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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  November 12, 2016 3:00am-7:01am PST

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♪ [national anthem] good morning, it is saturday, november 12th. i'm abby hunt han. we start with a fox news alert. a protester shot. chaos on the street. people stepping up violence in protest of the election. breaking details just coming in this morning. >> and president-elect donald trump up veiling his official transition team led by, well, a person may surprise you. and we'll tell you why chris christie is stepping back and what we can expect in the days and weeks to come. >> that is right. it was a campaign promise that was made -- that made crowds roar. [chanting lock her up] >> there was a lot of lock her up. next step is president trump
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ready to forgive. national pizza day. mornings can't be better with friends. ♪ ♪ >> great, i was just going to start my diet. >> for crying out loud. >> never a convenient time to start. >> never. >> you know what? we always like to say, clayton, we celebrate everything on the show. >> every food related holiday. ice cream. national cotton candy day. >> are we going to have pizza on the snow or should we call and order now. are they open? i guess it is new york city. >> anyone that wants to bring pizza we will eat it. >> talk politics this morning. breaking news overnight on the trump transition team everyone looking in to see exactly who is going to lead the trump transition effort. we had heard it's going to be knowledge governor chris christie. that has changed. and now his voice presidential pick mike pence is going to be heading up the transition team. >> a lot of the members of
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the trump family. mark mckinnon was fox news last night. he said don't read much into into this. take a listen. >> i think there is a lot of signs of president-elect trump reaching across the aisle, reaching to some steady hands that have been around washington. i don't necessarily read the christie situation. i think we read thooch into these things. i think it's rather a promotion for mike pence because mike pence is a guy who has been around washington. he has relationships in congress. knows all those people very well much more so than chris christie. i think that's a logical sort of evolution for mike pence to step into that job at this time. i think christie did what he needed to do beforehand. i'm sure that chris christie will land a plumb spot in the administration. >> that's a fair point promotion of pence. he is a conservative, conservatives are going to trust him. national security experience. if we put that list back up of who is on the transition team a the had of familiar faces. christie, ben carson. >> everyone that was loyal to him throughout the campaign. >> giuliani and eric, donald and ivanka trump as well.
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>> a lot of insiders. >> there is press precedence for. this cheney was from washington. picking not just picking a few people. in charge of tens of thousands of people. a huge hiring process. >> some of them incredibly important roles. nownt noe doubt that chris christie will find a role in the administration. you mentioned, pete, during the campaign during the last stretch of it where there were moments where you had people like paul ryan. people in the senate saying we are a little bit concerned ted cruz about what's going on there. he would go in to the senate and the congress. he would say calm down, we have got to win this thing and stick by us. he usually was able to do that. good at working with those people. >> he knows washington. able to reach across the aisle. i disagree with mckinnon's take on chris christie stuff. he has to go in front of a judge thanksgiving. taint of bridge gate all over him. even donald trump himself
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slamming him during the primary. look, he knew what was going on with the bridge. he was slamming him during the primary. >> this is the first big doe siive decision of donald trump's presidency. we are going to make this change. shift toward pence. conservative. doesn't have the baggage that christie has had. >> remember. he said we want to drain the swamp. we want to drain the swamp in washington of scandal. start with chris christie. >> picking of scandal. >> and swamp. >> donald trump was very strong about hillary clinton and how he was going to take action if he were to win the presidency. here is what he said. take a listen. >> this is one of his supporters. [chanting lock her up] >> so now. >> yeah, one of his millions of supporters. lock her up. >> every rally. lock her up, lock her up. second presidential debate he in response to questions said maybe she needs to go to jail and talked about appoint ago special prosecutor. but just yesterday there is
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new speculation that that may not be the case. that he may walk back from that a little bit, dismissing talk of a special prosecutor to investigate. he didn't say no. he just said not something i have given a lot of thought of. i want to solve healthcare, jobs tax reform. if you have limited political capital maybe you spend it on -- >> phone calls. sat down with 90 minutes with president obama. and maybe president obama behind closed doors if you are going to go that route, i have the power of the pardon. don't waste your time with that. >> he had a nice sit down with president barack obama. he also talked to hillary clinton. and had some nice things to say. listen to this. >> hillary called and it was a lovely call. and it was a tough call for her. i mean, i can imagine. tougher for her than it would have been for me. and for me it would have been very difficult. she just said congratulations donald, well
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done. i say i want to thank you very much. you are a great competitor. she is very strong and very smart. >> not everyone is agreeing with what president-elect trump is saying. as you guys know. there have been protests all throughout this country. a lot of violence playing out. as our own bill o'reilly said the other night this is just disgraceful. this is not what democracy was all about. >> where were they before the elected. the voting numbers were way lower than they should have been. did these people even vote. the organized with the likes of occupy wall street. black lives matter, these organized, these people aren't spontaneously coming out and protesting. and now we have a third night of violent protests. it's an excuse for violence. it's a temper tantrum. liberal cities, portland, new york, d.c. dallas. l.a. my home state of minneapolis and saint paul. they don't like trump. they didn't like trump. and they are just mad about it. watching these celebrities cry as well into the camera. i guess it's cathartic for them a little bit.
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i think law and order may be coming. they are talking about ramping up more protests into the weekend as well. >> let's be clear everyone has the right to protest in this country. absolutely. that's what this country is all about. >> look at these images. this is not america. this is not democracy. even hillary clinton said at the last debate when she thought she wasn't winning this thing. she said we live in democracy. you respect whatever the voters decide. and i will give her credit she has come out since losing this race and she has been grateful and saying we need to come together. this is time where we need to support the person who was elected. >> do you think though we need to hear more from hillary? we need to hear president obama say lock, let's turn the page and give this leader a chance right now and protests, we have got to tamp down this violence. >> what about a joint statement. someone suggested maybe obama and trump could come out together and say hey, we understand the right to protest. this is our country that doesn't make what they are doing right. if you are looting and
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blocking traffic, at some point we are a country of laws. you have to enforce those. you can't say it's my right and break the law in perpetuity where i didn't like the election where the winner won 300 electoral votes. that's just lawlessness. you are sewing the administration eight years of barack obama where law enforcement doesn't think they have to enforce these laws. they are entitled to a hillary clinton presidency. it's bearing out before us. at some point you have to stop it. >> reading nasty stories about people being yelled at gas stations. >> attacked. >> on the trump side of things. we just got to come together as a country and these sorts of -- >> we forget though we have lived through months of just very, very divisive elections. i have been on the road this past week and you have too, pete. talking to the voters and hearing about the things that they are concerned about. many of which we have talked about invincible voter on "fox & friends." how many people were secretly supporting mr. trump and didn't want to say anything in fear of being hurt or being fired
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from their job or you name it i talked to folks last week can i first say must bely that i did vote for him. this is the country we are now living. in a lot of leaders saying let's come together. even oprah winfrey of all people. >> are we going to oprah now to heal. >> hold on before we get to oprah and heal ourselves. she supported obama, of course. >> and clinton. >> and clinton, of course. listen to her on entertainment tonight talking about donald trump and president obama coming together. can oprah heal us all? >> i just saw president-elect trump with president obama in the white house and it gave me hope. gave me hope. i mean, i have to say. to hear president-elect trump say that he has respect for president obama, it felt that he had reached a moment where he was actually humbled by that experience. to hear president obama say
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that he has renewed confidence in the peaceful transition, i think everybody can take a deep breath. >> all about unity. >> everybody can take a deep breath now. >> i like that though. because i think that's exactly what this country needs. she saw the other day that president-elect trump and president obama. there is this moment where you say you know all else, above all parties we are a country. this is a time where it has been so divisive that we need to come together and we need to heal and we need to start moving forward and start to make lives better in this country. that should be the focus. >> of course. at the same time, let's point out the hypocrisy of the tolerant left. remember all the violent protest in 2008. super violent. wait, they didn't happen because the right accepted the fact that barack obama had won. there is intolerance and hypocrisy to the american left. they will not accept the people and the people's voice. i think we have to point that out while we heal at the same time.
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>> there were some on the right who never believed he was actually president. let's be honest about that. >> but they weren't breaking things. >> you have extremes on all sides. we have got to calm down. >> let us know your thoughts about this. >> take a deep breath. >> friends on ff weekend twitter. hillary clinton may be all but done with politics. is someone else in her family being groomed for washington? >> plus, caitlin huey burns, she is here with a closer look. there she is with the people who could make up president trump's cabinet. we love to speculate. stick with us. ♪
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so scientists went to work. they examined 87 different protein structures. had 12 years of setbacks and breakthroughs, 4,423 sleepless nights, and countless trips back to the drawing board. at first they were told no, well... maybe, and finally: yes. then it was 36 clinical trials, 8,500 patient volunteers, and the hope of millions. and so after it became a medicine, someone who couldn't be cured, could be. me. ♪ >> professor: president-elect donald trump is now narrowing down choices for leadership role in his administration. who are some of his topics? let's bring in caitlin huey burns national political
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reporter for real clear politics. we have the chalkboard with some faces. god to see you this morning. >> good to see you too. thank you. >> none of these have been confirmed yet? >> exactly. none of these have been confirmed. a lot of this is speculative. hearing from the campaign names being tossed around. important thing to remember here is that donald trump does not have experience governing. he is going to be seeking help from some washington insiders who have been around this game for a long time will, while also going outside the political system. there might be a little mix here. >> let's start with the treasury secretary. if we have a shaky economy, who do we here. >> steven moochen has been controlling the trump financial team. here is someone who consider. also talk of jeb hencer is ling chairing the house committee. he has been brought up as a name and so has.
3:16 am
>> where does he fit? >> he has been in the running for attorney general. giuliani has been a very loyal supporter of trump. and we know that trump really rewards loyalty and people that he knows. >> what about trey gowdy for that role? >> trey gowdy has absolutely been mentioned especially his work in the house and benghazi committee. he has become the popular republican in the house. also talk of jef jeff sessions involved in some way. not quite sure yet but he has been tossed around for other things as well. >> another big surrogate. we saw him often here on fox. newt gingrich, former speaker of the house where is he. >> a lot of talk about newt gingrich being secretary of state. he has often been mentioned for that role. as has senator bob corker. who, as we know, chairs the foreign relations committee. and he was, remember, talked about early on as a potential vice presidential candidate. but he has been very involved. so has ambassador john bolton who we know from this show. >> i don't see a lot of
3:17 am
diversity. >> right, exactly. that's something. >> a bunch of old white guys. >> exactly. they're going to have to bring in some new faces. >> any women? >> sarah palin has been. >> i saw this is the other day. i thought a lot of people thought really is this for real. >> interior secretary. other names tossed around. but she has been wanting a job in this administration. she has made clear. it's not clear though where weather she will be picked. interior secretary what does that do national park service? >> exactly. so that could fit her. >> the position i'm looking most closely at and one of the most important decisions president makes is chief of staff. one of the most important roles. very behind the scenes and a lot of people don't really know and focus on that. this is someone who is going to be key in running the president's schedule. making theory relationships with congress. so there are two people that have been in the news being considered. reince priebus, of course, who was the rnc chair still is. has been very key in
3:18 am
establishing those alliances with the republican establishment and party, and that could be very valuable to someone like trump that doesn't have those connections. also talk of steve bannon who is his campaign chairman. >> of breitbart news. >> breitbart news that would be extremely controversial pick and signal he is not very interested in unify phiing the parties and both parties and establishing some kind of peace and calm on capitol hill. >> do you think that's going to happen? >> it would be very surprising. we know that he has been very close to trump. he has been advising him throughout this campaign. and reince priebus is somebody that everybody in washington hopes he goes towards. >> somebody else we saw and obviously he ran against him and he came out supporting him and pretty vocal supporter governor mike huckabee. >> talk about commerce being commerce secretary. former governor, ran for president a few times. he has been talked about. >> what about kellyanne conway. >> kellyanne conway is someone i envision more in
3:19 am
communication role. she ran the campaign but she was very much the messenger and the face of the campaign so where maybe not in the cabinet but somewhere perhaps as communications director, secretary. really being in charge of the message and controlling that message i think would be a good role for her. ben carson has been talked about perhaps as health and human services secretary. even talk of him as secretary of education. i would just move him down to this role because that's been talked about most likely. although trump and other republicans have talked about diminishing the role of the education department. we will see. >> and finally chris christie. if you want to drain the swamp in washington. you have been talking about that as trump has. we know he is not heading up. is he out. >> it would be very controversial to bring christie in to this administration given everything that's been going on with bridge gate. trump ran against scandal in the white house. it would be very difficult for him to bring someone like that in. governor rick scott has been talked about health and
3:20 am
human services before. we still have michael flynn as perhaps defense secretary. >> come up. playing on the transition team bingo. we will be playing that this afternoon. caitlin human burns great to see you too. >> thanks. third night of anti-trump protest. is it time for' president obama to call for calm. a fair and balanced debate next. >> one of the favorite targets in the corrupt mainstream media. >> i put down failing at "new york times." the newspaper is going to hell. maybe we will start thinking about taking their press credentials away from them. >> well, this morning, the "times" issuing unprecedented apology. wait until you hear what the "new york times" is saying this morning. ♪ say i'm sorry ♪ because i'm missing more than just your body ♪ is it too late now to say sorry
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>> dow jones finishing the week of the election on a record high closed 18800 points. days after fears it would plunge after mr. trump won the white house. not such good news for grub hub. the company stock sinking 4% just one day after the ceo asked president trump supporters say to resign he had no place for them. clayton, over to you. >> a night of unrest as protests continue across america. in response to tuesday's election. is it time for president obama to call for calm? here to debate it is radio talk show host and fox news
3:25 am
contributor david webb and democratic strategist danielle mcglaughlin thanks for joining us this morning. >> good morning. >> is it time for the president to stand up and say enough is enough? >> i think the president has a role to play here, absolutely. he is still the president through january 20th. donald trump also has a plan to play speaking to the people who are out there on the streets protesting his -- the fact that he has become the president-elect. most people here has a role to play. >> who has a more significant role. >> obama is the president so i would say it is him. a couple days ago donald trump came out and said he didn't regret any of the divisive rhetoric he had used in this campaign. >> it was trump to blame for these protests? >> i think civil disobedience this is the first amendment right and right of assembly is absolutely a constitutional right we have to respect that burning cars is not in the constitution. >> david, to that point, burning cars not in the constitution. you have followed these closely what you have seen. >> neither is marchs down
3:26 am
6th avenue hindering people and commerce. let's hook at what this is? obama is not going to calm for calm, why? they had move and celebrations planned if hillary clinton won. she didn't win. basically they flipped the switch and go to protest. the protests turn into riots. properties destroyed. we now have one person shot in portland. and i have been tracking these. it's no different than what happened after 2008. oh, yes it is. that's right. there were no marches. no riots by the tea parties. this is a problem. the leftist have lost. they have been rejected by the american people. donald trump, yes, he has already made it clear that, you know, this is our process and how it works. he doesn't play a role. obama won't play the role because it doesn't serve his purposes. hillary clinton, who insulted her supporters by not coming out and speaking to them the night she lost the election because energy for the leftists. let's not kid ourselves. i have people in these
3:27 am
protests tell you what is going on and who is in charge. >> how much of these protests are simmering burning factor too that the left rejected their candidate they really wanted in bernie sanders and so they are rejecting donald trump who they don't like and rejecting a system that they feel never included them? >> it's hard to say. i want to go back to your point about impiewping hillary clinton in all of this. i think she showed grace and really said to the american people this is a time to get behind donald trump. i think there is a burning pot in here. certainly progressives for the democratic party who want to see -- we didn't succeed where we thought we really might. we also need to have as a part of this conversation, the fact that maybe if it would have been a marco rubio or ted cruz maybe we wouldn't have seen this. >> the republicans don't have a role in what the leftists do. you can't take the left and progressive left taken over the democratic party and blame the republicans for their actions. >> we have to acknowledge that trump is a different
3:28 am
kind of a candidate. >> this is not donald trump's issue. is he not out there ginning up the marches. take baseball bats to property. >> nor is any leader of the democratic property. >> he promised to transform our country. loft conservatives were disappointed. there were no burning of cars and destroying of buildings. is this something intrinsic to the left. >> no i think it's something intrinsic to donald trump. >> no, i'm sorry. at this point i have a major objection. i helped found the tea party movement. i put, what, 20,000 people down at city hall park. thousands at other locations around the city. tens of thousands. millions around the country and you can tell me the number of arrests, violence, breaking into businesses. you know, destroying police cars. we have seen this out of the left since. we had policy objections. we voiced them. civil disobedience we did it by civil obedience. we didn't go out and do that don't even give me, there is
3:29 am
no no comparison between the right and left or any responsibility on the right when it comes. >> briefly. we will give you the last. >> of course. oregon, took over funeral lands for 40 or 60 days we will start. we have seen this slightly different but we had armed men in oregon doing things. >> that wasn't connected to a party. >> vastly different it? >> is the same kind of the thing. >> you are reaching. i lick you but you are reaching. >> that feels like a reach. this debate will continue. the profits are going to continue as well. >> turn into riots. this is the problem. peaceful protesters are not in charge anymore. we saw that with occupy. we saw that with ferguson. we see it with baltimore. it is -- or raleigh with moral mondays. it turns into riots. and the problem is, the left needs to take control of what they do on their side not blame republicans. >> leave it there so this doesn't turn into a riot. david, danielle, thank you very much for spirited conversation this morning.
