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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 23, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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i am told a lot of you are camera shy and thousands of you are out of the camera shot range and afraid to prove our point. regardless how you get home and get to grandma's, make it safe. thank you very much. happy thanksgiving. hello. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." new announcements from president-elect trump on this thanksgiving eve. mr. trump has chosen south carolina governor nikki haley to be america's ambassador to the u.n. he picked michigan business woman betsy devos for education secretary. she's a charter school advocate. they are the first two women to be tapped for key posts in his atd minu administration. a few minutes ago, carson's
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spokesman said trump has not offered him the post of housing and urbancretary. here is dr. carson talking about the potential position. >> dr. carson, now they are interested in having you -- if this is right -- to be a hud secretary. would you be interested in that? >> well, you know, our inner cities are in terrible shape. they definitely need real attention. there have been so many promised made over last several decades. nothing has been done. it certainly -- it's something that has been a long-term interest of mine. >> has it been offered? >> we have had offers, yes. >> is it the hud position? >> i would say that was one of the offers that's on the table. >> no further -- who is on first? who is at hud? >> the problem is, he does not like not telling the truth. when you are asked directly, i sense it happened but he doesn't
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play the game. he's a surgeon that is a great person that got an offer. there is no place for hon he isty honesty. >> he accepted the job and then a couple minutes later on the way down, no, no, no, hold on, he didn't accept. not only did he not accept, he wasn't offered it yet. >> there was a facebook post. >> there was posted and the reporting. what we do know is nikki haley was offered the job of u.s. ambassador to the u.n., which is fantastic. early morning, i woke up to it. i e-mailed dana. why would a successful, smart, well respected governor of a south carolina state, republican take a job as ambassador to the u.n.? she said, this is perfect. i will let dana explain why. that's a fantastic -- >> that was my question. >> one thing i would say for dr. carson is that if you are up for a job or anybody who is up for a
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job in the administration -- for the new administration, don't book yourself on television until it's settled. you will get put in that position. dr. carson is not alone in not wanting to lie, i would say. >> i found out he's on "the kelly file" tonight. >> of course. >> what's likely is, it's a done deal. but it's not -- >> just like, you should always let the president-elect make that announcement. on nikki haley -- when i got the e-mail, i thought, i will respond this way. i think she is a public servant at heart. she's had a long list of public service. she has probably not going -- she was not going to run again, i don't think for governor of south carolina. she has an immigrant story, a successful family business in america. she showed her ability to be an amazing diplomat after the shooting at the ame church in
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charleston. she handled the confederate flag issue in a way that everyone praised her at the end of that. i think this is a natural step for her. she was not for trump at the beginning. she was for marco rubio. she came around at the end. that shows that he respects her and thinks she will be able to add to his foreign policy agenda. there will be a lot of issues that she has to take care of right away. first of all, it will be the refugee crisis. how the administration decides to handle that and how different it might be from what president obama had. the other thing that will be a major issue because it always is at the u.n. is climate change. she will be right in the middle of that. it's a great pick for her. plus, if she has plans for a future run for higher office, then foreign policy experience is something that she would need. >> it's a win win for her. >> i think it's perfect. >> if pence didn't want to be the p, she would be good for
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that. >> you will see a governor race in south carolina and somebody on the national stage decide to run. >> any predictions? >> i think tim scott. >> i love when you answer those questions. don't play hard to get, just answer. >> first of all, i will be on "the kelly files." i will get to the bottom of this. i will report back to you at 9:00 tonight. i will get to the bottom of this. i agree on nikki haley. it's a smart pick. i like that trump -- president-elect trump is not just surrounding himself with sick fants. he is reaching out to people who weren't necessarily with him all along and looking for diversity of opinion on his foreign policy team. >> not only diversity of opinion but sheer diversity. look at the three who were named or at least floated. nikki haley, betty devos and ben carson. an african-american, two females and one pseudo immigrant
