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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 15, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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market. 149 years ago today. dow up largely because of energy. oil prices up 5.75 today. energy sector leading the way. neil cavuto has details now. you're looking live at the university of chicago where they're getting ready for a protest that's formally kicked off now. okay. what they're protesting is the election a week ago of donald trump, don't like the results, don't think he should be president of the united states. at the same time, senator barbara boxer says look who won the bob dillon vote, not the right person. we want to do away with the electoral college. these are college kids expressing their rage. they might be able to take pointers from high schoolers because this is what angry high school students were doing in washington, d.c. ranting, raving, chanting, denying an election reality
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because they don't like the results. never mind that many of these kids aren't even old enough to vote, they're criticizing those who did, and they don't like the results and don't want to see a president-elect donald trump become president of the united states. still will in january. but they promise more of this stuff. where the heck are we going? all of us are looking at the electoral college because we don't like the results. >> yeah, it's interesting, neil. the move from senator barbara boxer, you mention the legislation she introduced, it would require the constitution to be amended which is two-thirds in the house and senate just to talk about it, three-quarters of the senate to ratify it. not a lot of talk about that, but a lot of democrats have been talking about electoral college. senator bernie sanders said we
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should rethink the system, michael dukakis renewed his call to switch up the system. if current trends hold, looks like donald trump will be the fourth president to win in the electoral college after having lost in popular vote. 1876, benjamin harrison, george w. bush in 2000. president-elect trump tweeted about this today. in one he called the electoral college genius and said this in another tweet. if the election were based on total popular vote, i would have campaigned in new york, florida, and california and won even bigger and more easily. that last point is open to debate. making a fair point about the states having a bigger say in the current system. the way things stand, looks like hillary clinton according to projections may win the popular vote for what it's worth by 1.5 to 2%. right now less than that. about a million votes as votes
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continue to be counted. we will watch this obviously neil where the boxer legislation may go. it is a long shot. but more people are talking about electoral college, those on the shortened of it. >> if you change it, next time it happens, it will be the democratic candidate that loses. thank you very much. you know what we lose sight of, if you had a race based on who had the most votes, period, you would be running a different race. the result you would get in popular vote race, great historian of all things politics, karl rove, with us as well. he raises a good point, if he wanted to target and run the race that would garner the most votes, sit in the most populous areas and run with it. don't you? >> yeah. first of all, he is the fifth american president.
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john quincy adams missing from that list. there would be two results if this were popular vote majority country. we would no longer -- we wouldn't be in iowa, people would be campaigning in -- republicans would go to tarrant county, texas, fort worth, suburbs of houston, orange county, california, democrats would go to san francisco and new york. here's the problem. we would have multiplicity of parties. if it is popular vote, 14 presidents were elected with plur plurality of 50%. how long before we would have run-offs? hillary clinton was elected twice, never got 50% of the votes, woodrow wion, elected twice, never got 50%. abraham lincoln got 40 some% of
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the vote. the two party system, giving american democracy stability and couldn't knew the could be sorely undermined by the electoral college. >> i wonder what the measure coming in, we had protests, i don't think that's coincidental. given protests and largely my high school the latest round, you have to wonder who is putting whom up to what and to what end. delegitimize before he even takes office. >> this happened in 2000. i was on a program in houston last night with paul begala who to this day doesn't believe george w. bush was elected. there was concerted effort after the 2000 election to say bush
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loss in popular vote caused him to be illegitimate president. it happened virtually every instance, this is the argument against hayes and harrison. >> looking at high schoolers, karl, if you want to skip class, that's one thing. obviously being encouraged. leave class, leave the school. go out there, chant, it is about sanctuary city and protecting i will lee-- illegals. but this is all being choreographed. >> it may be at a local level, but we may or may not know who is behind it. look at the signs. talk about illiteracy. silence equals violence? no, violence equals violence. you're entitled to your opinion, but you're right, maybe better use of their time would be to
