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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  November 18, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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in northvale, new jersey. >> i don't think it is 7:00 p.m. >> tea party. >> steve's head would not fit through here. he has bigger head than i do. bill: we can't erase that, ed. a lot of moving pieces this morning as trump administration continues to take shape. the president-elect filling three most important jobs keeping america safe and protecting rule of law. as we watch who is heading in and out of trump tower again today. come to friday. this is's newsroom. martha: this is bets one, better than the u.s. open. good morning, everybody. i'm martha maccallum. let's talk about what is going on here. the president-elect offering national security advisor job, chief of the nsa they call it to retired lt. general michael
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flynn. jeff sessions is tapped for job of attorney general. a lot of speculation about that position. you how about this one. gop congressman mike pompeo getting nod for cia director. bill: president-elect trump looking to make peace with one of his bitter rivalries. he will meet with mitt romney after eight months in one of the most bitter republican disputes we've seen. martha: talk how these three individuals are perceived politically. reporter: they are not moderates. these three picks if they prove to be true are not moderate at all. if inddation to come in other cabinet picks we're looking at very, very conservative administration indeed. fox confirming alabama junior senator and former reagan era u.s. attorney for the southern district of alabama jeff sessions is going to be his pick for attorney general. whether or not he accepts the pick we don't yet know. he was ranked by
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"national journal" as the fifth most conservative senator. sessions if confirmed would likely revamp what critics believe is the most politicized department of justice in modern history. his nomination will not be without controversy. four former justice department lawyers testified at his confirmation hearing many years ago that he made racially insensitive remarks. thomas figures a black u.s. attorney, testified that session thought the ku klux klan was okay until i found out they smoked pot. sessions said the comment was not serious, but it was joke but he nevertheless apologized for it. mike pompeo for cia chief. harvard law school graduate and former tea party member. he will come under scrutiny. he apologized for article from independent publication that his campaign tweeted out. pompeo's then opponent,
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indian-american was turban-topper could be a muslim, hindue, buddhist, who knows. he apologized for it. they were not pompeo's words that appeared in publication his campaign tweeted out. national security advisor, lt. general mike flynn will not face such scrutiny all many leftists consider his views on radical islamic terror to be too extreme. the nsa position is not subject to confirmation. again all these picks show trump is moving in very conservative direction, something many of his critics said he was capable of. martha? martha: we'll hear arguments over these gentlemen next couple weeks. what about the meeting with mitt romney? fascinating how all of this is playing out. they had quite a few harsh words between the two men but they will get together, right? reporter: they will get together this is another example of donald trump reaching out to make amends some hope of
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reconciliation to former critics. this is pretty remarkable. this meeting will take place tomorrow at the trump national golf club in new jersey. we'll be there for that. we'll keep close eye on it. there are suggestions that mr. romney is up for the secretary of state job. but listen to what romney said in the speech before trump got the nomination, encouraging americans not to accept his nomination. he said, that if trump's plans were ever implemented, the country would sink into a prolonged recession. apparently mitt romney has had a change of heart. he said this is in the interests of supporting the president and interests of supporting the united states of america. it may also be in the interests of furthering his own career. we shall see. martha? martha: we shall see. doug, thank you. bill: get more with quickly moving developments. guy benson political editor and in washington, d.c. a changing town, right? what about romney meeting. with are you picking up on that? >> i think it is fascinating as doug just laid out.
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this was one of fiercest critics of donald trump throughout the entire election cycle, dinging him on taxes, dinging him on policy, dinging him on foreign policy now apparently in consideration for the secretary of state spot as many people apparently are. and, you know he is capable guy, mitt romney, certainly, but bill, one thing i heard last night that is interesting to me, the more i think about it, more i like it, a little bit outside of the box. what about mitt romney at va? yes he is not a veteran. but what is his specialty? he is turn around artist, whether businesses or olympics. takes big, struggling entities whips them into shape. we all know the va needs that. a point of emphasis on the campaign trail. i think mitt romney going? managing heck out of va, fixing it that could be interesting idea. i hope they discuss it. bill: this will get a lot of attention the next 24 hours. this a speech from last march in utah when governor romney said this about donald trump. >> he inherited his business. he didn't create it.
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and whatever happened to trump airlines? how about trump university? and then there is trump magazine? and trump vod. and trump steaks and trump mortgage. a business genius he is not. bill: i went back and looked at speech earlier today. wow, he guts donald trump in line after line. that was only eight months ago, guy. >> brutal. then of course, donald trump firing back saying mitt romney blew an easy election. he choked like a dog. now they will be sitting face-to-face in new jersey this weekend, talking about possibly working together. look, i think that first of all winning helps a lot of things. people start to feel better. mitt romney, he has no future career ambitions. he has nothing to prove. but he wants to help the country. i think it is good move, smart, for donald trump to reach out the way he has. right thing for mitt romney to accept and show up. bill: more headlines today, what do you make of mike pompeo. you are familiar with him, cia,
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what do you make of that? >> i interviewed a couple times filling in for my friend hugh hewitt on radio. his resume' is impressive. veteran. harvard law. i think he is well-suited for the position. i think it is a good pick. doug talked about the previous package some of the controversies of the you can find controversies about anyone whoever been in public life. overall, pompeo, sharp guy. good pick. bill: jeff session, my sense is, if he accepts the nomination, the mainstream media will make a big deal out of his pursuit of a federal judgeship back in 1986, a position that he later withdrew his name. >> right. 30 years ago. and sessions has been in the public spotlight, in multiple capacities, very prominently as a senator for a long time. i think that because he made what many perceive as racially insensitive jokes back in the day, he will be asked about it. he will have to answer for that and explain and apologize and whatever he is going to do but would be surprising to see it
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derail his nomination if he is picked. you have to keep eye early on type of signals the trump administration might be sending. again, sessions the earliest member of congress, earliest short to sign on to the trump train and so he is being rewarded. bill: it was chris collins on the house side too from new york. thank you, guy benson in washington, d.c. first the economy, if donald trump's plans were ever implemented would sink into prolonged recession. who said that? martha: mitt romney for five. bill: you're right about that. martha: one when mitt romney said those things he firmly believed donald trump would never become president of the united states. two, something else to remember, hillary clinton and barack obama had very harsh words for each other throughout the course of their very nasty campaign. bill: good point. martha: managed to patch things up. we will see. bill: onward. martha: president obama coming together with key european allies this morning to talk about the u.s. transition to president-elect donald trump. he is meeting with leaders of
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germany, britain and france, very important allies of course. likely the last meeting of its kind before leaves his office in january. white house correspondent kevin corke live in berlin, germany, traveling with the president. good importanting to you, kevin. reporter: great to talk to you, martha. you're right. big difference between yesterday's meeting between angela merkel and t group of european leaders. frankly security dynamics is at focus. easy to talk about the con he mys of the u.s. and germany but let's face it, terrorism is not some abstract here. not on the doorstep, it is actually here which makes that all the more important in the conversation today and so the president meeting with those leaders as you pointed out working collectively they say on a transatlantic agenda to not only fight terrorism but to do what they can to stablize the middle east, north africa, as well as looking for diplomatic solutions in ongoing conflicts for syria and ukraine. the president was interviewed by german public broadcaster and deer spiegel and why he thought
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president-elect trump's message resonated with so many people. >> in rural areas, particularly those reliant on manufacturing, there is weaker growth, stagnation, people feeling if their children won't do as well. trump was able to tap into some of those anxieties. reporter: interesting. in that conversation, martha, the president pointing out a lot of people voted for him in '08 and '12 also voted for donald trump looking simply for change and to shake things up in washington. martha? martha: that is one of the big questions from the election. kevin, thank you. bill: kt mcfarland is having another meeting today at trump towers. we'll let you know what comes of that when we get it. first a big campaign push for donald trump, keeping jobs here at home. why one major american car cap says it will keep a plant open in the u.s. instead of moving to mexico. more on that in a moment.