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with humira, remission is possible. president-elect trump was in washington, d.c. yesterday. he met with president obama. his wife met with michelle obama. and at the end of the day last night after this full day at the white house he treated -- he tweeted a fantastic day in d.c. met with president obama for the first time. really good meeting. great chemistry. melania liked mrs. o a lot. is it just me or does that read exactly like a yelp review. great white house. fantastic. >> >> great topics. >> i love yep. i plan every trip that way. ed henry planned trip to new york city today. >> you are a busy man. did you sleep last night. >> did i "on the record" last night. that was fun. >> there is a lot to talk
3:35 am
about transition team. we learned mike pence would be heading up transition team. chris christie out. talked about draining the swamp in washington. is this are we reading too much into the chris christie being out? >> i don't think so. i think there is competing narratives in politics. trump campaign, administration i should say. transition to power is that this is a bumpy start. let's face it. only a couple days in and you move out. the chairman of your transition. they knew bridge gate was still out there. chris christie maintained his innocence. they didn't want that traction. i'm told by sources inside the transition as well. they felt chris christie was stalking the transition with too many loilts to him. it's about donald trump. not about chris christie or sarah palin. all the people ban theying their names to cabinet posts. >> he is also a governor. he has to answer to the people of new jersey. >> is that a bumpy or divisive start? i'm going to see this problem and get at it right away. >> that's what i was going to get. competing narratives. bumpy starts. we're going to get somebody else in charge. and the pence narrative is
3:36 am
the thing to watch right now. mike pence was picked. he is so low wattage, midwest and trump is this high wattage guy. that was a perfect complement to the reality show start number one. number two he is solid. look at how much berst than expected donald trump did evangelize voters because he was pounding that throughout the midwest, the south. and that was helpful. now the transition to governing. donald trump makes no bones about it he has never governed before. make pence has not just as governor of indiana. capitol hill not as a back bencher but as a house republican leader. he is the guy who is going to be up there with paul ryan the speaker of the house and others. i think it's very significant that pence is running it. >> he knows how to do it. you can argue this is the first big decision trump had to make is picking mike weapons. he turned out to do a good job. >> if he is the guy under thehood? donald trump is what, chairman and ceo. >> this is exactly what he
3:37 am
does best. >> let's talk about the democrats. there has been a lot of talk for years about the republican party and it's in shambles and are they divided? where is it going to go? right now it's really the democrats where you are wondering what's going to happen to them? howard dean now talking about taking over again. >> dnc what a difference a couple of days make. if hillary clinton had somehow pulled this out, the talk was this is going to be a meltdown on the republican side. you see the guy with the scream there. [scream] >> wow, well timed. >> keith elson, very liberal from minnesota. bernie sanders has now gotten behind him. >> that's a big deal. bernie party feels so pushed out that -- and bernie sanders and his wife, i believe, was on cnn last night jane sanders she said basically suggested he could have won if he had been the nominee number one and number two left the door open to 2020. bernie sanders 74 now.
3:38 am
may be great and all that where is the bench? >> same thing said of the republicans after the last election. they don't have anybody. and then they put up 17 people. >> i heard a top democrat on tv saying we need autopsy. i think it was jessica tarlov on fox said we need an autopsy. what's what the republicans did after romney. we have got to have an autopsy. what could do we do with hispanic voters. a lot of talk a couple days ago. autopsy 2.0 because the republicans learned nothing from the last autopsy. you know what? victory changes everything. >> exit polls showed most voters didn't want a more liberal nominee they wanted a more conservative nominee on the democratic side. you talk about transition 3.0. there is a suggestion that maybe the clintons are part of that solution as well. the clinton dynasty continues. got to get your response to this. chelsea clinton is potentially being groomed for congressional run is that the answer for
3:39 am
democrats. >> i have heard very senior people who are so frustrated they felt they were forced in to hillary clinton. that debbie wasserman schultz rigged as we now see from wikileaks. they say it was not an open process. they were forced into this inevitable nominee that lost in the end number one. chelsea clinton no knock on her personally. she is all over the clinton foundation problems. to her credit she blew the whistle on conflict of interest problems. report last weekend that maybe her wedding was paid for with charitable funds. but it was raised by doug band a former clinton intimate. what kind of platform is that? >> you think about what the family has been-to-through too. >> you think they would want to take a step back and take a few hikes. take our dogs for a few hikes for a little bit. >> not pick on her. top democrats i have talked to. they want space. they want a breath of fresh air and turn the page on the clintons. >> bush name? >> donald trump wiped out
3:40 am
two families. he destroyed the bush legacy as well and destroyed jeb bush. destroyed hillary clinton. and this is a new era. >> it didn't destroy the entire legacy. because obviously two bush presidents. very successful. in terms of it continuing, you are absolutely right. >> and you wonder if anyone else would have been able to do that this election cycle. it was time in history. >> everybody doubted him and he knocked them all out. >> democrats have two very distinct paths. keith elson the first muslim congressman. very far left and very divisive. he talked about impeaching previous presidents. they could go in that election and it could be a showoff. >> this is a real crossroads for the democrats. >> good to see you. >> good to see you, ed. >> president-elect vowing to hit america's hardest hit cities. >> we are going to fix our inner cities. every single american will have the opportunity to realize his or her fullest
3:41 am
potential. >> so what can president-elect, donald trump do to fix them? bish w. jackson weighs in. he is on deck. >> wait until you hear who is suggesting ted cruz for the supreme court. stick around for that. ♪ ♪ take me to your love shack ♪ everybody talks back i found a better deal on prescriptions. we found lower co-pays... ...and a free wellness visit. new plan...same doctor. i'm happy. it's medicare open enrollment. have you compared plans yet? it's easy at or you can call 1-800-medicare. medicare open enrollment.
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we are back on this post election saturday morning with a quick look at more political headlines. senator lindsey graham making a surprise suggestion for who should fill the vacant supreme court seat. well, he suggests fellow senator ted cruz. graham once joked about well, murdering cruz on the senate floor but now saying, quote, there is no stronger constitutional conservative. interesting. and, it looks like donald trump was right about the
3:45 am
"new york times." >> i put down failing at "new york times." the newspaper is going to hell. maybe we'll start thinking about taking their press kennels away from them. >> maybe they had to listen. the paper crawling back to subscribers begging them not to cancel while apologizing for failing to appreciate donald trump's appeal. despite that, the paper does stand by its claim of fair coverage of this election. abby, over to you. >> thank you, pete. all right. america's hardest hit cities coming out for president-elect donald trump as he doubles did you know on his vow to improve their lives. listen. >> we are going to fix our inner cities. every single american will have the opportunity to realize his or her fullest potential. the forgotten men and women of our country will be foregotten no longer. >> so what exactly can mr. trump do for america's inner cities?>> here to weigh ir
3:46 am
of the conservative nonprofit stand bishop e.w. jackson. thanks for waking up so early. >> thanks for having me. >> this is important as we look at making america great again as president-elect has talked about throughout this whole campaign, these inner cities and working with local churches and parents and organizations. what can he do just in the early days of his presidency? >> oh, a lot. abby and clayton. who would have thought that a new york billionaire would be the person who would offer hope to the inner city. god works in mis mysterious ways. first of all he can bring the private sector into cities. i would encourage people to read the speech he gave in charlotte and read his new deal. bring corporations in and getting government out of the way will allow the economic and entrepreneurial spirit in these communities. and it's there. we just have town leash it.
3:47 am
it will allow that to emerge. that's the first thing that will create jobs and opportunity for people who now feel hopeless. >> bishop. looking at some of these exit polls pretty remarkable over 2012 what mit 2012 what hee to do. african-american 8% to mitt romney's 6%. he said on the campaign trail, take a chance. what have you got to lose, you know, talking to the african-american vote and then, of course, over the past 8 years we have seen black youth unemployment through the roof under president obama. so, bringing these businesses in to ineverywhere cities, that's one piece of this. what about education? >> oh, of course donald trump talks about school choice. and, look, those of us who really care about the education people in the community rather than just pounding the issue of race, racism, and everything is a matter of race. we have been talking about parental choice and education for years. republicans have talked about it a little bit it looks like donald trump is very, very serious about it.
3:48 am
it's going to take competition. it's going to take opportunity for parents to choose schools for their children that they think will best h educate them in order to bring educational excellence into the inner cities. that is essential to seeing these communities turned around. look, here's my concern. are we going to be 50 years from now having this same discussion about poverty? about crime? about murders in the inner cities of our country? donald trump, i believe, offers them hope and says no, we won't be talking about that 50 years from now, because is he a problem solver rather than a person who just wants to exploit people for his observe political gain. >> certainly. time to give him a real opportunity here for some change. all right. mr. jackson, thanks for being here this morning. good to see you, sir. >> thanks for having me again, thank you. >> the president-elect vowed to repeal and replace obamacare. did he have a change of heart? after closed door meeting with president obama, the revealing new interview. that's straight ahead. >> it was the v.a. hospital that sparked outrageous nationwide scandal. two years later, what's
3:49 am
gotten done to fix the problems he? takes us inside the phoenix v.a. to meet the new boss ♪ it's too late to apologize ♪ it's too late ♪ i said it's too late to apologize ♪ it's too late ♪
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
remember the phoenix v.a. center was at the center of scandal. >> many of the original problems they still remain. >> they still do unfortunately. how does the phoenix v.a. plan to move forward our
3:53 am
veterans. i had the opportunity to speak with the newest and latest director of the phoenix v.a. there have been seven since sharon helmand were fired. she is just the latest. >> what do you say to those critics had who say billions have been spent. doctors have been hired. nurses have been hired. facilities have been expanded but your average veteran walking into that v.a. facility is still waiting way too long and not getting the quality of care they deserve. >> that's why my priority in starting this position here at the phoenix v.a. is to focus on access. and i am looking at things on a daily basis. >> what is your take on how robust choice should be for veterans? >> i know that 27,000 veterans use choice last year and this v.a. spent over $100 million in providing that care. and choice is an option for us. >> many veterans are telling me that they have tried to get choice and then they can't get it or it takes longer than actually waiting or when they do get it they're stuck with the bill. would you acknowledge the choice program though still
3:54 am
has a long ways to go? >> well, there has been a lot of improvements in the process. and we still have more work to do. one of the things i want to ensure is that when veterans get care through choice, that we are looking at coordinating the care they receive from the outside. and the care that they will continue to receive on the inside. >> do you think part of the challenge that phoenix has been that turnover though ever since sharon helmand? i think there has been six directors? how difficult has it been to come in and try to get your hands on this. >> the directors prior to myself, i think five of them were acting in an acting capacity. and so i'm the second permanent director in this two year period. the directors before we did a great job in moving the system forward. >> that's the frustration everybody has everybody comes in and says they do a great job except the veterans aren't being served well. what's the disconnect there? >> they have done a great job because we currently have over 30 projects in the works. >> projects aren't
3:55 am
delivering of service. projects are knight nice things to put on a power point. what about the actual experience of the veteran? at what point do administrators stand up and say you know what? my predecessors didn't do a great job. it didn't work. why can't -- i think that's the frustration a lot of veterans get. give me candor, not everyone did great and we're going to do better because we haven't done great the a every turn. >> in order to improve access, you have to expand space so you can expand capacity. >> th the v.a. scandal came out in the first place is whistleblowers who came out whether it was dr. foote or paula others came out and said woe see a problem and willing to expose it. you have met with whistle blowers since you have been here and what is your sense of whistleblower protection? >> well, whenever an issue arises. that is really an opportunity for us to look at the system and say where did it break down and why? when employees come forward to me that's a positive thing.
3:56 am
>> president-elect said we are going to fire them all. he also talked about real veterans choice. the dollars following the veteran. would you be prepared to support those kind of efforts? >> you know, we all have the same mission. that is to provide veterans with the care that they earn and they deserve. i look forward to working with our new administration. and we will continue to focus on our mission and do what's best for our veterans. >> do you see any big changes there? are you impressed with her. >> you were a perfect example of representing a veteran saying no, we have heard these talking points before but people are hurting. >> like she is trying to do her best, new there don't give me talking points. acknowledge that veterans have been failed and there is new things we can do. we appreciate that opportunity but things have not chaptiond at phoenix, unfortunately. it's going to take new leadership. >> maybe an eighth leader can get in there. >> thanks, pete. hillary clinton's last hurrah, the message she delivered to teary staff.
3:57 am
>> scott rasmussen joining us live. that's enough to stick around for. >> there we go ♪ now i got to cut loose ♪ foot loose. g back into my bus. which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months,
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clean vs. sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels super clean! oral-b. know you're getting a superior clean. i'm never going back to a manual brush. good morning, it is saturday, november 12th. i'm abby huntsman. we start with a chaos alert. chaos in the street. protester is shot asen a at this trump across the country. >> one of donald trump's popular campaign promises. >> it will be repealed and replaced and we'll know. great healthcare for much less money. >> well, may he have had a change of heart? after his closed door meeting with president obama? we'll check it out. >> and he fought a bitter battle with donald trump for the republican nomination. now, does the president-elect have a new job for his former opponent, ted cruz? we're not talking about a cabinet position either.
