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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 19, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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it's a busy working weekend for team trump with lots of buzz on a big powwow between two men who bitterly opposed each other during a recent contentious presidential campaign, ankely d small new jersey town against widespread speculation about what lies ahead for president-elect trump and mitt romney. hello everybody. i'm uma pemmaraju. the setting, bedminister, new jersey, 50 miles outside of new york at donald trump's golf resort where we're keeping close watch on developments at this hour. some are suggesting plchlt romney, the 2012 presidential nominee and a vocal spokesman for the never trump movement may be offered an influential post
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in the trump white house. let's get the latest from doug mckelway. welcome. good to see you. >> reporter: good to see you, too. uma. this meeting still on going with mitt romney as we speak. it started at roughly 1:00, 2:00 now. that's an hour. no sign of it letting up right now. of all his meetings with prospective offers, this may be the most unusual. mitt romney exited a black suburban about an hour ago. mr. trump and mr. pens came out of the clubhouse, the three shook hands and promptly walked back inside where they remain. the meeting lasting about an hour or so, as i said. it's been said that romney may be a candidate, as you pointed out, for secretary of state. there are many potential i impediments to that, the vitt yoel of the campaign. trump called romney a choke artist after romney called him a phony who failed in many
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business endeavors. there's also the issue with russia. the two men are very, very different views. recall back to the campaign four years ago when romney described russia as the greatest threat to the united states. the transition team in their morning conference call said mr. trump has now spoken to 37 foreign leaders, the most recent conversation was last night, friday night with the prime minister of iraq, the p.m. expressed iraq's willingness to expand the scope of relationships with the united states. trump also spoke with secretary general of nato and president of the european union. later today we're expecting retired marine core general james mattis, a candidate for secretary of defense. he's considered a candidate along with several other people including general david petraeus. that's a relatively new name to enter the fray and senator tom
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cotton. general jack keane who was thought to be a strong candidate for the position withdrew his name citing personal reasons. also scheduled to meet, michelle rhee, the former chancellor of dc public schools. also robert woodson, the president for the center for neighborhood enterprise, long an advocate for greater control in inner cities and urban areas such as calling for local management and resident management of public housing. trump will be ensconced here at the trump national golf club for the remainder of the weekend. another series of meetings set for tomorrow. back to you, uma. >> thanks for the update. joining us for more reaction to what's happening at this hour, former arkansas governor mike huckabee who is also a former 2016 gop presidential contender. welcome, governor, good to have you. a lot of us would love to be witness to the conversation happening in private between mitt romney and president-elect
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trump. given the fact that romney made it clear during the campaign that he didn't think mr. trump was fit for presidency and led a never-trump movement, let's remind some of the viewers about some of what he said. >> he inherited his business, he didn't create it. whatever happened to trump airlines? how about trump university? then there's trump magazine and trump vodka and trump steaks and trump mortgage. a business genius he is not. >> i know, governor, you believe mr. romney owes president-elect trump an apology. you say his efforts hurt the party. do you think he'll offer that apology? >> i don't know. i'm not in the meeting. that's what should happen. i think it's a great idea that the two of them are getting together. they need to bury the hatchet and not necessarily in each other's brains. that's a good thing. but i don't see anyway in the world that mitt romney would have a cabinet position in the
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donald trump administration because it would really not so much be an insult to donald trump, it would be an insult to the supporters of donald trump who went out there and faithfully stood behind donald trump to give a guy a job who basically said all those supporters were following a con ma. it looks like that would be an insurmt to the voters. let's hope something good comes out of this. >> i want to ask you specifically about whether or not you thought this meeting was more designed to clear the air, or were you looking at this as something of a situation where a serious offer might be in the offing for mr. romney? >> i think it's a clear-the-air meeting. i'm not sure who got the speculation going that it was to offer him secretary of state. i'm not sure how mitt would fit into that role. that doesn't make sense to those of us who have been in the middle of a political game, a team of rivals that some people
