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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 17, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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much money off it. after he secured the rights to an invention truly ahead of its time 46 years ago today. should news break out, we will break in. the markets are up again. life is good. i don't know if he's coming to the trump tower, but indications donald trump and mitt romney are going to be meeting this weekend, and get this, maybe the president-elect is willing to offer mitt romney secretary of state. now, if you're still sitting down and still in shock, you are not alone. this story is reverberating on a variety of news sources, comes at a time when donald trump extended the olive branch to a lot of republicans, many of whom didn't support his candidacy.
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but this would be big, this would be jolting, and this for mitt romney would be a big turnaround from comments he made earlier this year to me. >> why are you doing this? >> well, i'm someone who cares very deeply about the country and about my party and i have watched from the sidelines a long time, playing kind of a role as umpire, calling some foul balls now and then, but i couldn't sit back and say nothing as i watched donald trump be more and more outrageous. >> in the course of that interview, the former standard bearer was saying the guy was pursuing the nomination this go around wasn't fit for the nomination and certainly not the presidency itself. we all know what happened, a lot of people are letting bygones be bygones, but this dramatically changed the landscape. if only remotely true. the meeting alone would be a big deal. let's go to connell.
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>> reporter: we confirmed from senior aide to president-elect donald trump that meeting will take place with governor mitt romney and will happen this saturday. the two of them will get together. the report he may be considered secretary of state from reuters. we have reaction from jeff sessions. >> we have a report of mitt romney meeting with donald trump, talking about that recently. what do you think about the idea that he is a rival from campaign season, now we're past the point. coalescing around the president-elect or how do you see this? >> i think it is good he is meeting with mitt romney, meet white gold a lot of talented people that will be good relationships with. i think governor romney is
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capable of doing many things. he will be one of those i think reviewed. >> reporter: that's something we will watch through the weekend. been watching high level officials come here to be with the president-elect. quite a scene on fifth avenue. as frank moves to my left and down fifth avenue towards 56th street where trump tower is located, you see the cameras lining up to see the vips, new yorkers, mixing in with tourists, even protesters with homemade signs and anti-trump signs that have come here. secret service and new york city police department closed off the street south of the tower and using it as a side entrance to bring in important guests there. sometimes don't see them coming in and out, always see them in the lobby when they get there, usually a big smile for the cameras as they move up the elevator to talk to mr. trump. on the guest list today, it has been quite a list.
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henry kissinger, former secretary of state, nikki haley from south carolina here earlier and congressman hence ling, both in consideration for cabinet positions. going to the screen, two big names from the private sector, satisfy a cruise, and fred sm t smith. all of that leading up to this weekend's meeting with mitt romney, and an hour from now, mr. trump sits down with the prime minister of japan, shinzo abe. >> thank you very much. as he pointed out, this pow wow wouldn't take place there. they'll be meeting at a trump compound but it is raising eyebrows. why would mitt romney want to go back and meet with mr. trump of whom he said very little that is good. but could this be the making of
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a bizarre relationship here and maybe future role in the administration. madison, what do you think? >> you know, neil, i think this is going to be very interesting moving forward. i'm having some trouble with my earpiece now. >> i apologize for that. i don't know if you can hear me. we will get you on this and show you a shot if we can while waiting of trump tower. this would stand out and be unique in that we have donald trump now meeting with probably the person who has caused him the most -- in the campaign, most critical of him, former republican standard bearer that said donald trump wasn't fit for office, didn't have the morals of the office or even the ethical makeup to be president of the united states, let alone republican nominee. but it has come back now to sort of say all is gone, these type
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of things are now an issue in the heat of the campaign and done. susan, as we work to get madison back up with us, what do you think of this and what do you think the fallout will be? >> you know, it seems like every few hours we have a new name for secretary of state. i think that certainly everyone, it is a brave new world for everyone in washington and across the country. this country needs to come together. romney waged a very respectable campaign in 2012 and he is seen as a states man type person who would be wonderful emissary for the united states. it would be great for the trump team to have mitt romney and bring the country together on this. i just talked to senator corker today who disclosed he had met with mike pence and that he was a contender as well, he was playing down notions a little
