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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 19, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PST

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you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar. a fox news alert. plex donald trump with a packed schedule on the saturday, including a highly anticipated meeting with mitt romney at the golf club in new jersey. they had a bitter slug fest during the campaign, man oh man. but didn't show any signs of that today. upon his departure he was tight lipped and ignored questions that trump may offer him a position such as secretary of state. welcome to a brand new hour of news headquarters. i'm eric shawn. >> and arthel neville.
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the romney meeting just one of eight. also michelle rhee and finance chairman lewis eisenberg. soufr it's been a long and busy day for mr. trump. >> joined from bed minster new jersey. >> reporter: seems to me all but certain that former marine corps general james mattis will be the next secretary of defense. i was approached just before my last live shot about an hour ago who came up next to me and whispered in my ear and he said general james madison is a strong candidate for a cabinet post. i followed up by the asking
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about the seven years off since leaving that post. mattis was known in the marine corps as mad dog mattis. a guy who believes in real aggressive battle. he at the same time has a little bit of puppy dog in him in that he often admonishes troops in iraq to be kind to iraqi citizens that if you said anything about not liking them or unfriendly gestures it would be wonderful for al qaeda. there is another anecdote that tells a lot. in afghanistan he was known on one go to a distant outlet post and literally sleep in a fox hole. in a battle hole on cold winter nights. that is the pattonesque kind of thing you mentioned that engenders tremendous support and loyalty among troop. he aemptly left the marine corps
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in the role of u.s. centcom commander after it became clear to him that the obama administration's dismissiveness. donald trump after the meeting pointed to him this guy is the real deal. >> one of the most legendary marines ever. one of the best quotes is most important six inches in the bald field is in between your ears. so we are in for someone who's quite quotable. as for the earlier meeting, mitt romney. how did that meeting go? >> reporter: it seemed to go very very well. certainly if time is an indication that it went very well. the meeting lasted from just prior to 1:00 in the afternoon and mr. romney came out roughly 2:30 in the afternoon. so pretty close to a 90 minute meeting. again trump would not say whether he was a candidate for
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the job of secretary of state and mr. romney would not say whether he was offered the job nor would he say he would take the job if he was offered the job. here is how he characterized the meeting. >> we discussed those areas. and exchanged our views on those topics. very thorough and in-depth discussion in the time we had. and appreciated the chance to speak with the president elect and look forward to the coming administration and the things -- >> because we're seeing this in a very open and transparent way here, wire getting a good sense how it all works and the orderliness. one candidate goes in the door, mr. trump and mr. pence stand o outdoors for the photo on and wave. and they go inside for the
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meeting. and then leave and another candidate comes. right now is robert wood for center of the neighbor enterprises. we have yet to see him emerge. could happen any time. back to you. >> going to be fascinating to see how the trump administration addresses that considering mr. trump's speaking out about the african american communities around the country in the distressed urban neighborhoods. thank you. arthel. >> okay. meanwhile democrats have a swift and strong reaction to the nomination that the president elect has already made. mr. trump's selections coming under fire from some democrats in congress. those lawmakers questioning the character of some candidates, even requesting the president elect rescind his choice for chief strategist. christen fisher is live from the d.c. bureau with more.
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>> reporter: hey arthel. well if you are conservative like ted cruz or one of those die hard trump supporters who loves the hard line stance on immigration or fighting isis u you are probably thrilled with all three picks. but if you are a democrat or moderate republican you probably have big problems with the president elect's choice for attorney general. alabama senator jeff sessions for national security advisor mike flynn and dia mike pompeo. days after naming a white nationalist as his chief strategist the president elect has chosen an attorney general with long record of racially offensive statements and. pompeo called a leading cheerleader of the benghazi witch hunt who is now being asked to fill one of the most serious and sober national security positions there is. sessions and pompeo still need
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to be confirmed but trump's pick for national security advisor does not. a former director of the defense intelligence agency is well known for his view oz islam. called a fear of muslims rational. and accused obama administration far too soft on terrorism and supports a much more aggressive stance fighting isis. he'll be now just feet away from the oval office. great news for trump supporters but also a little scary for his critics. >> a lot's happening there and you are always on top at it. thank you. president elect trump is standing you have for his future vice president. this happened last night after the case of "hamilton." broad broadway's musical stood up on the stage and addressed directly to mike pence who was in the audience. >> vice president elect mike pence. >> as you can see during the
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curtain call one cast member who plays vice president aaron burr specifically directed questions about human rights and equality to mr. pence. now with more on this from last night. >> vice president elect mike pence has not publicly said in addition about last night's incident. by all consults he handled everything gracefully despite a night that began with a not so warm welcome. >> that was the audience' reaction as the v.p. elect took his seat at the richard rogers theater here in manhattan. the cast of hamilton said they were made aware mr. pence would be in the audience 30 minutes before the show. at the end of the show hamilton's star actor pulled out a cue card with a message pleading to the trump administration to be ininclusive. >> we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that
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your new administration will not protect us. but we truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our american values and to work on behalf of all of us. >> pence left his seat before the message but he did stop to listen from the theater hallway. the v.p. elect waved as he left to a crowd that included some protesters. but now president elect donald trump is demanding an apology from the castst cast. tweeting our v.p. was harassed last night. the theater should always be a safe and special place. the cast of hamilton was very rude last night to a very good man, a mike pence. apologize. dixon who read the message, tweeted conversation is not harassment. >> if we can speak with one another. if questiwe can empathize with
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another. >> the lead producer of the show reportedly said they were honored that mr. pence attended but they needed to express their feeling noting many of the cast members were devastated after this election. the #boycott hamilton is now the top trend on twitter. >> we know you got a ticket. you can't gechbt a ticket. at least he was there. >> in other news. democratic mayors in so called sanctuary cities in lining up in opposition to the president elect's immigration plans. officials say they will not cooperate with deportation orders for illegal immigrants, even as mr. trump threatens to block their federal funding. will carr has more. >> reporter: hey there arthel. the past couple of days leading democrats across the country have said they plan to fight back against any attempt to crack down on taking away federal dollars for cities that have sanctuary policies. and when you look at a map it is
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more than 300 cities and counties that embrace sanctuary policies. many allow law enforcement to ignore federal immigration laws or requests to hold immigrants all while receiving billions of dollars from the federal government. critics though argue this is about public safety. sergeant brandon mendosa was killed by a convicted criminal in the country illegally and driving drunk. >> americans need to start realizing our politicians need to start getting a backbone and they need to start standing up for americans and stop protecting illegal criminals who are here in our country. >> since the election, members of law enforcement and city leaders from los angeles, chicago and a number of other both large and small cities run by democrats have said they will proudly defend their sanctuary policies. >> to be clear about what chicago is.