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martha: nancy pelosi has been a fixture on capitol hill for a very long time you about now she faces a legitimate challenge. so what is next for her? what is next for the democratic party? bill: mike pence on the hill promises lightning fast progress after inauguration day. can the administration bank on congress getting on board that speed? >> we talked about going to work. he described president trump as a man of action and we are anxious to go to work both on transition and getting people in place as well as policies in place.
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martha: there are dozens firefighters battling a fire at a pallet yard. fire shutting down traffic in both directions on major highway east of los angeles. crews working to control it. two power poles burned causing several explosions down the yard from propane. this is incredible from kabc. no word whether anyone was hurt. we'll keep you posted on the work going on in california. >> beginning to discuss areas of that we might move forward on together. i think, that is what the american people want us to do. it is find ways to revive our economy, improve american lives, enhance the security of this
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nation and i'm grateful to begin those discussions on behalf of the president-elect with you today. bill: mike pence telling republicans to buckle up. the new administration plans to move quickly through the agenda first 100, 200 days. juan williams, mercedes schlapp. one in a million, mercy, mercy me. pence says buckle up, congress, mercy, what do you think? >> unified government can be very productive time for congress. as we no donald trump is doer. he is fast-paced. he barely sleeps. he will move forward to get things done. i think congress will be incredibly ready. they will move forward, bill obviously obamacare of the we know that parts of the affordable care act is part of this budget. they were passed as part of budget reconciliation. they can bypass filibuster. don't need the threshold of 60 votes in the senate. this will give congress opportunity to move forward and dismantle parts of obamacare and put forward a better plan from
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the republican side. bill: juan, what do you make of that? what do you think is the biggest fight ahead? >> i think there is immediate fight. funding for the government runs out december 9th, bill. they have to do short-term work to keep the government going. the question on the republican side can we use some manuevers to really get by that and allow the incoming trump administration to set the spending levels rather than allow the current congress and current administration to be involved in that. and they also want to include in that some provisions that would allow the incoming administration to quickly undo some trump, i'm sorry, some obama-era regulations. for a lot of democrats that is poison pill. and so you still have democrats with sufficient numbers in the senate to mount a filibuster and, i think you're going to see some short-term fireworks as a result. bill: all right. paul ryan said this which will be the most productive congress in a long, long time. that is his quote.
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it will take time. could very well be speed bums. >> those first 18 months are critical. tell you one thing to look for vulnerable democrat in red states up in 2018. you will see them in the senate willing to work with the donald trump administration and with republicans on issues like obamacare, on issues like tax reform and cuttings back of -- regulations. those are first two issues they will tackle. donald trump keep as checklist of items that he wants to push through and get the list of accomplishments. he has the opportunity to do that. the question is, how obstructist will the democrats be. they will be a will be a bit limited the but -- bill: what about mike pompeo as cia director. >> they are strong conservative picks. i have to say, i know mike
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pompeo he is incredibly impressive, brilliant, part of the house intelligence committee. has a very deep understanding of the serious issues that we're experiencing in the war on terror and terrorism in general. and the fight against isis. and i think that he is just unof the brilliant picks that donald trump has made. bill: also have mike flynn in the mix, juan, what do you think? >> i think mike flip doesn't need to be confirmed. there is lots of concern about mike flynn in the intelligence community. recently with the wikileaks stuff we saw an email from former secretary of state colin powell that described him as, you know, unhinged and i think there are lots of people who thought he wasn't a great manager. that is why he was decided to leave government in the first place. so, it is just, it is donald trump's pick. let him have his pick. let him have his man but he could not be confirmed in my opinion. then when it comes to jeff sessions, again, you're going to see a lot of controversy. comes back to race. it comes back to his history. past the fact that he didn't get
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the federal judgeship and then ended up of course on senate judiciary. now attorney general. i think there are a lot of people who are just saying, well, i don't know about this. ultimately i they have he gets approved. bill: you do? a lot of this transition phase deals with running down the trap doors to figure out what could be lying in the road before you. thank you, much, to both of you. juan, mercy me, thank you. love the nicknames, don't you? martha: i do. keeping jobs here in the united states is one of the big central focuses for donald trump. a big campaign problem is of course. now he is taking credit for keeping a ford plant here in the united states. big news that broke last evening. we'll talk about with charles payne. first, does this moment ring a bell from the campaign trail? >> it's disgraceful, what's going to happen is ford just announced they're doubling down. they will build much more in mexico. we can't allow it to happen
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anymore. we're not going to allow it to happen anymore.
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bill: back in washington for a moment. nancy pelosi will face democratic challenger. ohio congressman tim ryan out of young town putting in a bid for house minority leader. going after the top democratic position in the house. ryan making the case in a letter saying elections were a disaster and that the party needs to take a new direction. martha: president-elect donald trump taking credit for keeping a ford auto plant here in the united states. he hit the motor company hard on the campaign trail. criticizing ford for shipping jobs to mexico. mr. trump tweeting, quote, last night, around, i don't know,
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about 8:30, 9:00, just got a call from my friend bill ford, chairman of ford, who advised me will be keeping the lincoln plant in kentucky. no mexico, period. and quote, i worked hard at ford to keep the lincoln plant in kentucky. i owe it to the great state of kentucky for their confidence in me. charles payne, host of "making money" on the fox business network. that sounds pretty good. >> that is pretty good but the automaker dilemma. one of the things, here is the thing, two days, mark fields ceo said he will still move small car production to mexico. they simply can't make any money on them in this country. what they're trying to do is take the plants and put other production in there. i think he will be able to do that and you i, so i these plants won't close. the plants themselves won't move. but some of the production will still shift i think in the near term to mexico. martha: is there anything donald trump can do to stop that?
