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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 20, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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continue the conversation at howard kurtz. also tweet us. we're back here next sunday like every sunday. 11:00 eastern with the latest buzz. see you then. the eyes of the nation and the world once again focused right on that now famous round door with those colonial white columns and old glory on the left. trump national golf club in bedminster, new jersey. that's where we await for the announcement of even more high-profile nominations in the trump administrative some cabinet documents potentially. welcome to american news headquarters. >> mr. trump and vice president-elect pence holding a near constant stream of meetings today with potential candidates and others offering advice.
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we're watching for development kwerng retired marine corps general james mattis as defense chief. we go live to bedminster, new jersey. what can we expect in terms of announcements today? big day. >> reporter: big day indeed. look, president-elect trump and his team say it's definitely a possibility we could get a cabinet position announcement today going into tomorrow and you mentioned it. retired general james mattis is first on the list that's we could expect to be named as defense secretary. why do we say that? earlier this morning trump specifically pointed out and tweeted out that the general was very impressive in his interview yesterday, a true general's general. the 40 year military commander was in charge of central command until 2014 when he fell out ever favor after pushing a more aggressive approach.
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he is a blunt talker. he once said be polite, be professional but have a plan to kill everybody you meet. trump and mattis spoke about isis, north korea, china and nato yesterday. yesterday to trump's chief of staff, presbyterian presbyterian this morning talk and praise general mattis. >> i can't tell you who the front-runner is but i can tell you we've been very impressed with the folks we've spoken to. you look at general mad dog mattis and you say holy smokes this guy is a leader. donald trump loves winners and leaders and general mattis is all that in one. >> reporter: they obviously are impressed with general mattis. we know governor mitt romney is, in fact, a candidate for secretary of state. it was unsure whether this meeting yesterday was something more of a symbolic gesture, bury the hatchet.
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these guys were bitter foes during the campaign. it appears really the trump team described the meeting yesterday as a positive, personable, gracious and in depth talk about foreign affairs. listen to vice president-elect mike pence talk to chris wallace about mitt romney. >> the president-elect was very grateful, that governor mitt romney came in. they had a good meeting. it was a warm and substantive exchange and i know he's under active consideration to be the secretary of state of the united states along with some other very distinguished americans. >> reporter: also said rudy arg guliano is still a candidate.
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>> okay. so do we have anyone else you want to talk to us about in terms of who might be meeting with mr. trump today? >> well, today is expected to be busier than yesterday. he's meeting with 11 people. vice president-elect and president-elect started their day today at the presbyterian church nearby to his golf course. his schedule today will include meeting with kansas secretary of state, the author of some of the state's toughest immigration laws. he met with wilbur ross and the president-elect will also meet with governor chris christie and mayor rudy guliano. these are trump loyalists. we can expect to see what these meetings will be like. president-elect trump will continue his transition meetings in new york city on monday and tuesday but a full day ahead
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with a ton of meetings today. we'll have all the latest for you guys here throughout the day. >> i know you will. thanks. the democrats are at a bit of a crossroads. newly elected senate minority leader charles schumer faces the task of trying to craft his party's strategy going forward. both the president-elect and the senator know each other very well. they are both pretty outspoken new yorkers who have been in this city of new york for a very long time. so can that unique relationship help the nation? >> reporter: well one of the problems that some republicans had with candidate trump was that he often sound more like a democrat than a republican on issues like infrastructure spending, trade, nafta and the tpp and on those issues the incoming senate minority leader chuck schumer said democrats are ready network with the president-elect. >> on those issues where we
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agrees with us and the republican establishment and hard right doesn't, we challenge him. work with us. and keep your promises to blue collar america. i think blue collar america voted for trump. we'll work with him on those issues. >> shortly after that interview aired the president-elect was praising senator schumer on twitter quote i've always had a good relationship with charles shumer. he's far smarter than harry reid and has the ability to get things done. this is an encouraging sign these two sides might be able to work together. remember we're still in the honeymoon phase. they haven't left the chapel left and there's many more issues that schumer said he's ready to fight trump tooth and nail on. if he tries to roll back regulations on wall street like dodd-frank or appoint a supreme court nominee who is way outside the mainstream, schumer said
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those are ones where democrats are prepared to go to battle. with republicans controlling both chambers and the white house for the first time in a decade democrats will be walking into many of these battles with perhaps an insurmountable disadvantage. >> we're looking at live pictures, the vice president-elect and president-elect as you can see both coming back from church, not making any comments. sorry to interrupt you for that. this will be a fairly common sense throughout the day. hold on. it's kind of hard to hear. usually at these type of scenes they have a mike podium, sometimes reporters will take a light stand and we path microphone on it and position it. maybe that would help sometimes if the media folks would do that in order to hear these comments more precisely especially if someone comes out and speaks
