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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  November 17, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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one of the largest beer makers is doing away with one of the coolest retirement perks ever. retires will no longer receive beers for life. they're cloepg the taps to cuss costs. here's she said. it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in d.c., where the transition team is making moves. his staffers hitting the ground to start coordinating the handover. new word that president-elect trump plans to meet with mitt romney. no love lost between these two during the campaign. how will they find common ground now? plus brian mann a bomb blew off both of his legs. that did not stop him. far from it. today he's a brand-new congressman from the state of florida. i'll speak with the republican representative about how he overcame his injuries, and what he plans to do in washington. also in 20 minutes, an
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american woman slated to ride a rocket into orbit to take command of the international space station, and you can watch it live on fox news channel. so let's get to it. >> announcer: in and out shepard smith recording, live from the fox newsdesk. thursday means one more day, first on the deck after days of reported fights, delays and reorganization, president-elect trump's transition team is taking some major steps. officials with operations say they plan to announce the first wave of so-called landing teams. staffers will be on the ground to carry out the transition. the trump team reports that that initial landing team will be made up of national security workers, staffers to work with the agencies, includes the defense department, the state department, national security council and the justice department. we know this because the transition team has been giving daily briefings to the media after the president-elect and
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advisers fired back after reports of trouble at trump tower. one said the transition effort is like "game of thrones" but it seems that they're claiming the narrative. the president-elect today tweeted my transition team, which is working long hours, and doing a fantastic job will be seeing many great candidates today, #maga, or make america great again. officials say he's meeting with big names, including henry kissinger, the former governor of florida, rick scott, the national security agency director admiral mike rogers, and nikki haley. notely because governor haley endorsed marco rubio, and slammed the president-elect for the rhetoric. >> we are talking about a man
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who has filed for bankruptcy four times. we can't afford for a man to go in as president and bankrupt our country. d.c. is already doing that. we don't need someone encouraging them to do that. >> president-elect donald trump also slammed governor hallie, calling her an embarrassment. she said she eventually said they would vote for him. fox nurse confirms the president-elect is at the time to meet with another rival, mitt romney this weekend. of course, romney was part of the never-trump movement during the campaign. he called him a phony and fraud, said he's coddling the kkk, and with putin was disgusting. in return the president-elect called romney a stone-cold loser. meantime, president-elect trump today is set to have his first
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face-to-face meeting with shinzo abe this afternoon. president-elect trump during his campaign suggested japan and other allies do notice pair i pay their fair share for military support, and blasted the partnership deal with japan and other countries. prime minister abe says he wants to build trust and the two leaders may already have common grounds. analysts say they were both nationalists. prime minister abe says he is set on returning japan back into a beautiful country. extending the trend, the trump team is not allowing photojournalists to attend the meeting with prime minister abe. this continues a freezeout of the coverage. the trump team says it will release a staff photo. fox news will not be using it in protest of the media lockout. doug mcel way is live at trump
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tower. >> reporter: i just talked to sean spicer, who addressed that specific question about abe. he is ed that abe is a guy very much like donald trump, and they both now how to -- as for the meeting with romney, this is completely unexpected. we know the invitation has been extended to mr. romney and he apparently has accepted the invitation. we don't know where the meeting will happen, but with most of the meetings, they're all happening here at trump tower, but given the absolute vitriol with which mitt romney spoke of donald trump before he won the nomination and some of those comments which you just cited, all an indication that trump is trying to make amends, trying to be magnanimous, trying to reverse to more commonalty with all of these people. it's not just mitt romney, as
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you spoke of. it's haley, also cruz, bush, kasich, they've been reaching out to him, he's been reaching out to them, all trying to make amends, steering towards the middle ground. >> doug mckellway, thank you. a.b. stoddard, this is a strange meeting. i think it's only good news. it was really looking like the only people, no matter that i credentials that could get a job, even at the most critical levels in the trump administration had to be early supporters and enthusiastic buddies of donald trump. that was not assuring people. i think this is a total switch. they have turned around and say they want to talk to everyone, even if it's an then he gets to be nikki haley in there and chew them out. it looks like he's trying to expand the group of people he's
