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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 17, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>> are you a working parent struggling with the joys of doing and having it all? check out "settle for more" at your local book store. we can share some stories. i'm megyn kelly. see you tomorrow. tonight barack obama refuses to tell out of control anti-trump protesters to just stop. >> i wouldn't advise them to just be silent. >> laura ingraham is here with reaction. >> what is was your reaction when you saw the news donald trump was elected? >> first i cried. >> and whiney college liberals continue their hissy fit over president-elect trump. when will this madness end? >> what kind of discipline problems were you having? >> well, i was just somebody that was rebellious. >> did you row sent your dad when he sent you? >> no, not at all. i understood. >> did he sit you down and say, here is why? >> he said, i want to shape you
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up. plus, tmz's harvey levin is here to preview his prime time special with the president-elect. all of that plus ainsley earhardt and larry elder join us. "hannity" starts right now. >> welcome to "hannity." tonight president obama refuses to condemn the anti-democratic alt-radical protest against president-elect donald trump. earlier today while in germany obama was given the chance to speak out against all of this out of control behavior, and instead this is what he said. >> i would not advise people who feel strongly or are concerned about some of the issues that have been raised during the course of the campaign, i wouldn't advise them to be silent. >> well, some are even being violent. pretty unbelievable, but it does fall in line with everything that barack obama stands for. now, i tried to warn the country and everyone back in 2008 that obama, well, he was a disciples of the alt-radical left.
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remember, he embraces the saul alinsky school of radical tactics. he palled around with these, and started his political career in their living room. they bombed the pentagon, capital and new york ty police headquarters. president obama sat in the pews of reverend wright for 20 years, the church of g-d america listening to things like this. the stuff we have done overseas is now brought right back into our own front yard! america's chickens are coming home to roost. no, no, no, not god bless america. god -- america. that's in the bible for killing innocent people. god -- america for treating us citizens as less than human. >> alt-radical left. the president spent 20 years in the church of g-d america.
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now, since the president refuses to speak out against these anti-democratic agitators, let me remind him what has been going on in the president's hometown of chicago. a man was severely beaten by an angry mob after a traffic incident because they thought he was a trump supporter. look at this, mr. president. >> yeah, he voted trump! yeah! [ bleep ]. >> [ bleep ]. >> beat his [ bleep ]. >> don't vote trump. >> don't vote trump! mr. president, did you see this mother in texas now under investigation after kicking her 7-year-old son out of the house. why? because he voted for donald trump in a mock election at school. take a look. since you voted for donald trump, you can get your [ bleep ] out. huh-uh, the suitcase is packed by the door. yeah, been packed since this
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morning. bye. elwood, come on here, let's go. take the sign. bye. let's go. >> that's are just two of many examples. now, we've also seen continual protests all across the country that have resulted in the destruction of property, unlawful behavior and arrest. now, president obama, don't you think you should follow in the footsteps of your successor. president bush never responded to president obama's relntless blaming and name calling. instead president bush took the high road as you have taken the low road, like the democrats claim you always do. take a look. >> i could sit here all day and try to get you to comment on president obama, and i'm not going to get anywhere. >> correct. >> because i know you. i know you very well. >> yes, you do. >> why did you make that decision? because i'm sure you have a lot to say. you're not -- we've talked
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politics before we came in here. you're very engaged and aware of what is going on. >> i'm very aware of what is going on. i don't think it is good for the country to have a former president undermine a current president. i think it is bad for the presidency for that matter. >> i know the hair looks awful, but why do i suspect president obama will never show the same amount of grace and respect when it comes to donald trump and his presidency? here is my prediction today and now. president obama p not be able to contain himself and he will go after mr. trump every single chance he gets once obama is out of office. here is another thing. after donald trump's sweeping victory, president obama has been in complete and utter denial that the election had anything to do with him or his failed policies. now, the facts, they say otherwise. since 2009 under president obama, let's see, democrats have lost 13 u.s. senate seats, leaning from blue to red. 64 u.s. house seats, blue to red. 13 governorships, blue to red. get this, 33 state houses. wow, what a legacy.