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versus having this 30, 40-foot throw because there are microphones and boom mix cannot always pick up what the news makers always say. so we'll of course bring you this continuing scene that's kind of unique as the officials and the guests and the prospective cabinet nominees and appointees meet with president-elect trump at his golf course in new jersey. >> we think it's interesting to note although they didn't have the podium set up but it'sing to note mr. trump did nod to the media by saying whatever he said we couldn't hear what. seemed to be some sort of kind gestures. just last night president-elect trump offered to bring the media out there some hot chocolate. i under he did just that. pointing out perhaps another tone that's going to be set there. you can see -- if i can tell looks likes vice be
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president-elect pennsylvania and president-elect trump is out there. they are standing together, shouting to the media. let's talk to daniel hapler the washington bureau chief for the "new york post". daniel, it was just reported that president-elect's team is saying governor romney is under active consideration for that very key position of secretary of state. why don't you talk to us about why mr. romney would be an asset to trump administration. >> well he clearly has a lot of experience in front of the camera. he's a good diplomat. he has a lot of worldwide experience. he has the trust of millions and millions of americans that voted for him the last time around. it was unsuccessful. in a way it's similar to barack obama appointing hillary clinton secretary of state in 2008. it brings two sides of the same party together. mitt romney of course always opposed donald trump, even to the bitter end. but now it would be a way to
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bring people together and give confidence in a guy who does have the leadership, a lot of americans believe, to do something like this. it would show something, i think, and be sort of a responsible gesture despite everything that's happened in the past. >> early reaction seemed to point to that across the aisle, both sides of the aisle that mr. romney would be a good choice for that position. also scheduled to meet today is chris kobach the kansas secretary of state also served as an adviser on immigration issues to the trump campaign and he also served as legal counsel to f.a.i.r. which is the federation for american immigration reform which is in favor of immigration reduction both legal and so daniel what might that meeting be about today >> a lot of criticism of donald trump from conservatives he won't follow through. appointing jeff sessions, meeting chris conch bach
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suggests he intends to follow through with his rhetoric on immigration. it shows he's very serious about implementing elements that he campaigned on, chris kobach has a lot of experience fighting immigration. he got in a little bit of trouble last week in an interview with reuters. he talked about some sort of muslim registry. not clear about his wording because reuters didn't quote his exact words. there's a lot of push back from trump campaign there won't be a muslim registry. presbyteri so there does come with controversy but does give reassurance to people who thought donald trump was all rhetoric that, in fact, maybe he will come through on a lot of things he campaigned on. >> moving on to new jersey governor chris christie and new york mayor rudy guiliano also scheduled to meet with
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president-elect trump. governor christie released as leader of the transition team. mr. guiliano publicly vying for secretary of state. both men could prove liabilities to mr. trump. what might they be discussing at the golf club today? >> rudy guiliano would make his case for secretary of state. his name was floated one of the first names to come out as a front-runner and then a slew of negative articles saying he has business dealings abroad, he took speeches from foreign entities and i think that caught a lot of trump campaign or trump transition team by surprise. they didn't know a lot of these things. perhaps they went back to the drawing board. you got to think rudy giuliani was loyal to donald trump. still probably the front-runner for position of secretary of state due to his closeness to
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donald trump. chris chr chris christie fell out of favor for not supporting trump and then he has the bridgegate scandal. >> thank you. we'll talk to you soon. >> thank you. one of the nation's top intelligence officials could soon be on his way out. the head of the national security agency admiral mike rogers. guess what? this comes as mr. rogers is also being considered for a major post in the trump administration. we have more on this very curious dichotomy. >> reporter: it is a curious position forced a my ral mike
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rogers with both of his bosses telling president obama he should be removed from his post as head of the national security agency. "the washington post" citing government sources reports that recommendations was sent to the white house last month by defense secretary ash carter and the director of national intelligence james clapper. both who jointly oversee the nsa. the two defense leaders have reportedly not been pleased with rogers' performance during his two years at the head of the nsa. sources say carter is disappointed with the lack of progress. the nsa has made in its cyber offensive against the islamic state. clapper believes the agency should be head by a civilian. this morning at a security forum in nova scotia admiral rogers cut off a reporter who tried to ask about this report. >> i am not going to go down this road. i'm not going to comment on anything that's in the media. i'm accountable for my actions. i certainly understand that.
