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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  November 12, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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the republicans are coming together, and it's about bridging all the republicans and the different factions of the republican party as we look forward. >> and we move forward together. >> that's all we have here. americans news headquarters continues after the break. >> hello everybody. protests against president-elect trump spread nationwide as he prepares to take the help at the white house and taps vice president-elect mike pence to run his tran ssition team. one of the protests last night in portland, oregon and spiraling out of control with people throwing what police are calling burning projectiles as officers respond with teargas. one protester shot and wounded while the gunman remains on the loose. president elect trump calling for unity as he focuses on the upcoming transfer of power in
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washington. vice president elect mike pence taking over for chris christie as the head of the transition team, something campaign manager kellyanne conway calls a pragmatic decision. >> it makes perfect sense to have vice president-elect mike pence with this role because, first of all, most of the transition will go on in d.c., some here in new york, but also because mike pence will be the vice president. >> doug calloway is joining us from our new york city newsroom with more. >> the pressure is on this nascent transition team so they can hit the ground running. that's why it was announced that vice president-elect mike pence will take over for chris christie as chair of the transition team. fox news has also heard rumblings that rnc chairman reince priebus may have been given the white house chief of staff job. nobody is confirming that, least
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of all, priebus himself. >> you're being considered for chief of staff. is that something you'd be interested in? i though you've gotten close to him over those many months. would you want to do that? >> that's not something i'm talking about. that's something a lot of newspapers speculate about. i'm happy doing what i'm doing. >> senator jeff sessions one of the first to jump on the trump bandwagon is said to have the pick of any position he wants in a trump administration. other key posts might include steve bannon, corey liewandowsk and kellyanne conway and former mayor rudy giuliani. on election night mr. trump reached out to mitt romney on election night who had been so critical of trump early on. while we don't know what was said, we're told it may have led to this tweet, best wishes for our duly elected president, may
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his victory speech be his guide and preserving the republic his aim. they're also contending on how to handle protests. portland, oregon, probably seeing the worse of it with a lot of vandalism and one person being shot. 26 arrested there. the road closures in new york making a terrible mess of traffic as the city enters the busy holiday season. the closures won't be lifted until january 21st, the day after inauguration. >> thank you, doug. good to see you. president-elect trump is promising to boost military spending and invest more resources for national security against a backdrop of increasing terrorist threats at home and abroad. his transition team is keenly focused on who will be tapped to handle the commander-in-chief. we've been hearing lieutenant general mike flynn who was front
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and center during the presidential campaign is being considered for defense secretary, and my sources are telling me former cia director james wool si's name is floated for national security chief and director of national intelligence. joining us, retired army colonel tony shaffer. tony, welcome, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> ambassador wool si came out early to support donald trump's campaign. his background in the intelligence community is expensive. can you expand on what he brings to the table? >> absolutely. in full disclosure i worked for jim back in the '90s on a highly classified project. he was one of the early adopters of new technology in the field of spying back in the '90s, way ahead of his time. the very program this administration -- obama administration relied on was created by jim wool si.
