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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 20, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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chris christie, rudy giuliani, former mayor of the city. founder of b.e.t., bob johnson. and we do expect a cabinet announcement today. who will it be? >> and we'll be back. >> live pictures outside the clun house of the trump national clubhouse in new jersey. mr. trump arrived minutes ago after attending church. could we get another big announcement today? >> plus, president-elect, trump versus hamilton. not the man, the musical. mr. trump still venting anger at the show today after the cast lectured the vice president elect. our political panel does what they do, weigh in. >> evangelicals are watching closely to make sure mr. trump keeps his word to them, enhancing religious liberty and pro life policy after they helped him get to the white house. we'll take a closer look.
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>> welcome to america's news headquarters from washington. >> mr. pence, mr. trump are working and he so are we on this sunday. i'm leland vittert, nice to be with you. >> president-elect donald trump in bed minister, new jersey with his transition team this weekend. working to fill more top administration postes. according to communications director, jason miller, possible announcement of another cabinet member is high. rudy giuliani and new jersey governor chris christie, one-time head of the trump transition team. live with more from bedminister, hi, brian. >> good afternoon to you on this freezing sunday here in bedminister, new jersey in front of what is known where all of the meetings are happening,
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trump's golf course in new jersey. he is having 11 meetings. you better believe this snow and weather will not stop any of them. pence and trump fwan their day attending sunday services at nearby presbyterian church. president-elect trump said we could expect cabinet announcements going into tomorrow. first meeting is with hollywood power broker william morris. he was trump's agent during his apprentice tv show days. he is a democrat and brother of chicago mayor rob emmanuel. this is likely a meeting really for advice and not necessary lay cabinet position at all. trump came out and called him a good friend of his. now after mr. emmanuel, we are now waiting for peter, conservative civil rights attorney, expected to meet with both the vice president elect and president-elect. trump has a busier schedule than yesterday meeting with 11 people, including kansas secretary of state chris kobach
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who is trump's immigration adviser and some of the most stringent and hard line immigration policyes. also meeting with billy ross and ending the day with john kelly, from the u.s. southern command and meeting with mayor giuliani and governor chris christie. both very interesting considering governor christie was recently ousted as head of trump's transition team and both trump's loyalists have yet to be given positions. we also know more about yesterday's meeting with the former governor mitt romney, campaign saying this is definitively in fact the secretary of state position was discussed with mr. romney. now, remember going into this meeting, it was unsure whether or not it was more after cordial symbolic invite. something to bury the hatchet. but mr. pence speaking on fox news sunday that this is not
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only about meeting one another but talking about in-depth about foreign policy. listen. >> i can tell you that president-elect was very grateful that the governor mitt romney came in. they had a good meeting. it was a warm and substantive exchange and i know he is under active consideration to be the secretary of state of the united states along with some other very distinguished americans. >> now, the campaign is saying there is a good possibility that there is a good cabinet position and you can put your money on james maddis, defense secretary. while this morning donald trump actually tweeted very specific and poignant tweet about the general saying he had a very impressive interview with him yesterday. he called him a true general's general. the 40-year military veteran was in charge of central command under obama but he ruffled feathers with mr. obama was he wanted a more aggressive strategy in iran.
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now his aggressive battlefield tactics have earned him the nickname mad dog and the campaign has been talking really highly of general maddis. put your money on that and people are pointing towards general david maddis as mr. secretary. there was talk about melania trump and son baron not going to the white house after inauguration day. they are taking into account, the family is taking into account that baron is just ten years old and has to continue finish heing scho finishing school in new york. they are very atune with their son's wishes to finish school in new york. a busy, busy day ahead and busy week ahead as well. shannon? >> brian, you are a trouper out there. i el send you my ear moves. you are out there the bitter cold bringing us the latest cummings and goings. >> give that guy some hot
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chocolate. senate democrats led by chuck schumer are cracking the strategy to deal with a reality they didn't expect. donald trump in the white house and republicans in control of both chambers of congress. senator schumer vows to fight the president-elect quote tooth and nail on some issues but is leaving room for compromise on others. kristin fisher here with more on where the democrats are, dare i say, willing to make a deal. >> they very well could be. there were many times during campaign when candidate trump sounded more like a democrat than republican. for instance, talking about trade, infrastructure, draining the swamp. he also issued this challenge for the president-elect. >> on those issues where he agrees with us own the republican establishment and hard right doesn't, we challenge him. work with us. and keep your promises to blue collar america. i think blue collar america
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voted for trump more on democratic issues than republican issues, which he profess end we will work with him on those issues. >> the president-elect praised senator shum ownchumer on twitt. quote, i've always had a good relationship with chuck schumer and he is far smarter than harry reid and has the ability to get things done. if trump tries to repeal or place obama care or trump tries to roll back regulation owns wall street like dodd-frank or tries to appoint a supreme court nominee way outside the mainstream, schumer says those are issues where democrats are prepared to go it battle. but with republicans controlling both chambers and the white house for the first time in a decade, democrats will be walking into these battles an insurmountable disadvantage.