4:01 am
it's bigger. >> huger. >> it's huge. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. >> good morning, everybody, on this saturday morning. >> good morning. >> nice to see all of you, abby, pete. >> thanks for having me. you buried the load. i'm going to say it every hour because it's national pizza day. i could eat pizza every day. >> is there a better food. >> that's a hard question, abby. i'm going to pose it to the american people this morning. is there a better food than pizza? it's perfect. it has a little bit of dough, cheese, sauce. >> everything you need, protein, carbs. >> every american has a piece in their fridge. >> ever eat it for breakfast. >> actually better i find the next day. i like cold pizza. >> we're going to be celebrating this morning. first we are going to talk about politics this morning. overnight news out of the trump transition team which is that vice president-elect
4:02 am
mike pence is now going to take over for chris christie who was the head of the transition team and, remember, chris christie facing -- face a judge right around thanksgiving for bridge gate scandal. donald trump had vowed to drain the swamp in washington of scandals and corruption. maybe. >> not to mention his son-in-law jared cur curb jareds christie is responsible for putting his dad in prison. this has less to do with governor chris christie and more to do with president-elect mike pence. he has done a lot of work leading up to this election behind the scenes. he has a lot of friends in congress including paul ryan, ted cruz, you name it. i think he is someone who is really well positioned to handle this transition for president-elect trump. >> some have said mae hey, this looks messy. change at the beginning. others have said this is quick decisive move you need to make sure the transition gets off the way trusted by
4:03 am
conservatives. national security background. he will be heading up the transition team. we got a list of some of the folks on that transition team. if you watch "fox & friends" or fox or follow this closely there is a lot of faces on that map you are going to recognize. >> a lot of our friends. >> this is transition team. these are the folks choosing the potential. >> including members of the trump family. can you see don jr., eric and ivanka on that list. whole campaign has been about the trump family which i think is part of why it has been successful. he has kept people close to him that understand him and know him. >> you have ben carson there on the top row could be slotted for education or health secretary. chris christie up there and newt gingrich which may be secretary of state. that's a long list of people. i agree on decisive thing. if he sees something going wrong he immediately gets rid of chris christie. as chris christie was stacking the deck, he was building people that were loyal to chris christie. and, you know, is he saying like donald trump, this is donald trump's admission. we're north going to have
4:04 am
loyalists of chris christie in my administration now. >> it's been a long week for everyone. we are all still trying to catch up on our sleep and trying to better understand what happened this week. >> that's such a great point election just happened on tuesday. this is saturday and already we are talking about transition team. >> i was in florida talking to voters there when president-elect trump actually went to the white house and sat down with president barack obama. never thought we would actually see. >> front page, this image right here and the hand shaking moment made the front page of the "new york times." did you ever think you would see donald trump sitting in the white house shaking hands with president obama. the meeting went on for 90 minutes. donald trump said after the 90 minutes he wished it went on longer they had a great discussion. donald trump is actually going to be interviewed on 60 minutes this sunday. he talked about this encounter. take a listen. >> when you replace it, are you going to make sure that
4:05 am
people were preconditions are still covered? >> yes. because it happens to be one of the strongest assets. >> you're going to keep that? >> also with the children living with their parents for extended period. we're going to very much try and keep that adds costs, but it's very much something we are going to try and keep. >> and there is going to be a period if you row peel it and before you replace it, when millions of people could see coo lose. >> we will do it simultaneously. it will be just fine. that's what i do. i do a good job. we are going to repeal and it replace it we're not going to have like two day period and we're not going to have a two-year period where there is nothing. it will be repealed and replaced. and we'll know. and it will be great healthcare for much less money. >> >> 60 minutes interview wide ranging interview that clip obviously on obamacare and what he might do. and signaling that maybe there is a shift. >> front page of the "wall street journal" this morning. trump signals shift on obamacare. some of the things that he highlights and talks about
4:06 am
in that interview is that people with preexisting conditions. is he a big fan of not letting he egg insurance not covering you if had you a preexisting condition. >> and young people stay on parents' insurance. easy headline for papers to come out and say donald trump totally shifted his stance on obamacare. what he is trying to say there is this period of time if you are going to repeal i think that is something that even republicans knowing this is real estate peel it. they have been talking about same changes that president-elect trump has. really not a huge shift if you think about it. >> very good point. try to spin it as immediate fracture going away from campaign promises. subtleties you will have implementing a repeal. that doesn't mean you still can't make sure premiums can't come down and get rid of the lines around the states. can you still do all of that while protecting preconceived. we is a couple of guests later on the show talk it b.
4:07 am
costs. if you do allow keep people with preexisting conditions, how do you contain costs? >> this is a fifth of our economy. this is one of the most complicated issues we are going to face going forward. they obviously talked about that when the white house. president obama and president-elect trump talking about obamacare and obviously, i don't know if he had a change of heart but really understanding there is a period of time where you don't want anybody hurting if you are president of the united states that's a big deal. >> waking up this morning hearing about protests overnight. third night of violent protests. anti-trump protest across the country in some of our major cities in portland looting and smashing cars and protests. >> these are not protests anymore. turned into riots. sheriff david clarke last night on the kelly file giving his explanation of some folks that this really isn't fair to. >> i'm tired of these police executives, not the cops. the cops are under orders. i'm tired of them tiptoeing around as you look at the destruction of these businesses.
4:08 am
undermines the public confidence that their government can't get their arms around this thing. come in the morning. their businesses are destroyed. cars are vandalized and set on fire. people are injured this has to be scheduled im -- quelled imimmediately. police officers injured and people possibly killed. these are not spontaneous protests. this is like organized. you know, organized partially by the people, the supporters of the hillary clinton campaign mobilized these people, black lives matter, occupy wall street. >> bernie folks. >> we don't need. this as bill o'reilly said the other night this is just disgraceful. this is not what this country is about. this is a time for healing and this country to come together. i think maybe if this keeps going on we need to hear from president obama. maybe we need to hear more from hillary clinton on this. >> donald trump, i agree with you earlier. both of them need to come out. people spray painting
4:09 am
mosques. >> kill trump. death threats going around. >> burning the american flag. getting ugly. >> go back to asia. we have all got to compact together. >> give him a shot and see what happens. >> look what he has done in the last four or five days. he has listened. reached across the aisle. been measured and trying to get things done. >> someone took his twitter account away. >> that won't happen for long. >> we start with a fox news alert and a deadly explosion rocking balgram air force base in afghanistan. four people have been killed with more than a dozen injured. the taliban is claiming responsibility for this attack after a member of the terrorist group was able to gain access to the base and detonate an explosive vest. there is no immediate word on the identity of those victims. we 8 keep an eye on that for you. one last hurrah for hillary clinton privately addressing her campaign staffers last night in brooklyn. take a listen.
4:10 am
[chanting hillary] >> earlier call with staffers admitting that the past few days since her upset loss to donald trump have taken emotional toll on her. senator lindsey graham making surprising suggestion who he thinks president trump should fill the vacant supreme court seat. fellow senator ted cruz. graham once joked about murdering cruz on the senate floor and routinely criticized the senator. there is no stronger constitutional conservative. and that is politics before for you. >> one day enemies. next day best friends. >> is he right. obviously is he a constitutionalist and would make a supreme court justice. maybe senator graham might not want him in the senate. >> ulterior moves. a pain to work with. >> everybody is trying to clear the path to get some things done, i fess. >> you have seen the shocking video. donald trump supporter carjacked and then beaten in the street. >> you voted trump. you voted trump.
4:11 am
he voted trump. >> it is disturbing. and this morning that victim is speaking out. >> and what's on the congressional agenda for president trump's first year in office? what are the priorities? they have control of both houses. they control everything now. wisconsin governor sean duffyins us next. they have some work to do. >> just won the race. ♪ ♪
4:12 am
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4:14 am
j welcome back. just days after winning the election. president-elect donald trump went to washington to meet the president and congressional leaders.
4:15 am
what is on the g.o.p.'s ambitious agenda for the new year. with success sean duffy from wisconsin. the state that helped mr. trump break the blue wall. congratulations on your wins a well. >> good morning, abby. thank you. it was a great win for us in wisconsin. we broke the blue wall and helped donald trump win. >> making history. a new chapter for washington. you have a republican in the white house. republican controlled senate and congress. a lot of work to be done, sir. where do you begin? >> well, first, i think you have to lock at donald trump's promises in conjunction with the work that we have done in the house. we're going to work on fixing healthcare. obamacare hasn't worked across america we have to make sure that program works. we have to secure our border. we need tax reform, abby so we can put more money back in the hands of our families and small businesses. we have a set of ideas over the last years obama consolidated power in washington and with
4:16 am
washington brow democrats. we want to disseminate power back to states and communities and families we think they know t how to run their lives and communities. help our middle class families out. >> let's talk about obama here because that is a big one. a lot of people made their vote on obamacare and the fact that mr. trump was so honest about wanting to repeal that law. he is still saying he wants to. there is this period of time that a lot of people are talking about where you replace it and people might not be left without any insurance. that's not a place you want to be. have you hooked into this well before now. what do you do with that part of it? >> so we have a plan in the house to repeal and replace obamacare. but we have to work with mr. trump to make sure he is on the same page. your viewers have to understand. it's easy now to repeal obamacare. the problem is th the pass a new bill. you need 60 votes to pass a
4:17 am
bill. which means you will need roughly 8 democrat senators to join to us get a new healthcare package through the senate and to the president's desk. it's a little bit challenging. we will need democrats to buy into this new reform. i think democrats across the country understand that the affordable care act is not affordable and it's not working for people. again, what we want to do is when you have mandates, i have 8 kids. i might buy maternity coverage for my wife and family. we might have more kids. but there is a lot of people outside child bearing years having to buy maternity coverage that drives up the cost of their insurance premiums. some of this stuff just doesn't make sense. and it's costing our families so much more. >> obviously, there is republican controlled congress now but not everyone agrees as you know. talk about border security and talk about tax reform and obamacare. now it's going to be up to mr. trump to figure out how to make these deals and how to negotiate. you understand thousand all works here. what advice do you have for him to be successful
4:18 am
especially in the first 100 days in office? >> well, i think the unity that you saw with mr. trump and mr. ryan a couple days ago. that's a great start. but he has to tap in to mike pence who has a great relationship with the house. he also has to look to reince priebus. who is also a really good friend of paul ryan's. it's those kind of relationships that help us come together as republicans to get the best set of ideas to move forward that everyone can buy into. again, you will have to bring democrats into this process. viewers might not want to hear that but we will need their help. >> what about this wall? because not everyone is on board with building a wall. mr. trump is say sta staying on that saying we are going to build this wall. how are you going to do that though if not everyone son his side. >> i think, you know, this was the main theme of his campaign and he won. so whether it's actually a physical wall all the way across the border or there is some areas of the wall that we're using technology or boots on the ground we have to secure our border. that was very clear across america. not just with republicans, abby but independence and
4:19 am
democrats want us to secure our border. and so, you're going to see a movement inside the house to talk about how to get that done. but, we will get that done with mr. trump. >> other big question, if we do pay for it, how do we afford for that? >> listen, there is a lot of money out there that's wasted. we'll have plenty of resources to build a wall. that will come through our house budget and through our house appropriations to give mr. trump the necessary resources to build the wall. and we're talking a couple billion dollars. that won't be a problem. you know, almost $3 trillion budget. >> one of the big differences between hillary clinton. >> and. >> go ahead. >> no, go ahead that's fine. >> one of the big differences on the campaign trail hillary clinton saying she was going to raise taxes on the wealthy and some say lower taxes. how does he lower taxes for americans? >> so, again, we have already worked on a whole package of tax reform. but what we have to do is we have to make the tax code
4:20 am
fairer, flatter and simpler. we think if we broaden the base and reduce rates and get rid of the loopholes and preferences that so many lobbyists and powerful interests have come to washington over the course of decades and cankd themselves out of the tax code. we have to carve them back in. when do you that you can lower the rates and everybody knows what people are paying. you don't have some people abby make a lot of money paying 8% taxes. we want to know what everyone in america is paying. that's because you have a simple tax code that's understandable for everybody. i think across middle america people don't make a lot of mope have to go to a tax accountant to help them prepare their taxes. simplify that so you can do it on a pose damage stamp. >> you have your work cut out for you. blood and thanks for being with us this morning. >> ted cruz would be a good choice but trey gowdy would be an awesome choice for the supreme court. is he a conservative who would be fantastic. don't forget about trey.
4:21 am
>> okay. that's a great point to end on. leave it there so much for you guys to do coming up. thanks, congressman. good to see you. >> absolutely. >> we'll be back right after this.
4:22 am
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welcome back. president-elect donald trump is wasting no time. building bridges from the white house within the white house with president obama. and then moving on over to capitol hill. so how do americans on both sides of the aisle, both in washington and across the country. how do they come together and could that very same thing? here now for our political panel this morning is republican strategist cathy lynn taylor and fox news political analyst and "wall street journal" reporter shelby holiday. thank you both for joining us this morning. >> thanks for having us. >> lots of politics we're all ready to talk about it
4:25 am
no matter what. we have the riots in the streets right now. we have divisive conversation online. death threats and trending #s of assassinate trump. are our leaders doing enough to bring americans together. >> i always say that democrats' relationships with hillary clinton is a little bit like a bad relationship. you know it needs to end but you're never quite ready to do it. here is the final ending. here is the process. we all go through when a relationship ends. you go through the pity and pain and hurt. and then did you go through the anger and then you go to the new beginnings. we are now at the point of new beginning. we have to respect that process whether we agree or not. what i write about in my blook book red is the new black. values americans share. they are values that president-elect trump campaigned on. they may not have been positioned that way or messaged that way but that's exactly what they are. belief in america. believe in the future. the ability to have financial independence. and so while there may have
4:26 am
been rhetoric around those messages in the campaign, what we're seeing just already in this first week is translating those messages into policy. >> sure. >> that's how we can come together. >> before we get to policy, the coming together is not happening on the streets. >> no. >> a lot of folks on the left, democrats are saying donald trump used divisive language. >> yeah. >> he divided us. and they are in the streets saying is he not our president. how do you resolve that first. >> i woke up this morning and looking at twitter and even republican strategists are saying this, too. hard to have a honeymoon period when you run a divisive campaign and lost the popular vote. however, donald trump is the president. beautiful thing about america is you don't have to like your president. you don't have to -- you can say whatever you want about your president. we have freedom of speech. i think hillary clinton gave the democrats and the rest of the country the greatest advice when she say we owe donald trump an open mind. is he our president. i think the more people can understand that and maybe sort of, you know, you don't have to love him but give him a chance. >> is there more president
4:27 am
obama could do? yes, he met with him but he also said he still thinks trump is unfit for the presidency. that strikes me as a halfway -- >> -- it's a slow process. it's like what we saw in the republican primary and now it's happening on this national stage. it just takes a while. you can't jump in and be best friend. >> hope don't burn down too many businesses through this cathartic process. >> that's a separate problem. >> that goes back to law and order. >> sure. >> this is another attribute that trump campaigned on and i do think that while we have to respect the process as i said. there is also a point at which we have to respect the security and safety and freedom of americans and i hope that both obama and president-elect trump can find ways even before january to work together to make sure that's very clear. >> say they are able to do that. focus on priorities. only get so much done in washington in a short period of time. what are the top two, three things that the republican administration should be focusing on. >> we just did a story about this.
