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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 15, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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finally the ugly. watchdog failed -- excitement. tails wagging, one of the robbers petting the pooch. "fox and friends" -- >> the rodent, eeww. starts now. good morning to you and your family. it's tuesday, november 15th. president-elect donald trump's cabinet continuing to come together. it looks like rudy giuliani is closer to being named for a top post. what is it and how the president-elect could make history with his pick. >> that's right. chicago mayor and president obama loyalist rahm emanuel doesn't care what the president-elect says about sanctuary cities. >> to be clear about what chicago is, it always will be a sanctuary city. >> they're doing it for political purposes. it's not going to work because trump will come after him. >> protecting illegals is going to keep chicago safe.
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right? >> that's a reason for pride. >> for all the democrats and liberals upset about the election results, here's some advice. >> let me give you the quickest and directest route to canada from tulsa. when you get to canada, you hit the border here. make sure you got either your card or your passport. >> right. hit the road. the local traffic reporter turning into an international sensation and keep in mind. no matter what college you're in or who you voted for, your mornings are better because you chose to be with friends. >> and -- >> you didn't say get dressed, brian. >> it's tuesday. >> brian went out for a book signing and met a lot of fans and they said you wouldn't believe how many times i'm halfway dressed and you tell me to get dressed. >> when chris chew low on camera three, i have to remind him to
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get dressed, he's actually working. >> we begin with our top story. president-elect donald trump, his team is nearing the final stages, guys. >> that's right. vice president president-elect mike pence heading to trump tower to review lots of resumes. >> kristin fisher is live with the potential cabinet picks. been a while since we got names and positions filled. maybe today? >> it could happen today. we have a name that's emerged over the last 24 hours. rudy giuliani emerged at the top of the list for secretary of state. originally, the former new york city mayor was gunning for attorney general. last night he shot it down saying he would not be a.g. in a trump administration. he left reporters guessing about secretary of state. listen to what newt gingrich said about it late last night. >> rudy's probably been the closest surrogate, worked his heart out. i thought he might prefer attorney general where he would
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be brilliant or homeland security where his experience at 9/11 would be great. i think he'll be fabulous to have him as secretary of state. he would do a lot to represent america, which is what we need, and to reform the state department. >> another top contender is alabama senator jeff sessions, one of trump's earliest and most loyal supporters. this is by no means a done deal yet. they have to make a decision very soon. there's been a lot of talk about a trump administration perhaps not diverse enough. mr. trump is reportedly considering an openly gay man to be ambassador to the u.n. and maybe a woman to run the republican party, ran a romney mcdaniel, the niece of mitt romney. that would be a big olive branch extended to a family member to one of mr. trump's most fiercest opponents. >> we'll have to see what happens. let's talk about basically some
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of the names. if rudy giuliani comes out, will he have a hard time getting confirmed? >> i don't think so. elections have consequences. your top cabinet post, what would disqualify rudy jewel yn i. he's run a major city. cleaned up new york and has a ton of connections. >> newt gingrich said anything he wants basically he will get. he's been loyal to donald trump. he's got a great resume. >> right. absolutely. around 3:15 yesterday, what was everyone doing? if you were lucky enough to be able enough, listen to the president yesterday. it was an extraordinary press conference. the first one since the election. at 3:15, he said before i go to greece, germany and peru, i would like to tell you how i feel about president-elect -- >> he said i want to clear the brush before i go overseas. asked him a lot about donald trump obviously and this is what he had to say. >> i think that he successfully
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mobilid a big chunk of the country to vote for him and he's going to win. he has won. he's going to be the next president. and regardless of what experience or assumptions he brought to the office, this office has a way of waking you up. those aspects of his positions or predispositions that don't match up with reality, he will find shaken up pretty quick because reality has a way of asserting itself. >> i thought it was diplomatic, he said there's a lot of things he won't be able to do when he
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gets to the 0e68 office. he said he doesn't think he's an ideologue. he's pragmatic. he's going do -- >> i like the fact that he's going to help the transition team and the staffers and transition them to the white house. he has a very short time, donald trump, to fill 4,000 positions. >> absolutely. being inside the white house, he did a nice job on the podium. i thought he was gracious and said all the right things to hear. >> he did a nice job. also, there's a lot of proof right now or evidence that there's a public position and there's a private position in the white housement publicly, he's saying the right thing. there's a otograph, i don't know if we can put it on the screen of the obama staff greeting or seeing donald trump when he first arrived at the white house. a lot of you have seen this. not a happy looking crew right there. i think that's probably indicative of how they really feel inside the white house about trump. there's been leaking also. so there's things said publicly. then they go to the press of how they really feel. >> there's a picture of when the president found out.
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they were reacting to the results coming in. >> you know what, you have to feel sorry -- you fight so hard for the last 17 months and one of the camps is going to be totally out of jobs. they're probably thinking, where is my future? >> here's the thing with the president. the president said i consider it a personal insult if you don't get out and vote for hillary clinton. they didn't get out and vote for hillary clinton. his legacy was on the line. he made that clear. it didn't work. he campaigned, you can argue, harder than hillary clinton for hillary clinton and it got big crowds and it didn't work. now he knows all of his executive orders can be overturned in the snap of a finger, using of the pen. to use his quote exactly. he saw that. he also for the longest time told the whole world he thought to be paraphrase that donald trump was not capable and was not competent enough to be president. so how do you actually go out to the rest of the world and say that was rhetoric.
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>> he's walked back that rhetoric a little bit. and recently to the "wall street journal" and trying to hint, while the job might be too big for donald trump, this is what it said in the "wall street journal" yesterday, during their private white house meeting, mr. obama walked his successor through the duties of running the country and mr. trump seemed surprised by the scope and said people familiar with the meeting, trump aides were -- unaware that the entire presidential staff working with the west wing had to be replaced. they tried to imply he's not ready for it. >> was president obama ready for it? is anyone ready for it? you have to have a transition. that's why people said we want to vote for him. he's not establishment. he doesn't necessarily know how to run a white house. but people said he hopes he surrounds himself with people that do. reince priebus. he has plenty of experience. >> that was a jab, an unnamed source telling the "wall street journal," the guy coming over really has a huge ramp-up time.
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>> it doesn't matter. >> that's designed to make people worried about donald trump. >> that's right. just like the protests that have been going on to create instability and uncertainty. >> we have a big topic for this administration, the trump administration will be immigration, sanctuary cities, enforcement of the law and mayors across the country, i don't know if you've seen this. we'll put up the map. new york, chicago, minneapolis, san francisco, seattle, they're vowing we'll keep our sanctuary cities. regardless of what donald trump says about enforcement of illegals, criminals, they're saying, supposedly you're going to be safe in the city no matter what. >> one of the least safest cities in the country is chicago run by this man, mayor rahm emanuel. this is what he had to say. >> to be clear about what chicago is, it always will be a sanctuary city to all those who are after tuesday's election
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very nervous, filled with anxiety, you are safe in chicago. you are secure in chicago and you are supported in chicago. >> except for those people being shot and raped. >> here's the thing. what he's saying, if you're here illegally, don't worry about it. donald trump has made it clear that if his focus right now will be securing the border and getting the 1 to 2 to 3 million criminals out of the country. >> as soon as you get caught, deportation begins. >> as rahm emanuel is saying, if i have a criminal in my midst and warrants out for their arrest, he's not going to get rid of them? donald trump is saying one thing and the mayors saying another thing. don't worry about it, i've got your back. you're here illegally, does he also mean the criminals? >> exactly. you'll be safe in the city? what about the people killed in the city. the 78 in homicides in october alone. it's not a safe city. the other part about it, too, 80% of the illegal narcotics in
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chicago come from the sinaloa cartel in mexico. the mayors and the fact that they don't realize it's the policies they oppose making their cities dangerous is the ultimate irony. >> wait until it happens to their children. talk with thesteinly family. their daughter's killer kept coming back over the border. he was a repeated criminal. he had a long rap sheet. >> yep. kate steinle is dead and those kids and families meant a lot to donald trump. you can tell that throughout. do you salute the mayors standing up to the president-elect or do they have it all wrong? talk about all right. heather nauert is here. >> good morning everybody. pete, great to have you back. welcome back. happy tuesday to all of you. fox news alert. there is a manhunt intensifying by the minute for a murder suspect who broke out of jail barefoot. police in central missouri looking for daniel glen campbell
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after he slipped out of the back door of a texas county jail overnight wearing his white and orange jail uniform. he was charged to a double shooting and homicide last month. he could be headed to the st. louis area. keep an eye out for that man. in washington now. house speaker paul ryan is closer to o keeping his gavel. house republicans will hold a secret ballot election to choose their nominee for speaker. ryan is not facing any competition. but some wanted to delay the vote because they felt it was too soon after the presidential election. he needs a majority of house votes to hold on to the speakership position. hillary clinton's next order of business after losing the election. get a benghazi lawsuit dismissed. clinton's attorneys asking a judge to throw out a defamation suit filed by the parents of two of the benghazi victims. patricia smith and charles woods say that clinton called them liars. their suit claims that she
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mishandled confidential e-mails and that's what led to their children's deaths. president-elect trump mar-a-lago's -- members and staff are getting ready for new security measures at the palm beach family. they're expected to spend christmas and possibly thanksgiving there. those are your headlines. going to see winter somewhere, might as well be florida. >> good properties to choose from. >> life is about to change. thank you. president-elect trump turning heads for saying this about his presidential salary. >> there's so much work to be done and i want to get it done for the people. i think i have to by law take one dollar. i'll take one dollar a year. >> one dollar. what do the voters think? we put it to the dial test. the results are fascinating. >> plus, one woman's new little black dress had a little stowaway. a mouse. look at that. sewn inside of it.
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partners and she joins me now with a brand new dials. good morning. good morning it's been a week. it's been exactly a week. the tuesday after the election. let's start with donald trump. he was being interviewed by lesley stahl. she asked him about his salary. he didn't want to take a salary. watch this and watch the dials. >> there's so much work to be done. i don't think we'll be big on vacations. >> are you going to take the salary, president's salary? >> i've never commented on this. i have to by law take one dollar. i'll take one dollar a year. i don't know what it is. do you know what the salary is? >> $400,000. you're giving up. >> i'm not taking it. >> he didn't even know what the salary is. >> everyone across the board loved it. >> republicans gave it an a. >> democrats gave it a b-plus. i don't know that i've seen democrats go that high for donald trump. it was a symbolic gesture. he comes in as an outsider.