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it always will be a sanctuary city. >> the city will continue to provide services and your ability to act as those services will always be there. it will not waiver or change because of an administration. they may change but our values do not. this is a city of inclusion. >> reporter: some liberal politicians across the country say this is a city and state issue. not a federal issue. really a notion you don't hear very often from democrats. arthel? >> will carr. thanks. well arthel t grandson of a veteran illinois congressman tragically becomes the latest victim of the continuing and horrifying unending gun violence in chicago. and investigators are revealing about that case. plus a snow storm leaves the roads in minnesota a slippery, slushy mess unfortunately causing some fatal accidents. and president elect trump has been meeting all afternoon
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right there in bedminster, new jersey. the trump national golf course behind closed doors with potential cabinet members and top personnel in a continuing effort to find piece of his administration. what role his son-in-law will probably play in the process? coming up we'll explore that straight ahead.
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time for a check of the head lines. president trump will pay $25 million to settle several lawsuits from trump university. mr. trump tweeting he wanted to resolve the matter and fully focus on running the country. that after vowing he would not settle the cases because he said it was a phony lawsuit. at least two dead in minnesota after the first big snow storm swept through the area causes hundreding of traffic accidents.
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up to two feet fell in parts of the states. and the 15-year-old grandson of danny davis shot to death in a home invasion in chicago. two suspects forced their way into je-vaughn wilson's home and shot him after an argument. and there have been 600 homicides in chicago so far this year. as president elect trump pieces together his cabinet, new questions are emerging about what role his son-in-law, jared kushner might play. kushner is believed to have helped elevate mr. trump to the presidency doling out advice on policy and speeches. now he is known to be a trusted confidant to the president elect. but any official role within the trump administration could possibly bump up against laws banning public officials from hiring family members. vincent coal nasois here. the editor and chief in the
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daily caller. how are you? >> i'm great. thank you for having me. >> good. so i want to start by looking at the anti-nepotism statue enacted in 1967. in part it says a public official may not appoint, employ, promote, advance or advocate for employment appointment, promotion or advancement in or to a civilian position in the agency which he is serving or over which he exercises jurisdiction or control any individual who's a relative of a public official. would there be a workaround if president trump doesn't pay jared and keeps his son-in-law as a confidant, personally and politically speaking? >> that is a good question and one there is disagreement about. legal scholars across the board are staring at jared kushner's potential role in the white house. one of the words you just
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mentioned by the way inside the statue is the word "agency" and some lawyers are relying to suggest this is not ann an agency. this would be the white house and that actually may create an opportunity for kushner to serb serve in a paid or unpaid role. on both sides lawyers are going through it line by line trying to figure out if it will work. there is some precedent here. hillary clinton served as head of a white house task force on health for president bill clinton and at the time the court left it under the notion that that was allowable. so jared kushner here may see opportunity to do the same thing and advise donald trump ads president. >> speaking of president elect trump i want to look in new jersey where he's on the doorstep there. mr. bob woodman is just leaving. he is one of the people perhaps has been reported that might be up for hud secretary.
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so there's a list of who's who going in and out of the course there in new jersey. as president elect trump is trying to get his cabinet together he's doing that with the confidence of being able to have his son-in-law by his side. because his son-in-law has been there all along throughout his campaign. and back to the legal issues that we've been discussing. how likely might it be that a member of congress or an oversight committee would sight this relationship as a potential breesh in national security? and if such a concern is raised in that regard, can they ultimately stop it? >> we'll see. my imagination suggests, and i don't think it is a far stretch to think, that democrats are going to do anything they can to create roadblocks for donald trump. and that goes to including trying to go after donald trump for nepotism here. but i cannot overstate how important it is for a president of the united states of tto hav
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trusted confidants and le has trusted in his son-in-law to the extent even in a formal meeting with prime minister abe of japan jared kushner was in that meeting. >> and ivanka trump. >> and he cares sincerely about their opinions and what kind of policies they are going to have as president. >> we'll move on. there is a lot to hash out on that point but we'll move on for the sake of time. if president elect trump hands over his business holdings to his children. talking about ivanka and the other two children, not a third party trustee. to them. how different would that be from, you know, the conflicts and crisis of corruption raised by donald trump about hillary clinton and the clinton foundation while they were campaigning? >> donald has to walk a very fine line.
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jared kushner himself is a real estate mogul and has a media interest as well. and if he becomes advisor to president you would think all of that has to be put into a blind trust. somewhere we where he can't have abusiness involvement until he's done serving. in the case of the ivanka trump if she goes on to handle the family business, what can donald trump do? he can't speak to his daughter for the duration of the presidency? that is impossible. so the trump family is going to have to figure a way to walk that fine line. because clearly donald trump has billions of dollars in business interests, even having the trump hotel so near the white house. that his family is going to have to handle while he's president of the united states and he's going to have to stay out that have that business. >> of course known would suggest that president trump then would not be able to speak to or interact with his children. i think they are saying though the possibility of business talk coming up over the dinner table as it has been throughout their adult live, that could present the conflicts if they are
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discussing business in financial issues concerning the multiple businesses that the -- that donald trump owns throughout the world. that is where the conflict could arise. >> absolutely. and it is hard to imagine donald trump being -- no matter what arrangement he comes up with being very far from the knowledge of the trump organization that's he's built. no matter how many layers he tries to put in there, he's going to have a sense of whether or not it is being successful. so he's going to keep track of that. and good government groups and hopefully watchdogs are going to pay very close attention to whether or not there is corruption going on. clearly that is the last thing the united states needs. >> let's go back to ivanka trump. you mention how she was there in the room with president elect trump meeting with prime minister shinzo abe of japan. and at this point it appears that serve just sort of making nice and saying see if ke with get along, personality checks, if you will on the surface.
