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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 16, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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18,868. mandy tweets @gerriwillis, i put off my mammogram for two years, but after seeing you i decided to make the appointment. good work. all right. and the world shall come to him. welcome, everybody. i'm kneneil cavuto. you are looking at trump tower just a few blocks from us in midtown manhattan. they have been getting the biggest names all to pay a visit to the president-elect and maybe, maybe in the case of some of them, get considered for top jobs in his cabinet. so fox business network's commenting on who he has been seeing coming and going. hey, collin. >> reporter: a lot of big names, you're right. the world shall come to him as the names and big leaders, many of whom we're familiar with from the campaign, have been going in and out of trump tower for another day of meeting. no major announcements, although
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the transition team put a list out of 29 foreign leaders, they say, that president-elect trump or vice president-elect mike pence have spoken with over the last week. i got to tell you, the main story line from the transition team has been pushback. pushback against media reports their transition has somehow been chaotic or filled with in-fighting. watch this. >> there are rumors that the transition is not going well, that people are getting fired and hired. >> it's just not that way, those are false. >> things are calm, very structured. anyone saying anything else is either a, bitter, because they are not on the inside and not being considered, or they are someone just bitter because the election was last week and they didn't get the results they wanted. >> reporter: all right, i'll give you a few exambillions of what we have seen here today. the likes of mike flynn, a military adviser to mr. trump during the campaign, talked about by some as possibly working within the
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administration. senator jeff sessions has become a regular and a close advisor. he's been here at trump tower. as mr. trump takes meetings within his administration, he's meeting with some he certainly will not. you'll talk about this, but the mayor of new york city, bill de blasio, was here for quite spot time and met with the president-elect for over an hour. >> that's an hour donald trump will never get back. thank you very much. collen mcshane, thank you. the whole thing is in disarray. the firing, the whole nine yards yards, that's a sign that has not happened before, but looking back in history it actually has happened before. and getting a team together, trump is running ahead of history. and that is not really being picked up unless you're joe.
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you would think that he's just failing miserably at this. >> seven days in we are, neil. do you know how long a transition goes on for? 78 days. we are not 1/10 away and already talking about microcosms and macrocom macrocosms. people are saying it is chaos, but we are one week in. if we are this far in 50 days in, then you can start to say those things. but the bottom line is the media did not get the election result they wanted. we talked about this on "usa today" and in a 10-1 margin of americans thinking the media was rooting for hillary clinton over donald trump. and now instead of the media looking inward and soul searching, doing the, well, we have to learn a lessons thing here, they are doubling down. and the good news is, at least, that 57 papers endorsed hillary
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clinton. only two donald trump. and that got her a concession speech. bottom line, they don't have the influence that they used to, so they can talk about chaos all they want. the american people probably ain't listening anyway. >> i'm wondering, too, about the way that they are going about this. this is the first president-elect whose home is in a big city. so obviously anything he does, meeting with, you know, dignitaries or perspective cabinet members is there for him to see. so ironically it is a transparent process. >> yeah, we see everybody going in and out of trump tower. this happened with another presidential candidate, be it a bill clinton in arkansas, whether it be a george w. bush in texas or maine. you know, barack obama in chicago, which is obviously like new york, the media capital of the world. you wouldn't see every person coming and going from trump tower. but we talked about this on your saturday show, they sent out a letter to their subscribers saying under a trump
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administration, they are going to be more transparent and more objective. then i went to their home page that very same day and i control-f'd to search that name. 19 stories were on donald trump. zero were positive. so the same day they say they'll be objective, it's amazing. let me just read you one clip from a story that i found remarkable. it was about trump's reaction in mexico. clouds have descended over mexico, miring a state of anguish and paralysis. after the election of mr. trump with the highest office in the world, they are seeing clouds of sun certainty of fear, self-doubt and insecurity. there were even actual storm clouds hanging over the capitol in recent days. a literal echo of the nation's state of mind. in other words, donald trump who apparently is a climate denier, climate change denier, now has the ability to change climate over certain cities in this world. remarkable. that is the type of writing that we're seeing even post-election. the media has not learned their lesson. they simply do not get it.
