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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  November 21, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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mexico city air -- >> i'll see you back here tomorrow. >> i'm looking forward to it. >> america's news headquarters starts now. >> we start with a fox news alert. the marathon of meetings continuing once again today. let's take a live look at a very busy trump tower where it has been a political spectacle. rick perry, who was once a very vocal critic of donald trump in the primaries before he went on to support him in the general election. peter, have we heard much today from the candidate meeting with mr. trump? >> we have been hearing a little from two different cams. one example is someone like
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scott browne who knows what position he is in the running for? >> i think the toughest job in the cabinet is to lead the v.a. it has to many angels working there, it has so many great problems as well. he is taking my application and interest into consideration. >> then there is a second camp, and that is what mary falls into. she says she just came all of the way to manhattan to hear the president-elect out. others taking elevator rides up to see him today, rick perry, one of the first governors to go public with his desire to work in a trump white house. and gabbert, a very liberal congresswoman that endorsed
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bernie sanders, and who did not add her name to a recent letter from congress blasting trump. >> do we have any idea about who will be in the overall cabinet? >> we just got a better idea, to expect a big announcement between thanksgiving, which trump will spend in palm beach, florida, and christmas that falls just a month before swearing in day. just about an hour and a half ago, we did see the executives from five major tv networks, and that figures to be a very interesting conversation as well
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because trump spent a lot of time and gained a lot of popularity in certain parts of the country by pointing out what he thought was media bias. >> wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall for that conversation? peter, thank you, we'll see you again. all of the action follows a packed weekend at trump international golf course. and he met with big republican names including mitt romney, who was very critical of trump during his campaign. also jeff sessions. they say this is a tine of transparency that washington has not seen in decades. >> a new transformative -- this is what outsiders do. politicians want everything outside of a door. he has been transparent. a man of the people.
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president elect of the people, and what do we have to hide? >> tucker carlson, airing right here on the fox news channel, love your new show. very rarely do we get to see the sausage being made. now we're seeing it. what do you think of thousand is all going down? >> it's kind of amazing on a bunch of levels. he is turning out to be kind of remarkably magnanimous and broad minded. bringing in people he bitterly fought with. mitt romney being first among those. they were not just disagreeing over policy, romney said he was immoral. to seriously consider him for secretary of date, and i think he is being seriously considered, it tells you a lot about how trump will govern.
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>> it's not louisy with the football, you think he is really considering it? >> it is unknowable, i can't say that i know that, but he is certainly being seriously considered. i don't know if governor romney is up for it. but for real. and even just the appearance of it, to have him over, is not what you expect. this is what people told trump to do when he won the republican primary, to talk to the former nominees of his party, the living president, and he didn't do it. he refused to do it. so what does that mean exactly? time will tell. >> the main stream media are snickering about the revolving door watching people go in and out. usually they're sneaking in the door for the interviews and this is different and they're laughing. is there indication they're
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getting over a trump victory yet? >> the venue is more public. typically they would take place at a house, or a hoe it will. his office, also his home, a block from the apple store on 5th avenue. is the press getting over their loathing of trump? no. they despise him. so the idea that he is not staffing up quickly enough, come on now. it's not true, second if you're the press speaker maybe say something of substance. >> possibly the next head of the department of defense. they were both being truth dellers, hard core truth tellers. i wonder how that approach will
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work. >> flynn is known viewers of fox. madison is not as much, but in the marine corps world, he is a heroic figure. he is considered a ferocious worker, smart, strategic, and an impressive guy. the question is not are you smart, it's not if you have a plan, can you handle bureaucracy. it is really hard to make any chance at all if you're an executive. so can this person get through the tens of thousands of employees beneath him to get something done. we are hearing from rick perry, scott brown, and it is an
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example of bureaucracy we have not been able to get our arms around and fix. getting rid of the bad people that have not done their jobs, not that all have not. not that all fall into that category, but we need change there. >> this is such a dramatic shock to the system. we have been witnessing suffering for a generation or two. they will be the first administration in my live time to make -- ronald reagan could not get rid of pbs or npr subsidies. so it is tough to do. if anyone can they can because they have a very different vision. >> thank you, we'll see you in about five hours from now. >> we'll sue you took. have a great day. switching to tragic news, a man
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hunt is under way right now for a man that shot and killed a san antonio police officer while he was writing a ticket at a police stop. one of four shootings that took place all across our country. officers were also shot in st. louis, kansas city, and casey, police there were just speaking out about that killing of the officer in san antonio. >> they're changing down leads according to the police chief, but so far no one yet in custody. the officer that was gunned died was a 20 year veteran. detectives say that he was a detective, sitting in his police