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not only does he bring innovation, he brings experience. whatever he does, however he does it, i have great confidence in jim, that he would be an amazing choice for this president. i found him to be not only honest, but painfully honest about what the ground truth is. he's not motivated by politics. i think mr. trump would be well in having him working for him in any role. >> with general flynn's name floated as possible defense secretary, isn't there a law that states one has to be out of the military for at least seven years before taking on a cabinet post? could he get a waiver from congress allowing him to serve as defense secretary? >> you're absolutely correct. as soon as this law was enacted, they had to get a waiver for general marshall after the national security act. the good news here, if there is good news, besides general flynn being an amazingly correct
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choice, maintained currency on national security issues even though he's been absent from government service, you have a congress which would be willing to do it. a republican dwold senate and republican controlled house. i think mr. trump would find the right allies to put the legislation through to grant general flynn a waiver. most people find that general flynn is not only qualified, he would bring the right look, the right quality to being the leader of the pentagon which is sorely needed. >> other names for defense secretary, can you offer up other possibilities at this point? >> they mentioned senator sessions, and i've heard other rumors. let me be clear about what's been said in the news, uma. i've been told a certain senator is self-promoting herself. look at it this way. if you didn't help mr. trump rolling up into this run, why would you want to offer yourself up now? this has been a trend of the
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neocons who en masse endorsed miss clinton and completely threw away mr. trump as any potential commander-in-chief. why would mr. trump pick anybody who was either for basically deceiving the american people about the threat before he was elected, why would he entertain the idea of bringing them into this administration? it would be dishonest for the american people. i would be very careful about names being floated out there right now for any number of positions in the administration. i found so far some of those names to be self-serving and self motivated and self-nominating. >> when it comes to boosting and rebuilding the military, do you expect president trump to address this in his first 100 days in office? what about going after isis. >> i know for a fact the pentagon hasn't been given the authority it feels it needs to go after isis on a global basis.
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that's probably one of the things mr. trump is probably already aware of and looking to solve. seskdly, we've talked about russia, talked about europe. the british leaving the european union, brexit, has military elements to it. i was in england just about three weeks ago, going back week after next to talk to the british about some of the military issues. i think a reinvigoration of nato is called for. i think mr. trump would invite that. they have to retool nato to be effective against the russians and more importantly the middle east. we have issues right now, we or having some success against isis and other terrorists on the ground in iraq, we have to build up success. the idea of building an arab nato which enables and enhances the ability of those arab nations to invest and conduct their own security so we don't roll in with 100,000 men. they're there with their men. we simply add and assist in their defense much like the
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concept was for defending europe against the old soviet union. i'd like to believe mr. trump is going to look for doing that. i'd like to believe he'll do so like the reagan administration did with a clear strategy why they're investing, what they're investing and do so in a way that won't bankrupt the american people in the process. >> quickly, with the outgoing obama administration, mr. obama said he was going to glows gitmo. do you think in the final month and a half of his presidency, he'll be able to do that? >> those that are left are the worst of the worst. did we invest blood and treasure capturing these guys to have them hang out in cuba for the last ten years and let them go? to me it's insane. these people were captured as essentially illegal combatants. according to the law of land warfare, the way we find war,
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geneva convention, these people could have been killed summarily on the battlefield. giving them some potential for justice in some form. the idea that we would just simply close guantanamo and ignore the potential intelligence value to me doesn't make any military sense. i think president obama clearly failed in his promise. i think it's good because i think we do need it going forward. it does not add to recruiting terrorists. i don't think they care about it. i think we need to maintain it for military and intelligence purposes. >> colonel schaeffer, thank you for your insights. appreciate it. >> always good to be on, thank you. when you replace it, are you going to make sure that people with preconditions are still covered? >> yes. because it happens to be one of the strongest assets. >> you're going to keep that. >> also with the children living with parents for an extended period. it adds cost, but it's very much
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something we're going to try to keep. >> that's president-elect trump speaking to "60 minutes" in his first interview since his victory. letting public know he's open to keeping some aspects of obamacare intact when he and his team come up with new initiatives for affordable health care. health care is one of the top three on his agenda that he plans to tackle in the first 100 days of administration. joining us, texas senator louie gohmert with more. welcome, good to see you. >> great to be with you, uma. thank you. >> mr. trump in his meeting with leaders on capitol hill said health care will dominate the agenda. do you expect dramatic changes as he throws out most of obamacare and ushers in a new plan? do you have any specifics? >> those are the things that
