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tv   The Real Story  FOX News  November 18, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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bill for renovations in the queen's residence for pluming and heating. first upgrade since world war ii. there is high profile meetings set up saturday and sunday including one with mitt romney. brian is standing by in trump national golf club in bedminster, new jersey. and in trump tower, any minute now, we could possibly see the president-elect leave the building. he's been held up for days.
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>> he is be leaving now for new jersey. more on that in a second and arkansas senator tom cotton was here this morning and as yet to love. he is the candidate for the secretary of defense's job. trump wants someone with experience. tom cotton is not a general but was a leader in iraq and gave up a legal career to become a combat soldier and we are learning that arkansas governor, former arkansas governor mike huckabee should be be meeting with the president-elect. there is a suggestion that he may be up for any number of potential cabinet positions. as for his arrival if he was looking forward to the trump meeting, he said of course. and the pick for national security advisor mike flynn. and they worked with flynn in iraq and afghanistan told fox
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news in a telephone interview this morning, he is one of the most accomplished war- time professional and a great team builder. we have reported that senator jeff sessions of alabama, going to be facing a potential tough nomination fight as his confirmation is under way. here is a statement from chuck schumer talking about sessions. begin the statements of staunch immigration reform. i am concerned about the civil right's division in the department of justice and want to hear what he has to say. and critics of doj, they hope he clears the department of civil rights and one of the most politicalized agencies.
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and as for representative mike pompeo. he may face a bruising grilling. he is be able to handle tough questions. he graduated number one in west point and a harvard law school graduate. doug, you were so busy giving us the report you probably didn't notice the naked cowboy walking front of trump tower and putting on a bit of a show, i will put it delicately. >> hope he was wearing something. >> doug, thank you for the update. which way was he going? >> he had trump written on his underwear. i think that is the last time i want to say that on national television. doug, thank you.
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all right. let's get to brian. president-elect donald trump making three pick and he will be heading out of doors to new jersey where he will sit down with republican former presidential nominee mitt rom no. and we'll go to brian who is at trump golf course and awaiting his rifarrival. who are the picks today. >> reporter: doug mcelway went through the three picks well. we'll talk about mitt romney and what is going on with that. that's why we are near in bed minster. donald trump will be coming here over the weekend and meeting with eight people p. and he will meet with form iffer governor of massachusetts mitt romney and a businessman. and that caused a stir. he will be here meeting
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president-elect trump at 1:00 p.m. romney, in the entire campaign went out of the way to bash donald trump and calling had him a phony and threat and con man and trump returned in kind by saying romney is a loser and a failed candidate and somebody who shouldn't be running and he said he was not a friend. and so obviously these two are going to attempt to have a conversation tomorrow here at 1:00 p.m. there are reports that mitt romney is interested in the secretary of state possession but kelli ann conway speaking to bill rileyy said trump is meeting with people who are foes on either party and meeting with everybody that can give advice or help discuss how he can move his transition team forward and be president. and so essentially there is none confirmation means he
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at any time now. the national security landing teams arriving today at the department of state, defense, justice, and the national security agency. and meanwhile senator ted cruz praising one of the first cabinet picks. >> i'm particularly pleased to offer words of congratulations to my colleague and friend jeff sessions who will make an extraordinary attorney general of the united states. >> arizona state treasurer jeff de witt was chief operating officers for the campaign. good to have you, sir.
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first let's talk jeff sessions. a lot of conflicting reactions coming -- just even from the republican party about him, what is your take? >> thank you, sandra for having me on. jeff sessions is a wonderful man. a man of integrity. i got to know him well. he is honest, fair, and he can be tough when he needs to be. i think it is a wonderful choice. i agree with ted cruz that he will do very well in that spot. >> can i tell you what senator chuck schumer just said? he released a statement, saying i know senator session and we work out in the gym, but the fact that he is a senator does not about solve him from answering tough questions in the confirmation process. giving some of his past statements and staunch opposition to immigration, i need to hear what he has to say.