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have organized discussion where all viewpoints are represented in the school if they want to talk about this rather than being allowed to just flow out into the streets and show up in front of trump hotel in washington, d.c. and shout out and wave around stupid signs. >> i wonder if it was reversed, karl, if clinton won the election and a lot of angry trump voters would have been anarchists, reading the press as i have on these kids and others, they're exercising free speech. >> sure. one would be a group of domestic terrorists and the others idealistic people exercising free speech rights which in a way they are, but you're right. children from high schools allowed to go out and take a day off from school, this is not a snow day. my suspicion is d.c. school authorities are not going to be too emphatic about making sure they make up the days. >> you know, i wonder what the
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fallout is from all this. if it gets all of the media attention and we're covering it now, it takes the attention off what a president-elect trump is trying to do. you still have to make note of it, though, to me it looks like a lot of sore losers. >> yeah, look, we have to cover it, it's a news story, people are out in the streets and so forth, but you know what it means with regard to the incoming president? zero. we had in 2001 at the inauguration threats of demonstrators who wanted to break up the inaugural parade and storm the inaugural ceremony on capitol hill. lots of press attention, lots of people screaming, i remember riding down pennsylvania avenue with protesters screaming and yelling but you know what, didn't stop president george w. bush from being president. these kind of things are interesting news but they're the background noise and they're not going to stop donald trump from taking office on january 20th.
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he is 100% the president of the united states, just as the forepeople elected before him under our constitutionally sanctioned system with minority of popular vote and electoral college win. >> and to give credit to clinton and obama, they were duly elected. meantime, harry reid on the floor of the senate, i don't even know what he's saying, he says the most outlandish stuff. and i understand, karl, you can say any outlandish thing you want and not held accountable for it. >> among the things said on the floor, mitt romney paid no income taxes. the best things about the election, this is the last time we will see harry reid in public office. he has proven himself to be despicable human being in his personal conduct in the political arena. republicans should be grateful to him, his stewardship of
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senate leadership, taking to himself to the power to decide what amendments would be offered in bills, ruining the tradition of 200 years the senate would be untrampled democracy, open debate, and deciding he alone was in charge of deciding what amendments would be voted upon is what caused senate democrats to lose the majority in 2014. it is a good thing for american democracy this man is retiring. not too soon for me. january 4th can't arrive too early for harry reid to hit the road and go home. >> to that point, he is saying the klu klux klan is celebrating the election. where does responsibility stand here. >> he served many years in close concert with robert bird of west virginia, a klu klux klan member, even to when he was in early days in the congress. harry reid is a demagogue. we spend too much time on high school students. i would rather go back and talk
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about them than talk about this human being. this is a man i was sitting in the white house, and the democrats were blocking five appellate nominees to the united states courts of appeals, and harry reid called me and said you know what, every one of these five people is unfit for office, morally unfit for office, but we'll give you two. you withdraw three names, we'll approve two of your names. i said if they're morally unfit, shouldn't you be under moral obligation not to allow any of them to serve? not only that, do you know these people? one of them was charles pick reof mississippi. i said do you know what he did as a young district attorney in laurel, mississippi? he took on the klu klux klan middle of the 1960s and got tossed out next election. you attack him as a racist. this is a man together with leaders in the black community and democratic governor worked together to reconcile the racism in mississippi by bringing people together behind the scenes toalk about grievances
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and a way forward. this is a man you attack as a bigot. every one of the other nominees are people of exemplary quality and character and you're trashing them and saying they're morally unfit but willing to let us have two morally unfit people. this is the kind of guy he is. >> i didn't know that. karl rove, thank you very much. we are continuing to monitor what harry reid is saying on the floor of the senate. now saying the election of donald trump increased the number of hate crimes in this country to say nothing of protests going on led by groups that are not accepting the will of the people. and clear and fair win by donald trump. in some of these places yilts so over the top that even in democratic and progressive -- portland, oregon are destroying their base, hurting folks that share their point of view but not burning the city down to illustrate it.
