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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  November 22, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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please remember, the spin stops right here. we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, president-elect donald trump getting serious blockback from some of his strongest supporters as he backs down on his promise to pursue criminal charges against hillary clinton. good evening, welcome to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. for months on the campaign trail mr. trump attacked his rival for conducting the highly classified business of the united states over a private unsecured e-mail server. all while she was secretary of state. >> i think hillary is very weak. i think she's pathetic. i think she should be in jail for what she did with her e-mails. okay? she should be in jail. hillary clinton should be in jail. you know it, the fbi director knows it, everybody else knows it. she should be in jail.
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if i win i am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation. >> it's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you'd be in jail. >> secretary clinton -- >> and when mr. trump went there, the roaring crowds at his rallies responded. we heard one phrase chanted again and again, lock her up. [ crowd chanting ]. >> she should be locked up. she should. >> then hours ago mr. trump seemed to walk back his pledge to put hill behind bars tell the
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"the new york times" that he does not want to quote hurt the clintons and that he prefers to move on. in moments we'll be joined by sean duff any, one of mr. trump's earliest supporters and we'll speak with author peter schweitzer whose book is credited with the investigation into the clinton investigation. first, trace gallagher is live with the latest on all of this. >> megyn right after the election donald trump was signaling that he was softening his stance on whether he would push to investigate his formal rival, telling "the wall street journal" that he hasn't given it a lot of thought and instead wanted to to cause on health care, jobs and immigration and tax reform. and today the president-elect told the "the new york times" my inclination would be for whatever power i have on the matter is to say let's go forward. let has been looked at for some longed a nauseam. and the point he says whatever power i have on the matter is interesting considering those
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who disagree with him for not going after clinton are seizing on that. ann coulter tweeting, quote, did we make him the fbi and doj? his job is to pick those guys, not to do their jobs. breitbart formerly run by steve bannon ran a headline saying, "broken promise" and judicial watch which sued to get more of hillary clinton eats state department e-mails says trump's refusal to investigate clinton would be a betrailed trabetrayaf his promise to drain the swamp of out of control corruption in d.c. but rudy giuliani who has been considered for a cabinet position is now backing off his position. watch. >> look, there's a tradition in american politics that after you win an election you sort of put things behind you. and if that's the decision he reached, that's perfectly consistent with the historical pattern.
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>> and while it might be a political tradition to put things behind you after an election, it would also be highly unusual for a president to request that the fbi close an inquiry or investigation. >> unprecedented. trace, thank you. here now to give us both sides of the issue congressman sean duffy and peter schweitzer. the author of "clinton cash" how foreign businesses helped make bill and hillary rich. your reaction when you heard president-elect trump say that. >> i think it's deeply disturbing. look, he shouldn't be talking about this at all. it's not his job. i was on your program earlier this year, egg, talking about how inappropriate it would be for president obama to intervene in an investigation. it is equly inappropriate for a president-elect and later president donald trump to do the same. if he wants to pardon her at the tail end of the investigation,
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if the department of justice decides they're not going to prosecute, they're fine to do that. but the fbi is undergoing an investigation right now and the president-elect should not be telling them to halt their investigation. >> the outrage that we would have seen from conservatives and republicans and trump supporters if president obama had come out and said explicitly, we need to move own and there should be no more investigation and the clinton foundation has done good work and we really need to move forward, the republicans would be hammering him on overstepping his role. >> that's exactly right. it is overstepping a role. think about this, megyn. 75% of the american people believe that the elite in this country don't have to abide by the same laws as the rest of us. play this through for a second. if hillary clinton had won in november, i think it's safe to assume that she would not have been investigated for the clinton foundation. she has lost in november, and now it seems that donald trump does not want her to be investigated for the clinton