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he works out at the gym with him, but -- an interesting statement. >> i can tell you senator sessions is in good shape, too. i think he does well in there. it is every congressman and every senator's right to give him hard questions. that's what a confirmation process is. they need to republican that the president elect, donald trump, needs to select his candidate and his people that he thinks will help him succeed. so he has to choose the people he wants, but it is their job to do tough vetting and keep the demons in the close set. >> let's talk about michael flynn, a retired three-star general. what are your thoughts? >> another fine gentleman that i got to know very well on the campaign trail. he is hard working, he served
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his country well. they spent a lot of time at trump tower and with donald trump. we know they're bought into what we want to get done in terms of draining the swamp. it is a wonderful choice. >> and the third pick is the kansas congressman mike pompeo, she a tea party favorite. >> yeah, knowledgeable guy. he is getting some picks that make the tea party crowd happy. some picks make the moderate crowd happy. he is bringing everyone together. you see that when he spoke with them on the phone or meets with mitt romney. he is taking inputs from all sides. he wants to heal the country. he says he is the president for
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all of america, not just the republican party, not just the people that voted for him, but he wants to bring the country together. >> and the number of picks was criticized for the pace at was he was making the picks, and you can look at previous presidents and where they were in this process, many of them had not even made any picks two and three weeks into the process. here we are and donald trump already with a handful. >> yeah, one of his big strong suits is organization. our whole campaign operated with hundreds of millions of dollars less and one eighth of the staff of hillary clinton. and donald trump knows how to bring in the best, the brightest, and the people that get things done like he does. that's what you're seeing with this team as well. they're getting through the
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process quickly and really getting down to some fine people in these places. and they said more announcement wills be coming soon. governor huckabee is at trump tower. there is a lot of speculation about what role he may play in a trump administration, do you have any idea? >> i don't, but he is a wonderful guy, he will do well there. but i will be there to think that he will be part of the administration somewhere. >> trump tower, a busy place the last few days. thank you for joining us. >> another familiar face said to be in the running is governor nikki hailey voicing optimism about the country's direction.
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>> i hope they will embrace the kpajs and find our strength. for it we do, if we listen to the will of the people. if we learn from mistakes of the past, if we embrace the opportunities of the future, and we govern with honesty and integ te, there is no limit to where the republican government can take our nation. >> once a fierce critic of trump emerging at one of the many possible contenders for secretary of state. fox news alert, any moment now, donald trump will be leaving trump tower in midtown manhattan. it will be for the first time since being elected spending the night out of trump tower. a big moment indeed. we have been seeing all of the comings and goings, all of the people going there to meet with him. now we wait for him to leave
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there to go to his golf course in new jersey. we will bring that to you and the images live when it happens. and the psa. why he is sounding the alarm about air travel ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. in a heartstopping 911 call, the woman and how she survived. >> where is the bear now? can you see it? >> he is behind me and he is snorting and stomping and stomping on the ground ready to attack. once i heard i was going to
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democrats on capitol hill
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still trying to recover at donald trump's surprising win. now tim ryan is trying to take the head seat for the democrats from nancy pelosi. >> the last time that nancy pelosi was challenged for her role, her opponent only cobbled together 43 votes. if tim ryan wants to unseat the leader, he will need around 100 when the votes are tallied in a couple weeks time. ryan is from ohio and he has been in congress since 2003. he is making a two-fold argument. he says democrats need someone that can go into their traditionally blue midwest fire wall and win back seats. additional, he says fresh leadership is needs because democrats lost more than 60
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seats dating back to 2009. here was ryan earlier today on "morning joe." >> we have the smallest majority since 1929, and if you take state and federal officials, we have the smallest number since reconstruction. >> pelosi appears very confident saying yesterday that she believes she has two thirds support already of her caucus. she tried to portray the leadership election delay as one big family discussion. >> i don't see anything about what is being suggested now as anything but the friendship of all of us. we're family. >> so of course, the question going forward, what are the chances of ryan succeeding? one top aide said their best guess at this point is around 30%. back to you. >> all right, setting up to be an interesting kpaj at the very least. thank you. >> the head of the tsa warning
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that airports remain a top target for terrorists. peter ne saying extra security has been added. chief energies correspondent katherine harris joins us live from washington. not exactly what we want to hear ahead of the holidays? >> that's right, they said back from al qaeda and isis remain a constant and new focus on the airport perimeters. that's because in march, the attack on the brussels airport, using suitcase bombs, killed 32 and injured dozens of others. since then, they have expanded the secure perimeter because for these attacks, the terrorists drove up to the airport with a bomb. and they're looking at the pick
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up and drop off points now, but when they move the perimeter, it just moves the progt. >> it's never stopped being a target. the metro jet incident last year. the attack last year in brussels and istanbul, it just says that aviation and transportation continue to be a target and a very attractive one for terrorist groups. >> he was just referring to the downing of a russian passenger jet in 2015, and it was a very crude bomb placed on board and killing all 217 passengers. and this is strong evidence that these groups remain very focused on airport transportation. they're working on technology that would allow passengers to take liquid on board and also keep their shoes on. >> katherine, thank you.