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parents. >> from india. >> the two strikes about donald trump was that white males elected and we proved that one wrong and that he had a thin skin. if you have a thin skin, you don't tap nikki haley, someone who is aggressively campaigning for marco rubio throughout the primary. >> you tap mike flynn. but i'm happy to hear he is rounding out his foreign policy team. i hope he chooses mitt romney, who i share -- >> interesting. >> secretary of state? >> secretary of state. i share his concern about russia and i'm happy to hear hopefully he will be considered. >> i would like to say at 44, if i'm her counselor, this is the best thing that happened to her. i think -- that would have been an excellent choice. i think that nikki haley will be great. it's very hard for donald trump to find someone critical of him. that's the problem. being sarcastic. he had so many critics. he does not care. my goodness, he went to see "the
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new york times" yesterday. everyone there is a critic. it's interesting to see -- more pressure on nikki haley to go along with donald trump. she has to do what his policies say. >> that's a for sure. i hope they find a great position for rick. we are still waiting for word on the secretary of state position and whether it will go to mitt romney like we were mentioning. romney does not, as you may have been aware, newt gingrich and mike hugckabee's vote. >> i would be concerned, i think the vast majority of trump supporters will initial willly unhappy and be reminded of everything romney said over the year. two, because romney does represent a very different viewpoint. i'm not sure whose secretary of state he would be. >> i'm still very unhappy that mit did everything he could to derail donald trump. there's one way that i think mitt romney could be considered for a post like that, and that is that he goes to a microphone
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in a public place and repudiates everything he said in the famous salt lake city speech and everything he said after that. >> dana, your thoughts on that? the two opinions. >> i would say that if you are up for a possible cabinet position or somewhere in the government, it's probably smart not to be on television at the moment and just let the process play out. because they don't get to decide. they can advise and they can comment and they can advise through the media if they want. donald trump gets to decide. he may or may not choose mitt romney. i don't know. i think that in some ways when you are publically pressured like that, it makes you want do it more. >> interesting. eric, we know -- julie, i got your opinion on this. >> i don't like him for secretary of state. everyone likes him for secretary of state for the reasons that both huckabee and newt said, look, donald trump was elected by people who love donald trump, who love donald trump's vision. mitt romney never had that. i do think mitt is talented.
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he is smart. i remember when he was tapped to fix the olympics. that was where he excelled. what's the most broke -- possibly the most broken system in government right now? it's the v.a. have him turn that thing around. get in there and shake that up. bust some unions up, start offering some of the things that donald trump promised where veterans get vouchers. >> i don't think he has the right background, experience for veterans. i don't think he is being strongly considered for that, to be honest with you. i do know who is. >> here is the problem for mitt romney. there was an interview yesterday, if i'm asked, i will serve. if you want a guy that's motivated to change his reputation back to where it was, which is off the charts great, it's david petraeus. he has a lot of international experience. he has contacts. he understands what it means to go to war. he understands what it means to be a diplomat, how to work the media. he understands what it takes to
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follow orders. the fact that he told the bbc if asked, i would do it and twice he answered again, the fact that general keane was offered the job, was offered the defense job, he had a chance to talk to trump for a long time, i'm sure he said, hey, the guy i mentored, david petraeus, keep him in mind. so that might be the greatest threat. >> you know what's interesting about petraeus, this is not a snarking comment, he has a lot of the problems people cassty gated hillary clinton for. what does that say about how genuine you were about hillary? >> you are not wrong to say that. i would say the magnitude of the two is very different. there's one guy with a legitimately a war record that will go down in history in military history. >> who paid for it. >> big time. he made a huge mistake as head of the cia.