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willing to consider. i think that's much more heartening than the way things were looking a few days ago. when people were being purged and told they were going to be locked out. this is a person, an experiment that we are in here, someone coming to the presidency without military or political experience. we know he's not steeped in policy, not much interested in it, either, and everyone realizes, including mitt romney, that he needs the mo stable administration he can put together, and they want to help him do it. >> you wonder if it's a bridge too far. three full screen. mitt romney on donald trump. irgesz i are. >> i know his a phony and fraud. the promises are worthless as a degree to trump university. he gets a free ride to the white house and all we get is a lousy hat. on women -- hitting on married
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women, condoning assault? such vile degradation corrupts america's face to the world. trump says he admires putin while he calls george w. bush a liar. i don't know if i could -- i mean, the facts of the matter aside, i don't know if i could handle that kind of thing up in my white house. >> i think mitt romney actually still believes all those things i don't think he felt this was going to be the outcome. you know he wasn't preparing a thorough transition, because he thought he was going to lose, and i think if you're romney and looking at this, as i said, particularly in the area of national security, for looking at his really inexperienced small group of advisers, and the person he trusts most being his son-in-law, in his 30s, and has
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no, again, political, military, any kind of experience they're thinking they need to help. we've had our disagreements, but you need help, and maybe he's realized the enormities and been humbled to some degree enough to ask for help. maybe they don't get jobs or are part of the administration, but the fact there's this outreach i think is good. >> what's your thinking on on the lack of transparency? >> i'm very disturbed by what the trump people do to the press, the way trump has word very hard to discredit the media, as you know, telling everyone in the rallies, that people in the back are liars. meanwhile, he campaign didn't let the cameras do a side shot. it's just a very, very upsetting situation. we're in perilous times in this country. there has to be a protected pool following the president-elect,
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and the president in his presidency, he might not have signed up for that, but that's where he is. he won the election, shock or no shock. he has to be protected by a pool and has to have cameras when he meets world leaders. there's rules that are fine to be broken, but not that rule. i really hope that he and his people change their minds about this in the next 60-some days. >> unless people think it's about us. we don't care we don't have to send a staff photog, but if something happens, through about the presidency and the people. we're just a conduit. the constitution says that's what we do. regarding who he's meeting with, this meeting with henry kissinger, that and some others sound like, i don't know, they make a lot of sense. >> again, i think it's very positive news. i'm so heartened these people are trying to help donald trump put together an administration that can keep us, you know, safe and stable in this transition.
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new and union administrations, but january through june or beyond, when an administration is sort of pulling itself together is our most vulnerable time and our enemies will test us. i think henry kissinger and other people trying to help him assemble a team that can handle that is extremely important. >> what do you think we can learn out of this meeting with shinzo abe. there had been some, you know, some disconnects there regarding weapons and payments for mill tar support and the rest. you wonder how much of that was just bluster and if they can't get past that today. >> you know what the problem is for prime minister abe is when he's told by trump staffers, that was just rally talk, you know, you can't really take him seriously or literally or the favorite adverbs. you know what? if you're the prime minister of japan, you have to hang on to the word, he's the commander in chief. he's told you you haven't upon yesterday up enough, and you
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have to protect yourself and go nuclear to protect yourself from the north koreans? the guy is obviously panicked. he wants to find out what donald trump really intends to do. he says i'm coming to build trust, which means i really need to find out what this guy means, and i want to make sure i'm well positioned, but there's reason for him to be afraid. i understand why he placed an urgent priority in coming to meet with donald trump. he's the first visitor he's had. >> great to talk with you, a.b. >> thanks, she said. mike pence has a message for washington. and plans to do them quickly, very quickly. that's coming up on the fox newsdesk on this thursday afternoon on a chamber of commerce today in tiny town, it's 61 degrees, less than a week to thanksgiving. wow. want longer lasting heartburn relief?
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try...duo fusion duo fusion goes to work in seconds and lasts up to 12 hours. tums only lasts up to 3. for longer lasting one chewable tablet try duo fusion from the makers of zantac look out, leader pelosi. tim ryan just said he is challenging the house leader. he said he was thinking about it, and apparently he decided, yeah, let's do it. they pushed back the elections under later this month. mike emanuel has just gotten the news. there's a group now, right? >> that's right, shep. a lot of democrats frustrated.