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>> listen, lower regulations, lower taxes, things like that. here is one of the ironies no one talks about. mexico has 40 free-trade agreements, with other countries and they get to ship the cars duty at this free. audi a year ago had to move production pro america, i don't know if people know, there is 10% duty on american cars when we ship them to the e.u., 22% on pickup trucks. so, that is one. ironies -- martha: mexico can ship them for free. that is the bottom line. >> that is the interesting thing as we push back against trade agreements. i think the idea is ultimately donald trump will cut individuals deals with these country as are maybe entities but it does give them advantage on top of course much cheaper worker. martha: talk about apple bringing some manufacturing here. i remember a conversation that steve jobs wrote about with president obama and president obama said what do we have to get some apple jobs back and he said it is never going to happen. >> here's the thing. everybody saying market didn't see trump winning.
6:27 am
martha: yeah. >> in june, apparently according to report from very reliable source out in asia, in june apple told their major manufacturers of iphone, mostly foxconn, find a way to perhaps make them in america. so -- martha: really? >> why would he do that in june? they're working on it. trying to see if it's feasible the obviously would be extraordinarily more expensive. you offset that. there are ways to offset that kind of stuff. and so, there looking into it. no doubt i think corporate america got the message. ricane donald trump message. voter. i think they will ship up. nafta, of itself i already predicted we'll get major concessions on nafta almost immediately from donald trump. we've seen canada blinking. he is going to meet with the president of mexico before the inauguration. i think, i'm not sure how it will impact autos but i think immediately helps our truckers. i think our truckers will get a huge boon. what people don't realize early last year, martha, a final phase
6:28 am
of nafta put through where mexican truckers could drive all the way through america with their stuffs. before they had to stop at border. american truck driver would pick it up. those things ripple throughout the country never make headlines throughout "the new york times." they create anxiety which we saw in the election. martha: could feel a sense of economic relief in the u.s. markets and you can hear it in the voices of businessmen and women around the country who are optimistic. you know, so hopefully they're optimism will -- >> talk about animal spirits a lot. no, there is one thing -- martha: that is true though. >> lower taxes, lower regulations is mechanical part of it. spark belief, the guy at parking garage is excited. he didn't vote for donald trump. my brother-in-law in the scrap metal business, says business has gone nuts. something is brewing. a lot has to do with november 8th. donald trump could take the baton -- martha: scrap metal truck with a big spray-painted go trump on the back.
6:29 am
maybe it was your brother law. >> it might have opinion. bill: what was, charles? >> what. bill: instincts were what? >> animal spirits. martha: it is all about animal spirits. >> our dna as americans. we want to win. bill: i got it. president-elect trump making big decisions this week who will serve in his cabinet. this is breaking news this morning. will any of his former challengers from the primary season make the cut? one of those challengers, governor mike huckabee is here live in the studio next. martha: watch the trump towercam this morning. plus secret service making a record-setting counterfeit bust. they rounded up $30 million in fake bills, folks. where did they make them? you will be curious to know. we'll be right back. ♪
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bill: 9:32 on friday morning in new york if you're just joining us.
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this is the news of the hour. mike flynn has been nominated and accepted position of national security advisor to president-elect donald trump. mike pompeo, republican out of kansas has accepted a nomination to be cia director. jeff sessions senator from alabama, accepted nomination to be attorney general. they will go through confirmation process in congress. we'll stand by more. flynn does not need nsa confirmation through the senate. meantime we're watching trump tower. we're told that mr. trump is going to make a move early this afternoon out to his golf course in new jersey, bedminister new jersey, 45 miles due west of manhattan. we'll see when that happens. we're told he will make a victory tour to the states that he won, especially to battle ground state that he flipped. details on those potential rallies and, tour stops, we don't have right now. but the trump team is talking about it on the inside. keep you updated on all that
6:34 am
right now as we roll on with martha here on friday. martha: you might guess which state might be high on the list as places woe stop. listen to the buzz in trump tower as people come and go out of the elevators, waving to the crowd. this is parade of potential potential members of the trump administration. we are, you know, we have the understanding this is a very efficient process actually. and that they have landing teams that will be going to washington shortly to get people organized in places like pentagon. also on the economic front. the president-elect is making those decisions as we speak. so people are wondering which of the former republican primary opponents, remember all of these folks that were up on that stage? a lot of them scrapping at each other throughout the process of all of this? looks like several of could potentially wind up in the trump administration and some appear to have been jettisoned. so former arkansas governor mike huck key was of course one of those candidates. he will meet with the president-elect today at trump tower.
6:35 am
he joins me now. governor, always good to have you with us. >> good morning. >> you look at some faces on the screen, many who reached out to the administration. you were an early person to be supportive of donald trump. is there a future in the administration for you? >> well you know that is for donald trump to decide and you know, i always say this. those who know don't talk and those who talk don't know. the number one thing that a person -- martha: let's underline that, shall we? >> that is true. martha: it is so true. >> people rattle on although know about the inside they don't know what they're talking about. people who know something know to keep their mouths shut. first of all there is loyalty you owe to whoever it is making these decisions. secondly, leaking out information is the game of amateurs. it is not the game that you play if you are really serious about wanting to have the best people in place. martha: give us a sense of what your interaction with the transition team has been like? there have been a lot of stories
6:36 am
about chaos within the team. chris christie, who was one of the people we put up on that screen has been bumped aside. that he may not have a role in the future. what's your sense of who's heading the operation and how it is going? >> if you look at the fact donald trump named people already far in advance when barack obama, ronald reagan, jimmy carter, george w. bush. you know, george h walker bush, none of those guys had people named this early. donald trump is ahead of the game. i think it is media creation of 24 hour news cycle and everybody thinks he is supposed to have it done the day after the election when he didn't sleep that night. it is going fine. it is very complicated process to put 4100 people in positions in short period of time, to ask them to go through upheaval. probably doing much better than most previous administrations who were supposeddedly better prepared for it. martha: we did get some concrete information.