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cruiser, writing a ticket. a man ran up to his car and shot and killed him and fled the scene. he was caught on surveillance walking into the police station hours before the crime. he appearsage stated, had a conversation with the clerk but by they won't say what he was upset about. they say they have no other motives than this shooting. >> that video we just saw, that was from the police department. we have to think they have a better shot and may know who the person is. >> yeah, they're hoping someone might be able to make out the
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grainy video. police also investigating in position. a office not and is expected to be okay. they were killed by officers in a stand up. the other happening in st. louis while an officer was shot while sitting in his vehicle. the officer was able to request back up. >> the officer says he saw the muzzle flashes and felt the class breaking in his window as the shots came through and struck him in the head. he was able to get on the radio to call for assistance. and an officer was shot after also finishing a traffic stop. florida cops say the man was
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later caught and is now behind bars, again out of the four suspects in four shootings over the weekend, it remains just one person on the run. >> i'm just struck listening to you, four places around the country, three separate stays. we're thinking of those families and praying for they're strength. thank you. a month long protest taking a sudden and violent turn. temperatures flair in north dakota. why is this happening now? and filling a vacancy on the supreme court. democrats say they're willing to work with the president-elect on that with a big "if."
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>> just because it is president trump we will work with you to get those things done if you stick to the principals you enunciated in the campaign.
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welcome back, brand new video. surveillance video showing the moment of impact. they are carrying out extensive attacks against rebels in the isis stronghold. it appears to be a the destruction.
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chuck schumer is telling democrats to do whatever it takes to block supreme court candidates whatever they find objectionable. the last four employees got bipartisan support on the bench. we're going to go after them with everything we got because it is so, so important. president elect trump optimistic he could work with senator schumer. he is smarter than harry reid and as the ability to get things done. good news.
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a former obama campaign regional field director. thank you for your service. let's start with you. can donald trump get anything done, if so, what on a supreme court push. >> i think the republicans made is clear that democrats can apply and push to make sure they are confirmed. in the fights they normally don't filibuster for supreme court nominees. but they that he is pressing forward saying they want a main stream candidate, come on. he put out his list of conservative picks. if schumer goes in this direction they're picking the
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wrong fight. he says it has to be someone mainstream, how do you grien that? he promised to be a president for all of the people. i reminded you that 47% did not vote. the other 48 voted for hillary clinton. he said he would be a president to us and and they should reflect that. and he has been in the process for 250 days. >> and that has been held up by republicans. could say see pay back? >> i think there is a grudge because mitch mcconnell did not hold clearings, he made it clear
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it would be the next president to nominate the ninth supreme court justice. donald trump made it clear he is looking for a strikt constitutionalist who fit the role that justice scalia played on the supreme court. it is very transparent. i know that senate democrats are threatening to move forward on a filibuster. i think that would be a wrong move again. we have seen in the tradition that we don't want to see obstruction. we want to see the supreme court justice -- >> will we see a filibuster on the part of democrats? >> i really hope it doesn't come to that. it reflects the values of mainstream americans. we need someone that can
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protect -- there is a lot at stake here. >> we're going to have to leave it there, but this conversation will be on going. thank you so much. police turning water cannons on protestors sending more than a dozen people to the hospital. and donald trump sitting down with one of bernie sanders biggest supporters today. we we have about how the trump team is shaking up. picking up for kyle.
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welcome back, police firing tear gas and water cannons at protestors. they set about a dozen fires while they tried to outflank police. >> protestors were gathering again right now, the same bridge where the clashes occurred last night. and antipipeline protestors tried to push back the bridge that has been blocked since late tokt. some 400 protestors were involved. they used water hoses and tear gas to force them back.
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and they were soaked with water on a night when the temperatures were in the lower 20s. they say the water cannons were to put out some of the fires they set and to holtt back some that were being violence. the pipeline is slated to run some 1200 miles across four states from western north dakota to a shipping point in illinois. they fear a leak might contaminate their drinking water. and they're concerned about potential damage to sights they consider sacred. the pipeline developer say most such sites have been or will be disturbed, and that they have safeguards against leaks.
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and that transporting it by pipeline is safer than by rail or by truck. looks like we're set for another long day and night. >> they're concerned about the environment but they're setting fires. >> wall street experiencing record highs in a post election bump. and who are they meeting with today? well go live here, just steps from the white house, we'll be right back. want a feast fit for the season?