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our next president, donald trump, has been handed a huge mess. this is almost beyond repair thanks to president obama. that's why this election was so important. now republicans, they have no excuses why they can't get things done. president-elect trump needs to keep in mind the media is never going to like him, especially after wikileakss exposed that the press was openly colluding with the clinton campaign like cnbc, msn, the "new york times" and the rest of them. the president-elect also needs to understand the republican establishment, they're not going to be his friend either. he needs to stay focused and remember the promises to you, the american people. you know the promises, repeal and replace obamacare, identify radical islam, lower taxes, repatriate corporate profits, build a border wall, appoint an originalist to the supreme court, fix inner cities, energy independence, drain the swamp, send education back to the state, say radical islams, vet
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refugees, all of these important issues. free trade. he thoos remember you, the american people, what i call the forgotten men and women of this country in this election. that list is where trump needs to keep his focus. if president obama, if he wants to keep calling for protests, and that will be his legacy, one of division, rich versus poor, old versus young, black versus white. always dividing. that's what you get under president obama. my advice to president-elect trump, stay focused. here with reaction the editor and chief of life zed, nationally sin indicated radio host, fox contributor, laura ingraham. i talk about the alt-radical left. who are these people? occupy? >> yeah. >> right, occupy? >> occupy wall street, that's one of them. >> move, black lives matter, pigs in a blanket, what do we want, dead cops, when do we want them, right now. weren't they embraced by president obama and hillary. >> the nomenclature is so
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tedious. it is used to dismiss the viewpoints of more traditionally focused americans. i would throw in the mexican-american legal defense organization, maldef. there are a lot of amnesty groups loosely connected that have the same goal, which is essentially to eliminate any border enforcement in the united states and bring about kind of a borderless north america. that's their ultimate goal. they say it is things like immigration reform, but when you really dig into the more radical statements of some of their founders it is much more reliant on an america that ceases to exist as we know it, that allows people to come and go without any question about legality. >> watch the media. they're like sharks and they're now circling. they've been exposed as colluding with the clinton campaign. >> yeah. >> 97% in the mrc poll said it did not impact their vote,
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although most people now recognize media bias and journalism is dead as we discussed a lot, but they're ready to pounce over ivanka's bracelet, ready to pounce that he went out with for a hamburger with his family and didn't notify the press. i think it is only going to get worse. how will this impact trump's decision making for the cabinet and people he hires because they're going to look for any little thing that somebody said or did in their past? >> well, if past is prolong, it won't have any effect on what the president-elect is going to do as far as decisions on the cabinet. he was hammered throughout most of the election cycle, most of the primaries, and certainly in the general election. i mean there wasn't a day that went by when there wasn't some attempt to, you know, take down the whole trump apparatus, but he didn't really change his approach all that much. he kept his focus for the most part with a few exceptions on the pledge to the american people that he was going to change the path that we were on, away from the old establishment
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order and to a much more populous, pragmatic approach to both foreign policy and domestic policy, to where we finally get our economic house in order, at least start down that path. we enforce our borders. we get rid of obamacare. start to dismantle this massive federal government, sean, that keeps ballooning in washington. all of these attempts to kus waste, fraud and abuse over the decade haven't amounted to much. we need this government cut back, we need it trimmed back. we need a scalpel, a meat cleaver in some cases. it needs to be cut back. can i say something about the protesters briefly? >> yeah, go ahead. >> when you go back to saul alinski's rules for radicals, and i know you have talked about it so well on this show over the years, but there's that one rule that say protests have to be relentless and they have to be so disruptive and so constant that they change and disrupt the