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if anybody wants to go down that way that's fine. >> officials are trying to have rogers pushed out is news he's one of president-elect donald trump's leading candidates too being the director of national intelligence. rogers met with trump on thursday and ruffled a lot of feathers in the administration by not telling any of his superiors about that meeting beforehand. several members of congress are coming forward to defend admiral rogers. late yesterday congressman nunez the chairman of the house intelligence committee sent a letter praising rogers and requesting they appear before his committee to testify on this report before the end of the year. >> we'll be keeping an eye on bedminster to see if admiral rogers appears there. >> we are keeping a close eye on trump national golf course. the trump team is advising that announcements are coming today.
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what are those announcements. who will be concerned? we'll definitely keep you posted. keep it right here on fox news for those big documents. >> the president-elect has stroud rip up the iranian nuclear deal on day one of his administration. what kind of opposition can we expect from the democrats? how will mr. trump handle tehran's growing threat across the middle east? ambassador john bolton has been mentioned as a possible candidate for secretary of state. he'll be here next to tell us. >> my first step if they are asking me for recommendations stop doing that. push back on the iranians in iraq, in syria. push back on them in the gulf. then if the iranians want to walk away from the deal, fine. tu sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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>> we're awaiting possible documents from president-elect trump today concerning cabinet appointments and other high-profile administration positions, this as mr. trump meets with a long list of politicians and leaders across a broad spectrum of expertise who will be going in and out of that building right there, the trump international golf club in bedminster, new jersey. you have including new jersey
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governor chris christie, former new york city mayor rudy guiliani. so stay right here throughout the day for all of these important numgts. we'll spring them to you. >> if you lift restrictions on iran's nuclear program you should do it by conditions of lifting these restrictions on change of behavior and not on a date certain on the calendar and that was essentially the difference. >> they haven't changed their behavior? >> no. >> on the clearing difference between what the prime minister saw on tern deal and president obama loud. it's the number one, very top of the state departments list of state sponsors of terrorism not
9:22 am
to mention it's continuing ballistic program u.n. saying they cheated twice on the deal. how will president-elect trump change or modify the agreement? john boll on the joins rudy giuliani ambassador what do you think president-elect trump will do about the nuclear deal? >> i think this deal is a strategic disaster for the united states. i think the southeastern we get out of it the better. i think in the opening days of the administration he should make that clear. and i reject this argument that somehow we should try to hold the ayatollah to the strict terms of the deal and let them try to withdraw from it. number one, this deal is going to crater at some point and the notion that we allow them to determine when they withdraw from it to put it in their hands. let's be clear.
9:23 am
even if we withdraw from it, whether they withdraw or we withdraw they will blame us anyway. it's just not possible to allow them to continue to take advantage of the deal to get more trade investment deals with the europeans. that's one of the critical mistakes in the deal itself to enmesh the europeans, particularly in these economic arrangements that make it harder and harder for them to do the right thing. so i think we should not be ambiguous with our allies. we should say this deal is a mistake. the iranians are violating it anyway. >> what about supporters who say it could prevents a nuclear war, it's delayed or prevented iran from obtaining a nuclear bomb. charles schumer, senator schumer says give it a year two. >> no, you can't. the iranians are on a path of nuclear weapons right now and the idea that somehow watching their behavior is going to make things better isn't going to work. the trouble with this deal,
9:24 am
there are many troubles with this deal but it's not only a mistake strategically, it's very badly negotiated. very poorly drafted from the american point of view. so let's take the example that the international atomic energy agency has just given, the second violation of the deal by iran in terms of the amount of heavy water that it has, heavy water critical in the production of plutonium. looks like it's limited to 130 tons at any given time but in fact the words of the deal are consistent with iran's requirements. we estimate they need 130 tons. that's like trying nail jello to the wall. look what the obama administration did the first time they exceeded 130 tons. united states of america purchased the excess from iran. so not only do we pay for
9:25 am
hostages, we get iran out of the violation territory they put themselves in and further subsidize their nuclear program. >> fill aly what's about the issue of behavior. they were given a free pass. und mr. netanyahu was clear about that. >> look, the premise of the deal was not only it would solve the nuclear program but it was ground in the notion that by demonstrating to tehran that the united states had no hostile intent, iran's behavior would change for the better. it has done exactly the opposite. iran is more provocative now. more destabilizing. more of a troublemaker in the region. if you don't like iran's behavior today what would it be like when they get deliverable nuclear weapons. we need to stop them not facilitate them. >> they've received00 of billions of dollars. ambassador john fwonl as we wait a potential secretary of state announcement. i know one thing could you be
9:26 am
getting a birthday present. it's your birthday today. happy birthday. i'm sure north koreans are happy too. >> the north koreans, that's a reference they call you a very ugly fellow. and some other things i won't say. we'll see what happens. i'm sure potentially be dealing with them again and kim jong-un will be happy to see you. ambassador john boll on the, happy birthday and thank you for your insight. >> happy birthday, ambassador. president obama on his final planned overseas trip as president. so guess who he met with this morning? russian president vladimir putin. what did they talk about is the question. plus vice president-elect mike pence responds what went down at a broad way show, why mr. pence says he'll not be asking the cast of "hamilton" to apologize. >> we are the diverse america whom are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us.