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president elect donald trump continuing his meetings. real estate billionaire john grey, and bet founder robert johnson. on the list today, tulsi tulsie gabboard. she has now released a statement about her meeting with mr. trump on isis and syria. she is a combat veteran who served in the army. she says while the rules of expediency say i should not have
11:32 am
met with him, i will never play with syrian lives. chris, good afternoon to you, what do you make of this cast of characters going before donald trump? >> this is "the apprentice" for real, right. you have people that they not atomb would be part of his universe are there talking about what he should do. she a democrat that has been pretty tough on the national security positions, and was a big bernie sanders backer. and the key, one of the most important constituencies for donald trump, are democrats or traditional democratic shoesers that praeted in and out to vote
11:33 am
rrn this year. >> it would be really interesting. i wonder what she would be up for. she has a fascinating bank account -- background as well as her combat service. >> we know that previous presidents, all of the recent previous presidents have included members of the other party in their cabinets for barack obama. two secretaries of defense, a secretary of transportation for bill clinton, it happens. is she up for a cabinet level slot? i kind of doubt it, but of course stranger things have happened. >> we all remember the "never trump" movement, and the important rickets family from
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chicago. >> the thing about politics is it is supposed to have an end date with the election. and after this most awful, disgusting election, it is over and people who had fun mental disagreements now wish him well. and they are saying that a lot of people are wishing him well. when you hear barack obama, bernie sanders, i think it is prodly reflected. and the executive and legislative branch welcome people seem to like that move,
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but now keith ellison is now talking about swamp creatures flooding washington. i love that. we has lobiests and big time investment bankers, he is not doing what he said he would do. and we have to be there to work with those folks that may not have voted or voted for him. they're our natural spents, but we want to show we care about them, we respect them. what is your take on what he said? >> whatever donald trump does, he is going to hate it and say it is the worst thing that ever happened. most probably don't care.
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the issue for trump is this. he has limited window of getting results quickly. that's why in two months, he will have to show supporters that he did k get results. what voters will care about, will you deliver the things you promise snd. >> fair enough, we saw that example at ford motor company. chris, i hope we're going to see you back here in new york now that the election is over. don't be a stranger. >>ly come back, yes, ma'am. mike pence arriving in washington dc hours ago. live in washington dc, leland,
11:37 am
good afternoon to you, where do things stand at this hour. >> good afternoon, we spoke to one advisor who has been involved in two other transitions. he says he feels like the trump folks are ahead of schedule as he would call it. they are calling it the world's largest start up. they're taking divide and conquer approach. and in the meantime, it's the vice president elect where the nitty greaty is getting worked on. >> i heard it will be all done between thanksgiving and christmas. >> that makes since.
11:38 am
hi has been doing this his whole life. taking council and making decisions. >> as you know, obviously the name game as it relates to the cabinet positions is a great one to talk about. they are sorting through the resumés for 4,000 people or so that will fill up the executive brans. -- branch. and now speculating over the next white house's administration. the numbers right now, up 71 points, the dow jones about to 19,000 there. lori, investors seem to be
11:39 am
riding the trump train right now. >> they have not gotten off of the trump train. you mentioned it is flirting with 19,000. we could see it happen before thanksgiving. let's see how for they have come since he started the election. the president obama, that is the broad market average. . the nasdaq of course comprised of technology stocks. it is really something else. goldman sacks. jb morgan, this is the performance since the outcome of the election. it is an expectation that he is any favor of deregulation.
11:40 am
and on the nasdaq, it is interesting. some of the numbers are down. netflix down. amazon off 2%. watch for those to turn around as we approach the holiday spending season. back to today's session, what is powering the markets? energy. we're seeing a nice jump in. the best perform sore far on the market. >> we're expecting gas prices to go down. >> the gas price came from a cupping weeks ago. as we come into the holiday week, something like 43.5 million americans are expected to hit the road. that has come down three cents. since 2008, that is the second cheapest average gallon of gas.