6:37 am
mike pompeo at cia, mike flynn at nsa, and the list goes on. talk to me a little bit what you think about the appointment we heard about today and jeff sessions i should point out also as well, the senator from alabama who was early trump supporter? >> jeff session is one of my very favorite people, phenomenal senator, plainspoken, brought clarity to the tpp discussion back when it was going early on, i think amazingly good choice, one i give standing ovation for. martha: what do you say to those when he was going through confirmation process a long tile ago, there were perceived to be racist comments made and he apologized for those. will he have a difficult time because of that? >> my gosh, if everybody judged by something they said 35 years ago or 40 years ago in offhand way really wasn't intended to be harmful, nobody has a shot getting confirmed for anything. jeff sessions proven himself as very effective united states senator. now he is conservative? you bet he is.
6:38 am
doesn't that give conservatives a real sense of, ah, about donald trump's selection? look at judges he put on the supreme court list. for all those, i call them hand-wringers and bed wetters out there in the republican party, donald trump we can't trust him, won't be conservative, look what he is doing. he is picking solid, conservative people. speaks well of his process. speaks well of his also the team that he wants to put together. martha: what about mike flynn? >> good man. again one of the key things in that job is that the president trusts you. and i think donald trump trusts mike flynn and that is the number one quality that he has. certainly has the credentials. you get that many stars on your shoulder, you've earned the right to be respected and he certainly does. martha: mitt romney is going to meet with him tomorrow is what we're told with the president-elect. i mean it is just, we played some of what mitt romney said in the speech. mitt romney really went out on a limb in that speech. >> he did. martha: he pretty much trashed
6:39 am
the entire career donald trump. someone who has a lot of respect in this country, mitt romney. can these guys put it together? >> if donald trump thinks he can that is his decision to make. i think it is very difficult given the level of rhetoric. you know, is there a role for mitt? i don't know. i'm not sure. but look, the number one quality you bring to any administration in any endeavor, is loyalty and it is sense of understanding a respect, healthy, genuine loyal respect for the person who put you in the job. i always looked at it this way, if somebody did everything they could to keep me from getting a job do i want to put them in a job? martha: isn't that part of the game? part of what happens in a rough and bell campaign people shoot across the bow at each other, then they say truce. >> perfectly in normal in politics to go after each other, but you go to the level saying a person is unfit, unqualified, incapable, now those are words that cross a border because it is one thing to say he is not the best person.
6:40 am
this person has a weak area on national defense or on health care, whatever it is you want to pick. that's fair game. when you start going after that person's character, that person's ability to do the job -- martha: donald trump said he choked like a dog in the first election. >> all the more reason to wonder -- martha: ted cruz was lyin' all the time, these are people he considers. you know what, he respects these guys and realizes they're smart and wants their input. >> that very well may be the case, if so i would have to assume donald trump is going to exact out of them some sense of perspective and maybe a public walking of the plank to say, i take back all those nasty things i said, they were untrue and i didn't mean them. martha: would you like to be ambassador to israel? >> i have no comment on anything that the president-elect might present to me. and i don't know that's my future. i just don't know. that is his decision to make. it is my decision, only to process that and decide but, as i said earlier, i will stand by it, those who know don't talk.
6:41 am
those who talk don't know. martha: governor huckabee, always good to have you with us. good reminder for everybody in this season of mass speculation. but we're getting some concrete stuff too as well which is helpful. thank you very much. good to see you. bill: pretty good line for debate, governor. secret service making a record haul on counterfeit money. $30 million in brolgas currency, the most in the agency's history. bogus currency. they worked with authorities in peru as they conducted a series of raids in lima. that capital city is considered hotbed for counterfeit bucks. 48 people were arrested. 60 printing locations were shut down. that is why you have new currency couple years. martha: that is why they hold your money up to the light, when you give them the big 20-dollar bill. make sure that thing is okay. i didn't know peru was known for that. anyway, we're keeping an eye as
6:42 am
we have told you on the lobby, trump tower lobby. i used to go to this place when i was little girl to see poinsettias up and down the tower on christmastime. never imagined that would be a place where presidential transition is taking place. you see guards lined up around the elevator banks there we keep an eye on that. bill: president obama perhaps burned by his own experience passing on foreign policy advice to his successor as it deals with putin and russia. is it good advice? that's next. >> i hope is that the president-elect coming in takes a similarly constructive approach, finding areas where we can cooperate with russia, that the president-elect also is willing to stand up to russia. at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone.
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martha: volkswagen announcing some job cuts, some 30,000 positions will be slashed
6:46 am
worldwide over five years. north america among the regions that will see cuts. germany will take the brunt. volkswagen was struggling in recent years especially after admitting to rigging emission test results on diesel cars. ♪ >> my hope is, is that he does not simply take a realpolitik approach and suggest that you know, if we just cut some deals with russia, even if it hurts people or even if it violates international norms, or even if it leaves smaller countries vulnerable, or creates long-term problems in regions like syria that we just do whatever's convenient at time. bill: there was a lot that came out of press conference yesterday. president obama's advice to his successor about russian president vladmir putin. during a meeting in germany you saw president obama urging
6:47 am
president-elect trump to stand up to putin. he. we have former counterterrorism advisor to vice president cheney and new author of the book, warrior diplomat. nice to see you. what do you think of this advice handed down? burned by experience if what do you make of that? >> i find president obama somewhat lecturing president-elect trump on russia to be height of irony. we've seen under obama's term russia invade and take over crimea, take over parts of ukraine, reassert itself into the middle east in a way we haven't seen in 30 to 40 years. barrel bombing civilians and just a few months ago, obama proposed to putin a deal in which american military officers and russian military officers would share our most sensitive intelligence to target some of these groups. it was a deal that the pentagon vehemently opposed. i certainly have some concern about the russians and think we should approach it with very
6:48 am
kind of cautious eye, i find it coming from president obama to be somewhat ridiculous. bill: markable thing to see under geopolitical moves putin has made. just over the past 12 months it is extraordinary. how does mike flynn deal with something like that? how does mike pompeo, if he leads the cia, deal with something like this? >> there is two main functions to the national security advisor which general flynn will be nominated. one is obviously national security advice to the president. but two, i think just as important is coordinating the vast, kind of agencies in our national security apparatus. all parts of dod, the central intelligence agency, treasury, state department, and get them kind of you know, rowing in the same direction for the president's agenda. general flynn has been inside of the pentagon, inside of combatant commands. i think most importantly he has been out in the field and seen the current national security staff under susan rice trying to micromanage these wars.