2:25 pm
so perhaps they are not getting into any sort of, you know, real deep discussions about, you know, what's happening in the china sea or china's movement encroachment upon japan's jurisdiction there near the islands there in the japanese sea as well. japan sea. so the question is in terms of optic, even if they didn't discuss any sort of real issue, deep issues, concerning anything that the state department might have to be in on, how does that look though? you have a world leader sitting there with the president elect of the united states of america and his daughter is there and his son-in-law is there. that seems -- i don't know. is it disrespectful even on a level? >> i'm not certain it is. what i do know is donald trump has never made a secret of the fact he finds ivanka trump to be such a great advocate of the
2:26 pm
trump family. and we've seen that throughout the campaign. ivanka trump has always been a forceful representation of who the trump family is. so this is a first meeting and inform one at that and you can have the most charming person in the trump family to help. as long as it is informal and as long as you don't have government secrets being talked about. i would sense there is a good chance that is a good idea. >> that is a good idea. we're just asking the questions here. not making any judgment. the conversation is going to keep rolling on and so many things are going to be first times, unprecedented as we roll through the trump administration. well the radical islamic terrorists of isis are fighting a waging full scale attack weerl told against the iraqi troops who are continuing their advance in mosul. coming up. we'll be filled in on the happenings. >> and you heard about the story
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time for --. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg telling world leaders that his site is taking steps to undermine fake news stories. face bookie is working on ways to handle what zuckerberg calls misinformation. pope francis naming 17 new cardinals to the church today. the new princes of the church were then able to meet retired pope benedict. more than a million south koreans marching in protest against their president for a fourth straight day. demanding president park step down. she's accused of letting a
2:32 pm
personal friend mettle in government business. back here another member of law enforcement has sacrificed his life for us. the latest u.s. deputy marshal in georgia shot and killed in the line of duty. and followed a shootout which killed the gunman. >> this suspect has been on the run for the past two months after previously tries to kill police officers in south carolina. police tried to arrest dontrelle carter. carter took off in a car and led officers on a chase until he jumped out and starting shooting at them as he escaped on foot. the u.s. marshals have been searching for him ever since. and yesterday the agency's fugitive task force tracked him to a mobile home in southeast georgia. when the team went inside to arrest carter he opened fire and
2:33 pm
two rifle rounds cut right through the vest of the patrick carothers. other marshals returned fire and hit the fugitive but it was too late for their teammate. carothers, the u.s. marshal and carter the fugitive were rushed to nearby hospitals where they both passed a way. in a statement u.s. attorney general loretta lynch said she was deeply saddened by carothers death. adding he served the american people with fidelity and courage throughout his distinguished career. he stayed true to his oath to the last, laying down his life to keep his community safe and his neighbors secure. carothers was a 26-year veteran with the u.s. marshals and leaves behind his wife and five children. our thoughts and prayers are certainly with them at this time. >> absolutely. thank you. iraqi troops with the help of u.s.-led air strikes making steady progress in their mission to reclaim mosul but not without a really strong resistance from
2:34 pm
heavily armed isis fighters. john huddy has the details. >> reporter: arthel, iraqi forces are gaining more ground albeit slowly and cautiously as isis continues to put up a fight in eastern mosul. today iraqi special forces moved into two other neighborhoods in the east part of the city after taking full control of the --. it's been a tough fight as isis continues to launch suicide attacks on iraqi troops along with car bomb, sniper, mortar fire and rpg attacks on advancing forces as well. one of the biggest challenges and concerns, protecting the civilian population. while thousands of people as we've seen have escaped the war zone, thousands more remain trapped in areas where fighting is heaviest, with isis militants using many people as human shields, as is the case in other
2:35 pm
battles. ramadi comes to mind among others. it's militants blending into the civilian population, trying to escape, hide or acting as spotters for suicide attacks and mortar fire is another concern. so while iraqi troops are gaining ground they are proceeding cautiously in some areas only a couple hundred meters at a time to minimize the civilian casualty rate. now on another front to the west of mosul. shiite militias took controlled of a military airfield last night. this is a strategic location. it will serve basically as the command and operations center for those troops as they advance on isis positions along the western front of mosul. >> okay. john. john huddy reporting from jerusalem. thanks. they served in the line of duty. they were paid boernss for signing up. and then the military said give me the money back.
2:36 pm
congress is now stepping in to try to find some justice. talk about the story this year when the pentagon discovered in an audit that about 10,000 soldiers in california had been unintentionally overpaid and pentagon ordered them to return the money. congress now considering legislation that would let those soldiers keep those bonuses and possibly more. captain gnash, this was so shocking and outrageous. you served this nation in ballot. you get the bonuses you think are legit. and the pentagon comes to you like a repo man how could this happen? >> part was due to lack of oversight clearly. these were paid out between 2004 and 2010. and they sent a master sergeant actually to jail for 30 months because she filed something like $15 million worth of false claims. so the issue is eric, if the
2:37 pm
individual soldier did not participate in the fraud but was actually incentivized even though not el available for it, even though there is no fraud involved what the congress is trying to do is square that up. let me tell you from having served in the military the system holds the individual to very strict account. so when the system screws up, we shouldn't penalize the individual. >> yes. some would say it is not their fault and they didn't know about this. what do you think? >> that is exactly what i think. because of lack of oversight. because of whatever, that doesn't matter. that is dust in the wind. it is stuff in the wake. okay? the issue now is that almost 10,000 people who got this money who are now being asked for it. some 1700 people started paying the money back. and congress was told about this two years ago. so every member of the house and every member of the senate and their staff, their military
2:38 pm
legislative assistants were told about this as part of the california guard's list of priorities they sent up. and until it became a big deal it wasn't a big deal. now it is a big deal. >> outstanding congress didn't do anything during that time. hats off to the los angeles times because they are the one whose did the first major article about this. >> and the sacramento bee. >> and the sacramento bee. amazing. christopher van meter, 42, army captain in iraq. injured by roadside bomb. guess what? he had to refinance his mortgage to try and pay 25,000 back. then another 21,000 in student loan payments. he says, people like me got screwed. susan haley. master sergeant served in afghanistan 2008. she a mother who served this country and has to send one quarter of her salary, 650 bucks to the pentagon. a quarter of her family's north
2:39 pm
carolina -- income. has to pay down 20,500. her a leg in combat. and this is how we treat these people. >> now it's become a big deal because all o the sunlight shine on it. but a lot of them have had their credit ruined and it is going take a while for them to dig this out and make it right again. so the sooner the better. right now we're operating on a continuing resolution. we don't have a budget passed. but the house is trying to work it into the national defense authorization act and get something in language before they adjourn for thanksgiving. but that is not going to fix it. they are going to have to pick it back up when everything reconvenes and the new house and senate come in in january. >> in light of the meetings
2:40 pm
today what do you think general james mad dog mattis would say about this? >> probably two words. fix it. fix it. yeah. and, you know, general mattis, the warrior monk as he is known. very very smart guy. a student of history. and a true leader of men. i really do hope that president elect trump is eyeing him for a position where he can lead and really imbue his confidence and his love of country into folks. because he did a marvelous job when he was a marine. >> he's being called a strong candidate potentially for secretary of defense. this is what the trump campaign is telling our doug mcalway out there at the pb golf club.