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foundation. that is the definition of a rigged system. win or lose she's not going to face any legal investigation. it does not make sense. and one of the reasons i think donald trump won in certain parts of the country is precisely because people felt like the elite in the country are above the law and by him making these statements he seems to be implying that he thinks the clintons should not have to answer or be investigated. for what they've done. >> that's the thing. it's either she's committed a crime or she hasn't. and the fbi is investigating it. and donald trump has come out and say well he doesn't want to hurt the clintons. he says he's not taking investigations off the table but he doesn't want to hurt them. he wants to move on and move forward which of course will be applauded by many americans saz a political matter. but as a legal matter, the question is whether it is appropriate as ann coulter, a smart lawyer, seized upon
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immediately. >> no, you're exactly right. when is the idea of national unity and truth seeking, when are those two viewed as inconsistent. what i've said all along and i think what a lot of people agree on is let's investigate. let's find out what we can actually discover about what the clintons did. maybe it can be prosecuted, maybe it can't. but here's the bottom line. this is not just about the clintons. we need to find out what happened so we can't allow these sorts of things to happen in the future. >> last question, peter. you know a lot of people, rush limbaugh among them say we never believe that. we never believed donald trump would have said that in the first place. nowadmitting it was bluster within not so much a campaign promise but a promise that was never made because his heart wasn't in it. >> i can't speak for what's in donald trump's head. i can say my view and the view of a lot of the people in the fbi, five field offices
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investigating the clinton foundation, it was not bluster and not about throwing hillary clinton in jail. it was about investigating possible criminal activity and that needs to go forward. >> good to see you. thanks for being here. joining me now for more, congressman sean duffy. congressman, good to see you. what do you make of peter's argument? >> first of all, i love peter. he's a patriot and i'm a big fan of his work which allowed donald trump to publicly prosecute this case. he's missing the argument. donald trump was talking about the private server and the e-mails and director comey did an investigation, lorettely lynch decided not to prosecute. >> where do you get that he was taking the clinton foundation after the table because he said that people could argue the clinton foundation has done good work which was a different message than the one we heard from him a couple of months ago. >> i think in regard to his
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public statements and his fans chanting lock her up, that was in regard to the e-mails and the private server. the investigation hasn't been completed yet in regard to the clinton foundation. that should go forward. >> it's not about what you think. it's about what president-elect trump thinks and he did not make that distinction today. it sounded like either way he believes hillary clinton, as he put it, that she's had enough pain, that's what kelly anne said and he doesn't want to hurt her. >> well, i would disagree, then. i think the investigation should go forward. i think what's important for donald trump is if you look back and you blow your political capital prosecuting and going after hillary clinton, as opposed to saying how do i make america great again, how do i fight for the forgotten men and women and communities who cross political lines and voted for me, because he was going to fight for policies that were going to make my life better.
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my family better. they were going to put a chicken in all of our pots. that's what america wants him to fight for. if you look back, you can't move forward with securing the border or tax reform or health care reform. >> i get that. a lot of americans are sitting listening to you agreeing with that but that is a different message from the one trump sounded when e he was running for the office and a very different message from the someone sounded by yourself at donald trump campaign events including that one on august 16th. watch. [ crowd chanting ]. >> we have to elect donald trump to do that. >> we have to elect donald trump to lock her up. and now it's like for the good of the country we have to move forward. you understand that people watch this and they're like, lyin' politicians who say anything to get elected. now we're supposed to believe them now even though the two
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messages appear to be -- >> the lock her up chant and donald trump were specifically talking about the e-mail server and the e-mails themselves and secure information on a private server. comey came out with the statements after that little rally that we had in wisconsin which was really fun. and i think that's behind us. do you want to have donald trump -- >> when comey came out and reopened the investigation, he reopened it and then team trump made a huge deal out of it and he reported to close it and team trump continued to make a huge deal out of it saying that the system was rigged and disagreed with comey's decision and wanted her put in jail. >> you as a lawyer, megyn and me as a former prosecutor, do i want donald trump to say no, no, no, i am going to be the fbi head and i'm going to have the department of justice -- >> you apparently did. team trump did. the lawyers who -- >> no. >> some of whom happen to be