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earlier this week. he said yeah, he is under consideration but didn't think it would happen. all of a sudden he is meeting with mike pence. you can see that after the rudy giuliani trial balloon came out, there were reports of his conflict of interest, doesn't want comparisons to hillary clinton on that score that this is changing by the minute. >> yeah. >> i think any of these choices, you know, romney or senator corker, corker may have some problems with the iran deal, played a delicate behind the scenes, prominent role in getting that iran deal passed through congress and it is very controversial for trump. >> tough for mr. trump to swallow. so would getting someone like mitt romney on board. madison, if we have you back again, is there a sense here that a lot of this triggered, if true, that there were issues coming up with rudy giuliani and
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maybe his business ties would have hurt him for approval for the vital of cabinet posts where mitt romney, you could logically argue is fully vetted certainly as a presidential candidate and more so that there might be less difficulty. >> yeah. i mean, mitt romney has definitely been fully vetted as he ran for president in 2012. what i think is really important is the message that mitt romney becoming secretary of state would send and that's a message of party unity. we saw president-elect trump and mitt romney really suffer from many disagreements over the past 8 months and if mitt romney were to become secretary of state i think we would be able to bring the party together and i think this would be a very smart appointment by the president-elect. >> but also one with rough edges. i know politics after the campaign, you move on, but this was very nasty within the says meeting with former rivals like ted cruz, all these people like a revolving door going through
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trump tower, different with romney, meeting in new jersey where it is less visible and like a cattle show, but just the meeting alone is a big deal, right? >> what we have to remember is this is an unprecedented election. never seen an election like we have over the last year. donald trump is a competitor. he will throw the punches through the election cycle. >> it is not his rough punches i am worried about, mitt romney threw rough punches at him. i remember after that interview i did with mitt romney, that just sent him into orbit. his people were furious. they were shocked a republican would do that. >> it is difficult for mitt romney to suffer loss in 2012 and then come back and get behind donald trump because he was a very nontraditional candidate. >> he never did. >> but at this point i think moving forward he may be able to do that, and you're right he didn't, i supported mitt romney in 2012, i was disappointed with
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him earlier this year but still i think he could be a smart choice for this position. >> susan, politics obviously changes things. one thing came through in that interview, it angered trump people so much that donald trump blasted yours truly, the show, was shocked we would have him on. one of the arguments was pay no attention to this guy, he's just bad mouthing me, even though he asked all of the obvious questions at the time, you backed donald trump, he backed you, seemed to have a good relationship when you were running for president, what changed. that's a lot to forgive and forget, isn't it? >> certainly, but we're seeing all kinds of things, victory has so many friends. this is typical washington situation, rather untypical race, people supporting kasich
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that now want to be in the administration, now it is all about jobs and what kind of lever to pull in washington, maybe i can have an influence on him, maybe can steer him in the right direction. you know, this is what happens in washington after the reality sets in. donald trump is president and either we get around him and the republicans are thinking either we get around him, get the supreme court justices we want or what's the alternative? there's not a good alternative now. you have to get behind -- >> making president bush join the cabinet as well. you're right. you see the darndest things. this is a jolting development again, we're reaching out to governor romney, hoping to find out more on that front. a former rival that's said nothing good about the guy that ultimately got the republican nomination and elected against all odds president of the united states, well, it is making some strange bed fellows. ♪
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welcome back, everyone. you heard media reports that president-elect donald trump plans to meet with mitt romney this weekend in new jersey, not at the trump hotel. that's gotten to be like an aquarium, everyone can see what you're doing and who is fishing for cabinet positions or something else. there are other stories that mitt romney is being seriously considered for donald trump's secretary of state. if all of this shocked you, you're not alone. much of the media world, political world, pundits are shocked at this, remembering
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well what mitt romney had to say about donald trump, including several times on this very show, including back in early february when donald trump was wondering about mitt romney wondering about his taxes. take a look. >> frankly i think we have good reason to believe that there's a bombshell in donald trump's taxes. >> what do you mean? >> i think there's something there, either he is not near as wealthy as he says he is or hasn't been paying the kind of taxes we would expect him to pay or perhaps he hasn't been giving money to the vets or to the disabled like he has been telling us he has been doing, and i think the reason that i think there's a bombshell in there is because every time he's asked about his taxes, he dodges, delays, says we're working on it. we're not talking about taxes due this year, of course they're working on those, they won't be ready for months. we're talking about taxes already filed, back taxes. my back taxes when i ran in
1:17 pm