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they felt like they should have picked up more seats in the house. we've been hearing grumblings about whether it's time for new leadership in the house. it is surprising in a sense that pelosi has been so powerful, so for ryan, a step out like this is really quite defiant, but it's not surprising at all. he's been talking about it in recent days, saying the democrats are only the party of new york and california, then they're not going to be a majority party. he reps ohio, the midsection of the country, the rustbelt, so he says they should worked for working-class americans. that supported donald trump so much. so ryan throwing his hat in the ring going against pelosi. he's got two weeks to make the case to the fellow democrats yesterday pelosi fired a warning shot, we will find out in two weeks if that is still the case, shep. >> democrats in cooperation with
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vice president-elect pence, but to a point? >> reporter: that's right. i'm just outside the senate chamber. mike pence just walks purpose, heading to his meeting with mitch mcconnell. i asked him how the meeting went with schumer. he said it was a good meeting, and continued on to go meet with mcconnell. bottom line is he knows congress, after being a member of the house for 2 jeers. in a new administration, it is seen that pence would be a bridge between the new without and capitol hill. >> we're beginning to discuss areas that we might move forward on together. that's what the american people want us to do, is find ways to revive our economy, improve american lives, enhance the security of this nation. >> you know the territory, is in that territory, with he will try to find our common ground where
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we can, and stand our ground when we can. >> meeting there with nancy pelosi. the assumption was she would be the next democratic leader in the new congress. she now has a challenger in tim ryan. we will see how that shakes out in two weeks. a lot of democrats are enthusiastic about president-elect trump's ideas in terms of rebuilding the infrastructure, highways, bridges and the nation's airports, putting a lot of americans back to work. we will see how long that cooperation lasts. >> thank you, sir. mike pence clearly has a big role already, but he's also very different from his boss in notable wall street. we'll talk about a "wall street journal" associate editor about what kind of vp mike pence might be. that's next.
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and away we go. let's play the rocket launch. it started just a few seconds ago. i thought that's what we were going to do. this is kind of cool. this is the oldest woman everwatch this launch. this is from kazakhstan, which explains the darkness, our putin yow lawed the sun. i don't know. peggy wilson -- i just stole that from john glenn. peggy wilson becomes the first woman to command the international space station twice, and she says her experience as an old zest space traveling in the new youtube video that she put out there. it's good. she will launch back to the space station today. this is expedition 50, with her crew mates, one's french and something else -- russian a
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frenchman and a russian, and arp-20 is calling a campaign called disrupt -- she's going to run the space station, the first woman to ever do that twice. >> the soyuz continues to rocket off, it launched on time. 3:20 p.m. eastern. inch everything is fine on board. she will celebrate her 57th birthday from the international space station. 57 years young. good for her. that's awesome, isn't it? >> 1 minutes, 10 seconds into the flight. velocity over 1100 miles per hour. >> control -- motion control, systems are -- everything is fine on board, we copy. on the second stage.
12:24 pm
>> everything seems good. we're going to need this kind of thing. i don't know if you saw yesterday, i think it was stephen hawking, a very smart guy, that says we need to find another planet. in 1,000 years the human race will be extinct, because we're messing up the planet. i'm guessing maybe they'll work on that. they took beknock lars and everything. so they'll find something. >> announcer: breaking away in the night sky. fourth stage, the first stage boosters being jettisoned. >> copy. >> copy. >> announcer: an altitude of about 28 statute miles, over 3300 miles an hour, the second stage. >> and the engines -- with the ceiling final. we copy. we see you guys, and we confirm. >> every seems peachy keen and hunky-dory.