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fantasize over, that's one thing. even with rivals, it's usually over some disagreement of policy. you don't bring people to entrust with some of the most important parts of your administration and your entire presidency to people who fundamentally don't think you have any business sitting in that chair offering that job. that's something i don't believe has any credibility. this is a cabinet post interview. >> certainly generating a lot of buzz. i want to ask you, you've been making some news over the last 24 hours. there are many reports swirling around you were offered the job of becoming ambassador to israel given your e tensive ties to that nation. you've been saying that simply isn't true. >> it's not true. we never discuss it. when i had the opportunity to meet with donald trump, that never came up. it may come up that it's typical that you put the secretary of
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state in place before you start naming ambassadors. it would be a little premature to think about who is going to be ambassador to which country, something to be considered for later. we talked about a specific cabinet post, and as i have indicated publicly, it's not something that i feel like is necessarily a good fit for me. i'm honored. i'm grateful. i'm going to be supportive of donald trump. i've never angled for or elbowed for a federal job, and i'm still not. >> you say it wasn't a good fit. have you specifically turned it down, that particular post, and are you going to elaborate about what it was? >> i won't elaborate what it was because i don't think that's fair. that's information that's solely owned by donald trump. he is the only one that ought to have any right to talk about it. i did make it very clear that i didn't think that that was the right role for me and that while
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i'm extremely grateful, i've got to do something that i'm personally very passionate about and feel like would be necessary to get me up in the morning and really charge my batteries. as i said, i wasn't looking for, just, hey, put me in, coach, i've got to play. >> i hear you. >> i love what i do. >> i want to know is there a job offer that you're waiting to hear more about, another position that might be in the offing for you? >> i'm honestly not waiting. i'm just moving on and assuming that i'm going to be in the private sector over the next several years. i plan to be a continual encourager to donald trump, adviser to donald trump and to his administration. but there's been no role offered to me that i wanted to jump at and say, yeah, that's what i'd love to do. >> understood. i want to also ask you before i let you go about the headline over the broadway show "hamilton" right now that's generating a lot of noise over
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the fact that the "hamilton" cast admonished vice president-elect pence who was sitting in the audience with his family last night, looking forward to enjoying the show. at the end of the show they were taking a moment to offer him i guess sort of a warning to say, hey, we feel you are not inclusive and we want to remind you that we are part of one nation given the diversity of the cast. it created a lot of controversy over the last 24 hours. what do you make of it? >> as somebody who has been one of the strongest advocates for the arts in the country, i'm disappointed. i'm not angry. i'm just disappointed. here is why, uma. i think individual artists have every right to express themselves and say whatever they wish, but to use the arts itself and the platform -- which is one of the few places in america where people really do come together over music and the theater and film, it's one of
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those rare places where even people from the most distant points of view can at least come to agreement on the value of the arts for the preservation of culture. i hate to see the arts get embroiled into a very partisan attack on a public figure. but let's be clear. mike pence can more than handle that. he's a big guy, he's had worse, he'll have worse and i thought he handled it with grace and dignity as i expect him calls to do. >> governor, always good to see you. thank you very much for joining us today. appreciate it. >> thank you. and for more on the transition right now and those talks taking place at this hour in new jersey, let's bring in herman cain, former republican presidential candidate and fox news contributor. welcome, sir, good to see you. >> hello, uma. thank you. >> lots of buzz over president-elect trump's picks so
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far. critics are being focal about sessions accusing him of being racist, much of the talk from one of his former aides saying he was racially insensitive. are you bothered at ought about his background? >> no, i'm not. i happen to think that all three of those choices are excellent choices. what the democrats and the liberals are engaging in, uma, they've gone beyond all of the name calling that they did during the election. it has now become very toxic name calling. they select things that aren't even true, that can't be proved that were stated during the campaign, and now they are using that to attack any and everybody that donald trump wants to put on his team. last week it was bannon bashing. this week it's sessions smearing. it simply will not stick.