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americans have been praying for, hoping for. uma, in support of what president elect trump has said, if you go back to 2009 before obamacare was even drafted, you have republicans like me, others all across the republican party, house and senate saying, look, there are things we can work on together to fix health care, and one of them is there have been people that have been harmed by insurance companies using me existing conditions as a reason to fraudulently prevent someone for continuing on their insurance. that's got to stop. let's work together on that. by the way, there were many of us republicans that felt like, look, no matter what your age is, if you're still living with your parents and you're dependent on them, of course you ought to be able to be on your insurance. the democrats said, no, we don't want your input. henry waxman said we don't want
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your input, don't need your vote. forget it. we'll do what we want. that's something republicans were willing to do way back when. now trump is just affirming what republicans were willing to do back then. let me also affirm something my friend tony shaffer said, there are all kinds of rumors about who is going to get what position. keep in mind, normally when that happens, there are a lot of people that have pushed their own name out there in hopes that they'll be considered and said they're being considered. as the old saying in washington goes, no matter how cynical you get, it's never enough to catch up. when it comes to the wall and immigration, we appropriated over $4 billion for just one part of a virtual wall that janet napolitano did not spend. if somebody spent that money, they violated the law. >> you're saying the funds to
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build the wall have already been appropriated so if mexico refuses to pay for the wall, the money has already been built in for us to spend it? >> i'm not giving up on mexico paying for the wall and trump never said when they would pay for it. we may have to front the money up front, like i say, so much of it has already been put up there, and then go collecting later. that happens in the business world z a president elect trump knows. if that money got misspent illegally, we need to find it. that would be one of those great places under the law for a government employee to point out where it was illegally spent and we give them 10% or so of what we get back from where it was illegally spent. so money is either there or it's grabbable to start the wall. we've been trying to push for this even under president bush. the money was appropriated back then and during the obama
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administration. they just didn't spend it the way we told them to. >> what do you think about the working relationship between the republicans who are on board with trump and those who did not support him, how do you see this relationship going forward as he tries to make sure his domestic agenda is carried forward, specifically on the immigration issue? >> that's such a superb question, uma. the thing is, we have got to sound the alarm loud and clear, and i am getting it out there now to start and hopefully it will be a campaign that will be strong enough to prevent what i'm afraid may happen, what's happened in the past. i saw it in '05 and '06. we were going to reform social security, totally reform, throw out the enter revenue code and start fresh. our leadership at that time said, you know what? this could be a term where we lose the majority. so let's don't do anything.
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i'm telling you, uma, that could happen here. they get on board at first, the establishment people in the house and senate say, yeah, we're going to do these things. and then they come back later and mcconnell says, you know, we were going to do all this good stuff, but cloture just stopped us. it's time to use the reid rule, set aside cloture with 51 votes and save america before it's too late. >> that's what frustrated voters in past elections, when the republicans that were voted in, promised to do all kind of things working with the administration made those promises and they didn't. voters are very angry and you got the tea party folks mad. that's why a wlot of folks were thrown out. >> this is our last chance, we can't have excuses like cloture keep us in following in the constitution and saving this little experiment in government called a republic. we've got to do this for the sake of the next generations.
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we've been given a reprieve. we need to take it with all the vitality we can and drive this agenda that trump was elected on home. he has a mandate on the things he was elected on. and i know some people say, well, he didn't win the popular vote. my gosh, look at the map. look at every county in america that voted for trump and tell me that wasn't a mandate. we're not going to have the huge urban centers dictate policy. it's time to get back that what made america great that you find in 90% of the geography of america. >> congressman, good to see you. all the best to you as you move forward. >> god bless you and god bless america. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. the taliban strikes again targeting u.s. forces in afghanistan. details still ahead on this deadly attack. plus president-elect trump getting ready to take the reigns
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of power from president obama. ed rollins joins us to explain the role each leader will play in this process and why the transition has not always gone as smoothly as one would expect in the past. >> the bottom line is, it's all about the new president. people wanted change, donald trump is going to give us change. the transition team will be important. but the truth is it's going to be what donald trump wants. cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? yeahashtag "stuffy nose."old. hashtag "no sleep." i got it. hashtag "mouthbreather."