6:49 am
so i'm excited to see him roll a lot of that back. bill: does he come from the mold of general david petraeus or, would you put him in a different category, michael? >> well, he is certain hely i think one of the, more enlightened generals we've seen of this generation. he worked very closely with general stan mcchrystal, perfected how we target these terrorist groups. i look forward to seeing the head of isis, al-baghdadi get taken out under mike flynn's leadership. but then at the same time, he criticized his intelligence community we have learned and focused heavily on targeting terrorist leaderships but we don't understand, kind of the tribes and the local dynamics well enough like we should i think to be successful in these wars. bill: i remember the night he spoke at the convention in cleveland, ohio. it was late on the first evening. after the prime time hour, so a lot of folks missed his speech. it was fiery. michael, thanks for coming in today.
6:50 am
good to have you on board. congratulations to the green beret foundation the other night. >> thanks. thank you, bill. thank you, personally, for your support. bill: you are welcome. it is my honor. michael waltz, thank you. martha? martha: there is a lot of talk about presidential campaigns and securing the borders. what does the president-elect do? what can he actually get accomplished? we'll take a look. >> donald trump's most prized possessions, the treasured items that matter to him most and stories behind them, a rare glimpse into his personal life. don't miss, harvey levin hosts. donald trump on fox news channel.
6:51 am
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6:53 am
♪ martha: president-elect donald trump vowing during his campaign to build a wall between the united states and mexico. the two countries have had
6:54 am
portions of fencing and walls sort of in different spots along the border there for some time. more than 60 countries, mostly in europe, now installing barriers at their borders to keep people out. mostly because of the refugee crisis they have been experiencing. william la jeunesse, live from los angeles with more on this morning. hey, william, good morning. reporter: martha, irony politicians fences don't work until they need one the europe has four times more barriers today than they did in the cold war. anyone who lives on the southern border along with agents that patrol it, will tell you that walls work. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border. [cheering] reporter: whether you call it a wall or fence, border barriers are booming, not just in the u.s. >> at the end of world war ii, there were less than five border walls in i where in the world. as late as 1989, when the berlin wall came down there were 15 border walls. today there are almost0.
6:55 am
>> reporter: greece, hungary, israel, countries build walls to keep immigrants and refugees out. >> what the walls are meant to do, make it a form of deterrent, make it much harder to cross the border with the idea it will discourage people trying to cross. >> we have better idea what is coming across the border and more likely apprehend it. reporter: along the southern border agents rely on 350 miles of exists fence. >> we have 30 seconds to minute before we lose sight. the point of fence to slow down traffic in areas where they're able to quickly move into the u.s. >> but it is not enough to secure the border. so last year, house republicans proposed erecting 570 miles of double fencing, like this one in yuma, with access road in between. while fences do deter and stop illegal immigrants, they mead manpower, sensors and surveillance to really work. to many trump's wall is simply
6:56 am
metaphor for barrier that works. based on topography, experts know what to build and where to build it, martha. not only question of design, desire and money. martha: interesting to see all those walls in all of those countries. william, thank you very much. bill: keeping close eye on the lobby of trump to you this morning. to be jobs being announced in the trump administration. what about the meeting with mitt romney that will happen tomorrow? chris wallace on deck to analyze everything we're learning so far today. martha: dire warning from the head of the tsa. why he is sounding the alarm about air travel around the holiday. we'll tell you what they're saying. we'll be right back. just like , you have dinner on the table at 6:00 every night. hey guys, i'm home! of course no one said it had to be cooked. campbell's one dish recipes, and your schedule. made for real, real life.
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martha: he will meet with mitt romney, his former them is which should be interesting. there is another room that you would like to be in the middle of. happy friday to you. it's a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." bill: trump is going out to his golf course with his family. this will be like the bronco chase. we'll follow him from trump tower, out to la guardia. we'll see his plane leave. we have a camera at the golf course. martha: i hope it's not exactly like the bronco. it's pretty far out there and it's pretty rural, people will be surprised how rural how new jersey actually is where that course is.
7:01 am
bill: there are three big names jeff sessions, congressman mike pompeo from kansas and lieutenant general michael flynn named to trump cabinet. >> all the hand ringers and bed whethers in the republican party. look at what he's doing. he's picking solid conservative people. it speaks well of his process and the team he wants to put together. martha: chris wallace watching this unfold. what do you think about the news we got on these three gentlemen. reporter: remember two days ago
7:02 am
when the "new york times" was reporting that the transition team was in shambles. now we are being deluged. for all the talk about trump reaching out, and yes he will meet with mitt romney tomorrow and ted cruz earlier this week at trump tower. they are getting the meetings, but the people getting the jobs are trump loyalists like jeff sessions who was the first and only senator to support donald trump and mike flynn who was his main national security advise year now will be his formal national security advisor in the white house. the loyalists are getting the jobs. as mike huckabee said, there are a lot of conservatives in this group.
7:03 am
martha: we showed a town hall environment mike flynn the general did with donald trump where they did a q and a. they have been traveling with each other quite a bit and gotten to know each other quite a bit. you have to have a tight relationship with your nsa director. reporter: he's supposed to be an honest broker between the secretary of defense and the cia director and the secretary of state. henry kissinger during the nixon administration where he was maybe the top person in terms of foreign policy and it ended up being both the national security adviser and secretary of state. but donald trump and mike flynn are close together when it comes to islamic radicals. he's somewhat controversial and was forced out by the obama administration when he was the head of the defense intelligence
7:04 am
agency. but he's have much in line with the president-elect. >> donald trump tells us he's very, very smart. i'm afraid when it comes to foreign policy he's very, very not smart. [applause] martha: ouch. secretary of state? that will be a tough conversation. reporter: as i said, the opponents, the rivals are getting the meeting. that shows trump is not nursing grudges. he's trying to reach out. he met with ted cruz earlier at trump tower. he's meeting at his golf club in new jersey with mitt romney. i would be surprised if he ends up as secretary of state. first of all, obviously there is a lot of baggage there, and they would have to deal with all those questions.
7:05 am
more importantly they don't agree on foreign policy, for instance on russia, mitt romney famously in 2012 said russia was our number one geopolitical adversary if he had gotten in a scuffle with barack obama about that. trump wants to reset and have a cooperative relationship with russia. stranger things have happened. this is donald trump. i will be surprised if he ends up being secretary of state. that will give a whole new meaning to the expression of team of rivals. martha: they had thrown so much at each other over the course of that time. the secretary of state has the convenience of being someone not around that much. reporter: when in doubt you can send him on a foreign trip. i just don't quite know why he would want him at secretary of state because of some of the differences in foreign policy.
