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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 16, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> all right. busy hour. >> what an hour. newt gingrich live. >> remember, he says don't think about turmoil within the trump transition team. he says it is in transition. >> transioning, yes, exactly. >> we'll see you back here in an hour. "outnumbered" the starts right now. sandra: fox news alert. president-elect donald trump making some changes to his transition team just two months before taking office. vice president-elect mike pence purging lobbyists and some d.c. insiders. perhaps bringing the team closer to mr. trump's vow to drain the swamp. this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner, meghan mccain, co-host of "after the bell" on fox business, melissa francis, and today's #oneluckyguy, so glad to have back with us today, the ceo of crowd pac and former chief strategist for british prime minister david cameron, steve hilton is here and he is outnumbered. >> great to be here with you all.
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harris: i tell you this all the time. you're one of the most fascinating people i know right now, you called "brexit." i tried to tell david cameron this. we're glad to have you. sandra: you were with us entire election process as our one lucky guy. >> i know. i tell you what i think. it is fun talking about the campaign and ups and downs and circus, it is really great now to be talking about real issues and changes that we might see happening that could actually affect real people's lives. sandra: amen. >> put behind us all the nonsense we all felt there was too much it during the campaign. sandra: let's begin th some of those changes made to president-elect trump's transition team. lobbyists and many d.c. insiders shown the door as the president-elect to twitter to slam reports of a chaotic transition. he tweeted, quote, very organized process taking place as i decide on my cabinet and many other positions. i am the only one knows who the finalists are!
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moments ago, former house speaker newt gingrich with this to say about the transition. >> i'm confident that in fact they will begin to put things in place in very orderly way. it will take two or three weeks. you can't, you would be really dumb to accelerate and start making mistakes in order to make the press happy. sandra: doug mckelway, join us live from outside of trump tower in manhattan after newt gingrich reminded it will take time, folks. doug? reporter: yeah, for a lot of us here i want to clear up something i said in the last hour. i said, i misheard our producer speaking that donald trump snuck off to washington today. i misheard that. it is actually mike pence who snuck off to washington today. donald trump remains firmly ensconced in the trump tower vetting candidates for many, many jobs. two names surfaced for high-profile jobs in a trump administration. lt. general michael flynn name has come up.
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he was formally head of the defense intelligence agency. according to well-placed sources to be a candidate for national security advisor. interesting, that is a position which does not require senate confirmation that would allow flynn to bypass intense scrutiny from democrats some of more controversial views. he is hard-line conservative, hard-line pro-lifer. flynn was seen at trump tower but said nothing to reporters. for secretary of defense position arkansas senator tom cotton would bring military man and a smarts to the job. he is intellectual and combat experience as combat commander in iraq. he is a man deeply critical of president's middle east administration policy withdrawal, what is termed often times leading from behind. another cabinet level perspective position seen here in the trump tower today is the man who is considered a candidate for treasury
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secretary, mr. mnuchin. he did not speak to reporters but briefly. he talked to donald trump about his tax plan and economic plan in general. >> i think the other thing, very big focus is regulatory changes, looking at creation of an infrastructure bank to fund infrastructure investments. there is a lot of things to do. economic priorities are clearly taxes, regulatory, trade and infrastructure. reporter: mnuchin brings interesting experience. the son of jewish parents. a goldman sachs executive who amassed a $40 million fortune while working there. he is much like steve bannon a movie producer whose credits include "american sniper" and one of the mad max movies. trump defending the progress of the transition team after severe criticism in "new york times" and in other publications. he said "the new york times" story totally wrong on transition. it is going smoothly. i have spoken to many foreign leaders that is the latest from
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the trump tower. sandra, back to you. sandra: doug mckelway outside of trump tower there has been revolving door all morning, steve, familiar faces leaving us room to speculate who is going to be added next. >> i think "the new york times" the way it has been coughing it is really damaging its reputation because it is churning out these goes subpoenapy stories and looking for negatives things. sandra: trump transition team in turmoil. >> and chaos. they're taking it slowly, which is what you want because this is a serious business. there is one particular thing i want to highlight the role of lobbyists and that decision to get rid of lobbyists on transition team what they're saying is chaotic. in politics and government changing your mind is not a bad thing as longing a you end up in the right place. all the things he said about shaking up washington it's a good thing they got rid of lobbyists.