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but for now, they are playing nice. >> yeah, and having to play with the reed filibuster. . >> within days of what many call the drain the swamp election, some law makers in the house floated the idea of lifting the ban on ear marks, and what they get for pet projects and practice is banned in 2011 under former house speaker john boehner. paul ryan is promising to revisit the issue next year. texas congressman bill floerress with us. thanks for making time. >> great to be with you on the show today. >> i tweeted we with would talk about this issue and my twitter feed was flooded with people furious about this idea. one says another knee jerk move by congressional body coming into power not thinking about the pendulum. many of them say simply what were they thinking? >> well, we have to go back to
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the constitution. and the constitution and article 1 section 9 clearly says that congress is responsible for all appropriations. and so, that would include those things which adhere to be done through the use of ear marks. but the problem is, is ear marks were abused and we have to stop that practice. fortunately i think john boehner made the right decision six years ago to stop the practice and also we as a republicans in the house made the same decision earlier this week that we need to pull this off the table and rethink how we do two things. one, how do we not have the problems that came up with ear marks because clearly americans said we have to drain the swamp but secondly to make sure that we fulfill our article one constitution responsibilities. >> do you think there's a way to do this within a transparency that would make americans comfortable? because you know, covering this election the last year and half, meeting people all over the country, you know the common theme that got us to election day in 2016 where people are
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furious with washington and they feel like nobody is listening to them, they are out of touch with average americans. within a week or two to hear there were gop house members floating this idea you can understand that people were outraged. >> well, and i was too. i mean, in particular one of those amendments used the word earmark six times. and to me that flew right in the face of what the american people told us clearly during the election on november 8. they don't want any of washington's usual. they want to drain the swamp as we talked about. but that said, we do need to come up with a reform process that has the transparency that meets the critical national needs that fulfills article o1 section 9. i think there's a way to do that but the earmark practice has got to go away for sure. >> what do you think it'll be like working with the trump administration? obviously the vice president elect is former lay member of the house himself. you think that will be an important bridge in the administration? >> absolutely, shannon.
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mike pence was win of my mentors when i was a freshman in congress in 2011, 2012. and he told us a few things when we met together this past thursday. one, he said, buckle your seat belts because the first 100 days will be intense. the first 200 days will be intense. he also said that we have a like agenda. we call it a better way in the house. that is a better way to make america great. a better way to put america first. and so we will move fast. we are working together. and the president is looking forward to working with leadership in the house and senate so we can accomplish the common themes. >> is there a sense that now you have this to your window in which the republicans control the white house, senate and house that if you don't get major things done, whether repealing obama care, defunding planned parenthood and other promises that trump made but there could be potential backlash by people who invested everything in making sure he got
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to the white house. >> absolutely. that's the reason so critically important that we as conservatives in the house and we as conservatives in the senate do what the american people sent us to do. they want to see an agenda like there. not business as usual as you saw before. look, trump ran against washington. and rightfully so. washington is broken. it is up to us to come up with a better way to move forward. i look forward to working with president-elect trump and vice president elect pence. i look forward to rebuildingal security. repeal and replace obama care and things like that. >> i know that you will have opposition along wait on many goals. we also want you to keep in touch with us about the earmark issue knowing it is coming back next year as promised by the speaker. we know you have objections and we would love for you to keep us
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updated. >> thank you. i ask you all to keep praying for our country and military of america. >> in bedminister, new jersey w, where the president elect and vice president elect are in the clubhouse. checking with sources to see if there is any new announce as it relates to the incoming administration. bring you that as it happened. on what has become the biggest story though of the weekend outside of the cabinet appointments, vice preside president-elect mike pence going to a play. he didn't expect his friday night visit to the theater to become this week end most talked about controversy. but the show moved from broadway to the computer screen and mr. pence's frosty reception of hamilton and curtain call lecture triggered several angry tweets by president-elect donald trump. the cast and producer of hamilton which i hear is highly
10:14 am
overrated should immediately apologize to mike pence for their behavior. this morning, though, the vice preside president-elect said he isn't as riled as his running mate. >> we heard a few boos and cheers and i nudge my kids and remind themd, that reminded them, that's what freedom sounds like. in the end i did hear what was said from the stage. i can tell you, i wasn't offended by what was said. i'll leave to others whether that was the appropriate venue to say it. >> there you go. here it weigh in, fair and balanced panel, radio host josh kimbrel and garland nixon. gentlemen, before you weigh in, we will let the new york post weigh in, in the way they california seem to capture every moment. stand by for the cover. there you go. commander in tweet.
