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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 23, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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great job. that's it for us. we wish you a very happy and safe thanksgiving. we hope you will join us tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. eastern for our thanksgiving special. "special report" next. president-elect trump pulls the trigger on two more major players in his new administration, and they are not from the good old boys club. this is "special report." good evening and welcome to washington. south carolina governor nikki haley and charter schools advocate betsy devos have reason to be thankful this holiday season. haley will be the new ambassador to the u.n. devos will run the education department. they join pompeo, sessions and flynn in the growing trump administration. peter ducey is in florida with details.
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>> reporter: good evening. the president-elect's cabinet will not just be filled with people who have supported him from the start. he is adding critics, friends and some others that are impressing even his most bitter rivals. the man trump once called low energy had high praise for one of his nominees today. jeb bush tweeted, quote, betsy devos is an outstanding pick for secretary of education. mr. trump has a role in mind for at least one of the other people he beat in the primary, he asked dr. ben carson to serve as hud secretary. he thinks he has what it takes to clean up inner cities but has not definitely accepted the job. the president-elect tapped nikki haley who was a major detractor as recently as a few months ago to serve as the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. another of 2016's fiercest critics, mitt romney is still under consideration to be the next secretary of state. that bothers early trump backer
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mike huckabee who thinks a romney apology is in order. >> he attacks him on a personal level about his character, integri integrity, his honor. there's one way that i think mitt romney could even be considered for a post like that. that is that he goes to a microphone in a public place and repudiates everything he said and everything he said after that. >> reporter: the next president presented new positions on some major policies, including global warming. back in 2012, he said, quote, the concept of global warming was created by and for the chinese to make u.s. manufacturing non-competitive. in response to a question tuesday about whether or not humans are responsible for climb mat change, trump replied, i think there is some connectivity. mr. trump seems to have adjusted his stance on water boarding. during the campaign, he said this. >> water boarding is fine. but it's not nearly tough enough. okay? >> reporter: now his position is more in line with the man who
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could be his next defense secretary. >> general mattis a strong, highly dignified man. i met with him at length and i asked him that question. i said, what do you think of with waterboarding? he said, i never found it to be useful. >> reporter: someone else added his name to the list of highly decorated officials ready to serve, general david petraeus. >> i've been in a position before where a president has turned to me in the oval office in a difficult moment and turned without any pleasantries and said i'm asking you as your president and commander in chief to take command of the international secure didity for afghanistan. the only response can be, yes, mr. president. >> reporter: the president-elect released a thanksgiving message where he says he knows that some people out there are still upset about the results of the election and he knows that raw emotion will not heal overnight but that he hopes while folks are together over the holidays they can figure out a way to
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move on so the country can move forward together. >> peter doocy in palm beach tonight. thank you. when haley was announced, she became the first female and first minority to be nominated to a cabinet level position in the new administration. tonight, we learn more about the governor from kristen fisher. >> reporter: when nikki haley was sworn in, she became the state's first female governor. today she became the first woman to be tapped for a top level post in the trump administration. in a statement she said -- her last two years as governor made her a role model for racial reconciliation, something with which mr. trump continues to struggle. in 2015, she was praised for how she handled the mass shooting of nine black parishioners in a church. the next month she signed a bill to remove the confederate flag
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from the state's capital. >> the con fed rfederate flag i coming off the grounds of the south carolina state house. >> reporter: that led to the republican response to the state of the union. she took a swipe at then candidate donald trump. >> during anxious times, it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. we must resist that temptation. >> reporter: in february, she was an aggressive surrogate for marco rubio. >> donald trump is everything i taught my children not to do in kindergarten. i taught my two little ones, you don't lie and make things up. >> reporter: by march she had become one of trump's targets on twitter. >> reporter: by the time it was over, she had become a role model, this time for reconciliation within her own party. >> i won't pretend to have