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they haven't changed their ways, and they haven't changed their attacks on donald trump by now attacking the people that he's selected for his team. >> sessions is a hard-liner on immigration reform. there are those who are worried he will be uncompromising on enforcing deportations and will push to end federal funding for sanctuary cities. what impact do you think he'll have as attorney general? >> i think he'll have a great impact. it starts with what donald trump said when he was campaigning, enforce the laws that are on the books. some liberals are nervous because they know that senator sessions will enforce the laws on the books. that's what they mean by he's been a hard liner. some people described him as tough. good. the second thing is he's going to go after illegals in this country first. that's going to be primary fo s focus. if people have not broken any laws in this country, they
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haven't anything to fear. the liberals, they've got to find something to try and bring him down, to minimize his confirmation and try and smear donald trump. that's all it is. enforcing the laws is very basic, and donald trump has promised that throughout his campaign. >> there are those who are also critical of general mike flynn over the fact that critics say when he was serving with the obama administration as the director of naval intelligence that he was rather abusive, disorganized, too cozy with the russians in terms of his private business dealings, et cetera. how do you see the general flynn appointment? >> first of all, the whole russian thing is a continuation of the false narrative about donald trump having a cozy relationship with the russians. that didn't turn out to be true. i don't believe that general michael flynn has had a cozy
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relationship with the russians. secondly, he may have been viewed as abusive because he spoke his mind. he challenged the administration. unlike many of the other people that president obama surrounded him with -- he didn't surround himself with general flynn because general flynn had said president obama never called or talked to him directly. but general flynn will tell it like it is. that's what donald trump sees in him. and i see that in him. i have met general flynn, have had a couple of conversations with him, have had him on my radio show. he's the type of person that donald trump will surround himself. president obama has demonstrated once again on his world tour that he sees the world and the country as he thinks it ought to be. donald trump sees the world as it is, and the nation as it is. he's surrounding himself with people that are going to tell him what he needs to hear, not
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what he wants to hear. >> to that end, given what's going on at this hour with donald trump meeting with mitt romney, we've heard a lot about the concept of the team of rivals, you go back to history. you think about lincoln and william seward who served as secretary of state, a vocal critic of mr. lincoln. john kennedy and lyndon johnson. bitter enemies during the campaign but coming together afterwards as president and vice president, also the same can be said for ronald reagan and the senior george bush, the fact that they came together. how do you view this? do you think it's important to surround yourself with people who perhaps might not have always agreed with you in the past, but to bring them to the table as well? >> yes. i would like to echo everything mike huckabee said as your previous guest about the nature of this meeting. i believe it's more of a
11:16 am
clear-the-air kind of meeting. i don't believe it's a meeting to determine if he's going to be offered a cabinet position. i don't believe it. i would be shocked if it happens. here is something nobody is talking about as to why donald trump would want to meet with mitt romney. romney's vast business experience, both nationally and internationally. that's what donald trump is most interested in in my opinion as to why he would even want to sit down and have a conversation because donald trump realizes we not only have a lot of business challenges here in this country, he realizeless we have a lot of business challenges around the world. and mitt has an extreme amount of experience in that area when he wednesday working in the private sector. i happen to think that would be the primary focus of the meeting and the discussion today. >> remember man cain, always good to see you. appreciate you being here. thank you. >> thank you, uma. i enjoyed it. >> we'll keep our eyes on the
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trump national golf club in new jersey at this hour for any developments regarding president-elect trump's administration. as we mentioned, former presidential nominee mitt romney arriving there not too long ago. may we expect more announcements later today? we'll stay on top of it. parts of new york city seeing serious security since mr. trump wens the election. it could be interesting as the holidays approaching with new york city being a big place for folks to gather. will this be the new normal? we'll ask a former secret service agent about all the hoopla. >> plus there's this. >> we're a diverse and america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. >> as we mentioned a little earlier, the cast of hch mmt" calling out vice president-elect mike pence who happened to be in the crowd. what was the message that prompted mr. trump to ask for
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we're opening more xfinity stores closer to you. visit us today and learn how to get the most out of all your services, like xfinity x1. we'll put the power in your hands, so you can see how x1 is changing the way you experience tv with features like voice remote, making it easier and more fun than ever. there's more in store than you imagine. visit an xfinity store today and see for yourself. xfinity, the future of awesome. welcome back. new york city officials are scrambling to secure the area around trump tower, the 58-story