3:19 am
it made people think he was serious about it. hillary's concession speech. watch this. >> we have seen is that our nation is more deeply divided than we thought. i still believe in america and i always will. if you do, we must accept this result and look to the future. donald trump is going to be our present. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. >> you can see ultimately folks gave this an a all the way around. she gave a classy concession speech. she was leading by example there. here is donald trump talking about meeting with president obama. >> this was a meeting that was going to last for maybe ten or 15 minutes and we were just going to get to know each other. we had never met each other. i have great respect for you.
3:20 am
it lasted almost an hour and a half. as far as i'm concerned, it could have gone a lot longer. mr. president, it was a great honor being with you and i look forward to being with you many, many more times in the future. >> you can see all across the board there, republicans an a, independents a b, democrats a c. what was really encouraging to me, despite all of the unrest out there, people really seemed to be coming together. what i heard from a lot of folks is donald trump's tone since the election has been reassuring. >> we went through so much for 17 months, everyone wants unity now. >> thanks so much. >> coming up, a man with a passport from pakistan is caught snooping around a water treatment plant. now, we can't find him. the threat of isis and al qaeda not just overseas. stunning reports find the groups operating just as strongly at our southern border. dr. sebastian gorka is here to explain. right there with pete.
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quick look at the headlines. one was sent to a minneapolis halfway house after 21 months in jail. the other sentence today 2 1/2 years. both cooperated with the feds. a man with a pakistani passport in a chicago area water plant. that wouldn't have been good. they found inside the plant with a duffel bag last week. makes total sense. police say he didn't breach any secure areas and told him he was at a gym. since then he vanished. i'm going to look into these
3:25 am
stories. they bother me. >> pete? it's one of the biggest threats president-elect trump will deal with when he takes the white house. terrorism. each scarier than isis and al qaeda is the fact that they are operating cells in mexico, making it easy to slip through the bortder into our country. here to map out the threat, nobody better than the author of defeating jihad, dr. sebastian gorka. a big election with a lot of change coming. the threat looms from isis. what are we seeing -- we're going to pop it up on the map. what are you most concerned about as it pertains to that threat in the united states? >> as we discussed with brian yesterday, we've had just over two years, 124 arrests of isis, just isis terrorists in america. there's actually specificity what's happening in the south. >> sure. there's a specific portion in this map. where are we looking at? right down here, right? put it in context. i was just in arizona, a border patrol agent came up and said
3:26 am
it's out of control. we don't have control of the border. not new news to our audience. this might be new, specifically what we're looking at here. >> here is a troubling area. about a 60-mile stretch down here west texas area towards new mexico around here where the border is not secure >> ner el paso. >> we have reports that the state department, d.c. tries to deny this. when you talk to judicial watch that goes down there. talks to the local police officers, they say this area being used by jihadis. they're cooperating -- they're being smuggled across. four isis terrorists were found to have used this area to cross into america. >> how do they know that? where are they getting the information? >> the texas department of public safety and foia and the mexican authorities. one of the most disturbing
3:27 am
things is on the mirror side of el paso right about here, there is a report of an isis training camp in mexico. >> wow. reports of an isis training camp on the other side of the border attempting to utilize this portion here to come here to the united states? >> one last thing that puts it all together. they have managed to find reports -- do you remember the first isis attack in america, garland, texas that art show, they tried to kill pamela geller. two guys were killed by the local police. an associate of those individuals said, my isis brothers in texas and mexico assisted in that attack. >> we do know that the drug cartels at the right price have been more than happy to work with jihadis to facilitate that. >> think about it. you have a smuggling route, you'll use it. whether it's guns or immigrants or terrorists. >> you don't care. money and money.
3:28 am
>> even sanctuary cities, we seem to not care. >> dr. sebastian gorka. as always, an expert. coming up, president-elect trump getting major pushback on his deportation plans of illegals. judge napolitano says the critics are fighting a losing battle. he's here live to explain why. for all the bitter liberals out there, here's advice for you. let me give you the quickest and directest route to canada from tulsa. when you get to canada, you're going to hit the border here. make sure you have either your card or your passport. >> a local reporter turning into an international sensation, next. first, happy birthday to the victoria's secret and sports illustrated swimsuit model turning 31 years young today. put some distance between you and temptation with
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check your calendar. a huge day for the "fox and friends" family. i call her ainsley. she's written a children's book called "take heart my child, a mother's dream." pete also loves this book. >> it's fantastic. absolutely. the book is inspired by her childhood and notes from her father. it's a lullaby to her one-year-old daughter hayden. >> ainsley, how long did you think about doing this? >> jans is and i were talking about this. janice is here. we went to lunch four or five years ago. she has her children's book out. we both said we've written children's books. mine was about my dog at the time. remember this? i went to the publisher and read them the dog book and they were like -- we like this, tell us about your life. my dad, my parents are amazing.
3:33 am
mom a school teacher, my dad a basketball coach. put himself through college. his goal was to put all three of us through college. he was gone a lot, a coach. you were a coach. he was a college basketball coach. gone all the time. dad said i want to put my kids through college. that's my goal. want to take another job. he moved to columbia, south carolina. dad had this great job and mom a school teacher. while she went to school at 7:30 in the morning to teach the kids, so dad was in charge of breakfast. next to our cereal bowls, he left a note, scripture a saying. there's dad. that was the day we met. here's the children's book. sayings that my parents taught us, especially some of the notes that dad left me. when i was pregnant with my daughter, i wrote this book. i'll read a little bit of it for you guys. >> can i sit on the floor cross legged. >> it says before you were born.
3:34 am
before you came to be i dreamed a love song on a butterfly sea. look at the artist. she's amazing. >> how did you pick her? >> interrupt my reading. >> sorry. >> the waters that day with truth in my ears, for your life through the years. may your feet trace new patterns on warm sandy shores. may you dive into waves and yearn to explore. if you get lost in the oceans fast tides, take heart my child, i'll be by your side. then there are a few more excerpts i'll share wuchlt i like this paragraph. may you take the high road though the road m be long, pledge to followour heart so your heart will be strong. and -- >> the pictures are incredible. >> great job. jamie kim she's amazing. >> may you strive to be happy. change your course if you're not. embrace the world's colors, colors others forgot. that reminds me if there's a child in your classroom, fourth
3:35 am
grade. there was a little boy next to me. he had some challenges. it was my joy to help him with scissors and with coloring and things like that. i think of him when i wrote that. embrace the world's colors, colors others forgot. never forget the ones that might not have -- >> that is beautiful. >> when you wrote that, did your image of mom and daughter or son -- >> the publisher sent it to me, i was pregnant at the time. i went into her nursery. i wanted to read it there. i wept. because i was so excited. i got this job. pregnant with my baby. it was just all at once and in the book. i was so grateful. >> a huge day today. it launches. you could pre-order today. today is a great time to order especially because with the holidays here, this is a great book to give at the holidays. you get it out of the way. >> proceeds going to folds of honor. >> that's amazing. >> america knows you. >> they know your heart. when you know the person that
3:36 am
wrote the book, i think you have an additional special connection. >> ainsley comes in and says my book launches today. i said tomorrow. >> do you have a copy? >> can i have it? i don't have mine. >> you can have it back. >> congratulations. >> ainsley will be here with hayden at 8:30. they have demands. want a car, got to be a limo. >> we need green m&m's in the green room. >> my turn to talk to janice dean. >> you want me here or the weather wall? >> move over, pete. >> you're always welcome here. >> the reason i'm in the studio is because i'm a wimp. i didn't bring my rain boots. it is pouring rain outside. already i'm a diva on the second day of "fox and friends." 51 in new york. it's 40 in chicago. 54 in rapid city. warmer than average across the central u.s. 15 to 25 degrees above average and we have this coastal low. if it was a little cooler, we
3:37 am
would be talking about snow across the northeast. this is a coastal system. across -- here's the northeast. it's going to be a messy a commute from the mid-atlantic up towards new england. there are are your temperatures. too warm for snow. this is the time of year we could potentially see a nor'easter. that's not going to happen because the temperatures are too warm. then across the northwest, that's our next system. that actually could bring the potential for the first big snowfall for the northern plains and the upper midwest. we'll be watching that. congratulations, ainsley. i'm so proud of you. so proud of you. >> proud of you. yeah. >> someone c fin heather nauert. she used to be over there. somebody moved her. >> congrats, ainsley. we're happy and proud of you. couple of headlines. there's a new bombshell ruling for the star of the netflix series making a murderer. brendan dassey is set to be released from jail after wisconsin judge overturned his
3:38 am
conviction saying dassey was coerced. >> that's not true. >> dassey previously confessed to helping his uncle steven avery murder the photographer teresa haugh back when he was 16 years old. the d.a. filed an emergency motion to delay the release. a near disaster on a packed flight as pilots go to drastic measures to avoid crashing into a drone. the canadian airlines flight posting this photo with a caption scary flight moment but we made it safe and sound. she says the plane took a sudden dip causing everyone to scream. two flight attendants were hurt. these a-listers said they would leave the country if donald trump won the election. turns out they're crying wolf. now an oklahoma traffic reporter is stepping up and leading the way to canada. watch this. >> i know a lot of people said
3:39 am
if their candidate lost the election they'd be moving to canada. not sure why. but that was some of the folks promises out there. let me give you the quickest and directest route to canada from tulsa. when you get to canada, you hit the border here. make sure you've got either your card or your passport. >> how funny is that? make sure you have your card or passport from the oklahoma traffic eye. we'll check back in to see in the growing list ever made it to canada or not. a woman makes a gross discovery. she found, look at this. little paw coming out right there. yeah. she found a dead mouse sewn into her brand new dress from zahra. she wore the droes work. oh, no. unaware of that dead rodent until it brushed against her leg. now she's suing zara saying it
3:40 am
smelled awful and made her sick. if you haven't seen it already, check out the cover of the new york post today. of mice and hem. get it? those are your headlines. >> she didn't know? wouldn't you feel a lump? >> eventually she did. >> we do not want a mouse. thank you very much, heather. president-elect donald trump refusing to back off the plans to deport criminal illegal immigrants. >> getting them out of our country or we're going to incarcerate. but we're getting them out of our country. they're here illegally. >> judge napolitano says his critics are fighting a losing battle. he's live to explain that, next. >> judge used to walk. what happened? under fire for helping donald trump get electsed. am i drinking again? should the social media police be allowed to fact check posts made by conservatives?