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anchors said we accept the fbi's decision. they've made it clear. but you guys were the ones saying lock her up and now tonight it's a 180, we're supposed to pretend the magical videotape does not exist. >> i agreed that i was going to take comey at his word because i didn't have all of the ed. i publicly was out there saying whatever comey te sides i think we have to go for. >> but your candidate did not feel that way and now he's the president-elect. see? you understand the frustration of some of mr. trump's supporters and the frustration of reasonable people who see different messages coming at them. >> megyn, you do want -- you want him to fight for the policies that are going to help the economy of middle america that elected him and you can't do that if you have a political fight with hillary clinton. he's move forward and start making america great which isn't putting hillary clinton in jail right now. >> great to see you. thanks for being here. >> you too, megyn. so, also tonight, new
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questions about whether intense media coverage -- i mean it has been intense -- of a white nationalist meeting in washington, the thing had like 285 people, disturbing, but does it justify the amount of wall-to-wall coverage that we have seen of this group and the repeated demands to have donald trump denounce this ugly group, which he's done but they want it done in stronger terms. we'll have reaction on that from pete hoekstra. water boarding, peace in the middle east and mr. trump's relationship with president obama. howie kurtz and mike huckabee are next with the news. >> they are so dishonest, folks. you can't even read articles in certain papers anymore. "the new york times" is a total lie.
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developing tonight, new fallout after 48 hours of intense media coverage for the annual conference of a white nationalist organization. video surfaced over the weekend from a washington meeting of roughly 275, 85 people at the conference. some of whom are caught on tape making nazi salutes and praising president-elect donald trump. mr. trump has been called on
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several times to disavow the tape and the group which he has done. there are growing questions about whether the media coverage is giving the group exactly what it wants. trace gallagher has more. >> the controversial video showing a few hundred members of a alt right movement was posted by atlantic magazine doing a documentary on richard spencer, the primary face of the movement. we're not showing the video or putting up spencer's racist anti-so mettic remarks because it's become apparent that he's revel in the national coverage and reportedly using it to promote and recruit. for example, this weekend's alt right gathering was attended by viewer than 300 members and covered by 50 or 75 journalists and photographers. before latching on to the donald trump campaign, alt right mostly
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operated from the fringes of the internet. donald trump disavowed the alt right telling the "the new york times," quoting here, it's not a group i want to enare jazz. and if they're energized, i want to look into it and find out why. krutices say that the group was energized by steve bannon who formerly ran breitbart, though bannon says he strongly rejects the racist elements of the group. and donald trump defended bannon saying, quote, i've known steve bannon a long time and if i thought he was a racist of alt right i wouldn't think of hiring him. there are no estimates of how many alt right members there are because the group has no formal structure. >> joining me, pete hox stra, an adviser to the transition team and robert zimmerman. look, unlike these other
6:20 pm
channels, ear no going to wall paper the show with this guy from the white nationalist group. i'm going to show one very short clip of what he was doing which has been so controversial and it went on and on and on. viewers be advised. it's hateful and disgusting and all of the things you think it's going to be. watch. >> hail trump, hail our people, hail victory. >> making the gnat city salute and it went on to say let's party like it's 1933. robert you want to set this up for us? everyone understands the hatefulness of the group but why it is on donald trump? >> well it's on donald trump and it's donald trump's responsibility as our president-elect because since election day we have seen,
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according to the anti-defamation league, a record rise in hate crimes, especially amongst young people using the language from the trump campaign. and because at the same time donald trump says that he would never hire steve bannon if bannon was from alt right, bannon acknowledged that he made breitbart the platform for the alt right. >> he did say that. he's since denied it. but the thing is, you know, how is donald trump responsible for the hateful rhetoric of a group that likes him? >> let's be very clear. according to speaker paul ryan, donald trump engaged in racist rhetoric in the campaign. of course the birther lie contributed to the racist climate in the campaign as well. so the point simply here is donald trump is our president-elect. has a responsibility to unite the country and bring it together. it shouldn't be when he speak to the "the new york times" editorial pord with the same
6:22 pm
energy he used on twitter to condemn alec baldwin on saturday night live or condemn the cast of hamilton. he should be using his energy to condemn the extremists bigotry that we're witness in the hate crimes. >> he's come out, donald trump said i disavow them, i condemn them, i want nothing to do with them. but he's saying he doesn't want to call more attention to them. and honestly, the wall-to-wall coverage we've seen of this some places, you would think instead of 285 of them in a restaurant, we're talking about 285,000. i mean it's a fringe group that's looking for attention. they want to be on "the kelly file." they want to be on these shows wall to wall. >> that's exactly right. and they've played the media beautifully. they're working with a willing accomplice. these folks want to destroy donald trump. they've gone after bannon, they've gone after pete sessions, michael flynn. they're not giving this president a break at all.