4:28 am
trump's first 100 days. changes to the affordable care act. peal some of those subsidies and mandates back. is he also going to look at immigration. it's not just about the wall. he has some policies he wants to implement there and tax reform. on top of every republican's list right now. >> anything else you would add to that list. >> he made a brilliant move this week. very important move. he said we're going to be a strong america again. did he that by extending the olive branch to two of our most historically important allies britain and israel. it's a very -- it was subtle move but very important one. let's the world know and let's americans know that our history is important and important to the strength of our future. >> that's a great point. lieutenant colonel shaffer on early on. people quibbling about nato and russia. sending the broad signals to to our allies we are back. >> that's right. >> he has reached out. also, to pelosi and schumer. he has been making a lot of phone calls this week. >> well, we have -- >> -- it's been a busy couple days. >> play them back for you and see if you are correct.
4:29 am
no, interesting hundred days it? >> will be. >> have you seen the shocking video, donald trump supporter carjacked and then beaten in the street. >> you voted trump. you voted trump. he voted trump. kill. >> supposed to look like right there. that victim is talking about that attack. plus, it's beginning to look, well, is it beginning to look a little bit like -- oh, now it is, christmas. rick is live at santa's wonderland, i mean there he is. santa. rick, we're going to see what he has coming up. what you have got? >> you can believe it? christmas happened. santa wonderland starts today at bass pro shops and we have a sneak peek coming up here all morning long including this guy. you need to talk to this guy about that x box that you want. stay with us. >> x box 1. >> santa, he can help you. ♪ toys in every store
4:30 am
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♪ ain't that america ♪ something to see. >> national pizza day. and we are celebrating as usual a food-related holiday we always celebrate on "fox & friends." >> burgers out there on the grill.
4:34 am
>> we got four businesses we have going to talk to later on all of which are hiring veterans. one day off of veterans day four great companies out there on the plaza going to talk to you. jobs available top to bottom for veterans. >> yesterday was veterans day and you have been a busy day last few days. you were out in phoenix yesterday, you were at the famous phoenix veterans parade there. and you served as the grand marshall. you rode in a humvee. >> yes. right there. >> how did that happen. >> i don't know. i know some folks over there third largest veterans day parade in america. it was incredible. that was a group of vietnam veterans there all dressed up in their -- specifically focused on vietnam vets and honoring them this year. they rotate into different years. i rode with a vietnam vet. a helicopter pilot with the first cav it blu blew my mind. beautiful day. i'm not an emotional guy, usually. i was welled up honestly for half the parade ride. >> you look at americans, black, white, hispanic, all ages, all economic
4:35 am
background, waving flags, thanks vets. god bless america. slooght vietnam veterans. it was the essence of america. i want to thank everybody for that it was so cool. >> also looking at the v.a. two years removed from that scandal. >> exactly. i have been a critic of the v.a. we have been watchdogging it we also spent time there talking to the director. meeting with other vets. still not fixed. universally americans want the v.a. to work and want to honor veterans and the parade was such a cool way to do it. >> love it was a couple days after this election. i have two brothers in the navy. our two boys don't ask who they are serving or what party they are from it's country before politics. >> politics didn't come up the whole day this country and how special it is which we need more. >> that's great. good job, pete. good to have you here. >> good to be here. >> other headlines to get to this morning. back on the trump train former campaign manager for president-elect trump corey lund. remember him? he quit his cnn gig as a
4:36 am
political commentator and spotted outside of trump tower. lewandowski spending the last few months with cnn following accusations of violently grabbing a reporter during a trump campaign rally in florida it sun clear what his role will be. and a man caught on camera, viciously beaten by complete strangers. look at this. just because he voted for president-elect donald trump. and he is now speaking out. >> you voted trump. you voted trump. [bleep] he voted trump. >> what's happening to america? you're supposed to be able to vote in peace. i vote for somebody and i get beaten, robbed, and my car stolen. >> that is horrible. well, the man claims it all started when he tried to exchange insurance information after an accident. he says one man screamed, quote: that's one of those white boy trump supporters. and that is when he they started to attack him before stealing his car.
4:37 am
so far they have not been caught. just a horrible story. well a day after insisting fake news is not a -- facebook suffering a grave glitch by reporting thousands of users, including facebook creator mark zuckerberg were dead. memorial banners showing up on several pages encouraging people to remember and celebrate their lives. facebook apologizing calling it a terrible error that has now been fixed. >> did you get one of those? >> no. i'm glad i didn't. well, john kerry, high tailing it out of the country now that the election is over. the secretary of state landing in to antarctica two day trip taking a tour of the frozen continent before it melts. decline of polar ice and impact on sea levels. he is now the highest ranking official to ever visit antarctica. that's a way to leave politics. >> jim carrey to produce him
4:38 am
he was john kerry. >> i do love jim carrey. >> i love christmas. and christmas is coming faster than you think. we have sent rick reichmuth to give santa our wish list this morning. >> who better than rick? is he live at bass pro shops, santa's wonderland in bridgeport, connecticut. good morning, rick. >> good morning, guys. you better text me your list very quick for santa. this happens every year. bass pro shops comes. we do this with bass pro shops. first one where i think what, it is christmas time? >> i know, it's early. that's why we got to start it. >> do you have to start. bridgeport, connecticut and amazing bass pro shops store and we have santa and all kinds of stuff for kids this morning. we want to talk all about it welcome theresa veil by the way. >> thank you, thank you. i first want to start out by saying this is not exclusive to bridgeport that santa's wonderland is found all across the united states and canada in bass pro shops. it's just our way of uniting families through the christmas season. >> one of the things you guys always do a place where kids can get their picture taken with santa.
4:39 am
you have given away 9 million free pictures with santa claus. >> some people are charging 20, 30 photos nowadays for pictures with santa. that's ridiculous. we want to offer you a free photo. you deserve it. >> you come here, not only a place you come to shop but you can also play. >> this is one of the many things that you will find at santa's wonderland here. and there is the laser arcade. there is these foam shooter arcade. >> this this is brilliant. >> this is amazing. >> this is something for parents to do and the adults to do. >> fun for all ages. >> kids actually have crafts. >> this is the unique thing about santa's wonderland. new craft every single week and it's always free. like right now they could be decorating a santa stocking. there is a christmas ornament. there is a cookie they can decorate and all free. >> parents can come. kids can do this. go home with stocking. >> they can come back multiple times. >> don't have to pay for it? >> if they come every week
4:40 am
there is a new thing. >> absolutely. >> brilliant. you have a way to beat the line? kind of like disney land with some sort of a fast pass. >> yeah. the bass pass. it essentially reserves your spot in virtual line. pick up a bass pass. go pray santa's wonderland and come back at your designated time, no lines. we also recommend that you come between monday and thursday and that would definitely eliminate the crowd. >> fewer people at that point. >> yeah. >> we have to talk to santa claus really quick. are you ready? you have probably just been paying attention to politics for the last number of months. >> absolutely. >> absolutely. all right. now it's time to forget about that and get to the good stuff that everybody loves. >> that's it. i think that somebody here likes santa claus. what do you think of santa claus here. >> happy. >> happy? that's pretty much it. santa. you are happy. everybody think santa is happy? >> happy. >> all right. santa claus, are you ready for the big season. >> yes, i am. working hard at north pole.
4:41 am
we are almost ready. >> santa is ready and the kids are yesterdayy and it is christmas time upon us, guys. >> i can't believe it. it reminds me of the good ole days get a photo for free. >> bass pro shops line it up. i don't know, rick, if we are ever going to get out of there with all those toys. we know how you are. >> the remote controlled cars. they are all mine. >> thank you, rick, we will see you soon. >> coming up, a possible transfer of power on "saturday night live." >> i won the debate. i stayed calm. just like i promised and it is over. good night, hofstra. >> well, word this morning that alec baldwin's days impersonating the future president, they might be over. >> really? he is pretty good i thought. >> politicians across the country they are all when the trump campaign turned the electoral map red. so how did they poll this off? scott rasmussen next to explain how that strategy
4:42 am
worked. he is at the map. stick with us. ♪ simply the best ♪ better than all the rest >> what the others aren't covering. what the media is missing, and what america needs to know. when it comes to the issues impacting you, no one tells you the truth like tucker. "tucker carlson tonight" premiering monday only on fox news channel. ♪ remember writing letters to santa? scrawling heartfelt words to the big man in the red suit, who could make all your wish list come true? bring those memories back at santa's wonderland at bass pro shops - with crafts... games... and a picture with santa - all for free. simulation initiated. ♪ [beeping]
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4:46 am
watching. and dozens of celebrities who promise to leave the country. there is your map right there. there is a lot on that list. they said they leave the country if mr. trump were elected. well now they are getting cold feet. including chelsea handler. >> because i want to move to spain. i really want to move to spain right now. and everyone in my office is like you have a responsibility. you have a voice and you need to use it and you have to be here. [ applause ] but,. >> so much courage. can barely hold it in. others like whoopi goldberg and amy schumer saying just kidding. whoopi goldberg says she is not leaving the country she was, quote, born and raised. shocking. hollywood duplicity yet again on display. clayton over to you. >> still plan to move to jupiter like she said. well donald trump's win on tuesday shocked the world. how did he do it? scott rasmussen the president of the senior group and fellow kings college in new york city.
4:47 am
scott, great to see you this morning. >> great to see. >> you we should preface this, we see a lot of red arrows here which may look like a trump landslide. it's not actually the case. these are moammar jim shifts. >> this map was put together by the "new york times." it shows counties that voted for barack obama in four years ago and which way they shifted. red arrows shifted toward the republicans. the blue arrows in the other direction. couple things on this map. right up here, wisconsin and michigan. a lot of red arrows. that's how they converted a couple of close states and western pennsylvania. >> really in pennsylvania, there is not a lot because there weren't a lot of counties won by barack obama four years ago. there is that real divide. what happened in pennsylvania, african-american turnout was 13% of the keystone state vote four years ago. down to 10% now. donald trump drew young voters from other parts of the state and did better among the youth vote there something else really important here. donald trump made a lot of gains in new england but this emphasizes the marginal nature of it republicans are
4:48 am
so far behind in new england it didn't help at all. >> move to the next screen which is where mrs. clinton made gains in city but lost some of the smaller cities. >> something that perhaps overstates the case. barack obama won the urban vote by 26% four years ago. hillary clinton won it by 24%. perhaps what we happening is a lot of people expected in those small cities and suburban areas that donald trump would just be too toxic that they would go the other way. they didn't. donald trump is d. a little better suburban voters than romney. clayton, something of interest for those voters, among moderates, donald trump did better than mitt romney. >> he did better among latinos, he did better among african-americans. >> right. >> he did better among moderates. look at home. hold on to your hats here. look at this screen. this is amazing. >> these are counties that at least 75% of the people the vote was white working class voters. people who did not have a
4:49 am
college degree. >> so all of these shifts from president obama to donald trump all across the country in the white working class? >> theater. what happened compared to four years ago? mitt romney, again, a change of intensity and enthusiasm. mitt romney won these voters by 26%. donald trump won them by 39%. >> and then finally. >> this is america's rural counties. and a few are trending back towards the democrats but overwhelmingly a sea of red. same story here. it went from 20% in mitt romney's direction to 28% for donald trump. what we see is a story where people were excited about donald trump in a way they weren't excited about other candidates. >> unbelievable. yeah. this is from the "new york times" and the associated press. scott, great to see you this morning. >> great to he so you, clayton. >> coming up here on the show. this picture went viral after the election. a hiker ran into hillary clinton in the woods. like a chance meeting. out hiking ran in to hillary and bill. so says the photographer. but wasn't this whole thing
4:50 am
staged? we will get to the bottom of this photo. and donald trump is promising to take care of our veterans. but four companies are already doing that by hiring our heroes. it's a veterans day job fair live on our plaza when we come back.
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
making a point to hire we have four companies doing
4:54 am
just that. first we're at marco's pizza. here with joe walker and his colleagues here. tell me at marco's pizza and what you are doing for vets. >> thank you for having us. fastest growing pizza franchise. 750 units open today. 150 units planned for development next year. intend to create 3,000 jobs just within our new growth next year. >> at love this is focused. you are a veteran. we served in iraq at the same time 2005 and 2006. how are you focusing on vets. >> 3,000 jobs we have across our franchise system coming next year. not necessarily slated for veterans but the opportunity for veterans within the system wasted on their integrated training with standard operating procedures and systemic processes correlates directly to success within the marco's franchise concept. >> hiring vets is a good business bottom line as well as a good thing to do. i want one of those pizzas later on. marco pizza thank you very much. tell me about j dog junk
4:55 am
removal and hauling. >> all military veteran company and military families. we are opening up franchises all over the country. putting veterans to work using that system. >> and what is your organization briefly. >> real quick we do junk removal services. clean outs, hallouts more importantly putting veterans into small business ownership in every state. >> very cool. i forgot to say for marco's pizza. marco's and for you it's j veterans-owned i want one of those camouflage hats. can i get one of those. >> yes, sir. >> appreciate it showny's something smells good over here. david, good to see you this morning. david davenport chairman and ceo of shoney's. tell me what you are doing for vets. >> great all-american brand. been in business since 1947. >> great all-american? >> absolutely. it's all yours. >> hot off the grill. tell me about what you are doing. >> that's right. we love our veterans. you know, shoney's the essence of what we do at showny's. it's for our veterans.
4:56 am
we love our veterans. the veterans has been everybody ising our organization for many, many years. from the big war to now. home for them. come on home. not only as a matter of fact, yesterday we give as much as many as i have heard as many as 1 million burgers away to our veterans. we started this for our veterans. not because we love them so much as a matter of fact for franchising if they want to join us we have incentives for them. >> holiday positions. we have to move to the next one. shone' cheeseburgers fantastic by the way. thank you very much. win home inspection. welcome thanks for being here. tell us about win. >> thank you for your service first of all. 2 years in service. coming through six consecutive years of growth. big shutout. 187 franchise locations in 32 states. a special program of win for david with win kettering, ohio classic example of the success that we have had
4:57 am
from good quality veterans. >> win home inspection. win for thanks for focusing on vets. all of these companies amazing opportunity for veterans. thank you for being here. we have a big show on tap for the remainder of this saturday[v morning. stick around. great guests coming. i'm going to eat more.
4:58 am
♪ something new has arrived. ♪ uniquely designed... for the driven. ♪ introducing the first-ever infiniti qx30 crossover. lease the first-ever infiniti qx30 for $299 a month. visit your local infiniti retailer.
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5:00 am
>> good morning to you. it is saturday, november 12th, 2016. i'm abby huntsman. we begin with a fox news alert. anarchy in america as radical left wing activists riot in the streets. angry at donald trump. the president-elect calling for unity. is it time for the current president to join him and end all of this chaos? >> and president-elect donald trump unveiling his official transition team led by none other vice president elect mike pence. so why is chris christie on the chopping block? he is out. and what can we expect in the days and weeks to come? >> plus, millions of americans cheered that the promise to prosecute hillary clinton. [chanting lock her up]
5:01 am
>> well, this morning thousand, there is word that the president-elect, well, maybe he is ready to forgive and forget. i'm ready for coffee. you should be, too. >> are a that burger you just ate. >> pizza coming because it's national pizza day and mornings are better with friends. ♪ ♪ >> you guys know i don't eat breakfast. >> you eat a burger. >> when i see things on the menu for the show. >> pizza, burgers, there is like sliders out there. what else was out there. >> more pizza, too. >> camouflage hat. did you eat that, too. >> i will if i have to. >> speed just walked in with basically mayonnaise running down his chin eating a big burger. can't see his coffee cup but it really is like a cup of cream with just a touch of coffee. >> that's it. i like it light and sweet. what can i say, i'm sorry. >> simple guy, pete. >> welcome in to "fox & friends" on this saturday morning. hope you are waking up with your family and enjoying a cup of coffee this morning.