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duel escalate between trump and hamilton. is anyone in the right here other than the vice president elect who handled it with dignity? >> you have to understand that all of the things that happened over the past six months that there are strong opposition to president trump and there will be people that speak out. i do think the vice president handled it correctly. the only reason it is a big story is because the president-elect of the united states actually responded to something that really he shouldn't have addressed. as a guy who done a lot of pick-up basketball in my day, i think he's got to learn, if you can't take a little trash talking, it is going to start coming heavier if people find out you can't handle it. >> josh garland might have a point that in terms of kicking incoming fire the president takes a whole lot of it. this is a tweet that mr. trump deleted very rude and insulting of hamilton cast member to treat our great future vp mike pence
10:16 am
to a theater lecture. couldn't even memorize lines, speak together video, where the actor pulled out cue card, if you will, to read his statement at end of the play. josh, where did this go from here? every time someone takes on president-elect or president trump he is going to respond on twitter? >> first of all, i think president-elect trump was a lot nice toert cast of hamilton than president obama has been to the cast of fox news. if you think about the entire eight years president obama continually taken fox news and any conservative media, not to suggest fox is conservative, but any media outlet that criticizes him, he has taken them to the wood shed politically speaking. in terms of rhetoric, speeches and even social media. i don't think president-elect trump did anything that would be called such an uproar. he defended his running mate. honorable man mike pence. who handled it with incredible class. hamilton made it seem like the
10:17 am
incoming administration will go it and try to trample people who are minorities and seasozeno ph. at the end of the day, trump and pence got a high amount of the african-american vote and hispanic vote. so suggesting they are coming in like this is wrong. >> does it sometimes help to take situation answers come back and turn them around. in hillary clinton won the election, and if she was at a hockey game, and someone grabbed the microphone and started talking about how hockey fans felt like she didn't like them and felt like she off the tstra
10:18 am
them and belittled them, i don't think they would like that. >> it is how about the president-elect reacts. when you say you have to add a p punch line into it, they were wrong and they are stupid and can't act anyway. it sound not very mature. so i think the issue here is something happened and president-elect trump responded but he didn't respond, and let's be honest, it is not mature to add a punch line attack to it. he could have done it a lot of other ways. it doesn't befit the office of the president. >> look at the way the "hamilton" cast treat themd. they get up there with the vice president elect, their daughters, their kuzecousins any we are worried this isn't an administration for all of us. you will trample our rights. president-elect trump made clear, this is a government for all-americanes. vice president-elect pence said this is a government for all-americans. the cast of hamilton fired the first shot and everyone is
10:19 am
taking president-elect trump to task over it. what about "hamilton" who took what president-elect is a safe pace, mike pence there with his family and they took it as a situation to embarrass him. take out your phone, tweet this. it was unfair to the administration and unfair to mike pence. >> garland, last word, 30 seconds. >> they have to get used to it. there are a lot of people concerned. here is the bottom line, president-elect said a lot of things over the course of time, banning muslims et cetera, that have created this environment. it didn't fall out of nowhere. >> garland one know what it means to have a hard break. >> thanks. >> we may have a few more in the coming four years. shannon? >> we are continuing to follow the latest out of bedminister, new jersey where trump and his running mate, mike pence, will
10:20 am
be interviewing cabinet members all weekend. coming up, promise keeper. will president-elect donald trump follow through with support on evangelical issues. plus, controversy over nsa director mike rogers. why some top administration officials want him fired. at the same time mr. trump is considering him for a top job in the next administration. meanwhile, speaking at a security conference in halifax nova scotia the day after senator john mccain took a shot at mr. trump's comments on water boarding at the same summit. >> we will knock out ice sosis violently and so fast. they chop off heads. they do things we haven't seen since medieval times. and they are worried about water boarding. >> i don't give a damn about what president of the united states wants to do or anyone else, we will not water board. ugh. heartburn.
