> how did we get him to do that? i don't know. >> how soon before people start rubbing the stuff on their gums? >> immediately. if you have a dog that is so anxious that is needs an anxiety reducing drug how is your finger going to survive? he is psyched up. >> it is the most dangerous part of the nervous animal. >> that was your only concern. >> don't put your finger in an anxious dog. >> that's great. people will be using this. absolutely people will be rubbing it on their gums. in the old days -- it was
12:48 am
called the bullet. >> or a steak. try that first. >> you mean like a steak? oh, oh i miss eund. >> it is true. they used to take the dog behind the shed. jiel that was old yell -- >> that was old yeller. >> rabies, whatever. >> camille, what do you think of this here? do dogs need this treatment? why are they stressed out? >> i have lot of dogs in the city and they suffer from anxiety. he was prescribed puppy prozac for a couple of months. it kind of helped. what i discovered was better than the puppy prozac is exercise. take him for long walks and run him in the park. he goes on day trips once a week. that has helped. some dogs need help and i would have tried the gum
12:49 am
rubbing thing. >> that's it. fresh air, exercise. >> bark if you are a veterinarian. >> you know what, it takes a longtime to get the drugs uh -- approved. >> can't we get our pets service pets? get your dog a service dog if it has anxiety. >> a comfort animal. >> you can only take one of them on the train with you. service animals can go on the train. >> they can't stop them. people have animals everywhere. they let them free. to make them comfortable they have to take it out. >> i thought we were having a
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men tell illness prescription and there are too many people on pills will. it wouldn't be bad if everybody was on them. >> to russia from photoshop love
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it's the russia story everyone is stalking about. wedding photos in russia are a bit different. see if you notice. in this picture the groom is rescuing the bride from a dragon. here it looks like the bride is punting -- hunting the groom with a bow and arrow and not sure what is going on here. there is the groom playing his bride like a cello and the bride is impaling her new husband with her shoe. next this one looks similar to my own wedding night. what is that thing there? i don't know what he is doing. >> all of these were photoshoped.
12:55 am
does this prove there was a line to russia? >> that's fantastic. it is so russian. i love it. >> why is it so russian? >> yen -- i don't know. i just assume everyone who doesn't live here in the united states. i have done photoshop for twitter. >> can you use program? could >> i can't do it. once the cursor gets going. >> i cut and paste hillary's head on happy, happy things. >> i am fired from every place. >> what is it the require shen people? they love dash cams and photo shots. >> they are ahead of the copy
12:56 am
curve. i know my wife always wanted to marry a sentar, but shooy was back with me. once she hears about this service. i didn't know it. >> wheny first saw it. this could be great for the marriage abroad business. you don't have to pay to go to aruba anymore. >> and you can be tiny too. it is so purchase -- so much fun. >> camille, what is going on? >> i don't know. the arrow was through. >> you are smashing him with your shoe? >> there is a lot of violence. it is a tougher country, isn't it? their president rides shirtless on a horse. >> i am surprised they don't have shirtless putin in their wedding photos. >> i looked at that photo
12:57 am
wrong. >> i got it mixed up in my brang. >> thanks to my panel. have a good weekend of good night.
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