6:23 pm
the clear thing here is that donald trump has disavowed this group and he is moving guaforwa and he's talking about what he's going to do to make america better for all americans. >> robert's hoint point is he no come out for forcely, one example, he should be doing more to discredit these people. another -- yeah, same guy came out saying he has to clearly state these are not american values nap's what we depend on our president to do, to set these people straight >> the more donald trump talks about it the more he's talking about issues that are not going to move america forward. these are the same people saying that the muslim community is in fear of donald trump. they're stoking these fears. what happens on election day? sure, donald trump doesn't get that many muslim votes but he gets three times more the number of muslim votes than what mitt
6:24 pm
romney got. why? because there are a number of muslims seriously concerned about isis and they're finally glad that we're going to have a president that is going to take on isis. why? because isis is killing more moderate muslims around the world and they're glad that we have a president who will focus on that. this is a media storm that's a fake story. >> let's talk about the media storm for a second. sean spicer, the deputy at the republican national convention was on with rolfe blitzer this afternoon and this happened. >> should he deliver a specific speech and make that abundantly clear he doesn't want this these people's support and. >> when is it going to be enough. he's condemned every group that's supported him. at some point you've got to take his position and move on. >> why doesn't he do that more dramatically, if you will, and make it clear he wants no part of these people? >> because i think it's asked and answered, wolf.
6:25 pm
you've asked me eight times the same question. i told you what his position is. >> what exactly does donald trump need to do to satisfy, you know, the folks who are paying attention to this group? >> what donald trump needs to do, in my estimation, he's in a unique role to unite the country, is to speak to the american people, to address the issue of race and prejudice in our society and what better time than during the thanksgiving holiday season. he has an opportunity here, it's to speak not just to the neo-nazis that we witnessed. but the record number of hate crimes throughout our county. it's not a fake crisis when a swastika is painted on a wall in a neighborhood or in the gay community or the black community is feeling frightened ordealing with epitaphs thrown at them. we're not going to solve the problem by ignoring it.
6:26 pm
that gives fuel to the opposition. >> whatever it's worth, the white nationalists defends his nazi salute as a rhetorical flourish, said there was a lot of cheekiness going on and exuberance because mr. trump's win had lifted the spirits of their radical movement. there you have it, all sides, including that of the white nationalist group, something you never thought you would say on national tv. after several days of attacking the "the new york times," the president-elect today walked into the lion's den, if you will and howie kurtz has the inside scoop of what happened between the president-elect and "the new york times." the broadway cast of hamilton, we went into the video vault to see how these same folks reacted when dr. ben carson confronted president obama at that national prayer breakfast, remember? we'll show you the results when we come back.
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which is good for me a 200-degree range of sight... hey! ... and bad for the barkley twins. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. with our most vitamin d three ever. breaking ining night, fox confirming that president-elect trump offered dr. ben carson the top spot at house and urban development. dr. carson wants to take the holiday to think it over.