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welcome back. a judge declaring a mistrial in the case of a former cincinnati police officer charged in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man. this after the jury emerged deadlocked after more than 24 hours of deliberations. the officer shot the victim during a traffic stop last year over a missing front license plate. the defense saying the officer was afraid the victim was going to drive off in his car, dragging him along with it. prosecutors must now decide whether or not to seek a retrial. this fox news alert overseas now on a deadly day for u.s. forces in afghanistan. four americans confirmed killed in a suicide bombing at a u.s. airfield including two service members and two contractors. the taliban now claiming responsibility for the attack at
11:23 am
bagram airfield, a major hub for the u.s. military. joining us, john huddy joining us from our middle east bureau with more. >> reporter: uma, this is the largest u.s. military base, and this is also a major security breach. the four americans were part of a larger group of americans getting ready for a post veterans day run. as you mentioned, two are u.s. service members, two u.s. contractors working in afghanistan and 16 other americans were also injured in this blast. now, the attack happened around 5:30 this morning inside, as mentioned, bagram air base when officials say a man apparently posing as an afghan laborer detonated his suicide vest where this group of people were getting ready for their morn run. the taliban claimed responsibility saying the attack had been planned for four months. where the explosives came from, if they were smuggled onto the base, if they were already inside and why the attacker wasn't flagged before getting
11:24 am
onto the base or at least during security, if he wasn't part of the group of workers, laborers going in, all of this is under investigation. bagram is the largest u.s. military base in afghanistan. it's where top u.s. officials, the president, secretary of defense fly into when visiting the country because of its heavy security procedures and protocols. again, this is clearly a major security breach. secretary of defense ash carter said in a statement today in part, quote, for those who carried out this attack, my message is simple. we will not be deterred in our mission to protect our homeland and help afghanistan secure its own future. secretary carter also, uma, expressed condolences to the family members of those victims. so far we don't have anymore information about their identities. >> our hearts go out to those families as well. john, thank you very much for that update. the bataclan concert hall reopening in paris tonight, one
11:25 am
year after a devastating isis terror attack killing 130 people and leaving hundreds of others injured. the terrorists ambushing people inside with explosives, also targeting restaurants and a sports stadium in paris. tonight legendary pop star sting marking the reopening of the concert hall with a big show. those tickets selling out in less than 30 minutes. the proceeds going to the survivors of last year's attack. democrats searching for a new direction and picking up the pieces following the shattering loss in the general election. who is going to lead the democratic party now, and the transition of power, from president obama to president elect trump has begun. a look at what's happening behind the scenes. >> i have no expectation. donald has been my friend for 28 years. all of my work on behalf of him has been out of great loyalty
11:26 am
and friendship to him. i can see already how he is going to be a great president. i'm glad i could play a small role. i'm terrible at golf. he is. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you.
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welcome back. police in los angeles arresting about 200 people after a massive protest against president elect trump. about 3,000 demonstrators taking to the streets. russia arresting ten terror suspects allegedly planning attacks in moscow and st.