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always been president-elect's biggest cheerleader, i did vote for him. and i was absolutely thrilled to see him win. >> reporter: in a statement today announcing her nomination, president-elect said governor haley has a track record of bringing people together. she's a proven deal maker. we look to make plenty of deals. at first, the governor of south carolina might seem like an odd choice for ambassador to the u.n. she doesn't have a ton of foreign policy experience. her state is home to a growing number of companies with clients all over the world like boeing and bmw. >> thank you. there are increasing concerns tonight about what the president-elect could, would or should do about a business empire that many feel creates a conflict of interest with his new job. ed henry looks into that tonight. >> reporter: even as president-elect trump insisted he doesn't care about hotel occupancy rates or making more money, he was defiant in an
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interview with the "new york times" about not completely disengaging from his business empire. >> the president of the united states is allowed to have whatever conflicts he or she wants. i don't want to go by that. >> reporter: mr. trump adds, as far as the you know potential conflict of interest, i know the law is totally on my side. meaning the president can't have a conflict of interest. for mr. trump's critics, that sounds close to what former president richard nixon infamously told david forecarosn he declared when the president does it, that means it's not illegal. it's a 180 for mr. trump who said back in january there would be a total separation from his business if he got elected. >> i would probably have my children run it with my executives. and i wouldn't ever be involved because i wouldn't care about anything but our country. anything. >> reporter: while his son eric suggested earlier this month all of the children would be taking
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on a much larger role at the trump organization. >> one of the fortunate things for my father is that he was able to step out of the company to run for commander in chief and i think he will rely on us more than ever. >> reporter: the president-elect suggested otherwise to the "new york times," that he is not pulling back from the company even as he insisted he will not be focusing on properties like his new luxury hotel in washington. mr. trump noted he has more pressing business a few blocks further up pennsylvania avenue. though foreign diplomats are snapping up hotel rooms leaving the dnc saying he intends to expand his family's wealth. >> i might have brought it up. not having do with me, just -- the wind is a very deceiving thing. we don't make windmills in the united states. >> reporter: he defended a meeting with business partners in india saying he was taking
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photos with friends and is entitled to be a human being. a broader question is how much time his business distracts from his legislative agenda. >> ed henry in washington, thank you. let's find out how president-elect trump is doing so far. according to conservatives. michael needham is the chief executive officer. good to see you. >> great to be here. >> i want to talk to you about the most recent picks. let's start off with betsy devos. >> i think it's an exciting pick. she's a strong supporter of school choice. we're excited. she will do a good job. it's a sign that president-elect trump who i think ran as the strongest pro-school choice candidate the republican party has ever had is committed to that policy priority. it's very exciting. >> let's move on to nikki haley, the u.n. ambassador, governor of south carolina. >> i think she's an incredible face for the united states. she will be a great ambassador.
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when you think of the job of a governor, a governor looks at all sorts of interests, the interests that are out and get things done. that sounds like an ambassador. i think she will be incredible. >> there's one potential conflict there. it has to do with trade. we heard all about donald trump's hard line stance on trade. south carolina is a state which is absolutely busting at the seams with growth in large part because of international trade. bmw and other foreign car manufacturers moving there. you have a bustling port city there. you have boeing, which has built the new dream liner plant and expanding that plant as we speak. it's exporting a lot of airplanes to countries like china. i was involved in a background discussion with a very high level senior executive at boeing last may. here is what he said about trump's trade plan. quote, we just recently announced that we're going to open a 737 finishing facility in china. the fact that we're opening a finishing center in china allows