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but i think the really fundamental point, this speaks to the whole, when you see all the appointments together, to see change in government, i have been in that situation working for a prime minister in the uk government, you have to have a mixture of people who understand the system, who know how things work, but other people who really want to shake up the system and who are not captive to the traditional ways of doings things. you have to get that mixture if you really want to say that. sandra: a sign donald trump following up on campaign promise draining the swamp and lobbyists and d.c. insiders. >> my father lost but i know a lot about staffers that surround presidential candidates. there are a lot of egos. they want to be close to power. keep in mind these journalists want to be close to the candidate as well they want access. "new york times" tweeting how much he hates them. cut off next four years, you did
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it to yourself, i don't feel bad, talking about chaos from journalists perspective. internally chris christie completely being taken out i'm not surprised given jared cush any's relationship with chris christie's father. i think this is perfectly normal. chaos would be if people were fired left and right. let the process work itself out. we're at 65 day as way. give them a little time. i love watching "the new york times" squirm. i'm so happy. sandra: it will take time and donald trump in face of "new york times" saying there is chaos and turmoil he says things are going smoothly. harris: steve, first of all, who you build the team with, it is important it is not filled with sycophants. you need people oppositional to the establishment and who will tell you, right up in your face you said you wanted to win. this is how you get there, remind them of that. just a little bit of shade toward "the new york times," just a tiny bit, just a tiny bit.
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how much can we trust their sources about what is going on inside of the trump campaign when they were so wrong, fill in the blank, just about everything with how not just how it turned out but along the way as well? i think that is a fair criticism for them. melissa: yeah. i think also a lot of people -- oh, he is the president of you're fired, reality star. truth of the matter is he is pretty good at hiring and firing people. this is one of the things he does well. if you watch through the campaign, cycled through three different chiefs who were good at that time. he wasn't afraid to replace them the moment he needed next thing. people said he went through different campaign heads from lou juan -- man -- manafort and conway. he had the professional person to bring it home. chris christie running
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transition team at moment he didn't need him he put in mike pence who knows how to get business done. i think all the things. it is no the chaos is deliberate. >> the tom cotton choice if that ends up who it is, quell the fears of some of us a little queasy on his foreign policy. he is veteran. up-and-coming star in the republican party. of all the people named i think he is the best choice. sandra: steve there is also a big conversation what democrats are going to do as far as the future of their leadership. we're getting word right now vice president-elect mike pence will meet with nancy pelosi tomorrow. meghan: love to be a fly on that wall. >> i think we need to be optimistic there are things that, look, this country needs the economy to get moving. we need jobs to come back. we need people's incomes to rise after more than a decade where they have been flat or falling. actually the way the constitution is designed that you need collaboration over those things and if you can have a serious conversation in
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congress, not just with trump's team and ryan and all the rest of them, with the democrats as well, great. everyone should be excited about that. meghan: also total opposite what obama did. didn't reach across the aisle let alone when he first got into office. the fax that mike pence is meeting nancy pelosi is a great sign of bipartisanship. harris: it has to do with all the talk in recent days, how obamacare, the affordable care act is front and center in terms of all republicans getting something done around inauguration day as reporting has gone on. who would you talk with, with the woman who didn't know what was in obamacare before it passed. you might ask her is there anything else i need to know because i have read it and it is still not working and premiums skyrocketing and home state of arizona, 116%. i perhaps why they might start with her. sandra: as we look outside of
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trump tower where we know the meetings are taking place, all day, every day, as they make the huge decisions for our country, i think americans are wondering, what is this process like? and is donald trump looking outside of his current circle? is he looking at all available options to fill these positions? >> firstly you have a lot of positions to fill. sandra: thousands. >> by the way we should remember, i wasn't living in america at the time but i think i'm right in saying there was huge criticism of clinton, the first president clinton -- harris: months. >> into the administration there were still thousands of positions unfilled. just in terms of context we need to remember that. i think the most important thing for, not just for the practical things like the economy and specific policy areas but for people's confidence in democracy. is that they have elected someone who made some very clear promises. that is one of the reasons he won. and those have to be delivered. so their number one priority is
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to have people around him who are genuinely committed to delivering those priorities, who understand how to get things done in washington. yes we need a bit of that but we need the change agents who will actually deliver his big goal of shaking things up. sandra: we know, melissa, loyalty is everything to donald trump. meghan: no, it is absolutely true.time look at people he brought in, the fact he has ted cruz in there, talking to him, wasn't that long ago we were watching the rnc. at that that convention cruz burned down the house. people said he would be on the outside forever. it really fet like the fact he is there and they're talking whatever, he is considering him for, shows i think he is considering all options and considering people from a wide a ray for all kinds of things. harris: furthering my point. not just people who will say yes to you. you need people oppositional what you might want to move forthwith.