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which was the wrong place for him. if he goes through the vetting process and goes through the senate, i think that he is a guy that can join the club. not perfect. >> interesting, julie's comments about mitt romney. he is somebody who is capable. just in general for some kind of appointment. >> listen -- >> your team would approve. >> it's not that my team would approve. i would be curious -- let me finish my thought. what's interesting is that trump has such close connections to russia, whether through people that potentially financed his operation, the fact his son met in france last year or earlier this year, i'm sorry, with putin people in syria and to have somebody who is such a hawk on russia, which i love, be his secretary of state would be incredibly -- >> romney? >> would be -- >> look at the problems you get into -- all right. hillary clinton worked directly with president obama on the benghazi strategy, with them on the iran strategy. look how it turned out. mitt romney doesn't see anywhere
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near eye to eye with donald trump's vision of foreign policy, anywhere. >> would you put him some place else besides the v.a.? give me another one. >> i don't know. i wouldn't want to see him representing president donald trump's vision of foreign policy. the guy is a non-interventionist. you will send -- >> keep in mind, his dad gave advice, don't serve in a cabinet official for a president. he hated it when he served for nixon. he is used to being in charge. as secretary of state, you do your own thing. that would be different. >> it would be more interesting. >> you can't show daylight between the president and the secretary of state. >> i know. >> i think there would be. i think they think of this as a business arrangement than anything personal. >> you want to get stuff done. choose the best people. >> put him in treasury. he knows money inside and out. we solved all the problems. we're going to go to commercial. president-elect trump held meetings with the press this week. will the mainstream media
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welcome back to "the five."
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there was an appointment that donald trump made today that we didn't get a chance to talk about. that's for the second of education. he has tapped betsy devos. she's from michigan. she has a history of fill an thr philanthropy. she said in a statement that she wants to help donald trump make american education great again. a play on the slogan. she has said that the status quo in education is not acceptable. agreed. together we can work to make transformational change that ensured every student has an opportunity to fulfill his or her highest potential. you thought this was an okay pick? >> i think it's an interesting pick. you are about to get me kicked out of the democratic party. i think it's an okay pick in the sense that, i believe in standards. i she -- she's a common core supporter. donald trump is not. i will be curious how they
2:18 pm
thread that needle. >> she walked that back. they said she's not. >> in that case, i may not be -- >> i think you can be for standards and not support common core curriculum. >> right. they went out of their way to make sure she was not a common core. >> which i think is interesting. what's appealing about her to people like me is that i am for standards. i hope she tries to maintain a federal standard. not because i want to federalize education, before everybody sends me e-mails. but i think there needs to be something that everybody across the country aspires to regardless of the educational system. >> not curriculum. >> but eric, an a for one school district is different from a high performing school district. which is why you need an -- >> i don't see her as someone who is a wrecking ball. she's not going to the dealt
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department of education and start tearing the place apart. >> she will go through it methodically. i like she's not in bed with the unions. you saw she was able to get praise from jeb bush. >> i wondered if that helped her. for some people -- jeb bush was strong on common core. i think for good reasons at the time. but i did wonder if that maybe gave people pause. >> i think he gave trump -- the whole thing is giving supporters a pause. hopefully, he was picking the most qualified people, it didn't matter if they were male, female, black, white, gay, straight or a trump supporter or a never trumper. that shouldn't matter at the end of the day. newt and rudy highlighted some of the pushback that they're having because of the support. for me, it's the issues. he is pro -- she is -- >> for standards. >> pro school choice. donald trump has one of his main campaign promises, he wanted to bring $20 billion to offer more
2:20 pm
school choice. i think that resonated with a lot of females -- the female vote. >> how about the inner city? >> stay with that. common core, that's got to go, too. >> i'm sure -- donald trump is on record and says we have to get rid of it. he said this. i think she's going to make sure people in the inner city might have federal money in order to make a choice to go to the charter schools. when you have mayors in new york city who tell the kids, we're going to shut down the charter schools and jam you into public schools that are failing, that's frustrating. she has opportunity to make a difference. she's used to having power. her family owns amway. you know she's clean. you know she loves the magic because they own the orlando magic. they know how to make things work. we understand that her brother is -- her brother is eric prince. >> for those viewers who might not know. >> he had blackwater for a while. he has other paraarmies around the world. >> that could come in helpful.