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building, as well as a number of apartments, offices and stores. the extra security measures are creating challenges for other businesses nearby as well. >> we are devoted to making sure the city will keep moving. this is a big challenge and an unprecedented challenge, we know that. we are committed to make ig it work. >> dan valentino is a former secret service agent and international security consultant. welcome, dan. good to have you on the program. the mayor is calling this an unprecedented challenge. indeed it is given the fact of where trump tower happens to be located, in the heart of a busy area and big tourist magnet. >> the mayor is right, uma. you have to think about it this way. access, control and security are not the same thing. this is how it's relevant to trump tower. you do have this at the white house or even the bush ranch in
11:23 am
texas, president george w. bush. nobody is allowed in the white house complex without a pass. in the waco ranch with president bush, no one got close to the private property line because it was such a big ranch. when you look at trump tower, it's on a public street that's very densely populated and crowded. you have significant access control issue. -- >> i'm going to break in for a moment. there we are taking you to new jersey where we see mitt romney bidding donald trump good-bye. we're hoping to hear from him. let's listen in. >> for-reaching conversation with regard to various theaters of the world in the interest of the united states in real significance. we discussed those areas and exchanged our views on those topics, very thorough and in depth discussion in the time we had. appreciate the chance to speak with the president-elect and look forward to the coming
11:24 am
administration. >> do you still think he's a con artist, sir? >> did you discuss working in the administration? >> you have mitt romney offering a brief statement about his meeting with president-elect donald trump which lasted a little more than an hour and a half. what he said was he's looking forward to continuing the conversation on issues of significance. he said they had an in depth discussion and he's looking forward to keeping that discussion going. very brief, didn't elaborate, would not take any other questions. you saw donald trump there a moment ago saying good-bye. mitt romney of course leading that never-trump movement saying mr. trump was unfit to serve, donald trump lashing back saying he thought mr. romney choked during the presidential campaign
11:25 am
when he was the nominee. this was a very contentious setting for the meeting of two big rivals. nothing more is being said than just saying that he was looking forward to speaking on issues of significance. he did meet with mr. trump for a little more than an hour. a lot of folks speculating that a job offer would be forthcoming from donald trump, but we've also been hearing folks down playing that, saying this was an opportunity to simply clear the air between these two people who had really been bitter rivals for some time, both criticizing each other quite heavily during the contentious campaign that just ended, fascinating. it would have been interesting to be a fly on the wall in that meeting. you see pictures there, just a few that happened a while back of donald trump and mike pence. mike pence now saying hello and donald trump saying hello to michelle rhee who turned the dc
11:26 am
school district around in a very big way, helped upgrade the educational system in washington, d.c. she is a democrat. she is someone that people think very highly of, she has brought new ideas to the table and made a real difference in the area of education and public schools. he's now taking on that meeting. this is a working weekend for the trump team because they're interviewing and speaking with a number of different folks who may be up for jobs or folks just there to speak with the president-elect about a number of issues. again, fascinating to watch indeed as we see what's taking place at the trump resort there, the golf club there in bedminister. put up the pictures of mitt romney there leaving the ent entryway saying good-bye to mr. trump. a lot of people were speculating about what that may lead to. right now we don't hear anything about a job offer, simply
11:27 am
probably an effort to clear the air. let's get back to dan bontino to talk about security in and around new york. this is a busy news day. i apologize for breaking away from you for just a moment. give me some insight in terms of the complexities of guarding the president at a time when there are lots of other factors at play when you do have access to the president from different entry points and exits. >> sure. as i was saying before the break we had there, trump tower, you don't have control over access there. there's guaranteed access into the atrium area down there in the lobby. so where in the white house and other presidential residences where you can control the flow of people, you don't have that lungry with trump tower. it's a complication, it's over comparable. access, control and security aren't the same thing. what that means is you'll have
11:28 am
to bump up the security component. now you've decided you can't control who comes in, it's open to the public. you have to put extra levels of x-ray, chemical and biological equipment. >> what about the fact that mr. trump is saying he may helicopter back and forth between his home at trump tower and the white house? that puts additional pressure on secret service, doesn't it? >> it does, but the secret service has been dealing with secondary presidential residences, whether it's barack obama chicago's home, president bush in waco, ronald reagan out west. these aren't really unprecedented challenges. it's a little logistics hurdle to overcome. here is the benefit to this that not a lot of people are discussing. one of the largest field offices the secret service has is in new york, because of the u.n. and
11:29 am
population density. a lot of those assets, manpower, logistics personnel and equipment are already in place that have nothing to do with president-elect trump living in new york. they were already there for other things like the u.n. >> thank you for joining us. going to be quite the task for the secret service and the new york police department, making sure everything moves smoothly, particular lay li as we approach the holidays coming up, thanksgiving and christmas. >> you're very welcome. vice president-elect mike pence gets an earful of the cast of "hamilton." what mr. trump is now saying about that incident. >> truly hope this show inspires you to uphold our american values and work on behalf of all of us, all of us. [ cheers and applause ] .