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i'm fascinated about the fact he is not telling anybody what he is doing. you don't have to worry about a leak. it is all in your head. sandra: telling everybody what he is doing. looking for the best candidate and not telling you who they are. we'll have to leave it there. look who is smiling these days. what a difference winning makes. speaker paul ryan on his united party. his message to americans as he vows to work alongside the new president. the new democrat, the democrats not so happy. the sign they could be seriously divided as house minority leader nancy pelosi may face a serious challenger. after the show join the live hot overtime tab on harris's favorite part of the day. of course you can tweet u we will see you after the show. every tv doctor knows scrubbing is serious business. they also know you need to get your annual check-up. now with one touch using the mycigna app you can find a doctor in your plan's network to save money.
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harris: what a difference an election makes. house republicans appear to be uniting while the same can not be said for democrats. speaker paul ryan unanimously won nomination by his republican colleagues for another term as head of the house. the speaker had this mention for millions of americans who believe this nation is on the wrong track. watch.
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>> we hear you and we are hear to fix problems. we're very excited to get to work. this leadership team is unified. this entire house republican conference is unified. and we are so eager to get to work with our new president-elect to fix america's pressing problems. harris: meanwhile, not so happy democrats are delaying their own leadership elections until the end of the month. fueling speculation that nancy pelosi's hold on the minority leadership post may be on shaky ground. all of this as potential challenger, democratic congressman, tim ryan, interesting, last name is ryan, from youngstown, ohio, says his party needs a leader who can speak to fly over country. >> i think we've got to stop talking to them about running computers and start talking to them about running backhoes and, that manuel labor is okay. that we wan to rebuild the country and put them back to work. you know we talked to them about job retraining.
9:19 am
no one wants to hear about job retraining. they want a job. they want a good job. they want to take a shower after work, not before work. they like what they do. they want to build things. harris: look, bernie sanders tried to tell them. he talked about it again this week saying i'm part of a party that doesn't even hear people trying to talk about what they want to change. >> yeah, i think that very interesting what is going on. on the republican side, it brings to my mind something that is really not commented on much in the election but really revealing. remember when trump, not long after he announced, first thing he published was the tax plan. he had specific plans for different tax rates and that was his plan. and then this year, he updated it and he renounced his tax plan and the change was that he had brought his tax plan exactly into line with the republicans in congress, with their tax plan, literally the same rates. what that said to me, this guy really understands how to get
9:20 am
things done and understands that he is going to have to work with republicans in congress and, what i saw, on election night, you had, i've been saying all through the election, if you get a republican in the white house, republicans controlling both chambers about of congress you can really expect some quick results in terms of policy changes that will get the economy going. i think that is the big area where there is unity with them. and i think everyone should be optimistic about that, in terms of difference it will make to real people's lives quickly. harris: interesting that you say that. barack obama at one point did have this kind of bicameral picture. it wasn't right off the bat. we have also seen where it really spawned obamacare, didn't it? melissa: that's true. his first line of attack was economic business. he talked about green jobs and shovel-ready jobs, those things in my mind are not a real long-term solution to the problems of a country. i like what democratic congressman ryan said there.
9:21 am
very interesting. people want to go back to work. they don't want to talk about retraining this is huge problem with people who are structurally unemployed. meaning their jobs are going away not coming back. telling them they need to get trained to work on computers isn't going to happen because we're talking about people who don't want to do that one thing -- harris: cell phone. they may not need it. meghan: he smells blood in the water with nancy pelosi. let's not forget them. she led them hand and foot into the disaster. i didn't know the election would be embarassment of riches i would watch nancy pelosi and "new york times" squirm all over the place but i'm loving every single minute of it. she should be out. if you care about the future of the democratic party. one of hillary's biggest supporters. went on tv as surrogate about her. if you are concerned about the democratic party hers is the first head should roll. harris: first hint democrats knew what you were talking about close and personal, they were
9:22 am
talking about how many millions of votes she got as opposed to electoral college that didn't elect her. sandra: should tim ryan challenge nancy pelosi is he capable of shaking the party up to a point it can rebound to what he said the worst shape the party has been in since 2003? >> i don't know him at all so i don't know what personal qualities he might bring to that role but they need a really fundamental rethink. the kind of rethink actually trump in his way kind of forced on to the republican party where he basically forced them to accept that the old agenda doing whatever the financial industry wants and big business wants -- meghan: getting away from identity politics which has been their bread and butter the past eight years. it didn't work this time. they're coming to realize that. meghan: great point. >> do you remember in the campaign argument in the primary on democratic side, bernie sanders kept saying talking about the economic agenda, the economic agenda, he was criticized.