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normal order of things. you can never have any conversation between the protesters and their opponents. the opponents of the protesters always have to be described as evil, immoral and evil. that's what is really playing out in this very, you know, organized effort to disrupt the normal course of whether it is commerce or traffic or even schools to some effect. it is straight out of saul alinski. this is a saul alinski pattern we are zooing. >> when you went to dartmouth, did you have a cry room, have a color ang coloring books or play with playdoh or get hot cocoa? >> no, that didn't happen. i was causing trouble at dartmouth. they had other things for us at dartmouth. it has gotten worse since the mid '80s. >> what is a cry room? i don't know what it means to cry. can you imagine i come on national tv, obama wins in 2008,
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i fought my heart out to inform the american people he would be horrible. i end up being right, i wish i wasn't. >> yeah. >> i came on the air with the dog to comfort me and have somebody, a producer bring me a hot cocoa and a coloring book? a coloring book, playdoh. >> yeah, they bring playdoh, coloring books, legos. remember, masculinity itself is considered a threat on college campuses. a guy's guy, no, you can't he be that. that in and of itself is micro aggression. you have to rain in all of the masculine pro nouns, get rid of that. everything has to be gender norm so everyone feels the same. >> may i please have permission to kiss you good night, you say to your date. >> exactly. isn't that romantic? >> that's so romantic. would you like to come into my cry room and color with me. great date. >> no. >> good to see you, sean. take care. >> coming up, senator jeff sessions was in trump tower
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today for transition meetings. the trump transition team are hard at work to fill the key cabinet and white house roles. we will speak with ari fleischer and her man cain later tonight. >> i know you feel guilty. you should because you did this. i don't care about white feelings right now. >> don't care about white feelings. wow. left wing college students are freaking out and lashing out after frequent's victory. wove we've got so much tape and soers. all of that. ainsley earhardt with the number one book in the country, larry elder and harvey levin coming up straight ahead. you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm jackie ibanez. nancy pelosi is facing a challenge from ohio's congressman tim ryan, saying he will run for her top spot in the caucus. in a letter announcing his bid, ryan said what his party is doing is, quote, not working. house democrats will hold leadership election goes at the end of the month. the man accused of killing two iowa officers praised police for their service days before the shooting. if an e-mail to the local police department, scott michael green called officer, quote, absolute heroes and wrote he loves them for keeping the community safe. four days later authorities say he shot and killed officer justin martin and anthony ebano while they sat in their patrol cars. log on to you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox news channel. ♪ donald trump, i've been in a
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number of meetings with him while he talks to people who are under consideration, and he'd like to meet and talk to and just see how -- who they are. he just does a really good job. he's engaging, right there talking to them. it is a good vibe, good feel. i think he gets a good feel for people, and i think he has a good ability to size up people in an effective way. big part of his success in business is having good people around him. >> all right. that was alabama senator jeff sessions at trump tower today talking about president-elect trump's involvement in transition meetings. he has a lot of important cabinet and white house roles to fill. today he tweeted, my transition team, which is working long hours and do a fantastic job, will be seeing many great candidates today. south carolina governor, florida governor scott were at trump tower. joining us with reaction, her
10:18 pm
man cain, and ari fleischer. nikki haley was not a trump supporter. mitt romney reportedly is being considered for secretary of state. look, i think mitt romney would have been a great president, but the way he acted here, no loyalty, he should not be under consideration in my view. your thoughts? >> well, we don't know if he's seriously under consideration or if this is trump's way of trying to bring the party together. remember, there was a lot of division. >> that would be fine. you know, put water under the bridge, let's start over. >> right. >> i think that's a good gesture. >> it could be an indication of that. here is the other thing -- >> blessed are the peace makers, her man. i read it in a book. >> here's the other thing that i believe is happening. one of the strengths that i've talked about on your show that donald trump has which most great leaders do, he's able to listen. you heard that statement by senator jeff sessions. donald trump is in the listening mode right now, and that's a good thing. he is not just listening to