3:41 am
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wf a quick look at headlines. facebook and google taking a hard line. misleading pages can't advertise on the site or search engine anymore. it comes over mounting criticism on how false news stories might have influenced the presidential election. from fake news to fake conversations. guys, you have to listen to this. pretty funny. twitter erupting with memes of what joe biden could be saying to the president before they leave office. for example, come on, you got to print a fake birth certificate, put it in an envelope labeled secret and leave it in the oval office desk.says, there's no wa he'll tell them the wi-fi passwo password. he tells mike pence, you're going to be the vp. don't you dare touch my coloring books. i love that one.
3:45 am
brian? those are cute, aren't they? >> i'm all business today, ainsley. that was a top of the judge's head. he's not backing down on his tough stance on immigration. >> what we are going to do is get the people that are criminal and criminal records getting them and drug dealers. probably 2 million, could be 3 million. getting them out of the country and going to incarcerate. but getting them out of the country. >> looks like the law is on his side. >> andrew napolitano is here. judge, we're playing off the fact that a lot of mayors have said we're not kicking our illegals out. we have sanctuary cities. >> all right. sanctuary cities are not cities where the federal government can't enforce the law. they are cities where the locals will not help the feds enforce the law. can the federal government force local police to enforce federal
3:46 am
law? answer, no. can the police aggressively -- local police aggressively resist the feds? no. can they stand silent? yes. person has contact with the nypd. they know they're here illegally. under mayor de blasio. they will not report that person to the feds. the feds have to find them. under mayor giuliani. they would have reported the person to the feds, hung on to him or her until they took them away. president-elect trump has the law on his side. congress has given american presidents great leeway to make a determination based on national security, national sorent and the resources available about who should be deported and who should not be. >> some of the states pushed forward and said leave our illegals alone. philadelphia, new york, chicago, l.a., san francisco. look at that, that was off the top of my head. you're pretty impressed by that. >> always impressed, brian. >> thank you. minneapolis, seattle.
3:47 am
judge, they're saying leave my illegals alone. >> that doesn't mean that they can't be deported from there. it just means that the local authorities, police and civilian authorities in those cities will not help the federal government enforce immigration law. >> i hear you. having said that, let's look at reality of it. donald trump made it clear after the official announcement he's going to focus on securing the border and getting criminals, illegals who are criminals out of the country. do you also see there will be pressure on those mayors to not protect criminals in their midst? >> absolutely. look, yesterday rahm emanuel of all people said, come to chicago and you'll be safe. >> no one is safe in chicago. >> that's really ridiculous to say that about chicago. the unintended consequences of that will be more pressure on the social welfare of city. probably -- >> sure. >> probably more crime and more congestion. the types of things that mayors have a difficult time dealing
3:48 am
with. >> especially rahm emanuel in particular. the president said yesterday don't touch daca. kids taken here as infants, 4 or 5-year-olds get to stay because he has an executive order. that's going to be tougher politically. >> that executive order was invalidated by the fifth circuit court of appeals and the supreme court tied whether to overturn it. the executive order is out. donald trump, president-elect trump will have to issue a new executive order as to how he wants to address it. that pertains to the illegal parents of legal children. so illegals come in this country and have a child. should you separate the child who is an american citizen from the parents who are here illegally? that's a problem trump's administration has to confront very soon. >> i'm getting word. judge, every time you appear, you get the "fox and friends" home game. >> what's that? >> you get to pretend -- like password. because ainsley's book launch. you get 25% off the cover price.
3:49 am
>> you're getting a free one. >> you get a charge at the end. >> that's a typical ainsley earhardt move. remember when president-elect trump made this prediction about companies moving overseas. >> they're going to call me up and say do you have any second thoughts? i say absolutely not. they say, sir, we've decided to stay in the united states. >> go ahead, judgement finish my job. >> a worker whose job is moving to mexico is here next. >> kellyanne conway, my childhood friend from new jersey. here next hour at the trump administration as it quickly takes shape. is she joining the cabinet? >> are you just about done now? ♪ don't let the food you eat during the day haunt you at night. nexium 24hr... shuts down your stomach's active acid pumps... to stop the burn of frequent heartburn... all day and night.
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3:53 am
hi, donald trump, president of the united states. i hope -- i hope you enjoy your stay in mexico. every single air conditioning unit that you make and comes across the border into the united states, we're going to charge you a 35% tax. they are going to call me up within 24 hours. they are going to say mr. president, do you have any second thoughts? absolutely not. they say, sir, we've decided to stay in the united states. >> president-elect donald trump won the white house on that very message, keeping manufacturing jobs here in the u.s. >> it all started at carrier air conditioning where paul rall where he had been working for years. they all heard that the company
3:54 am
is moving. do you feel relieved it's president-elect trump? >> yes, i am. >> why? >> because i feel he's going to keep more manufacturing jobs in the united states. i honestly don't believe he's able to keep carrier, but i'm very hopeful that he can. it's not the sole reason i voted for him. >> you were there 17 years at carrier. what happened when you found out that it was moving? >> i just felt like somebody punched me in the gut when i was standing there listening to the executive, just in a very cold manner, telling us our jobs are going away, and i'm just still trying to figure out where i'm going to go after carrier. >> we're looking at the video of when you guys all got the news that you are losing your jobs. what do you expect now from donald trump now that he's won? >> i expect him to hopefully just follow through with what he said with contacting carrier, maybe trying to work something out to where we can keep
3:55 am
sleetive -- least some of the jobs here in indianapolis rather than sending the whole factory down to mexico. >> so your hope is that specifically carrier would rethink its policies and keep jobs there. do you have an expectation and hope that he can do that for companies across the country? >> yes, i do. because he's a businessman and he wants americans to have money. when americans have money, they are going to buy the products that he makes even if they are from other countries. they are going to have money to stay at his hotels. so i believe he does want to keep more jobs in america and give americans more money through their jobs. >> kind of interesting, yesterday, he had a conversation with the chinese leader and they went back and forth, a little bit. the chinese leader kind of threatened us a little bit. hey, if you guys start with these tariffs, maybe we're going to start making less i phones. we'll see how it works out.
3:56 am
you have got to look if there's tax reform and trade reform, if those two things are in the 100 days on his list, that means he's en route to fulfilling his promise. >> yes. and it's not something that i expect to happen within his first year. i know it takes time for some of these things to get taken care of, because it's not just up to donald trump to do it. >> paul, that's a fantastic perspective. >> a lot of people are putting their hope in him and because of stories like yours. thank you, paul. i will say carrier sent a statement we're making every effort to ease the transition for our carrier colleagues in indiana. >> that doesn't mean the jobs are coming back. >> thank you, paul. straight ahead. >> talk about stress, what these guys are going through. >> that's the reason people voted the way they did. kellyanne conway, senior adviser to president-elect donald trump. coming up. and stuart varney is here.
3:57 am
he carries a flip phone. he doesn't want to be involved in it.
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the citi double cash card. double means double. good morning. it's tuesday, november 15th. president-elect donald trump making more moves to form his cabinet. and this morning it looks like rudy giuliani is a little closer to being named to a top post. kellyanne conway is here live to react. plus chicago mayor and president obama loyalist, rahm emanuel. he doesn't care what president-elect says. >> it always will be a sanctuary city. >> trump is going to come after them if they are doing it for political purposes. protecting illegals is going to keep chicago safe.
4:01 am
okay, got it. what professor wants students to quit quoting thomas jefferson at the university of virginia, wait until you hear why. i'm a little outraged this morning. let me remind you, your mornings are still better with friends. ♪ let's get straight to that stop story. new rumors are now swirling about president-elect donald trump's final white house team and a possible role for rudy giuliani. >> we knew he was going to do something important but now i'm really surprised by this job and just hours, vice president elect mike pence is heading to trump tower to review resumes, maybe rudy giuliani's. >> we have the latest on the potential cabinet picks. >> let's start with secretary of state because that's the job that's generating the most buzz this morning. the top two contenders are believed to be rudy giuliani and john bolton. i ran into him in our green room.
