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tv   On the Record With Brit Hume  FOX News  November 21, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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it will be entertaining. he doesn't have the class that george w. bush has. go to, @sean hannity on twitter. that's all of the time we have left. see you back tomorrow night. good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight, the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, smugness, and group think. a night on the town for vice-president elect mike pence turned nasty as he was booed at the broadway hit hamilton. it just wasn't the booed. the cast had a message for mike pence and possibly you. listen to this. >> we are a diverse america and alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents or defend us and upheld our inalienable
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rights, sir. but we truly hope this show has inspired you to impose our american values and to work on behalf of all of us. >> mr. trump demanded an apology the next day, but the actor who plays alexander hamilton would not deliver one. instead he had this to say this morning. >> there are those of us who feel like maybe their voice hasn't marginalized. it's important that they recognize there are allies all over the place. >> the president-elect is demanding an apology. >> i heard. >> we assume there's no apology coming. >> there's nothing to apologize for. >> joining us a former advisor to the bernie sanders campaign. great to see you, chuck. >> good to be here. >> the question for the democratic party is who speaks for it really at this point and it looks like you found a spokesman, a smug, overpaid actor electr actor electric touring people at a play that costs $3,000 to attend.
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way to go for the middle class. >> there's nothing like making your point on broadway to get it across to everybody. i think they have every right to say anything they want to say. >> no one can contest that. >> and you're not contesting that. we know these people were actually out debating -- not debating. they were out supporting hillary clinton and there's 25 million people who think this is wonderful and 25 million who think this is absurd. it's probably not the best messaging point for our democrats. the shame is that the message got lost. it might not have been the best timing or atmosphere for this. >> what exactly was the message? i know that the new yorker editorial page was all excited about it and everyone in new york was thrilled, finally someone stood up to mike pence, but what exactly was the actor saying, if you could boil down his message. >> from what i read it's that we all need to come together, make sure there's a government representing all of us. at least what this democrat has been saying after the election, there's been a lot of whining and kicking saying donald trump.
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guess what, he did win and now we need to hold his politics accountable and move forward like we should as all americans and not talk about a broadway show. >> but i wonder if lecturing people from the stage at "hamilton" brings us together or titillates people who are already convinced. it doesn't really win people over, does it? if it does, on what basis? what is the message? what do they disagree with what donald trump said? >> i would think this would be an opportunity to have a megaphone about bringing the country together and when they said represent all of america, "hamilton" is about bringing america together and telling a historic story. we should be talking about holding people accountable. >> it's been bringing 300 well connected people together who can pay the exorbitant ticket prices. >> i do want to get a ticket. >> of course you do. everybody does in your world. >> gigi hadid who is a famous
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model had a similar message, nonspecific and sneering but here's what it was last night at the american music awards. watch. >> jay is a master impressionist. >> thank you. >> and in your honor, i have been working on my first impression. >> oh really, really? i have to see this. >> i've been working on this all week. okay, jay? >> okay. >> this is my melania trump impression. i have to get the face right. i love my husband, president barack obama and our children sasha and malia. >> that's spot on! that was spot on. >> i know every listening in america thought the this was high comedy but is it okay to mock people's accents now i guess as long as they're on the other side of the political divide? what are the rules? >> if there was a republican making fun of a latino accent we would be having a different
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conversation. >> a justice department investigation into it. >> as a latino myself. of course i do think it's entertainment too but i think that we got to judge both sides equally when we're having these debates and when we're doing entertainment. i think "saturday night live" has taught us that, going after both sides but also bringing things to light where people laugh about it. i don't know what her political affiliation is but you shouldn't make fun of somebody's accent. people make fun of my accent all the time. it ain't funny. >> it's a certain kind of mocking. i'm totally for comedy and political comedy is great. you were a bernie guy. if anybody with power in america was aligned on one side of this contest it was hillary clinton's side and they lost and they're mad. rather than make an argument against trump they're sneering at him, and i'm wondering if sneering is a way to assemble a viable political coalition. >> there are 46 million people who are registered to vote and who didn't vote. it drives me nuts that people