2:21 pm
to battle the union. >> he is used to making a difference. eric prince is a big supporter. >> that's a -- >> one thing i want to say, she's for charters but she's for vouchers for private schools. that's where people like me who are pro charter would part with her. have i i have no problem with charters. i have a problem with public money taken out of the common denominator and being sent to private schools. >> maybe she can thread that needle. one of the things that this does is she's from michigan. donald trump's first republican to win michigan in an age. i think michigan looks pretty good. >> i think so. there's a lot of different choices he could have made. this is one people are pleased with. she will do a go job and she has great ideas about education. i was excited when i read it. big thing for me is i want to make sure that the education -- >> how did al sharpton get passed up?
2:22 pm
>> it's fixed. >> never too late. >> harold ford, he is in the mix. >> i like that. >> a great guy. i like him a lot. he is fantastic. >> nothing to do with his last name. >> very personable. president-elect trump has had a rocky relationship with the press. after a series of meetings this week, will it get better? kellyanne conway has a mess south for the president when "the five" returns. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i want a hippopotamus for christmas ♪ ♪ only a hippopotamus will do ♪ no crocodiles ♪ no rhinoceroses ♪ i only like hippopotamuses
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marie knows that a any occasion feel more special. that's why she makes her golden flaky crust from scratch. tosses in handfuls of fresh fuji apples... and sprinkles on just the right amount of brown sugar streusel. ♪ so that you can spend more time making special moments... ...with your family. ♪ marie callender's. it's time to savor. president-elect trump hasn't kept his feelings about the press very close to the vest on the campaign trail he repeatedly lashed out at what he calls the dishonest media and has continued to do so. on monday, president-elect trump held a meeting with journalists and news executives at trump tower to senior adviser
2:27 pm
kellyanne conway characterized it as a reset but acknowledges the press will have a different administration to deal with this time around. >> apart from the protective press pool questions structurally, i think you are going to have an unconventional presidency in donald trump. because he is unconventional. many in the press are in campaign mode. they are scratching their heads figuring out how to stop this guy from becoming president or from forming a cabinet in his likeness or from actually doing things, activity in the first 100 days, which may undo some of the legacy of their favorite president, president obama. they need to get over that. >> not only that, donald trump actually went to the new york type times -- that's substantial. he went to "the new york times." he gave them an on record interview that lasted somewhere around -- i'm not sure the on record part, but he was there 90 minutes. what i saw -- there were live
2:28 pm
tweetings. the nos"the new york times" rep were live tweeting. they asked about the alt right movement. he disavowed it. they keep bringing it up. do you expect that -- >> badgering the president-elect. >> will they have a different relationship? >> i think you can expect -- look at the past to predict what the future will be in terms of the relationship. i don't think there's ever going to be a storybook romance with the mainstream media and with president-elect trump. and i think with the "new york times" especially, it got off to a rocky start to begin with. because there was information, tweets back and forth. he said it was canceled. kellyanne said it's back on. we will go meet. what's on the record? what's off the record? he went. he went to them. he sat down. he did the interview. they're going to have to start to build a relationship. >> what is the evolution of the
2:29 pm
new republican president coming in, the media seeing -- 18 months of primary and general election. do they pivot? do they get more focused? do they get more fair? >> i think all of the above. the relationship between the press and the government is ly . donald trump both has attacked the media and benefits from media exposure. if you think about the "new york times," that's his hometown paper. it would be like me going to the denver post. the thing about the protective press pool, i think that he should consider it a badge of honor. this is something that started after john f. kennedy was assassinated. it's only bestowed to people who have achieved the highest position in the united states of america, the leader of the free world. it's important because you are now as the president-elect the
2:30 pm
most important person in government to protect. the protective press pool, it's not because they are there for security. they are there because you are a public servant. you work for the people of the united states of america. starting on january 20. the protective press pool, i would consider it a badge of honor. it's the most high respect that you can get in the united states in the government. >> do you think, is there a way to soften this tone, this -- >> i think he played the press this week masterfully. he went -- they came to him. talking about the tv executives. went to him. he said to them, this is off the record. they accepted that. he then -- somebody close to him leaks the new york post. they can't respond because it's off the record. they can't go anything about it. he gets out his message how he was a tough guy because he needs an adversary because hillary is no longer his adversary. he played them like a fiddle. >> what about this olive branch