2012, my back taxes i put out in january of 2012. we're now in late february and we still haven't seen either donald trump's or marco rubio's or ted cruz's taxes and frankly, the voters have a right to see the tax returns before they decide who our nominee ought to be. >> all right. fast forward to the election, voters didn't seem to care, taxes weren't an issue to them and they elected donald trump against all odds president of the united states. that ended up being a moot point. you heard what he said and followed up a month later on this very show again back then saying that donald trump wasn't fit to be the party's nominee, let alone president of the united states. but bygones are bygones, if the reports are true at the very least, the two will meet to break bread and go over their differences of the past and move forward together. this could be very different
1:18 pm
again if mitt romney is considered for secretary of state. the read from an early backer of donald trump who didn't share those views that mitt romney had of mr. trump, the florida governor rick scott, governor scott in a crucial manner delivered the sunshine state for mr. trump on a way to mr. trump's surprising victory. good to have you, governor. >> good to meet with my friend, donald trump today. >> you did meet him. >> i was here to congratulate him on his win. always believed he would win our great state, a lot like my race, a businessman, outsider. >> did he offer you a cabinet position. >> i like my job. >> the way you think of it, i have to get my stuff done. >> you're not interested. >> i am not interested. >> health and human services. >> i am interested in helping rewrite obamacare, redesign the government, working with 33 leadership governors --
1:19 pm
republican governors. >> who knows the health system better than you, that would be a natural. >> i will do everything i can to rewrite. i will do everything i can. >> would you like a cabinet position if one were offered? >> i'm staying in florida. >> understood. sorry to be obnoxious. what do you make of the mitt romney stuff? >> i believe you need to make sure, first off it is the trump administration, always going to be the trump administration, what his beliefs are. so all of this talk about different positions and things like that, it is still the trump administration. i always believe you should surround yourself that believe in what you're doing, will do everything they can to support you. >> mitt romney didn't. at all. >> well, i think if you look at donald trump, he has a history of picking really good people and making sure they do their job. whoever he picks -- >> but he is also unloyal, and
1:20 pm
whatever the reasons for mr. romney's differences, he did not like donald trump at all. >> yeah. donald trump is going to find the best people. he's going to make sure they do their job and he's going to hold everybody accountable. my goal is he's very successful, my state will be successful. >> do you think it is important a president-elect pick people that at least liked him? >> well, first off it is important to have people that believe in what you believe in and are going to support what you do. you know, it is hard to be a president, hard to be governor, i think it is important to pick people that have your beliefs. >> did you when you assembled staff and surprisingly. >> shocked everybody. >> shocked the world, did you remember those who dismissed you or were cruel or said awful things about you? >> neil, basically almost no republican endorsed me when i ran. >> i remember well. >> to have republicans as my agency heads and things like
1:21 pm
that, i had to forget some of the things people said. >> was that hard to do? >> sure it's hard. >> do you think donald trump could get over that with a cabinet that might include, should think about pence. he first was supporting ted cruz, so that's one thing, but this is a whole different thing. >> i think donald trump will surround himself with good people. he chooses people well. i would help him. >> we have tape, governor, tape comes out we play that says here is what he said. it is one thing to say i like this other candidate but he said i really hate this guy. >> i think he's got specific goals to get done, he's going to surround himself with good people. i'm going to do everything i can to help. >> in the end it will work out. >> i am going to do everything i can. we have to repeal obamacare, get rid of parts of government that don't work. so much federal government, there's no return on investment. donald trump will focus on that. >> governor, thank you very, very much. governor rick scott from the fine state of florida. we will follow up on how
1:22 pm
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[ speaking foreign language ] this is the mexican response to election of donald trump. a plan to help them fight deportation and help legal immigrants from mexico do better here and have better ties with the home country there. this would include things like a mobile app, id program that
1:26 pm
would give illegal immigrants -- rachel, what do you make of this? >> it is important to look at what's happening in mexico. approval ratings are in the 20% in mexico, this is really about boosting his own domestic approval numbers. this is for domestic consumption in mexico. they have every right to provide cons lar services to mexican people, we do that for our people abroad but need to respect our rights and sovereignty and laws as well. i think he wants to help the 11 million undocumented, he needs to adjust to the new political reality in america, that means he should partner with america, with the united states of america to secure that border. we should partner with them, neil, to secure their border with guatemala which now most of the influx is not mexicans
1:27 pm
coming here, it is central americans coming through mexico and they're struggling with that themselves. they understand what we're going through. and then helping us with our wall here. once the border is secure, once we get rid of the criminal felons in the united states, i think that donald trump administration will deal fairly with mexican citizens. >> we will see about that. >> i bleaelieve that. >> it is another thing to see what the mexican government is doing, encouraging those here illegally to stay here illegally. not doing anything to encourage them to come home. what do you make of that? >> i'm not so sure i agree with that these is. the fact that the government of mexico is deciding they want to be helpful to their nationals that live here or abroad in america. >> even illegally.