7:06 am
i think it's a positive step that they are meeting. it shows a lot of people were wrong about donald trump, he doesn't nurse grudges, he wants to open his arms and reach out to all republicans, and we are seeing in his several phone calls with chuck schumer reaching out to democrats as well, "the art of the deem." but whether he will take the steps to make him secretary of state i have my doubts. martha: it sort of starts to bring people into the circle and makes them feel like they are appreciated, and that can go a long way in life and politics. reporter: the show is changing. we are going to have the vice president-elect the vicepreside. trump will give a lot of authority and lot of power to this vice president.
7:07 am
we'll be talking to him. we'll be talking to the top senator in the transition. strum contributed to schumer's campaigns over the years. we'll talk about where they can agreen and where he can work the president and areas where he can't. martha: that's a pretty good show. reporter: it's tomorrow friday. who knows what will happen by sunday. bill: an interesting thought last hour about romney. is it possible that mitt romney could head up the va? certainly. martha: it's a very promising idea. he turned around the olympics. and that was his business for a long time. we'll see. bill: in the meantime fox news
7:08 am
alert, the head of the tsa talking about holiday security concerns saying u.s. airports remain a top target for terrorists. leland vittert is with us. the focus is on air travel. >> the tsa echoing what they are hearing from intelligence briefings. we saw that on 9/11 and it appears an attack on u.s. airlines and airports remain biggest prize for terrorists. for the tsa they have to strike that balance between keeping us safe and the convenience of allowing everyone to get through the checkpoints for the thanksgiving rush. the lines earlier this year people waited hours to get through the metal detector. the tsa thinks they have the wait times speeded up.
7:09 am
now comes the equally big challenge of saying one step ahead of terrorists looking for new ways to attack. it's not just about keeping airplanes safe. terrorists in brussels attacked travelers waiting at the check-in counter with deadly consequences. they got lots of families, babies and people who don't necessarily go through a tsa check point every week. at the same time on the mind of those working the check point and the traveling public as well is that the shoe bomb on the flight to miami and the under weigd the -- andthe under wear d
7:10 am
to attack on holidays. martha: retired lieutenant general michael flynn will is fashion stall security adviser. bill: jon stewart dirk out harsh words. why he's accusing some of post-election hypocrisy. we'll have that next. >> our agency teams have begun to arrive at agencies in washington, d.c. this morning getting what i'm very confident will be a smooth transition that will serve to move this country forward and make america great again. bill: he was there two days in a
7:11 am
row. same way. martha: a normandy-style invasion going into the agencies, state department, pentagon, to try to figure out how everything works and get their people in place. bill: here comes the helicopter. general jack keane lands here live next. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
7:12 am
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7:15 am
bill: we have a statement out from donald trump with regard to jeff sessions, nominated to be the next attorney general. trump says its an honor to nominate senator jeff sessions. with regard to lieutenant general michael flynn, nsa, i'm pleased general flynn will be by my side top and a half gait geopolitical challenges and keep america safe at home and abroad. mike pompeo nominated to be the next head of the cia. he said he search offed his country with honor. he graduated number one in his class at west point. martha: let's bring in general jack keane.
7:16 am
fox news military analyst and chairman. good morning to you. busy day as we have been discussing throughout. let's start with the statement we just heard from donald trump, president-elect about michael flynn. what do you make of him in the nsa position? >> i snow general flynn personally and professionally. he has an incredible back ground in intelligence after the joint operations command and he was in channeled of the central command and his last position was as director of the defense intelligence agency which is the highest level military intelligence agency that we have as part of the department of defense it was there that he ran afoul of the obama administration in the sense that he did not believe that the
7:17 am
president was getting nor was the administration sharing with the public the real men nal -- f radical islam and in his judgment it wasn't happening properly. martha: that's a significant story. there were a number of senior intelligence official who felt their reports and the work they were doing on the ground with isis militants and other parts of the world were watered down and not well received, that they didn't want to harper that at the white house. >> i think there is real truth to that. given the number of anecdotal information running around this subject to include the central commands headquarters. we have a report that indicates the actual information that was in the hands of the intelligence officials in central command was not get together national
7:18 am
leadership about how poorly things were going in iraq and syria. there is a pattern to the story here that is not very good. in terms of accurate information in the hands of the president. and what actually the government is telling the american people. martha: you can see why that was frustrating for someone in general flynn's position who wants to tomorrow on radical islam across the world. he's criticized for being loose with his words or actions at times. is that your experience? >> no. i haven't seen that. i think all of us have a little bit of that. i'm not sure if it's that profound he can't function in his job. i think it's good to get excited about things, martha. martha: never have i heard you say anything that would fall into that category. good to have your thoughts on
7:19 am
that. let's move on in terms of your stone future. have you met with donald trump, and do you think you may play a role in this administration? >> i did meet with him. i had not ever had a conversation with him before except we shared a view in new york city but that was a casual acquaintance. if i found him personable, engaging. national security and foreign policy and defense is sort of my lane. and most president-elects when they get into that position doanlt have much of a depth of background in that area. it's true of president obama, george bush, bill clinton and president reagan, and he's no exception to that. but he asks excellent questions. they know they don't know a lot about national security. he had foured -- he had fouredd
7:20 am
four advisers in the room with him. they want to do well and you can see that in the intensity of their questions. martha: what is the most important thing the administration needs to address when they get started. >> the number one thing is american leadership, martha. what happened to us in the last pay the years. we had a president who broke with our historical past and tradition since world war ii. every american president is pretty much accepted the responsibility of american leadership in terms of helping to establish global security and stability and economic prosperity. they may go about it
7:21 am
differently. but this president did not. edpulled away. he thought america was too involved in the world. as a result the world is clearly a more dangerous place and our allies don't trust us. first and foremost what else the role of america in terms of our global responsibilities. then start dealing with how do we deal with the revisionist countries trying to dominate their part of the world, russia, iran, china. how do we deal with radical islam. what are we going to do with the problems we have in afghanistan which will become serious. all of those other issues start to fall out of place once you make up your mind about american leadership and the president's role in that. martha: these are the things that smack the president when he isn't expecting it, and he needs a strong team. we thank you for your input on
7:22 am
all of that. it's good to see you. >> this is lightning speed when you look at historical transition teams coming in. we'll take you back to trump tower.