11:31 am
petersburg. the suspects are from central asian countries and are linked to isis. secretary of state john kerry touring antarctica, the highest ranking american official to visit the frozen continent. mr. kerry says there's a risk much of the ice will flow into the ocean raising sea levels worldwide. american instinct has never been to find isolation in opposite corners. it is to find strength in our common creed, to forge unity from our great diversity. >> president obama including a call for unity in his veterans day remarks, remarks one day after his first meeting with president-elect donald trump as both leaders start the process of transitions a new leader into the oval office. mr. trump moving into the white house in a little over two months. before that, he has some work to do. ed rollins, the former campaign manager for the reagan-bush
11:32 am
ticket in 1984 and part of president reagan's transition chief. also the chief strategist for the great america pac. >> thank you very much. >> you are one of the few people who can really give us a real sense of what it's like in these real important days of transition, behind the scenes, how it works like clockwork to get this job done. >> it works like clockwork. the critical thing for mr. trump is he has to pick his team. he hasn't been a vice president, hasn't been a governor. so there's not a natural team that steps in. and so there's plenty of people who want to serve in a trump administration. i've been around for a couple of transitions. the most interesting thing is literally 12:01 on january 20th, president obama will have left the white house at about 11:00 to go to the inaugural ceremony. the pictures will be on the
11:33 am
walls, his things will be in place. he comes back after lunch. president trump will go in and it will all be pictures of him. >> they actually have teams of people standing by while the inauguration is taking place where they're working behind the scenes packing and unpacking. >> absolutely. i've been on both ends of it. and as a new staffer going into the white house in 1981, you walk in, well, what do we do now? this is where we're going to work for the next several years. what are our plans and purposes? for president obama who has had two extraordinary terms, it's kind of a period of sad nsz for those who serve in his administration, about 4,000 political types that get displaced. >> we saw a lot of people crying in the rose garden when hefls calling on people to support the new president. >> at the end -- which i think was a wonderful gesture and i think that meeting went very well. the amazing thing for me and one
11:34 am
of the disturbances i have watching the protesters is 58 times america has gone to the polls and elected a president. trump will be the 44th man, 45th president, 44th man, one served twice. every four years we have an election. it's a very special thing. there's been many election i didn't like the outcome. many elections i was happy. i'm certainly happy now. there's no other place in the world that does it like we do it. i think today, to go out in the streets and do the damage and pulling people out of cars and punching them out and what have you is appalling. >> how do you account for the deep polarization that is obviously in play and the fact that there are a number of people out there who believe it's their right to not only protest but embark on violence in these cities? >> it's their right to protest.
11:35 am
we believe in that. that's certainly very important. it's no one's place to have violence. at the end of the day, if you basically commit violence, hopefully the law system will take care of you quickly. you're disrupting cities, disrupting this city. one of the appalling things to me, i don't think it's a very good lesson from our educators to say to kids go take two days off and be in remorse. what you're teaching them is you go vote and the next day you move on. that's the great thing about america. to say these kids are in sorrow and sad -- >> my daughter's school, very evident there, a lot of kids were in pain, crying. teachers weren't even taking the lead and trying to help them and they were coding them. it was very disturbing. >> my daughter is 21 years old and very active on the other side. i have a wonderful relationship with her. she kept telling me, dad, are
11:36 am
you going to quit the trump campaign. at 10:30 she said please, daddy, tell me it's not true. she said my friends are here celebrating the first woman president. she goes to mt. holly oak. i said well, maybe one of you will be the first female president. it's not going to be mrs. clinton. >> we have an election every four years. very interesting when you pointed out, we've seen a very positive response so far, encouraging response from the white house, from mrs. clinton and president-elect trump in terms of the dialogue they're having so far. i find it interesting that back in the day, herbert hoover refused to meet directly and talk with franklin delano roosevelt when he was about to take office, refused to have a meeting. he only spoke to his aide, wouldn't speak to the president elect. >> when president reagan defeated jimmy carter --
11:37 am
president reagan was a very cordial man, the two had to ride in the limousine together. carter didn't talk to him, all the way up. he was very bitter about the election. >> very awkward. >> it was not an ugly election, it was just the country was ready to make a change. it was really awkward. i've seen others where it's -- you celebrate it, you basically -- to serve as a president is probably one of the greatest honors and challenges. the two great days in the life of a president is inauguration and the day he dedicates his library. a lot of hard times in between. president obama, you see the gray hair. the young, youthful man that went in eight years ago, he's made a lot of tough decisions and served his country well. i don't agree with everything he's done. he certainly has served his country well. not brought the least bit of disgrace to the country.