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with taco spice already in it? oh, thanks. bon appe-cheese! okay... a look at some of the headlines that we're following four. at least 115 people were killed when an overnight passenger train derailed in india. rescue workers still trying to reach some of the 14 cars that went off the tracks. about 150 people were injured. the death toll sadly is expected to rise. two teenagers facing first degree murder charges for the shooting and killing of the granson of a veteran illinois congressman danny davis. 15-year-old javon wilson was shot over an argument of basketball shoes. vice president-elect mike
9:32 am
pence speaking out this morning about the mixed reception he got at friday night's performance of the hit musical "hamilton" and comments directed to him bay member of the cast. >> we are a diverse america whom are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us but we truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our american values and to work on behalf of all of us. >> i nudge my kids and reminded them that's what freedom sounds like. at the end, i did hear what was said from the stage and i can tell you i wasn't offended by what was said. i'll leave it to others whether that was the appropriate venue to say it. i do want to say that the basic element, the center of that message is i want to address. >> and the spokeswoman for libre
9:33 am
initiative and jim kessler vice president for policy and co-founder of third wave and former legislative and policy director for chuck shum chumer. was it appropriate for the "hamilton" actor to address vice president-elect pence from the stage in front of the audience. >> absolutely not! it was was self-indull against. it was rude. mike pence bought a ticket to watch the show not hear political opinions of the actors. this is exactly the kind of high minded intolerrance and bullying frankly that led to the victory of trump in this election. these are people who claim to be the champions of tolerance and diversity but seem not have any tolerance for anyone who has a different opinion than they do
9:34 am
politically or otherwise. so highly self-indull against. bad move. >> do you want to respond? >> i'm from philadelphia and booing is a sign of love. but, look, so look, i think it is a appropriate. this is actually a political play. two points on this. one is, there is a large group of americans, many of them minorities who are afraid of this administration because of the rhetoric that kind of led up to this point, and they need this administration to reassure them. so i was glad that mike pence said he heard the message. the second is, for donald trump like take off your diaper. take this, welcome to the big leagues. you need to be able to handle a situation where there's a little bit of adversity and not complain like there's a trigger warning and you need the dean of the college to protect you. so disappointed in donald trump here. >> let me, because i want to share with everyone since jim just raised this i want to share
9:35 am
with everyone that president-elect trump expressed his discontent via twitter, three tweets since friday his most recent one of at 6 lo:22 t morning tweeting the cast and producer of "hamilton" which i hear is highly overrated should immediately apologize to mike pence for their terrible behavior. rachel you wanted to comment? >> i'm a minority. i'm not afraid of a donald trump administration. look, the left just needs to get a handle and wake up. they just don't get it. there is a new political reality. americans are tired of being demonized and shamed because they don't hold the same opinions as some of these liberal elites on the coast. and they -- this is quietly simmering under the surface, they tight out on hillary clinton on november 8th and i would say to broadway and the entire community, not just the "hamilton" cast, the rest of the
9:36 am
community, broadway theater community should come out to the defense of pence and other red state americans. i want to say beware they might express their displeasure with a boycott. >> i want to give you a chance. be fair in the conversation. i'll stay with you and jim you get the final word. rachel keep this concise. the question is to jim's point do you think that president-elect trump's tweet is appropriate or not and jim was making the argument he feels that, you know, there needs more civil discourse and perhaps suggesting president-elect trump may be the one to come out and say listen guys i'll be the leader of this country, the leader of the free world, let us all keep a cool head and sort of kind of calm down the emotions that are palpable throughout the country. >> sure. i think that pence handle it very graciously. good for trump for saying what everybody else in the red state
9:37 am
america is thinking, which is this is wrong and nobody should go to theater and be bullied like this. >> jim, you have the final word. >> i agree with rachel i think that and i wrote this in an op-ed in "the washington post" on thursday the left needs to practice what it preaches which is tolerance and make social progress which less of a social scorning. at the same time donald trump is president of the united states. it's time for him to frankly put his man pants on and be able to handle these things with more apl omb. >> thank you. rachel for your fiery remarks. appreciate your passion. thanks very much. overseas now. iraqi troops pushing to the center of mosul amid more sniper fire, suicide bomb attacks, islamic terrorists of isis who are trying hold on the that city. special forces making progress they say in their fight to retake mosul but they are