4:02 am
he told me sorry, i don't want to talk about it. i'll tell you who is talking about it, rudy giuliani. last night, he said that he would not be attorney general. he was then asked well what about secretary of state? >> the choice for secretary of state in a trump administration is down to rudy giuliani and john bolten. we don't have john bolton here tonight so i'm going to ask you some questions -- >> john would be a very good choice. >> is there anybody better? >> maybe me, i don't know. >> nah, so coy. jeff sessions is also in the running for secretary of state, but he's emerged for defense secretary. if you look outside his cabinet, the president is considering richard banell, an openly gay
4:03 am
and for the job of press secretary, the trump transition team is considering several people, but laura ingraham is one of them. a very familiar face for everyone here at "fox & friends." brian, ainsley and pete. >> thanks, christian. we mentioned rudy giuliani's resume. do you think he has a resume? does he get away with hey, i'm america's man? >> you can just google him. you bring up everything you can bring up he's ever done at any time. i don't think that would dissuade him. >> republicans like him a lot. he deserves any position and he would be good at any position. >> fantastic picture across the board. >> yesterday was a fascinating hour long press conference that the president held from 3:15 eastern time to well after 4:00. at which time he looked at many topics. . in 2004, when i made the speech,
4:04 am
secretary of state kerry had lost the presidency. we lost the house and senate. i alone, one other person, were the only ones to win for the democrats on a national basis. next thing you know i'm president, we've got the house and senate back. then he also said this when it comes to the democrats, they have to learn to compete everywhere. listen. >> we have to compete everywhere. we have to show up everywhere. we have to work at a grassroots level, something that's been a running thread in my career. you know, i won iowa not because the demographs dictated that i would win iowa. it was because i spent 87 days going to every small town and fair and fish fry and vfw. >> what he's implying? >> that's a shot at hillary clinton who did not put the time and effort in on the ground. >> who didn't go to the fish
4:05 am
fries. >> she assumed it was hers to be had. donald trump is doing five rallies a day at the end of the election all the way through to the finish line. whether it was stamina or a choice, hillary clinton wasn't. >> look at the crowds. whose rally was that down in florida, that was tim kaine's rally where only 30 people showed up. donald trump was filling stadiums, getting thousands of people. >> that's an important point. i also think important to bring up, one thing if you read barack obama's book, he was going to the tundra of chicago, going to the churches, introducing himself, people ignoring him. he not bring his own bio enough. his bio is really phenomenal, his rise, no one put him on the glide path. meanwhile charles krauthammer listened to him yesterday and said this. >> obama is saying i did such a good job and country is in such
4:06 am
great shape, i'm sure they will make changes here in there, if that's the case, how come he and his party got crushed. this is a man who said i'm not on the ballot, my legacy is. if you don't support him, i will consider it a personal insult. he's been delivered a personal insult. pretending everything is okay. it's not. >> if that's true, if people believed she didn't campaign enough, why wasn't he saying that? >> he wasn't necessarily helpful. was admitting things as obamacare is crazy. he's frustrated with hillary clinton and what she did and how she did it and her team and he's looking at donald trump and saying he's about to undo my executive orders, my legacy and i got to help him with the transition, which is why you see
4:07 am
some of the leaks trying to make donald trump look bad. >> donald trump is a prague mattist, it's a body blow. it's a body blow to a third party. his party. good luck. i'm out of here. >> a lot of people voted for him because of that wall. immigration is a big issue in this country. did you see a map? there was a map yesterday that was all over fox news of the number of states where isis is located here in our country. people that have been arrested. it was basically every state. it's very scary. >> 124. >> isis is here and donald trump wants to do something about it, whether or not -- even though they are already here, i'm not sure he can stop -- >> you can change policies. >> you can. >> to address that. >> it's scary to note that they are already here. immigration is a huge issue and you had all these mares coming out, including new york city and chicago, they have sanctuary
4:08 am
cities. donald trump said if you are an illegal, you commit a crime, you are out. they are saying not so much. we're going to protect these guys. listen to what rahm emanuel said. >> to be clear about what chicago is, it always will be a sanctuary city to all those who are after tuesday's election very nervous, filled with anxiety, you are safe in chicago. you are secure in chicago. and you are supported in chicago. >> i'm not sure they feel that way in chicago. >> 78 murders last month, 600 killed this year and drug cartels running the streets. mexican drug cartels running 80% of the drug in the streets of chicago which are lead to go violence, yet they want sanctuary cities. another city, my home state of minnesota, minneapolis, the mayor there declares i will continue to stand by and fight for immigrants in minneapolis regardless of president-elect's trump's threats.
4:09 am
i am not compromise the public safety, the people of minneapolis to satisfy trump's desire to put apparently politics before public safety. >> they forgot one word in that statement. illegal immigrants. not immigrants. number two, most of people protesting on the street, teachers pushing their high school students out the door to take over malls like we saw yesterday are saying go fight for hispanics, fight for the minorities because the people in power now want to throw them out. that's a misperception of what donald trump wants to do. it has a lot to do with the hundreds of millions dollars of ads against him. it seems to be seeped into our soon-to-be great leaders. i wonder when people explain to them there's a legal way and illegal way. those statements by the mayors is going to resonate with millennials. >> he thinks he's putting politics before public safety. these are criminals. he's putting public safety above
4:10 am
politics. >> we're not teaching citizenship. everyone welcome no matter what. when you don't have laws and enforce them and you don't understand where your country comes from, you lose your power. it's increasing racial division by doing what he's doing. by conflating it. if you are illegal and a criminal, we're going to come get you. he has has the authority to do it. >> i have no idea what heather nauert first story is. >> stand by. >> may i wait right here? >> yeah. fox news alert, a serious story coming in from overseas this morning. the russian air force launching a major offensive in syria, striking a trofort strong hold. fighter jets in aleppo. the offense is coming after russian president vladimir putin
4:11 am
called donald trump to congratulate on his win. the two talking about syria and the need to work together to fight islamic terrorism and extremism overseas. while you are asleep, a major raid against isis in germany. police searching hundreds of offices and mosques connected to a group accused of supporting isis. the group which hands out korans is banned from germany altogether. more than 140 people joined isis after participating in their campaigns. back here at home, house speaker paul ryan one step closer to keeping his gavel today. he isn't facing any competition. some republicans wanted the vote delayed because they felt it was too soon after the presidential election. he needs a majority of house votes in january to continue to hold on to the speakership. hillary clinton's stronger together plane is back in the
4:12 am
air but not with her. the university of dayton's men's basketball team flying to alabama today ahead of the game in the former democratic nominee's jet. the university says it happened by chance since they don't choose which planes they get to fly in. it says stronger together, but not i'm with her. that's a little awkward, but there they go. got to repurpose it. recycle. let me stel you what's straight ahead. if you are easily offended put on your earmuffs. the president of a college founded by thomas jefferson under fire for quoting thomas jefferson. i'm not quitting and this is america. president-elect donald trump said it himself, this is going to be brexit times 50. what lessons can america learn from britain? a member of european parliament is next.
4:13 am
new from david baldacci pursuing a mystery that's haunted him since youth militany investigator john puller is about to cross paths with an ex-con seeking revenge welcome to no man's land on sale now
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of all time. this is going to be brexit times 50. it will be an amazing day. it will be called brexit plus, plus, plus. >> i guess we have to come up with a name for it right now. we all know what happened next. how exactly does president-elect trump's victory compare to brexit and what can we learn from that? here to join us is great friends of the show, daniel handen. you got voted out of a job by britain. they said she don't need you in the european union anymore. how does it equate to brexit? >> i think there are some similarities. i wouldn't overdo it. a bit part of his schtick of he
4:18 am
doesn't want free trade with china. we wanted to have it. there are some parallels. one is all the threats to the economy. we were told that there would be a complete disaster and, of course, it doesn't happen, and it hasn't happened here. i remember tweeting after the trump victory, by the dip, things are going to recover. that was just wrong. another thing you are going to find is that there will be a reported increase in bad behavior, insults, even violence, and it's all going to be trump's fault or the fault of the media that supported him. this has happened since the vote in brexit. there's been this widely reported spike in hate crime, when you look at the figures is nonexiste nonexistent. there hasn't been more cases. more people have been complaining to the police in some cases about brexit supporters. it's not actual or there were
4:19 am
incidents that were unrelated. there was a burglary that was widely reported as a hate crime. stand by for a lot of that. >> really? you watch these riots on the streets in portland, new york, chicago, everywhere else and there's a lot of violence, a lot of destruction going on there but people are not focused on that. >> you watch those and you think that rampage that's going to show all those republicans in portland, oregon, right? what's going through these guys' minds? no one has ever said no to them. we have a generation that's never been -- it's a generation of safe spaces. >> are you talking america or the world? >>ed world. it started here. there are kids who get to university who are taught when they are subject to a different opinion, they are taught to get
4:20 am
rid of it. >> when there are lower class people who want to rise up and say i'm not happy with this globalization, and they have a vote. >> it's a reminder why they voted for trump or brexit. i wouldn't have voted for donald trump, but watching all of these people rising, and watching the way in which in europe it's become an excuse for anti-americanism now, it's very difficult not to find your sympathies swinging back again and thinking this is over the top now, that the u.s. is a friendly country, it's a strong ally. everyone should hope for the best. >> there's only one america. we can't be replaced. you can have disdain but you can't have defense without us. >> always a pleasure. >> i wish you would defect. straight ahead, the media pouncing overnight on a story
4:21 am
that claims that president-elect trump wants top secret clearances for his children. kellyanne conway is here to respond. our mom panel talks about school choice. will the president-elect make schools great again?
4:22 am
4:23 am
this is for you. duracell and children's miracle network hospitals are powering imaginations everywhere.
4:24 am
the at ohio state university someone was tackled from behind and then look at that, sent tumbling downstairs during a rall that happened yesterday and the rally just escalated from there. so we brought in our mom panel to talk about this. we have beth and courtney and lauren. they are back as moms who are involved in the political process. you've been with us for the last 17 months talking about this election. how do you feel about what's happening? all the riots or what started as
4:25 am
protests, some of them have turned into riots. what do you think, beth? >> i think that's a prime example of why the education system has failed our kids. we have kids that are burning flags and rioting. we have our national our nation's universities are canceling classes so kids can grieve and giving them coping techniques. students are walking out of high schools in protests. our schools are failing our kids. there needs to be a change. everybody is going to agree we have to make change. >> obviously, there have been some unacceptable issues. 2 million people voted against donald trump. the popular vote he lost. and there are many millions of americans who feel that this election represents a lot of things that they are extremely uncomfortable with and afraid of, and by the way, yesterday, he appointed stephen bannon to
4:26 am
one of the top posts in his cabinet. he's a white supremacist and put out some of the most deplorable commentaries against jews and minorities in the white house. i feel like marching. >> we have millennials that are not prepared to lose. everyone gets a trophy. >> it's not just millennials that are protesting. >> a generation, a country that they can't cope with the fact that they haven't won or they perceive that they have not one. >> it's not about winning. it's about the set of values. >> critics to the liberal to the mainstream media who are saying they don't like gun violence, liberals don't like gun violence, they don't like violence, yet they are ensuing all this violence. they are beating people up. >> that is unacceptable. it's absolutely unacceptable that there would be any violence associated with this, but i don't think it's fair to group every person who is upset about the results of this election with a few who are doing that. just as it's unfair to say the
4:27 am
incidents of bullying in schools from supporters of trump is representative of all trump supporters. it's not fair top jernls on either side. >> let's talk about public education. you have a child in public schools. what do you think about his education reform? what do you expect from donald trump? >> i'm hoping that he examines common core. children are not learning at a developmentally appropriate rate. they need to examine the material. they need to get k through 3 teachers involved in that reform. i don't think there were any k through 3 teachers involved in creating common core standards. they need more activities. they need art, science, music. they need to get more outdoors. get hands on in their projects and their development. they are moving at such a pace it's just not appropriate for all children. >> what about school choice? >> well, i think that the department of education and the strong teacher unions, they have been too busy indoctrinating our kids with their progressive
4:28 am
agenda. instead of teaching our kids how to live in the real world. our focus needs to shift and i think we need responsibility. first of all, parents are responsible for the kids education and under trump's plans, he's given parents school choice. that allows us to have responsibility. competition is a good thing. let them compete for students. the quality will get better and lastly, it's accountability. we can't all of it on the government's shoulders. parents need to also be accountable for their kids, and you know, for their educational choices. >> you can't argue, even if you don't vote for him. school choice, that's great. you get to choose where your kid goes to school. >> the idea sounds fabulous. here's the problem is actually -- there's two big issues. one that 85% of private schools in this country are religious schools and so in school choice we're also giving tax dollars. >> wait a minute. >> hold on. not if we believe in the
4:29 am
separation of church and state, i'm not comfortable with my tax dollars going to religious schools. >> i'm fine with parents paying for it. i'm not okay with the government paying it. under the voucher system they would. [ everyone speaking at the same time ] >> we need to get back on track. >> i'm uncomfortable with that. >> can i just finish? >> we've got to teach our children ethics, values, morals. we have to get our moral compass back in this country. i think removing god from schools has turned out to be a good thing. >> it's not the same thing. >> look where we are. look at where the protesters are. do you think they have god in their schools? >> i don't want my tax dollars going to schools that are not my faith. >> the voucher system allows the parents to choose. a charter school, or a private.