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incredible. most protesters are ignoring it. the dow had another record high. this would be the fourth straight record close since donald trump was elected president of the united states. we are live at trump tower, we're getting word that they are going through good names and maybe inevitable names for the trump cabinet after this. it was always just a hobby something he did for fun until the day it became something much more. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. man: i accept i'm not the deep sea fisherman i was. i accept i'm not out on the ocean wrestling marlin.
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all right. we are monitoring this. this is harry reid who is leaving, retiring from the senate, according to karl rove not a moment too soon, trashing
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duly elected president donald trump, in cited hate crimes and scared kids, high schoolers across the country are protesting. this is democratic leader of the united states senate which you would think would make it incumbent on him to keep the calm and to respect the will of the people. i want to go in with former apprentice star shelby holiday, "the wall street journal" senior video reporter, steve significant man, democratic strategist. steve, begin with you. regardless of politics do you think this is the time or place for prominent leader to essentially trash the guy that just got elected president? should he provide some range, some room for this guy to prove himself or not prove himself? >> look, i think what the president and hillary clinton did is the right thing to do, is legitimately elected. harry reid has a right to say whatever he wants on the floor of the senate, just as lots of republicans have gone to the
1:18 pm
floor of the house and senate to denounce barack obama over the last eight years. >> right after the election and contentious election like that, you're perfectly fine seeing the democratic leader on the floor of the senate. >> not saying that, feels sour grapes-y, but he has a right to do it. >> i think it is unclassy. he set the stage with his victory speech, starting the speech saying he and hillary clinton discussed their differences and that she basically congratulated him on the win. moving forward, donald trump is focused on bringing the country together and wants to leave everything else and all of the campaign rhetoric behind. i think we as americans should embrace this. we have seen amazing reactions in the stock market. i will tell you in the real estate industry, people are extremely excited this will revamp the economy. what he is going to doith
1:19 pm
deregulating businesses as well and cutting taxes, i think overall people will be pleasantly surprised when he gets into office. >> will we see when he gets in office as we can predict the benefit of that leadership, i don't think we can predoom it. i think steve is right, we are free to do this sort of thing. what i worry about, shelby, is the signal it sends, that if you don't like something, don't like the results of something, you're free to protest it, but some of the protests veer into something much worse. >> yeah. we have seen violence at some of the protests. that's not acceptable in any capacity, particularly the shootings that we saw but harry reid, the beautiful thing about america is you can say whatever you want. you don't have to like your president, you can bash them all you want. >> even the low key -- like in chicago, they're not getting too aj stated which i deeply admire.
1:20 pm
steve, where do you see this going? there's a move to plan coordinated protests on january 20th, inaugurate day. what do you think of that. >> i think people have a right to protest. i was in chicago with my family this weekend, one of the protests was around us, completely peaceful, thousands of young people who were chanting about not having racism, welcoming immigrants. it wasn't exactly some terrible coordinated political thing. you have a right to these protests and right to your opinion. >> if the election were reversed, hillary clinton and donald trump protesters were out there -- >> of course, as long as the messages were peaceful and safe, absolutely hold to that. called the first amendment. >> i hope so. katrina, i just hasten to add any dust up at a trump rally
1:21 pm
which we later found was inspired by democratic groups led a lot of people to believe it was trump people said to be crazy. now it is the opposite. >> i tell you, i was at many of the rallies, passion for the people, they were peaceful, trump supporters were and anything injected from the outside was ultimately removed. we even had an incident of the sort which was occurring at one of the stops we made on the woman's tour, a gentleman was removed because he was there representative of the democratic party. so he was trying to create waves and get press for himself. overall trump is focused on making america great again and really boosting the economy for the american people, helping people reach the american dream of home ownership as well. >> too early to say what will happen there. let's see what happens. i want to thank each and every
1:22 pm
one of you. want to take a look at chicago now. if you're going to do a protest, this might be a good way to go, stay calm, don't get too agitated and remember you skipped class for this. i'm here in bristol, virginia. and now...i'm in bristol, tennessee. on this side of the road is virginia... and on this side it's tennessee. no matter which state in the country you live in, you could save hundreds on car insurance by switching to geico. look, i'm in virginia... i'm in tennessee... virginia... tennessee... and now i'm in virginessee. see how much you could save on car insurance. or am i in tennaginia? hmmm...