9:23 am
no, it is not about that, but about african-americans and hispanics. he was criticized making it all about the fundamental points on economy rather than identity politics which is where the democrats are more comfortable. harriswe all come together on that issue. >> that's righ harris: they want to target these groups of people but at the very heart for most of them are these issues. >> that's right. why bernie sanders did so well, because actually is the truth. the fundamental problem in america today is that, half the country is really suffering economically. harris: isn't this "brexit" part deaux? meghan: economy, stupid. >> really big difference with "brexit," that was referendum on particular issue. not choosing a new government. now you have a chance for a real agenda to be implemented quickly and you didn't get that with "brexit." harris: keep cooking that up. we'll talk about that. president obama is warning about a quote, crude sort of nationalism taking root, saying the same anxieties caused
9:24 am
britain to leave the eu fueled president-elect trump's victory. those comments are causing quite a stir. -- can't wait to get to talk about this the los angeles police chief says his officers will refuse to help president-elect trump's possible he deportation efforts as growing number of other cities reaffirm they are sanctuaries. sanctuary city status upheld. outrage sparking what newt gingrich says mr. trump should do when he takes office, stay close. of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose
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♪ meghan: president obama says trump's upset victory last week and europe's decision to -- britain's decision to leave the european union is leading to same mentality that leading to populist movements worldwide. president obama warned against that and crude nationalism that is taking root in the u.s. and europe. watch.
9:29 am
>> i do believe, separate and apart from any particular election or movement, that we are going to have to guard against a rise in, a crude sort of nationalism or ethnic identity or tribalism that is built around an us and a them. and i will never apologize for saying that the future of humanity and future of the world is going to be defined by what we have in common as opposed to those things that separate us and ultimately lead us into conflict. meghan: steve, you were front and center at "brexit," what do
9:30 am
you make of his comments? i wish sometimes people see what we're talking about during commercial. won't get to the point. takes so long. >> i want to make a observation. that is version of obama, that i find most infuriating. instead of talking like a political leader who actually wants to get things done he is observing events like snooty anthropology professor who is vandalizing the world instead after person who has been in charge for eight years and could have done something about the very problems driving this. to now flip to the "brexit" aspect of this, i think that this argument that they're pu national system, is really bad because what they're doing is trying to deflect attention from their own policy failures. the reason that you have this uprising against the elite, establishment, whatever you want to call it is because the policies that have been followed, particularly the economic policies, have left people reeling, from the impact
9:31 am
of what they have done and the fact that people are losing their jobs, their incomes are falling, that is what's driving it. not some racist sense of nationalism and i think but by describing it as that they're trying to avoid responsibility for their own role in creating this problem. melissa: like eliteist navel gazing, long pauses, whole thing, like a class we all shed we had dropped. how many more lectures do we have? people do not have the luxury isry of standing around and pontificating like this while he paces. they have families to feed and bills to pay and no idea how to do it. i find this so infuriating. sandra: he has spent a lot of time in the days following this election defending his own record and in that same moment he almost went on to suggest that trump supporters might have some buyers remorse with this election and they might end up pretty disappointed with his --
9:32 am
meghan: people have buyer's remorse with him. >> some line about we're handing over a country in good shape. there were no fires to put out. and you could tell what he was doing there. he was trying to compare it to his inheritance in terms of financial crisis. you know what that made me think? actually there is an economic crisis in america. harris: there is a fire to put out. >> there is a fire to put out. so many millions of people struggling economically. it is just a crisis less visible to people in new york and washington and silicon valley where i live. they're not affected by it. they're not people suffering. meghan: is there not a cultural crisis as well? a lot of cultural issues the left are obsessed with helped fuel middle america. you don't care about me. you care about x, y, z issues that don't affect me whatsoever. cultural issues along with immigration. >> i agree with that. harris: i look for what is being
9:33 am
said in the long pauses, you filled in the blank on one of them, racist nationalism. i think that's what he may have been, i don't know, i'm not inside his house but look at how the rest of the conversation he was trying to have with the country there and lecture as melissa put it, that word seems to somehow fit in that blank which makes me particularly sad. he didn't hear what the country was saying. meghan: no reflection. harris: what they were saying we want a reset. we want culturally, we want to bring back things towards the center. we want green, meaning money in our pockets. the color is not black or white. sandra: pretty directly referenced that. he said, sometimes it gets wrapped up in issues of ethnic identity or religious identity and cultural identity and that can can be a stroll tile mix. harris: that is sad. an entire party navel gazing -- meghan: an article came out that where he says if you're a trump supporter you're racist. there is nothing else.