5:02 am
we are learning more billion president-elect donald trump's transition team. we heard it was going to be chris christie. he was heading up transition team. according to ed henry and own sources apirntly donald trump didn't lick the fact that chris christie was stacking the deck with christie loyalties, so he is out. is he gone. now mike pence is heading up this transition team. >> i think it sounds like they could very well find a position in the administration for governor chris christie. >> maybe. >> but this might be the smartest move. >> if he is not prosecuted. >> he still has that going on. >> right. >> you have vice president elect mike pence who as we have seen on this campaign up to this point has played a very important role with donald trump with congress. he has worked behind the scenes oftentimes when things got a little bit uneasy when he had members of the house and the senate say we are not sure about this. we don't necessarily agree with what mr. trump has been saying. he would go in and sit down and say this is too important. you have got to stick by us.
5:03 am
and very successful. >> he has been explainer. d.c. guy. conservative, he understands foreign policy. chris christie will still remain vice chairman apparently. have you dr. ben carson, newt gingrich, rudy giuliani, jeff sessions. general flynn, reince priebus and the three kids, too, ivanka, donald jr. and eric trump. >> that's an important point to make. i have been through a campaign before as well with my dad. it's important to keep the people who know you well close to you. they are the ones that understand you and what's best for you. that's been the smartest move he has made so far is having his family members with him along the whole journey. >> kellyanne conway has been his voice during. this will she take on a communications role? so many questions yet around all of this. there is his kids. they will play a vital role in this transition to power through the holidays here. >> this will dominate speculation through the next couple of weeks. transition team decide hog. >> media hates to speculate.
5:04 am
>> will hillary clinton be prosecuted? remember during the campaign and during the debate donald trump said that -- was during the -- i think the final debate when he said you would be in jail. so now questions of whether or not he is going to actually appoint a special prosecutor to go after hillary clinton. well he, he has done an interview that will be on 60 minutes on sunday night. and he seemed to concede the point that, you know what? we have bigger fish to fry right now. jobs, you know, immigration, and other things. we're not going to really be focusing on hillary clinton. listen. >> and then he also talked about the phone call that they had after. >> yeah, so translating forward to the phone call. first, in the "wall street journal" he was quoted as saying it's not something i have given a lot of thought to prosecuting hillary clinton. i want to concentrating on jobs, healthcare reand tax reform. political capital. how much do you want to spend on prosecuting your former opponent even if it
5:05 am
was illegal. how much do you want to focus on agenda moving forward. he has had contact with her. after election day the opponent calls to concede to the winner. and oh to be a fly on that line and hear what went on there. this is how donald trump described the phone call he had with hillary clinton. >> hillary called and it was a lovely call. and it was a tough call for her. i mean, can i imagine. tougher for here than it would have been for me and for me it would have been very difficult. we couldn't have bee -- she couldn't have been nicer. she just said congratulations, donald, well done. i say i want to thank you very much you are a great competitor. she is very strong and very smart. >> you have to remember these are two people that were good friends before all of this happened. across the board, you look at hillary clinton. you look at president-elect donald trump. even president obama how they have handled it just the past few days after we know now the results of this election. they have all come to the podium and said this is a time for has been. this ibeen -- for
5:06 am
healing. what we are seeing play out on the streets right now is not necessarily what we are hearing from our leaders. we are seeing chaos and protest and people that are up in arms and oftentimes getting violent. this is not the country, clayton, this is not who we are. it's not america. >> disgusting. you see portland. people trashing stores and looting store fronts. this is not spontaneous protests. not like somebody is angry about the election. where were these people before the election? we have the right in this country to protest. that's what this country, this nation is founded on protest, right? but where were these people before the election? we see that voting numbers, exit polls show there was a huge -- it was a big lack of enthusiasm so people stayed home and frankly didn't vote. in philadelphia, african-american vote was down significantly. there are exit polls showing across this country that people simply stayed home and now they are coming out. >> look at these videos, pete. you watch this play out. this is so ugly.
5:07 am
>> this is lawlessness? you have a right to protest. just because you have the right doesn't make it right. especially when you are burning businesses. throwing objects at cops. at some point you have to reestablish law and order. protests like this are part of what propelled donald trump forward. you saw barack obama encouraging, inciting some of it with black lives matter. police forces not being age to deal with it the way you would want to. a lot of this is internal to the left as well. bernie supporters feel like they got double rigid. they got beat by trump in the general election and got hillary clinton, a candidate that didn't serve them very well. >> they feel like bernie sanders maybe could have beat donald trump. >> whether or not that's a sentiment. >> remember over the summer these protests were happening black lives matter protests and move was behind it sending out emails and marking people into these areas that people didn't even live in these areas and driving in to be a part of these protests. >> david webb said on our show that's the exactly what happened. a lot of rallies planned for hillary clinton. everyone thought for sure she was going to win.
5:08 am
>> people spray painting and burning and doing things to mosques. yelling at immigrants in this country. >> burning the american flag. >> telling immigrants to go back to asia. >> you wonder does president obama need to come out and speak to this. this is a time where i said we need heeling and leadership. someone we did not expect to come out and talk about the election and just sort of this healing. >> oprah. >> oprah winfrey, right? >> oprah. >> she said. >> she's back. >> take a deep breath. take a listen to what she said. >> i just saw president-elect trump with president obama in the white house and it gave me hope. >> good. >> it gave me hope. i mean, i have to say. to hear president-elect trump say that he has respect for president obama, it felt that he had reached a moment where he was actually humbled by that experience. to hear president obama say that he has renewed
5:09 am
confidence in the peaceful transition, i think everybody can take a deep breath. >> all about unity. >> everybody can take a deep breath now. >> we all need a deep breath. >> she is ultimately right. this is a woman had endorsed barack obama twice. hillary clinton. definitely on that side of the aisle. recognizes let's step back for a second. we have elections. elections have consequences. they have winners. and if they are going to mutually respect each other. which is what's happened. you have to give credited for barack obama and hillary clinton for reaching out positively to donald trump. he has conducted himself very well in the first few days. these protests are not productive and not helpful. >> and it felt so real as we have been talking about. this has been a long week for everybody. you forget the election was a few days ago. it became real for me and some others when we saw donald trump go to the white house and sit down with president obama and shake hands. this is very real. this happened. >> it was real. the "new york times" that photo of president obama reaching over and shaking
5:10 am
donald trump's hand at the white house. this image right here. unbelievable. >> it's fascinating that they had never met either. >> i didn't realize that. >> they hadn't. it was supposed to be a 15 to 20 minute meeting that turned in to over an hour. you have to believe donald trump sat in that oval office hey, i may not like you. i opposed you at every step i'm at least willing to hear what you have to say because of the weight and gravity of that office. >> i think president trump real layed now i'm going to be the next president. this is the most important job i am ever going to have. i have to listen to them and take it seriously. >> yes. that's what's happening. >> we begin with a fox news alert. a deadly explosion rocking bag gram air force base in afghanistan. at least four people are killed with more than a dozen injured. the taliban is claiming responsibility for the attack. after a member of the terrorist group was able to gabe access to the base and detonate explosive vest. there is no immediate word on the identity of those victims. officers under attack. two idaho cops are shot.
5:11 am
one critically during a gun battle with a wanted fugitive. that gunman is now dead. police were searching for marco ramiro, can you see him there gunfire erupted in boise neighborhood. they believe he was responsible for another shooting on tuesday that left two people hurt. one officer just out of surgery this morning. and this is the third police involved shooting in that area in just the last 24 hours. an airline pilot playing referee between two passengers who political argument got out of hand while on the tarmac. the pilot then warning everyone else, listen. >> going to be in a metal tube at 35,000 feet to bring up politics. okay. i understand everybody has their opinions. that's fine. what i do ask is that as people we have the common decency to respect each other's decisions. >> united airlines pilot going on to warn passengers if it happened again they would be kicked off of that
5:12 am
plane. and was the hillary clinton hiking photo staged? some people believe it was. a woman ran into the former candidate in the woods in chappaqua supposedly by chance just a day after she lost the election. margo was hiking in chappaqua with her daughter when she spotted hillary clinton and bill clinton walking their dogs. critics believe their meeting was not so random especially since they met before. here is al picture on gearster's showing her at fundraiser that fundraiser was hosted by the gear gerstner. >> secret service out in the woods sr.? >> look, i'm in the woods. >> random person walking by with baby. >> i ran into you. take a photo. maybe send it out. come on, too much. >> anyway. let us know your thoughts. still ahead. the president-elect vowing to get rid of obamacare. what is the republican's plan to replace it? texas congressman and doctor
5:13 am
michael burgess has an idea and he joins us live. >> that will definitely be interesting. hillary clinton may be done with politics. but there is word this morning that the clinton dynasty will continue for the one and only chelsea. maybe for congress? we shall see. ♪ i want to fly away. ♪ yeah, yeah ♪ yeah. ♪ i want to get away ♪ i want to fly away ♪ yeah, i'm my team's #1 fan. yay. sports.
5:14 am
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5:16 am
healthcare law is collapsing under its own weight. to your specific question about repealing and replacing obamacare. this congress, this house majority, this senate majority has already demonstrated in proving we are able to pass that legislation and put it on the president's desk. the problem is president
5:17 am
obama vetoed it. now we have president trump coming who is asking to us do this. >> obamacare may be on life support now that republicans control congress and the white house. what is there plan to replace and repeal that legislation. >> that's right. big question. joining us now to weigh in is texas congressman and medical doctor obgyn michael burgess. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> this is the big question. >> trillion-dollar question. >> trillion-dollar question. good point. what is the plan to repeal and replace? >> well, i think you have h. speaker ryan on a moment ago. you showed a clip of him. speaker ryan has tasked or did last we're year, tasked the house. let's put down our ideas oen paper. let's not be having people to guess at this. that work has already been done. look, going forward, there will be a new congress sworn in. this will come through the committees of jurisdiction. the new congress will actually decide on the policy. the good news is that we have now got a willing partner down in the white house who is at least
5:18 am
willing to talk to us about this. cai cannot tell you how frustrating it is to have been frozen out. and i think democrats, if they were honest, would admit this as well. we have been absolutely frozen out any sort of ideas with the obama administration. now, look, one thing that could happen, and it could happen the day after inauguration day, the relaxation of the individual mandate, one of the most coercive parts of the affordable care act something that has no part in the free society. the new secretary of health and human services could begin to grant hardship waivers to americans who are having a tough time with obamacare. president clinton outlined crazy system, pay more money and get less benefits is it hard? yes, you get a hardship waiver, no longer penalized if you don't buy obamacare. >> president-elect, donald trump sat down with president obama a couple days ago. he said he told president obama in that meeting that i will look at his suggestions and out of respect i will do that either obamacare will be amended or repealed and
5:19 am
replaced. i want to ask you because one of the biggest mistakes that i think president obama made early on in his presidency was basically shoving down obamacare down the american people's throats, passing it only through partisan lines. how important is it for president-elect trump to actually listen to both sides of the aisle to figure out what is the best plan in moving forward? because, as you said, this is a trillion-dollar question. >> yeah. well, first off, you don't ever want to do that. i think what the history lesson of obamacare is you don't want to do things under just one party being on board. because, when you get in to trouble and you invariably will when these things get to the agencies, when you get into trouble, you need friends on both sides of the question. other thing is, a bigamying piece of what i thought was a big miss by the obama administration, why didn't you involve the governors and actually at this point, i am really looking forward to our governors, our state legislators to step up and tell washington. look, you defend the border and deliver the mail. we will take care of our people who have preexisting
5:20 am
conditions. that will be a very refreshing change. >> you mentioned preexisting conditions. that's one of the hedges that president-elect trump just made that maybe we keep protections for that how do you contain costs if you are guaranteeing coverage, briefly? >> well, actually, states were doing a reasonable job with that. they needed some help from the federal government prior to obamacare. that's one thing. but do remember preexisting conditions is a feature of the individual market. people in the large group market. people in insurance this is not the problematic situation that it is for folks in the individual market. that's what needs to be fixed. >> we have to leave it there. congressman mike burgess thanks for being with us this morning. >> thank you. >> pollsters around the country got the election all wrong. almost all of them did. donald trump's team did not. they nailed it what did they see in the data that everyone else missed? one of donald trump's pollsters will be with us soon with the inside scoop. >> could they be the new leader of the democratic
5:21 am
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welcome back on this saturday. a quick look at your consumer headlines. the dow jones finishing the week of this election on a record high. it closed more than 18,800 points at that level just days after fears, fear mongering that it would plunge after mr. trump won the white house. that's good news. but some not so good news for the company grub hub company stock sinking 4% just one day after the ceo asked his own employees to out themselves as president-elect trump
5:25 am
supporters and if they do d. so to resign. saying he had no place for them at all. turns out some investors have no place for grub hub in light of that clayton? over to you. >> thanks, pete. well, it's no secret that pollsters around the country got the election all wrong. most were certain that hillary clinton's chances at securing the presidency were all but locked up. but the pollsters in the trump campaign saw something very different and they got it right. here is what they saw and how they capitalized on it is trump campaign pollster adam geller. nice to see you this morning. >> nice to see you. thanks for having us. >> how did the hillary people not know that western pa was like trump country suddenly. what was going on in michigan? how did you guys get it right? >> i think the first thing you have to do is smart team of people who are really diving in to the data. you know, you can't just look at the top lines. you can't just conclude anything based on the fact that you're down a point here, two points there. you have to look at the totality of it. who wants change? who is most likely to show up? does the 2012 model match
5:26 am
reality or is it time to toss it and really let the poll tell us what the poll wants to say. >> let's go to wisconsin. i want to show what the real clear average looked like. real clear politics average looked like on november 7th. there it was. clinton 46, to trump -- so, in wisconsin, clinton is issue it. andr. -- crushing it. day later trump 47 to clinton's 46. that was way off. >> if you lock at those numbers, it's 46.8 was the polling and 46.9 was the election for clinton. what the top lines don't tell is you how are undecides going to break. one of the most important lessons we can all learn from this is that we have got to go beyond the top library numbers in polls there is always undecided voters. and figuring out how those undecided voters are going to break goes a long way to figuring out what may happen on election day. >> because you guys, i remember when we were talking to jason miller right during a commercial
5:27 am
break like a week before he said, you know, i think we are going to be heading to minnesota. our numbers show that minnesota is getting tight. sure enough you planned a trip to minnesota right before the election and it ended up really tight and clinton people didn't see it? >> i don't know if it was for lack of trying that they didn't see it but, you know, to us, when you talk about some of these states,. >> like pennsylvania, take a look at pennsylvania. >> sure, i mean, you know, in pennsylvania, romney lost by 5 points in 2012. you know, we look at, again, some of these numbers, and we see this incredibly tight race. and what we see is opportunity. you know, the important thing to remember, too, is this campaign pollsters and, again, a talented team. we want to change the numbers. if we see a tied score, we say let's go in there and win it. >> here you look at that number on the screen, so the clinton numbers were pretty spot on, again 46.2 to 47%. you saw the same thing in michigan and same thing in
5:28 am
wisconsin. the trump numbers were wrong. the pollsters just got the trump numbers wrong. >> because of the fact that so many voters wanted change, there was one change candidate. and that was donald trump. and clinton was then the functional incumbent. and a lot of times in politics undecided voters don't go to the incumbent on or about the functional incumbent. they go to the challenger. in this case it was a change candidate. or they stayed home like in the case of philadelphia. >> and we saw that, too. >> adam great to see you this morning. >> thank you so much. >> i find this stuff absolutely fascinating. donald trump shaping up transition team. putting mike pence in charge. chris christie is out. what can we expect from this change? hillary clinton may be done with politics, but there is word this morning that the clinton dynasty might continue with chelsea clinton for congress? ed henry is here to react to that story next. he has his sources. ♪ i feel good today ♪ can't nobody bring me down
5:29 am
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5:32 am
welcome back. well, we have got ed henry joining us on the couch. >> nice to see you. we want to talk about transition teams this morning. you have good sources on this and chris christie is out. >> i don't think it's just about bridge gate. i have been talking to some people inside the trump
5:33 am
transition to ho say there is a little frustration at the top that chris christie was bringing in a lot of his own people loyal to him and as jobs being dolled out. real story is about mike pence rising. he was very effective as a vice presidential candidate. now as vice president elect we will see him running this transition. why is that important? moving forward in terms of governing, mike pence is going to be donald trump's best ambassador on capitol hill. >> dick cheney did the same thing for george bush. >> that's why he picked him. >> he wasn't a back bencher he was a house republican leader. very effective as a communicator. going on the talk shows. donald trump is going to need that he can't be doing as many interviews now. he is the commander-in-chief. >> and conservative. we have a graphic of the transition team with mike pence atop it now. very familiar faces many on this channel. conservatives for trump as well as the three kids. what does that group right there tell you about the types of people that will fill a trump administration?