4:30 am
it could be -- [ multiple people peeking -- speaking ] >> setting aside by bigger certain is that it has in many places and we've seen this in many places where choice has been allowed, exacerbate some of the achievement gaps and minority kids often suffer more because the kids get left behind in the public schools wind up losing out. >> we need to take a breath. >> we're going to take a break. the media is pouncing overnight on a story that claims that president-elect trump wants top secret clearances for his children. kellyanne conway, senior adviser to the president-elect is here next. we'll talk to her next. china fires the first shot in the trade war with a warning. can they really hold our iphones
4:31 am
4:32 am
4:33 am
4:34 am
>> it's a huge day for "fox & friends," specifically for ainsley earhardt. this is her published book, "take heart, my child." >> it says "take heart, my child." a mother's dream. it's on amazon, search for come and take my heart and here's the knife to do it. that's the name of the book. "take heart my child." >> if i'm correct, it's inspired by your own childhood and it's a
4:35 am
lullaby to your daughter. >> dad loved to see walt disney quote is i hope i'll never be afraid to fail and failure comes between you and your destiny oftentimes so don't let failure get in the way of your dreams. that was one of the ones. stay up with the owls. nothing good happens after midnight. he taught us a lot of scripture. that's where the title of the book comes from. what's about talking about isis and election, it reminds me of the scripture, i am with you, take heart. >> you can tell this is written by you. it comes across as so wonderful. >> he has different answers as to how to handle isis. >> did you see the i will lust
4:36 am
administrations. dad and my baby are coming on the show in about an hour. a couple of things also coming up now is kellyanne conway. don't ask me how i know. >> i think we have -- there's kellyanne. hey, kellyanne. >> hi. i'm with you on the couch today. >> what's going on with that? we thought you were in studio. what job are you going to have on white house? >> ths the transition to a new government. new sheriff is in town. >> how is it going? >> it's going beautifully. we're working. we feel like we're still trying to win the upper midwest we're so busy, we're trying to form a new government and mr. trump -- president-elect trump, i love the sound of that -- president-elect trump is very busy taking interviews, speaking with heads of state, talking to different people who may serve in his cabinet and his senior team and he's really fitting so nicely into the role. >> so kellyanne, that's where i was stunned to get this report. i thought the president was right in the rose garden and after meeting with donald trump,
4:37 am
i thought his tone was perfect, as did hillary clinton's and this story comes out in the "wall street journal." according to an unnamed source, during their private meeting, mr. obama walked his successor through the duties of the country and mr. trump seemed surprised by the scope, said people familiar with the meeting, trump aides were described as those people was unaware that the entire presidential staff working in the west wing had to be replaced at the end of mr. obama's term. is that true, as you know it? >> it's unfair and it's also untrue. everyone is well aware of what happens in the west wing and elsewhere within a new president's administration and it sounds like that comes from the staff level. people like to leak to the media. don't we all know it. i would focus on the two men at hand. the president and the president-elect, and i think the rapport that they built last week, even though they are political nem he cyst, i get
4:38 am
that. they have a shared love of the country and democracy which elevated donald trump to the presidency in a not-even-close election. president obama said i look at donald trump as pragmatic, not ideological. what a message to send to the protesters, not my president? i think it's an incredibly powerful message all the way from the top from president obama who recognizes that he's not a political hack. he's a president and he's trying to help the president-elect transition into power. >> is it your sense that he's doing this sincerely? >> it seems that way. that's every report i got from president-elect trump himself. he could not say enough warmly about the welcome and the advice that he received from president
4:39 am
obama, and also i've spoken to mrs. trump about her meeting with first lady michelle obama which was also spectacular. they just mech -- the trump family very much appreciated being received so graciously and these are people who run for president because they love the country and they want to serve. i think you'll see that. it wasn't lost on me yesterday -- president obama threw a little bit of shade hillary clinton's way as did bernie sanders earlier in the day on abc's "the view." they are signaling to that she didn't do well politically because she didn't understand the cultural changes. she didn't understand -- misread america and what the electorate was looking for. they weren't looking for celebrities or vi tree ol about the other candidate. it is my republican party and our president-elect donald trump that now legitimately represent the working man, working woman, forgotten man, forgotten woman. if you look at the statistics from this election, over 300 electoral votes, that'sust amazing.
4:40 am
look at the governorships. majority republican. 69 of the 99 state legislative chams bers are republican. there are only four states in this country that have both a democratic governor and democratic state legislature. four. people are telling us something about policy. >> i want to ask you about the kids. a lot of people are fascinated with the trump children and their success. we're getting reports that the trump team is seeking top secret security clearance for the children. i want to know if that's true and also is barron going to enroll in school in d.c. or stay here in new york? >> i don't know a lot about based on what i read. it sounds to me that was an envelope question posed by someone. it doesn't sound like it was a formal request. somebody leaked it. the trump children will be very supportive of their father and his presidency. i know people see them publicly
4:41 am
but they don't know how much these four adult children, ivana, tiffany, don jr and eric and spouses were out there actively campaigning for donald trump. >> it will make total sense that he would want them by his side. to be able to confide in them, that's something president trump would be able to do. somebody needs to run the country. >> obviously, they have a team of advisers who are counselling them on how best to do this. at the same time, look, they are full partners in the company. this has been a family business for decades. they all have senior roles, they are all in charge of
4:42 am
acquisitio acquisitions. this is an ubersuccessful family. you can expect them to support the presidency. i talk to mrs. trump about their plans, and you know, she will make her decision about her ten-year-old son who is now in fifth grade in due time, but she's there to support her husband's presidency. she's actively interviewing for the first lady staff. things are churning. >> rudy giuliani, there was a lot of expectation he might be for a certain role. we're hearing for another one potentially. secretary of state. what can you say that? >> that's possible, and mayor rudy giuliani and i both happened to be the speaker last night at an event here in washington, so he said publicly that he would not be attorney general. his name has been mentioned in a serious way in connection with secretary of state, a job that he's qualified for and a job that he would do exceedingly well. he has one of ten advisers that were very close to donald trump throughout this campaign.
4:43 am
it's a very small group of us, and i know that he would serve the president according to his best and highest use. >> that's going to be fascinating to see who does what. it's also fascinating to see the outrage that's coming across because steve bannon was named as chief strategist and keep associating him with headlines with breitbart and labelling him. is donald trump or are you specifically kelly surprised by the backlash? >> i'm surprised by the -- i'm not that surprised by the backlash but it's so strong and they are cherry picking a couple of headlines here and there and they are laying that at the feet of bannon and trump. this guy is a brilliant statistician. was a big help in getting us over the 300 electoral votes. those who can't accept the election results ought to listen
4:44 am
to people like president obama who clearly is accepting them and trying to move forward. >> thank you. i can't wait to see what job she gets. could the iphone really be collateral damage in president-elect's potential trade war with china? stuart varney there he is, walking in, is here to break down china's new potential threat. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance. do not use if you are allergic to cosentyx.
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does that mean they have to grow apart from their friends,s older or from the things they love to do? with right at home, it doesn't. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to help with personal care, housekeeping, meals - and most of all, staying engaged - in life. oh, thank you, thank you. you're welcome, are you ready to go? oh, i sure am. we can provide the right care, right at home. they had a cordial talk last sunday but the president-elect, chinese counterpart already taking first shots in a looming trade war with a warning for american goods. that includes iphones and cars. >> what exactly does that mean? here to break it down for us is stuart varney host of
4:48 am
varney & company on fbn. >> you said a looming trade war. >> was i wrong? >> i don't think so. i think the two sides are establishing early negotiating positions. donald trump has got his position, we'll slap a 45% tariff on your items. china is saying we'll take less iphones, cars, soy beans, corn. >> that's what i said. >> if there's going to be a trade war, if there's any hint there's a real trade war, you would see wall street sell off like you couldn't believe. the exact opposite is going on. it's a series of record highs. it's close top 19,000 for the first time ever. >> what's your theory on why this is happening? could it be the conversation
4:49 am
with russian president vladimi putin and donald trump? >> i think it's a stretch. i think a main point here is china has a problem with america. america has a problem with china. it's a trade problem. they are going to work it out. >> what's the most likely work out? >> a deal of some kind. trump backs off, the chinese back off a deal of some kind. business as usual. probably in our favor. >> tpp, china would love for the tpp to fall apart. >> i believe so. remember, china has got a $300 billion surplus in trade in america. they have got a lot to defend. we've got leverage. >> it's a great show. number one rated show on the business channel. thank you, stuart. coming up straight ahead, one of the most recognizable voices and faces in sports will join us on the curvy couch.
4:50 am
joe buck is here with a big reveal with his new book. >> lucky bastard. >> what!