10:19 pm
people who supported him, he's listened to some people who relulkt antr reluctantly voted for him. so i think it is a good sign, a good thing, and he is listening now. >> let me ask ari, here is my criteria, how much controversy will they cause, the media is ready to pounce, that's one. how loyal are they going to be, because stuff is going to happen and he needs people that can get through the hard times, that's important to me. will they follow trump's agenda, not their own agenda? you know how selfish they can be. are they more than qualified for the job? and i think a full vetting like what they did with mike pence worked out so well. do it for everybody, especially top positions. is it a good criteria? >> it is, sean, because the absolute most important criteria to serve a president is to do what the president wants you to do. you need to reflect the president. it is that person that put his name on the ballot, ran and got the voters the approve them. it is not the staff and not the cab at the ti
10:20 pm
cabinet secretaries. the dedication to doing it the president's we while internally you can clash all you want, give him the benefit of your advice even if it is 180 degrees different, but when the president decides something you wholeheartedly fight for it. that's the job of the staff and cabinet. >> you did a great job. i'm sure there were times you had different views from president bush, but you were loyal. >> sure. >> loyalty -- can he appoint someone that was so disloyal during the campaign and trust them? i don't think so. >> i think that's a great question here, and frankly i'm wondering if the secretary of state thing is for real. >> i don't believe it either. >> let me give you advice. all of these names being thrown about, they're unsourced. half of the time it is something put their name in there. yesterday defense analyst from the reagan administration frank gaffney was up for something. frank said today nobody in the transition has even talked to him. a lot of these things are just rumors that get put into print. >> you know, as newt gingrich told me, her man, those that know aren't talking, those that don't not are out there spewing whatever comes into their mind,
10:21 pm
which, by the way, that's what our media does now. >> yes. >> but the media, you know, they're pouncing on him for going to dinner with his own family and not fully reporting on the fact he's going to get a hamburger next door. that became a big controversy for the media. >> some of the liberal media admitted, like the "new york times," that they were biassed and they did not present the facts. they haven't changed yet. they're going to be kicking and screaming, nitpicking every move donald trump makes. but get back to the people question again. donald trump has demonstrated to me, not just from knowing him but the fact that he's been successful in his selection of vice president-elect mike pence, his instincts about people, going back to loyalty. he will be able to tell because of his instincts whether or not somebody can be loyal to him even though they may not have been in his cheering section when he ran for president. >> well said. thank you both. coming up next on this busy news night tonight right here on
10:22 pm
"hannity." what was your reaction when you saw the news that donald trump had been elected? >> well, first i cried, and then i had like a little panic attack. >> crying, panic attacks? liberal on college campuses, they're absolutely losing it. so are the faculty over president-elect donald trump's victory. wait until you see the tape coming up next. also ainsley earhardt, larry elder will weigh in on the media bias and the tmz harvey levin will talk about a donald trump special hosting right here on this hour tomorrow night. it is a really good show. you don't want to miss it. ♪
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♪ welcome back to "hannity." so president-elect donald trump won the election fair and square, but some liberals enrolled in colleges across the country, they're not taking it so well. now, in order to help these fragile souls cope with the thought of a trump presidency, some school administrators, they're reportedly offering great services for these kids including, let's see, disaster counseling, therapy dogs, faculty-sanctioned cry-ins where the faculty passes out hot cocoa to the poor little students. one university even was handing out coloring books and playdoh so they can play with it. now, despite their best effort to cod will these students, many participated in the mass walk-outs and protests in order to voice their concern. now, campus recently attended one such protest at townsend university, and spoke with some of the moore, pampered little children. take a look. >> we're not attacking anyone. there's no attacking. there is coming together [ bleep