1:28 pm
>> we would be reaching out to our people in any circumstance in any country in this world and protect our people no matter what their status. >> make the same allowances that americans do in other countries illegally? >> not allowances, they're suggesting that they're going to be helpful, that they're going to provide services of counsel and what have you to be able to live abroad. >> but rachel, i don't see anything in this announcement from the mexican government that would encourage illegals to return home where they came from. everything here is about making your life illegally and in the united states easier. maybe i am misreading it. >> you're right. and it is ironic, the mean problem in mexico is corruption. if mexicans didn't have the relief valve of coming to the united states for opportunity, if they remained in mexico, you would see political pressure
1:29 pm
necessary to bring about the reform and cleaning of corruption that mexico needs now, but make no mistake, this is about domestic consumption in mexico. this guy's ratings in the tank. 20% approval rating and using this situation up north to pretend like look, i am with the mexican people, i am out there defending you. this is about his own political agenda in mexico. >> the other thing here, neil, this isn't easy to say legal or illegal. what about those that are illegal and have children here and what are we going to do. literally many, many, many families exist like this in the united states. >> he is not making distinctions on that. he is saying millions that are here illegally, we will keep you in tracks in the united states, gain traction in the united states, helping in ways never before considered, and even say encouraging others to do the same so when they leave the
1:30 pm
country, they'll have adequate id, that they might get bypassed by any investigation. >> i still say i think we're reading too much into this. >> you say we're reading too much into it. where is this going? >> where is this going? this is a protection of their -- >> rachel, where do you see it? >> this is what i see. i see that what donald trump has said is we're going to secure a border and we are going to get rid of criminal felons. if you're here, undocumented and not a criminal felon, right now, don't worry about it. i think again this is about using all of the fear mongering going on now, internationally and domestically in the media to really secure his own interests domestically, politically because he is in a lot of trouble in mexico. >> can only fly domestically in his audience there. guys, thank you both very much for taking time. historically it is odd to
1:31 pm
put it mildly, someone who ripped a party nominee a new one, and when he became president stayed oddly silent, potentially now meeting with that man and then possibly being considered for secretary of state. so we immediately started wondering, in history have we seen anything like this? that's what we are going to ask larry sabado and shawn spicer of republican national committee. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love. prudential. bring your challenges.
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you're looking live at the trump tower in midtown, manhattan. it is a cattle call environment, you can't miss dignitaries and bold faced names that pop in and out to see donald trump. one guy doesn't have to go through that process.
1:35 pm
i am going to do with my conscience what i believe is right for the country and what i can live with as an individual. the elements i laid out with regard to donald trump, his economic plans will cause recession, foreign policy plans would cause us to be less safe, in more danger, and his personal temperament is of such nature it would keep america from being -- >> andrew jack son was ill tempered. >> it has been awhile. >> but he did okay. >> donald trump is a whole new phenomenon in my view. >> all right. back then mitt romney not a fan of donald trump, in fact, admitting he didn't even vote for the guy, and really hasn't had much positive to say about
1:36 pm
him since his election. now going to be sitting with donald trump in new jersey this weekend and possibly be entertained as secretary of state in a trump administration. i don't know if i have seen anything like this, save maybe, this is the guy wrote kennedy half century, larry sabado. i was thinking of lbj joining the jfk campaign as his running mate and that seemed odd at the time but this is odder by a factor of 100 to me. what do you make of it? >> it is odd but there are precedents for it. let me name you one or i could go on if you want me to, one that comes to mind immediately was 1968 when richard nixon won the presidency, put his cabinet together and for one of the slots who did he choose? a guy named romney, not mitt but george, the father of mitt romney who had been michigan governor, run against nixon for awhile in the '68 contest.