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>> you're welcome. >> fox news alert, donald trump still in trump tower as we speak, but expected to leave soon for new jersey and to continue working on his transition there. we'll take a look at what is next. plus a woman finds herself at the mercy of a massive bear. attacked once, she dialled 911 fearing it would strike again. the terrifying call that saved her life.
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authorities investigating to see if road conditions were to blame. fortunately no reported injuries. a woman in the midst of a vicious bear attack somehow manages to make a call that likely saved her life. trace gallagher is here with how she was able to make that call. >> it is graphic, 63-year-old karen osborn will be just fine. she was in front of her home walking down her dog. she heard another dog barking, and a bear came out of nowhere and attacks. she stayed in the fetal position and played dead, she called 911. >> please send someone now. i'm being attacked by this bear
11:26 am
and he's coming back. hurry. he's broken my arms and my legs. i can't move, i'm bleeding and i'm going to die. oh my god, here he comes, please dear god, no, please dear god no. hurry, sir. >> you can see how low she is talking, right? she stayed on the phone for several minutes. the dispatcher asked for a update. >> where is the bear now do you see it? >> right behind me. he's behind me and he is snorting and stomping and kicking the ground. getting ready to attack. >> the bear apparently fled just before first responders arrived. wildlife experts say it appears they came between the mom and her three cubs and the bear felt threatened. the black bear was wearing a
11:27 am
radio collar as part of a staid wide program. the bear was tracked down the next morning and euthanized to check for rabies. the only way to test for it is to examine brain finish of the infected animal. this is the first known bear attack in maryland in the past 70 years. wow, it took a brave woman to lay there, play dead, and make a phone call while doing it. unbelievable, trace, thank you. donald trump set to head to trump national golf wlub in new jersey at any moment now and we have new information on concerns over the confirmation process for one of the trump kcabinet contenders. mitt romney is a secretary of state contender. >> our agency teams have started to arrive this morning.
11:28 am
we're beginning and we feel very confident there will be a senate transition and we will move the country forward and make america great again.
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is expected to take. the trump team making appoi appointments for three top spots today. it is west of here about 43 miles. she going to trump international golf course. we don't know if he is driving, taking a chopper, or what. we will see. my good friend is standing outside of trump tower right now in new york city. you never know who will come and go. the make thele cowboy walked in front of doug's shot, you just never know, what are you seeing? >> you do never know, it has been all week long here. but today is a little more calm on a relative basis compared to what we saw. attorney general mic flynn and
11:33 am
the konksman. in addition, we have seen a lot of people that have been close to the trump campaign. governor huckabee, for example, was here a little while ago. as you know there is a starbucks in trump tower. the president elect is of course upstairs for the meeting, the vice president elect is here. they talk about it making america great again. it is a little more quiet, sa sandra. they're waiting for mr. trump to leave. . the crowd gathering here. >> yeah, we have cameras firmly on trump tower if will be the first night he spent away since
11:34 am
being elected. but many of people are talking about a big meeting tomorrow that he has with mitt romney. what can we expect from that? do we know anything about this point? >> there is so much speculation. i know all of that is out there, but we heard so many other names from rudy julianny to nikki hailey. there will be a meeting probably tomorrow around 1:00 eastern time. we don't know what they will talk about it it could be just about mending sense its. they will meet at the golf course. >> all right, let us know if you see anything because there is a lot of entrances and exits to that building. thank you for that update.
11:35 am
a lot of names wing thrown away for the next secretary of state including mitt romney and rudy jou giuliani. good to have you, sir. you have been jotting down all of these notes, what do you know at this point? >> i think connell hit it on the head there. she serious about mending fences here, reaching up not just to mitt romney, but ted cruz yesterday, but did not get the attorney general job, the nomination goes to senator jeff sessions. >> can i tell you why this piqued erin's interest? mitt romney if you republican the things he said about trump on the campaign trail -- for example. >> here is what i know. donald trump is a foeny, a fraud.