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us to sell more 737s in china which allows us to grow u.s. jobs. what do you make of that? >> you know, i think president-elect trump actually talked about it in "the new york times" interview yesterday that you mentioned earlier. he said he will have companies build factories and bring jobs back to america by having a robust pro-growth economy, by cutting taxes, cutting back on regulations. i think that's the approach that really unites people on these issues. you are right, governor haley was an incredible jobs governor. president trump is aspiring to be a president who brings lots of jobs back here. there's more alignment here than it may appear. >> any storm clouds on the horizon that you see? >> you know, not really. this transition has gone very, very strongly. there's important points to make. then the real work starts on january 20th when he gets sworn in. getting executive orders done, making shr e ining sure we resps
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liberties. getting the epa to roll back huge expansions president obama has done. the real work starts january 20th. all the signs are positive. >> i want to ask about another potential pick at this point. we are talking about mitt romney as the potential secretary of state. it seems like he is the front runner. rudy giuliani in the running. listen to what newt gingrich said when he spoke to tucker carlson about this last night. >> romney wanted to be in president-elect trump's job. to what degree would romney once he became secretary of state represent himself around the world? trump has to have somebody who is very tough and very willing to take on foreign leaders. >> is romney the right man for the job? >> i don't flow aboknow about t. that's a choice for president-elect trump. if mitt romney were setting of state, he would represent the trump administration, he would represent the united states of
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america. i don't think it's fair to imply otherwise. this is going to be a very personal choice for president-elect trump. he has a longstanding relationship with mayor giuliani. obviously, there would be some strong signals sent about unity on the right to select romney. i think they both will be in the running. that's a choice for president-elect trump. >> i want to ask you about one more thing. the nuclear option. some people say harry reid sold the wind and may be reaping the whirlwind as a result of that. do you expect to keep that in effect in. >> i think first of all, president-elect trump is going to nominate somebody from his list. it will be exciting. it will be important for the supreme court. there's other ways to make sure that person gets across. there's something called the two speech rule in the senate which makes sure no senator is allowed to give more than two speeches in the course of a filibuster. i think the filibuster has proven to important mechanism in the past.
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it saves conservatives from outrageous things that obama and other liberals could have done. we should do everything we can to preserve the filibuster while making sure that harry reid isn't allowed to block somebody from the court. the two speech rule may be the best way. >> is it a potential sle sledgehammer that mcconnell holds over the heads of democrats should they make things rough for supreme court nominees or for jeff sessions? >> it's definitely a sledgehammer. i think that it's reported that the majority leader mcconnell made it clear to harry reid that the nominee will get on the court. we should do everything we can to achieve both goals. you think about what obama could have done for the last six years without the filibuster, it's scary. >> thank you very much. good to see you. we are now two weeks past the election. but there are many people out there who have not given up on seeing hillary clinton in the white house. it has to do with the folks who have the real final say on who
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gets to be president. mike emanuel explains tonight from the white house. >> reporter: many democrats are having difficulty letting go after election day. even though hillary clinton conceded the race. >> we must accept this result and then look to the future. donald trump is going to be our president. >> reporter: clinton supporters note she won the popular vote and earned 232 electoral votes. some suggested democrats could win over 38 more, clinton could still be the 45th president. they point to the fact only 25 state and the district of columbia require their electors to back the winner of the state's popular vote. jill stein called for recounts in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. josh earnest told democrats yesterday, it is time to move on. >> the election is over. the debate about the consequences of that election has been resolved. the president is following the will of the american people and
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fulfilling his responsibility. >> reporter: ernest confirmed the president and president-elect have spoken by phone since the oval office meeting. retiring california senator barbara boxer and charles wrangle have proposed legislation to scrap the electoral college system. harry reid has called for hearings looking into the electoral college. >> it's unusual in such a short period of time, and this young century, we have had two elections where the loser got more votes than the winner. i think it's something we should look at. >> reporter: a retired ohio democrat congressman and fox news contributor says party leaders ought to blame themselves. >> i think the democratic party lost its bearings years ago when it started to take money from corporations, corporate interested. >> reporter: last week clinton called on her supporters to fight for their values. >> i ask you to stay engaged, stay engaged on every level.