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>> it's a nasty metaphor. joe concha, the hill columnist. thank you. there was something interesting with the coming and going of the new york figures. that was new york mayor bill de blasio speaking with donald trump. and then 62 minutes after that, to tell the press this. >> i will not tell you that gucci and tiffany are my central concerns in life, but i will say that the traffic situations are a very real problem. and it is magnified going into the holidays. >> he was referring to gucci and tiffany in the neighborhood, i'm worried about vehicular traffic, worried about walking traffic, it was hurting their business. and he didn't care. now, again, these are issues that are beyond the mayor's control. but to say he's not worried about it, saying it's not an
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issue for him, he's saying i don't care about the revenue they bring into the city. let me point out here that gucci, you can sell a $1,000 purse. so with a combined new york city state tax of 8.75%, that's the highest in the nation, the city makes a good chunk of change off that, as does the state. in that case, about $90. so he's dismissing that because he couldn't care about gucci and tiffany. and donald trump has to listen to this guy for 62 minutes, that is 62 minutes that donald trump will never, ever, ever get back. all right. the fox business network's charlie gasparino is what else he's seeing and what else is coming and going. kind of interesting here, a busy day inside the trump tower. i will agree with you. bill de blasio is a progressive, he's probably farther left than president obama. you know, gave aid and comfort
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to cuba. for him to say gucci and tiffany's is not a big deal, they employ a lot of working class people, speaks to his background. >> he feels the same thing about the wall street community. he wants dodd frank kept in place. but they are all big payers in this city. >> let's be clear, if you get rid of the banks, if you want to destroy the banks, there won't be any tax revenues for all the welfare bill de blasio wants to hand out. that's the bottom line. i couldn't understand why chuck schumer who knows better, a u.s. democratic senator from new york, and hillary clinton was a u.s. senator from new york, didn't advocate better against the massive regulation. i'm not saying some regulation was needed post-financial crisis, but the basically ramping up of the regulations and the attacks on the banks, the personal attacks president obama did. allowing elizabeth warren to
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complete her jihad, it was an attempt to destroy new york city's biggest industry, that would pay a lot of welfare money. >> but he said i don't care about gucci and tid, i don't ca very folks who feed the revenues to this city to do what i want to do. >> and who employ working class people. that was among the most idiotic left-wing statements i've ever heard in my life. i mean, you know, it was -- i don't care about a major employer in the city. the good news is that president-elect donald trump is surrounding himself with a lot of free market people. you know, he's got some smart people in there. he's making a play from what i understand, i just reported this on fox business to bring jpmorgan chief jamie dimon to be interested in a position. he's offered himself up as an advisor, but he's pushing for
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treasury secretary. you have rudy giuliani, we have free market people behind this new administration that, you know, new york city may be run for at least another couple years by a socialist who doesn't care about employer, but the country is changing. and i think that is a good thing. >> and they all account for a good deal of revenue to the city. charlie gasparino, thank you very much. speaking of money, so it ends. this is the first down day for the dow since donald trump got elected a week ago. now a lot of people said it was just due to run out of steam because it had been going on so long. and if you count the worst we were down election night about 800 points, it was a huge comeback and turn around for the world abroad. this might be a reason, take a look at what was going on with interest rates, even though stable today, the ten-year note, which a lot of mortgages are pegged to, now at around 2.25%. that is back up since the
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election over a quarter percent, largely on the view that economic activity is picking up. that's good news. but again, it also means that the federal reserve is more likely in the face of this to hike interest rates next month. that's not a given, but again, wall street weighs in with higher rates, does that slow the mortgage business? you know the whole drill. so we are confused and perplexed today, but still up substantially since mr. trump was elected a little over a week ago. wisconsin governor scott walker always said, i think i can turn my state red. and i think i can deliver it for donald trump. he did. how he did it is amazing. he's next. whoa, this is awful, try it. oh no, that looks gross what is that? you gotta try it, it's terrible. i don't wanna try it if it's terrible. it's like mango chutney and burnt hair.