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showing you again what is happening at university of chicago. it is playing out across the country. a lot of them seem to be on protecting sanctuary cities, yesterday a big deal involving high schoolers on both coasts. different schools and municipalities participating, thousands of kids across the country to rally against efforts by donald trump to deport illegals that are here. more to the point as donald trump has been sounding, those
1:26 pm
with criminal intentions or criminal backgrounds to republican california congressman darrell issa. good to have you. >> thanks for calling 5,000 votes a wide margin. >> you know what i'm saying. i say that at a time these views are not popularly held. what you were talking about and everything else is something these kids are talking about and they're not happy. who is behind this, what are they trying to do. they obviously want to protect illegals. >> i think president-elect donald trump understands that sanctuary cities have been more not asking witnesses at a crime whether they're illegal or legal to known criminals being deliberately released back into society and committing crimes
1:27 pm
repeatedly. in san francisco, had a high profile one, but every day that's happening. so protesters are misguided. obviously president-elect trump's intention is intended to make it safer again. they have criminals being released back into the streets, should be deported. >> what happens, congressman, when mayors of the cities, rahm emanuel, indianapolis as well, no, we're not going to listen to you, president trump, when you come in and start to threaten federal funding just because we have to honor the law. they will not do so. >> the cities that honor the law and work with federal agencies to make their streets safer not only get funding but will show those that do not that in fact their high cream in chicago is among the highest, it is really
1:28 pm
the murder capital. they'll show that those mayors are out of touch with their constituents. federal government does have limited authority. we can send in federal agents to enforce the law and deny funds or we can give the funds to cities that want to clean up their streets. in my own city like oceanside and others where we had crime rise and we've had anti-gang efforts, those funds are essential to helping. we can't help cities that choose to have known criminals on the streets forming gangs and committing crimes. when you look at the mandate from president-elect trump, you see a mandate to make america great again, you also see a mandate to make america safe. >> darrell issa, spent millions to topple you, didn't work. maybe they figure in two years from now. darrell issa, thank you very much. good to see you. >> thanks, neil. meantime, the administration to come has a big tax cutting agenda.
1:29 pm
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forget about high school kids protesting and they're not old enough to vote. in portland, oregon they can and didn't. do they protest too much? in 60 seconds.