10:26 pm
], [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> yes, this is how we feel [ bleep ] if you voted for trump. >> what was your reaction when you saw the news that donald trump was elected? >> well, first i cried. and then i had like a little panic attack. >> i had a hard time getting out of bed for a little while. >> so i cried. >> had a panic attack the entire day. >> i talked to my mom the next day on the phone and i was just like bawling on the way to school. >> my own documented [ bleep ] here for two years now. >> i don't need white guilt, okay. i know y'all feel guilty. you should because you did this. i don't care about white feelings right now. >> don't care about white feelings right now. how nice. joining us with reaction, fox news contributors lisa boothe as well as the author of "a time for a turning point," executive director of turning point usa charlie kirk is with us. charlie, let's start with you. maybe if they got somebody in their family that was sick and
10:27 pm
dying, their dog died, you got a diagnosis of cancer, your father, god forbid, has a heart attack, maybe those are reasons to cry. crying, playdoh, coloring books. >> therapy dogs. >> hot cocoa, therapy dogs, aroma therapy. >> what is going to happen when something actually bad happens to them? i mean seriously. here is what i can't understand about the left. when will they realize this is one of the reasons donald trump won. you know, the political correctness wave that swept across this country, donald trump was a direct response to that. look, donald trump was so effective at being able to speak to middle americans that are fed up with the safe space spreading on college campuses, micro aggressions, the trigger warnings. colleges have become a place where they want everyone to look different but think the same. how dare someone challenge that liberal orthodoxy on our college cam pulses? i think this deserves to be mocked quite frankly. >> i don't know what else to do with this. >> i don't feel sorry for them. >> what is a crying room in
10:28 pm
college where a professor gives you hot cocoa? what is that, lisa boothe? help me. >> i don't want to find out. i don't want to be there with those individuals. look, this is left wing lunacy so it doesn't have to make sense because progressivism doesn't make sense. the reason they're upset is the fact they should be afraid, because their vision for the future, their progressive vision for the future was rejected by americans last week. that is a positive thing for this country. i do sincerely hope that this coddling society that happened under president obama and has increased under president obama in the past eight years, i hope it comes to an end, because the biggest fear here, sean, these individuals -- this is not the next workforce. these are not the future leaders of america, that if they lose an election they have to go into a cry room with playdoh and puppies. life is tough, and they need to recognize that. >> you know, if there's any americans -- i keep saying this election was about the forgotten man, and i swore i wasn't going
10:29 pm
to do this because i did it for over a year, on purpose. i gave out the numbers of americans out of the labor force, 95 million americans. nearly 50 million on food stamps. 50 million american also in poverty. 15 million more americans on food stamps than when president obama became president, 8 million more in poverty. those people to me, the day in and day out grind of not having hope and opportunity or a job or the ability to put a roof over their head and food in their refrigerator, you know what? i can see them crying. >> yeah. >> i would understand. that's the forgotten men and women. >> that's the real suffering. >> that's the real suffering of americans. >> and the real story over the last eight years. shame on these professors and administrators for allowing it to continue. if i was in charge of one of these colleges and i found a whole lecture hall left and a professor let it happen, i would do everything to discipline that
10:30 pm
professor. then you have tenured. then these professors in california, i'm proud of students walking out of class in solidarity against president-elect trump. >> any adult that plays with playdoh and colors in enclosing books short of doing it with a child in your life, they need therapy, all right. they don't need college. they need therapy. >> sean, not to mention the fact if some of these things are happening at state universities, that's taxpayer funding going to some of this ridiculousness. the numbers you brought up and the specifics you brought up of the forgotten man, guess what, college students and college grads have it rough in terms of the economy. >> maybe they can go to their cry room. >> well, because of president obama's failed policies of failed economy. but those recent graud students will have a tough time finding the jobs under the policies we have seen over the past eight years, not to mention student loan debt which when we look at the correlation between the amount of money the federal government puts into it and