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house gop plan, they're kicking back and forth the use of earmarks. they were very close to nailing this down before speaker ryan said, why don't we bring this up with the president-elect and pursue this matter a little later? well, no sooner harry reid heard that republicans were looking at reinstating something that he loves, then he was off to the race. listen to this. >> i'm one of the keen earmarks. i think that it was a terrible disservice to america to come up with this stupid idea, stupid idea, to stop congressional directive spending. of course we should be doing it. it's the way we get things done around here. so it was done for centuries. we have a constitutional obligation to do congressional spending. i have never apologized to anybody. i go home and boast about earmarks and that is what everyone should do. >> to boast about earmarks.
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that is boasting about finding all sorts of ways to spend to keep the gravy train going. fox business network's donald chang is here -- charles payne is here. >> if you don't want gridlock, put these goodies in. the problem with the goodies, how about 19.8 trillion and counting? the problem with the goodies is we get the kind of government that bogs the country down, that bogged our economy down. by the way, we just had an american public debt that overwhelmingly rejected the notion of washington insiders going to these deals to go back home, bragging about bringing the -- or making the nation
1:17 pm
poor. >> they are looking to buy votes for in this case wooing the others to some of your big plans. is this modern day republican group's plan to imitate what ronald reagan was doing in the early 1980s to win over southern democrats, the so-call ed bo hemo hemian fan. >> let's talk about this, $72 billion. and that included an $18 billion bridge near harry reid's farm in nevada. the american public said we don't want this. they spoke just a week ago to say they want the government to tighten its belt free of money so mainstream media has access to this cash and they can grow this economy the right way, not
1:18 pm
this kind of way. i understand maybe there's some folks who think that you can get bills done and of course you can, but what's the real course of getting them done. >> spending to commit to bigger spending, isn't that the argument they use? it's sort of like a drug. once you have it, left or right, it gets out of control. >> it is absolutely amazing. it's sort of the old saying about power corrupting. this is power and money that corrupts and corrupts and corrupts and only gets worse. imagine that $72 billion in 2006. we don't want that right now in this country. we want these guys in washington, d.c., to make decisions based on fiscal responsibility and how it empowers the entire country, not getting re-elected because you brought home a bridge to nowhere. >> charles payne, we'll see if the market comes to fruition. in the meantime, you probably heard barbara boxer has the measure now to end once and for all the electoral college system, arguing that hillary clinton won the popular vote, and this is getting to be routine and has to stop.
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this is in new york city at a public university where protesters are out protesting donald trump and what they fear will be sanctuary cities and a crackdown on illegal immigrants. this one is much per peaceful than others we have seen in portland, oregon, where protests turned into riots. nevertheless, the protests are over donald trump becoming president and this has weighed on a lot of folks who think, the other person, the other candidate won the popular vote.
1:23 pm
maybe that's what we should do. barbara boxer already proposed legislation to abolish the electoral college. that will be an uphill fight, but we'll get some of this from virginia senator mark warner. good to see you. what do you make of what your colleague, barbara boxer, wants to do. >> i think it will be a worthwhile debate. you know, the electoral college kind of favors one team or the other depending on the election. when you start looking at a million to 2 million differential, i don't think candidly it will happen, but there could be a civics lesson in there for all americans. we kind of think the winner-takes-all. and i would remind folks that back in 2012, donald trump actually suggested getting rid of the electoral college and letting the popular vote reign. >> he actually still feels that way. but obviously it's hard to say in wet proretrospect that the
1:24 pm
two of them were fighting for the populist vote, it would have been a different race. you know that virginia is a big and important state in and of itself, but that smaller states or those with smaller populations would be overlooked in such a scenario. >> well, let's face it, neil, virginia was never that competitive in presidential elections until 2008. we didn't see any presidential candidate for 40 years. and in this election, you didn't see presidential candidates going to texas or california that much in terms of trump or clinton on active campaigning. so there's a lot of the country that is left out in this process, but i think -- >> but wouldn't you emphasize that all the more, sir, if the republican would try to go to texas to run up the tally, the democrat to run up the tally, or maybe parts or the urban areas where each was strong, right? >> you might. i mean, again, we don't know if they don't spend time in the
1:25 pm
so-called half dozen battleground states, what it would mean in those states. i think it's a worthwhile debate. i do think when the margins dart into the millions and you get above 1% to 2% differential, this year it won't get to 1% differential, i don't think, but then it's worthy of a debate. the point i want to make is that i think this election was about a lot bigger things. and i think it was, yes, it was, in many ways, repudiation of the democrat, but it was also a repudiation of the republican establishment. it was a repudiation of a lot of the media. it was a repudiation of most of the corporate fortune 500 ceos, none who embraced donald trump. and i think those of us, particularly someone like myself who has a big background, we got to find a way to make modern american capitalism work for more people. i think some of the incentives have gotten out of line and the options being offered by some on the far left on my side and some on the far right, i don't think that's where it's going to be.