2:31 pm
to the "new york times"? where did that come from? >> "the new york times" is the paper of record. he understands -- he is smart enough to understand that he has to -- >> what? >> that they are going to cover him. >> they admitted they had horrible coverage of him as he was the nominee. >> but i thought it was interesting -- read the 34 pages. they transcribed the entire hour. it's posted on he went up to one of his biggest critics and said, you will have to write something good about me. he said, i hope after two years you will say this guy is doing a good job. it shows and the overall impression was that he wants to win them over. he wants to open up their minds. he was tough on tuesday. he was tough on monday. he was lighter on tuesday. i don't know about what the reason was for him to go to "the
2:32 pm
new york times." i have -- when it's all said and done. >> a 90-minute sit down with them. >> it could have been logistics. there's a lot -- >> there's a lot of people there. >> instead of having them trago over to the worst intersection in new york city. >> in the world. >> it's unbelievable. you cannot get your hair cut over there. >> that's a 1%er problem. i can cut your hair here. >> it could have been logistical. >> it was easier for the president -- >> the king storming the castle or something. he goes in there. he has nothing to hide. i will meet there on your turf. i'm not afraid to play an away game and win. and dress them down. i'm looking at you. i like it. >> he told them everything they wanted to hear. he was like, i don't know about the paris agreement. maybe it's not -- every single thing. to me what's so fascinating is,
2:33 pm
they bought -- somebody bought it but you have one audience he says one thing to. he will have to make policy -- >> are they going to have a harder time being unbalanced with him? >> you think? that was the big question. honestly -- >> i think it's brilliant. trump is -- >> "the new york times" will pivot on the coverage because he went to shake their hand. >> you think president-elect trump is playing -- he is playing chess. they're playing checkers. >> i bent over backwards to be nice to "the new york times." it didn't work. >> that's the point. >> that's the problem. president obama bestowed the nation's highest civilian honor to celebrities yesterday. many of them outspoken anti trumpers. did he send a message to the president-elect during the se e ceremony? you decide next. attention: are you eligible for medicare?
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yesterday, president obama awarded 21 medals of freedom. a lot of familiar faces and famous faces like -- who were democratic voters and were for hillary clinton, robert de niro, bruce springsteen, ellen and tom hanks. there were moments where it sure sounded like the president was trying to send a message to president-elect trump or was it me? >> these are folks who have helped me make who i am and think about my presidency and what also makes it special is this is america. this is what makes us the greatest nation on earth. not because of our differences but because in our difference we find something common to share.
2:39 pm
what a glorious thing that is. >> he looks truly moved. one of the recipients was can a ream abdul skra bar. >> the reason we honor kareem is more than a pair of goggles and the sky hook. he stood up for his muslim faith. he is one of a kind, an american who illuminates our basic freedoms and our highest as spir ragss. >> when he was here, he put -- >> a muslim, that's why he was chosen? >> well, no. i think he spoke up for muslims in america. >> i was teasing. >> kareem abdul-jabbar had the best scene in airplane of all time. it's his fine academy award winning performance. >> what about his performance with dana? >> jeopardy. >> it wasn't just the size
2:40 pm
different. >> do you see -- sorry to bother you. >> i'm talking to my friends here. >> when i'm in a club, i can see you are not paying attention. on television -- >> the back of the line. here is the deal. do i think -- obviously. these are the cool kids on the block. i'm waiting for more names. more distinctions to honor. i'm going, wow. this is a very big award to receive. >> there were other people there. >> vin sculley. michael jordan. >> these are people really close -- >> a common thread. >> with the obamas and -- >> cultural icons. celebrities are typically democrats. >> dana, is that true? >> yes. but here is the thing, i don't think that they came up with this in the last two weeks. the events and decisions take months. what happens is, i don't know if
2:41 pm
they do this in the obama white house, but i assume it's the same. you gather around. people can send in their suggestions for who it might be that they would like to see get the medal of freedom. then there's a debate. i remember mark who comes on air often, he advocated very strongly -- he made case for the men's hockey team. what were they called? >> miracle on ice. >> he would make a strong case to have that in. it's not easy to get one of these. all of the people are actually very accomplished in their field. i think what president obama was saying is let's celebrate all different people through different sectors of the economy. >> i love -- >> they are very accomplished. when donald trump does his first medal of freedom event, you will see different people. >> i imagine so. julie, what did bill gates accomplish in his life? >> i don't know. saved a couple billion lives in africa. >> besides that.