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old man winter hit this weekend. the snow and bitter cold isn't leaving any time soon. michigan had several inches of snow and 45 to 50 mile-an-hour wind along the coast of the
10:25 am
great lakes. national weather service says people should stay off the roads because of white out conditions. it is reported the national weather service was quite right, they should have stayed off the roads. the storm is expected to move east later today. >> may be looking for a new job and there might be a promotion waiting for them. pentagon and intelligence leaders are urging president obama to remove nsa chief admiral mike rogers. citing concerns for his job performance. busy addressing the security forum and now in the running for top position in the trump administration. following the story joining us now live with the very latest. hey, garrett. >> this is an interesting position for mike rogers to be in. parts of the current administration want him out. incoming administration, they are considering giving him a promotion. national security agency is overseen by the department of
10:26 am
defense and national director of intelligence. ash carter and james clapper sent obama a letter suggesting rogers be removed from head of the nsa. sources told the paper carter is not impressed with the head of the islamic state and the lack of real progress on that front. this morning at security forum in nova scotia a reporter tried asking admiral rogers about the report and was quickly shut down. >> i'm just not going down this road. i'm not going to comment on anything in the media. i'm accountable for my actions. i certainly understand that. it is not appropriate for me. i just want to make, if anybody else want to go down there, you're fine to ask but i will give you the same -- >> as president-elect donald trump is consideringing admiral rogers at his director of national intelligence. several members of congress are coming out to defend rogers against this report.
10:27 am
chairman of house intelligence community sent a letter to both ash carter and james clapper praising rogers. saying in part, i've been consistently impressed with his leadership and accomplishments, professionalism, expertise and leadership has been remarkable during an extremely challenging period for the nsa. i know other leaders in congress hold him in similar high esteem. nunes asked for an explanation on the report before the end of the year. >> always interesting when you feel you are being forced out but something better on the other side. thanks. good to see you. >> all right. >> sapeaking of mr. trump's incoming cabinet, live pictures of bedminister, new jersey as we are waiting for the latest from president-elect donald trump and his transition team. when it unfolds, you'll be the first to know. evangelical voters back donald trump in record numbers.
10:28 am
and he made a lot of promises to get those votes. will he be able to deliver? evangelical leader perkins is hear to talk about it. and president obama's final foreign trip brings him face-to-face with russian vladimir putin. both men are in lima, peru where rich is standing by. hi, rich. >> it is the final day of president obama's final international trip. when he talks of a change in u.s. policy. that is coming up next from lima. [vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event.
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russian president vladimir putin took time to meet one on one with the president's trip to peru for an economic summit. can't imagine what they today talk about. trade evidently is the final four trip and talking a whole lot about donald trump on this
10:33 am
trip. our rich is live in lima, peru with everything the president has been talking about. hi, rich. >> good afternoon, leeland. at economic cooperation summit 12 signed on to the trans pacific partnership including the united states. if the u.s. congress fails to ratify that deal, the deal essentially falls apart. president-elect donald trump said he opposes that so what is president obama telling other leaders here? he says the rhetoric of donald trump's campaign may not necessarily translate into how he governs. >> i think it'll be important for everybody around the world to not make immediate judgments, but give this new president-elect a chance to put their team together. how you campaign isn't always the same as how you govern.