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are sitting out of the election and i don't know if making fun of somebody's accent is the exact way to do that. >> rich people aren't impressed. that's the new slogan. stay with us for what's next. tonight we're asking what is next exactly for the democratic party. after hillary clinton's shocking loss, the party entered the now familiar stages of grief, beginning with the classic, let's make a lewis farrakhan protege head of the democratic national committee. he's keith ellison, a congressman from minneapolis and it looks like the job is his if he wants it. >> if we make the average american's needs our priority, people who want to retire, see their kids go to college, people anxious about the plant closing down, moving to another country and selling them back the products that they used to make, if we make those people the priority, we will win and donald trump will be relegated to be a footnote in the dust bin of history. >> this is exactly why second marriages typically fail. you come off the tragedy of
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divorce and you make a hasty, unwise decision. this is exactly what the democratic party is doing. they lost, they didn't expect to lose. he's a bigot, anti-muslim, anti-african-american. so they find the first african-american muslim they can, really the only one in the congress, and they make him the head of the democratic party. is that really a wise choice? >> i like keith. if you heard keith's message it sounds like somebody who just got elected congress talking about fighting back against trade deals and standing up for the common man in the flyover states. this has nothing to do with him being muslim or being black. i think he's right on the issue. he was a bernie sanders guy. he was elected by a bunch of people in minute. he's very much a populist and i think that's what we need right now. >> oh come on. look, i agree with you, i think half of what you're saying is right. the democratic party will probably coalesce on the economic populist. but the only reason out of 193 democrat sitting members of congress, keith ellison is in
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there because he checks a bunch of politics who like identity politics. >> i would agree with you that dealing with the race of politics within our own party, there's a lot of people like latinos, african-americans who felt underrepresented by the democratic structure and i think it's time we change that. i think bernie sanders put a crack in that wall. i think we're going to knock it down and put some new people in there and have some fresh blood. >> if you run a campaign for a year and a half predicated on the idea that trump is not acceptable because he's a racist and then you pick a guy who is l terally a lewis farrakhan separatist, advocate of violence, anti-semitism, and you make that guy the head guy, the irony alarms are going off. can you hear them? >> but i think also people would have said a long time ago donald trump would have never got elected with some of his positions either. i think keith ellison is a good guy and will bring the message we need there. even if it's not keith let's get somebody in there. i'm not going to judge keith on things that went on in his past.
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i judge him on being a congressman and the keith ellison i've seen for the last two years. he's anti-trade. he wants to see working class people have a break just like me. >> can you find someone who's got good trade views who didn't once worship at the alter of lewis farrakhan? >> maybe one sitting in your chair. i got so many skeletons in my closet but it needs to be a redneck president who's a populist. >> you got my vote. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. president-elect donald trump is back in new york city as his transition team pushes on and today some top media executives, basically all of them, stopped by trump tower for a meeting with the president-elect. peter doocy is standing in the cold outside the building on fifth avenue with the very latest. peter, what do you know? >> reporter: tucker, we know tonight we've got some news coming to us online in a video that was just posted by trump's transition team and it has an announcement from the president
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that on his first day in office he will announce the u.s. intention to withdraw from the trance pacific partnership, that's a trade deal that he talked a lot about taking apart while he was a candidate. now he can say what he's actually going to do because he is the president-elect. that's online. meanwhile here in midtown manhattan outside trump tower we spent all day watching most of the nine people on trump's guest list today walk right in through the revolving door and go over the elevator, press the 26th floor button and go to meet the man who could become their boss. one of the most interesting visitors of the day had to have been texas governor -- former texas governor i should say rick perry. he was a former critic of trump's who came around very quickly and then was one of the first famous republicans to say he would work in a trump administration. there were others as well including senator scott brown. he wants the v.a. secretary job. and oklahoma governor mary fallin who is said to be eyed for the interior secretary job. both had completely different experiences upstairs with
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mr. trump according to the way they described their sitdowns to us. >> i'm noncompeting with anybody. i think i'm the best person. >> i was offered a position in the initial meeting. we discussed a wide range of topics. >> reporter: one surprising guest at trump tower today was bernie sanders' surrogate and hawaii congress women tulsi gabbard. she's been very critical of both president obama and secretary clinton for tiptoeing around the words radical islamic terrorism. she said today that, quote, where i disagree with president-elect trump on issues i will not hesitate to express that disagreement. however, i believe we can disagree, even strongly, but still come together on issues that matter to the american people and affect their daily lives. we cannot allow continued divisiveness to destroy our country. today trump also did have what his advisors called a reset meeting with the bosses from five major news networks, including fox news channel. the trump team says they think the meeting went great.