10:31 pm
college is racking up the price across the country. >> i have some advice i've been saying, grow up. grow up. >> yes. >> get a life. take your hot cocoa and your coloring books and your playdoh and grow up. put it aside. >> go hug a tree. >> i can't even believe this is happening. by the way, at ivy league universities. >> supposedly best schools. we need liberals had to explode. i did not know this was going to happen. it is absolutely unbelievable. >> it is kind of entertaining though. you have to laugh a little. >> here is my prediction. the left is going to go insane in the next four years, and it is going to be chronicled right here. i in all honesty will enjoy every minute of it. >> it is funny. >> it is going to be huge. >> you have to laugh. >> it will be a total crack up. by the way, the world will end up better without them, even with they crying. thanks, guys. the mainstream media continue to go after the president-elect and his family. wait until you see this double standard. also, we will check in with ans
10:32 pm
railway earhardt, she has the number one book in the country. larry elder will weigh in. later tonight. >> everybody loved him. after better person that me i guess in a lot of way. >> why do you say that? >> he had a tremendous heart. i have heart, you know, i love people. but he had something that was very special. >> all right. a clip from a special hosted by my friend, harvey levin. it is going to air tomorrow night in this time slot. i have a day off. right here on the fox news channel. harvey will join us later with a preview, and much more straight ahead. ♪ i have a day off. straight ahead. whoa, this is awful, try it. oh no, that looks gross what is that? you gotta try it, it's terrible. i don't wanna try it if it's terrible. it's like mango chutney and burnt hair. no thank you, i have a very sensitive palate. just try it! guys, i think we should hurry up. if you taste something bad, you want someone else to try it.
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this is for you. duracell and children's miracle network hospitals are powering imaginations everywhere. ♪ welcome back the "hannity." so this week the alt-radical left mainstream media, they continue to ferociously attack president-elect donald trump and his family. watch these insane examples. >> the president-elect's
10:38 pm
daughter ivanka trump is taking heat today for selling ice on 60 minutes. >> her own company using the first family interview on "60 minutes" to promote her jewelry line, wearing she was wearing her favorite bangle on "60 minutes" the bracelet retails at 10,800. >> donald trump found a place in manhattan to get applause, which is not easy these days with constant protests in front of his building. managed to get the applause by going into a restaurant filled with very rich people. now several news outlets, so-called news outlets running articles saying melania trump changed her story on his college education. why does it matter? here with reaction, nationally sin indicated radio host larry elder, number one book in the entire country, "take heart my child, a mother's dream," fox
10:39 pm
co-host ainsley earhardt. the media is upset donald trump took his family to dinner and didn't tell the press and he ordered a hamburger, in case you're interested. so they're upset. ivanka is wearing her own jewelry line and told people. oh, my god, this is -- look at this. what is going -- this is insanity. >> it is breaking news, bomb-bomb-bomb, she is wearing her favorite bangle from her metropolis collection, gold with diamonds. who cares? >> by the way, it looked nice. i know. she is smart. she had to put on a statement -- i feel sorry for her, his ridiculous because that's standard operating procedure. oh, she goes out, picture is taken, they show the jewelry, she wears her own line. so what? >> shockingly. >> it is crazy. >> shockingly, sean, there's a liberal bias against republicans. when george herbert walker bush was running bens become
10:40 pm
investors business daily found 90% of the front page newspaper stories about the economy were negative even though we were in a year and a half economic recovery. next month bill clinton is elected, 14% of the front page stories were negative. same data, same economic news, interpreted differently. 2000, george w. bush is elected. wall street runs something called the homelessness rediscovery index, arguing the newspapers would be interested in the polite of homelessness. there was an upward spike in the stories. if anybody had any doubt about liberal bias, wikileaks put it to rest. you have major outlets, "washington post," "new york times" colluding with the dnc and hillary to get her elected. people like dan emilbeck asked the dnc for a column he was doing call the ten most outrageous things donald trump ever said. they gave him ten of them and he used eight of them. are you kidding me? we have four years if not eight years. get ready, sean.