2:41 pm
what type of message do you think that appointment would send to the world? >> i think what it would say is no more folks who have come up not knowing much about the military arts, not knowing much about what it takes to put people in combat where they lose their lives. and you have to write the letters home. you have to deal with the wounded and all of that. because they are your people. and you are so totally involved with all of your people. and you get a persons like that and you make them secretary of defense. now you are not leading troops in combat. what you are doing is you are going fix the acquisition system that is bankrupting the department of defense and bleeding the taxpayers dry. we have got to fix the defense
2:42 pm
acquisition system. and you put a war fighter in charge of that operation. and out of sacred honor he will fix it. >> we'll see if that announcement does come. captain nash, thank you for speaking up on this saturday late afternoon. >> you bet eric. at least four are dead after a medical transport plane crashes in in evidencnevada. one a heart patient. the plane exploding into a fire ball when it crashed into a parking lot just after takeoff. forcing evacuations at a nearby apartment complex. no one on the ground is hurt and the cause is under investigation. very very sad. i want to clarify something on the political front. bob woodson is there in new jersey visiting with the president trump for his cabinet.
2:43 pm
very prominent person in the community. mr. woodson. >> interesting to see if he indeed gets an appointment what type of policy in dealing with the inner cities and urban america that have been struck so hard with unemployment and the like. and crime of course as you see these horrible cases in chicago that the president elect trump addressed during the campaign. there is something else that is a big issue for all of us. not maybe a political one but us staying in shape during the holiday season. coming up a new study that says if you go up and down up and down you flukt your wait when you diet and gain it back and diet again. the study says we're actually doing damage to our hearts as well as sour waistline when that happens. we'll get great advice before sitting down for the turkey dinner later in the week. stay with us.
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thanksgiving dinner the christmas cookies. fruitcake. sweet potato pie, corn bread -- no, stay the script. and then eventually, you know, comes the new year's. the new year's resolution to go on a diet. but a new study suggests that a lifelong habit of gaining and losing weight. you know, they call it yo-yo dieting puts excess strain on the heart. the doctor is in. what is this yo-yo dieting and how bad is it on the heart? >> great question. well actually that is really what researchers wanted to find out too. many of us through years will gain weight. lose weight. gain it and lose it. the question is does that damage our heart? researchers in an abstract presented a at the american heart association they looked at
2:49 pm
180,000 postmenopausal women. and found the women who were overweight who yo-yo dieted actually had a three and a half time increased risk for sudden cardiac death and 66% great irrisk of dying from coronary artery disease. so the result is perhaps there is a connection between yo-yo dieting and heart disease. >> how much weight are we talking about? we all want to lose a few pounds. when you say yo-yo dieting, what sort of weight fluctuation are you talking about? >> i think that is a great question. something we have to keep in mind with the study is it is an observational study. means we can perhaps say there is an association between yo-yo dieting and heart disease but we actually can't prove its cause and effect. and there are other variables. one question you are mentioning the study relied on self reporting. so the women defined if they thought they were normal weight
2:50 pm
or overweight. etc. also only postmenopausal women in the study. so we need further studies actually to say definitively that yo-yo dieting effects the hard. >> doctor, happy holidays to you. and talk you later. meanwhile president obama is in peru meeting with members of the t.p.p. you know about that. what he's saying about the future of the trade agreementtod during a trump presidency.
2:51 pm
. .
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president obama is now on his final trip abroad as president. he's meet with leaders from the trans-pacific partnership in peru and trying to ease the concerns of some over his successor, president-elect donald trump. rich edison is live there with more. >> reporter: it's a challenge for the president, with different views on trade. this is the apec summit, t21
2:55 pm
countries are involved in these discussions, 12 of them have signed on to the trans-pacific partnership. that free trade deal falls apart unless the u.s. congress ratifies it. congressional leaders say there are not enough votes to get it through and president-elect trump says he opposes it. the trump administration could renegotiate the deal, although there are concerns and questions about whether he will. >> there are going to be tensions that arise, probably around trade more than anything el else, because the president-elect campaigned on a -- looking at every trade policy and potential reversing. >> reporter: the president says he is hopeful that the trump administration would reengage with these nations and try to negotiate that. the problem is the chinese are
2:56 pm
pushing an alternative to that trade agreement, this as president obama is meeting with chinese president xi jinping. president xi says a u.s./china relationship is a hinge moment, unquote. eric? >> from greece to germany to lima, peru, thanks, rich. a working weekend for president-elect donald trump as he holds several meetings behind closed doors in new jersey. who is on the short list after a pow-wow with the president-elect? a live report at the top of the hour. stay with us. jack be nimble, jack be quick, jack knocked over a candlestick onto the shag carpeting... ...and his pants ignited into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll. luckily jack recently had geico help him with renters insurance. because all his belongings went up in flames. jack got full replacement
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we begin with a fox news alert. a business day today for president-elect trump, meeting with potential candidates for a number of cabinet positions, including former massachusetts governor mitt romney. welcome to a brand-new hour inside "america's news headquarters." i'm arthel neville. >> i'm eric shawn. mr. romney called the now president-elect a phony and a fraud during the campaign. there was talk mr. romney may be under consideration now for secretary of state. neither man commented on the reports after meeting this afternoon. at least seven other people from a variety of public and private sectors were on the list and
3:01 pm
spent time meeting with mr. trump. doug mckelway joins us live from the trump national golf club in bedminster, new jersey. there have been a lot of meetings and rumblings of a possible announcement of another appointment coming soon, what do we know about that? >> reporter: that's right. before we get to that, donald trump just came outdoor bidding farewell to another candidate, mr. rickets. we'll see another one coming in in the next few minutes. one observation before we get to today's p ae's picks. i think we're seeing a different donald trump. he said his rivals in the campaign were third rate, dishonest. an anecdote about what happened here today. he was saying goodbye to robert woodson of the center for neighborhood enterprise. came out on the front porch and asked the press, how are you
3:02 pm