9:38 am
advancing slowly in some neighborhoods try and protect the more than 1 million civilians who are still living there. we go live to jerusalem for more on how they are doing. hi, conor. >> reporter: well iraqi force do continue to make gains in mosul and around mosul and consolidating a lot of gains they made in the last four wheeks this operation began in the mid. october. iraqi commanders have also said that with hundreds of thousands of civilians still left in mosul, that they are moving slowly, that the civilians are actually some of the largest hindrance in terms of moving big gains in mosul because they have to worry only about not harming civilians but taking care of the civilians in areas they liberated, iraqi forces bringing in truck loads of food, water and medicine. there's fights breaking out as starving iraqis in mosul are literally fighting over baskets and boxes of food and supplies. so the iraqi forces which they
9:39 am
say listen we're soldiers we're not trained to be humanitarian forces are struggling with some of this but they do dmochbt in. isis also launching waves of attacks with snipers, with suicide bombers, car bomb attacks as well. so there's a lot of progress being made in mosul but also a very slow going in large part because of the large civilian population there. one of the other things we're watching there as iraqi forces do continue to make gains against isis in mosul there's also this controversy and concern about what happens once isis is removed. the kurdish force have been accused of destroying arab houses in and around mosul, also shi'ite militias are accused of ho holding hostages in some of these towns. so there's this sort of sectarian conflict among the pro government iraqi forces that are taking on a lot of the
9:40 am
responsibility in mosul. >> slow but sure but hopefully making progress. thank you. well, old man winter coming within a bang hitting several states in the midwest and there may be morton way. buckle up. plus what happened behind closed doors between president-elect trump and former presidential candidate mitt romney? and will mr. romney have a role with team trump? we'll explore that. that's coming up next. >> as far as the mitt romney meeting goes it went very well. i can tell you it was personalable. it was gracious. it was substantive discussion all over the map. the search for relief often leads... here... here... or here. today, there's a new option. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a tens device with high intensity power that uses technology once only available in doctors' offices. its wireless remote lets you control the intensity. and helps you get back to things like...
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♪ ♪ see ya next year. this season, start a new tradition. experience the power of infiniti now, with leases starting at $319 a month. infiniti. empower the drive. . winter coming in with a bang in parts of the midwest. first major snowstorm dumping nearly two feet of snow on
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duluth, minnesota. the state highway patrol reporting nearly 450 crashes. lake-effect snow also hammering parts of michigan where wind gusts reached up to 50 miles per hour. and by the way, winter doesn't officially arrive until mid-december. vice president-elect mike pence says mitt romney is being considered for the position of secretary of state in the trump administration. mr. pence interviewed about that prospect on fox news sunday this morning. of course, the day after we saw this. the president-elect meeting with the 2012 republican presidential nominee in bedminster. you know mr. trump and mr. romney have seemed to be replacing that harsh rhetoric from the campaign trail with what mr. pence now describes as quote substantive exchange. joining us now is brad blakeman former deputy assistant to george w. bush and professor at georgetown university. you saw that image of both of them shaking hands after more
9:46 am
than an hour meeting yesterday. >> i thought it was awesome. it's true in keeping what the president-elect said. he's out to attract the best and brightest in helping america to become great again. the best possible people you can have around you is people of differing opinions who when they come to consensus and agree with the fortunate's decisions are the best possible implementers of those policies. to his great credit he's attracting a huge talent base of diverse talent that i think will be awesome for this country if the president-elect taps them. >> this comes after this bitter, nasty, you know, vulgar exchange basically between them. let's listen a moment to what mr. romney said about mr. trump earlier in the campaign. >> he inherited his business. he didn't create it. whatever happened to trump airlines? how about trump university? and then there's trump magazine. and trump vodka. and trump steaks.