11:36 am
his promises are as worthless as a agree from trump university. he is playing the members of the american public for suckers. he gets a free ride to the white house and all we get is a lousy hat. >> he was a failed candidate, he should have beaten president obama very easy. he failed miserably. it was an embarrassment to everyone. failure, embarrassment, but i want him to be secretary of state and respect me and my -- it's a real meeting, it's a real let's come together and show unity, but i'm told people anything is possible but highly unlikely that mitt romney will be secretary of state. he could be a va secretary. he is known for being a good business guy that can fix
11:37 am
things. mitt romney will no longer be remembered as a failed presidential candidate, he will be remembered as helping millions of vets. one of my friends, his wife rides horses, and you in new jersey? what are you talking about? no, that is horse country in new jersey and donald trump has that golf course there and little known fact, he bought the property, and you see it there, that house was owned by john delorian that was at general motors. he lost it all. cocaine photographicing, i think he got off but he was bankrupt by then. the car there, from "back to the future." so it is an interesting and odd
11:38 am
little fact that donald trump bought the property from john delorian. it is a refuge for him. in the summer time, the spring and summer, that's his place. he golfs, reads, walks, and hangs out with his families. melania is there almost the entire summer. it is a get away. >> enough room to spread out. 600 acres and two par 72 golf courses. >> the white house is becoming -- we'll, richard nixon had the western white house. with donald trump it could be the southern white house in palm beach or -- >> why do you think it is important to hem to move the team meat ietings out of trump r
11:39 am
for the weekend. people are tired of all of the busyness. when i was covering barack obama, this was the biggest thing that the people around barack obama said, dealing with, when you're a candidate, you're a nominee, the secret service is around you a lot, now it's you and your kids 24/7. you have no privacy. the press pool and everyone, what is he doing? what does he he have for dinner -- >> do we know if any family is going? >> we don't know for sure, but we heard his daughter and son-in-law go there all of the time. >> fox news alert, we're waiting for mayor bill deblasio to hold a press conference. it is expected at any moment now talking about traffic and
11:40 am
security concern that's have come up since mr. trump was elected. we are curious to see about how difficult it has been for secret service to secure the building, and we'll talk about the concern for the city and the traffic. we'll see what he has to say when he steps up. president elect trump's administration is taking shape. three major decisions made today. and coming up next, our panel will give us their reaction. a is reportedly considering making it's iphone here in the u.s. is the company feeling the effect of a donald trump presidency? and a possible shake up in the democratic leadership? will nancy pelosi be taking the fall for last week's election? that's next.
11:41 am
>> our nation has just been through an election as contentious as any that most can remember. we're a deeply divided nation. of that there is no question. but i'm an optimist at heart.
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11:44 am
hello, shepherd smith reporting. we're talking about donald trump's cabinet. we'll talk about it at the top of the hour, see you then. we have all eyes right now on this elevator bank as president elect donald trump is set to leave trump tower shortly for new jersey as the trump transition team is moving quickly. but his picks are being criticized for a lack of diversity. adam greene is cofounder of the processive change committee.
11:45 am
and director for the campaigns at casy, you have been talking about defending criticism on the timing of trump's picks. here, it appears she moving at breakneck speed on announcing his administration. >> yeah, we have seen the media for a week now since the election, not very long, by the way, pretend that the transition team is chaotic, that donald trump doesn't know what he is doing because he has not done it before, but if you look at the number of appointments made at this point in time compared to previous administrations, he is doing just fine. even david axelrod who was on team baobama is saying look, the is a lot of to criticize them about but the appointments is not one. >> and some say there is a lack of diversity.
11:46 am
elizabeth warren tweeting towards government mitt romney, she said when you're meeting with donald trump maybe you could bring your binders full of women with you. i guess she is suggesting what? >> she is witty. these are not people that will make proud people voting for donald trump thinking they were voting against the establishment. steve bannon is the establishment. jeff sessions opposed reforming wall street and holding them accountable every step of the way. donald trump is asking people to rally behind someone for attorney general that called at the naacp un-american and called the head a boy. >> bill clinton, husband of hillary clinton spoke at robert
11:47 am
bird's funeral and he was a leader of the kkk. >> he is dead. >> in terms of responding to elizabeth warren's criticism, it is predictable that liberals are focused on skin color rather than what donald trump is doing and focusing on qualifications for the job and a diversity of ideas in the republican party. there is a reason you're seeing very conservative, even people who were enemieenemies, like mi romney -- >> you consider calling the naacp un-american a diversity of ideas? >> donald trump is know focused on skin color, he is focused on qualifications of the job. >> adam, to be clear, let me get back in here, adam. you didn't answer my last question. try to answer this. are you saying he needs to make a concerted effort to pick people based on their gender,
11:48 am
ethnic background? what are you suggesting here. katie is saying pick the best person for the job. >> well, i happen to believe there are a lot of qualified bheem are women, african-american, latino, et cetera, but that's not the core thing -- >> if i was trump i would focus on people who are a, not racist, and b have a track record of challenging corporate power, not wall street establishment and the political establishment he campaigned against. >> let's talk about other considerations, michelle reed. katie, i'll throw this to you. >> michelle rhee would be a fantastic choice. we saw her turn the washington dc labor run failing schools for students, but beneficial to teachers in the labor union. she turned all of that upside down. when it comes to draining the swamp, she is the right person
11:49 am
for the job. we still don't know, but she is certainly a very well qualified woman who has done a lot of work on this issue for her students, rather than the labor and the teacher unions. >> adam, let me put you in a position to tell me, we're all americans and we're trying to unify behind this president, and you having harsh criticisms of the president elect, who are you seeing he is talking to that would be a good choice or that maybe he has not yet that you would like to see in. >> first, donald trump needs to approach with humility and recognize that he lost the popular vote and if he wants to bring people together he can't just bring people from twhauls are white supremacists. someone who, i'm fond of, is byron dorgan. he got everything right when he predicted the wall street collapse in 1999 when we deregulated wall street.