guys doing out there, do you need anything? one guy said, yeah, hot chocolate, it's getting cold out here. mr. trump said i'll see what i can do. he said, i know i'm not supposed to but i'll do it anyway. within five minutes there was a whole spread of hot chocolate, coffee, and stuff to eat. that sent a signal to me that he's pleased with the transition process and pleased with the candidates he's meeting with. that brings us to marine general david mattis who it seems all but sure will be the next secretary of defense. i had a high ranking transition aide approach me a little while ago who said he is a very strong candidate for a cabinet position. when i followed up asking about the seven-year waiting period between leaving a military job and assuming a cabinet position, that aide said there are waivers to that kinds of thing. mattis is a combination of pitbull and puppy dog. he's engendered the loyalty of troops by spending the night with them in foxholes in the
3:03 pm
winter of afghanistan. not the kind of guy who worries about having a pressed uniform, but worried about what his troops are doing, how they're faring in those kind of wilderness environments. he also has the reputation for being a very aggressive combat leader. apparently he decided to resign from the obama administration as u.s. centcom chief because the obama administration thought he was too aggressive. >> he was also critical of the obama administration's removing the 10,000 troops from iraq as well as other policy matters. >> reporter: yes. >> you mentioned todd rickets. he's the owner of the chicago cubs that stunned the world by winning the world series, just like trump's win stunned the world. but then earlier this afternoon, mitt romney came acalling. so doug, we remember the campaign. how did that meeting go? >> reporter: well, he was first
3:04 pm
on deck here this morning, meeting with mr. romney began just about 1:00 this afternoon and last a long time, longer than anybody else's visit here today, just short of 90 minutes. when they departed, there seemed to be great goodwill between the two. but they're very unspecific about what happened. mr. trump wouldn't say that he offered mr. romney a job, and romney would not say whether he would take a job with the trump administration or whether he would accept it if one was offered. here is how mr. romney characterized their meeting. >> we discussed those areas, and exchanged our views on those topics. a very thorough and in-depth discussion in the time we had. i appreciated the chance to speak with the percent and look forward to the coming administration and the things they'll be doing. >> reporter: we are expecting a readout from all of this day's meetings, a summation from the
3:05 pm
trump transition team. there was also some talk this morning that there would be potentially an announcement of a pick, if indeed it does come back. i bet you 90 bucks, eric, it will be general mattis. >> seems to be looking that way. we'll talk more about general mattis later in the program, and if we hear anything about him, you'll bring it to us. >> reporter: of course. some democrats have been calling for president-elect trump to reconsider his first cabinet and white house decisions. opponents have been harshly speaking out against steve bannon, senator jeff sessions, congressman mike pompeo, criticizing their records on civil rights, foreign policy, and interrogation techniques. kristen fisher is live in washington with more. hi, kristen. >> reporter: hey, eric. let's start with jeff sessions,
3:06 pm
tapped for attorney general. he's against same-sex marriage, a staunch opponent of immigration reform. it's his history of making racially tinged remarks that will likely prove most problematic in his confirmation hearing. here is senate minority leader elect chuck schumer. >> many of his statements are old but still troubling. he should get a series of tough questions, given those early things. >> reporter: some republicans also have a problem with senator sessions, like one congressman who says, quote, the ag has a lot of prosecutorial direction, i'm deeply concerned about sessions. mr. trump picked kansas congressman and top of the class west point graduate mike pompeo for cia director. he's probably the most
3:07 pm
establishment-friendly pick and the least controversial, although he does support waterboarding, as does trump's pick for national security adviser, former general mike flynn. he's known for hard line views on fighting isis and he's taken his for ties to russia. but flynn will not have to face a confirmation hearing so he's perceived to be a done deal. president-elect donald trump standing up for his incoming vice president after the cast of "hamilton" publicly lectured mike pence who was in the audience here in new york last night. >> vice president elect mike pence, i see you walking out by i hope you'll stay a few moments. >> during the curtain call, one cast member directed comments about human rights and equal
3:08 pm
rights at the vice president-elect. bryan llenas is live with more. >> reporter: the cast knew vice president-elect mike pence would be in the audience. one of the actors pulled out a card and read a message pleading for the trump administration to be fair and inclusive. >> we are diverse america. we are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. we truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our american values and work on behalf of all of us. >> reporter: pence heard the message from the theater hallway before he left. some people protested outside the theater. audience members also booed him while he was inside. now president-elect donald trump is demanding an apology from the cast, tweeting, quote, our wonderful future vp mike pence was harassed last night by the
3:09 pm
cast of "hamilton" who was very rude last night to a very good man, mike pence. apologize! dixon who read the message tweeted back to trump, conversation is not harassment, sir, and i appreciate mike pence for stopping to listen. we caught up for people waiting in line for "hamilton" tickets today. >> i don't know that the audience in the theater was necessarily appropriate. >> people should not be condemned for how they stand and should feel safe. >> i thought they handled it beautifully and what they said was true and accurate. i think that it was done in a very professional and responsible way. >> reporter: it is all the talk today, the hashta hashtag #boycotthamilton is the top hashtag on twitter. >> thank you, bryan llenas. mayors of seven cities say
3:10 pm
they will shelter illegal immigrants from federal authorities as president-elect trump threatens to cut funding for so-called sanctuary cities. legal experts say there are limits to what mr. trump as president can who would. will carr is live in los angeles with more. >> reporter: hey there, eric. we've seen a fortified front from democratic lawmakers across the country who vow to fight back if the trump administration wants to pull the plug on any funding going to sanctuary cities. when you look at the map, we're talking about more than 300 cities and counties that have sanctuary policies. those policies can vary, but this really boils down to local authorities choosing to ignore certain federal immigration laws. now, in recent days, proponents of sanctuary policies have said this should be a city and state issue. we've heard from cities and states from los angeles, chicago, and new york, and cities in between who say immigrants are more likely to report crimes in sanctuary
3:11 pm
cities. also some say this is about more than funding. >> we would not like to lose federal funds. but i'll tell you this. whether or not i do the right thing is not a matter of money to me. this is a matter of principle. this is a matter of something that i believe is a core value to the los angeles police department that i think far transcends any other motivation. >> reporter: but that is a hard sell for families who believe that sanctuary cities create safe havens for criminals. kate steinly's death in san francisco made major headlines in 2015. her suing is suing sergeant brandon mendoza. his mother spoke earlier today on "america's news headquarters." >> our federal government has allowed these criminals to really run rampant. they know that this is a place
3:12 pm