2:42 pm
>> $40 billion. >> windows 95 was amazing when i was in college. did a lot for me. i'm a jersey girl. bruce springsteen, that's who i care about. >> who came out against trump. >> what do you want? bruce, he is the boss. >> kid rock couldn't be reached. >> ellen is very -- >> she -- >> she forgot to bring her i.d. they wouldn't let her in the white house. >> when she danced, they let her in. it's you. >> remember the white house did have some i.d. problems. >> how did she travel without i.d.? >> maybe she left it at the hotel. >> private plane, you don't need it. >> the jet. i think i should -- 18 minutes before the top of the hour. i should -- did you -- >> come on now. >> okay. >> come on. >> never listen to steven colbert when it cop comes to geg
2:43 pm
advice for a turkey. >> when they answer the phone, you are the turkey expert. >> that's mostly marketing. >> people calling into butterball's turkey hotline learned the hard way. >> new banner.
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2:47 pm
some of the late night shows have been having fun ahead of thanksgiving. the traditional story of than z thanksgiving isn't very politically correct. >> i am cold and hungry. >> me too. >> let's not dismiss the experiences of all those who are not cold and hungry. >> life partner, look, we have visitors. >> i see. greetings. >> greetings non-indigenous people. >> should we say, how? >> please don't. it's cultural appropriation. >> that's fantastic. >> that's really good. >> the best thing they said --
2:48 pm
did you call me? >> it's all yours. >> the floor is yours. >> the best thing that has come out of donald trump's candidacy so far has been the fact that both sides are realizing being politically correct sucks. i watch bill maher and the liberal panel say, one thing we can thank donald trump for, he pushed back on the line on political correctness. he got people to really look in the mirror and say, have we gone too far. jimmy kimmel is pointing it out with those children. >> he has been a little un-pc. he has made fun -- >> if you go to the comedy cellar, one of the clubs here that i like to go to. it's a comedy club. >> for the elite comics go to work out material. >> because it's in a basement. >> so edgy. >> almost all of the laugh out loud funny jokes are -- >> totally inappropriate. >> are not politically correct. >> i hope college students are
2:49 pm
watching. i think the safe spaces are what they are making fun of. >> i wrote a book that dealt with that, pushing back on pc culture. guess who signed the back of the book? donald trump. >> wake up, america. >> fallon last night did this thing. it was hilarious. all eight of president obama's pardoning of the turkeys. the first year he was excited. as he goes, by the end he is like, whatever. why am i doing this? whatever. tater and tot were pardoned today. >> that's my one more thing today. >> thanks for saying so. i'm going -- >> good thing we're not live. >> what a spoiler. listen, over at the late show, steven colbert has been upset. >> there were no thighs? >> why are there no thighs? >> the way it was sold was the
2:50 pm
breast and the wings. >> you got ripped off. i apologize. can we get a number? we will send you out a fresh turkey with thighs. that's not right. >> this is really a question about stuffing. >> okay. do you call it stuffing or dressing? >> i call it stuffing. >> okay. wrong answer. bye-bye. >> he is hilarious. i thought -- i liked it. i thought it was funny. >> are those real people calling in. >> i think so. that's why it's funny. >> that poor lady. >> steven colbert is left of letterman. he does 12 minutes anti-trump stuff to the point where it almost gets embarrassing. he shut out 50% of america. >> are you talking about the fact -- >> he was great. i don't care if you agree with him. even though his ratings, he is second in late night. i don't know why he decided to leave 50% of america out. >> you want to pour cold water on anything else?