7:23 am
7:24 am
7:25 am
martha: the power center right now is at trump tower. earlier we saw mike pence, the vice president-elect arriving and here is what he said. let's do it again. he said they are working to make america great again and meeting with very, very important people to do just that. bill: then he took the elevator upstairs. bill: the battle to retake mosul
7:26 am
from the grips of isis in its second month. iraqi troops facing stiff resistance from isis militants every step of the way. iraqi forces gaining much ground now, john? >> they are. they are moving forward slowly and cautiously. it's been a pretty grueling fight. you heard the gunfire and explosions. that continues as we speak. iraqi forces, special forces have been pushing deeper into the eastern part of mosul and eastern sections after a pause in the fighting yesterday because of bad weather. today the fighting resumed in an area which is -- if you look at a map, it's on the northeastern edge of the city. but iraqi commanders say they are proceeding cautiously because of the thousands of civilians that remain in these areas. we continue to see the i am ands, the video of those men,
7:27 am
women and children running for their lives. some getting very badly injured and others getting killed in the process. >> what are these forces, iraqi and kurdish forces, what are they up against. reporter: a number of things. but the greatest concern is for the civilian population. the fight is grueling because it's basically street to street, house to house combat. you see some that. in the midst of that you have thousands of people who remain trapped in these areas. and isis is using people as human shields. they did it in a mad crane tikrit, now they are doing it in mosul. now what they are doing is militants -- isis militants are trying to blend into the civilian population. they will do suicide attacks,
7:28 am
i.e.d.s, then they will surround themselves with these civilians. it's just a growing fight as those forces push deeper into eastern mosul. bill: thank you, john huddy in our middle east bureau live. martha: vice president-elect mike pence telling people to get ready for sweeping legislation. we'll talk to taken indiana congressman who knows hip well about what will be first up in their order of business. >> we are excited about moving the trump agenda forward.
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
♪ getting older shouldn't mean giving up all the things she loves to do. it should just mean, well, finding new ways to do them. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to provide help with personal care, housekeeping, and of course, meal preparation. oh, that smells so good. aw, and it tastes good, too. we can provide the right care, right at home. >> i'm working with the president-elect. he's a man of action.
7:32 am
we have a great number of men and women with great qualifications to come forward and serve his administration and i'm humbled to be a part of it. our agency teams have begun to arrive at agencies this morning for the beginning of what i'm confident will be a smooth transition that will serve to move this country forward and make america great again. bill: that was 10 minutes agree at trump tower, mike pence going up the escalators. congressmen luke messer founder of the congressional school choice caucus. i know -- i guess you know your former governor mike pence very well. take us inside the room yesterday when he was on capitol hill. >> it was an amazing environment. mike pence is a man of the house, served with many of our members for the 12 years he was
7:33 am
in congress. and he's universally respected, seen as a person with a deep knowledge on the issues. and he's just liked. people like mike pence and one of mike's biggest strengths, he likes them back. bill: he said buckle up. what does that mean? >> we are going to get to work. donald trump is a man of action. he laid out a clear agenda on getting rid of obamacare thatv are better alternatives that are patient-centered, and securing our border and reforming the tax code to put more money in he american's pocket. bill: can you be specific what will come first? >> we'll have to do many things at the same time obviously. we'll have budget challenges and spending bills that will come up in the first quarter of next
7:34 am
year as well. but if you want to see what donald trump is going to do first, look at what he talked about most on the campaign trail. he made commitments on securing our border and getting raid of obamacare. that's where our work needs to start in keeping those promises. bill: paul ryan the house speaker said this will be the most productive congress in a long, long time. he's setting the bar high. >> the expectation is very high and we need to meet those expectations. you will see the kind of energy probably not seen since 1994 in the beginnings of that first republican revolution. the roadmap for what we should do first are the issues donald trump campaigned on. the issues, the promises he made to the american people.
7:35 am
bill: there is a rumor you could be in line for education secretary. >> any red-blooded american if you were asked by your president to serve you would have a hard time saying no. i'm interested in donald trump education agenda ending common core and putting moms and dads back in charge of of their child's education. who wouldn't get excited about that. bill: this is a transition that's gone into high gear after a lot of critics on the outside saying how long is it going to take. this is very fast in terms of the schedule for putting nominees forward. what does it tell you or suggest to you? >> donald trump is a man of action. these are serious people. it's scene outstanding start to the trump administration.
7:36 am
it continues on the trend, the selection of mike pence. it shows you strong and quality people will be ready to serve the trump administration, that should be exciting for every american. >> this came in yesterday, there are a lot of people in this selfie that was held by mike pence. were you in it? >> i think i'm there in the left-hand corner. but the bottom line is, people like mike pence, it was a fun time there, now the hard work starts. we have got to buckle up, and i think it's a very exciting time to be an american. bill: luke messer, thank you for your time today, the republican from indiana. martha: let's go to president obama who spent some time reflecting on the populist forces as he sees them that sent donald trump to the white house. >> i was elected because i
7:37 am
believed in what we call grass roots politics. politics from the bottom up, not the top down. i was able to excite and engage people who previously hadn't been involved in politics. i think all politicians today have to be more attentive to people wanting to be heard, wanting to have more control over their lives. martha: he has been speaking a lot lately, reflecting on his presidency and looking forward. he's in germany with angela merkel and he discussed what he calls some of the darkest moments of his 8 years in office. >> the most difficult moments had to do with not just terrorist attacks, but also shootings. you will recall there was an event at a school at sandy hook
7:38 am
elementary where 20 6-year-old children were shot by a troubled young man. and i had to meet with the parents just two days after they had lost their child. the pain that they feel is hard to describe and will always haunt me to some degree. martha: no doubt. that moment haunt all of us. and presidents have to deal with very difficult times when it comes to meeting families in those situations. no doubt that hit home with him in a very big way. bill: you said it's a reflective period for him, too. president obama encouraging many to make their voices heard as they take to the streets to protest. so then is this the best way to unite the country. we'll debate that, fair and
7:39 am
balanced in a moment. martha: mcdonald's announces a bold new change for the future. so basically we have two production options... hey guys, i gotta call you back. (phone ringing) hello? hi mom! oh, hi sweetie! how are you? give a keurig brewer this holiday and they will think of you everyday.
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bill: you will be able to order your big mac and have it delivered to your table. fast food chain is expanding digital self-service stations. so more technology as well. march require don't like ordering for yourself on an ipad. can you please just ask can i have this.