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he's scheduled to join us on this broadcast tomorrow night. maybe we'll force an answer out of him. don't miss that. the news comes on the same day that mr. trump went face to face with the "the new york times" over how the paper is covering and has been covering the president-elect in his new administration. for more on that, howie kurtz. >> donald trump constantly criticizes what he calls the failing "the new york times." so it was something of a surprise when he agreed the a meeting today. even more of a meeting when he canceled it tweeting that the paper tried to change the terms and conditions and continues to cover my inaccurately. within hour it was back on with the pub lirker sitting next to the president-elect at the manhattan newsroom. and trump made plenty of news. trump said he changed his mind on the use of water boarding, deciding it's not effective
6:32 pm
after talking with retired general james mattis who he is seriously considering to run the pentagon. potential conflicts of interest, refusing to rule out leaving business partners in the white house. and he won't distance himself from his children who will be running it. speaking of family, he said he might tap ivanka's husband, jared kushner as his special envoy to the middle east. trump saying he would love to be the one who makes the peace between israel and the palestinians. he has an open mind on climate changed which he's called a concept invented by the chinese. and trump appeared to back off of his threat to loosen the laws telling folks, i think you'll be happy. bottom line here woob these comments will be welcome by the
6:33 pm
washington establishment but could be seen as a betrayal by trump's conservative base. breitbart ripped trump for a broken promise saying he's decided seeking a special prosecutor for hillary clinton. the newspaper billed today's session, tempered some of his most extreme campaign promises and or maybe he's moderating his stances as newly elected presidents sometimes do. >> i can't keep up. joining me now with more, governor mike huckabee and julie ra den ski. we're no longer going to prosecute hillary clinton, we're no longer going to torture or water board which he said at many of the campaign states and debates. how many campaign promises is that before he's even been sworn in? >> oh, i don't know. and sometimes i'm not sure whether donald trump is humoring the "the new york times," who
6:34 pm
has never been polite to him, never been fair or balanced with him in any way. we'll see. i mean i think donald trump is doing a lot of things right now to, you know, give some good optics. i think we'll wait until he takes the oath of office. i do believe this, megyn. if he fundamentally changes the major positions that he campaigned on and the reason that 60 million people went and voted for him, i think it will be a rocky start because there are -- >> you do? >> i do, yeah. because, look, nobody at the "the new york times" wants our believes donald trump will be a good president. nobody at the washington come post believes that either. but there are millions of americans who tore their shirts for donald trump and went out there and got him elected. if he were to make -- >> reversed himself many times during the course of the campaign and they never held it against him. they believe in the man. i want to ask you about jarod
6:35 pm
kushner, the boy wonder of the campaign. he's a business guy, ivanka's husband who really helped get donald trump elected as president. and his business credentials are really impressive however mr. trump is making news today by saying that jarod kushner could help make peace between the israelis and the palestinians and pushing, according to nbc news, to get him a top secret clearance so he can be privy to the national believing despite not being a member of the white house and the cabinet. your thoughts on that. >> well i think it portrays on incredible lack of seriousness and a commitment of what needs to be done with foreign policy. jarod kushner, i guess what his qualifications are, he's jewish, been to israel a lot of times. me too. it doesn't mean i'm qualified to be henry kissinger or any of the
6:36 pm
people who are serious diplomats who have tried to bring peace to the conflict ap and to say that jarod kushner, whose only qualification is that he married into the trump family, is someone that can take on this onerous responsibility which has ramifications for the middle east and our foreign policy across the world is laughable. for anybody to believe he has any qualifications short of his religion and having traveled as a lot of people have in israel again is not a serious analysis of what needs to be done. >> what do you make of it, governor. he's a smart man, very loyal to mr. trump. he helped get him elected. is more of a spokingman type position where he would be familiar with the issues required but being a true diplomat may not be? you tell me. >> look, i don't think anybody
6:37 pm