9:47 am
and trump mortgage. a business genius he is not. >> and for his part mr. trump said that romney quote choked like a dog, blew it and one obu in the history of american politics. that's a huge hatchet you have to bury. how can you do it? >> it's easy. politics makes strange bed fellows a lot of times in campaigns, words are said you wish you could take back. but at the end of the day, you know who the president of the united states is? it's donald trump. they have more in common than they do differences and that's their love for america and their desire to serve. so the fact they are meeting is kudos to both gentlemen. lincoln was one of our greatest presidents. what dedo? he surrounded himself with his rivals and able to bring people together and form consensus and it was the best possible thing to do because you heard
9:48 am
differing opinions. and ideas. from very capable people. he was one of our greatest presidents. >> we saw that with him tapping william seward who was considered to be the attorney win and lincoln beat him. you that have situation with hillary clinton and president obama appointsing her as secretary of state. so walk us through this process because mike, there he is. just don't pick up the phone and come toult bedminster, come out to the golf course and we'll chat. there has to be substantive conversation beforehand laying the ground work. do you get there today or yesterday without some indication we may be offering you a position. they can do this on the phone if they want to talk. >> i think it was important for them to meet together first and see what the synergy was. but certainly mitt romney i didn't think would have any pre-conditions to a meeting nor did the president-elect. i think it was a bury the hatchet meeting and substantive meeting at the same time. we heard that from reince
9:49 am
priebus they talked about a wide variety of issues. the good news is there wasn't any hesitation in the meeting and either gentleman could have said i'm not interested. the fact the meeting occurred speaks volumes to the type of board of education a breadth and scope of the talent the president-elect is trying to attract. the only person who really knows is donald trump. >> that's what he has said. brad blakeman professor at georgetown as well as a veteran member of the administrations in washington. thank you for your insight. we expect something later on today. okay. president obama and vladimir putin meeting face to face. so what did they discuss? a live report from the president's last trip overseas, and queen elizabeth is reaching out to president-elect trump. will they meet face to face?
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looks like england is ready to roll out the prred carpet fo president-elect trump. sources say discussions are under way to set up a trip in june or july of next year.
9:54 am
>> meanwhile, president obama met briefly today with russian president vladimir putin. this happened on the side lines of the asia pacific economic summit in peru. there they are chatting with each other. this is the first known conversation that they've had since the election. live in lima, peru with the latest, rich, do you know what they talked about? >> good afternoon, eric. remember this is just a couple of weeks after that election that obama administration was accusing the russians of trying to interfere and by hacking democrats and releasing their internal communications. a white house official says the two discussed fighting in ukraine, that president pushed the russians to adhere to some of the agreement that they decided to agree to and on top of that the fighting in syria and need for secretary of state john kerry and russian foreign minister sergey lavrof to ease communications there.
9:55 am
the apex sum sit one where the president has been trying to reassure u.s. allies about the trump administration and in doing so says any type of change in u.s. foreign policy can always be changed back. >> i'm doing everything can i to help facilitate a successful transition with the president-elect in the united states. but as long as we keep our democratic systems open, then the society has a chance to try something new and it can make a designifica decision and correct problems they see in the future and progress will continue. >> he is also asking world leaders to give president-elect donald trump a chance to because that he says how you campaign isn't necessarily how you govern. president obama met with his chinese counterpart, president
9:56 am
xin ping. if you remember all of the things that president-elect donald trump said about china, wanting to label them a currency manipulator and placing tariffs on their products, we will see where it goes from here. >> a fascinating look at both presidents. thank you. we'll be right back.
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10:00 am
>> yeah. among the visitors, expecting chris christie, rudy giuliani, former mayor of the city. founder of b.e.t., bob johnson. and we do expect a cabinet announcement today. who will it be? >> and we'll be back. >> live pictures outside the clun house of the trump national clubhouse in new jersey. mr. trump arrived minutes ago after attending church. could we get another big announcement today? >> plus, president-elect, trump versus hamilton. not the man, the musical. mr. trump still venting anger at the show today after the cast lectured the vice president elect. our political panel does what they do, weigh in. >> evangelicals are watching closely to make sure mr. trump keeps his word to them, enhancing religious liberty and pro life policy after they helped him get to the white house.


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