1:37 pm
there are plenty of examples. george h.w. bush appointed jack kemp who challenged him for the nomination in 1988. you mention jfk, lbj, how about reagan joining forces with george hw bush after he called reagan's economic program voodoo economics which we all remember from ferris bueller. >> this was the case of a former nominee coming out to say this guy shouldn't even be running, certainly shouldn't be our nominee, certainly shouldn't be our president. it is a little different in that regard, isn't it? >> yeah, okay, you've come up with something that i can't find a parallel for. congratulations, neil. >> i'm curious, though, say it is true and he does join the administration, journalists will keep replaying tapes but you say that has a shelf life of so long, it could go a long way, get easy confirmation, wouldn't
1:38 pm
be some of the vetting issues that might accompany some others, including rudy giuliani. do you think that's playing the part here? >> well, it might but as you point out is there really anybody at least in politics who doesn't know where mitt romney stood on donald trump? that's not news. after awhile even news channels get tired of running tape that isn't news. so i don't think that's a critical part of decision making. you want to get a little bit of a honeymoon. >> i think it would be beneficial to donald trump, it is advantage trump. for mitt romney, a little more problematic given stuff that was said. could be advantageous, didn't get to be president,
1:39 pm
automatically respected on the world stage, so it could be good. what does this say about this consensus view that donald trump wants only loyalists in there. when i see what's happened to chris christie and some others, i'm getting a different view that maybe there's much more of an open mindedness to donald trump than we have given credit for. >> sure, the proof's in the pudding. let's see what the cabinet line up is. and by the way, it isn't late at all. history shows that many presidents have chosen cabinets in december, not just george w. bush. nixon appointed his whole cabinet in the sixth week after the election so this is not late at all, but let's see who is in there. i bet it is a combination of loyalists and people brought on board to engineer unity. >> interesting, let's see what happens. sir, thank you very much. a lot more coming up,
1:40 pm
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pardon hillary clinton? not the next president, this president. that was the recommendation of jesse jackson who says it is the best thing to do, even though hillary clinton isn't asking for it. it is debatable whether she'd even request it. attorney doug burns on that. how does that process go, doug, to pardon someone. don't they have to request it or steer me through the process. >> well, there's an office of department of justice and you generally request it, so it is interesting that you frame it that way because i agree with you. in other words, is the president necessarily going to be reaching out to pardon somebody who hasn't requested it? i would seriously doubt that.
1:44 pm
on the question of pardoning somebody before they have been charged with an offense, that seems to be a question a lot of people are raising and asking. the answer is there are three reasons the president can, in fact, pardon somebody before they are charged with an offense. number one, president ford did exactly that, pardoning richard nixon before he was charged with any offense. and if that was invalid, were invalid, somebody would have challenged it. number two is there's a case, i don't cite cases from 1866, but the supreme court court held a party can be granted before they're charged with an offense. and in the constitutional convention there was discussion of putting language after conviction and decided not to put that in. for all those reasons, to me, my legal analysis, crystal clear the president could do that if he wanted to. >> i think what jesse jackson
1:45 pm
was getting at when he made the recommendation last night, i think he was saying, doug, i could see the republicans going after hillary clinton and having hearings and all that stuff. did we lose him? >> i can hear you. >> it has been that kind of a show. we're going to have more after or all of this is that they feel, that is democrats feel republicans are going on a witch-hunt with her and chase her with hearings and the rest and a pardon would make it a moot point. who knows. more after this.