10:41 pm
it is only going to get worse. >> this is going to be a roller coaster. the media is sitting in wait, especially as relates to those people with big appointments by donald trump. i think the funniest and saddest and most pathetic thing, ainsley, are the poor college students that are having cry-ins and cry rooms and aroma therapy and pet therapy and playdoh sessions and coloring book sessions. they're professors are making them hot cocoa because they can't cope with the reality that their candidate lost. >> it is crazy, it is ridiculous. they need to get a job. they need to go drink a beer, go to a keg party and go to a football game like most college students. you know, give me a break. who has time for that? >> i would rather go to the keg party or go to a football game. >> right. cluj is fun, people. >> who plays with playdoh. >> five year olds. >> coloring books. by the way, people that would buy your book. how happy are you? it is the number one book in the country. >> a lot of that is because of
10:42 pm
you and the great people at fox. we have a great team here and you all have been such a family and embraced me. i didn't know the first thing about writing a book. i consulted you a lot throughout the process because you have a lot of experience, and you hit how many number one best seller sns. >> three and done. i'm never writing again. >> it is a long process but so exciting. you guys that bought the book, it is amazing. we're running out. they're reprinting them so you'll get them the first week of december if they're out. barns and nobody has a bunch. am don sold out. you can buy signed copies. i am going out to do a signing tonight. it has been a fun experience. >> by the way, larry, when is last time you played with playdoh? when is last time you used a coloring book? zbli . >> it's been a while. >> do you drink hot cocoa anymore? i think i prefer an irish coffee. unbelievable. >> i have a feeling these students will motor through it and get by somehow.
10:43 pm
>> what is a cry room? >> you know when you're in your 20s though -- >> no, i don't. >> -- you're trying to discover who you are. you fight with your parents. you think he know better than everyone else. that's what they're going through. >> arhema therapy? >> i agree. >> we don't take care of vets that watch their friends legs blown off or die. >> listen, they're worried about ivanka trump's gold bracelet she wears. meanwhile, chelsea clinton's wedding is paid for with charity money, money given to the clinton foundation that is supposed to go to children in africa dealing with aids. >> ainsley, have you been on our show ten years. it is your one-year anniversary on "fox & friends." congratulations. >> thank you. >> good luck with the book. number one in the country. proud of you. >> i appreciate your help. >> up tonight next on "hannity." >> everybody loved him. much better person than me i guess. i mean in a lots of ways. >> why do you say that? >> he just had a tremendous heart. and i have heart, you know, i love people. but he had something that was
10:44 pm
very special. >> all right. tomorrow night you do not want to miss this, a prime time special about president-elect donald trump. it is hosted by my friend, tmz a's harvey levin. it is going to air right here tomorrow night on the fox new's channel. harvey levin will join us next with a preview. that's straight ahead. ♪ and like any skill, credit is a skill. you have to learn to walk before you can run. getting the experian app for free is a great place to start. it gives you access to your experian credit report alerts about changes in your credit... and customer service support to help answer your questions.
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♪ freddie is standing in the middle there. >> right. >> tell me about freddie. >> unbelievable personality. the best. a very handsome guy. everybody loved him. much better person than me i guess. you know, i mean in a lot of ways. >> why do you say that? >> he just had a tremendous heart. and i have heart, you know, i love people. but he had something that was very special and smart. he had the whole package, and he got into trouble with the alcohol. >> he really became horribly addicted to alcohol? >> well, he did. you know, he died of that. all right. that was a preview of a new special called "objectify donald trump." hosted by tmz's harvey levin. takes inside of president-elect trump donald trump, gives you a look at his most important possessions. i have the night off tomorrow, 10:00 p.m. tomorrow night.