7:43 am
i was a waitress for years, and i finds it ever impersonal. bill: i guess you are not going to go to mcdonald's. there is this. president obama said to be encouraging the anti-trump protest to some extent. >> i would not advise people who feel strongly or are concerned about some of the issues raised during the course of the campaign, i wouldn't advise them to be silent. i have bent subject much protests during the course of my 8 years and i suspect there is not a president in our history that at some point hasn't been subject to these protests. martha: a lot of these demonstrations are happening on college campuses across the country. it's not just election people
7:44 am
are speak out against. protesters are making their voices heard on everything from the dakota access pipeline to black lives matter. >> we can all come together and put the issues on the table and talk about them in a way that can create positive change. martha: the former spokesperson for the republican national committee and a fellow at the harvard school of politics. good to have you here as we round the week out here and look back on all this. sarah, what did you think of what the president had to say? are you okay with that? >> people have the right to protest. but it's unprecedented for a sitting president to encourage protesting the next president. george w. bush did not do that
7:45 am
when president obama took office. absolutely hillary clinton and barack obama have a role in telling these protesters that they were the ones using unhealthful dangerous political rhetoric to scare people into voting for them. it didn't work. the sitting president should not encourage and protest of the president-elect. >> his words were encouraging protests of the sprotests -- of. he stood you have and acknowledged our process and encouraged people to be civil in how they deal with it. but he also should encourage people voice their opinions about things, encourage civic engagement. this election -- there is no doubt has erupted a lot of emotions on both sides of the aisle. there are strong feeling about the policies good for this country.
7:46 am
it's a good thing that people engage i civically. martha: we are hearing a lot from people who did not vote. we heard sound bites the other day, i was so turned off i didn't vote. that must drive the president crazy. kanye west said he did not vote but if he had he was going to vote for donald trump which is interesting. he says he wants to run in 2020. the floodgates are open. >> a lot of the people who have been protesting against his presidency also didn't vote. i think that kind of flies in the face of logic. vote and be active. not just loud. martha: i thought this was interesting as well from jon stewart. >> in the liberal community you hate the idea of creating people as a monolith.
7:47 am
don't look at muslims as a monolith. but everybody who voted for trump always monolith. is a racist. that hypocrisy is also real. martha: interesting point from jon stewart. >> i think it's something the left tried to use to their political advantage, this idea of identity politics. now they are trying to use it as a political weapon against trump supporters. it's incredibly unhelpful to their political interests. people are sick of this you are only as good as whatever identity the left asigns to you. if you don't agree with them, you are labeled, you are a misogynist, a racist. carly fiorina wasn't the right type of woman and she wasn't valid as a female candidate. jon stewart is right about the hypocrisy about painting
7:48 am
everybody as a racist. martha: people are tired of being put in boxes and categories. they vote on their tone economic reality and things they want to see happening in the country. marjorie, what do you think about that? >> i think empathy on both sides of the aisle is the only thing that will move us forward. and wee all had different experiences. for some people gender may be their most prominent experience of injustice. for others it may be economically driven and they haven't had that same experience. it's our job to listen and not label everybody. nobody wants to be labeled. i don't like to be labeled on twitter and i'm sure you don't either. it's understanding we are multi faceted and have different experiences. so we have to listen. we watch the protests and some of them know what they are
7:49 am
talking about. martha: we are all like that to a certain extent. have a great weekend and thank you for weighing in today. bye, ladies. bill: president-elect trump saying you're hired to at least three today. who he could be meeting with tomorrow. one family setting an extra place at the table this thanksgiving after a screwup after a text message. figure that one out. >> my dad was navy so we would invite vets over that we didn't know either for thanksgiving dinner. so it's not uncommon. but i haven't done that for quite a long time.
7:50 am
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jon: rapid fire new names. we'll talk about how the new administration is taking place and ask if the media have been fair to the trump administration so far. that's 7 minutes away on happening now. bill: we are starting to get a few more rumors about the meetings that will take place tomorrow at trump's golf course. mitt romney is one. we do know that. there could be also michelle reid. you remember her name. she ran the d.c. public schools. she was very controversial at the same time very committed to change. and also i'm hearing james mattis. his nickname is mad dog. he's the one who replaced david petraeus as head of sent come. and mattis left that position
7:54 am
and not in a ceremonial fashion shall we say. >> also somebody talked about as potentially running for president at one point. so we'll see that. we want to take a look at these pictures after the break. let's look at who will be having the transition discussion. loretta lynch, we'll talk about jeff sessions about what her job is like. here is where the keys are, here is where the coffee machine is. shsusan rice is the national securitied a adviser. lieutenant general michael flynn will take over for susan rice. john brennan who is the cia director will be handing the reins over to representative mike pompeo of kansas if that goes as planned from what we learned this morning. it's interesting to see who
7:55 am
holds those roles and who will be in a trump administration. >> jason miller said he's confident they will be confirmed. mcconnell was expressing the fact whatever nominee you give us we'll push forward. martha: that's one of the things they are concerned about when you have senate approval. you have to pick someone you think will make it over that. we'll leave you with this shot of trump tower. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance. do not use if you are allergic to cosentyx.
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bill by a text message from a wrong number. arizona student jamal received a thanksgiving invite from a woman he thought was texting grandson. once they realized that mix-up they decided to spend the holiday together anyway. this is kind of how it went. >> i got a random text and i texted back and i found a new grandma. i was, like, wow, she's really nice.
7:59 am
i should really go. she seems tweet. >> we would invite vets over that we didn't know either for thanksgiving dinner so it's not uncommon but i haven't done that for quite a long time. bill: cool stuff. enjoy dinner. jamal plans to helping his new grandmother with her texts. [laughter] martha: i love that. that is so great. happy thanksgiving to them and happy thanksgiving to friends at soldier strong, it is the organization that used to be soldiers sox, historic building, i have the honor of speaking to the group there and we were with dan rose who is a wonderful military vet who has been able to get the ability to walk-through the technology that has been provided for him by soldier strong and there's amber smith. two sisters who are fighter pilots in the family and anne rose, thanks to all of our friends at soldiers strong.
8:00 am
it's a great organization. check it out if you want to know more. have a great thanksgiving. bill: you too. you will be out a little bit? martha: yeah, enjoy the family, enjoy the weekend, we will see you next time. jenna: fox news alert the trump transition team kicking into high gear with three major appointments today. welcome to happening now, everybody. i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. happy friday. senior correspondent roberts confirms president elect trump has offered three people key positions in his administration and those offers have been accepted. alabama senator jeff sessions will be nominated as attorney general, michael flynn, white house national security adviser and gop mike pompeo of kansas to be cia director. more meetings including one with governor mitt romney. live outside trump tower in new york with the latest, doug.


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