they can come and commit crimes and not be punished. >> reporter: come the new year, the trump administration will have the ability to shift discretionary grants away from sanctuary cities. so the battle may be just beginning, eric. >> thanks so much. coming up, we'll talk to susan faricio from "the washington examiner" about all this and some insight on some of those who he met with today. also an early snowfall causing hundreds of traffic accidents in minnesota. the amount of snow that fell in some parts of the state. we right now are awaiting more news of potential cabinet picks today. you're looking live at bedminster, new jersey, the trump national golf course just outside of new york city where mr. trump has been meeting with possible candidates and potential appointees throughout the day. anybody else to come? will there be some announcements? if they come through that door, we'll show it to you, straight
3:13 pm
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time for a quick check of the headlines. president-elect trump will pay $25 million to settle several lawsuits stemming from his defunct trump university. minnesota sees the first big snowstorm of the season, causing hundreds of traffic accidents. up to two feet of snow fell in parts of the state. the grandson of illinois congressman danny davis was killed during a home invitation in chicago. police say two teenaged suspects forced their way into jovan wilson's home and shot him after an argument. there have been more than 600 homicides in chicago this year. we're waiting for a trump
3:18 pm
cabinet announcement emanating from new jersey. political analysts are pointing out that the president-elect's current appointees signal a significant shift in u.s. policy from immigration to foreign relations. "the new york times" characterizes it saying trump's team is looking to bulldoze the status quo. what does that mean? the chief congressional correspondent from "the washington examiner" joins us from washington. susan, and a, lieutenant general michael flynn was hired as an intelligence agent head. he's outspoken, combative. now he comes roaring back. >> that's right. the main criticism of obama's foreign policy was that he was too passive, too weak when it came to taking on the threat of islamic terrorism, dealing with other problems in the middle east. that was the main criticism republicans have put forward over the years. now we have general flynn who
3:19 pm
clearly would answer a lot of those concerns. he is definitely someone who has wanted to defy the enemy, he's talked about that repeatedly, and about this threat of radical islam. you see him on twitter discussing that, and it's been very controversial. he's also tried to tie radical islam to the muslim faith. that's part of a controversy surrounding him, people think you really can't do that, that's, you know, insulting to muslims. he's not coming without controversy. but certainly as you say he comes roaring back and will take a far more aggressive stance against the threat of islamic terrorism and other problems that threaten our national security. >> some of his comments, as you say, cause controversy. quote, islam is like cancer. he said that in a speech recently. fear of muslims is rational. some people are concerned with that type of language. >> oh, a lot of people are concerned with it.
3:20 pm
and one thing he won't have to worry about, he does not need to be cleared by congress. this position does not require the stamp of the senate. so he's going to be able to take the job without having to be vetted through congress. i think if he had to be vetted, that would be part of the discussion on capitol hill. >> but he has been very aggressive and specific about radical islamic terrorism, very strong on that. there are some concerns about russia, the photo from just last year, december of 2015, he's sitting down right next to vladimir putin. he goes to russia. he says he was hired by a lecture company, it was a dinner to celebrate rt, the state-sponsored, some call it a russian propaganda arm of the television network for vladimir putin. there he is on the left, general flynn, right next to him is vladimir putin. he called it a great learning experience. but there are concerns that the russians may have influence in this administration. and this is a potential -- you
3:21 pm
know, there's a possibility of that, when they see, you know, the national security adviser who could be potentially sitting right next to vladimir putin. we see donald trump live coming out with -- not sure who. there goes not sure who, another potential candidate for a big job. let's get back to the national security adviser in russia. are there concerns in washington that russia may have influence? look what we saw during the hacking, that james clapper admitted was infiltrated by the russians. >> general flynn has said that people are, you know, overstating or exaggerate, you know, any threat that he is in with the russians, that this was just -- he compared rt to cnn, that this was just a media outlet. >> but cnn is not owned by the government. >> that's right. >> some people will say it's a propaganda arm, but it's not an official propaganda arm of the kremlin. >> that's right. it is the good thing that he doesn't need to be confirmed on capitol hill, because this would
3:22 pm
be, again, a big problem for him. i think from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. remember, you only need 51 votes to be confirmed in the senate, and he would have probably had a few moderate republicans perhaps voting against him. he doesn't need to be confirmed, so he'll be part of the trump cabinet. >> you say, i think those will be part of the things we'll see. >> the man we saw with mr. trump was andrew posner, president of kfc enterprises, i wonder if that's kentucky fried chicken. mike pompeo is very involved in intelligence matters, but there's controversy there too over the potential of a return
3:23 pm
of waterboarding. >> you really need a nonpartisan to run the cia, at least that's been the practice. he went after hillary clinton, he went after president obama on the iran nuclear deal. he was certainly not friendly to the obama administration. people are fearing that he may try to run the cia in a very partisan fashion. it's also pretty unusual to tap a member congress to come in and run the big spy agency. the last time they tried this was porter goss under president bush, and that didn't end very well, he was only in for a couple of years and had to resign. there are concerns about his ability to run an agency like that. but again, he comes with incredibly impressive credentials, top of his class at west point, a key member on capitol hill in the intelligence committee. people think he is definitely qualified and is up for the job, and he probably the more
3:24 pm
establishment pick of all the cabinet choices so far. i think he's someone who capitol hill can definitely get behind. >> and i apologize to kentucky fried chicken, i apologize to carr's, andrew posner is the ceo of cke which owns carl's jr. and arby's. how could i forget that? have you been to hardy's? >> quite a variety of people showing up there today. >> have you gone to hardy's? >> i have, it's great. >> he was one of mitt romney's economic advisers so perhaps he's up for an economic position. so we'll see. we'll see if colonel sanders is on the list too. susan, thank you. >> thank you. >> now you're making us all hungry. president-elect trump has called his win bigger than brexit, and the american people inhere
3:25 pm
inherently revolting against the establishment may resonate in europe. coming up, the elections coming up that may reshape the global community. and president obama is on his final foreign trip as president, we saw him in lima, making a case for the tpp, the deal that president-elect trump wants to torpedo. what would that mean? what is the president telling the folks down south? we're live in peru, next. ugh. heartburn. sorry ma'am. no burning here. try alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they don't taste chalky and work fast. mmmm. incredible. can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief.