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they think it was very productive, but there are now some reports that not everybody who attended liked what mr. trump had to say. >> there are quite a few reports to that effect, peter. we're going to get into them right now. good luck out there. thanks a lot for that. will today's meeting with executives change anything about the way the press covers the new president. joining us is dana perino, co-host of "the five" and former white house press secretary. >> i love your new show. >> thank you. there are all kinds of conflicting reports about what happened but here's the account from the "new york post" which i don't think has been denied by the trump people. trump started out with jeff zucker of cnn saying i hate your network. everyone at cnn is a liar and you should be ashamed. this sounds plausible. isn't this one of the main reasons people voted for trump? so you would sit across from jeff zucker and say you're a liar? >> i think what they really wanted was results and i think the best way to deal with media
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bias is to get results. if you look at the 100-day plan he laid out, he's going to have a chance to make a big impression. so if you get results, you handle the media bias issue. republicans have to deal with this kind of thing all the time. i do think there were some reporters during the campaign, jenna johnson with the "washington post" i think is one of them who did what you and i learned in journalism school. you go to the event, observe, talk to some people, put that into the story, and let the consumer decide how they think about it. i do think donald trump has utilized the media to a great effect. he's also utilizing new technologies to communicate directly to the people. it sounds like this meeting today was a chance to clear the air. and i'm for more relations, not fewer, but of course the problem a lot of people had with me including bill o'reilly is i was too nice. >> that's true. >> i look back and i think could i have been meaner? personally, probably not. also because the boss that i worked for, i always would
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imagine if he were watching me right now, if he was going to be proud of something that was coming out of my mouth, and i swallowed it and i didn't say it. times have changed. i get that. and pushing back on the media works for donald trump in a way but the thing that will work the best is getting results. >> they have changed and i guess i would argue it's not just trump. the other half of the equation is the media and the way they behaved and i think they did carry water for hillary clinton. here's the question since we're rethinking everything in this new era, why should the trump administration continue to treat legacy news outlets like they're the main source of news for people? the "washington post" which has been a big deal paper for my whole lifetime has a circulation daily of less than 500,000. that's smaller than a lot of websites and radio shows. why shouldn't trump say i'm going by volume. if you have a bigger audience i'm speaking to you before these guys. is that an illegitimate way? >> that's already happening. i would argue that president obama is actually already doing that. for example, when he went on between two ferns, who covered that for an entire week and even
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beyond? you can pick out different types of media now. if you're a voracious news consumer like me and like to read all types of media and i know that you in particular like long form journalism and magazine articles, you can pretty much find anything that you want right now. donald trump, no matter who he talks to, he can pick any outlet to talk to and he'll be able to get coverage based on that. i do think there's something to be said about if you are in the government, in the administration, to have legacy media organizations covering you is a good thing. remember what les moonves said of cbs news, it's great for ratings and maybe -- i don't know if he was unhappy with the result or not but let's just be honest, donald trump is going to continue to be good for ratings no matter what happens between now and january 20th when he's sworn in and for at least four and possibly eight years beyond. >> i tend to agree with you. that's why i was sad to see what the press did to themselves.
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you keep hearing these leaks about who might become the next white house press secretary. it's a lot of names we're familiar with that we know here in the press. is that the pool from which he should be drawing the next press secretary, a professional journalist, or should he look outside do you think? what makes the best press secretary? >> i think it's two main things. somebody he trusts implicitly to speak on his behalf. so someone that -- because as a spokesperson you can't always be checking with the president in order to make sure you have it exactly right. now, that happens for a while but you need to be able to trust that person implicitly so if that's within that circle of people he's talking about, great. the second thing is that a press secretary is really only worth their salt if they understand the policy very well and they have to have the access. not everyone in the country will agree with decisions president trump makes, but they should be able to agree with the decision-making process. and the only way to know for sure about that is if the press secretary is in the room. i would advocate for the press secretary to have more access to the president as well. >> yeah, i think it seems essential. otherwise it just gets embarrassing. dana perino, thanks for joining
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us. it does, you see people out there and they don't know anything about the policies. >> george w. bush 43 was great with that. i expect that to continue. >> thanks very much. appreciate it. >> bye-bye. now it's time for tonight's twitter storm. our nightly forecast of social media's most intense weather patterns. the eye of the storm is hovering this evening over gigi hadid, assuming we're pronouncing that correctly, not that we really care. as we mentioned she's a model and she's being slammed over her impression of melania trump at last night's music awards with some of the harshest criticism coming from twitter. first up, is it okay for immigrants to mock accents? of course but only if you're a liberal. what a disrespectful hollywood elite brat. you would never have done that to michelle obama. boy, that true.