11:38 am
wonderful father, wonderful first lady, raised two children. he'll still is have a big role. >> warm regards from mr. rollins, not a big supporter of mr. obama. >> i appreciate the task of having worked for a couple presidents, i appreciate how difficult the job is. and i think we all should pray for mr. trump and his people. they've got big challenges ahead. >> absolutely. you've been on the front lines of this inside and out. thank you for joining us again with your insights. well, the democrats trying to reorganize the party after new leadership after hen's stunning loss. senators bernie sanders and elizabeth warren appear to be the most high-pro foil figures left standing. bryan llenas joins us from or new york city newsroom with more on this part of the story. bryan, are both sanders and warren saying what the democratic party does now? >> the democratic party is going
11:39 am
through serious soul searching. sanders and warren believes the democratic party needs to shift priorities to the working class. they're the biggest advocates for fighting against what they call a rigged economy, making them prime candidates to shift the concentration of the party to blue collar america. both senators acknowledge that president elect donald trump won because he tapped into the justified anger felt by much of these workers in places like wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. and now some democrats see hillary clinton's defeat as a call for the party to embrace its more liberal wing. sanders tweeting, quote, the democratic party has to be focused on grassroots america and not wealthy people attending cocktail parties. both senators say they are willin work with mr. trump, but they will also fight him when necessary. >> bigotry in all its forms, we will fight back against attacks on latinos, on
11:40 am
african-americans, on women, on muslims, on immigrants, disabled americans, on everyone. >> republicans control the house, the senate, the white house, majorities of state legislatures and governorships. democrats have little time to regroup. they have 25 seats to defend in the senate in 2018, half o of which are in states president-elect trump won or narrowly lost. >> any word on who will lead the democratic national committee at this point? >> bernie sanders is backing keith elin son. the muslim american has emerged as a favorite. some democrats believe his appointment would send an inclusive message to their minority base. former maryland governor martin o'malley has surfaced as a possible contender. the appointment of a new dnc will set a message, current chair donna brazile and ousted
11:41 am
chair debby wasserman schultz are taking heat for backing a flawed candidate hillary clinton. heavy fighting under way right now in mosul as iraqi troops try to liberate that city from isis. we'll go live near the front lines. back in this country, melania trump gearing up for her new role. how she's preparing to be the first lady of the u.s. >> we must find better ways to honor and support the basic goodness of our children, especially in social media. it will be one of the main focuses of my work if i'm privileged enough to become your first lady. heartburn relief gummies. they don't taste chalky and work fast. mmmm. incredible. can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief.
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welcome back. it's not only transition time for the president-elect. future first lady melania trump spent time this week with
11:46 am
current first lady michelle obama at the white house. she will be the skekd foreign-born first lady in u.s. history. mrs. trump has a lot to look forward to when it comes to a big change in lifestyle. kate anderson braur is the author o of the book "first women and the residence." welcome. great to have you on the program. >> thanks for having me. >> let's talk about what lies ahead for mel lane yeah trump, knowing that a great deal of change is ahead for her. one of the things she takes great pride in, of course, is being a mother. that's something that michelle obama can really relate to very directly because that's something that she spnt a great deal of her time in the early years focusing on. >> that's right. i actually think michelle obama and melania trump have something else in common. michelle obama was the first african-american first lady, felt an extra degree of scrutiny. and melania is the first immigrant since louisa adams,
11:47 am
the daughter of a diplomat and born in london. it's going to bemelania. the key will be surrounding herself with a smart staff, experienced social secretary, good chief of staff and what michelle obama's east wing team needs to do is talk to melania trump's east wing team and tell them about what events they can avoid, what things they have to that are part of protocol. that meeting yesterday was interesting. they talked about raising children in the white house. baron trump is the first son since jfk junior, young son. the carters had teenage boys and the fords, too. baron is just 10 years old. these are pivotal times in a choild's life. it's an added level of difficulty for melania that michelle can help her finesse. >> michelle in vogue magazine said, quote, i could have focused on flowers, decor,
11:48 am
entertainment. any first lady gets to define her role. there's no legislative authority. you're not elected. that's a wonderful gift of freedom. melania trump can be free to focus on whatever issue she chooses. she mentioned she'd like to focus on bullying when it comes to social media and try to to help children in that arena. that's one of the things she's talked about. >> yeah. i think the cyber bullying idea is interesting. that leads some people to say, well, your husband uses twitter a lot. you have to be careful. some apolitical things, things that seemingly seem not offensive to anyone will always offend one group or another. i think that's what first ladies find, no matter what they do. when i interviewed three former first ladies, they said no matter what we do, we get in trouble with one group or another. you have to do what you feel is right. >> i know these transitions have not always been smooth. there was a frosty relationship between mrs. carter and mrs.