5:34 am
>> i think you are right to mention his children. they were very influential, eric, don jr. and ivanka in campaigning. they will be very influential in governing. whether they have jobs or not. chances are they are going to be running the trump organization. there has been a transition the last 24 hours moving towards donald trump actually pulling out, blind trust and kids were already running a big part of that. they are going to be involved in the administration no matter what. we hear about more names. he is now going to be president. he can do whatever he's to do. >> to a point. because he still has to get the senate to get nominations through. >> that's a great point because people don't understand that you can't just put anyone forward. they actually to have to get a vote from the senate. >> kelly ayotte just lost a very tight race in new hampshire. defense policy that would be significant. pete. lock, number one, as a former senator, democratic senators are a little
5:35 am
more -- slap the back a little bit. also, she is very influential on military policy. be the first female defense secretary. that would be a big deal. >> you and i were talking in the commercial break. what does it mean to be a republican this morning? where is the future of the republican party. >> i think victory can hide a lot of problems. we were talking off camera about, sure, donald trump got a better share of the african-american vote than mitt romney and john mccain. minuscule amount more hillary clinton. yes republicans have more work to do. ben carson keep hearing them as health and human services secretary or something else. he has to not just be a cabinet secretary. somebody that the new president deploys in cities like detroit where he campaigns effectively go to african-american small businesses and engage with them and involve them in the economic policy. >> i think that's a fantastic show. winning covers up so much. then losing reveals everything. democrat side chaos and dnc
5:36 am
chair. go project to very good future. >> howard dean saying i want to take it over again. >> keith elson, very liberal. howard dean who was dnc chair before had a 50 state strategy which was a good idea for democrats. go to states that democrats were ignoring in the south. and in the midwest. they need to go back there look at what happened in ohio, michigan, wisconsin, and even minnesota as you know. donald trump almost won. there is a lot of hope there the other candidate that is talked about right now in circles is keith elson. a muslim congressman from minnesota. backed by bernie sanders. what would his ascension say about the future. >> it would say that there is buyer's remorse within the democratic party. a new face of the party as you say as a muslim american number one. number two, buyer's remorse why they didn't go with bernie sanders. donald trump may still have beaten bernie sanders. i think there hot of democrats saying bernie sanders would have gotten the millennials, gotten the progressives who i was at those rallies. he had way more excitement. a lot more enthusiasm than
5:37 am
hillary clinton. just as donald trump got that whited working class enthused. bernie sanders could have done that with the progressives. >> how about harold ford jr. one democrat saying lack, donald trump going to win this. do not ignore donald trump. saw something other democrats were ignoring. watch him as dnc chair. >> you were talking about the bench and seems like the democrats don't have a deep bench of people to prop up going forward. chelsea clinton -- speaking of the bench. >> clinton bench. >> saying she might want to run for congress in new new york in chappaqua. >> i don't buy it for two reasons. one, i think i'm hearing from a lot of senior democrats the buyer's remorse. they want to move on from the clintons overall. no offense to chelsea clinton. if you look at the clinton foundation and some of the issues that popped up, she has been very. >> her wedding maybe paid for by foundation. >> it was allegation. it wasn't proven it came out
5:38 am
in wikileaks. that's not really a good platform to run for congress, i don't think. it's going to be really interesting. you pick a guy like keith elson very extreme and a bomb thrower. can you see even more divisiveness. >> you may see the left say they want to rise up and say the problem was that hillary clinton was too much of a. >> might say bernie sanders four years again. >> his wife was on cnn yesterday and saying he might run again he would be 78 years old. >> larry david. >> is he so good in that impression. >> paint from politics to christmas. >> bernie sanders kinds of reminds you of santa claus. >> with the beard. >> the free stuff. >> rick reichmuth is. >> where are you? >> bass pro shops santa's wonderland begins tonight. i have theresa veil with me to take us all through the great things that people can expect. >> santa's wonderland right
5:39 am
here. we are at the shooting arcade. >> i have got to practice. >> let's see this. we have also got this. kind of. not really. we have got. this we have the foam shooter arcade. we have got the big dig excavation area. >> theresa and i have been practicing at this for about the last hour. and i have lost every time to her. >> every time. thank you for admitting that. >> more about you than me. you are such a good shot. all right. there is a lot of crowds because there is so many cool fun things for people when they come here. what do you do to help people with the crowds. >> we recommend getting a bass pass. that reserves your spot in line while you play in santa's wonderland or browse through the store. reserves your place in this virtual line. >> kind of like disney land so you can go and make sure have you got everything. >> this is a foam shooter arcade. >> did you get bulls eye. >> got absolute nothing. been practicing and practicing. can you play with the laser arcade. this is my favorite thing. what do you call this thing? sh.
5:40 am
oh. >> there you go. >> make note to the camera that did not happen during practice. >> that is not true. i hit every one. you guys have lots of toys and new toys this year? >> lots of new toys for 2016. bringing backlin con logs. this is the 100th anniversary. i know, crazy, right? 100th anniversary. tons of fun. grow grizzly. glows in the dark. it's supposed to be on. can you turn on. >> i got it? >> okay. you got it. >> okay. >> maybe? >> wait. did you turn it on? >> okay. >> all right. amazing thing. >> it is amazing thing. >> but it doesn't break. >> it's unbreakable so it's great for you and for kids. >> all right. this is supposed to be for kids but i picture dads on christmas morning taking all of their kids' toys and doing. this one last thing. not only you can get your pictures taken with santa claus for free. but san when kids write their letters to you you
5:41 am
answer every single one of them? >> every single one. the elves, myself and mrs. clause were all answering letters right now. >> that is amazing. put everybody to work. family affair in the north pole. that is it right here. tons going on santa land at bass pro shops. more coming up in the next hour we will tell you all about. thanks. >> i'm writing my letter right now. >> i love it like the old days that we didn't have to pay for photos can santa. you want a burger with mayonnaise? all right. coming up, donald trump shaking up his transition team as we have been talking about. putting mike pence in charge. what can we expect from this change? one the newest members of that team is joining us next. >> and it's an unfriending frenzy. after the election people cutting ties with people who don't agree with them on facebook. yeah. kurt the cyber guy says that makes the problem worse. he explains why. ♪ seems to complicated ♪ i see the way you acting like somebody else ♪ gets me frustrated ♪ a life like this
5:42 am
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5:45 am
mike pence replacing governor chris christie to serve as chairman. what can why expect from this change let's ask a member of that team mayor scara. >> chris christie is not out. when you get demoted what's going on here. >> how you can say he is demoted because you have the vice president elect of the united states coming in to washington as the number two person in washington. and so i think all mr. trump was trying to do is give governor pence or vice president elect pence the
5:46 am
role that he thinks he deserves to have in terms of how he is going to help help him run and organize the government. chris saw him yesterday with mayor giuliani. i think chris understands that he has done enormous job for president-elect trump over the last three or four months forming the transition team. we're good to go in terms of slots to get filled. there is 4700 jobs that have to be placed over the next nine weeks and over the next three months. i don't see it as a demotion as much as i see it we have the vice president elect of the united states going to arguably be the number two most powerful person in government. and i don't think christie did it any differently than that. >> your face is the bottom right corner of that pyramid there. you are the member of this transition team. that's you. >> that's my fox news photo. >> i love that. >> that's my fox portrait. >> thank you, we appreciate it? >> you are a member of this executive committee. pull back the curtain. what will you be doing to vet potential. >> what are the conversations being had behind closed doors? >> just a couple things to
5:47 am
think about for the american people. number one, we need to organize the white house the way mr. trump works and the way he is styled as a human being. we are not looking at old books or academic stud requests. we are saying okay this is how mr. trump operates. this is his circle of trust. these are the people that can influence him that he listens to. and here is how he makes decisions. trying to reverse engineer the white house so it works for mr. trump. i think that's the absolutely critical. >> how does it work for mr. trump when people point to abe about hamlin con with a team of rivals. people would rival him. challenge him and others who thought that other administrations had too many yes men surrounding the president. sort of sycophants who will never challenge the president. where does trump fall down in that. >> i think that's one of the mimisnomers. you have mayor giuliani, you have governor chris christie. governor pence is a little bit softer style than those two, believe me. very tough guy. and, the thing i know about
5:48 am
mr. trump in the last six months is that he really does listen and he likes it straight. we are going to surround him with the people that have the strength, the personality to help him make these decisions. remember, the american people have to understand if it gets to the president, that means there is 5,000 other people in government that could not make that decision. so these are very, very difficult decisions. >> that's a great point. >> we have got to make sure that the people around him are going to give him the advice that he needs to help him do. this we have terrific judge with mr. trump and great political instincts. >> would forget the election was a few days ago. leading up to that there was a lot of speculation from the pollsters and pundits and mainstream media and going to be over and win for hillary clinton. give us a sense of what was going on with the team. you spoke to mr. trump that day. he was convinced he was going to win. >> i will tell you the person that was absolutely unwavering through this whole thing was mr. trump. his head of security keith muriel has the greatest line about him. he will sink the 35-foot putt. he will have his trench coat
5:49 am
on at madison square garden and be at the foul line and hit all net in front of 17,000 people. this is a winner. and this is a guy that really wants to win now on behalf of the american people. one thing that people need to know about this transition team. what is in the best interest of the american people? that is the guiding principle of this transition team and how are these people going to work with mr. trump to fulfill those promises that we made. >> anthony scaramucci a member of the presidential power transition team. come back and give updates. >> he has to pronounce mime name right the next time. >> if you don't take away your picture. >> work on it? >> thanks for having me. >> we appreciate it. >> we are changing names all over the place. >> we have a fox news alert right now. on a turn in the news. a third straight night of anti-trump riots across the country. is it time for president obama to call for calm? plus, we have geraldo rivera here to weigh in at the top of the hour on that.
5:50 am
>> and it's an unfriending frenzy after the electric. people cutting ties with their friends who don't agree with them on facebook. kurt the cyber guy says that makes the problem even worse and he is here to explain why. stick around for this. ♪ why can't we be friends ♪ why can't we be ♪ or from the things they love to do? with right at home, it doesn't. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to help with personal care, housekeeping, meals - and most of all, staying engaged - in life. oh, thank you, thank you. you're welcome, are you ready to go? oh, i sure am. we can provide the right care, right at home.
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5:53 am
welcome back. in the wake of this election, some are taking to facebook to do some house cleaning of their friends list as one clinton supporter put it, quote, i unfriended my brother and sister-in-law today not because they were being particularly obnoxio obnoxious, and i already knew
5:54 am
they were trump supporters, but seeing their posts and likes just serves as a sad reminder to me of how little we have in common. >> although unfriending people may be therapeutic, doing so means that people are further isolating themselves in a like-minded bubble. kurt the cyber guy joins us to talk about it. >> it is true. okay. so i think we're all in this place where we're trying to take deep breaths and just all figure out how we will work together, right? on facebook you have sort of two reasons people are unfriending right now. one is, hey, look, i don't like how you think and i want you to think the way i think. and so because of their political leaning they're unfriended. that's sort of silly. then you have the people like guy just unfriended into spewing racial hatred that i just don't like anywhere much less on facebook, so i unfriended him. there is an unfriending frenzy going on. look at these statistics now. in terms of the election this was the most intensely popular
5:55 am
social media experience on the planet, period. there are some stats coming in. look at the amount of interaction on facebook. 115 million people have generated 716 million likes, posts, comments and shares on facebook related to the election. we've never had any event in history that is causing people to polarize and to express the way that they -- well, you think thanksgiving coming up in just a few weeks and reading that post just a few minutes ago of even within families how people can disagree and people don't want to get into those heated conversations. but you mentioned something interesting with unfriending people. we end up living in our own cul-de-sacs, we only want to turn on channels listening to things we agree with. that can be dangerous. >> look, if you're going to unfriend somebody, don't make a rash decision. rash decisions alike don't necessarily pay off unless you're escaping from a burning
5:56 am
building. until then, come on. >> let's be honest, what is a true friend anyway? most people you're friends with they're like loosely connected, know a friend of a friend, maybe met them one time, are you really actually a friend with that person? >> right. right. i remember being stopped in a hotel and talking to some girl, kurt, kurt, it's like, ahh, friends, facebook, i'm like, oh, good to see you. i have no idea who you are. but, hey, we love you anyway. look at some of the comments coming in and why people i'm friending. this one here. some people are very interesting. this is will lazenby. i only unfriended one person, he made some political comments which were baseless and just mean and plus i really don't like him very much. and, for that matter, he owns several restaurants where the food sucks so i thought it was a win-win situation. >> okay. >> that might be a smart unfriending.