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finally, socks 88, probably not a real name tweeted this, perhaps you forgot your parents are both immigrants before you insulted the first lady. overpr overprivileged child. you see a theme here, one of privilege and double standards. twitter gets it right for once. that's tonight's twitter storm. next up, new york city's firemen are called the city's bravest but some of them are also convicted felons. don't worry, it's for diversity. details ahead. also, did president obama give a big hint on how he plans on spending his retirement years? yes, he did, and we have it
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the "new york post" reports that in a bid to promote diversity, nine ex felons including one who served time for gun possession are some of the newest members of the world's most famous fire department. is that okay with you and is it just a taste of what may be in store for many big city police departments under the reforms now under way? joining us now is howard safer who is formerly the commissioner of both the nypd and the fdny. commissioner, great to see you tonight. this "new york post" report i know that you saw said that in an effort to change the complexion of the fire department for reasons that no one ever really explained but we need to do this is the idea, they needed to hire felons, including one who had done time for gun possession. that's got to discredit the fire department. what do you think of that? >> i think it's a bad policy. i'm all for redemption but if somebody has committed a felony, it's a flaw in their character.
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these are some of the most honorable professions in the world and if you committed a felony, you should be last in line behind people who did not to join the department. lowering standards is the wrong message, especially in emergency services where lives are at stake. >> that's exactly it. it's not a matter of redemption. of course everyone believes in it and if you wanted to become a priest or alcohol counsellor or whatever there are a lot of things you can do as a former felon for sure but this is going to come to police departments, is it not, such is the pressure that standards have to change, don't they? >> i don't think it's going to happen under a trump administration. the fact is that under the obama administration there's been a war on police, a war on emergency services. under a trump administration you're going to see quite the opposite, as long as he has advisor like rudy giuliani. you're going to see standards kept up and not what's happened over the last 8 years. >> we are seeing, it appears, a rise in violent crime in a lot
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of american cities. the left has said that is not true, don't believe your eyes, that's not actually happening. what's your assessment, are cities getting more dangerous? >> if you look at fbi sentence there has been a rise in crime in the last two years, especially violent crime, and more importantly, the obama administration has ignored the big issue in this country which is drug overdose deaths. this year -- last year there will be more drug overdose deaths than people killed by guns or automobile accidents. that's a disgrace. we need to go after drug companies, drug traffickers, and what's happened in the past year or so is some of the best federal law enforcement people have left because they've been forced out by this administration. >> so why is that? you served in new york at the height of the crack epidemic. i remember it. and people acknowledged that it was a crises and they said, look, it's destroying our cities. these people are dying, children are being affected in horrible ways and all resources were brought to bear and it kind of worked. there are some states in new england where as you pointed out
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it's the leading cost of death for young people and we're sitting passively by. why? >> crime reduction has not been a priority for the past 8 years of this administration. more of a priority has been going after in quotes rogue departments and rogue police officers when the truth is that 99.9% of the police officers and police departments do their job well. the number one civil right is to be free from harm, not to go after police officers. >> so if you're coming in as the new president and you're donald trump, what's the single most important thing you can do to restore order to the public spaces in this country? >> you have to prioritize crime. you have to give resources to state and local departments, and you have to appoint people who know what they're doing and who will understand how to reduce crime. the number one job of police departments should be to reduce crime. when we had the tragedy in dallas, chief brown at the time said you ask too much of police departments to be social workers. we need to protect the public. and the only people who should be afraid of police officers are criminals.
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>> the only job of a police department is to reduce crime. thank you for bringing it back to principles and reminding us of that. great to see you. >> good to be with you, tucker. here's something new. it turns out that half pound burritos do not technically qualify as diet food no matter what the packaging might tell you. chipotle is facing a class action lawsuit from three california customers who are accusing the chain of lying about nutritional information. at issue is the restaurant's new burrito. the menu says it's 300 calories. according to the complaint one person felt excessively full after eating it and realized it could not have been only 300 calories. to clarify this, 300 calories is for the chorizo alone.