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
he's the announcer of the century, the chicago cubs world series. it's time to learn more about the man behind the mike. with us is now is joe buck. he's here with his new book. "lucky bastard."
4:54 am
you are an awesome announcer. why do you think you are a lucky announcer? >> because of the timing. i didn't win the voice or american idol to do this stuff. i showed up at the right year and right age at fox. they the go the nfl and baseball and they have had other things that i've been able to do, but i guess because i haven't screwed it up yet, i've gotten to call some unbelievable games. >> you talk about the pressure in your book of being the son of a legend, jack buck and you grew up around the game and you guys were buddies. everyone dreams of that relationship. is it hard not to get emotional and not think about it? >> it was hard when he was laying in a hospital and dying for seven months and going through the conversations that we had at that time, conversations that i think will shape the rest of my life. we were lucky. i didn't get into a lot of trouble as a kid. i obviously got into a lot of cheeseburgers as a kid. i wanted to make sure that when he was home, he didn't have to
4:55 am
discipline me. when he was home, we could hang and he would take me to the ballpark and i wasn't grounded and he will take me on a trip. i think i saw every national league city by the time i was 12. >> is the pressure of a young announcer with you, he saw the talent at a young age, closed the door and let you call a few ings, people think that's great. that's pressure. i want people to hear the dad and son call some games. >> the hitter swings. into deep left center for mitchell and we'll see you tomorrow night! in the air to center! we will see you tomorrow night! >> how dare you copy him? >> i know. i'm a jack buck cover band. >> it's unbelievable. >> that was a moment, though, it was a st. louis kid who hit that. if he were alive, he would have been in the next booth over, and
4:56 am
i did that call because it was almost 20 years to the day since he had made that call in the minnesota game and i think i did it more with my mom in mind than anybody else watching across the country. >> and then what you open up with is talking about something that must have been tough to right about. you didn't want to get bald. you almost lost your voice because of the way you reacted to general anesthesia. >> it's one of things that's on a release that you sign when you go under. when they intubate during a general anesthetic, this can be something you have to worry about, you know, that this cup sat on the la rin jeel -- -- laryngeal nerve, which didn't allow it to work. it did come out that i was addicted to hair plugs.
4:57 am
i said that in the book. they took that a little bit out of context. not free basing hair plugs in the corner. >> joe buck, congratulations. you are a lucky bastard. >> i am a lucky bastard. when a moment turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours.
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5:00 am
i mean the rush, i've never felt anything like it. if we stay here we're going to die. then we die. good morning to you and your family. it's tuesday, november 15th. president-elect donald trump making more moves to fill his cabinet. could rudy giuliani be headed to the white house now? what kellyanne conway just told us about the major new role that he might play. >> that's right. and in public, president obama is ready to support president-elect donald trump. but what about in private? it might be a whole different story. laura ingraham reacts to the latest white house smear next. >> and it's the campaign promise that made the crowd roar. >> we will bl a great wall and, yes, mexico will pay for the wall. they are going to pay for the wall.
5:01 am
>> so will the congress help the next president make good on that promise? the man overseeing it all, majority leader, kevin mccarthey will be here live. let me remind you because you are awake, because you are well, and because you chose our show, your mornings are better because you are with friends. ♪ ♪ it's a big day. ain'tly's book -- ainsley's book is out. it's a bigger day possibly for laura ingraham. she might be named press secretary for the future president. >> you never know. >> you never know. >> how are you doing? >> we're great. how are you doing? have you heard from donald trump? are you going to get this job? >> things are in flux. it's wonderful to be considered. i've known donald for a long time, and i know mostful guys who are going to be in the white house with him. steve bannon is a good friend, an old friend. we both have competing kind of
5:02 am
media companies. not really competing but we're in the same world. i've known steve for a long time. kellyanne i've known for 15, 20 years. they are old friends. dave bossi is an old friend. it's old school week for me. i have enormous respect for them and president-elect trump. >> some of them are unexpected. you mentioned last night a desire for public service. what would it mean to you as you consider it? >> well, i think i've done a lot of different things in my life. the last time i was in government, i clerked for justice thomas on the supreme court. i clerked on the federal circuit of appeals in lower manhattan. i led speech writing in the last couple of years in the reagan white house. i have some experience in the federal government but that was a long time ago. it was when i was right out of college, i was a newbie and i
5:03 am
love what i do and i love the radio. it's going gang busters. i love what i do every day. i feel like my mom and dad -- i wish they were here to kind of experience the things i've seen in the last few years because they are no longer with us. i thought about them a lot. i'm praying a lot and we'll see what happens. i'm not prepared to announce anything. >> the thing that would be a huge stretch if we didn't want tony snow did the same thing, you saw how he thrived in that with a very similar background to yours. i think that's what a lot of people thought, that makes total sense. >> i speak for three hours a day on the radio. i have a phenomenal coast-to-coast audience. i think a lot of times radio talk show hosts, especially those who have a national play, it's almost like a daily focus group and we tend to see things that are coming in the culture and in the country ahead of some other folks who spend most of their time in the big cities and don't really mix it up with the folks all over the country.
5:04 am
so i feel like over the last 15 years in radio, this is my 15th anniversary in radio, i've larned lot about america and i've learned more than when i was a kid in connecticut or up in new hampshire at college or down here in washington. i love the country more than i did when i started in radio because of our people and if i could be of help in this administration and the role makes sense for me, i would definitely entertain that and it would be a great privilege to be asked. >> well, it would make total sense. let's talk about something else that didn't make much sense. i thought the president has been fantastic from the rose garden to the meeting to his 1 hour 15 minute presser yesterday. i was surprised by the "wall street journal". mr. obama walked his successor through the duties of the
5:05 am
country. mr. trump seemed to be surprised by the scope and said people familiar with the meeting. does that sound credible? >> no, it doesn't. i can see someone saying -- i have no personal knowledge of that -- i could see someone saying wow, that's a lot of staff. someone who hasn't spent a lot of time in the white house, i know the white house pretty well. you walk around all these people -- that's a lot of people. so all those people have to be replaced? you would say it as just kind of a throw away line. i don't believe for one moment that donald trump thought that obama's staff was going to stay behind. >> right. right. come on. >> that's ridiculous. >> can you stay for two years until we get our feet underneath us? >> why is that a big story anyway? he's surprised. big deal. >> there's a photo of the obama staff reacting to the results, arms folded, scowling. in public, barack obama has tried to be gracious. have you heard anything about privately what's actually happening, whether you feel like there will be an ernest transfer
5:06 am
to set trump up for success. >> the staff was obviously shocked. if you were told by most of the media that hillary was a shoe-in, some of those staffers probably were intending to stay on. i know there are law firms in washington, d.c. that were already expecteding a good number of their partners to leave to go work for hillary. they already hired their replacements and were at their firms. now they have double the number of lawyers in some cases. so everyone was expecting this. they were counting their chickens before they matched, and i understand they are very surprised. i get it. but i don't believe that, you know, they are going to steal the djts off the keyboard. i don't think that's going to happen. i would be really surprised. that's such peanut stuff as for trump being surprised about the number of people in the west wing, this is when you are really desperate for, you know, anything negative to say about
5:07 am
trump. it's small mow tate -- potatoes and i think we have big important issues to solveot to >> you said you were good friends with steve bannon. you've known him for a long time. we had a panel of moms. one of the moms said he's a white supremacist. tell us about him and is that true? >> front page of the "new york times." >> this is what i really hate most about washington. is this type of smear campaign that i saw going back to justice thomas. when they see someone as an ideological threat or someone who could be very powerful advancing a conservative message, close to a principle or actually in a principal position, there are the piranhas that will circle around. they hope to get a little blood in the water and they hope for the big -- you know, the big fish to come in and kill him off. steve bannon is a wonderful person. he's someone who -- if you are
5:08 am
not feeling well, he will pick up the phone and say how are you doing, how are your kids, what's going on, he also happens to be really smart. that merry band of small, you know, the small band of merry warriors over there at the trump campaign, they pulled off the upset of the century, and there's a lot of sour grapes in washington, d.c. there are a lot of envyious people. i get that. but do not besmirch someone who is a patriot, a good man, he's smart. he's dedicated to improving this country. a lot of those pima lining him, they should have been spent a lot more time focusing on that themselves. >> a lot of people hear from you. steve bannon served in the navy for ten years, serving at high levels. what do you anticipate, his single counsel e what do you think that will look like. >> i think as we saw in the campaign, i would be very surprised if his role weren't a -- you know the chief
5:09 am
strategist for advancing the trump agenda both in domestic policy, economic policy, immigration policy. trade policy. steve and steve miller, both, and kellyanne, dave bossi as well, they are all steeped in this. they know these issues. it's going to take some deft strategizing and really good messaging to advance this in a city that's still an establishment city. it's still filled with lobbyists, lawyers, same special interests that existed before trump was elected president. so it's going to take a smart habed and someone who is also courageous, thinks outside the box to use that terrible cliche. people were criticizing trump when he went to detroit. how dare you do these speeches to helping african-americans, that's patronizing.
5:10 am
that was really smart. >> it's impossible not to miss the protests and the 18 to 23-year-olds who want to walk up and down the street and out of their high schools. if you are donald trump, what is the best way for him to address this and is it incumbent for barack obama and hillary to do more? >> they thought it was fine to weigh in every time there was a protest in the inner city about, you know, a shooting of an unarmed black man, it would be nice if at the same time they actually chimed in on this and said, look, you know, let's everybody go home and give this administration a chance to make the country better. you might not agree with them. we get that. we can debate it, but as far as blocking streets, disrupting traffic, disrupting learning in schools, none of that is going to help anyone. so i hope we take the same attitude that we took in some of the other more controversial circumstances. >> teachers and professors are green lighting this and pushing them forward. that's the outrageous part of
5:11 am
it. >> absolutely. they are being penalized for having students that support trump are also being penalized across the country. >> thank you so much, laura. >> good luck. >> best of luck with your decision. meanwhile, ten minutes after the decision. it's our decision by the power vested in me. to toss to heather. >> i think he just mattered married you. good morning to all of you. fox news alert to start out right now. there is a manhunt and intensifying by the minute for a murder suspect and self-proclaimed outlaw who broke out of jail bare foot. police are scouring central missouri for daniel campbell for the second time in three weeks. he booked it through the back door wearing a jail jump suit. it's believed he stole a truck. he ran from a murder scene. it could be headed to the st. louis area. keep an eye out. call police if you have any
5:12 am
information. paul ryan is one step closer to keeping his gavel. ryan is not facing any competition for the job. some republicans wanted that vote delayed because they felt it was too soon after the presidential election. the full house will vote for speaker on january 3rd. the president of a college founded by thomas jefferson under fire this morning for quoting thomas jefferson. nearly 500 students and at least one professor at the university of virginia signing a petition asking the school's president to stop quoting the third president of the united states because he owned slaves. the trouble started after she sent an email urging unity following the presidential election and those are your headlines. what do you think of that? kids on a college campus. >> what do i think of that, i think it's a traf vest at thive.