expects jarod kushner or anybody else to g and resolve this. this goes back to isaac and ish mel. here's what i want to be clear about. there's going to be in peace into the palestinian israeli conflict until the palestinians get serious about it and they quit telling school children that it's a good thing to murder jews. this has been going on since the beginning. they had a chance in 1995 when barack almost gave away 95% of samaria. and they rejected the whole thing. >> it's a bar. i want to ask you this, julie. on the first amendment and trump's commitment to it because he's had not the most respectful relationship with the press, he said to the "the new york times," i think you'll be happy. his first amendment commitment, it's funny because trump, when
6:38 pm
he wants to charm you, he can do it. but the problem is the press is going to hit him right between the eyes. and they're not going to be happy and he's not going to be happy. it's just not the nature of media covering a president. your thoughts >> look, the media has to do their job without fear or favor. and so if somebody says they're going to open up liable laws as donald trump said during the campaign -- >> that's another one he walked back. >> he'll walk it forward again tomorrow. that's the problem. you don't know where he stands. we could have daily if not hourly conversations about whiplash on what he says at any given time. if he walked it back, i'm happy to hear it. if he decides he's not going to pursue it, that's fantastic. but he cannot lash out to the "the new york times," or anybody else when somebody says something he doesn't like. that's the reality of a free press. >> if you fies see something where you feel i'm wrong, you can call me. but of course, this is not how
6:39 pm
it works. like they're going to call, he's going to blow them off, they're going to write pieces that he doesn't like and i guarantee right here tonight that the "the new york times" will not be happy and donald trump will not be happy. no one will be happy because media coverage of a president is usually not happy. i got to go. >> megyn? >> go ahead. >> one quick thing. we're talking about the credibility of donald trump. we need to be talking about the credibility of the "the new york times" which doesn't have any. >> we've had that discussion. >> they don't have any. they have none. >> first of all, there's no happiness in media and definitely no happiness in politics. mix the two together, zero happy ness. coming up, democratic congressman tim ryan is being accuse odd f sexism for the crime of challenging nancy pelosi for her job. he's here tonight.
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new questions tonight about a possible double standard when it comes to free speech. we heard some voices signaling their approval after the cast of hamilton publicly confronted mike pence following friday's showing of the popular broadway show. >> donald trump if you're offended by someone actually speaking their mind and talking about the fact that there are many people in the country, minorities, the vulnerable, many people with a sense of apprehension, that is a problem. >> there was a respectful message read on the stage by the cast of hamilton.
6:45 pm
the entire show is a political message. i'm surprised that trump could take that tone. >> it's not a tirade. it was a respectful thank you to mike pence for coming to the show. >> respectful. but remember in 2013 when dr. ben carson was openly critical of barack obama? >> it's a shameful. this guy turns it into a republican talking point political session. >> i think it's really not really an appropriate place to make this kind of political speech and to invoke god as his support for that kind of point of view. >> joining me you, marc thiessen, also matt bennett of third way. great to see you both. it's not the same people. we were trying to make the point. and there's been hypocrisy on
6:46 pm
that point in praising dr. carson in the day but condemning the cast of hamilton today. your take on it marc thiessen. >> there's a long tradition of speaking truth to power at the national prayer breakfast and it didn't start with dr. ben carson. mother teresa came to the national prayer breakfast and gave a powerful message against abortion. and she invoked god because that's what you do. >> she was inappropriate as mother teresa often was. >> saint teresa of kolkata was not inappropriate. the crowd applauded and said there are no unwanted children. if you don't want your children, give them to me. what you do at the national prayer breakfast, it's a place where leaders are call to present their views and opinions on moral questions facing the day. hamilton is a musical on broadway >> it's political. >> they're paid to sing and dance and entertain us for $850
6:47 pm