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so how many calories in the entire chorizo burrito? it would be pure speculation, but trust us, more than 300. you don't need a class action suit to know that. president obama won't be president after january. that does not mean he'll stop scolding you for your lack of moral virtue, profound lack of it. moral judgment ahead after the break. (vo) your love is purely thoughtful, purely natural, purely fancy feast. delicious entrées, crafted to the last detail. flaked tuna, white-meat chicken, never any by-products or fillers. purely natural tastes purely fancy feast.
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just hours after the election president obama promised to work toward a, quote, smooth transition of power to picture donald trump. yesterday in peru he indicated he might not be going away. watch this. >> as an american citizen who cares deeply about our country, if there are issues that have less to do with the specifics of some legislative proposal or battle but go to core questions about our values and our ideals, and if i think that it's necessary or helpful for me to defend those ideals, then i'll examine it when it comes. >> joining us now, publisher at the federalist and chief congressional correspondent of the washington examiner. susan, more lectures on our
11:31 pm
values, who we are. can't he just move to texas and learn to paint? >> yeah. i think he may actually be the most politically active ex-president in modern history, i really do. i think it's set up that way -- >> you're just saying that to be mean. >> no, i really honestly believe that's what he's going to do. he's dropped some pretty big hints that he's not going to go away quietly if he feels the need to step in. on january 20th president trump is going to sign the repeal of obamacare. i find it impossible to believe that president obama is not going to weigh in on that. this is his signature accomplishment in his 8 years. it's all going away under this president trump administration. all the other parts of his legacy are also going away, the tpp which was announced tonight that they're going to withdraw from the epa regulations. he's got a laundry list of undoing president obama, and i also think that he is going to be unable to resist the pull of the democratic party. they are now leaderless. >> that's true but maybe the
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lesson, ben, is if you fail but refuse to acknowledge, he was just repudiated at the polls. >> i think this is why susan's correct that he's going to be not just active but he's going to be out there as much as possible in part because of something that you didn't mention which is the media is going to demand that he react to these things. they are going to seek him out, encourage him to be active. i think that coming out of a situation where we've had over the last 8 years a relationship between this media and the white house with the president where they have been used to debasing themselves in order to get access to him and get him on their programs to get him talking all the time, and frankly, donald trump has a very different relationship with the media as we saw today, getting into it with a lot of media heads in new york. i think the difference there is that they're going to be going to former president obama and asking him again and again to react to everything that donald trump does and he's going to respond. >> press enjoys debasing itself, just for the record. they're masochists in that way.
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i keep hearing that the current president is going to start some foundation that focuses generally on race relations. it seems to me that that could have a further destabilizing effect on the country but he's going to be at the center of the conversation if he's going to do that. >> it's a new pulpit for him. he doesn't have the white house pulpit but that doesn't matter. he will be the de facto head of the democrat party until they come up with a new leader which they don't have and they don't have a deep bench. who knows what's going to happen to the party. they need him as a voice to lead them against donald trump. donald trump is going to work against everything they did in the past 8 years. the problem is we have these swing elections. we swung to the left when he witness stawas elected and now we're going to swing away from what he just did and i think he feels from what i'm reading the need to help marshal the forces against what trump is going to -- >> i was going to say ben and then i realized it was a dumb
11:34 pm
question, what about the dignity as a former president but then i thought, sorry, the kardashians. >> all of the norms have been violated including this one. what we need to understand about obama moving forward is his party is leaderless. they're going to look for a voice to respond to these things that trump is doing. he is going to be asked to be that voice. the problem is i don't think it's going to make him satisfied. at the end of the day i think he's going to be bitter about the fact that the american people rejected in large part his policies as being something that they didn't want for themselves. he's going out with an approval rating that's above average. >> 59%. >> but that is only about him personally. it doesn't have anything to do with his policies and i don't think at the end of the day even if he is active in this role -- >> if the approval rating is so high, why did hillary lose. i actually wanted you to reassure us that he was going away but you didn't. thank you very much. campuses have not become less crazy since last week. if anything, the trends
11:35 pm
accelerat accelerated. tonight, one college has stripped the american flag from its campus. that's next. also we asked you to find examples of bad journalism, and boy, did you. up ahead, your news segment, news abuse. stay tuned.