5:13 am
>> there's a school out of phoenix that you can go to school at home and get a job. florida. >> south carolina. >> democrats trying to scrambling to figure out why hillary clinton didn't win the white house. president obama knows. listen. >> i spent 87 days going to every small town. >> yep. was that a swipe at hillary clinton or just a pat on his own back? and the media pouncing overnight on a story that president-elect trump wants top secret clearances for his children. kellyanne could con wark just set the record straight. stick around. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
5:17 am
heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at president obama yesterday, hour and 15 minutes unscripted, suggesting his best friend, hillary clinton lost the election because she just didn't work hard enough if you read between the lines. >> could this signal the end of
5:18 am
their campaign camaraderie. >> ed henry to break it all down for us. >> you are right. it's really like the relationship has come full circle. you've got the fact that they were bitter rivals in 2008 and barack obama obviously won that race and brought hillary clinton into the administration as secretary of state, and, you know, in the final days of this campaign, between the convention and philly, out on the road, trying to turn out the african-american vote in places like philly but also detroit in the final days of this campaign, barack obama was in full embrace with hillary clinton. remember what donald trump was saying in the final days, that she didn't have the stamina to be president, she spent the entire month of august fundraising in the hamptons instead of going out there working. president obama didn't say much different. he didn't win two elections because he was a community organizer who can build
5:19 am
coalitions. he simply worked harder. >> we have to compete everywhere. we have to show up everywhere. we have to work at a grassroots level, something that's been a running thread in my career. i won iowa not because the demographics dictated i would win iowa. it's because i spent 87 days going to every small town and fair and fish fry and vfw. >> so he says i, i, i, i won iowa. to be fair, he's talking about the iowa caucuses way back 2007, 2008, but who did not win iowa this time? hillary clinton barely won it against bernie sanders by less than one point. in the general election, it was donald trump. >> should have gone to more fish fries. >> you got to roll up the sleeves. >> no one ever thought that he was -- he work really hard. he came out of nowhere to get that nomination. it's one of the great untold
5:20 am
stories. he never brings that up. if you read his book, he was walking through the tundra of the back streets of chicago. if keith ellison is the new face of the dnc and he's talking about hillary clinton out and bernie sanders in, where is that party heading? >> i think it shows that there are very senior people like harry reid who has gotten behind keith ellison, he's retiring. bottom line, they are saying we should have gone with a progressive. that they could have won. >> you are going back here friday. >> i will be. straight ahead, that was ed henry playing ed henry on the show. a man with a passport from pakistan snooping around a water treatment be plant. now we can't find him. it's the campaign promise that made the crowd roar.
5:21 am
>> we will build a great wall, and yes, mexico will pay for the wall. they are going to pay for the wall. >> will congress help the next president make good on that president. representative kevin mccarthey joins us live next. kevin attention: are you eligible for medicare? the medicare enrollment deadline is just a few weeks away. changes to medicare plans could impact your healthcare costs. are you getting all the benefits available to you? call healthmarkets and we'll help you find the medicare plan that's right for you. hi, i'm doctor martin gizzi. it's a new medicare year.
5:22 am
that means more changes ... and more confusion. the key question is: what can you do now, to ensure you get the care you need in the coming year? call healthmarkets today. we have access to thousands of medicare options from leading insurance companies nationwide. plans that may... cost less... cover more ... with more choices... like dental and vision care ... and freedom to choose your own doctors. all at a price you can afford. we help find the right plan for you. and we do it at no cost. make sure you have what you need to get the care that's right for you. if you miss the deadline, you may have to wait another year before enrolling. call this number now!
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5:24 am
. police's are launching major countrywide raids against isis, it's happening in germany. they are searching hundreds of mosques and offices. illegal immigrant charged with rape after a horrific halloween night attack. roberto sobrien crashed into a woman's car and dragged her out of the car and assaulted her for
5:25 am
two hours. he took off. he was arrested last week. a gop controlled congress now tasked with making mr. trump's campaign pledges a reality. but as lawmakers get become to work in washington, are they under pressure? >> here to weigh in, house majority leader, mr. kevin mccarthy. thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me this morning. >> you are welcome. so there were all these promises. donald trump ran on these promises. the voters decided that's exactly what they wanted. now, what is congress going to do? because we're hearing some of these ideas, for instance, build the wall. now we're hearing it could be a fence. some people are saying some of these things are already getting watered down. is there truth in that? >> no, no, not at all. we actually just went back into session yesterday and i put together the team actually with the speaker and others, our staff, working on legislation now so that when we're sworn in, not waitling until the president is sworn in, but at the very first week of january, how we are able to move the legislation
5:26 am
needed to start building the wall. >> go ahead, brian. >> majority leader, i want to bring you to something else. i know you were talking about immigration with us a few days ago, and now, of course, we have the mayors of the sanctuary cities standing up. i think there are serve or eight of them saying you are not going to throw out our illegals, even though the focus should be on the criminal illegals. listen to rahm emanuel right now. >> he came out earlier and he said, forget it. if you want to come here, mr. president-elect and those threes guys and women out, what's your reaction to this? we're not going to cooperation from city mayors? >> you know what, the murderers and others here illegally, they need to leave this country accident i think rahm emanuel needs to focus on security of chicago. the number of murders that are taking place there. this is not new legislation that we have to move. this is just an acting current law in the process. >> within that, this is a
5:27 am
controversial issue. p immigration reform, building a wall, what you do with illegals? these are tough issues. your caucus has famously had different factions. you've got the freedom caucus, establishment wings, conservative wings. is there a movement you feel like almost consensus and collaboration across the caucus or do you have any concerns that some are going to say we're not going far enough? >> i think you'll get a difference of opinion throughout congress, but the one thing everybody has always agreed upon, you have to secure the border. even when you look at the legislation that i disagreed with that passed in the senate. they put billions in there to have a secure border, to have a wall along the border, so i find it quite ironic that democrats would complain against that. the first thing we have to do is to secure our border. now, as we get into other parts of immigration reform, i'm sure there will be difference of opinion, but who in america today believes our current immigration system is actually working? 40% of everyone has here illegally came here legally on a
5:28 am
visa and overstayed it. we have a system that's broken and we need to fix it. >> what's going on in the minds of other congressmen and congress william now -- congress women, now that donald trump has won. what's the reaction from all of you? >> remember, the majority of republicans stiting in congress, came in 2010 in the revolution to drain the swamp then. we're excited. when you walk around the halls of congress, i see people so excited to finally be able to achieve what they have dreamt and why they ran for office in the first place. we're going to change this country many we're going to repeal and replace obamacare. we tried to repeal it for more than 50 times. now ear going to achieve it. we're going to get this economy moving in, we're going to reform, bring back and reign in those regulations that we've been fielingting every step of the way with a president obama.
5:29 am
this is a new day. a new opportunity for america. and one personal place i really want to look at is to reform the v.a. the way we treat our vets is just wrong, and this is an opportunity. it's something that president-elect donald trump ran on. we talk about this many times. >> i happened to be in d.c. last night. happened to accidentally run into chairman jeff miller who chaired the va committee. he had a grin ear to ear. he's been trying to fight the bureaucracy for years. are you going to anticipate va moving quickly? >> the way the va system, when we first came in, we started the audit to find it's worse than what people have even said. we have gone and worked past legislation but we have been stopped every step of the way. how we treat our veterans says about the character and morals of this nation and it does not reflect the way we want to represent our vet ranls.
5:30 am
we want to make sure they have the tools when they come back, but we want to give them the care they deserve. >> the president yesterday said the va has been overhauled despite what happened in phoenix. you are going to have a great opportunity, majority leader. the clock starts soon. thanks for joining us. the media pouncing overnight on claims that president-elect donald trump wants top secret clearances for his children. kellyanne con wark just set the record for straight for us. stick around for that. >> it's the huge day for our own ainsley earhardt and her father and daughter. they are here to celebrate her fantastic new book. >> my baby is here. hi! (pop) campbell's tomato soup and grilled cheese.
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♪ ♪ >> it was two hours and 33 minutes ago when it became official. ainsley's first children's book was released and announced on this very show. take heart my child, a mother's dream. it is a lullaby to her one-year-old daughter hayden inspired by her own childhood. ainsley's dad is right here or not the couch. will is playing the role of dad on the set. what does it feel like right now? >> this is great. we celebrated her one-year birthday last week and to have this day for ainsley is really special. >> she loves music. the book is dedicated to our beautiful daughter, hayden. i was pregnant with her when i
5:35 am
wrote the book and the idea came from my father because dad, when mom was a school teacher and mom had to be at work at 7:30 every morning. to dad was in charge of us three kids around the breakfast table. he made us drink grapefruit every morning. he always had a scripture or a saying or some sort of note next to our cereal with an inspiringal quote and i remember walt disney, i hope i'll never be afraid to feet. stay up with the owls, don't expect to soar with the eagles. what were the others? >> too many to remember. i've been asked why did i do that? let me give credit. my wife she's much more than i did. she raised three wonderful children. >> and cooked every night. now that i'm a mom, i have no clue how she did that. >> it's more credit to her than to me. >> how does it feel to be sitting here with your daughter so successful, beautiful child. first book out. how does it feel?