11:49 am
reagan during that time of transition. can you talk about that for a moment? >> it was very difficult. so bad that when they were riding into the limo to the inaugural ceremony they didn't say a word to each other. we've been through this before with awkward transitions, but usually people rise above it. it's part of the american democracy. it's interesting and wonderful to see it in motion here. >> indeed it is. i know you have had such great insights and a wonderful book that you have put all of this in. i urge our viewers to read your book because it's quite compelling. thank you so much for joining us today. >> thank you. >> good to see you. well, now going overseas once again, the fighting intensifies this mosul as iraqi forces meet fierce resistance from isis militants. up next, how the islamic terror group is receiving new levels of depravity against innocent civilians.
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♪ we are back with news that iraqi forces continue their push into mosul in their offensive against isis. their progress slowed down by isis, car bombs and snipers. this as we learn about the terror group inflicting new horrors on innocent victims, including public executions for
11:54 am
people they describe as traitors. greg palcott is joining us from iraq with more on this. greg. >> reporter: hi, uma. yeah, it's been about four weeks since this operation to route isis out of the city of mosul, not far from where we are, started. boy, it is getting harder and harder. we're getting new reports in tonight about fighting during the day, and it is said that iraqi forces have been clashing with the terrorists in two different districts in the eastern side of mosul. ten terror car bombs have been destroyed as they approach the troops, 30 militants were killed. the people that we have been speaking to say iraqi soldiers are not bad, they're pretty good, but these isis terrorists are manaical, absolutely insane. basically we're told because the terrorists are acting in this way there's no real way to strategize against them. for example, the u.n. saying they've killed 70 civilians this week alone for so-called
11:55 am
treasury, stringing up their bodies in the intersections of the city. as the fight gets harder, they draw in more and more, we are getting new reports tonight of civilians being used as human shields. air strikes are being called in by the iraqi air force as well as the u.s. military, air force and coalition, but difficult to be useful in urban warfare as there big tanks being used by the iraqi military. soldiers are basically on their own against these jihadis. finally, we're watching the flow of refugees, uma, fleeing this fighting. watching another massive camp being built not too far from where we are right now, over 50,000 have left mosul. but officials say 800,000 could flee once it is all over. a very tough battle indeed. back to you. >> absolutely part breaking, greg. those amazing images are really certainly very powerful. thank you very much. and back here at home, former president george w. bush saying they were injured carrying out his orders.
11:56 am
how the former commander-in-chief is honoring the nation's wounded veterans. ♪ an american soldier ♪ an american ♪ beside my brothers and my sisters ♪ ♪ i will proudly take a stand
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
former president george w. bush honoring wounded veterans by painting their portraits. president bush posting this picture on his facebook page, saying he has been painting the portraits of 98 wounded vets
12:00 pm
over the last several months. they will be featured in his book, "portraits of courage." duty out in faeb. that's a wrap for us here in studio j. have a great weekend, everybody. see you next time. ♪ as i've said from the beginning, ours was not a campaign but rather an incredible and great movement, made up of millions of hard working men and women who love their country and want a better, brighter future for themselves and for their family. >> welcome to the journal editorial report. that was president-elect donald trump early wednesday morning after his stunning defeat of democratic rival hillary clinton in a long and hard fought battle for the white house. mr. trump's unlikely win sent


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