10:34 am
>> before this morning's sessions, president obama did meet with russian president, vladimir putin. according to the white house officials, the two discussed the fighting in syria and how russian prime minister and secretary of state john kerry immediate to continue to work on the process to try to find peace and discussed ukraine and need according to a white house official for the russians to continue to adhere or try to adhere, start to adhere, to the international agreement they signed. this is a couple of weeks after a u.s. election the obama administration accused the russians of interfering with. last night president obama met with chinese counterpart, chinese president, and it was said this represent a hinge moment for the u.s.-chinese relationship. as trump called chinese a money
10:35 am
manipulator and slaving tariffs on. >> there is a battle for religious rights voters with some evangelical leaders opposed to trump while others made the argument he was the best option for people of faith. in the end more than 80% of white evangelical christians voted for trump. mr. trump made a lot of pledges to these voters but will he make good on promises? tony perkin webs president of the family research council, good to see you today. >> shannon, good to be with you. we had so many con vversations about people stepping up and with flaws and allegations that you could step up for trump or vote for him. now he is the man you think is the best to deliver on the evangelical. >> it was interesting. at the beginning this is a competition between personalities and that didn't work so well. it was not about policy. but in the end it turned into a
10:36 am
policy election. post election polling showed that 59% of voters who voted for donald trump did so based upon the republican party's platform and strong position of religious liberty which donald trump wrapped himself in. there is never a clear contrast between the two parties. in the end it was a policy election meaning that this administration is going to have to deliver on those policy promises. >> and one of the top issues we saw in exit polling is supreme court. and for voters who say it is a top issue they overwhelmingly voted for trump instead of mrs. clinton. we will get a name from him soon. how closely are you and other conservatives on the religious right watching this election? >> the difference here shannon is we are not only watching, we're working. having conversationes with those at the very center of this process. this is not like conservatives are on the outside looking in s saying hey we hope they do the right thing. our faces aren't pressed up again the wind. we are inside having
10:37 am
conversationes with decision make earns the process. i have talked with vice preside president-elect mike pence, reaso reince priebus. i'm excited. i was at a meeting in washington with 450 conservative leaders, and i haven't seen this kind of excitement in over a decade. because they believe, and i believe, that president trump is going to move his agenda which is the conservative movement's agenda with diligence and determination and america will see the change that they voted for. >> so on things like defundinged plar g /* on planned parenthood, things that obama issued like telling schools to take certain trans gender policies, how much of that do you think he will deliver on and how will you hold him accountable if he doesn't? >> i expect he will do everything he said it did. and i think you will see these executives orders, there is a
10:38 am
projects that under works, under way, to look at the executive orders from 200 of them combing through those that can be taken away immediately and sanity restored to washington. i think you will see reconciliation moving forward to defund the bulk of planned parenthood and obama care. these two as we saw in december of last year. so i think we are going to move again with diligence and determination to keep their promises. and if they don't, as you might point out, 81% of evangelicals voted for donald trump. those that were 26% of electorate, that's a record number. and they are not going back. they are not disengaging. not going home to business as usual as we saw this weekend, they are here to stay and are going to be involve and want to help mr. trump be successful. >> i have to ask you about something that is along the lines of something we have talked about in the past. a letter from a designer that came out earlier this week that said they would not address melania trump and urged other
10:39 am
designers to do the same thing, saying they were an are a timmic family owned business with principles. i kept thinking about the language and thinking about bakers and photographers and florists who said i will serve people but not take part in ceremonies, those kinds of things. it seems like that idea of freedom of who you serve and what you do and don't do, that debate is starting all over but from the left. >> it is interesting. their tolerance is a one-way street. and i'm fine with that. i'm fine if they don't want to serve. i think they have the right. if they are in business and they should not be forced to have to make a dress for somebody, to serve a, you know, service a cater, if they don't want to do that, they shouldn't be forced to. but you're right, it is a double-standard. on thursday in washington state on the supreme court, stetsman had her case, a florist, being proscat prosecuted by the state for not doing the wedding of a same-sex
10:40 am
couple. but people should engage in doing business for whom they want to. they shouldn't be forced. >> my unscientific twitter poll, whoever you do or don't want to serve, people think it is a conversation you should at least have. >> i think we will see where the true intolerance lies. i think we saw it friday night on broadway. >> oh, yes. as leeland discussed with the panel. tony perkins, always good to see you. thank you so much. >> all eyes on trump national golf club in bedminister, new jersey. live pictures. you can see the president-elect there, giving thumb's up as you just saw another potential cabinet nominee. a lot of meeting is over the past couple of days. and according to trump officials, we might get an announcement later this afternoon when word breaks we'll break in. more than a month into the fight for mosul, iraq. iraqi forces saying they are finally making progress against isis. where they say they are
10:41 am
focussing their fire fights right now. and well, we just heard about this, didn't we? hottest show on broadway is the weekend controversy. we will delve into more on why the president-elect is ramping up with the cast on the "hamilton" cast. wonder if mr. perkins has any thoughts on that, just ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ what? is he gone?? finally, i thought he'd never leave... tv character: why are you texting my man at 2 a.m.? no... if you want someone to leave you alone, you pretend like you're sleeping. it's what you do. if you want to save on car insurance,save you switch to geico. it's what you do. tv character: taking selfies in the kitchen does not make you a model. [and her new business: i do, to jeanetgo.