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we need you. america needs you. your energy, your ambition, your talent. that's how we get through this. >> reporter: white house view is come january 20th, there will be a new president. a key responsibility in the remaining days is making sure mr. trump and his team are ready to assume power. >> mike emanuel on the north lawn. thank you. stocks were mixed today. the dow finished ahead 59 for a record close again. the s&p 500 also up two. that's a record as well. nasdaq fell six. coming up next, team coverage of this massive holiday weekend and concerns over terrorism. here is what some of our affiliates are covering. charlotte, north carolina governor mccorey adds 22 more counties over the emergency of wildfires. that brings the total to 47 counties. miami, governor rick scott has
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lifted a portion of the zika active transmission zone. it has been 45 days since an active zika case was contracted in that area of miami beach. other hot spots remain, including in south beach. this is a live look at las vegas from fox 5. one of the big stroories, the unveiling of the new national hockey league team. the vegas golden knights will begin play in the fall of next year. naturally, they are selling team merchandise. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months,
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the death of five grade school students in a horrific school bus accident monday is renewing concerns about safety
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aboard the vehicles. tennessee's governor says it's time for new discussions on that. tennessee does not require school buses to have seat belts. monday's was the third in four days in that state. tests show the driver in this case was neither under the influence of alcohol nor drugs. almost 49 million people are expected to travel 50 miles from home this weekend. that means crowded airports and bus stations. we have team coverage tonight. jonathan hunt from los angeles international airport on a huge traffic day. we start off with catherine herridge reporting from union station on how amtrak is tightening security. good evening. >> reporter: the goal over the next five days is to move a record number of passengers and to keep them safe. for amtrak, this is the busiest travel period of the year with peak days tuesday, wednesday and sunday. more than 750,000 passengers are
3:23 pm
expected. at washington, d.c.'s union station, many said they prefer trains over flying. the visible security presence is not an issue. >> i'm neutral to it. in a way, it makes me feel more safe. >> i messaged my friends, they have security for some reason. >> i feel like it's been less of a target. generally speaking, it seems safer. >> reporter: to handle the increased passenger flow, amtrak has more trains running this week. and more employees on deck. canine teams are deployed to quickly and efficiently clear passengers. rail officials emphasize the security posture is unchanged from last year. >> amtrak police are increasing their presence along with local, state and federal partners as well as canines throughout the station and on railways among our right-of-way. that's typical for any holiday, we boost our efforts security-wise. >> reporter: homeland security and tsa are playing a role. they have a surge capability to
3:24 pm
handle criminal activity. >> we have agents that work with law enforcement out. you will see more of that. >> reporter: at union station, they are using this crowd scanner. the homeland security secretary told reporters the global threat environment continues to be high. >> we remain concerned about home grown violent extremists who could strike the homeland with little or no notice. >> reporter: expect more perimetper icrism perimeter security where tauree terrorists used taxis. >> i did see a lot of security outside. and inside as well. >> reporter: amtrak is reminding passengers to have photo i.d. there will be random security spot checks. in the last hour or so, amtrak has reported significant delays and congestion in the northeast corridor. >> catherine herridge at union station, thank you. now to the airports.
3:25 pm
the lines may be long, tempers may be short but that's not stopping millions from flying by air this holiday weekend. jonathan hunt is at los angeles international airport. >> reporter: more than half of the estimated 49 million people traveling this thanksgiving will do so by air. >> so many people, you don't know if there's going to be traffic, security lines. i wanted to make sure i make it to my flight. >> get here on time or ahead of time, two hours. everyone should be good to go. >> we anticipated the lines were going to be longer through security. we got here earlier. making sure we're organized. >> we headed out early. we're going to new york to see my parents. there's no lines are not bad. we're looking forward to an easy day. >> reporter: the busiest airports, atlanta and chicago and los angeles. some 2.3 million passengers will pass through lax. >> it's going to be a busy
3:26 pm
season in los angeles. passenger traffic is up over 8%. we have all hands on deck. >> reporter: extra tsa agents are on duty as airports across the country after criticism over long lines earlier this year. they will try to keep the security lines moving while also keeping everyone safe. >> our men and women on the front lines are on the front lines every day. they are always looking for that little needle in the haystack. they have to be on the cutting edge. >> reporter: security is obvious. a deliberate show of force to deter attacks and reassure passengers. although, officials emphasize there are no credible threats at this stage. >> we're constantly checking intelligence sources. we have great relationships with our federal partners here. we're looking for threats. we're doing training. virtually every week on whatever might be coming our way. >> reporter: roads will be busy. aaa saying millions of drivers are taking advantage of low gas prices. with the national average today at $2.17.