1:26 pm
we are not going back to an economy where everybody works in the same job for 40 years the way my dad did. that means we have to look at the insurance system, probably portable benefits, it means looking at how to get the businesses to have long-term investments. >> what you are looking at now, senator, is a way for democrats and republicans to work together. what i see going on with a lot of the protests that continue to build up since the election last week, is that they are not accepting the results, the electoral or popular vote, back and forth, back and forth. but even hillary clinton, president obama, are telling people to honor the results. let's move on. but they don't. they don't move on. and i'm wondering if that is doing less damage to the president-elect but potentially to all of you in washington as you try to grapple with these issues. >> well, neil, i think people got a right to protest. not violent protesting. i'm concerned about some of the reports coming out of portland.
1:27 pm
but let's be honest with each other, mr. trump, before he was elected, was potentially saying the system was rigged and be on guard. i believe this election had gone the other way, we would still be seeing protests against a president-elect clinton. so the victory all -- >> but don't you find it odd, then, that democrats said that would happen with trump supporters if they lost. but they are the ones doing it. >> point made. but i think there were an awful lot of folks who felt that some trump used was kind of so far outside the norm. >> but you, senator warner, would give him the benefit of the doubt and if they protest, they protest. >> if somebody expected it to go the other way and i reached out to my republican colleagues to say, hey, let's find common ground, the shoe is on the other foot, i have an obligation to give him that same benefit of the douchlt abt.
1:28 pm
and i hope he puts together an administration that represents all americans. and we have talked about fiscal issues for a long time, and i wonder how he's going to do the massive tax credit and great new spending on infrastructure, which i support, and not raise that $19 trillion debt we already have in place. and i have talked to my friends in the house in the freedom caucus to say, hey, we have to stay strong on debt and deficit. so i'm anxious to see what he lays out, but i do think that one of the things, as somebody who made the transfer from business to government without ever being elected anything before i was governor, you know, the words of a candidate versus the words of a president-elect, words of a candidate for governor, versus the words of a governor, are very different. and sometimes you can't run a government just the same way you would run a business. and i, again, wish him well, but i'm going to be watching who he appoints and what kind of tone he takes. >> you have been consistent on these issues of worrying about deficits and debt, it is fair to say it's a little rich coming from some of your colleagues,
1:29 pm
though, who suddenly are concerned. >> i think we could make that comment, neil, about folks on both sides of the isle. the debt and deficit crowd talking about tax and debt reform, but also revenues -- >> i think it is fair to say many in your party have been resis tent to that. i'm not saying it is only one way, but i'm saying i hear super liberals saying let's be fiscally responsible -- >> all you have to grant me, neil, is there is hypocrisy that knows no bounds on either side of the isle. >> thank you, senator warner. republicans also picked up the most governors since 1922. that's pretty important. wisconsin governor scott walker, now the newly-elected chairman of the republican governors association. what that means for the party going forward as a country, next.