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here heading to the i.s.s. some history in the making. there she is. 57. she will turn, so she's 56. she will bick the first woman to command the station twice. she did it first down in 2007. good luck, peggy. we're counting on you. please, please find a planet for the future. we could be getting a preview of how large a role mike pence will play. he's on capitol hill, mike pence is, and the vp-elect is also leading the transition team. so he's busy. of course, the two men are very different. mike pence is a career politician, congressman, governor, now the next vice president. while president-elect trump has never held public office at all. that changes come january when they aches over the highest office in the land. very conservative guy, mike pence, traditional mainstream republican. >> yes, and we are getting a
12:26 pm
preview of the role he's going to play, which is very much mr. outside. so ronald reagan, you know, mr. outside had a bit more of an insider in bringing george w. bush on as president, even barack obama, you know, just a junior senator needed something with a about illustrate more graph i at that time. what did he do? he goes to joe biden. trump, very much an outsider, turned to mike pence to try to mollify the party, saying i may be outside you, but witness the fact i brought mike pence inside the loop. >> that did calm a lot of traditional republican concerns. >> it does particularly paul ryan, who was concerned. look, these two guise differ on a lot of stuff. they differ on the iraq war, you know, at least trump says he was against it, when in fact he was for it before it went bad. mike pence was for it all the way through. free trade they dison, medicare
12:27 pm
and social security overhaul, pence after all endorsed cruz in the primaries, but now it's a different story. we're seeing mike pence being used for this outreach. this is -- this is trump being smart about bringing in -- how much of this is donald trump and how much of it is mike pence advising donald trump to do this, reaching out, as you reported earlier, mitt romney, nikki haley, visiting the democrat, even meeting with abc from japan. abe is more than just concerned about the relationship with the united states. our allies in asia, as the u.s. -- as they kind of wonder what's going to happen, you are turning to japan to a certainty extent as a leverage against china. he's a critical piece of what the u.s. will be able to do in asia, a critical piece of trade with asia and what will happen with the t is. p, historically even in the last 20 years or so, we've had all
12:28 pm
different kinds of vice presidents with all different kinds of roles. look at dick chen yey, and you wonder where does mike pence fit in? >> i think an activist. remember, there was this discussion, this reporting on trump approaches kasich at one point, the governor of ohio, who ran against him, to possibly be his vice president. the discussion between the two handlers was that you'll about he in charge of foreign and domestic policy, and the handler said what does that leave donald trump? that leaves donald trump making america great again, so the signal early on was donald trump would be looking for somebody with the capacity to deal with the politics of what needs to get down. that's clearly mike pence. we're seeing that kind of articulated. >> these other names, a lot of them we believe are trial
12:29 pm
balloon. we're not putting them into specific jobs, but that's kind of what we think they want us to do. so we're going to let them make the decisions president historically thinking, they're not behind in picking cabinet members at all. it's all good. >> they're reaching out to these group sinically you could sayist pro forma, it's showing we have open minds. but at least there's the open mindedness. kevin brady, the chairman of the house ways committee said that tpp -- told us in our "wall street journal" conference that tpp was on hold. in other words, it's not off the table. for the chairman of the house ways and means committee to say that, he must be getting some signals from inside the trump camp. you would think that might be coming through mike pence. >> maybe it is. thank you. >> you bet. a veteran is ready to represent americans again.
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we'll speak lick with congressman-election brian matz, coming right up. ♪ we asked people to write down the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love. prudential. bring your challenges.
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more of today deals headlines. surveyian cam a gas explosion overnight. the blast killed one person and hurt another. is police say it appears a contractor was digging and damaged the gas line before the explosion. they pulled a man out of a trench after it collapsed on top of him. during the rescues, they had to pump in oxygen. it happened in green belt, a few miles north of d.c. a spokesman says the man is in stable condition. a hot air balloon making an
12:33 pm
emergency landing. police say the pilot safely landed on a baseball field, drawsed along a bit. what went wrong? it seems everybody forgot to make sure there was enough fuel on board. not good to run out gas. look at that.
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a lot of new members of congress arrives today. one of the these florida congressman-elect, brian matz. he served in afc. he worked as a bomb disposal expert. there's a picture of him. during a mission six years ago, a roadside bomb exploded and blew off both of his legs. while staff sergeant mast was recovering from his injuries, he promised to continue serving the american people. after months of rehabilitation, difficult rehabilitation, he not only got a degree from harvard university, then started his run for congress. now he'll be representing the