9:34 am
the left has to take a hard look what they have done the last eight years, policywise that helped create it. if you want to go whack to white identity politics and identity politics forever you will keep on losing forever. harris: having a candidate loving and addicted to hot sauce is not somehow -- you i sincerely mean that. are we going to have conversation about that. meghan: get no protest from me. leaders of more major cities affirming they won't help president-elect trump in any possible deportation efforts. how should mr. trump deal with these sanctuary cities?
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9:39 am
the use of local law enforcement for general deportation reasons, for low-level offenders, is not appropriate and we don't do that. sandra: this as a growing number of sanctuary cities across the country are promising to keep protecting illegals from deportation, despite threats from president-elect trump to withhold tax dollars. former house speaker newt gingrich weighing in. >> this is madness. so, my advice to president-elect trump is pretty simple. one, you should ask your new attorney general on day one to direct immigration efforts right into the sanctuary cities. two, you should indicate any mayor who attempts to interpose, a term by the way used by the white segregationists 40 years ago, to interpose themselves against the federal government would be liable to prosecution. sandra: meantime young illegals, known as d.r.e.a.m.ers holding rallies in new york, urging president obama to pardon 750,000 of them.
9:40 am
they have temporary amnesty right now but president-elect trump signals he would undo that executive action. steve, the former speaker called this madness. >> yeah, i think, just think it through. i'm a real believer in localism, and the idea that local communities should control the things that matter to them and i think we're far too centralized as country. federal government does far too much. too much central bureaucracy, cities and towns told what to do. sandra: we want to break in live outside of trump tower where new york city mayor bill de blasio standing outside. let's listen. >> many of the changes we need in our country, particularly invests we so desperately need in infrastructure here in new york city and cities and counties all over the country. i talked to him about concerns about proposed deportations. i gave him the perspective of
9:41 am
the nypd. that any initiatives that would create a rift between our police all over the country and the communities they serve, that would make it impossible for police and community to communicate, that would sow distrust between law enforcement and neighborhoods would be countier productive. beyond that, that, that proposal countered and flew in the face of all that was great about new york city, the ultimately city of immigrants. it succeeded because it was open for everyone, built by generation after generation of immigrants. i reiterate to him, this city and so many cities around the country will do all we can to protect our residents and to make sure that families are not torn apart. i talked to him about police community relations in general
9:42 am
and specifically the question of stop-and-frisk. i tried to provide perspective on how stop-and-frisk created a wedge between police and community when it was used in a unconstitutional manner, and it was overused and how since we changed that policy the city had gotten safer and that we, we knew we were never going back to that policy. that we were going to continue on a path of neighborhood policing and building a bond between police and community. i talked to him about our muslim community. i let him know something that so many people don't know. that there are 900 muslim members of the nypd protecting all of us, protecting the community, protecting every kind of person. and i told him that we were very concerned that we had to show all new yorkers, including muslim new yorkers that they were welcome.
9:43 am
that exclusionary policies would undermined our ability to create unity, exclusionary policies would undermined our ability to create a dynamic where everyone felt a part of this community equally, ready to work to protect each other, ready to work with law enforcement for the good of all. and i also raised concerns about some of the messages and some of the rhetoric that for some people had been hurtful. and i let him know that so many new yorkers were fearful, that more had to be done to show that this country can heal and people can be respected. i left the meeting with the door open for more dialogue. it is well-known we have very, very substantial differences and
9:44 am
beliefs and ideology. by the end of the meeting we agreed that this is a conversation that would continue. i reiterated to the president-elect i would be open-minded as we continue substantive discussions but i would also be vigilant and i would be swift to react anytime an action is taken that will undermine the people of new york city. i also know that new yorkers will stand together. we'll stand up for the needs of working people. we're going to stand up for our immigrant brothers and sisters. we'll stand up for anyone who has any policy excluded or affronted be they members of the muslim community or the jewish community. members of the lgbt community, women, anyone who feels policies are being undertaken that undermined them.