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welcome back. back to the video a few moments ago where we saw mitt romney saying good-bye to president-elect trump. both meeting for about an hour and 20 minutes. there you see it. mr. romney saying that the meeting was entirely foreign policy based. he basically took no questions from the media. there was a great deal of speculation that this particular meeting was one where he might be offered a position from the trump white house. a lot of other folks are saying no, this was an opportunity to clear the air. mr. romney also said that they spoke on many issues of significance, but again, taking no questions there. fascinating meeting, no doubt, between those two rivals. lou reyes was the head of personnel at the end of george w. bush's administration. we welcome here to our program right now. we want to talk about the complexities of the presidential
11:35 am
transition because you were in charge of a major transition, and it is something that fascinates so many of us. a transition that has to happen within a set amount of time, a short amount of time between now and january. i would like to ask you in terms of the scope of the challenge, how you would describe it. >> thanks for having me. the scope of the challenge is as critical as it can be, quite honestly. we're talking about peaceful transition of power in the most powerful nation in the world and doing it within 70 days. the number one challenge you have to expect as a president-elect is this is a matter of national security. we're talking about historically a vulnerable time for the united states, during a transition. we had major incidents like 9/11, world trade center bombing, even going back to the
11:36 am
bay of pilling pigs, these happened within 270 days of a new president taking office. the hope is to get the team in place hopefully soon after you've been sworn in as president. >> it is said that your team set the gold standard for transitions, that this is something that a lot of people say is really one to behold because you folks worked early and you worked hard to ensure that this was going to be a smooth one for the obama administration. >> well, i'm a little biased. i do think, and president obama said the other day that the bush transition and the bush team was very professional and, of course, gracious i think is the word he used. it was a lot more than that. it was president bush, he challenged us and basically told us to put transition of all time which is something
11:37 am
we wanted to achieve, and so we started early. late spring the meetings began internally and throughout the agencies, cabinet and sub cabinet. by the time the president -- at least the nominees had been decided upon in the conventions, we were reaching out to both sides. we were beginning clearances of potential cabinet members before the election. by the time president obama had been elected, we were already in longstanding conversations and providing what i think was unprecedented access to the inner workings of the white house and the things that the president-elect needs to hit the ground running. >> i think it's important you point out this all began much earlier, months ago. people may be thinking what they're seeing right now, by the
11:38 am
images we've been showing over the course of today and this week, mr. trump meeting with different candidates and positions, that this is where it begins. but no, it began months ago. both candidates on the democratic and republican side, they have transition teams working hard in case their side happened to win. >> correct. there's certain legislation that allows for presidential nominees to go ahead and start engaging in background checks and clearance checks for certain individuals that they are intending to potentially nominate. all of those clearance checks, it doesn't mean all things were decided before the election, but the process certainly would have begun. there's nuances in the process. sometimes a candidate may be -- may not get through the clearance process and then another candidate needs to start that process. but the point was in the past, especially before the bush
11:39 am
administration, those clearances were starting after the election, and now they definitely do start before. >> i have just a couple seconds. on a personal note, what was the most surprising thing for you as head of this transition team and this effort? >> as far as the outgoing transition, it really was -- i guess, if i had to put one thing, it's the scope really of what has to happen in 70 days. again, we're talking about filling the most critical positions or at least having the president-elect come in and fill those -- start deciding on and hopefully filling those positions for the good of the country within 100 days. we're talking about 100, 150 positions. so the scope of that, the clearances and the work involved and the pace and the stakes were definitely striking. and then the other thing i think i would hate to fail to mention is, there was a lot of collegiatity with the obama and
11:40 am
bush administration and it was country first. >> it appears to sooermless, through for being here. >> thanks for having me. president-elect trump threatening to pull federal funding from so-called sanctuary cities. we'll talk to one woman whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant and ask what she thinks about mr. trump's plans for the future. >> my plan ends illegal immigration and suspects immigration from terror-prone groups. i have to tell you, we're going to have the wall. we need it. we're going to have the strong border --.