5:57 am
>> well, he adds levity to what's going on. take a look at your facebook feed right now. see how many friends -- i've dropped like six people. not that i'm being very expressive, my passion and expression online -- >> we're running out of time. we're going to have to unfriend you. >> we've got geraldo rivera next.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
good morning to you. it is saturday november 12th, 2016. i'm abby huptsman. we begin with a fox news alert. anarchy in america, riots in the streets angry at donald trump. the president-elect calling for unity and hinted at times for current president and hillary clinton to join him. geraldo rivera is here to react. >> that's right. and americans cheered at the promise of prosecuting hillary clinton. but this morning word that president-elect trump may be ready to forgive and forget. and he fought a bitter battle for the republican nomination and lost, but does a new administration have a job
6:01 am
for former opponent ted cruz? we're not talking about a cabinet position. we're talking about something much bigger than that, much huger than that. you're watching "fox & friends" hour four right now. we're always celebrating food here. it is national pizza day. geraldo rivera here this morning. did you like that piece? >> little too much. >> international pizza day. >> today's national pizza day, but we also celebrate geraldo rivera. we love having you on the couch. >> thank you. i love afternoon pizza. >> got a goober right there. >> can we get a close-up of that actually? >> can we talk about the trump transition team? >> sure. it's interesting to watch this morning and viewer comments rolling in, you know, chris christie, he's not been fired, he's just been sidelined, demoted. others say forget about chris christie, mike pence has just been elevated of this position of running a transition team.
6:02 am
what do you make of what happened? >> i think the last phrasing was just being kind to governor christie whose career was shattered by bridgegate. you know, the man was a leading contender to be the republican nominee. and bridgegate happened. and i remember his second inauguration, christie said at the statue of liberty behind him it was supposed to really propel him on to the republican nomination and white house and bridgegate really humbled him. it made everybody think of every stereotype of just a bully and someone who made his subordinates take the fall for him. i thought it was lucky that trump trusted him, gave him some political life, chris christie, you know, for the year and a half of the campaign. now, you know, it's time for the grown-up in the room, mike pence. everyone is giving him very, very high reviews. he may be the most powerful vice president ever. maybe even more than dick cheney as donald trump relies on him,
6:03 am
governor pence knows how to run a government. and it is to me totally fitting that governor pence be in charge of the transition. >> speaking of elephant in the room, these riots have been going on for the third day now getting out of hand quite frankly. as our own bill said, is it time for president obama to step in and say something? >> first of all, i think the bitter irony of all of what's going on here is that the cities where they are venting their rage are all cities that went overwhelmingly for hillary clinton. >> uh-huh. >> so presumably they are destroying the property of people who are aligned with them politically. in manhattan you demonstrate in manhattan, 87% of manhattan voted for hillary clinton. portland, berkeley, san francisco, los angeles. so what are you doing? you're wrecking your own family. >> these cities we saw in philadelphia, i mean, numbers were down. they didn't come out for hillary clinton in the way they came out for president obama. so they sat on their hands and
6:04 am
didn't vote. now they're voting after the election by smashing store fronts. >> it's so funny. wednesday night i was trying to cross -- my wife and i were trying to cross sixth avenue and a thousand of demonstrators came marching up sixth avenue there. and i was just thinking as i saw them, how many of you actually voted? i mean, did you vote? did you vote? now, in terms of what they are doing, i mean, you've really got to come down hard. when you break someone's property. when you hurt someone like the thugs beating up that white guy who voted for trump, the detroit seen so horrible. >> horrible. >> that and just as horrible to me was white students shouting white power and build the wall in their schools and putting up signs that say colored people drink from this water fountain, white people from that. i think both that is hate, hate crimes should be prosecuted as such. >> but you're not apples to apples. we're looking at business being burned down -- >> to me, i'm telling you, pete -- >> no, the mass feel of this over three days, it's going to grow into the weekend. >> a hateful act is a hateful
6:05 am
act whether it's that that you're seeing or whether it's someone shouting white power. >> fair enough. what is speech as bad as it may be, the other is assaulting cops -- >> that's hate. >> what's your line of hate speech and speech? i get it. >> i was a protester in 1968, i was arrested in 1969 in washington, d.c., in donald rumz fe rumsfeld office for protest, protected by that. if you're willing as a person committing civil disobedience to take the legal consequences, have a long tradition. but if you're breaking stuff. >> have you seen this after an election? have you seen this type of violence that we're showing in these videos here after a presidential election? >> i don't remember. in 1968 in the chicago conventions it was during the process where all of the violence happened. >> nothing like this. >> i want to be very clear here. the person who did that deserves to go to jail. a riot is a class c felony in oregon.
6:06 am
you go to jail for that. you sit your ass in jail for a year, let's see how much you're going to break the next time. >> geraldo, you remember the 200 riots, right? that didn't happen when barack obama was elected and promised to fundamentally transform our country. this is a problem exclusively violent wise to the left. shouldn't barack obama be coming out and saying, maybe obama and trump come out together saying enough is enough. >> you ask me to come to ask of hillary clinton and the democrats that they join president-elect trump -- president obama joins president-elect trump in making sure that the message gets out to these anarchists that this will not be tolerated. what i'm saying is you condemn all of this excessive behavior together. we are one country. the great thing about president obama and president-elect trump meeting in the oval office and shaking hands was we saw in that scene that this was the continuity of the republic.
6:07 am
this is the path of the peaceful transition of power. now let both these men say to whoever it is that loves them, this is unacceptable whether you're right or left, if you're saying white power or if you're smashing someone's store, these are equally unacceptable to us and let's go forward together as one nation. >> right. >> then you sort out how he does what he does whether you oppose or agree with him. >> you mentioned jail, one person who might not be going to jail could be hillary clinton. and that was the thing we kept hearing during the campaign, lock her up. now in this interview with "60 minutes," donald trump on sunday night seemed to suggest we've turned the page here. we've got more important things to focus on than hillary clinton, jobs, the economy, health care, does it seem to be leaning in the direction of appointing a special prosecutor for hillary clinton. what's your sense of it? >> let me say just thank god. i remember one thing sitting next to a war hero, i'm humbled. back in 2003 it was a british
6:08 am
officer one of the royal irish units who said ferocious in battle, magnanimous in victory. i want donald trump who was ferocious in battle to be magnanimous in victory now. the last thing this nation needs, and exactly the prescription for keeping open the rural wounds that the country now is going through and so many people are traumatized even as other people are elated, the worst thing we could do right now is to have a special prosecutor bring hillary clinton up there. you want to see that same cast of characters again? do you want to really see jason chaffetz and trey gowdy and daryl issa? >> what about the law being the law? you have people that say, you know what, she did something wrong here, that needs to be looked into. she was treated differently. there are a lot of folks out there, even mike pence in the debate said if it was my son in the military he would have been removed from his post.
6:09 am
>> i'm old enough to remember when gerald ford succeeded richard nixon, spiro agnew already quit, the first thing did was pardon richard nixon. >> ended his political career. >> he paid the price for it. unfortunately it was something that came to haunt him. but imagine -- first of all let me say what he accomplished with that pardon. he ended the watergate era. he ended the disruption and turmoil from the vietnam war. with that single act, that bold stroke, president nixon is hereby pardoned and therefore removed from the judicial processes, the nation could go on and deal with whatever the nation had to deal with. >> should obama do that? >> i want president obama to pardon hillary clinton. and i want him to do it -- >> preemptively. >> preemptively. >> so was richard nixon. >> you want president obama to pardon hillary clinton?
6:10 am
>> i want obama to pardon hillary clinton right now for any acts that may or may not have been done regarding the -- >> what message does this send to so many people about fairness? >> the message -- i understand that. i'm a pragmatic idealist. i think of myself with grand notions but i want things to be done. right now what does this country need? we are a nation where 60 million voted one way and 60 million voted the other way. where the cities voted one way and the rural and suburban areas voted another way. where white people voted one way and people of color voted a different way. what the president has to do is try to bring everybody together. we're not going to heal these divides overnight. but the last thing we need is a high profile prosecution, persecution of hillary clinton who i submit has paid enough for all of her alleged misdeeds. she has paid enough. >> she paid at the ballot box. >> she's paid in her soul. >> what about the guys that paid in benghazi? what about the guys that paid
6:11 am
elsewhere? the guys she let go because she was willy nilly -- >> i absolutely reject your characterization of benghazi. i do. i know the benghazi scene, and i tell you, benghazi was the beginning of the malignant hype that ultimately brought down the clintons. what happened post-benghazi was political much more than it was military. and the political -- it was the beginning of the campaign that destroyed hillary clinton's character. it went from benghazi to the private e-mail server and then wikileaks joined in. and who knows what job the russians did. and i think that deserves to be probed. going forward to me what i would like to see, what role skprks this rather than whether hillary clinton is going to be prosecuted for imaginary real or imagined defenses, what i would like to see is a real probe, a
6:12 am
bilateral probe led by the republican administration, by the trump administration into what exact role did russia play or not play in the wikileaks scandal. did they penetrate our cyber security? are they now a threat to manipulate all of our elections going forward? this was all democrats. they wikileaksed the hell out of everything. wait until they start wikileaks the republicans. everybody watching right now, how would you like your worst enemy to have access to all your social media, every e-mail you ever sent, every text message you ever sent to your girlfriend, to your boss, to your best friend, drunk, late at night. >> but also cover for what hillary clinton had done. she made the choice to set up a private e-mail server. she made that decision. and now we're sort of whitewa whitewashing -- >> and geraldo, that could have been -- >> she was warned about this. >> and that could have been just as dangerous when we talk about
6:13 am
hacking, talk about people getting cloo classified information and the role she was in, that is just as dangerous and frightening for this country as you're talking about with the wikileaks and with russia, whatever their involvement might have been. >> potentially, abby, that may be so. but i have not heard to this day one specific allegation of any specific u.s. national security secret that was leaked as a result of hillary clinton's private e-mail. there's not one allegation -- >> skpeexcept for the fact there likely five foreign governments accessed her server and had information realtime. >> if it bothers you, why don't you express that same passion regarding the russians? >> oh, here you're saying that -- >> five countries may have hacked hillary clinton, but i don't see that fury directed at putin, at the kgb, at the russians. they really -- >> we really healed this morning. thank you, geraldo. >> i just want to say that pete and i spend a lot of time in
6:14 am
bagram air base in afghanistan. for the four guys who got killed in that bombing, god bless them. thank you for your service. >> geraldo, good to see you this morning. we'll be right back. man: i accept i'm not the deep sea fisherman i was. i accept i'm not out on the ocean wrestling marlin. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't go after anything with less than my best. so if i can go for something better than warfarin, i'll do that too. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin. plus, it had significantly less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis had both. that's what i wanted to know. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to,
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you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar. i want to tell the world community that while we will always put america's interests first, we will deal fairly with everyone. with everyone. all people and all other nations. we will seek common ground, not hostility, partnership, not conflict. >> president-elect donald trump laying a foundation for his foreign policy during this week's victory speech. but how exactly will his administration work with the world on those critical issues? here to help us sort through some of the answers to these foreign policy questions is retired army lieutenant colonel general tony schaffer.
6:18 am
key question, how does donald trump and their administration defeat isis? >> i think the first thing they have to do is get the proper authority. one of the things i know for a fact, pete, is the white house, president obama, has not given the pentagon what it feels it needs, that is what the pentagon feels it needs to go after isis as a global target. president obama's been very unwilling to essentially allow the pentagon to do what is necessary to defeat it. so i'm 100% surgecertain this i going to be relooked and allow the pentagon it to do what it needs to do which is win the war. >> i hear. another key issue is the role of nato. a lot of questions about nato and russia. how does he address that? >> well, first off, the brexit issue actually has a great opportunity for us. i was over in england just recently going back later this month. look, the british are going to do a hard brexit. i can se it coming. one of the things they've said and i've talked to senior
6:19 am
members of the british military on this, they will not join the european union this defense condominium the europeans are trying to put together. so they want to do two things. they want to re-strength r our relationships as well as retool nato. so the thing to do is to sit down, figure out how to fix nato. i know donald trump has said some pret si severe things about it. i think he's recognized we can't just walk away from nato. we need to strengthen it. so i think that's what's going to happen on that. go ahead, i'm sorry. >> no, that's a very interesting proposition. if u.s. and british access u.s. future of nato is interesting. we may get to russia again, but quickly we want to get your thoughts on what happens to guantanamo bay. there's only 60 or 70 left right now. what happens next? >> pete, these are the most severe folks the pentagon never wanted to release and frankly both administrations, bush and obama failed actually to bring justice. pete, you and i have been in combat. why would you waste, invest the time and resources of someone like you and me going to capture
6:20 am
these folks just to release them? these people have killed people. they have killed americans. so the idea just releasing them to me makes no sense. beyond that guantanamo serves a role. we need to be able to capture people and keep them. remember, pete, you know. law of the land warfare. these people are illegal combatants. that means you could kill them on the battlefield, what's kinder, gentler, capturing someone, giving them potential for justice or by the law of land warfare by geneva convention shooting them on the battlefield. which is more humane? >> the unintended consequences is we're droning people that we could otherwise use for intelligence services. >> you're absolutely right. >> thank you, lieutenant colonel tony schaffer. you always bring insight. >> thank you. who should president-elect donald trump pick for secretary of defense? maybe tony. how about the secretary of state? and where does sarah palin fit into that equation? well, out my right eye here i can see lisa booth. she's taking a look inside the
6:21 am
potential cabinet next. she's going to lay it out for us. when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card.
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6:24 am
welcome back. terrifying moment caught on video for one florida firefighter. witnesses in pampano beach caught him falling nearly 20 feet to the ground after opening a nozzle on his hose. the water pressure shooting him from the ladder. thankfully he's expected to be okay. and, oh, dear, imagine shopping in the mall and running into
6:25 am
this. [ bleep ]. oh, [ bleep ]. >> yeah, he's there for the black friday deals but they don't start for another few weeks. that buck was stuck inside an oklahoma outlet mall. the animal so terrified it jumped right through the store front window. i wonder if you can get insurance on that, abby. >> mad things aren't on sale yet. that is crazy. well, president-elect donald trump is narrowing his list of potential cabinet picks, so who are some of the big names being floated? fox news contributor lisa booth has some predictions for us this morning. good morning, lisa. always good to have you here. >> always good to be with you. >> we've got some names up here. the one thing that sticks out first is everyone on here was loyal to president-elect trump throughout the entire campaign. and he took loyalty very seriously. >> he absolutely does. so i think we're going to see a lot of these positions filled with some of these donald trump loyalists. but that being said he's also going to have to look outside of his inner circle.
6:26 am
he's also spoken about sort of changing things up. we know that he ran a very unconventional presidential campaign, so i wouldn't be surprised if he brings some people in that don't necessarily have, you know, have that washington, d.c. experience. >> some of these names are familiar to us that have been on the curvy couch throughout the entire election. >> absolutely. >> rudy giuliani, ben carson, john boltin. let's start with giuliani, where do you see him going? >> potentially attorney general. he was the u.s. attorney in new york. obviously mayor of the new york city as well. known for cracking down on crime. so i think attorney general would be a position that donald trump would look at him. >> homeland security for him? >> potentially homeland security as well. but i think attorney general would be the best fit at least in my personal opinion. >> general michael flynn as well. >> general michael flynn, i think defense secretary. he has been very loyal. he's been one of his top advisors. the only thing for lieutenant general michael flynn is he actually would have to get a waiver from congress because he wouldn't be able to fill the position for the next five
6:27 am
years. he'd have to get a special waiver from congress. but potentially donald trump would try to make that happen. >> forget about senate confirmations. >> exactly. >> those are not easy to get. >> no, they're not easy, but given the fact that republicans control a majority of the seats in the senate, hopefully -- >> that's true. all right. corey lewandowski, he was seen meeting at the trump tower yesterday. he of course was at cnn throughout the remainder of the election. where do you see him going? >> i don't know if i would -- i don't know if i would put him here. i think if anything it would be chief of staff. but i have a personal favorite for that, and that's kellyanne conway. because she is the first woman to run a successful presidential -- or to manage a successful presidential campaign. so i think that -- >> she also knows -- well, they both do, but the reason he put her in that position is she knows him so well. >> she knows him so well and she did such a good job running his campaign. he also seems to listen to her. >> he does. he doesn't listen to everyone. >> yes.