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we're keeping a close eye on trump tower, as you can see, plus president obama issuing a warning to his success tor. we'll talk about that at the top of the hour on "shepherd smith
11:45 am
reporting." we'll see you then. >> you hear about the u.s. navy destroyer responding to a stranded iranian ship. after confirming they were safe, our sailors determined their problems had to deal with a dead battery. so what did our sailors do? they provided them with a new battery and water for that crew. very different from how they treated our sailors not too long ago. >> president obama seeking to fortify the iranian nuclear deal before the next administration vows to retract it. it would include lifts
11:46 am
additional u.s. sanctions. rick santorum was a 2016 presidential presidential candidate. how will president obama do this. >> we know the statements from the campaign, he said he would tear up the deal. we also know he just appointed two national security advisors. one for the cia, the other is a national security advisor at the white house. they're both very strong critics of this deal. mike pompey owe in particular has been terrific. i v no doubt that she he is doi what he said he would do, he will go forward and destroy this deal. >> explain to me how that would work. how do you do it? we're tied in now with other
11:47 am
countries, how do you unwind it, how does it work? >> he doesn't have to use the congress. he did this deal unilaterally. the new president can act unilaterally to undo what the president did himself. the president couldn't work together with congress, and he doesn't have the permanency with this deal to keep his policies going. so what he can do is say a new sheriff in town. we're not going to continue to try to help and get other countries to be investing -- >> some of that is already in the pipeline. how do you pull that back and get that genie out of the bottle? >> the sanctions are taken out.
11:48 am
people say you're disrupting the contracts of other countries and people will be on the way. they are having a bigger hold on the people, and they're on a path way to develop a nuclear weapon with the help of this administration. >> you sound pretty optimistic about him getting something like this done. i want to take a look at the letter back in october. he said given the credit si, he is referring to all of the money that was sent over to iron, he says the american people find is hard to believe the obama administration acted within the bounds of the statutes and
11:49 am
congress has an ability to exercise oversight. regarding cash payments of almost $2 he looks like to the largest state sponsor of terrorism. congress can certainly do something about it, what do you see happening? >> i think one of the things we're going to find south a lot of the intelligence was held up about the administration. i think it will be released as a case that donald trump will make. and reinstating sanctions to put the controls back in iran. one of the reasons i'm sure they paid it in cash is so they could not get the money back. that is something we lost, but there is more we can do to hurt this regime to weaken it. >> and you know how some of that
11:50 am
money is without a doubt being used and our military families know that very well. they had direct involvement in killing some of our tries in iraq and elsewhere. so we'll see what can be done. >> thank you. >> well a gold star family of a u.s. soldier killed in afghanistan saying they were shaken after they were booed by people aboard a commercial plane. what is the story behind that? we'll explain. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. we'll tell you about that when we come back. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage.
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the gold star family of a
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california soldier that gave his life in afghanistan could not believe their ear. the father of army sergeant were booed while getting off an american airlines flight. we're live with more on that. tracey first heard this over the past few days and so upsetting. what happened. >> well, there's question if passengers knew that it was a gold star family. they were flying to maryland to accept the son's remains. the initial flight went from sacramento to philly and the flight to phoenix was 45 minutes late and they were in danger of missing the connection, and the captain made an announcement asking passengers to remain seated so a special military family could leave the plane first. that is when some passengers in first class started booing and making in appropriate comments.
11:55 am
the father himself a marine corp. vet said that the passenger's behavior made them feel worse if possible. >> to hear the reaction of the flight being delayed because of a gold star family and the first class family booing that was really upsetting. it made us cry some more. >> yeah, they say that some passengers definitely knew they were a gold star family because they offered condolences, but he is unsure if anyone in first class is aware. american airlines said that they were honored to have the family on board. we will make every possible effort to make a smooth journey in such difficult circumstances. john perry was killed during a suicide attack inside of o the air base inafghanistan. he was able to stop the bomber before he got to the intended
11:56 am
target and that was a 5 k race being held on the race. an attack on the race could have killed dozens or more. he was a hero and the family apparently did not get much of a heros welcome. >> well, just makes me stop and think you never know what is going on in someone's life at the time. take a moment. don't be so quick to react. thank you. our kol docondolences to the fa. if you think your weekend was rough. take a look at this. >> no way. he is hurt. >> how is that guy doing today after getting slammed by the vikings. ♪
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we're going to define the word tough for you. the pregame introductions, still
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at awork. this man is tough. bernie. >> we're told bernie just needs some new glasses. bernie still made it through the whole game. see you tomorrow. it's noon on the west coast and 3:00 at trump tower and today's visitors include one of the president-elect former republican rivals and a come cat i can congresswoman that backed bernie sanders. we will look at how sen is nate democrats may have hurt their own chances by blocking nominees at all. the uniform was a target and that's after a shooting in four cities leaves one officer dead. and hundreds of workers about to go on strike in one of the nation's busiest airports. how is that going to affect you? let's get to it. now, shepard smith reporting. happen approxima


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