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in an election year unlike any other, president-elect donald trump turned the race for the white house upside down. in fox news reporting, trump revolution, our own bret baier look at campaign from start to wild finish and talks to some of trump's closest advisers. >> i can understand why many of the lobbyists and consultant in washington, d.c. are just incredibly nervous that they -- they their gravy train will be busted off the wheel and the
10:46 am
engine ripped out with him as president. because it has to stop. >> can you catch a special here on fox news tonight. 5:00 p.m. eastern and 9:00 p.m. eastern as well. >> don't want it miss that. overseas now, iraqi troops with the help of the u.s. military are pushing this irway into mosul's city center as they try to wrestle that city from isis control. iraqi army officials say intense fighting block hto block slowed their approach. live from the mideast bureau with the challenges there and civilians there as well, connor? >> yeah, leeland, iraqi troops facing two big problems as they move closer into the mosul city cent center. they face this counter take with snipers, suicide bombers, car bombers, which slowed the iraqi advance though they continue to take territory, taking control of two more neighborhoods over the weekend in the eastern part of the city. but they also face the growing
10:47 am
humanitarian crisis among the civilian population in mosul. iraqi commanders say when they liberate the neighborhoods they face a population there that is starving and extremely desperate and there are fights breaking out as iraqi troops pass out food, water and medical supplies and they have civilians who have been living under isis rule for some period of time. and they are desperate. they need food and water and need help. they have fights an iraqis commanders admitting they aren't trained to deal with this. they soldiers and just simply aren't equipped to handle the humanitarian crisis. in addition to fighting isis, they are also dealing with the civilian population that is in desperate need of help. more than 50 or maybe as many as 50,000 civilians have been able to flee mosul in the last four weeks since this operation began. it is estimated there are hundreds of more civilians stuck living under isis control. stuck in the middle between advancing iraqi troops and isis
10:48 am
fighters there. this is a situation that confronts the iraqi forces there as they move deeper and deeper into mosul, leeland. >> conor powell, live in the middle east where it is late saturday night. thanks, conor. >> bedminister, new jersey, pictures of a cold blustery sunday. behind that door, president elect trump and his transition team. rudy giuliani along with governor chris christie will both be there today. we will check back in and see if there is any word on who might be filling the president's incoming cabinet when we come back. i wanted to know who i am and where i came from. i did my ancestrydna and i couldn't wait to get my pie chart. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american.
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president-elect, donald trump and the cast of hamilton, continuing today after a number of tweets yesterday. mr. trump again tweeting
10:53 am
yesterday, the cast and producer of hamilton, which i hear highly overrated, should immediately apologize to mike pence for the terrible behavior. the actor playing aaron burr in the play read a prepared note on stage singling out the vice preside president-elect. >> we are diverse americans who are alarms and anxious that the new white house rules will not protect us. or defend us as a whole and our inail yepable righ inalien able rights. but we hope to work on behalf of all of us, all of us. >> something you don't see everyday. today on fox news sunday, mr. pence joining chris wallace and down played what happened. >> i know this is a very disappointing time for people that did not see their candidate
10:54 am
win in this national election. i know is a very anxious time for some people. i want to reassure people that what president-elect donald trump said on election night he meant from the bottom of his heart. he is preparing to be president of all of the people of united states of america. >>. >>. >> after calling the cast rude, brandon dixon tweeted conversation is not harassment sir, and i appreciate mike pence stopping to listen. mr. trump not the only one upset over theater's confrontation. even the guitarist steven van zanted it it is inappropriate to call out audience members and embarrass someone from the stage. that's interesting because springsteen campaigned hard for hillary clinton joining her on stage, an outspoken critic of mr. trump. there you have it. back to you in the studio.
10:55 am
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feathered friends are going to be pardoned this week. the turkeys are from early, iowa, and now they get to live out a very happy life. when that with, a very happy thanksgiving. i'm wlchris wallace. all eyes are on trump tower as the transition goes full speed ahead. >> a lot of activity going on upstairs. >> the president-elect is an open door. >> we'll talk with vice president-elect mike pence about trump's picks so far and what his role will be in the trump white house. >> he's a man of action. i'm humbled to be a part of it. >> mike pence live, only on "fox news sunday." plus, we'll hear from our sunday group, including laura ingraham, who's being considered for white house press secretary. then, how will democrats work with president trump? >> we challeng


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