9:45 am
with that, i'm happy to take your questions. >> [inaudible]. >> no. >> [inaudible] >> yeah. >> [inaudible] >> let me say on the first point, come back to you on the second point. it. no, this was respectful meeting and substantive meeting and candid meeting. i don't think lecturing at all is the right word to use. i told him what i believed and told him what i was hearing from my fellow new yorkers. let me finish and i will go back to the second part. and there was a give-and-take. but my job is to make crystal clear what is happening out there in this city and i said on wednesday, even though i have very real differences with the president-elect, he is a new yorker, i do think he loves this city, but i thought it was very important for him to hear what people are feeling anvery
9:46 am
important for him to hear what our experience has been. for example, on issue like stop-and-frisk. getting away from that policy made us safer. for him to know that we have 900 muslim-american nypd members. those are important facts. that is not lecturing. that is giving perspective. second question? >> [inaudible] >> right. >> [inaudible]. >> yep. >> they're getting no foot traffic. what is your security plan and -- >> got your question, i got your question. i will not tell you that goo hechy and tiffany are my central concerns in life but i will say that the traffic situation is a very real problem. and it is magnified of course because we're going into the holidays. commissioner o'neill and i will address this issue on friday. we'll have a press conference to
9:47 am
talk about this in detail. commissioner is meeting with the secret service shortly and we will be in much better position to give you the sense of balance we will strike. obviously traffic in midtown has to flow and president-elect and his entire team has to be protected. one thing i can say that i develop very comfortable saying that he expressed how the men and women of nypd and how i was proud of them and that was an area of unit. >> [inaudible] >> no, neither. >> what happened? >> again, it was a candid meeting -- we had spoken on the phone the other day. so if there was a breaking of the ice it was that. i think even people who have very real differences can still have a dialogue. it was a candid and substantive
9:48 am
meeting. we went right into the substance. i had a the is things i wanted to raise and we went right into it. >> did you find any common ground? >> did you think he was telling you opposite from the policies -- [inaudible] >> look, i'm not going, marsha, i'm not going to assume based on one meeting what the outcomes will be. it was important to have the meeting, to assert the interests of the people of new york city and give them that perspective. where it goes from here will tell as you lot. i've certainly made clear i'm open to a dialogue, but, no, nothing about people's fundamental beliefs changed in the meeting obviously. remains to be seen. look, the ball is in his court. people in this city and all over the country are looking to see what he is going to do. i thought it was important he heard people's perspective. hoed on. >> during the campaign you
9:49 am
thought he was unqualified to be president. [inaudible] >> okay. i will talk about the idnyc database in the coming days. look, i obviously supported another candidate and, she won the popular vote substantially -- sandra: there is new york city mayor bill de blasio stepping up to a make phone, fresh off of a meeting with president-elect trump in trump tower. he made a promise to protect illegal immigrant in his own city, jumping on board with other cities we have her of doing this, protecting them from donald trump's possible deportation plan or they will face federal defunding. what did you make of his comments there. >> there is lots of things i could say about bill de blasio. i want to focus on the big questions, the national question, immigration and how the policy is enforced. i really believe in local government but some policy areas make no sense unless
9:50 am
they're handled at a national level. immigration is one of them. you can't have a policy that is different in one city to another city. has to be a national immigration policy for one country. trump has won the election. he has the right to set out his immigration policy. that is what the country expects. you can't have these cities undermining it without calling into question people's faith in democracy. sandra: de blasio said he had respectful, substantive conversation with the president-elect in trump tower. he was questioned by a reporter whether or not he was lecturing the president-elect. remember, he encouraged residents of his city to protest donald trump's election. meghan: saying what he will mandate as president, he as mayor of new york city will not abide by. did i just elect you president? why are you grandstanding like this? this is the law. this is what the mass of america wants. they don't want sanctuary cities. they don't want these lax laws of immigration. i don't know where these people get off. i find it really disrespectful to the mass of america who has
9:51 am
voted against this. someone living in new york city, okay, if they're allowed to break the laws, where does it end? what other laws are allowed to be broken? setting a very dangerous precedent in a city that needs laws. harris: i don't know if you caught it at very end, what we've been talking about today, he mentioned hillary clinton getting more of the popular vote. democrats, big question mark, do they feel they are in big trouble right now? this was a huge spotlight for bill de blasio here in a city where, i mean you would say arguably, maybe mostly democrat. we don't know anymore. this could trigger something really different in his future as well. so he mentions her popular vote win against donald trump. if that signaled something. melissa: could he focus on the traffic? the traffic is disaster. donald trump is in middle. city. i don't care about gucci, not at top of my mind. sandra, you made a great point, he doesn't care about the businesses of city. grandstanding on national level.