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it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg telling world leaders at the apec summit that his site is taking steps to undermine fake news stories. he says facebook is working on ways to handle what zuckerberg calls misinformation. pope francis named 17 new cardinals to the catholic church today. the new princes of the church
3:30 pm
were then able to meet retired pope benedict. more than a million south koreans marching in protest against their president, demanding that president park step down. she's embroiled in an explosive political scandal, accused of letting a personal friend meddle in government business. president obama is making a final stop in peru today as he finishes up the last international tour of his term. the president is asking world leaders to give president-elect trump a chance and reassuring citizens who have been worrying about the country's future role in trade deals. rich edison is live with the latest in peru, he's been traveling with president obama. hi, rich. >> reporter: good evening, eric. 21 of these nations that make up the asia pacific economic cooperation summit, of those 21 nations, 12 have agreed to the
3:31 pm
trans-pacific partnership, that massive free trade deal the obama administration negotiated. the problem? it needs to be ratified by the u.s. congress. and u.s. congressional leaders say they do not have enough support. on top of that, president-elect donald trump says he opposes that free trade agreement. the challenge for president obama here, the outgoing president of the united states, is he now meeting with the president of china, xi jinping, at that meeting. because of the uncertainty, given the trade agenda of a trump administration, xi jinping is saying that this represents a hinge moment between the united states and china, especially during the campaign as donald trump called for things like tariffs against chinese goods and labeling china a currency manipulator. with that, president obama is here in lima reassuring our allies. >> how you campaign isn't always the same as how you govern. sometimes when you're campaigning, you're trying to
3:32 pm
stir up passions. when you govern, you actually have reality in front of you and you have to figure out how do i make this work. >> reporter: the president gave the example of the north atlantic treaty organization or nato and how president-elect trump has confirmed at least u.s. commitment to that organization. earlier this afternoon, president obama spoke to a number of university students at a town hall meeting. they had an opportunity to ask him questions. he was talking about democracy in this region. but you could certainly draw parallels from what the president was trying to say and infer them given the situation in the united states. he says democracy is more than just an election, it is institutions and free press, a free society, respect for minorities, and a free judiciary. the president says we should always stay open so we can be open to change and change back
3:33 pm
if we want to. >> thank you, rich. the presidential election is over in the u.s. but some of the same themes may be on the presidential ballot next year in france. analysts comparing the language in the campaign in britain's brexit vote and donald trump's campaign for president. mar marine le pen is running for president. our guest is an adviser to ambassadors to the united nations from 2009 to professor, good to have you here. i want to see if i can get you to do some forecasting in terms of success and failure. >> there are those who thing that marine le pen, a candidate
3:34 pm
in france from the national front, is emboldened by donald trump's victory. however, there is a great deal of difference between our two countries. we shared a revolution based on the same principles, but the french have taken a very different approach to their secular society. they feel they need to be extremely secular. in america we chose in god we trust. in france they declared independence from the monarch and from god. when you see a religious identity of muslims and others coming into their country, they're fearful of the sanctity of their secular state. >> is that valid? >> in the french mindset, they fought their revolution against a monarch. we could use the word globalization today in replacing the word monarch, because monarch and globalization seem to have undue effects on those of us in the trenches. >> as the global community
3:35 pm
continues to grow, how likely would it be for more countries to take on a nationalicist or populism stance? >> populism is borne of the fact that perhaps we're seeing our opportunities back home in hometown america shrink because of our interconnectedness with the world. globalization is necessary to keep the world going as it is today. we have to temper it. we have to understand its limits and how far the effects might go in our households. i don't see that that calls for isolati isolationism taking place in america. it's a call to reduce some of the bad deals that have happened. to the extent that le pen is anti-immigration, antiethnicity, antitrade, i don't think she's emboldened by donald trump who is only anti-bad-deals for america. she's trying to secure a secular
3:36 pm
based society because of the threats that she sees looming on the horizon. >> donald trump won on that very issue that he campaigned on, one of them, that he says, look, he wants to make america great again, that includes making the economy strong and getting rid of the bad deals. you know, with that in mind, the global community continues to grow. if you start to rope off countries, though, as we just started out talking about france, how does that impact the global economy? because it is intertwined. >> yes. the success of the world's societies since world war ii has been that we built up an interdependence. the united nations celebrated its 70th anniversary last year. that means we have more to lose by harming over here than ever before. globalization helps our security. i don't think anyone can become
3:37 pm
an autarchy anymore. roping off is like trying to get off the grid. as much as you try, it's not going to happen. >> that's what we're talking about here, because you have some of the right wing parties there in france being -- winning the race at the moment. it's not official yet, the election hasn't happened. but they are saying kind of take back their nationalism, if you will, being sort of secular and sort of one nation, you know, unity sort of thing. and again, you know, that's what folks in america wanted, which is why they chose donald trump to concentrate on this country. so is that possible, though, donald trump's going to make better deals for the country, for our country, other presidents and world leaders want to make better deals for their countries. can all of those things happen and keep that interdependency that you spoke about?
3:38 pm
>> i think so. i believe the "anti" message in france is awe thut authenticall. now they feel they're being sidelined by elements that are squeezing them out. it's unique to france, this phenomenon. to the extent other countries are going to call for a retreat from globalization, we need to identify its positive properties, identify its toxicities, and maintain some balance between the two so we can proceed in an interdependent world. >> professor, we have to leave it there, thank you very much. eric? another member of law enforcement tragically has been shot dead. this time a u.s. marshal who served our country for 26 years. his life cut short.