12:36 pm
state of florida in the u.s. house of representatives, and one of his goals is to reform the department of veteran affairs. congressman-elect brian mast joins us from washington. congressman-elect, thank you so much. thank you for yourselves to our nation, i hear the region -- >> it's a little south of the villages. >> congratulations why, after all you've got through -- first of all, how did this happen in afghanistan? what are your memories? what should people know? >> i remember everything about being injured. it was under the cover of darks in. i pretty much knew there was a bomb. i didn't actually find it until i stepped in it, and detonated, amputated xwoth necessary legs and my finger. i remember waking up in walter reed about a week later. >> thank god you ended up there. i wonder if there was a time when they were concerned,
12:37 pm
because your injuries were such that it could have been very difficult to survive that. >> i think it was. you know, there was certainly concern when i was going through landstuhl, but when i woke up in walter reed next to heroes, courageous heroes that sustained much more serious injuries than my own, guys that are missing three and four limbs, blind and burned, they inspire you to keep going, to let you know it doesn't matter what you face, you overcome it. that's what got me to today. >> i love that you hear it, and you decided to run for congress first, and you won the seat. what's your biggest priority for the people of your district? >> two things. one, president trump is talking about a lot of infrastructure, and a lot of that has to be in florida, with our dilapidated, and an ode to veterans, and when they come from that battlefield, that they're given everything they deserve from the department
12:38 pm
of veterans affairs. >> florida's waters have been in really dire straits for decades now. as much as one party or another says they will, and they will, they really haven't restored them. i wonder if you feel like a president trump and this administration will be one you can work with on these matters? >> i certainly hope that can be the case. when you consider a lot of these problems are associated with the corps of engineers, and their unwillingness to allocate in the places they've been given funds to do so, this is something i hope we can work together in order to get these programs completed, instead of allowing them to take decades to be completed. >> congressman-elect on the matter of veterans affairs. i wonder what your evaluation of those efforts so far is and what you think the next steps are? >> i don't think nearly enough has been down for our veterans. i think people have to be any place that the price for freedom
12:39 pm
is very high. we do have americans always willing to pay that price for freedom, but we cannot take that for granted. that's what's going on, and far too many cases, they taking for granted that willingness to go out there and give everything they have. these service members have to be offered the opportunity to get their care wherever they want it, the v.a. or somewhere else, so they're getting the care they feel is best for themselves. >> so you -- your proposal here is that veterans don't have to go just to the v.a., they should be able to go everywhere. >> that's right. there's a veterans choice program, but it's largely used for veterans they immediate meet a certain threshold or live too far from their facility, so that might be the reasons they're given access to veterans choice. this could be access to every single service member so they can choose the care that's best for themselves so the v.a. has to compete for their care.
12:40 pm
>> and that makes so much sense. he's brian mast, followed his father's footprint and enlisted in the army for 12 years, injured, got a degree and now will serve florida's 18th. all the best. >> all the best to you. thank you. the nation's intelligence chief says he is step down before president-elect takes office. james clapper, formally broke the news to members of congress this morning. clapper has said for months he plans to leave at this term. he's been on the job since 2010. our chief intelligence correspondent is here. the timing seem to be of interest. >> yeah, and if you follow him regularly, he's been doing public events for some months,
12:41 pm
and only 71 days left to be -- so, you know, now it's official. >> also at that hearing, he was pressed on some of the obama -- and despite the broked agreement by secretary kerry, clapper says thread no evidence that iran has scaled back the sen 'tis programs. >> i can't say that iran's behavior is -- has changed. they painted a rosy picture of progress in iraq and syria, one lawmaker pressed witnesses on why no one has been disciplined. enchs our people deserve not to way two years. >> that can't happen until an internal report is finished by the inspector general. that is not expected any time
12:42 pm
before january, shepard. >> did james clapper say anything about russia meddling in the election? >> he was asked about these election-related hacks and how they were designed to influence voters. clapper said based on the intelligence that this decision to publicly blame vladimir putin's government was certainly one that was not taken lightly. >> we gave considerable thought to dialing out russia with that same. >> and james comey's decision to reopen the investigation, clapper said comey based on his experience acted with integrity in this situation, shepard. >> catherine, thanks. >> you're welcome. president obama says the world will get through what he calls this bumpy phase of politics. the president is back in berlin. he's getting ready to hand over power to a new president here at home. what he had to say about that, next.