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tonight a tiny and extremely expensive college in massachusetts has removed all american flags from its campus because unnamed students pulled down a flag the night before veteran a day and set it on fire. hence forth, says the president, getting rid of the flag will enable us to focus on efforts on
11:40 pm
addressing racist, slam phobic and anti-lgbt behaviors. joining us, daniel who is in favor of removing the flag. thanks for coming on. i want to read a quote from you to the bulletin. you said, think about the groups who use the flag, from police officers to the u.s. army. these are the forces on the ground that make oppression happen. the obvious point is if the army and the police were to go away, sensitive college students like you would be eaten alive. you find america unfair, okay. what's a fairer country? can you think of a country where you would rather, for example, go on trial for a felony? >> first off, tucktuckyer, i'd to thank you for having me on your show. we both recognize that conversations like this are one thing that moves this country forward. as a student working hard to become an american history teacher, i'm excited to show this interview to my future students as representative of the difficulties of the democratic process.
11:41 pm
to respond to your question, there isn't really a country i'd rather be tried for a felony in. i really doubt that it's, um -- it's not really about me, you know. it's about black people and people of color in this country who, if they were tried for a felony are much more likely than me to be put in prison for that. >> okay, then i'll shift the question there. by the way, i'm not arguing, never would argue that there aren't inequities here or that it's a perfect country. of course not. but is there a country in which african-americans would stand a chance of a fairer trial than the united states? i guess my question is, do you have perspective on the world? when you say that all police and all cops are bad, do you really know what you're talking about? >> do i have perspective on the world? yeah, i'm well aware that the united states is militarily involved in over seven different countries right now beyond iraq and afghanistan. they're involved in libya. they're involved in, um -- in plenty of countries in africa. we have drone bases across the
11:42 pm
world and i think that u.s. imperial forces are the main force in the world right now using military force to oppress people. and i think that while that's a useful question to ask, which country would i rather be in, i'd rather that we focus on this country and how we can fix and improve this country. >> okay, i get it and i think we should fix and improve the country. but you're basically saying the flag represents evil to the extent that it shouldn't be flown. and my question is why is it always rich kids who make that point? why is it always kids from a $62,000 a year college like hampshire, none of the workers who you claim to be representing never say that. you never see anybody at a trade school burning the american flag. have you noticed that? i'm not making this up in my mind, am i? >> um, i think that you're more likely to pick up a story in which rich kids do burn a flag on the basis that we have more access to the media. the flag burning wasn't -- >> really?
11:43 pm
you think your average hvac school they're burning the flag? >> the politics of country are divided by class. there is a definite inequality in terms of where liberal thought is and i think that no matter the question of the class of the students who did burn the flag and i would say that hampshire college is fairly generous in terms of its financial aid circumstances and while i don't know the students that burned the flag, i don't know the class that they come from. >> what's the median family income this this country, do you know? >> the median family income in this country, i do not know. >> it's much less than one year of your school. $62,000 which is what you pay or your parents pay for you to go to hampshire school and burn the
11:44 pm
american flag. so i just wonder if you understand the bounty that you have, the good deal that you have, the excess that you're benefitting from? do you get that at all? >> oh, no, i am 100% privileged to be at this institution and i think i have to recognize the fact that the wealth of my parents that was able to pay for this institution was garnered off of slavery and taken from exploitation. the land that i live on was taken from native people and the land that i live on back in portland back home was taken from native people. it's the wealth of the people who have been oppressed and who have had things stolen to them that allow me to go to this institution. >> but honestly, why are you doing it? why not go pick apples in washington state? why are you consuming $62,000 a year of this blood money as you describe it to sit around campus and do pointless rhetorical and symbolic acts like burning flags? why not work with the people, the laborers? >> i very much disagree that removing the flag was a not
11:45 pm
useful thing. it got show, correct? >> yeah. >> it's useful in terms of getting voices out there. and i think that going to a school like hampshire college -- i'm not here to defend going to hampshire college. i'm here to defend the removing of the flag from my campus which was a democratic process. >> so i can understand the context of this, very quickly, you're for diversity obviously and yet i bet there's virtually nobody on your campus who's openly supporting donald trump. do you yearn for more diversity on your campus or are you happy in a world where everyone thinks like you? >> i think diversity is a different word when you're applying it to political standpoints versus different aspects. i can leave hampshire college and go to umass or amherst college. the point of hampshire college isn't to create a model of our country and then simulate like
11:46 pm
political debate one night to figure out what is most liberally correct, what is the most social justice. >> i'm for diversity, daniel, and i say we diversify hampshire college. thanks for joining us. >> thank you so much. >> good luck to you. as democrats melt down around this country, the party's leader may be doing the same. now there is a new effort to out nancy pelosi from her leadership position in the house. we'll show you the man vying for her power. that's next. whether it's connecting one of the world's most innovative campuses. or bringing wifi to 65,000 fans. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink.