2:51 pm
anything else to add? >> you can take my one more thing. >> i will come up with a new one on the fly. it's okay. >> i will take that one and you can take mine. >> i'm scare ed -- >> what are your weekend plans? >> i will tell you about eric's weekend plans coming up next. >> what do you know? it's your tv, take it with you. with directv and at&t, watch all your live channels, on your devices, data-free. switch to directv and lock in your price for 2 years. offers starting at $50/month.
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thing. >> do you want mine? >> here we go. >> i'm going to do yours. you don't know about it. >> by the way, my weekend plans that julie alluded to is this. my son is in for college for the first time he has been here since august. we're going to have a great weekend. i won't see you friday. tonight, before the weekend starts, you gotta watch the o'reilly factor. we have ari fleisher. we will talk transition with a couple people. >> look how happy your face looks on that full screen. it's like this. >> you know what job ari had when i met him? >>secretary? >> no. spokesperson for the chairman of the ways and means committee. >> good job. >> take it away, dana. >> it's time for this. dana's corny joke of the day.
2:56 pm
thanksgiving edition. you ready? this is your first time. who doesn't eat on thanksgiving? >> who? >> the turkey. because it's always stuffed. >> that's pretty funny. >> you got the answer. >> we gotta -- >> the sats? >> why can't you take a turkey to church? >> why? >> do you know? >> something with sin. >> you -- >> a pardon. >> he uses foul language. >> so do chickens. >> that's true. you can't take a chicken. >> the third is my favorite. you ready? what do you get when you cross a turkey with a banjo? when you cross a turkey with a banjo? >> deliverance? >> it's a turkey that can pluck itself. >> they told us to laugh. we're laughing.
2:57 pm
>> that's not even appropriate. >> that's a good one. >> they will cut it for the west coast. >> what can i say, ladies and gentlemen? >> all right, dana. bring back hole pain yo -- crown the big winner. rick perry is getting all the attention for this fantastic performance of ice ice baby. watch. ♪ you sing it ice, ice baby ♪ ice, ice baby >> rick perry! ♪ ice, ice baby >> i have a question. >> is he still up for a job?
2:58 pm
>> give him the job. >> does that help or hurt? >> how much do we love that? this much. there we go. he is everywhere the fun is. that was last year. >> is that new year's eve? >> new year's eve. we were enjoying our break time. >> is that an annual event for you two? >> that's what it seems like. rumor has it. i'm done talking. >> i'm going to do two things. a shoutout to justin lewis in georgia who is 11. secondly, thank you so much for setting up my one more thing. today was the eighth and final turkey pardon of tater and tot. i will not go into much detail except to say that this year the president was joined by his nephews because his daughters -- they don't want to be around him with the corny jokes which we will show you right now. he had a message for his daughters because they decided to diss their father. >> thankful that this is my final presidential turkey pardon.
2:59 pm
what i haven't told them yet is that we are going do this every year from now on. no way i'm cutting this habit cold turkey. >> dana is -- >> pretty good. >> you are all alone. everybody else is gone. >> you have to run for president. you can do potus' corny jokes. >> mine is just a thank you. we found out the paperback thomas jefferson the tripoli pirates is number one. we will put a new afterward is. the last appearance in december 9 in jacksonville. it will be an evening at the ritz theater and museum. >> i was in florida last weekend. your book was everywhere i went. villages, the airport, in the stores. >> well that's bad news. that means -- >> it was prominently displayed and for good reason. >> thank you very much. >> congratulations. i know that was a really important project for you.
3:00 pm
great job. that's it for us. we wish you a very happy and safe thanksgiving. we hope you will join us tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. eastern for our thanksgiving special. "special report" next. president-elect trump pulls the trigger on two more major players in his new administration, and they are not from the good old boys club. this is "special report." good evening and welcome to washington. south carolina governor nikki haley and charter schools advocate betsy devos have reason to be thankful this holiday season. haley will be the new ambassador to the u.n. devos will run the education department. they join pompeo, sessions and flynn in the growing trump administration. peter ducey is in florida with details.


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