9:52 am
a year ago in back of a cab and watched this commercial bill de blasio proudly saying he is ignoring i.c.e. and will not cooperate. first of all, i'm paying for this commercial as a taxpayer. you're sitting in the back of a cab telling people you're going to ignore federal you law? can i ignore federal law is would like to as well because i will stop paying my taxes if that the is case. sandra: how do you think residents of new york city will respond to what he said, steve? the. >> i think exactly right. it is grandstanding. remind me a lot of in 1980s in the uk. you had these local councils elected around london. they had national type policies, declared nuclear free zones and all this stuff had nothing to do with their actual responsiblities of getting the traffic going, running schools, waste collection, refuse all that stuff that they really are supposed to do. harris: this is the mayor who started his term with the snowstorm that really went badly on him and how he had to handle that and how many citizens suffered. local issues really should be
9:53 am
his focus. >> if he wants to change immigration policy, he should run for president. melissa: there you go. >> if he wins then he can do it. melissa: all eyes on hillary clinton tonight when she makes the first public appearance since her stunning election loss to donald trump last week. bloomberg reports he will speak at childrens defense fund event in washington after being honored for her dedication and contributions to child advocacy over the years. many are wondering what she is going to say and whether she will urge her supporters to give president-elect donald trump a chance. meghan, i go to you first. meghan: i find tone of all this really off. go to chappaqua for a while. stop are rumors on internet. i have a problem putting rumors chelsea will run for congress. america is not dynasty. we don't believe in royal t. the americans rejected bushes and clintons.
9:54 am
stay in chappaqua and with huma. melissa: do you agree. >> i agree with meghan. i watch ad speech a week ago, what was it, wednesday. very gracious we all agreed about that other thing i thought watching her, watching it live, oh, my god, she hasn't given up. i had the very strong sense she still wants to go for it. and i wouldn't be at all surprised if she is, i have still got a chance, president. that trump will mess up. harris: look at melissa's face. >> i have a feeling she has this notion maybe the nation will come running back to her. sandra: looked so good hiking in chappaqua. did you see the facebook post she was out for a hike. >> it was lovely picture. meghan: allegedly planted. there about other pictures of her on facebook at fundraiser for hillary clinton. all the saying about clintons. is surrounded by sycophants. i wouldn't be surprised if she
9:55 am
runs for election. if this is not a message sent to the clintons i don't know what can happen. sandra: she said every single day she loves the country. this is the opportunity and a chance to unite the country and come together, say support the president. meghan: little more than week after the election? let trump have his moment. i don't like any of it. i don't like any of it. send other democratic leaders to do the business of rebuilding. harris: not just rebuke of the clintons and this whole idea of dynasties you mentioned bushes as well, democratic party has real soul-searching to do. it has been the theme of this hour. well, you can't get around it. when the mayor of new york city wants to talk about how many votes the democratic presidential candidate got, they are hurting like what do they need now? maybe just to listen. bernie sanders, call him. he has plenty to say. melissa: there you go. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. we'll be right
9:56 am
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♪ harris: have a final overarching thought, what is it? >> yeah, as we think about all these changes and the transition there is one important thing to remember, he was elected, trump was elected as an insurgent to shake things up. that is what he has got to do. he has to do that urgently. tons of establishment people will slow him down to tie him up in knots.
10:00 am
he has to ignore that and go for the shake-up people voted for. harris: thanks for being here. always good to see you, steve. all right, we are going to pop up online when the tv version of us wraps up in a few seconds. click on the "overtime" tab. now, "happening now." and president-elect vote won the electoral vote. critics are are calling for the stopam of the electoral college. >>


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