3:27 pm
>> drivers have saved more than $28 billion on gas so far this year. they are taking that extra money they're saving and putting it in their pocket and spending it on a trip with their family. >> reporter: the record numbers traveling through airports this year are benefitting not just from streamlined screening processes but from calm weather with no widespread delays expected. >> jonathan hunt at lax tonight. thank you. the federal government wants to keep you from texting and surfing the internet while you are driving. it's asking smartphone makers to develop technology that would lock out most apps when someone is operating a vehicle. fatal crashes caused by distracted drivers are up almost 9% over 2014. you may have noticed the past several daze there ays the fewer anti-trump protests in the news. there's one scheduled for friday to disrupt holiday shopping. are they actually getting through to people? mike tobin in chicago on protest
3:28 pm
fatigue. >> reporter: thousands of demonstrators in chicago say they intend to reignite the black friday protests of last year. the demonstration that's unique because it takes place not in a troubled neighborhood but on chicago's magnificent mile, surrounded by high-end retail stores. >> we are saying to them, the jig is up. we are no longer going to standstill and allow you to profit from our misery. >> reporter: it happens at a time when most protests become a pile on. mark carter is a trump supporter from chicago's violent west side. he thinks continuing protests are going nowhere. >> they may have a message. they may have an agenda. for most part, these are young people who really don't understand what's going on. >> reporter: one focus recent demonstrations have an impact. they brought them into chicago following the shooting of
3:29 pm
mcdonald, the police super intel dent lost his job. >> this movement has accomplished a great deal in terms of keeping this problem on the front burner and letting the public know that something needs to be done about this. >> as protests continue, conservatives tend to write them off as cry babies, unfocused and unable to accept the outcome of an election. one columnist says, that misses the big picture. >> what's going on is the left is organizing these young people to get ready for the next election and moving the party to the left. >> reporter: dismissing the demonstrators would be the same mistake the clinton campaign just made when they lumped all the trump supporters into a category defined as uneducated and irredeemable and deplorable. >> thank you, mike. there was a fascinating trial going on right now in israel.
3:30 pm
it involves a young israeli soldier and the killing of a palestinian. there's more to the story. >> reporter: closing arguments started today in the trial of an israeli sergeant. he was posted at a military checkpoint earlier this year in the west bank city of hebron when two palestinian men attacks israeli soldiers. one was shot and killed. the other attacker was wounded. as he lay on the ground, the 18-year-old aimed and shot him in the head, killing him instantly. the sergeant was charged with manslaughter. the question, was the shooting justified or an execution? >> when there's no reason to fire, you don't fire. >> reporter: this man say former general who commanded troops in the west bank. he says it was the right decision for the sergeant's case to go to a military tribunal rather than israeli commanders to investigate it independently.
3:31 pm
>> i think their conclusion was that he didn't follow the order. >> reporter: the case has divided the country between those who agree with the manslaughter charge and those who say it shouldn't have gone to trial. the defense maintains the sergeant acted out of fear for himself and his fellow soldiers. prosecutors contend he acted out of malice saying he deserved to die. this is the spot where the shooting happened. it's a volatile area where israeli soldiers are often attacked. this man is a former israeli general who testified on behalf of the defense. he says the only reason the case went to trial was because of political pressure and the media scrutiny. >> they don't want our soldiers to face a court-martial, even if they made a mistake. >> reporter: after the defense and prosecution wrap up, the military tribunal of three judges will deliberate the case.
3:32 pm
it may take several weeks before there is a verdict. >> thank you. american air power is once again making a big difference in the iraqi fight to retake mosul. benjamin hall has tonight's update. >> reporter: jets from the u.s. led coalition took out a fourth major bridge across a river in mosul today. leaving just one open. it's an attempt to cut off isis fighters within the city and prevent them resupplying. it's also a reminder of the constant u.s. role in this battle. every day jets continue to launch from the flight deck of the american carrier uss dwight d. eisenhower, operating in the persian gulf. >> they may have a target ahead of time or receive it while they are airborne. then they would deploy the weapon at that time. >> reporter: they have dropped nearly 1100 bombs as part of operation inherent resolve. that won't stop for thanksgiving.