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1:33 pm
working on the economic plan and the transition, making sure we get the biggest tax bill passed, biggest tax changes in place. a lot of exciting things in the first 100 days of the trump presidency. >> steve mnuchin, could be the next treasury secretary, too early to know. he has written out his bracket sheet. tru anthony, good to see you. >> good to see you, neil. >> how are we doing on the cabinet effort of dr. ben carson apparently taking himself out of the running. was there bad blood there? what happened? >> i don't think so. i think at the end of the day i think dr. carson probably sees his value to the trump administration as an outside adviser, as an unbelievable media advocate. talk about people that made a
1:34 pm
super contribution during the campaign, during rough times up and down in the campaign, dr. carson was a shining star. so president-elect trump has huge amount of respect for him. i think it is a personal decision that he made more than anything else. >> was he not offered a spot, anthony, that he wanted? health and human services came up, for which he would be natural. >> i think you have to take him at his word there, he basically said he was going to step back from it. listen, neil, where the rubber is meeting the road, we will see some surprising things, but i tell you what, the american people would be very happy if they were participating in the meetings to see the seriousness going into this, to see the team orientation. you have real business leaders, some of the most world class politicians in our country that are focused on what mr. trump wants them to be focused on which is the interest of the american people. i'm gratified and honored to be part of it with them. dr. ben carson is an
1:35 pm
unbelievable team player. you think of culturally, the new administration is really going to be -- you hear from guys in the intelligence community, want to bust the pipes, want everybody to get along, move the boat in a way that president-elect trump wants it to go on behalf of the american people. so i am very confident when the picks come out, and that was steve's own escalator ride there, confident when it comes out, the american people will be very happy. >> when will it be out? >> very soon. >> what's very soon? >> probably by end of the week, but i don't want to speak on behalf of the administration, i'm just making a guess. i don't think it is fair for me to do that. i think mr. trump, president-elect trump basically wants to get it over quickly but also wants to demonstrate
1:36 pm
decision making he did with reince priebus and vice president elect pence and steve bannon. he wants the american people to realize they're getting an a plus team. >> i want to move on more to what will be in the first 100 days. growing talk that corporate tax cuts might be in the out the gate taxes but not personal tax rate cuts, is that true? >> i think there will be more clarification on that. i think there's speculation. what happens is people are making decisions, you don't want a lot of leaks. you're getting a vacuum of misinformation. >> i talked to steve forbes earlier today who is saying, you know, on fox business where you're a star of wall street, he doesn't do those personal tax rate reductions right up front, he is going to miss a great opportunity and it will be a big
1:37 pm
mistake. you say what? >> listen, i think you'll get more clarity once treasury secretary is designated, you'll get more clarification from the new administration. i don't think people should be worried about that. i think people that worked super hard on this economic plan recognize the synergy there, recognize the need to do both at the same time. >> they should be, if you had your druthers? >> no question. that's one of the problems of the obama administration. president obama wanted to reform corporate tax code without doing the individual. you understand the nuance of the code and llc agreements and so forth, makes it impossible to do it that way. my guess is you've got some superstar talent here, common sense, practical people. my prediction is trump administration will be a problem solving practical presidency and i think the american people will be happy about that as it starts
1:38 pm
to unfold. >> thank you very much. good to see you. >> good to see you as well. meantime, president obama is insisting and again he did so in europe that his policies are not to blame for what happened the other day. i want you to meet a democratic strategist who begs to differ. i work 'round the clock. i want my blood sugar to stay in control. so i asked about tresiba®. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts even longer than 24 hours. i want to trim my a1c. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® provides powerful a1c reduction. releases slow and steady. works like your body's insin when my schedule changes... i want something that delivers. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ i can take tresiba® any time of day. so if i miss or delay a dose, i take it when i remember, as long as there's at least 8 hours between doses. once in use, it lasts 8 weeks without refrigeration...
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all right. the president echoing what he said essentially yesterday in his press conference that in europe as in the united states he is not going to take the blame for what happened a week ago in this country, that if anything it was the fault of maybe hillary clinton and her campaigning and maybe the democratic strategy not working hard enough. democratic strategist harlan hill. do you buy that? do you think the president bears any responsibility for what happened a week ago tonight?