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time now for the friend zone which in real life is bad but in our show is good. it's where we invite one of our friends from within the building here at fox onto the program. tonight one of everybody's favorites. maria bartiromo, host of mornings with maria and global
11:50 pm
markets editor for the fox business network and all around good person. let's begin with the turmoil in the democratic party. you interviewed tim ryan thinking about challenging nancy pelosi. here's part of what he said this morning. how bad does it have to get before we make a change? we've lost 68 seats since 2010. we have the smallest number of people in our democratic caucus in the house since 1929. how many more seats do we have to lose before we realize we got to make a change. >> that seems a lot smarter to me than we didn't hit climate change hard enough. >> you're absolutely right.
11:51 pm
the fact they are rallying around keith ellison to become the head of the dnc who has his own issues around him tells you that -- >> if you're dying of cirrhosis, have another beer is knonot the solution.
11:52 pm
what really did hillary clinton stand for? i've been here 30 years. it's my turn. i'm a woman. not really what people want to feel like the leadership of this country is actually looking out for me. and unfortunately the party is in disarray right now and still have not figured out what the american people want. >> tim ryan seems to be onto it. >> she met with trump. i don't know what this is really about. i do know that according to every website on the entire internet she's the prettiest member of congress, and then we have the president-elect who ran beauty pageants. what are her qualifications? what is this about exactly?
11:53 pm
i think she's great. >> she said after the meeting that she wanted to discuss her objection to a no fly zone over syria and has issues with the foreign policy with regard to what's happening in aleppo right now. that's what she said. it shows maturity on donald trump's part to take these meetings. the meeting with mitt romney shows that he's open to getting as much information into him as he can to address these issues. i don't know why she showed up today. i wasn't bothered by it. it's a good thing that donald trump is hearing from lots of different people from different corners of government. >> she issued a statement that was so interesting and principled and smart. you may not agree with it or not but there are elements of what the president-elect said that comport with my views. this is a realignment in ways i don't think those of us that follow her didn't expect to see at all. >> it's extraordinary when you
11:54 pm
look at the economic side of the sto story. you talk about expectations of 6% economic growth in the next two years. we're under 2% right now. you get to 6%, a triple from here, you're talking about lots of job creation and you're talking about an economy that is about to take off. >> i think that's exactly right. thanks a lot for doing it. we appreciate it. >> thanks, tucker. >> coming up, we asked you for the most bias headlines. tweet us
11:55 pm
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11:58 pm
now it's time for news abuse. we asked you to send us your and now it's time for news abuse. we ask you to bring your favorite examples. first, this headline from the
11:59 pm
huffington post. donald trump prefers his steak well done, aka, the worst possible way. scott jenkins submitted this. david duke praises cabinet pick, bannon, flynn, sessions great. these two headlines, the first is on november 19, 2015, it reads donald trump is actually a moderate republican. then by the same author, days later, november 25th, 2015, it says donald trump is a fascist. and it says this isn't a political attack but what the front runner has become. then this one from "slate", there's no such thing as a good trump voter, and finally, shane
12:00 am
winter, from gq, donald trump might literally, literally destroy the world. not figuratively, but literally. tomorrow night, on the punching bag, mean tweets are back, send us your cruellest. welcome to "red eye". hello, everyone, i'm tom shillou. >> welcome back. >> donald trump's popularity soars in a new poll. it's still at a record high and still below 50%. plus, it's a duel between "hamilton", and donald trump. and a poll says young people often get cheated and taken advantage


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