3:33 pm
this woman who pilots a super hornet will fly a mission during thanksgiving dinner itself. says that doesn't matter. >> it's just a day you want to spend with family and friends. that's what we got here. gun slingers are my second family. >> reporter: on the ground sh, their job is more difficult. in some areas, oil wells burn. here, for example, in the formerly isis held town where a terror group have tried to darken the skies and disrupt the view from above. now as troops move into the dense urban landscape of mosul city itself, where so many civilians have been used as human shields, air power is harder to employ. meaning iraqi forces must carry out the hard work of clearing the city on the ground. street by street. nevertheless, it must be reassuring to know there's a constant eye in the sky above them looking down and waiting to help whenever possible. the battle for mosul is far from over. in fact, some people say it is just beginning.
3:34 pm
iraqi troops are still six miles from the city center itself. from here on out the streets get smaller. the battle will get tougher. iraq question troops with the help of the u.s. are pushing forward slowly but surely. >> benjamin hall in london. thank you. the most expensive destroyer ever built for the navy is not going anywhere for a while. a spokesman says it suffered an engineering problem in the panama canal and had to be towed to port. it was commissioned last month and is on its way to san diego. the 610-foot long warship cost more than $4.4 billion. donald trump picks two more for his inner circle. we will talk about that with the panel when we come back. this annoying runny nose. better take something. dayquil liquid gels doesn't treat a runny nose. it doesn't? alka-seltzer plus cold and cough liquid gels fight your worst cold symptoms including your runny nose. oh, what a relief it is!
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donald trump will be spending the rest of the thanksgiving holiday through
3:38 pm
sunday at his palm beach resort. a new nomination announced today, a couple of them. betsy devos from michigan, chair of the michigan state republican party for a number of years, also once described as a political pit bull for most of governor jennifer grandholme's time in office. a fierce advocate for charter schools and vouchers and an opponent of common core. a state from the american federation of teachers said this, the president-elect and n his select of betsy devos has chosen the most anti-education person. let's bring in the panel. matthew cottonetti, heidi
3:39 pm
presbella and charles krauthammer. charles, what do you make of miss devos? >> it's encouraging. it's one of these program specific appointments. that is, this is donald trump's way of saying that he is serious about school choice. republicans talked about it. have talked about it for 30 years. the aft, the american federation of teachers is probably the single most reactionary organization. they have condemned generations of inner city students to really blighted lives as a result of the fact that as a monopoly they look after themselves. which is what unions do. their pretense is hollow. this i think is a tremendous opportunity. because it would make a huge
3:40 pm
difference in the lives of inner city students. it will be an opportunity to demonstrate that conservative ideas can work if implemented. and i think it shows seriousness about policy which has not been as strong a point for the president-elect in the form of this nominee? >> heidi? >> let me touch on some other points because you went through the ideological bent. she has some strong opposition from the other side of the aisle, which is because she was -- she served on the board of a company -- an organization that did support common core. she has had to try and push back a little bit on that. i think this is a good sign in the sense that if you look at the totality of how donald trump is filling out his cabinet, he is not just going with loyal insiders. she wasn't someone who was by his side throughout the march of the campaign.