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and just outside of philadelphia, pennsylvania, the themes are pretty much the same. they are angry over the election results, even though they do express the will of the people. wisconsin governor scott walker, now the newly-elected chairman of the governors association, is joining us from outside of florida right now. governor, very good to have you. congratulations, by the way. >> thank you, neil. good to be with you. >> what do you think of the ongoing protests, because they just seem to escalate. fortunately, in only a couple of cases have they turned ruccous and dangerous, but they are not stopping. >> right. that is what is great about america. obviously, i don't want the violence to occur, but when it comes to peaceful protest, that's the great thing about america, we are unlike just about anywhere in the world where you can have a transition of power from two very different viewpoints. and it becomes a peaceful process. and if people protest, so be it.
1:35 pm
as you know firsthand, in wisconsin a few years ago, we had about 150,000 protest the square capitol at one point. but then we made it through that. now there are more people employ in our state than ever before. a sign that if you withstand the protest you can move the country forward. >> the fact of the matter is the protests were very ugly for you. there were death threats against you and your family. you got through that. but the fact of the matter is, these things can escalate and get out of hand. you ha you have the people across the country involving high school kids on both coasts who are saying that the newly-elected president of the united states isn't legitimate. what do you think of that? >> well, again, people can say and do anything as long as it doesn't threaten the law or the life and safety of others in this country.
1:36 pm
but i think the important thing is to make sure, you mentioned it in the previous interview with senator warmer, that you've got the president, you have secretary clinton and others acknowledging, conceding that the election was won by donald trump and mike pence. and i think most people, regardless of party, are ready to move forward and ready to give him a chance. i think they should. i'm excited about the possibility to have a republican president, republican house, republican senate, and now two out of every three governors in america are republicans. it's time for us to stand up and deliver. not just on the promises that donald trump made, but as we republicans made in all of our races. and we do, just like our states, our country will be much better. >> i was thinking of you, governor, and having dealt with protest and knowing what was at stake, even though you might have had personal differences, at times with certain things that donald trump said, you were trying to deliver wisconsin for republicans, wisconsin did go
1:37 pm
that route. but there's still a lot of angst out there among the mainstream republicans who don't know what they're in for with a donald trump. now, a lot less so now as victors than they would have been as losers, but what do you make of that? how difficult will this be for your party? >> oh, i think in the end, the republican party is alive and well. if you look at my state where i am with my friend rick scott in florida where we are having meetings, and a number of battleground states where mike pence and donald trump carried the day last tuesday, those are states that the maps are almost identical to the same areas of the state that we carried in 2010 and 2012. and again in 2014, similar to rick scott, rick snyder, john kasich, how name it, a whole slew of republican governors, who i think kind of set the table for a republican presidential candidate to win. and now just as we did in wisconsin, kasich did in ohio,
1:38 pm
snyder has done in michigan, rick scott did in florida, suzanne martin did as well, we have to go big, we have to go bold and we have to do it early. that's why i think for a lot of us, it is not just the person but we are excited about the possibility of what can happen that will really transform this country going forward, not just in the short-term, but in the long haul as well. and republicans are going to be united, i think, overwomhelming in seeing that go forward. >> it was not too long ago that chris christie held the position you got elected to. and now he loses position on the transition team and people are kicked out. he was one of the earliest to support donald trump. what happened? >> well, chris and mary pat were with us when vice president-elect was with us, he's still very much on the same conference call that the
1:39 pm
governor, soon-to-be vice president was on. >> what if he doesn't get anything? >> well n t, in the end, we'll and see. actions speak louder than words. i think they are going to put together a super cabinet. i think there are a lot of people who may not have been early supporters of donald trump, but as i just mentioned, they are excited about the possibility. paul ryan's got a better plan. we have great things happening in the states with our governors. we have more than we have had than any point since 1922. and we're going to have an ally taking the white house, not only in the vice president who is a governor and will be a former governor, but i think donald trump talking to him, listening to mike pence talk about it, this is a person who fundamentally believes that much of the power that's concentrated in washington should be in the hands of the states, and more importantly directed into the hands of the people. if we do that, it will be