3:39 pm
we'll have the heartbreaking story straight ahead. president-elect donald trump promising to create jobs. where those jobs are needed most, and can the new administration make good on its promise? ♪ come on, wake up!!! come on, why ya sleepin'? come on! what time is it? it's go time. come on. let's go, let's go, let's go. woooo hoooo!! yeah!! i feel like i went to bed an hour ago. i'll make the cocoa. get a great offer on the car of your grown-up dreams at the mercedes-benz winter event. it's the look on their faces that make it all worthwhile. thank you santa!!! now lease the 2017 c300 for $389 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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3:44 pm
[ inaudible ] he said it, big league jobs, that's hot button issue on the campaign trail. the president-elect has been vowing it will be a priority of his administration. mr. trump won 13 of the states that currently have rising unemployment rates. three times as many states like that as hillary clinton. so how can mr. trump make good on the promise to bring back jobs? our guest is a consumer analyst and personal finance expert. >> a big job ahead. >> i know. everyone is going to be talking about the economy. you've got such problems, especially in the rust belt and middle america with the factories that have fled and not come back. what is he going to do and will it work? >> the jobs are gone, right? he honed in on that in key states like pennsylvania and ohio, which is one of the reasons he got those states and clinton did not. the factories are down, the communities are a mess. he says vote for me, i'll change
3:45 pm
things. he has a whole new plan to bring those jobs back. regulation is choking businesses. a better tax rate is something he's talked about. he wants to bring 25 million jobs over the next decade. >> let's say you're a ceo of a company. we had the issue of the ford company moving. what's in your mind, as ceo, you have a plant in mexico, you're saying you're going to expand. what should you be looking for? tax breaks? >> tax breaks, less regulation, all the things that trump has been talking about. you have to give these companies both big and small, small businesses are really important too, they're the job generator, they're the ones responsible for creating the vast majority of jobs. you have to give them an incentive to bring those jobs back here. right now there's no incentive for them to keep them here so they're farming them out. this has a lot of people concerned in key states like ohio and pennsylvania, which is why they went to trump. if you look deeper at those counties that had the most factory jobs, those guys, even
3:46 pm
if they have a job, they're fearful they may lose a job, which is one of the key reasons why they went for trump, for change. >> it's hard to find a similar job. >> it's hard to find a similar job, those jobs are gone, they're not coming back. the concern now is that trump is able to bring those jobs back, he also has to get the training back. it's going to be a big expensive ordeal. >> what about not just trade deals but some of the corporations have trillions of dollars abroad. that's one thing he's talked about, bringing the cash back, because right now the tax rates, the corporate tax rates prevent that. >> way too high, they're choking big companies and small companies alike. the trade regulations trump has been talking about, he's talking about doing away with some of those altogether, revamping them, revising them, so that america is back in a competitive position. we've lost our competitive edge. those jobs are going overseas. he wants us to get back to the way america used to be. and people bought it. >> do you think that that will work, if you lower corporate tax rates? others are critical of that. let's say you do. will that be enough to try to
3:47 pm
have the corporate bigwigs rethink? there was a big quote of one of the companies saying, it cost me 40% to bring the money back from abroad, why should i do it? but if it's 25% or 20 or 10? >> a huge difference for these companies, yes. that's a big part of trump's plan. that's why people went for him. they're in a state of disrepair. they're desperate. they want change and growth and trump wants to make the economy great again. >> this seems like it will take a long time. you've got to not only have the policy in place. you've got to build the factory, rebuild the factory, let's say it's got pigeons in the building and grass on the floor. this could take years. >> this could take a while. if people just feel hopeful that change is actually coming, they will feel optimistic about things. that's why they voted for him, they're down and out, they need change. >> we saw what happened to the stock market. >> nice rally, if that continues it would be nice. the bond market, not so good.
3:48 pm
>> what does that mean? >> for retirees it's a little troublesome. but yes, if the market continues on its rally, dow 19,000, pretty good. >> finally, what do you think we should see let's say in the inaugural address or in the first state of the union? >> i think it's a key issue he's going to hone in on. even in those states where the unemployment rate didn't go up, if it stayed level or whatever, trump and clinton were still sort of neck and neck in those states. and trump did okay in those states all together, because people are troubled. so it just goes to show that people voted for change. whether or not they're in an economically challenged area or not. people just want a different situation. >> finally, i just want to show a map of the states. those 17 states with the unemployment issues that did go to mr. trump -- >> trump took the 13 and clinton got new york, new jersey, she got four. >> it's a mixture between pennsylvania and of course obviously texas is more
3:49 pm
republican. but he was able to turn some blue states on this issue. >> it's amazing. you've got wyoming and north dakota, but that had to do with oil and coal. yes, surprise, he did it. >> all right, vera, we'll see if there's progress. they're talking about this stuff right now. let's go, we have a live video. that is the trump national golf course in bedminster, new jersey, where mr. trump has been meeting with a variety of potential choices for his cabinet. we're talking about the economy and financiers. earlier the president of hardy's and carl's jr., i mistakenly said kentucky vice chicken. that's probably the two-minute warning. he has some financiers, will eisenberg and others, they can give him economic advice. like the ceo of hardy's and carl's jr., what do you think he was telling them?
3:50 pm
>> eric, definitely lots of important people there. >> we'll see if there's a statement. >> let's listen. >> very good, tremendous talent. we're seeing tremendous talent. people that, as i say, will make america great again. these are really great people. these are really, really talented people. talented people. [inaudible] we are doing it again tomorrow. he is a great man. [inaudible] we'll hear things tomorrow i think. [inaudible] >> i like chris a lot. >> you have any reaction about what happened in hamilton, mr.
3:51 pm
trump. >> we'll hear things tomorrow and there could be announcementes tomorrow. we'll be right back. boost it's about moving forward not back. it's looking up not down. it's feeling up thinking up living up. it's being in motion... in body in spirit in the now. boost. it's not just nutrition, it's intelligent nutrition. with 26 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. all in 3 delicious flavors.
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>> checking your headlines now.
3:55 pm
president-elect trump will pay 25 million to settle lawsuits stemming from the defunct trump university. mr. trump wanted to resolve the matter and fully focus on running the country. twoey people were dead in minnesota after the big snow storm swept through causing hundreds of traffic accidents. two it foot of snow fell. and the congressman of danny david was killed in a home invasion in chicago. two tone age -- teenage suspects forced their way in chicago and shot him >> crews in california are working to clean up the streets. that filled a santa clara city block with white foam. it looked almost like snow. at one point it was ten foot
3:56 pm
fall. crews used it to put out flammable liquid fires. they are going to try to break up that stuff. >> it is a good time to do this saturday evening. >> job introduce over in the national golf club for mr. trump and he said there could be an announcement tomorrow. nstay with us here in fox news. have a good day. clearedy did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila!
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president-elect donald trump mending fences with former foes as he works to building the administration. i am julie banderas p. this is the fox report. mr. trump holding meetings at his gulf club in new jersey with cabinet member and republicans. and one of the high lost anticipated meeting of the day. and mitt romney said when he critized trump openly in the primary and the president-elect gave the camera thumbs up and romney had this to say. >> very thorough and indepth discussion in


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