1:46 pm
1:47 pm
1:48 pm
all right. a big day of news, certainly for team trump. a lot of notable figures in and out of trump tower. with us now, shawn spicer, the
1:49 pm
key communications guy at the republican national committee, joining us i believe from trump tower. shawn, how are you? >> i'm doing great, neil, thanks for having me. >> first off on the romney meeting rumors, first, is that true, they're going to meet donald trump with mitt romney in new jersey? >> that's correct, tomorrow morning, excuse me, saturday morning. >> in basking ridge. >> bedminster. >> will he be offered a post in the trump administration? >> i think most meetings the president-elect is having are opportunities for some of these people who are frankly the best and brightest, accomplished leaders in government and business and such to share their views and beliefs and opinions with the president-elect and for him to get to know them a little better or talk to them about some options for his administration. in 99% of the cases, it is an opportunity to have open and
1:50 pm
frank discuss about the ideas and opinions and suggestions they have about how to implement a trump agenda. >> the reports that maybe the media are pouncing on that he could be a future secretary of >> well, ultimately, every one of these decisions is the president-elect's to make. but i would say that anything -- anyone who is suggesting that any decision has been made about any particular cabinet until he himself says it, it's way premature. >> i hear you. do you think it would be awkward? >> well, no. i mean, look, here is the thing. i think that one of the things that people have got to start realizing about donald trump is his commitment to enacting an agenda that's going to change washington, shake things up, is at the core right now. he is going to bring the best and brightest, people who share that vision that he has articulated over the course of the campaign to make sure people come into government and are committed to making change. he proposed yesterday a five-year lobbying ban for
1:51 pm
people who leave government. so he is instituting a ban. and one step further, a lifetime ban for anyone to lobby on behalf of a foreign government. when he talked about bringing in real change, he is starting right off the bat. >> it's impressive. this idea that he wanted only die hard loyalists or those who had been backing him a long, long time ago to be in his inner circle, he has proven that wrong. he has met with nikki haley, ted cruz, again this weekend meeting with ryan, none of whom were big fans of his. so yet they meet with him. chris christie, who was the earliest to back him -- hear me out. chris christie the earliest to back him and risked a lot of his
1:52 pm
own political skin to do so, he is lucky if he were the doorman at the trump tower at this point. what's going on? >> chris christie is a valued member of the team. >> is he still on the team? >> absolutely. he's the vice chair of the transition. the reality is that donald trump isn't looking at this as who backed me or who is a republican or a democrat. he is looking at who is the best. who is going to help get -- >> does he not see chris christie as the best when he bumped him down? >> at the end of the day, he brought in the vice-president-elect, somebody who has 12 years of experience in washington, d.c. and the leadership of the house of representatives, an experienced governor and the new vice-president to say come in and take over the team. there's a ton of precedent for that. chris christie is still a valued member of the team. the reality is, he understood we needed to get things done. he wanted his vice-president to come in and lead the effort. he understood how well he was respected. >> i heard with the christie thing is that part of it was christie was giving lobbyist
1:53 pm
names and lobbyists who were in the group. trump recoiled at that. his son-in-law recoiled at that. i don't know what the truth is. bottom line, they are out. it seems like christie has been downgraded. all the other people who were critical of him -- it shows he is not looking blindly to loyalists here. but i'm getting a different vibe. >> he is not -- he looks at that time like are you going to get the job done. that's what he wants. he knows mike pence will do that. the rest of the team is 100% committed to doing that. that's why he went out of his way to say i'm going to have most forward thinking lobbyist b ban that anyone in washington has seen. you are coming in to serve the american people, not yourself. i want to make sure people can't lobby a foreign government because they made connections through my administration. at the end of the day what this is about is him showing that i campaigned and i made a promise to the american people that i was going to bring change to washington.