6:28 am
>> all right. sarah palin. this name's been floated around, but what job? >> i think the interior secretary. and this is why. alaska's obviously rich in natural resources. so i think this would be a position as governor of, you know, previous governor of alaska that she would have a knowledge base about and could be good for him on. >> ben carson, that's a name that's been floated. i think he's even mentioned he's willing to serve. >> yeah. and he has been with trump, as well he's been another loyalist. so let's put on -- yeah, hhs secretary, because he is a former pediatric neurosurgeon. he's really pioneered that industry and he's done a lot of firsts in the industry as well. so i think he would be a good fit for that and forward thinking. >> other than chief of staff, arguably the most important role here is secretary of state. especially with everything we're dealing with today. >> right. >> that's going to be a tough one to fill. >> it is. >> maybe ambassador john bolten. >> former united nations ambassador. >> senator corker wouldn't be a
6:29 am
bad option. >> bob corker has been rumored as well, chairman of the foreign relations committee. originally when donald trump wu eyeing who he was going to pick as a vice president, bob corker was one of the guys whose name was floated around for that position. >> this is another -- >> he's obviously looked at him before. >> stephen bannon, that would be an interesting because he doesn't get along with paul ryan. if he were chief of staff, that would make for some awkward moments. >> that would make things dicey. potentially chief of staff, i don't know where else he would fill or potentially just an advisor role in some capacity. we'll see. >> there are many other names to this list. lisa, good to have you here to start to speculate. >> yeah, we'll start the speculation. >> all right. president-elect vowed to repeal and replace obamacare, but did he have a change of heart after his closed door meeting with president obama? the revealing new interview that is next. plus, does the new administration have a job for trump's former opponent ted cruz? we're not talking about the cabinet. it is much bigger than that. it is huge. stick with us. the pursuit of healthier.
6:30 am
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6:34 am
president-elect trump was in washington, d.c. yesterday. he met with president obama. his wife met with michelle obama. and at the end of the day last night after this full day at the white house, he tweeted a fantastic day in d.c. met with president obama for the first time. really good meeting. great chemistry. melania liked mrs. o a lot. is it just me or does that read exactly like a yelp review? great white house, fantastic. >> great food. great food. service was a little slow. mrs. o. >> mrs. o. welcome back. of co obama met with donald trump the photo was on the front page of all the newspapers. you couldn't believe it there's president-elect donald trump sitting in the white house. >> a surreal image. it made it so real though. >> now we're learning one of the things obviously he's been hitting on during the campaign was repeal and replace obamacare and the affordable care act. what is he going to do? >> well, he maybe gave some clues as to what parts he might
6:35 am
keep because a big "60 minutes" interview sunday night he sat down to talk about some of the parts of this plan he actually might keep. listen. >> when you replace it, are you going to make sure that people with pre-conditions are still covered? >> yes. because it happens to be one of the strongest assets. >> you're going to keep that. >> also with the children living with their parents for an extended period. >> you're going to keep that. >> very much try to keep that. it adds costs, but it's very much something we're going to try to keep. >> and there's going to be a period if you repeal it and before you replace it when millions of people could lose -- >> we're going to do it simultaneously. it will be just fine. that's what i do. i do a good job. i mean, i know how to do this stuff. we're going to repeal it and replace it. we're not going to have a two-day period and we're not going to have a two-year period where there's nothing. it will be repealed and replaced and we'll know and it will be great health care for much less money. >> so he talks about keeping the
6:36 am
pre-existing conditions and also making sure kids 26 and under can stay on their parents' plans. this is the difference between running for office and then actually getting in that position. because reality sets in and obviously he sat down and talked to president obama in the white house just a couple days ago about obamacare. and really listened to him, which i thought was a smart thing to do. even though he's going to repeal the law, he has to understand this is about a fifth of our economy. >> octopus, how many arms of this thing. >> right. this is probably going to be one of the greatest challenges we face as a country moving forward. how do we get health care right? and if you transition out and repeal the law, there's going to be a period of time as she mentioned on "60 minutes" where people don't have insurance. we've got to figure out a way people aren't hurting during that period of time. >> some say that doesn't have to be. he's known by folks closest to him he listens. and you say, hey, there are things working and okay, great. but get rid of the mandate, which we should be telling people to buy insurance. you can provide more choices by allowing competitions across state lines. he's got ideas that you can
6:37 am
bring to bear. let states do more than the federal government is trying to do. but i don't think this is a headline, oh, donald trump abandons his pledge to repeal and replace. he wants to repeal and replace, you're going to see some pragmatism. >> we haven't had specifics on what to replace it with. republicans, his supporters saying that's great, you want to replace it, we don't have details on what you're going to replace it with. >> but he's already doing something president obama did not do and that is listening to both sides of the aisle to get it right. >> a novel concept. >> yeah. because that's what president obama did not do eight years ago and that was probably the worst could have made getting into office. we have headlines to get to this morning starting with this one. looks like donald trump was right about the "new york times." take a listen. >> i put down failing@"new york times." the newspaper's going to hell. maybe we'll start thinking about taking their press credentials away from them. >> the paper crawling back to subscribers begging them not to cancel the paper while apologizing for failing to
6:38 am
appreciate donald trump's appeal. and senator lindsey graham making a surprising suggestion for who he thinks president-elect donald trump should fill the vacant supreme court seat with. listen to this, senator ted cruz. joked about murdering cruz on the set and floor has routinely criticized the texas senator, but now he's saying, quote, there's no stronger constitutional conservative. look at that. and now that the election is over, john kerry has gone as far south as humanly possible. the secretary of state took a tour of antarctica, you can see it there before it melts away. kerry's trip aimed at highlighting the decline of polar ice and impact on sea levels. he's there ahead of a meeting with prime minister tomorrow. >> when in doubt, fan the flames of global climate change hysteria. why didn't he take some of the hollywood celebrities with him? >> none have gone as far as i've checked. they're still here. >> well, speaking of a guy that
6:39 am
knows weather, christmas is just around the corner and we wanted to get our list to st. nick a little early. >> so we centric to the north pole at santa's wonderland at bass pro shops. >> good morning, rick. >> exactly, not quite the north pole, just bridgeport, connecticut. we are here, santa's wonderland, it begins today but it's not just in bridgeport. all over the united states begins tonight at 5:00 p.m. and that begins with the arrival of santa. for the tree lighting there will be carollers. there's free hot chocolate, free cookies and of course the free photos with santa. >> and it goes on all the way through december 21st. >> it starts today and goes through december 24th. and we have two tips for that because there are crowds and lines sometimes. the first one, the bass pass. you want to pick up this bass pass when you get to the store. and then while you wait your turn in line then you go play around santa's wonderland or you browsed store and this holds your place in line while you do other things. and the other tip is to come monday through thursday.
6:40 am
and that's not just to avoid the crowds, but you also get a free wooden photo frame with your free picture of santa. >> with your free santa picture. >> i think i just said christmas eve was december 21st. >> i think you did say that. >> it is still the 24th. >> all right. talk about some of the toys you have. >> this is lilt l quad power wheels for kids ages 1 to 3, rechargeable, pretty cool actually. >> this moves. it's mechanical and it's for 1-year-olds. >> they say 1 to 3, yes. >> if you have bigger kids, lasts, also with reverse. >> this is completely taking from your kid, i guarantee you for a dad. if it falls .
6:41 am
>> how can people find out more about bass pro shops and wlast going on with them? >> go to the website for all the details. >> all right. this is the beginning, guys, of the biggest event of the year. everybody's biggest event of the year for christmas. guys, back to you. >> very cool, thanks, rick. what didn't point to you when said who's been good this year. i want to point that out. >> there's still time though. >> me. >> you still have a few weeks left. everyone is focusing on donald trump's big win, but what will melania trump be like as the first lady? our next guest says she could be the next nancy reagan. >> plus, the dow jones has its
6:42 am
best week in five years after trump's election. so what stocks will surge under a trump administration? charles payne has some obvious winners. he's up with us next. come on in, charles. ♪ ♪ remember when christmas was magical? let's get back there. celebrate the arrival of santa at bass pro shops this saturday and the unveiling of santa's wonderland. time passes. hold on to christmas.
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6:45 am
wall street is bullish on donald trump's surprise victory. and now that march -- excuse me, much of the market rallied just days after the election. we take a look at some of the stocks that could succeed big league under our new president-elect. >> bigly or big league, whatever it is, charles, the stock market rebounded big time.
6:46 am
>> big time. >> what are we looking at as far as stocks could go up? >> could? already have. listen, we've had the last couple days have been mind boggling. the low hanging fruit stuff is private prisons. i'm not going to ask anyone to chase them. you have main names, one up 45%. the other names both candidates ran on infrastructure, but donald trump's plan was more robust. you saw u.s. steel, caterpillar do extraordinarily well. i think it's going to be a trillion dollar plan over the next ten years. look for those names to do well. but then some surprises, restaurants had a great week this week. why? get rid of obamacare and the restraints they put on restaurant companies in general and those names have started to take off as well. defense contractors we're going do rebuild our military, those are pretty low hanging fruit, pretty obvious. the lockheed martin is probably the name i like the most there because not only do they sell the right products for modern day warfare, but they have a great dividend yield as well.
6:47 am
>> go ahead. >> go ahead. >> i was going to say are you surprised there's a lot of talk that donald trump wins the prices would just fall. we didn't see that happen. >> we saw a little as numbers were coming in, and the premarket, at one point at 2:00 a.m. the stock market was indicating open down 800 points. 800 points lower. one thing, donald trump's acceptance speech was amazing. it was not the donald trump that the media had portrayed. then we saw hillary clinton concession speech was pretty good. donald trump and barack obama got together, they had a great conversation. and yesterday the announcement of the transition team, the announcement that perhaps donald trump would keep certain parts of obamacare, weren't you saying i heard someone say pragmatic. again, donald trump that wasn't portrayed, wall street was afraid of the bombastic donald trump who would head into a trade war on day one. that's not what we're seeing so far. so honestly wall street loves
6:48 am
the notion of lower taxes and less regulations and a notion that perhaps people keeping more money in their pocket it will circulate in society. >> you're working on a new report on your website. >> yeah. >> tell us about that. >> people have to go there. first of all i made people a ton of money this week, but i'm going to lay it out for you the names to be in, including my prediction we're going to get major concessions on nafta, nafta, maybe by inauguration day. watch the truckers. i'll give you the right names on the site >> you need to make me some money. >> i know, what about us here? >> you guys don't need it. >> see you later. everyone focusing on donald trump's big win, but what will melania trump be like as first lady? our next guest says melania reminds her of nancy reagan. ♪ she's a lady ♪ she's a lady ♪ talking about she's a lady ♪ and the lady is mine.
6:49 am
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6:52 am
comcast business. built for speed. built for business. what do you think about becoming first lady of the united states if donald trump does win? what do you envision as first lady? >> i would help children and i will help women. also, i will in 21st century, it's very important now we see social media. and i see activity children goes through and it's really sad because social media could be positive but could be very damaging as well. >> well, during the campaign melania trump told us said she'd take on cyber bullying as the first lady. and now that she'll be moving into the white house, what can we expec her in the first 100 days? >> let's ask presidential historian, author of "the burning of the white house,"
6:53 am
jane hampton cook. jane, welcome to the show. >> good morning. >> good morning, thanks for having me. >> so it's interesting to look at the dynamic. we were all thinking maybe we would see bill clinton as the first husband, now we're looking at melania trump as the first lady. what kind of a first lady do you think she'll be? >> well, i think melania trump will bring a lot of glamour to the white house, much like reagans brought some hollywood glamour. because she's a former model, i think we'll see some of that, which is exciting and fun as always. and i also think because she wants to usher in a culture change with social media, i think she'll be a little bit like dolly madison, who ushered in a culture change to washington. she softens the rough edges of congress by inviting both political parties to the white house at the same time. and nancy reagan did this with the just say no campaign. and i think that's where -- that's the closest parallel in modern history is, just say no to drugs. i think melania's desire to soften the social media culture will be probably similar to that
6:54 am
campaign from the reagan years. >> yeah. and it's such a challenge we face. something everyone can agree with the cyber bullying issue. she also has her own story to tell being an immigrant herself. you say it is her love for america that's going to bring a lot to the white house. >> well, i love it when i hear her story because she's so proud to be an american. and she's the second first lady to be born abroad. louisa adams was born in england. what she was able to do with her husband president john quincy adams was help europeans understand america because she was born in europe. so i think melania will be able to bridge that gap where europeans will be able to better understand america. and i think americans will just fall in love with america's love -- melania's love of the american dream. >> we saw with michelle obama of course when she was on the campaign trail she was at the highest approval rating of any of the democrats, higher than hillary clinton, higher than her husband. she was a great public speaker. we saw her give a great couple
6:55 am
speeches over the past couple of months. are we going to see melania do a lot of speeches, do you think? >> i don't know if she's going to grow into that speaking role in the same way that michelle obama did. we probably will see that. but one thing michelle obama made very clear from the beginning was that she was a mother to her daughters first. and you have seen that melania really wants to educate and be a mother to her son barren. so i think you'll see maybe as she gets things off the ground may not be as big and bold as michelle obama ended up being. it will probably be a slower start, which is a good thing. >> yeah. we have the photo of the two meeting at the white house this week. probably what they talked about first and foremost is being a mother because that is most important thing of all. good to have you here. thanks for being with us this morning. >> thanks, jane. >> thank you. >> well, we saved the best for last. it is national pizza day and of course we're celebrating here on "fox & friends" with pizza. pete is so excited he's been
6:56 am
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6:59 am
welcome back. today is national pizza day. and of course we're celebrating with the best pizza in new york city thanks to the original. >> i'm speaking with a mouthful as well. here with all of their amazing pies, oberto and his son. tell us about this pizza you got here and your shop. >> well, this is sausage, homemade sausage, pepper. >> so good. >> and fresh mozzarella. the other is my creation grandma's pizza. >> that's my favorite. >> and you're located where? >> in high park. >> how's the pizza? >> it's really good. >> pete's had like five pieces.
7:00 am
>> you know how to make pizza. >> i think pete's had every one of them. in the after "the o'reilly factor" we're going to talk more. >> thanks too for everyone for coming. >> announcer: this is a fox news channel special presentation. president-elect trump. now neil cavuto. just hearing those words, president-elect trump, still inciting demonstrations out of the gates of portland, oregon, escalating into outright riots now. we've seen similar dust-ups in miami, dallas, columbia, south carolina, playing out across the country. again, this is more the exception than the rule. i want to emphasize that. welcome everybody. you're watching yet another live weekend here. by the way, i should say i might have missed a couple of days this summer. with today's show i have now made them all


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