a ticket. now if they want to take their show and turn it into a platform to attack trump and pence, that's their prerogative. but they have to realize that they look absolutely ridiculous to the rest of america when they do it. >> well, look, it's tough when marc invokes mother teresa, that's a tough start for me. >> no good way out. >> i will say, when it comes to barack obama, he's been clear people have the right to speak their mind. if you remember when the protester was shouting at him during the campaign he hushed the crowd and told them to be respectful of the guy. >> but you remember many on the left were outraged at ben carson frr what he did at that prayer breakfast, same types of complaints we heard from the right in response to hamilton. >> yeah, there's no shortage of hypocrisy as you point out. but dr. carson was standing at the president's podium. he was lecturing the president about policy. >> mike pence is trying to see a
6:48 pm
broadway show. >> well, but carson was doing anytime a snide way. >> nice. the guy lecturing mike pence, our vice president-elect tweeted out about hoes, calling women hoes. just sayin'. >> i thought it was quite a respectful comment that he was making. this guy that was talking just played a vice president on stage. i don't think he felt that they -- >> you know, he also slept in a holiday inn last night but it doesn't necessarily make you the person to you know advice the vice president-elect. although, i tend to like, you know, sort of these open statements from all sides because it's quintessentially american. >> he could have taken aaron burr's advice, talk less smile more. >> nancy pelosi's challenge next. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, isn't it time to let the real you shine through?
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well than so pelosi's 14-year reign as the head of the democratic caucus may be in serious jeopardy as tim ryan mounts a challenge to his one-time mentor. he says it's nothing personal pu now he's been denounced as sexist just for throwing his hat in the ring. joining us now, representative tim ryan. somebody over at think progress
6:53 pm
says a male back bench every thinks he deservreplace the most accomplished woman in congress is how sexism works. your response. >> well, i got a lot of respect for than so pelosi. she's a historic figure but this is not about the leader's gender. this is about the leader's record. we're down 60 some seats since 2010. swe have the smallest democratic number in our house caucus since 1929. we're not oning. if this was a football coach oar a baseball manager, we'd be trading him in for someone new. >> do you think nancy pelosi resonates with the democrats in the rust belt where you're from? >> the whole premise of me running is saying i don't think the current leader can connect with people in the areas of the country that we need to connect in order to get back into the majority and push programs that are going to increase jobs and wages and secure pensions in
6:54 pm
places like youngstown, ohio. i think we've turned into a coastal party. we are no longer a national party and that was proven on tuesday night. if we want to get back to winning races in the south, in the industrial midwest, we need some mu leadership, a new agenda sp. >> they said she has an ability to reunite your party. >> i think donald trump does too, megyn. >> we'll watch. the elections are on november 30th. they say you're a long shot. she's got a lot of power. we'll see if she holds on to it. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> we'll be right back. i love my shop,
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meg,log your book, can't put it down. i got so teary reading the stories abyour father and the years of bullying, the particular story of the girls calling you and you going out to skate on the ice in the cold. on the other hand the stories of your mom's quick and whitey responses make he wish i knew her personally. your book has given me a new perspecti perspective. many from fred white, i culled not put it down, finishing it in the wee hours of the morning. i want to thank you for sharing your story. even an old marine found tears running down my face while reading about the loss of your beloved dad. thank you again. that means a lot to me. thank you. candace writes, all i can say is you've won me back over again. i needed that little pep talk. i've wall lowed in my feelings long enough and it's time the get on with life. and plenty of uplifting messages from women, like bethany who
7:00 pm
writes, i feel like you're an inspiration to young girls showing them they can be strong, empowered, respected and can be what they put their mind to. amen for that. thank you all for listening and reading and have a wonderful thanksgiving. and welcome to "hannity." and tonight president-elect donald trump beats down the abusively biassed alt lft radical media. first, the president-elect is now fighting back against the press that openly colluded with the clinton campaign and tried to undermine his candidacy every single step of the way. earlier today he met with the "the new york times." we'll have more on that in a second. but first yesterday at trump tower, network executives and anchors from cnn, msnbc, nbc news, abc news, cbs news and fox news attended a meeting to


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