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the cities will continue to provide services, your ability to access those services will always be there. they will not waiver or change because of administration. they may change, but our values do not. this is a city of inclusion. >> that's chicago mayor rahm emanuel joining mayors of at least seven major american cities saying they will keep their word to shelter illegal immigrants from federal authorities. this comes as president-elect trump threatens to block government funding for so-called sanctuary cities. >> two years ago sergeant brandon mendoza was killed by a drunk driver who was in the country illegally and had a criminal past. his mother marianne is joining us now. my heart goes out to you and your family for the loss of your brave son who was a fine officer in arizona there. i want to ask you about your thoughts as you listen to these mayors one by one saying they're not going to cooperate with the
11:46 am
federal government if it moves forward to try to deport illegal immigrants from sanctuary cities. what's your reaction? >> my reaction is there is no place in america for sanctuary cities, especially those receiving federal funds, a/k/a taxpayer dollars. when city and state officials start taking federal immigration laws into their own hands with little or no regard to the danger they're placing americans in, people need to start paying attention who their are elected officials are and get them out of there. every one of us pay hard to pay into our federal taxes, and to have city and state officials like this start misusing our funds and protecting illegal criminals who were killing and committing crimes against american people, that is not how i want my tax dollars spent. that is not what i intended them to be spent for. americans need to start realizing our politicians need to start getting a backbone. they need to start standing up
11:47 am
for americans and stop protecting illegal criminals who are here in our country. >> there are those who would suggest that the concern from a lot of these folks who do support sanctuary cities and not cooperating with any type of enforcement at this point is the fact that it's going to be difficult to separate some of those out with a criminal past from those who are there, simply trying to be good people, working under the radar. >> unfortunately this isn't yours or my problem, that these people are here illegally and are afraid to get caught here illegal lit. every country in the world has immigration laws. it's sad that it's come to the point where our law enforcement officers have to be afraid to ask if this person is a legal citizen when they stop them for anything. any other country in this world asking people where they're from if they appear to be foreigners. we're not treated nicely when we
11:48 am
go to another country and try to live there illegally, break the law and try and accept freebies that the government provides. that would never happen to an american in any other country. i don't understand the need for people who think we have to protect these people, provide for them, allow them to commit crimes. it's not only americans that are killed. there are hundreds of thousands of victims in the united states who are raped, have had identity theft, permanently damaged from auto accidents, never get the attention of our federal government. we are thrown to the way and illegal criminals are given much more attention and much more care, and all of the things that american citizens affected by illegal crimes should be getting. >> in your particular situation your son was killed by an illegal alien who had a criminal past that was decades old from colorado. >> yes, and it was burglary, it
11:49 am
was theft, it was assaulting a police officer, it was the intent to commit fraud. he was let go to appear back in court. never showed up which is the case 80% of the time, 90% of the time probably in the united states, they don't show up for their court dates and they're on the run. they wonder why americans have this attitude about illegal criminals because they don't show up and face the crimes they've committed. a lot of times these illegal criminals are given lesser sentences than you or i would as american citizens. they spend less time in jail. they get out when they serve 50% of their time. americans normally have to serve 85% to 100% of our time. people need to start looking into how our state, city, federal government has allowed these criminals to really run rampant, and they know this is a place they can come and commit
11:50 am
crimes and not be punished. >> mary ann mendosa, my heart goes out to you over the situation that i can't even imagine. i know this issue is very important to you and you've become very politically active as a result of it. all the best to you. >> thank you very much. the controversy on broadway that got president-elect trump asking for an apology.
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welcome back everybody. the cast of the hit broadway musical "hamilton" making their voices heard about the current political climate. take a listen. >> vice president-elect pence, i see you walking out, we have a message for you. >> that's actor brandon dixon delivering a message to vice president-elect mike pence. today donald trump is demanding an opinion polling. briyan llenas has more. >> by all accounts the vice president-elect handled last night graciously despite the not-so-warm welcome audience as
11:55 am
he arrived alongside secret service to watch the hit broadway musical. listen. "hamt" found out 30 minutes before show time that mr. pence would be there. they decided to send a message directly to mr. pence at the end of the show about the hope that the administration will be more inclusive. actor brandon victor dixon pulled out a queue card in part saying this. >> we are the diverse america who are al lrmd and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. we truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our american values and to work on behalf of all of us. >> pence left his seat before the message, but the show says he heard it from the hallway. now president-elect donald trump is demanding an apology tweeting, quote, our wonderful future vp mike pence was harassed by the cast of "hamilton."
11:56 am
cameras blazing. this should not happen. he said the theatre should be a special place. the cast and crew was rude to a very good man mike pence. dixon tweeted conversation is not harassment, sir. now the hash tag boycott hamilton is tops on twitter. "hamilton" showcases america's diversity and say they felt a certain responsibility to get this out there. >> bryan, thank you very much. certainly a big trending item on twitter. that's a wrap for all of us here. thanks for sharing your day with us. have a great day and a great weekend. see you next time.
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welcome to the ""journal: editorial report."" a busy first full week for president-elect donald trump as his team pushes back on claims of chaos. vice president mike pence formally took the reigns on tuesday replacing new jersey governor chris christie as officials insist the ten-week effort to build the administration is on schedule. trump spent the week meeting with japan's prime minister shinzo abe as well as vetting candidates for top administration jobs with lieutenant general mike flynn, alabama


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