1:42 pm
>> of course, of course. this is wholesale rejection of democratic platform, elites in the democratic party like harry reid, barack obama, and hillary clinton. and i can understand where he's coming from. he doesn't want to come to grips with the fact that his landmark legislation like obamacare and taxes and regulations have been complete and total disaster for the american middle class, and they're punishing him and the democratic party for it. >> he got reelected, touche, good for him, but other democrats in general not so much. this chart from "the washington post" is interesting, showing the decline in sheer number of democrats since 2008. and it is startling. it includes what happened in the house, state legislatures, more republican governors than since the early 1900s. what's going on here? >> well, i believe there's a
1:43 pm
personality around barack obama, you look at favorable ratings, people receive him well personally but when you look at the policy and drill down to handling of the economy and isis, people overwhelmingly reject it. and that trickles down to the local level as well. we saw that democrats did not take seriously redistricting in 2010. they saw barack obama win in this big wave, thought they heralded a new era of democratic party that couldn't be defeated, didn't take seriously redistricting and republicans won in a landslide in state legislatures, that sounds boring but it is significant. these legislatures decide what congressional districts look like and republicans won at the right time and were able to define congress for a decade. next time that will happen is in 2020. republicans i think are actually positioned well to double down on what they've done and make sure they control the republican house for another ten years. >> indeed. in the senate there will be a
1:44 pm
couple of dozen democrats up for re-election, they'll be very vulnerable. i heard from another democrat, several actually, saying they look at this as a unique phenomena, not indictment of their pet caus, and it is angst that builds up in the population and this rage and that's something you can't tap. again, the proof they say is if it was universal, they wouldn't win the popular vote. you say what? >> first of all, we all know, everybody is saying being intellectually honest with themselves, both campaigns would have run different campaigns had we nod used electoral college. but it was a landslide. it was a landslide. hillary clinton was able to architect her campaign around the lek toerl college. has 509 campaign offices across the country. donald trump had 207 she put the 509 campaign offices, twice the number he had in states
1:45 pm
strategically important to electoral college. she wouldn't have put them there if we weren't working in that reality. i think it is a cop out. a total cop out. >> good point. you would run an entirely different race to run up popular vote. thank you very much. democratic strategist. meantime, what if i told you a lot of people that are protesting, especially in places like portland, never voted. they never voted at all.
1:46 pm
1:47 pm
1:48 pm
they didn't like the results of the election, but in portland, oregon what if i told you many of the protesters didn't even vote in the election. a lot of them may have been bussed in.
1:49 pm
first to you, it looks like this was the times protest, portland got a little dangerous obviously, but for one thing they're protesting and hurting their own base. a liberal place, progressive community. they actually hurt themselves. what's more, we have come to discover a lot of them didn't even vote in the election. >> yeah. what's particularly interesting to me, neil, the fact that the president said don't -- millennials, less than 5% voted for obama showed up for hillary clinton. now, the university in and of itselves are complicit in the fact that there's violence going on and they're actively promoting anti-american sentiment by not accepting results of the election.
1:50 pm
i believe it is the responsibility of president obama, hillary clinton and bernie sanders to come out and say look, people have spoken. 69 million people voted for donaldtrump. that's the win. this is it. we must stop protesting, but they are not doing it. harry reid is on the floor saying donald trump is the cause of this. he absolutely is not. >> well, you know, to be fair to the president, hillary clinton, i thought they were magnanimous talking about this. i don't know if they have to get back on the tube to tell people to calm down. what i am reminded when i look at this is portland is an exception. the violence out there. these were formal protests than we saw in portland. they are more analogous to the university of chicago now. this thing petered out. we are showing it live now. it was supposed to be raucus. it was supposed to protest the election. it kind of went nowhere. still it is a lot of upset people with an election they
1:51 pm
hoped had gone the other way. >> right. >> it's completely fine to be upset by this whole thing. it is. but the problem here is the way in which you carry out emotions. what we have been seeing over and over again in these situations is that these people, most didn't even turn out to vote. >> not true. >> it is typical liberalism -- >> not true snm -- in the sense that you turn out to protest a system you didn't participate in. that's a problem. >> if they wanted to carry out the protest they should have done it at the ballot box like republicans did. >> they beat donald trump in the number of votes cast. that's a fact. >> we want to go against the electoral college? we want to undo that? [ speaking simultaneously ] >> if it had gone the other way say the electoral vote had been won by hillary clinton but she lost the popular vote, would you
1:52 pm
be saying what you just said? >> i think -- >> no. >> listen. at democracy for america -- >> you wouldn't say it at all. >> not at all, neil. >> we have been calling for changes to the electoral college voting process -- >> you would say the same thing if it was donald trump who won the popular vote but lost the electoral? no, you wouldn't. >> the reality is more americans voted for hillary clinton than donald trump. >> you're a good human being. but i think you are not telling me the truth. i think you should tell the truth. >> when you vote, you vote for electors. part of the elect call college. >> it was a very different election. >> i agree. >> what do you think of that argument? already barbara boxer and others are trying to change it. the electoral vote goes away. >> reports were showing before the election donald trump was likely to win the popular vote,
1:53 pm
not the electoral college. democrats were already coalescing around the idea. my friend harland him made a fantastic point that there was over 500 offices that hillary clinton set up in essence to get the electoral college in different states for the 270. >> there is bitterness. >> absolutely. >> and what would happen now. >> there is bitterness because of the campaign of bigotry and hate. >> i would be the first person. i was never a fan of donald trump. listen to me. [ speaking simultaneously ] >> i want you all to hug now. >> hug it out. >> why not do free hugs instead of burning flags?