5:36 am
>> really blessed. no question about it. just to get great children, great grandchild and been blessed. that's all it is to it. >> you wrote these little sayings down. you didn't know it could be this lucrative. >> will knows this, he's a former quarterback at clemson and i coached for a number of years. the ideas for the quotes came from dean smith. i would go to a lot of his seminars and practices and that sort of thing and coaching clinics, he always had a practice schedule. he always put a quote of the day and emphasis of the day that he wanted his players to read. that's the idea where the quotes came from. >> when did it come to you to write a book? >> i wrote -- read a book about my little dog. our bigger dog was four pounds. zax was always bullied by sassy. i wrote this book. i went to my agent. i don't know if you are going to like this. you want to read this and i read it to her. she said i want you to meet kate
5:37 am
who is a literary agent with caa. i have met with kate and said, i'm going to set you up with some publishers and see h it goes. simon and schuster called. they said tell us about your life. i told them about my dad and the quotes and how instrumental my parents were. told them how god is very influential in my life and how take heart part of a scripture. i remember take heart, i have overcome this world. that's it. that's the name of your book. let's write a book based on your dad's sayings and the things he taught the kids. do you still have any of these notes? i said oh, yeah. i brought a whole folder of all the notes that dad had given me and we wrote in book. i can't take credit for it. it was something that i just threw out there. it was a blessing, god gave me these ideas, and then i met with these ladies and they have all helped me with that. >> reading it, it sounds like you. i think that's so school.
5:38 am
if you listen to ainsley. the i willustrations are incredible. >> jamie kin did those. she's from north carolina. she's phenomenal. the pictures, we were so pleased. she wrote -- she had this picture of a beach and i said can we make the beach a little bit wider because the beaches of south carolina are wideer and that's what i remember. the monarch butterfly, my grandfather said when i was in second grade, i had to do an insect project, and he said let's do it on the monarch. you got to pick one insect. we made out of a coat hanger this big monarch butterfly. he said every time you see a monarch butterfly, think of me. there was a monarch butterfly at each of our weddings. we've each seen them. we know he's still with us. she included butterflies in there. the trees remind me of central
5:39 am
park and climbing magnolia trees in south carolina. i got a copy for the first time, before we knew -- we didn't know we were having a boy or girl. i boohooed when i read it. we wanted her for so long. >> are you going to be on sean tonight? >> yes. he's been a great friend to our whole family. >> thank you all. thank you to the producers for giving me time to talk about this and thank you to our viewers for buying it. we're so grateful. >> we'll be talking about it up until christmas. meanwhile, heather nauert, you have the news. >> i do, ainsley congratulations. she's such a beautiful little girl. good morning to all of you. couple news headlines to bring you right now. a man with a pakistani passport caught trespassing at a chicago area water plant has now vanished and there are new fears he may be trying to contaminate
5:40 am
it. he didn't breach any security areas and he has a rap shee he told them that they thought that water plant was a gym and that's why he had the duffel bag. a rel life animal house talk to. this mom talking about endangering her 14-year-old after tigers, monkeys and other exotic animals were found roaming free for some of the animals in her house. official began investigating after she sold a kitten for $3,000 and later delivered the cat. she's being held on $2,000 bond. we told you this story about a traffic reporter who was offering directions to canada for those not happy about the results of the presidential election. it offered this advice four
5:41 am
years ago, due to the election results this year, it's now trending once again. "people" magazine just named dwayne "the rock" johnson the sexiest man alive. >> why don't you called me joe? >> sorry. it's him. the pro wrestler chosen for being sweet, smart and sculpted. right now, he's the highest paid movie actor in the entire world. the sexiest thing about him is his sense of humor and he's considering running for president. those are your headlines. >> the rock says i'm running for president. disney movie right now. >> lif is good. >> that would be great. >> thanks, heather. appreciate it. >> thank you, heather. >> sorry, i should read. the media is pouncing overnight on claims that president-elect trump wants top secret clearances for his children. kellyanne conway just set the
5:42 am
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wow. i didn't think we were ever coming out of that animation. kellyanne conway joined us earlier. she was on cloud nine. we had to talk about a story to make the donald trump administration look bad and that was a source inside the white house who was speaking up about what went down between president obama and president-elect trump. >> there's an article in the "wall street journal." during their private white house
5:46 am
meeting on thursday, mr. obama walked his successor through the duties of running the country and mr. trump seemed surprised by the scope, said people familiar with the meeting. now, trump aides were described by those people as unaware that the entire presidential staff working in the west wing had to obama's term. the end of mr. >> a quote like that, undoubtedly a shot across the bow to make them look like they didn't know what they were doing. we asked kellyanne conway about it. this is what she said. >> it's unfair and untrue. everyone is well aware of what happens in the west wing and elsewhere within a new president's administration and it sounds like that comes from the staff level. people like to leak to the media. don't we all know it? but i would just focus on the two men at hand. the president and the president-elect. and i think the rapport that they built last week, even though they are political nemeses, i get that. they have a shared love of the country and peaceful transition
5:47 am
in our democracy which elevated donald trump to the presidency in a not-even-close election. >> i think so far they have been treating each other great, but if you look at drudge, they will say it was condescending and it was tongue in cheek. >> i didn't pick that up. >> i didn't either. all it takes is to say this is what was surprising. i agree with kellyanne said, he was walking around, gosh, we got a lot to do. a small comment like that could be taken wrong way. >> speculating trying to figure out whether or not his kids who are very close to them, whether or not they may need a security clearance or not and the media is like oh, they are demanding security clearances, will there be a conflict of interest? >> which means they get to read all the emails. >> maybe even a conversation with their father who is the commander in chief could be considered classified or secret.
5:48 am
questions are being asked. we asked kellyanne conway earlier about it and this is what she had to say about the clearances for the trump children. >> on the matter of top secret security, i don't know a lot about that topic, ainsley, beyond what i read, and it sounds to me based on what i read, that that was an informal question posed by someone. it doesn't sound like it was a formal request. again, somebody leaked it. i don't know if it's to embarrass or whatever. >> it's one of those things, it doesn't have to be a scandal. it was an inquiry perhaps to say how do i get my kids involved who still have to run the business? >> he's very close and he trusts them. jared kushner gives him a lot of advice, who is ivanka's husband. >> they did the same thing to ronald reagan, george w. bush and same thing to donald trump. building a team, building a
5:49 am
plan. you got to see through this kind of stuff. >> we're going to be done in 12 minutes unless hemmer is late again. >> we're not done yet. the mayors of seven cities pledging their cities will remain sanctuary cities when donald trump is president. >> let's check in with bill hemmer. he did get here? >> what's that. >> you didn't hear what brian said about you. >> oh, really. >> he said we only have 12 more minutes of the show unless bill is late again. [ laughter ] >> no, we're good, man. >> martha like that one too. >> trump and putin had a phone conversation. what can we expect from that intriguing relationship? the president-elect's team is coming together. what we're learning about that today. bill o'reilly has a great lineup. meet a remarkable green ba --
5:50 am
beret. we'll see you at the top of the hour in america's newsroom.
5:51 am
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5:53 am
welcome back. the mayors of seven major cities defying president-elect donald trump pledging their cities will remain sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants. >> we're not going to sacrifice a half million people who live amongst us who are part of our community. >> to be clear about what chicago is, it always will be a sanctuary city. >> all right. for more, we bring you a member of the trump transition team, kansas secretary of state chris colbaot. your reaction to the defiant tone. >> i think they are going to be singing a different tune in a few months time. you know, these mayors, what
5:54 am
they aren't saying, is that they receive tons of dollars in federal grants and president-elect trump has made clear that sanctuary cities may see some of that money dry up if they are continuing to defy federal law. >> some of our viewers are saying why is the kansas secretary of state involved in this issue. you've been involved in your attempt to address immigration. what's your background on it? >> my background goes all the way back to the bush administration. i was john ashcroft's staff. i've been deeply involved in this issue and what we can do to stop these sanctuary cities is there's a federal law that was passed in 1996, 20 years ago, that outlawed sanctuary cities and they are thumbing their nose at federal law and putting their own citizens in danger, so there
5:55 am
are some categories of federal grants that could be denied by president-elect trump and he's made very clear that he cares about the victims of these illegal alien sanctuary cities and the criminal that live in them. >> he's sitting there with "60 minutes. "i want to kick out the criminals. one to two million. he didn't say about the people here illegally working hard in the shadows, correct? >> that's correct. >> so that's where he stands right now. >> but bear in mind, what mr. trump also said in his immigration speech in august in arizona, every person in this country has to follow american law. no person living here illegally gets a free pass like they did under the obama administration. the jobs are going to dry up. welfare benefits are going to dry up and a lot of people who may not be criminal illegal aliens may be saying it's hard to obey federal law and leave on their own. >> the federal government can go
5:56 am
that these sanctuary cities and look for criminal who are illegal and it could be addressed quite quickly in a new trump presidency. >> absolutely. in fact, right now, we have untapped resources of more than 5,000 deportation officers who are figuratively being chained to their desks by the obama administration which will not let them do their job and deport people. so when we release those untapped resources, you are going to see enforcement go up immediately. >> we'll see. i know politically it's always been tough, but chris koback thanks for joining us. wrapping things up in a moment. "fox & friends" continues. as m, my teeth didn't look as healthy as others. my dentist said that pronamel would help protect my teeth. pronamel is giving me the confidence to know that i'm doing the right thing so it's nice to know that it was as simple as that.
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♪ >> it's great news. you have a chance to meet ainsley in person in my backyard, huntington book review, november 11th. i love the bookstore. they're fantastic --
6:00 am
november 17th. >> book ants greetings, november 19. >> north veil new jersey. >> do you have a website. >> ainsley earhardt >> congratulations, ainsley. bill: nice. congratulations. more pieces set to fall into place for pet elect trump. well-known names being floated as possible front-runners for key cabinet positions as questions remain who the next president will surround himself with in the oval office. very telling. we say good morning. gang is back together. bill hemmer, live in "america's newsroom." martha: i'm martha maccallum. there is a lot of buzz, a lot of speculation who will fill these cabinet position this is morning. a lot of talk about the secretary of state position. some are saying that they think it has been narrowed down to two people. we don't know for sure. but perhaps former mayor of new york city rudy giuliani is high on the list. perhaps former un


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