10:50 pm
joining us tmz founder, a good friend by the way, harvey levin. how are you? >> good. thanks for the time slot, sean. >> just take it over. i'm not worried. i'm a fan of your show. >> thank you. >> i grew up watching "candid camera." this is "candid camera" taken on steroids and growth hormones to the next level. it is that good. >> oh, my gosh. >> you know what is funny? i watched that show, but then i watched this show you did with trump. as i was watching it, the whole time i kept thinking, why didn't trump show some of this side of him that he showed you before we went to the ballot box? this was very intimate. >> yeah, and, you know, the idea of the show, sean, is to trace somebody's life through the objects that they choose to keep from childhood to present. the objects become kind of a jumping off point to talk about what was going on in their life at that time, and it was really
10:51 pm
interesting. i agree with you, that, you know, making it kind of a relaxed setting where he could connect to what he was looking at, and even get emotional about it, really showed a side certainly i haven't seen before. i don't think anybody who watched him on television the last 16 months really saw. but he talked very candidly about -- you showed something with freddie there. you know, we went on to talk about the fact that freddie died at 42 of alcoholism, and i just asked him, look, i said, are you afraid that you have that gene and that you might be an alcoholic? and he was almost shockingly candid with me about it. he has fears, and we talked about, you know, why his dad sent him to military school for five years. >> that was -- by the way, that's a great moment. i don't want to give it away, and you also have, for example, details of a letter to trump from nixon. you asked him about his wife melania, and i thought it was a
10:52 pm
there. he even wanted to be a film maker. there's some real interesting moments. i learned a lot about him that i never knew. >> yeah, and, you know, we spent a lot of time digging up, doing research and really trying to understand him and his life. it is very different from -- you know, it is funny, because i used to think of him almost as a linear kind of guy, that he kind of is who he is and you didn't kind of see a variation in terms of emotions or conflicts or anything like that. i saw way more of them in the time that i spent with him, and i think you see it in the show. >> you know, what was really good about it, and i'm not sucking up to you because i learned so much from this, what was so refreshing is you weren't playing gotcha. you were asking real questions in an intimate environment. he brought you in his inner sanctum in away and it ended up giving us a side of trump i don't think most americans know. how much did it change your view
10:53 pm
of him? i know you have known him for a long time. i've known him as well, and, you know, i knew him a long time before he announced that he was going to run for president. i saw more of this side than i've seen in what i've been looking at for the last 16 months. >> yeah, me too. >> what it does is it brings it back into balance. you know, it is almost like -- i know this sounds kind of weird to say, but it is almost like will the real donald trump stand up. i think it is a combination of both, but i don't think you have seen any of this in the last 16 months, yet it has existed for many, many years. i think maybe you see that when you watch the special. >> listen, it is really -- it is really well done. congratulations. it is going to air here tomorrow night in this slot at 10:00 p.m. you don't want to miss it. by the way, do they pay you for tmz? do you get paid to have that much fun? do you make money on that? i'm just trying to find out.
10:54 pm
>> dude, i get up at 3:00 in the morning. come on. >> i'm supposed to feel bad you have more fun on tv than anybody else. my heart is bleeding for harvey. all right. the special is great. >> okay, sean. >> tomorrow night 10:00 eastern. congratulations. thanks for being with us. >> enjoy the night off. >> i'm gonna. i need one. when we come back, i need your help. our question of the date straight ahead. ♪ what? is he gone?? finally, i thought he'd never leave... tv character: why are you texting my man at 2 a.m.? no... if you want someone to leave you alone, you pretend like you're sleeping. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. tv character: taking selfies in the kitchen does not make you a model.
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11:00 pm,@sean hannity on twitter. a great interview tomorrow with donald trump in this time slot. i will see you back here on monday, thanksgiving week. we have a lot to be thankful for this year. ♪ ♪ >> welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" the show that is the sworn enemy of lying pomposity, mugness and group think, bullies, heroes of small dogs and children. the thing many of in the country are assessing is how so many of us in the media got is t. so wrong. virtually every person with a high paying job in washington, no, and los angeles demanded that voters not support donald trump for president but they did it anyway. and we never saw it coming. why is that? with us now to unravel the mystery a "new york times" columnist and two-time pull hisser is prize winner nic kristof, latest column 12 steps for voters in despair.


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