1:40 pm
transformational. >> like i said, the election is over and whatever bygones are bygones, but when i saw ted cruz arrive at trump tower, i thought i was looking up pig slime. the talk is he could be attorney general or some key post in a trump administration. i mean, this is the guy donald trump call ed lyin' ted. what do you make of that? >> well, say what you will -- >> we just lost him there. i apologize for that. but again, as to the governor's point here, very odd goings on where people who had a nasty relationship with donald trump a little more than just weeks ago, now being entertained for posts in his cabinet. and those who were very close to
1:41 pm
him, connected to him, i.e. chris christie, maybe not so much. it is amazing politics. and it is a reminder how quickly things are changing. is the governor there back with us? governor, i want to take a huge risk here, i hope you can hear us, can you? >> yeah. >> so real quick on the ted cruz thing, were you surprised? >> you know, to me, one of the reasons why i think donald trump as a business person, long before this campaign had been successful, building a brand, putting businesses together to employ tens of thousands of people, was the fact that he employs good people. he puts good people in his management team. that's why so many of his operations and businesses have been successful in the past. heck, you look at his children alone, they have had tremendous business careers as well. to me, it's no surprise he's looking at putting the best and the brightest in his cabinet and administration. so i think there's a lot of people, not only those who supported him early, but those who came along the way to be a part of a team. it's a once-in-a-lifetime
1:42 pm
opportunity, republican in the white house, republicans in charge of the house and senate, republicans controlling two-thirds of all the governors in the country, are now republicans. and the possibilities to really transform this country, and one of the reasons why i think so many people came out for donald trump last week was a lot of voters feel like the rich get taken care of, the poor get taken care of, but every day americans get stuck with the bill. and if we work together and figure out a way to take care for every day americans whoa have been footing that bill in the past, but just want a little more freedom and a little bit more chance to allow their children and grandchildren a better life, we're not only going to win future elections but have a much better country and certainly in better states like wisconsin. >> governor, thank you very much. congratulations again. very good talking to you. >> thank you, neil. >> governor scott walker. all right, you know when he was campaigning, donald trump has been blasting saudi arabia. in fact, this was long before he was a candidate for anything.
1:43 pm
now some signs that the saudis are worried.
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they set the price of oil, and they did it in this country, and it would be called an illegal deal. it would be illegal, they would go to jail. >> if they overdo it, they can shoot themselves. >> 12 guys sitting around the table and they are having an absolute field day because we have nobody to go and call and talk and say, fellas, you're not going to do it. if you do it, you've got big, big problems. they wouldn't even be there except for us, neil. >> all right. that was more than five years ago, long before he decided to run for president of the united states. now he's on his way to becoming the president of the united states, and the saudis are not one big happy. blake berman has some signs from ryadh. >> reporter: donald trump is not the first person to question
1:47 pm
saudi arabia or opec when it comes to their motives for oil, but the presidential candidates during the election certainly upped the ante when he talked about the need for america to become energy independent. i want to turn your attention back to march. he writes in this micromember of that point, then candidate trump said that he would halt the flow of saudi oil imports into this country unless saudi arabia did one of two things, either one, put troops on the ground in the fight against isis. or two, as he put it, quote, sub substantially reimbursed the united states for taking on part of the fight for saudi arabia in that region. well, it appears now that they have taken notice over there because the energy minister for the kingdom gave an interview to the financial times in which he said the following, i'm quoting here, at his heart, president-elect trump will see the benefits, and i think the oil industry will also be advising him accordingly that blocking trade in any product is not healthy, end quote.
1:48 pm
that appeared to amount to a little bit of a warning. the energy minister also saying that he feels the united states is, quote, benefited hugely from being able to sell oil in its own right. we looked at the figures a while ago, the latest numbers come from 2015, and we currently import a drop above a million barrels a day from saudi arabia. that's the second most country, and that is 11% of all oil imports. neil, back to you. >> blake burman in washington. did you ever notice the tit for tat and the demonstrations going on everywhere at schools and universities and high school kids? why can't we just step back and look at the important things? ainsley earhardt did just that via a children's book that i think is just as effective for adults. she's next. the medicare enrollment deadline is just a few weeks away.