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the president's in germany today, as part of his last planned overseas trip before he leaves office. today president obama returned to berlin, where he gave one his most famous speeches eight years ago as a presidential candidate. he held a news difference with angela merkel, calling her an outstanding partner over the years. back in 2008 hundreds of thousands showed up to hear him speech. in both that speech, president obama called berlin an example for the rest of the world. >> people of the world, look at berlin, where a wall came down, a continent came together and history proved there is no challenge too great for a world that stands as one. >> i'm reminded of the visit i came here before i became president. it was eight years ago, i had no
12:47 pm
gray hair, but i believe today what i said then -- if you want a model for what is possible, if you want to see how to build a peaceful and pros prussian and dynamic society, then look at berlin and look at germany. >> today marked president obama's sixth and final trip to germany as our commander in chief. blake has more on this. >> hi there, shepard. president obama and angela merkel were the headliners early today, but it was president-elect trump who ended up being the focus. mr. trump the topic in every question that was put forth to both world leaders. for example the president was asked if he could assure germany that sanctions against russia would continue. the president saying he doesn't think a trump administration would follow his blueprint, but he expressed this desire. >> my hope is he does not simply
12:48 pm
take a real politics approach and suggest that, you know, if we just cut some deals with russia, even if it hurts people or even if it violates international norm or creates long-term problems in regions like syria, that we just do whatever is convenient at the time. >> president obama did add, though, shepard, that he is encouraged, as he put t. to mr. trump's commitment to nato. >> a reporter asked if the president thought that donald trump was a threat to global security. >> the president responded by largely talking up the ideals of democratic principles, but he did say, and i am quoting here -- our politics everywhere will be going through this bumpy phase. the president later describes himself as cautiously optimistic. shepard? >> blake, thank you. it turns out the north
12:49 pm
korean dictator does want to be thought of as li'l kim. who knew? that's after internet trolls got him hopping mad with a new nickname. so angry, he begged china to wipe out every reference to -- kim fatty per. iii. thank you, interneat. china is an ally with north korea, but the dictator is not popular with a lot of chinese people. you get zero results if you search for the china in china, but according to associated press, you can find variations like kim fat fat fat, here he is li'l kim. there's a word the fbi and secret service has joined the search for the son of a uss congressman two days after the 21-year-old went missing in texas. we'll hear what his gere friend says he left behind. that's coming up on "shepard
12:50 pm
smith reporting."
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a tough story out of texas. a search under way for a congressman's son who went missing there. the son is 21-year-old carl conyers, student at university of houston. his father is the michigan democratic john conyers, the longest serving member in all of the house. according to the police, the son's roommate says he last saw young carl tuesday afternoon at their apartment near campus in houston. his girlfriend told a radio station in detroit that she was supposed to meet him yesterday but he never showed up. casey siegel is dallas based and is live. what else is the girlfriend saying? >> reporter: she talked to wwj in detroit and says she received a message from his twitter
12:54 pm
account, that it wasn't a text, that it came through social media asking for them to meet up on campus. she said she thought it was odd. but when she went to meet him, he never showed up. when he stopped answering his phone, she got worried and went to his apartment. here is where it gets really strange. lewis says carl conyers' debit card id and some clothes were missing and his car keys, cell phone and laptop were all still there. in fact, his vehicle remained outside in the parking lot. conyers' roommate said he last saw him tuesday night and he was, quote, stressed about school. houston police say the fbi joined the investigation because it involves a lawmaker's relative. congressman john conyers was just elected to his 27th term in office last week, shepard. >> any word from the congressman? is he talking? >> no, he's not. i reached out to his communications director and she says the family is asking for privacy at this time.
12:55 pm
we can, however, tell you that he was at work today. he is the top democrat on the judiciary committee and was also on the floor earlier managing a bill. his wife monica has flown to texas to assist in the investigation and search. friends say carl was well known at the university of houston, very active, beloved among the student body. he had just shaved his beard before he went missing so investigators caution that he looks very different now from these photos being circulated. of course, if you have any information about the case, shepard, houston police want to hear from you. >> casey, thanks. more americans are battling serious drug and alcohol problems than cancer. according to a report from the surgeon general, nearly 21 million people in the united states are struggling with what it calls substance use disorder. but only 1 in 10 is getting any treatment at all. the report also found more people are dying of overdoses
12:56 pm
than car crashes. the surgeon general is calling for more policies and programs to promote prevention and treatment. back when computers were the size of an entire room, an inventor found out how to control them, using a device that fits in the palm of your hand and it happened on this day in history. when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. (sighs sadly) try this. only aleve can stop pain for 12 hours. plus, aleve is recommended by more doctors than any other brand for minor arthritis pain. aleve. live whole. not part. when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that...
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on this day in the day of the dinosaurs in 1970, an engineer patented the computer mouse. his prototype was a wood shell with two weeks. douglas engle bart thought it would have as many as ten buttons. he admits he has no idea why he called it a mouse. first computer to come with one of those was mcintosh in the 1980s. the patent expired by the time
1:00 pm
it became popular, didn't make much money off it. after he secured the rights to an invention truly ahead of its time 46 years ago today. should news break out, we will break in. the markets are up again. life is good. i don't know if he's coming to the trump tower, but indications donald trump and mitt romney are going to be meeting this weekend, and get this, maybe the president-elect is willing to offer mitt romney secretary of state. now, if you're still sitting down and still in shock, you are not alone. this story is reverberating on a variety of news sources, comes at a time when donald trump extended the olive branch to a lot of republicans, many of whom


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