11:50 am
someone like that. i know if hillary clinton was elected, donna edwards, a outgoing member of congress. >> katie, i have to get her last word on that. >> look, democrats lost whether they want to admit it or not, and it seems like my opponent wants to admit it. >> i'm not your opponent. >> you're my debate opponent today. donald trump is appointing people on the conservative side of the political spectrum. republicans run the house, the senate -- calling the the fact that republicans have a mandate, and donald trump should be reaching out to -- >> lost the popular vote -- >> on that -- rather than reaching out to democrats at this point. >> we've got to leave it there. opponents or not, we'll leave of it there. thanks to both of you. >> i'm an opponent. look at that. >> good to have you. new signs that american businesses might be taking president-elect trump's campaign promises seriously. why apple might be considering where it makes -- reconsidering,
11:51 am
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the holidays, so come try one before it ends.
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making it easier and more fun than ever. there's more in store than you imagine. visit an xfinity store today and see for yourself. xfinity, the future of awesome. apple is reportedly considering making its iphones in america. this after president-elect trump promised to crack down on american companies that make their products overseas. apple currently manufactures its devices in china. adam shapiro live from the new york stock exchange with this news. what is the consideration here, adam? with any business, can you make money doing it, and can you also win popular support? president-elect trump has made it clear he wants companies like apple to assemble and produce goods back here in the united states. apple, the iphone, they make about 200 million to 230 million devices every year.
11:55 am
most mostly assessmembled in china. some in brazil. the chip to components, some components are assembled and created in the united states. the gorilla glass from corning is made here in the usa. so the cost of doing this is what apple has asked fox-con, one of its major partners in assembling the phones, to look at. fox-con says it would double the price of producing the phone. a professor at syracuse university said actually the cost of assembling the phone in the united states would add $30 this goes.t. >> of course. we'll wait and see. president-elect trump said he would pressure companies to make products in the u.s. now he's claiming victory with ford. why is that? >> reporter: there's a plant in louisville, kentucky, where they are assembling the lincoln, they assemble different cars. one happens to be a lincoln, a crossover sport utility vehicle. and there were plans by ford to ship production of that vehicle to mexico. they're not going to do that.
11:56 am
now they're going to keep it in louisville, kentucky. the plan had been to ship it and produce more ford escapes which they can't make enough of. a highly popular vehicle. now they're going to keep the lincoln line at least for that vehicle in louisville. uaw, don't want to see they're upset, but they didn't know what was going on. apparently, bill ford briefed president-elect trump before he briefed the uaw. they're meeting with ford, the uaw, today. >> all right. adam shapiro, live from the new york stock exchange. thank you. >> reporter: you're welcome. donald trump, the big winner last week. but you may be surprised by some of the challengers he got from one state's write-in column.
11:57 am
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a lot of people in vermont not wanting to rote sorry each presidential candidates and wrote in their own choice. michelle obama got 15 write-in votes. theo epstein got 11.
12:00 pm
he was once red sox p.m. and patriots quarterback tom brady getting nine votes. one more than president obama who got eight. wow. you never know. i'm sandra smith. have a good weekend. noon on the west coast, 3:00 in new york city where the president-elect's cabinet is starting to come together, and not without controversy. donald trump making some key picks, going with conservatives and knocking back the doubt wloers question his commitment -- doubters who question his commitment to the gop. ahead, nature more on his national security adviser and attorney general. the president-elect meeting with some of his former rivals. we're talking mo ing mitt romne cruz, nikki haley. comg up, getting one-time enemies on board for team trump. plus, inside the security plan to protect donald trump in the heart of new york city. the mayor and police chief giving new information this afternoon. let's get to it.


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