1:49 pm
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this is a novel effort for protests. these are high school kids in miami, florida, jumping the fence, presumably to protest. and then off this he goes. this has been played out again and again. this has happened across the country since the election where the divisions are still real. the hate is still pronounced. depending where you go, in portland, it's downright dangerous. none of this easing up. enter my colleague and friend ainsley earhardt. take heart, it's mother's dream. what makes this book and its timing so brilliant on her part -- she planned to national disruption to be the environment
1:53 pm
for this, is we need it. it's a kids book, but i think it's for everyone. >> i appreciate you saying that. thank you for having me on. >> it's good to have you. >> thank you. this morning we played some clips of you talking about advice that your dad and your parents had given you. >> they were hysterical. >>ours was great. >> this was built on advice that you had gotten. you wanted -- you were writing this as you were pregnant. you tell me. >> my mom is a schoolteacher or was for 33 years. she had to be out the door at 7:00 a.m. i don't know how she did it now that i'm a mom myself. she got three kids ready, as ready as she could before she had to get herself ready, cook every night, take care of my dad. she's an mazing woman. she had to get out the door early. so dad had to feed us and get us on the bus. he would put notes or scriptures or sayings next to our cereal bowl. we were always like, stop trying to teach us a lesson. have a normal conversation. >> i just want to eat.
1:54 pm
>> and eat. the messages resonated with us. we talk about them today. i hope i will never be afraid to fail. stay up with the owls, don't expect to soar with the eagles. nothing good happens after midnight. he was a former basketball ke h coach. he was the coach of the family. he cared about everyone and character and no one can -- people can take things away from you but they will never take away your character. you are in control of that and your reputation. when i was meeting with the publi publisher, they were wonderful. we love your book about your dog. i went in to talk about my book about my dog. they were like, tell bus yous a your life and i started telling them about my family. they were like, that's your book. it's not the dog. this is what we need. >> it's very -- the artwork is stunning. >> amazing. this is her first book, too. >> really? >> she's from north carolina. >> it's beautiful. >> she's great.
1:55 pm
>> you talk about today in the message -- there's so much anger going on. . people are das pointed. you sha you shared a story about your dad. you were a cheer leader in seventh grade. you didn't make it in the eighth grade. >> dad came into my room. i was crying. he said, listen, god allowed you to be a cheerleader in seventh grade. you are con if i didn't afi to be a cheerleader in seventh grade. you are con if i didn't afdent going to be okay. there are other kids that need opportunities, too. they need a chance. you got your chance. you need to sacrifice your position for someone else that needs that. you will be fine. there might be another kid that might not be so fine if she didn't have that opportunity. her life might have taken a different course. i thought, wow. >> that would be a tough sell for me. >> really? >> i had --
1:56 pm
>> i bought it. >> you are a selfless person. in the morning, you work with two of the most selfish people on the planet. who do you distrust more? >> you are setting me up. those guys are so amazing. i have to trust them. i didn't know the first thing about writing a children's book. i didn't know the first thing -- >> could have fooled me. >> about anchoring a national television know. they're so fun. >> they're good people. as are you. >> thank you so much for this opportunity. i will say quickly, the name of the book is "take heart my child" because you were talking about the yecraziness of the world. i was talking to the publishers and i said, take heart, i have overcome the world is a scripture that comes to mind. they said, that's the name of the book. >> off to the races. >> thank you for your support. 10% goes to folds of honor. >> you heard that, right? there will be a quiz after this.
1:57 pm
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2:00 pm
to quote ainsley, take heart my child. republicans, are you going to bring that back? tomorrow. hi. i'm greg gutfeld, "the five." mr. trump continues his twitter tear, hitting "the new york times" for saying his transition is a mess. never mind that it's only one two. in week two, president obama was still searching for his birth certificate. i will never give that up. mr. trump tweeted the paper so much that they responded defending their coverage to which i add, so. for some all this tweeting comes off as beneath a president. more the actions of a pop star with more piercings than brain


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