1:54 pm
>> really. >> they're still talking. my god. that's why at cancer treatment centers of america, every patient gets their own care manager, to coordinate every aspect of their care. it's a long journey, its very complicated and we try to help them through that. we are available 24/7. if a new symptom occurs in the middle of the night, we are there to help. the care manager coordinates all of the patient's appointments, scans, chemotherapy... the last thing any patient really needs to worry about is how am i going to get here, how is insurance going to handle this? one of the great things we do is help them manage their symptoms at home. we as care managers want to take as much stress off the patient as we can. meet the care managers at ctca. my name is mena... collette jodi vincent stacy our nurse care managers are with you every step of the way so you can focus on your fight. learn more at
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anyone see the broadway show "hamilton"? i highly recommend it if you are visiting new york city and you can miraculously get tickets. it's ant alexander hamilton, the founding economic father, as i call him. and one of the best moments is when a young hamilton seizes an opportunity to change the world and not advance his own career. he announced i am not throwing away my shot. political history, i suspect donald trump was thinking the same thing. i'm not about to throw away my shot. to change the world and make history. this isn't about draining a swamp but fulfilling a dream. this is his one shot. this is republicans' one shot. this is political revolutionaries' one shot to change the world.
1:58 pm
not just go along with the world. don't miss it. don't waste it. i'm already getting worried when i hear those in power dismissing it. like when president obama told reporters he thinks donald trump isn't ideological but pragmatic. he's saying, he's hoping that the shoot from the hip trump will dial it back and see that governing is different from campaigning. that will wake up and i have seen it before. that's what happens when they try to take root in washington. they die on the line. it's a great big vacuum cleaner that sucks the life out of you. the passion out of you. the good crazy out of you. it takes the macadamia nut in you and makes vanilla out of you. it dulls you. it numbs you. it neuters you. donald trump hardly needs my advice. but if i may, mr. president-elect, don't let it happen to you.
1:59 pm
don't let them suck the crazy -- the good crazy out of you. don't let them chase the bull in the china shop out. it is time to change the world. not let the world change you, slow you or numb you. or stop you. look at the tea party. they came to washington wide-eyed to rip the status quo from its roots. it sucked the soul from them. that's how washington rules. it saps the soul. turns going for broke into getting along. it takes colossal and turns it into collegial. steady as she goes over swingin for the fences. i worry when it happens when restless spirits are quieted by an institution that won't change and will not budge. even if cnn can figure out voters are restless for change. those voters didn't bring a
2:00 pm
developer to washington two admire the marble but to shake the place to its core. they have given him a shot. i sure hope donald trump takes it. hello. i'm kimberly guilfoyle. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." it's been one week since the election and the trump team is forming quickly to form a new administration. the president-elect spent the day ahead of the transition team. vice president-elect mike pence at trump tower narrowing down the list of candidates for the cabinet and senior white house positions. reince priebus and steve bannon have been named. could one of these three be next? >> first of all, i won't be attorney general. >> you won't be? >> good. i don't haveo


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