3:41 pm
she does -- she does know a lot about the issues and education. i think she could do a fine job in this role. one other thing, it does show how difficult it is to keep that campaign pledge of draining the swamp, whatever that means, just because she is -- she's been in gop politics a long time. she comes from a big donor family. you want people who are experienced at the same time. you have to strike that balance. >> she's very wealthy. i saw a picture of the family yacht which is 140 feet, something like that. it's big. she was an early supporter of common core. i think that she pulled away from that as she saw it in practice and evolution. >> the first rule of being in a cabinet is if you have a position separate from the president, you know who wins. the president. i think she will back president-elect trump's position on common core if she is confirmed by the senate. looking at ining at the trump administration, it's similar to the reagan administration. you had the eideological
3:42 pm
conservatives who made up the core of the reagan movement. then you had establishment republicans like jim baker who kind of came on board after reagan was elected and tried to steer the ship in a little bit more of a traditional way. you are seeing that with these later picks. you have the white house is going to be trumpy. but the cabinet agencies at large i think are going to have more establishment republicans than people might expect. >> i want to talk about the remarkable reconciliation we are seeing with so many of trump's former opponents or critics. listen to what nikki haley, who is now the u.s. ambassador, certainly will be to the u.n., what she had to say about donald trump early in the campaign. >> donald trump is everything i taught my children not to do in kindergarten. we're talking about a man who has filed for bankruptcy four types. we can't afford for a man to go in as president and bankrupt our
3:43 pm
country. >> now donald trump's thanksgiving message or a portion of it today. >> we have just finished a long and bruising political campaign. emotions are raw and tensions don't heal overnight. it doesn't go quickly. unfortunately. but we have before us the chance now to make history together, to bring real change to washington, real safety to our cities and real prosperity to our communities, including our inner cities. >> what do you make of this reconciliation? >> she's not the only one, right? he is talking to mitt romney. the concern was, frankly, with his first couple of appointments he was going to just go with loyalists and pass over people who might present a more diversified cabinet. so i think it does show from that sense that he is an adult. he is willing to talk to these folks and appoint some of them. i think with nikki haley in particular, the question is going to come down to
3:44 pm
experience. because she does not have any experience in foreign policy and international relations. frankly, neither does donald trump. the main selling point that he gave to the american people was that i may not have experience, but i'm a great manager and i will bring in people who do. that said, i don't think she's going to have any problem getting senate confirmation. >> you mentioned mitt romney. there's conflict there. a lot of republicans pushing back apparently behind -- pushing back against that. listen to mike huckabee and what he had to say about the romney pick. >> still very unhappy that mitt did everything he could to derail donald trump. he attacked him on a personal level about his character, integrity, his honor. when you do that, there's only one way that i think mitt romney could even be considered for a post like that. that is that he goes to a microphone in a very public place and repudiates everything he said in that famous salt lake city speech and everything he said after that. >> charles, we have 30 seconds. >> it's encouraging that trump
3:45 pm
appears to be contradicting that kind of advice. his job now, his objective now is to put together a successful presidency to vindicate all the people who support him and to show that he can do what he said he would do. if it turns out that mitt romney is the best for that job, given the other candidates that we have heard about he certainly is somebody you might want, he should pick him and show that he can overcome the previous animosi animosity. i think we're going to learn a lot from trump by what he does on this appointment. >> coming up next, how some democrats are still working to get hillary clinton in the white house.
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we have seen that our nation is more deeply divided than we thought. but i still believe in america and i always will. and if you do, then we must accept this result and then look to the future. donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. >> not so fast. gabe sherman says, hillary clinton is being urged by a group of prominent computer scientists and election lawyers to call for a recount in three swing states that were won by donald trump. the group believes they found persuasive evidence that results in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania may have been manipulated order hacked. the group is not speaking on the record about their findings. one of the computer scientists is now on the record. he says this --
3:50 pm
we're back with the panel now. >> i feel bad for the computer scientists. they are getting a bad name. there's one at princeton who said hillary had a 99% chance of winning and had to eat a bug on television because he lost. we knew it was a polling error november 8 when donald trump won the presidency. >> is there anything substantive to this? >> if you read the entire post, he is raising legitimate concerns about the future, current and future vulnerability of our election system. he said that his own ph.d. students could go and mess with the electronic systems. if you look circumstantially, russia was behind a number of the hacks during the election itself and the campaign.