1:54 pm
i was going to shake things up. i was going to advocate for every single american coast to coast who feels like their government hasn't heard them or listened to them. he is showing it day after day that he is keeping his word and he is getting things done. >> what did you think when rand paul, former presidential candidate, said if rude dy giuli were up to secretary of state or for that matter john bolton, he couldn't support either, they're wild cards. what did you make of that? >> i would just caution everybody until mr. trump himself announces a nominee for a particular position, it's not happening. to speculate who would be good or bad before mr. trump talks about them is premature. if you look at the caliber and quality of the people that come in and out of this tower the last 48 hours and then he is scheduled to meet with in the next couple of days, it's remarkable. fred smith, general flynn,
1:55 pm
general kean. people who have been successful in government, in business, in education. it's just phenomenal. the quality of people that -- from the top is amazing. the number of people that want to be part of the trump administration, we took almost 50,000 resumes in the past few days of people that want -- there's an infectious atmosphere occurring right now where people who really want to see things happen, who want to see change occur, who want to make this country better are flocking to trump tower, submitting their resume to the website because they want to see it done. they know donald trump knows how to make it happen. >> it must be a who is who crowd. you were there. thank you very much. thank you very much for coming. >> thanks. >> in the meantime, we have former south carolina republican senator, current heritage foundation president jim damin. what do you make of the latest developments, the fact that mitt romney and donald trump are going to meet, period?
1:56 pm
>> it's a good signal from donald trump's acceptance speech to everything he is doing has shown a conciliatory attitude, putting the past behind. he is interviewing a lot of great people for his transition. so all the signals have been good. >> one of the things that came up and i wanted to pick your brain about was yesterday speaker ryan interfered with republicans kicking around the idea of bringing around earmarks. it's an easy way to spend. it's a drug they can't get over. the drug was considered rereleased among republicans. he put the kibosh on it. but he didn't kill it. what do you make of that? >> good for speaker ryan for stopping it. a lot of new members had been convinced that taking home the bacon -- this is special interest local money -- >> do you think he stopped it? it seems like he held off on that. >> well, at least it gives us time to let the americans know
1:57 pm
that the republicans may be going back to the trough. it perverts the whole purpose of a federal government doing what's best for the nation when everyone is up here trying to take specific local things back and crony interest for special interest groups and over 70% of americans just know automatically that earmarks are bad for our country. hopefully, republicans won't embarrass themselves, particularly after this election, with going back to the trough of pork barrel spending. >> i wondered whether it was -- you have gotten into this before. i look at this kind of earmark as a down payment on more spending. it's a way to buy votes for bigger spending plans. maybe, maybe this is a way that donald trump might use to try to win over support for his own legislative agenda. it might bother you, but if the ultimate good is his legislation is passed and he can do what ronald reagan did with southern
1:58 pm
democrats, whatever you call them, it's worth it. what do you think? >> absolutely not. i can't remember one piece of good legislation that was passed with earmarks. you will remember things like a corn husker kick back, to basically obamacare was passed that way. dodd-frank was passed that way. they passed bad legislation that members would otherwise not vote for. but they get $30 million, $50 million to take home to build a bridge to make them look good as a congressman. we can't go back to that at a time where $20 trillion in debt and there are a lot of things this country needs as a whole. we don't need our congress fighting over pork to take home to their states. >> go back to what i was talking to you about, this idea that donald trump is meeting with people who didn't have great things to say about him during the race. i'm talking about ted cruz, nikki haley, others with whom he has chatted even on phone to say
1:59 pm
nothing of going around in that very public world of the trump tower. he might populate his staff and cabinet with people who were not necessarily die hard loyalists. chris christie is a good example of someone who was shunted aside. it shows a different trump than what people were thinking. >> i don't think america knows trump yet. a lot of americans believe that he might can change washington. the media cast him in a negative light. everything that i have seen that donald trump has done since the election has been a commitment to keep his promises, to put good people around him and to carry through with his policies. so far, i've been really impressed at what he has been doing with personnel and policy. >> it has certainly been against the consensus and some of the cynicism that greeted him when he was first elected. senator, thank you very much. we will follow these developments. what does it say about donald
2:00 pm
trump and who he is considering to surround himself with? to hear the media tell it, yes men and women. lately indications are anything but. how will they spin that? tomorrow. >> hello, everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." a huge day for president-elect trump as the next commander in chief holds a series of high profile meetings as he continues to form a new administration. transition team officials say mr. trump is meeting with big names at trump tower including former secretary of state henry kissinger, rick scott, admiral mike rogers and nikki haley. the president-elect is scheduled to sit down with japanese prime minister shinzo abe at this moment. and he will


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