3:51 pm
they just didn't get away with it. all these things raise alarm bells about the future vulnerability. but he did say in that post that there's no evidence of this. then again, there's no evidence because there hasn't been an investigation. jill stein is doing the seem for hillary clinton herself because she's already called for some kind of a survey of these technological systems. but again, you got to go back to the original post which says there's no evidence. >> charlie, do you think there's anything substantive to this or is it a hail mary pass? >> i think it's sort of weirdness to argue that because it could happen, did happen it is a nonsecond wetter. the idea that this election was swung by this sort of mysterious hacking, certainly because it deviates from the polls i think is ridiculous. >> there's also this question of
3:52 pm
the electors, the people who actually vote for the persistent of the united states. many reporting that they are getting hundreds if not thousands of e-mails for them to be faithless, to give up their pledge to vote for donald trump. more than 4.5 million supporters of hillary clinton apparently have signed a petition advocating them to change their vote. matthew? >> a lot of democrats still haven't come to terms with the election result. who has is president obama. i have to say, his performance since the election as well as secretary clinton's performance has been exemplary. there's no challenge from them. this election was decided, and donald trump will be the next president. >> what about the prospects of electors changing their vote? >> i don't think that's going to happen and the real goal is to spark a broader discussion. this is the second time in recent history we've had an election go for the person who didn't get the popular vote. the last time it happened before
3:53 pm
now was in 1867. these folks are trying to spark a broader discussion and i don't think any of these elock ters -- i think like a handful of them and the others are complaining about the inundation of their inboxes. i don't think that formula is going to change. >> charles? >> every cycle there's an elector or two who decides he's going to be a fatless elector. perhaps there will be a larger number this time around. i find it rather entertaining and amusing that we are now in the holiday season and going to have a new discussion about the abolition of the electoral college which usually is a cause for people who raise their children speaking es pir an toe. it's not going to happen. it's never going to happen. smaller states will not allow it, but it's a nice topic because it's endless and unresolvable. >> if it's so easily divided as it has been for the last 10, 20 years in this country, these
3:54 pm
kinds of issues are going to continue to raise themselves. >> yes, and look, you've got a set of rules. it worked for 200 -- for a quarter of a millennium. if you want an election decided on the raw popular vote, you're going to have elections that are going to be conducted only in the big states. the flyovers will be flown over, and i'm not sure that's what we want. we really have national elections spread out all over, and the map changes with the decades and the generations and it's worked. so let's go with it. >> heidi, last word. >> i think the issue is not necessarily throwing out the whole system but the ratios since the founders created this system have shifted dramatically as population has concentrated on the coasts. i think these folks just want to have a broader discussion but at the end of the day it takes a constitutional amendment. i don't see any scenario under which that would happen in this current environment. coming up, a thanksgiving miracle for turkeys, tater and
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oh, she's an efficient officiant. way to grow, jeanette. get paid twice as fast. visit quickbooks-dot-com. it's my great privilege -- well it's my privilege -- actually, let's just say it's my job to grant them clemmensy this afternoon. >> as president obama's time in office comes to an end he will likely miss some of the trappings, perks and traditions that comes with the office, but pardoning turkeys won't be one of them. >> there are certain days that remind me of why i ran for this office, and then there are moments like this where i pardon a turkey and send it to disneyland. i have my two trusty assistants here, malia and sasha. recently i've been taking a
3:59 pm
series of executive actions that don't require congressional approval. well, here's another one. i'll give you special dispensation. the office of the presidency, the most powerful position in the world, brings with it many awesome and solemn responsibilities. this is not one of them. it is a little puzzling that i do this every year. it is hard to believe that this is my 7th year of pardoning a turkey. time flies, even if turkeys don't. this is the last time i'm doing this, so we're not leaving any room for leftovers. >> besides all those corny jokes, president obama may not like the tradition of presidential pardons but i guarantee the turkeys sure do. thanks for watching "special report." no online show tonight. good night from washington. we're going to take flight or take wing. tucker carlson coming up next.
4:00 pm
good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. election day is just over two weeks past and the reincriminations are in full force. the state of new mexico one ceo has announced that he will no longer do business with trump supporters. not just people who voted for trump but all republicans, indeed no one who has said a kind word about the president-elect. they're all morally tainted he says and not welcome at his internet marketing company. the owner joins us now. thanks for coming on. >> thank you for having me. >> one thing i appreciate about the statement that you issued is that it'


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